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Your Husband Called‌ He Said To Buy Anything You Want

Bev Bullock (Bad Bev) and Cathy Wright (Queen Of All That Glitters) invite you to view our artworks.. We enjoy making these items for you and hope we hear from you by phone or email. Stop by and see us at the next art/craft fair., we would love to see you!

Bad Bev’s artwork is focused on hand stamped and

The Queen Of All Your husband called and said That Glitters’ artwork ranges from “Buy whatever you want!”

colorized original imaging for

the Swarovski Crystal Sunglasses &

Greeting Cards, One Of A Kind

Reading Glasses, Hand Painted and

Wedding Invitations, Stamped

Jeweled Drinking Stemware,

Coasters, Candles, and Ornate Shoe

Novelty Party Purses and more.

Decorating, and Furniture. Special Orders are taken when the Special Orders are taken when the

users are local or when shipping

users are local or when shipping

is a viable option.

is a viable option. Sets of glasses, custom Volume duplicates are also

designs, one of a kind items,

available. Bad Bev has regularly filled

multiples are also available for

orders of 350 and 500

all of Cathy’s items.

wedding and special event invitations requiring

Any Team, UK & UL

15-30 steps in each card.

Glitter Sunglasses are in high demand in the Kentucky area.

Beverly Bullock

Cathy Wright

Art Fair Presentations

Beverly Bullock Bad Bev as she is affectionately known by friends and family, is a native of Jeffersonville, In. Her art work spans from traditional fine art to the fun and joyous. She is a watercolorist and enjoys creating other artwork as well. It was only after her friends and family encouraged her to do more with her art that she began her crafts.

Bad Bev’s Coasters are tumbled Marble from Italy. These coasters absorb moisture well while retaining the imaging perfectly. The images will not run or fade and each has a cork backing to protect surfaces.

Great as gifts in sets of 4 or in the singles!

Individual and Boxed Set Coasters

Individual Coasters (A few Examples) Custom Orders Available. Logo & TEAM Coasters

I don’t exercise because it makes the ice jump out of my glass.

One martini, Two martini, Three martini, Floor.

There was an old woman Who lived in a PRADA.

There’s nothing wrong with me a little money wouldn’t cure.

Boxed Sets of 4 Monogrammed Coasters

Some individual cards with phrases.

Special Event invitations

BUFFETT BASH, Margaritaville Invitation

Style Show Invitation

Wedding invitations are also available. Samples are available but will not be posted here for privacy purposes.

Special Event Invitations & Announcements

Baby Announcements Thanks

Style Show Invitation

Special Event invitations

Wine Tasting Event Invitation


Bad Bev’s furniture paintings are one of a kind, non- production oriented. Her party furniture pieces are specifically customized for you. Various themes can be done to match your personality.

Themed imaging ideas: Tropical, styling, dance, children, seasonal, corporate themes and logos, and more.

Petunia’s Boutique at 420 Spring St., Jeffersonville, IN

Petunia Pig Painted for Jeffersonville’s River Art Project By Bad Bev

“The Queen Of All That Glitters” Cathy Wright is a graduate of The University Of Kentucky. Originally from Lexington now lives in Jeffersonville, IN overlooking the Ohio River. Cathy’s art ranges from fine art, craft character development, images of fantasy and whimsy. Cathy is also a published children’s author. Every Swarovski crystal in her work is hand placed.

It’s all about the Bling!

Take your pick or we can make to order.

Sunglasses with dazzling flair Or “Readers” with unique Bling. (Your frames or ours)

Party Stemware

Hand placed/glued beads, sequins and crystals.

Hand painted phrases, ours or yours.

Stemware, ours or yours. Hand wash only.

Custom beads on a lifetime elastic.

During Hilary Clinton’s campaign for president, Mrs. Clinton stopped in at Jeffersonville High School. Cathy presented her with these American Flag Glasses. After her initial surprise, she turned a pirouette and flashed the thumbs up. She said she loved them. She wore them at a speech the next day at a rally..


Themed Furniture

Party Purses

We have many people asking where they can find our items. So we have placed them with some fine people.

Retail Outlets

Please visit these Boutiques and tell them we sent you!

Mona & Lisa’s

You can also place custom orders with these ladies as well.

Petunias 420 Spring Street Jeffersonville, IN 47130

2005 Frankfort Avenue Louisville, KY

Croquis 1201 Herr Lane Louisville, KY 40222

Contact information and ordering. Bad Bev

Queen Of All That Glitters

Beverly Bullock

Cathy Wright

(812) 987-8484

(812) 283-8471



* Hand Stamped Art

* Swarovski Crystal Themed

* Greeting Cards * Coasters Individual * Coasters Box Set (4 per box) * Themed Furniture * Mural Paintings

Sunglasses * Swarovski Crystal Themed Reading Glasses * Personal Statement Drinking Vessels * Party Purses * Bead Bracelets * Themed Glass Sets * One Of A Kind Wedding & Wine Glasses * Themed furniture

Three Faces Of Eve Brochure 2  

Brochure for Bev Bullock and Cathy Wright art and crafts. Swovarski Crystals, Hand Stamped art and more.