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letter from the editorS

- ISSUE 02

“To be young, gifted, and black”, Nina Simone said it best. This issue of FreshMag was inspired by a trip to the National Museum of African American History. I was so inspired by the strength and fortitude that my people, our people, faced in the midst of adversity. Our history does not begin with slavery and it surely does not end with it. Though FreshMag has primarily been focused on fashion, I saw it fit that we purposely showcase the talents of not only African Americans, but the entire Black diaspora. As a student run publication on a primarily white campus, we understand the hardships we face

with representation. The decision to publish this issue in February was to join in with the celebration of Black History Month. However, we’d like for people to understand that our celebration does not end on February 28th. The celebration occurs 365 days a year. Our celebration is not focused primarily on oppression, it is a celebration of artistry, athleticism, strength and power. We are Fresh Faces. This is FreshMag. Thank you for sharing this space with; we hope you enjoy.





The Year We Are In 399 years. It has been 399 years since the first documented slaves were brought into America. The question now becomes, how far have African Americans progressed? The answer is far, but some feel not as far as we should be. Strictly looking at our accomplishments over the last four centuries, one cannot help but to celebrate. Arguably, the biggest achievement was that of former President Barack Obama, who became the 44th President of the United States. President Obama was the first black man to successfully win the presidency, while defying racial obstacles, controversy, and hate throughout both of his terms. Even in the smallest of cities, African Americans are flourishing. Statesboro, Georgia just elected its first African American mayor, Johnathan McCollar, in the 150year history of the city. However, there is still a racial glass ceiling many blacks. Black women, especially, have challenges breaking through. Rather than look at this as a burden, many feel this glass ceiling speaks even more to the strength and success of African Americans. In every mass media medium, African Americans are prevalent despite this burden. The NFL and NBA, which brought in around $13.5 billion combined in revenue in 2015, are dominated by their African American athletes. Television shows such as “Power”, “Scandal”, and “Empire”, have thrived while featuring a majority black cast, and the movie “Black Panther” has generated over $500 million since opening in the box office while featuring a majority black cast. The success of African Americans today has changed the landscape of how race and class are examined today. We see this in how other ethnic groups attempt to emulate African Americans

culture, whether it be in fashion, music, or even our jargon. For hundreds of years, blacks were associated with negative stereotypes. Blacks are now empowering themselves everyday with positive movements such as Black Lives Matter, My Black is Beautiful, as well as placing an emphasis on taking pride in your natural hair for the black female, just to name a few. Throughout all our success, we must view it with a certain scope. It is no secret that the state of Black America will not get better overnight. Some feel that African Americans should be farther in their progress. Makayla Miller, student at Georgia Southern University (a predominately white institution), shared her thoughts on the subject. “I don’t think we’ve come as far as we should have. We aren’t as strong and close knit as we try to perceive to other races and we’re still slaves within ourselves”. As African Americans, it is essential that we do not overly cheer incremental success to the point that we ignore that challenges that lie ahead. Many people agree with Makayla’s sentiments, and we know there is much to fix within the black community before we can even tackle the systems placed against us. Still in all, this Black History Month should be one of both pride and reflection. In the words of Malcolm X, “There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time”. Continue to be the Kings and Queens that we are and will forever be. -Crump


12 shot by jaren stephens

Shifting Sea morgan claire

Swaying back and forth on the soul axis, She was a shifting sea.

Strength she needed, strength to see herself in all of

She carried herself with ease, though she was never steady, and the desire to be was absent.

her giving glory, her enduring existence, and her palpable power.

A fire of fluidity seared through her, to be different. Embracing what others feared.

Welcoming the deplorable feats of life allowed for love’s light to shimmer in her heart.

Their fears, she decided, were silly, and they would not limit her. A butterfly felt no such emotion when spreading its virgin wings for the first time.

A love so fierce and so true. Love not found in someone. Again, this was a silly thought, she deemed But, the love she found deep within that shifting sea raging about inside of her.

It was natural for her to not fight against the shifting of her essence,

The love she grew from herself, that watered who she was becoming.

Because in those stark, and subtle shifts, a strength was forged.

That, she decided, was the love she desired. and the love she deserved.


shot by dante bond


zack & weezie designed by lexus lewis


article by natalie turman

Lexus Lewis, an artist and creator from Augusta, GA , has began making her impact on the creative world. The Georgia Southern Studio Art and Apparel Design Senior markets herself as a jack of all trades: a designer, painter, sculptor, stylist, and creative director. She uses her skills to form her brand, Vmarie. With her unfailing passion for designing and creating, she will solidify her space in the creative industry. “I've been into art and fashion as early as 1st grade. I always knew I wanted to have a career in the creative field�, said Lewis.


Her style and artwork is undeniably noteworthy and allows her to stand out amongst peers. Because of this, she has an approach that cannot be replicated or ignored. She is into the concept of surrealism and uses everyday things to inspire her work. While some of her favorite brands are Viktor & Rolf, Versace, Alexander McQueen, and Moschino, she focuses more on unique thrifted pieces for her personal looks. “My style is vintage, sophisticated, chic, with a hint of sexy. My art is surreal, can be abstract sometimes, colorful, and incorporates events in my life. You can get a sense of sexuality, pride in self, and feminism in my work.� Lewis also explains her creative process as a brainstorm session. To get out of a creative rut, she recommends stepping away from it, finding a new inspiration, or surrounding yourself with creative individuals.

She strongly believes that you shouldn't wait to start you dreams and that you can always do better than your last project. In the future you will see her expanding her brand, Vmarie, with more creative directing, designing, and creating more art content. One of her top goals is to be published in Vogue. You can keep an eye on this budding artist on her Instagram (@l.vmaire.l).

fresh off the 20 Philip Plein

fa l l / w i n t e r 2 0 1 8 writtten by: Rickey Jones

The Fall 2018 Fashion Month is drawing to a close, however, we’ve identified trends that are sure to transcend past the season and integrate into our lives on and off the runway. This season showed us bold prints, electrifying colors, and some unprecedented accent pieces. I have decided to identify 2 trends from this season’s runway; one that showcases the industry’s love of the unconventional. As well as accented shoulders and panels in clothing.


the shoulder accent


This season showed us accented shoulders on multiple garments and looks from an array of designers. The accented shoulder look allows designers to use multiple fabrics to showcase the aesthetic of the collection, as well as plays with levels of asymmetry and pattern mixing. Designers like Marni, Moschino, and Vivetta have also used different draping and construction details to further expand the parameters of the accented shoulder. The accented panel was not just used in tops, but in dresses, gowns and trousers.

b e wa r e o f t h e b i z a r r e Spearheaded by Gucci, this accessories that aren’t statement bag. These the likes of puppies, Show, as well as Gucci’s perfectly match that of less unconventional took us through a for this Fall Show, accessorizing toy skis and snowboards, transformer to open now more than ever willing to push the their aesthetic and attendees of the shows. fantasy and whimsy of a to put their collections culture, news and media. what is and what isn’t become accustomed to accessories and a killer

season introduced us to your average clutch or accessories have included as we saw in Tod’s Milan creation of heads that the model carrying it. In fashion, Philip Plein Winter Wonderland and had his models bears on harnesses, as well as a live the show. We see that designers are envelope to get ideas across to the This revitalization in the runway helps designers front and center of pop It also blurs the lines of fashion. For so long, we’ve a jacket, a dress, a few shoe for runway looks.

Philip Plein






fresh off the streets 22

Bubble, bubble writtten by: Rickey Jones

Remember how badly you were teased in elementary school when you had to walk outside with a bubble coat on because it was too cold to wear your favorite denim jacket? The bubble jacket trend has rapidly integrated its way back into Fall and Winter fashion. It’s almost as if the bubble coat never went out of style, and we’ve been spending the last 10 years reinventing the bubble coat into a trickled across fashion staple. Not only has the bubble coat found its way back into the coveted closets of fashionistas everywhere, but it has taken on a new life of its own, and now offers no bounds to the length, color, style or fit combinations that designers are so eager to offer on the market. Perfect for cold or inclimate weather, the signature nylon material on the bubble coat makes it an easily additive piece to any closet. Designer Moncler released over 8 collections for this past Fashion Week Season. One of the collections included a collaboration with British menswear designer Craig Green. Courtesy of Vogue

C o l o r M e fa u x writtten by: Rickey Jones

One trend heavily circulating through the streets of Fashion Week is colored faux fur. In the ever changing fashion world, faux is in. The eco-friendly fabric gives new life to your favorite statement piece while still allowing you to make a less impactful decision on the environment through your clothing. Not to mention the varieties, colors and styles that come with faux fur coats. Check out my report below:

In this collection, the bubble coat is transformed into armor like suits, which reiterates the protective styling and functionality of the bubble coat. In a time where our garments are like our property, it’s nice that we can stay warm yet stylish in a bubble coat.

< This pink faux fur is beautifully color blocked with a shearling top and green trousers for a stand out look. Pairing an oversized faux fur with other furry textures adds dimension to the look as well as helps you look chic and effortless in a casual look.

All Photos Courtesy of Vogue

> This monochromatic look featuring a blue faux fur trench coat is a great representation of minimalism with just the perfect acent. In this coat, you'll be on the go in style and the cooling color of this coat is sure to be the eye catcher at your next fashion event, or just an easy casual stroll in the city.

Courtesy of Vogue > This blue/grey faux fur coat is the perfect bridge to bring together the metallic shoe and bag. A faux fur coat can pull an outfit together in little to no time. The versatility of the coat makes it easy to wear with a range of colors, textures and styles.

< This color blocked faux fur with smiley faces is the perfect conversation starter and is sure to put a smile on anyone's face.




Q: So, tell me about the foundation of Wisdom, what inspired you to start a clothing line Latif? The idea for Wisdom started in 2010 while I was still in high school. I have always been into fashion since I was young, and I have a passion for clean fabric, clean clothes, etc. I was more interested in dressing well and I loved looking nice. I wanted to influence other people to do the same. It wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t until 2013 that I took this serious. Q: What is the reasoning behind the name Wisdom? How did that name come about? Each brand of clothing I wore when i was younger had a lifestyle it represented. I wanted my clothing line to represent my lifestyle, and wisdom is a major value I strive to live by. It is what I wanted to promote, and the name just kind of stuck.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;The way I design is different, the way I release collections are different, and how I brand Wisdom is differentâ&#x20AC;? Q: What experience, if any, did you have previously in the fashion industry before starting Wisdom? Well, like I said the idea came about in 2010. I would have teachers buying my clothes back then. I remember doing a career day showing off my brand at my school, Redan High, in Stone Mountain. By 2012, I had my first fashion show at Valdosta State University. It was crazy how that show even happened, because I think they just found me off of social media. It was when Instagram was first really popping, so I took advantage of that. Q: You had your first fashion show, yet you were still in high school. How did you support your business in the very beginning? I started out flipping Jordans and other brands. (Flipping means buying at a retail price then later re-selling). I paid attention to the trends people were into, and eventually learned the art of flipping T-shirts. I started off with $100 until I advanced in my business. Q: Do you feel it is important for young African Americans to be entrepreneurs? Yes. 100%. My goal is to own, to be a producer, and not be a consumer. We as African Americans come from royalty. We come from being great business men and women and should continue to want that. Q: What is the hardest part about having your own company? I would say being creative and trying to master your finance. Being a great leader is very challenging, as well as getting to a point to where I am even comfortable delegating roles. As an owner, I have my hands tied into every inch of my brand, so it can be hard at times. the name just kind of stuck.










donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t tou illustration by jordon rosier


uch 37

shot by makayla miller

story by natalie turman

Hair to a black woman is like a cape to a superhero or a crown to queen, it completes us. In the past years more and more women have began to embrace and allow their natural hair to flourish. With the big chop, transitioning, and other factors every woman has had and will have a different journey when it comes to her hair. Hair, then, now, and in the future is a sense of self. As we change, it changes. So get ready for a world of kinks and curls. Set your mind on change as we grow and develop. Lastly, Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Touch my hair.


shot by makayla miller



Photo by Renaldo Mathis

"Can't Be Beat"



I am unapologetic So I want you all to know That I am not apologizing, for the way my brown skin glows I am not apologizing for my kinky, curly, hair For my smile, For my hips, For my style, For my lips. And I am not apologizing, for the Queen who's standing here. And so they say to me, " Miss Unapologetic, how can you be so proud? When you’re surrounded by people constantly trying to put you down. How can you be so proud, with the image that you have? With the negative connotations that surround your name and stance. You’re loud, you’re mean, you’re crazy Never happy, always sad. Who do you think you are? You’re not a queen You are all so bad."


But little do they know, I’ve been a queen right from the start. I come from a land of beautiful people, Their legacy lives in my heart. I come from the likes of Cleopatra, Makeda, Nefertiti and Amina. Do you mean to tell me, That when you see me you don’t see them? You don’t see the daily struggles, that I conquer with no complaint ? You don’t see the years this country has salivated over me like a steak? Features that on me are hated , on others they are praised. Don’t you dare try to question, how our young black queens are raised. Don’t you dare try to tell me, that I should not be proud. That my voice should just be muted, while others can be loud They talk, and talk, and talk, like I am not around. But I refuse to hear the people who try to put me down. Because I am strong, ​And I am beautiful, As I wear my Unapologetic crown.

shot by jaren stephens

oniesha walker




shot by makayla miller






page ten

Designers Niya Paige and Sean Peele released Page Ten in February of 2018. Their fashion relationship started in 2011 when they were fashion merchandising and apparel design students. A Women's Athleisure Brand, Page Ten offers the millenial neutral colors with sleek design and modern proportion and fit to become some of the most wearable pieces in your closet. You can shop at



freshMAG: The Black issue  

Second Installment of freshMAG.

freshMAG: The Black issue  

Second Installment of freshMAG.