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Autumn 2009 Spring 2010

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Inside this issue: A message from our Chair p.03 / EMAS visits Findern Primary School p.04 / A new era of EMAS ambulances p.05 / Your health: stay healthy this summer p.06 / Know your blood pressure p.07 / Meet the EMAS team p.08 / Meet an EMAS member p.09 / Changing how we care for patients p.10/ Help us to help you: who let the dogs out? p.11 / Membership update p.12 / Listening to our members p.13 / The NHS Constitution p.14 / A bit of fun p.15

About FT Matters FT Matters is the quarterly magazine for all of our Foundation Trust members. FT Matters is here to keep you informed about East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) – from interesting news to helpful features about our services. As a member, we want to keep you up-to-date on your local ambulance service and encourage you to get involved. On the cover: Lincoln Resource Manager Dave Kent and Scunthorpe Operational Service Manager John Judd support the FT team.

Produced by: EMAS Foundation Trust Team t: 0115 884 5254 e: Edited by: Thom Hall, Assistant Communications Manager t: 0115 884 5131 e: This is your magazine, so please get in touch with your ideas and feedback. This magazine is also available electronically to reduce the need for printing. If you would rather receive an electronic copy then please let us know. The information contained in FT Matters was correct at the time of going to press. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect official service policy.

A greener EMAS. FT Matters is printed on 120gsm uncoated papers, which is made from 100% recycled paper manufactured using only post-consumer waste. When you have finished with this issue, please recycle it.

ft Matters Welcome

A message from our Chair Welcome to FT Matters Welcome to the second issue of our new magazine – produced especially for all of our public and staff members. And a warm welcome to all of our new members who have signed up over the past couple of months to join us on our journey. As you read this, our crews are out and about in your area – responding to 999 calls from people in need and taking patients to and from their important hospital appointments. Caring is what we do – all day, every day – and it is at the heart of why we want EMAS to develop and become an NHS Foundation

Trust and strive to continually improve patient care. This will give us a greater local influence over the services we provide and give you the member a stronger voice in helping us do what is right for local people. Of course there will be challenges along the way and our aspiration to become an NHS Foundation Trust is going to take slightly longer than we originally planned. However, we are working hard to ensure that we achieve our aim by October 2011. We will keep

you updated on our progress over the coming months. I was delighted to receive so many positive comments about the first issue of our magazine and I hope you find this issue as interesting and engaging. Remember that this is your magazine so please get in touch with your comments and suggestions. Best wishes

Chris Faircliffe Chris Faircliffe, Chair Pictured: Chris Faircliffe Picture credit: Red Cat Images



ft Matters Good News

EMAS visits Findern Primary School Educating the next generation Each class also had a talk from Tracey about what to do if they saw someone lying down poorly including how to check if they were breathing, what number to call to get help and what they needed to tell the operator. The EMAS FT team along with Paramedic Team Leader Sue Jevons and First Aid Tutor Tracey Shipstone recently spent a morning with the children and teachers of Findern Primary School in Derbyshire. The children had the opportunity to get into the ambulance and see all of the equipment on board and then ask Sue any questions about what each bit did and how they help people in need.

FT Programme Manager Donna Irvine said: “It’s important that even at a young age children know where to get help if someone needs it. We were delighted to see how enthusiastic the children were to learn about the ambulance service. The younger children especially enjoyed it when they got to shout out 999, but hopefully if they should ever need to call us they will now know what to do.” Teacher Dionne Barton added: “We were so pleased that EMAS could come into

our school to talk to the children about what to do in an emergency situation. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and it was a fantastic opportunity for the children to ask questions about the ambulance service. We are proud to have worked with our local ambulance service to help educate the children of our future.” Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Pictured: Sue Jevons talks to the pupils in the back of an EMAS ambulance Picture credit: Dionne Barton

ft Matters Good News

A new era of EMAS ambulances We are introducing 91 state-of-the-art new ambulances and by June every station in the East Midlands will have received one. The new Vauxhall Movano ambulances offer a whole host of improvements - all aimed to support our staff in providing the very best care to our patients. Improvements include: • The latest clinical kit – all of the new vehicles feature brand new equipment such as the defibrillator and kit bags used on scene • Economical running costs – both in fuel usage and maintenance

record what is happening inside and even out the back of the vehicle

• Hi-tech navigation – the sat nav system automatically knows where the next emergency call is without crews having to programme it

• Infection prevention from straps coated with an antibacterial agent to surfaces specifically designed not to trap bacteria or dirt and rounded hospital wardstyle edging on the floor.

• Improved CCTV security - cameras have been integrated into all of the vehicles – so at the touch of a button crews can

• Innovative new Norwegiandesigned ‘snow socks’ – helping ensure the vehicles can safely get through snow and ice.

Fleet Services General Manager Steve Farnsworth said: “Both our staff and our patients are really going to see the benefit of the new vehicles. The big positive for me is that we have involved staff in the design process to ensure that they are the very best they can be. Crews that have seen the ambulances so far have given a really positive response”. Look out for the brand new ambulances in your area. Thom Hall Assistant Communications Manager Pictured: Top: Two of our brand new vehicles. Bottom: CCTV for the additional security of our staff and patients. Picture credit: Thom Hall



ft Matters Your Health

Your health:

Stay healthy this summer As talk of barbeques, hot temperatures and holidays starts it can only mean one thing, summer is just around the corner. Take care when you are enjoying the longer days. Overheating It might not seem like it, but over the last few years we’ve experienced some of the hottest temperatures on record. The main risks posed by high temperatures are dehydration (not having enough water), heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Try to keep cool, comfortable and avoid the heat. Drink plenty of water or fruit juices. Keep windows closed in the daytime to keep your rooms cooler, however, if it’s safe to do so keep them open at night. Take cool showers or splash yourself with cool water.

can dehydrate you, making other symptoms of the heat even worse. Alcohol can also affect your judgment and could put you and those around you at risk. Always drink in moderation and make sure you also drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Never drive after alcohol.

Summer drinking


Many of us like a cool beer or glass of wine in the summer heat, but alcohol

Most stings are painful but aren’t really harmful to most of us. However, there will

be some people that will have an immediate reaction to being stung, which can be very dangerous. Seek emergency medical advice if you suffer any of the following: • Swelling or itching anywhere else on your body • Wheezing • Nausea • Fast heart rate • Dizziness • Feeling faint • Difficulty breathing • Swollen face or mouth For information on summer health please visit www.nhs. uk/livewell/summerhealth. Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Pictured: Here comes the summer! Picture credit: Ultraprint

ft Matters Your Health

Know your blood pressure

Hundreds turn out to have their blood pressure checked. As advertised in the first FT Matters, on the 17 April we held nine Know Your Blood Pressure events in support of the Stroke Association. Nearly 900 members of the public of all ages and backgrounds from across the East Midlands (including several of our FT members) came along to have their blood pressure checked and learn more about reducing the risk of suffering a stroke. Assistant Director of Foundation Trust Sam Price-Jones said: “It was a hugely successful day and everyone who was seen was given additional information to raise awareness of the risks associated with high blood pressure. A number of people were referred to their local GP and a couple of people even needed

immediate care – which shows just how important events such as this are.” EMAS General Manager for Northamptonshire Richard Clayton was at the event held in the Fishmarket. He said: “It was an extremely worthwhile event. The educational benefit to those we saw was invaluable and it was great to have the interaction with members of the public.” If you would like a guide to strokes and how to prevent them please get in touch and we will send you a copy. Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Pictured: Our team at Northampton Fish Market Place, Northamptonshire (top) and Chesterfield Market, Derbyshire (bottom).



ft Matters People


Meet the EMAS team In this section of FT Matters, we meet a member of EMAS staff. This time we went along to our Lincolnshire Divisional HQ to meet Resource Coordinator and FT Champion Lisa Cole. voluntary sector. I’m also an FT Champion so I help to inform people about the benefits of EMAS becoming an NHS Foundation Trust.

Can you tell us a bit about your role at the station? My role is basically to ensure that the operational demands upon EMAS are met – basically so that we are using our resources effectively to meet the needs of our patients. This includes coordinating staff working hours, managing staff and working with the

What is the best part of being based at our Lincolnshire Divisional HQ? The variety of the work – every day is different. And getting to meet lots of different people both in EMAS and out and about in Lincolnshire. If you could improve EMAS services to patients in one way, what would that be? I would increase the number of ambulances we have so that we have more resources

available to respond to people in need. Obviously to do that you also need to increase the number of frontline staff you have who can work on those vehicles. What do the EMAS Values mean to you? Respect is very important to me. I believe that you should treat people how you would like to be treated and then you get better cooperation from everyone.

Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Pictured: Lisa Cole

ft Matters People

Meet an EMAS member In this section of FT Matters we meet one of our public members. This time we chat to Janet Fountain from Wellingborough in Northamptonshire. Pictured: Janet Fountain and her husband Maurice

How did you hear about EMAS membership? I was out shopping with my husband Maurice when I saw the EMAS trailer in Wellingborough Town Centre. I was interested in finding out what they were doing. What attracted you to becoming a member of EMAS? Maurice and I wanted to show our support to the crews who had helped us in the past. Have you ever needed to use the ambulance service? I have had to phone for an ambulance in the past.

The last time I rang it was because I thought Maurice was having a stroke. It turned out to be a false alarm – but the crew member took the time to tell me the symptoms I needed to look for – such as asking Maurice to smile at me so I could detect any changes in his face. Maurice also once took poorly when we were at our granddaughter’s concert in the little church in Risden. We called 999 and help came quickly. The church is quite small but they brought in their stretcher and took him away with all

the lights flashing. I don’t like ambulances myself so I followed behind with my granddaughter. When we got to the hospital the crew had notified the hospital that he was coming in and he was already being seen to. The ambulance crews have always been so understanding and have been good to both of us. I can’t fault them in anyway. Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Picture credit: Annie Palmer



ft Matters Your ambulance service

Changing how we care for patients

Improving how we respond to people in need

You may remember a time when if you phoned 999 in an emergency you would get a ‘traditional’ ambulance which would take you to hospital. Things have changed a lot since then and we are now able to call upon a range of healthcare professionals who can provide immediate care either at the scene or in the home. These include: Emergency Care Practitioners (ECPs):

Community First Responders (CFRs):

ECPs are highly skilled and can treat patients at home, prescribe certain drugs and if needed can arrange for patients to be directly admitted to specialist wards at hospitals.

CFRs are trained volunteers who give up their spare time to deal with certain types of medical emergencies. An ambulance response is always sent at the same time but for those in rural or hard to reach areas, CFRs are often first on the scene.

Community Paramedics (CPs): CPs have enhanced skills and are used as a first response for serious lifethreatening incidents. They can also treat minor injuries and illnesses at home too, in some cases avoiding the need to go to hospital.

Nurse Triage: When you call 999 you may be called by one of our qualified nurses who will be able to talk through with you your medical situation and will direct you to appropriate help or send a crew out to assist you.

Modern ambulance vehicles: We also have a range of new vehicles, kitted out with the latest clinical equipment, which help our crews get to our patients faster than ever before – such as fast response cars and state-of-the-art new ambulances (find out more about these on page 5). We have also introduced new PTS vehicles to improve the transport we provide for our non-emergency patients. Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Picture credit: Hollis Photography

ft Matters Your ambulance service

Help us to help you:

Who let the dog out? Simple steps you can take to help our crews help you in an emergency. They say that a dog is man’s best friend. But in an emergency situation our pets could be more of a hindrance than a help to our ambulance crews. Picture the situation - you are very unwell, you’ve called 999 for help and someone is out on the street to indicate to the crew which house they need to go to (as we learned in issue 1). As the ambulance crew arrive they encounter your pet dog Piper, who could: • Delay the crew by not letting anyone pass until they stroked her the adequate amount. • Hinder the crew in giving care by jumping over the

patient, the crew, or the equipment or just basically getting in the way. • Attack the crew – thinking that her owner is in distress, strangers are in the house and using her instincts to guard. Our ambulance control staff ask callers to make sure that pets are locked away. Please make sure that you follow this advice. This request includes any other pets such as cats, birds and even tarantulas.

NEXT ISSUE: We’re behind you! Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager

Pictured: Piper the dog Picture credit: Annie Palmer



ft Matters Members

Membership update With FT Membership Manager Annie Palmer Firstly let me say welcome to all of our new members who have signed up with us over the last few months – it has been lovely to meet many of you at the events we have held over the winter months. With summer just around the corner (and fingers crossed warmer weather!) I’m now planning our events for the next few months: Location

Date & Event


27 May Ilkeston Market Place 2 July Derbyshire Liberation Day

Leicestershire & Rutland

18 May Belgrave Mela


3 June Skegness (Pavillion Sea Front) 23/24 June Lincoln Show 24/25 July Heckington Show


16 May Daventry Countryside Day 26 May Wellingborough Town Centre


19 June Arnold Carnival

You can come along just to say hello, talk about your membership, or even bring along a friend to sign up! Whatever the reason, you are always welcome.

31 July Nottingham Gay Pride

A greener EMAS: Do your bit to save the environment FT Matters is also available as an interactive electronic magazine - letting you read the issue on screen just like you would a paper version. And for those who need large print – you can even increase the size of the text to make it easier to read. If you would rather receive the electronic version then please let me know by emailing Thank you We have received some really positive comments about our new magazine. I would like to say thank you to those who took the time to contact me - it is much appreciated. I hope we can continue to keep you interested, informed and entertained over the coming months! Annie Palmer FT Membership Manager Picture credit: Thom Hall

ft Matters Members

Listening to

our members Here are some extracts from some of the many letters we’ve received from our members recently: Mr A, Nottingham Thank you for making me a member. I am all for quality clinical care, especially if it helps me to understand my wife’s chronic condition. As a full time carer I know the importance of clinical research. However when it becomes clear that there is no more treatment for a condition, it’s often difficult to find the help and advice you need. Mrs F, Grimsby Thank you for the membership which I received. Last year I needed the ambulance frequently as I was quite ill. Our family was so impressed by the attention I received as always through the years. If you want or need any support

from me I will whole heartedly give all my support to anything which arises. Best wishes to you all in your new venture. Mr S, Nottingham I would like to take this opportunity of thanking everyone concerned not least the two female paramedics who responded to my emergency in December 2008. My wife tells me that they were very efficient and didn’t panic, although I was shouting with pain, and got me down the stairs without bumping me and made sure the front door was locked and secured before taking my wife and me to hospital. Thank you; it goes without saying that my life was saved. Best wishes.



ft Matters Involvement

The NHS belongs to us all

How would you like to be involved? The NHS Constitution gives you new rights to get involved in EMAS In the first issue of FT Matters we told you about the NHS Constitution – which brings together the purpose, principles and values of the NHS including a number of rights, pledges and responsibilities for staff and patients. The Constitution tells you: • What is important to the NHS – our principles and values • What people can expect from us – your rights • What we want to do – our pledges • What we expect from patients, the public and staff – their responsibilities One of the rights within the NHS Constitution covers

‘Involvement in healthcare and the NHS’. Through your EMAS membership we would like to work with you to identify how you would like to get involved in discussions about the future of the ambulance service within the East Midlands and what level of involvement you would like to experience to bring to life the NHS Constitution for you. We would love to know what you think of our ideas for involvement at EMAS: • Participation in Community Engagement Events • Become a member of a Reading Panel • Attending focus groups to discuss service improvement proposals • An introduction to first aid skills • Open day/evening at an ambulance station near you

• Attending health talks, such as how to keep well and how to avoid falls • Volunteering to become a Community First Responder or Volunteer Car Driver Do they capture your imagination? Or do you have some alternative ideas of how you would like to get involved? Please let us know by emailing ftmembers@ Find out more about the NHS Constitution at Sam Price-Jones, Assistant Director of FT

ft Matters A bit of fun

A bit of fun Try and find as many words as you can in our word search!

Respect Integrity Contribution Teamwork !

Competence Constitution Staff Patients

Public Rights Responsibilities Pledges

Seven Principles Duty

Find ParaTed ParaTed hides in every issue of FT Matters‌ did you spot him? ParaTed is our cuddly 999 recruit who helps take away some of the fear children can experience when they need emergency treatment and care. Visit to let us know where ParaTed was hiding!


FT Matters Magazine

What matters:


Lorem ipsum / Dolor sit We hope you have enjoyed our magazine. We’re always looking for new ways to improve the way we amet /conse / ctetur communicate with, engage and involve our members and adipi/scing / elit / Nulla would love to hear your thoughts. Please get in touch:

meccaLorem ipsum / Email us at: Dolor sit amet /conse / Issue: Autumn 2009 Call01us on: 0115 884 5254 Visit us at:

Write to us at:

Foundation Trust Office East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust Trust Headquarters 1 Horizon Place Mellors Way Nottingham Business Park Nottingham, NG8 6PY

Main headline to go here. Contacting EMAS

Lorem ipsum dolor sit In the event of an emergency – always call 999 An emergency situation could include: chest pain, difficulty in amet, consectetur.

breathing, loss of consciousness, severe loss of blood, choking, severe allergic reactions, fitting/convulsions, road traffic collisions. Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) Confidential help, advice, support and information on health-related matters to patients, their families and their carers who are using any aspect of the ambulance service. Call: 0845 299 4112 Email:

Alternative formats available If you would like this information in another language or in large print or audio then please call us on 0115 884 5254 design & concept by Fresh* Communications t: 0116 2541351


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