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Boost Your Workplace Wellness with

Fresh Fruit

Take a look around your workplace. Do you see boxes that held doughnuts for a morning

meeting, jars of candy for sharing or packaging from fast food lunches and pizza that your employees have eaten? If so, don’t be too embarrassed, yours is a typical workplace. But it may also be detrimental to your employee’s health.

Temptation is always hard to resist, but if you can shift some of those temptations to healthy foods, you can take a powerful step toward workplace wellness. Here are some simple steps that will help you reorient your workplace environment.

Offer Fresh Fruit and Nuts for Snacks You can’t demand what your staff eat but you can provide healthy alternatives. It doesn’t cost much to fill a bowl with fresh fruit each week.

Benefits of Fresh Fruit in the Workplace

Boosts Energy – Fresh fruit contains several nutrients that can boost your employees energy making them brisk.

Brightens The Place – A bright colorful fruit basket can instantly cheer the place up, in the same way that everyone smiles at a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Keeps Sickness Level Down – Eating vitamin C rich fruits could help build up your immune system and reduce the chance of illness. This

increases your production keeping your employees healthy.

Other Options‌ Fill your vending machines with healthy food choices. The average machine contains chips, chocolate bars, and soft drinks, which tend to be high in sugar fat and low in nutritional value & fiber. To make it healthy, fill it with nuts, health bars, fruit juices and more.

You can also get a coffee machine that would energize your employee and help them perform better.

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