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Business Trip 2014 - Information Package New York & Boston - July 21st - July 31st

(A selection of the partners & sponsors of FRESH)



About the trip the network for real estate students in the Netherlands. ...has more than 1000 A-level students from different highreputation universities and different study backgrounds. ...organizes a wide range of activities for master students interested in the full breadth of real estate. ...offers students the opportunity to get in touch with both real estate companies and other real estate students, from Planning to Management, Law and Finance.

• From July 21th – July 31th 2014 (expected) • We will spend 4 days Boston and 6 days in New York • In advance an information day will be held in The Netherlands • Eventually a presentation day will be held after the trip in The Netherlands • 22 students will join the trip of which 6 members of the International Committee • The focus is on 1.000 Euro (1.370 Dollar) own contribution per student

International Business Trip

Development after the crisis

This year, Boston and New York will be the destination of the International Business Trip. For this Trip, the Committee is putting together a diverse schedule of educative, interactive and informal events. These events can range from visiting unique projects to working in groups on cases and from having lunch with several real estate companies to receiving an inspirational lecture.

This year’s Business Trip is focused on the recovery and real estate development of one of the largest US real estate markets: New York. Due to its diversity in terms of industries and therefore diverse property markets New York has been one of the fastest recovering real estate markets after the economic crisis. The city thus offers a large array of learning opportunities for real estate market dynamics.

We are looking for you To make all of this possible, the assistance of New York or Boston based corporations or companies that do business in these cities is fundamental. For the following issues contribution is greatly respected: - urban planning - architecture - real estate (re)development - asset management - property management


To organize the trip, we are looking for partners, main sponsors and local supporters. We think that your company is the perfect company to support the trip. We also believe that your organization certainly can contribute to a succesfull program. More important, our students certainly do not exlude an international career at your company. Together we can make an interesting and educative Business Trip.

Interested? or

Supporting the International Business Trip is a perfect way to...

Schouwen - Duiveland wonen in rust & ruimte, nabij zee & strand, in de buurt van verschillende HotSpots....

3 De kavels wonen in rust en genieten van het zeeuwse landschap.

7 De bouwregels

...have a large exposure among real estate students at - landelijke architectuur. 11 well known Dutch universities. - traditionele materialen.

9 Voorbeeldontwerp ...get in touch with A-level Dutch Real Estate students. Wij hebben alvast voor u een voorbeeld ontwerp gemaakt dat aan de regels voldoet.


...get fresh insights from a multidisciplinary and creative group of students.


Binnen dit voorbeeld ontwerp zijn er nog tal van variaties mogelijk voor de indeling.

...experience the skills of potential future employees.


...obtain rĂŠsumĂŠs of talented A-level students who are looking forward to an international career. 3

Possible projects Schouwen-Duiveland

wonen in rust & ruimte

met polders, zee & strand

- Times Tower

- Your project? - Suggestions?

- Hudson Yards - Highline

- Pier 57


Possible places to visit: The International Committee already did some research on interesting places or projects to visit in New York or Boston. In Boston, interesting places to visit are Harvard, Bostons NEW Waterfront and the Central/ Artery Tunnel Project. Possible places or projects to visit in New York are the following:


Hudson Yards: This is America’s biggest Real Estate Development project ever... There is a lot of focus on Mixed Use. High Line: This is a public park built on an historic freight rail line elevated above the streets. Pier 57: This obsolete pier will be redeveloped. Times Tower: the vacant tower.

Your Project: Does your company know a different project in New York or Boston? The Internetional Committee welcomes every other project or case your company is involved in. We would like to share our ideas with you on possible cases and themes. Together we can make an interesting and educative Business Trip.

Interested? or

FRESH Activities On this page you can find some examples of FRESH activities like the Provada Day, the Inhouse Day at CBRE GI, Jones Lang Lasalle and the FRESH Lustrum. The picture on the left is the International Committee of 2014.


Program Support ideas on contribution... To make this International Business Trip a succes, we are dependent on the support of your organization/ company. Supporting the Business Trip is a unique way to promote your company among all Real Estate students in The Netherlands.

The FRESH Study Trip Committee would appreciate any contribution your company can offer for this trip. Contribution is possible in many ways and we are open to suggestions. Allow us to express our ideas on contribution:

Lecture Give a lecture about your company or about certain issues in the local real estate that you deem relevant. (future prospects, remarkable supply and/or demand factors, differences between American and European real estate markets, redevelopment projects, etc.)

On this picture: Lecture at FRESHProvada 2012

Project visitation Visit and present projects currently under hands (either occupied, under construction or in concept phase)

On this picture: International Challenge Istanbul, 2010


Interested? or

Create a case study Conduct case-work in which the students are expected to solve a problem (probably in a group of four or five) that is or was present in your company, or on issues that you would like to address and would like the students to review.

Such case work can be regarding roughly anything (followed with presentation of results by the students) On this picture you can see the FRESHCareer Event 2013 at OVG

Lunch or dinner Use lunch or dinner as an informal event. This gives your company the opportunity to meet potential future employees and to inform students about your corporation, job or internship possibilities, inform students about possible investment opportunities etc.

On this picture: Business dinner 2012

Drink Use a (nightfall) drink as an informal event. This is a good way for students to get in touch with employees.

On this picture: Second FRESHLustrum, 2009


Stichting FRESH Postbus 15338 1001 MH - Amsterdam Tymen Reijnders: +31(0)647668920 Lotte Meijhuis +31(0)644949817


Informationpackage FRESH  

This is the Information Package of the FRESH - International Business Trip 2014 to New York and Boston. The expected date of the trip is Jul...

Informationpackage FRESH  

This is the Information Package of the FRESH - International Business Trip 2014 to New York and Boston. The expected date of the trip is Jul...