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Photography: Advanced Life Photography, Michelle Blackman, Kylie Gray, Alisa Haushalter, College students and staff Editor: Kylie Gray Design and layout: Thanks to: 2016 Communications Portfolio, with special thanks to Kate Smith and Molly Dover, College students and staff.



From the

Principal Mrs Maria Pearson

WITHIN THE PAGES of this Yearbook you will immediately gain a sense of what a busy and exciting year it has been at Mount St Benedict College. We have celebrated our Jubilee with a number of significant events and rituals, with the highlights being our Jubilee Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral in June, the Jubilee Ball in May and an exciting forum, Engage and Innovate, at which we were able to showcase many of our excellent programs and practices to teachers from schools around Sydney. It has been a wonderful year to look back with gratitude, to mark the achievements of the College through special celebrations and to look forward with hope and optimism as we continue to build a community grounded in the Good Samaritan Benedictine traditions to which we are deeply committed.

It has been a wonderful year to look back with gratitude, to mark the achievements of the College through special celebrations and to look forward with hope and optimism as we continue to build a community grounded in the Good Samaritan Benedictine traditions to which we are deeply committed. The College also undertook Registration and Accreditation through the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards, as well as a new process of Registration as a Teacher Accreditation Authority. Alongside the enormous workload associated with these aspects of College life, there have continued to be exciting initiatives in teaching and learning, as well as in our mission and pastoral programs. Year 8 students were involved in four STEM activity days which saw them involved in real-life problem solving situations, working in teams, planning and designing, and using skills developed in individual subjects in an integrated way. Year 9 students were involved in authentic learning through a project incorporating both PDHPE and Geography outcomes, with members of various 2  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

government and private organisations assisting in the judging of their projects. Work commenced in the latter half of the year on the Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts, a building which is longawaited and which will bring together under one roof all CAPA subjects. The building will take advantage of the beautiful remnant Sydney Blue Gum High Forest backdrop, allowing staff, students, parents and other visitors to appreciate the beauty of our site. A group of students and staff travelled to the International Final of the Future Problem Solving Competition and, once again, the team came away as World Champions. At the National Finals three students were chosen to compete in the 2017 International Final. I was proud to be able to travel to Brisbane with our 2016 Captain and Vice-Captains to represent the College community at the funeral of Sr Mary (Hyacinth) Roche sgs, the second Principal of the College. Sr Mary was able to join us for our Jubilee Mass and was so delighted that she had been able to catch up with former students from her time as Principal. We are deeply grateful that she made the effort to be part of our celebrations and pleased that we were able to be part of her farewell from this life. Throughout the year I have continued to be impressed by the commitment and generosity of our staff in providing high quality experiences for our girls, inside classrooms and beyond. Our girls inspire me daily in the ways in which they embrace the myriad of opportunities available to them, their willingness to engage with new and different experiences, and their generosity towards those in need. I hope you are able to see the values of the College reflected in the vast array of activities and achievements represented in our Yearbook. Mrs Maria Pearson Principal

From the

Chair of the Board Ms Jacqui Van de Velde-Gilbert “JUBILEE” IS A FASCINATING WORD and concept. The etymology traces its beginnings in Hebrew, referring to the rams’ horn that was used to herald in the year of ‘Jubilee’. In ancient Israel, the Jubilee year was celebrated in the fiftieth year. Leviticus tells us that the Jubilee year was a profound celebration of spiritual and societal significance. Even though we have not had the rams’ horns in fanfare from the parapets along the wall on Pennant Hills Road, we have lived a profound celebration in this fiftieth year of Mount St Benedict College.

Mount St Benedict College’s commitment to excellence, improving educational standards and pedagogy are the real legacy and foundation for the future. The Sisters of the Good Samaritan when embarking on their journey establishing the College in 1966, in the outer suburbs of Sydney, could not have envisioned the College we have now. The changes in the form of buildings and the unique forest spaces are the physical signs of change. Mount St Benedict College’s commitment to excellence, improving educational standards and pedagogy are the

real legacy and foundation for the future. The remarkable and clearly spirit driven force that inspired the Sisters is alive and flourishing in new ways in 2016. In this Jubilee year, we affirm our Good Samaritan heritage and the Benedictine spirituality that has been gifted to us. The College has in public celebrations demonstrated what is normally a quiet, daily and practical experience of the Benedictine values of Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship. We finish this year with a sense of deep connection to place, in the grounds of the College, its historical connection to the Sisters of the Good Samaritan and a deep connection to the young women who have passed through the College and taken that little bit of “Bennies” beyond the College gates. For the current students, this year has been a unique opportunity to see themselves and their educational experience as part of something bigger. We acknowledge the continuing partnership of parents, families, staff and volunteers, whose combined efforts make the work of inspiring young women, transforming the future a reality. Ms Jacqui Van de Velde-Gilbert Chair of the Board



From the

College Captain Jessica Pereira

THIS JUBILEE YEAR has made 2016 a monumental chapter in Mount St Benedict history, reflecting on our past, our future, and what makes our College unique. Guided by the motto, “Make the woman, Make the world” this year has been characterised by individual involvement, encouraging students to further develop their personal skills and talents by participating holistically in student life. It is my strong belief that the Class of 2016 have motivated and inspired younger Bennies students to become the best versions of themselves, achieving their fullest potential, and in turn, enriching our community. During my senior year, I’ve had the chance to reflect on my time at Bennies and fully grasp the impact that this school and its community

That’s what’s so special and unique about Bennies. No matter what path you choose, there will always be an extracurricular activity that you can participate in and someone around the corner to support you. Everybody at this College is an amazing and brilliant person. has had on me as a person. Undoubtedly, Bennies has gone through some big changes over the past six years. When I started high school in 2011, D Block never existed, we still used physical textbooks, we had to book the IRC classroom if we wanted to use computers, and getting my bunsen burner licence was a definite highlight of the year. While Year 7 feels like a distant memory, all of the excitement, stress, late night study sessions and laughter that has filled these six years of high school has been precious and will be something that I will forever cherish. Particularly this year, I have realised that finishing high school is not defined by a sterile number or mark, but rather by the person that you are when you leave those school gates. Bennies has been a place where I have been able to fully discover (no HSC pun intended) my interests and passions, developing a love for social rights and justice which I hope to continue beyond the Bennies brick wall. 4  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

Developing your interests and personality in and beyond the classroom is what high school is really about; something I wished I realised when I was obsessing over a disappointing school result in my younger years. Bennies is a family which recognises that school is more than just learning in the classroom. It’s a place which teaches you how to be strong and independent, how to face challenges with courage and resilience, but most importantly, how to be authentic and true to yourself. That’s what’s so special and unique about Bennies. No matter what path you choose, there will always be an extracurricular activity that you can participate in and someone around the corner to support you. Everybody at this College is an amazing and brilliant person. Always remember that you are someones reason to smile and that you can pursue and achieve whatever you dare to dream. Minor setbacks and major triumphs are all stepping stones which will guide you as you leave the College. Throughout my time at Bennies, I have learnt through the opportunities provided by the College, and have been supported by strong friendships and a dedicated team of staff. On behalf of the Class of 2016, I would like to thank the Bennies community for what has been an amazing six years of growth and love. It has been an honour representing the Bennies family during our Jubilee year. You have made me one incredibly proud College captain. Jessica Pereira 2016 College Captain

Mount St Benedict College Celebrates 50 years of educating young women In 2016 Mount St Benedict College proudly marked the 50th anniversary as a school, its Jubilee year with a number of celebrations. Coinciding with the Jubilee Year of Mercy in the Church, it has been a fitting time to reflect on the identity and traditions of the College, to give thanks for all those who have been part of the journey and to look forward with hope to the future. In the 1960s the Sisters of the Good Samaritan recognised the need for a Catholic school for girls in the Hills District of NSW. In 1966 Mount St Benedict College was opened, with the first classes taking place in the basement of the Mount St Benedict Novitiate. Those first students and their teachers probably could not have foreseen the population explosion that was to take place in this area of Sydney, which would see the College grow to its current size of over 1000 students.

Looking back over fifty years it is encouraging to find that the values that informed the early years of the College are still the same now – the emphasis on the Benedictine heritage and the Good Samaritan traditions that were evident in those early years are still the driving force at the College. From the beginning Mount St Benedict College offered girls a broad curriculum, a wide variety of cocurricular activities and many different sporting opportunities. As the College has grown it has gone from strength to strength in each of these areas, consistently achieving excellent academic results, having a reputation as a highly successful sporting school and making a name for itself in many competitions, particularly at a global level in Future Problem Solving. Thanks to the foresight of the Sisters, the College continues to enjoy a beautiful position overlooking an area of remnant Sydney Blue Gum High Forest which makes a beautiful backdrop to the modern facilities we now enjoy.



Golden Jubilee Eucharist IT WAS A MOST UPLIFTING time for the College as the MSB community gathered in St Mary’s Cathedral to share Eucharist in celebration of the College’s 50th anniversary. Adding to the sense of occasion many students and staff travelled to the Cathedral on a specially chartered ‘Bennies’ train. Despite the inclement weather the Cathedral was filled to capacity as The Most Reverend Peter Comensoli, Bishop of Broken Bay presided over the Eucharist, enhanced by MSB dancers, musicians, choristers and all those who assisted through their various ministries. It was fitting that the MSB community could share the occasion with many of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, who gave so much of their lives to Catholic education in the Benedictine tradition, including Sr Clare Condon sgs, Congregational Leader,


four previous principals, Sr Mary (Hyacinth) Roche sgs, Sr Lia van Haren sgs, Sr Agnes Farrugia sgs and Sr Elizabeth Delaney sgs. The College was also honoured with the presence of a number of leaders of Benedictine communities in Australia and New Zealand together with Ms Terry Creagh, Chair of Good Samaritan Education who graciously joined us for our celebration. Many members of the MSB community shared their gifts during the Eucharist. One of the significant elements was the music. The setting for the Eucharist was composed by a number of exstudents with assistance from current students, and elaborated by College music staff. Countless hours went into the process of orchestrating the pieces, rehearsing and preparing the band and choir. A large troupe of student dancers performed a beautiful liturgical movement. There was great joy in hearing the College song performed in the beautiful atmosphere of the Cathedral by close to 2000 people.

The MSB Jubilee Identity Artist Statement – Jubilee Logo Inspirations IT IS A PRIVILEGE to be a part of the Bennies community and to have been invited to design the logo in celebration of its Jubilee celebrations. Bennies is not just a school to many of us; it is a place where we first met our treasured friends, were inspired by mentors and discovered the visions we have for our futures. This Jubilee logo attempts to incorporate these ideas to what makes Bennies such a special place for its students, alumni and staff – past and present. The triangular composition of the Jubilee logo harks back to the symbol of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Catholic faith. The dove carrying the branch has traditionally been associated with the story of Noah,

Jubilee Artwork During the Jubilee year it has been fitting to reflect on the identity and traditions of the College. An important legacy of the celebrations has been the development of Jubilee banners which were on display in St Mary’s Cathedral for the first time during the Jubilee Eucharist. The banners were designed using original artwork from a group of students who undertook a Jubilee artwork project under the guidance of then MSB Visual Arts Teacher, Ms Therese O’Kane. The designs draw on distinctive features of our College campus such as the Blue Gum forest, the Courtyard of Peace and the stained glass windows of our Chapel. These features are then blended with the characteristic symbols of our Christian faith such as the dove and flame symbols for the Holy Spirit together with the cross and symbols of Eucharist.

as well as God’s promise of hope and salvation for responsible stewards of the earth. This Jubilee logo draws on the rich history of these symbols to highlight the Benedictine values and vision of the College. The dove symbolises peace. The flickering flame symbolises the Holy Spirit that calls us to be generous to those in need. The springy branch of gum nuts symbolises the College’s commitment to conservation of the rare blue gum forest and serves as a key reminder to the

principles of stewardship. The dove emerging out of the flame also evokes the image of the phoenix, a mythical bird that symbolises death and rebirth. These imageries give voice to the College’s 50 years history of nurturing and educating young women. When you take it all together, it is not hard to see what a special place Bennies is and will continue to be in the hearts of the young women it nurtured – past, present and future. Irene Mok, Class of 2009

LEFT: This design recognises our indigenous heritage through the use of the image of the rainbow serpent. This image is overlayed with motifs which capture aspects of our environment such as the leaves and gum nuts of our Blue Gum High Forest and the droplets of water representing our Courtyard of Peace. These images transition throughout the design to introduce the traditional Christian symbols of the fish, the cross, the dove and the flame. CENTRE: This design echoes the stained glass window effect from our College Chapel and blends this with themes from our Blue Gum High Forest and our Courtyard of Peace. As these images rise through the banner they are gradually transformed into images of the Holy Spirit culminating in the symbol of Eucharist layered across the image of the globe in elevated hands cupped in the shape of a bowl. RIGHT: This banner design draws strongly on motifs of our natural environment with the gum nuts and leaves of our Blue Gum High Forest. The gum nut images transition with an increasingly distinctive Sign of the Cross which moves to face outwards to convey the symbol of Eucharist layered across the image of the globe.



From the

Dean of Mission THE THEME of Jubilee has been the prominent feature of our work in 2016 as we commemorated our fiftieth year and planned towards our future.

to this Jubilee music project together with Andrea Hajje and Casey McBride from the Class of 2014, who were the principal composers for the works.

As the year began we welcomed the return of our team from the Footsteps of Benedict Tour, who had spent the previous few weeks immersing themselves among the Benedictine communities in significant places such as Subiaco, Monte Cassino, Norcia and Stanbrook. At our Opening College Eucharist, Father Paul Durkin presented the College with an Apostolic Blessing offered by His Holiness Pope Francis to mark the fiftieth year of our foundation.

Our Jubilee Eucharist was also enhanced by the work of almost one hundred dancers who had worked together with Ms Jacqueline Saunders to develop an extraordinary welcoming rite, which spanned the length and breadth of the vast Cathedral aisles with colour and movement calling us to prayer. The Cathedral itself was adorned with six banners reflecting themes from our College community merged with traditional Christian symbols of Creation, Eucharist, Salvation and the coming of the Holy Spirit. These spectacular banners were created from the artwork of a number of students working under the direction of Ms Therese O’Kane.

During Term One, as we journeyed through the Season of Lent we reflected on various aspects of the theme of Jubilee through our Ash Wednesday and Holy Week Liturgies as well as our work with Caritas Australia through Project Compassion. We explored the ideas of liberation and renewal as key aspects of our reflection and linked these closely to our work across the various domains of College life. In Term Two we prepared in earnest for our two key liturgical gatherings with our Jubilee Eucharist at St Mary’s Cathedral with Bishop Peter Comensoli presiding and our Mount St Benedict Day Eucharist with Monsignor John Boyle presiding. In preparation for these celebrations we had embarked on a number of significant projects. Our Music teachers, together with current and former students worked to compose and arrange fourteen pieces of music for use in the liturgy. These included hymns, instrumental reflections and arrangements of all the liturgical responses. These pieces were then presented by a Jubilee Choir and Orchestra comprising current and former students, parents and current and former staff. The music used in our Jubilee Eucharist was the culmination of a project begun in 2013 and brought to fruition with a concerted effort during 2015 and 2016. Our College Music staff Mr Peter Watters, Ms Susan Webber and Ms Laura Sheehan made significant contributions 8  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

Also in Term Two, our annual Social Justice Forum attracted almost 500 participants from approximately 20 schools in a most significant gathering of young people seeking to create a more just world. Our work continued in significant partnerships with groups such as Caritas Australia, St Vincent De Paul, St Edmund’s College and the House of Welcome, along with our Good Samaritan House Partners in Kiribati, Timor Leste, the Philippines and with Mater Dei at Camden. Our Mission endeavours are a result of the generosity and commitment of many staff, students and their families and we are indeed blessed by their work. These endeavours were very capably guided and led by our Mission Team of Mrs Monica Dutton, Mrs Christina He, Mrs Lisa Kemmis, Ms Bethany Lentern, Ms Tara Millgate and Mr Michael O’Brien with administrative support from Mrs Maria Bradley and Ms Angela Junkiewicz. I would like to offer my personal thanks and appreciation for the enormous work done by our Mission Team in this Year of Jubilee. Mr Paul Lentern Assistant Principal Dean of Mission

Caritas Week and Trek EVERY YEAR, the College participates in the annual Project Compassion fundraising campaign organised by Caritas Australia. This occurs fittingly during Lent as we are called to live simply, allowing us the space and time to reflect on our own values and behaviours, ask for God’s forgiveness and consider the needs of our neighbours. The aim of the campaign is to educate and raise awareness about social justice issues around the world and help fund projects that empower local communities to create a sustainable future. The 2016 Project Compassion theme was “Learning More, Creating Change” which gave us an opportunity to address the importance and value of education across the world. Throughout Term One, we participated in fundraising events such as Pancake Tuesday, Caritas Coin Art, Caritas Kitchen -

where staff brought in foods from around the world for lunch, a Solidarity Wall to write a message of hope to those around the world experiencing hardships and a Caritas Trek where staff students walked 6km to collect water in solidarity with women overseas who do not have easy access to such a basic necessity. Furthermore, the College participated in Solidarity Day, where all students were given an opportunity to engage in a range of learning activities that raised awareness about the work of Caritas Australia. This included simulation games, liturgies and drama workshops that explored issues of water sanitation, empowerment of women and environmental sustainability. In total, as a College we were able to raise approximately $8000 for Project Compassion but more importantly, we were able to learn more about our world in hope for a better future.



One World Week AT THE COLLEGE, we encourage our staff and students to recognise their value and potential as global citizens of this world. With this comes a moral responsibility to act justly and make decisions that reflects our College values of Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship, promoting unity in our world. One World Week is a joint initiative of the Environment and Social Justice Portfolios to address global issues that are having a significant impact on our world. This year, students chose to address issues such as Fairtrade, climate change, reconciliation of Indigenous Australians and environment sustainability. A variety of activities took place during lunchtimes for all students to be involved. As part of One World Week celebrations, the College holds an annual Social Justice Forum which invites secondary schools across NSW to gather and discuss social justice issues and create an opportunity to network and work collaboratively to create change. In its 17th year, the theme of the evening was “One to Make a Difference, Together to Make a Change” and this event attracted the largest numbers since its inception with nearly 500 students from 20 schools and had 20 community organisations facilitate workshops throughout the evening. The College was also very fortunate to have Nic and Lucas from Orange Sky Laundry, as the keynote presenters for the night. As the 2016 Young Australians of the Year, they really inspired the students to make a difference and addressed the importance of respect for every person, no matter their background or situations.


Social Justice




St Edmund’s Eddie’s Partnership FOR MANY YEARS, the College has had a significant partnership with St Edmund’s College, Wahroonga (Eddie’s), a co-educational secondary school for vision impaired and other special needs students. In 2016, we continued to run the Social Justice and Disability Awareness Days (SOJAD) for Year 8 students. Our students always find this experience invaluable in understanding the challenges associated with disabilities, but more importantly, the many abilities they do have which are not often acknowledged or dismissed. Our Year 9 and 10 students were privileged to be able to welcome Year 9 students from Eddie’s to join in some elective classes at the College as part of the Learning Exchange program. They


participated in classes such as Food Technology, Drama, Physical Activity & Sport Studies (PASS) and Textiles. A group of Year 10 students continued with the Eddie’s Mentoring Program this year, providing friendship and an opportunity for Eddie’s students to practise their behaviour and social skills every fortnight during lunchtimes. This year, we were also able to welcome two students from Eddie’s, Belinda and Abbey to be part of some regular classes throughout Term Two as a trial integration program. This experience was rewarding for the students from both schools and facilitated the development of genuine friendships and support for those with disabilities. We even had Belinda participate in our Athletics Carnival where she performed exceptionally on the day.

A Day at Eddie’s ON 8 AUGUST I attended a disability awareness experience with my Year 8 Religion class at St Edmund’s College in Wahroonga. The day started with an introduction to the school by the Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs McDonald. Mrs McDonald spoke to us about some of the challenges students from St Edmund’s faced getting to school. Many students spend up to one hour in a taxi each way to attend the College. This was followed by an inspiring performance from the Eddie’s Entertainers – a group of students who regularly perform drumming and dancing to school groups and at other community events. The highlight of the performance was from a Year 12 student, Shannon who has a significant vision impairment who sang one of her favourite songs. Recess was held on the field with the rest of the St Edmund’s students. We had a great time getting to know them and learning a little bit about their interests and hobbies. Later in the day we met our buddies with whom we did a range of activities. We learnt quickly about the importance of good communication and

making sure that our buddies were given time to respond to our questions and instructions. It was great to learn more about our buddies and recognise that they have similar interests, likes and dislikes as we do. We spent some time with the College’s Speech Pathologist, Ms Formby who showed us a number of communication devices which help give voice to many of the non-verbal students at St Edmund’s. We also enjoyed learning about what it was like to have a vision impairment by moving around the College with a cane and producing simple sentences using braille. What struck us the most was the joy and happiness that the students displayed and how much they loved going to school. It was a privilege to spend the day with an inspiring group of students and appreciate that with some adjustments, patience, care and understanding, these students can do amazing things. Bella Franzin

“What struck us th e was the joy and ha most ppiness that the students displayed”



Year 12 Connect Night AS THE YEAR 12 STUDENTS graduate from their time at the College, it’s important to spend some time reflecting on their journey, celebrating their achievements and to recognise those that have supported them throughout their time at Mount St Benedict. Year 12 Connect Night is a very fitting event to gather the Graduating Class of 2016 to have some fun playing games, participate in small group discussions, write affirmations to each other, have individual journaling

time and to appropriately celebrate this significant chapter in their lives with a blessing liturgy. This evening is always very popular, with nearly 150 students in attendance this year. Lots of laughs, tears and hugs were shared and no doubt the night was one that many will remember as they begin new journeys beyond MSB. The students expressed their gratitude to all the teachers, parents and peers who have made their high school years so memorable.

Good Samaritan Education Assembly Drama Performance IN TERM TWO, one of the Year 9 Ministry Classes (an elective stream of Religious Education) worked tirelessly to develop an original drama piece that was performed at the Good Samaritan Education Assembly on Saturday 30 July. Workshopped by the entire class, the performance conveyed one of the stories of St Benedict who, through


conversation with St Scholastica, learnt that an inflexible position can restrict one from seeing greater possibilities. Performed by Diminika Drezins, Patricia Dobles, Katherine Madden, Elise Allen, Rachael Chow, Claudia Gross and Antonia Saul, and directed by Madeline Said, the students successfully inspired reflection and conversation amongst the conference participants.

Sydney Alliance Training Day IN FEBRUARY Mount St Benedict College was host to interns from Sydney Alliance who guided Year 10 students through a training day. Joined by St Pius X College the training day allowed us to get to know each other and learn how we can make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than ourselves. The main focus of the day was ‘power’ and how it can be used negatively and positively. David (our Sydney Alliance Mentor) and interns from Sydney Alliance mentored us throughout the day, asking challenging questions and pushing us to make a difference. The training day was split up into three sessions, each one challenging but informative. In the first session, we discussed our relationships with the people around us and talked about how it is important to have both good relationships and goals when trying to make a

change. We looked at practical ways to make a change as well as the difference between public and personal issues. In the second session we talked about public relations and how they can affect even the best of us. In the final session we practiced a ‘listening session’. During this time we mind-mapped ideas as a group, looking at the needs within our community. We then listened to other group’s ideas, adding them to a list of needs before placing a sticky note with our name on it next to the issues we felt strongly about: a commitment to making a change. Overall the Sydney Alliance Training Day was a success, motivating students to be the change they wish to see in the world, and providing them with practical ways to do so. Bella Graczyk Van Herk and Jaime Dunn

GSE Ministry Outreach



Community Days

IT WAS A DELIGHT to see how well attended our various Community Days were again in 2016. We were pleased to welcome hundreds of visitors to each of these days in the course of the year. Firstly, in May it was the occasion of our Mother and Daughter Breakfast, then, towards the end of August we welcomed the senior members of our community to our annual Grandparents Assembly and Morning Tea. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to us on

this occasion but nevertheless it was a most enjoyable occasion. At the beginning of September, just a few days before Fathers’ Day it was the turn of the dads to come along to enjoy some breakfast in the courtyard accompanied by a short blessing prayer with their daughters. Our community is greatly enriched and strengthened by the close connections we hold with our families and these occasions are an excellent way to consolidate these bonds.

Grandparents’ Morning Tea


Mother Daughter Breakf ast


Father Daughter Brea



College Liturgies IN MANY WAYS our Jubilee Eucharist at St Mary’s Cathedral was a highlight of our liturgical gatherings for 2016. It was very pleasing to see all the work in the music, dance and visual arts projects come to fruition and despite the very bad weather on the day it was wonderful to see the Cathedral packed with members of our College Community, ex-students, former staff and many representatives of the Good Samaritan and Benedictine Communities around Australia. This was also the first occasion where Bishop Peter Comensoli had led our community in worship and we are most grateful for his contribution to this most significant occasion. Our MSB Day Eucharist a few days later was also significant for us as it included the turning of the soil and the blessing of the works for the new Hildegard Centre for the Creative and Performing Arts. Earlier in the year we had gathered for our Opening College Eucharist which included a special welcome and blessing for new students and staff as well as the presentation of the Apostolic Blessing from his Holiness Pope Francis. A few weeks afterwards we gathered in Homerooms for our Ash Wednesday liturgy to begin the Season of Lent and as the end of term approached we held our Holy Week commemoration together as a community in the College Hall. 18  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE



Philippines Immersion “YOU SHOULD NEVER FEEL GUILTY for living in a country like Australia. You should feel guilty for not being grateful and not willing to make a change for others.” The Principal of the Good Samaritan Kinder School, Sister Leonie, said this to us one day while we ate lunch at the school in Bacolod, on the island of Negros in the Philippines. We were in the middle of our Good Samaritan Immersion Experience – sixteen students from seven schools and four teachers had embarked on this journey with the intention to immerse ourselves in a new culture and learn new things about our world and ourselves. We began the experience with mass at the Conception parish in rural Bacolod, which was an immediate and jolting introduction to life in the ‘sugarcane capital’ of the Philippines. We were introduced to a community of outstanding hospitality, and quickly understood why Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles. The Good Samaritan Kinder School, our main location, was everything we could have hoped it to be, and better. The four to six-year-olds


who came to the school each day were the happiest and most energetic children, who made it impossible to wipe the smiles off our faces. Credit goes to the most devoted staff who nurture the children and prepare them so well for primary school. We were consistently treated to unbelievable hospitality, completely challenging our preconceptions that the people in such communities have nothing – they have their families, their faith and their selflessness, which struck a chord with us and made us truly realise the importance of being grateful and open-minded. This was especially poignant when we visited a slum community, known as The Boulevard, to distribute food to the children who live there. Again, the smiles and happiness we experienced was unlike any other place we have seen. Overall, it was an emotional and completely fulfilling experience, which opened our eyes to a new world and has undoubtedly been the catalyst for personal change and consideration of our privilege and ability to change the world. Vanessa Chan, Eva Harrington, Amelia Dunkerley

Santa Teresa Immersion IN THE SEPTEMBER SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, Mr Jones, Miss Clarke and three of our Year 10 students, Abbey Harris, Sophie Cleveringa and Lucy Koelmeyer, were lucky enough to travel to a remote indigenous community called Santa Teresa, 80km from Alice Springs. This trip was part of the Good Samaritan Immersion Outreach Program that allowed staff and students the opportunity to travel with students and a teacher from two other Good Samaritan schools. During our Santa Teresa Immersion Experience, we had the privilege of being able to talk, paint and work with the Aboriginal ladies inside the Spirituality Centre. It was here where the women created their magnificent, colourful and intricate crosses. One of the main lessons we learnt there was that what we consider to be wasted time in our society is often the most

treasured time for people living in Santa Teresa. This treasured time was where our experience came to life as we got to know the people living in the community and truly immerse ourselves in the Aboriginal culture. We were all inspired by Sister Liz, who generously shared her personal experiences with us, the children of the community who seemed to enjoy life to its absolute fullest, and the dedicated members of the Community Centre who delivered a Meals-onWheels service to the elderly. We came home full of personal growth with a commitment to share and act on our experiences. Abbey Harris, Sophie Cleveringa and Lucy Koelmeyer



Retreats and Reflection Days AT VARIOUS TIMES throughout 2016 each of our year groups took part in either a Reflection Day or Residential Retreat. The first of these, our Year 7 Reflection Day, took place in February as part of the induction of our new students into our College faith heritage and community. In March, the Year 10 Retreat took place with students focusing on the theme of “Choice”. Year 12 Retreat took place in late April providing our senior students with the chance to reflect on their life journey to this point and contemplate the important dimensions of faith and values which will accompany them into the future. Year 8 and 9 students took part in their Reflections Days in September on the themes of “growing in faith” and “showing hospitality” respectively. Finally, it was the turn for our Year 11 students to head off on their Retreat in October with each of the three venues focusing on one of the College’s core values – Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship.

Year 8


Year 7

Year 9

Year 11

Year 10

Year 12



Family Fun Day House of Welcome


From the

Dean of Curriculum

PROFESSOR JOHN FISCHETTI, Dean of Education Newcastle University, recently challenged educators to think of schools of the 22nd Century. In reforming current schools, he called on them to:

Dam, St Mary’s water treatment facility and Penrith Lakes. They came away with a greater understanding of water resources not only locally but globally.

To prepare young people to work together to create knowledge or solve problems that improve the human condition in the Collaborative, Global, and Innovation Age.

In Year 11 PDHPE, the Family and Community Studies (CAFS) “Amazing Race” excursion put a human face and practical context to support services available in the community.

To do this authentically in education we need to, as Peter Mudge from the Broken Bay Institute says, “build capacity to encounter and cross various threshold transitions…from knowledge to wisdom”.

To conclude the year in TAS, students and teachers developed ideas for a Christmas market at Kirribilli in which they sold a selection of custom designed wooden Christmas ornaments and other products, raising over $1,000 for our House Partners. The Year 9 and 10 Design and Technology class learnt so much about the significance of design in our society, helping them to realise that through design, ideas and thoughts are made visible in the service of others.

In these unfolding pages you will see both teachers and students taking risks, moving beyond discourse to doing, through the prism of radical transformation in service to improve the human condition. At Bennies we are preparing students for their future and not our past as they seek to make a contribution in the Collaborative, Global, and Innovation Age. The Year 7 MYBennies classes best illustrate this sentiment in the “Window to the World” unit where in the voice of one student: it really opened my eyes to see what is actually happening all around the world and not just in my little community. It was confronting and times but mostly very educational and informative. In STEM, students were asked to be effective, creative and confident solution driven problem solvers, who can work collaboratively, confident in ‘real world’ contexts and communicate in the real world and error (taking risks and seeing failure as opportunity for learning). In Year 7 Religious Education, with Pope Francis as the inspiration, students after reading his new Encyclical Laudato Si, which has a focus on the Stewardship of Creation, wrote tweets about the environment that the Pope could use. In Year 7 to 9 English, students refined their persuasive writing skills by entering the What Matters? Competition, run by the Whitlam Institute, where they wrote with passion and conviction on themes as diverse as homelessness, animal cruelty and the plight of refugees.

CAPA with the co-curricular music ensembles, have worked tirelessly to support College special events, including Open Day, Ceremonies, Masses and Liturgies. Once again they participated in the annual Busking for Vinnies event raising $2000 for St Vincent De Paul. In Language with two overseas trips, and visits from sister schools, the girls immersed themselves in the French, Japanese and German languages and cultures as well as developing a deeper appreciation of the world and its many nuanced needs. The Year 10 Science course included many of the “big concepts” such as evolution, genetics, biotechnology and the chemistry of the everyday world and the role they play in the service of others. Maths also best captured this sentiment of learning though the metaphor of a tree. Student reflection: It begins with one small seed, which then grows into a tree trunk, forming the basis of our knowledge. As we progress through high school new branches begin to grow on the tree, allowing the tree to flourish and reach its full potential. This year, that tree has grown as the students have learnt and accomplished a lot.

In Year 9 History, students created their own Museum in A Box, analysing the contribution of Women in Australia during the war.

In these Curriculum pages, enjoy our students (and staff) learning about the responsibility education plays not only in our community but in the broader global community beyond.

In Year 8 HSIE, students had the opportunity to see the importance of access to fresh water by visiting Warragamba

Mr John Muskovits Assistant Principal Dean of Curriculum MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  25


MYBENNIES INTEGRATED LEARNING is now in its second year as a Middle Years subject undertaken by all Year 7 students seven periods per fortnight. Nine specialist teachers are working together from the faculties of Religious Education, English, PDHPE, Technology, Geography, History and CAPA to deliver this subject and have continued to co-create aspects of this program with student and parent input. The subject aims to help students to build connections between the work they do in other subjects as well as acquire the 21st century skills of creativity and problemsolving, communication, critical thinking, information and media literacy, global citizenship, collaboration and teamwork and independence in learning. Students have completed four units throughout the year: 1. The first unit titled “What’s behind the red brick wall?” explores the identity of Mount St Benedict College and the personal identity of each student. This unit supported the girls in their transition to high school from primary school and culminated in a project based learning activity in small teams creating a short film to celebrate the College’s Jubilee year and share the story of MSB with others in the community? The winning short film in the BenniesFest was shown at Assembly to the entire College community during One World Week and remains available for viewing within the College on the MSB Video Portal in Office365 alongside other short films of merit.

2. The second unit “Window to the World” explores the role of each student in the greater world and what it means to be a global citizen. Each student completed an inquiry-based learning activity culminating in a report and infographic poster and later in small teams created a drama performance titled “small actions do matter” focusing on one global issue. 3.

The third unit “Let’s talk about my learning!” saw students reflect on their individual learning throughout the year to create a portfolio which they showcased to their parents and MYBennies teacher in a Student-Led Conference held late in Term Three. The conference was for 20 minutes and saw the student as the leader of the discussion about their learning so far this year, including the personal strengths they bring to their learning, the challenges they have faced as a learner this year, how they apply the 21st century skills to their learning in all subjects and what goals they would like to set for Term 4 and the following year. 3. The final unit the “MYChoice Project” asked each student to identify a passion and find a need or opportunity to work with this passion to create their own research question and product. Students worked with their MYBennies Teacher and outside mentors where possible to complete an individual in-depth investigation or develop a major work in a creative field.

My Choice Meg Kahler visit




BenniesFest Film festival

Chapel visit

SLC Year 7

Working together

Tower buildin g

Student Reflections of some aspects of the course include: WHAT DID YOU DO WELL DURING THE PREPARATION FOR THE SLC? “I prepared my pieces of work well (challenged, did well, made mistakes) by printing them out and reading over them so that they demonstrated MYBennies work in the best way possible. I also liked how I set out my presentation because they were organised in well written dot points. I also liked how I spoke to my mum, with a sense of pride.”

the ones that I still needed work on. I put in a lot of detail and information into my SLC and I was very well prepared!”

WHAT DID YOU VALUE LEARNING ABOUT IN THE UNIT “WINDOW TO THE WORLD?” “I valued all of the new information that I learnt throughout the whole unit. I learnt lots of new words and terms and earned a wider range of knowledge about me and the world.”

“I was proud of the way I spoke to my parents and Mrs Gosden. I was proud of how I didn’t need to use a script, I could speak confidently in front of my teacher and parents.”

“I valued learning about the diversity of cultures in our very own classrooms. I also valued when we learnt how to respect and treat other people.”

“I spoke very clearly and gave a lot of eye contact! I made sure that my parents knew where I was at, where I am at and where I want to be at! I gave in many examples of my work in different subjects and named the ones that I was good at and

“I think it really opened my eyes to see what is actually happening all around the world and not just in my little community. It was confronting and times but mostly very educational and informative.”



STEM Challenge Days DESIGNED AS COLLABORATIVE and integrated learning days involving all Year 8 students, each day had a different central theme with an emphasis on the design process and making learning visible and shared. The feedback from students, staff and visitors alike has been overwhelmingly positive and mirrors the enthusiasm and effort demonstrated by our Year 8 students who have been involved in the Middle Years learning journey these past 2 years. At MSB, we want our girls to be: • effective, creative and confident solution driven problem solvers who can work collaboratively

• confident in ‘real world’ contexts and their ability to communicate in the real world • able to know and record evidence of ‘design/engineering thinking’ • confident in trial and error (taking risks & seeing failure as opportunities for learning) STEM @Bennies overseen by the Middle Years Innovation team further develops the 21st century skills introduced in Year 7 and through the MYBennies integrated subject. It has been extremely pleasing to watch the students develop independent and collaborative skills that aid students of the present to be leaders of change into the future.



AIM: Using only one large piece of cardboard, design and produce a seat that is suitable to be sent to any part of the globe in a crisis without the use of glue or other adhesives. The seat needs to be comfortable and support the weight of one group member.

AIM: Design and make a device that can move two model body organs into precise position in a ‘patient’ 1.1m away in one minute whilst viewing the patient only through video feed. All materials, equipment and expertise needs to be chosen and paid for from a limited budget.



AIM: Three different challenges in which devices (aero carts, egg cars and boat hulls) need to be designed and built to travel over their surface (air, floor, water) at the fastest possible speed.


AIM: For Year 8 to experience aspects of coding, computational thinking and design thinking.

Our teacher’s take on the STEM Challenge @ Bennies

STEM and the wider College community

We have a dynamic and innovative staff of teachers, willing to try new ideas and embrace different methods of effective teaching and learning. They are always keen to “have a go” which is precisely what they were asked to do at the first Teacher’s Meeting of the year. The teachers were asked to do a lightning fast prototype of the Sustainable Seating Challenge that Year 8 also attempted.

We are proud to have been able to include many different stakeholders from within and beyond our community into our STEM learning this year, including Parent Mentors, ex-MSB students, student teachers, visiting teachers and principals from other schools. Thanks to everyone who has been involved this year and we very much look forward to continuing and developing these partnerships into the future. In 2017, MSB will be integrating local STEM industries into our program for further real-world experiences and contexts for our innovative students.

And when Year 8 tried the same challenge as the teachers on their first STEM day, this is what it looks like...



Religious Education 2016 BEGAN with some new faces and new beginnings for the Religious Education Department. The new Head of Department is myself, Mrs Lisa Kemmis; new Assistant Head of Department is Miss Bethany Lentern and new team member, Miss Tara Milgate. With the Sydney Diocesan programmes implemented in Years 7 and 8 in the new Teaching for Understanding format, staff have been hard at work ensuring students experience Religious Education in a meaningful way. In Year 7, students were introduced to life at the College with a program entitled “I’m a Bennies Girl” which is connected to the students’ MYBennies program. Other programs looked at the scriptures and one of the College’s values, Stewardship. In Year 8, students studied the Teachings of Jesus more closely as well as other people who have contributed to our collective understanding of these teachings. In Year 9, students studied the scriptures in more detail, specifically the types of literary forms these texts take. This was the students’ first taste of Ministry Class, a specialist class where their regular classwork is integrated with a more hands-on active approach. This year, students were involved in a play for the Good Samaritan Education Conference showcasing the life of St Benedict attended by many of the GSE Principals. In Year 10, students studied the history of the Catholic Church as well as the Eucharist and Ancient and Indigenous Religions. Students also examined how Australians are working for justice and what their personal moral responsibilities are in this changing world. The Ministry opportunity continued as well, with students looking at how to make the Chapel space more user friendly. Senior students at the College complete the Studies of Religion course with both the 2 and 1 Unit courses available. A range of topics are studied, with focuses on the three Abrahamic religious traditions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Students also look at the changing religious landscape of Australia as well as Aboriginal Spirituality and Ancient Religions. This year students in the 2 Unit Year 11 class went on an excursion to the Central Synagogue at Bondi where they had a tour and lectures by Ms Sandy Hollis. Students in the 1 Unit course had a morning at ISRA, where they were spoken to by leading Islamic teachers. In the afternoon, both the 2 and 1 Unit classes met at the Auburn Gallipoli Mosque with a tour and talk 30  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

by a local guide. The students and staff found the day to be a most enlightening and enriching experience. We have also acquired in the department a life-sized cut out of Pope Francis. It has been great to see the students respond to the Pope. In Year 7, the Pope was our inspiration, as we wrote tweets about the environment the Pope could use, after reading his new Encyclical Laudato Si, which has a focus on the Stewardship of Creation. Our Pope cut-out has also ‘visited’ many classrooms, with discussion around what he is and can be doing to help our world from a Catholic perspective. Next year, we look to the future, with more ministry, more hard work and more Pope Francis. I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to the Religious Education Department: Mr Albert Agius, Mrs Erin Doolan, Mrs Catherine Hogan, Miss Bethany Lentern, Mr Paul Lentern, Mr John Muskovits, Miss Tara Milgate, Mr Michael O’Brien, Mrs Elizabeth Rastegorac and Ms Gwen Wijenberg who has helped the Faculty in so many ways this year. Many Blessings for 2017. Mrs Lisa Kemmis Head of Department

Tweets to the Pope

Studies of Religion excursion

Religion Faculty Front Row: John Muskovits, Paul Lentern, Lisa Kemmis, Bethany Lentern, Michael O’Brien

Second Row: Erin Doolan, Tara Millgate, Catherine Hogan, Elizabeth Rastegorac, Lisa Clarke, Albert Agius

Studies of Religion with Mrs Kemmis and Jewish Challah Bread MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  31


English STUDYING ENGLISH at Mount St Benedict College is an intellectually engaging and highly rewarding activity. As the only subject a student will be required to carry from their first day to their last, English is a crucial component of education, and though it may pose rigorous challenges for students of every level, the rewards are always worth the time and effort. The study of English at Bennies enables students to take their place in society as confident communicators, critical and imaginative thinkers and informed and responsible participants in the world and 2016 has been a busy year working towards these goals. Students in Years 7-9 refined their persuasive writing skills by entering the What Matters? Competition, run by the Whitlam Institute, where they wrote with passion and conviction on themes as diverse as homelessness, animal cruelty and the plight of refugees. Annabelle Sghabi of Year 8 was highly commended in this competition and her work was selected for publication. This year also saw the launch of the inaugural Spin-a-Yarn Young Writers’ Award – a competition designed by the English faculty to foster creative writing. Our Year 9 and 10 students also participated in the Write a Book in a Day competition.

an appreciation of how the world has evolved and the important messages literature conveys to us about humanity. Experiencing Live Theatre is a valuable component in any students’ educational journey and our students were lucky to encounter a number of engaging performances this year. Year 9 saw a performance by Poetry in Action about Words that Change the World and Year 8 saw an entertaining adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Our Year 10 cohort visited Riverside Theatre to watch Macbeth.

Year 9 Write a Book in a Day team

In Years 11 and 12 our students become discerning learners looking into how context and values inform and shape our understanding of characters, ideas and events. They undertook a close and critical study of Shakespeare, Poetry, Drama, Novel and Film preparing them for the HSC and once again we have been pleased with their commitment, resilience and good humour. We have enjoyed experimenting with new and innovative ways of engaging our senior students, including the use of Socratic Circle seminars and the flipped classroom. We were very pleased this year to have four students complete major works in Extension 2 English.

One of the key tenets of the English Year 7 students were exposed to Faculty is to instil a love of reading a range of texts including the in our students and as we approach novel The Declaration, a unit on Year 10 Write a Book the end of year I encourage parents film openings, animal poetry, in a Day team to continue to support wide reading Greek myths and the drama script Honey Spot. for pleasure as this has a direct They also studied a unit titled ‘Unlocking the correlation with improved levels of literacy. Writer Within,’ designed to encourage creative Our students are living in an age where their social media expression and prepare them for writing at a high school level. status updates require very little by way of grammar or eloquent Year 8 students studied Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s expression and it has never been more important for teachers Dream, Andy Mulligan’s novel Trash, a film study on the concept and parents to reinforce long, sustained reading. When students of Courage and created their own historical fiction narratives and read, it stimulates their imagination, helps them develop empathy online magazines. for others and expands their vocabulary. Reading good quality texts, fiction or non-fiction, exposes students to new words, which Year 9 focused on their creative and analytical skills through an they should integrate into their own writing. When they read well examination of texts, including, Much Ado about Nothing and I, written material they are more likely to reproduce this as their own Coriander. They also examined units on Ethics in Advertising and work as they are familiar with what great writing looks and sounds Powerful Poetic Voices, with some of our students performing in like. So as holidays approach my last words go to Dr Seuss: a poetry slam on Open Day. Year 10 students engaged with classical and contemporary representations of the views and values of society, including Macbeth, To Kill a Mockingbird, a close study of documentaries and a contemporary poet and a unit titled ‘Through Australian Eyes.’ Through stepping into the shoes of others, students gained 32  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

I hope that reading transports you to many different places over the summer holidays. Mrs Kylie Holmes Head of Department

mended What Matters? Highly com student Annabelle Sghabi es (Year 8) with Ms Diana Gom

Year 8 participants in the 2016 What Matters? Competition

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’ 2016 Christine de Launey Spellathon Champions

Year 7 Lucy Pratt

Year 8 Emma Wilkinson

Year 9 Natali Kelava

Year 10 Lauren Huynh

English Faculty Front Row: Melissa Finn, Brooke Nugent, Kylie Holmes, Kelly Heaton, Diana Gomes

Second Row: Johanna Wallace, Frances Cunningham, Pier Milanoli, Karin Balmer, Gail Davey

Socratic Circle seminars in Year 11

Extension 2 Major Works Showcase evening

Amy Maher

Rachel Dawson

Sarina Cali

Spin-a-Yarn winners Emma Wilkin son (Year 8) and Daniela Taylor (Year 10) MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  33


Mathematics MATHEMATICS TEACHERS all over the world are repeatedly asked the question “When will we ever use this??? At Bennies our Mathematics programs aim to make the subject real and relevant. Mathematics is essential in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, finance and the social sciences. Applied mathematics has led to entirely new mathematical disciplines, such as statistics and probability. In 2016, the study of Mathematics in our classrooms, has focused on reasoning, communication and connections. Mathematical reasoning refers to the ability to analyse mathematical situations and construct logical arguments. To be able to communicate mathematically is the ability to use mathematical language to express mathematical ideas and arguments precisely, concisely and logically. Communication helps our students develop their own understanding of mathematics and sharpens their mathematical thinking. Being able to make connections among mathematical ideas, between mathematics and other subjects, and between mathematics and everyday life helps our students make sense of what they learn in the classroom.

Maths Award Presentations at Assembly

The “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program is a very good example of how connections can and have been made between subjects at Bennies this year. Year 8 have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges presented to them throughout the year. They have learnt to think creatively, to generate new ideas, to be willing to try them out and not be afraid of failure. They have learnt that perseverance usually culminates in the production of a new end product.

AUSTRALIAN MATHEMATICS COMPETITION The Australian Mathematics Competition was held in late July with a total of 152 girls who participated from Years 7 to 11.

YEAR 11 High Distinction: Yao Xiao. Distinction: An Yi Liang and Jessica Yi

This year’s results were outstanding. In total, MSB achieved 2 High Distinctions, 18 Distinctions, 64 Credits and 64 Proficiency awards. Congratulations to all the girls for their participation and their achievements. The following girls achieved outstanding results:

YEAR 7 Distinctions: Sarah McLachlan, Jessica Tyzack, Olivia Humm, Mekika Yasrebi and Rebecca Tan

YEAR 8 High Distinction: Chelsea Nguyen. Distinction: Cecilia Cullen

YEAR 9 Distinctions: Annabelle Flannery, Rachael Wang, Sabina Mangat, Aishani Mathur, Andre Fisher

YEAR 10 Distinctions: Alexandra Maher, Khristiana Evio, Sabrina Croker, Kassidy Grant and Emily McKnight 34  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

ICAS MATHS COMPETITION This international competition is run each year by the University of NSW. In mid August, 13 students from Years 9 and 10 challenged themselves mathematically for the second time in less than a month. Again the results were outstanding with our students achieving a High Distinction, 4 Distinctions and 7 Credits. Congratulations to the following girls:

YEAR 9 Distinction: Doris Xin Jun Li. Credit: Sabina Mangat

YEAR 10 High Distinction: Alexandra Maher. Distinction: Nicole Sandow, Eshaa Sood, Tameela Vijay. Credit: Khristiana Evio, Annabel Fisher, Caitlin Kelly, Jessica Kotzander, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Alana Sylvester Mrs Denise Hillier Head of Department

Mathematics Faculty Front Row: Jacqueline Crawhall, Mary-Ann Dudley, Denise Hillier, Andrew Ursino, Catherine Woodrow

Second Row: Leanne Sylvester, Kate Clancy, Kate Sharp, Linda Simmons Absent: Therese Brookton

Student Reflections I’m an extension maths student and I’ve really enjoyed the way the subject has been taught and approached this year. I have really loved the collaborative environment of our classroom in answering each other’s questions and working together in order to solve a problem. If anyone has a question, all they have to do is write it up on the whiteboard and someone will help work it out. I really feel like I can take charge of my learning and work at my own pace because of the way the teacher has handled the subject and the students in the class make the subject even more enjoyable. Diana Kazakov, Year 11

This year in Maths, our class participated in many engaging and creative activities. One of these was a conversions game where we divided into three teams and had to quickly answer questions about converting fractions, decimals and percentages. The first person to answer the question correctly sat down, and when an entire team sat down, they were the winners. This activity was fun and helped us implement our knowledge of decimals, fractions, and percentages in a practical situation, compared to completing theory questions from the textbook. Maths this year was enjoyable and insightful, and I look forward to it in the years to come. Emma Wilkinson, Year 8

Throughout this year, students in Year 8 have undertaken a variety of educational activities to further develop their understanding on the topics studied. These tasks have been both in and outside of class, assisting to create a practical environment that the pupils can apply mathematical work into real life situations. Stem Day, held once a term, is a whole day incursion where students are challenged with different tasks in order to fulfil a specific need, sustainably. Using mathematics and scientific problems in groups student’s completed measurements to build the designated object (chair, train roof, mechanical arm etc.). These are a few activities among others that students in Year 8 completed in this year, resulting in positive impacts on their learning in preparation for their exams. Annalise ElKhoury, Year 8

2000 + 10 + 6 = 2016. New Year, new algorithm. This year in maths many new educational paths have emerged for many of the Bennies students. There have been many achievements and goals that have been reached. If you think of maths as a tree, it begins with one small seed, which then grows into a tree trunk, forming the basis of our mathematical knowledge. As we progress through high school new branches begin to grow on the tree, allowing the tree to flourish and reach its full potential. This year that tree has grown as the students have learnt and accomplished a lot. But this tree of knowledge is all thanks to the expertise and dedication of the Maths staff at the College. Mathematics is a life skill that we will all need in some size, shape or form. So next year, and all the years that follow, it is hoped that as our year algorithm’s increase, our tree of knowledge grows as well. Andre Fisher, Year 9



History WHAT A FUN FILLED and amazing year in the MSB History department. With a range of activities, excursions and experiences, the students were able to engage with and develop their skills and understanding in various topics, events and contemporary issues. From Greek gods to Buddhism, World War I to Terrorism, Archaeology to Greek drama, each student had opportunities to explore this world and beyond. Detective work in Year 7 was a highlight as students explored the contents in staff cars and mummified various fruits to understand the Ancient Egyptian mummification process. Dressing up as knights, monks and Monarchs, Year 8 students explored the medieval world and built various castles to withstand a prolonged attack.

“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future”. Theodore Roosevelt

Year 9 and 10 students have developed their understanding of Australian History and our relationship with the world by examining our involvement in both world wars and the events that transpired there. Year 9 students created their own Museum in A Box analysing the contribution of Women in Australia during the war. Whilst Year 10 students listened to voices from the past and their experiences from the Holocaust. A visit to the Sydney Jewish Museum and meeting a holocaust survivor allowed students to deepen their learning beyond the classroom. The Year 10 students were so moved by their experiences that they wrote letters to the Museum expressing their appreciation. The long held tradition of debate in Elective History, was upheld with many varied and at times controversial discussions giving students opportunities to clarify, develop and expand their opinions on communism, Greek drama and terrorism. The Senior students in Ancient, Modern and Society and Culture immersed themselves in contemporary events and issues. Nan Tien overnight excursion was a highlight and Modern students rapped their way through the Power struggle in Communist Russia. Ancient History students became part of an excavation team and unearthed a skeleton (a plastic one!) to develop their understanding in archaeology and the importance of recording data.


Working with the very generous and wonderful History staff, they have nurtured and undertaken an amazing journey with our students. A very talented and dedicated group who develop, implement and encourage students to reach for the stars and extend themselves to seek and understand the world around them. The Holocaust survivor Peter, taught us that it is not just about the victims, but bystanders and the perpetrators that were involved as well. This was a relevant message that taught us that each person plays an important role, and everyone has the power to stand up for what is right and make a difference. Cassandra Obeid, Year 10

These topics have deepened my understanding of past events through interactive activities, documentaries and often fierce discussion and debating which, has exposed me to different perspectives and ideas surrounding controversial issues. Over the year, our love for history has grown and many of us look forward to furthering our knowledge in our senior courses next year. Jaime Dunn, Year 10 I’ve always thought History was such an influential subject, it combines the past in such a thought-provoking fashion while simultaneously shaping our future. History has taught me so many incredible things while never failing to leave me puzzled and intrigued. Eva Harrington, Year 11 I am very passionate about history, it is the primary force that has shaped the society we live in today and is vital in understanding our heritage. Year 11 modern history has been a great experience and I am looking forward to undertaking my HSC course. Annabel Anderson, Year 11 Society & Culture allows us to contribute to class discussions about different cultures, theories and concepts that are relevant to my own life and the world around me. We’ve learnt how to be socially and culturally literate, and how to explore and research other cultures with curiosity, tolerance and interest – that is why I love the subject so much. Olivia Sloan, Year 11

Year 8 Medieval Day Year 8

Year 8 Medieval Day

Ex-student Elizabeth King with Year 10 discussing the United Nations

History Faculty Front Row: Laura Sheehan, Miriam Gillett, Lela Vukovic, Emma Hopkins, Amy Scott-Bell

Second Row: Roanne Thadani, Michael O’Brien, Paul Batten, John Saleh, Venessa Viner

Year 12 Nan Tien

Year 11 Ancient History dig

Car Detectives

Year 12 Modern History MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  37


HSIE THE HSIE DEPARTMENT continued to welcome and embrace change in 2016. We welcomed back Mrs Carly Beacroft and Mrs Mairead Ennis from their parental leave, whilst saying farewell for a time to Mrs Amy Scott-Bell as she went on leave to have her first child and Mr Greg Hume who took advantage of an overseas teaching opportunity. Mr John Saleh, Miss Dana AndrechekAver and Mrs Roanne Thadani have been welcome members of staff for the year and have added so much to the experience and expertise of the department. We continue to build upon existing teaching programs and opportunities, looking for ways to deepen understanding and further develop skills. Our Geography fieldwork programs have continued to strengthen. Year 8 had the opportunity to see the importance of access to fresh water by visiting Warragamba Dam, St Mary’s water treatment facility and Penrith Lakes. They came away with a greater understanding of water resources and placed value on something that many take for granted. With an increase in the number of students choosing to study Geography in Year 11, we were able to take the students on an overnight fieldwork experience. They were able to visit the Minnamurra Rainforest, local sand dunes and study tourism at Jamberoo. These fieldwork opportunities for both Years 11 and 12 are a valuable learning element of the Geography course. Participating in the Australian Geography competition provides a welcome challenge for our Year 11 students. This year one class of year 7 students were also able to enter and proved themselves to be skilled geographers. Congratulations to

Lauren Abrahams (Year 7), Emily Hunter and Holly Porvaznik (Year 11) for achieving a High Distinction. Ella Tavner (Year 7), Alyssa Rodriguez, Belinda Borgefjord, Rebecca Day, Emily Hendry and Stacey Leong (Year 11) are congratulated for achieving a Distinction. Our Market Day program for Year 10 Commerce continues to strengthen. Many students from Years 8 and 9 watch with great interest the business ideas from each year and look to find the one product that will sell out and make the most profit. Year 10 students were resourceful in what they made with variety being key and many businesses sold out of their product due to high demand. The student body as always enjoyed being their target market, coming prepared to buy and eat. Our HSC students of 2016 were mature in their approach to their studies, having seen many students go before them. Collaboration and cooperation were evident and we wish these students all the best. The HSC results from 2015 for Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Geography and Business Services were excellent and we commend the students for all their efforts. Much thanks must go to the staff in HSIE. Their efforts both inside and outside the classroom have benefited all our students and makes learning engaging and relevant. We look forward to further changes next year with the implementation of the new Australian Curriculum for Geography. Mrs Emma Forbes Head of Department

Sydney Harbour excursion


Year 10 Market Day HSIE Faculty Front Row: Roanne Thadani, John Saleh, David Greenwell, Emma Forbes, Paul Batten, Dana Andrechek-Aver

Second Row: Christine Takchi, Venessa Viner, Emma Hopkins, Thea Parle, Miriam Gillett, Amy Scott-Bell

Year 12 Geography Field Trip to Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures



Languages 2016 WAS A VERY EVENTFUL year for the Languages Department, with two overseas trips, visits from sister schools and outstanding achievements in state and international competitions. During the year, our senior languages students were also involved in a Study Skills Day for French and Speaking Skills days for French and German. A highlight for Year 8 Japanese, was the sushi making workshop, run by Mr Masaki Iwatani, father of Paige in Year 8, and Japanese teacher, Mrs Tsui Ming Shea. In January, twenty of our students returned from a month long exchange with our German partner school – Elly Heuss Knapp Gymnasium in Stuttgart. The girls were accompanied by Mrs Belinda Jack, Mrs Louise Jones and Mr Adam Shaw. The girls were able to have a true immersion experience, staying with German families and attending school in Germany. They were able to practise and improve their speaking and comprehension skills in the language, while learning more about the German culture and traditions. On various day trips the girls visited Ludwigsburg Castle, Christmas markets, and the medieval town of Rothenburg. In August, the group from Elly Heuss Knapp School returned the visit and spent a month with their exchange partners and families, whilst attending school and experiencing the sights of Sydney and our Australian lifestyle. They were accompanied by Ms Marion Frey and Ms Claudia Braitmaier, two teachers from our partner school. Our sister school from Sasebo, Japan visited Mount St Benedict College (MSB) once again in March. The girls were hosted by our students and were able to experience an Australian school day, as well as visit sights in and around Sydney with their host families. The girls were accompanied by Seiwa High School Principal, Mr Urabe, and teacher, Mrs Sakamoto. In September, twenty four students from MSB took part in a tour to Japan, which included a visit to the Good Samaritan Kindergarten in Sasebo, and homestay with our sister school, Seiwa High School. The girls were accompanied by Mr John Muskovits, Mrs Melissa Fahey and Mrs Sharon McGowan. It was an exciting trip 40  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

with many highlights – including visiting Osaka Castle, as well as some beautiful temples and other culturally significant sites. This year our wonderful and enthusiastic Languages students all participated once again in the Language Perfect World Championships. This competition runs for ten days in May, and students are awarded points for the number of questions they answer correctly. Our girls completed over 90,000 questions during the competition and gained 155 awards. Most notably five girls achieved Elite awards, which placed them in the top 0.2% in the world. These girls were: Paige Iwatani in Year 8, Jessica Clements, Carina Van Der Heyde, and Mary Vasilas in Year 10 and Erika Mendes in Year 12. In addition to the international competition, MSB also competed in the New South Wales Language Perfect competition at the end of August. As in previous years, our students performed outstandingly well. We achieved fourth in the state, and gained 28 awards, including two more Elite awards by Paige Iwatani and Courtney Quinlan, both in Year 8. During the year our French students have enjoyed practising and polishing their conversation skills with our French conversation tutor Mrs Isabelle Pellet. In February next year we look forward to welcoming a group of students from Lyon in France, who will be hosted for two weeks by our students. Then in the April school holidays, 12 of our girls will visit Paris and stay with their partners in Lyon, while attending school. The students will be accompanied by Mrs Louise Jones, Mrs Emma Forbes and Ms Jacqueline Saunders. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the girls to immerse themselves in the French language and culture. We look forward to many more exciting Languages opportunities in the year to come. Mrs Belinda Jack Head of Department

Japanese sister school Seiwa

German Exchange Tour

Languages Faculty Second Row: Sarah Ellison, Belinda Jack, Erin O’Brien

Front Row: Stephanie Tita, Melissa Fahey, Louise Jones

Language Perfect

Visit from Elly Heuss Knapp German partner school



PDHPE Personal Development, Health and Physical Education WHAT A DYNAMIC AND EXCITING YEAR 2016 has been for PDHPE at Bennies. The tremendous success of our HSC students from the previous year proving great inspiration and validation for our students, staff and the courses that we offer. Our 2015 students achieved outstanding results with 84% of our Community and Family Studies students achieving a Band 5 and 6 result which was 12% above the state mean and 83% of the students who studied PDHPE achieved bands 5and 6 which was 17% above the state mean. These results not only reflect the hard work of the senior students but also act as an endorsement of the real life learning experiences that the PDHPE department have endeavoured to incorporate into their teaching programs and these have harnessed the student’s interest and engaged them. This year Years 7-10 participated in a wide variety of learning activities surrounding the ideas about maintaining a healthy body, making informed decisions, keeping healthy minds and developing positive relationships, while managing and reducing risk. Alongside learning interesting facts that affect us in our daily lives, students had the opportunity to actively participate in a range of sports such as AFL, yoga, pump classes, basketball, netball, European Handball, soccer and cricket. In Years 9 and 10 the girls can elect to participate in Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) in which they study a diverse range of topics from technology in sport to anatomy and energy systems. At the College, we always want to make learning fun and engaging for our students. But, the question is always, HOW? As most people already know, research has shown that learning is most effective when you make authentic connections between the classroom and real-world examples. Some of the project and activities

that our students have engaged in to facilitate this include the Risky Business Health Promotion Campaign in Year 7, the Surf Educate Australia Beach Day in Year 8, the Integrated PDHPE and Geography Project in Year 9 and the A Beautiful Mind project based learning activity aiming to enhance the wellbeing of our girls in Year 10. In PASS the girls have visited Coles and competed in the “$10 Dollar Challenge for an Athlete” where students had to purchase healthy snack options for an athlete. In Year 9 the elective girls went on a camp to Narrabeen where they learned to surf, participated in fitness testing and attended exercise physiology lectures. In the senior school students have the opportunity to study Exploring Early Childhood, Community and Family Studies and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. The juggle between the need to cover significant theoretical content and provide worthwhile real world learning experiences is a challenge that the PE staff thrive on and have developed some activities that the girls really enjoy. The “Amazing Race” excursion visiting organisations and services that support groups studied in Family and Community Studies (CAFS) put a human face and practical context to help services available in the community. The Independent Research Project (IRP) also allows the CAFS students to pursue personal areas of significance and put their research skills to use. While the PDHPE girls engaged in accredited first aid certificate courses and an interactive excursion to the Museum of Human Disease at University of NSW where they studied the major causes of sickness and death in Australia. David Campbell Head of Department

Year 10 PASS Camp Year 10 PASS workshop with Paul Wade


Year 8 Beach Day

PDHPE Faculty Front Row: Christina He, Lisa Clarke, Kate Gillies, Belinda Cox, Brendan Hyam, Briohny Hickey Second Row: Rebecca Enright, Grace Spurr, Michele Busuttil, Thea Parle, Margaret Rowland, Karen Grant Absent: David Campbell, Gillian McGregor, Rebecca Lewis

Year 11 PDHPE Year 9 Integrated Projects

Physical activity Year 8 Circus

Year 9 Skateboarding




THE WINNERS OF THE 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics work in a field of mathematics called topology. They studied the mathematical basis of shapes. It is a thought that their research, which was purely theoretical, will form the basis of future generations of computer hard drives and have profound implications for the field of quantum computing. Such is the power of science. The human mind is capable of great leaps of intuition and insight which allows us to solve problems to make the world a better place. Anyone with an imagination and enough curiosity is capable of this and can be called scientist. One of the major innovations in our teaching practice this year was the introduction of a learning platform called Education Perfect. This website is mapped to the NSW curriculum and allows students to complete learning modules and quizzes online at their own pace. In August our College competed in the Education Perfect Science Championships and were ranked as the first out of schools in Sydney’s Northwest. Many of our students also received individual awards for their efforts including two elite awards: Raquel Andree (Year 8) and Sarah Assaf (Year 10). It has been another exciting and engaging year for our Science students: Year 7: enjoyed our regular excursion to Taronga Zoo as part of their assessment task on vertebrates. Part of the task was to construct their own website using Weebly as a platform. The range and creativity of their projects continues to amaze us. As well, this is an opportunity for the girls to independently plan their day at the Zoo in order to gather their information and images for their website. The Year 7 course covers many of the foundational concepts in Science such as the nature of matter and energy, the classification of living things and the concept of forces in nature. Year 8: took part in several STEM days where they worked in teams to engineer solutions to certain problems e.g. how to construct sustainable seating from a piece of cardboard suitable 44  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

for a refugee camp. As well, the students undertook a Student Research Project (SRP) where they chose an experiment to perform, designed the method and collected results. Some of these projects were selected to be showcased at the 2016 Science/TAS Expo evening. Both the STEM Days and SRP enable the girls to develop their skills in team work and problem solving which are essential scientific skills. Year 9: completed a major assessment this year involving a case study of tectonic disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Not only did they gain knowledge of the science of plate tectonics but also had an opportunity to study in depth the human face of these tragedies. In a world where we are increasingly aware of the devastating effects of natural disasters on human populations it is important that our students have the knowledge to understand the implications of these. Year 10: worked on the production of an individual video presentation for the topic of On the Move where they filmed different situations at home showing the concept of speed and acceleration in familiar objects. The presentations were stunningly entertaining and creative. We were thrilled to be able to apply the use of 21st century learning skills to this topic which is often restricted to graphs and calculations. The Year 10 course also includes many of the “big concepts” in Science such as evolution, genetics and biotechnology and the chemistry of the everyday world. The number of students choosing Science continues to rise in Years 11 and 12. We saw the re-introduction of the Earth and Environmental Science course this year in Year 11. Participation in Science Club (Year 7) is at an all-time high. Albert Einstein said ‘the important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing’. We look forward to another year of fostering curiosity and wonder in our students here at MSB. Mrs Jane Easterbrook, Head of Department Ms Sarah Bradstock, Assistant Head of Department


Science and TAS Expo

S Year 8

Year 7 Matter

Science Faculty Front Row: Christopher Sutton, Annette Johnson, Jane Easterbrook, Sarah Bradstock, Alexis Abagi, Peter Rozanski Second Row: Julie-Anne Walsh, Lisa Dean, Kate Clancy, Julie Ehret, Katherine Mason, Donna McAleer

Year 11 Chemistry



Information Resources Centre GENREFICATION What a big year it has been for the IRC with the introduction of ‘genrefication’ of our fiction collection. What is genrefication you may ask? Genrefication is the ‘process or idea of classifying music, film, literature, or other such mediums into specific genres or categories.’ When used with specific regard to public and school libraries, genrefication is explored as a means of classification that is either an addition to, alternative to, or an adaptation of the traditional Dewey Decimal System. Genrefication allows students to find what they are looking for with more ease, giving them independence in selecting what they would like to read. In consultation with the students the following genres were selected for the fiction collection- Action and Adventure, Animal Stories, Dystopian fiction, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Humor, Mystery and Crime, Family and Relationships, Romance, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Sport, Graphic novels and Picture Books.

COLLABORATIVE SPACE Our Collaborative Space received a new look this year with new tables and chairs, these have been carefully selected for their durability and versatility, allowing the space to be used in a more flexible way. Our Maker Space collection is available for the girls to use in the Collaborative Space and continues to grow with the introduction of Google Cardboard. Have you ever wanted to go on a walking tour of Paris without leaving the school? Ever wanted to stand inside the Hadron Collider and look around, 46  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

journey through the solar system or walk across the Golden Gate Bridge? These experiences are possible using our Google Cardboard devices. Google Cardboard is a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a head mount for a smartphone. Named for its fold-out cardboard viewer, the platform is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in VR application.

CELEBRATING OUR JUBILEE YEAR Our ‘Bennies Now vs Bennies Then’ display featured photos from past and present comparing daily life at our College in areas such as spirituality, sport, musicals, fashion and school environment. We also displayed a number of school yearbooks dating back to the 1970s which the girls found very amusing.

BOOK WEEK This year the College celebrated the 2016 Children’s Book Council of Australia – Children’s Book Week. The theme was ‘Australia, Story Country’. Throughout the week students were invited to participate in competitions displayed in the IRC such as guess the book cover, name the phrase, create a Spine Poem, photographing your ‘bookface’, guess the shredded books and a 10 question quiz in Homerooms based on this years’ theme. In late August, Australian Young Adult author Sue Whiting was invited to speak with our Year 7 students about her writing, concentrating on some of the books she has written both for younger readers and Young Adult fiction.

Madeleine Sylvester, Year 7 has written an account of Sue’s visit: “This week the IRC has celebrated ‘Book Week’ and Year 7 were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to receive a visit from author and editor, Sue Whiting. Sue talked to us about where she finds her inspiration and also talked about some of the books she has written in her very successful career. She captivated us with her many stories of experiences that she has had. The author visit was very interesting and we all had so many questions to ask her as the period came to an end. One student was lucky enough to take home one of her novels. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience and Year 7 were all very grateful for the opportunity.” Our Book Week Lunch was also celebrated in late August, with over 40 students in attendance representing all our Reading Challenge recipients. Mrs Pearson was invited to present the recipients with their book prizes. Congratulations to all the girls who were involved in Reading Challenges this year and entering competitions during Book Week.

IRC Faculty Left to right: Jane Cooper, Oscar Kirby, Sharon McGowan, Rebecca Shiels, Angela Gibson

PRINCIPAL’S READING CHALLENGE RECIPIENTS Raquel Andree, Tenee Arthur, Dusana Barker, Maggie Callinan, Rebecca Cheung, Gabrielle Ciantar, Jessica Clements, Monica Curtis, Chloe Geromboux, Amy Gibbons, Alexandra Ho, Dinara Janaratne, Samantha Jensen, Sophie Keegan, Emily Mason, Naomi Massa, Ella Meaker, Jacinta Mifsud, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Ellyse Noy, Lily O’Brien, Elisha Parkin, Olivia Patterson, Charlie Prestage, Nicole Sandow, Rafaella Saul, Emma Slee, Katherine Spencer, Marlily Syrmalis, Emma Wilkinson, Melika Yasrebi.

BEST BORROWERS OF 2016 BY YEAR GROUP Year 7 Emily Mason Year 8 Emma Wilkinson Year 9 Briana Clements Year 10 Jessica Clements Year 11 Annabel Anderson Year 12 Annabelle Leonard

IRC CELEBRITY STATUS AWARD We also acknowledge our latest two students to have “CELEBRITY STATUS” in the IRC having completed the Principal’s Reading Challenge along with a special additional challenge to read across genres amounting to over 75+ books in total. Amy Gibbons (Year 7), Dinara Janaratne (Year 8) Mrs Sharon McGowan, IRC Coordinator Mrs Rebecca Shiels, Teacher Librarian



Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) WOW, WHAT A YEAR it has been for the TAS Faculty. We started the year with the wonderful news of outstanding HSC results across the faculty subjects; Food Technology, Design and Technology, IT: Multimedia and Hospitality, well done to all those students and staff involved. We introduced a new elective into Year 9 in 2016. Textiles Design was a popular choice and we started the new course with two groups, they have produced some wonderful and creative work and we hope to see them make further progress towards a senior course in 2018. We have also purchased a class set of Apple Macs for the IST and Multimedia classes, who have used them to produce high quality films and campaigns. We opened a new Design Studio, B101, which has become the new home for Senior Design and Technology, with a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, table saw and thicknesser adding to the range of equipment the girls can benefit from. The senior Food Technology girls went to the Aldina Olive Grove and the Lovedale smokehouse where they saw first-hand how products are produced and preserved along with the legislative requirements. A great day was had by all, particularly calling into the Chocolate Factory on the way home. Year 11 Hospitality girls have been on an industry work placement, which has been a huge learning experience for them. Four girls also entered ‘Battle of the Chefs’ and achieved an excellent second place, well done girls. In the world of IST and Multimedia the girls had the opportunity to visit Macquarie University’s ICT Centre and the senior girls

TAS Faculty Front Row: Leah Harrison, Kathy Reid, Kevin Jones, Natasha Lutton, Elizabeth Dirckze, Mala Vellani Second Row: Linda Pollock, Tracey Blane, William Martin, Dominique Johnston, Elizabeth Arane, Tania Gosden

had an eye-opening experience at the Sydney Headquarters of Google Australian. The senior Design and Technology girls had a visit to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney to see the best of last year’s HSC projects from across NSW. It’s been great to work with such a highly skilled team of professionals and I hope you enjoy reading about the girl’s experiences with the TAS Faculty during 2016. Mr Kevin Jones Head of Department

Battle of the Chefs

TAS and Science Expo


YEAR 7 This year in TAS we completed four main works that taught us different skills and techniques. Our first piece of work was a felted phone case. We learnt all about the fabric and the different types of fibres in it. The next unit was food technology. During this unit we learnt about different products and the process of food making. Throughout the unit we cooked and baked an assortment of dishes, we were leading up to our main dish. We completed this task in class and presented our work to the teacher and the class. Our third unit that we completed was the film technology task. We learnt about the different film techniques, including, film shots and storyboarding. We applied all of these techniques to our final film where we created our own story. And finally, our last unit was wood technology. We learnt how to use tools like scroll saws and files. These tools helped us to create our final product which was an earphone wrap. We applied all of our skills into something that we would use every day. Overall, this year I have learnt many skills and techniques that taught me how to create and design. Grace Murray

YEAR 8 We have had a fantastic time throughout the year developing our creativity, knowledge and design skills. It required hard work and deep thinking but the final products we have achieved were definitely worth it! Across the grade each student completed four fabulous units; Food Tech, Textiles, ICT and Design Technology, all of which provided us with opportunities to make improvements to our skills and showcase our individual talents. From learning the techniques of sewing, to the tips and tricks of coding, to some of the secrets to becoming the next MasterChef to creating a music amplifier with a modern take on art deco design, we have truly had a great time in technology this year and learnt so much! Alicia John and Lillie Ward

YEAR 9 DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Year 9 Design and Technology have had an amazing experience in learning new production and design thinking techniques as well as being able to express our artistic flare into each piece of work. The year began with the unit “Extending The Range” where we learnt about what makes a brand and designed extensions to existing brands such as ‘Unto This Last’ and ‘Alessi’. The class also participated in a new project called “Bird Habitat” in which we were provided with the opportunity to research a specific bird that inhabits the Blue Gum Forest and design a bird habitat, feeder or perch to appeal to this

niche market. To conclude the year we developed ideas for a Christmas market in which we would sell a selection of custom designed wooden Christmas ornaments and other products to raise money for our school partnering charity organisations. The Year 9 Design and Technology class have learnt so much about the significance of design in our society, helping us to realise that through design our ideas and thoughts are made visible. Antonia Saul

YEAR 9 FOOD TECHNOLOGY We have learnt many new things and developed our cooking skills. In Term One, our topic was ‘Food in Australia’. We focused on Bush Tucker and the influences and changes that occurred when the First Fleet arrived in Australia. There were many exciting practicals including tasting traditional bush tucker such as lilli-pillies and making damper and kangaroo bolognaise. In Term Two we learnt about nutrition and how it can impact our everyday lives. We cooked many different meals, some healthy and some not so healthy and then we analysed their nutritional value using the program “Food Choices”. In Terms Three and Four we studied food for special needs. In this topic we learnt how and what foods can be tailored to meet the needs of people with special dietary requirements. It also focused on the food needs of each stage of the lifecycle. A new and exciting experience was working with students from St Edmund’s. We were partnered up with a Year 9 St Edmunds student and helped them prepare and make pastries.

YEAR 9 INFORMATION SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY We undertook various activities such as, creating a website, making games, video editing and creating animations. A unit that interested us all was Artificial Intelligence, as we learnt about emerging and new technologies such as Google Self Driving Cars and about robotics. Everybody found something that they loved, because we learnt how to use such a variety of programs. By Sabina Mangat and Claudia Geromboux

YEAR 9 TEXTILES The Year 9 classes learnt the steps and development of construction and how to design a product whilst keeping to the criteria demands. Over the year we worked through the design process by creating an inspiration page, initial ideas, design development and a final design. From these developments, we manufactured a wall hanging product, which used one colouration or decoration technique, a non-apparel and a Christmas project, which had to use the techniques which we had learnt throughout the year. Textiles has taught us many valuable skills including the importance of the design process and how to manufacture textiles products. Charlotte Turner MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  49



YEAR 10 FOOD TECHNOLOGY Food technology has been an exciting subject that has offered a wide range of opportunities. Excursions such as visiting the Sydney Tower, including a tour of the main kitchen and a buffet lunch, fondant cake decorating in class, and cooking pizza with the students from St Edmund’s all made Food Technology a unique and beneficial subject. Over the last two years this elective course has taught me a range of practical skills, from essentials like how to cut vegetables in julienne, brunoise, paysanne, etc. to novelty cake decorating and making chocolate butterflies. We have also learnt a lot about food safety, trending foods, the hospitality industry, as well as activities like organising large-scale and small-scale events, and taste testing platters! Tameela Vijay

YEAR 11 FOOD TECHNOLOGY Food Technology in Year 11 has been yet another exciting year of opportunities to learn about food science and to improve our practical skills in the kitchen. In Term One, we covered the historical changes of food availability, this topic involved the understanding of how food trends have changed over time from the early stages of aboriginals and the colonisation of Australia. This topic was accompanied by a wide range of fun food testing activities and the cooking of historical Australian foods such as kangaroo bush salads, cheese and chive damper and chocolate pudding. This unit of work also involved the exploration of factors that contribute to an individual’s food choices based on physiological, psychological, social and environmental influences. The next unit of work focused on the quality of food, this encompassed learning about sensory characteristics and the functional properties of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. As a class, we discussed nutrition in Australia gaining an understanding of the interrelationships between all six essential nutrients, how these nutrients are digested and specific diets suitable for groups within our population.


YEAR 10 DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY Throughout the past year, Year 10 has been designing products for a range of user needs. We began the year working on laminate jewellery and then worked on designing a café with our own flair. From the logo to the architecture, it was great fun putting our own edge on a project. Over the past two years our skills and own design style have continued to develop along with our understanding of problem solving, design strategies and the importance of designers. Throughout our study of design technology we have had opportunities to showcase our works, expressing our own style and applying our ideas to our projects. Ella Lehmann

YEAR 10 INFORMATION SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY IST is an elective subject which consists of a variety of practical and innovative activities. This included using software to develop websites, movie trailers and animations, and programming robots to dance and do obstacle courses. We even got to spend the day at Macquarie University working our way through robot challenges. The skills we learned in these classes allowed us to explore different mediums and apply them not just in IST but in other subjects as well. Khristina Evio and Kathleen Notohamiprodjo

YEAR 11 INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY MULTI-MEDIA In Tech Multimedia is one of the subjects where you can best express your creativity whilst learning life-long skills because technology is so integral. The fun things we have done this year while developing skills have been graphic design, animation, web design and film making. We visited Google Headquarters Sydney which was an exciting experience as we were exposed to a fun workplace that we all want to work at one day. Annie Wallace summed it up for the class with “In Tech – I like it.”

The conscious awareness of space, structure and design can offer refreshing perspectives of our surrounding environment. This year, Design and Technology has offered us exciting opportunities to explore the many facets of design. Our excursion to the Powerhouse Museum at the beginning of this year, gave us insight into the principles of good design and examples of brilliant innovations. Through a range of briefs, we have been encouraged to utilise creative freedom to discover what we value as designers. Featuring cardboard seating, architectural and collaborative projects, we have had the opportunity to showcase our creativity and originality through the perspective lens of “sustainability”. This very real issue in the modern world has ultimately opened our knowledge of how we may realise solutions through design.

YEAR 11 HOSPITALITY Our class has widened our range of cookery techniques (deep frying, roasting, grilling, and freezing) and the food that we have made being both sweet and savoury. Some of the food that we have made over the past year include: sticky date pudding, deconstructed caramel slices, sushi, sandwiches (ribbon, bookmaker etc.), soups, pastas and seafood. The Hospitality course has enabled us to attend a work experience at a range of places like The Epping Club where I had the opportunity to work in a commercial kitchen and developing my skills of presenting food, making recipes, learning how to use vacuum packaging machines etc. Within the theory work of Hospitality we have learnt about the ramifications of working in a kitchen, equality between genders, legislations and codes as well as the safety measurements that need to be meet in the kitchen. Alex Micallef MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  51


HSC Design and Technology Year 12 Design and Technology students were busy all year with their Major Works. These projects took eight months from inception and tested the girls to their maximum.

Project Two: designing a contemporary walking aid for the elderly. Through investigation, it was found that the existing walking aids were rather old fashioned and wouldn’t suit the next generation of elderly people who had experienced a more modern approach to product design during their lives.

Throughout the course the girls followed their Gantt chart, which helped their project management skills. The Major Works follow the design process from research, ideas, prototyping, planning, manufacture and summative evaluation. Project One: designing an interchangeable costume for a ballet dancer. The costumes had to be changed whilst the dancer was on stage and completed in five seconds. This was a very creative brief which also included wearable technology.

Project Three: designing a desk for a new house, tailored specifically to the needs of the user and the design of the new house and location.

HSC Design and Technology Major Works, Mikayla Floriano

HSC Design and Technology Major Works, Julia Manning

Project Four: designing outdoor seating for office workers. Many office workers eat lunch whilst at their desks and don’t really take a break. This was designed to encourage them to take a break and in turn be more efficient during the afternoon. The final design used a combination of concrete and timber.

chnology HSC Design and Te Chilvers Major Works, Kellie

HSC Design and Technology Major Works, Ashleigh Schaafsma-Fullick 52  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) THE CREATIVE AND PERFORMING ARTS DEPARTMENT have had an exciting and eventful 2016 and were significantly involved in preparation of the celebrations for the Jubilee year. The subjects of Dance, Drama, Entertainment, Music and Visual Arts have continued to provide students with opportunities to explore and enhance their creative minds. Dance as a subject and as a co-curricular activity has continued to evolve with student interest growing. This year saw new groups created including the Senior, Intermediate and two Junior Dance ensembles (the Opals and Sapphires). Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 7.30am, students have had the opportunity to work with professional dancers from Sydney Dance Company. All ensembles competed in the City of Sydney Eisteddfod and Hills Dance Spectacular. The following awards were achieved:

SYDNEY DANCE EISTEDDFOD Highly Commended Secondary School Contemporary/Classical Dance Group – Senior Ensemble Highly Commended Secondary School Jazz/Musical Theatre/ Hip Hop Dance Group – Junior Ensemble (Sapphires)

THE HILLS DANCE SPECTACULAR: 1st place Junior Secondary Jazz - Junior Ensemble (Sapphires) 2nd place Junior Secondary Jazz - Intermediate Ensemble 3rd place Senior Secondary Modern / Contemporary - Senior Ensemble Year 9 Dance has had the opportunity to perform in front of the school on multiple occasions including The Jubilee Mass, CAPA Showcase and MSB Day. We also went on an excursion to Sydney Dance Company where we participated in a workshop with Year 10 and watched an amazing performance from the Company. Dance has been a great experience this year and I look forward to next year. Olivia Paraskevopulos, Year 9

Creative Arts Faculty Front Row: Susan Webber, Nicola Murray, Peter Watters, Gabrielle Keats, Laura Sheehan Second Row: Kristie Tannock, Sonia Barnett, Elizabeth Rastegorac, Jacqueline Saunders

This past year in Dance, we have been able to participate in activities that have helped to enrich and shape our learning. This included; attending a workshop at Sydney Dance Company, watching various performances including West Side Story and performing at different college events including the Jubilee Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral. Overall this year has been an exciting one, with many opportunities for us to learn and create long lasting memories. Juliet Wearne, Year 10



Dance at MSB has inspired me as a dancer to explore new dance styles and learn new skills. Dance Elective and Co-curricular Dance Ensemble, have been wonderful experiences and all the teachers have aided me to grow as a dancer. Chelsea McEntee, Year 11 Drama gives the students an opportunity to experience the world of theatre. The Year 12 HSC Showcase Evening saw a variety of Monologue and Group Performances over two evenings. The Year 11 play “Stories in the Dark” was astounding and well received from the sell-out audiences. Drama students in Years 9 and 10 have continued to explore a variety of dramatic genres, including group-devised “Theatre in Education” performances for the students at St Agatha’s Primary School, Commedia Dell’arte and had an exciting incursion with the Zeal theatre. This year Drama has also given students an opportunity to engage in Theatre Sports on a Friday afternoon. Students have had professional actors present a variety of improvisation techniques and have had opportunities to participate in competitions.

I really loved Year 9 elective Drama and throughout 2016 we studied Improvisation, Playbuilding and Commedia dell’ Arte. As an incursion Year 9 and 10 Drama, were fortunate to experience Zeal Theatre’s moving, new piece “Lucky Country” and had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with the cast. Elective drama provides us with opportunities to learn the theory and the practical components of Dramatic Art and to explore the process and development of a piece. Charlotte Turner, Year 9


Throughout Drama this year, we have been lucky enough to experience a wide range of dramatic methods and techniques, each letting us practice a new way to express ourselves through the art. It has been wonderful to undergo and gain knowledge on all the aspects required to assemble a dramatic piece, making us all appreciate the art even more. This year of Drama has been an unforgettable one, and we are all very grateful for the skills we have learnt, which we will take with us forth into the future. Saba Karimi, Year 10

From directors, costume and set designers, lighting technicians and of course dedicated actors, Year 11 covered all facets of a drama production to recreate Debra Oswald’s Stories in the Dark. Becoming closer as a class, and truly immersing ourselves into the workings of a theatre; we worked tirelessly on a performance we were immensely proud of. Mrs Keats was our dedicated guide. Motivating us to make the performance an unforgettable experience. Rosemarie Coppini, Year 11

The Entertainment Industry course enabled students to engage in real life workplace opportunities including staging, audio, lighting and vision set-up and operation. Students participated in many activities related to the entertainment industry workplace and had opportunities to work in a variety of industry workplaces including radio stations, the Easter Show, Dance Showcases and Musical Societies. They have continued to use their skills to assist with College events throughout the year and we are grateful for their contribution.

Music continued to thrive both in and out of the classroom. Stage 4 students participated in integrated Performance, Listening and Composition activities, learning to play tuned and un-tuned percussion, keyboard and guitar. The Stage 5 classes have experienced music from a wide variety of genres including Baroque Music, Popular Music, Jazz and Theatre. They also had the opportunity to attend a performance of “The Composer is Dead”, a brilliant musical whodunit featuring Frank Woodley as the inspector. This was a wonderful introduction to the orchestra. Students in Years 11 and 12 attended the Meet the Music series of concerts at the Opera House, featuring the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The Music 1 concerts featured major artists such as trumpet virtuoso, Winton Marsalis; a live music performance of the soundtrack to accompany a screening of “Babe”, composed and conducted by Nigel Westlake; and Pink Martini, a musical group that crosses the genres of Latin, Jazz, Classical and Pop. The Music 2 concert series allowed students to experience a range of Art Music that complemented their areas of study. In 2016, the Music Department was thrilled to learn that Jessica Griffith, alto saxophone player, was awarded an Encore nomination for exemplary performance for her entire program in the Music 1 HSC Practical Examination. The co-curricular music ensembles, including the College Choir, Chamber Choir, MSB Concert Band, Middle Years Wind Ensemble, Chamber Ensemble, Flute Ensemble, Flute Choir, Clarinet Choir and String Ensemble have worked tirelessly on numerous projects this year, producing outstanding work and achieving excellent results. The music ensembles have continued to support College special events, including Open Day, Ceremonies, Masses and Liturgies. Once again we

participated in the annual Busking for Vinnies event raising $2000 for St Vincent De Paul. For the first time our Middle Years Wind Ensemble participated in the Ryde Eisteddfod achieving a deserved Highly Commended Certificate for their hard work. This year we also returned to the City of Sydney Eisteddfod with the MSB Concert Band, Choir and Chamber Choir participating in several sections.

SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD RESULTS MSB Concert Band – Highly Commended in Secondary School Intermediate Concert Band College Choir – Highly Commended in Youth Choir for Female Voices Only – 19 and under The highlight of our year was the Jubilee Eucharist at St Mary’s Cathedral. After twelve months of preparation with staff, students and ex-students composing and learning instrumental parts, the students had the opportunity to present this work for the Mass. Their performance was inspiring and their work is a legacy for future generations. The music has been professionally recorded and published for future generations to enjoy. Our dance ensembles provided a beautiful liturgical movement that was accompanied by our musicians.

Year 9 music has a wider range of content which makes it much more interesting to study and the class is welcoming, supportive and fun to be a part of. Sarah Kerr, Year 9



Music is one of my favourite subjects as it is taught so amazingly by our talented teachers. Both theory and practical lessons allow us as music students to develop our musical skills in a positive and upbeat environment. I am highly looking forward to the new Hildegrad Centre which will allow us to spend more time in a bigger place doing what we love. Student from Year 9 Music

In Visual Arts, students have continued to develop their creativity and artistic style. The Year 7 classes had the opportunity to experience the Art Gallery of NSW and practise applying the frames that they have learnt to help them analyse artworks. Years 9, 10 and 11 Elective Visual Arts viewed the Frieda Kahlo and Diego Riviera exhibition. The students have a particular interest in the works and lives of both artists and were very excited to view their work first-hand. In 2016, the department welcomed Mrs Elizabeth Rastegorac. She has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the College, sharing her skills with Year 7 and 8 Visual Arts and Year 11 Photography, Video and Digital Imaging.

This year in art I have completed three major artworks. The first was a self-portrait we used the grid system to help us draw ourselves. We also learnt about the different frames and the many aspects to an artwork. Our second artwork was a ceramic head. We had to portray an emotion on the head through different techniques like pinch potting and blending. And finally, we made a lino print. We learnt how to properly carve a tile and then print our design onto paper. I enjoyed all of these artworks and the process leading up to the final products. Grace Murray, Year 7


Practical work is what all visual arts students enjoy and look forward to. The practicals themselves test the strengths of each of us and demonstrate our own styles even with unique themes such as surrealism. All the practical work that we did in class was theory based which made the artworks themselves reflect our knowledge on certain topics. Elise Allen, Year 9

Making the preliminary Body of Work provided a lot of freedom of expression and choice in subject matter. It was a challenging but enjoyable build-up of our practical skills before we start the HSC. Elizabeth Khoury, Year 11

We would like to thank our students for their wonderful contribution to the creative life of the College. Thank you also to our dedicated CAPA staff, who regularly give of their time and energy to ensure that the girls can experience the power of Creative and Performing Arts. 2017 is set to be a very exciting year with the continued construction of the Hildegard Centre for Creative and Performing Arts. This new building will be an amazing space in which students can continue to enhance their creative skills. We also look forward to the next bi-annual College Musical, High School Musical, which will be performed in June 2017. Mr Peter Watters Head of Department


Year 11 Dance Aboriginal Dance Workshop

e excursion Year 9 and 10 Danc mpany to Sydney Dance Co MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  57



Year 10 Drama with Zeal Thea tre

Year 9 Drama with Zeal Theatre


Theatre in Education

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HSC Drama

Brittany Paviour Adriana Princi

Caitlin Harris

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Emily Boffa

Jessica O’Corcoran

Jasmine Boudib


Monique Placko

Kiarah Fisher

Olivia Turner

Zoe McIntyre


Olivia Zeaite

Sarah Hogan

You Fell For It




Brittany Paviour, Voice

Year 7-11 Music

Emelia S

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Jessica Griffith, Alto Saxophone 62  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

Year 7-11 Visual Arts Visual Design, Photography & Digital Media



Bella Morgan, Year 11

Dinara Janaratne Year 8

Elise Beldoza, Year 8

Isabelle Newton, Year 10


Corrine Bauer, Year 10

Lauren Hyunh, Year 10

Year 7 Ceramics

Year 9

HSC Visual Arts Daniella Giles

Amanda Grima

Eleanor Treanor

Concetta Gagliano

Katya Yee

Isabel Rodrigues



Madeleine Abbott


Tarana Fernando

Sarina Cali Zoe McIntyre

Stephanie De Silva Stephanie



From the

Dean of Students In our year of Jubilee, the College has entered into a year of renewal with a focus on a celebration of our past and connection with our Benedictine values. In the same year Pope Francis declared a Jubilee Year of Mercy, a year within the church where God’s mercy is emphasised. The Pope has stated “Let the church always be a place of mercy and hope where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven.”

“Student leadership initiatives have melded strengths and values to allow authentic growth and personal learning.” Linking clearly with our Benedictine values of Peace, Hospitality and Stewardship, this has also allowed the exploration of mindfulness, gratitude and forgiveness. Students have embraced this throughout the year and engaged in a variety of experiences such as the Jubilee challenge of recreating the Mount St Benedict uniforms throughout the past 50 years and the senior student leadership focus on values in the “Jubafest”.

Gratitude continues to be expressed and encouraged throughout homerooms and within the broader context of the College. Student leadership initiatives have melded strengths and values to allow authentic growth and personal learning. Research has found that it is in serving things greater than ourselves that we find authentic meaning in life and flourish. I am extremely grateful for the work of the Pastoral team throughout our Year of Jubilee. They are women and men of courage, energy and dedication who work tirelessly to ensure the best in the care and support of our students. I’m also grateful for the students who attend the College, young women who are committed to their studies, open to learning about all aspects of life and supportive of others. This is particularly true of the Senior Student Leadership of 2016, capably led by the captains who have embraced and promoted their motto – Make the woman, make the world. Ms Jackie Duncan Assistant Principal Dean of Students




Arcadia THE ARCADIA DREAM TEAM continued to astound me this year. It wasn’t long ago that I was on the other side of the Bennies red brick wall being introduced to the Arcadia House. My first reaction was, “These people are crazy!” The Arcadia spirit was overwhelming in the best way possible and built me up to be this bubbly, energetic role model. Over the years Arcadia’s enthusiasm has risen and I consider these girls to be family. Like a family they support, encourage and motivate each other to achieve the best they can. I’m proud of their academic and sporting achievements and encourage them to keep building on these skills throughout their years at Bennies. By participating in house activities and events, we have become a family of competitive and determined girls who are capable of achieving anything. This value of determination was clear when we won participation in the Athletics Carnival and continued in the House- aka ‘Family Feud’- competition against Subiaco. Thank you to Arcadia’s portfolios; Public Relations, Spirit, and Mission. A big shout-out to the Public Relations portfolio; Lauren, Georgina and April, who assisted me in my role. Thank you for your quick thinking on my last minute ideas. It has been a pleasure working with you in “Keeping the Arcadia Memories.” Now to my three fabulous House Co-ordinators. Thank you to Ms Saunders who built up the Arcadia structure at the beginning of the year while Mrs Ennis was away. Your enthusiasm, support and organisation was not unnoticed during the House Assemblies and activities. Another massive thank you to the big man, Mr Greenwell aka ‘Greenie’. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your daily presence lightened the mood for many of the Arcadia girls and your enthusiasm was refreshing. Thank you for being on top of things during stressful times. I will miss your

guidance and wise words. And now to the original Arcadia House Co-ordinator, Mrs Ennis. Over the six years I have known you within Bennies, I can honestly say you have become one of the thousand sisters I already have. Your bubbly personality never fails to put a smile on the girls’ faces during House Assemblies and your ‘behind the scene’ efforts have been appreciated in the short amount of time we’ve had. I’m sure I’ll see you in the near future but for now it’s a goodbye to the last ever Takchi within Arcadia. To Bec and Amelia; my House Ambassador and Vice-Captain (the Arcadia Dream team once again!). I would like to thank you for your efforts and support this year. Your quick thinking, encouragement and organisational skills were cherished in Pastoral Care. Thank you for embarrassing yourselves alongside me as we attempted to enthuse and motivate the girls. I will miss our team and wish you the best in the future. Congratulations to Sara-Jane, Belinda, and April, the 2017 Arcadia team. Best wishes for the upcoming year and I urge you to continue to strengthen the Arcadia values of individuality, mateship and determination. I know you’ll do a great job! So to the Arcadia House. Thank you for laughing with / or at me during our year together. It has been a pleasure to have known such beautiful, talented girls who are strong and smart! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end my last year at Bennies than with you. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. Signing out for the last time, your 2016 Arcadia House Captain. Rachel Takchi xoxo MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  69


“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

Arcadia 1 Front Row: Jasmine Bauer, Ella Billington, Isabella Arends, Catherine Kim, Isabelle Sullivan, Christina Hook, Amy Gibbons Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Sophie Lovell, Sophie Burnett, Hannah Graczyk Van Herk, Madeleine Emmett Duignan, April Buecker, Madeleine Kalocsai, Mrs C. Hogan Third Row: Zoe Cowan, Rebecca McGaw, Rachel Takchi, Chloe Sidhu, Alexandra Black, Belinda Borgefjord, Sofia Shakirova

Arcadia 2 Front Row: Annabelle Sghabi, Danielle Wilson, Romina Cordoba, Chelsea Casey, Alvina Hasty, Maggie Gibbeson, Niah O›Brien Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Shovan Bhattarai, Gigi Giuffre, Teyah Miller, Katerina Saul, Mary Cook, Ms B. Cox, Mrs K. Gillies Third Row: Rachel Abood, Audrey-Rose Osborne-Snell, Ksenya Konstantinoff, Alethea Tomlinson, Sarah Farrell, Mia Whittingham, Danielle Toubji

Arcadia 3 Front Row: Anthea Johnson, Antonia Saul, Jessica Tyzack, Elizabeth Black, Lillian Ward, Isabella Corrao, Amira Zeitoun Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Brittany Haskins, Erika Mendes, Georgina Jamison, Uha Dommaraju, Daniella Murphy, Miss L. Harrison, Mr K. Jones Third Row: Emily McMillan, Emily Walther, Emma Thompson, Amelia Dunkerley, Mikaela Quinlan, Caitlin McCormack, Eloise Wilkes


Arcadia 4 Front Row: Sarah Wing, Olivia Kalocsai, Bridget Timmins, Ella Whittingham, Eve Zamora, Corinne Bauer, Rafaella Saul Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Chelsea Rah, Nicola Dunkerley, Anna Garment, Sophie Jakobs, Rena Song, Mr J. Saleh Third Row: Talia Gozzi, Sarah Hogan, Alexandra Micallef, Lara Zschech, Caitlin Poile, Raelene Corpuz

Arcadia 5 Front Row: Natasha Mehta, Andre Fisher, Tiana Moore, Tara Finlay, Alexandra Ho, Georgia Pearse, Paige Iwatani Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Helen Whitehead, Rebecca Tillott, Olivia Turner, Rachel Dawson, Lara Fernie, Mr P. Rozanski Third Row: Tina Aganovic, Katya Mendes, Olivia Patterson, Georgia Garment, Jessica Curran, Chelsea Freitas, Melika Yasrebi

Arcadia 6 Front Row: Rebecca Cheung, Madeleine Poile, Adriana Aganovic, Olivia Humm, Hannah Cox, Marina Soliman, Sophie Noonan Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Rosemarie Butel, Eleanor Treanor, Lauren Wilkes, Genevieve Khoo, Mrs R. Thadani Third Row: Georgie Lamond, Bethany Relf, Georgia Dean, Siobhan Tuinauvai, Maddison Pappas, Tahlia Duff

Arcadia 7 Front Row: Daniella Edmilao, Chelsea Nguyen, Rebecca Belic, Isabella Grassi, Charlotte Lowery, Andrea Esquerre Pinto, Tegan Wing Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Malise Sullivan, Catherine Owusu-Sekyere, Sara-Jane Arns, Amanda Fung, Mrs T. Blane Third Row: Hannah Breytenbach, Hannah Stephens, Isabella Graczyk Van Herk, Anna Cate Macoustra, Charlotte Turner, Ashley Dilworth Absent: Claudia Hunt




Maredsous DEAR MAREDSOUS FAMILY, what a year it has been!! Although we didn’t receive a trophy for our efforts, I think it’s safe to say that each of you put in 110% into all carnivals and House activities. Thank you for your continuous spirit, encouragement and positivity in all that you do and your dealings with others. I am so proud of each and every one of you. It was an absolute honour to be your House Captain this year and I can’t thank each of you enough for supporting me through this last year of school by being placed in this position. It was honestly a blast!

Lastly, thank you to all the Maredsous girls for being ‘you’. I am so proud of all of you and have loved watching each of you grow into beautiful women who are capable of so much. Keep striving to do the best you can and always remember that once a Maredsous girl always a Maredsous girl. Good luck with the future. Love always, Lucy Andrews

The Swimming and Athletics Carnivals were filled with spirit and fun whilst the girls cheered their fellow Maredsous sisters on. Participation was amazing during each of these carnivals as Maredsous girls pushed themselves and had fun racing their friends to the finish line, as well as creating some funky costumes to get into the Maredsous spirit. House activities were filled with laughs and fun activities, as well as interesting talks about our partner school and the AMAZING Jubilee year the girls were privileged to be a part of. Thank you to all of our House Mentors for assisting Sonali, Gillian and myself through carnivals, Jubilee events, and House activities, as well as guiding and supporting all the beautiful Maredsous girls as they came closer to finishing their time at high school. A huge thank you especially to Mrs Shiels, I honestly can’t express enough my gratitude towards all that you do for the girls and myself. Your constant love and support will be cherished forever. CONGRATULATIONS to Tamika O’Connell and Caitlin Jennings on receiving their positions as House Captain and House Ambassador for 2017. You will both do an amazing job and lead Maredsous to victory! Good luck! MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  73


“Keep striving to do the best you can and always remember that once a Maredsous girl always a Maredsous girl”

Maredsous 1 Front Row: Elia Chaiban, Amy Gow, Kate Barrett, Emma Wilkinson, Laura Gould, Sarah Assaf, Natalie Santelli, Lauren Dadios Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Jessica Howes, Ciara Bizzanelli, Cassandra Lee, Jade Beaini, Jaime Yazbeck, Mrs T. Parle Third Row: Dominique Boudib, Isabella Croker, Alexandra Gagg, Lauren Calabria, Jessica Vijay, Tamika O’Connell

Maredsous 2 Front Row: Daniela Frketic, Emma Assaf, Charlotte Werner, Amelia Farrell, Samantha Curtin, Elise Spurr, Christina Kwon Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Adriana Princi, Abbey Waters, Jasmine Beaini, Madison Lever, Sonali Shankar, Mrs C. He Third Row: Jasmine Boudib, Brianna Joyce, Sonia Bartolec, Kate Barry, Claudia Geromboux, Erin King

Maredsous 3 Front Row: Claire McNamara, Sophie Campbell, Ashleigh James, Claudia D’Ambros, Azel Yilmaz, Georgia Sultana, Jasmin O’Connell, Harshitha Kanuru Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Stacey Leong, Jessica Pacheco, Natasha Roots, Caitlin Jennings, Chantelle De Zilva, Mrs E. Doolan Third Row: Rebecca Chalmers, Kelsey Curtin, Lucy Andrews, Jessica Yi, Emily James, Annika Bulliard


Maredsous 4 Front Row: Hannah Wheeler, Daniya Sammour, Grace Goracz, Shannon Compton, Keisha Murray, Mikaela Love, Annaliese Werner, Lilli-Rose Javidi Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Sylvia Burgess-Tate, Gillian Diekman, Holly Porvaznik, Divya Sood, Alyssa Rodriguez, Mrs E. Rastegorac Third Row: Mia Helm, Caitlin Kelly, Ashleigh McDonald, Rosemarie Coppini, Sabrina Croker, Paris Munro Absent: Elizabeth Ohm

Maredsous 5 Front Row: Sophie Klopper, Marianna Medalla, Chelsea McGregor, Isabella Graiche, Zoe Wells, Gemma Steen, Chloe Geromboux Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Amy Martin, Jessica Jones, Jessica Smillie, Brianna Taylor, Natalie Ochala, Miss B. Nugent Third Row: Nicole Devine, Maryanna Coppini, Piper Eddington, Julia Pinto, Bridgett Dunkerley, Kirsten Tole Absent: Georgia Castillo

Maredsous 6 Front Row: Emily Riach, Isobella Franzin, Hayley Newby, Stephanie De Silva, Valeria Bablinyuk, Bronagh Murphy, Terissa Sergi Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Alexandra Yazbeck, Tayla Stone, Celine De Zilva, Julia Manning, Mrs E. Daley Third Row: Lucy Porvaznik, Isabella Lewandowski, Emilia Lilischkis, Rebecca Waterfield, Emma Rose Greenwood, Tameela Vijay

Maredsous 7 Front Row: Lillian Drummond, Madeline Bulliard, Jiannah Bechara, Rabia Rasul, Jennifer Duggan, Jasmine Rheinberger, Emily Barton, Angelique Suyko Second Row: Mrs R. Shiels, Rosario Perez-Christie, Daniela Taylor, Caitlin Sultana, Saba Karimi, Chelsea Taylor, Mr C. Sutton Third Row: Naomi Sheather, Amy Maher, Mackensie Eddington, Emerald Murray-Joseph, Vanessa Valensise, Natalya Denaro




Monte Cassino TO ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL MONTE GIRLS, thank you so much for making this year an amazing one! I can’t thank you enough for the enthusiasm you have shown to create the remarkable atmosphere of Monte Cassino. I am so proud to be the House Captain of such a beautiful group of girls who carry our values of courage, passion and integrity with them in their everyday lives. You have made an outstanding effort to ensure your involvement in Monte Cassino life and activities and have had some outstanding achievements throughout the year. The year started off with an enthusiastic new group of Year 7s! Through their bubbly personalities and willingness to join in every single activity, they fit into Monte perfectly. This was proven at the Welcome Barbeque as they cheered their hearts out and were the loudest group of girls! The Swimming Carnival in February involved a lot of Monte pride with fantastic red costumes to go along with the ‘Circus’ theme. Monte girls had a great day of swimming with a crazy amount of red caps in the pool. We ended the day with an incredible third in participation and sixth overall, which was achieved with a huge effort from everyone. There was an outstanding amount of academic achievements by Monte girls this year with many merits received, as well as bronze, silver and gold awards and plenty of other awards at assemblies. Monte also has some amazing athletes who have represented MSB this year through a variety of sports. Many Monte girls also showcased their creative talents through music, art and drama throughout the year.

The Athletics Carnival was later in the year with the theme of ‘The Olympics’ which showcased Monte’s amazing spirit. Once again the Monte girls showcased red pride through their incredible costumes. I was so honoured to lead the House into 3rd overall and 4th in participation, once again showing our courage, passion and integrity. A huge thank you to everyone who helped me out and invested so much time in Monte this year. Firstly, thanks to the wonderful Monte Cassino House Co-ordinator Ms O’Brien. All of your behind the scenes work has helped me and I have been so grateful to have had you as my mentor throughout this year. To Georgina Raine, you have made my job so enjoyable and helped me out as much as possible! You were always there when I needed you and were always willing to help. Thank you also to the amazing Emma Smith, for your work with Kiribati as our House Ambassador, your passion for the cause has been appreciated by the House. Thanks to our incredible Homeroom Mentors who have guided us through this year and who have made our life in Monte much easier. Finally to the 2017 captains: Georgina Raine, Meg Le Patourel and Kassidy Grant – I know you will be great leaders and I can’t wait for you to lead Monte into another fantastic year! Monte girls - I will miss you all dearly. Thank you for always getting involved in all aspects of Monte life. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls and I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life. Keep up the awesome work and don’t forget - MONTE’S HOT TO GO! Caitlin Harris MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  77


“A beautiful group of girls who carry our values of courage, passion and integrity with them in their everyday lives.”

Monte Cassino 1 Front Row: Olivia-Rose Tarantolo, Emma Nevill, Lauren Baker, Stephanie Zeaiter, Margaret Callinan, Charli Daher, Estelle Velasquez Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Kate Bainy, Abbey Harris, Dusana Barker, Eliza Hayman, Annabelle Norton, Mrs K. Heaton Third Row: Bethany Carr, Emma Smith, Imogen Janisch, Bethany Di Staso, Monique Harris, Cindy Elzahaby, Penelope Morato

Monte Cassino 2 Front Row: Louella Crofts, Ella Le Patourel, Grace O’Brien, Emily Toon, Grace King, Madeleine Siu, Hannah Carr Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Kate Sweeney, Kassidy Grant, Annika Cheeseman, Olivia Staal, Miss J. Wallace Third Row: Catherine Boffa, Tarana Fernando, Caitlin Harris, Georgina Raine, Elly Gallagher, Sophie Cilento

Monte Cassino 3 Front Row: Vanessa Habkouk, Zara King, Nicole Sroba, Laura Trezise, Olivia Banfield, Jessie Ebbs, Lucy Brown Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Concetta Gagliano, Madison Ehlers-Casada, Julia McDonnell, Kate Smith, Izabelle Xu, Miss L. Sheehan Third Row: Renee Tourlas, Amelia Phelan, Simone Brown, Paris Nwabuokei, Tatiana Cahuana-Keyanian, Alanna Bindschedler Absent: Emily McKnight


Monte Cassino 4 Front Row: Emily Madden, Adelle Thomas, Courtney Quinlan, Myrto Syrmalis, Uktha Budithi, Ella Kate Leahy, Grace Murray Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Kate Breytenbach, Olivia Paraskevopoulos, Emma Baker, Lisa Badaan, Lauren McKnight, Mrs M. Dudley Third Row: Aliya Roach, Emma Vartuli, Sophie Hayman, Catalina Mathews, Abbey Fisher, Abbey Hurst, Anyi Liang

Monte Cassino 5 Front Row: Megan Williams, Maria-Calliope Syrmalis, Caitlin Callinan, Catherine Elgood, Yasmin Roach, April McKenna, Grace Campbell Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Jasmine El Gabaili, Charlotte Todhunter, Annabel Fisher, Sophia Jandrlic, Jessica Browne, Julia Sarks, Ms C. Takchi Third Row: Sara Zarriello, Emma Robinson, Beth Harris, Phoebe Hewitt, Harriette Cusack, Emily Boffa, Erica Messina

Monte Cassino 6 Front Row: Mia Hourigan, Jacinta Messina, Sophie Edwards, Eliza Brown, Neha Saini, Rachel Barker, Daniella Zeaiter Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Kiarah Fisher, Meg Le Patourel, Madeline Pfeffercorn, Georgia Maconaghie, Nicole Zeaiter, Mrs L. Kemmis Third Row: Alicia John, Jemma Gallagher, Ella Lehmann, Katherine Madden, Maddison Gardoni, Natalie Hadchiti

Monte Cassino 7 Front Row: Laura So, Billie Lloyd-James, Julia Zubak, Matilda Davidson, Elisa Zarriello, Imogen Pfeffercorn, Radhika Babla Second Row: Ms E. O’Brien, Monique Placko, Yasmin Hussein, Ella Hanich, Clara Goossens, Bridget Sarks, Ms E. Hopkins Third Row: Charlotte Joyce, Lily Hurst, Grace Weihen, Anna Todhunter, Elisha Parkin, Alannah Zeaiter, Moira Watts




Montserrat TO THE BEAUTIFUL MONTSERRAT GIRLS, what an AMAZING YEAR we’ve had! I can’t think of a better way to have spent my final year at Bennies than the experiences I’ve shared with you as House Captain. Montserrat is lucky to have lovely, talented, enthusiastic girls, who made 2016 truly extraordinary for us all! CONGRAULATIONS! This year, the pink girls have shown they really did have the “Montserrat spirit”! The year started off with a bang! Not one but TWO trophies! We took home not only 1st in participation, but 1st overall at the 2016 Swimming Carnival! The wins didn’t stop there, as thanks to the fabulous running talents of our girls we secured champions of the 2016 Cross Country too! Just to finish the year spectacularly, Montserrat pulled out all their talents and brought home overall champions of the Athletics Carnival! There was so much enthusiasm and pink both in the stands and on the track all day! Montserrat has had an amazing year and it is clear that our hard work, talent and spirit has thoroughly paid off! Winning three carnivals is a new record for Montserrat and a not so common thing to happen in Bennies history… All the girls and mentors should be extremely proud of themselves for such an extraordinary achievement! Montserrat had many notable PC sessions this year including making cards to send to our House partner in Timor Leste. We also participated as a House in Solidarity Day completing challenging tasks people around the world experience everyday such as building ‘tippy-taps’ for water collection. Other activities included ‘minute to win it’ tournaments, creating war cries and more! Thank you to everyone who helped organise these worthwhile activities. I would like to extend a big thank you to the Year 12 Montserrat girls. Without them we couldn’t have run so successfully. I’m

honoured to have worked with such lovely girls since Year 7. Their support and encouragement has been incredible. The biggest thank you goes to three incredible people. Without the continued effort and support from Mrs Hickey – House Coordinator, Charlie – Vice-Captain and Lauren – House Ambassador, this year wouldn’t have been possible. Charlie and Lauren have both contributed tirelessly towards the House, inside and outside of school. Their work on many different activities and initiatives has kept the House busy and without their support Montserrat wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does. Mrs Hickey is a lifesaver of a teacher. She has kept me organised as well as giving me guidance along the way. I admire her drive and passion for her work, something I will take with me long after school. I would also like to thank each of our Homeroom Mentors for their continued support this year. I wish our 2017 Montserrat House Captain, Sabrina Tate the best of luck for the coming year! I know she will do an amazing job! A MASSIVE THANK YOU to every single one of you for being so AMAZING! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to complete my high-school! You’ll always be the best sisters a girl could have! Keep shining your light and talents with everything you do! I will miss every single one of you immensely! OUR GAME IS FIERCE AND WE ARE HIP, SO GET ON BACK YOU CAN’T BEAT THIS! GO MONTSERRAT! Jordana Beatty MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  81


“Our game is fierce and we are hip, so get on back you can’t beat this! Go Montserrat!”

Montserrat 1 Front Row: Anna Shamsi, Isabel Grech, Grace Qassis, Olivia Doorn, Ashley Thompson, Ana Young, Ella Tavner Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Ananya Shah, Lucy Pratt, Emily Matthews, Isabella Cali, Jessica Griffith, Ms K. Reid Third Row: Sabrina Tate, Rebeka Benco, Jessica Kotzander, Maria Fahmy, Alice Woodrow, Madeline Dittmar

Montserrat 2 Front Row: Elissa Tocher, Casey Oliver, Mia Rahi, Laura Windass, Georgia Zeaiter, Kareena Trikam, Therese Barbara Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Lani Gardiner, Hana Maxwell, Gabrielle Lillicrap, Bethany Easton, Jordana Beatty, Miss A. Scott-Bell Third Row: Natalia Bennett, Sarina Cali, Eleanor Conway, Annie Dittmar, Madison Nicholson, Genevieve Boyd

Montserrat 3 Front Row: Josephine Zeaiter, Abby Hester, Elisha Gomes, Lisa Griffith, Annie Stewart, Julia Rodwell, Jaime Straumann, Emelia Smith Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Isabel Rodrigues, Alanna Zeaiter, Jasmin Raad, Hannah Mason, Kelly-Ann D’Sylva, Dr M. Gillett Third Row: Claire Dean, Jessica Pereira, Claire Horton, Grace Nicholson, Bronte Corke, Bethany Wright, Anna Weston


Montserrat 4 Front Row: Kiera Maxwell, Isabel Doorn, Jada Susas, Claire Ward, Sophia Sloan, Angelina Wehbe, Sophie Cook, Jessica Herrett Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Maheen Abid, Rachael Raheb, Natalie Winiarski, Hannah McAdam, Rachael Fraietta, Miss A. Abagi Third Row: Danielle Moralas, Lauren Cordell, Claudia McKenzie, Meaghan Bullmore, Madellen Dionisatos, Charlotte Folkard, Jenna Theodore

Montserrat 5 Front Row: Mackenzie Miedler, Madeline Ellis, Amy Tilley, April Habkouk, Emily Fraietta, Madeleine Willsher, Elise Brooke Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Alannah Lichaa, Abbey Roach, Jessica Lee, Alexandra Logiudice, Emma Bourne Third Row: Georgia Francis, Annabelle Leonard, Amy Federer, Georgia Gebrael, Hannah Chadwick Absent: Mrs L. Simmons

Montserrat 6 Front Row: Laura Fothergill, Chelsea Francis, Lily O’Brien, Chelsea Moutia, Claudia ConusIelo, Irene Tyler, Madison Theodore, Sarah Michell Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Jennifer Zhu, Daniella Raheb, Laura Diblasio, Jacqueline Notley-Rumbens, Ellen McGurk, Mrs T. Brookton Third Row: Isabella Gebrael, Rhiannon Moore, Olivia Sloan, Hannah Wright, Sabine Spiller, Erin Gracie, Lauren Thompson

Montserrat 7 Front Row: Grace Michell, Olivia James, Paris Leonard, Sofia Lancaster, Alexandra Langthorne, Holly Mallia, Danielle Gonsalves Second Row: Mrs B. Hickey, Rebecca Wood, Erin Johnston, Olivia McKenzie, Meg Tyler, Dr P. Batten Third Row: Taylah Oliver, Olivia Zeaiter, Katherine Morritt, Adelaide Qassis, Nyah Creswell




New Norcia NEW NORCIA HAS HAD AN EVENTFUL and memorable year filled with many achievements, laughs and memories that will be forever cherished in my heart. As New Norcia Captain, I have had the privilege to lead the Purple Army and get to know the New Norcia girls who are all so talented and supportive of one another. It was great to see the New Norcia House values of Respect, Enthusiasm and Compassion being demonstrated across all year groups particularly our core value for 2016, Enthusiasm. I have enjoyed and embraced every moment of being New Norcia Captain and I am grateful for the experience and memories. Carnivals were always fun and spirited days where the New Norcia girls got involved, challenging themselves in the events on the day and showing off their House spirit. The junior girls certainly surprised me with their abundance of enthusiasm and willingness to participate as the senior girls led them. I hope they continue to hold onto the New Norcia spirit as they progress through to their senior years. Many of the New Norcia girls got involved in the Swimming Carnival theme of ‘Circus,’ and the Athletics Carnival theme of ‘Olympics.’ I was extremely proud to see so many of our girls attend and get involved on the day whether it was in the swimming races, behind the scenes in our Spirit and Public Relations Portfolio or helping out in the field events in order to achieve House Points. Our PR Portfolio also put together our very own ‘New Norcia Instagram frame.’ The frame was a hit and a lot of fun on the day! I would like to give a special mention to our relay team at the Athletics Carnival who finished in first place! We were all screaming and jumping for joy for our girls who did us proud. It was a great feeling as Captain to see everyone involved (including the teachers), having fun and enjoying the day! I will never forget our New Norcia House Assemblies and Pastoral Care lessons. I don’t think there was one assembly

where the House didn’t have a laugh, hold a Kahoot or compete against each other in the regular homeroom quizzes! Spending time with the House and allowing the girls to interact with the rest of the New Norcia Homerooms was great to see and I know it will continue as I hand over my role into the very capable hands of Chelsea McEntee. I would like to thank Ms Murray for the guidance she has given me throughout the year. Thanks as well to Vice-Captain, Chelsea McEntee and House Ambassador, Dominique Pigott who have given me so much support. I couldn’t have done it without these girls and would like to wish them the very best for the future. It has been such a rewarding year! Good luck New Norcia, you’re all amazing and keep spreading that New Norcia spirit. With lots of love, Isabella Destefano xoxo MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  85


where the “Carnivals were always fun and spirited days mselves in New Norcia girls got involved, challenging the use spirit” the events on the day and showing off their Ho

New Norcia 1 Front Row: Olivia Donaghy, Elizabeth Boxwell, Chelsea Kotagama, Lucy Triantafilis, Grace Greenwood, Caitlin Schott, Ella Garabedian, Alessandra Destefano Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Rhiannon Hassan, Benita Naddaf, Brooke Nicotra, Nyasha Munetsi, Georgia Gilbert, Lauren de Souza, Ms K. Balmer Third Row: Eliza Vicaretti, Zoe Mayoh, Jessica Clements, Imojen Willey, Nicole Crowley, Jade Pond, Renita Royce

New Norcia 2 Front Row: Alanna White, Lindsay Mills, Scarlett Hinchliffe, Rachel Bolt, Rachael Wang, Veronique Michel, Chloe Nader, Christine Anderson Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Victoria Kanellis, Georgia Toohey, Madeleine Skinner, Nikki Paric, Alani Pond, Mrs M. Hadfield Third Row: Briana Clements, Dinara Janaratne, Cecilia Cullen, Jessica Froio, Diminika Drezins, Kiera Walkerden, Georgia Sella

New Norcia 3 Front Row: Molly O’Keefe, Christina Marren, Isabella Nati, Alicia Hassan, Amelie Skinner, Sabrina Losurdo, Jordyn Harrison, Tara Miletic Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Ellie Maynard, Krystyna Singleton-Turner, Sohara Janaratne, Trinity Gosper, Emily Evans, Miranda Lee, Mr A. Agius Third Row: Christine Merhi, Laura Camilleri, Madeline O’Connor, Yasmin Dicker, Olivia Taylor, Mary Harb, Anthea Jones


New Norcia 4 Front Row: Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Abbey-Rose Coules, Ariella Azzopardi, Gabrielle George, Sophia Cummins, Emma Polley, Isabelle Manfe, Jessica Breatnach Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Emily Smith, Georgia Newell, Emma Slee, Olivia Kerr, Elly Markland, Mrs K. Mason Third Row: Isabella Destefano, Madeline Williams, Erin Lewis, Lucinda Prescott, Erin Frost, Lucy Sheppard

New Norcia 5 Front Row: Kristiana Sorial, Katherine Evans, Madelyn McLean, Madeline Said, Carina Van Der Heyde, Imogen O’Keefe, Sophie Williams, Emma McLaren Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Megan Rosenblum, Rachael Marren, Charlotte Bourke, Hannah Blanch, Giulia Destefano, Mr M. O’Brien Third Row: Vanessa Chan, Dominique Pigott, Sophie Wilden-Constantin, Brittany Dodd, Sophie Maddrell, Melanie Re

New Norcia 6 Front Row: Rebecca Polley, Rachel Tingey, Jennifer Notohamiprodjo, Emma Dubos, Alexandra Olson, Courtney Nader, Stephanie Boxwell Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Alana Sylvester, Mia Le Lay, Naomi Massa, Annaliese Pigott, Mrs V. Viner Third Row: Salomi Gomes, Madeline Fernando, Molly Breatnach, Emelia Serra, Binh An Ly, Ellise Gray

New Norcia 7 Front Row: Christiana Davies, Natalia Reale-Bryant, Elizabeth Chen, Vivienne Lee, Mairead Fish, Georgina Chan, Alyssa Ceh, Madeleine Sylvester Second Row: Ms N. Murray, Laura Camilleri, Ashleigh McLean, Montanna Pytka, Olivia Boxwell, Chelsea McEntee, Mrs L. Vukovic Third Row: Emma Bugarija, Dione Naddaf, Juliet Wearne, Alyssa Markland, Ashling Munro, Amelia McKee Absent: Bianca Lombardo




Stanbrook “THIS OLD MAN TOLD, HE TOLD ME, STANBROOK HAD A VICTORY” As our favourite chant tells us, Stanbrook has had a victory of a year. If we weren’t intimidating everyone with our participation on the field, we were cheering each other on as loud as we could. Having the honour of being Stanbrook House Captain this year, I was able to see everyone consistently aim to do the best they could. The year started by showing off our competitive Stanbrook pride at the Swimming Carnival. The stakes intensified with Year 12 challenging Year 7 to see who participated in the most events, it ended in a tie clearly demonstrating that we’re just too consistent and are ‘all winners’. But on the whole, if the pool wasn’t filled with orange caps, our Stanbrook cheers could be heard everywhere in the stadium. During Athletics, Stanbrook went by the chant, “first the worst, second the best” showing that we are clearly the best as we gained 2nd place in both Cross Country and the Athletics Carnival. This is an achievement that we are very proud of, as it shows our strength and commitment to give our very best and never give up. Of course, Stanbrook spirit was ever-present. Judging by the orange in the stands and participation on the field, we showed other Houses that we are a force to be reckoned with. The Jubilee year meant that Stanbrook looked to all three of our House values; Compassion, Dignity and an emphasis on Excellence throughout the year. We demonstrated these to our best ability whether it was through writing affirmations on MSB Day for Compassion, or bringing in food to help support Vinnies Van for Dignity, or the many bronze, silver and gold awards we achieved showing Excellence. Stanbrook aimed to live out these values and I can see that’s exactly what these wonderful Stanbrook girls did.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Mrs Dean for all the support, energy and enthusiasm that you put into our House. Stanbrook wouldn’t be as fiery and driven if it weren’t for you. Your daily dedication to wearing orange is truly admired by all and demonstrates your commitment to Stanbrook. Thank you to the Stanbrook teachers for all that you have done throughout this year, especially your time in Homeroom. Ten minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, but I know everyone in Stanbrook is grateful for having such amazing homerooms because of you. Thank you to Marnie and Alyssa for your hard work and support. You both energise Stanbrook and are a model of leadership and inspiration. Congratulations and best of luck to Alyssa and Jess who will do a tremendous job at leading Stanbrook for 2016/2017. I wish I could be in a younger year to be a part of the Stanbrook you lead. Thank you to each and every ‘Stanbrookian’, you have made being your captain so enjoyable and an absolute honour. I’m extremely proud of our House and all that you have accomplished. Every one of you are talented in so many ways and show immense determination in everything that you do. Keep the competition high, never give up and stand out from the crowd (orange is too bright to blend in anyway). Thank you for making my last year at Bennies so awesome and memorable. Love always, your Stanbrook Captain, Sarah-Jane Eades xx MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  89


“Keep the competition high, never give up and stand out from the crowd (orange is too bright to blend in an yway)”

Stanbrook 1 Front Row: Vanessa Ashton, Jacinta Mifsud, Evie Gerges, Sarah McGettigan, Abbey Mey, Raquel Andree, Annaliese Abouhamad Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Chloe Matthews, Annabelle Flannery, Montana James, Janette Badaoui, Sarah Fitzsimmons, Ms Sarah Bradstock Third Row: Emily Knight, Natalie Thomas, Gabrielle Akers, Capri Vidler, Jessica Naylor, Madison McMahon

Stanbrook 2 Front Row: Ella Meaker, Sophie Sellars, Jesse Smith, Rachael Chow, Abby McMahon, Mary Banks, Scarlett Foertsch, Franchesca Samonte Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Gabrielle Edwards, Michaela Ashurst, Stephanie Zwaine, Serafina Badaoui, Taylor Raslan, Mrs C. Woodrow Third Row: Isabella Joseph, Megan Benjamin, Juliette Piali, Camryn Mills, Lucy Crossing, Jessica Oswald

Stanbrook 3 Front Row: Tea-Rose Banting, Kiran Shamsi, Holly Turner, Zoe Papallo, Kelly Tintinger, Sarah-Jane Grima, Mia Haarsma, Zoe Douglas Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Alyssa Coleiro, Molly Dover, Mikayla Floriano, Laura Cabezas, Jessica Tong, Mrs E. Forbes Third Row: Annika Joson, Alexandra Soliman, Elise Bond, Ebony Miller, Caitlin Wilde, Jacinta Flynn


Stanbrook 4 Front Row: Gabrielle Ciantar, Audrey Custodio, Isabella Hernandez, Emma Duff, Abigail Robb, Stephanie Calabrese, Catherine Ward Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Mary Vasilas, Isabella Steen, Charli-Rose Fellew, Hannah Burton, Miss R. Enright Third Row: Kyara Waaijer, Emily Mason, Elyssa Flynn, Renee Akers, Lara Nicholson, Monica Curtis Absent: Nardeen Nickolla

Stanbrook 5 Front Row: Chantelle Ritchie, Justine-Marie Malik, Sarah Wadih, Sophie Keegan, Maree Saba, Tiffany Krkac, Jade Raslan, Charlotte Saul Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Tahira Khan, Aisling Purcell, Amelia MacDonald, Judith-Grace Vella, Nicchia Waaijer, Miss D. Andrechek-Aver, Mr D. Greenwell Third Row: Matilda Drake, Sarah Findlay, Jemma McCabe, Zoe Fajemisin, Hannah Akers, Olivia Brigden, Marnie Lamb

Stanbrook 6 Front Row: Caitlin Zwaine, Gemma Williams, Abbie Coleiro, Indya Marques, Phoenix Douglas, Anna McGettigan, Elizabeth Murray, Olivia Rae Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Nicole Goonetilleke, Taylor McMahon, Sarah Richey, Jenna Jardine, Lin Er Yang, Mrs Frances Cunningham Third Row: Natalie Tong, Brooke Turner, Caitlyn Dunk, Alexandra Savenko, Paris Miller, Natali Kelava

Stanbrook 7 Front Row: Phoebe Farag, Aimee Topfer, Sarah Kerr, Jessica White, Michaila Fraietta, Clarissa McLean, Kishaya Lye Second Row: Mrs L. Dean, Elise Allen, Caitlyn McMillan, Sarah Oxford, Amy-Tarryn Rowberry, Mrs S. Webber Third Row: Kathryn Mellor, Samantha Hardman, Olivia Kobal, Sarah-Jane Eades, Julia Murray Absent: Paige Phelan, Esha Sood, Jemaya Spurtacz




Subiaco To my super Subi girls, what an amazing year we have had. I can’t believe how quickly my six years in this fabulous House have gone, but I have to say this year has to be my favourite by far. I loved every moment of being your House Captain. Thank you for your participation and dedication to Subiaco this year, we have had so many wonderful achievements. The year started off with an amazing new group of Year 7s, who added a huge amount of enjoyment and energy. The Year 7 Welcome Barbeque was one of my highlights of the year. The energy which the Year 7s showed on the night continued throughout the year in the cheering and war cries at carnivals. I can’t thank the Year 7s enough for the memories, laughs and for their participation. Subi spirit and dedication was on display in both carnivals this year. From the circus themed Swimming Carnival to the Olympic themed Athletics Carnival, there was always blue in the stands, out in the pool or on the track. You made me so proud with your participation in events and costumes, as well as your enthusiasm in war cries. Congratulations to the girls of Subi who participated in events to get us valuable house points but also a massive congratulations to the girls who broke records and won races on both days. Throughout the year, PC and House Assemblies including the new Friday mini House Assemblies, have been filled with laughter, spirit and competition. You have all thrown yourself into games and activities and have been willing to try out House ‘Family Feud’ or trivia. The competitive side to the Homeroom competitions have always been enjoyable, keep it up! Thank you to those who helped create many of these games and activities.

I would not have made it through the year without the help of Lizzie and Kellie. Thank you for your continued support and help, whether it was last minute planning of PC sessions or helping me create new war cries. I am so grateful to both of you. Congratulations and best of luck to Elly Rickwood in your role as House Captain for 2017. I know you will lead the House to great things. The success of Subi this year would not have been possible without the dedicated support of the Subiaco Homeroom Mentors. The girls are blessed to have you. Thank you for your encouragement throughout the year. Finally, a massive thank you to both Ms Reid and Ms Saunders for their support and commitment. Ms Reid, thank you for the five and a bit years as Subi House Coordinator, you were so supportive and loving, we miss you. Ms Saunders, thank you for stepping up and being an amazing House Coordinator. We were so lucky to have you, and thank you for your hard work and support throughout the year. Subi, thanks for allowing me to be your House Captain! It has been such a special year and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I have loved being part of the Subi family since Year 7, and I will miss being part of it. Best of luck to all the Subi girls in the future, I will miss you all. Love always, Lauren Purcell xx MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  93


“Subi spirit and dedication was on display in both carnivals this year.”

Subiaco 1 Front Row: Georgia Criss, Amelia Steel, Cassandra Palin, Shannyn Bissett, Chiara Fenech, Lauryn Thomas, Broegan Dempsey, Elise Beldoza Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Brooke Bolgoff, Claudia Gross, Liana Clark, Jessica Barr, Caitlin Darcy, Lucy Koelmeyer, Mrs G. Keats Third Row: Kimberley Spencer, Jessica Marcer, Ashleigh Schaafsma-Fullick, Courtney Harkin, Kate Daniels, Elly Rickwood, Madeleine Smith

Subiaco 2 Front Row: Clarissa Ong, Aishani Mathur, Abbey Smith, Anna-Marie McClure, Demi Coulis, Alyssa Hassarati, Gillian Keto Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Alicia Marcer, Tanika Gardiner, Nicole Sanders, Zali Levy, Mr B. Hyam Third Row: Isabella Tabone, Kirstie North, Armelle Kolton, Alyssa Mitchell, Isabella Sahyoun Absent: Mr David Campbell

Subiaco 3 Front Row: Gabrielle Vaggis, Annaliese Gremmo, Georgia D’Amico, Molly Abbott, Ashley Purcell, Ellen Hall, Rima Nigudkar Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Sienna Chacon, Olivia Morley, Annie Wallace, Sophie Cann, Colette Chung, Mrs E. Dirckze Third Row: Isabella Hurst, Isabella Spataro, Halle McEwen, Kate Heidegger, Sophie Dale, Isabelle Natoli, Hannah Neylan


Subiaco 4 Front Row: Jessi Barakat, Amy Harkin, Esha Hatiskar, Annalise El Khoury, Mikayla Okladnikov, Emily Khachaturian, Meagan Huynh Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Kellie Chilvers, Isabella Morgan, Eva Harrington, Kerrie Liu, Lauren Purcell, Mrs L. Sylvester Third Row: Amy Stuart, Myah Demasi, Anneliese Begg-Cotter, Camryn Casserly, Isabelle Newton, Emily Hall, Tenee Arthur

Subiaco 5 Front Row: Molly Connaghan, Rose Leavey, Sabina Mangat, Molly Koelmeyer, Charlotte Thornhill, Gabriella Fimmano, Camilla Kelgren Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Emma Tolhurst, Piper McEwen, Freya Koutchavlis, Audrey McLachlan, Grace Logan, Mrs T. Gosden, Mrs B. Jack Third Row: Sheree Hanna, Emily Murrie, Hannah LeGuier, Madeleine Abbott, Emiko Arthur, Khristiana Evio, Isabella Follows

Subiaco 6 Front Row: Emily Aston, Naomi Robards, Katherine Spencer, Alanah Schier, Emma Morgan, Lauren Vanderwaals, Chloe Neylan Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Taylor Kueh, Charlotte Brennan, Cassidy Arthur, Isabella White, Elise Schaafsma-Fullick, Mr Andrew Ursino Third Row: Jessica Corcoran, Alana Bainy, Alexandra Maher, Erin Lee, Elizabeth Khoury, Emma Knight

Subiaco 7 Front Row: Eve Nugent, Emily Wong, Ella Hames, Kelsey Stokes, Claire Matthews, Isabella Mills, Alana Curran-Jones Second Row: Ms J. Saunders, Yao Xiao, Stephanie Hanna, Bonnie Wang, Gabriella Aston, Siobhan Chacon, Ms D. Gomes Third Row: Tammy Zaiter, Tahlia Lee, Hannah Daniels, Chloe Withford, Juliana Azzi, Georgia Moait, Lauren Huynh




Terracina WHAT ANOTHER EXCITING and eventful year with our ‘Terra chickens’ excelling in all aspects of College life. Our girls demonstrated Terracina’s wonderful House values of Compassion, Enthusiasm and Teamwork, participating successfully in both the annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. Along with this, the Terra girls confirmed their success by winning the prestigious House Cup at the end of 2015. I couldn’t be more proud. Congratulations to the girls on a tremendous year of hard work and dedication, from academic excellence, to sporting success and creative and performing arts achievements. Many girls also participated in showcases and representative and co-curricular sporting teams and activities. Congratulations to the Year 11 Terra girls and mentors who donated their time to distributing food on the Vinnies Van Night Patrol. An even bigger thank you to all the girls who donated a generous amount of food for the night. As always, you have gone above and beyond to demonstrate not only Terracina values but the Benedictine value of Stewardship and for that I am so grateful. Thanks to our wonderful Vice-Captain, Olivia Giacomelli for your assistance this year and for stepping up in times of need. Your ongoing support for Em and myself is greatly appreciated and I am confident you will lead our house to victory as Terracina Captain next year. Congratulations to Sophie Cleveringa for being voted as vice-captain for 2017, I know you will take on this role with much enthusiasm and honour. Thank you to our amazing Ambassador, Emily Bannon for your support and assistance this year. You have placed a significant amount of time and energy into ensuring our House Partner activities and Jubilee activities ran efficiently. I wish

Emily Hendry the best of luck taking up the position of House Ambassador in the upcoming year. Our wonderful year would not have been possible without the care of our wonderful House Coordinator, Ms Spurr. You have led our House with such integrity and your motherly outlook on all aspects of College life is nothing short of inspiring. A big thankyou also goes out to our awesome Mentors. You have ensured a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all students in Homeroom and have provided them with the support and guidance throughout their time at MSB. On behalf of the Terra community, I say a huge, heart filled thank you! So to all the beautiful girls in my gorgeous Terra family, keep smiling and keep trying hard. I am so proud of you all and know you will all succeed in anything and everything you do. Thank you for making me the happiest House Captain and for making my year in leadership unforgettable. Always remember, ‘If you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose’. All my love, your 2016 Terra House Captain Tianna Raad xx MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  97


ains in “Always remember, ‘If you have br u can your head and feet in your shoes, yo choose’” steer yourself in any direction you

Terracina 1 Front Row: Megan Bygrave, Georgia Togher, Ananya Sharma, Charlotte Anderson, Stephanie Cerreto, Sarah O’Connell, Georgia Platts, Keshia Kustandi Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Jasmine Baron, Renee Khamis, Imogen Scott, Samantha Dale, Emma Harris, Paris Rose Yee, Miss B. Lentern Third Row: Lauren Kalocsay, Hanna Adamthwaite, Emily Hunter, Caitlyn Hajje, Isha Rana, Diana Kazakov, Emily Hendry

Terracina 2 Front Row: Gabriella Puglisi, Sophie Anderson, Sophie Hill, Sophia Giacomelli, Alexandra Bugg, Mia Paull, Emma Dunn Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Christine Lau, Caitlyn Hodges, Lara Bryant, Anne Younis, Jessica Fong, Miss T. Millgate Third Row: Elizabeth Gauci, Alyson McGrath, Tamara Rosic, Sarah Tan, Michaella Hourican

Terracina 3 Front Row: Rebecca Tan, Laura O’Connell, Sophia Galluzzo, Serina Saad, Lauren Abrahams, Samantha Zhang, Tara Le Large, Felicia Gunawan Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Grace Waddingham, Jelena Vukovic, Abbey McIntyre, Jaime Dunn, Chantal Masoud, Mrs M. Busuttil Third Row: Tianna Raad, Deana Zdrilic, Emily Bannon, Georgina van Yzendoorn, Olivia Giacomelli, Rachel Mouait


Terracina 4 Front Row: Samantha Jensen, Trinity Macann, Sophia Cleveringa, Charlie Prestage, D’Arcy Worne, Bianca Raad, Sarah McLachlan Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Jessica Tan, Jane Wang, Alissandra Wenceslao, Caitlin Walsh, Charlotte Casey, Pier Milanoli Third Row: Rayel Rahme, Annabel Anderson, Aoife Twamley, Kaitlin Hourican, Kirsten Simpson, Brittany Paviour Absent: Annaliese Speers

Terracina 5 Front Row: Taylor Bassett, Aleeza Khan, Ellyse Noy, Annabelle Hendry, Elise Williams, Lauren Simpson, Eleni Varkas, Danielle Zeater Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Olivia Bygrave, Georgia Lees, Zara Worne, Patricia Dobles, Asini Rajapakse, Mrs J. Crawhall Third Row: Ariel Fabian, Emma Shehab, Kayel Tillman, Madison Scott, Rebecca van Yzendoorn, Nicole Sandow

Terracina 6 Front Row: Natarsha Stornelli, Doris Li, Victoria Bannon, Katie Turner, Sarah O’Sullivan, Mia Liu, Georgiana Dumapit, Michelle Tan, Alanah Kawtal Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Rebecca Day, Madison Wenaden, Georgia Fox, Amanda Grima, Alicia Chen, Mrs A. Johnson, Miss S. Ellison Third Row: Mackenzie Wilson, Mia Besley, Jessica Dantas, Hayley Johnson, Katya Yee, Chelsey Griffin, Cassandra Obeid

Terracina 7 Front Row: Emma Day, Chelsea Wenaden, Grace Michie, Tiffani Bassett, Lani Hinden, Jade Satuala, Lauren Hargreaves Second Row: Ms G. Spurr, Zoe Wilson, Amie Bowrey, Sophie Paviour, Brittney Williams, Miss L. Clarke Third Row: Hannah Elhayek, Zoe McIntyre, Daniella Giles, Louise Campbell, Celina Chen Absent: Georgia Quick



Gifted and Talented

GIFTED STUDENTS AT MSB have varied and extensive opportunities to develop talent within and beyond classroom learning. Duckworth’s research suggests that when it comes to high achievement, grit may be as essential as intelligence. MSB Gifted and Talented Programs have fostered social and academic connectedness and engagement in challenging and action based learning. Girls have been able to see setbacks as opportunities for learning, developing strategies for moving forward whilst developing a growth mindset. You will read about the girls’ passion and persistence for reaching long term goals and the ways that these learners have been engaged and motivated in their learning. Along with the girls, teachers have shown their grit, coaching and supporting our students. There is much to celebrate. I attended a two week intensive Philosophy and Ethics course ‘Logos for Schools’ at The University of Notre Dame Australia. I studied this course alongside students from different schools in Years 9-12 who shared similar interests. Each course contributed one unit to my preliminary subjects and the lecture-styled classes, in-depth discussions, preparatory work and thought-provoking assignments provided a chance to not only pursue my interests but receive a taster of university life. Studying alongside likeminded students was extremely rewarding and experiencing university whilst still in high school was especially worthwhile. I absolutely recommend Logos I- Ethics and Logos II- Philosophy. Madeline Pfeffercorn

THE EXCELLENCE PROGRAM has aided my studies by helping me develop valuable skills such as time management and essay writing. It has also helped me develop my independence, perseverance and research skills. The Independent Research Project component has helped improve my results in the associated subject. I would definitely recommend this program and thanks to Dr Gillett for being my mentor. Nicole Sandow


ELEVEN BENNIES GIRLS in Years 10 and 11 attended an intellectual conference at Ascham School. The day comprised of epiphanies, headaches, and existential crises. We were confronted with questions such as the foundations of knowledge, and how we can truly state that we know something. We were introduced to the two main schools of thought utilised by modern and ancient philosophers alike; empiricism and rationalism, the former dictating that knowledge can only be found through the use of the senses, and the second stating that it can only be found through thought and reason. It is safe to say that this day was rewarding to all involved, through the teaching of philosophy basics and the offering of a platform for further research and contemplation. Emma Slee

THE BENEFITS OF CHESS CLUB are numerous, and Bennies has been fortunate to have had such an opportunity for the last several years. Chess provides an opportunity for Bennies students to use logic skills in a calm and relaxed environment. It is also a valuable time to escape from the demands of school, spend time with friends, become competitive and enjoy some ‘no screen’ time. We thank Ms Bradstock for co-ordinating Chess Club! Judith–Grace Vella, Mary Vasilas, Jessica Clements, Madison Theodore

PARTICIPATING IN THE DA VINCI DECATHLON was a challenging yet rewarding experience. Held at Knox Grammar School, the Decathlon tests a team’s abilities to problem solve in areas including code-breaking, philosophy and engineering. Being a part of the Year 10 team meant meeting every Friday lunchtime to train and prepare for the upcoming tasks. These meetings were filled with enjoyable activities that drove us to ‘think outside the box’ to produce the best results. The actual Decathlon was an amazing experience full of difficult tasks. With a focus on the theme of ‘Exploration’, our team was challenged to build an international space station, solve Einstein-level maths problems and perform a skit about mining resources in 30 years. Overall, da Vinci has been a fantastic experience and a great chance to work with like-minded students. I recommend it to all who are up for a challenge and love being creative. Jaime Dunn

Da Vinci Training Team Front Row: Rafaella Saul, Amy Gibbons, Clarissa Ong, Emma Dunn, Madeleine Sylvester, Antonia Saul, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Tara Le Large, Raquel Andree, Therese Barbara, Amira Zeitoun, Lauren Dadios, Alana Curran-Jones Second Row: Ms J. Collins Pope, Jennifer Notohamiprodjo, Aishani Mathur, Sophie Anderson, Natasha Mehta, Tenee Arthur, Rabia Rasul, Melika Yasrebi, Chelsea Francis, Jacinta Mifsud, Sarah McLachlan, Katherine Spencer, Keshia Kustandi Third Row: Adelle Thomas, Xinjun Li, Chelsea Nguyen, Isabella Follows, Emma Wilkinson, Angelina Wehbe, Amelia Farrell, Madeleine Poile, Maria-Calliope Syrmalis, Demi Coulis, Rachael Wang, Jessica Tyzack Fourth Row: Claire Ward, Lily O’Brien, Angelique Suyko, Sabina Mangat, Renita Royce, Renee Tourlas, Cecilia Cullen, Lauren Abrahams, Lauren Huynh, Catherine Kim, Elizabeth Chen, Lani Hinden Fifth Row: Sofia Shakirova, Jaime Dunn, Saba Karimi, Caitlin Sultana, Lara Bryant, Anne Younis, Laura Trezise, Naomi Sheather, Daniela Taylor, Khristiana Evio, Lucy Pratt Sixth Row: Alana Sylvester, Olivia Patterson, Julia Pinto, Emma Slee, Dusana Barker, Grace Nicholson, Naomi Massa, Emma Bourne, Natali Kelava, Tameela Vijay Absent: Uktha Budithi, Monica Curtis, Georgia Dean, Maria Fahmy, Alicia John, Jessica Kotzander, Mia Liu, Alexandra Maher, Catalina Mathews, Elisha Parkin, Nicole Sandow, Jesse Smith, Eshaa Sood

History Club 2016 HAS SEEN THE LAUNCH of the inaugural History Club. The aim of the History Club is to give all MSB students an opportunity to explore the many varied and interesting parts of History that may not be taught in the Curriculum. The first History Club was a huge success. The very talented Year 10 Elective History students ran the session which was based on Ancient Egypt. From puzzles to mummification, students explored and danced their way through Walk Like An Egyptian from Just Dance. The second History Club saw students have their fortunes told by picking up Chinese Zodiac sticks. Students explored the strategies and tactics of Chinese checkers and learnt about the wonderful and different Ancient Chinese Culture.

From the ancient world to early modern, the world’s most famous liner sinking, the Titanic was the next fascinating subject we explored. Students brought their own knowledge to this session where they were presented with the facts of the sinking compared to the contemporary film that they had all seen. It has been a great start to the History Club and we look forward to exploring many more topics and events from our past.



Future Problem Solving World Champions AT THE INTERNATIONAL FUTURE PROBLEM SOLVING (FPS) Championships held at Michigan State University in the USA, there were 3,000 high school students competing from 13 countries. In what is fast becoming a College tradition, the girls achieved a third and fourth world title, made all the more special in the College’s Jubilee year. Arabella Young carried the Australian flag at the opening ceremony. Her futuristic scenario performance on futures energy ranked first in the senior division. It is very fitting that Arabella won this award as Australia pioneered this part of the competition to acknowledge the different ways that students learn. The Year 10 Community Problem Solving team with their project titled ‘StressLESS’ (coached by Mrs Gail Davey) were announced as world champions of middle division health concerns and human services. Overall the international trip was amazing, and we were all so grateful to be able to be a part of this experience because of the Future Problem Solving program. We learnt skills involving teamwork, organisation and communication and met many new friends along the way. We hope that Bennies girls can continue to be involved in FPS in the future. Annabel Fisher, StressLESS

Future Problem Solvers Front Row: Felicia Gunawan, Rebecca Day, Tara Miletic, Rima Nigudkar, Raquel Andree, Emma Dunn, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Christina Marren, Madeleine Sylvester, Therese Barbara, Kishaya Lye Second Row: Miss T. Millgate, Mrs E. Forbes, Tenee Arthur, Aishani Mathur, Jacinta Mifsud, Sophie Anderson, Stephanie Calabrese, Katherine Spencer, Lillian Ward, Rabia Rasul, Miss J. Wallace Third Row: Kimberley Spencer, Samantha Zhang, Caitlin Callinan, Emma Wilkinson, Lily O’Brien, Maria-Calliope Syrmalis, Amelie Skinner, Helen Whitehead, Renee Tourlas, Jessica Tong, Ariella Azzopardi, Natasha Mehta Fourth Row: Lucy Pratt, Elizabeth Black, Lara Bryant, Audrey McLachlan, Cecilia Cullen, Brooke Turner, Rebecca Wood, Jaime Dunn, Natalia Bennett, Monica Curtis, Amelia Farrell Fifth Row: Alexandra Soliman, Myah Demasi, Catalina Mathews, Caitlyn Dunk, Emma Slee, Amelia Dunkerley, Anna Cate Macoustra, Natali Kelava, Anna Garment, Lauren Wilkes Absent: Mrs L. Dirckze, Mrs G. Davey, Dr M. Gillett, Natalya Denaro, Annabel Fisher, Lani Hinden, Caitlin Kelly, Jessica Kotzander, Emily James


Public Speaking IT SEEMS THE STUDENTS from the College wanted to be heard this year, considering the overwhelming response to public speaking try-outs. We were well represented at two competitions; the CSDA Public Speaking competition and Rostrum – Voice of Youth. Over 20 students were given the opportunity to develop their public speaking skills and meet fellow public speakers from other Catholic schools. They did a wonderful job and should be very proud of their efforts. A special mention goes to Jacinta Mifsud who made it through to the CSDA Public Speaking grand final and Emma Dubos who progressed to the semi-final of the Rostrum competition.

Public Speaking CSDA Front Row: Tara Le Large, Emma Dubos, Rabia Rasul, Sarah Assaf, Jacinta Mifsud, Elia Chaiban Second Row: Sofia Shakirova, Lauren Wilkes, Sarah Hogan, Annabel Anderson, Lily O’Brien, Mrs K. Tannock Absent: Hannah Neylan

I was honoured to represent the College in the Rostrum Voice of Youth public speaking competition and progress to the semi-finals. The teachers were a great support and I enjoyed meeting students from other schools and learning by watching their performances. Having a captive audience for a whole six minutes was pretty good as well! Emma Dubos, Year 7 Public speaking is a wonderful experience which allows you to express your opinions, meet new people, network with other schools and refine your speaking skills. It is a great honour to represent your school. Jacinta Mifsud, Year 8

Public Speaking Rostrum Voice of Youth Annabelle Sghabi, Emma Dubos, Tamara Rosic, Olivia Kobal, Rebecca Wood, Mrs K. Tannock Absent: Vanessa Valensise

Debating – CSDA THIS YEAR the College entered 12 teams into the CSDA Debating Competition. Our teams had a great time putting their best arguments forward against students from Catholic colleges all over Sydney. All the teams are to be congratulated for their dedication and sportsmanship, as are their coaches, Simon, Emma, Kate, Ryan, Rebecca, Julia and Hannah, who generously gave their time to mentor and inspire our teams. A special congratulations goes to the 7B team who made it to the quarter finals. Special thanks go to all the staff, particularly Ms Emma Hopkins, who assisted with the running of the Public Speaking and Debating events this year. CSDA debating is an absolutely fantastic experience. Not only did we learn new debating skills and techniques, but we had a blast doing so, the pizza wasn’t bad either! It was a very enjoyable experience and I suggest everyone gives it a go, you don’t have to be great or a confident speaker, you just have to be willing to try new things! Amy Federer, Year 11 Mrs Kristie Tannock  Debating and Public Speaking Co-ordinator

Debating Front Row: Elia Chaiban, Christina Marren, Raquel Andree, Uktha Budithi, Lillian Ward, Ella Le Patourel, Jacinta Mifsud, Tara Le Large, Gabriella Puglisi, Therese Barbara, Anna Shamsi Second Row: Ms E. Hopkins, Gillian Diekman, Melika Yasrebi, Rabia Rasul, Madeline Bulliard, Emma Dubos, Emma Wilkinson, Eve Zamora, Amelie Skinner, Angelina Wehbe, Mrs K. Tannock Third Row: Christine Merhi, Lily O’Brien, Claire Ward, Lucy Triantafilis, Sofia Shakirova, Georgie Lamond, Isabella Cali, Claire Dean, Charlotte Anderson, Molly Koelmeyer, Lara Bryant, Sarina Cali Fourth Row: Laura Camilleri, Ellen McGurk, Diana Kazakov, Briana Clements, Anne Younis, Rebecca Wood, Alexandra Soliman, Claudia Geromboux, Brooke Nicotra, Clara Goossens, Mia Liu Fifth Row: Ksenya Konstantinoff, Katherine Morritt, Jessica Vijay, Lauren Wilkes, Olivia Kobal, Olivia Taylor, Amy Federer, Jessica Clements, Amy Maher, Judith-Grace Vella Absent: Lisa Badaan, Shovan Bhattarai, Georgia D’Amico, Rose Leavey, Julia McDonnell, Daniella Murphy MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  103


Theatresports YEAR 8, 9 AND 10 STUDENTS were given the opportunity to attend Theatresports workshops on Friday afternoons throughout Terms Three and Four. The workshops were conducted by tutors from Impro Australia. Theatresports is improvised theatre entertainment played as a spectator sport. Teams of players invent scenes from given suggestions, which are prewritten or taken from the audience. They play their scenes in structures called games. The players know the specific requirements of each game, but they do not know what will happen during the scene or what the final outcome will be. Everything is improvised! The workshops focused on specific and advanced game skills including characterisation, style and genre, working with physical and verbal restrictions, creating environments and transitions. In Term Four, a group of Year 7 and 8 students competed in Impro Australia’s Theatresports Schools Challenge (TSC) Junior Division.


The TSC brings together over 100 independent and government schools to perform together in the joyful spirit of improvisation. The TSC sees teams of students from each school create one, two and three minute improvised scenes live on stage, judged and scored by a team of improvisation professionals. Congratulations to Year 8 students - Raquel Andree, Jacqueline Notley-Rumbens and Year 7 students - Abbey-Rose Coules, Ella Tavner and Anna Shamsi. This team of rookies were brave and confident and held their own as they competed against some very experienced schools in both their heat and final.

Peer Support OVER THE PAST YEAR, a group of Year 10 students have had the opportunity to mentor Year 7 students through the Peer Support program. The program enables Year 7 students to discover what affects them as they begin high school and how they can solve problems effectively. The Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have formed strong friendships with Year 7s in their Homeroom, and were able to watch them grow over their first year as members of the College community. A familiar face in an unfamiliar environment made the transition into high school much easier for the Year 7 students. Also this year, a new role of Peer Ambassador was introduced to further develop the Peer Support program. Four Year 10 students, worked to evaluate each Peer Support session and improve the program for the future. The addition of this new role has seen the Peer Support program positively evolve. The Peer Support program has been an enjoyable experience for all involved and has been a wonderful opportunity for building bonds between year groups. Anna Cate Macoustra and Alana Sylvester (Peer Ambassadors)

Peer Support Front Row: Holly Mallia, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Emily Wong, Madison Theodore, Lauren McKnight, Zoe Papallo, Elise Spurr, Michelle Tan, Lani Hinden, Laura Gould, Tiffany Krkac, Christine Anderson, Jasmine Bauer

Fourth Row: Miranda Lee, Maddison Pappas, Lily Hurst, Brittney Williams, Jessica Clements, Ella Lehmann, Cassandra Obeid, Claire Horton, Julia Pinto, Rachael Marren, Charlotte Brennan, Ashling Munro, Gabrielle George, Alicia Marcer

Second Row: Elise Schaafsma-Fullick, Claire Ward, Mary Banks, Sarah O’Connell, Khristiana Evio, Aisling Purcell, Kate Breytenbach, Jasmine Baron, Emily Hall, Jaime Dunn, Daniela Taylor, Lauren Simpson, Mary Vasilas, Laura Windass

Fifth Row: Jemma Gallagher, Capri Vidler, April Habkouk, Elise Bond, Naomi Massa, Isabella Graczyk Van Herk, Grace Nicholson, Georgia Dean, Anna Cate Macoustra, Kelsey Curtin, Claudia McKenzie, Sarah Farrell, Tameela Vijay

Third Row: Caitlin Callinan, Jaime Yazbeck, Saba Karimi, Hannah Stephens, Judith-Grace Vella, Annaliese Pigott, Alana Sylvester, Kassidy Grant, Lucy Koelmeyer, Anne Younis, Georgia Sella, Tara Finlay, Shannyn Bissett, Kelsey Stokes

Absent: Rebeka Benco, Sophia Cleveringa, Phoenix Douglas, Tahlia Duff, Jessie Ebbs, Abbey Harris, Emily James, Caitlin Kelly, Emily McKnight, Hannah Neylan, Lara Nicholson, Taylah Oliver, Nicole Sandow, Emily Walther

Duke of Edinburgh Duke of EDINBURGH was an exciting experience that provided me with the opportunity to develop skills and help others in the community. The best part of the experience was the two day camp where we hiked for about 25km at Kangaroo Valley and then during another time at Berowra Valley National Park. Tameela Vijay The Silver Duke of Ed Hawkesbury camp was the longest length of time I have ever been canoeing. This was a challenge, but worthwhile as the scenery was amazing and my skills greatly improved. Nicole Sandow Duke of Ed was really challenging, mentally and physically, but it was great to be able to share the experience with the other girls. I learnt so many valuable skills that I will be able to use now and in the future. Caitlin Kelly



Student Alliance

MSB IS A PROUD MEMBER of Student Alliance (Alliance of Girls’ Schools Australasia which connects girls (Years 9-11) from Alliance member schools across Sydney. The group is an empowering forum for young women wishing to make a difference in their schools, communities and the world.

Student Alliance External Front Row: Jaime Dunn, Elizabeth Khoury, Eva Harrington, Diana Kazakov, Natalia Reale-Bryant Second Row: Alana Sylvester, Emma Bourne, Anna Todhunter, Jelena Vukovic, Miss C. Takchi Absent: Nicole Sandow

Student Alliance Internal Front Row: Diana Kazakov, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Andre Fisher, Rabia Rasul, Ariella Azzopardi, Samantha Zhang, Natalia Reale-Bryant, Stacey Leong Second Row: Alana Sylvester, Zara Worne, Elizabeth Khoury, Madeline Pfeffercorn, Annabel Anderson, Jaime Dunn, Miss C. Takchi Third Row: Maree Saba, Rebecca Wood, Emma Bourne, Eva Harrington, Anna Todhunter, Cassidy Arthur, Jelena Vukovic Absent: Nicole Sandow


Chemical Titration IN JUNE, 24 girls from Year 11 and 12 competed in teams of three at the RACI NSW Chemistry Titration Competition at Barker College. The students had 90 minutes to perform a chemical reaction several times with exact quantities in order to accurately determine the concentration of an acetic acid solution. The girls were then assigned marks based on the error in their results such that, the lower the mark they receive, the less error they have. Titration requires a steady hand, an observant eye and precision in measuring and calculating data. The girls all had a great time and performed the technique well. Clara Goossens (Year 11) achieved the lowest (best) score at the venue with only four points followed by Amanda Grima (Year 12) in second overall place with 16 points. One of our Year 12 teams also competed at the National Titration Competition in October for the second year in a row. Congratulations to Amanda Grima, Alicia Chen and Taylor McMahon on this fantastic achievement.

Chemical Titration Front Row: Stacey Leong, Kimberley Spencer, Yao Xiao, Amanda Grima, Helen Whitehead, Alicia Chen, Ananya Shah, Sarah Tan Second Row: Clara Goossens, Diana Kazakov, Taylor McMahon, Belinda Borgefjord, Isabella Steen, Emma Tolhurst, Emily Hendry, Mrs J. Easterbrook Third Row: Sarah-Jane Eades, Jessica Yi, Madison Nicholson, Hannah Akers, Emelia Serra, Mackensie Eddington, Annabel Anderson Absent: Mrs A. Johnson, Ellen McGurk, Penelope Morato

Science Club Students and mentors SCIENCE CLUB (Year 7) has enjoyed another great year, with increasing numbers of girls participating in this wonderful opportunity. The students met nine times throughout Terms Two and Three after school, ably assisted by our special Year 8 mentors who kindly volunteered to be there to help guide the Year 7 students. Some of the exciting activities included aspects of chemistry, physics and biology. One of the highlights was a liquid nitrogen demonstration which was performed by the Science teachers. On the last Science Club meeting there was a visit from the amazing Reptile Park staff who brought their snakes, crocodiles, turtles and lizards for the students to see up close and personal! A particular favourite was Rosie, the 10 year old crocodile who casually wandered around the lab as the girls listened to the presentation. We would like to thank our wonderful Year 8 mentors as well as all of the Science staff who gave their time and talents to host the Science Club meetings this year.

Science Club Front Row: Lucy Brown, Lauren Dadios, Emma Day, Hannah Wheeler, Sophie Klopper, Therese Barbara, Emma Dunn, Anna Shamsi, Tea-Rose Banting, Samantha Jensen Second Row: Emily Khachaturian, Chloe Geromboux, Maggie Gibbeson, Keshia Kustandi, Chelsea Francis, Sarah McLachlan, Madeleine Sylvester, Isabella Mills, Tara Miletic Third Row: Emma Polley, Angelique Suyko, Victoria Bannon, Rachel Barker, Ellyse Noy, Madeleine Poile, Isabel Doorn, Jennifer Notohamiprodjo Fourth Row: Katherine Evans, Ananya Sharma, Lauren Abrahams, Emily Mason, Sohara Janaratne, Juliana Azzi, Emiko Arthur, Georgiana Dumapit Absent: Mikaela Love, Molly Connaghan MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  107


Science/TAS Expo THE SCIENCE/TAS EXPO showcases the outstanding work by Years 8 and 10 for their Student Research Project (SRP), as well as displaying the creative and innovative projects undertaken by TAS students. The girls are invited to attend with their families. Projects were judged during the

evening on such criteria as originality, scientific thinking and innovation with prizes awarded. The MSB Science Club and mentors also performed a number of thrilling scientific demonstrations under the watchful eye of the Science department.

STEM Club IT HAS BEEN A YEAR OF DISCOVERY, creativity and fun in STEM Club. Interest in this co-curricular activity was overwhelming – 38 students participated after school every fortnight through Terms Two and Three. With an appreciation for not only the design process but the integrated nature of being able to solve engineering problems successfully, the girls were generous with their time and open to the possibility of new ways of approaching problems. Teams designed and built prototypes of laptop shelves being considered to replace those currently in the College’s classrooms. There was a night tour of the Sydney Observatory to investigate astronomical concepts and get a closer look at Mars and other celestial bodies. The girls also conducted a series of video conferences with the Powerhouse Museum learning how to program, navigate and drive Mars Rovers on a virtual Martian surface. Some of the STEM Club members also participated in the national programs of the ‘Day of STEM’ and the ‘Computational Thinking Challenge’. There were also times for reflection and evaluation which are critical for good learning experiences. On behalf of the girls involved this year, we would like to thank the following staff who have tirelessly devoted themselves to this inaugural program: Mr Jones, Mr Duncan, Mrs McGowan, Mr Martin, Mrs Mason, Ms Wilson and the ICT team. 108  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

STEM Club Front Row: Laura Fothergill, Therese Barbara, Tara Miletic, Natasha Mehta, Mikayla Okladnikov, Alanna White, Paige Iwatani, Sophie Anderson, Danielle Gonsalves, Charlotte Saul, Felicia Gunawan Second Row: Mr S. Duncan, Jada Susas, Eleni Varkas, Georgina Chan, Emma Wilkinson, Annabelle Hendry, Amelie Skinner, Demi Coulis, Sarah Wing, Esha Hatiskar Third Row: Victoria Bannon, Angelina Wehbe, Sofia Shakirova, Stephanie Cerreto, Dinara Janaratne, Taylor Kueh, Jacqueline NotleyRumbens, Bronagh Murphy, Claire Matthews, Renee Tourlas Fourth Row: Amy Tilley, Charlie Prestage, Hannah Blanch, Olivia Patterson, Anna Garment, Jessica Froio, Emma Baker, Mikaela Love, Rebecca Chalmers Absent: Mr K. Jones, Mrs K. Mason, Laura O’Connell


College Choir Front Row: Lucy Brown, Kishaya Lye, Laura Fothergill, Chelsea Wenaden, Jessica Corcoran, Caitlin Harris, Kiarah Fisher, Emily Boffa, Brianna Taylor, Therese Barbara, Camilla Kelgren, Lauren Dadios, Elia Chaiban

Fourth Row: Naomi Robards, Neha Saini, Madelyn McLean, Kelly Tintinger, Patricia Dobles, Jessica White, Claudia Geromboux, Diminika Drezins, Rachael Chow, Georgia Lees, Charlotte Todhunter, Isabella Hernandez, Stacey Leong, Emma Dubos

Second Row: Mrs S. Webber, Lauren Hargreaves, Sophie Anderson, Abbey-Rose Coules, Christina Hook, Uktha Budithi, Demi Coulis, Tatiana Cahuana-Keyanian, Jacinta Mifsud, Paige Iwatani, Chloe Geromboux, Annabelle Sghabi, Ella Tavner, Danielle Gonsalves

Fifth Row: Anthea Jones, Ellie Maynard, Saba Karimi, Belinda Borgefjord, Elise Allen, Jennifer Duggan, Shannon Compton, Natalia Bennett, Natalie Tong, Sophia Jandrlic, Gigi Giuffre, Alanna Bindschedler, Catherine Elgood

Third Row: Emily Khachaturian, Mia Haarsma, Jada Susas, Xinjun Li, Samantha Zhang, Chelsea Casey, Claire Ward, Eloise Wilkes, Kelsey Stokes, Laura Trezise, Isabella Follows, Chelsea Nguyen, Sarah McLachlan, Franchesca Samonte

Sixth Row: Simone Brown, Catalina Mathews, Caitlin Darcy, Jane Wang, Abbey McIntyre, Dusana Barker, Anna Todhunter, Bethany Relf, Amy Federer, Ashleigh McLean, Elisha Parkin, Emma Shehab Absent: Amelia Farrell, Ellise Gray, Estelle Velasquez

Chamber Choir

Clarinet Choir

Front Row: Kishaya Lye, Demi Coulis, Charlotte Todhunter, Brianna Taylor, Alanna Bindschedler, Claire Ward, Sophie Anderson

Front Row: Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Jacinta Mifsud, Jada Susas, Stephanie Calabrese, Felicia Gunawan

Second Row: Emily Boffa, Elise Allen, Ashleigh McLean, Anna Todhunter, Gigi Giuffre, Mrs S. Webber

Second Row: Laura Trezise, Ashleigh McLean, Madeleine Skinner, Maria-Calliope Syrmalis Absent: Nicole Sandow



Concert Band Front Row: Emma Morgan, Lauren McKnight, Alanna Bindschedler, Clara Goossens, Emily Hendry, Laura Diblasio, Yao Xiao, Hannah McAdam, Kathleen Notohamiprodjo, Salomi Gomes Second Row: Mr P. Watters, Christine Lau, Tara Finlay, Daniela Taylor, Isabella Croker, Brianna Taylor, Jessica Griffith, Laura Trezise, Helen Whitehead Third Row: Olivia Boxwell, Kate Smith, Lucy Koelmeyer,

Madison Nicholson, Isabella Steen, Mackensie Eddington, Madeleine Skinner, Emma Smith, Jaime Dunn, Annabel Anderson Fourth Row: Hannah Mason, Ashleigh McLean, Georgina van Yzendoorn, Natalie Thomas, Aoife Twamley, Sabrina Croker, Olivia Kobal, Alana Sylvester, Sarah-Jane Eades Absent: Jessica Curran, Lisa Griffith, Caitlin Kelly, Jessica Kotzander, Emily McKnight, Nicole Sandow

Flute Choir Front Row: Amy Gibbons, Catherine Ward, Sophie Anderson, Paige Iwatani, Raquel Andree, Therese Barbara, Vanessa Ashton Second Row: Annabel Anderson, Emma Morgan, Rebecca Belic, Caitlin Darcy, Chelsea Francis, Olivia Kobal

Flute Ensemble Annabel Anderson, Olivia Kobal, Olivia Boxwell Absent: Jessica Kotzander

Middle Years Wind Ensemble Front Row: Felicia Gunawan, Samantha Jensen, Raquel Andree, Emma Morgan, Sophie Anderson, Madeleine Sylvester, Lilli-Rose Javidi, Therese Barbara Second Row: Mrs S. Webber, Elissa Tocher, Ella Kate Leahy, Emily Khachaturian, Maria-Calliope Syrmalis, Jada Susas, Jacinta Mifsud, Charlotte Saul, Lauren Dadios Third Row: Emily Mason, Salomi Gomes, Ananya Sharma, Mia Liu, Caitlin Darcy, Emma Wilkinson, Elizabeth Boxwell, Jennifer Notohamiprodjo, Jessica Tyzack Absent: Mr A. Tomkins (Director), Lisa Griffith

String Ensemble Front Row: Rachael Wang, Charlotte Todhunter, Emily Khachaturian, Madeleine Siu, Madelyn McLean, Abbey-Rose Coules, Tenee Arthur Second Row: Madeleine Sylvester, Sophie Lovell, Anna Todhunter, Naomi Massa, Adelle Thomas, Jennifer Notohamiprodjo Absent: Ms A. Kim, Nicole Sandow

Dance Junior Dance Ensemble Sapphires (Year 7) Front Row: Claire McNamara, Annaliese Abouhamad, Kiera Maxwell, Ellen Hall, Madeleine Sylvester, Clarissa Ong, Emma Day, Elia Chaiban Second Row: Catherine Ward, Ella Tavner, Emelia Smith, Zoe Wells, Isabelle Sullivan, Amy Gow, Megan Rosenblum, Charli Daher Third Row: Olivia Rae, Ella Whittingham, Georgiana Dumapit, Hana Maxwell, Charlotte Werner, Charlotte Lowery, Ellie Maynard

Dance Ensemble Junior - Opals Front Row: Chloe Neylan, Tea-Rose Banting, Grace Murray, Lauren Hargreaves, Rafaella Saul, Phoebe Farag, Lauren Dadios Second Row: Emma Dunn, Lauren Vanderwaals, Olivia James, Taylor Bassett, Gemma Steen, Emily Khachaturian, Megan Williams Third Row: Lauren Abrahams, Trinity Macann, Charlotte Joyce, Chelsea Freitas, Lauryn Thomas, Sophie Campbell

Senior Dance Ensemble Senior Front Row: Vanessa Chan, Tamika O’Connell, Laura Windass, Chelsea McEntee, Madeleine Smith Second Row: Vivienne Lee, Alana Sylvester, Krystyna Singleton-Turner, Paris Rose Yee, Jaime Dunn

Intermediate Dance Ensemble Front Row: Isabel Grech, Mikayla Okladnikov, Sophie Anderson, Christina Marren, Eve Nugent, Gabrielle Vaggis, Annabelle Sghabi, Antonia Saul, Felicia Gunawan Second Row: Lillian Ward, Amelie Skinner, Isabella Follows, Lisa Badaan, Kelly Tintinger, Samantha Zhang, Isabella Arends, Sophie Williams Third Row: Hannah McAdam, Rachel Bolt, Audrey-Rose Osborne-Snell, Naomi Sheather, Caitlyn McMillan, Alexandra Logiudice, Mia Liu, Charlotte Turner Absent: Ellise Gray



Footsteps of Benedict ‘Juba’ Jubile e Bear was well taken care of!

OVER THE CHRISTMAS BREAK a group of 34 students and staff commenced the College’s Jubilee year with a Benedictine tour in the Footsteps of Benedict. Prior to the trip the group had met a number of times to learn about a pilgrimage, about Benedict, the Benedictine way and about each other. They visited a number of monasteries after which the College Houses are named, and many places where St Benedict spent his early life and began his monastic way of life and writing of The Rule. Many of the girls cite this pilgrimage as the highlight of their time at the College, here are some of their reflections:

MUNICH, GERMANY Sister Katerina gave us a tour of the Benedictine monastery at Tutzing and showed us the history of the place and in particular, the New Norcia girls on the trip were able to see the connection of their House and House Partner, Bacolod, to the bigger Benedictine story. Sr Katerina shared her personal experience of becoming a nun and we were privileged to be able to share the evening Vesper prayer and Eucharist with the Sisters, where we were invited to sing our College song as the offertory hymn. We then spent an enjoyable night at the Hofbrahaus for dinner where we were able to share stories and have a mini reunion with the students on the MSB German Exchange Trip. Domnique (Year 12)

ROME, ITALY Today we visited Norcia, the town where Benedict and his sister Scholastica were born. It was very special to visit a place that has an important and meaningful connection to our school. Alana (Year 10) We participated in midday prayer with the monks of Norcia and enjoyed the hospitality of the Benedictine nuns for lunch. Very spoilt! Christina He, MSB Chaplain We were able to see the Jubilee doors of St Peter’s in Vatican City. The symbol of the door is a strong one in the Church celebration of Jubilee - the door provides a threshold, a place of transition from one place to the next, a way of moving in to new arenas. Maria Pearson, College Principal 112  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

Off to the Papal mass without tickets. Armed with a letter from the Bishop, an email from the Australian Ambassador and his advice not to take no for an answer, I walked to the Bronze Door of the Vatican. I approached the Swiss Guard and confidently asked for our tickets, only to be told there were no tickets for MSB. After some pleading and presenting my correspondence, a policeman escorted me to the barrier to collect our group and allow us entrance to St Peter’s! Guy Fitzsimmons, College Business Manager and Tour Leader During our travels to Monte Cassino, we visited Benedict’s cell where he wrote ‘The Rule of Benedict’ and where he died. We learnt about the history of Monte Cassino and how it had been destroyed and rebuilt three times and miraculously, the remains of Benedict and his sister Scholastica were unharmed throughout the wars. Once we arrived at Subiaco, we were greeted with an overwhelming view of the stunning countryside and surrounding mountains. This section of the trip was significant as we were able to go into the monastery and reflect on Benedict’s life. Abbey and Ashleigh (Year 12)

BARCELONA, SPAIN Montserrat, one of the College’s eight Houses, has significant importance to us, as it is a Benedictine monastery. During our visit here, we were given a tour of the monastery and the school, which is an all-boys choir school run by Principal Fr Sergi, who is a Benedictine Monk. We all agree that Montserrat has been one of the highlights of our trip so far. Rachelle (Year 10)

BATH, ENGLAND We travelled out into the countryside to visit the Abbey of Downside, the monastery of Bede Polding the founder of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan. Their archives had prepared for us a small exhibition of memorabilia connected with Bede Polding and the Sisters. We were also honoured to visit the sisters of Stanbrook Abbey where the vibe of sustainability within the Rule is lived to the full. The sisters’ new abbey has won multiple awards for its design. Tim Tams were given as gifts to all our hosts along the way – we were very popular! Guy Fitzsimmons, College Business Manager and Tour Leader

Japanese Study Tour

DURING THE September / October term break a group of 24 students studying Japanese (Years 9-11) and three staff departed on a languages study tour of Japan. As well as the cultural and language immersion aspects, this tour formed a significant part of Mount St Benedict’s (MSB) Jubilee year and provided a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the College’s longstanding relationships in Japan.

packed two weeks of travelling, we had the opportunity to visit a number of sacred sites and tourist attractions, including the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and the Deer Park in Nara, and the Sisters at the Good Samaritan Convent, as well as the children at the Kinder School in Sasebo. We experienced Japanese culture through our homestay sisters from Seiwa Girls High School.

After World War II a small group of Good Samaritan Sisters travelled to Japan to assist in areas which had been devastated by the atomic bombs and there have been Sisters there ever since. The College also has a long-standing relationship with the Seiwa School in Sasebo, who visit MSB each year.

The homestays allowed all girls to not only practice Japanese with their host families, but to also make friendships with girls that will last a lifetime. At the homestay, girls were taken to classic sights in Sasebo including the aquarium, a Germantheme park: Huis Ten Bosche, a ferry ride, and even a visit into the neighbouring city of Nagasaki.

The MSB Japanese Study Tour were honoured to visit the Good Samaritan Sisters in Nara, the Cherry Blossom Kindergarten, as well as Seiwa, in addition to many of the important cultural and historical sites of Japan.

To top the trip off, the girls spent a day at Tokyo Disneyland. On the last day, everyone had a chance to do some last minute shopping along Harajuku, and visited the Tokyo Edo Museum to see what Japan used to be like.

Two of the students reflected on their time in Japan:

Overall, the trip was an absolute blast and the memories made throughout the trip will always be remembered.

The 2016 Japanese Study Tour was a fantastic experience for the students and teachers who attended. Throughout the jam-

Sara-Jane Arns and Hannah Chadwick (Year 11)

Japanese Study Tour Front Row: Christina Hook, Emily Wong, Laura Windass, Kelsey Stokes, Rachael Wang, Alyssa Coleiro, Kareena Trikam, Rima Nigudkar Second Row: Mrs S. McGowan, Madeleine Kalocsai, Grace Waddingham, Aisling Purcell, Hannah Chadwick, Diminika Drezins, Emily Hall, Chantal Masoud, Mr J. Muskovits Third Row: Jane Wang, Kaitlin Hourican, Sara-Jane Arns, Naomi Massa, Eleanor Conway, Kate Heidegger, Naomi Sheather, Krystyna Singleton-Turner Absent: Phoenix Douglas



German Language Exchange IT WAS AN EXCITING finish to the school year of 2015, as 20 Mount St Benedict College (MSB) students from Years 9 to 11 spent a month at our partner school – Elly-Heuss-Knapp Gymnasium in Stuttgart, Germany. The girls were hosted by German students and their families and were able to immerse themselves in the German culture and way of life. As part of this experience the MSB girls attended lessons with their partners and helped in Year 5 and 6 English classes. The partner school had also organised an informative and entertaining program of events and excursions with highlights including a performance by the Stuttgart Ballet, a chocolate making workshop at the Ritter Sport chocolate factory, as well as a tour to the medieval town of Rothenburg. The German families were very welcoming and the girls settled in quickly. Being an exchange student allowed the girls to improve their German speaking and listening skills. In addition to this they were able to experience many customs and traditions first-hand – such as traditional regional dishes and celebrations leading up to Christmas, including the Christmas markets. Many girls were fortunate to travel with their host families to other areas of Germany, Switzerland or Austria, and some were even able to try skiing. In return, the German girls, accompanied by their teachers – spent the month of Term Three staying with their Australian partners. The MSB Languages Faculty had organised an educational program to enable the girls to learn more about Australian culture and history. They particularly enjoyed an excursion to the Muru Mittagar Cultural Centre, where they learned about Aboriginal culture and tried boomerang throwing. Other highlights included a tour of the Opera House and visits to Taronga Zoo and Watson’s Bay. The boys from the German school were hosted by the Shore School, and there were some combined excursions such as a bowling evening. While at school, the German girls accompanied their partners to a variety of lessons, and helped younger MSB students practise their conversations skills in German. They were also involved in workshops on intercultural communication, discussing a range of themes with Year 11 Society and Culture. The German exchange has now been running for over ten years, and the ties between Mount St Benedict College and the partner school, Elly-Heuss-Knapp Gymnasium have become strong. Both schools greatly value the partnership and the wonderful opportunities it offers students to experience a different way of life and to work on their language skills. Many strong friendships and links between families have been forged during these visits.


Queensland Dance Tour THE QUEENSLAND DANCE TOUR was an unforgettable experience for the students in the intermediate and senior dance ensembles. The trip was packed with many exciting events over three days. We began the tour by assisting and dancing with disabled children who were part of the Bust a Move program at Industry Studios. This was a new experience for us and we enjoyed using our skills in dance to help others. Following this, we attended the technical rehearsal by MAD Dance House for their concert which included performances by talented senior dancers. That night we enjoyed watching the Australian Outback Spectacular, where we had a backstage tour. During the show we were entertained by many men and women with animals including horses and donkeys who performed acts that commemorated the Centenary of the ANZACS. We began the second day of the tour by attending a church service at St Stephen’s Cathedral where Christina Marren and Elise Gray were invited to be part of the Offertory Procession. We then walked to the Mad Dance House where we participated in

three workshops. The first workshop was led by professionals from Expressions Dance Company and was focused on partner improvisation where we learnt new jumps and lifts. We then participated in a lyrical/contemporary workshop as well as a jazz/ hip hop workshop with talented choreographer, Laura Frendon. We all enjoyed these classes, learning many new skills and fun dance combinations. Our final day began by performing our ensemble dances at Queen Street Mall. There was a large audience that stopped to watch our performance. Afterwards we went to Movie World where we had an excellent time riding rollercoasters and watching shows. We would like to thank Mr Watters, Miss Saunders and Mrs Sylvester for accompanying and supervising us on the trip. The Queensland Dance Tour was certainly an enjoyable and exciting experience that we recommend to all dance students. Alana Sylvester



Representative Sport 2016 WAS ANOTHER YEAR of great representative sporting opportunities with our students competing at a national level across a number of sports, either as individuals or as part of a MSB representative team.

coach our girls at these competitions to ensure that they are well prepared and successful. We have been fortunate to also incorporate the skills of local representative and even international coaches for some of our representative teams.

Our Intermediate Touch and Knock-Out Athletics teams competed at Australian Championships on the Sunshine Coast and in Canberra respectively, after qualifying at lead up competitions against strong opposition. Individually Caitlin Walsh (Year 9, Swimming), Elly Gallagher (Year 11, Athletics) and Amie Bowrey (Year 9, Athletics) gained selection into NSW All Schools teams that competed at Australian school competitions.

At each competition, even when competing interstate, it is great to see so many parents supporting our teams and sharing in our celebrations and memory making.

MSB teams currently hold six titles after our Junior Basketball, Swimming, Junior Netball, Intermediate Netball, Athletics, and Intermediate touch won BBSSSA or regional titles. Special mention must go to our Intermediate Netball team who were undefeated NSW CCC champions. The core of this team has only lost two games in four years.

This year’s Pierre de Coubertin recipient was Kirsten Simpson (Year 12) who has represented us in Athletics, Soccer, Triathlon, Surf Lifesaving, Tennis and Cross Country culminating with her selection into the NSW CCC Cross Country team, always competing with great sportsmanship and exhibiting thorough enjoyment. She combined with her fellow Sports Captain, Jessica Griffith, and other sports portfolio members to implement new initiatives such as ‘Olympic Day’ and retain other traditional events such as the ‘Big Skip’ for students.

We had 20 students gain individual selection into pathway teams across a wide range of sports - Swimming (14), Touch (2), Soccer (1), Cricket (1), and Cross Country (2). A number of girls also represented NSW Combined Catholic Colleges in 2016.

In this Summer Olympic Games year, where the key values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence are encouraged across the sporting world, it has again been a pleasure to be an eyewitness to our students embodying these values as they represent MSB.

Our students have been guided by experienced and committed teaching staff, volunteering their time to select, train and

Mrs Karen Grant Representative Sports Coordinator


Athletics MSB Under 17 Knock-Out (KO) Athletics Team progressed to the Australian All Schools KO Championships in Canberra. This is the sixth consecutive year that our teams have progressed to these national level championships. MSB athletes were Intermediate and Senior Divisional winners, finishing with the highest overall point score to be BBSSSA Champions. Amie Bowrey (Year 9) was the Under 15 BBSSSA Age Champion. Amie and Elly Gallagher (Year 11) competed at the Australian All Schools Athletics Championship as members of the NSW All Schools team.

MSB Representative Athletics Team Front Row: Elissa Tocher, Maggie Gibbeson, Emily Khachaturian, Adelle Thomas, Melika Yasrebi, Ella Tavner, Lillian Ward, Olivia-Rose Tarantolo, Taylor Bassett, Grace Michell Second Row: Mrs K. Grant, Elly Gallagher, Sophie Hill, Hana Maxwell, Lucy Pratt, Kassidy Grant, Bethany Easton, Charlotte Lowery, Alicia John, Sarah Michell, Madeleine Smith Third Row: Kiera Walkerden, Jessica Corcoran, Jenna Jardine, Kirsten Simpson, Olivia Taylor, Lauren Thompson, Jemma Gallagher, Jasmine Rheinberger, Grace Michie Fourth Row: Amie Bowrey, Shannyn Bissett, Jade Pond, Valeria Bablinyuk, Zoe Fajemisin, Jessica Smillie, Azel Yilmaz, Sophie Keegan Fifth Row: Courtney Harkin, Madison Lever, Samantha Dale, Capri Vidler, Mikaela Quinlan, Mia Besley, Jemma McCabe Absent: Sophia Cleveringa, Isabelle Natoli, Alexandra Savenko

Softball Six MSB students represented BBSSSA at the NSW CCC Softball Championships at Milperra in Term One. It was very exciting that MSB students comprised half of this team.

MSB Representative Softball Team Front Row: Jessica Tong, Amie Tilley, Hannah Breytenbach Second Row: Natalie Tong, Caitlin Wilde, Tiffani Bassett



Basketball • The MSB Representative Junior team coached by Chloe Matthews (Year 11) were BBSSSA Champions.

• The Junior and Intermediate teams finished as Runners Up in the Plate Division Final at the NSW CCC Championships.

• The MSB Intermediate and Senior Representative Teams were BBSSSA Runners Up.

MSB Representative Junior Basketball Team BBSSSA Champions Front Row: Madison Lever, Mikaela Quinlan, Bronte Corke, Keira Walkerden Second Row: Chloe Matthews (Coach), Renita Royce, Taylor Kueh, Alannah Lichaa, Amira Zeitoun

MSB Representative Intermediate Representative Basketball Team BBSSSA Runners Up Front Row: Capri Vidler, Grace Nicholson, Lara Nicholson, Kelsey Curtin Second Row: Madeleine Emmett Duignan, Alice Woodrow, Serina Saad, Jessica Barr, Jesse Smith, Mrs Christina He (Coach)

MSB Representative Senior Representative Basketball Team BBSSSA Runners Up Front Row: Sarah-Jane Eades, Sabine Spiller, Sarah-Jane Arns, Alana Bainy Second Row: Mrs Emma Forbes (Coach), Georgia Toohey, Madeline Fernando, Grace Logan, Chloe Matthews


Cross Country MSB won the Under 15, 16, 17 and 18 team events at the BBSSSA championships. Capri Vidler (Year 10) was the Under 16 BBSSSA Champion and then went on to finish in the top 10 runners in her age group at the NSW All Schools Championships. 11 MSB runners competed at the NSW CCC Championships with Capri and Jessica Corcoran (Year 12) then continuing to compete at the NSW All Schools Championships.

MSB Representative Cross Country Team Front Row: Grace Michell, Kiera Maxwell, Sarah Michell, Natalie Santelli, Hannah Breytenbach, Alicia John, Adelle Thomas, Grace Michie, Grace Campbell, Megan Bygrave, Elissa Tocher Second Row: Jade Pond, Jemma Gallagher, Georgia Garment, Natali Kelava, Capri Vidler, Bronte Corke, Samantha Dale, Nicole Crowley, Maddison Gardoni, Jesse Smith, Rebecca Wood, Mrs K. Grant Third Row: Jessica Griffith, Jessica Corcoran, Caitlin Poile, Kirsten Simpson, Courtney Harkin, Jemma McCabe, Sarah-Jane Eades, Olivia Boxwell, Elly Gallagher Absent: Sophia Cleveringa, Charlotte Lowery



Netball • Best Catholic team in NSW: The MSB Representative Intermediate team coached by Mrs Walsh finished as undefeated NSW CCC Champions, our Junior team coached by Mrs Grant were Runners Up. • The MSB Representative Year 7 team were BBSSSA Runners Up, whilst our Senior team were BBSSSA Semi-Finalists.

MSB Representative Year 7 Netball Team BBSSSA Runners Up Front Row: Lucy Pratt, Bethany Easton, Jacinta Flynn, Mia Besley, Olivia Giacomelli (Co-Coach) Second Row: Elizabeth Murray, Adelle Thomas, Jessica Tyzack, Sarah Michell, Abby Hester Absent: Rachel Takchi (Co-coach)

MSB Representative Junior Netball Team Broken Bay Undefeated Champions Front Row: Olivia McKenzie, Bronte Corke, Mikaela Quinlan, Mia Helm, Zoe Fajemisin Second Row: Michaella Hourican, Bianca Raad, Aimee Topfer, Chelsea McGregor, Mrs Karen Grant (Coach)

MSB Representative Intermediate Netball Team Undefeated NSWCCC Champions Front Row: Claudia McKenzie, Capri Vidler, Sasha Savenko, Georgia Dean, Elise Bond Second Row: Mrs Julie Walsh (Coach), Kassidy Grant, Annie Dittmar, Kyara Waaijer, Shannyn Bissett

MSB Senior Representative Netball Team Front Row: Molly Dover, Rachel Takchi, Charlie Folkard, Piper McEwen Second Row: Miss Lisa Clarke (Coach), Freya Koutchavlis, Alyson McGrath, Courtney Harkin, Ashleigh McDonald, Erin Frost


Soccer • Jasmine Boudib (Year 12), Alex Black (Year 11), Shannyn Bissett (Year 10), Maddison Gardoni (Year 10) and Kate Barry (Year 10) gained selection into the Open Broken Bay Soccer Team, with Alex then selected into the NSW CCC Open Soccer Team. • The MSB Open team were BBSSSA Semi-finalists.

MSB Representative Under 13 Soccer Team Front Row: Mr John Saleh (Manager), Maggie Gibbeson, Amy Harkin, Elise Brooke, Elise Schaafsma-Fullick (Co-coach) Second Row: Grace Campbell, Lauren Hargraves, Amy Gibbons, Alani Pond (Co-coach) Third Row: Georgia Togher, Melika Yasrebi, Angelina Wehbe, Mia Haarsma, Paris Leonard, Isabella Hurst Absent: Esha Hatiskar

MSB Representative Under 15 Soccer Team Front Row: Ella Lehmann, Alexandra Gagg Second Row: Tammy Zaiter, Jasmine Rheinberger, Elizabeth Black, Jade Pond, Lauren Simpson, Taylor Kueh Third Row: Isabelle Natoli, Hannah Burton, Caitlin Sultana, Annie Stewart, Grace Goracz, Maggie Callinan, Mackenzie Wilson, Ms Rebecca Enright (Coach)

MSB Representative Open Soccer Team BBSSSA Semi-Finalists Front Row: Jasmine Boudib, Renee Khamis, Ella Lehmann, Kirsten Simpson, Kate Barry, Sarah Farrell, Maddison Gardoni, Lauren Thompson Second Row: Grace Qassis, Brianna Taylor, Hannah Breytenbach, Lucy Koelmeyer, Alex Black, Daniela Taylor, Shannyn Bissett, Adelaide Qassis, Mr Kevin Jones (Coach)



Swimming MSB were BBSSSA overall champions and 14 of our students progressed to NSW All Schools level. Caitlin Walsh (Year 9) broke the Under 15 All Schools 50m Breast Stroke record earning her selection to compete at the School Sport Australia Championships in Darwin in Term Three. MSB Senior Team relay members (Jessica Marcer Year 12, Olivia Bygrave Year 12, Olivia Taylor Year 12, Armelle Kolton Year 12 and Rachael Fraietta Year 12) established new BBSSSA records in both the Senior Medley and Freestyle relays and then went on to win both of these events at the NSW CCC Championships to become the best Senior Team in NSW Catholic Schools. Our Junior relay teams (Georgia Platts Year 7, Grace Michell Year 7, Sophie Cook Year 7, Nicole Sanders Year 7 and Christina Kwon Year 8) also established new BBSSSA records in both the Medley and Freestyle events. Georgia Platts (Year 7) was the Under 13 BBSSSA Age Champion.

Golf Olivia Kerr and Sophie Cilento competed at the BBSSSA Golf Championships with Sophie winning the Nett competition and Olivia finishing second overall.

MSB Representative Golf Left to Right: Sophie Cilento and Olivia Kerr


MSB Representative Swimming Team Front Row: Grace Michell, Emelia Smith, Christina Kwon, Tiana Moore, Sophie Cook, Melika Yasrebi, Megan Bygrave Second Row: Olivia Bygrave, Georgia Platts, Jessica Marcer, Armelle Kolton, Olivia Taylor, Caitlin Sultana, Rachael Fraietta, Mrs K. Grant Third Row: Alicia Marcer, Georgia Garment, Bronte Corke, Madeleine Emmett Duignan, Caitlin Walsh, Nicole Sanders Absent: Imogen Pfeffercorn

Water Polo Our girls competed at the BBSSSA Championships.

MSB Representative Water Polo Team Front Row L to R: Nicole Sanders, Sara-Jane Arns, Chelsey Griffin, Georgia Garment, Shannyn Bissett Second Row: Madeleine Smith, Alicia Marcer, Alexandra Ho, Rachel Tingey, Kahlee Doyle (Coach)

Cricket Kate Barry (Year 10) competed at the NSW All Schools Cricket Championships. This is the second consecutive year that Kate has gained selection into the NSW CCC Open Girls Cricket team.

Tennis Our Junior team were BBSSSA Runners Up and our Open team were BBSSSA Semi Finalists. Front Row: Katherine Spencer, Emma Assaf Second Row: Amy Harkin, Mikaela Love, Lucy Koelmeyer, Sarah Assaf



Triathlon This is always our largest representative team and yet again the College had around 100 students form teams to compete in very hot conditions at the NSW All Schools Triathlon Teams event.

MSB Representative Triathlon Team Tina Aganovic, Christine Anderson, Isabella Arends, Shannyn Bissett, Genevieve Boyd, Molly Breatnach, Hannah Breytenbach, Sophie Burnett, Megan Bygrave, Laura Camilleri, Sophie Cann, Briana Clements, Jessica Clements, Sophia Cleveringa, Abbie Coleiro, Sophie Cook, Jessica Corcoran, Bronte Corke, Sabrina Croker, Emma Day, Georgia Dean, Yasmin Dicker, Gillian Diekman, Isabel Doorn, Bethany Easton, Annalise El Khoury, Maria Fahmy, Zoe Fajemisin, Sarah Findlay,Elly Gallagher, Jemma Gallagher, Ella Garabedian, Georgia Garment, Kassidy Grant, Jessica Griffith,Ellen Hall, Courtney Harkin, Caitlin Harris, Alexandra Ho, Michaella Hourican, Paige Iwatani, Jenna Jardine, Alicia John, Olivia Kalocsai, Genevieve Khoo, Sophie Klopper, Armelle Kolton, Mia Le Lay, Alicia Marcer, Jessica Marcer, Rachael Marren, Kiera Maxwell, Jemma McCabe, Ashleigh McDonald, Chelsea McGregor, Ellen McGurk, Claudia McKenzie, Grace Michell, Sarah Michell, Grace Michie, Alyssa Mitchell, Julia Murray, Jasmin O’Connell, Tamika O’Connell, Lucy Pratt, Lucinda Prescott, Georgia Quick, Mikaela Quinlan, Nicole Sanders, Kirsten Simpson, Jesse Smith, Madeleine Smith, Caitlin Sultana, Alana Sylvester, Madeleine Sylvester, Olivia Taylor, Adelle Thomas, Jessica Tyzack, Capri Vidler, Kyara Waaijer, Lillian Ward, Rebecca Waterfield, Alexandra Yazbeck

Surf Lifesaving MSB competed at the BBSSSA Championships at Terrigal.

Left to Right: Tamika O’Connell, Alicia Marcer, Capri Vidler, Mia Besley, Ella Garabedian Absent: Rose Leavey, Jess Barr


Touch The MSB Intermediate Touch Team won the Parramatta Regional NSW All Schools Championships to qualify for the Australian Schools Championships held on the Sunshine Coast in Term Three. Year 9 students Annie Dittmar and Alice Woodrow and Year 10 students Capri Vidler, Julia Zubak and Shannyn Bissett were selected into the BBSSSA Representative Teams with Shannyn and Julia then gaining selection into NSW CCC teams.

MSB Representative Under 13 Touch Team BBSSSA Semi Finalists Front Row: Abbey Hester, Amy Harkin, Sophie Hill, Elizabeth Boxwell, Sophie Williams, Adelle Thomas Second Row: Renee Khamis (Co-coach), Madeleine Sylvester, Hannah Wheeler, Ellen Hall, Christina Marren, Elise Brooke, Kiera Maxwell, Capri Vidler (Co-coach)

MSB Representative Under 15 Touch Team Front Row L to R Jesse Smith, Keisha Murray, Meg Tyler, Annie Dittmar, Jade Pond, Jessica Barr Second Row L to R Julia Zubak, Alice Woodrow, Amy Stuart, Caitlyn Hodges, Bianca Raad, Grace Michie, Mr David Greenwell (Coach)

MSB Representative Open Touch Team BBSSSA Semi Finalists Front Row:Georgia Dean, Courtney Harkin, Capri Vidler, Olivia Taylor, Claudia McKenzie, Charlie Folkard Second Row:Renee Khamis, Maddison Gardoni, Brittany Haskins, Kassidy Grant, Shannyn Bissett, Sophia Cleveringa, Mrs Briohny Hickey (Coach)

MSB Representative Intermediate Touch team Australian Schools Championships Qualifying Team Front Row L to R Annie Dittmar, Jessica Barr, Meg Tyler, Capri Vidler, Kassidy Grant, Sophia Cleveringa Second Row L to R Bianca Raad, Jade Pond, Alice Woodrow, Jesse Smith, Georgia Dean, Kate Barry, Julia Zubak, Lindsay Mills



Co-Curricular Sport MSB GIRLS WERE KEPT VERY BUSY in 2016 with their co-curricular sport teams. We competed in the Barker Invitational Touch Football Competition, Hills Summer Basketball Competition, Hornsby District Softball Association, North West Sydney Women’s Football Association, Hills District Netball Association, Hills Winter Basketball Association, Parramatta Touch Football Association, Loreto Invitational Touch Football Competition, North West Sydney Secondary Schools Tennis Challenge and numerous equestrian events including the NSW Interschool Equestrian Championships.

MSB 14 and MSB 17 Touch Football; B4, 14/1 and 13/4 Netball. One of the most pleasurable aspects of my role is attending various games of all the sports. The determination, skills and spirit shown by the girls, the support and cheering by the parents, and above all, the smiles on the girls’ faces as they shake hands with their opposition at the end of the game, regardless of the results, is something that continues to make me proud of our girls. I was once asked what I thought to be the most important thing for a team to do, my response was to keep smiling and enjoy the game. Anything after that is a bonus.

Throughout the course of the year there are over 500 players across more than 50 teams supported by over 100 coaches, managers and other team officials! It is with a great deal of appreciation we say thank you to all in our community who have been involved in sport at Bennies in 2016. We have such a generous community of parents, ex-students, senior students and friends who wholeheartedly give their time to get these teams on the courts and fields each week.

Mrs Rebecca Lewis Co-curricular Sports Coordinator

There are so many who put in many hours to ensure the girls have a wonderful experience as part of a Bennies team. While we are always happy to come away with the trophies at the end of the season, the journey along the way is what makes being part of a Bennies team such a memorable experience. Thank you to all who have shown their true Bennies spirit this year. Congratulations to our grand final winning teams this year: Under 22, Under 18, and Under 17 Basketball; MSB 4, MSB 23,

Age Champions SWIMMING CARNIVAL Junior 1st Georgia Platts 2nd Christina Kwon 3rd Grace Michell Intermediate 1st Madeleine EmmettDuignan 2nd Caitlin Sultana 3rd Georgia Garment Senior 1st Jessica Marcer 2nd Armelle Kolton 3rd Olivia Taylor

ATHLETICS CARNIVAL School Champion 1st Georgia Platts 2nd Madeleine EmmettDuignan 3rd Christina Kwon House Participation 1st Montserrat 2nd Terracina 3rd Monte Cassino 4th Maredsous Champion House 1st Montserrat 2nd Arcadia 3rd Maredsous 4th Terracina War Cry 1st Monte Cassino


Junior 1st Sarah Michell 2nd Bethany Easton 3rd Adelle Thomas Intermediate 1st Amie Bowrey 2nd Jade Pond 3rd Valeria Bablinyak Senior 1st Shannyn Bissett 2nd Courtney Harkin 3rd Capri Vidler School Champion 1st Shannyn Bissett 2nd Amie Bowrey 3rd Courtney Harkin

CROSS COUNTRY House Participation 1st Arcadia 2nd Stanbrook 3rd Terracina 4th Monte Cassino Champion House 1st Montserrat 2nd Stanbrook 3rd Monte Cassino 4th Terracina

Junior 1st Grace Michell 2nd Nicole Crowley 3rd Sarah Micelll Intermediate 1st Gemma Gallagher 2nd Samantha Dale 3rd Jesse Smith Senior 1st Capri Vidler 2nd Elly Gallagher 3rd Jessica Corcoran Champion House 1st Montserrat 2nd Terracina 3rd Stanbrook 4th Subiaco


Hills Basketball Under 22 Summer Competition Runners Up Front Row: Annaliese Pigott, Sabine Spiller, Georgia Toohey, Grace Logan

Hills Basketball Under 18 Summer Competition Grand Final Winners

Second Row: Madeline Fernando, Isabella Graczyk Van Herk, Madeleine Abbott, Cassandra Obeid

Left to Right: Jesse Smith, Sabine Spiller, Isabella Graczyk Van Herk, Cassandra Obeid, Lauren Cordell, Christine Merhi

Absent: Miss G. Morris (Coach), Emily McKnight, Kirstie North

Absent: Mr J. Harvey (Coach), Lara Nicholson

Hills Basketball Under 17 Summer Competition Grand Final Winners and Winter Competition Runners Up Left to Right: Serina Saad, Jesse Smith, Kyara Waaijer, Isabella Graczyk Van Herk, Cassandra Obeid, Sabine Spiller, Annaliese Pigott Absent: Mr J. Harvey (Coach), Emily McKnight, Lara Nicholson

Hills Basketball Under 16 Front Row: Catherine Kim, Maree Saba, Diminika Drezins, Chelsea Rah, Samantha Zhang Second Row: Xinjun (Doris) Li, Indya Marques, Dusana Barker, Jane Wang, Annika Cheeseman Absent: Mr L. Baxter (Coach)

Hills Basketball Under 16 Front Row: Montana James, Laura Diblasio, Alexandra Gagg, Tammy Zaiter Second Row: Tatiana Cahuana-Keyanian, Rhiannon Moore, Samantha Dale, Cassandra Obeid Absent: Miss M. Barrow (Coach)

Hills Basketball Under 15 Front Row: Alexandra Ho, Charlotte Casey, Irene Tyler, Nicole Sroba, Jasmine Rheinberger Second Row: Molly Abbott, Hannah Graczyk Van Herk, Grace Weihen, Myah Demasi Absent: Mr M. Graczyk (Coach), Mr L. Baxter (Coach), Ebony Miller, Tammy Zaiter



Softball Softball Div 3 Storms Front Row: Lauren Baker, Madeline Williams, Sophie Dale, Tegan Wing Second Row: Sophie Keegan, Myah Demasi, Caitlin Darcy, Hannah Blanch Absent: Emily Aston, Gabriella Aston, Sarah-Jane Grima, Alexandra Olson, Sophie Williams

Tennis North West Sydney Secondary Schools Tennis Challenge Back: Kimberley Spencer, Sophia Jandrlic, Danielle Moralas, Paris Leonard, Alexandra Micallef, Ciara Bizzanelli, Amelia Dunkerley, Mikaela Love, Audrey McLachlan, Stephanie Cerreto, Cassandra Lee Front: Danielle Wilson, Mia Hourigan, Madeline Ellis, Emma Assaf, Sarah Assaf, Jessica Tyzack, Amy Harkin, Kelly Tintinger, Hannah McAdam


Absent: Molly Breatnach, Tatiana Cahuana-Keyanian, Abbey-Rose Coules, Lauren Dadios, Laura Diblasio, Olivia Giacomelli, Courtney Harkin, Emily Hunter, Isabella Joseph, Jemma McCabe, Madeleine Smith

Soccer MSB Under 13 Front Row: Grace Campbell, Georgia Togher, Emma Dubos, Abbey Waters, Alvina Hasty, Tara Le Large, Lauren Hargreaves Second Row: Angelique Suyko, Alexandra Bugg, Lauryn Thomas, Paris Leonard, Mia Haarsma, Georgia Criss, Ella Le Patourel Absent: Mr S. Thomas (Coach), Sarah McGettigan

MSB Under 14 Front Row: Paige Iwatani, Annabelle Sghabi, Eliza Brown, Maggie Callinan, Sophia Galluzzo, Sophia Cummins, Rosario Perez-Christie Second Row: Danielle Gonsalves, Madison Lever, Georgia Moait, Shannon Compton, Taylor Kueh, Angelina Wehbe, Mrs D. Andrechek (Coach) Absent: Emily Matthews, Casey Oliver, Chelsea Taylor

MSB Under 16 Front Row: Hannah Burton, Chiara Fenech, Sarah Kerr, Grace Greenwood, Hannah Mason, Montana James, Brittney Williams Second Row: Jessica Howes, Eliza Hayman, Natalia Bennett, Rhiannon Moore, Amy-Tarryn Rowberry, Claire Dean, Sophie Lovell Absent: Mr J. Rowberry (Coach), Gabriella Fimmano



Touch MSB 1 Barker Touch Left to Right: Danielle Moralas, Charli-Rose Fellew, Rosemarie Butel, Hayley Johnson, Freya Koutchavlis, Emily Hendry Absent: Hanna Adamthwaite, Sabrina Tate

MSB 2 Barker Touch Front Row: Rachael Marren, Anna Cate Macoustra, Sabrina Croker, Ella Lehmann Second Row: Alana Sylvester, Georgia Dean, Brooke Bolgoff, Rachael Raheb Absent: Mr M. Macoustra (Coach), Caitlin Kelly

MSB 3 Barker Touch Front Row: Jessica Barr, Alexandra Soliman, Rebecca Waterfield, Claire Dean Second Row: Amy Stuart, Caitlyn Dunk, Rebecca Wood, Natalie Winiarski


MSB 4 Barker Touch Grand Final Winners Front Row: Annie Stewart, Eliza Hayman, Olivia Staal, Sophie Cilento, Olivia Doorn Second Row: Naomi Sheather, Sophie Hayman, Georgia Garment, Mrs D. Andrechek (Coach)

MSB 5 Barker Touch Front Row: Tiffany Krkac, Hannah Stephens, Jessica Fong, Grace Waddingham Second Row: Natalie Santelli, Nicola Dunkerley, Tameela Vijay, Georgia Sella Absent: Miss M. Bergfield (Coach), Hannah Neylan

MSB 6 Barker Touch Front Row: Christina Marren, Tenee Arthur, Isabella Arends, Sophie Williams Second Row: Catherine Elgood, Natalia Bennett, Shannon Compton, Annabelle Hendry Absent: Mr A. Marren (Coach)



MSB 7 Parramatta Touch Left to Right: Lindsay Mills (coach), Tahlia Duff, Annaliese Pigott, Lily Hurst, Claire Horton, Chelsey Griffin, Abbey Harris, Nicola Dunkerley, Lucy Koelmeyer, Elise Schaafsma-Fullick, Shannyn Bissett, Absent: Phoenix Douglas

MSB 8 Parramatta Touch Left to Right: Natalie Santelli, Hannah Neylan, Jessica Fong, Grace Waddingham, Tameela Vijay, Hannah Stephens, Anne Younis, Annika Joson, Carina Van Der Heyde Kareena Trikam Absent: Breanna Frendo (coach)

MSB 9 Parramatta Touch Left to Right: Jaime Yazbeck, Madeleine Emmett Duignan, Juliet Wearne, Absent: Charlotte Brennan, Brittany Haskins (coach), Isabella Tabone (coach), Kate Barry, Renee Khamis, Isabella Nati, Tammy Zaiter, Alanna Zeaiter, eorgia Zeaiter

MSB 10 Parramatta Touch Grand Final Runners Up Left to Right: Annaliese Pigott (coach), Caitlin Zwaine, Alanah Kawtal, Chelsea Taylor, Madison Lever, Molly Abbott, Annalise El Khoury, Daniela Frketic, Lily Hurst (coach), Nicola Dunkerley (coach), Absent: Maddy Bergfield (mentor), Isabella Arends, Shannon Compton, Isabella Joseph, Eve Zamora


MSB 11 Parramatta Touch Left to Right: Chelsey Griffin Coach, Claire Horton Coach, Lillian Ward, Molly Koelmeyer, Stephanie Zeaiter, Irene Tyler, Beth Harris, Alicia John, Grace Michie, Sophia Cummins, Megan Bygrave, Absent: Abbey Harris Coach, Breanna Frendo Coach, Hannah Carr, Abbie Coleiro

MSB 12 Loreto Touch Left to Right: Tameela Vijay, Caitlin Kelly, Hannah Wright, Georgia Dean, Hayley Johnson, Jessica Vijay, Rosemarie Butel, Danielle Moralas, Absent: Alana Sylvester, Tiffany Krkac

MSB 13 Loreto Touch Grand Final Winners Left to Right: Rose Leavey, Amy Stuart, Alice Woodrow, Piper Eddington, Chloe Withford, Jessica Barr, Natalie Winiarski, Jasmin O’Connell

MSB 14 Loreto Touch Grand Final Winners Left to Right: Sophie Cilento, Annie Stewart, Naomi Sheather, Olivia Staal, Anna Todhunter, Sophie Hayman, Valeria Bablinyuk, Eliza Hayman, Olivia Doorn



MSB 15 Loreto Touch Left to Right: Christina Marren, Amelie Skinner, Emma Wilkinson, Charlie Prestage, Annabelle Hendry, Isabel Grech, Wayne Grech – Coach

MSB 16 Loreto Touch Left to Right: Grace Campbell, Anthea Johnson, Ella Le Patourel, Georgia Criss, Mia Haarsma, Abbey Waters, Lauryn Thomas, Mia Hourigan, Tara Le Large, Lauren Hargreaves, Chloe Neylan

MSB 17 Loreto Touch Grand Final Winners Left to Right: Natalie Santelli – Coach, Emma McLaren, Megan Rosenblum, Elizabeth Murray, Matilda Davidson, Mia Le Lay, Olivia Banfield, Zoe Wells, Alexandra Bugg, Jessica Breatnach, Emily Riach

MSB 18 Loreto Touch Runners Up Left to Right: Grace Murray, Emma Dunn, Maggie Gibbeson, Isabel Doorn, Lucy Pratt, Mia Besley, Eve Zamora, Veronique Michel, Madeleine Sylvester, Emma Day



MSB 1 B3

MSB 2 B4 Grand Final Winners

Left to Right: Jessica Griffith, Kate Smith, Marnie Lamb, Natalie Thomas, Zoe McIntyre, Emily Bannon, Erika Mendes, Emma Smith, Alex Watts

Left to Right: Rachel Drake, Georgia Toohey, Taylor Duff, Emily Cheeseman, Chantelle Cockran, Laura Page, Grace Logan, Matilda Drake

Absent: Nikki Watts (Manager), Emma Knight

Absent: Katie Breen, Claire Gould

MSB 3 Cadet 2 Left to Right: Georgia Sella, Aisling Purcell, Madison McMahon, Lily Hurst, Emily Hall, Jessica Naylor, Laura Gould Absent: Brooke Nugent (Coach), Catherine McMahon (Manager), Louise Campbell, Tahlia Duff

MSB 7 C3

MSB 5 Cadet 4 Left to Right: Christine Stephens (Manager), Grace Waddingham, Imojen Willey, Alexandra Maher, Tameela Vijay, Amy-Tarryn Rowberry, Hannah Stephens, Kirstin Rowberry (Coach) Absent: Chelsey Griffin, Eshaa Sood, Alethea Tomlinson

MSB 8 Cadet 5

Left to Right: Madeline Thompson, Heike Chui, Hannah McKnight, Chloe Saker

Left to Right: Michelle Tan, Sarah O’Connell, Nicola Dunkerley, Erin King, Sabrina Croker, Brittney Williams, Chiara Fenech, Ella Hanich (Coach)

Absent: Hayley Bowen, Francesca Fimmano, Taylah Hurst, Joanna Keen, Erin Montgomery, Giorgia Populin

Absent: Jasmine Baron, Charlotte Brennan, Isabella Lewandowski



MSB 9 15/1

MSB 10 15/4

Left to Right: Rose Leavey, Sophie Lovell, Amy Stuart, Laura Diblasio, Alice Woodrow, Kelsey Stokes, Isabella Graiche

Left to Right: Tameela Vijay (Coach), Jessica White, Jacinta Messina, Rachael Chow, Caitlyn Dunk, Trinity Gosper, Abbey McIntyre, Jane Wang, Katya Mendes, Danielle Toubji, Grace Waddingham (Coach)

Absent: Darryl Stokes (Coach), Carmel Stuart (Manager), Georgia Fox, Piper Eddington, Isabella Spataro

MSB 11 15/4 Left to Right: Imojen Willey (Coach), Elisa Zarriello, Catherine Elgood, Patricia Dobles, Emma Shehab, Katherine Madden, Annika Cheeseman, Lucy Porvaznik, Ella Hames, Rabia Rasul, Amy-Tarryn Rowberry (Coach) Absent: Aishani Mathur

MSB 12 14/1 Grand Final Winners Left to Right: Rebecca Khamis, Elisha Gomes, Bianca Raad, Genevieve Boyd, Ebony Miller, Stephanie Zeaiter, Claire Matthews, Jade Satuala, Isabella Arends, Roger Miller (Coach) Absent: Louise Matthews (Manager)

MSB 13 14/1

MSB 14 14/2

Left to Right: Laura O’Connell, Georgina Chan, Lisa Griffith, Emma Baker, Victoria Bannon, Sophia Cummins, Elise Beldoza, Madeline Bannon (Coach)

Left to Right: Rosario Perez-Christie, Billie Lloyd-James, Amy Martin, Caitlin McCormack, Erin Johnston, Amelie Skinner, Isabella Grassi, Annalise El Khoury, Renee Tourlas, Emily Hall (Coach)

Absent: Melissa Griffith (Manager), Annabelle Hendry, Sarah O’Sullivan, Nicole Sroba


Absent: Tahlia Duff (Coach), Hilary Thomas (Manager), Abbie Coleiro

MSB 15 14/3 Left to Right: Sylvana Boyd (Coach), Alanah Kawtal, Emma Wilkinson, Harriette Cusack, Anna Garment, Paris Nwabuokei, Dinara Janaratne, Ariel Fabian, Ella Billington, Stephanie Calabrese, Fiona Billington (Manager) Absent: Isabella Corrao

MSB 16 14/3 Grand Final Runners Up Left to Right: Patricia Dobles (Coach), Marianna Medalla, Sarah Wadih, Sophie Dale, Cecilia Cullen, Ashley Dilworth, Jacqueline Notley-Rumbens, Isabel Grech, Annika Cheeseman (Coach) Absent: Sharon Dilworth (Manager), Jiannah Bechara

MSB 17 13/2

MSB 18 13/3

Left to Right: Mia Hourigan, Abbey Waters, Matilda Davidson, Mackenzie Miedler, Madeline Bannon (Coach)

Left to Right: Jessica Breatnach, Eve Zamora, Sohara Janaratne, Juliana Azzi, Clarissa McLean, Chelsea Wenaden

Absent: Vicki Miedler (Manager), Elizabeth Murray, Grace Murray, Hannah Cox, Justine Malik

Absent: Lauren Wilkes (Coach), Claudia Azzi (Manager), Sophie Campbell, Claire McNamara, Eloise Wilkes

MSB 19 13/4 Grand Final Winners Left to Right: Emma Shehab (Coach), Sarah McLachlan, Molly Connaghan, Chelsea Francis, Emily Barton, Olivia Banfield, Ella Tavner, Jessica White (Coach), Trinity Gosper (Coach) Absent: Renee Connaghan (Manager), Tea-Rose Banting, Daniela Frketic, Salomi Gomes

MSB 20 13/4 Left to Right: Danielle Toubji (Coach), Samantha Jensen, Lauren Vanderwaals, Emma Polley, Ananya Sharma, Charlotte Thornhill, Ella Kate Leahy, Emily Madden, Chloe Geromboux, Gemma Steen, Abbey McIntyre (Coach) Absent: Leeanne Steen (Manager)



Beyond Bennies IT WAS AN INSPIRING MORNING as the College welcomed back three ex-students to share their career journeys at the annual Beyond Bennies Assembly. Each had a story to tell about how Mount St Benedict College influenced their career. Former College Captain, Julia Calixto (Class of 2005), Melanie Drayton (nee Simpson, Class of 1993) and Catherine Holliday (Class of 1994) entertained the MSB community with their stories, experiences and guidance from their varied careers. With a common passion for human rights and caring for others, each of the speakers are modelling Benedictine values to this very day. Melanie Drayton shared stories about her start in the legal field, working in the not-for-profit sector in roles relating to imprisoned parents and juvenile justice. She found her time working at The Yasmar Juvenile Detention Centre particularly challenging but she found that the values instilled in her, particularly from her time at Bennies, helped her care for those through the legal system who had little or no support. A nursing career led Catherine Holliday to some valuable overseas opportunities including ten years working in Switzerland with the United Nations (UN), Australian

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, UNICEF and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation. Catherine’s work at the UN was made possible due to her German language studies at MSB! Catherine’s great passion for research blossomed with her “enquiring mind” wanting to know more about her patient’s care with cancer. Four years ago she took a leap of faith and established a charity, The Centre for Community Driven Research, ensuring that feedback from patients is valued and heard in health research and development. Julia Calixto, currently a journalist at SBS advised that “you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities, be prepared to do anything for your dream job in media”. She wasn’t discouraged by her first knock back, as persistence, patience and flexibility opened doors to her ideal role. With practical tips for girls keen for a start in the media industry, Julia recommended they “start now, write a blog, write stories, do photography and this way you will know if this is something you know you want to do.” Each speaker drove home the message to be conscientious, listen, engage and interact with others. They also emphasised that the HSC is not the end of the road, to do your best and that there are always other avenues to getting to your end goal.

Left to right: Molly Dover (2016 Communications Captain), Julia Calixto (Class of 2005), Melanie Drayton (Class of 1993), Catherine Holliday (Class of 1994), Jessica Micallef (MSBESA President) and Kate Smith (2016 Communications Captain).


Parents and Friends

The College’s Jubilee year has been one of extraordinary celebration where we have joined together on multiple occasions to celebrate the rich heritage and future vision of Bennies. Throughout the year a variety of social, educational and liturgical celebrations have seen parents involved in their daughter’s school life. The beginning of the year is always busy for the Parent and Friends P&F; our first function, the Welcome BBQ for Year 7 students and their families, is a great occasion for the entire community. House leaders ensure that the new students are inducted into their House with great spirit and gusto whilst the P&F prepare a BBQ dinner for the new families. The parent support for Open Day in March was a wonderful opportunity to extend hospitality to the broader community who are considering the College for their daughter’s education. The (P&F) ran two educational seminars throughout the year. The topics covered were Cyber Bullying and living with Mental Illness. Both seminars were well attended and the expertise of the NSW Police and Head Space displayed the resources available to support dealing with these issues. The P&F support the College financially through the disbursement of the fundraising levy. Some of the P&F’s key contributions this year have been the installation of the air conditioning in H Block and the digital signage at the main entrance to the College. The P&F is planning to support the fit out and additional resources for the College’s new Hildegard Centre. This new building will enable the students to benefit

from a state-of-the-art centre that accommodates both the core curriculum and extra-curricular requirements in the visual and performing arts. I would like to thank the other members of the P&F Executive for their ongoing support and generosity, Vice President - Francis Bindschedler, Secretary- Karen Farrell, Treasurer - Greg Smith, Parent Support Network Coordinator - Margie Drake and Social Coordinator - Christa Silvia. These individuals have contributed a significant amount of time to ensure that the College community is a welcoming, dynamic and supportive one. To the school leadership team, Maria Pearson, Jackie Duncan, John Muskovits, Paul Lentern and Guy Fitzsimons, our heartfelt thanks for your support of the P&F. The ability to work together to achieve the best possible facilities and learning experiences for the girls has been most rewarding. To the teaching, support, administration, canteen and maintenance staff, your assistance and dedication is always greatly appreciated. It has been my pleasure to be part of the P&F as both Vice President and President over the last six years. The College is a wonderful educational and faith community and the spirit of justice that it enriches our daughters with is a vital and necessary gift for Australian society. May the spirit and wisdom of St Benedict continue to guide the MSB community always. Damien Piggott  P&F President



Information and Communication Technology (ICT) 2016 HAS BEEN AN EXCITING YEAR across the College with regards to ICT. We started the year with a new wireless network to provide all staff and students with high speed access to resources from anywhere within the College grounds. It was the first year of the College’s new Learning Management System, FireFly. During the year we have embraced online collaboration in the form of Google Apps for Education and Microsoft Office 365. These services have opened up a new world of online storage, collaboration and multi-platform use. The College wireless network has allowed students to bring in their mobile devices (either their phone or iPads) and connect using their Bennies username and password. This has enabled the use of mobile technologies in the classroom to an extent never seen before at the College. During term breaks and out of hours, the dedicated ICT team has been busy working on infrastructure upgrades, software and system enhancements and replacing legacy systems that play a key role in the delivery of ICT services. The College is now running a total of 1,300 devices across both staff and students. At the end of 2016 our first Windows 10 devices rolled out to students in Years 8 and 10. The hybrid Acer devices (the R13s) that we have been rolling out since 2015 have continued and still provide an excellent hybrid tablet/laptop solution for both staff and students. The year has finished with the introduction of some new self service functions to enable the user more control over their software, personal credentials and identity. Users can now install software they need from an online software catalogue without the need to visit the IT team. Students and staff can

manage their group membership and create their own groups for online collaboration and email. This is just the start of the selfservice plans that are scheduled for the next two to three years. It has also been the first year of the Bennies Mobile App. Unlike many Colleges and schools, the Bennies App is specifically for student use. The App continues to grow in functionality and plans are afoot for further functionality with live room changes, timetables and important information being delivered directly to the mobile phone. Here are a few quick stats from our IT systems for 2016: 1,364,456 emails sent 736,897 emails received 698,785 emails blocked as spam 26,987 pages printed 986 mobile phones configured to receive mobile 289TB (that’s 289,000Gb) of data downloaded over the College internet link • 12,547 Skype sessions undertaken • 1876 devices connected to our Wireless network each day (on average) • • • • • •

ICT Team Left to right: Shantheni Suppiah, Gerry Reyes, Sam Nahas, Stewart Duncan, Jason Sallaway, David Weinberger, Janet Wilson Absent: Amanda Murphy


Mr Stewart Duncan  Head of Department

Support Staff

Administration Front Row: Donna Laney, Kathryn Sheehan, Melissa Youell, Guy Fitzsimmons, Melisa Fitzgerald, Julie Junkiewicz, Michelle Blackman, Narelle McClure

Canteen Guy Fitzsimmons, Anna D’Ambros, Melissa Arane, Nicole Muskovits

Second Row: Rosalie Goodie, Sally Wilsdon, Angela Junkiewicz, Rochelle Favaloro, Sue Hogan, Fiona Barnett, Kylie Gray Absent: Maria Bradley, Debbie Parish, Elke Forrest, Sandy Hearn



Berenice Tanner, Cassandra Beak

Lucy Elgood

Learning Support Front Row: Jeannette Collins Pope, Margot Hadfield, Elizabeth Daley, Lara Hibbard

Second Row: Jane Purnell, Elaine Roche, Chaseley Woodward Absent: Lynette Butler

Maintenance William Martin, Todd Gardner, Guy Fitzsimmons, John Hody



Staff Farewells PAUL BATTEN Dr Paul Batten joined the HSIE department in 2014. During his time here, Paul was a passionate and knowledgeable geography teacher. His knowledge and expertise were invaluable to the department in writing programs and assessment tasks and his students were fascinated by the variety of examples he could refer to in class. Dedicated to ensuring that his students achieved their personal best, Paul worked relentlessly with his senior students to improve and perfect their geographical knowledge. His interest in fully utilising technology in the classroom has led to expanded use of ICT in geography

subjects and he has always been willing to share his expertise with his peers. Paul leaves his legacy at MSB with the North Queensland Geography Experience. First offered in 2015 and organised by Paul, this trip provided students with the opportunity to snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, hike through the Daintree rainforest and experience authentic indigenous culture. We are grateful for his efforts in creating a continuing geography experience for students and we wish Paul all the best in his new adventure.

MARIA BRADLEY Maria has been a key member of our administration team for the last five years. Having being co-opted to fill a temporary gap initially, she then took on the administration support role for the Dean of Students and the Dean of Mission. With the restructure of the administration team in 2016, Maria then took on the role of Senior Administration Officer – Mission. Her work over the years has involved a vast array of projects including Liturgies, Retreats, Outreach Programs,

Staff Spirituality Days, Christmas Hampers and many others. Maria’s contribution has enabled the College to greatly enhance its communication and admin systems, building on the quality of the experiences offered. She has always brought a positive and generous attitude to her role and was prepared to take on any challenge no matter how large or small. As we farewell Maria, we give thanks for the work she has done and wish her the richest blessings in retirement.

MARGOT HADFIELD Margot Hadfield joined us in 2007 as Special Needs Teacher and Studies Coordinator and she became Learning Support Coordinator in 2008. Margot became well-known as a generous, considerate and hard-working Head of Learning Support. Anticipating and catering for the needs of students with a range of learning difficulties, Margot evaluated each student’s individual needs and ensured their particular needs were met, to the best of our ability. A gentle, wise and experienced teacher, Margot brought her many gifts to her working environment and created a harmonious and happy working department. Margot also readily took on extra-curricular duties in mentoring and training students in the area of Future Problem Solving (FPS). She travelled to the USA with the students to compete successfully at an international level. Unassuming and humble, it was only known by some that Margot was one of our 142  YEARBOOK 2016 MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE

most experienced FPS coaches and had been awarded an Australian Fellowship award for her services to FPS. She not only coached Bennies global issues teams since the program began at MSB in 2007 but she was the national evaluator and coordinator of scenario writing. She enjoyed the cultural aspects of travel and visited Kiribati with a group of teachers from Good Samaritan schools in 2012, writing about her experiences on her return. She also participated on the German tour and loved to teach basic German. Her Homeroom were genuinely sad to say goodbye to her, she had a real connection with her students and they admired and respected her. We wish Margot all the best for a long idyllic rural episode, surrounded already by wallabies and ducklings and bees. She will doubtlessly bring her delightful grace and kindness to all those she meets, whether it be in a yoga class, a book group or a volunteer group.

DIANA GOMES Despite only starting at Bennies in 2016 Diana has made a significant impact on both staff and students. Her willingness to tackle any challenge and to immerse herself in the world of the College has been very much appreciated. In a very short time she has formed a strong rapport with her classes and

TARA MILLGATE We would like to say a huge thank you and farewell to Tara Millgate who is leaving the Religious Education department after one year with us. Her contributions have been both innovative and always with the student’s best interests in mind. We look forward to hearing about her next adventure and wish her well for her future endeavours.

added immense value to the English faculty with her creative and innovative ideas. Diana is moving onto an exciting new chapter of her life, relocating to Orange, where she has accepted an English teaching position at Kinross Wolaroi. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

LEAH HARRISON Leah has worked in the TAS department for two years. During that time she has become an integral member of the team with her great sense of humour, smiling face and enthusiasm. Her quiet dedication for the subject has seen her successfully codevelop and launch the new Textile and Design course we now offer as an elective course at MSB. We wish her well as she follows her dreams and embarks on her study in the area of interior design.

ERKAN ISKENDER Despite not being with the College for a large amount of time, Erkan was a valued member of the College ICT team. He joined the College at a key time and was instrumental in the deployment and rollout of many new systems. Erkan also played a key role in the College move to Windows 10 and the introduction of Apple MAC systems.

Having previously worked with the Catholic Education Office, Erkan was very much at home in a values based community and he provided a friendly smile and can do attitude to all that required his support. Erkan returned to Turkey to be with his family in early September 2016. We know he will miss Australia and the Bennies community will miss him.

SAM NAHAS Sam Nahas joined Mount St Benedict College in 2011 as a member of the ICT Support Team. During his time at the College he was responsible for the software and server side of the College’s laptop program, as well as undertaking lead roles on the rollout and development of new services such as ClickView Online, print management systems and a range of other backend services. Sam thrived in the College community and regularly became involved in College events

supporting a wide range of co-curricular activities. His involvement supporting the CAPA department with their MIDI keyboards and music software earned Sam the title of the ‘go to man for anything software’. We would like to thank Sam for his years of service to the College and wish him every success in his next endeavours. His friendly nature and willingness to always lend a helping hand will be fondly remembered by all staff and students.



KATHY REID Kathy started at Bennies in 2003 as a TAS teacher, specialising in computer based studies.

coordinator for six years, Acting Administration Coordinator and Professional Development Coordinator. She will be greatly missed.

She quickly established herself as an invaluable member of staff and in 2006 was appointed as the first Subiaco House Coordinator, a post she loved until she decided to follow a more curriculum orientated career pathway and became assistant Head of TAS in January 2015. Not surprisingly she adapted to this role very quickly which has now led to the reason for her leaving to become Head of TAS at Marist Sister’s school, Woolwich.

As a dedicated teacher, she successfully implemented Industrial Technology Multimedia in response to student interest. She has loved her time working at Bennies, even including Teacher Talent Quests. She has learned about St Benedict on the first Footsteps Tour, picked up some German on the language exchange and has made many, many friends and seen many of her students go off to succeed in TAS related courses.

Never one to sit on her laurels, she has also held a number of other posts of responsibility during her time with us; SRC teacher

Kathy will leave behind a big hole to fill, we thank her for all she has done with our students and we wish her every success in her new role.

BRUCE STEPHENS “I love Maths. Maths is my life.” It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the resignation of Mr Bruce Stephens at the end of Term Two, 2016. He taught Mathematics and Science at Mount St Benedict College for over 25 years. Bruce was acknowledged by students, staff, parents and the community as a great teacher and mentor, a man passionate about education and a humanitarian.

Bruce was a very popular and talented teacher who had a very positive approach to life. He was celebrated not only for his wonderful teaching style, but for his curriculum knowledge of mathematics and science, his wit and that sense of humour so loved by everyone. Bruce would always be the first to assist anyone in need and he never had a bad word for anybody. We would like to thank Bruce for his outstanding contribution to Mount St Benedict College and wish him every success in the future.

NINA SELVAGGI It is with great sadness that we farewell Nina Selvaggi after seven years of service to the MSB community. As Head of the History department, Nina was a leader in promoting and upholding the values and importance of learning and collaboration. A keen archaeologist, Nina was responsible for and encouraged a wide range of dynamic and no nonsense approach to teaching and learning. Her generosity, support and guidance of both staff and students is legendary. In the classroom, Nina challenged every student to achieve their best and encouraged academic rigor and the development of historical skills. Her direct approach, sense of humour and high standards gave students every opportunity to achieve greatness. Her promotion and dedication to feminism and the equality of both genders gave students at MSB the opportunity to think about not only the past actions and institutions, but to speak out, make a change and have a voice.


Not only enriching the lives of her students, her infectious laugh and integrity were appreciated by all members of staff. Her love of food and her wonder at discovering new technologies helped to create an environment of fun. Her support and advice to staff will be missed. Nina will always be remembered for her integrity and rigor for learning, her passion and enthusiasm for all things History, and especially her high regard for notable historians, especially ones who wear patches on their elbows. She is currently living in Germany and learning not just the language, but customs and traditions and of course is engaging with all aspects of the history of Germany. Nina will continue to live there with her husband Brendan in 2017. We wish her well with all her future endeavours and we look forward to hearing about her many adventures and new discoveries.

MSB Staff



MSB Staff Front Row: Belinda Cox, Jacqueline Crawhall, Stephanie Tita, Cassandra Beak, Laura Sheehan, Rebecca Shiels, Melissa Youell, Julie Flynn, Paul Lentern, Maria Pearson, John Muskovits, Guy Fitzsimmons, Bethany Lentern, Jane Easterbrook, Margot Hadfield, Jeannette Collins Pope, Mala Vellani, Leanne Sylvester, Lucy Elgood Second Row: Kylie Gray, Michelle Blackman, Gerry Reyes, Anna D’Ambros, Melissa Arane, Janet Wilson, Linda Pollock, Rebecca Enright, Kate Sharp, Albert Agius, Jane Cooper, Gail Davey, Kylie Holmes, Elizabeth Dirckze, Julie Junkiewicz, Donna Laney, Kathryn Sheehan, Berenice Tanner, Tania Gosden, Melisa Fitzgerald Third Row: Susan Webber, Leah Harrison, Amy Scott-Bell, Christina He, Kate Gillies, Erin Doolan, Sarah Bradstock, Mary-Ann Dudley, Sharon McGowan, Pier Milanoli, Catherine Hogan, Julie Ehret, Katherine Mason, Tara Millgate, Karen Grant, Michele Busuttil, Briohny Hickey, Elizabeth Arane, Angela Gibson Fourth Row: Johanna Wallace, Diana Gomes, Dana Andrechek-Aver, Venessa Viner, Lisa Clarke, Grace Spurr, Karin Balmer, Elizabeth Daley, Gabrielle Keats, Annette Johnson, Shantheni Suppiah,

Elizabeth Rastegorac, Melissa Finn, Margaret Rowland, Linda Simmons, Catherine Woodrow, Roanne Thadani, Brooke Nugent, Emma Forbes, Denise Hillier

Fifth Row: Melissa Fahey, Lara Hibbard, Sonia Barnett, Nicole Muskovits, Louise Jones, Sally Wilsdon, Christine Takchi, Kate Clancy, Angela Junkiewicz, Lisa Dean, Julie-Anne Walsh, Nicola Murray, Rosalie Goodie, David Weinberger, Sue Hogan, Kelly Heaton, Miriam Gillett, Chaseley Woodward, Frances Cunningham

Sixth Row: Narelle McClure, Emma Hopkins, Rochelle Favaloro, Donna McAleer, Elaine Roche, John Hody, John Saleh, Andrew Ursino, Lela Vukovic, Michael O’Brien, Peter Rozanski, Tracey Blane, Brendan Hyam, Jane Purnell, Fiona Barnett, Jacqueline Saunders, Thea Parle

Seventh Row: Natasha Lutton, Sarah Ellison, Jason Sallaway, Kevin Jones, Stewart Duncan, Todd Gardner, Christopher Sutton, William Martin, Paul Batten, Sam Nahas, David Greenwell, Belinda Jack, Oscar Kirby, Peter Watters, Alexis Abagi, Kristie Tannock, Lisa Kemmis

Absent: David Campbell, Therese Brookton, Maria Bradley, Debbie Parish, Elke Forrest, Jackie Duncan, Amanda Murphy, Lynette Butler, Sandy Hearn


From the

Student Representative Council (SRC) THROUGHOUT THE YEAR the SRC worked tirelessly to create successful events. A lot of time and effort went into event planning which required collaboration and team work amongst the Portfolio. It was a pleasure when everyone participated to create these phenomenal events, we can’t thank you enough for your hard work. The SRC Portfolio held fortnightly meetings with SRC Representatives from different grades (ranging from Years 7-11). Within those meetings we discussed student’s opinions about running school activities/events, as well as addressing WHS issues within the College, ensuring it was an enjoyable and safe learning environment for everyone. We would like to say a massive thank you to the SRC for their dedication, organisation and hard work, which allowed our events to run so effectively and efficiently, making them a great success. One of the SRC’s biggest events was the Bennies Biggest Afternoon Tea. With the help of the SRC Representatives, each year group was assigned to bake or make a variety of goods, which were sold to the rest of the school community at lunch time, to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. A total of $1218 was raised. We could not be prouder of the SRC girls who baked the delicious goods, those who helped out on the day, and those who worked behind the scenes.

Our final event as part of MSB Day ‘Jubafest’ was a stall focusing on the Benedictine value of ‘discipline’. ‘Jubafest’ was an innovative idea and our stall provided activities for students who wanted to relax and have a rest. Within the stall we had a variety of activities such as colouring in and origami, which students could complete to improve their ‘discipline’. The turn-out was phenomenal with students using our stall as a place to hang out with friends and have a good time. We would like to acknowledge all SRC Portfolio members who gave up some of their day to work on the stall. We would also like to give a massive thankyou to the SRC Mentors - Ms Scott-Bell and Miss Abagi for their dedicated efforts and support. We also cannot thank the SRC Representatives enough who attended each fortnightly meeting to ensure the events ran smoothly. We would like to wish the new Captains and Portfolio Representatives the best of luck for 2016/2017 and trust that you will enjoy it as much as we did. Tarana Fernando and Melanie Re



“We would also like to give a massive thankyou to the SRC Mentors - Ms Scott-Bell and Miss Abagi for their dedicated efforts and support.” SRC Front Row: Emma Dunn, Rachel Tingey, Sienna Chacon, Melanie Re, Grace Logan, Victoria Kanellis, Emma Knight, Elise Schaafsma-Fullick, Madeleine Sylvester, Grace Campbell

Third Row: Caitlin Jennings, Julia Murray, Julia Rodwell, Abbie Coleiro, Hana Maxwell, Saba Karimi, Georgie Lamond, Sophia Galluzzo, Tarana Fernando, Penelope Morato

Second Row: Miss A. Abagi, Ariella Azzopardi, Molly Koelmeyer, Charlotte Werner, Elizabeth Black, Charlotte Lowery, Phoebe Hewitt, Lauryn Thomas, Claire Ward, Bianca Lombardo, Alanna Bindschedler, Emma Wilkinson, Ms A. Scott-Bell

Fourth Row: Naomi Sheather, Mackenzie Wilson, Diana Kazakov, Sarah Findlay, Lauren Kalocsay, Natali Kelava, Adelaide Qassis, Alana Sylvester, Lucy Sheppard, Erin King Fifth Row: Chloe Sidhu, Georgina Jamison, Sophie Cann, Elise Bond, Isabella Graczyk Van Herk, Olivia Morley, Beth Harris, Meg Le Patourel, Emma Bourne Absent: Audrey Custodio, Hannah Elhayek, Abbey Harris, Renee Khamis, Rose Leavey, Katherine Morritt


End of Term Dance Party

on Tea

Afterno Biggest




Year 7 STARTING HIGH SCHOOL has been a new and rewarding experience for all Year 7 students. The transition from primary school has been challenging, yet full of fun and new adventures as we explored our way through the corridors and classrooms of MSB. Camp, House Carnivals, Homeroom and the excursions definitely helped us along the way. The first week of Year 7 was both daunting and exciting. We were introduced to our Peer Support Mentors on our very first day. Our Peer Support Mentor was a member of our Homeroom from Year 10, guiding us through our first year at the College. In this first week we were introduced to our base class and our Homerooms, we met new people, different teachers and we learned how high school worked. Our Homerooms included one teacher and three to four girls from every grade who we would get to know well. Our base classes were a great way to meet new girls from our own year group and make new friends, who we could rely on and trust throughout our time at Bennies. Year 7 Camp was definitely a highlight of the year! Going into high school, making new friends was essential, and camp at Stanwell Tops was a great way to do this. We were put in groups of students, spread across the grade, who we spent three days with, participating in lots of fun activities and challenges including archery, the giant swing and mountain bike riding. During these three days we were able to bond with fellow students, make more friends and meet new people. During the evenings we participated in activities in House groups, allowing us to meet everyone in our House as well as get to know them and their strengths. Camp was an amazing opportunity and everyone enjoyed it!

Camp was just one of many amazing and fun opportunities we were given in 2016. In Term Four, we visited the zoo to investigate different animals as part of our science unit on classification. It was a really enjoyable excursion, walking through the zoo with our friends taking pictures and having lot lots of fun. Twenty one students also were able to participate in an overnight ‘Zoo Snooze’ the night before. The Swimming and Athletics Carnivals were filled with enthusiasm and excitement. We boosted our House spirit and participated in events to have fun and get involved. It was a very new experience for most of us and very different from primary school carnivals, as the school dressed up in their House colours relating to the carnival themes to show their passion. The Teachers vs Students race at the Athletics Carnival kept everyone entertained. Throughout 2016, all of Year 7 have made new friends and memories we will never forget. MSB has made all of us feel included and happy. All of the events on offer were a great experience and we really enjoyed it all. We can’t wait to see what Year 8 has instore for us next!



Abbey Mey

Abbey Waters

Abbey-Rose Coules

Abby Hester

Adelle Thomas

Alana CurranJones

Aleeza Khan

Alexandra Bugg

Alvina Hasty

Alyssa Ceh

Alyssa Hassarati

Amira Zeitoun

Amy Gibbons

Amy Gow

Amy Harkin

Ananya Sharma

Andrea Esquerre Pinto

Angelique Suyko

Anna Shamsi

Annaliese Abouhamad

Annaliese Gremmo

Anthea Johnson

April McKenna

Audrey Custodio

Bethany Easton

Broegan Dempsey

Caitlin Zwaine

Catherine Ward

Chantelle Ritchie

Charli Daher

Charlotte Bourke

Charlotte Joyce

Charlotte Lowery

Charlotte Thornhill

Charlotte Werner

Chelsea Francis

Chelsea Freitas

Chelsea Kotagama

Chelsea Wenaden

Chloe Geromboux

Chloe Neylan

Claire McNamara

Clarissa McLean

Clarissa Ong

Daniela Frketic

Daniella Raheb

Daniella Zeaiter

Elia Chaiban

Elise Brooke

Elissa Tocher

Elizabeth Boxwell

Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Ohm

Ella Le Patourel

Ella Tavner

Ella Whittingham

Ellen Hall

Ellie Maynard

Ellyse Noy

Eloise Wilkes

Emelia Smith

Emiko Arthur

Emily Barton

Emily Khachaturian

Emily Madden

Emily Mason

Emily Riach

Emily Toon

Emma Assaf

Emma Day

Emma Dubos

Emma Dunn

Emma McLaren

Emma Morgan

Emma Nevill

Emma Polley

Estelle Velasquez

Eve Zamora

Franchesca Samonte

Gabriella Puglisi

Gabrielle Ciantar

Gemma Steen

Georgia Criss

Georgia Platts

Georgia Sultana

Georgia Togher

Georgiana Dumapit

Gillian Keto

Grace Campbell

Grace Michell

Grace Murray

Hana Maxwell

Hannah Cox

Hannah Wheeler

Harshitha Kanuru

Hayley Newby

Imogen Pfeffercorn

Isabel Doorn

Isabella Hurst

Isabella Joseph


Isabella Mills

Isabelle Sullivan

Jacinta Flynn

Jade Raslan

Jennifer Notohamiprodjo

Jessi Barakat

Jessica Breatnach

Jessica Tyzack

Josephine Zeaiter

Juliana Azzi

Justine-Marie Malik

Kate Leahy Ella

Katherine Evans

Keshia Kustandi

Kiera Maxwell

Kiera Walkerden

Lauren Abrahams

Lauren Dadios

Lauren Hargreaves

Lauren Vanderwaals

Lauryn Thomas

Lilli-Rose Javidi

Lillian Drummond

Louella Crofts

Lucy Brown

Lucy Pratt

Mackenzie Miedler

Madeleine Poile

Madeleine Siu

Madeleine Sylvester

Madeline Bulliard

Madeline Ellis

Maggie Gibbeson

Mairead Fish

Matilda Davidson

Meagan Huynh

Megan Rosenblum

Megan Williams

Melika Yasrebi

Mia Besley

Mia Haarsma

Mia Hourigan

Mia Le Lay

Mia Rahi

Molly Connaghan

Molly O’Keefe

Naomi Robards

Natarsha Stornelli

Niah O’Brien

Nicole Crowley

Nyah Creswell

Olivia Banfield

Olivia Humm

Olivia James

Olivia Rae

Paris Leonard

Phoebe Farag

Rachel Barker

Radhika Babla

Rafaella Saul

Rebecca Belic

Rebecca Tan

Renita Royce

Salomi Gomes

Samantha Jensen

Sarah McGettigan

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah Michell

Sarah Oxford

Scarlett Foertsch

Scarlett Hinchliffe

Sohara Janaratne

Sophia Jandrlic

Sophie Burnett

Sophie Campbell

Sophie Cook

Sophie Edwards

Sophie Hill

Sophie Klopper

Sophie Noonan

Tahlia Lee

Tara Le Large

Taylor Bassett

Tea-Rose Banting

Terissa Sergi

Tiana Moore

Trinity Macann

Vanessa Ashton

Veronique Michel

Zara King

Zoe Douglas

Zoe Wells




Year 8 YEAR 8 HAS HAD AN AMAZING YEAR with many fun and interesting activities. On Year 8 Camp we took part in activities that built relationships, resilience and bush skills, such as canoeing, hiking, abseiling, and cooking our meals. We took long hikes across the bush to the designated activities, slept in tents and cabins, learnt how to make fire and stepped out of our comfort zones. We developed relationships with our friends, teachers and camp guides. We enjoyed this experience and are excited to carry on these skills for future years. Throughout the year, Year 8 had the privilege to take part in STEM Challenges linked to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In Term One, we made cardboard chairs that could be flattened and reconstructed for a person to sit on. We were only given one sheet of cardboard - no glue or adhesive materials. In Term Two, we designed and produced a roboticinspired device that could perform remote surgery. In Term Three, we had three stations of mini challenges instead of a single challenge. One of the stations was designing and building a metro cart out of cardboard, another was building an egg cart which had to move with the force of a hairdryer, and the final station was building a small plastic boat that could move quickly through water. Overall we had fun, and appreciate all the work that the teachers have put into these experiences for us. In Term Three, each Year 8 Religion class visited St Edmund’s College (Eddie’s) in Wahroonga. This experience opened our eyes to what a disability is and how it can affect your sight, hearing and social intelligence. When we arrived at St Edmund’s we started off the day with an informative talk about the school and disabilities in general. After this some very enthusiastic Eddie’s students put on an amazing musical performance. Then we got to know our ‘buddy’, played games and made paper airplanes. Later there were many challenges and fun

as we led our Bennies partner around the school blindfolded and with a cane. Overall we all enjoyed the day and learnt a lot! On our Reflection Day in Term Three we reflected on our connection with God. It helped us to develop our own beliefs of the meaning of our school values of Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship. Year 8 was divided into base classes, where we played games, took part in reflections, and created our own liturgy. It was a fun and interactive day that Year 8 really enjoyed. Bring on the 2017 Reflection Day! Year 8 also took part in Medieval Day which was an amazing experience. We had the opportunity to try on armour and dresses, and hold swords and shields. We then split up into groups and took part in many interesting activities. These included maypole decorating, designing our own shields, constructing cardboard castles and roleplaying a witchcraft court case. These were all very engaging and educational activities. We loved having the opportunity to dress up and feel like we were in ‘The Middle Ages’. At lunch, everyone gathered in the hall for a feast of chicken, potato salad and bread rolls. Overall, the day was wonderful and everyone really enjoyed it. 2016 was a great year for Year 8, and we are all sad that it is now over. We have had so many fantastic experiences this year and can’t wait for more. While we look forward to the coming years, we have many fond memories of Year 8 to look back on. MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  155


Abbie Coleiro

Abby McMahon

Abigail Robb

Aimee Topfer

Alanah Kawtal

Alanna White

Alannah Lichaa

Alexandra Ho

Alexandra Logiudice

Alexandra Olson

Alicia John

Amelia McKee

Amelia Phelan

Amelia Steel

Amelie Skinner

Amy Martin

Amy Tilley

Ana Young

Angelina Wehbe

Anna Garment

Annabelle Hendry

Annabelle Sghabi

Annalise El Khoury

Ariel Fabian

Ashley Dilworth

Azel Yilmaz

Beth Harris

Bianca Raad

Billie LloydJames

Bridgett Dunkerley

Bronagh Murphy

Bronte Corke

Caitlin Darcy

Caitlin McCormack

Caitlyn McMillan

Camilla Kelgren

Casey Oliver

Cassandra Palin

Cecilia Cullen

Charlie Prestage

Charlotte Casey

Charlotte Saul

Chelsea Casey

Chelsea McGregor

Chelsea Nguyen

Chelsea Taylor

Christina Kwon

Christina Marren

Ciara Bizzanelli

Claire Matthews

Claudia Conus-Ielo

Courtney Quinlan

D’Arcy Worne

Danielle Gonsalves

Danielle Wilson

Danielle Zeater

Daniya Sammour

Demi Coulis

Dinara Janaratne

Dione Naddaf

Ebony Miller

Eleni Varkas

Elise Beldoza

Eliza Brown

Eliza Vicaretti

Elizabeth Gauci

Ella Billington

Ella Garabedian

Ellise Gray

Elly Markland

Emily Aston

Emily Matthews

Emma Baker

Emma Wilkinson

Erin Johnston

Esha Hatiskar

Eve Nugent

Evie Gerges

Felicia Gunawan

Gabrielle Vaggis

Genevieve Boyd

Georgia D’Amico

Georgia Moait

Georgia Newell

Georgie Lamond

Georgina Chan

Giulia Destefano

Grace King

Grace Michie

Grace Qassis

Grace Weihen

Hannah Blanch

Hannah Carr

Hannah Graczyk Van Herk

Harriette Cusack

Holly Turner

Imogen Scott

Indya Marques

Irene Tyler

Isabel Grech


Isabella Arends

Isabella Corrao

Isabella Follows

Isabella Grassi

Isabella Hernandez

Isabelle Manfe

Isobella Franzin Jacinta Mifsud

Jacinta Mifsud

Jacqueline Notley-Rumbens

Jada Susas

Jade Beaini

Jade Pond

Jade Satuala

Jaime Straumann

Jasmine El Gabaili

Jasmine Rheinberger

Jessica Froio

Jessica Herrett

Jiannah Bechara

Julia Rodwell

Juliette Piali

Katherine Spencer

Kiran Shamsi

Kishaya Lye

Laura Fothergill

Laura O’Connell

Laura So

Lauren Baker

Lauren Calabria

Lillian Ward

Lisa Griffith

Madelyn McLean

Madison Lever

Margaret Callinan

Maria-Calliope Syrmalis

Marianna Medalla

Marina Soliman

Megan Bygrave

Mia Helm

Mia Liu

Mia Paull

Michaella Hourican

Mikaela Love

Mikaela Quinlan

Mikayla Okladnikov

Molly Abbott

Molly Koelmeyer

Myah Demasi

Myrto Syrmalis

Natalie Hadchiti

Natasha Mehta

Nicole Sanders

Nicole Sroba

Olivia Donaghy

Olivia McKenzie

Olivia Patterson

Olivia-Rose Tarantolo

Paige Iwatani

Paris Nwabuokei

Rachel Tingey

Raquel Andree

Rebecca Chalmers

Rebecca Cheung

Rena Song

Renee Tourlas

Rosario Perez-Christie

Sabrina Losurdo

Samantha Curtin

Sarah O’Sullivan

Sarah Richey

Sarah Wadih

Sarah Wing

Sarah-Jane Grima

Shannon Compton

Sofia Shakirova

Sophia Cummins

Sophia Galluzzo

Sophie Anderson

Sophie Dale

Sophie Keegan

Sophie Sellars

Sophie Williams

Stephanie Calabrese

Stephanie Cerreto

Stephanie Zeaiter

Tara Miletic

Taylor Kueh

Tegan Wing

Therese Barbara

Victoria Bannon

Zoe Fajemisin

Zoe Wilson




Year 9 YEAR 9 HAS BEEN A FANTASTIC YEAR, leaving us with valuable memories and experiences. It has been a year for making new friends and establishing new connections. Year 9 was totally different to past years, as we experienced leadership opportunities which made an impact on the Bennies community. In late 2015, we had the opportunity to choose two electives which we studied this year and will continue in Year 10. There were a range of subjects for us to consider including Japanese, German, Textiles, Food Tech, Drama and History. This opportunity allows us to participate in subjects which we have a particular interest in. Everyone has different passions and it’s exciting when we get to share what we have learnt with our friends. Most of us would say that we greatly looked forward to attending our loved electives. When we chose our electives, we could also decide whether or not we would like to be a part of the Ministry class. Some of the opportunities offered in class were the Sparks Program and Jamieson House visits. In the Sparks Program, 10 girls volunteered to give up their Wednesday afternoons to help refugee children with their homework. The girls would leave school at the end of fifth period and would travel out to the school, play games and help with reading. In groups of four, girls would also go to Jamieson House and spend some time with the residents at the nursing home. The girls played bingo and memory games, danced and played sports like golf. Earlier in the year, all of Year 9 went on a fun and exciting camp in Toukley. I’m sure everyone would agree that the three days spent at camp were one of the most memorable events of this year. We participated in some challenging but enjoyable activities including quad bikes, the leap of faith, the giant swing,

canoeing, and the flying fox. We also undertook a leadership program, teaching us how to be a good leader. This led to the commencement of our Year 9 projects, in which some have already been implemented back at MSB. Overall it was a great experience and we would definitely relive it if we could. We also attended Year 9 Reflection Day at the Arcadia Benedictine Monastery. This day was aimed towards looking at the College values of Pax, Hospitality and Stewardship. A religious musician attended with us on the day and inspired us with his fun and exciting activities, encouraging us to be grateful for the small things in life. This was a great day as everyone was involved and participated in all the group activities. We listened to many inspiring and hilarious stories that encouraged us to use the College values in everyday life. It was the best Reflection Day yet and we would recommend this day for the upcoming Year 9s. Together, everyone has grown as individuals, finding their passions within their electives and other opportunities. With the skills that we have learned, we are ready for whatever Year 10 has in store for us. From reflection days to camp, every experience has shaped who we are and we look forward to our future. Bring on Year 10!



Abbey McIntyre

Abbey Smith

Adriana Aganovic

Aishani Mathur

Alanah Schier

Alanna Bindschedler

Alannah Zeaiter

Alexandra Gagg

Alexandra Langthorne

Alexandra Soliman

Alice Woodrow

Alicia Hassan

Amelia MacDonald

Amie Bowrey

Amy Stuart

Andre Fisher

Anna Todhunter

Anna Weston

Anna-Marie McClure

Annabelle Flannery

Annaliese Werner

Annie Dittmar

Annie Stewart

Annika Cheeseman

Antonia Saul

Ariella Azzopardi

Ashleigh James

Ashley Purcell

Audrey-Rose Osborne-Snell

Bethany Relf

Briana Clements

Brianna Joyce

Caitlin Sultana

Caitlin Walsh

Caitlin Wilde

Caitlyn Dunk

Caitlyn Hajje

Caitlyn Hodges

Camryn Casserly

Cassidy Arthur

Catalina Mathews

Catherine Elgood

Catherine Kim

Charlotte Anderson

Charlotte Todhunter

Charlotte Turner

Chelsea Rah

Chloe Withford

Christiana Davies

Christina Hook

Claire Dean

Claudia D’Ambros

Claudia Geromboux

Claudia Gross

Courtney Nader

Daniella Edmilao

Danielle Toubji

Diminika Drezins

Dusana Barker

Elisa Zarriello

Elise Allen

Elisha Gomes

Eliza Hayman

Elizabeth Black

Elizabeth Chen

Ella Hames

Emily Fraietta

Emily Knight

Emily McMillan

Emily Murrie

Emily Smith

Emma Bourne

Emma Bugarija

Emma Duff

Emma Harris

Emma Rose Greenwood

Emma Shehab

Erin Gracie

Gabriella Fimmano

Gabrielle Lillicrap

Gemma Williams

Georgia Fox

Georgia Garment

Georgia Lees

Grace Goracz

Grace Greenwood

Grace O’Brien

Halle McEwen

Hannah Burton

Hannah McAdam

Imogen O’Keefe

Isabella Cali

Isabella Graiche

Isabella White

Isabelle Natoli

Jacinta Messina

Jane Wang

Janette Badaoui

Jasmin O’Connell

Jelena Vukovic


Jennifer Duggan

Jesse Smith

Jessica Barr

Jessica Browne

Jessica Curran

Jessica Howes

Jessica Lee

Jessica Oswald

Jessica Smillie

Jessica Tan

Jessica White

Jordyn Harrison

Kate Bainy

Kate Barrett

Katherine Madden

Katie Turner

Katya Mendes

Keisha Murray

Kelly Tintinger

Kristiana Sorial

Lara Bryant

Laura Diblasio

Liana Clark

Lily O’Brien

Lisa Badaan

Lucy Porvaznik

Lucy Triantafilis

Mackenzie Wilson

Madeline Said

Maree Saba

Maria Fahmy

Maryanna Coppini

Mia Whittingham

Miah Zografos

Monica Curtis

Montana James

Naomi Sheather

Natali Kelava

Natalia Bennett

Natalia Reale-Bryant

Natalie Tong

Natalie Winiarski

Neha Saini

Nicchia Waaijer

Olivia Doorn

Olivia Kalocsai

Olivia Kerr

Olivia Paraskevopoulos

Olivia Staal

Patricia Dobles

Phebe Lee

Piper Eddington

Rabia Rasul

Rachael Chow

Rachael Wang

Rachel Abood

Rachel Bolt

Rebecca Polley

Rebecca van Yzendoorn

Rebecca Waterfield

Rebecca Wood

Rhian Jenkins

Rhiannon Moore

Rima Nigudkar

Rose Leavey

Sabina Mangat

Samantha Dale

Samantha Zhang

Sarah Kerr

Simone Brown

Sofia Lancaster

Sonia Bartolec

Sophia Giacomelli

Sophia Sloan

Sophie Cilento

Sophie Hayman

Sophie Jakobs

Sophie Lovell

Stephanie Boxwell

Tahira Khan

Tammy Zaiter

Tatiana CahuanaKeyanian

Tenee Arthur

Tiffani Bassett

Trinity Gosper

Valeria Bablinyuk

Xinjun Li

Yasmin Roach

Zoe Cowan

Zoe Mayoh




Year 10 2016 HAS BEEN AN INCREDIBLE YEAR for Year 10. Throughout our last year of being juniors we have gained so much knowledge and have been involved in some eye-opening experiences. Together we have made many memories and friendships which we will carry with us for many years to come. This year, we have had the opportunity to be involved in many excursions and events through which we gained important knowledge and experience. A memorable excursion for Year 10, was to the Sydney Jewish Museum where we learnt about the Holocaust and heard remarkable stories from Holocaust survivors. We also attended a social dance with St Joseph’s College in Hunters Hill, where we put our weeks of dance practice during PDHPE into action. In Term Three we participated in the RYDA Driving Safety Awareness Day, learning many tips to becoming safe and responsible drivers, as we obtain our learner licenses. Throughout 2016, many Year 10 elective classes participated in exciting events and excursions which enabled students to gain a broader knowledge of their chosen subjects.

school. Students were split between three locations - Kiah Ridge, Lutanda and Pymble. We participated in fun activities like karaoke, tai chi and team building exercises. We were also given the opportunity to form strong connections with our teachers in a way we weren’t used to in the classroom setting, and tap into our sense of spirituality through activities like affirmations, journaling and a student-run liturgy. Overall, the trip helped us to gain perspective and a better understanding of ourselves and others.

In Term Three, Year 10 was faced with the challenge of choosing subjects that we would study for our last two years of high school. We received a lot of support and direction through the many conversations we had with teachers, senior students, older siblings, parents, Homeroom teachers and friends. The process helped us improve our decision making skills, and when the day finally arrived for us to select our subjects we felt relieved and excited to begin our senior years at the College.

In 2016, a group of Year 10 students have had the opportunity to be involved in the Peer Support Program. Throughout the year, Peer Support Leaders and Peer Ambassadors have assisted Year 7 students, mentoring them as they begin their high school journey. The Peer Support Program has been a new and enjoyable experience for all involved and has been a great leadership opportunity for Year 10 students. We have also had the opportunity to become representative, co-curricular sports coaches and SRC members and were involved in many groups within the school such as Student Alliance.

This year also marked our grade’s first retreat, an opportunity to have fun with friends and gain some wisdom from our teachers while taking a three-day break from the stress of

These different leadership roles have been great opportunities for Year 10 students to be involved with the College community and set a good example for younger students. MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  163


Abbey Fisher

Abbey Harris

Abbey Roach

Aisling Purcell

Alana Sylvester

Alanna Zeaiter

Alessandra Destefano

Alexandra Maher

Alexandra Savenko

Alicia Marcer

Alyssa Markland

Amelia Farrell

Amy-Tarryn Rowberry

Anna Cate Macoustra

Anna McGettigan

Annabel Fisher

Annabelle Norton

Annaliese Pigott

Anne Younis

Anneliese Begg-Cotter

Annika Bulliard

Annika Joson

Aoife Twamley

April Buecker

April Habkouk

Ashlee Baron

Ashley Thompson

Ashling Munro

Bethany Di Staso

Bridget Lee

Bridget Timmins

Brittney Williams

Brooke Bolgoff

Caitlin Callinan

Caitlin Kelly

Caitlin Schott

Camryn Mills

Capri Vidler

Carina Van Der Heyde

Cassandra Obeid

Catherine Boffa

Chantal Masoud

Charlotte Brennan

Chelsea Moutia

Chelsey Griffin

Chiara Fenech

Chloe Nader

Christine Anderson

Christine Lau

Claire Horton

Claire Ward

Claudia McKenzie

Corinne Bauer

Daniela Taylor

Eleanor Conway

Elise Bond

Elise SchaafsmaFullick

Elise Spurr

Elise Williams

Elisha Parkin

Ella Lehmann

Ella Meaker

Emilia Lilischkis

Emily Evans

Emily Hall

Emily James

Emily McKnight

Emily Walther

Emily Wong

Emma Slee

Emma Thompson

Erin Lee

Gabrielle Akers

Gabrielle George

Georgia Dean

Georgia Pearse

Georgia Sella

Georgia Zeaiter

Grace Nicholson

Grace Waddingham

Hannah Breytenbach

Hannah Daniels

Hannah LeGuier

Hannah Mason

Hannah Neylan

Hannah Stephens

Hannah Wright

Holly Mallia

Imojen Willey

Isabella Graczyk Van Herk

Isabella Lewandowski

Isabella Nati

Isabella Spataro

Isabelle Newton

Jaime Dunn

Jaime Yazbeck

Jasmine Bauer

Jemma Gallagher

Jessica Clements

Jessica Fong


Jessica Kotzander

Jessie Ebbs

Judith-Grace Vella

Julia Pinto

Julia Sarks

Julia Zubak

Juliet Wearne

Kaitlin Hourican

Kareena Trikam

Kassidy Grant

Kate Barry

Kate Breytenbach

Kate Heidegger

Kate Sweeney

Kathleen Notohamiprodjo

Kelsey Curtin

Kelsey Stokes

Khristiana Evio

Krystyna Singleton-Turner

Ksenya Konstantinoff

Kyara Waaijer

Lani Hinden

Lara Nicholson

Laura Gould

Laura Trezise

Laura Windass

Lauren Huynh

Lauren McKnight

Lauren Simpson

Lily Hurst

Lindsay Mills

Lucy Koelmeyer

Maddison Gardoni

Maddison Pappas

Madeleine Emmett Duignan

Madeleine Kalocsai

Madeleine Willsher

Madellen Dionisatos

Madison McMahon

Madison Theodore

Mary Banks

Mary Vasilas

Meg Tyler

Michaila Fraietta

Michelle Tan

Miranda Lee

Moira Watts

Naomi Massa

Nardeen Nickolla

Natalie Ochala

Natalie Santelli

Natalya Denaro

Natasha Roots

Nicola Dunkerley

Nicole Sandow

Paige Phelan

Paris Munro

Paris Rose Yee

Phoenix Douglas

Rachael Marren

Rachael Raheb

Rebeka Benco

Renee Khamis

Romina Cordoba

Saba Karimi

Sabrina Croker

Sarah Assaf

Sarah Farrell

Sarah O’Connell

Serina Saad

Shanna Betts

Shannyn Bissett

Sheree Hanna

Siobhan Tuinauvai

Sophia Cleveringa

Sophie Paviour

Stephanie Zwaine

Tahlia Duff

Tameela Vijay

Tanika Gardiner

Tara Finlay

Taylah Oliver

Tegan Reed

Tiffany Krkac

Tina Aganovic

Uktha Budithi

Vanessa Habkouk

Vivienne Lee

Zali Levy

Zoe Papallo




Year 11 AS THE NEW YEAR ROLLED AROUND it was an exciting beginning to senior life at school. With a new uniform, extended privileges and new classes to start, everyone was buzzing with excitement. Everyone was determined to buckle down and study hard as we began the year getting straight into our studies. New opportunities arising from every corner, Year 11 made the most of our first term as seniors and were excited to see what the rest of the year would bring. Early in the term the newly elected captains embarked on their Leadership Camp, a two day camp dedicated to finding our footing in our new roles and planning for our year of leadership ahead. We engaged in many different activities ranging from what it takes to be a good leader to setting goals and plans for how to achieve them. It was an excellent time to bond with the girls and teachers we would be very closely working with over the next year. Year 11 were given many opportunities to attend fun and exciting excursions to enhance our learning. Biology and Senior Science travelled to Long Reef Rock Platform to learn about the reefs ecosystem. Design and Technology students went to the Powerhouse Museum to observe past HSC major works, which the girls found inspiring and informative. All of Year 11 travelled to the Central Synagogue in Bondi Junction and St Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn to further their understandings in Studies of Religion I and II. Year 11 attended Retreat, choosing a school value to focus on (Pax, Hospitality or Stewardship) and participated in a variety of activities such as meditation and learning about mindfulness, all of which contributed to an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We furthered our understanding of the school values and had memorable times with our friends.

During our time in Year 11, we were encouraged to undertake 20 hours of community outreach. This program allowed students to gain experiences of connecting with others in our community who are facing challenge in their everyday life. We were encouraged to volunteer in areas including aged care, migrant services, welfare organisations and disability services. Girls participated in Vinnies Van, Catholic Care, House of Welcome Family Fun Day, Busking and Lifesaving. Students also participated in opportunities from Good Samaritan Education, including the Ministry Outreach Camp at St Scholastica’s in Glebe. Three girls also participated on the Philippines Immersion trip, volunteering at the Bacolod Kinder School. These initiatives ultimately, allowed the girls to develop a greater sense of the world and people around them. Towards the end of the year we had a social with the boys from Marist North Shore. This was an enjoyable night full of dancing and good times with friends. We have had such a wonderful year filled with challenges, new experiences and friendship. Our grade has most definitely become much closer and we can’t wait to see what Year 12 has in store for us! MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  167


Adelaide Qassis

Alana Bainy

Alani Pond

Alethea Tomlinson

Alexandra Black

Alexandra Micallef

Aliya Roach

Alyssa Coleiro

Alyssa Rodriguez

Amanda Fung

Amelia Dunkerley

Amy Federer

Ananya Shah

Annabel Anderson

Annaliese Speers

Annie Wallace

Anthea Jones

Anyi Liang

Armelle Kolton

Ashleigh McLean

Asini Rajapakse

Audrey McLachlan

Belinda Borgefjord

Benita Naddaf

Bethany Wright

Bridget Sarks

Brittany Dodd

Brooke Nicotra

Brooke Turner

Caitlin Jennings

Caitlin Poile

Cassandra Lee

Celina Chen

Celine De Zilva

Charli-Rose Fellew

Charlotte Folkard

Chelsea McEntee

Chloe Matthews

Christine Merhi

Cindy Elzahaby

Clara Goossens

Courtney Harkin

Danielle Moralas

Deana Zdrilic

Diana Kazakov

Elizabeth Khoury

Ella Hanich

Elly Gallagher

Elly Rickwood

Emerald Murray-Joseph

Emily Hendry

Emily Hunter

Emma Robinson

Emma Tolhurst

Erica Messina

Erin Lewis

Eva Harrington

Freya Koutchavlis

Gabriella Aston

Gabrielle Edwards

Georgia Francis

Georgina Jamison

Georgina Raine

Gigi Giuffre

Hanna Adamthwaite

Hannah Chadwick

Hayley Johnson

Helen Whitehead

Holly Porvaznik

Imogen Janisch

Isabella Morgan

Isabella Sahyoun

Isabella Steen

Izabelle Xu

Jasmin Raad

Jemaya Spurtacz

Jemma McCabe

Jessica Dantas

Jessica Jones

Jessica Naylor

Jessica Pacheco


Jessica Tong

Jessica Vijay

Jessica Yi

Julia McDonnell

Julia Murray

Katerina Saul

Kerrie Liu

Kimberley Spencer

Kirsten Tole

Lani Gardiner

Laura Cabezas

Lauren Cordell

Lauren Wilkes

Louise Campbell

Lucy Sheppard

Mackensie Eddington

Madeleine Skinner

Madeleine Smith

Madeline Pfeffercorn

Madeline Williams

Madison EhlersCasada

Madison Scott

Madison Wenaden

Maheen Abid

Mary Harb

Meg Le Patourel

Megan Benjamin

Molly Breatnach

Montanna Pytka

Nikki Paric

Nyasha Munetsi

Olivia Boxwell

Olivia Brigden

Olivia Giacomelli

Olivia Kobal

Olivia Morley

Olivia Sloan

Paris Miller

Piper McEwen

Rachel Mouait

Ravpreet Ahluwalia

Rayel Rahme

Rebecca Day

Rebecca Tillott

Renee Akers

Rosemarie Butel

Rosemarie Coppini

Sabine Spiller

Sabrina Tate

Sara Zarriello

Sara-Jane Arns

Sarah Tan

Sonali Shankar

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Year 12 FOR THE JUBILEE GRADUATING CLASS, 2016 has without a doubt been a year of exciting memories. While Year 12 and the HSC have definitely been a challenge it has also been a year where as a grade, we have become much closer. We all worked together, building new friendships, handing in assignments last minute together and sharing study notes because at the end of the day, we had common goals; to finish high school and leave our mark on the Bennies community. We did so with our wellcrafted Year 12 motto, ‘Make the Woman, Make the World”. A significant achievement for Year 12 was the organisation and running of the 2016 MSB Day ‘Jubafest’. With an obstacle course, Knafeh, biscuit making, henna, friendship affirmations, fairy floss and popcorn and a photo booth, the day was a great success which concluded with the Student Talent Quest.

players. This year Montserrat were again victorious on the day! Before leaving, Year 12 kept up the long standing MSB tradition for Year 12 to lie on the hill in the shape of the ‘MSB’ letters!

For many, the Year 12 Retreat in late April was the highlight of the year. Over three relaxing days across three venues, we were able to reflect on some of the incredible times and experiences we’ve had at Bennies. The Retreat also gave us the opportunity to connect with others, both friends and those we may not have known so well before. The teachers that accompanied us were also kind enough “For many, the Year 12 Retreat in late to share some of their own April was the highlight of the year. stories and journeys giving us a peek into their lives Over three relaxing days across three and some of the memorable venues, we were able to reflect on some experiences they had both during high school and of the incredible times and experiences afterwards.

we’ve had at Bennies”

We also had the privilege of choosing the themes for both the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. The circus themed Swimming Carnival was a massive success with some fierce competition between the Houses and lots of well-crafted costumes such as the House Captains dressing up as fairy floss, but the champions of the day were Montserrat, taking home the overall trophy.

Overall, 2016 has been a challenging but hugely successful year for Year 12 and it’s safe to say that memories from this year will stay with us forever. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support and guidance from our teachers and we would like to thank them for their tireless efforts. Finally, thank you to the Class of 2016, we couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls to graduate with. All the best for the future!

The Olympic themed Athletics Carnival saw the Ambassadors dress up as ancient Greek Olympians and the House Captains as tennis

Kate Smith and Molly Dover 2016 Communications Captains


From the Vice Captains THE JUBILEE YEAR has been a truly incredible adventure for the captains and Class of 2016. Here is just a glimpse of what the Portfolios and House Captains/Ambassadors have achieved this year. The Assembly Portfolio has done a wonderful job in coordinating funfilled assemblies. A highlight has been their introduction of fortnightly trivia with each House answering many weird and wonderful questions. The ultimate champion House was Monte Cassino!

in partnership with others towards achieving social justice in our world. The Sports Portfolio has run many events including The Biggest Skip and the end of year Sports Assembly. The highlight of the year for them was organising and running Olympics Day, which involved a lunchtime of girls playing badminton and volleyball to compete for authentic Olympics merchandise. It was very successful and promoted so much school spirit.

Over the past year the Communications Portfolio has worked on Beyond Bennies, where they interviewed ex-students about where they are now. They have also been in charge of organising Friday afternoon songs and taking photos at major school events such as Carols on the Mount, and of course we can’t forget to mention the amazing work they have done in creating this yearbook! The Creative Arts Portfolio has had an amazing year entertaining the MSB community. Highlights include the famous Teacher and Student Talent Quests, as well as Carols on the Mount which had a red carpet theme and turned out to be one of the most successful carols yet! The Environment Portfolio’s main initiative involved One World Week activities including indigenous painting, a sweat shop demonstration, Fairtrade stall, creating a sustainable tree and the Sustainability Swap which allowed students to bring in items they no longer used and trade them with other people. The Hospitality Portfolio were involved in many events including catering for guests visiting the College and preparing food for Vinnies Van and in doing so making a difference to the wider community. By greeting members into the College at various school events, guests have been able to experience a true demonstration of our College value of Hospitality. The Liturgy Portfolio have planned and orchestrated numerous masses and liturgies held at the College including end of term masses and Mothers’ and Father’ Day liturgies. A highlight was the Jubilee Eucharist held at St Mary’s Cathedral, marking the school’s 50 year anniversary. The Social Justice Portfolio has worked hard throughout the year to promote understanding and awareness of social injustices within our world. This included running activities such as One World Week, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Week, Mission Week and the annual Social Justice Forum which encouraged students to look beyond their own school community and work

The SRC Portfolio has worked hard in creating events and initiatives to make a difference not only just within the school but the wider community. A highlight for them was the Disney themed Biggest Bennies Afternoon Tea where over $1000 was raised for the Breast Cancer Foundation. The House Captains have put so much thought and effort into PC sessions, Colour Week and the Swimming and Athletics Carnivals. Some highlights include making our swimming carnival costumes together and the House Captain vs Teacher Race at the Athletics Carnival. This year the House Ambassadors showed great passion about their respective House Partners and House Patrons and shared that with their Houses. Their initiatives were always well thought out and engaging. A highlight was the gratitude canvases at MSB ‘Jubafest’.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR This year, being the Jubilee year, the captains decided to change up MSB Day. Each portfolio was assigned a Benedictine value to base their stall/activity around. The day was definitely a highlight event of the year that showcased the spirit of our grade.

THANK YOU We would love to thank not only the amazing captains that have worked tirelessly in coordinating their portfolios, but also their mentors, especially Mrs Duncan and Miss Takchi, and the rest of the grade for being so involved and enthusiastic in everything we have done this year. Also a massive thank you goes to our incredible School Captain, Jess Pereira. It has been such a joy being able to work alongside Jess, who has been organised, supportive and super fun to work with! Thank you so much for everyone who provided us with this amazing opportunity. The role of being your vice captains has been an absolute honour, joy and privilege; an experience we will truly never forget. Jessica Corcoran and Ashleigh McDonald MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  171



Assembly Front Row: Olivia Zeaiter, Colette Chung, Rhian non Hassan, Sarah Hogan, Dominique Boudib, Siobhan Chaco n

School Captains

Second Row: Jasmine Boudib, Isabella Tabon e, Kayel Tillman, Bonnie Wang, Ms C. Takchi

Communications Front Row: Nicole Goonetilleke, Jasmine Beaini, Mikayla Floriano, Molly Dover, Kate Smith, Taylor McMahon, Madeline Fernando, Isabel Rodrigues Second Row: Mrs K. Gray, Rachel Dawson, Erika Mendes, Annabelle Leonard, Madeleine Abbott, Ashleigh Schaafsma-Fullick, Amy Maher, Ms C. Takchi Absent: Vanessa Valensise

Environment Front Row: Divya Sood, Chantelle De Zilva, Madison Nicholson, Erin Frost, Alissandra Wenceslao, Kathryn Mellor Second Row: Mr D. Greenwell, Madeline Dittmar, Mary Cook, Amanda Grima, Bethany Carr, Ms C. Takchi Third Row: Uha Dommaraju, Elyssa Flynn, Teyah Miller, Kirstie North, Lucinda Prescott, Samantha Hardman


Ashleigh McDonald, Mrs M. Pearson, Jessica Pereira, Jessica Corcoran

Creative Arts

etta Gagliano, Sarina Cali, Front Row: Stephanie De Silva, Conc Placko, Emily Boffa, ique Mon a, Olivia Turner, Emelia Serr ci Prin ana Adri Alexandra Yazbeck, Yee, Nicole Devine, Zoe McIntyre, Second Row: Ms C. Takchi, Katya Paviour, Kiarah Fisher, Catherine Owusu-Sekyere, Brittany illeri Mrs S. Webber Absent: Laura Cam

Hospitality Front Row: Daniella Murphy, Lara Fernie, Julia Manning, Emma Vartuli, Lauren de Souza, Abbey Hurst, Isabella Croker, Sophie Maddrell, Matilda Drake Second Row: Ms C. Takchi, Nicole Zeaiter, Georgia Maconaghie, Yasmin Dicker, Eleanor Treanor, Daniella Giles, Lucy Crossing, Mrs D. Johnston

House and Ambassador Captains Front Row: Lucy Andrews, Rachel Takchi, Sarah-Jane Eades, Lauren Purcell, Tianna Raad, Jordana Beatty, Caitlin Harris, Isabella Destefano Second Row: Gillian Diekman, Rebecca McGaw, Marnie Lamb, Kellie Chilvers, Emily Bannon, Lauren Thompson, Emma Smith, Dominique Pigott, Ms C. Takchi

Social Justice

Front Row: Stephanie Hanna, Georgia Gilbert, Serafina Badaoui, Brianna Taylor, Raelene Corpuz, Genevieve Khoo, Binh An Ly, Isabella Gebrael Second Row: Mrs C. He, Isha Rana, Natalie Thomas, Georgina van Yzendoorn, Meaghan Bullmore, Tamara Rosic, Lara Zschech, Yasmin Hussein, Ms C.Takchi

Student Leadership Front Row: Melanie Re, Jordana Beatty, Gillian Diekman, Isabella Destefano, Ashleigh McDonald, Jessica Pereira, Jessica Corcoran, Dominique Pigott, Lauren Purcell, Raelene Corpuz, Lauren de Souza Second Row: Jessica Griffith, Jenna Theodore, Molly Dover, Kate Smith, Tarana Fernando, Rebecca McGaw, Tianna Raad, Rhiannon Hassan, Brianna Taylor, Ms C. Takchi Third Row: Erin Frost, Sarah-Jane Eades, Monique Harris, Sarah Hogan, Lauren Thompson, Olivia Turner, Abbey Hurst, Marnie Lamb, Emma Smith

Liturgy Front Row: Jennifer Zhu, Sarah Fitzsimmons, Alyssa Mitchell, Jenna Theodore, Monique Harris, Shovan Bhattarai, Alicia Chen, Kelly-Ann D’Sylva Second Row: Ms C. Takchi, Kate Daniels, Jenna Jardine, Georgia Gebrael, Georgia Toohey, Lin Er Yang, Mr P. Lentern

Sport Front Row: Malise Sullivan, Alyson McGrath, Kirsten Simpson, Jessica Griffith, Olivia Taylor, Jessica Marcer Second Row: Mrs K. Grant, Rachael Fraietta, Brittany Haskins, Ellen McGurk, Michaela Ashurst, Olivia Bygrave, Ms C. Takchi Absent: Georgia Quick

Student Representative Council

Front Row: Victoria Kanellis, Sarah Findlay, Penelo pe Morato, Melanie Re, Tarana Fernando, Sienna Chacon, Grace Logan, Emma Knight Second Row: Ms A. Scott-Bell, Miss A. Abagi , Erin King, Lauren Kalocsay, Phoebe Hewitt, Chloe Sidhu, Sophi e Cann, Hannah Elhayek, Ms C Takchi Absent: Katherine Morri tt, Bianca Lombardo

Fourth Row: Rachel Takchi, Caitlin Harris, Emelia Serra, Lucy Andrews, Madison Nicholson, Emily Bannon, Kirsten Simpson, Kellie Chilvers MOUNT ST BENEDICT COLLEGE YEARBOOK 2016  173





Year 12 SU5






Favourite Memory: Managing to perform onstage in the Hairspray production (even though she was part of the backstage crew) as well as the journey with Mrs Duncan in an ambulance on the way home from Year 9 Camp.

Favourite Memory: Sharing a locker, when in Year 11, with two of her Year 12 friends in the senior block and sharing a lolly jar stashed in the locker for emergencies!

Ambition: The 2015 Geography Tour to the Great Barrier Reef and nearly getting left behind!

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Ambition: Hopes to study at university and hang out with friends next year – oh, and of course – find Dory!


Ambition: To study a Bachelor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Newcastle University.






Ambition: Hopes to go to university to continue her studies.

Favourite Memory: The happy times and laughs with her friends during ‘study’ periods.

Favourite Memory: Walking around the oval during double Legal eating cookies.

Ambition: To become a Society and Culture teacher.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying a Law degree next year.








Favourite Memory: Watching Bella Tabone laugh every day until she cried.

Favourite Memory: Playing the role of Tracy in the school musical, being House Captain and Montserrat winning all 3 carnivals this year.

Favourite Memory: Playing and winning card games with friends during Year 12 retreat.

Ambition: Hopes to study at university and to travel.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying Speech Pathology and having fun.


Ambition: Hopes to be enjoying university next year.






Favourite Memory: Playing “Pregnant Brenda” in Hairspray and posing for way too many photos on retreats.

Favourite Memory: Fulfilling her destiny as a storm trooper at the Student Talent Quest this year.

Favourite Memory: Performing at the 2016 Student Talent Quest as a storm trooper and making a return at the year 12 muck up assembly.

Ambition: To defy gravity next year.

Ambition: Hopes to be eating junk food and watching movies next year.


Ambition: To start a sports or hospitality course next year, while continuing to work at her part time job.






Favourite Memory: Her Year 11 Community Outreach experience with the Good Samaritan sisters in Glebe, working with students from many other Good Sam schools. It was an experience of a lifetime for her where she learned so much.

Favourite Memory: Spending time with friends.

Favourite Memory: Winning the College swimming carnivals in Year 7 and Year 12, along with the wonderful teachers who have, and she knows, will continue to influence her throughout her life.

Ambition: Intends to be studying a Bachelor of Policing next year.

Ambition: To study Primary Teaching at the Australian Catholic University.

Ambition: Hopes to be continuing her education at university next year.









Favourite Memory: Her ‘Christmas mashup’ performance at the Carols on the Mount event last year.

Favourite Memory: Year 10, especially retreat and being with friends whilst enjoying the PDHPE practical lessons.

Ambition: To study at university and travel.

Ambition: To study psychology at university and continue living life to the fullest.

Favourite Memory: The Year 11 Geography trip to the Great Barrier Reef, where she got to snorkel with turtles and spent quality time with friends.


Ambition: Plans to study at university next year while saving to travel.






Favourite Memory: Being with friends on retreat.

Favourite Memory: The time she switched classes with her twin sister as well as all lessons and events with the Entertainment class.

Favourite Memory: The Year 12 retreat.

Ambition: To study a Bachelor of Design in Photography and Situated Media.

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Ambition: To study a Bachelor of Communication in Arts and Media while travelling in her breaks.







Favourite Memory: Year 11 and 12 retreats and becoming House Ambassador at the Captain’s induction.

Favourite Memory: The 2013 German Exchange trip where she visited many places and enjoyed spending time with her host student.

Favourite Memory: Mr Milanoli dancing like Maria in Metropolis.

Ambition: Hopes to study Early Childhood at the Australian Catholic University next year.

Ambition: To study Early Childhood at university next year.


Ambition: To study at university and saving for travelling.







Favourite Memory: The Philippines Immersion trip as well as the awesome Year 12 dance crew that performed for the Student Talent Quest.

Favourite Memory: Mr Greenwell’s Commerce classes and lunchtime parties with friends.

Favourite Memory: Swimming in the Daintree Rainforest on a Geography trip to Cairns.

Ambition: To travel and study at university next year.

Ambition: To study a course at University that she really enjoys.

Ambition: To study Exercise Sports Science and complete a diploma in personal training.







Favourite Memory: Her CAFs excursion to the city where she managed to get lost with her friends.

Favourite Memory: The great times she had in her Year 9 base class.

Favourite Memory: The French Tour in Year 9.

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Ambition: Hopes to pursue something in the field of social sciences.


STEPHANIE (AMANDA) DE SILVA Favourite Memory: This year’s MSB day and in particular recess and lunch. Ambition: Hopes to travel next year and study at university.


Ambition: Hopes to be studying Journalism at university and travelling to Europe with friends next year.




Favourite Memory: Her ride in the Vinnies Van last year as a most entertaining experience.

Favourite Memory: Her Year 10 base class 6 and the dance parties in the Hall.

Ambition: To study a business degree at Macquarie University next year.

Ambition: Wants to work towards becoming a star and enjoying life to the fullest.









Favourite Memory: Her time during both year 11 and 12 retreats.

Favourite Memory: Sharing Homeroom everyday with the fam, year 10 and 11 retreats, MSB day and of course recess and lunch.

Favourite Memory: Receiving her gold award in her final year of school.

Ambition: Hopes to take a gap year in 2017 where she can travel and gain life experiences.

Ambition: To go to university, travel and have a part time job.


Ambition: Plans to relax next year, with a solid plan of sleep and getting bacon.






Favourite Memory: Spending time with her hilarious group of friends at retreats and every day at lunch or in class.

Favourite Memory: The 2015 North Queensland Geography trip.

Favourite Memory: Spending time with her Homeroom.

Ambition: Hopes to study something which will help her leave the world a better place.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying criminology at university.



Ambition: Hopes to travel and continue studying at university next year.





Favourite Memory: The MSB sports tours to Paris and London.

Favourite Memory: Attending Mass with Pope Francis on the recent Footsteps of Benedict Tour.

Ambition: To continue her travels round Europe next year and attend university.

Ambition: Hopes to travel and go to university in 2017.

Favourite Memory: The great times spent with her Homeroom family as well as her Year 10 retreat.


Ambition: Continue her education at university and be happy.







Favourite Memory: Spending her lunches with good friend Sami (and sneaking off to the convent).

Favourite Memory: The Year 8 camp at the Belanglo State Forrest.

Favourite Memory: Her time with her friends at lunchtimes and at retreats.

Ambition: To study veterinary Science with a view to cuddling pets all day.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying Fashion PR next year.

Ambition: To study at university and do some travel.







Favourite Memory: The prep-room anarchy with Divya right before a debate in which they had no idea what they were doing.

Favourite Memory: The 2013 French Trip and Year 11 retreat.

Favourite Memory: Being part of that infamous Year 12 Dance troupe who won the 2016 Student Talent Quest.

Ambition: Hopes not only to gain acceptance into university next year, but to enjoy the course as well.

Ambition: To study Primary Teaching at university.


Ambition: To go to university and travel in life after the HSC.






Favourite Memory: The “Baby Got Back” dance parties with the MC6 girls and Mr Young.

Favourite Memory: The musicals that she was involved in during her times at Bennies, especially Hair Spray.

Favourite Memory: The time from the Year 12 retreat dancing through Elanora.

Ambition: To work, travel and live life.

Ambition: Wants to enrol to study nursing next year.

Ambition: To do something inspiring and fulfilling that brings happiness to her life!









Favourite Memory: The Geography excursion to the Great Barrier Reef in North Queensland where they marched down to the shops to purchase new pillows, as the ones in the hotel were so bad!

Favourite Memory: The Year 12 dance group winning the Student Talent Quest this year.

Favourite Memory: Her trips to Perth and Germany.

Ambition: Hopes to study psychology.

Ambition: Intends to be studying at university next year, hopefully something that she really enjoys.


Ambition: To study occupational therapy at Sydney University next year.






Favourite Memory: The Year 10 History Elective excursion.

Favourite Memory: Performing at the CAPA Showcase.

Ambition: To study visual communications and design next year.

Ambition: To study in the media industry and writing her own material such as novels, screenplays and scripts.

Favourite Memory: The College trip to France in 2013 on which she was able to immerse herself in French culture and made so many memories.



Ambition: To study in a course that allows her to celebrate her creativity and to be travelling with her family.





Favourite Memory: Making friends on the History tour in year 10, and being mentored by the seniors on the trip.

Favourite Memory: Every opportunity she got to perform with her drama class.

Favourite Memory: A moment during a Commerce excursion to Luna Park, and being stuck on the Ferris Wheel with a few friends, then watching everyone else leave after being completely soaked on the Tango train.

Ambition: Next year, she wishes for a simpler life.

Ambition: Plans to be working in different areas of Film and TV next year.

Ambition: Hopes to travel and study at university next year.








Favourite Memory: The Year 12 dance girls winning the Student Talent Quest and all of her experiences as a part of the Philippines Immersion experience this year.

Favourite Memory: The Duke of Edinburgh Camps.

Favourite Memory: Year 11 retreat.

Ambition: Intends to be at university studying a course that will allow her to pursue a career in sustaining and conserving the environment and wildlife. She would also like to travel.

Ambition: To study Law next year.

Ambition: To study Physiotherapy.







Favourite Memory: Sneaking off at lunch to the convent with SJ – and she thought the teachers never knew!

Favourite Memory: The 2014 History Tour where she was able to travel with her friends to Europe.

Favourite Memory: Sticking photos of Mr Ursino’s face around the classroom with her Year 10 class.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying next year and continuing to tick things off her bucket list – you can never start too young.

Ambition: Plans to take a gap year in 2017 and work in England.


Ambition: To study next year while living life to the fullest.






Favourite Memory: When the Year 9 Touch Football Team won their grand final.

Favourite Memory: Her year 10 PDHPE class.

Favourite Memory: Lunchtimes with Georgina.

Ambition: To go to Macquarie University next year.

Ambition: Hopes to travel next year.

Ambition: To study social work at ACU.









Favourite Memory: Travelling on the Footsteps of Benedict Tour and the Food Tech Excursion to the Hunter Valley.

Favourite Memory: Travelling around Europe on the Footsteps of Benedict Tour.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 History Tour.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying at university and making time to see friends.

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Ambition: To study and travel next year.







Favourite Memory: Winning the lolly guessing game.

Favourite Memory: The Year 11 retreat.

Ambition: To study forensic psychology and law next year.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying at university next year with plans to travel.

Favourite Memory: The fun times with her friends at the Year 11 retreat.


Ambition: Wishes to study at university next year and is hopeful to do some travel, too.






Favourite Memory: Spending time in Homeroom with her ‘girls’.

Favourite Memory: Her lunch times with her group of friends and banter with her teachers.

Ambition: Next year, she hopes to be studying at university and making new memories.

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Favourite Memory: Her whole Bennies experience creating new and exciting memories each year.


Ambition: To study at university and travel around the world.







Favourite Memory: Her involvement in the advocacy group for children in detention centres ‘kidz4kidz’ and to go to Canberra in order to raise awareness on their behalf.

Favourite Memory: Birthdays in Homeroom, junior class parties at the end of each term and finishing her major work.

Favourite Memory: Being a part of the College musical production and in particular, watching Madeleine get her brief moment onstage.

Ambition: She is looking to draw from this when studying at university, and aims to find ways how she can enhance the lives of those in the community around her.

Ambition: Intends to be studying at university next year.


Ambition: Hopes to study nursing at university next year.






Favourite Memory: The hospitality excursion to the Hunter Valley and retreat last year.

Favourite Memory: Her friendships and the year 12 retreat.

Favourite Memory: Pizza lunches with her MC6 Homeroom. Is that too cheesey?

Ambition: To work, save up some money and travel overseas next year.

Ambition: To study commerce at university next year and doing some travelling in the semester breaks.


Ambition: Hopes to travel next year.






Favourite Memory: Her times on retreats and the Footsteps of Benedict Tour.

Favourite Memory: The Year 12 retreat.

Favourite Memory: Going to all the sport carnivals and meeting all her amazing friends.

Ambition: To do some travel next year.

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying at university next year and catching up with her friends.









Favourite Memory: Her time at Year 8 Camp and Year 10 retreat.

Favourite Memory: Being in the car with Mrs He when snooze called to tell her snuggle chair was ready.

Favourite Memory: All the friendships she has made over her time at the College.

Ambition: Hopes to study at university, and most importantly, be happy with what she chooses to do.

Ambition: Hopes to work and train in the air force gap year program next year.


Ambition: Hopes to study Paediatric Nursing and enjoy three months of sleep next year.






Favourite Memory: The 2014 European Sports Tour - the bus trip with Mr. Muskovits or “Mr Sir” from Paris to London.

Favourite Memory: Times spent in classes, especially Economics.

Favourite Memory: The Year 10 History Tour.

Ambition: Plans to continue to train for Representative Netball next year.

Ambition: To eat, sleep, watch Netflix and repeat.

Ambition: Hopes to be working next year.







Favourite Memory: When she was aloft on the Ferris wheel on that fateful Commerce excursion.

Favourite Memory: Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef whilst on the Geography tour.

Favourite Memory: Taking part in the German exchange where she made many new friends.

Ambition: To study at university and do a spot of travel next year.

Ambition: Hopes to travel around Europe and study social work at university next year.

Ambition: To pursue her passion of Science, exploring the world and catching up on some much needed sleep.








Favourite Memory: Travelling on the European History Tour.

Favourite Memory: The North Queensland Geography Trip and Year 12 retreat.

Favourite Memory: The French trip in Year 9, where she was able to experience French culture and develop lifelong friendships.

Ambition: To travel to Japan and study journalism or social sciences at university.

Ambition: To study at university, travel, and work at Formula 1.


Ambition: Plans to study and pursue her goals next year.






Favourite Memory: Participating in all the swimming and athletics carnivals, Montserrat winning all 3 carnivals this year and being a part of the annual Christmas Hamper delivery for JCA each year.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 European History Tour.

Favourite Memory: The Immersion trip to the Philippines with other students from all over Australia.

Ambition: Hopes to study at university next year.

Ambition: To study Applied Sciences at university next year.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying sports science at university and travelling.





Favourite Memory: The Year 11 Geography trip to Cairns where she had the opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Favourite Memory: Her ‘Christmas mashup’ performance at the Carols on the Mount event last year.

Ambition: To take a gap year and travel around South East Asia.

Ambition: To defer university next year and travel overseas.


CATHERINE OWUSU-SEKYERE Favourite Memory: Lunch, recess and study periods with friends. Ambition: To travel next year.









Favourite Memory: The History Tour in Year 10 and sharing a locker with the Georgie Vanz.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 History tour and the amazing experience of being College Captain.

Favourite Memory: Travelling on the Footsteps of Benedict Tour.

Ambition: Hopes to be Dora the Explorer next year and spend her time travelling.

Ambition: To study law and business at Macquarie University.

Ambition: Plans to study IT at university next year.







Favourite Memory: Being on technical support for the College Musical Hairspray and all the talent shows, waking up at 6am on the Year 12 retreat to watch the sunrise with her friends.

Favourite Memory: The Perth and French trip in year 9.

Favourite Memory: Breaking it down storm trooper style at the Student Talent Quest this year.

Ambition: To study economics at Sydney University.

Ambition: To work in summer and winter kids’ camps in America and Canada next year, and then study TV and Film Directing in the USA.


Ambition: Hopes to study in the field of communication and graphic design next year.






Favourite Memory: The Sports Tour to Paris and the Geography trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 European Netball Tour where they became Junior International Netball Tournament Champions.

Favourite Memory: Playing family feud with Rachel on MSB day and winning the Student Talent Quest.

Ambition: Plans to be training as an elite track cyclist and studying a Bachelor of Sports Management at the University of Technology next year.

Ambition: Hopes to be attending university next year.

Ambition: Intends to study at university, whilst hopefully taking time-out to travel.








Favourite Memory: Debating in one particular difficult debate with Tamara. Isha accidentally referred to the male adjudicator as “madam”, they broke out into fits of laughter and couldn’t finish the debate. It is safe to say they lost that evening.

Favourite Memory: Her Year 11 & 12 retreats, homeroom and roaming around Germany and Italy with great friends and teachers on the History Tour.

Favourite Memory: Making paper boats in Mr Greenwell’s business studies class and time spent with friends.

Ambition: Plans to be studying at university next year.

Ambition: To study a bachelor of psychology with a bachelor of laws at university next year.


TAMARA ROSIC Favourite Memory: Helping design and make costumes for the school musical. She had just started at the College, and this is how she met her good friend Tarana. Ambition: Hopes to be studying a university course she loves and saving to buy a car.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying Graphic Design at UTS next year.


ASHLEIGH SCHAAFSMA-FULLICK Favourite Memory: The wonderful experiences she had on the Footsteps of Benedict Tour to Europe. Ambition: To study an integrated Spatial and Industrial Design course at the University of Technology Sydney, whilst hopefully fitting in time to travel.



EMELIA SERRA Favourite Memory: Playing “Seaweed” in Hairspray and her overseas trips to France and America. Ambition: To work in the performing arts next year.






Favourite Memory: The Year 11 retreat.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 European Sports Tour.

Ambition: To travel and study at university next year.

Ambition: Plans to be studying Occupational Therapy at university next year.

Favourite Memory: Failing to meet her leader’s expectations on her Duke of Ed camps. Walking the canoes was faster than canoeing, continually getting lost and failing to make successful campfires – it never got old! Ambition: To sunbake on the beaches of Greece until she passes as a local and to cycle through little French villages while eating baguettes.









Favourite Memory: When a certain someone in her Year 10 retreat cabin mistook a phone alarm for a fire alarm. She-who-will-remainunnamed then proceeded to run around frantically telling other cabins to evacuate.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 History Tour.

Favourite Memory: The friendships she made and the support from her teachers.

Ambition: To further her education at university next year.

Ambition: To work, travel and study.

Ambition: To glamp around Europe next year and overconsume pizza in Italy.







Favourite Memory: The time spent in her Entertainment class, as well as when Jasmine requested lobster at Year 12 retreat.

Favourite Memory: Mr Watters singing and dancing for the entire 45 minutes of class to cheer his students up.

Favourite Memory: The German Exchange Tour, spending time with friends as well as making new friends on school camps and retreats.

Ambition: Hopes to pursue a career in the business industry.

Ambition: Hopes to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Ambition: To travel the world and pursue what she loves at university.







Favourite Memory: Her time with her friends when performing the ‘Christmas mashup’ at Carols on the Mount.

Favourite Memory: House and Homeroom parties and Year 11 retreat.

Favourite Memory: When she participated in and completed her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying journalism and marketing at university.

Ambition: Plans to take a year off studying and filling in her time travelling.

Ambition: To go to cafes with her good friend Laura.








Favourite Memory: Being a part of the Year 12 dance for the Student Talent Quest and the many lunch time practices it took to perfect their winning routine.

Favourite Memory: Spending every day at school with her amazing friends and making hilarious memories that she will cherish forever.

Favourite Memory: Her lunchtime shenanigans.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying and playing soccer at a College in the US.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying Nursing at university next year.


Ambition: To live the good life of a university student.






Favourite Memory: The Year 12 retreat and study periods with her friends.

Favourite Memory: Playing Link Larkin in the 2015 Musical Hairspray.

Ambition: To take a gap year and travel.

Ambition: Hopes to continue her passion for Drama next year and be the best person she can be.

Favourite Memory: MSB and her relationship with her homeroom where she loved spending time each day.



Ambition: Dreams of spending her future supporting others.





Favourite Memory: The Year 11 retreat.

Favourite Memory: When Mrs Easterbrook blew flour over a Bunsen burner and made the lab smell like a bakery.

Favourite Memory: The Year 12 retreat with friends and the Great Barrier Reef excursion.

Ambition: Intends to go to university next year and get planning on an overseas holiday.

Ambition: To study at university next year.

Ambition: Plans to be studying at university and travelling next year.









Favourite Memory: The retreats.

Favourite Memory: The 2014 History Tour.

Ambition: Hopes to further cultivate her interest in digital media by studying Media Art next year.

Ambition: To study at university and travel next year.

Favourite Memory: The retreats and camps sharing cabins with friends.


GEORGINA VAN YZENDOORN Favourite Memory: The adventures of Year 8 camp and sharing the cleanest locker in the school with Pavlova. Ambition: She is looking forward to finally being 18, experiencing the fun and challenges of life while exploring the adventures and opportunities of a new city.

Ambition: Hopes to be binge watching TV shows she’s missed because of the HSC and maybe attending university.




Favourite Memory: The Year 11 retreat where she competed against the teachers in a riff-off around the camp fire – the students won.

Favourite Memory: The French trip in 2013.

Ambition: To attend university next year doing a course she loves. She also hopes to stay in touch with Bennies girls.





Favourite Memory: Her Year 11 and 12 retreats.

Favourite Memory: The European Sports Tour and Year 12 Student Talent Quest.

Ambition: To study game development and design at Macquarie University.



Ambition: Hopes to be studying at UTS next year and travelling as much as she can.

Ambition: Hopes to be studying to become a midwife.

Year 12 Awards Academic Excellence

Bethany Carr

All Round Excellence

Mathematics General Isabella Croker English Advanced English Extension 1 Physics Geography

Isabella Croker Nicole Zeaiter

Michaela Ashurst Bethany Carr Isabella Croker Gillian Diekman Erin Frost Samantha Hardman Binh An Ly Amy Maher Teyah Miller Brianna Taylor Nicole Zeaiter

Christian Leadership Award Jessica Corcoran

College Best All Rounder Jessica Pereira

House Award Arcadia: Sarah Hogan

Gillian Diekman German Continuers Ancient History Modern History Tarana Fernando Business Services Lara Fernie Community and Family Studies Erin Frost PDHPE Studies of Religion 2 Jessica Griffith Music 1 Amanda Grima Visual Arts

Isabella Croker Studies of Religion 1 Mathematics Extension 1 Mathematics Lucy Crossing Hospitality

Kirsten Simpson Community & Family Studies Senior Science

Monique Harris English Standard Geography

Emma Smith PDHPE

Rhiannon Hassan Society and Culture

Madeline Fernando Industrial TechnologyMultimedia

Brianna Taylor Modern History Biology Studies of Religion 2

Abbey Hurst Hospitality

Lara Fernie Ancient History

Natalie Thomas Mathematics

Mikayla Floriano Design and Technology

Georgia Toohey Ancient History

Binh An Ly Economics English Advanced

Rachael Fraietta PDHPE Community & Family Studies

Olivia Turner Mathematics General

Lauren de Souza English Advanced Business Services Hannah Elhayek Business Services

Monte Cassino: Caitlin Harris

Binh An Ly Studies of Religion 1

Montserrat: Jessica Griffith

Julia Manning Design and Technology

New Norcia: Dominique Pigott

Ashleigh McDonald English Standard

Stanbrook: Sarah-Jane Eades

Teyah Miller English Extension 2 Society and Culture

English Advanced Business Studies Geography Studies of Religion 2

Katherine Morritt Senior Science

Caitlin Harris Community & Family Studies

Lucinda Prescott Legal Studies

Phoebe Hewitt English Standard

Emma Smith French Continuers

Sarah Hogan Food Technology Drama

Pierre de Coubertin Sports Award Kirsten Simpson

Sportswoman of the Year

Rachel Takchi Entertainment Industry

Principal’s Award Contribution to Music

Olivia Turner Drama

Olivia Taylor

Kiarah Fisher

Principal’s Award Contribution to Sport Kirsten Simpson

Principal’s Award Overall Contribution Emily Boffa Isabella Croker Gillian Diekman Sarah-Jane Eades Jessica Griffith Caitlin Harris Brittany Haskins Sarah Hogan Madison Nicholson Emma Smith Kate Smith Rachel Takchi Brianna Taylor Olivia Taylor Natalie Thomas Georgina van Yzendoorn

Year 12 Subject Awards Excellence Michaela Ashurst Biology Emily Bannon Chemistry Jordana Beatty Food Technology

Bonnie Wang Mathematics Extension 1 Mathematics Extension 2 Jessica Yi Mathematics Nicole Zeaiter Business Studies Economics Lara Zschech Hospitality


Lucy Andrews English Standard Michaela Ashurst Chemistry Physics Serafina Badaoui French Continuers Shovan Bhattarai English Extension 1 Society and Culture

Erin Frost Mathematics General Concetta Gagliano Industrial TechnologyMultimedia Georgia Gilbert Legal Studies Samantha Hardman

Marnie Lamb English Standard Binh An Ly English Extension 1 Business Standard Amy Maher English Extension 1 Chemistry Modern History Jessica Marcer PDHPE Erika Mendes German Continuers Biology Teyah Miller Studies of Religion 1 Kirstie North Studies of Religion 1 Brittany Paviour Entertainment Industry Jessica Pereira Food Technology Lucinda Prescott Economics

Laura Camilleri Economics

Lauren Purcell Senior Science

Bethany Carr Business Studies Geography

Tianna Raad Mathematics Extension 2

Raelene Corpuz Mathematics Gerneral

Samantha Hardman Mathematics General Caitlin Harris Studies of Religion 1

Annabelle Leonard Industrial TechnologyMultimedia

Terracina: Katya Yee

Ashleigh Schaafsma-Fullick Design and Technology Hospitality

Jessica Griffith PDHPE Biology

Emelia Serra Music 1

Rachel Dawson Society and Culture

Maredsous: Brianna Taylor

Subacio: Jessica Marcer

Tamara Rosic Biology

Georgina van Yzendoorn Legal Studies Nicole Zeaiter English Advanced Studies of Religion 2

Special Commendation Michaela Ashurst Studies of Religion 1 Serafina Badaoui Studies of Religion 2 Emily Boffa Mathematics General Laura Camilleri English Advanced Business Studies Sophie Cann Food Technology Kellie Chilvers Design and Technology Colette Chung Community & Family Studies Mary Cook Ancient History Studies of Religion 2 Rachel Dawson French Continuers Lauren de Souza Studies of Religion 2 Gillian Diekman English Advanced Matilda Drake PDHPE Food Technology Sarah-Jane Eades Biology Tarana Fernando Business Studies Sarah Findlay PDHPE Rachael Fraietta Mathematics Erin Frost English Advanced German Continuers Concetta Gagliano Visual Arts

Melanie Re Spanish Beginners

Isabella Gebrael Industrial TechnologyMultimedia Studies of Religion 2

Isabel Rodrigues Visual Arts

Georgia Gilbert Modern History

Genevieve Khoo Studies of Religion 2

Amy Maher English Advanced Studies of Religion 2 Biology Taylor McMahon Mathematics Extension 1 Erika Mendes English Advanced Teyah Miller English Advanced Daniella Murphy Studies of Religion 2 Madison Nicholson English Advanced Mathematics Jessica Pereira Studies of Religion 2 Lucinda Prescott Chemistry Adriana Princi Community & Family Studies Drama Isha Rana Legal Studies Studies of Religion 2 English Advanced Melanie Re Business Services Tamara Rosic English Advanced English Extension 1 Emma Smith English Advanced Mathematics General Kate Smith Mathematics General Rachel Takchi Business Studies Brianna Taylor English Advanced Olivia Taylor Legal Studies Georgina van Yzendoorn English Advanced Lin Er Yang English Standard Jennifer Zhu Studies of Religion 1 Lara Zschech Studies of Religion 2



Year 7 – 11 Major Awards Scholarships Year 7/2017

Elizabeth Khoury Principal’s Award Leadership & Community Service

Caitlyn Dunk Geography

Judith-Grace Vella Commerce

Ashleigh James Dance

Chloe Nolan Sr Hyacinth Roche

Jessica Pacheco Principal’s Award – Perseverance

Natali Kelava Food Technology All Round Excellence

Tameela Vijay Mathematics All Round Excellence

Chloe Nguy Sr Christopher Burrows

Year 11/2017 Daniela Taylor Sr Helen Foley

Year 7

Madeleine Sylvester Academic Excellence Lucy Pratt Mount St Benedict Award Jessica Tyzack Mount St Benedict Award

Year 8

Alicia John Academic Excellence Mount St Benedict Award

Year 9

Antonia Saul Academic Excellence Ariella Azzopardi Mount St Benedict Award

Year 10

Alana Sylvester Academic Excellence Annabel Fisher Mount St Benedict Award Principal’s Award - FPS International Jaime Dunn Principal’s Award Leadership & Community Service Natalya Denaro Principal’s Award - FPS International Vanessa Habkouk Principal’s Award Perseverance Emily James Principal’s Award - FPS International Caitlin Kelly Principal’s Award - FPS International Jessica Kotzander Principal’s Award - FPS International Anna Cate Macoustra Principal’s Award - FPS International


Kiera Maxwell Technology All Round Excellence April McKenna Music Emma Nevill Visual Arts Franchesca Samonte Languages Technology All Round Excellence Madeleine Siu Geography Madeleine Sylvester English History Mathematics PDHPE Religion Science All Round Excellence

Year 8

Lillian Ward All Round Excellence Emma Wilkinson All Round Excellence Therese Barbara Music Elise Beldoza Geography Visual Arts Cecilia Cullen Mathematics Alexandra Ho PDHPE Paige Iwatani Japanese Alicia John History Religion Science Technology Jacinta Mifsud Geography Lillian Ward Technology Alanna White German

Alexandra Maher Principal’s Award - FPS International

Emma Wilkinson English French

Nicole Sandow Principal’s Award - FPS International

Year 9

Tenee Arthur German

Eshaa Sood Principal’s Award - FPS International

Elizabeth Black English

Capri Vidler Principal’s Award Sportswoman of the Year

Year 11

Jessica Yi Academic Excellence

Emma Bourne Mathematics All Round Excellence Elizabeth Chen Commerce Science All Round Excellence Monica Curtis Religion


Sophie Lovell Visual Arts Natalia Reale-Bryant History Elective PDHPE Textiles Technology All Round Excellence

Year 11

Annabel Anderson English Advanced English Extension Music 2 Studies of Religion 1 All Round Excellence Belinda Borgefjord Geography

Bethany Relf Information & Software Technology

Olivia Brigden Earth & Environmental Science

Antonia Saul Design & Technology History Physical Activity & Sports Studies All Round Excellence

Alyssa Coleiro Dance General Mathematics All Round Excellence

Naomi Sheather Japanese Caitlin Sultana Geography All Round Excellence Anna Todhunter Music Charlotte Turner Drama All Round Excellence

Rosemarie Coppini Drama All Round Excellence Charlotte Folkard PDHPE All Round Excellence Amanda Fung Design & Technology Clara Goossens French Continuers Talia Gozzi Photography

Year 10

Diana Kazakov Studies of Religion 2 All Round Excellence

Jaime Dunn History Elective Religion

Olivia Kobal German Continuers

Sabrina Croker Music

Amelia Farrell Visual Arts Kassidy Grant

Freya Koutchavlis Business Services Anyi Liang Japanese Continuers

PDHPE Physical Activity & Sports Studies. All Round Excellence

Chloe Matthews Food Technology

Lauren Huynh Japanese

Alexandra Micallef Hospitality

Saba Karimi Drama Caitlin Kelly French Lucy Koelmeyer English Vivienne Lee Dance Ella Lehmann Design & Technology Emily McKnight German Kathleen Notohamiprodjo Information & Software Technology Nicole Sandow All Round Excellence Alana Sylvester Food Technology Geography History Mathematics Science All Round Excellence Daniela Taylor Germanw All Round Excellence

Audrey McLachlan Visual Arts

Olivia Morley English Standard Industrial Technology All Round Excellence Madeline Pfeffercorn Economics Modern History Alani Pond All Round Excellence Holly Porvaznik Legal Studies Society and Culture Elly Rickwood Music 1 Bridget Sarks Senior Science Katerina Saul Community & Family Studies Lucy Sheppard Business Studies Sarah Tan Ancient History All Round Excellence

Yao Xiao Chemistry Mathematics Mathematics Extension 1 All Round Excellence Jessica Yi Biology Chemistry Physics All Round Excellence

STAFF – 20 YEARS SERVICE Julie Walsh Jane Easterbrook



Year 12 Muck-Up Photo



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Mount St Benedict College > Yearbook > 2016  

Mount St Benedict College publishes a school yearbook and magazine which recap the news and events of each year at the school. Graphic desig...

Mount St Benedict College > Yearbook > 2016  

Mount St Benedict College publishes a school yearbook and magazine which recap the news and events of each year at the school. Graphic desig...