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PROSPECTUS International Edition 2008/2009

Business & Finance Studies Dental Nursing & Health Care Courses Information Technology Programmes Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Programmes English Language Training World-Class Diplomas & Degrees Various Professional Courses

University. Most of all, we deliver quality tuition in ways that can fit into a full life of work and pleasure in one of the world’s greatest cities. As the Principal here at Anglian College, I am ultimately responsible for our academic standards. So I am happy to tell you that we have small class sizes, modern computer equipment, and quality written materials. Above all, we have motivated and well qualified lecturers, teaching to internationally recognised standards, watched over by efficient management. Everything is ready for you to get good exam results. The rules for obtaining a student visa to come to Britain are becoming tougher. No more just pretending to study. You have to put in at least 15 hours a week, attending classes and studying, in order to prove you are a bona fide student. However, you can also earn good money by working up to 20 hours per week (and

Principal’s Foreword Hello and welcome to Anglian College London.

longer in the holidays). Anglian College’s location combines relatively low living costs with ready access to the whole of London. Even in a time of recession there are decently paid part-time jobs for any student who is willing to work hard and flexibly. And of course you will have access to all of London’s rich cultural life, from museums to night clubs, from libraries to sporting events. Our most popular course remains Business Studies with Information Technology – delivering just the right mix of skills for you to earn a good living in the

We are a small, friendly college that believes in achieving

modern, computerised, global village. And within our

results. If you want university-standard education, but

Health Care courses one field in which Anglian College

cannot afford university prices, take a good look at what

stands out is Dental Nursing because we are one of

Anglian College offers. You will not find better value for

the few places that is fully equipped on site.

money in further education anywhere in London. What is our secret? Partly our location – in a historic

Come and see what we have on offer!

part of Greater London, not the expensive city centre.


Partly our premises – not ancient, ivy-covered halls, but

Anthony Durham, MA, PhD

functional rooms that formerly belonged to Greenwich


Contents Living and Studying in London Visas and Paid Work What People say Courses at Anglian

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Department of Computing & Engineering Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) Courses Business Information Systems (BIS) - ABE British Computer Society (BCS) Courses

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Department of Business Studies Business Management (BM) - ABE Human Resource Management (HRM) - ABE Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TTH) - ABE Chartered Accountancy Programme - ACCA

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Department of Health & Care Dental Nursing - NEBDN Health & Social Care (HSC) Studies – CITY AND GUILDS

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Department Language & Training English for International Students (EIS) Other Language Courses Information Technology Training Miscellaneous Courses & Trainings

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Studying Degrees in Anglian College Admission Procedures Student Support Services Additional Rules and Support

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Living and Studying in London Lots of great cities are proud of their history, their dynamism, and their multi-cultural happiness, but London is the greatest of them all.

2000 years of history has

given our city an immense range of historic buildings, monuments, museums, and galleries. Greater London is bigger than Paris plus Rome plus Vienna put together, yet it contains more green parks, public open spaces, and wildlife than most other capitals. London is a top world centre for financial services and banking, as well as a creative powerhouse for the arts and media. The United Kingdom, with London at its heart, pioneered many things that the whole world now takes for granted, such as computers, universal health care, railways, many sports, the theory of evolution, freedom of speech, river tunnels, antibiotics, and of course the English language. London was the first city to confront, and start to overcome many urban problems: smog in the air, sewage in the river, too many cars on the road.

Academic Excellence London’s universities are among the best in the world, providing top-quality courses at vocational, undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, or specialist levels. Surrounding and feeding those top educational institutions are a host of other resources: libraries, museums, learned societies, and small colleges. Anglian College is one of those feeder organisations, a small college dedicated to one simple goal: bringing the rich banquet of London’s opportunities within the reach of students who are not rich. Our location provides just the right balance of easy access to big city opportunities (notably part-time jobs and spare time fun) coupled with affordable housing and good transport.


Home from Home Greater London’s population is amazingly diverse, so wherever you come from in the world, you can fit right in. There are sure to be people who speak your home language, share your religion, like the same music, or have the same hobbies – all living together in harmony. London grew into a massive metropolis by absorbing many small villages. One of them is Woolwich (Anglian College’s base), which still retains much of its old identity as a modest fishing village, which then grew into a site of heavy industry, and is now being reborn as a modern suburb with transport links fit for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Live Life to the Full Education does not just happen in a classroom. Coming to the UK will expose you to a wide range of people and ideas: some familiar, some new, and some shocking. Much of your learning will be fairly painless: from highquality British TV, radio, newspapers, and commercial practice. You will be at the heart of the English language, able to read more books, hear more spoken accents, and watch more entertainments than anywhere else in the world. Check our website for some of the many facilities that London offers which are free, or low in cost – just right for a student on a budget. Near the College there are enough tourist sights to keep an active walker happy for months. Further afield in London there are dozens of museums and attractions that are free to enter, from the big and famous to the small and quirky. Then there are lots of big annual events for everyone to watch: the London Marathon, boat races, the Lord Mayor’s Procession, firework displays, and much more.

Build your Career Unfortunately life isn’t all fun and here at Anglian College we never forget your top priority in coming to London. You need to learn new skills, return home with a recognised qualification, and develop a fulfilling career. So here you will receive effective tuition in small classes, following the latest courses, with modern equipment and teaching aids, plus opportunities for work experience. You are only young once, so seize the moment!

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life. For there is in London all that life can afford.” - Samuel Johnson


Visas and Paid Work

Citizens of the 27 European Union countries (plus many of their dependent territories, and Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein) are free to come to London and sign up as a student on almost exactly the same basis as UK citizens. (Provided they have enough money not to be a burden on the state and they obey the law, of course.) Everyone else needs entry clearance and/or a visa.

The rules about coming to the UK as a student, and how

The Border Agency website explains in detail about the

much work you can do while you are here, were in the

procedures to be followed, the documents required, the

process of changing when this prospectus was being

fees, and how to sort out problems, when you ask for entry

written. For the latest information, please look up the web


site of the UK Border Agency: The underlying principles of student entry clearance are For Anglian College’s latest advice, please speak to our

straightforward and obvious. The UK welcomes bona fide,

Admissions staff, but here is some general information

hard-working, self-supporting students with open arms,

about coming to the UK as a student.

but it wants to keep out bogus ‘students’ who want to slide into the black economy and cause social problems.


The UK government departments involved have recently

some courses inherently include periods of full- or part-

been hugely improved (after some years of chaos, being

time work experience, which may be either paid or unpaid.

overwhelmed by the sheer number of immigrants) and

During your time in London, you will be free in principle to

procedures are still settling down. For example there is an

take any type of job, but inevitably when you are young and

incompletely thought out plan to issue biometric identity

available only part of the time, you are likely to be offered

cards to foreign students.

a pay rate not much more than the National Minimum Wage, which in 2009 is ÂŁ5.73 per hour for age 22 and over.

To get student entry clearance you will need to have

Anglian College will try to help you find a good job, but


please understand that we are not a recruitment agency.






accommodation, finances) fully sorted out in advance. As your “sponsor�, Anglian College London has a duty to make

If you want to stay on in the UK to work for a while after

sure that you are indeed studying properly. Please do not

finishing your studies, you will need to meet one of the

confuse us with certain dishonest organisations that are

criteria described on the Border Agency website for non-

just a front for illegal immigration and badly paid work!

student workers, and to put in your application well before

There are detailed rules about how many hours of tuition

you finish studying. There are lots more, quite complex

your courses must contain, your previous educational

rules, for example for dependant relatives of students, or

levels, and so on.

for under-18s, which you can mostly read in detail on the Internet. If you need advice, our Admissions department

While you are here, you will be permitted to work part-

will try to help.

time (i.e. up to 20 hours per week) during the course-work terms, and full time during the vacations. In addition,


What People Say Hilda A Student, Uganda I don’t have to pay a lot of money for my degree course compared to other colleges and universities. The students vary from different countries but I am glad we can socialise and help each other in various fields such as academics, life etc. More than that, I like my teachers because they are always there for the students, easy to talk to and they give support where necessary.�

Radhika K Student, Nepal I am a dental nursing student at Anglian College London, where I have found the college environment very supportive and up to date. College staff have been very dedicated to giving their best to the students. The College not only helps our studies, it also helps for university entrance and careers guidance. It has its own dental surgery for practical work and has been completely focussed on practical education.

This has been so fruitful for me

as a dental nursing student, as I had no problem for a placement and the lecturers are so helpful. I personally have felt my decision to choose Anglian College was perfect for upgrading my career. Today I have been working as a dental nurse, so all the credit goes to my College and my teachers and their efforts.


Hugo O, Lecturer Department of Language & Training Hello! My name is Hugo Oxley and I head the English Department at Anglian College London, and I have over ten years’ experience as an English and EFL tutor. Our department offers a wide range of facilities and is structured to meet the needs of students of all academic levels. So, if you are worried that your spoken and written English isn’t up to scratch – don’t be! We will ensure that your needs are met, and that you’ll thoroughly enjoy your time and studies at Anglian College London.

Gloria G, Lecturer Department of Health and Care I have spent many years in the employment of the National Health Services (NHS) where I have worked and managed several specialities. Here at Anglian College, I am the Coordinator for the Health and Social Care Courses which the College is actively developing. I am happy for the opportunity where I can continue to put my skills and knowledge at the disposal of ambitious young people like you and your fellow students who are already here with us.

Ying Z, Lecturer Department of Business Studies It’s good to see Anglian College London providing such a lovely atmosphere for its students. Having a sound knowledge of English is extremely important in all courses you do in the UK. Students can also improve their language skills while pursuing other course at Anglian. I would say our strength is high quality business, IT and health care programmes supported through the provision of English language tuition by genuine and appropriately qualified native English lecturers.


Courses at Anglian You will see in the following pages how our well known and

with us, when suitable courses become available. Please

accredited diplomas easily lead you to university degrees.

read through our courses pages in this prospectus. After reading the quick snapshots of courses here,

If you satisfactorily pass a Diploma or a Higher Diploma

please research them in detail on your own. Our course

with us, you may be able to join the second or third year of

programmes are competitive and boldly designed by

a bachelor’s degree programme in many UK universities.

highly educated professionals, with industrial standards in

While Diplomas may cost you from £1800 to £2400 (UK

mind. Job opportunities and intellectual development will

pounds) per year, the fees for the degree programmes in

reward you for working hard on our programmes. Choose

a university may well be up to £10,000 a year. By joining

courses that are suitable for you, and your achievements

only the final year at the university, you are likely to save

to date, not just because you would vaguely like to get

anything up to £15,000 pounds for your further studies.

a particular degree. Our Admissions advisors are always

You will save even more if you continue your final year

ready to help.

How do we deliver quality education for affordable fees? Study at UK University

Study at Anglian College London

Projected Savings

BSc Degree - Year 1 (£9,000)

Diploma (£2,000)


BSc Degree - Year 2 (£9,000)

Higher/ Advance Diploma (£2,800)


BSc Degree - Year 3 (£9,000)

BSc Degree - Year 3 (£5,000)







Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) Courses

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full Time (15-20) hours/week Awarding Body – IMIS

Anglian College offers three levels of IMIS study programmes

Duration – 3 years programme, 1 yr for each level

for those who want to become managers in modern information systems. Each level is delivered in modules, with three modules taught each term.

Entry requirements

Students are expected to attend and pass

external examinations held at the end of each term.

Foundation Diploma F01 Communication Skills F02 Arithmetic F03 Computing Awareness F04 Use of Packages

Foundation Diploma There are no entry requirements for this course.

Diploma Any one of the following •

the Foundation

Diploma level examinations. Or

F05 Book-Keeping F06 Office Practice

Successful completion of

GCSE (or equivalent) with passes in 4 subjects, including Mathematics and English at grades

Diploma D21 Information Systems Practice

C and above (or equivalent). •

Candidates of 21 years of age and over with two

D22 Business Fundamentals

years’ work experience relevant to computing

D23 Communications and Business Technology

or a related field will also be eligible.

D24 Programming and Web Applications

employer’s reference will be required.

D25 Business Information Systems D26 Information Systems Building

Candidates of 19 years of age and over may be admitted on receipt of a letter from the college where the student is registered to

Higher Diploma

study for IMIS qualifications, attesting to their

H31 Management Information Systems

suitability to study at this level.

H32 Information Systems Strategy H33 Contemporary Information Systems Development


H34 Database Development

Higher Diploma

H35 Project Management

Any one of the following

H36 Business Information Systems Project

Successful completion of the Diploma level examinations.

* Please visit the IMIS website and decide for yourself the suitability of

each programme to your requirements





Computing. •

BTEC National Certificate/Diploma in a related subject with a significant computing element.

GCSE (or equivalent) with passes in 5 subjects including Mathematics and English. ‘A’ Level in a computing subject and one other ‘A’ Level. Two passes at ‘AS’ level may be considered in place of one ‘A’ level pass.

Other appropriate educational qualifications deemed equivalent to the IMIS Diploma level examinations.

Candidates who are 21 years of age or over with 4 years’ appropriate work experience relevant to computing or a related field may also be considered.

Department 11 Computing & Engineering

Business Information Systems (BIS) - ABE

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full Time (15-20) hours/week Awarding Body – ABE

The BIS programme from the Association of Business Executive

Duration – 4.5 years programme, 1 year each

(ABE) is considered to be a well balanced set of courses that

for Certificate and Diplomas, up to 18mths for

provides a firm grounding in key IT and business skills and leads

Advance Diploma

to highly recognised qualifications. ABE has raised its reputation significantly recently. The holders of its diplomas are accepted directly into second and third years of a bachelors degree by many universities. An Advanced Diploma on top of some good experience in related field will enable students directly join an MBA programme in certain universities.


Entry requirements Certificate There are no entry requirements for this course except English Competency i.e. ESOL, EFL, LCCI, British Council or College Preparatory English qualifications.

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Accounting

IT Applications and Skills


Introduction to the World of Computers

Any one of the following •

Diploma Part 1 •

Organisational Behaviour

Financial Accounting

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Applications in Business & Finance

Principles of Programming

Diploma Part 2 •

Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication

Human Resource Management

Managerial Accounting

Systems Analysis and Design

Computer Networking

Information Systems Project Management

Quantitative Methods for Business and Management

Advanced Diploma •

Contemporary Application Development Methods

Internet Systems Development

Relational Database Applications in Business

Information Strategic Marketing Management

Any ONE from

Successful completion of the ABE Certificate exams

Two GCE A-levels plus four GCSEs at grade C or above, including English Language and Maths

BTEC National award in relevant subjects

Three passes in LCCI Level 3 in relevant subjects

Three passes in RSA examinations, of which at least two must be at Stage 3

Pitman’s Qualifications – three passes at level 3 in relevant subjects

An ‘Access’ Certificate from a UK College of Further Education, e.g. ACL

Any NCVQ approved qualifications at level 3 in relevant subjects.

If you hold none of the above please contact ACL Admissions for advice.

Note: 9 out of 10 diploma subjects must be attempted. Exemption for up to 6 subjects may be granted for previous qualifications approved by ABE.

Advanced Diploma

Corporate Finance

Managing in Organisations

Strategic Human Resource Management for Business

Relevant ABE Diploma or university degree


Other similar qualifications – seek advice from ACL

Any one of the following

Admissions. * No exemptions are granted at Advanced Diploma level.


Department Computing & Engineering

British Computer Society (BCS) Courses

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full time (15-20 hours/week) Awarding Body – BCS

Anglian College offers excellent full-time tuition for British

Duration – 3 years programme, 1 year each for

Computer Society professional courses to prepare students for

each level

the three levels of examinations they conduct. BCS qualifications carry the worldwide reputation of the organisation itself and

Entry requirements for BCS

highly recognised everywhere.

Certificate in IT •

Information Systems

Software Development

Computer and Network Technology

Diploma in IT •

Professional issues in Information Systems Practice

Plus any THREE modules from April and October exams •

Computer Networks

Computer Architecture

Database Systems

IT Project Management

Object Oriented Programming

Software Engineering 1

April Exams only •

Principles of Internet Technologies

IT Service Management

Principles of User Interface Design

Professional Graduate Diploma in IT Any FOUR modules from April and October exams •

Advanced Database Management Systems

Management Information Systems

Software Engineering 2

Computer Services Management

April Exams only •

Distributed and Parallel Systems

Knowledge Based Systems

Network Information Systems

Programming Paradigms

Realising the User Interface

System Design Methods

Web Engineering

There are no formal Entry Requirements for all three levels of BCS qualifications. The candidates/ students are required to determine their own academic suitability for entry to each level.

Registering with BCS There is no requirement to register with BCS before entry for the Examination and modules and the Professional Project may be taken in any sequence. There is no limit to the number of attempts you can make at written examinations or the Professional Project submission if you have been unsuccessful. Candidates who have passed a module or project will not be allowed to re-sit to improve the mark and grades.

BCS Examinations Written Examination Deadlines 15 January (April sitting) 15 August (October sitting) Professional Project Reports 28 February 31 Augustt * Please note that the College reserves its right to choose which modules to deliver at any term based on its own deductions, and that not all optional modules may be taught every year.

Department 13 Computing & Engineering

Business Management (BM) - ABE The Business Management programme from the Association of Business Executives (ABE) is a professional, QCA-accredited qualification to prepare you for a career in business, or to give you advanced entry onto professional qualifications and university degrees in the UK and other countries. The programme covers the theoretical issues of business and management and offers

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full Time (15-20) hours/week Awarding Body – ABE Duration – 4.5 years programme, 1 year each for Certificate and Diplomas, up to 18 months for Advance Diploma

many practical skills useful to potential employers.

Entry requirements



Introduction to Business

There are no entry requirements for this course

Introduction to Quantitative Methods

except English Competency i.e. ESOL, EFL, LCCI,

Introduction to Accounting

British Council or College Preparatory English

Introduction to Business Communication


Diploma Part 1 •

Economic Principles and their Application to Business

Organisational Behaviour

Financial Accounting

Quantitative Methods for Business and Management

Diploma Part 2

Diploma Any one of the following •

Successful completion of the ABE Certificate exams

Two GCE A-levels plus four GCSEs at grade C or above, including English Language and Maths

Marketing Policy, Planning & Communication

BTEC National award in relevant subjects


Three passes in LCCI Level 3 in relevant

Management in Action

subjects •

Plus any two from •

Principles of Business Law

Systems Analysis & Design

Managerial Accounting

Advanced Diploma •

Corporate Strategy & Planning

Managing in Organisations

International Business Case Study

Plus any two from

Three passes in RSA examinations, of which at least two must be at Stage 3

Pitman’s Qualifications – three passes at level 3 in relevant subjects

An ‘Access’ Certificate from a UK College of Further Education, e.g. ACL

Any NCVQ approved qualifications at level 3 in relevant subjects.

If you hold none of the above please contact ACL Admissions for advice.

Strategic Marketing Management

Note: 9 out of 10 diploma subjects must be attempted.

Strategic HRM for Business

Exemption for up to 6 subjects may be granted for

Managing the Information Resource

previous qualifications approved by ABE.

Corporate Finance

Advanced Diploma Any one of the following •

Relevant ABE Diploma or university degree

Other similar qualifications – seek advice from ACL Admissions.

* No exemptions are granted at Advanced Diploma level.


Department Business Studies

Human Resource Management (HRM) - ABE

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full Time (15-20) hours/week Awarding Body – ABE

The Human Resource Management programme from the

Duration – 4.5 years programme, 1 year each for

Association of Business Executives (ABE) is an attractive package

Certificate and Diplomas, up to 18 months for

of modern courses that are updated frequently to reflect the need

Advance Diploma

and development of the industry. Each level of this programme leads to a professional QCA accredited qualification. ABE believes

Entry requirements

that the students who complete these courses will have the opportunity to advance to the final stages of a degree and will find their skills fit for a professional setting at the time when demand for trained HRM professionals outweigh their supply.


Certificate There are no entry requirements for this course except English Competency i.e. ESOL, EFL, LCCI, British Council or College Preparatory English qualifications.

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business Communication

Managing People


Personnel Administration

Any one of the following •

Diploma Part 1

Successful completion of the ABE Certificate exams

Organisational Behaviour

Economics Principles

Human Resource Management (HRM)

BTEC National award in relevant subjects

Human Resource Development

Three passes in LCCI Level 3 in relevant

Diploma Part 2 •

Employment Resources

People Planning & Resourcing

Personnel Info. Systems

HRM in Action

above, including English Language and Maths

subjects •

Principles of Business Law

Quantitative Methods for BM

Pitman’s Qualifications – three passes at level 3 in relevant subjects

An ‘Access’ Certificate from a UK College of Further Education, e.g. ACL

Any NCVQ approved qualifications at level 3 in relevant subjects.

Advanced Diploma

Three passes in RSA examinations, of which at least two must be at Stage 3

Plus any one from •

Two GCE A-levels plus four GCSEs at grade C or

If you hold none of the above please contact ACL Admissions for advice.

Corporate Strategy and Planning

Managing in Organisations

Note: 9 out of 10 diploma subjects must be attempted.

Strategic HRM for Business Organisation

Performance Management & Reward

Exemption for up to 6 subjects may be granted for

Managing Organisational Change & Development

previous qualifications approved by ABE.

Advanced Diploma Any one of the following Relevant ABE Diploma or university degree Other similar qualifications – seek advice from ACL Admissions. * No exemptions are granted at Advanced Diploma level.

Department Business Studies


Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (TTH) - ABE

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full Time (15-20) hours/week Awarding Body – ABE

The Human Resource Management programme from the

Duration – 4.5 years programme, 1 year each for

Association of Business Executives (ABE) is an attractive package

Certificate and Diplomas, up to 18 monthsv for

of modern courses that are updated frequently to reflect the need

Advance Diploma

and development of the industry. Each level of this programme leads to a professional QCA accredited qualification. ABE believes

Entry requirements

that the students who complete these courses will have the opportunity to advance to the final stages of a degree and will find their skills fit for a professional setting at the time when demand for trained HRM professionals outweigh their supply.


Certificate There are no entry requirements for this course except English Competency i.e. ESOL, EFL, LCCI, British Council or College Preparatory English qualifications.

Introduction to Business

Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to Business Communication


Introduction to Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

Any one of the following •

Diploma Part 1

Successful completion of the ABE Certificate exams

Financial Accounting

Economics Principles

Organisational Behaviour

BTEC National award in relevant subjects

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Three passes in LCCI Level 3 in relevant

Diploma Part 2 •

Marketing Policy, Planning & Communication

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Operations Management

Plus any one from •

IT in Hospitality & Tourism Operations

Managerial Accounting

Principles of Business Law

Customer Services Skills

Two GCE A-levels plus four GCSEs at grade C or above, including English Language and Maths

subjects •

Three passes in RSA examinations, of which at least two must be at Stage 3

Pitman’s Qualifications – three passes at level 3 in relevant subjects

An ‘Access’ Certificate from a UK College of Further Education, e.g. ACL

Any NCVQ approved qualifications at level 3 in relevant subjects.

If you hold none of the above please contact ACL Admissions for advice.

Advanced Diploma •

Strategic Hospitality Management

Note: 9 out of 10 diploma subjects must be attempted.

International Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Sustainable Tourism Planning & Development

Exemption for up to 6 subjects may be granted for

Plus any two from •

Managing in Organisations

Strategic HRM for Business..

Strategic Marketing Management

Managing the Information Resource

previous qualifications approved by ABE.

Advanced Diploma Any one of the following •

Relevant ABE Diploma or university degree

Other similar qualifications – seek advice from ACL Admissions.

* No exemptions are granted at Advanced Diploma level.


Department Business Studies

Chartered Accountancy Programme - ACCA

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Full Time (15-20) hours/week Awarding Body – ACCA

The ACCA programmes taught at Anglian College London will

Duration – 3 years programme

give you all the accounting and financial skills needed for a professional career in chartered accountancy. Anglian College

Entry requirements

London is a Registered Tuition Provider for ACCA.

ACCA Course break down FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL (9 Papers in total) Knowledge Level – 6mths to 1 yr •

F1 Accountant in Business AB

F2 Management Accounting MA

F3 Financial Accounting FA

Skills Level – 1 yr •

F4 Corporate and Business Law CL

F5 Performance Management PM

F6 Taxation TX

F7 Financial Reporting FR

F8 Audit and Assurance AA

F9 Financial Management FM

Direct Entry Route – in separate subjects •

2 A-level passes

3 GCSE O-level passes

For Mature Student Entry Route (MSER) •

Min 21 years of age, with maturity and skills to deal with ACCA rather than undertaking CAT first

Must pass F2 & F3 within 2 years of registering

Exemption Degree holders may be exempted from the Knowledge Level exams, provided they have already completed similar modules as part of their degree programmes. Contact ACCA to discuss individual cases, which saves money and time, but be sure to do so before enrolling on a specific level of study

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL – 1 yr – 18mths (5 + 1 papers in total) ESSENTIALS •

P1 Professional Accountant PA

P2 Corporate Reporting CR

P3 Business Analysis BA

at the College. If you inform the College of your exemption only after the start of tuition for papers you have enrolled on, you will still be charged for those papers.

Qualifications lead to a degree OPTIONS – Choose two •

P4 Advanced Financial Management AFM

Students who pass all the ACCA ‘Fundamental’

P5 Advanced Performance Management APM

modules (F1 to F9) can move on to an Oxford

P6 Advanced Taxation ATX

Brooks BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting. On that

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA

track you take Paper P1, Professional Accountant, then complete the Professional Ethics Paper, and

Extra paper – ‘Professional Ethics’

then submit a Research and Analysis Project to the

(Recommended to be completed alongside P1, required for full


ACCA Membership)

Department Business Studies



Dental Nursing - NEBDN

Why study this programme?

The National Examination Board for Dental Nursing is an

There are many reasons why people study these

authorised body that supervises the conduct of Dental Nursing

programmes. Those who are already working in

programmes and their exams.

dentistry may want formal recognition of the work they do, by enrolling on the course and having their

Anglian College is fully authorised to run NEBDN’s National

work and portfolio assessed against the NEBDN

Certificate in Dental Nursing programmes.

criteria. Others wish to study at the College one day a week and gain practical experience through

Course Title

National Certificate in Dental



2 years – first year theory

driven, second year practical


designated placements (paid or unpaid), which will subsequently count towards their awards. At Anglian, you are required to study for two days per week (1 day theory, 1 day tutorial) as per the Home Office requirement of 15 hours of supervised learning.

Entry Requirements

GCSE O Levels or equivalent

IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

Work Placement

Course Commencement

Any time of the year

The College arranges many placements, but


May/November – 3 hours

to find one from an early stage of their learning.

written exam in the second

Placements may be paid or unpaid, but they are a


required part of your study programmes.

Progression and Employment

Post-certificate courses and


Job Opportunity in UK?

students are encouraged to make their own efforts

Course Contents •

Health and Safety and Infection Control in the Workplace

Assessing Patients’ Oral Health Needs and Planning

From July 2008, all Dental Nurses in the UK should have at least a National Certificate (or be undertaking the programme) to be allowed to


practice in the sector. There appears to be a strong

Legal and Ethical Issues in the Provision of Dental Care

demand for qualified nurses, so success in the

Anatomical Structures and Systems Relative to Dental Care

programme may lead to good job opportunities.

Oral Health Promotion and Preventive Dentistry

After completing the programme you may progress

Emergencies in the clinical environment

to the post-certification courses, which will also be

Materials, Instruments and Equipment

available from us.

Oral Disease and Pathology

Restorative Dentistry

Minor Oral Surgery

Orthodontic Procedures

Dental Drugs



Attractions •

Excellent technical vocational course for both home and overseas students, with interesting job opportunities.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) strongly encouraged.

Department Health & Care


Health & Social Care (HSC) Studies – CITY AND GUILDS What is City and Guilds? City and Guilds is an internationally recognised provider of vocational qualifications.

Level Core Units

Anglian College London is fully

accredited to conduct their NVQ levels 2 to 4 programmes in Health and Social Care, and we expect to offer more of their programmes soon.

What is an NVQ? A National Vocational Qualification is an award given to candidates who meet certain goals laid down for a particular career, as endorsed by their supervisors, assessors and verifiers.

Why a Health and Social Care programme? There are many reasons for joining these programmes. Maybe you are already working in health and social care sector and wish to receive formal recognition of your skills, in an NVQ that assesses your work and portfolio against the City and Guilds criteria. Or you may wish to develop and consolidate your theoretical skills by studying at the College while you gain practical experience through designated placements, which will all build up towards your NVQ awards. The rules for overseas students’ visas require 15 hours per week of supervised learning, which in Anglian

Optional Units

College programmes are set up as one day of theory and one day of tutorial.

Who arranges your Placement? Will it be paid? You will be required to attend a work placement (which may be paid or unpaid) as part of your study programme. The College arranges placements for its students, but we encourage you to

Additional Units

make your own efforts to find one too.

Work opportunity in the UK The Health and Social Care programmes provide excellent opportunity for both home and overseas students to work in care

Entry Requirements

and nursing homes in the UK. Overseas students may be able to work on a placement in addition to 20 hours allowance. Initially


such a placement may be unpaid, but once you are experienced you may be able to find a paid placement. However, this is not guaranteed and the home must allow assessors from Anglian College London to visit and assess while working there.

Course Commencement Progression and Employment

Popular course for overseas students! Remarks


Department Health & Care


HSC NVQ Level 3

HSC NVQ Level 4

HSC21 Communicate with,

Two pathways – adults and children.

Two pathways – adults and

and complete records for

All 4 modules compulsory (1

children. All 4 modules


contextualised to adult pathway)

compulsory (1 contextualised to

HSC22 Support the health

HSC31 Promote effective

adult pathway)

and safety of yourself and

communication for and about



methods and systems to

• •

HSC23 Develop your

HSC32 Promote, monitor

communicate, record and

knowledge and practice

and maintain health, safety


HSC24 Ensure your own

and security in the working

actions support the care,


the development and

HSC33 Reflect on and develop

maintenance of healthy and

your practice

safe practices in the working

protection and wellbeing of

HSC41 Use and develop

individuals •

HSC35 Promote choice, wellbeing and the protection of all

HSC42 Contribute to

environment •


HSC43 Take responsibility for the continuing professional development of self and others

HSC45 Develop practices which promote choice, wellbeing and protection of all individuals

Must complete these Optional

4 Optional Units out of more than 30

4 Optional Units out of more


available (check with the College to

than 30 available (check with

Health Carer – 4 Core, 2

see which ones we deliver at any time)

the College to see which ones we

Optional units out of more

Therefore, 8 modules in NVQ 3!

deliver at any time)

than 25 available* •

Therefore, 8 modules in NVQ 3!

Social Carer – Min 2 Core, any combination of 6 modules.

See list of Additional Units

Additional units are for CPD

Additional units are for CPD

GCE O Levels or equivalent

NVQ 2 or equivalent

NVQ 3 or equivalent

1 year full time

1 year full time

18 months to 2 years, full time

May start any time of the year

May start any time of the year

May start any time of the year

Mid level carer, progress to NVQ 3

Senior level carer, progress to NVQ 4

Care supervisor, progress to NVQ

that can be pursued as part of a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) after the completion of programme and while on employment

5 or degree Not recommended for overseas

Recommended for overseas students,

Recommended for overseas


good job prospects

students, good job prospects

English for International Students (EIS) If your English Language skills need improvement (no matter what your existing level) Anglian College has a course for you. Our specialist English lecturers, who are also fully qualified native speakers, run regular courses for new students who have not previously studied in English and need some coaching before they start their specialist courses. Other courses are for experienced users of English who wish to upgrade their writing style or spoken accent.

Start – Jan/May/Sep Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Part Time/ Full Time (8-16) hours/ week Awarding body – ACL Duration – 1 year, Business English may be taken as short term or a full 1 year programme a supervisory role to be capable of producing at least the first draft of required communications. Starting with the initial business English test the course

EIS Preliminary Focus is maintained on the basics of the four areas of skills in English language i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Candidates will revisit article, adjectives, noun, adverb, tenses, singular and plural, prepositions of time and place, used to, comparing, talking about quantity, making predictions, conditionals, writing basic sentences developing to small paragraphs, familiarising with essays, poem, story, describing colour, people and geography, addressing people to list a few.

EIS Advanced More advanced approach is taken to teaching and learning where students actively participate to make the classroom a lively and practical English language zone. Further exercises such as describing directions on foot, directions

contents aim to prepare you for some highly relevant utilities such as written and oral essays, instant speech, commercial





business report, interview techniques, basic instruction writing, final business written and oral test, financial terminologies, business English with IT terminologies and final presentation on business report. Actual contents may be varied by the department each term to reflect the recent changes and developments in international business sector. Those who pursue Business English as a one year programme will face challenges of

more advanced

contents and, upon success, be awarded a diploma by the College. No external bodies are involved in issuing the final awards. The programmes are designed to improve the quality of English and are delivered by CELTA qualified lecturers whose first language is English.

on vehicle, everyday English interactions, advanced essay, comprehension, quiz and survey, English and IT, English in business, reading tabloid and broadsheet, job search, basic CV, covering letter, understanding a job description, interviews, talking for others (for those who can not express themselves), understanding and analysing either or all of story book, novel, poems, final assessment.

Business English

Other Language Courses Foreign language courses are available in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Nepalese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese and Korean. Please contact us to discuss your needs, because we arrange a particular course whenever five or more students want it.

This course attempts to improve the quality of English

Start – All year

usage of a student who has acquired skills at EIS Advanced

Admissions open – All year

level to meet the unique requirement of a business setting.

Study Mode – Part Time (Up to 12 hours/week)

The resources are at more advanced level but introduce

Awarding Body – ACL

gradually the knowledge in English required to dealing

Duration – Various

with various situations arising in a day to day business environment. Whether it is for writing basic business letters or utilising business specific techniques, phraseology and attitudes, commercial way of life demands anyone above

As in all our training courses, group discounts are available for organisations that send a group of people for training. Advance booking may be required. Although these coursesare a cost-effective way for students to


Department Language & Training

broaden their prospects in Europe and worldwide, we do not recommend using them to apply for a long-term student visa.

Information Technology Training

Start – All year Admissions open – All year Study Mode – Part Time/ Full Time (Up to 20

Maybe you want to improve their skills with computers and


communications, even though you are not an IT specialist.

Awarding Body – ACL

Or maybe your organisation wants to upgrade the IT skills

Duration – Various

of a group of staff. Anglian College is an approved centre for teaching towards a range of qualifications from various examining bodies, notably the certificate known as CLAiT from OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts).

Other programmes include Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco certification preparatory training. Please contact us to discuss your needs, because we arrange a particular course whenever eight or more students want it. On the whole, these courses are not suitable for overseas students who need a visa.

Miscellaneous Courses & Trainings New courses under discussion, but not settled in time for inclusion in this prospectus, include teacher training, and several forms of vocational training.

Please check the

Anglian College website for details. Various lectures and short training courses are also offered as a free bonus to students at various times throughout the year.

Department Language & Training


Studying Degrees in Anglian College Bachelors Degree Programmes Anglian College London also offers tuition for University of London degrees. Our students can enrol on an external programme, and achieve the same degrees as their counterparts attending classes in University of London premises, but spending only a half or a third as much! For the indicative course contents, please look at the degree columns and identify the units you will need to complete.


Foundation Units

Further Units

BSc (Hons)

BSc: 12 units (11 units plus the compul-

Mature Entry Route: 2 units

Computing and Informa-

sory project)

(‘Information systems: founda-

tion Systems

Diploma: 5 units (the 4 compulsory

tions of e-business’ and ‘In-

Study Mode: Full Time

Level 1 units plus a fifth compulsory unit

troduction to Java and object-

Duration: 3 years+

Mathematics for business) PLUS a Study

oriented programming’)

Start: Sep/Jan/Jun

Skills in English course


21 Principles of sociology

8 further units for regular

Information Systems and

60 Introduction to information systems

students and 5 for Graduate


107 Introduction to business and man-

Entry Route students (who

Study Mode: Full Time


already havie a degree in an-

Duration: 3 years+

129 Introduction to programming (half

other similar field)

Start: Sep/Jan/Jun

unit) and 04a Statistics 1 (half unit)


02 Introduction to economics

7 further units for regular


04a Statistics 1 (half unit) and

students and 4 for Graduate

Study Mode: Full Time

05a Mathematics 1 (half unit)

Entry Route students (who al-

Duration: 3 years+

21 Principles of sociology

ready have a degree in another

Start: Sep/Jan/Jun

25 Principles of accounting

similar field)

107 Introduction to business and management BSc(Hons) Management

04a Statistics 1 (half unit) and 05a

7 further units for regular

Study Mode: Full Time

Mathematics 1 (half unit)

students and 5 for Graduate

Duration: 3 years+

21 Principles of sociology

Entry Route students (who al-

Start: Sep/Jan/Jun

25 Principles of accounting

ready have a degree in another

107 Introduction to business and man-

similar field)



Duration and commencement

Degree Courses Facts

These are 3-year taught programmes commencing in September

Entry Requirements

of each year. Although we take applications for all three terms

* information courtesy of UoL

and ask you to attend the most immediate taught term, your exam is held only once a year, in May/June. In order to sit an exam in May, you must submit an application by 17 September (nonEU students) or 17 October (EU students) in the year BEFORE the first examination and be registered by 31 November. It is important to arrive in the UK in good time to be able to apply before the deadlines.

To be eligible for the BSc degree you must: Be at least 18 years old, and Either have passes in: Two subjects at GCE ‘A’ Level and at least three further subjects at GCSE or GCE ‘O’ Level (at not less than grade C or a ‘pass’ if taken prior to 1975) or Three subjects at GCE ‘A’ Level, and one further subject at GCSE or GCE ‘O’ Level (at not less than grade C) or Two subjects at GCE ‘A’ Level and two further subjects at ‘AS’ Level and Have a level of competence in Mathematics at least equivalent to a pass at GCE ‘AS’ Level in a mathematical subject and Have fluent comprehension and writing skills in English.

* Note: For more information about further units and other course-related details, see the University of London External Programme Website. Anglian College London is not a college of UoL but only a tuition provider. You are required to register with UoL, in addition to our registration process, for you to become eligible for attending their exams by paying their applicable fees. The College fees only cover the tuition while attending your programmes and you will not be able to start your programme without their approval and registration.


Admission Procedures 1. Make an application

your application. Some banks may ask you for additional documents such as your qualifications or proof of identity.

Just visit our website, click Apply Online, and fill in the

Nowadays we recommend International Bank Transfer

Online Application Form.

Or else download a copy of

(also called a wire transfer or Electronic Funds Transfer,

the Application Form, fill it in on paper, and post it to the

EFT). The College is still happy to receive international

College. Then follow up immediately by email, fax or post

payments the old way on paper (Banker’s Draft) but

with copies of:

paying electronically is generally best, because you can more easily chase up any delays in the banking system.

Two passport-sized photographs

Evidence of the qualifications you claimed in your

Please make sure that payment is made to Anglian College


London, not to anyone else. If you pay a third party or

Evidence of work experience (if applicable)

an agent, we will not accept that you have paid your fees.

When choosing a course, please make sure that your

Once the payment is made, please do not forget to send

qualifications meet the entry requirements stated for

us a copy of the transaction receipt. Use email address

that course and that you can pay the fees. (or fax) to send the copies of your photo, qualifications, and bank receipt to

2. Receive an ‘Offer of Place’ letter

the College. There is no need to use registered or express delivery when sending copies of these documents. After

The College’s Application and Assessment Board (AAB)

a week or so you may start checking with us if we have

will review your application. If it approves a course for you

received them and have sent you the admission letter.

(which may sometimes be an alternative from what you

Our online system lets you check 24 hours a day on the

requested), we will email you an acceptance letter called

progress of your application, by clicking on the ‘Check

‘Offer of a Place’, detailing:

Your Application’ link on our website, then entering your ACL reference number and date of birth in the form

Your approved course or a programme title, and its duration plus start and finish dates

Fees you must pay before we can go further – the Minimum Tuition Fee

Fees we suggest you pay to help your case, but not compulsory for the process:

Accommodation Booking Fee – gives you a definite address to go to on arrival

Express Delivery DHL Fee – for fast, reliable delivery of your Admission letter

Airport Pickup/Transfer – if you need a pre-arranged taxi service to take you to your accommodation on arrival at the airport.

Any additional Information to assist in your next step of preparation.

A paper copy of the “Offer of a Place letter” will follow by post unless you tell us you do not need it.

3. Make payment and send documents Take your ‘Offer of a Place’ letter to a local bank and tell them how much you wish to pay to the College for



Please note •

The minimum tuition fee (a deposit) must be paid before an admission letter is issued. The rest of your tuition fee is due during the registration process. The College will not register you until ALL the fees have been paid.

Fees of professional bodies such as ABE, NEBDN, City and Guilds (for registration, exemption, examination entry, etc) are extra, not included in Anglian College’s fees.

Fees are non-transferable. They are for you alone.

You allow us up to two weeks to respond once you have made a payment.

All the above is essential for your application process to continue. Take money matters extremely seriously. Some tough rules about payments (which all colleges have) are unfortunately necessary to combat abuses.

4. Receive Admissions letter and apply for a Visa Once the College has received the minimum deposit for a course and the requested documents, we will send you an ‘Admission to Anglian College London’ letter, confirming that a place has been reserved for you on the course. Along with this document will come a letter to the British visa office explaining the terms and context of our documents, a letter confirming ‘provisional’ accommodation booking, some additional information sheets, plus a certificate for accommodation booking if you have paid for that. When applying for a visa, please ensure that all documents issued by the College are intact and submitted to the visa office. Ask them for advice about any other documents you need to submit – they are generally very helpful. Or else visit their website and download necessary information.

5. Arrive at Anglian College and Register You should immediately report to the College on your arrival. If you report late we will not accept you without a satisfactory reason and suitable evidence to back it up. Please bring all your original documents, plus payment for the remaining balance of your total tuition fees, in cash or preferably in an international draft in pounds Sterling. Overseas students just arrived with a visa will not be entitled to pay by installments, but home students may be entitled to installment arrangements as per the College policy. Once we are satisfied with the payment and your documents we will ask you to fill in a number of forms including the Registration Form, Enrolment Form and ID Card Form. Please be patient while the process is completed as it tends to take a few hours. Only when you have registered and enrolled will you become officially a student at Anglian College London and receive your arrival pack and ID card.


Student Support Services

which provide rooms for our students for periods of two weeks or more. It is common practice in the UK to rent housing for at least six months, but our accommodation

When you come and study at Anglian College London we

arrangements allow you to leave after just two weeks and

aim to look after you well, with a range of student services

make your own arrangements, like most modern students.

to make your stay enjoyable, so you can concentrate on

If you wish to continue beyond the two weeks for which

the most important thing – learning.

your accommodation is booked by the College, you ought to have a separate arrangement in place with the landlord

Passports and visas

when you arrive in the UK. The accommodation is self-

The College is happy to help overseas students with

Please visit our website for more details.

catering and requires you to have your own bed linen.

passport and visa formalities. If your student visa is due to expire during your study, be sure to inform the College

Jobs & Careers Advice

authorities at least 6 weeks before the date of expiry and the College will help you arrange an extension. Although

Our careers service provides students with advice on

we do not provide legal advice on immigration matters,

looking for jobs in London, on writing and designing a

we may refer you to local immigration advisors who are

CV, as well as on performing well at job interviews. The

officially registered.

College also posts on its notice board job vacancies sent to it by local employers and employment agencies.

Progress reports

Student Welfare Service

If requested four weeks in advance, the College may send a student’s academic progress report to the Home Office

We do our best to help students with all their needs during

or to an employer, outlining the student’s attendance and

their stay in London, advising those who have problems

grades achieved in recent examinations.

While we are

at work or in their accommodation, and providing lists of

pleased to notify the students of their progress and data

local doctors and dentists, plus places of worship for all

held in our systems about them, our communications


with outside bodies are private and do not require to be disclosed. We reserve a right not to provide references,

Opening a UK Bank Account

attendance certificates or reports if a student’s attendance Our staff will be happy to assist you with letters of

is below 80%.

introduction to any of the main high street banks.

Health and insurance

Airport transfers – Meet-and-Greet service

Overseas students who are in the UK for 6 months or longer are entitled to medical treatment under the National

This service includes a registered taxi service with an

Health Service (NHS) and therefore medical insurance is

experienced and reliable driver who will meet you in the

not necessary. Upon arrival in London, you should register

Arrivals area of the airport terminal carrying a sign with your

with a doctor as soon as you can. To confirm your student

name on it and take you to your booked accommodation.

status and period of study your Certificate of Registration

Return transfers from the accommodation to the airport

should normally suffice, but the College can provide a

are also available on request.

formal letter to take to the doctor if required.

to organise these services for you, please send in your

If you wish the College

request and flight details to Admissions along with the associated fees at least two weeks in advance.

Accommodation local

Details in this prospectus are believed to be correct at

landlords, accommodation companies and estate agents,

the time of going to print, but are subject to alteration.







Course descriptions are provided as an illustration and


may be subject to change. If you find any errors, please tell the Director of Operations at Anglian College.


Additional Rules and Support Term times and course start dates The College accepts student applications throughout the year, regardless of the academic calendar. It has four terms, named after the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Unlike many UK colleges and universities, Anglian College lets you start your course of study with any of the intakes. If an academic term is suspended by the College, all affected students will be moved on to join the next available term. The course start date is usually the beginning of each term.

Non-arrival and non-attendance If you obtain a visa through the College but do not register with us within two weeks of the start of your course without our written permission, we will first try to contact you to ask for an explanation. It is your responsibility to update your new contact details with us within a week and to remain contactable. Then, if no valid reason is presented, the College will inform the Home

Office of your absence. If you come back to us after you have been de registered and reported to the Home Office, you will need to reapply again and pay the necessary fees as a fresh applicant. We take student attendances very seriously. If you fail to attend classes regularly we will contact you to ask for an explanation. If you do not then satisfy us that you have a genuine reason for being absent, we may inform both your guardians and sponsors, and in the case of international students, the Home Office. Overseas







Community must attend a minimum of 80% of their classes in order to comply with United Kingdom Immigration requirements. Absences through ill health must be supported by a medical certificate or formal letter from a properly registered GP/doctor. A student who has started a course of study may drop out and subsequently restart at no extra cost only in exceptional or extenuating circumstances and if leave of absence has been officially granted by the Principal of the College

Refunds Once you obtain a student visa with the documents provided by Anglian College London, you will not be entitled to a refund of fees for any reason. If you are refused a visa, and do not intend to re-apply or make an appeal, you may request a refund, less the College’s minimum administrative charges in force at the time of application (or at the time of refund request if more than one year after the application). Then you must send a signed declaration


form, available from Admissions, together with all pages of the original documents from Anglian College and the original visa refusal letter issued by the British embassy or High Commission,

to reach us within 60 days of visa refusal. Without those papers

College will ensure that such venues are of quality at least equal

you will lose the right to a refund. We will not process a refund

with its own. If a change of venue is announced, students will

request submitted with incomplete documents or with missing

not be permitted to withdraw or transfer to a college other than


that which owns the venue. In the unlikely event that the College discontinues your programme or changes it significantly we will

Further fees and installments

tell you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Make sure that your tuition fees and all other expenses relating to


your programme are paid on time. Fee payments must be up to date at all times while you are studying at Anglian College. If you

As a student of the College, you are expected to maintain a

fail to make payment after a formal or informal reminder, you may

high standard of conduct at all times. Students are required to

eventually be expelled from the College. It is your responsibility

attend study lectures, tutorials, examinations and other activities

to manage your relationship with your sponsors and to ensure

as part of their programme. This includes submitting course

that payment of fees is not interrupted. Remember, the College

assignments, dissertations and relevant coursework on time.

has a contractual agreement only with you, not with your sponsor.

Students must make themselves aware of the College rules and

You must also be up to date with payments to course providers

regulations on discipline, grievances and other policies applicable

and be able to attend their external exams at the end of each

to them.

term of tuition.

Diversity and equality Re-registration Anglian College is proud of being a diverse community within a In order to be officially identified as a student, and to be

diverse city. Our policies embody our commitment to equality and

permitted to carry the College’s Identity Card, all students must

to eliminating discrimination. We aim to ensure that the College

be ‘registered’ with the College. To be registered, a student must

remains an inclusive environment where equality of opportunity

be guaranteed, at the time of registration, to be enrolled on a

and tolerance for all are fostered and promoted.

course or a programme of study involving tuition at the College. Overseas students’ visas require them to attend a full-time course, so they cannot enrol on a part-time course unless they are also enrolled on a full-time course at Anglian or elsewhere. A student who wishes to repeat a programme of study, or part of it, due to failure in internal or external examinations (or for any other reason) must pay the full tuition fee for the programme and must attend tuition when it is being delivered during the year. Such fees are still payable even if the particular subject or module is not being delivered in the immediate term. Repeated failure on the same modules may be considered deliberate negligence, subject to investigation and potentially leading to disciplinary action.



The College periodically announces scholarship schemes targeted

Anglian College London (the College) takes all reasonable steps to deliver

at genuine students in need, who can benefit from such welfare. We

programmes of study as well as the tuition, learning support and other

also offer partial scholarships to students who have achieved the highest levels in their external exams and made the College proud

facilities in the way described in this prospectus and its website. However, the College shall be entitled to alter, at its discretion and if it considers necessary, the timetables, location, number of classes, number of students

of them. The College may also offer partial or full scholarships to

in a course, tuition fees and structure of syllabus or to make variations, to

students who it believes will do very well if given an opportunity.

combine tuition for similar courses, or to discontinue any programme or

Further information is made available on our website.

course of study. In the event that the College cancels or changes over

Tuition Delivery

80% of programme contents before it begins, it will endeavour to inform the students and tutors affected by the action at the earliest opportunity

The College will make all reasonable efforts to deliver your

via its website, email, notice board, verbally, and/or in writing.


students affected, upon their writing within 30 days of such action, will be

programme as described in its offer letter. However, the College

permitted to switch over to an alternative course or programme carrying

may need to vary the method and venue of delivery of your

course fees no less than the programme they had originally enrolled on.

programme, and in some cases the syllabus may be altered or

While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information in

updated. The College reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course or part of a course, or to change the tuition venue to

its prospectus and website, the College takes no responsibilities for any unintentional errors and omissions present therein.

its other approved centres if it considers that there are too few

Anglian College London is part of Tripous Limited

students for running the course to be financially viable.

Company No. 5321547 Registered in England and Wales


31 How to find us

Anglian College London 18-36 Wellington Street Island Business Centre Woolwich London SE18 6PF England Tel: +44 (0)20 8331 0812 Fax: +44 (0)20 8331 0823 (General Queries) (Admissions) (Agents) (Job Applications)

Anglian College London Prospectus 2008-09  

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