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LEDAL MINE DATACENTER Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) is one of the world’s largest data centers built in a decommissioned mine on the west coast of Norway. Norway and Lefdal Mine has nature given advantages for housing data center capacity. The former mine as location, green power, the low cost of power and cooling, stabile infrastructure and political environment enables LMD to deliver a leading data center facility in Europe. A underground tunnel system consisting of 5 levels with 75 chambers provides 120.000 square meters of space for an infrastructure with a potential capacity of 200 MW.

POWER AT LOW COST LMD is located near 350 MW short traveled hydro power production. There is a large surplus power production in the region. The power price in Norway is leading low in Europe. Long term power contracts are available. 98,5% of the power production in Norway is renewable.

SCALABILITY LMD have the possibility of building out 120.000 m2 of whitespace in the facility and housing up to 200 MW capacity. With our modular design, time to market is 6-8 weeks. Customers can reserve space and capacity for future growth.

HIGH DENSITY LMD uses the cold fjord next to the facility for cooling. The cold sea water interacts with heat exchangers and a closed fresh water circuit providing 2N chilled water under the raised floor. Inline cooling is used for transforming the cold water to cold air enabling densities up to 50 KW/rack.

FLEXIBILITY LMD can facilitate all known concepts for white space solutions and the facility structure enables a streamlined solution for IT containers in different shapes and sizes in a cost-effective way. LMD can customize power density, temperature, humidity, operational equipment, tier levels and all related services.

LEADING GREEN LMD is one of Europe’s greenest data centers. In addition to operating on renewable power, the cooling solution enable the facility to run with an industry leading PUE guaranteed at 1.15. CO2 emission and water usage effectiveness (WUE) is “0”. The mine was already there – limited footprint.

SECURITY LMD offers one of Europe’s most secure data center facilities. The data center is an underground mountain hall facility with leading infrastructure. Integrated point monitoring and access control system. The Uptime Institute Tier III standard, and IBM Level 3 has been used as references for the technical solution.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS LOCATION • Lefdal Mine Datacenter AS, Lefdal, 6776 Kjølsdalen, Norway • Map coordinates - 61°55’54.3”N 5°30’22.4”E • Local airports – Sandane (39 km), Hovden and Florø • Helipad on site and shipping port nearby • Parking adjacent to facility

SITE INFORMATION • Five levels with 75 chambers • Construction of level 3 was ready in May 2017 • Potential whitespace – 3 levels - 120.000 m2 • Tier I, II and III

SECURITY • Mountain hall with one entry • IT space located 600 meters into the mountain • Physically secured facility perimeter • Integrated Point Monitoring and Access Control System • Multilayer security zones • CCTV surveillance of external and internal areas • Intrusion detection system to detect and report breach of physical barriers • Secure managed delivery and loading area • Security clearance of personnel entering the facility • Documentation of infrastructure installations are highly confidential and are not shared externally • Customized physical security available

COOLING • 2N chilled water feed • Cold sea water cooling a closed fresh water circuit through heat exchangers • Chilled water transformed to cold air – Inline coolers and Zucs – hot aisle/cold aisle – or CRAH • Guaranteed PUE of 1.15

POWER • 22kV utility supply • Building additional two 132kV supplies (100+ MW) • N+1 diesel generators. On site fuel storage to support full capacity • 2N UPS – flexible configuration • Fully diverse power distribution to all technical areas • Up to 50 KW per rack

CONNECTIVITY • Carrier Neutral • 2N meet me rooms (MMR) • Diverse facility entrance points • Diverse cable routes and pathways to each designated customer area • Access to multiple carriers and internet service providers offering Dark Fiber, Wavelength and layer2 IP transport from the datacenter to customer chosen location

FIRE DETECTION AND SUPRESSION • Site wide automated fire detection with smoke and heat detectors complemented by VESDA in customer areas • Critical components are protected by passive fire measures and automatic fire suppression system based on environmentally friendly inert gas

HOUSING SOLUTIONS • Containers - 20 and 40 feet containers • Data Halls – Cages from 50m2 to entire floors – 300-800 m2

CRITICAL ENVIRONMENTS MANAGEMENT • Experienced facilities management team • Environment (thermal conditions) monitoring • Building Management Systems (BMS) monitoring • Comprehensive energy metering systems

OTHER SERVICES • Customer reports • Deliveries and storage • Design and build • Fit-out • Cross connects • On-site facilities • Remote hands • Technical cleaning and disposal

CERTIFICATIONS • NS-EN ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Standard • NS-EN ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management Standard • NS-EN ISO 27001:2015 – Information Security Standard (ready Q4 2018) • Built according to IBM Level 3 • Uptime Tier III – Design and Facility (ready Q1 2019)

In a world of rapidly increasing carbon emissions from the ICT industry, Norway offers a sustainable solution. Norway has a 97% share of renewables in its power production. One foresees a significant surplus in the production and extremely competitive price forecasts for the years to come. Long term power prices in Norway are expected to be the lowest in the Nordics.


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Ranked 2nd worldwide in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Center Risk Index Abundant renewable power, strong grid and world leading long term power prices Competitive tax regime, strong economy, competent workforce Stable political situation, EU-compatible framework


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