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A BRIEF HISTORY Frensham Heights was founded in 1925 by Beatrice Ensor, Isabel King (both Headteachers from St. Christopher’s Letchworth) and Edith Douglas-Hamilton, a benefactor. It was founded as part of the Progressive Movement with a theosophical base. The founding ethos spoke of co-operation and solidarity based on a generosity of spirit, a change from competitive to co-operative spirit, participation of children in their schooling, respect for the development of individuality and a curriculum based on the processes of learning as well as on its outcomes. When Paul Roberts became Head in 1928, although this founding ethos remained the same, he made a move away from theosophy and the idea of Frensham Heights as an experiment in educational theory. He also moved away from Ensor’s focus on freedom and self-government towards foundations of growth and growing up.

WHY FRENSHAM? Frensham Heights is a highly distinctive day and boarding school with a strong progressive ethos and extensive, modern facilities. The real beauty of Frensham lies in diversity. Ours is a culture that says come and be you. Students discover a world of creative and academic subjects and each takes away something different. Their own passion, their own strength and their own self-belief. We achieve exceptional academic standards, but our aim is to provide a really good robust academic environment alongside a much richer experience as well.

During WWII, Frensham was home to many refuges including Sir Claude Moser. The school didn’t close during the war with the children and staff retreating to the cellars of Main House during air raids and blacking out windows during classes. Frensham Heights has always been a co-educational boarding school. Uniforms were dropped in the 1960s in favour of ‘dressing for purpose’. This continues today with the students and staff dressing comfortably for their daily activities (with a PE kit for sport) which allows them to show an element of individuality plus just feel comfortable in themselves. Frensham has always championed a broad, child-centred curriculum with equal importance given to academic and creative subjects and a strong focus on pastoral care. Rick Clarke joined Frensham in January 2019 as the school’s tenth Head.

We are quite different from most British schools. We don’t wear uniforms and we all call each other by our first names. None of this blurs lines of authority or respect, in fact it breaks down barriers, helps the students feel more comfortable in themselves, more confident to build a relationship with a teacher - overall, in a better position to learn and enjoy learning. Our students have more freedom than at other schools and with that, more responsibility. We want to prepare young people for the future. Young people who are open-minded, who are not afraid to ask difficult questions. Young people who will have the right skill set to succeed in a world where many traditional careers may become obsolete.

20-25% BOARDERS We have a small boarding family which is totally integrated into our larger day community. With only 20-25% boarders, we get to know all of our residential students really well and they benefit from a very special home-like environment. We welcome international students, but only about 7% of our students come from overseas. This means our international students get to really integrate into the British culture while they’re here. Our less formal environment also lends itself to making life long friends so many international students will go home knowing that their Frensham experience will continue well into the future.

THE SCHOOL DAY 8.20am Registration and Tutor Time 8.30am - 12.30 Morning Classes 12.35pm - 1.55pm Lunch and Clubs 2.00pm Registration and Tutor Time 2.15pm - 4.10pm Afternoon Classes 4.20pm - 5.30pm Clubs 5.50pm - 6.15pm Boarders return to houses 6.15pm Dinner in Main Dining Hall Evening Activities, Private Study, Relaxation 10.30pm Lights out

CONTACT WITH HOME: Students can have mobile phones from Year 7 upwards. We have a school mobile policy covering usage in and out of class time which encourages students to be responsible users.

Breaks and lunchtimes are spent outdoors but all children have access to a day room for their year group and boarders can return to their boarding houses at lunch time. Sixth Form boarders can return to Roberts House to study during the day. Evenings and weekends are all about striking the right balance between structured activities, homework and relaxation. Freedom and responsibility increase as the children get older, mirroring family life. We don’t have Saturday school so there are lots of opportunities to do a broad range of activities. Due to our small boarding numbers, as well as the bigger planned trips, there are also a lot of spontaneous activities depending on what the children fancy doing. We hold a Boarders Weekend at the start of each year when all boarders, full and weekly, stay for an activity packed weekend designed so that everyone - boarders and staff - can get to know one another.





Dance for Performance Street Dance Ballet and Pointe Drama Workshop Musical Theatre House Band Music Theory Rock & Pop Choir Saxophone Ensemble

Hand Chimes Orchestra Clarinet Ensemble Music Drop-in Drawing Photography Life Drawing Origami DT Workshop Open Art Studio Ceramic Sculpture Textiles Art Scholar’s Forum

Fitness Trampolining Mixed Hockey Girls Football Basketball Climbing Scuba Parkour Self-Defence High Ropes Bike Maintenance Netball Yoga DofE Ninjutsu Survival Skills Badminton & Table Tennis Rugby Fencing Cricket PE Clinic Volleyball Spanish French German Harry Potter in German Creative Writing Library Reading Club Study Skills Prep Club Geography Elevate LGBT Eco Heights Colour, Chill and Chat Charity Committee #Dosomethingfornothing Minecraft Board Games & Chess Club Peter Jones Enterprise Challenge Young Enterprise

BOARDERS EVENING ACTIVITIES Movie Nights Cooking Sports Arts & Crafts Cinema Trips Restaurant Trips Quiz Nights

PREVIOUS TRIPS & WEEKEND ACTIVITIES: DAY TRIPS London Galleries London Theatres New Scientist Live West Wittering (Geography) River Wey (Geography) Brick Lane (Sixth Form) Portsmouth Historic Shipyard Battle & Bodium Castle Kew Gardens (Art & Science) What Career Live Venture Days Bletchley Park Houses of Parliament RESIDENTIAL TRIPS Knoydart (Year 9) New York (History, Politics & Geography) Wales (Mountain Biking) Cornwall (Surfing) Egypt (Scuba Diving) Everest Base Camp Expedition Iceland (Geography) French Battlefields (History) Edinburgh Fringe (Drama Production) Malawi (School Charity Partnership) Swanage (Year 5) Spain (Netball) Norway (Skiing) Black Forest (German) BOARDERS WEEKEND DAY TRIPS London Dungeons Thorpe Park Coral Reef Harry Potter Studios Brighton

WEEKEND ACTIVITIES Photography Workshops Mixed Media Workshops Bowling (Boarders) Climbing Trips Basketball Workshops DofE Training & Workshops Plus loads of informal activities for boarders including trips to the supermarket and country walks with the dog!

PREVIOUS TALKS & WORKSHOPS: MORNING TALKS: Ben Heason (mountain climber) Steven Frank (OF & Holocaust survivor) Joshua Coombes (#dosomethingfornothing) Fergus Bell (fake news expert) Chris Lubbe (Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard) Duncan Watts (OF & Industry Manager for Google) Rick Stein (chef ) LITERARY WEEKS: Anne Fine (author) Rosamund Lupton (author) Michael Radford (director) Zina Kazeme (poet) Marcus Brigstocke (comedian) Alistair Petrie (actor) Sarah Govett (author) Richard Everett (actor & playwright) Giles Abbott (storyteller) SCIENCE & MATHS WEEKS: Katie Plummer (scientist) Greg Foot (TV presenter) Philip Aston (professor)

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are non-monetary and are normally awarded at the end of Year 7 or Year 9 (depending on year of entry to the school) or on entry to Year 12. They may however be offered throughout any given year by Heads of Department. Four areas are supported by our Scholarships: ACADEMIC: awarded for academic achievement and potential PERFORMING ARTS: awarded for talent and potential in music, dance and/or drama CREATIVE ARTS: awarded for artistic talent and potential SPORT: awarded for all round sporting achievement.

PREVIOUS SCHOLAR & ENRICHMENT EVENTS: Katherine Trigg (fashion designer - talk) Greg Williams (photographer - talk) Hitler on Trial (performance & workshop) Elizabeth I (performance & workshop) Sophie Ryder (artist - talk) Nao O’Neill (artist - textiles workshop) Marcus Brigstocke (comedian - workshop) Michael Radford (director - workshop) Alistair Petrie (actor - workshop) Padraig O’Tuama (poet - workshop) Plus many trips to exhibitions, concerts, sporting events and conferences.

As well as maintaining high standards, Scholars are expected to contribute and participate fully in the life of the school and beyond, involving themselves in all activities related to their Scholarship as well as supporting other students. As such, Scholarships are awarded on the basis of aptitude, attitude, participation and leadership potential. There is no pre-determined number of scholarships available each year and potential Scholars will be nominated by Heads of Department and other teaching staff throughout Year 7 and 9. The Head will, on the basis of these recommendations, confirm and annually review Scholarships.

PERFORMING ARTS: PREVIOUS SCHOOL PRODUCTIONS Phantom of the Opera Alice in Wonderland 1984 Singing in the Rain Les Miserables Romeo and Juliet


Dance Concerts Music & Dance Extravaganzas Informal Acoustic Concerts Rock & Pop Gigs Founders’ Day Performances


(written & performed by the students)


Year 7 & 9 Art Exhibitions GCSE Art Exhibitions A Level Exhibitions Photographic & Creative Arts Workshops Plus regular trips to exhibitions & galleries.



DEDICATED TO PERFORMING AND CREATIVE ARTS IN YRS 7 TO 9 At Frensham, we have always treated academic and creative subjects equally. Both are essential. A scientist will be stronger for having learnt about colour and texture. A dancer will excel with a knowledge of geometry and physics. Everyone will benefit from having performed on a stage from an early age. Most traditional schools sway heavily towards academics, but you can, and should, have your maths and do a bit of dancing too. Our youngest children to our oldest spend a large part of the week in music, dance, drama, creative arts and design and technology. This is not because we expect all our students to go on to become artists, musicians, dancers - although many do - it is because the creative thinking and soft skills which develop best in these subjects are now more crucial than ever. The courage to stand on stage, to paint their dreams, compose their own songs - these are the experiences which will make them stronger, make them individuals and stay with them, no matter what they go on to do.

YEARS 7 TO 9 3 hours Creative Arts every week: 1 x 2D Art: Drawing, Painting, Printing etc 1 x 3D Art: Ceramics, Sculpture, Modeling 1 x Design & Technology 3 hours Performing Arts every week: 1 x Dance 1 x Drama 1 x Music GCSE OPTIONS Fine Art Graphic Communication 3D Design Photography Dance Drama Music A LEVEL OPTIONS 3D Design Product Design Dance Drama Fine Art Graphic Communication Music Music Technology Photography





REGULAR FIXTURES Football Cricket Hockey Netball Cross Country Swimming Basketball OTHER SPORTS Tennis Rugby Gymnastics Baseball Rounders Mountain Biking Scuba Diving Climbing Kayaking Athletics Volleyball Trail Running Trampolining Archery Fencing Orienteering Parkour





Our belief in and commitment to activities outside the classroom will, inevitably, lead to further success within it – which is why Frensham has always respected the importance of sport and insisted on equal status for Outdoor Education. Our PE and games programme is broad and exciting. PE is compulsory and is taught across the school by dedicated teachers. The syllabus includes traditional games such as cricket, tennis, rounders, football, hockey, swimming, athletics and netball as well as the more alternative sports including karate, fencing and parkour. If a group of students are interested in a sport we don’t currently offer, we will do our best to get the equipment and knowledge and make it happen. We aim to provide sport for all regardless of ability and to motivate students to be active and healthy long into adulthood. Sporting fixtures are arranged with other schools and we take part in local and national league competitions. The aim is to make sport fun so the emphasis is on having a go and building skills through games play, structured practices and, for those who enjoy them, highly competitive matches. Outdoor Education is an intrinsic part of our curriculum from Forest Class for the Junior School through to more challenging adventures for

our older children. Our programme for all activities begins with learning the skill set to prepare them for the experiential learning - the real adventures. As practical skills develop and experiences widen, the students also develop massively in confidence, team work and communication. At the heart of the programme is kindness and support - being aware of team members who need help, reaching out to those who may be less confident. It is a place for those children, those young adults, who aren’t traditionally academic, to lead and support. A chance for those children whose courage may not come through in the classroom to really shine.

KNOYDART Every year our entire Year 9 travels to Knoydart, a peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, for ten days. In small groups, they rotate around three base camps each with its own core purpose: Curriculum, Community and Challenge. The trip to Knoydart is unique and beneficial in so many ways. It is technologyfree. It is far enough from home for a true independence and selfconfidence to grow within each child. They step outside their comfort zone, leave teenage stresses behind and are able to really appreciate the beauty of their environment and the relationships they have with friends and teachers.



Frensham students study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science: Trilogy (three strands leading to two GCSEs) or Separate Science (leading to three GCSEs). In addition, we ask all students to choose at least one Creative or Performing Arts subject and recommend choosing one Humanity and one Modern Language to create their own broad curriculum.

Our students choose three A Levels at the beginning of Year 12 and take their qualifications at the end of Year 13. Some students elect to take four A Levels. This decision is dependent on GCSE results and is taken in consultation with the individual student, parents and teachers. At the end of Year 12, students sit internal examinations which are used to assess progress on the course so far and to inform predictions for A Level

PE, Games, Outdoor Education, PRE and PSME will continue to be an integral part of your week at Frensham. In Year 10, there will be a series of short courses, the content of which could well be determined by what is happening in the world. IT skills and careers education will also form part of this.

Students choose four of the following subjects in addition to English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science: Fine Art Graphic Communication 3D Design Photography Dance Drama Music Physical Education German French Spanish History Geography Religious Studies Business Studies Computing

Students choose three or four of the following subjects: 3D Design / Product Design Biology Business Chemistry Computer Science Dance Drama Economics English Literature Film Studies Fine Art Geography Graphic Communication History Mathematics / Further Mathematics Mathematical Studies Modern Languages Music / Music Technology PE Philosopy / Philosopy, Religion & Ethics Photography Physics Politics Psychology Sociology

CHARITIES & SOCIAL CHANGE: Frensham was founded on a firm base of tolerance, empathy and respect. We know we are very fortunate to have the environment and security that we have here and we ask our students to look beyond themselves and our little bubble and to work towards a better, kinder society. Within school SCHOOL CHARITY Every year, the students vote on the school charity for the year which receives proceeds from events like: Whole School Walk Halloween Dances Christmas Tree Sales Refreshment Sales This year the school charity for 2019/20 is

MALAWI Frensham struck up a partnership with a school in Malawi nine years ago to improve education, facilities and health. They have since set up as a separate registered charity, Frensham Malawi Partnership, and are now supporting a second school. Frensham Heights stays very involved with the schools with a trip every two years and various fundraisers like: Photographic Exhibition Charity Toy Sales Bake Sales Refreshment Sales

this happens with small acts of charity and big acts of kindness and we hope instills a confidence and commitment in our students to go on to be courageous independent thinkers, problem solvers and socially STUDENT VOICE At Frensham, we think it’s very important that each student has a voice and the confidence to speak up. We have several, student-led clubs and committees which give them the opportunity to do just this: Student Committees LGBT Eco Heights Climate Change Charity Committee #Dosomethingfornothing

ADMISSIONS: Most students join in year 7 (age 11), 9 (age 13) or 12 (age 16), but we will always accommodate students in other years if we can, including mid-year joiners. We can often accommodate students who are looking for shorter term experiences such as one term or one year. We don’t recommend joining in years 11 and 13 because of the UK exam system of GCSEs and A Levels. ADMISSIONS PROCESS 1. The first step is to fill in our online registration form and pay the registration fee at www.frensham.org/register 2. Registered candidates are then invited to complete our Entrance Assessments in November for Year 12 or in January for Years 7 and 9. For Years 7 and 9, these include some short tests in Maths, Spelling, English Reading Comprehension, Non-Verbal and Verbal Reasoning and also Creative Writing. Those applying for Years 9 or 10 will also complete an assessment in Science. For Sixth Form, students sit a 45-minute general paper, complete an online standardised test and three 20 minute questions in subjects of the student’s choice (note those students looking to study Maths or Science at A Level must complete an assessment in these subjects). The entrance process also involves an interview with our Head, Rick Clarke, and the relevant Head of School. We will also need a reference from the student’s current school. Assessments can be sent to a child’s current school in their home country and interviews conducted by Skype.

ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE An annual fee of £1,056 (2019/20) is payable for those international students for whom English is not their primary language and who, in the school’s opinion, require additional support in this area. This fee covers a maximum of 2 lessons per week for the year. Parents will be advised if further lessons are required at additional cost. GUARDIANS All international students must have a guardian who is over 25 years old and resident within the UK. This guardian is responsible for the student’s travel and accommodation at half terms and holidays and Bank Holiday weekends. Should a child become ill at school, it is our policy to ask parents to take them home. If this is not an option for international students, parents should liaise with the child’s guardian who will have responsibility for collecting the student and providing accommodation and care until they are well enough to return to school. VISAS Frensham Heights is a Highly Trusted Sponsor under the UK Visas & Immigration’s Tier 4 system. This means that we are able to issue Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) numbers to students who are offered and accept a place at Frensham. In order to do this, we will need a copy of the student’s passport and details of their UKbased guardian. Note that children 16 or over may be required to have an interview with a member of UKVI staff as part of their visa application process and may be required to register with the local police station on arrival.

KEY ADMISSIONS CONTACTS: Admissions Registrar: Sarah Windsor Director of External Relations: Emma Judge admissions@frensham.org

GETTING TO FRENSHAM Frensham Heights is nestled in the Surrey Hills, three miles from the beautiful Georgian market town of Farnham, 15 miles from the historic city of Guildford, about an hour from the centre of London and 30 and 50 miles respectively from Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Transport to and from airports and stations can be arranged for our international students. AROUND AND ABOUT FRENSHAM Frensham Heights is in the village of Rowledge which has a shop and a post office. Three miles away is Farnham, a historic market town. It has a magnificent history, with evidence of Stone Age, Roman and

Saxon dwellings found here. Many of the Georgian buildings conceal structures of Tudor or even earlier times. England’s first Cistercian abbey was built near Farnham. The now ruins of Waverley Abbey are situated in a peaceful loop of the River Wey and still give an impression of the solitude experienced by the monks who founded a monastery here almost 900 years ago. Farnham has a wealth of shopping opportunities; with a range of independent boutiques alongside diverse high street shops you can find unique gifts, fashion brands or household essentials here, nestled between a variety of pubs, restaurants and cafes both independent and well known UK chains. We are surrounded by stunning views and many beautiful walks in the Surrey Hills with Alice Holt Forest and Frensham ponds are both closeby. A bit further a field, Guildford offers everything a teenager could want. There are theatres, a leisure centre, a lido, a cinema and plenty of restaurants. In addition to the main streets and side alleys, Guildford also has a major, two-story shopping centre, complete with adjacent multi-story car parking, and several covered shopping malls.


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Frensham Heights Years 7 to 13 General Information  

Further information on curriculum, extracurricular clubs and admissions

Frensham Heights Years 7 to 13 General Information  

Further information on curriculum, extracurricular clubs and admissions

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