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Reading the newspaper: help wanted

The “help wanted” (job) ads are found in the classified section of the newspaper, alone with real estate listings, apartments for rent, second hand cars listings and adds for other things, people want to sell. “Help wanted” ads are often divided into several categories, for example, sales openings, general help, business help, medical help and professional help. The ads on this page were selected from all five categories. As you read the “want adds# below, the side under which heading each belongs.

Some job advertisement ask applicants to call for an interview appointment,. Others ask applicants to send a resume explaining their background and qualifications for the job, the employer looks through all the resumes, selects the best qualified applicants, and then ask those people to come in for a personal interview. All the interview, the employer asks questions such as those below. Activity. Choose a “want add� from above that interests you in a document, write answers to the questions below.

1. Why are you interested in this job? 2. Have you ever have a job before? If so, what was it 3. What especial qualifications do you have for this job? 4. What are you doing at present? 5. When could you begin this job? 6. Are there any questions you would like to ask me about this job?

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