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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Artisans of Champagne November 2011 exclusive offer Offer Closes: 30 th November – Shipment Due: End Of November

Eric Rodez - Ambonnay Francis Boulard - Cauroy-les-Hermonville J.L.Vergnon - Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Jacques Lassaigne – Montgueux Launois - Le Mesnil-sur-Oger Ledru - Ambonnay Lilbert-Fils - Cramant Marc Hebrart - Mareuil-sur-Ay Veuve-Fourny - Vertus Voirin-Jumel - Cramant

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Artisan Blanc de Blancs Selection 6 pack Artisan Discovery Selection 6 pack

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Bosquet des Papes Chateauneuf-du-Pape Charles Baur - Alsace Paul Chollet – Cremant de Bourgogne Merlin-Cherrier - Sancerre

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Artisans of Champagne Foreword What a marvellous Champagne collection Vic has compiled. I think it is our best ever. Such a variety and range of wines plus a new grower in Vergnon and so many interesting special cuvees, vintage wines, low dosage examples. Plus, Vic and Eve spent September in France participating in the harvest in Champagne and Burgundy. You will notice Vic’s fabulous photography in this catalogue as a result of this visit and experience. His photography is gaining in notoriety and for those that would like to go to his next exhibition just call the office and we can arrange an invitation. We have included some additional stock items of Chollet’s Cremant de Bourgogne’s, Merlins Sancerre, Mourats Rosé and Charles Baur Rieslings from Alsace plus a newcomer in their Pinot Noir. Also we have included Bosquet des Papes special Cuvee ‘A la Gloire de Mon Grand-Pere’ ( In honour of my Grandfather) which is a knock-out. Well that sums up 2011 for us and we thank you for your continuing support of the wines we have to offer. We continue to personally visit all of our growers each year to taste and negotiate on your behalf. Remember, ‘If we cannot buy DIRECT from the person that made the wine we don’t buy it!’ This is why we can be so competitive. We wish you all a great Christmas season and a happy and prosperous New Year. Cheers, Ross, Bev, Eve and Vic.


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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

LAUNOIS PERE ET FILS Le Mesnil-sur-Oger – Grand Cru Cote des Blancs – 30 hectares Overall vineyard size here is quite large size with 30 ha of vineyards spread across the Cote des Blancs (Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Avize, Oger and Cramant) and Sezanne. 22ha is bottled by the family with the remainder being sold off to the big houses. Viticulture is all certified organic – average vine age is high and picking here is always a week later than other growers as Bernard is searching for full ripeness and maturity. The vinification style is classic in flat bottomed stainless steel tanks, leaving the wines to enrich on their lees for much longer than usual. Bernard is one of the best producers in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger – most Champagne journalists say he is the best after Salon! His wines have been impossible to procure in the past, with 80% of bottles going to local clients with the remainder to Netherlands and Japan, but finally we are managing to secure tiny but reasonable quantities. A little is better than nothing! The style here is for purity, intensity, weight and finesse. The family has been busy over the last few years building a new cuverie in the flat pastures just east of Oger. They have had to sell some grapes to finance the construction – which has meant there has been less wine to spread around. Also they have sold off their old cuverie in Avize to Eric de Sousa for his new negoce business. This new facility has finally been completed and now production can scale up as less grapes are sold off. Demand for Launois has been high – so much so that for the previous two years, stocks of many cuvees had sold out by middle of the year. This shipment of Quartz is the most recent disgorgement. Benoit Marguet has been looking after the export side of the business but unfortunately business and family issues has caused a rift between him and wife Severine Launois – resulting in a divorce. So for the moment we are dealing directly with Severine. Next year we will get a small quantity of oak matured Sezanne Chardonnay – Cuvee Dorine, along with a new incarnation of the great Maxime vintage cuvee! Launois NV Cuvée Mesnil Quartz Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs. Blended from 2008 and 2007 with some older reserve wines, all Grand Cru Chardonnay from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Cramant, Oger and a little Avize. Previously known as ‘Cuvée Sablé’ – but the name had to be changed due to copyright issues. This has a similar overall make up to the cuvée reserve but the ‘pressure’ here has been reduced to ‘cremant’ style at 4 atmospheres – making this a little more delicate and subtle – a delightful adjunct to great seafood and as an aperitif. Unctuous and persistent with hints of chalk, citrus and white fruits. A classic and only made in small quantities. Don’t be confused by the ‘less atmospheres’ of this wine. It is as equally 'fizzy' as the standard wine but because the maturation in bottle on lees progresses at a lower pressure and lower alcohol level, different aromas and flavours develop – allowing the more steely and mineral flavour aspects to evolve – resulting in a unique flavour profile. Limited. $54.00/bt pre-arrival Code 5746

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

ERIC RODEZ Ambonnay– Grand Cru Montagne de Reims - 6 hectares Eric Rodez is the eighth generation of family growing grapes in the prestigious pinot noir producing Grand Cru village of Ambonnay. He is a true artisan of his trade who is focused on the art of terroir, old vines, oak integration and control of malo-lactic fermentation. Eric speaks of the five dimensions of Champagne that shape its style and character. Cépage, location, vineyard aspect, vinification and fermentation. All the above combined, totally determine the style and quality of the final result. He has lots of old vines all with premium exposure at mid-slope. Subtle use of small Burgundian oak and control of malolactic fermentation allows Eric to create a brilliant range of terroir driven Champagnes. The 6 ha property is divided into 35 plots of only Grand Cru vines split roughly 55/45 Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Eric worked in Burgundy, Beaujolais and the Rhone for three years during his youth, and also worked for a year at Krug. Eric's mayor duties keep him busy – but it appears that the cat is out of the bag – Jancis Robinson and other MW's have discovered Eric Rodez! Now we see his wines in the UK and US.

‘I don’t take pleasure in making champagne, I take pleasure in making an extra-ordinary wine from Champagne’ Burgundy taught him much about oak fermentation and maturation and his work with Henri Krug re-enforced his ideas even further. Now 80% of Eric’s wines are matured in some sort of oak for various periods. Dosages are light – between 58gm/litre - and he uses RCGM not sugar. No fertilizers, herbicides or insecticides are used. And yes, like all villages in France, some one as to be the mayor of Ambonnay! Since 1989 Eric has systematically taken major steps to improve the health and quality of his vineyard. No longer does he use weed killers or chemical fertilizers. The long-term sustainability of the health of the soil is paramount. Eric has decided to move to full biodynamic viticulture. Also he has a new Cuvée for us – a complex and smoky Brut Zero! The other good news at Champagne Rodez is that Eric's son Michael is quickly gaining experience and knowledge to take over the property in the future. We spoke to Michael during the 2011 harvest and were astonished at his level of maturity, knowledge and passion - the 'family property' is in safe hands! Even our friend Francis Boulard got a chance to visit Eric Rodez with a group of amateur aficionados 'Yes Victor, great wine at Eric Rodez cellar ... not well-known in the French wine guides and magazines ... that's the reason, it was our first visit there, this year, for our knowledge'.

Eric Rodez 'Cuvée des Crayeres' Grand Cru A blend of 45% Chardonnay and 55% Pinot Noir, from five different vintages, 50% of which is from 2007, then 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2002. 25% is matured in small oak and 80% undergoes malo-lactic fermentation. A feature of Eric's wines is the intense, minute persistent mousse. Always gently foaming with a tiny bead. Chalk and white flowers on the nose, lovely citrus and red fruits on the long palate. Powerfull and complex but still light on its feet – this is a wonderfull introduction to the Rodez style. Dosage is a low 6g/litre. Demand from restaurants is high for this cuvee – so we may have to ration quantities for this pre-arrival offer. $54.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 3530

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Wine of the week – Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 My favourite wine was Eric Rodez Cuvée des Crayères Champagne NV (sic), a de luxe, oakaged, extremely complex, smouldering, intellectual, food-friendly blend of wines from 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000 – all the best vintages of the last decade.

Peter Liem - Champagneguide Éric Rodez’s champagnes feel crafted in the best sense of the word: they display a vinous intensity that obviously comes from quality work in the vineyards, yet they also demonstrate a sophisticated complexity and refinement that indicates a sure hand in the cellar.

Looking down from the forest across Ambonnay vineyards.

Eric Rodez 'Blanc de Noirs' Grand Cru 100% Pinot Noir, from five different vintages, 50% of which is from 2006 and then older reserve wines. 70% of the final blend has been matured in small barriques with no malolactic fermentation. Very different to the Crayeres. Citrus, toast, red fruits and spices are in abundance here. Long and unctuous – a very special and rare Blanc de Noir – a triumph of wine making, and a bench mark of Ambonnay terroir. $58.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 3541

Eric Rodez Brut Rose Grand Cru Eric doesn't do things by halves and this cuvee is a classic example of his best expression of 'terroir in pink'. 45% Pinot noir is vinified as a saignee, with the remainder of Pinot/Chardonnay vinifed as a white wine. This allows him to get great flavour extraction in the saignee process and then add some finesse and complexity with the blended component. One of the best roses on the market. So complex! We may have to ration this cuvee. $56.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2313

Eric Rodez Millesime 2002 Grand Cru A blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Pinot Noir, from Eric's oldest and most prestigious vineyards. We have amazing complexity and length, all entwined in red and white fruits with perfectly balanced acidity. Penetrating on the palate with layers of complexity expanding the long and persistent finish. One of the truly great wines from this heralded vintage. Very very limited and only available on allocation. $68.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2310 – limit of 6 bottles Page 5

November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Eric Rodez Brut Zero Grand Cru This new cuvee is similarly structured to the Crayeres with 70% Pinot and 30% Chardonnay. On a much older base of 2004 and reserve wines from 2003, 2002 and 2000. Dense and powerfull – the red fruits are nicely balanced by the chalky citrus of the Chardonnay. A step up in complexity, and richness but all carefully balanced by the added crispness of no dosage. 80% has been vinified in oak and the malo is blocked for about 50% of the final blend. $58.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2312 – limit of 3 bottles

Eric Rodez 'Blanc de Blancs' Grand Cru 100% Chardonnay from five different vintages, 40% of which is from 2006 and then older reserve wines. 80% of the final blend has been matured in small barriques with no malolactic fermentation. Sensational length – piercing intensity. $58.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2311 – limit of 3 bottles Jancis Robinson MW says: Best value bottling from this producer is surely the super-clean Eric Rodez, Blanc de Blancs NV Champagne that offers an almost Jacques Selosse style of complexity.

Eric Rodez 'Cuvée des Grand Vintages' Grand Cru

'Jancis Robinson MW says:

'My favourite wine was Eric Rodez, Grands Vintages NV Champagne, a de luxe, oakaged, extremely complex, smouldering, intellectual, food-friendly blend of wines ' This version is a blend of 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2002 – all the best vintages of the last decade. This is the ultimate NV Champagne – more like a 'growers' version of a great Krug. 60% Pinot and 40% Chardonnay with a complex blend of oak matured solera base wines. Similarities to Selosse Substance are quite accurate – the concept is similar. The style here is all about intensity and weight. Think of great white burgundy with a super fine mousse. Red fruits, apples, pears, minerals, mushrooms and toasty macadamia and coffee elements all dance in harmony to produce an amazingly complex wine with stunning length. Subtle oak integration and piercing acidity keep all this weight and power in check. Awesome and becoming very highly sought after. In context this is an absolute bargain. Other Champagnes of this quality retail for double or triple our direct import price. If you like minerally, zippy, citrussy aperitif Champagne, this is not for you. If you like Champagne with mature weight, complexity, power and massive length to match perfectly with quail or grilled tuna – this is definitely for you. Limited to 6 bottles per order maximum on allocation. $78.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 5739

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

J.L.VERGNON Le Mesnil-sur-Oger – Grand Cru Cote des Blancs - 5 hectares Alain Vergnon is the owner of this prestigious property who in 2002 installed oenologue Christophe Constant to oversee a complete revival of this famous property. Christophe worked for a number of years at Pol Roger and has always been interested in working on the growers side of the fence. Christophe comes from a family that owns no vineyards, so he has approached his passion from the consulting side of the business. He is good friends with Pascal Agrapart and Anselme Selosse and is often seen tasting and discussing wines at the new Selosse hotel / restaurant in Avize, 'Hotel Restaurant Les Avizes'. There are 10 luxury rooms at about 230 euros per night – with the restaurant being excellent value, serving fixed price lunch at 35 euros and dinner at 55 euros. Just don't expect any Selosse Champagne on the winelist! We first met Christophe quite a few years ago at a tasting with Aurelien Laherte and we were lucky to taste his 2002 Cuvee Confidence. Impressive indeed and after much badgering over the years we finally obtained a small allocation across the whole range. Vineyards are spread across Chardonnay in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger and Avize. Christophe likes to harvest his grapes quite late to obtain optimum terroir flavour. This also allows him to avoid chaptalization and to avoid the malolactic fermentation – hence capturing the maximum flavour with perfect acid balance. Why another grower in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger? We already have Cazals and Launois. Christope is a very serious and passionate vigneron who is on a long term mission – he wants to create a cuvee to rival Salon. The Cazals style is 'smooth and round' with lovely creamy elegance and white fruits. The Launois style is more towards 'creamy chalk'. The Vergnon style is more powefull and incisive with structured minerality and spice and the malo-lactic is always blocked.

J.L.Vergnon Cuvee Conversation Grand Cru 100% Grand Cru Chardonnay from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger and Avize. Blend of 2007 and older reserve wines. Classic vinification in tank. Fine persistent mousse, hints of quince and citrus on the nose. Palate is fresh and chalky, hints of almond and brioche with great length. A really great introduction to the pure style of Vergnon. $44.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2316

J.L.Vergnon Cuvee Eloquence Extra-Brut Grand Cru 100% Grand Cru Chardonnay from Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Oger and Avize. Blend of 2007 and older reserve wines. Classic vinification in tank. The vines are older here, and we see more citrus and chalk. Hints of pear and brioche – dosage of 3g/litre. Amazing length and complexity. $46.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2317

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

J.L.Vergnon Cuvee Resonance 2005 GrandCru This is 40 year old vines and reveals an increased level of complexity and purity. Clean racy acidity and lovely ripeness make this a superb drink. Peter Liem in Champagneguide writes - With its creamy texture and sleekly focused richness, this derives a certain opulence from the ripeness of the vintage, yet it controls this perfectly, encasing it in racy acidity. It’s clean and lively, feeling elongated and tense on the finish, and its youthful, energetic demeanor suggests a potential for long-aging. $54.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2318

J.L.Vergnon Cuvee Confidence 2006 Grand Cru 100% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, vinified and fermented in barrel with no malolactic fermentation. Very old vines from two superbly located parcels in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. This cuvee has been evolving slowly as Christophe has been juggling his various vineyard parcels to allow him to get the quality and ripeness that this wine needs. No dosage of course. This is the first attempt to produce a cuvee to rival Salon. Dense and powerfull but all covered in elegance.$78.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2319

Faulkner – terroir article.

In 'The Age' September 20 th 2011 Jane Faulkner write an 'interesting article' on 'Changes in the bubbles'. It is more marketing oriented and big house oriented - but she concludes 'Champagne will never be a terroir-driven wine but the perceptible differences coming through in these single-vineyard offerings makes for exciting drinking'.

Jancis Robinson MW says :-

'its the distinctive terroir - a unique combination of soil and climate which together with the champagne grape varieties - accounts for the uniqueness of champagne'. So there you have it – a journalist debunks terroir whereas a MW promotes it. The big houses push the 'no terroir theory' since it suits their mode of producing factory style sparkling wine. The small grower only knows one way of life – and the expression of terroir is the master of this life.

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

LILBERT FILS Cramant – Grand Cru Cote des Blancs – 3.5 hectares

Bertrand Lilbert has now taken over the wine making from father Georges. The family vineyards lie in Chouilly, Oiry and Cramant. Yields are very low and all Champagnes are kept for 5 years before sale. The wines are made in a classic structured style with abundant acid to guarantee long aging potential. But that said, they are certainly very enjoyable in their youth. The Lilbert property was established in 1746 and consists of only 3.5 ha Grand Cru Vineyards in the Cote des Blancs, 60% in Cramant, 30% in Chouilly and 10% in Oiry. Bertrand took over the running of the property in 1998, prior to which he worked in an Epernay viticulture testing laboratory. The wines show real structure and tightness. These are impressive indeed and are at the pinnacle of quality. Michel Bettane, France’s top wine critic, names Lilbert as the reference point for long-lived classic Cramant. As Andrew Jefford observes in his book, The New France, “This tiny 4-ha Cramant domaine is the source of some very fine and long-lived Blanc de Blancs made by Georges Lilbert and his son Bertrand. The style is less soft, creamy, and flowery than the Blanc de Blancs of most large houses might leave the drinker expecting: Cramant here has a taut, steely, rigorous quality….”. Andrew Jefford only awards 4 Champagne producers with a ‘one star’ rating, with Lilbert and Moncuit being two of them. Overall production is tiny with only three cuvées being produced for a huge total production of a tiny 30,000 bottles! So you can see that we are lucky to get a tiny allocation. As usual the Belgians and Germans are great customers – and of course the Parisians! The Lilbert family are traditional vignerons in the true sense of the word. All processes are performed by the family themselves. Hand riddling of course, and the final disgorgement is done manually without the use of ice to freeze the dead yeast cell plug in the neck of the bottle – ‘a la volée’.

Lilbert-Fils Blanc de Blancs NV Grand Cru

$47.00/bt Pre-arrival Code: 3423

This is always one of Bertrand’s classic Chardonnay cuvées, oozing with spine tingling minerals, great length and amazing balance. A blend of 2008 and older reserve wines. The vineyard mix is 60% Cramant, 30% Chouilly and 10% Oiry – all Grand cru - with a tiny dosage of 7g/litre. There are hints of lime zest and almond on the nose, flowing onto a crisp unctuous palate, leading to a long finish with wonderful acid balance and cleansing austerity. Oodles of Cramant character and perfect as an aperitif or with oysters. Peter Liem from Champagneguide says, The young Bertrand Lilbert is one of the superstars of Cramant, but remains largely unknown except to a select group of champagne devotees. Part of the reason for this is that Lilbert produces only 30,000 bottles of champagne a year, from a mere 3.5 hectares of vines, and even at the estate the wines often sell out quickly.

Lilbert-Fils Blanc de Blancs NV Perle Grand Cru $54.00/bt Pre-arrival Code: 3621 This Cuvée was previously known as “Crémant de Cramant”. The “Cremant” designation is now forbidden following a European directive. Traditional Champagne has an atmospheric pressure of 6kg, whereas the Perle has a slightly lower pressure of 4kg. This method of production produces a Champagne that is a little more elegant, a lighter foaming mousse with a very subtle cordon of bubbles. The ring of bubbles appears to be “creaming” at the surface and hence the ancient designation of “Cremant”. Produced from very old vines – some planted back in 1930. This Page 9

November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

particular selection is based on 2007 and older reserve wines. Dosage is a low 6gm/litre. Always one of Bertrand’s most sought after cuvées. In any one year he generally produces 20,000 bottles of standard non-vintage, 2,000 bottles of vintage and only 2,000 bottles of the Brut Perle. Great old vine intensity, with hints of minerals, dried fruits, lime zest. Always on strict allocation and even more so thanks to the Revue du Vin article. This is always one of Bertrand’s classic Chardonnay cuvées, oozing with spine tingling minerals.

Lilbert-Fils Blanc de Blancs 2006 Grand Cru

$70.00/bt Pre-arrival Code: 2322

From two old vine parcels in Cramant, Les Buissons near Chouilly and from Moyens near Cuis. Here we immediately notice a step up in intensity and purity. Cool chalk with lime zest and pin point acidity are a feature of this wine. The intensity and length on the palate is simply stunning and a testament to the quality of 2006 Chardonnay in the Cote des Blancs. We only have a few cases of this – very limited 3 bottles maximum per customer.

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

MARC HEBRART Mareuil-sur-Ay – 1er Cru Marne Valley - 14 hectares Jean-Paul Hebrart runs this property and is one of the super growers in this very much underrated village. Mareuil-sur-Ay is rated at 99% right next door to Ay. There are many experts who believe it deserves true 100% Grand Cru status. It is home to Billecart-Salmon and the also the famous Philipponnat "Clos des Goisses” vineyard at the extreme eastern end. The style here is similar to Ay but with maybe a little more minerality and finesse. Jean-Paul has some great Chardonnay in Chouilly and Oiry with a very high average vine age. Quality is at a very high level, to the extent that Jean-Paul used to supply grapes to Bollinger. Annual production from 13.5 ha of vines is 90,000 bottles, but this will thankfully increase now that Jean-Paul has decided to stop selling grapes and bottle his entire production. Global demand for these great wines has forced Jean-Paul to do this and hopefully we make get some increased allocations of these superb wines. Jean-Paul is married to Isabelle Diebolt – daughter of Jacques Diebolt - one of the truly great growers in Cramant. The vineyards are spread across Ay, Mareuil-sur-Ay, Avenay Val d'Or, Bisseuil and also some prestigious Grand Cru Chardonnay vineyards in Chouilly and Oiry on the other side of the Marne. Dosages are low and the terroir is allowed to shine. He is also a member of the ‘Club de Tresors’ and produces a sensational ‘Special Club’ Cuvée. Other cuvées are a Prestige and a Rosé. Jean-Paul started to develop a new Prestige oak matured Grand Cru Cuvée a few years ago, and during our visits we have been tasting various vin clairs that are used to make up this blend. Finding a new name for this was a difficult task as many 'icon names', and 'phrases' have been copyrighted. Now in its second release 'Rive Gauche Rive Droite '.

Marc Hebrart NV Cuvée Reserve 1er Cru $39.50/bt Pre-arrival Code : 3534 80% Pinot Noir from Mareuil-sur-Ay, Avenay Val d’Or and Bisseuil and 20% Chardonnay from Oiry and Chouilly. A blend of 2008 and older reserve wines - all from vineyards with an average age of 24 years. This rests on lees (sur lattes) for 24-30 months. Dosage 8g/litre. The style here is for purity and elegance. There are delightful piercing citrus and floral overtones – with just a hint of hazelnut and strawberries. The palate is perfectly balanced with a super intense mousse, cleansing acid on the long palate. An excellent aperitif-food style. Drinks way above its very humble price. Typical of the elegant terroir of Mareuil-sur-Ay. 12 bottle maximum per order.

Marc Hebrart NV Cuvée Selection 1er Cru $42.00/bt Code:2323 65% Pinot Noir from Mareuil-sur-Ay,and 35% Chardonnay from Oiry and Chouilly. 50% from 2007 and 50% from 2006. This is a different vineyard mix than the Reserve – more older vines. With one year extra on lees we have more weight and creamy complex white fruits. Less minerality and citrus than the reserve – weight and real length – more of a food style than the reserve. Very much in demand and this is the first time we have offered this cuvee. Limited.

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Marc Hebrart NV Cuvée Rosé 1er Cru

$42.00/bt Pre-arrival Code:5722

50% Pinot Noir from Mareuil-sur-Ay, Avenay Val d’Or and Bisseuil, 50% Chardonnay from Oiry and Chouilly. 50% from 2007 and 50% from 2006. This rosé is made by addition of 10% red wine from Mareuil-surAy – from the great 2004 vintage which has been aged in small oak barriques. Dosage 6.5g/litre. This is a sublime cuvée which Jean-Paul has only sold in France and Japan. The Japanese take more than half of his entire rosé production and in fact, they love their rosé so much, that often they order their rosé and have it air-freighted immediately! Good sushi cannot wait! We are indeed privileged to receive our annual allocation of this stunning pink! Thank you Jean-Paul! 12 bottles maximum per order.

Marc Hebrart 2006 Special Club $58.00/bt Pre-arrival Code: 2324

55% Pinot Noir from Mareuil-sur-Ay and Ay, and 45% Chardonnay from Oiry and Chouilly. Dosage 7g/litre. What can you say about Special Club bottlings? Always indicative of the growers style and indicative on the vineyards and terroir. Richer, purer and more intense than other Cuvées – very spicy and lovely complexity. The 2005 was meaty and powerfull – whereas the 2006 reflects the purity and minerality of the 2006 vintage. Seamless and chalky with a persistant and long finish. The palate just goes on and on! One of the best Special Club bottlings that we have ever tasted! Very limited. 6 bottle limit on allocation. SIX BOTTLE LIMIT

Marc Hebrart 2005 Rive Gauche – Rive Droite Extra-Brut Grand Cru Jean-Paul had the idea for this Cuvée many years ago. We have been tasting various component vins clairs over the recent years and have been able to see the evolution of this wine. The Special Club is very predictable in style – whereas this wine allows Jean-Paul to express his vision openly and fully. Vinified and aged in oak, with natural yeasts and no fining or filtration. His oldest and most prestigious vines from 60% Aÿ Pinot and 40% Chardonnay from Chouilly. Dosage a mere 5gm/litre. There is a layer of minerals and citrus hovering above richer red fruits and almonds. A truly authentic and original vision of Grand Cru Champagne. Over the years it is clear that Jean-Paul has been exposed to the great Fleur de Passion oak matured Champagne from Jacques Diebolt – and he has used this knowledge to create this super cuvee. Extremely limited – 3 bottle limit on allocation. Code: 2325 $93.00 Pre-arrival THREE BOTTLE LIMIT

Chateau along the Marne Canal in Mareuil-sur-Ay Page 12

November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

MARIE-NOËLLE LEDRU Ambonnay - Grand Cru Montagne de Reims - 6 hectares Ambonnay is Pinot Noir country, all about power and weight and fruit. Intense and rich, with macerated red fruit flavours, strawberries and maybe cherries. If I had to choose one quick throw away line for describing great Ambonnay it would be “glace cherries”! Ambonnay is not an aperitif style Champagne, start thinking about tuna, barramundi, quail, chicken, veal. Good Ambonnay has the richness and the acid edge to cut thru the richer foods, and….. the length on the palate is to die for. Ambonnay itself is a quaint little village with many vignerons open for tasting. With vineyards in Ambonnay and Bouzy in the south of Montagne de Reims, Marie-Noelle Ledru is a rare breed of female vigneron -she calls herself a 'viticultrice'. As a civil servant, she inherited the property from her parents who retired in 1984. The philosophy is to use no insecticide, and if treatments are necessary, only environment friendly options are considered. 6 hectares of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir span Ambonnay and Bouzy, with Chardonnay having an average age of 40 years. The style is vinous with Pinot Noir at least 85% always dominating. The wines have body and structure to support cellar ageing. Any passionate Champagne amateur who likes great vinous Ambonnay can only fall in love with the wines from Marie-Noëlle. She makes no concessions to the modern style of today, she allows the rich terroir to speak for itself. The Vintage Goulté is always 100% Pinot Noir. Flavours of maturity, mild tobacco, soft spices, cherry, a dense, rich, creamy mouth. Goulté is an old Champagne word which means the first free run juice just after the start which is a little cloudy. A wine fit for a meal, solid, consistent, but which does not sacrifice elegance. Last years offer of her wines was a great success and we are indeed fortunate to get another tiny allocation. Both are classic examples of Ambonnay. All is not happy at this estate – due to family disputes, Marie-Noelle has lost 2/3 of her estate this year and may lose more next year. It is a sad situation and it is difficult to see how she can survive with less than 2 hectares of vines. So we recommend that you stock up as much as you can over the next two to three years.

"Some of the best wines in Ambonnay." - Peter Liem Ledru NV Extra Brut Reserve Grand Cru. A blend of 85% Pinot Noir and 15% Chardonnay from 2006 and older reserve wines with a dosage of 3gm/litre. Oh so typical of the Ledru style, vinous, unctuous with an ultra fine mousse. Complex aromas of brioche and tobacco, hints of cherries, hazelnuts finishing with pinpoint acid and amazing length. After tasting thru the range we had to go back to this for a re-taste and pinch ourselves. It’s not a dream – just great Champagne! $54.00/bt pre-arrival Code 2320

2007 Cuvee Goulte Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru 100% Pinot Noir – powerfull and intense, aromas of chalk and lifted red fruits, crushed red fruits and brioche on the long palate. An extraordinary un-adulterated wine. One of the stand-out pure vintage blanc de noirs produced in the entire Champagne region. Will certainly survive in the cellar for a few years. Rare and limited on allocation.

$64.00/bt pre-arrival Code 2321

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Vintage Hype! There is always lots of 'hoopla' about vintage wine in general and Champagne is no different. It is safe to say that the last real disastrous year was 2001 – but a number of vignerons made some superb wines in 2001! What this means is that the 'vigneron' is more important than the 'vintage'. If you are only choosing to buy Champagne on the 'vintage rating' then you are missing out on the real pleasures and joys of Chamapgne. Blending is an art – and the growers are masters of this craft. And how is 1996 developing as a 'vintage'? There was much euphoria early on that 1996 was the vintage of the century. Huge levels of ripeness and acidity allowed the big houses to produce very flattering early drinking Champagnes which were highly dosaged to offset the piercing acidity. As these wines have aged they have become quite lumpy, unbalanced and rather ugly. The fruit appears to be diminishing and the hard acid will last forever. The small growers however picked for phenolic ripeness and produced some great wines. 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008 have produced nicely balanced Champagnes with lovely finesse and purity. 2002, 2005 and 2007 have more power and weight but maybe at the expense of less finesse and elegance.

A hard days work in the Champagne cellar is rewarded with a few shots of Champagne.

Artisan Discovery Selection Six bottle Pack.

A balanced selection across some prestigious and very different terroirs. J.L.Vergnon Eloquence Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Voirin-Jumel Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru Cru Francis Boulard Les Murgiers 1er Cru Eric Rodez Crayeres Grand Cru Lilbert Cuvee Reserve Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Ledru Extra-Brut Grand Cru $283.00 / pack Code: 2328

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

FRANCIS BOULARD Cauroy-les-Hermonville - 1er Cru Montagne de Reims - 3 hectares As from 2010, one third of Champagne Raymond Boulard has become Champagne Francis Boulard. The three children of Raymond Boulard have chosen to pursue their own professional careers. His daughter Delphine, who has worked alongside him since 2003, and is completely at ease in the vineyards, as well as in the winery, will assist Francis in this venture. The House's deep convictions are unchanged: The direction of the “new house” will be resolutely turned towards bio-dynamics and organics. This direction has already been in place for several years, and a great part of the vineyards have already been certified as being “organic agriculture” (certification Ecocert.) Over the last few years we have seen that Francis has been ill at ease with the decisions of his brother and sister. Francis wanted to move towards total organic viticulture with less intervention, oak maturation, lowering yields and smaller parcel vinification. These ideas did not fit in with the family – so finally the split had to come – and Francis will be the better for it. Unfortunately he only has one third of his vines to work with – so quantities will be reduced. Maybe Francis will be able to lease vineyards – buying vineyards is prohibitively expensive. His wines are becoming iconic and scarce – so get in quick while availability is reasonable. Francis also has his wines on some great restaurant lists – many in Paris and lots of Michelin starred restaurants – including Noma in Denmark. Francis Boulard Les Murgiers Cuvée Réserve - Blanc de Noirs 70% Pinot Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir, with reserve wines aged in oak barrels. 2008 and older reserve wines from 2007 and 2006. This is a new cuvée for Francis and it certainly shows his attention to detail. Super fine mousse, lovely aromas of white fruits with red fruits and spice on the palate. Dosage is just on Extra-brut at 5 gr/L. Great purity and length with the subtle oak integration adding nice complexity. This cuvee gets better and better each year. The super fine mousse and finesse are hallmarks of this exceptional wine. Pre-arrival $45.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 3494 Francis Boulard Rosé de Saignée - Extra Brut 50% Pinot Noir, 50% Pinot Meunier all from 2008. A classic rose made in the traditional manner. A short (8 to 10 hours) maceration gives this wine its intensity and richness. 40-yrs old vines from chalky clay terroir - Marne Valley, with dosage 5g/litre. Vinous and smoky, more like a great Burgundy than a sparkling wine. Sherbet and citrus on a clean and long palate. Francis doesn't make much so we always take what we get offered. Every time that Francis shows this wine in Italy at various exhibitions he receives orders for 4,000 bottles of it. This is more than he makes! Pre-arrival $54.00/bt


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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Francis Boulard Petraea XCVII-MMVI Code:3446 $65.00/bt Pre-arrival. This is Francis's perpetual reserve prestige Cuvée - 60% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Meunier. Each year, the wine from current harvest harvest (25%) is added to the blend. Therefore Petraea XCVIIMMVI is 25% 2006-harvest, the remaining 75% from previous vintages 1997(XCVII)/98/99/2000/01/02/03/04/05. Lovely smoke and spice from subtle oak vinification and maturation. This is Brut Nature - Natural yeasts with no fining and no filtration with frequent stirring of the lees. Produced at a slightly lower pressure – 5 atmospheres as opposed to the standard 6 atmospheres – this accentuates the minerality and finesse. A powerful intense style with great complexity and weight – certainly more of a food style. Unctuous and seamless. The French wine journalists place this in the same class as the likes of Selosse, Bouchard, Krug, Pascal etc. All class! Very limited. On the winelist at Tetsuya's in Sydney. Francis Boulard 2005 Millesime Extra-Brut 50% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Pinot Meunier. Average vine age is 30-yrs old and this shows on a complex and intense palate. This cuvee is now fully vinified and matured in oak barrels. Powerfull and unctuous, complex smoke and spice aromas, palate full of white fruits and brioche. Mousse is tiny and persistant. Dosage 5g/litre. $55.00/bt pre-arrival Code: 2314

Francis Boulard 2005 Les Rachais - Brut Nature 100% Chardonnay From one vineyard of 43-yrs old vines. Terroir: flint bearing silty limestone - Massif de Saint Thierry. Vinification in old oak barrels. This is the first cuvée from the fully certified biodynamic vineyard (Ecocert certification). Farming and vinification according to lunar calendar. No fining and no filtration. Pure, subtle, intense Chardonnay. This wine now is quickly becoming an icon and is featured in the best wine magazines including 'La Revue du Vin de France'. Regularly in the top five Champagnes of the year – along side Krug, Crystal, Selosse and the other big names. Amazing power and richness. No dosage required – the low yielding vines add there own fruit intensity. Our allocation is tiny. 6 bottle limit on allocation. Pre-arrival $78.00 Code: 8500 SIX BOTTLE LIMIT Michael Edwards – The Finest Wines of Champagne – says .. 'The greatest wine – the more striking for its modest St-Thierry origins – is the scintillating Les Rachais cuvee, which should become one of the modern classics of Champagne'

Francis Boulard 1996 Millesime – Cellar reserve (60% CH, 20% PN, 20% PM - disgorged 04/2011 - dosage 3g./L.) The color is golden yellow with a sustained powerful nose, with notes of candied fruit, with a touch of white truffle. On the palate, it is very vinous, with notes of ripe peach and pear. The typical acidity of the 1996 vintage is delicate here. It gives the champagne freshness and brings salinity to the sustained and long finish. Fourteen years on lees and this wine is as fresh as a daisy! The cuvee is named 'Comet Hyakutake' to commemorate the discovery of this new comet in 1996. A spectacular champagne – thanks to Francis for releasing a small quantity of this special wine from his cellar. Pre-arrival $166.00/bt – 1 bottle per customer – please inquire Code:2315

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

JACQUES LASSAIGNE Montgueux – 1e Cru Aube - 4 hectares Montgueux is a remarkable wine region – totally unique in its structural make-up. Classified as being in the ‘Cote des Bars’ region which can be often further colloquially known as the ‘Aube’ – but in fact it has little in common with that Pinot Noir producing area. Montgueux is a tiny hill of pure chalk 100kms south of Epernay-12 kms north west of Troyes. The oenologist Daniel Thibaut from Charles Heidsieck described Montgueux as ‘the Montrachet of the Champagne country’ with 186 hectares of vines planted to 85% Chardonnay with a perfect south easterly aspect. Top soils with a depth of 1 metre and chalk to a depth of 60 metres. The chalk here has numerous outcrops of silex – adding to the spicy mineral complexities of the wines. The soils here are 13 million years old–very much older than the Grand Cru Cote des Blancs. All of these elements combined allow for perfect ripening with appropriate levels of moisture in the chalky soils. More than 50% of the grapes are sold to the likes of Charles Heidsieck, Piper Heidsieck, Louis Roederer, Nicolas Feuillate and other large growers. The big houses are happy to pay high prices for Montgueux grapes. Certainly one of the biggest secrets in all of Champagne. Jacques Lassaigne Blanc de Blancs Les Vignes de Montgueux This is an assemblage of 7 different old vine Chardonnay parcels from Montgueux. 50% 2008 and remainder 2007 and 2004. Tight and mineral with an enticing delicate persistent mousse that just lasts forever. The quality of the 2008 vintage shines like a beacon. Nose shows some minerals, flint, white peaches and almonds. The palate carries elegant richness with hints of citrus, brioche and spices. Piercing length with pin-point acidity and wonderful balance with a mousse that penetrates the taste buds for many minutes. Partial malolactic fermentation – dosage 4g/litre. Natural yeasts with no fining and no filtration. A small percentage of the cuvée spends some time in small oak bariques. Code:5726 $46.00/bt pre-arrival Jacques Lassaigne Blanc de Blancs 'Le Cotet' Le Cotet is a single vineyard planted by Jacques Lassaigne between 1964 and 1967. The thin topsoil over the chalk enhances the mineral aspects of this wine. A very complex blend of different component wines. 90% is from 2007 of which 80% has been vinified in tank and 20% vinified in used Burgundy barrels. 10% of the final blend is 2006 and 2004, but from bottles that are disgorged for this blend – this process of opening bottles and pouring them back into the blend is called 'remise en cercle'. This wine is all about salty minerality, with hints of citrus and spice. The ripeness and balance is perfect. There is great richness on the palate which may lead you to think that the dosage is on the high side, but this is Extra-Brut at 2gm/litre dosage. The richness comes from the quality of the fruit. Stunning length on the palate! Code:6059 $63.00/bt pre-arrival

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Emmanuel Lassaigne is redefining the terroir of Montgueux with individual hand-crafted blanc de blancs Champagnes that reveal subtleties that are more reminiscent of Le Mesnil-sur-Oger rather than the Aube. Also he has gone against local trends by not selling to the public or cellar door. When we visited and discussed the production philosophy with Emmanuel we were very impressed by his passion to preserve the terroir and his attention to detail. Natural yeasts are used where possible and minimal fining and no filtration. He is fanatical about the entire Champagne making process and believes that it cannot be hurried and needs to happen at cool cellar temperatures. For example – the prisse de mousse phase – which adds the fine bubbles to the assembled still wine - can take can take between 1 and 3 months. A quick prise de mousse that takes 1 month will yield a coarser mousse and a more gassy wine. Emmanuel takes more than 3 months and obtains a wonderfully fine grain foaming mousse. For some of his cuvées, he actually does two ‘prise de mousse’ phases. After the first prise de mousse, the wine goes back into barrel for aging as per normal, at the end of which the wine has gone flat, ready for the final ‘prise de mousse’. What dedication and hard work! This technique allows him to use much less sulphur in the overall process. Bollinger use a similar technique by storing their reserve wines in magnum with a very slight pressuring. Also for the riddling process – generally everyone these days uses the automated gyropallette. Riddling times can take between 6-10 days but the bigger houses can get this down to 4 days – whereas Emmanuel takes 14 days. All the wines have low dosages of beet sugar and allow the terroir to shine. He is also slowly introducing more small oak barriques to add complexities and extra spice into the range. Emmanuel is a methodical purist – oozing with ideas and confidence – never happy with the status quo. All of his cuvées are the best that he can produce from the material he has to work with – they are just different expressions of the complex terroirs. There are no weak wines in the range – they are all brilliant. His wines are to be found in all the best wine shops, wine bars and restaurants throughout Europe – and especially Paris. Also for the future – Emmanuel will have a new single vineyard Chardonnay cuvee from a rare 'Clos' in Montgueux – 'Clos St Sophie'.

Emmanuel explaining the viticulture of the 'Le Cotet' vineyard. Page 18

November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

VOIRIN JUMEL Cramant - Grand Cru Cote des Blancs – 12 hectares 12 hectares of vines span the villages of Cramant, Avize, Oger, Ay, Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Vertus, Verneuil and Chouilly - and vines have an average age of 30 years. All this helps them to produce a small range of very individual and elegant wines. Being only a young family, quality is on the improve as Patrick gains more and more experience and confidence. His Meursault oak matured Cuvée 555 made from 100% Cramant fruit is an exciting and vibrant Champagne if you like the oakier richer style. Other cuvées include a pure Blanc de Blancs 1er Cru from Vertus and a rich NV rosé from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ and Aÿ pinot noir. Using a modern horizontal automated press allows Patrick to keep a tight reign on the quality and consistency of the final product. The Vintage Cuvée Grand Cru and NV Cuvée Grand Cru are generally a mix of the best parcels of Grand Cru Cramant and Chouilly. Dosages are all on the low side, allowing for the terroir to speak clearly and forcefully. The viticulture is environmentally friendly with no systemic chemical products being used and any treatments are always kept to a minimum. Voirin-Jumel NV Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Blend of 60% Cramant, with the remainder from Avize, Chouilly and Oger. All Grand Cru Chardonnay vineyards from a blend of 2007 and reserve wines. This particular wine has been specially chosen and disgorged for us at a dosage of 6g/litre – as opposed to the 8g/litre for the standard version of this wine. Patrick prefers lower dosages and is slowly lowering it – a little each year – it is important not to change the style too quickly since it is very easy to antagonise existing customers. There are citrus and floral notes in abundance and the classic Cramant minerality is subtle and not intrusive. Superb with sashimi and sushi. Quite delightful as an aperitif or with seafood and is a great bargain. Becoming a great favourite with our regular customers – Grand Cru Cramant at this price is an absolute steal! Pre-arrival $42.00/bt Code: 3632 Patrick loading up the press with grapes – 96 crates of grapes are required to fill a press.

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Voirin-Jumel NV Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru 100% Pinot Noir from a single vineyard in Mareuil-sur-Ay. This used to be blended into the Brut Tradition, but Patrick realised that the quality here was quite extraordinary and deserved a better fate. Only a small quantity is produced – blend of 2007 and older reserve wines with a dosage of 7gm/litre. Lovely sweet red fruits – hints of pear and apple – classic length on the palate. A really versatile all round Champagne which is impossible not to like. One of the great bargains in this offer. This is typically not offered on tasting at the cellar door – since regular clients expect to taste a 'blanc de Blancs' Champagne, and tend to find this a little outside the box. Luckily we know better. A bargain which is quickly being discovered by our regular customers. Single-vineyard Pinot at this price is unheard of! Be quick! Pre-arrival $42.00/bt Code: 6060

Voirin-Jumel 2006 Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Cramant This is Patrick's incarnation of his vision of classic Grand Cru Cramant Champagne. A radical change in style and vinification for what has always been a great cuvée anyway. The style has moved to much more finesse and purity with hints of vinosity – and much more minerality – now from a single vineyard - all entwined with a lower dosage – 6g/litre. A powerful style, subtle and palate piercing with great acid and weight. Vintage Cramant Champagne does not get much better than this. Very very limited. Different in style to the Lilbert 2006. Lilbert is tight and structured with real minerals and lime zest, whereas this has hints of tropical and white fruits, chalk and just a hint of white flowers. Pre-arrival $52.00/bt Code: 2326

After a 'quick' press load there are 96 crates ready to be washed!

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Artisans. In the 8th year of 'Champagne de Vigneron' it is interesting to look forward at what may be the new future for the 'grower Champagne'. Across our range of producers we have young and not so young. Francis Boulard maybe not so young, but as a visionary who looks at all opportunities to raise the quality, he is true a pioneer. It is unfortunate that the 'family split' has depleted Francis of vineyards. His work with biodynamics, oak maturation, chaptalization, malo-lactic fermentation are exemplary examples of his devotion to improving quality. Demand for the top growers Champagnes has sky rocketed and many growers are reconsidering existing 'grape selling contracts'. Jean-Paul Hebrart is a perfect example – with demand for his wines exceeding supply he has decided to stop selling grapes and plans to bottle his entire production. It is an incremental change – finding space for an extra 60,000 bottles is not an easy task. You need tanks and barrels and lots of racking! Growers across the board are bottling more and selling less grapes. This means that the big houses will be 'grape starved' and have to resort to other techniques to guarantee supply but maybe at the expense of reduced quality. This is good for us – we will get some larger allocations in the future, but in the interim we have to ration some stocks to allow all of our loyal customers to get a share of the 'booty'. Growers such as Eric Rodez, Francis Boulard, Aurelien Laherte, Benoit Tarlant, Emmanuel Lassaigne, Fabrice Pouillon, Jean-Paul Hebrart and Vergnon are at the forefront of the 'new Champagne paradigm'. The French are quick to pick up on the 'new Champagne Paradigm' and we are seeing many specialised 'cavistes' and wine bars stocking the finest grower Champagnes. Arnaud Bradol owner of restaurant 'Les Fines Gueules' in Paris 1 st Arrondisement is passionate about Jacques Lassaigne Champagne. 'Point Bulles' in Paris 6th is a specialised restaurant serving only growers Champagnes (managed by a grower!). What can we expect in the future? Vignerons are keen to explore subtleties in vineyards. This will require smaller parcel vinification, hence they will need smaller fermentation tanks, more barrels. Picking riper and not chaptalizing requires very healthy grapes, so vineyard management is a high priority – requiring multiple passes of a vineyard during harvest and maybe also a 'table de trie' – a selection table to remove any rotten bunches or berries. Demand has meant that Champagnes are spending less time on lees. Ideally 24-30 months is an ideal range for the NV Champagnes and 5 years for vintage wines. Not easy to do – so we will see growers expanding their cuveries and trying to slow down their sales markets to achieve this. Corks are always an issue – Mytik is being adopted by some growers – but there are many who still swear by the classic cork. The wine aficionado will be very happy with a crown seal. The Champagne rests on its lees with a crown seal so why not package it under a crown seal? But the 'romance and prestige' of the 'Champagne pop' is difficult to overcome and the 'aficionado' market is still a tiny market in volume terms and does not have a huge say in determining 'Champagne packaging'.

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

'Artisans of Champagne'

Ross Duke Wine Company Pty Ltd, Suite 309, 63 Stead St, South Melbourne. 3205 TEL: (03) 9696 7920 FAX: (03) 9696 8703 Email:




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Eric Rodez 'Cuvée des Crayeres' Grand Cru Eric Rodez Rose NV Grand Cru Eric Rodez Blanc de Noirs NV Grand Cru

9273 2306 2307 2308 2304 2305 8553 8568

Bosquet Des Papes 2009 ‘A La Gloire De Mon Grand-Pére’ Baur 2009 Cuvee Charles Riesling Baur 2010 Eichberg Riesling, Grand Cru Baur 2009 Pinot Noir Paul Chollet Cremant De Bourgogne Sparkling Blanc De Blancs Paul Chollet Cremant De Bourgogne Sparkling Rose Merlin-Cherrier 2010 Sancerre Mourat 2010 Collection Rose CARRY FORWARD SUB TOTAL

Eric Rodez Brut Zero Grand Cru – 3 bottle limit Eric Rodez Blanc de Blancs NV Grand Cru – 3 bottle limit Eric Rodez 2002 Millesime Grand Cru – 6 bottle limit Eric Rodez Grand Vintages NV Grand Cru – 6 bottle limit Francis Boulard Les Murgiers Cuvée Réserve - Blanc de Noirs Francis Boulard Rosé de Saignée - Extra Brut Francis Boulard 2005 Millesime Francis Boulard Petraea MMVI Francis Boulard Les Rachais 2005 – 6 bottle limit Francis Boulard 1996 Year of Comet – 1 bottle limit – pls enquire J.L.Vergnon Conversation NV Grand Cru J.L.Vergnon Eloquence NV Grand Cru J.L.Vergnon Resonance 2005 Grand Cru J.L.Vergnon Confidence 2006 Grand Cru Jacques Lassaigne Les Vignes de Montgueux Jacques Lassaigne Le Cotet Launois Quartz Ledru Extra-Brut NV Grand Cru Ledru 2007 Goulte Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru Lilbert-Fils Cuvee Reserve Grand Cru Lilbert-Fils Cuvee Perle Grand Cru Lilbert-Fils 2006 Millesime Grand Cru – 3 bottle limit Marc Hebrart Cuvee Reserve – 12 bottle limit Marc Hebrart Cuvee Rose – 12 bottle limit Marc Hebrart Cuvee Selection Marc Hebrart Special Club 2006 – 6 bottle limit Marc Hebrart Rive Gauche Rive Droite 2005 – 3 bottle limit Veuve Fourny 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs Veuve-Fourny 1er Cru Cuvee 'R' Voirin-Jumel Blanc de Noirs 1er Cru. Voirin-Jumel NV Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Voirin-Jumel Grand Cru 2006

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

2327 2328

BROUGHT FORWARD SUB TOTAL Artisan Blanc de Blancs Selection Six pack Artisan Discovery Selection Six pack

$275.00 $283.00

SUBTOTAL 5% Discount for full cases (12 x 750ml) of the same wine TOTAL





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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

VEUVE-FOURNY Vertus – 1er Cru Cote des Blancs – 9 hectares Charles and Emmanuel Fourny are taking this prestigious Vertus property to new heights. Yields are low, grape quality his high, farming is organic with respect for the soil. The wines show classic Chardonnay purity and intensity. Emmanuel worked in Burgundy for a number of years and is applying his knowledge from extended lees contact and oak maturation to gain better flavour. Business is on the improve and the Fourny brothers have decided to expand the cuverie. They need better control of small parcel fermentation and hence need more tanks. This expansion has to be completed for the early 2011 harvest! How does the rest of the world regard the wines of Veuve-Fourny? Kermit Lynch in the US and Berry Bros & Rudd in the UK are the main importers. We believe that the wines of Fourny are the best in the village of Vertus – and our direct importing brings these wines to you at bargain prices. We have seen other growers Champagnes from Vertus on retail shelves for double the price – and they are not as good as Fourny! Veuve Fourny 1er Cru Blanc de Blancs Now proving to be one of our best sellers, not only to our loyal customers but also to many restaurants and wine bars. This new shipment is 60% 2007 with older reserve wines from 2006 and 2005. Average vine age is 35 years and now Emmanuel is maturing 20% of this cuvée in small oak barrels. The major part of the blend comes from the ‘lieu-dit’ of Monts Ferrés which is on the Mesnil side of the village, and this certainly adds style with excellent weight. Even though Vertus is next door to Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Vertus has a little more acid and spice. Mousse is very subtle and long. A classic style with typical Vertus acid and just a hint of pear and floral so typical of the terroir and a piercing minerality. Dosage is very low which is indicative of the concentrated flavour of low yielding vines, only 5g/litre. A great bargain from the best grower in Vertus. Pre-arrival $44.00/bt Code: 3536

Here is what Michael Edwards says in his book – The Finest Wines of Champagne. “Emmanuel Fourny certainly talks more sense about the right way to make fine Champagne than anyone I know. It shows progressively as you taste up the range.” Peter Liem – Champagne Guide Veuve Fourny's champagnes are excellent examples of Vertus, although compared to other top producers in the village such as Larmandier-Bernier, Pascal Doquet or Yannick Doyard, Fourny's wines generally exhibit more overt body and richness. This has been amplified further in recent years, as the Fournys have started to leave the wines on their lees for a longer period of time after fermentation, up to four months, in order to gain more depth and gras, as the French say. Despite this, the wines consistently retain a judicious balance and poise, held in taut focus by the naturally high acidity characteristic of Vertus: in fact, the Fournys blend both malo and non-malo base wines together in order to retain more vivacity, and all of Fourny's champagnes have roughly 25 percent of non-malo wines included in the blend. Dosage is always low, generally between three and five grams per liter even in the non-vintage wines.

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Veuve Fourny Cuvée ‘R’ de Veuve Fourny et Fils In the 1950’s, Roger Fourny and his father Albert designed a special cuvée from the 3 main grape varieties vinified in small oak barrels. Decades later, Roger’s sons, Emmanuel and Charles-Henry, both wine buffs, discover the last few remaining bottles and decide to re-create this cuvée in memory of their father who passed away at an early age. Old vines from chalky soils, 90% Chardonnay with the remainder split between Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. This new shipment is a blend of the superb 2005 and 2006 vintages. Organic farming, natural yeasts, battonage (stirring of the lees in the barrel) and no filtration with a low dosage of 3g/litre. The nose has hints of citrus, minerals, vanilla all flowing seamlessly into an intense and unctuous palate showing spices, dried fruits and almonds. Most of the fruit comes from old vines in a lieudit called Les Barillées – mid-slope in Vertus. Pre-arrival $58.00 Code: 3620 New Stock arriving…… BOSQUET DES PAPES 2009 CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE ‘A LA GLOIRE DE MON GRAND-PÉRE’ ‘In honour of my Grandfather’ says it all?? Nicholas Boiron has dedicated this wine to his much loved Grandfather Emmanuel. Consequently this is just a stunning wine from start to finish. A great vintage like 2009 provides lots of ripe fruit, power and concentration with loads of potential to fill out in bottle. Just a great wine. 100% Grenache from 60-70 year old vines. Need I say any more?? Be quick as highly limited. (Code:9273) - $58.00/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’


Arnaud Baur doing a triage on the 2011 Pinot Noir.

The superb Riesling of Charles Baur have immediately developed a solid following since we commenced offering them some 2 years ago. Here we are offering their 2009 Cuvee Charles Riesling and their Grand Cru 2010 Eichberg Riesling and what marvellous wines they are. What’s more we have a very small stock of … wait for it – 2009 Pinot Noir!! I never thought this day would arrive as I have tasted a lot of Alsace Pinot’s over the years and not been impressed at all. Nor have the German Pinot’s excited me either. Well, we all must eat humble pie and Arnaud Page 25

November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Baur delivered this little beauty to me on my last visit. Goodness it even tastes like Pinot and it has a lush and long palate to boot!! Make sure you surprise yourselves as well??? Armand Baur is doing great things here, but his son Arnaud will take this property to a new level. Arnaud speaks great English and is up to date with 'respect for the environment viticulture'. A producer to watch! BAUR 2009 CUVEE CHARLES RIESLING (Code:2306 ) - $24.00/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’ BAUR 2010 EICHBERG RIESLING, GRAND CRU (Code:2307 ) - $36.00/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’ BAUR 2009 PINOT NOIR (Code:2308 ) - $29.80/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’

PAUL CHOLLET ‘SPARKLING’ CREMANT DE BOURGOGNE Chollet’s delightful Cremant de Bourgogne’s are back in town leading up to Christmas. Both the Blanc de Blancs and Rosé will be available and what great value both offer. On this occasion their prices are lower owing to the good exchange rate and for high quality ‘Methode Champenoise’ all the way from France the value is extraordinary. These wines will be great additions for the many parties leading up to Christmas and not stressing the purse!! PAUL CHOLLET CREMANT DE BOURGOGNE SPARKLING BLANC DE BLANCS (Code:2304 ) - $22.50/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’ PAUL CHOLLET CREMANT DE BOURGOGNE SPARKLING ROSE (Code:2305 ) - $22.50/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’

MERLIN-CHERRIER 2010 SANCERRE The reliable Sancerre of Thierry Merlin is back in stock again with additional supplies of his juicy 2010 vintage. Sublime balance with a light asparagus edge with some spice as well and finished off with adequate acidity and a clean refreshing finish. (Code:8553) - $23.50/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’


We continue to sell out of Mourat 2010 Collection Rosé as yours truly never orders enough. Well I have solved that problem, hopefully for this summer. The 2010 wine is, I think, the best we have shipped and recommend this lovely Rosé to those that have not tried it to date. (Code:8568 ) - $15.00/BOTTLE ‘PRE-ARRIVAL’

Artisan Blanc de Blancs Selection Six bottle Pack.

A balanced selection of Chardonnay Champagnes across different terroirs. J.L.Vergnon Conversation Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Voirin-Jumel Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Veuve-Fourny Blanc de Blancs 1e Cru Jacques-Lassaigne Les Vignes de Montgueux Blanc de Blancs Launois Quartz Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Laherte Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature $275.00 / pack Code: 2327

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

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November 2011 Artisans of Champagne

Artisan Champagne Offer Nov 2011  

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