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19 July to 25 July / 26 July to 1 August 2014

Learn French in Paris, the City of Light! Discover the French capital through the Age of Enlightenment.

French Moments is running a 7 day intensive course in the summer 2014 which combines 15 hours of lessons with a delightful balance of activities and excursions. There is also a healthy amount of down-time so you have time to relax and re-fuel, maybe savour some local produce or just curl up in the sunshine on a café terrace with a book! The course is educational but fun, with a choice of levels which combine the French language with learning about the local and general French culture. Classes take place in the prestigious centre of town in the 8ème, and outings and workshops are varied and balanced with an original twist, enabling you to experience different aspects of Paris for yourself.


Paris is a wonderful capital to visit at any time of the year. For this course, we have chosen the warm summer time so you can make the most of the popular street cafés and walks in the beautiful parks and streets. Most Parisians are away on holiday at this time of the year and so the whole city is yours!

A Course themed on the Age of Enlightenment (le Siècle des Lumières)

For the 2014 course, the intensive course in Paris is themed on the Age of Enlightenment, le Siècle des Lumières which covers the 17th and 18th centuries. This era was a cultural movement of intellectuals in the 17th and 18th centuries, which first began in Europe. Sparked by philosophers such as Voltaire, the Age influenced the arts, music, literature and architecture. For instance, Baroque and Rococo gave way to Neoclassicism, a return to the Greco-Roman traditions, which exhibited order, balance, harmony, and realism. The height of the Age of Enlightenment will be revealed when visiting Versailles on our day-trip with a private tour. The palace of the Sun King, which became the residence of the court and the seat of the government from 1682 to the Revolution is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Monuments. Highlights of this course include beautiful food at some top Paris restaurants, a private cruise on the Seine, a cooking workshop, tastings and other delights await you! The Paris course has been carefully designed to ensure it is small and intimate with exceptional attention to every detail. We have two French natives running the course and a maximum of 10 students. We can’t wait to share the delights of Paris and Versailles with you! Page 2 © French Moments - Paris 2014

!e c"rse

7 day French Intensive Course Course dates: 19th to 25th July (Beginner level) and 26th July to 1st August (Conversation level) 2014 Cost: AU$3,000 per person Where: Paris, France.

What's included? ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤

15 hours of French lessons (choice of 2 levels) course notes refreshments in the lesson breaks tailor-made excursions and activities in Paris and Versailles: see pages 5-7 for details. comprehensive information pack prior to departure with everything you need to know including maps and local information.

At time of booking please read the terms and conditions which lay out in detail what is included in the price.

Petite Paris is our partner for B&B accommodation. See page 11 for details.

The lessons

There is a choice of two levels, so whether you are a more experienced French speaker or new to French there is an option for you! The emphasis is on conversation but it is worked around a structured programme which includes some grammar, new vocabulary and cultural themes. French Moments is very strong on teaching the culture alongside the language so we weave this through all the classes. The atmosphere is fun but focussed and students walk away having had the chance to practice their French, develop new skills and gain confidence. Each course has a maximum of 10 people and all our teachers are well-qualified French natives who are passionate about teaching you French. Each day you have two different teachers who swap after the break. Page 3 © French Moments - Paris 2014

Travellers French for beginners (19th to 25th July):

For those either wanting an introduction to French or to practice holiday French. The focus is on key themes that you encounter when travelling in France with an emphasis on the spoken component. Simple grammar structures and cultural information are also woven through the course. The use of games, films and fun roleplays will inspire you and combined with the course notes and phrases you will have the confidence to use your French in everyday situations! A fun yet instructive cultural input about the Age of Enlightenment in Paris and Versailles is also included so you can learn about the region you are in. Themes include: ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤

Greetings and basic etiquette General presentations Numbers and Prices Food and Beverages Markets and Shops Colours Ordering in a restaurant Sensations (hot, warm, cold) Time

✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤

Simple directions French cities and villages Accommodation Travel Leisure, sports and hobbies Weather Parts of the body and at the Doctor’s Fauna and Flora

Conversation-level Class (26th July to 1st August):

For those who can hold a conversation in French but still need help with some structures and developing vocabulary. The goal of this class is to get you speaking French as much as possible, as well as giving you the opportunity to learn more about France, increase your vocabulary and brush up on a little grammar. Each day the following is included:

Le Siècle des Lumières à Paris et Versailles The whole course will be themed on the Age of Enlightenment (history, arts, architecture...) La minute de grammaire  A short grammar workshop to brush up on rusty areas and become more confident using advanced structures. We know how to make grammar fun! On the spot Each day a couple of students will be asked to talk about a certain topic that is of interest to them or an experience they've had. The goal is to enable you to piece ideas together and to prepare some phrases so you can think about structures and vocabulary in advance.

In the news What's happening in France, who's making the headlines? A look at current affairs and items of interest. The use of news video clips and articles will open up conversation starters to talk about everything happening in France that week. How to … Meet someone for the first time, ask for a refund for an item of clothing for example, make a complaint, negotiate a better price, send back a meal and more! This is a fun but very useful part of the course where everyday situations are brought to life and you work on your tone of voice and choice of language to correctly deal with each scenario.

Page 4 © French Moments - Paris 2014

Excursions and Cultural Activities Throughout the course local excursions and cultural activities are organised in Paris and Versailles. This is a great opportunity to discover the French capital and interact with locals (in French!). We’ve also allowed time for you to relax and most evenings are free except for the final celebration where we'll have a beautiful dégustation lunch party with matching wines, presentation of awards, some special surprises and a moment to look back on all the wonderful memories! The activities have been carefully selected by us to reflect the theme of “Siècle des Lumières” (Age of Enlightenment). You will discover Paris from a new perspective by the capital’s monumental landmarks, the lifestyle and history of this era.

DAY 1: Saturday

French class from 9-11am

Lunch time: Welcome degustation 3 course lunch.

DAY 2: Sunday

1 hour French class included

Morning & early afternoon: French cooking workshop in the 3rd arrondissement with visit to an open-air market and lunch. Page 5 © French Moments - Paris 2014

DAY 3: Monday

French class from 9am-12.30pm

Afternoon: our fun Treasure Hunt in the streets of Paris followed by a private cruise on the Seine where a lovely apĂŠritif will be served.

DAY 4: Tuesday

No lessons!

Morning: guided visit of the Chateau of Versailles with a guided tour of the private apartments of Louis XV and Louis XVI, the Royal Opera and/or the Royal Chapel. At your leisure, visit the Hall of Mirrors, Grand Apartments of the King and of the Queen... Lunch: a beautiful three-course meal in the chateau at the iconic Angelina tea rooms.

Afternoon: visit the park and estate of Versailles at your leisure. Page 6 Š French Moments - Paris 2014

DAY 3: Wednesday

French class from 9am-12.30pm

Afternoon: French etiquette workshop in a Salon de thé in Passy (16th arrondissement).

DAY 4: Thursday

French class from 9am-12.30pm

Afternoon: Discovery stroll along Paris’ historical axis from the Louvre to the Champs-Elysées.

DAY 4: Friday

French class from 9am-12.30pm

Lunch: farewell gastronomic lunch at Maison Blanche with a stunning panoramic view over Paris. Page 7 © French Moments - Paris 2014

Ab"t us

Pierre and his wife Rachel are passionate about all things French and in 2006 founded what would become French Moments. French Moments promotes the French language and culture to English-speakers worldwide. Pierre, Rachel with their fantastic team split their time between France, England and Australia and organise Intensive French courses across France. The Intensive Courses receive excellent reviews and there is much attention to detail, a wonderful atmosphere and an outstanding level of service that is assured when you book a French Moments’ course. Quite simply, the French Moments team loves what it does and takes great pleasure in helping you with your own French adventure.

Your teachers for the course: Born in Nancy, Lorraine, Pierre holds a Master of Translating and Interpreting English-French with the degree of Master of International Relations and a degree of Economics and Management. Pierre is an accredited English to French translator and is also a member of AUSIT. He has taught at the Institut Français in London, at language centres in Paris, and in schools in Sydney. He is well loved by our students and his thorough teaching methods, rich cultural knowledge and commitment to excellence are always appreciated. Agathe plays a key role at French Moments as a senior teacher and in her role as Business Development Manager. She is absolutely delightful and brings with her a strong business acumen, teaching experience, her sweet nature, and love of French culture. Her classes are always personable and full of inspiration. Born in Picardy, she grew up there, then completed her studies in Paris and holds an MBA with a major in marketing and a Masters in French Literature. She loves reading, eating out, swimming, yoga and spending time with friends.

“Joining your course was the best decision I could make. It made me realize what I need to do if I am ever to progress in French. Your course was my first true conversational experience Perhaps I can join your course in 2014 and do better! “ Marci, from America

“Imagine a fairytale village set in beautiful vineyards, nice companions, a course wellorganised in every detail small classes, experienced teachers, many opportunities to engage with French people – and a varied programme of excellent excursions … I had fun, learned a lot and made good progress.” Marion, from England

Page 8 © French Moments - Paris 2014



“The organization of the 2 weeks was superb, truly professional and wonderful attention to detail. Your standards are second to none, the nice little touches with our 'surprise packages', professional booklets and materials, the excursions etc. Superb!” Helen, from Australia

Fond memo$es of 2012 From the 24th September to the 5th October 2012, 16 students from Australia, the UK and the US, accompanied by the French Moments team, met in Kaysersberg, Alsace to start the 12 day Intensive Course. The 12 days were filled with 30 hours of French lessons combined with excursions and activities, to discover the local region and practice speaking French.

We had extra local French people come on the excursions to give a better opportunity for practicing French and some special visitors for some classes, including a visit from the managers of the local Post Office. The atmosphere was great and this was a memorable course where everyone went away with not only a better level of French, but new friends and a greater understanding of the Alsace region.

Students chose between two levels for the lessons: Beginner or the Conversation Level. The Beginners followed a fairly intensive, but fun, course where each day there were new themes, vocabulary and simple grammar structures. The course gives an overall introduction to speaking French and is all about applying it straight away whilst in the country. “Mission Possibles” were set to get students into Kaysersberg and practicing what they’d learnt on the locals!

The conversation level was for students who had an advanced enough level to follow a conversation in French and the course was designed to develop, not only conversation skills but listening and reading. Each morning there was a section on the local culture, history and traditions of the local region, in this case, Alsace, and then a second part where the focus was on more general French and conversation. Some of the most magical memories over the 12 days were the cooking workshop and riverboat cruise in Strasbourg, the gastronomic meals in the Château d’Isenbourg and the final night at restaurant Le Moréote, not forgetting the treasure hunt with the lovely surprise at the end for the winning team. The walk in the Vosges mountains, the visit to Colmar’s old town centre and the discovery of the beautiful medieval villages of Éguisheim, Riquewihr and Hunawihr along the Alsace wine route were all highlights.

Page 9 © French Moments - Paris 2014

!e location of % c"rse We believe that learning in a beautiful and peaceful environment will definitely bring out the best in our students, that’s why we’ve chosen an original venue in Paris to run the classes: the Maison du Chocolat. Conveniently located less than 200m from the Champs-Élysées (8th arrondissement), the meeting place for your classes will be a real treat when coming to your French lessons in the morning!

How to Get Here By car

Paris is easily accessible by car from London via the Channel Tunnel and the A26 and A1 autoroutes (French for motorways).

By train

If you travel from London, it is easy to catch the Eurostar train from London St. Pancras to Paris Gare du Nord. The pleasant and comfortable journey only lasts 2hr15. TGVs and trains arrive at one of Paris’ six mainline railway stations. Useful links:,,

By air

Paris is served by two international airports: Charles de Gaulle (23 km to the North) and Orly (11 km to the South). Connection to the centre of Paris are run by RER trains, RATP buses, taxis, private minibuses as well as Air France coaches. Useful links: CDG & Orly Airports: - Air France coaches:

Travelling by metro and RER

It is particularly easy to get around Paris thanks to an extensive network of public transport managed by the RATP: métro, bus, and tram. For transportation maps and fares, go to Page 10 © French Moments - Paris 2014

Accommodation in Pa$s

BED & BREAKFAST: Petite Paris is our preferred partner for local accommodation and arrival services. They can help you find the perfect Bed and Breakfast or serviced apartment for your time in Paris.

Petite Paris is an Australian-based specialist booking service with a select network of over 90 charming Bed & Breakfast locations to choose from, in all arrondissements (districts) of Paris. Petite Paris carefully select and offer accommodation in Paris for the independent and seasoned traveller who wants to discover the real Paris and interact with the city just as the locals do. Working closely with the French Moments team Petite Paris can assist course participants in finding the perfect accommodation in Paris. Click here to find out more about their different service offers and contact details or visit their website for more information:

HOTELS: Next to the venue of your French classes (Maison du Chocolat) is a wide variety of comfortable hotels, ranging from three to five stars. There is four star hotel above La Maison du Chocolat. Hôtel Power is a discreet and charming establishment just a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées. Its 50 rooms and suites feature wood paneling, period furniture, engravings and antique moldings and are fully equipped with free internet, flat screen TV, safe, air conditioning, and L’Occitane amenities... You can find a list of Paris hotels on booking websites such as, or

Page 11 © French Moments - Paris 2014

Page 12 Š French Moments - Paris 2014

How to book

All bookings can be made online using our secure booking system powered by bookeo. Payment can be made via visa, mastercard or your paypal account. A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking. The balance is due 6 months before the start of the course. If booking after the 19th January 2014 then full payment is required at time of booking. All bookings are on a first come, first served basis and there are 10 places available per level. Terms and conditions apply, make sure you read these when booking online.

BOOK ONLINE by clicking here or go to

If you have any questions about the course then please contact us: By phone: By email:

+61 (02) 8065 5012

What happens next after you’ve booked? ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤ ✤

French Moments will send you a confirmation email on receipt of your booking and payment. You need to organise your flights, transfers, accommodation and travel insurance. An information pack will be sent to you 8 weeks prior to the start of the course. Your course notes will be given to you on day 1. The balance is payable by the 19th January 2014.

Page 13 © French Moments - Paris 2014

à bientôt à Pa$s ! our upcoming French Intensive Courses: Sunshine Coast, QLD in September 2013 and April 2014 Sarlat, Périgord from 01/09 to 12/09/2014 Kaysersberg, Alsace from 22/09 to 03/10/2014 Christmas in Strasbourg from 24/11 to 05/12/2014 contact us for more information:


Suite 6, 685 Military Road NSW 2088 Mosman AUSTRALIA

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ABN: 60 601 561 428

Learn French in Paris with French Moments!  
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