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Discover your favorite gourmet lines sorted by theme! For an easier navigation, just click on the line to jump to the product page. To jump to the MAISON lines, click here here. Traditional Mustards, Vinegars & Olive Oil Jean Leblanc Edmond Fallot Pommery Sur les Quais A L’Olivier (NEW)

Everything from Provence Delices du Luberon All our Olive Oils Nicolas Alziari L’Ami Provencal

Forever Truffle Maison Pebeyre Plantin

French Sea Food Groix & Nature Gonidec

All Jams & Savories

L’Epicurien Les Confitures a l’Ancienne Francis Miot (New)

Herbs & Seasoning Aux Anysetiers du Roy French Farm Collection

Our Best Sea Salts Le Saunier de Camargue Le Paludier

Pantry Staples

Rougie Bourgogne Escargot DEA Sabarot Brioche Pasquier Morrocan Olive Grove

Eat Italy

La Favorita Il Boschetto Frantoi Cutrera Sapori Antichi Casa Vecchio Giuseppe Guisti Pisti Fontana Formiello (New)

Spanish Treats

Sal de Ibiza La Cultivada Oleo Elvira Paella Essential Spanish Sweets Don Gastronom Mueloliva Montegil Safrante La Dalia El Avion Dacsa Caprichos del Guadalquivir

Portuguese Specialties Conservas Portugal Norte Maria Organic


Spice it up! Villa Jerada Terre Exotique


L’Abeille Occitane Famille Perronneau Al Andalus

Beverage & Sweeteners Quai Sud Nina’s Paris

Butter Cookies La Trinitaine La Dunkerquoise Filet Bleu Goulibeur La Sablesienne

Sweet Candies

Clement Faugier Biscotti Bellli Distilleries Peureux Bonbons Barnier Cruzilles L’Ami Provencal Reynaud Maison d’Armorine Maxim’s De Paris Canasuc Les Anis de Flavigny Dona Jimena Pastiglie Leone (NEW) 713-660-0577





Jean Leblanc Oils & Vinegars

Since 1878, Jean Leblanc oils have been cold pressed in France with a stone mill according to the old Burgundian tradition.

LB003 EVOO 16oz LBL03 EVOO 32oz

LV002 Sherry

LBS3 EVOO in stone jar

LBG3 Pistachio

LBG1 Walnut

LBG2 Hazelnut

LBG4 Almond

LBG6 Pecan

LBG5 Truffle

LV005 Balsamic

LV001 Raspberry

LV007 Apple Cider

LV008 Banuyls

LV004 Champagne

LV003 Tarragon

LB007 Grapeseed



Edmond Fallot

The Fallot family has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality, since 1840. The Mustards are made with seeds that are selected for their high quality and are then ground in a traditional stone mill.



FA58 Honey and Smoked Paprika

FA21 Dijon Mustard in Pail

FA2/FA23 FA1/FA22 Dijon 7/13oz Grain 7/13oz

FA3 Tarragon

FA4 Green Peppercorn

FA5 Black Currant

FA6 Basil

FA11 Provencal

FA12 Horseradish

FA14 Pinot Noir

FA50 Burgundy

FA51 Walnut

FA7 Honey Balsamic

FA8 Old Fashioned Grain Dijon

FA37 FA20 Burgundy Verjus Red Wine

FA33 Walnut

FA51 Dijon in stone jar

FA32 Provence Herbs

FA10 Cornichons

FA30 FA38 Raspberry Chardonnay


FA53 Fallot Mustard Gift Pack New Packaging!

FA35 FA34 Merlot Aged 713-660-0577 Wine Burgundy




Mustards & Vinegars

PV04 Aged Red Wine Vinegar

PM03 Meaux Grain Mustard 18oz

PM10 Meaux Mustard

PV05 Raspberry White Wine Vinegar

PM02 Meaux Grain Mustard

PM15 Fine Herbs Mustard

PV06 Xeres Sherry Aged Vinegar

PM01 Grain Mustard with Cognac

Pommery Mustard from Meaux has been served at the tables of French Kings since 1632. The secret recipe belonged to the religious order of Meaux and was passed on to the Pommery family in 1760 who, to this day, closely guards its secret recipe. Deliciously grainy and slightly “nutty” in flavor, this all-natural mustard is preferred by fine chefs worldwide. BE25150 Mustard Spatula

PM07 Extra Strong Dijon Mustard

PM06 Firemans Spicy Hot Mustard

PM14 PM13 PM11 Dijon Espelette Chili Pepper Fig Mustard Mustard Mustard

PM18 Green Peppercorn Mustard

PM17 Cognac Mustard



Sur les Quais Sur les Quais is a gourmet fine food brand founded in 1999 by people who have a passion for travel and beautiful, delicious food.

SLQ20 Mustard with Porcini Mushrooms

SLQ03 Mustard with Espelette Chili

SLQ12 Mustard with Provence Herbs

SLQ04 Mustard Flavored w/Truffles

SLQ02 Mustard with Honey & Curry

SLQ05 Mustard with Walnut

SLQ06 Mustard with Zaatar

A L’Olivier Founded in 1822 in the heart of Paris, A L’Olivier has been producing high-quality oils and vinegars for over two centuries. The brand’s commitment to traditional techniques and dedication to using only the best ingredients has been passed down through generations of craftsmen, resulting in exceptional products that are loved by chefs and gourmands worldwide.

EVOO + Infused Olive Oils Savor A L’Olivier’s exceptional olive oil: a fusion of sun-soaked olives, aromatic plants, citrus, and spices, crafted using a secret patented infusion technique. Elevate your cuisine - drizzle, marinate, garnish - and enjoy a symphony of flavors rarely found in oils.

AL1558 Basil Infused Olive Oil

AL1559 Garlic & Thyme Infused Olive Oil

AL1561 Lemon From Nice Infused Olive Oil

AL1562 Black Truffle-Flavored Olive Oil

AL1581 White Truffle-Flavored Olive Oil

AL1562 Lavender Infused Olive Oil

AL1557 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Infused Vinegars Elevate your meals with A L’Olivier’s exciting vinegars & dressings! Choose from diverse flavors to enhance meats, fish, and salads. Impress guests with extraordinary tastes. Create culinary adventures by pairing fruit vinegars with olive oils. Explore our convenient ready-to-use dressings too!

AL1563 Raspberry Vinegar

AL1566 Fig Vinegar

AL1564 Mango Vinegar

AL1567 Lemon Grapefruit Vinegar

AL1565 Passion Fruit Vinegar

AL1568 Blueberry Vinegar

AL1569 Tomato Basil Vinegar



DELICES DU LUBERON The Délices du Lubéron brand was born deep in the heart of Provence in the kitchen of a brave, busy mother and an amazing cook. Starting off as simply cooking delicious, healthy meals for her family, these home-dishes soon became local and then international favorites. This traditional family business is dedicated to taking the best that Provence has to offer and sharing it with the world.

DLEGGP Eggplant Spread

DLESPE Espelette Chili Pepper Mayo

DLARTI Artichoke Spread

DLBTAP Black Olive Spread

DLTOMA Sundried Tomato Spread

DLGTAP Green Olive Spread

DLGARL Garlic Aioli

DLPRES Display Box Assorted Spreads (45 Jars)


All our



LB003 EVOO 16oz LBL03 EVOO 32oz

NA1111 EVOO Prestige 16.9oz


OE02 OE01 Organic Organic EVOO EVOO 24.34oz 16oz

LCOA250 Arbequina Organic EVOO

LCOH250 Hojiblanca Organic EVOO

From Italy to Portugal, travel accross th 22 grassy to peppery flavors, they all 713-660-0577 have a unique taste tha

e Oils

from Europe Italy


LCOQ250/500 Quintaesencia Organic EVOO 8.8oz/16oz


FC1024 FC1826 EVOO PDO Primo EVOO PGI Monti Beli Iblei Sicilia Assorted Set

BOLIVE Limited Edition EVOO

he South of Europe with our olive oils. 713-660-0577 at will you oversea! Which22one will be your favorite?



Nicolas Alziari

In 1868, Cesar Martin decided to manufacture his own olive oil. With the years, Cesar made his son-in-law,Nicolas Alziari, his new successor. Nicolas traveled all around Europe to learn how to create the best olive oil, applying the techniques of champagne, chocolate, and coffee productions. After many years, the company passed down from one generation to another, always with the idea of excellence.


NA1111 EVOO Prestige 16.9oz Now Available in a 1 liter tin! (NA1112)

NA1815 Oil Dispenser (Empty)

NA1144 NA4407 Piment/Chili Flavored Garlic Flavored EVOO Pump EVOO Pump

NA1719 Candied Lemon


NA1143 Basil Flavored EVOO Pump

15 22

NA1147 NA1116 Lemon Flavored Truffle Flavored 713-660-0577EVOO Pump EVOO713-660-0577 Pump



L’Ami Provencal

The line of L’Ami Provencale herbs contain only the best quality herbs, which are packaged in stone jars, linen bags and burlap bags.

DP018 Lavender Gift Box

DP170 Herbes de Provence Gift Box

DP2 Violet Flavor OldFashioned Candy

DP3 Citrus Flavor OldFashioned Candy

DP172 Provence Herbs Burlap Bag


DP175 Provence Herbs Linen Bag

DP5 Raspberry Flavor OldFashioned Candy

DP9 Lavender Flavor OldFashioned Candy


Maison Pebeyre

La Maison Pébeyre, founded in a small village of Southwestern France in 1897, deals exclusively with truffles. Family-owned and operated for four generations, Pébeyre stands as a reference among all truffle connoisseurs, and has now gained an international reputation for exceptional quality.

PB019 Truffle Peelings in a jar

PB185 Truffle Olive Oil Duo Gift Pack

PB017 Black Truffle Sunflower Oil

PB018 White Truffle Sunflower Oil

PB181 Truffle Honey

PB182 Truffle Salt

PB184 Truffle Olive Oil Trio Gift Pack

PB183 Truffle Mayonnaise

PB186 Dijon Mustard w/ Truffle


Established in 1930, Plantin excels in the process of hunting, selecting and providing truffles and forest mushrooms of the highest quality. Plantin Truffle Oil is infused with white truffle from Alba, Italy or black truffle from France and is very concentrated.

PL02466 Balsamic Vinegar with Truffle

PL02428 Truffle Salt

PL18629 Dried Porcini Mushrooms

PL18515 Black Truffle Infused Olive Oil

PL18525 White Truffle Infused Olive Oil

PL24027 Truffle Carpaccio

PL18969 PL18739 Dried Chanterelle Dried Mixed Mushrooms Forest Mushrooms

PL10105 Truffle Shaver

PL18948 Dried Morel Mushrooms


Gonidec is one of the last fish canneries in Concarneau, Brittany, where they make the highest quality canned seafood goods. The family commitment to quality has been present in every bite since 1959.

BG0229 Sardines Basil & Thyme

BG0225 Sardines in EVOO & Chili

BG1017 Mackerel Fillets w/ Mustard Sauce

BG0224 Sardines in EVOO & Lemon

BG0231 Sardines in EVOO & Sundried Tomatoes

BG0012 Mackerel Rilletes w/ Mustard

BG4110 Mackerel Fillets w/ Lemon Marinade BG0013 Mackerel Fillets w/ Veggies Marinade

BG1119 Natural Yellowfin Tuna

BG1127 Natural Tuna with Organic Basil

BG0014 Tuna Rilletes w/Peppercorn

BG1127 Natural Tuna with Organic Catalan Sauce

BG0197 Sardines in Vintage Tin


Groix & Nature is located on the small island of Groix in the Brittany region of France. While respecting the environment, the products are made by a combination of the local fishermen’s catch, craft production, and natural recipes that are cooked right on the island.

GN6486 Mackerel Rillettes with Sichuan Pepper

GN6487 Tuna Rillettes with Indian Spices

GN6489 Sardine Rillettes with Espelette Pepper

GN6418 Lobster Rillettes

GN6419 Scallop Rillettes

GN6417 Crab Rillettes

GN6424 Salmon Rillettes

GN6269 Sardines in Lobster Oil

GN6415 Lobster Oil

GN6595 Holiday Gift Set



L’Epicurien offers a range of exquisite flavor combinations prepared with carefully selected ripened fruits. Handcrafted with tradition by Bernard Le Gulvout, master jam maker, and a true magician when it comes to 713-660-0577 gourmet recipes.

Confits for Cheese

L’épicurien has created for you a selection of delicious fruit confits to accompany your favorite cheeses.

PF226 Fig & Walnuts

PF327 Plum

PF718 Espelette chili

PF307 Quince Paste

PF225 Black Cherry

PF228 Pineapple w/ Penja Pepper

PF616 Red Pepper w/ Cayenne & Raspberry

PF227 Pear with White Wine

PF229 Apple Cider & Calvados

PF5589 White Fig and Almond Confit

PFPR09 Mini Cheese Confit Set

Includes: Fig & Walnut; Black Cherry; Red Pepper w/Cayenne & Raspberry

PF2001 Assorted Confit for Cheese Display Box (36pcs)


Large jars of Confits, perfect for sandwiches, charcuteries platters, salads or toast.

PF251 Figs & Balsamic Vinegar

PF054 Sweet Onion

PF163 Shallot

PF090 Merlot Red Wine

PF089 Sauvignon Wine Confit



Spreads & Pestos

To create the perfect appetizers or to eat out of the jar!

PF442 Bruschetta Eggplant and Red Pepper

PF341 French Tomato Pesto

PF180 Tapenade w/Dried Tomatoes & Basil

PF111 Green Olive & Almond Tapenade

PF476 Artichoke Pesto

PF1784 Kalamata Olive Spread


Perfect to pair with meat or to prepare unique salad dressings

PF036 Espelette Chili

PF299 Fig

PF313 Truffle

PF308 Provence Herbs

PF1692 Lemon and Thyme

Spreads & Pestos with Truffles

PFPR22 Truffle Set

PF518 Artichoke & Truffle Pesto

PF599 PF5010 Porcini & Pumpkin & Truffle Cream Truffle Spread

PF3000 Assorted Appetizer Display Box (36pcs)

Provence Inspired You no longer need to travel to Provence to enjoy its taste! Discover this new selection of provence inspired recipes. The perfect way to bring sunshine in your kitchen!

PF446 Garlic Cream

PF699 Ratatouille Cream

PF1913 PF4211 Green Olive Zuccini and Ramp Tapenade Spread w/ Fennel & lemon

PF0510 Eggplant Spread

PF4112 Carrot & Sweet Spices Spread

PF3221 Black Olive Spread

PF3627 Green Olive Tapenade

Complement any recipes with these condiment for a twist of taste!

PF433 Sweet Garlic w/Herbs

PF435 Sweet Garlic w/Chili

PF343 Preserved Lemon Cream


PF020 Preserved Lemons



Flower Confits

Flower confits are a great complement to pies, yogurt, ice cream or even tea.

PF6203 Jasmine

PF6062 Rose

PF6036 Violet

PF6011 Lavender

PFPR20 Flower Confit Set New packaging !


Perfect for cheese boards, toasts, sandwiches and more!

PF031 Fig Chutney

PF106 Mango Chutney


PF5202 Red Poppy


Made from the best fruits, enjoy these jams for everyday breakfast! We love to cook with them to enhance all our desserts!

PF5033 Provence Black Fig

PF5270 White Fig

PF5015 Black Cherry

PF5051 Wild Blueberry

PF5049 Blackberry

PF5572 Strawberry & Champagne

PF5039 Very Strawberry

PF5111 Vine Peach

PF5166 Seedless Raspberry

PF5013 Blackcurrant

PF5657 Strawberry & Violet

PF1467 Blackcurrant, Pomegranate & Hibiscus

PF1814 Rhubarb & Raspberry with Vanilla


PFPR08 Mini Preserves Gift Set



PF5263 Coco-Passion

PF5401 Apricot & Lavender

PF5004 Apricot

PF5344 Orange w/Orange Blossom

PF5063 Pear with Dried Apricots & Honey

Holiday Curds PFPR30 Holiday Set

PF5495 Pistachio Curd

PF5397 Lemon Curd

Gourmet Chocolate Spreads

PF3428 Dark Chocolate & Candied Orange

PF3419 Chocolate & Pistachio

PF3575 Salted Butter Caramel

PF3569 Chocolate & Coconut

PF3322 Chocolate & Hazelnut

New Line Alert: Francis Miot Francis Miot has become one of the most famous jam makers in France: from the first jar of jam, the small business has grown tremendously and won a national prize for Best Jam Maker in France obtained at the Gesvres International Festival in 1987. Now The French Farm is proud to add these jams to its collection.



FM0641 Morello Cherry

FM2834 Mango & Vanilla

FM0603 Strawberry

FM0665 Kiwi Lime

FM0504 Apricot

FM0724 Parisienne Jam

FM0610 Raspberry

FM0689 Orange Whiskey

FM0887 Bitter Orange

FM0719 Pear Caramel


FM0597 Fig

FM0764 Christmas (Seasonal)

FM0887 Passion Fruit & Champagne


FM1020 Tangerine from Corsica

Les Confitures a l’Ancienne

Andresy old fashioned jams are cooked in copper basins with whole selected fruits, cane sugar, and lemon juice to refine when necessary. All natural!

A10128 Blackcurrant

A10456 Fig

A10524 Mixed Red Fruits

A10011 Rose Petal Confit

A10975 Morello Cherry

A11071 Tangerine

A09962 Apricot & Almond

A10135 Blackberry

A10009 Pear Vanilla

A10494 Wild Blueberry

A10487 Mirabelle Plum

A11361 Rhubarb

A10463 Wild Strawberry

A13702 Quince

A22299 Love Jam Roses, Passion Fruit & Strawberry

BE24270 Jam Spoon

A10036 Apple Pear & Walnut

A10517 Peach Vanilla

A10029 Redcurrant & Raspberry

A10043 Chestnut Cream

Aux Anysetiers Du Roy

Aux Anysetiers du Roy was first a restaurant locatated in old Ile Saint Louis in Paris. At the end of dinner, each customer was offered a gift: the small “Herbs de Provence” crock, a special blend prepared by Louis Lombard.




AX102 Mixed Herbs for Fish

AX104 Mixed Herbs for Pizza

AX101 Herbs de Provence

AX105 Pepper Steak Spices


AX329 Dark Chocolate

AX355 Dark Chocolate w/Fleur de Sel

AX323 Dark Chocolate w/ Pistachio

AX331 Milk Chocolate

AX363 Dark Chocolate w/Hazelnuts

AX401 Herbs de Provence Refill

The French Farm Collection The French Farm has beautifully packaged for you the best selected sea salts with herbs and spices. A wonderful gift idea in outstanding packaging!

New in

SC1072 Grilled Eggplant

SC1075 Grilled Zucchini

SC1104 Grilled Red Pepper

SC1227 Semi-Dried Tomatoes

SC9475 Stuffed Green Olive

SC7435 Marinated Artichoke

SC10791 Marinated Mushrooms

SC461 Pesto Mayonnaise

SC465 Garlic Mayonnaise

SC200 Marinated Garlic & Herbs

SC2187 Caper Berries

SC2244 Antipasto Piemontaise

SC43 Crazy Salt

SC01 Fisherman Salt

Marjoram, Fennel, Thyme, Chervil & Sage

SC03 Butcher Salt Mill


SC12 Butcher Salt

Rosemary, Thyme, Sage & Marjoram

SC79 Gardener Salt Mill

SC90 Fisherman Salt Mill

SCMEAT Red Meat Rub

SC02 Gardener Salt Garlic, Chervil, Parsley & Tarragon

SC04 Mixed Pepper Mill

22 41


SCVEG Veggie Rub

SC47 Hot Chocolate (Seasonal)

SC19 Provence Herb Mill

SC91 BBQ Salt

Paprika, Coriander, Onion & Garlic

SC30 Himalayan Pink Salt Mill


SC92 BBQ Salt Mill



New in! Discover the magic of France and Italy in our exquisite collection of Europeaninspired spice blends. From the cozy comfort of stews and roasts to the vibrant hues of vegetable dishes, our blends capture the essence of European cuisine, bringing a taste of Europe to your table with every savory sprinkle.

SC51 Cacio e Pepe Crushed Pepper

SC52 Ratatouille Herb Blend

SC53 Beef Stew Herb Blend

SC54 Tzatziki Spice Blend

SC55 Paella Spice Blend

SC56 Roasted Chicken Spice Blend





Let it be

Sea Salt !

Sauniers de Camargue Le Saunier De Camargue Fleur De Sel is hand harvested and raked in the Camargue region of France. These pearl white salt crystals are of exceptional flavor.

new in! SO2 Fleur de Sel 2.2 lb

S03 Fleur de Sel 8.8 oz

SO1 Fleur de Sel 4.4 oz

SO6 Fleur de Sel with Herbs de Provence 4.4 oz

SO5 La Baleine Coarse Salt Limited Edition 2.2 lb

Le Paludier

Le Paludier is located in Batz Sur Mer, Brittany. They offer a wide range of products whose origin is composed essentially of the Guérande salts.

LP402041 Fleur de Sel Purple Bag

LP400079 Fleur de Sel Clear Bag


LP102604 Guérande Grey Salt Shaker

LP39101 Fleur de Sel

Rougie Founded in 1875 and based in the medieval town of Sarlat in the beautiful Périgord region of France, Rougié is the world’s #1 producer of foie gras and moulard duck specialties. Rougié is the active partner of award winning restaurants around the world.

R00085 Duck Fat

R13919 Duck Leg Confit in Duck Fat

R16843 Foie Gras Mousse w/ Truffle

R00186 Duck Foie Gras w/Armagnac

RS0013 Duck Rillettes RS0015 Duck & Pork Pate w/20% Foie Gras RS0004 Duck & Pork Pate w/Orange


Pasquier These deliciously crunchy little toasts are the perfect vessel to enjoy all your favorite French Farm jams, confits, and rillettes, or a perfect snack by themselves!

Bourgogne Escargots

P51001 French Mini Toasts

EB0580 Burgundy Escargots

Bourgogne Escargots has been providing the highest quality escargots to consumers for over 40 years. All processing occurs at their facility in Dijon, so control is exercised in every step to ensure consistency and excellence in the finished product.

EB0122 Burgundy Escargots Set



The traditional Harissa paste, the perfect condiment to add spicy flavors to your meal!

The traditional French Green Lentils also called “Puy lentils”. They have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years in Auvergne. They hold their shape after cooking ST2001 and are praised for Green Lentils their peppery flavor.

MG501 Harissa Paste

La Favorita



Italian Specialties

La Favorita offers outstanding Pestos, Sauces, and Fruits in Wine created from traditional Italian recipes. Made with only the best all-natural ingredients.

B222 B220 Basil and Truffle Pesto Pesto Genovese

B981 Truffle & Barolo Delicacy

B292 Pesto Pomodoro

B805 Artichoke & Garlic

B310 Black Olive

B540 Eggplant Olive

B790 White Truffle Spread

B970 Truffle Honey

B961 Balsamic Vinegar Mostarda

B102 Truffled Polenta

B111 Carnalori Rice w/ Truffle

B113 Carnalori Rice w/ Veggies


B221 B465 Tuscan Kale Old-Fashioned Pesto Tomato Sauce

B720 Salted Capers

Olive Oils

BOIO10 Truffle EVOO



BOIO42 Garlic EVOO


BOGA01 Sea Salt

BOGA02 Mixed Pepper

BOGA70 Grigliata

BOLIVE Limited Edition EVOO

Try this Limited Edition Only 6,500 Bottles are produced every year!


BOGA07 Sea Salt & Herbs


BOGA03 Black Peppercorns

Il Boschetto

Located in the medieval town of Castiglione, in the heart of Tuscany, Il Boschetto has refined the art of preparing infusions and mixtures based on oils, vinegars and spices,always creating the most innovative packaging solutions.

Frantoi Cutrera

Since 1906 the Cutrera family has been perfecting their olive spreads and appetizer recipes in a small town in the south-eastern area of Sicily. Still family owned today, each jar contains the family’s values and the highest quality locally sourced ingredients.

Jams & Marmalades FC8653 Lemon Marmalade

FC8683 FC8643 FC8693 Pink Grapefruit Cherry Tomato Jam Onion Jam Marmalade

FC8633 Tangerine Marmalade

FC8613 Tarocco Blood Orange Marmalade

Pestos & Pantry Staples FC8083 Pesto Rosso (Tomato & Fennel)

FC8193 Pistachio & Almond Pesto

FC8093 Sicilian Basil Pesto

FC8013 Artichoke Hearts in EVOO

FC8823 Violet Artichoke Cream

FC8033 Eggplant Caponata

FC8113 Black Olive Spread

FC8053 Dried Cherry Tomatoes in EVOO

FC8863 Tomato Bruschetta

FC7123 Artichoke Caponata





Sicilian Olives

Tomato Sauces

FC8218 Cherry Tomato Sauce

FC8294 FC8244 FC8234 Spicy Arrabiata Tomato Sauce Norma Tom Sauce Sauce w/ Eggplant w/ Nocellera Olives

FC8363 FC8373 Sea Salt Flavored Sea Salt Flavored w/ Lemon w/ Orange

FC8354 Natural Fine Sea Salt

Sicilian Evoo

FC1024 EVOO PDO Primo Monti Beli Iblei

FC8144 Green Olives in Brine

FC8164 Black Olives in Brine

Flavored Sea Salt

Sea Salt

FC8344 Natural Coarse Sea Salt

FC8073 Green Olives alla Contadina

FC1826 EVOO PGI Sicilia Assorted Set

FC8393 Sea Sea Flavored for BBQ

New in!


FC1122 Organic Primo 713-660-0577 Sicilia EVOO

Sapori Antichi is f with the

SA006043 Trombette

SA016024 Farfalline

Casa Vecchio, a small arti m

CVG Mini Gressini w

Sapori Antichi

famous for making pasta from old family recipes. All of the pasta are made best durum wheat semolina, fresh ingredients and natural colors.

SA006042 Fusilloni

SA001500 Cuoricini Heart

SA006064 Eiffel Tower

SA006882 Italian Flag Farfalline

Casa Vecchio

isanal company of breadsticks, have been baking these Italian treats since 1860, making it, one of our favorite go to for enternaining !

GOR w/ Blue Cheese

CVOLIO Mini Gressini w/ EVOO

CVPOC Mini Gressini w/ Tomato & Capers



Fontana Formiello

Fontana Formiello Gastronomia has hand-picked some of the very finest artisanal Italian foods, from superior store-cupboard essentials to gourmet regional rarities, all sourced directly from the producer.


FML6141 Fregula Sarda

FML6158 Orecchiette Pasta

FML6158 Orecchiette Pasta

FML6448 Linguine Pasta

FML6165 Trofie Pasta

FML6417 Spaghetti Pasta

FML6424 Fusilli Pasta


FML6271 Pomegranate Vinegar

FML6264 Apple Cider Vinegar

FML6240 White Wine Vinegar

FML6257 Red Wine Vinegar

FML6233 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena


FML6127 Carnaroli Risotto Rice

FML6134 Venere Nero Risotto Rice

FML6110 Arborio Risotto Rice

FML6196 Farro

FML6172 Medium Couscous

FML6202 Barley (Orzo)

FML6189 Polenta Svelta

FML6226 Quinoa

Giuseppe Giusti

For 400 years, the Giusti family has crafted one of the best Balsamic Vinegars di Modena. More than 17 generations later, they still keep the passion and their tradition to offer, the same quality of vinegars. Centered on the well-being of the people, the territory and the community, Giuseppe Giusti heirs continue, with the deepest respect, the project that their ancestor started.

Discover all our new items

GG25 4 Gold Medals Champagnotta

GG26 5 Gold Medals Champagnotta

GG28 Trio Set 1-2-3 Gold Medals

GG29 1 Silver Medal Anforina Collection

GG30 Reserve 50-Year-Old (Special orders only)

GG27 White Condiment Champagnotta

GG31 Reserve 100-Year-Old (Special orders only)

Balsamic Vinegar De Modena IGP This exquisite vinegar is a balance of time-honored craftsmanship and the distinct character of Modena’s grapes. It boasts the coveted IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) designation, guaranteeing its authenticity and quality. The result is a rich, dark elixir with a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy notes, marked by a complex bouquet of flavors.

GG1 1 Silver Medal “Il Profumato” Champagnotta

GG2 2 Gold Medals “Il Classico” Champagnotta

GG3 3 Gold Medals “Riccardo Gusti” Champagnotta

GG6 Li Riserva di Famiglia Calamaio di Vittoria

GG4 4 Gold Medals “Quatro Centenario” Cube Bottle in a Box

GG7 Agrodolce Bianco Champgnottina

GG5 5 Gold Medals “Banda Rossa” Cube Bottle in a Box

Glazes The perfect finishing touch for all your meals! Drizzle some glaze to create the perfect flavors to every dinner, add a little bit of Balsamic

Condiments To put flavors in your meals with this Saba and Balsamic Salt!

GG10 Balsamic

GG11 Truffle

GG12 Fig

GG9 Saba Grape Must Reduction

GG15 Pomegranate

GG13 Raspberry

Gift boxes special Collections* Discover the “Scrigno”, a precious wooden suitcase that contains all the history of their vinegar. Enjoy a gift made for those who love vinegar or wants to discover the best of the best.

GG21 Historical Collection “Cofanetto” Wood Box* 3.5oz each

This “Cofanetto” is a piece of Gueseppe Giusti History. Each of the 5 bottle representes their best vinegars aged in different woods: oak, cherry, chestnut, mulberry & ash.

*Special order only Prepayment required


Pisti was born in 2001 in an Sicilian artisanal workshop. Nino and Vincenzo wanted to combine tradition and flavor with modern refinement and creativity. The result is nothing but amazing. All their products are using the best ingredients: nuts sourced locally at the foot of the large Etna volcano, the undisputed homeland of the best pistachio in the world. Discover these new products, full of flavor that will bring joy to your daily routine.

PT0452 Pistachio Cream

PT3767 Almond Cream

PT1169 Hazelnut Cream

PT5310 Crunchy Nougat w/ Pistachio & Almond

PT1299 Choco-Hazelnut Cream

PT1497 Crunchy Nougat w/Pistachio



new items Now Available!

PT0520 Shelled Mediterranean Pistachios

PT0537 Shelled Sicilian Hazelnuts

PT4016 PT4023 Soft Nougat with Soft Nougat with Sicilian Pistachios Sicilian Almonds

PT0551 Shelled Sicilian Almonds

PT0841 Pistachio Pesto


PT2456 Spreadable Pistachio 713-660-0577 Cream 21.2oz

The best from


Ibiza Salts

A 100% natural sea salt.Harvested in the nature reserve of the saline fields on the island of Ibiza, Spain, this salt contains no additives. Made from the sea by the sun!

IB138 Fleur de Sel

IB889 Travel Size Sea Salt Shaker

IB122 Large Sea Salt Shaker


IB128 Refill

IB604 Coarse Salt

Oleo Elvira

OE02 Organic EVOO 24.34oz OE01 Organic EVOO 16oz

OE03 Loame EVOO 16oz

Centuries of expertise has made Oleo Elvira, a family company located in the heart of Andalusia, one of the premier producer of Organic Olive Oils.

Montegil Discover our newest line of olives from Montegil. These Gordal Olives are stuffed with Garlic, Jalapeno, Lemon or Piri-piri. The perfect olives to share or eat by yourself!

MT0325 Olives Stuffed w/ Piri-Piri

MT1152 Olives Stuffed w/ Jalapeno


MT1237 Olives Stuffed w/ Lemon

La Cultivada La Cultivada sets itself apart from other oils through their use of traditional cultivation techniques that have been passed down through generations. This familyrun company is dedicated to producing the highest quality olive oil. This starts with following time-honored cultivation practices combined with innovative technological processes that enable the growers to mill the fruit immediately on plucking to obtain the freshest, purest oil possible. Above all, all cultivation is done while upholding care for the environment and preservation of the landscape.

LCOA250 Arbequina Organic EVOO

LCOQ250/500 Quintaesencia Organic EVOO 8.8oz/16oz

LCOH250 Hojiblanca Organic EVOO


LCOP500 Picual Organic EVOO




1. Start with the original pan

VA140 Spanish Paella Pan

Paella E

or just a Paella Kit

All you need to c

ELAV01 Paella Kit Contains: Paella Pan, Rice, EVOO & Spice Mix



2. Grab some rice MO183 EVOO

DAC01 Round Bomba Rice

5. Use SAFR

for the perfect f

3. Add a pinch of

A Spanish based com in 100% a all natura

LA DALIA spices

Their paprika is made using a process that has been mastered, and advanced through technology, while still providing the same taste and quality as their paprika made 100 years ago.

LDS405 LDH450 Smoked Spanish Smoked Spanish Paprika - Sweet Paprika - Hot

LDB436 Smoked Spanish Paprika Bittersweet


LDP437 Spanish Paella Seasoning 713-660-0577

SAFF Spa Saf


create your own!

4. Drizzle


Olive Oil


finishing touch

mpany that specializes additive free, al Saffron.

FRON anish ffron



DONA JIMENA Since 1961 Dona Jimena has beeen producing Turron, a traditional Spanish confection made with Almonds and Honey.

DJ376 Extra Quality Soft Bar

DJ375 Extra Quality Brittle Bar


This Wildflower Honey comes from a family of Andalusian where bee-keepers that have been producing honey for generations. AA001 Wild Flower Honey in Ceramic Pot



Caprichos del Guadalquivir

Caprichos del Guadalquivir is a brand dedicated to making jams made of oranges with no artificial flavors or additives. CD975 Cadenera Orange Marmalade


Located in Valencia, Frutos Ayllon is the brand behind this delicious healthy Tapas Fruit snack.

HB149 Date & Walnut

HB148 Fig & 22 Almond

HB150 Apricot 713-660-0577 & Almond

Don Gastronom Don Gastronom is offering an amazing selection of canned sea-food. Everything is ready to eat and will fit perfectly on every table. Ideal for a tapas night!

DG20843 Mussels in Spanish Sauce

DG2050 Octopus w/ Garlic Sauce

DG2081 Sardines in Olive Oil

DG2111 Squid Pieces in Ink Sauce

DG2074 Markerel Filet in Olive Oil

DG2067 Stuffed Squid in Ink Sauce

New In

DG2098 Octopus Mariniere

DG2159 Light Tuna with Lemon

DG2142 Light Tuna with Orange & Clove


DG2166 Light Tuna with Tomato & Basil


DG2005 Light Tuna with Honey & Mustard




713-660-0577 713-660-0577

Conservas Portugal Norte

Since 1912, the family-owned company Conservas Portugal Norte has combined experience, tradition, and innovation to create high-quality sardines and tuna. Healthy and natural the delicious fish are perfect for an appetizer or to create imaginative recipes!

CPN13 Sardines in Wood Box

CPN08 Sardines in Olive Oil

CPN84 Sardines in Tomato Sauce

CPN22 Spiced Sardines in Olive Oil

CPN86 Sardines in Teriyaki Sauce

CPN0192 Spiced Sardines Pate/Spread

CPN91 Sardines in Hot Tomato Sauce

CPN53 Sardines in Hot Vegetable Oil


CPN553 Tuna in Olive Oil

CPN75 Sardines in Brine

CPN0173 Tuna 713-660-0577 Pate/Spread

CPN0173 Sardines Pate/Spread

Maria Organic

The Portuguese icon when it comes to fish, Maria Organic uses only traditional methods to prepare their seafood, without using chemicals or preservatives. The resulting product is a healthy, high quality, sustainable option.

MA0503 Spiced Mackerel Filets in EVOO

MA0527 Spiced Sardines in EVOO

MA0510 Small Sardines in EVOO

MA0541 Sardines in EVOO


MA0589 Sardines in Organic Tomato Sauce




Villa Jerada



Villa Jerada has been looking for the best spices to craft unique blends that will transform and sublime your meals!

VJ1 Harissa Hot Sauce

VJ7 Dukkah

VJ2 Urfa Biber

VJ8 Saffron

VJ3 Kefta Rub

VJ4 Sumac

VJ9 Zaatar

VJ10 Tahini

VJ5 Aleppo

VJ11 Pitcholine Olives

VJ6 Shawarma

VJ12 Preserved Lemon

Morrocan Olive Oil


22 59

713-660-0577 713-660-0577

Terre Exotique Terre Exotique carefully selects the finest spices from all around the world to bring delicious flavors and exotic delights into your kitchen.All spices are specially processed to reveal their fragrance and preserved in beautiful little tins.


KPOIV3PA Penja Three Peppers

KPOIVB80A Penja White Pepper

KTIMIZ Timiz Pepper

KPOIVN80A Penja Black Pepper

KAPOVOA Voatsiperifery Pepper

KBREIZH Oyster Pepper

KESPAOCA Espelette Chili Pepper

Pastes & Curries

KCURRED Thai Red Curry


KICURRY Indian Curry Paste


KDIASEGA Pink Salt w/Grilled Spices


KSELVIKA Smoked Salt



KSEDSHERB Salt with Wild Herbs from Crete

KSARDOISE Small Salt Plate

KTUPINK Pink Diamond

KTUBLK Hawaiian Black

KTURED Hawaiian Red

KDSTRUF Pink Fine Diamond Salt w/ Truffle

KSELCAB Cabernet Salt

KFSEGA Fleur de Sel w/ Roasted Spices

KDIARAP2 Pink Diamond Salt Rock with Grater


KAEPRAZ Raz El Hanout

KCURMADA Madras Curry

KEPPAPR Smoked Paprika

KTAGINE Tagine Mix

KGARAM Garam Massala

Cooking Essentials

KHUILEMON Lemon Olive Oil

KHUIBASIL Basil Olive Oil


KVIBALSI Balsalmic Vinegar Aged 10 years

KHEFLSA Edible Flowers for Salad

KVAN3GA Vanilla Bean

KORANGE2 Orange Water

KGARNI Bouquet Garni

KROSE2 Rose Water


KNOELSUG Brown Sugar with Holiday Spices



KBASILCRETE Basil from Crete

K5PEPPBLND 5 Peppercorn Blend

KROSECRETE Chopped Rosemary

KARRABIATA Arrabiata Blend

KVALISE New Suitcase



L’Abeille Occitane

This honey is produced in the heart of Provence by using only the top harvests of ‘flower nectars’ and is all natural. Select from their traditional range, perfumed Lavender, soft and delicate Acacia, dark and mysterious Chestnut Tree.



Natural French Honey (8.8oz)

AO0046 Lavender

AO0022 Provence

AO0121 Lemon

AO0060 Rosemary

AO0072 Acacia

AO0138 Orange

AO0053 Chestnut

Honey for Cheeses (4.4oz)

The Perfect size of honey to pair with a cheese plate.

AO1005 AO1029 AO1067 Acacia Chestnut Tree Lavender

AO1043 Forest


AO0213 Lemon

AO0312 Violet

AO0237 Mint

AO0282 Cranberry


AO0149 Honey Filled Candy

AO8008 Honey Nougat Bar



Famille Perronneau Established since 1890, Famille Perronneau is producing fine honeys in France. With more than 4,000 hives and with between 30-60 thousand workers per hives, Famille Perronneau is, after six generations, one of the biggest employer of the country.

AP1320 Thyme

AP1046 Chestnut Tree

AP1060 Eucalyptus

AP2063 French Lavender 8.8oz

AP1190 Lemon Tree

AP1460 Provence

AP1125 Maritime Lavender

AP0367 Acacia 8.8oz AP1271 Mint

Limited Edition only 1 harvest per year

AP1180 Orange Blossom

AP1003 Acacia 4.4oz

Specialty Honey

AP8022 Honey Dipper in Display Box

AP8895 Acacia Honey w/ Almonds

AP8896 Acacia Honey w/ Hazelnuts


AP8897 Acacia Honey w/ Pistachios

AP7003 Acacia Honey w/ Honeycomb


Honey Nougat AP9680 Honey Nougat w/ Blueberries & Raspberries

AP9681 Honey Nougat w/ Salted Butter Caramel

AP9685 Honey Nougat w/ Lavender

AP9688 Soft Black Honey Nougat

Sweet Honey Candies

AP8602 AP8666 AP8599 AP8590 AP8597 AP8660 Acacia Honey Honey Pastilles Honey Pastilles Honey Pastilles Honey Pastilles Honey Pastilles Drops Citrus Flowers Mix Violet Mix Berries Flavors



AP1673 Royal Jelly & Honey Pearls



Quai Sud Syrups All natural syrups. Quai Sud does everything in order to seduce and surprise your taste buds.

PO5 Violet

PO11 Blackcurrant

PO2 Lavender

PO12 Orange Blossom

PO6 Vanilla

PO4 Rose

PO14 Fig

PO18 Ginger

PO20 Hibiscus

PO21 Mint


Nina’s Paris

Discover Nina’s Paris, recognized internationaly for their signature tea, Marie-Antoinette. Flavored with apples and roses, handpicked from the King’s Kitchen Garden of Versailles since 1672, Nina’s Marie-Antoinette is uncommon treat.

66 22

713-660-0577 713-660-0577

NMA157 Marie-Antoinette Loose Tea Gift Tin

NMA086 Marie-Antoinette Rose Tea Gift Box 10 count

NMA093 Fete de Versailles Loose Tea Gift Tin

Enjoy a cup of this blend of Ceylon Tea with notes of Apples and Roses from the King’s Kitchen Garden in Versailles.

This Ceylon black tea is flavored with honey, cinnamon, orange, sunflower and cornflower. It will give sun and spice to your day.

Je t’aime is a black tea with subtle notes of vanilla and caramel. Perfect for every occasion! NMA041 Je t’aime Loose Tea Gift Tin





Cookies from France

La Trinitaine

La Trinitaine has been producing traditional French Butter Cookies for three generations. In Brittany, France they are known for their strong devotion to tradition and quality. Using their savoir-faire, family recipes and only the finest ingredients, they aim to please even the most difficult Gourmand.

LT1136 Butter Galettes Mini Quimper Tin

Gone for now, but coming back soon

LT1130 Galettes in Rectangular Quimper Tin

LT1530 Assorted Butter Cookies


LT1420 Palet Blue Van

Filet Bleu In 1919, Henri and Marie Friant started a biscuit factory in Pont L’Abbe in the Brittany region of France. In order to keep with his sailor roots, Henri named the company Biscuiterie de Filet Bleu, after the blue fishing nets used by the Breton sailors.

FB233 Shortbread w/Butter Caramel

FB235 Traditional Shortbread w/Butter

FB244 Lemon & Almond Cookies

FB245 Coconut Cookies

DUNKERQUOISE In 1900, when Dunkerquoise began to make these waffles, they only made them in the beginning of the year. It didn’t take long before there was such a high demand for the waffles, that the shop started to produce them all year long.

BDBU40 Pure Butter Waffles Gift Tin

BDCARA Caramel Waffles

BDBERG Earl Grey Waffles


BDCHOC Chocolate Waffles

BDPUBU Pure Butter Waffles





Goulibeur is a small artisanal company from Poitier. For more than 40 years, they have been crafting their famous Broye du Poitou, a traditional cookie from their region.The recipe of this cookie come from the grand-mother of the founder Brigitte Arnaud-Boue. The very large galette are meant to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

GB003 Fan Shaped Shortbread in Wood Box

GB104 Large Shortbread


GB106 Pure Butter Shortbread 713-660-0577

GB017 Mini Shortbread in Cube Box

The eco-tubes, the perfect daily snack!

GB137 Tomato Shortbread

GB168 Walnut Shortbread

GB144 Pecorino Shortbread

GB113 Pure Butter Shortbread

GB120 Lemon & Ginger Shortbread

GB151 Cocoa Shortbread

new in!

GB381 Large Shortbread in Wooden Box

GB380 Large Shortbread in Metal Tin Box


GB002 Paris Monument Mini Shortbread in Cube Box 713-660-0577



La Sablesienne Created in 1962 by pastry chef Georges Justier, La Sablesienne has always been a piooner in cookies. These little biscuits are hand-made in the West of France with the highest quality of ingredients. All natural, you will love these sables for the look of their packaging but most importantly for their amazing taste!

LSB2748 Salted Butter Caramel Sables

LSB2783 Organic Sables Chocolate Chip & Banana

LSB2769 Organic Sables Lemon & Chia Seeds

LSB2755 Raspberry Sables

LSB2724 Natural Sables

LSB2776 Organic Sables Vanilla

LSB2731 Chocolate Chips Sables

LSB3575 Sables in Flower Gift Tin


LSB2717 Sables in Eiffel Tower Gift Tin


Distilleries Peureux

Biscottificio Belli

Since 1955, Claude Peureux has been producing his famous Morello Cherries in Liqueur.The cherries are handpicked and soaked in a light syrup of Kirsch Brandy.

In 1958, Enzo Belli wanted to use his knowledge of traditional Tuscan baking that he learned from his grandfather, Aristide, so he opened a small pastry shop and it grew into the company that we know today, as Biscottificio Belli.

GRI01 Morello Cherries 1.7 oz

GRI02 Morello Cherries 11.8 oz

BI007A Almond Biscotti

Clement Faugier In 1882, Clement Faugier introduced his candied chestnut recipe to the world. True to his savoir-faire, the company has continued his legacy that can be tasted in every bite.

CF0032 Chestnut Spread in Tube

CF0049 Chestnut Spread Can

CF0154 Whole Peeled Chestnuts

BI006C Chocolate Biscotti

SAU300 Yvonne Tin




Sweet, Sweet Candies! 713-660-0577

Bonbons Barnier Based in Rouen,Bonbons Barnier is a family owned company founded in 1885. They specialize in the manufacturing of high quality, all natural traditional candies.

BBPULP Pulpi Candy w/Fruit Pulp

BBSBR Quimper Caramel Lollipops

BBLPQP Quimper Caramel Lollipops - 200 CT

BBLPDISP Lollipop Cone

BBSU7F Assorted Fruit Lollipops Parisian Gift Tin

BBSFR Assorted Fruit Lollipops

BBLPFR Assorted fruit Lollipops - 200 CT

It’s all about Chocolate & Caramel



Reynaud For more than 60 years, Reynaud has been creating Dragees in the Pagnol’s region. Traditionally offered for engagements and weddings, these little candies are now a perfect gift for every occasion.

R6065 Small Chocolate Hearts Bright

R6034 Almond Dragees Pastel

R3323 Almond Dragees White

Maison d’ Armorine Since 1946, Yvonne and Raymond Audebert have been making their all natural salted butter caramels. These caramels made in Brittany with pure butter and Guerande sea salt are still produced with the same traditional recipe.

SAU613 Yvonne Round Box

SAU300 Yvonne Tin


SAU507 Yvonne Caramel Cube

SAU400 Eiffel Tower Tin


L’Ami Provencal

Hard candies from Provence made the old-fashioned way.

DP2 Violet

DP5 Raspberry

DP3 Citrus

DP9 Lavender


Cruzilles is the last traditional producer of Pates de Fruits, from Auvergne. This recipe, brought to France by the cruaders, is now one of the most famous candies in the country. From strawberry to blackcurrant, these little gummies will please everyone.

CRZ72 Pates de Fruits Metal Pail

CRZ50 Pates de Fruits Purple Tin



Maxim’s de Paris

In 1893, Irma de Montigny, an attractive courtesan opens a small bistro Rue Royale in Paris and quickly became the place to be for “gallant rendez-vous”. During the 1900 World Fair, the bistro became one of the most popular and fashionable restaurant in Paris. After more than 120 years, the bistro and the brand, now known all around the globe, are a symbol of elegance and refinement.

MX8051 32 French Specialties Mix

MX2066 Nougat Gift Box

MX8082 Pate de Fruits Gift Box

MX1335 Un Apres Midi au Louvre Loose Leaf Tea Tin

New in!

MX1328 An Evening at Maxim’s Loose Tea Tin

MX1342 A Walk in Montmartre Loose Leaf Tea Tin


MX8112 Salted Butter Toffees

MX8105 Provence Nougats box


MX8075 Fruit Jellies Cardbox

C anasuc In the early 90s, Pierre Bosc-Bierne discovered the candy stick. Since then, he has been crafting unique and innovative sugars. Based on a traditional savoir-faire, the sugars are molded then hand-packed one by one.


CS1 Paris Sugar Charms

CS2 Toasting Hearts Amber & White

CS3 Toasting Hearts Red & White

CS4 Rock Candy Sitcks Amber

CS5 Roses Pink & White

CS7 Flowers Amber & White

CS8 Teapots Amber & White

CS10 Angels Amber & White


CS11 Morning in Paris


22 Macarons and Chou Gift713-660-0577 Box


AF14 Gift Set 6 Pocket Boxes Anise, Rose, Lemon, Violet, Mint & Liquorice

AF10 Gift Set Violet, Anise & Mint

AF12 Gift Set Lemon, Orange & Rose

LES ANIS DE FLAVIGNY First produced several hundred years ago, they weigh no more than a gram, are produced by hand, and are enjoyed by young and old. Connoisseurs let the Anis de Flavigny melt in their mouth two by two to unveil the anis seed hidden away in the heart of each sweet.

AF20 Display Rack Can hold up to 9 Flavors

AF04 Orange

AF02 Violet

AF01 Anise

AF05 Rose

AF06 Licorice

AF31 Organic Tangerine

AF32 Organic Ginger

AF07 Lemon

AF03 Mint

AF08 Coffee

New Organic Line


AF33 Organic Anise

AF34 Organic Cinamon & Orange

AF09 Blackcurrant

LE1052 Classic Metal Tin Mix Flavors

LE4112 Hazelnut Choco Cream in a Tube

LE3610 Classic Licorice Box

LE1054 Classic Metal Tin Anis

LE1055 LE1056 Classic Metal Tin Classic Metal Tin Cinnamon Mint

LE1057 Classic Metal Tin Violet

LE1404 Anis

LE1405 Lemon

LE1406 Orange

LE1407 Tangerine

LE1408 Strawberry

LE1410 Raspberry

LE1412 Violet

LE1429 PolarStrong

LE1431 Blueberry

LE1432 Mix Berries

LE2771 Tondini Candy Box Violet

LE2772 Tondi Candy Box Rose


Leone Since 1857 Leone has been crafting small and delightful candies called “Pastiglie”. These littles sweet treats are nothing but amazing. Their are the result of a careful choice of essences, extracts and herbs that will please everyone’s palate. All natural, these pastilles treats will be the perfect gift for every gourmet!

Table of

Discover your favorite Mai For an easier navigation, just click on To jump to the GOUR Laguiole By Jean Dubost


Ivory Black Stainless Steel Red European Collection Multicolor Mini Spreaders & Mini Cheese Knives Mineral & Linen Mariniere Turquoise & Gray Pink & Pastel Olive Wood & Oak Rustic Range New Age, White & Marble Wine Waiters Steak Knives Heavy Gauge Pradel Collection Neon Collection (New) Eco-Friendly Line (New) 713-660-0577


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Kitchenware Baumalu Berard Home & Body Scents Maison Tchin Tchin Candles (NEW!) La Savonnerie de Nyons (NEW!) Linens Linoroom (NEW!) Coucke Torchons & Bouchons



Lbyaguiole Jean Dubost

A timeless, elegant & iconic style


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

The Laguiole knife has been used in the south of France for over 200 years. Jean Dubost’s family, inspired by the traditional peasant tool, has been crafting the artisan blades since 1920. Surrounded by legend and myth, the Laguiole knife still carries the mark of its ancestors: the bee that is found engraved on all Laguiole products was originally part of Napoleon Bonaparte’s imperial seal. Soft and subtle to the touch, a Laguiole knife will stay sharp and will never rust. Trusted and revered in kitchens and restaurants throughout France, the Dubost family is happy that the Laguiole tradition has finally reached this side of the Atlantic.

Ivory with

Stainless JD98-13530.IVO 6 Knives Open Box Sharpened

JD79113 Wine Waiter Corkscrew Light Horn

JD97-13693.IVO 12 Pc Cutlery Set

JD13256.IVO Cheese Knife Ivory

JD07-13152.IVO 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set

JD13257.IVO Mini Cheese Knife Ivory

JD13455.IVO Mini Spreader Ivory JD61675.IVO 5 Pc Cheese Set Wedge 713-660-0577 713-660-0577 Board22 & Knives

JD32-19332 3 Pc Cheese Set w/Board

Iwith vory


JD98120 20 Pc Clasp Box Heavy Gauge

JD98-13114 6 Knives in Clasp Box

JD97018 Salad Servers

JD97-13193.IVO JD97117 Serving Spoon Bread Knife

JD97250 Corkscrew Bottle Opener

JD12265-1311 6 Knives Wood Block

JD97252 Corkscrew & Opener Set

JD97015 Carving Set

JD31689 Spatula




713-660-0577 713-660-0577

Iwith vory

Brass JD97359.IVO 7 Pc Cake Set

JD61406 Cheese Board & Knife (Map)

JD81306 4 Pc Cheese Board Set JD79134 4 Cheese Knives in Slide Top Box

JD18009 Bread Knife with Baguette Board

JD97106 3 Pc Cheese Set

JD98116 2 Pc Cheese Set in Clasp Box 22

JD98105 4 Spreaders in Clasp Box

JD95-13105 4 Spreaders 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


A contemporary look that will suit every table! JD13257.BLK JD13455.BLK Mini Spreader Black Mini Cheese Knife Black

JD97326 3 Pc Cheese Set

JD13256.BLK Cheese Knife Black

JD97036.BLK 3 Pc Parmesan Cheese Set

JD79134.BLK JD97-18135.BLK 4 Cheese Knives in Slide Top 3 Pc Cheese & Wine Set 22

JD97106.BLK 3 Pc Cheese Set

JD61675.BLK 5 Pc Cheese Set Wedge Board & Knives 713-660-0577 713-660-0577

JD07-13152.BLK 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set

JD98-13530.BLK 6 Knives Open Box Sharpened

JD97-13693.BLK 12 Pc Cutlery Set

JD61311 Salami (Saucisson) Cave

JD97117.BLK Bread Knife

JD98-13114.BLK 6 Knives Clasp Box JD18134.BLK Kitchen Set Block

JD97015. BLK

JD97018.BLK JD97-13193. JD5-16417.BLK Salad Servers BLK Serving 6 Knives 22 in Spoon Wood Block

JD3219.BLK Carving Board & Carving Set 713-660-0577 713-660-0577



Stainless Steel Perfectly designed

JD13257.SS Mini Cheese Knife JD13455.SS Mini Spreader JD98-13530.SS 6 Knives Open Box Sharpened

JD07-13650.SS JD97618 JD97615 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set Salad servers Carving Set

JD98616 3 Pc Cheese Set in Clasp Box

JD16572 6 Knives Wood Block

JD97-13693.SS 12 Pc Flatware

JD79605 4 Spreaders in Slide JD97677 3 Pc Cheese Set Brushed Top Box Stainless Steel

JD98-13650 JD96616 Corkscrew/Opener Set 6 Knives Clasp Box 22

JD3219.SS Carving Board 713-660-0577 & Carving Set

A wonderful deep


JD10619.RED Oyster Opener Red wood handle

JD97015.RED Carving Set

JD5-16417.RED 6 knives in a block

JD79-18213 Wine Waiter



JD97018.RED Salad Servers

JD76002 2 Pc Cheese Set w/ Round Board

JD07-13152.RED 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set

JD98149 24 Pc Flatware Set Clasp Box

JD97117.RED Bread Knife

JD97-13693.RED 12 Pc Flatware Red

JD97106.RED 3 Pc Cheese Set JD98-13530.RED 6 Knives Open Box Sharpened JD97252.RED Corkscrew & Opener Set

JD13455.RED Mini Spreader

JD18134.RED Kitchen Set Block

JD13257.RED Mini Cheese Knife

JD98105.RED 4 Spreaders in Slide22 Top Box

JD13256.RED Cheese Knife Red

JD95-13105.RED 4 Spreaders 713-660-0577 713-660-0577



Bring French & Italian colors to your kitchen!

JD97356P 3 Pc Cheese Set The Paris Collection

JD07-13152.TEAL 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set Teal JD97131P 6 Steak Knives The Paris Collection

JD5-16411PROV 6 Knives Provence in Wood Block JD5-16411MARINA 6 Knives Marina in Wood Block

JD10619.BLUE Oyster Opener Blue wood handle

JD07-13152.BLUE 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set


JD97153 Corkscrew & Opener Set

JD32564 Italian 3 Pc Parmesan 713-660-0577 713-660-0577 Set


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


Add a splash of color to your dining! JD79154 4 Mini Cheese Knives in Slide Top Box JD21027.YEL 6 Knives Yellow in Wood Block

JD97455 4 Mini Spreaders in Slide Top Box JD5-16416 6 Knives Multicolor in Wood Block

JD97326.FRUITY 3 Pc Cheese Set

JD07-13152.FRUITY 24 Pc Everyday Flatware Set Multicolor

JD35071 Tapas Board

JD98-13780 6 Steak Knives Multicolor in Clasp


713-660-0577 713-660-0577




713-660-0577 713-660-0577

Spreaders & Cheese Knives A large pallet of colors to suit every taste!

JD13256 Cheese Knife (Large 9”)

JD13257 Mini Cheese Knife (Small


JD13455 Mini Spreader (Small 713-660-0577 6”) 713-660-0577


Natural shades for a walk in the woods JD13455.OLGRN Mini Spreader Olive Green JD13257.OLGRN Mini Cheese Knife Olive Green

JD13256.OLGRN Cheese Knife Olive Green (9”)

JD12265.MIN 6 Knives Mineral in Wood Block

JD97455.MIN 4 Spreaders Mineral

JD07-13152.MIN 24 Pc Flatware Mineral

JD97-13356 3 Pc Cheese Set Mineral

JD79134.MIN JD97-13693.MIN 4 Cheese Knives Top 12 Pc Flatware Mineral 713-660-0577 22 713-660-0577 Slide Box Mineral

For soft gradients of inen


JD5-19415.LINEN 6 Knives Linen in Wood Block

JD93-13336 3 Pc Cheese Set Linen

JD93455 4 Spreaders Linen JD93176 Breakfast Set Linen

JD13257.TAU Mini Cheese Knife Taupe JD13455.TAU Mini Spreader Taupe

JD71-13024.LINEN 24 Pc Flatware Set

JD93232 12 Pc Cutlery Set Linen


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

M ariniere Nautically inspired, ready to set sail! JD13455.MAR Mini Spreader Mariniere JD13257.MAR Mini Cheese Knife Mariniere JD97-15214 6 Steak Knives Mariniere

JD97-15202 7 Pc Oyster Set Mariniere

JD57002 Crab cracker

JD97-15293 JD97-15226 12 Pc Cutlery Set 3 Pc Cheese Set Mariniere Mariniere 22

JD97-15276 3 Pc Breakfast Set Mariniere

JD10619 Oyster Opener Beechwood

713-660-0577 713-660-0577

Turquoise For a breeze of La Cote d’Azur

JD07-13154.TQ 24 Pc Flatware Set

JD97-13693.TQ 12 Pc Cutlery Set

JD97018.TQ Salad Servers

JD13455.TQ Mini Spreader

JD97326.TQ 3 Pc Cheese Set

JD13257.TQ Mini Cheese Knife


JD5-12402.TQ 6 Knives in Wood Block 713-660-0577

A sophisticated


JD97-13693.GRAY 12 Pc Cutlery Set

JD07-13154.GRAY 24 Pc Flatware Set

JD98-13530.BLK 6 Knives Open Box Sharpened

JD97018.GRAY Salad Servers

JD13455.GRAY Mini Spreader

JD5-16402.GRAY 6 Knives in Wood Block

JD13257.GRAY Mini Cheese Knife


JD97326.GRAY 3 Pc Cheese set 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


JD97106.PINK 3 Pc Cheese Set

To enjoy La vie en rose JD13455.PINK Mini Spreader

JD07-13152.PINK 24 Pc Flatware Set

JD93176.PINK 3 Pc Breakfast Set

JD5-16417.PINK 6 Steak Knives Pink Handles in Block

JD13257.PINK Mini Cheese Knife


A sweet pallet of colors JD13455.LAV Mini Spreader Lavender

JD13257.LAV Mini Cheese Knife Lavender

JD97326.GRN 3 Pc Cheese Set Green

JD97454.PAST 4 Dessert Spoons Pastel

JD07-13152.PAST 24 Pc Flatware Pastel 12 Pc Cutlery Set Pastel

JD93177.PAST 22 6 Pc Coffee & Tea Set Pastel



713-660-0577 713-660-0577

The finest

Wooden cutlery

JD98-13736 3 Pc Cheese Set in Clasp Box

JD98-13737 2Pc Cheese Set in Clasp Box JD16071 Mushroom Pocket Knife

JD98-13776 12 Pc Cutlery Set in Clasp Box

JD98-13730 6 Knives in Clasp Box

JD98-13738 Salad Servers in Clasp Box

JD98-13735 Carving Set in Clasp Box

JD16119.OW Knife sharpener

JD07-13140.OAK 24 Pc Flatware Set JD16078 Frerot Pocket Knive

JD16236.OW 6 Kitchen knives in leather pouch

JD97944 4 Pc Oak BBQ Set


JD1236.OW 713-660-0577 6 Steak knives in 713-660-0577 leather pouch

R ustic Range A traditional look made of Olive Wood JD97-13537 Bread Knife

JD97-13530 6 Pc Steak Knives

JD97736 Cheese Knife

JD13455.OW Mini Spreader JD97-13436 4 Pc Wine & Cheese Set

JD13257.OW Mini Cheese Knife

JD97-13536 3 Pc Cheese Set

JD01385 Baguette/Salami Board & Knife JD01386 Cheese Board & Knife


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

New Age

Sleek & sophisticated, for the modern palate.

JD36-1301B 4 Pc Steak Knives Black

JD36-1301C 4 Pc Steak Knives Copper

JD36-1301G 4 Pc Steak Knives Gold


JD32-19337 6 Knives Gold & White in Wood Block JD32-19334 6 Knives Copper & Black in Wood Block

A complete collection for a modern look JD13455.W Mini Spreader

JD97-6458 6 Steak Knives White JD97325 3 Pc Cheese Set White 22

JD13257.W Mini Cheese Knife JD07-51860 24 Pc Flatware White 713-660-0577 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

arble look M Our newest addition to make your table look even trendier!

JD97326.MB 3 Pc Cheese Set Marble look

JD9732631.MB 3 Pc Cheese Set Marble look Clasp box

JD13455.MB Mini Spreader Marble look

JD07-13152.MB 24 Pc Flatware Marble Look

JD13257.MB Mini Cheese Knife Marble look



JD5-14145.MB 6 knives in a block Marble Look

eon look N Add a splash of color to your kitchen with our newest additions!

JD97326.VIPBLUE 3pc Cheese Set with VIP Blue Handles

JD5-16417.VIPBLUE 6 VIP Blue Steak Knives in a Wooden Block

JD5-16417.TGRN 6 Green Knives in a Wooden Block


JD5-16417.NPINK 6 Pink Neon Steak Knives in a Wooden Block 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

aiter W Whaveine accessory for all wine connoisseurs!

A must

JD79-18213 Wine Waiter Red

JD78-0113 Wine Waiter Olive Wood

JD79-03711 Wine Waiter Dark Horn


JD79113 Wine Waiter Light Horn

JD30141 Wine Waiter Black

713-660-0577 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

Steak Knives in Clasp Box

JD98-13114 6 Knives Ivory

Our highest quality steak knives enclosed in clasp boxes, with 2.5mm gauge blades and ornate detail on each handle.

JD98-13114.LH 6 Knives Light Horn

JD98-13114.BLK 6 Knives Black

JD98-13691 6 Knives Bubinga Wood

JD98-13711 6 Knives Real Horn

JD98-13780 6 Steak Knives Multicolor

JD98-13730 6 Knives Olive Wood

JD98-13650 6 Knives Stainless Steel

JD98-13990 6 Knives Acrylic Tortoiseshell

JD98-13000 6 Knives Assorted Wood Handles 22

JD98-13782 6 Steak Knives Mineral 713-660-0577 713-660-0577



A famous and original trademark, made with expertise that dates back 100 years, the Pradel line by Jean Dubost gives all chefs, both professional and amateur, the tools they need to be a master in the kitchen. Within the Pradel line you will find a broad range of blades to meet your needs, with handles made from various materials and in many shapes. Enter the gourmet universe!

JDP4-19109 Paring Knife

JDP4-19109.W Paring Knife White

JDP4-19111 Multi Purpose Knife

JDP4-19111.W Multi Purpose Knife

JDP4-19107 Steak Knife

JDP4-19107.W Steak Knife White

JDP6-19118 Santoku Knife

JDP6-19118.W Santoku Knife White

JDP6-19117 Kitchen Knife JDP6-19117.W Kitchen Knife White

JDP6-19120 Chef Knife JDP6-19120.W Chef Knife White

JDP6-19106 Bread Knife JDP6-19106.W Bread Knife White


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

JDP18050 Universal Kitchen Knife Block

JD1-40194 4 Kitchen Knives Set Mixed Wood

JDP6-8048.W 3 Pc Knife Set White


713-660-0577 713-660-0577

JDP6-8048 3 Pc Knife Set Olive Wood




Solid Copper Cookware Baumalu was created in 1971 in Baldenheim, Alsace by Jean-Pierre Martin. He decided to put his skills as coppersmith and his love for authentic culinary tradition into this new venture. The line was really quickly followed by great chef that built the brand reputation.

BA0114 Ladle BA0124 Frying Pan 9.44”

BA0121 Skimmer

BA0100 Frying Pan 6.3”

BA1081 Pastry Bowl 10.24”

BA0150 Oval Serving Dish 7.87”

BA0085 Mini Stew Pot w/ Lid 4.72”

BA70150 Jam Pan 10.24”


BA0116 Saute w/Lid 8.66”

BA1689 Saucier 4.33”

BA0545 Saucepan 4.72” 713-660-0577

B erard The best of Olive Wood


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


BE9000 Mini Salt Spoon

For centuries, particularly in the Vercors Region, French artisans practiced the art of woodcraft. You will enjoy the beauty and long lasting quality of these olive wood utensils.

BE90570 Mini Salt Spoon

BE25150 Mini Mustard Spatula

BEB19 Lemon Press

BE24870 Honey Dipper BE24270 Jam Spoon

BE20670 Spreader

BE26170 Ladle BE23273 Curved Olive BE26272 Spoon Olive Spoon 22

BE22670 Rice Paddle

BE22573 Stew Spoon

BE66474 Spatula


BE81771 Salad Bowl

BE12970 Twine Holder BE88571 Utensil Holder

(Utensils sold separately)

BE01091 Salad Server Hands

BE90471 Mortar & Pestle BE90080 Mortar & Pestle XSmall

BE90070 Salt Keeper

BE02773 Parisian Servers

BE89770 Mini Salt Bowl

BE05472 Spaghetti/ Salad Servers

BE41070 Salt Keeper Concrete


BE12990 Parmesan Grater 713-660-0577 713-660-0577

The olive wood used by Berard is typically sourced from pruned branches and retired olive trees, ensuring sustainability and a connection to the land’s rich history. These items often bear the distinctive patterns and colors of olive wood, making them not only functional but also decorative and unique.

BE54071 Cutting Board (10” x 4-1/2”) BE54372 Lg Cutting Board (8’ x 18”)

BE49070 Bread Basket

BE90170 Olive Boat

BE54177 Round Board 9”

BE56170 Cheese Board

BE56179 Cheese Board w/ Handles & Knife


BE21350 3 Pc Cheese Set 713-660-0577 713-660-0577

BE20672 Spreader Set

NEW IN! Hailing from France’s Vercors Region, Olive Wood Cutting Boards are the epitome of timeless craftsmanship. Crafted by artisans with centuries of woodcraft tradition, these boards marry beauty with durability. Sourced from aged olive trees, their rich hues and distinctive grain patterns make each one unique.

BE75065 BE75075 Small Nordic Cutting Board Medium Nordic22 Cutting Board

BE75085 Large Nordic Cutting Board 713-660-0577 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577


OrDaNn5g2e4-5 - “Sant Cinnamoa” n Soap T in

La Savonnerie de Nyons



SDN3980 ”Lavender Bouquet” Flowers Sachet

SDN1032 “The Seine” May Rose Soap Tin

SDN1049 “Cabaret” May Rose Soap Tin

SDN1063 “Eiffel Tower” May Rose Soap Tin

SDN1482 Lavender Fields Soap Tin

SDN1499 Provencal Landscape Soap Tin

SDN2465 “Beach” Lavender Soap Tin

SDN3409 “Carriage” May Rose Soap Tin

SDN3423 “The Gardens” May Rose Soap Tin

SDN8468 “Drive” Lavender Soap Tin

SDN4599 “Notre Dame” May Rose Soap Tin

SDN5337 “Mucha 3” Almond Soap Tin

SDN5795 “Transatlantic” Verbena Soap Tin

SDN8451 “The Dinner” Lavender Soap Tin

SDN4292 “Letter to Santa” Chocolate Soap Tin

SDN6853 “Provencale Landscape” 4 Soaps Tin

SDN6914 “Eiffel Tower” 4 Soaps Tin

SDN6938 “The Seine” 4 Soaps Tin

New items available now!

SDN5979 Mont St Michel

SDN1018 Montmartre

SDN4575 Arc de Triomphe (Available end of 2023)

SDN3690 Le Louvre

SDN5788 Art Deco Airplane

SDN8055 Christmas Chalet

SDN5023 organic lavender

SDN5054 organic olive

SDN0133 organic almond

SDN0140 organic berries

SDN3973 Lavender Flower Sachet

SDN8536 5 Soap Gift Pack Paris & Provence themed

OENOLOGY AND PERFUMERY PAIRING By uniting these two iconic French skills, Maison Tchin Tchin welcomes you to explore the scents of wine from a fresh sensory and aesthetic perspective. We conceived this fusion by taking inspiration from the aromas of prominent French grape varieties. Subsequently, we elevated them by tapping into the olfactory expertise of a master perfumer to craft genuine home fragrances.

Now available!

TCH9018 Pinot Noir

TCH9070 Chardonnay

TCH9063 Sauvignon

TCH9025 Merlot

TCH9032 rose


LR1510and Squirrel Hare

LR1183 Forest Mushrooms

LR1190and Spruce Pine

LR0315 Olives and lemon

LR Gladio Chrisa

LR0346and Pheasant Partridge

LR0278 Fishes

LR cra lob

R1237 olus and antemum

R1022 ab and bster

LR1244and Pumpkin Cabbage

LR1503and Rosemary Coriander

LR0292 pomegranates and walnuts

LR0995and Radish Peas

LR1008 Fig and Grape

LR1114 sea shells


A French Jacquard The next three pages will showcase all our new items arriving this Summer 2023. You can pre-order these now! - Fabrics 19.6’ x 29.5’: 54% Cotton / 46% Linen -

CK60 Herbarium

CK57 Seashells

CK58 Sailboat

Coucke is a renowned French company specializing in the creation of exquisite tea towels. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, Coucke has become synonymous with superior quality and craftsmanship. Their tea towels, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and vibrant designs, add a touch of elegance and charm to any kitchen decor while serving as practical and absorbent essentials for everyday use. - Fabrics 19.6’ x 29.5’: 100% Cotton -

CK53 Crème brûlée

CK59 Pear Tree

CK64 Apple Pie

CK52 Camembert

CK66 Lavender Fields

CK65 Blue Simone Car


Welcome to your French Kitchen Fabrics 19.6’ x 29.5’: 95% linen and 5% cotton

CK61 Red Checker

CK63 French Flag White

CK62 Blue Checker

CK67 French Flag Natural

Perfect for the holidays Fabrics 19.6’ x 29.5’: 100% linen

CK54 Christmas Time

CK55 Christmas Forest

CK56 Mountain Cabin

In Your Garden: to bring sun in your kitchen Fabrics 19.6’ x 29.5’: 100% Cotton

CK20 Carrots

CK21 Herbs Garden

CK45 Lavender Basket

CK22 Lemon

CK40 Courges

CK23 Sun Vegetables

CK41 Choux

CK26 Olive Tree

CK42 Mushrooms


Welcome to France!

To put some French notes in the kitchen

CK15 Bistro Menu

CK29 Vintage Paris

CK49 France and Traditions

CK38 Gruyere

CK50 Authentic Bistrot

CK16 Joyeux Noel (Seasonal)

CK51 Trocadero



CK34 Le Coq

CK46 Pasta Variety

CK8 Roasted Chicken

CK10 Beef Soup Recipe

CK9 Prestige Caviar

Sweet Tea Times For the sweetest times

CK33 Patisserie

CK48 Gourmet Map

CK47 Jam Jar

Under the Sea

Take a breath of fresh air with these Sea Inspired Tea Towels!

CK27 Homard/Lobster

CK19 Fishing

CK17 Crab

Sardines & co Linen Tea Towel

CK35 Sardines

CK36 Sardine Tin

Torchons & Bouchons

Torchons & Bouchons has been designing and manufacturing high quality linen inspired by French heritage for 17 years. Made in France and printed with eco-friendly, fade resistant, water-based ink on 100% cotton, their selection ranges from traditional vintage wine labels to contemporary trendy designs.

The Classics

TB7000 Cocorico

TB1097 Champagne Epernay

TB6581 Utensils

TB6578 Herbs de Provence713-660-0577


Gastronomy Inspired

TB9008 French Wine Map

TB6550 Vins de France

TB1065 Fromages de France

TB6549 Cheese Party


TB6553 La Campagne

TB8010 Pains de France

713-660-0577 713-660-0577


TB9635 Macarons

TB9652 Patisseries

TB2388 Pastry Shop TB7003 Cafe Gourmand



TB2383 Bistro Shop

TB3736 Cheese Shop

TB8998 Paris Girl

TB1080 Panorama France


Paris’Spirit 713-660-0577

A tour in


TB4396 Provence Market

TB2008 Provence Village


TB1259 La Cote d’Azur

713-660-0577 713-660-0577


713-660-0577 713-660-0577 916 West 23rd St. Houston, TX 77008 (713) 660-0577 October 22 2020


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