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Oscar nominations

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Getting an Oscar award is a dream for every person in the film industry. A film actor or any director wishes to get an Oscar award once in his life time. Oscar awards are those which are given in the Hollywood film industry but its value is worldwide. The Oscar nominations are wide and many films go for Oscar nominations. Not all who are eligible for nominations get an award. The best films are nominated and the super best among the lot is selected and then award is been given. A jury is appointed to decide on which films has to be given the award. Please also check out Oscar Nominations 2014 for more information. The jury decides on the award on the basis of the story, its originality the cinematography, the effects the sound effects, the acting which is the main part and much more. The nominees for the Oscars are in many categories. Like the categories are the best actor male, the best actor female, the best film ,best director, the best producer, the best singer female, the best singer male, the best foreign language film and the list goes on like this. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of films produced in a year not all get the privilege to be nominated for Oscar. Also check out Oscar Nominees 2014 for more information.

Only ten of them get the luck to be nominated for Oscar. The Oscar is shown in all the tv channels across the world. Spending some valuable time to watch the big show is a real fun for all those who loves and respects the Oscar award. The Oscar awards specifically look for the originality of the story. No story which is been pirated from other language will never get a chance to win an Oscar. Everything is a team work in an Oscar and they are the most prestigious award in the world.

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Summary: Oscar awards are those which are given in the Hollywood film industry but its value is worldwide.

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Oscar nominations