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Volume LIX No. 2 Summer 2014 In this Issue: Graduation


It’s a Wonderful Life

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French Camp Academy, a Christ-centered home and school, exists to serve young people and families for the glory of God.

It’s a Wonderful Life

2 • French Camp TODAY • Summer 2014

By Sylvia Dickson

Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name…You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. Isaiah 25: 1, 4-5 Storms


The rain was battering against the windows. The thunder and lightning seemed continuous. My heart was racing as I lay in bed wondering whether to head for the safe room or not.

Sin has set its ugly trap, disguised with flowery promises of happiness and freedom. Step into it and you step into a storm. Too late the false dreams are destroyed, only to be replaced by more false claims. The deceiver never delivers life; He takes life.

Many things in life can set off alarms and we go into anxiety overdrive. But there is a safe room ready and secure. God’s love and protection for His children is proclaimed over and over to us. He places a shield over us, a hedge around us, and a solid foundation under us.

Some of our young people at FCA have come from such a trap. Some have been denied nurturing relationships and others have actively been abused. Some have been used to promote a loved one’s addiction and others neglected because of that addiction.

Salvation But God has placed young men and women at French Camp Academy to show them His love. Boys and girls receive nurture, direction, and a clear presentation of the Gospel. As one alumnae said, French Camp surrounded me with love and prepared my heart for eternity. Walking with our students means stepping into their storms. We do this with confidence that God provides the means of rescue, the strength for the task, and the safe place for healing. The hymn writer, Fanny Crosby, penned these words: Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, Snatch them in pity from sin and the grave; Weep o’er the erring one, lift up the fallen, Tell them of Jesus, the mighty to save. Rescue the perishing, care for the dying, Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.

Jesus is merciful. Jesus does save. Sometimes the perishing are not easily saved from their storms of despair. At French Camp Academy we see God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved Shelter us, even when we were dead in our Many of our French Camp students have never had a safe place to run. They trespasses, [make] us alive together have stood on the edge of the storm holding onto brittle branches with feeble with Christ…(Ephesians 2:4-5). hands. They have been swept into the middle of the vortex and sucked under with no hope of rescue. Sharing this Wonderful Life with our young people is a worthwhile mission. We shout with joy when we see their lives redeemed and transformed by the Savior. Serving Christ and rejoicing with heaven when one sinner repents is what FCA is about, and It’s a French Camp Academy is a refuge for the needy…a shelter from the storm… Wonderful Life. u because God is exalted and praised. Some arrive at French Camp Academy battered, needy, and fearful that this, too, will be another hostile, uncaring place. As they settle in, they begin to experience the love of God shown through teachers, dorm parents, coaches, work supervisors, and fellow students, and slowly learn to trust as they see Christ lived out before them.

French Camp TODAY • Summer 2014 • 3

The President’s Perspective: “The often unwelcomed treasure of adversity” Adveristy comes into each of our lives from time to time. It can enter through many doorways—the loss of a loved one, a failed business venture, illness, struggles over a lost relationship, or an unfulfilled expectation of a dream.

It is hard to realize that blessings often come through hardship. Struggles present us with opportunities to reevaluate our thinking and awaken us to the false idea When we find ourselves in the midst of heartache, it is that we have power and control over our lives. Extreme sometimes easy for us to become disillusioned with God hardships can also help us have a fresh perspective on what and His care for us. After all, if God loves me like the Bible matters most. They help us put a higher priority on things teaches, how could he allow this pain to enter my life? that are most precious in life. These are some of the treaRecently I’ve come to a new understanding of the sures accompanied by adversity. term—authentic. A few synonyms that describe authentic Do you find yourself in heartache today? Here are some are real, true, fact, not false, or imitation. The context of things you may want to consider. the word authentic relates to this definition, true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. So for us, being authen1. Acknowledge the inner struggle and pain as an optic means we are real with ourselves and others about who portunity for growth. As hard as it may be, thank and where we are in our daily lives. God for it. 1Thessalonians 5:18 Authenticity is a rare thing in our world today. If we are honest with ourselves, we live most of our days trying to manage and protect our true selves from being known by the outside world. We have become so accomplished at this, often we do not even realize we are doing it. In the most severe cases, we actually fool ourselves that we are someone we are not.

2. Be honest with God and with yourself about the pain. Psalm 22 (David’s pain) 3. Ask him to help you see His heart for you. Psalm 119:18 4. Acknowledge the smallest movement of your heart toward Him and thank Him for it. Isaiah 42:3

Being authentic also means being real with God. I confess, sometimes I find myself trying to hide my true feelings from Him, as if He does not already know them. The Bible tells us, For He knows our frame, He remembers we are dust—Psalm 103:14. In the midst of hurt and pain it is easy to forget that God wants us to come to Him. We may even be afraid. In fact He commands us, Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy laden...—Matthew 11.

In today’s mixed up world, it is easy for us to look elsewhere for comfort when pain and hurt enter our lives. We are so easily drawn to quick fixes and mind numbing activities to help us escape our discomfort, only to learn in the end those things are powerless. It is my hope that we will remember to look to the One who readily awaits our cry in our time of need. Look to the One who is a very present help in the day of trouble. Jesus is our friend who J. I. Packer has a great thought on this subject. He sticks closer than a brother. He has secured and offers an writes, There is tremendous relief in knowing that His love to eternity of hope for those who place their trust in Him. me is utterly realistic, based at every point on prior knowledge May we each turn to Him in our day of adversity. of the worst about me, so that no discovery now can disillusion Him about me, in the way I am so often disillusioned about myself, and quench His determination to bless me. It takes a while for that to sink in. He made me, He knows me—yet he loves me! This is the incredible power What if your blessings come through raindrops of the gospel. What if your healing comes through tears… Scan this QR code to listen to the song Blessings by Laura Story on

Board Member: Lee Lampton

Lee Lampton has served on the FCA Board of Trustees since December 2004. Being on the Student Life, and Audit and Investment Committees gives him a broad view of FCA’s ministry. Lee currently serves as President of the Operation Division of Ergon, Inc. Lee received his B.S. degree in Business Administration from Mississippi College. His wife, Maggi, and he are members of Lakeside Presbyterian Church in Jackson. They have two children, Amy and Lee, Jr. We thank Lee for his almost 10 year commitment to serving FCA and its young people, and hope to have him with us for many more years. u

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4 • French Camp TODAY • Summer 2014

Valedictorian and Salutatorian: Both Scholar Athletes By Sylvia Dickson

Hunter McKnight, from McCool, MS, is the son of Rusty (’84) & Tami Newman McKnight (’82). Having lived his life in and around French Camp, the family legacy of FCA graduates extends back to 1957 when his grandfather, Ralph Newman, graduated. *Paul Hunter McKnight His home church is Valedictorian McCool Baptist. Hagan Box says that he has attended school in French Camp, all my life. Hagan is the son of Keith & Jennifer Crowder (’85) Box. He and his family attend Bethsaida Baptist Church. Hunter’s and Hagan’s most memorable event *Hagan Box at FCA was winning Salutatorian the State 1A football championship. They advise their high school classmates not to rush through high school but enjoy it. The best way to do that is to finish school work on time or even early, then put the other things in. While at FCA, Hunter has been in the Beta Club, served as the SGA president, voted into Who’s Who, played football, basketball and baseball, and been involved in mission work. He was voted into the FCA Hall of Fame and elected Mr. FCA. As Star Student, he selected his mom, Tami, as Star Teacher. Hunter has received the Presidential with Distinction Scholarship from Mississippi College in Clinton and Kelly Cook Foundation Scholarship. He will pursue a pre-med degree and plans to become a family physician. At FCA, Hagan has played football and baseball, been a member of the Beta Club, and was voted into the FCA Hall of Fame. Hagan has signed with Ittawamba Community College to play baseball and is interested in securing his undergraduate degree from MSU. He hopes to develop a career as an athletic trainer. His summer plans include working with his father in the family logging business and playing baseball. He is a member of the summer league, the Mississippi Marlins, that will travel the southeast competing with other leagues. u

2014 Graduates

Olivia Lynn Aucoin, from Baton Rouge, LA, is the daughter of Bradley & Lynn Aucoin.

Rebecca Brooks Brown, from Tupelo, MS, is the daughter of Lyn Taylor and Hugh Brown. Dylan Dean Dickey, from Globe, AZ, is the son of Mary Ann Garcia.

*Rogelio Arturo Duarte, from Memphis, TN, is sponsored by the Larry & Leesa Jensen, Eddie & Nancy Foster, and Rob & Susan Liddon. Michael Erving, Jr., from McCool, MS, is in the care of Aunt Shirley Barksdale & Tina Moyer.

*Charles Tyler Foster, from Little Rock, MS, is the son of William & Suzanne Foster.

Sam Gould, from Memphis, TN, is the son of Jennie & Tom Gould.

Tevin Harris, from Memphis, TN, is the son of Delphia Harris. James Travis Henning, from French Camp, MS, is the son of Warren & Lisa Henning.

Steven Cole Henson, from French Camp, MS, is the son of Steve Henson & Karen Delesalle. *Jesse Ralph Hosket, from French Camp, MS, is the son of Bruce & Kim Hosket.

Jeremiah Samuel Howard, from French Camp, MS, is in the care of FCA.

*Honor Graduate

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you (Jeremiah 29: 11-12).

French Camp TODAY • summer 2014 • 5

*Daniel Lavon Hughes, from Columbus, MS, is the son of Mary Hatcher.

Douglas Everette Hughes, from Columbus, MS, is the son of Mary Hatcher. Cody Jackson, from St. Morgan, CO, is the son of Leigh Ann Jackson & Matthew Jackson.

*Austin Tyler McDaniel, from Weir, MS, is the son of Todd & Melissa McDaniel.

Kazeto H. Lakok, from Memphis, TN, is the son of Alisio Lakok & Lucia Wans.

*Dameron Shane Leonard, from Olive Branch, MS, is the son of Bobby & Vicky Leyman. Jeremy Nathaniel Lowery, from Jackson, MS, is the son of Jimmy Lowery.

Jevante McAdory, from French Camp, MS, is the son of Tangia Miller.

*David Hunter Vaughn, from Weir, MS, is the son of David & Dianna Vaughn.

*Chelsea Gayle McDaniel, from Weir, MS, is the daughter of Greg & Sherri McDaniel. *Anne Claire McKnight, from McCool, MS, is the daughter of Rusty & Tami McKnight.

Megan Renee Jackson, from Sturgis, MS, is the daughter of Corbett & Tammy Jackson.

Samuel Colt Trehern, from Ethel, MS, is the son of Joy & Chuck Trehern.

*LaBrisha Nicole Willoughby, from Belzoni, MS, is the daughter of Jan Willoughby.

Belinda Rena Windom, from Weir, MS, is the daughter of Joyce Hudson & Tarrell Windom.

Shea McNutt, from French Camp, MS, is the daughter of Dorothy & Calvin McNutt.

Ryan Christopher Moyer, from McCool, MS, is the son of Larry Joe & Tina Moyer.

Gihan Musa, from Memphis, TN, is the daughter of Koko & Meligi Musa.

*Kassie Klaire Oswalt, from French Camp, MS, is the daughter of Laurie & Rusty Bowman.

Thomas Lee Peacock from French Camp, MS, is the son of Andy & Shelia Peacock.

Jacob B. Witt, from French Camp, MS, is the son of Curtis W. Witt. *Honor Graduate

6 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2014

Honor Gifts

Honor gifts show appreciation to a living person­–such as teachers, pastors, parents, etc., while helping students at FCA. To make an Honor Gift, you may use the form/envelope provided, designating the type of gift you are making. The honoree will be notified of your thoughtfulness. Amounts of gifts are never divulged.

January BENNERS, MR. AND MRS. MORRIS, Birmingham, AL Dr. and Mrs. Fayette C. Williams, Jr. CARROLL, EMILY, Anderson, TN Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rockhill CARSON, JO ANN, Ringgold, LA Mr. Thomas Scott Carson CARSON, THOMAS SCOTT, Kosciusko, MS Mrs. Jo Ann Carson CLARK, DR. LISA, Dallas, TX Mrs. Emmy Stone COMERFORD, JANET, Grand Junction, CO Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Wilkes COUNTS, LISA, Vicksburg, MS Mr. Lee G. Fuller CROSBY, WILLIAM, Plattsburgh, NY Mr. and Mrs. David Cornell DAVIS, MR. AND MRS. WALTER, Burlington, NC Mrs. Dorothy Davis Miley DONALD, AMY, Sewanee, TN Mr. and Mrs. David B. Donald DUNLAP, FRANCES, Diamondhead, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jayson T. Ecuyer DURHAM, MARGARET Mrs. Betty Nash EAVES, PATRICIA, Canton, MS Mrs. Peggy B. Cannada EBDON, GARY, Kemah, TX Mr. and Mrs. John Fahnestock, Jr.


FAUST, DAN AND JEWEL, Indianapolis, IN Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rockhill FAUST, DR. AND MRS. JOHN, Birmingham, AL Dr. and Mrs. Fayette C. Williams, Jr. FLOWERS, MARY ANN (RANDY), Winona, MS Mr. and Mrs. John W. Flowers GOVAN, MARY, Anderson, TN Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rockhill GRICE, CARYN, Dickson, TN Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Dudrow GRIFFITH, STEPHANIE, New York, NY Mrs. Athena B. Davies HUGHES, BILL AND MARY ANN Dr. and Mrs. James M. Baird HUGHES, CARSON AND KAY Dr. and Mrs. James M. Baird JONES, MR. AND MRS. FRANK, Richton, MS Mr. and Mrs. V. Steve McGraw NOTO, JAY, Mandeville, LA Mr. Lee G. Fuller PEGUES, NORMA Mrs. Betty Nash PINYOT FAMILY, Fishers, IN Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rockhill ROCKHILL, ED AND VICKI, Fishers, IN Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Rockhill SCOTT, LIZ, Statesville, NC Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kingsley SIMPSON, JOE, Winona, MS Mr. and Mrs. Ed H. Simpson, III SOLIMINE, RACHEL Mr. Michael Solimine

UDASHEN, MR. GARY Mrs. Emmy Stone WALDROP, KIMBERLY Max L. Waldrop WARE, BRISTER AND MARIAN Dr. and Mrs. James M. Baird


ALLEN, DAVID, Ocean Springs, MS Rev. and Mrs. William L. Mosal ARROWOOD, STEVEN AND SARAH, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Leo Barnett CAIN, C. S. (SKIP), Ridgeland, MS Mrs. Polly B. Allen CHANEY, KAYLON AND JORDAN, French Camp, MS Ms. Sadie Griffin COGHLAN, ANN, Philadelphia, MS Ms. Elaine S. Jackson COLEMAN, MARY, Corinth, MS Ms. Dorothy E. Duncan DRANE, MR. AND MRS. WALTON, Pearl, MS Mrs. Dorothy Davis Miley FOSTER, MRS. KATHERYN, Madison, MS Dr. and Mrs. G. Boyd Shaw FRIENDS AT SPORT SPRING PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Mr. J. Thomas Littlejohn FRYERY, NAOMI, Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. William F. Fryery GOFORTH, CECIL, Meridian, MS Ms. Sandra McMullan

GRANBERRY, MR. AND MRS. KENNY, Raymond, MS Mrs. Dorothy Davis Miley HANLON, MELANIE, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barnette Tohill HEIDEL, CHIP AND DONNA, Yazoo City, MS Mrs. Penelope S. Jackson HENICK, ZOE, Yazoo City, MS Mrs. Penelope S. Jackson MALONE, NELL, Carthage, MS Ms. Elaine S. Jackson MAYFIELD, DR. BILL, Jackson, MS Dr. and Mrs. G. Boyd Shaw PAYNE, KARON, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barnette Tohill POWNALL, MARCIA, Plymouth, IN Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wicht, Jr. PURSER, RUFUS, Carthage, MS Ms. Elaine S. Jackson ROBERTSON, JAMES W., Corinth, MS Ms. Dorothy E. Duncan SMATHERS, ROBERT R., Terry, MS Mrs. Dorothy Weathersby SOLIMINE, RACHEL, French Camp, MS Mr. Michael Solimine WATSON, MARIE Strong United Methodist Church WEST, MR. AND MRS. PAUL, Pebble Beach, CA Dr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Wilkes

Memorial Gifts

March ALTER FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. Lanny F. McKay BOYERS, DON AND BRENDA, Clemmons, NC Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kingsley BRADFORD, DR. AND MRS. MEREDITH, Jackson, MS Max L. Waldrop CAIN, MRS. GERRY, Ridgeland, MS Mrs. Polly B. Allen CHAVEZ, DR. JAMIE, Jonesboro, AR Mr. and Mrs. Philip Faughn COHEN, MR. AND MRS. HOWARD, Lewisberry, PA Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Williamson FORTENBERRY, MARY MARGARET, Canton, MS Rev. and Mrs. William L. Mosal HUGHES, ROBBIE, Jackson, MS Ms. Elizabeth Wright JACK, ANNA MADELYN, OLIVIA KATE AND  MARLEY MIMS Mr. and Mrs. William J. Mims MILLWOOD, TAMARA, Carbon Hill, AL Mr. Joey Clingan REDDEN, LUCY, Dickson, TN Ms. Norma Kinsley REV. PHILLIP PALMER AND FAMILY, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Ellison SCOTT, KARON, Starkville, MS Mrs. Imogene Duckett SOLIMINE, RACHEL Mr. Michael Solimine

e strive to answer memorials and notify relatives as quickly and accurately as possible after they are received. When you send in a memorial, please include the name of the deceased, the complete address of the person you wish notified and your complete address. Important: IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A NAME and ADDRESS OF A RELATIVE OR FRIEND OF THE DECEASED, WE WILL BE UNABLE TO NOTIFY ANYONE OF YOUR GIFT. Follow the same procedure for honor gifts. (A blank form and envelope appear in this issue.)

January ANDERSON, GRAYSON, Houston, TX Mrs. Betty B. Beathard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davis Mr. Ron Haley Jud Hurley Foundation Mrs. Carolyn Craig Keeble Mrs. Judy E. Meador Mrs. Dorothy Winston Smith Mrs. Sharon Werlin Staton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Selke BARBER, JR., HAROLD ROBERT (ROB), Nashville, TN Rotary Club of Green Hills BARRENTINE, JANIE C., Greenwood, MS Mrs. Helen Tenhet BEAN, R. B. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen Neal BILELLO, ELIZABETH HORNE Mrs. Polly Wright BLOODWORTH, HAZEL, Jackson, MS Mrs. Martha G. Vance BOOTH, BERNARD Mrs. Barbara A. Kroeze BOUNDS, MICHAEL E. Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Bounds BOWLES, JULIA Mrs. Gene E. Philpot BOX, BILLY JOE Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maness BRANTLEY, MARY FRANCES, Madden, MS Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lewis BREWER, CHARLES, Canton, MS Mr. and Mrs. Judson Earl Walker, Jr. BROOKS, HARRIET, Collierville, TN Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Nix BROOKS, PAT KELLY Mrs. Mary Nell Kadlec BRUMFIELD, MARGARET HARRIS, Inverness, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover BURCHFIELD, VELMA Ms. Shirley Adams BUSBEA, MRS. DAVID, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw CAIN, LILLY M., Sallis, MS Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. McMillan

CAJOLEAS, MARIA Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Bleakney, Jr. CARSON, THOMAS GORDON, Kosciusko, MS Mr. Thomas Scott Carson CARVER, JACK, Belzoni, MS Mrs. Rosanna Beckham CHISOLM, LORETTA, Toomsuba, MS Ms. Sandra McMullan COGGINS, SADIE AND HUBERT Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record CONLY, ETOYLE AND SHIRLEY, Ringgold, LA Mr. Thomas Scott Carson COX, SUZANNE Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Resch CUNNINGHAM, ERMA LOUISE, Tchula, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover Mr. and Mrs. Hank Kelly Mrs. Helen Lammons Mrs. Nell Parker Lyon Southland Flying Service, Inc. Mr. Paul Taylor, Jr. Mr. Reggie Gwin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. James Mr. and Mrs. F. Ralph Owens, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster DAVIS, ANN ELIZABETH, Pickens, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Gatlin DONALD, JERRY Pentecostal Church of God DUCKWORTH, MOIRA, Savannah, GA Mr. S. Kent Dear, Sr. FLYNT, JOE G., Brandon, MS Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Flynt FONTAINE, EMILY GILMORE Mr. Leroy Worsham FORD, HELEN SPELL Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wakefield FORTENBERRY, GAIL B., Pinola, MS Mr. James M. Smiley, III FOUNTAIN, NORMAN, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens FRANKLIN, EDNA LOTT Mr. and Mrs. James L. Spencer, III FREEMAN, DAVID RALPH Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Smith GANNAWAY, JOY, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Sumrall GARY, JOSEPH (JOE) WEBSTER Mr. and Mrs. J. Kearney Travis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Dorman GRAEBER, DE, Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Graeber GRAVES, JOSEPH NEWELL, Houlka, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Graves GUEYDON, EDMOND, Harahan, LA Mr. and Mrs. Frank Biggs GUTHRIE, WALTER, Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ewing HAMMOND, CHUCK Mrs. Helen T. Hammond HARBISON, BILLY Mr. and Mrs. F. Ralph Owens, Jr. HARTLEY, CINDI, Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey E. Hartley HEAD, BOB, Starkville, MS Mrs. Marilyn Head HENRION, ANNA MAE Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Fultz HENSON, HARVEY, DeKalb, MS Ms. Sandra McMullan Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Cade HERRING, BRYANT HOLMES Dr. and Mrs. David R. Segrest Dr. and Mrs. Scott T. Segrest HOLIFIELD, BRODIE LEE, Ridgeland, MS Mr. and Mrs. W. Brewer Pearson HOOD, GLORIA Mrs. Barbara A. Kroeze HORNE, II, WILLIAM A. Mrs. Polly Wright HORNSBY, ROBERT P. Mrs. Roenella G. Hornsby HOWELL, DONNIE AND KATHY, Fall River Mills, CA Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Graeber HOWELL, SUE, McCool, MS Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Blaine HUBBARD, WILLIAM (SONNY), Raymond, MS Mrs. Miriam Riggin Mrs. Carolyn Liddell Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Brock INMON, BYRON, Pontotoc, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Batte, Sr. Mr. Mark Love Mr. and Mrs. Danny R. Fultz JASPER, MARTIN T., Mathiston, MS Mrs. Mary A. Jasper JEWELL, CAROLYN Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fondren, Jr.

JOHNSON, DYLAN, Learned, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oaks JONES, MERI AUGUST, Inverness, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Delas, Jr. KAISER, CAROLYN, Vicksburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Carl Voss KECK, TREBBIE Mrs. Martha G. Vance KELLEY, TOM Mrs. Martha G. Vance KING, PAUL MAC, Carthage, MS Mrs. Mary Florence King KNIGHT, LINDA, Byram, MS Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ewing LANGFORD, J. JERRY, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Fryant, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Glover, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Armin J. Moeller, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gene S. Barlow Dr. and Mrs. Willard Boggan, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Foose Mrs. Billie Jean Ford Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Gatlin Mrs. June Harrison Dr. and Mrs. William A. Long, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Terry Rees LEWIS, LEON Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Travis, III Mrs. Virginia Hogan Mr. and Mrs. James A. Turner LIDDELL, JACK, Learned, MS Mrs. Peggy B. Cannada Mr. and Mrs. James V. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barnett Mrs. Suzanne Braddock Mr. and Mrs. Sammy J. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Curtis Mr. Alston Curtis Mrs. Jeanne Hall Mr. J. Harold Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. Talmadge McNair Mr. and Mrs. Larry Oaks Mrs. Miriam Riggin Dr. Jimmy F. Vessell Mr. and Mrs. Chick Warner Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Morrison LOCKE, MELVIN AND ALINE, Oxford, MS Rev. and Mrs. Donald W. Locke LONG, JAMES Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Roy, Jr.

LUTZ, MAJ. GEN. CATHY, Flora, MS Ms. Sue S. Nowell Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joseph Quayle MARS, MIRIAM, Philadelphia, MS Mrs. Helen Thomasson MCCLELLAN, LARRY, Winona, MS Mr. and Mrs. Mike Whitfield MCCULLEN, BETH, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Ben Caldwell Mrs. Betty M. Edwards Mrs. Nancy R. McCain MCCULLOCH, LEO Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maness MCDANIEL, BELINDA, Starkville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry Branch Mrs. Polly B. Allen MCDANIEL, LINDA LOU, Sallis, MS Mr. and Mrs. John H. Alston MILLER, MARTHA, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bishop MONTAGUE, FRANK Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lord MONTAGUE, HEATHER SIMS, French Camp, MS Mrs. Nanih Waiya Braswell Henning MOORE, MRS. CHESTER, Leland, MS Mrs. Chloe F. Ganier PARKINSON, PAT Mr. and Mrs. F. Ralph Owens, Jr. OGDEN, BUTCH Mr. Samuel T. Polk, III OLIVER, JAMES E. Mr. and Mrs. James Middleton OVERSTREET, FRANCES Mrs. Virginia R. Campbell OWEN, HELEN Mr. Howard W. Owen OWEN, RUTH, Amite, LA Mrs. Kristine E. Owen PAUL, COL. LARRY Max L. Waldrop PEE, SR., JOHNNIE N., French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison PEREZ, CHRISTINE HAMILTON Mrs. Polly B. Allen PERRY, JR., GEORGE C., Jackson, MS Miss Edith L. Perry PHILLIPS, LOUISE BONDURANT The Graeber Family PITTS, BUD Mrs. Regina R. Hennessy


French Camp TODAY • summer 2014 • 7


Our men in uniform have made us proud. The 2014 Panther baseball team captured the Region 6 1A championship with 5-2 and 6-1 wins over Sebastopol. Cathedral High School in An unmatched year for tennis Natchez played exceptional games edging FCA out of the playoffs for South State Champion- By Larry Mincher I’ve coached tennis at French Camp for ship in a 2 out of 3 game rally. u ten years now and have never had a better year. We took on a number of beginners which could have been a tough challenge. But with the coaching staff of Helen Boyd, Jamie Senyard, Kristen Kelly, and Stephen Korpi, a number of our first year players progressed quickly and contributed significantly in our matches. We were successful this year with a number of wins against teams in our area. The two teams in our division were loaded with experienced players, but Micah Gray qualified for the state tournament in girls’ singles and made it to the semifinals.

Track Results It was a beautiful day when our Panther track teams competed in the State Track and Field Championship on Monday, May 12. Chelsea McDaniel took top honors in Pole Vault winning the Gold Medal in the 1A Division. She also took the Bronze Medal in the 400 meter dash. The boys’ relay team—Nyang Wek, Emmanuel Nawi, B. J. Hisen, and Kazeto Lakok— took the Bronze Medal in the 1600 relay. Abigal Holman placed 6th in the 3200 meter run, and Catherine Bell placed 5th in the 800 meter run. Congratulations to Coach Hugh Long and the FCA track and field teams. u

Our Panther football seniors display their championship rings for the 1A State Championship. u

Seniors Sam Howard and Gihan Musa have been great assets to the team. Sam has played for us 6 years and GiGi for 4. This was a wonderful season and we are looking forward to next year. u

Thanks to all who participated in the Text to Win contest. FCA received a $1000 check for our athletic program from Blue Cross Blue Shield. u

8 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2014

Mr. & Miss FCA Hunter McKnight and Chelsea McDaniel were selected as 2014 Mr. & Miss FCA.

grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Hunter is the son of Rusty and Tami McKnight of McCool, MS, and has attended FCA for 4 years. During that time he has participated on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. He was a member of the Beta Club and President of the SGA. A favorite activity was being part of FCA mission trips. His favorite Bible verse is Hebrews 4: 14-16: Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of

Chelsea is the daughter of Greg and Sherri McDaniel of Weir, MS, and attended FCE and FCA for her entire school career. She was very active in athletics, playing basketball, softball, cheerleading, track and field, winning this year’s gold medal at the state meet. Chelsea was also a member of the Beta Club and selected for the homecoming court. She plans to attend Mississippi State University and major in kinesiology and minor in Spanish. Her favorite Bible chapter is Proverbs 31: …A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies…Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate. u

2014 Hall of Fame

Pictured from left to right are Anne Claire McKnight, Hunter McKnight, Jesse Hosket, Charles Foster, Dylan Dickey, Hagan Box, Sam Howard, Chelsea McDaniel.

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain (Hebrews 6:19).

2014 FCA Graduation

Activities leading up to graduation at FCA included the light hearted and the serious. Roy and Rosemary Purvis hosted a senior pool party. At senior share night, seniors expressed their gratitude to staff and fellow students. The Baccalaureate service featured Rusty McKnight, FCA principal and alumnus, as the primary speaker.

Seniors gathered on Saturday morning, May 24th for graduation. Dr. Ed Hartman was the graduation speaker. After serving as pastor of two churches in Mississippi for 15 years, he joined Mission to the World and served as team leader of a church planting and leadership development team in Brasov, Romania (2004-2013). Since leaving Romania, Ed has continued to invest in church planting and missions. u

French Camp TODAY • Summer 2014 • 9

It’s a Wonderful Life By Sylvia Dickson

Kudos to the cast and crew for this year’s school play, It’s a Wonderful Life. More than 30 people were involved. Sam Howard played George Bailey and Jessica May played Mary Hatch. Other cast members were Chase Effler (Clarence), Nathan May (Uncle Billy), Larry Littlejohn (Mr. Potter), Omnia Koumi (Aunt Tilly), Skylyr Effler (Harry), Lori Jane Fisher (Mrs. Bailey), and Brisha Willoughby (Violet). Rounding out the cast were Hannah Mooneyhan, Thalia Saenz, Cassidy Smith, Jared Lehman, Tom Dickson, Rachel Powell, Kaley Edwards, Tristen Hamilton, Bradley Edwards, Jacob Dennis, Kate Winter, Grace Payton, and Anderson Ulerich. On the lighting and sound crews were Kazeto Lakok, David Pendleton, and Hannah Cross. Sylvia Dickson, Jamie Senyard, and Regina Smith directed. MAPPers, FCA maintenance, Hannah O’Brien and Chris McClure built the set, painted scenery, and arranged the stage. Parents and dorm parents were involved with costumes, ticket sales, and much encouragement.

Champions for Children Golf & Tennis Open The Jackson Country Club was the setting for this fun event. More than forty ladies participated in the tennis event and fourteen 4-man teams played in the golf tournament. u

Remember, George, no man is a failure who has friends. Clarence’s final words to George Bailey are as true in real life as they were in fiction. We were glad to present on our stage such a wonderful story that has touched many lives for more than 60 years. Atta’ boy, Clarence and the rest of you wonderful people. u

…looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God (Hebrews 12:2) Two Distinguished Young Women: Anna Box and Carlin West By Sylvia Dickson

The Ackerman Twentieth Century Club sponsors the Choctaw County Distinguished Young Woman Program which is part of the national DYW program. This year, two of FCA’s young ladies received top honors. Anna Box was selected as Choctaw County’s DYW and will compete in the state program this summer in Meridian. Carlin West placed as first alternate. Ping Pong Paddles whipped through the air like lightning at this annual fun day. Randy Martin, Taylor Home house parent, maintained his championship title in the men’s division. Mary Nell Coblentz, FCPC Ministry Coordinator, reclaimed the women’s title after being unable to play in last year’s tournament.

Anna, pictured on the left, is the daughter of Kevin and Tracie Box (’92) of French Camp, and Carlin’s family includes Mark (’77) and Cindy McGlothin (’80), Susan Cummings (’84), and Billy West. Special congratulations to OUR DYW’s from French Camp Academy. u

10 • French Camp TODAY • Summer 2014

Steak Night 2nd Friday of each month beginning at 5:00 PM

Steak Night

Find us on Facebook at Council House Café

Book your room at the French Camp Bed & Breakfast for a get-away. Go to historic and click the Bed & Breakfast button or call Guest Services at 662-5476835. Double Blessings Thrift Shop

Double Blessings is the place to find unique treasures and great bargains on toys, books, and household items. All proceeds support the students at French Camp Academy.

Star Gaze 2014 By Edwin Faughn

The 2014 Midsouth Star Gaze and Astronomy Conference was a success despite some bad weather. Our star guests really enjoyed the fellowship and lecture presentations by our guest speakers and research astronomers Dr. Donna Pierce, Dr. Angelle Tanner, Dr. William Keel, Dr. Jarrod Marsh, and David Teske. Dr. Keel went above and beyond in helping with additional lecture presentations that filled the void during some nighttime storms and cloud cover! Thanks also to Stephen Winkler, Dewey and Ella Barker, Larry Luke, Freddie Howell, Leon and Rosie Sharpe, Dave Halupowski, and many others for their assistance and encouragement during the Star Gaze!

Donations: We accept donations of gently used clothes, shoes, books, toys, furniture, and household goods. All donations are tax-deductible.

Open Monday - Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Nestled on 300 wooded acres beside peaceful Lake Ann this rustic retreat center offers a welcome escape from the rush of life. Rising Son Retreat Center is the perfect place to make lasting memories for your family, church, business, or club. Guestrooms, meeting and dining spaces, catering, and outdoor activities combine for your full service and enjoyment. Contact French Camp Academy Guest Services at (662) 547-6835 or view our facilities at\retreatcenter.

Check out this Star Gaze photograph taken by Jon Talbot from Ocean Springs. It is an absolutely incredible photograph of the Milky Way rising over Rainwater Observatory! Visible is one of the outer spiral arms of our galaxy, the Milky Way, which contains over 200 billion stars! It is over 100,000 light years across with one light year measuring nearly 6 trillion miles. Jon is a “Hurricane Hunter” and flies C-130 aircraft out of Keesler Air Force Base into hurricanes to measure and study them! He has flown through more than 150 Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones during the last 25 years, providing crucial data to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL.

Your Source for Southern Gospel Music 24 Hours a Day! WFCA is a 100,000-watt radio station reaching people in over 40 counties throughout central and north Mississippi on frequency 107.9 and around the world at To list an upcoming event email If you wish to advertise with us, call (662) 547-6414 or email Listen online at SPORTS FEATURES: broadcasting Mississippi State Football, Basketball, and Baseball East Mississippi Community College Football and French Camp Academy Football

WFCA For more information or to schedule a tour, contact FM 108

French Camp TODAY • summer 2014 • 11

Memorials continued

RECORD, EDNA AND BILL Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record ROBINSON, SARAH, Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Norwood SAIK, JUDY PEE Mr. and Mrs. John Harrison SAMPLE, JANE Mr. William A. Edwards SCARBROUGH, PERCY, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie McAdory SCHMITZ, ULLIN A., Eupora, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw SCOTT, EDNA, Brandon, MS Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jeff Morton SEERDEN, ROBERT Mr. James C. Boyles SHACKELFOD, VIRGINIA, Jackson, MS Coach Harper Davis Mr. William C. Brunson SHIEFFIELD, MR. EMORY Mrs. Judee O’Grady Fearn SMILEY, ETTA G., North Little Rock, AR Mr. James M. Smiley, III SMITH, JOYCE, Jackson, MS Mrs. Grace Hull STACEY, RUTH, Natchez, MS Ms. Margaret Vicki Kinsey STARNES, MILTON R., Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Norwood STEVENS, ANN HERBERT, Bethesda, MD Mr. and Mrs. T. Bruce Payne, Jr. STEVENS, CLEM Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Henning STEVENS, JOANNE Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens STONE, JAMES Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bilbro Mrs. Lajuana Buescher Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maehlmann Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Napier Mrs. Carolyn Stone Rucker Mr. Harry Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bill Stout Mr. and Mrs. Claude W. Harbarger Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kincaid Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Logan Mrs. Virginia F. Mangum Mrs. Mary Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Warwick Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaven TAYLOR, DAVID Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Tickner TAYLOR, SYBLE, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bishop Mr. Thomas Scott Carson Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jenkins Mrs. Jo Ann Carson Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Threet TETTLETON, ROBERT (BOB), Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Norwood THOMPSON, BOYD Mrs. Mary M. Beno Mr. Quin McIntyre, Jr. TREADWAY, RALPH AND JEAN, Birmingham, AL Mrs. Margaret P. Donato WALKER, III, JUDSON EARL, Brookhaven, MS Mrs. Martha W. Hogue WATKINS, JAMES DOUG Mrs. Wanda Watkins WELLS, MICHAEL Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barlow WETHINGTON, PATRICK, St. Louis, MO Mr. Thomas Scott Carson WILLIAMS, JIM Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Williford WILLIAMS, JOSEPHINE LESTER Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Fryant, Jr. WILLIAMSON, A. C., Byram, MS Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ewing YATES, BONNIE SUE HOLT Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Yates ZEBERT, THOMAS LEE, Pearl, MS Mrs. Wanda Watkins


ANDERSON, GRAYSON Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Estill Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gorman Mr. and Mrs. James Stanley Roper Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Worthington Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kilgore BACON, HAROLD, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley BALDWIN, ELEANOR SANDERS Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hines BARBER, JR., ROBERT, Nashville, TN Rotary Club of Green Hills Ms. Jean Miesse

BASS, SAMUEL SCOTT, Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster BASWELL, JOHN, Ackerman, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Dyson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McCorquodale Mrs. Sue Richards Mrs. Clare Irwin Mrs. Janice Fichter Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Baswell Mrs. Linda S. Jackson BECKHAM, AMELIA TURPIN Mr. and Mrs. Jack Matthews BEESON, LINDA, Brandon, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. McConnell BERT, JUNE, Indianola, MS Mrs. Jackie Rogers BIGGERS, DR. BUDDY, Corinth, MS Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hussey Mr. and Mrs. Robert Krohn Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, III BIGGERS, ROY H., Louin, MS Mrs. Emily Biggers BIGHAM, FAYE Mr. and Mrs. Harold Barlow BLOODWORTH, HAZEL, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dieckman BOOTH, DR. BERNARD, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. J. Lamar Maxwell BOWMAN, J. D., Taylorsville, NC Mrs. Athena B. Davies BOYD, JANICE, Atlanta, GA Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover BRADSHAW, CHARLES Mrs. Chomella Prine Beissel BRASWELL, MERRICK, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. James Herman Cooper McCabe Real Estate Mr. and Mrs. William R. Posey BRAYMAN, FRED, Meridian, MS Ms. Sandra McMullan BRIGHT, FRANKYE, Sewanee, TN Ms. Pam King BROOMFIELD, BRUCE Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Miller BRUECK, JOHNNYE LOWE Mr. Barry Brueck BRUMFIELD, MARGARET HARRIS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Shelton BYRD, GEORGE C. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Haddox Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Curtis Mrs. Ruth B. Gunn Mr. Bill Thompson CABELL, SR., BRECK, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Starling CADE, BETH, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Freedman CHENNY, MELISSA, Starkville, MS Ms. Donna P. McGary CLAY, MS. CATHERINE, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan, II COBB, MRS. RUTH MOORE Mr. and Mrs. David A. Craig COGGINS, SADIE AND HUBERT Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record COREY, SCOTT, Starkville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry Branch CORNISH, JESSIE B., Ackerman, MS Mrs. Dianne Wallace COVINGTON, DAVID, Terry, MS Mrs. Anita L. Johnson COX, SUZANNE Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Resch CROSBY, TONY, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw CROSS, GARY, Chesapeake, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. CROWELL, MRS. ERA JEAN MCGAUGH Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Allen CUMBAA, JENNI, Leland, MS Mrs. Chloe F. Ganier CUNNINGHAM, MILDRED H. Mr. and Mrs. Carson Hughes DAN, JOE Mrs. Ann C. Davis DAVIS, FRED, Indianola, MS Mr. S. Kent Dear, Sr. DAVIS, LUTHER Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ewing DOLER, MRS. NEVA Mr. and Mrs. John Monroe DONALD, BESS, Jennings, LA Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Padgett DONALD, GERALD, Rayville, LA Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen Neal DUCKWORTH, MOIRA Mrs. Peggy B. Cannada ELY, MARK, Gluckstadt, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Delas, Jr.

ENGLE, MICHAEL, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. McConnell FLETCHER, JR., W. B. Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Lyell FLOYD, ROBERT, Booneville, MS Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson FOAKITT, SHIRLEY, Chesapeake, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. FORTENBERRY, JERRY A., Columbia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Johnson GALLOWAY, CHARLES, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley GAMMILL, JESSE A., Ackerman, MS Mr. and Mrs. James Herman Cooper The Moselle Memorial Baptist Church GILLIS, FRANCES, Sturgis, MS Mrs. Irene Morgan HALL, DALE Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Bleakney, Jr. HALL, MR. GEORGE, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Williford HALLIDAY, CYNTHIA BAILEY, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley HAMMOND, CHUCK Mrs. Helen T. Hammond HARKNESS, JEFF, Pontotoc, MS Mr. J. Thomas Littlejohn HARPOLE, BOOTS, Philadelphia, MS Mrs. Joan H. Ross HARRIS, INEZ Ms. Sarah H. Ellison HENDRICKS, MICHAEL, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Graeber HENRY, BOB AND MARIE, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. Michael Henderson HENRY, MARIE, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. James A. Boyd, Jr. Dr. Robert N. Gilliland Mr. and Mrs. Kline Ozborn, Jr. Mr. W. C. Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. Chip Triplett Hailey›s Hardware, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dew Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Ozborn Dr. and Mrs. Tip R. Hailey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burnett Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Barry Wade Mr. Chad Wade HOLMES, VIRGINIA Mrs. Gene E. Philpot HOOD, MRS. SYLVIA, Greenwood, MS Mrs. Nell Salley HOWELL, RUTH, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. McKay HUNTER, ALICE Mrs. Imogene Turner JAMES, MRS. WEBB, Waynesboro, MS Mr. and Mrs. Bert J. Nail JASPER, PH. D., MARTIN T., Mathiston, MS Mrs. Mary A. Jasper JOHNSON, JIM PAT, Madden, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bryan JOLLY, BETTYE Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Shelton JONES, JESSIE DEEN, Tchula, MS Mrs. Nora Deen Link Maloy JONES, MRS. JOANN Dr. and Mrs. William S. Pollard, Jr. JONES, WILLIAM EVERARDE, Milestone, MS Mrs. Nora Deen Link Maloy KINNEY, HAZEL HOFFMAN, Oxford, MS Mrs. Sue Rogers KUGLE, MAMIE, Ackerman, MS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maness LANDING, M. KATHERINE, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. LANGFORD, J. JERRY Mr. and Mrs. James S. Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Povall LIDDELL, JACK, Learned, MS Mr. Trent E. Curtis LITTLEJOHN, MRS. EVA, Pontotoc, MS Mr. and Mrs. George Q. Stegall MACKENZIE, ROBERT, West Point, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw MARS, MIRIAM, Philadelphia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Graeber MARTIN, III, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN The Graeber Family MASHBURN, WALTER Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Robertson MCCARTY, CATHERINE, Greenville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Davis MCCONNELL, BOB Mr. and Mrs. Freddy Abraham MCRAE, FRANK E. Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Smith MCREYNOLDS, FRANCES Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stitt, II

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster MILLER, HUNTER B., Biloxi, MS Mr. and Mrs. John Fahnestock, Jr. MILLSAPS, EDITH, Starkville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover Mrs. Betty H. Boyd MITCHELL, MRS. GLADYS Mr. and Mrs. Bill Self MUNN, DR. WILLIAM, Mendenhall, MS Mrs. Betty S. Allen NEWTON, PAUL Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Oerting Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley Dr. and Mrs. Frank Y. Rogers NILES, JASON A. Mrs. Frances Thompson OGNEN, KENNY Mrs. Genevieve L. Allen OOTEN, TERRY Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. Stair OWEN, RUTH Mrs. Kristine E. Owen PACE, PATSY CLARK Mrs. Betty Savage PATTON, ELMEASE Mrs. Ann C. Davis PEACOCK, LULA MAE Mr. James Rivers PEEL, BILLY Mrs. Janet Black Stokes PICKETT, JAMES E. Ms. Velma Jo Money PRESSLER, EUNICE, Josephine, AL Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley RAMAGE, KATHLEEN Best Yet MHV Club RAMPLEY, CARROLL, Booneville, MS Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson RECORD, EDNA AND BILL Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record RIMMELL, EDNA BERT, Rome City, IN Mrs. Edith T. West ROBERTS, JOHN PRESTON, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Roberts ROBERTS, MRS. DEBORAH Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Stokes SADLER, HELEN Mr. and Mrs. Al Ray SANDERS, DR. EMIL S., Oxford, MS Mrs. Regina R. Hennessy SAXTON, CURTIS Mrs. Mitzie Taylor First Baptist Church SCARBOROUGH, JERRYE, Tyler, TX Mr. and Mrs. Edwin E. Tolleson SCOTT, EDNA, Carthage, MS Mrs. Imogene Turner SISNEY, MRS. DORTHY, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw SMITH, CAROLYN LANDING, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. STACY, DESIREE, Ackerman, MS Mr. and Mrs. Terry Garlan Liddell Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Blaine STAPLES, ELLA, Ackerman, MS Mr. and Mrs. Charles Maness STEVENS, JOANNE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens STOCKETT, SAM, Jackson, MS Mrs. Georgia Lemon Anderson STOKES, MRS. ADE LYN, D›Iberville, MS Mrs. Mary Kathy Bramuchi STONE, JAMES C., Ludlow, MS Husker, LLC Mrs. Josephine W. Stone THOMAS, MRS. EDITH, Tupelo, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Flanagan THOMAS, PERRY KING, Tupelo, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Flanagan THOMPSON, JOHN T. AND JERRI Mrs. Janie Dale Taylor Mrs. Jean Q. Hutchison THOMPSON, MRS. FERNITA M., Ridgeland, MS Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Tickner TOLAR, LISA STRICKLIN, Brandon, MS Brandon Pres. Church Mr. and Mrs. Dale Brooks Mr. and Mrs. James D. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Langley, Jr. Warnock and Associates Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Williams Mr. and Mrs. Mike W. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Caves Mr. and Mrs. William Ellington Mr. Milton D. Matthews McMaster & Associates, Inc. Jackson Prep Friends of 1978 Ev McKay Barrett Alison Swayze Bowman Laurie Lott Defoe

Nan Henley Dear Robin Reilly Edwards Helen Williford Lynch Lynn Lofton Pearson Beth Taylor Copiah County Board of Supervisors Jimmy Phillips Perry Hood Kenneth Powell Terry Channell Earl Dixon Elise Munn Ronnie Barlow Booky Thompson Ron McMaster Steve Amos TREADAWAY, JEAN & RALPH Mrs. Margaret P. Donato VAN CLEVE, DAN Mrs. Betty L. Early WARD, ROY AND HELEN Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Ward WATKINS, JAMES DOUG Mrs. Wanda Watkins WELCH, JR., L. LESTER Mrs. Totsy Welch Shelton WHITTINGTON, DALE AND BOBBIE, Monroe, LA Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Wall WILCHER, BRUCE, Carthage, MS Mr. Laston L. Webb WILES, TINA Mr. and Mrs. Al Ray WOFFORD, DR. JOHN D. Mrs. Chomella Prine Beissel WOODS, BETTY, Philadelphia, MS Mr. Ross Townsend YATES, BONNIE SUE HOLT Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Yates


ABLES, ANN, Benton, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Graeber ANDERSON, GRAYSON Mrs. Gloria B. Galtney Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Yates ASKEW, SIDNEY KNOX (KNOCKY) Mrs. Roma H. Askew ATWOOD, PEGGY, Kosciusko, MS Atwood Chevrolet BALIUS, VONCEIL Mr. and Mrs. W. Brewer Pearson BANKS, MRS. FRANCES O. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bailey BARNETT, REV. GEORGE Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holland BASS, SAMUEL SCOTT (SAM) Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Edwards BASS, VIRGINIA LEE Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Edwards BASWELL, JOHN W. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Reeves, Jr. Mrs. Rebecca A. Ellis Mrs. Dianne Wallace BAYSINGER, MAC, Philadelphia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Graeber BEAN, SARA Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen Neal BELL, BILL Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group BIGGERS, Dr. J. D. (BUDDY), Corinth, MS Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mimms Dyess Mr. and Mrs. Hank Farris Mr. and Mrs. John A. Kuelbs Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Spear Mr. and Mrs. John C. Stanley, IV Dr. and Mrs. Bob Davis Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crowe Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gray Mrs. Irmgard Griffin Mr. and Mrs. David M. Palmer Mr. Thomas F. Ledbetter Ms. Pam Sebren Kelly Weissinger Mrs. Tammy Dyess BOGGETT, RUTH, Rolling Fork, MS Mrs. Peggy B. Cannada BOONE, TOM, Noxapater, MS Ms. Sheryl Fox BOOTH, III, BERNARD Mrs. Barbara C. Spell BOULER, WILLODEAN, Leland, MS Mr. and Mrs. William F. Flood BOWLING, ALFRED Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Bowling BROWN, HOWARD Mrs. Imogene Turner BUSBEA, JOANN Mickey and Edwin Albin

12 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2014

Biblical Foundations for a Wonderful Life By Sylvia Dickson

When our seniors speak about FCA, it is gratifying to hear how the Bible classes, Christian Family Living, and individual mentoring by FCA staff have influenced them. Over and over again seniors express how much they have learned about building good relationships, applying Biblical principles in decision making, and living with integrity. To highlight their experience at FCA, many listed their favorite Bible verses, which you will find sprinkled throughout the paper. Based on the diversity of verses and number of students who listed verses, it seems a Biblical foundation for a wonderful life has been laid at FCA. u

Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it (I Corinthians 9:24). BYRD, GEORGE Mr. and Mrs. Peter Casano BYRD, ROLAND Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy McMillin CADE, BETH Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Freedman CALLICOTT, JANIE Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sibley CARR, ERIC Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Fore CARR, MRS. SYLVIA L., Ackerman, MS Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mitchell CHRISTIAN, MARY W. AND GRAHAM Mr. John M. Christian CLARK, FREDERICK Miss Elizabeth Ann Clark COGGINS, SADIE AND HUBERT Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record COMPTON, MR. ALAN Mr. and Mrs. Newton B. Dodson COOK, MRS. DAISY Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw COOK, SUSAN, Batesville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Parrish DAVIS, FREDRICK Mr. and Mrs. Keith McKey Mrs. Connie S. Wadsworth Mrs. Doris G. Boyer The Jack Nix Family DEES, MARTHA FAY Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Blaine DELOACH, APRIL Mrs. Martha G. Vance DENTON, SR., WILLIAM JESSE, Meridian, MS Ms. Sheryl Fox DONAHUE, LEE ROY, Kilmichael, MS Napa Auto Parts of Winona DUKE, FLETCHER, Indianola, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Delas, Jr. DUNLAP, FRANCES MCKIE Mrs. Eileen Scheier Mr. and Mrs. Dale Crossman Mr. Niels O. Ewing Mrs. Jean L. Griffies Ms. Joyce M. Woltman Ms. Sandi Fenstemacher and Family Ms. Barbara W. Broad Mr. and Mrs. Sammy J. Crawford ELLIS, ANGIE JONES, Batesville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goodwin

FAUROT, ED Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Yates FOUNTAIN, GEORGE ASHLEY Mrs. Jo Askew Blasingame Mrs. Roma H. Askew Ms. Charline Killebrew FOX, GEORGE Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group FOX, STEVE, Montgomery, AL Mrs. Athena B. Davies FREEMAN, WILSON, Carrollton, GA Mrs. Jo Wiggins GADDIS, MRS., Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Gatlin GAY, ALTHEA, Natchez, MS Mr. and Mrs. W. Brewer Pearson GEORGE, DAVID Mr. Boswell Kennard GOODWIN, BOB Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group GRIFFIN, KIFFEN Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group GROGAN, MRS. NANCY, Germantown, TN Mr. and Mrs. David A. Craig HALL, COL. GEORGE ROBERT Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carter, Jr. HAMMOND, CHUCK Mrs. Helen T. Hammond HARGETT, MR. HERBERT, Ruleville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Hart HARPER, JOHN, Tulsa, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jim McGarr HARRIS, DOROTHY MAY MCMILLIAN Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hardin HEARON, MR. ROSCOE, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan, II Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Beard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chatham Dr. and Mrs. John E. Green Mr. and Mrs. James K. Griffith Dr. and Mrs. Aubrey K. Lucas Mrs. Katie Rose McClendon Mrs. Retha M. McMullan Mr. and Mrs. James E. Morris Ms. Karen Shemper Ms. Mary A. Walt Mrs. Mikell Watkins Mr. and Mrs. David Carroll Dr. and Mrs. Gary N. Garner Mr. and Mrs. Randy Garner Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wicht, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Johnson Miss Rebecca C. Bourdene Mr. Malcolm English Mrs. Betty Hearon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steadman Mr. and Mrs. Lynwood C. Wheeler HELTON, KATHY, Sandhill, MS Mr. Norvell Ogden HENRY, MARIE H. Mr. Brian Uchida HIGHTOWER, JIM (SLIM), Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. HOLLOWAY, SARA SMITH CHESTNUT Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bishop HORTON, WILL Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group HUNT, EILEEN Mrs. Genevieve L. Allen JACKSON, ROSS, Brookhaven, MS Ms. Margaret Vicki Kinsey JASPER, PHD, DR. MARTIN T., Mathiston, MS Mrs. Mary A. Jasper JOHNSON, LINDA C. Mrs. Rosanna Beckham JONES, MRS. FRAN, Ridgeland, MS Mrs. Grace Hull JONES, ROLAND W. Ms. Jo A. Sowell JONES, TIM Mrs. Bonnie T. Crosby KALLAM, SR., JAMES G., Decatur, AL Mrs. Athena B. Davies KARLAK, BOB, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Bill Manning KERR, MRS. JIMMIE, McCool, MS Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Blaine KINNEY, HAZEL HOFFMAN Dr. and Mrs. B. J. Chain, Jr. KYNERD, V. C. PETE, Bailey, MS Mrs. Velma Kynerd LANGFORD, J. JERRY Mrs. Margie H. Buchanan LEACH, MAE ELLA Miss Cheryl Nadine Ramsey LEMLEY, LUCILLE, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. LEONARD, CHARLES E. Dr. and Mrs. Larry Morris LEWIS, MR. LEON Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Dunbar

LEWIS, NEIL, Brookhaven, MS Ms. Margaret Vicki Kinsey LIDDELL, JACK Mrs. Virginia Gammill MARTIN, DR. BEN Mr. and Mrs. Jackson H. Wittjen MARTIN, JACK Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group MATTOX, GLORIA, Carrollton, MS Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Sands MCCARLEY, LELA MAE, Water Valley, MS Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goodwin MCCARTY, KATHRYN Mickey and Edwin Albin MCKNIGHT, BONNIE MILNER, Collierville, TN Mr. and Mrs. Bobby McKnight MILES, LAVENIA RAY, Starkville, MS Mrs. Ophelia Reed MILLER, BETTY Mr. W. Kapp Perry MOATES, SUSAN, West Point, MS Coach Harper Davis Mr. S. Kent Dear, Sr. MOORE, THOMAS Mickey and Edwin Albin MORRIS, ETHELYN Bill and Dede Graeber and Clark Graeber NILES, JASON Ms. Natoma Nash Noble Mr. Gerald Roberson Mrs. Edna Marie Sevin OWEN, SR., RICHARD EDWARD Mr. and Mrs. George H. Clarke PARKINSON, RANDY Mickey and Edwin Albin PAYNE, MARTHA, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. PEEL, MR. BILLY, Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bardin Redditt PERRY, GEORGE C., Jackson, MS Miss Edith L. Perry PERRY, JULIA G., Jackson, MS Miss Edith L. Perry POOLE, MRS. ZELBERT H., Canton, MS Mr. John P. Weir PREWITT, RICKI Mr. and Mrs. William F. Flood RANDALL, KAREN, Gloster, MS Mr. and Mrs. Keith D. Kent RANSOM, MARGUERITE, Jackson, MS Mrs. Virginia R. Campbell

RAYE, BOBBIE Mrs. Helen Eidson Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw RECORD, EDNA AND BILL Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record ROBERTS, MAVIS Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Roberts ROBISON, DOUG, Guntown, MS Mr. and Mrs. Cecil W. Clark, Sr. ROSAMOND, MRS. TIP, Kosciusko, MS Mary Thornton Bible Class RUMMEL, BUDDY, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rummel SANDERS, JOHNNY MAC, Carthage, MS Ms. Margaret Vicki Kinsey SANDERSON, DIANE, Pineville, MO Mr. Woody Ogden SANDRIDGE, JENNY Mr. and Mrs. Dyke Sandridge SAVAGE, JR., JOHN, Fairhope, AL Max L. Waldrop SHAW, ROBERT Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group SMITH, CAROLYN LANDING, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. SMITH, JIM Judge and Mrs. Keith Starrett SMITH, JONATHAN DICKSON Miss Mary Carolyn Dickson SMITH, TOM, Auburn, AL Mrs. Doris Compere SMITH, III, LEM O. Mrs. Barbara C. Spell STEVENS, JOANNE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens STOCKETT, SAM Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wofford STONE, JAMES Mr. and Dr. Houston Hardin Mrs. Suzie Tharpe THOMPSON, C. W. Grace Presbyterian Church Men’s Group THOMPSON, FERNITA Mrs. Martha G. Vance Mr. and Mrs. John D. Holt TOLAR, LISA STRICKLIN Bill and Dede Graeber and Clark Graeber TREADAWAY, RALPH AND JEAN, Birmingham, AL Mrs. Margaret P. Donato TREADWAY, ELLEN BURNS Mrs. Charlotte B. Charles Memorials continued on page 14

French Camp TODAY • summer 2014 • 13

Wonderful Times with Pioneer Clubs By Mary Nell Coblentz

Pioneer Clubs is a Christcentered children’s program that provides opportunities for girls and boys to apply biblical principles to everyday situations, memorize Scripture, form healthy Christian friendships and develop life skills in a fun and creative environment. Many of FCA’s dorm girls participated. French Camp Presbyterian Church has sponsored Pioneer girls for two years, with over 40 girls participating this year. The Voyagers, 1st - 2nd grades, were led by Alex & Mary Nell Coblentz, with student assistants Lizzie Harris and Jazmine Henry. The Pathfinders, 3rd – 4th grades, were led by Melinda Goins and Donna Perkins, and the Trailblazers (5th – 6th) were led by Cindy Cox and Jamie Senyard. Many others contributed by teaching skills required for various awards and providing delicious snacks! The girls earned more than 30 different badges this year, including both Bible and Activity Awards. Activity Awards included skills such as candle making, cooking, sewing, and safety. To earn the Missions Award, the 1st –2nd grade girls sent letters to missionary kids, the 3rd–4th graders collected canned goods for the Neighborhood Christian Center, and the 5th–6th girls took a shopping trip to get goodies for a favorite missionary. A “trial club” for boys, led by Lisa Pruitt, began in March and was a great success. The girls are already talking about next year… and so are the boys! Please pray for leaders who have hearts for reaching and equipping children to serve Christ. u

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness (2 Peter 1: 3).

Fun, super, and adventurous… just a few words to describe Pioneer Girls! We learned so much and voyaged so far together. If you stepped into a Pioneer Girl room it would be filled with laughter, creativity, love, and joy. What makes Pioneer Girls so great? It’s not us kids or any fun activity, but our Savior. For the laughter we’ve experienced, for the fun we’ve enjoyed and the fellowship we’ve loved, we only have one Person to thank, Christ Jesus. It’s sad that Pioneer Girls is over, but we look forward to next year. We remember that God’s Word is always a “lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.” —Katie Littlejohn, Pioneer Girl

Scout Troop 109 Reporting By Sylvia Dickson and Kevin O’Brien

Our two year old Boy Scout Troop 109 is again making its mark on French Camp and the surrounding area. Recently while our scouts were on a fishing outing, they noticed a tattered American flag. As any good scout would do, they got permission to retire the flag and replace it. This retirement was inspired by a recent service project led by their scoutmaster, Kevin O’Brien. He noticed on his drive to Winona that there were as many as 12 tattered flags. The scouts purchased and replaced all the flags from French Camp to Winona that they could get permission to replace and retire. The spark that had fueled this crash course in flag etiquette was the replacement of Miss Nita Curtis’ tattered flag and the replacement of a shredded flag at French Camp Elementary. Troop 109 put Miss Nita’s flag right and quickly stepped in and took charge of the flag pole at the elementary school including the training of the Honor Guard necessary to perform a flag ceremony daily; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. At Pioneer Day the Troop sold homemade doughnuts to raise money for campouts, excursions and to help some of the members go to Scout camp at Camp Seminole in Starkville, MS. Recently, Eagle Scout Jacob Ansley was awarded his second silver and gold palm for leadership. Zac Couture reached the rank of Life Scout which is one level below Eagle and four other scouts have reached the Star rank which is two levels below Eagle. Congratulations to Eli Payton, Cruz Maxwell, Bradley Edwards, and Joe Merriman. Future plans for our local Troop include a possible canoe trip in the fall, caving in the spring, and hopefully a trip to Philmont National Scout Ranch, New Mexico. Philmont is to the scouts what the Olympics are to amateur athletes. Look for our booth at ballgames this fall and more sightings of our scouts in action in our local community! u

14 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2014 WEST, PAUL Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bane WHITTEN, MRS. LIZZIE, Radford, VA Mrs. Marian S. Allen WHITTINGTON, MARY BERNICE Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sturtevant WICKS, MRS. ANNIE PHINE Miss Cheryl Nadine Ramsey WILLIAMS, JANIE Mickey and Edwin Albin WILLIAMS, MR. GERALD Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Weil, Jr. WOFFORD, DR. JOHN D., Jackson, MS Mrs. Catherine N. Hester

WOODWARD, DICK Mrs. Goree› Robins YANDELL, BENJAMIN Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Ammons Mrs. Peggy B. Cannada Mr. and Mrs. Gene Clement Mrs. Elaine Clodfelter Mr. and Mrs. Blythe B. Cragon Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Creekmore Coach Harper Davis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Foose Dr. and Mrs. Howard C. Friday Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Friou Mrs. Ann W. Gaudet

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Goodman, Jr. Mrs. Grace Hull Dr. and Mrs. John F. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Lipscomb Mr. and Mrs. William B. Lloyd, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Lyell Mr. and Mrs. William D. Mann Mrs. Frances McCain Mr. and Mrs. Floyd McCullough Mr. David F. McCullough Mr. Richard D. McRae, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchener, Jr. Mrs. Gloria Posey Mrs. Martha Ray

Hugh and Martha Long Retire from FCA By Sylvia Dickson

After nearly 50 years of service at French Camp Academy, Hugh and Martha Long are retiring. Hugh was born in Kansas and moved to French Camp from Texas. He began his career at FCA in 1966 as a dorm parent. In 1972 he added teacher and assistant coach to his duties. In 1990 he became the head coach of Track and Field and established the Cross Country program. He and Martha Cutts (’66) married in 1968. Martha has worked in the president’s and finance offices. Hugh graduated from Mississippi State University in 1978, where he received special distinction in Educational Psychology. During his time at FCA, he and Martha raised their 3 children, served as dorm parents at FCA, and Hugh also pastored several churches. Throughout his tenure he received the MS Association of Coaches (MAC) Coach of the Year awards in Boys’ Cross Country and Track in 1998, 2001, and 2013. He received the National Federation High School State Coach of the Year awards in 2002 and 2012, and received the Roy Garcia Award of 2013. The Garcia Award is given to one coach in the entire state, 1A-6A, and includes all sports.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Roberts, Jr. Mrs. Farley Salmon Mr. Steve Sanders Mrs. Linda L. Shelton Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Stevenson, Jr. Mrs. Anne Wells Mrs. Bee Aiken Mrs. Chester Brewer Mrs. Nancy Nelson N. Barnett Miss Helen Elizabeth Cook Mr. and Mrs. William French Mrs. Virginia Hogan Mr. and Mrs. B. B. McClendon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Kline Ozborn, Jr.

Mrs. Carolyn A. Sitra Mrs. Max W. Akins Mr. Ashby Atkinson, Jr. Mrs. Joy Herron Mr. and Mrs. Haden Hughes Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Kendall, III Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fournet, Sr. Geri, Lewis, Clark and Bill Graeber Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Dunbar

Needs at French Camp Academy The Lord continues to bless French Camp Academy through the generosity of His people. Throughout Scripture, blessings surround acts of generosity and thanksgiving to God is the result. And that has been our experience. Many of our needs have been met by simply making them known in this section of FCA Today. The Lord provides, He moves His people to give out of His provision, and specific needs are met so that ministry here can continue. Through this, God’s people reflect the generosity He shows us. We are humbled and thankful to partner with you in this process. Thank you, Stephen Ulerich Current physical plant needs of FCA: 1. Commercial dishwasher/dish machine 2. Vehicles: reliable roadworthy sedans for use by our development department or trucks for use by our maintenance department. We are also looking for a box truck (U-haul type), UTVs or “mini-trucks” to replace currently aging mini-trucks used campus wide. 3. Construction Equipment - mini-excavator (track hoe) and skid steer loader. 4. Grounds Keeping Equipment – lawnmowers (both push and riding), weed eaters, edgers, blowers, chainsaws, etc. 5. Blueprint storage hangers/racks. 6. Miniature pony or horse cart for use by our horse program. Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58).

Hugh and Martha will be missed, but their legacy of godly influence has multiplied through the years. u

Pictured from left to right are members of Hugh and Martha’s family at the recent retirement reception held at Stewart and Rebecca Edward’s home: Sue Tarver, Khristi Long Rogers, Lesa Long Rhodes, Karmen Long Whicker, Hugh & Martha Long, Kathryn Long Callahan, Chris Callahan, Anna Long Chesteen, and Wes Chesteen.

Thank you to Crossroads Small Engine in Winona and R. W. Distributors, Inc. of Brandon for the donation of a zero turn XMark Quest lawnmower. Pictured from left to right are Jimmy Ware, Jack Edwards, Benny Costilow, and Lance Ragsdale. NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY

French Camp Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.

French Camp TODAY • summer 2014 • 15

F rench C amp A cademy A lumni N ews

Alumni Day 2014 The lawn of Rebecca and Stewart Edwards home was the setting for Alumni Day 2014. Following the business meeting a delicious picnic lunch was served, with Alan Sibley supplying musical entertainment. Later in the afternoon, alumni were given tours of the newly remodeled Taylor Home and the Riding Arena and Stables. A dessert reception at the Margaret Kimble Alumni Museum topped off the day. Peggy and Lawrence Clark (’70), Alumni of the Year Award.

Young Alumnus of the Year Award, Susanna Davenport (’04).

Terry and Mary Roberts, Alumni Association Staff Members of the Year.


Josh Carroll & John Bolding

We are thankful for all our men and women who serve in the armed forces, but especially those with French Camp connections. Please pray for them as they defend us at home and abroad.

Bolding, pictured on the far left, is a former FCA student, commissioned 2nd lieutenant on active duty, headed for Alaska. He was the top cadet in his class and French Camp’s first cadet battalion commander. Josh Carroll (’94), pictured far right with his family, was his ROTC instructor.

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” Psalm 91:1-2

16 • French Camp TODAY • Summer 2014

Pioneer Day in French Camp

By Sylvia Dickson

The French Camp Pioneer Day was a bustling success. Blue skies and cool breezes made a beautiful day for more than 1500 people to stroll through the Natchez Trace Historic District, stopping to visit with friends and study artisans at their crafts. From petting zoo and children’s fair to square dancing and bluegrass, there was something for everyone. The Civil War and Revolutionary War exhibits attracted much attention and vendors’ booths were constantly busy. Get ready for next year’s Pioneer Day by marking your calendar for Saturday, May 9, 2015.

Riding Arena Dedicated CRS: Blazing Into Summer

The newly completed Riding Arena and Stables was officially By Carrie Browning opened on April 5, 2014. Summer 2014 Camp of the Rising Son celebrates its 35th year! CRS will The front area was named Robbie’s host a full range of programs and also inPorch in honor of Robbie Hughes, augurate a completely renovated beachlong time supporter of French Camp. front area with the completion of Phase She has sponsored several students so I of our Blazing the Trail campaign. Over they could attend FCA. No matter what the task is she handles it with care, grace, and detail, expect- 500 truckloads of dirt and sand were brought in to reshape the hillside and ing the very best outcome for all involved. enlarge the beach. Campers will enjoy The Ken Utley Rid- new walking paths connecting the beach area to the rest of camp, 2 new piers, a new octaing Arena is named in gon shaped floating dock, a shower and drinking fountain platform, and a water slide that honor of Ken Utley. will splash into Lake Ann. A huge thank you goes to J. C. Cheek Construction and other Ken and Lyn origi- generous donors who have made all of this possible. Future phases of the Campaign include nally came to FCA in picnic pavilions, restrooms, and a zip line over the lake.   1966. Following 43 CRS hosted its 3rd Run for the years of service, they retired in 2009. Ken developed and managed Son in April. The men’s race winthe horse program which began in 1972 with three horses. ners  of the 5k/10k run are brothers. FCA Alumni Ben and Joseph Storment won the 5K and 10K runs, respectively. The winners in the women’s 5K and 10K runs were FCA student, Anna Sheffield, and Alexis Davis. Winners received wooden medals with the CRS logo crafted by Tonya Barlow  Jewelry, one of the sponsors. To make your donation for further improvements to CRS visit and select Blazing the Trail, or contact Tom Dickson at (662) 547-6482.

Stay connected on the web: or check out all of our support ministries at w w w. f r e n c h c a m p . o r g / h i s t o r i c w w w. c a m p o f t h e r i s i n g s o n . c o m w w w. r a i n w a t e r o b s e r v a t o r y. o r g w w w. w f c a f m 1 0 8 . c o m w w w. f r e n c h c a m p . o r g / r e t r e a t c e n t e r

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