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Volume LVII No. 2 Summer 2012 In this Issue: The Finishing Touch

Graduation 2012

Dorm Sweet Home

2012 Honor Graduates Valedictorian, Christina Trotter Salutatorian, Chelsea Lea Evans

Star Gaze Recap

French Camp Academy, a Christ-centered home and school, exists to serve young people and families for the glory of God.

2 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012

The Finishing Touch


he stately house stands on the hilltop, surveying the surrounding land. A suite of steps sweeps gracefully to the porch where white Corinthian columns guard the grand entrance, nestled into a 3 story façade. Leaded glass sparkles as sunbeams bounce happily off the door.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

Inside the house, room upon room are framed and finished with careful design and detail. The very best materials had been used in the construction. The finest furnishings jauntily pose for inspection; the new occupants gaze in wonder at their new home.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. (Joshua 1:9)

No one could have imagined the magnificence of the completed house. Only the most ingenious architect/designer could have brought it about. From the plan to the foundation, the construction to the final details, it is a masterful work of art and industry.

I can do all this through him who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)

While they are here, we love them with Christ’s transforming love. We show them the best of both worlds—the here-and-now and the hereafter. We want them to see the wonder that God offers. By the power and grace of the Holy Spirit we minister to each one.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 2 Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. 3  They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. 4  Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world. In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun. 5  It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his course. 6  It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its warmth. (Psalm 19:1-6) 1 

In our efforts, we can never finish the house. That is God’s job. We can only do what God wants us to do: pray, love, disciple, pray, and pray again.

Laboring together at French Camp Academy is a labor of love, one that we know is in vain unless the Lord builds the house. Young people from near and far come to FCA, not only with suitcases, but with baggage: hurt, fear, abandonment, poverty, hunger or homelessness. For most of them, nothing has been anywhere close to perfect.

It’s the Truth! So that we can encourage you to continue your prayers and care for French Camp Academy students, we want to share how making a positive difference at FCA is not only a goal but a reality. Consider the scriptures our seniors list as their favorites. They show a deep knowledge of and sincere love for our God:

By Sylvia Dickson

Oh! How Lovely

As we pray, the Holy Spirit presents our concerns to the Father, who perfectly completes our labor. As we love, we sand off rough edges and polish young lives into useful beams and pillars. As we disciple, God takes the young people around us and places them in his mansion, like living stones…built into a spiritual house…(I Peter 2:5).

One Fine Place French Camp Academy; One Fine Place; French Camp, MS 39745: that’s our address. We also believe it is one fine place, used by the Lord to train and transform young people for His glory. This is our vision: a perfect house built by God that lasts for eternity. Such is the house that God builds—a house built on His Word, His love and His wisdom.

You are invited to join in this great endeavor. Help us lay the brick and mortar of truth in lives of young people as they are transformed by God’s grace. You and French Camp Academy, working together as From the Ground Up God takes our efforts, perfects them, and adds His Before Jesus left the earth, He told his disciples My finishing touch. u Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? (John 14:2).

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. ( John 15:13) You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50:20) For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23) No one lights a lamp and hides it in a clay jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, they put it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open. Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them. (Luke 8:16-18)

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 3

PresiDent’s PersPeCtiVe

French Camp TODAY

The Power of Touch Yesterday I welcomed two young men to French Camp. When I greeted them they were sheepish with their heads and eyes down. They did not extend their hands for the customary handshake, so I initiated, searched their faces, and did not let go of their limp hands until I received some sort of eye contact, even if it was just a glance. Often when young people arrive at French Camp they do so wary of this new environment; they come to us unsure of the place they will call home for this time in their lives. It is as if you can see the questions racing through their minds, all asking whether or not this will be a safe place for them to land.

Jesus’ touch is like no other this world has ever known. It is gentle, loving and tender. In His touch there is healing from the bumps and bruises of this life. It is our hope that all of the young ones here at French Camp Academy will experience not only the simple feel of a warm embrace, but most of all the life transforming touch of the Masters’ hand.

Please continue to pray for us. We are thrilled to welcome over thirty new students this summer to One Fine Place. Speaking of handshakes, my dad taught me the proper way Please ask God to touch our hearts with love overflowing to shake a man’s hand. Son, give them a firm grip and be sure for these young ones and their families, that He would reto look them directly in the eye, were his instructions as he ceive all the glory and honor. Thank you for continuing to demonstrated it to me. Dad had one of those eye contacts stand with us in such a strong way and providing the touch that would just look right through you, but it was also one that changes lives for eternity. that made me feel safe. Dad was of the old school, where men showed little if any emotion and a handshake was as far as affection went. Something I’m learning now as a dad is the power of touch in the lives of my own children. I have passed down to my son Holman what my dad taught me about greeting people, and he is learning with practice to be more confident each time he meets someone new. There is another lesson that I want Holman to learn, and it is that touch is important. I hug my children; rarely do I just shake Holman’s hand anymore, but I seek to embrace him. There is something powerful about an embrace, especially in the life of a young person. Done with Godly perspective and affection, simple pats on the head, or fist bumps these days bring down walls of anxiousness and open hearts to feel encouragement. From our little ones to our big ones, we want them all to feel safe, cared for and accepted. Jesus knows the power of touch. How often do we read of His personal encounters with hurting souls and how he tenderly cared for them, never pushing them away but always concerned for them as His children. And they were bringing children to him that he might touch them, and the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.  And he took them in his arms and blessed them, laying his hands on them (Mark 10:13-16).

ACADEMY One Fine Place

He Touched Me By William Gaither ©1964 Shackled by a heavy burden, ‘Neath a load of guilt and shame. Then the hand of Jesus touched me, And now I am no longer the same. Since I met this blessed Savior, Since He cleansed and made me whole, I will never cease to praise Him, I’ll shout it while eternity rolls. He touched me, Oh He touched me, And oh the joy that floods my soul! Something happened and now I know He touched me and made me whole.

Mission Statement French Camp Academy, a Christ-centered home and school, exists to serve young people and families for the glory of God.

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES John H. (Bo) Bowen, III ...........................Jackson Thomas H. Bowen, Jr. ..............................Jackson H. Donald Brock.................................Greenwood Dave Fair ................................................... Oxford Glenn Galey ........................................ Hattiesburg Ed Gove, Jr ........................................ Brookhaven Toxey Hall, III, Chairman ......................... Canton G. Carey Hauenstein................................... Laurel Carson Hughes, Vice Chairman ...............Jackson Scott Kiewit ................................................ Laurel Lee Lampton.............................................Jackson John Lynch ........................................ Brookhaven Tommy Peaster, Vice Chairman ................... Flora Hugh Potts, Jr. .....................................Kosciusko John Sumner ............................................. Winona Rev. Andy Wells ................................... Memphis

4 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012


2012 12 Graduates

*Stanleyesha Sharay Anderson: FC student for 12 years Participated in chorus, softball, Beta Club, Homecoming Court 2011 Daughter of Michael & Holly Anderson of French Camp Plans to major in pre-pharmacy at MUW

*Dennis Michael Johnson: Student at FC for 3 years Participated in football, tennis, basketball, horses, tennis state champion in Division 1A Son of David & Deborah Johnson of Tampa, FL Member of MS Army NG & plans to attend MSU

Breuna Danyel Mason: FC student for 12 years Participated in cheerleading, track, softball, basketball, chorus Daughter of Leslie Fleming, Tyson & Burkey Thompson of Weir, MS Plans to attend Hinds CC

Kristin Marie Carballo: FC student for 5 years Daughter of Spencer & Judy Briggs of Poplar Creek, MS Participated in drama, chorus, Homecoming Queen 2011-12 Plans to attend EMCC and become a dental hygienist

Joshua Nolan Chandler: FC student for 1 year Participated in football, basketball, baseball Son of Grant Chandler & Amanda Mitchell of Pontotoc, MS Plans to study nuclear engineering in the U.S. Navy

James Bradley Palmertree: FC student for 8 years Participated in football, baseball, player of the week for baseball Son of Tessie & Tony Palmertree of French Camp Plans to attend Itawamba CC Phillip Austin Palmertree: FC student for 1 year Son of Randy & Sandy Palmertree of Kosciusko, MS Plans to attend Hinds CC

*Chelsea Lea Evans: FC student for 8 years Salutatorian Participated in Public Relations, work program Daughter of Camilla Oakes of Pasadena, TX Plans to attend MUW to study psychology

*Terry Lee Henning: FC student for 12 years Participated in football, baseball, tennis, drama, Beta Club, 4-H Son of Warren & Lisa Henning of French Camp Plans to attend MSU & join the Air Force

*Erica Mary Jane Howard: FC student for 8 years from Raymond, MS Participated in cheerleading, drama, Who’s Who Plans to attend Miss. College & major in nursing

Deborah Diane Hughes: FC student for 7 years Participated in drama, horse crew, mascot, Who’s Who Daughter of Mary Hatcher of Columbus, MS Plans to attend EMCC & MUW

Corey James Patton: FC student for 2 years Participated in basketball, football Son of Pam & Steve Patton of Kosciusko Plans to attend Hinds CC & major in Business

Jessica Marie Rigby: FC student for 2 years Participated in softball Daughter of Lawson Rigby of Jackson, MS Plans to attend Hinds CC & study interior design

Shelby Christian Sheedy: FC student for 3 years Son of Glenn & Robin Sheedy of French Camp Plans to attend EMCC

*Honor Graduates

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 5

Ariel Karlene Sims: FC student for 13 years Daughter of Melissa Sims of French Camp Plans a career in art Kaitlyn Summer Smith: FC student for 2 years Daughter of Danny & Regina Smith of Weir Plans to attend college & major in Bible

Benjamin David Storment: FC student for 2 years Participated in track, Mr. FCA Son of David & Sarai Storment of Leakesville Plans to attend Belhaven Univ. *Christina Joy Trotter: FC student for 4 years Valedictorian Participated in cheerleading, quiz bowl, tennis, mission trip, Beta Club Daughter of Howard & Joan Trotter (deceased) of Ackerman, MS Plans to attend Univ. of MS & major in marketing & graphic design Jackson Ray Ward: FC student for 13 years Participated in football, tennis, baseball, basketball, chorus, drama, Beta Club, FFA,Class favorite, Who’s Who Son of Jeff & Debra Ward of French Camp Plans to attend EMCC & MSU Cody Austin Williams: FC student for 4 years Participated in cross country, track Grandson of Marilyn Harvey of Kosciusko Plans to attend Jones Junior College Demaryian Rochelle Wingard: FC student for 12 years Participated in chorus, basketball, softball Daughter of Mary & Gregory Scott of Weir, MS Plans to attend East MS CC and major in cosmetology *Katherine Elizabeth Witt: FC student for 4 years Participated in chorus, yearbook, basketball, softball, missions, Who’s Who, Miss FCA, Homecoming Court Daughter of Curt Witt & Ann Kenneth of French Camp Plans to attend Miss. College & major in elementary education Royce Elijah Worbington: FC student for 11 years Participated in tennis, yearbook, lighting technician Guardians are Terry & Melinda Goins of French Camp Plans to attend EMCC

Senior Moments By Sylvia Dickson

They have grown up here. I’m talking about these seniors that are moving on. Many have been with us for a long time, and others as little as one year. But isn’t that the way it is wherever you go? Families come and go in a community and students change schools. The average length of stay at FCA for our graduating seniors is 6.67 years. All are planning to attend college or join the military. The average ACT score for the school is 20.5, well above the state average (all seniors are required to take the ACT, whether or not they are college bound). They consistently say that French Camp Academy has given them valuable experiences in and out of the classroom. The school is filled with teachers that really care, not only that the students learn the subject matter, but about them as individuals. Spiritual growth opportunities abound at FCA in the home, at school, church and in private studies. Those who want to know and love Christ are given numerous opportunities. Some of the comments from our seniors include, being a Christian is not just going to church, but changing my life for the glory of God…I’ve grown because staff nurtured me and looked at me as a brother in Christ. Seeing how the house parents live with their own families has provided a Christian model for family life. Also, knowing that they will be safe in the dorm and their well-being put at the forefront, provides them with physical and emotional security. Another major influence on the students is the work program. The seniors commented that the best part of the work program is the opportunity to build relationships with adults. Also, students are able to list job skills and references from real work experiences when applying for summer jobs, colleges, or the military. Qualities such as respect, promptness, dependability, diligence, and cooperativeness show themselves in interviews and on the job. A life changing time for some has been participation in mission trips. Each year, groups of staff and students go to Ft. Worth, TX, a mission work in Mexico and to work with a church in Wales. Other trips may also be planned, but these are the standard ones. Students are selected and prepare for weeks. They sell concessions at ballgames, wash cars, and host yard sales to fund the trips. All students are assigned specific responsibilities and are mentored by adults so that they are well prepared to minister in each venue. We don’t want to say good-bye to our seniors, so we say, You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Remember what you’ve learned, keep in touch, and don’t forget, you’re part of our family. We send you out in the care of our Lord Jesus Christ. u

6 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012

Honor Gifts

Honor gifts show appreciation to a living person­–such as teachers, pastors, parents, etc., while helping students at FCA. To make an Honor Gift, you may use the form/envelope provided, designating the type of gift you are making. The honoree will be notified of your thoughtfulness. Amounts of gifts are never divulged.

January AKERS, RUSS AND CAROLYN, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Dale Scruggs ALLEN, GINGER A., Maitland, FL Mrs. Polly B. Allen BAGBY, MRS. KATHERINE, Hattiesburg, MS Ms. Mary A. Walt CARSON, JOANN, Ringgold, LA Mr. Thomas Scott Carson CLEMENTS, Dr. J. WESLEY, Flowood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hunt COLLIER, KEITH AND DEBBIE Dr. and Mrs. A. Fred Wells, Jr. COX, DENNIS AND CINDY, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Shumpert DUMAS, THELMA, Memphis, TN Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor DUNLAP, FRAN Mr. and Mrs. Jayson T. Ecuyer KAHLSTORF, DAVID AND MARY ELLEN, Jackson, TN Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor LAWSHE, MRS. ANNIE LOU, Kiln, MS Mrs. Peggy Frost


MOONEY, NANNIE C., Kosciusko, MS Kosciusko High School Class of 1948 MORGAN, BETH, Lakewood, CO Mr. and Mrs. Dewey D. Dunaway MORTON, JEFF AND BILLYE, Brandon, MS Mr. and Mrs. E Leo Brown NEWSOME, DEBBIE DUMAS, Memphis, TN Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor RUCKERT, GINNIE AND ERNIE Mr. John K. Roessner, III SHEEDY, MARISSA, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy H. Fulce SHEEDY, SHELBY, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy H. Fulce TURNER, MR. AND MRS. BILL, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Flynt WALDROP, MR. AND MRS. GERALD W., Randolph, MS Max L. Waldrop

February GORDON, LARMAR, Semmes, AL Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pritchard HOSKET, BRUCE, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ward

MCCORD, MR. AND MRS. BILLY Q., Bruce, MS Max L. Waldrop RICKS, JR., VERNON, Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Nix SORENSEN, KEVIN, French Camp, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ward WAGES, GERALD, Tupelo, MS Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Henderson WEISS AND FAMILY, PETER AND KRISTEN Kingsley Inc.


BALL, MR. AND MRS. JONATHAN, Columbia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ball, Jr. BRASWELL, D. G. (DOC), Meridian, MS Mr. and Mrs. Graham Braswell BROWN, MS. ASHLEY, Springfield, MO Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. Brown, Jr. BUFF, MR. AND MRS. BRYAN, Springfield, MO Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. Brown, Jr. CAIN, GERRY BELL, Ridgeland, MS Mrs. Polly B. Allen CUTTS, MR. EDWARD, Cleveland, MS Rev. and Mrs. Billy W. Stanford

DAY, MRS. MARIE, Louisville, KY Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ball, Jr. FRENCH CAMP STAFF Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Delas, Jr. HALL, SR., MR. AND MRS. GUY RAYMOND,   Greenville, MS Mrs. Ethel Nunnery HAYNES, MARTHA, Bowling Green, KY Max L. Waldrop LEMON, MRS. GEORGE, Ridgeland, MS Ms. Ann Lemon Doss LEWIS, MRS. DEE, Gloster, MS Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Robertson MCDONOUGH, MR. AND MRS. CLAY, Clinton, MS Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. Brown, Jr. MILLS, DR. AND MRS. STEVE, Bogue Chitto, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Lynch NICHOLSON, MR. ED, Jackson, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer PHILIP, DR. JENNY, Niles, IL Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Philip RABUN, CHRISTINE, Weir, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ward RABUN, PAIGE, Weir, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ward

SCHNEIDER, MR. MATT, Boerne, TX Mr. Lee G. Fuller SHELTON, FRANCES, Little Rock, AR Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shelton SHIVERS, MR. AND MRS. RONNIE, Columbia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ball, Jr.

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Memorial Gifts

e strive to answer memorials and notify relatives as quickly and accurately as possible after they are received. When you send in a memorial, please include the name of the deceased, the complete address of the person you wish notified and your complete address. Important: IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE A NAME and ADDRESS OF A RELATIVE OR FRIEND OF THE DECEASED, WE WILL BE UNABLE TO NOTIFY ANYONE OF YOUR GIFT. Follow the same procedure for honor gifts. (A blank form and envelope appear in this issue.)

January ACKER, RICHARD Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. ALDERMAN, MR. PAUL, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Shaw ALLSION, SAM M., Sarah, MS Mr. and Mrs. David E. Kilby Mrs. Lenore Britt BAGBY, MRS. KATHERINE, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Felty Rev. and Mrs. Edward Johnson Mrs. Patricia S. Raulston Mr. and Mrs. Avery Sealy Ms. Sue Nobles BAKKER, A. C., Clinton, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Lotterhos BASKIN, MARION SONNY, Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster Mrs. Martha W. Hogue BISHOP, CATHERINE LYNN Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Nichol BLACK, JR., THOMAS UPTON (TUBBY),   Greenwood, MS Mrs. Mary-Flo Blackstone BLAINE, EARL Bowie Chapel Independent Methodist Church BOND, DR. EDWARD BUTCH, Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Graeber Mrs. Imogene Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster Mrs. Catherine R. Prewitt BRANNING, SCOTT, Ridgeland, MS Coach Harper Davis BURGE, ROSE MARY Mrs. Barbara T. Bell Mrs. Barbara M. Barnes Mrs. Lena C. Cunningham Mrs. Barbara Wellborn Mrs. Camille Taylor BURTON, ANDREW SHELTON, Inverness, MS Mrs. Josephine W. Ledbetter Mrs. Rosanna Beckham BUTLER, J. D. Rev. and Mrs. Billy W. Stanford CADE, BETH Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Freedman CAMPBELL BROWN, CYNTHIA Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. McKinley CARR, DR. WILLIAM, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley CARSON, LAURA, Starkville, MS

Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Webb, Jr. CARSON, THOMAS GORDON, Kosciusko, MS Mr. Thomas Scott Carson CARSTENS, INA, Montgomery, AL Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Tickner CHESTMAN, JOHN E., Clarksdale, MS Mr. W. A. Mobley COMMER, MRS. LOUISE HANEY, Jonestown, MS Mrs. Billie Commer Garner CONERLY, DR. WALLY, Terry, MS Ms. Julian Watson CONLY, ETOYLE AND SHIRLEY, Ringgold, LA Mr. Thomas Scott Carson CROSS, JO ADAMS Ms. Ann Bates DEDEAUX, MRS. ERLENE, Delisle, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley DELOACH, CATHERINE, Holcomb, MS Mr. and Mrs. Edgar A. Delas, Jr. DOSSETT, JAMES Mr. and Mrs. James L. Smiley EDGAR, JR., A. C. (BUB), Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy F. Green FAIR, IV, JOHN S., Starkville, MS Mrs. Rebecca Giffin Mrs. Virginia S. Fair Mr. and Mrs. Paul Albert Hurst, III FIELD, MR. LOUIS, Vicksburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. McConnell FISHER, JEAN, Angleton, TX Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bishop FLOYD, ROBERT BRADLEY Mr. and Mrs. Benny Fulghum FONDERN, PETE Mr. and Mrs. Huron W. Virden FORESTER, MR., Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. James A. Turner FOSTER, ANNETTE Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover Mr. Ralph Self Shongalo Presbyterian Church FOWLER, KATHIE (FREIHERR), Crestwood, KY Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burns FOX, SANIA JORDAN, Sunflower, MS Mrs. Betty Bailey GANSS, BOB Mrs. Betty L. Early GRAHAM, JOAN ROGERS, Columbus, MS Miss Virginia Brickell GRANT, MRS. CAROLYN, Braxton, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti GROH, HELEN M.

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Profilet, Jr. HAAS, THELMA C., Ridgeland, MS Rev. and Mrs. Timothy R. Smith HAMILL, CURTIS, Louisville, MS Mrs. Connie Faye Estes HARRINGTON, CLIFF AND NORMA Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reddrick HARTLEY, CINDI, Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey E. Hartley HENDRICK, HARRY JULIAN, Jackson, MS Drs. Freddie and Marjorie Barron Dr. J. Harvey Johnston, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. J. David Young Graduate Services, LLC Mrs. Carolyn N. Risher Mrs. Martha Cooper Mr. Larry W. Edwards Ms. Mary C. Rice Mrs. Hilda M. Rinewalt Sew-N-Sews Mrs. Ellen M. Morgan Mrs. James A. Miller Mr. Avery J. Hendrick HERRING, JACK, Saltillo, MS Carnathan Law Office HIGHTOWER, JEAN, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. R. Mark Watkins HILL, MARY LILLIE, Jackson, MS Mrs. Joann Sims HOOVER, MAUDELL, Winona, MS Mr. and Mrs. Gene Warren Mr. Ralph Self Shongalo Presbyterian Church HOWELL, DONNIE Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Graeber IRBY, STUART M. Dr. and Mrs. Howard H. Nichols JASPER, DR. MARTIN T., Mathiston, MS Mrs. Mary A. Jasper JEFFERSON, BILL Mrs. Esther Gober JENKINS, SWEP Mrs. Kristine E. Owen JOHNSON, MR. BOB, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. William E. Clay, Jr. JONES, DORIS, Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Davis Love Fair, III Ms. Mary A. Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Mitchell JONES, JOHN WALTER Mr. and Mrs. Joe Herring JONES, KATHRYN G., Jackson, MS Max L. Waldrop

JONES, MARY JANE, Hernando, MS Mr. and Mrs. J. Lamar Maxwell KETTE, MRS. JEAN Mrs. Martha Ann May Klaus Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. McConnell KILPATRICK, DESMA, Philadelphia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Graeber Judge and Mrs. John C. Love, Jr. KIRKPATRICK, JR., IRA LEE Mrs. Polly B. Allen KOONTZ, ANN Mrs. Esther Gober LUNN, JR., HARRY Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Luckett MENETRE, ELLEN Mr. and Mrs. Larry Edwards MERRILL, EMILY LUCILLE Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Hart MESSER, MRS. OLA, Saltillo, MS Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holland MITCHELL, MRS. WILLIE MAE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens MITCHELL, SR., TROY, Kilmichael, MS Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Parrish MONTEITH, MRS. DOLORES, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fondren MORGAN, FITZ AND JANE, Morgan City, MS Ms. Patricia Hayes MORGAN, JANE SAVAGE Mrs. Dorothy S. Kimbrough MOUNGER, MARION, Ridgeland, MS Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hays NABORS, JAMES ROBERT Mrs. Pam K. Brooks NASSEY, IRIS BURRAGE, Noxapater, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Graeber NICHOLSON, MR. JIM, Gulfport, MS Mrs. Rachel C. Martin NOEL, DAN Mrs. Betty H. Boyd Mr. and Mrs. George Weaver OLIVER, NICKY, Ridgeland, MS Mr. and Mrs. E. Neal Stafford OLSON, RALPH Mrs. Esther Gober OSBORN, MRS. IRENE, Greenville, MS Mrs. Louise Oakes OWEN, HELEN Mr. Howard W. Owen OWEN, RUTH Mrs. Kristine E. Owen OWENS, MRS. VIRGINIA P. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Weil, Jr.

PALLETTE, MARSHALL, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. PALLETTE, NANCY, Virginia Beach, VA Mr. Roy E. Smith, Jr. PARKER, WAYNE, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Furlow Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Tickner Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Varner Mrs. Connie S. Wadsworth PARKERSON, ELIZABETH Howard Flying Corporation PARKS, MR. EDWIN (PAPAW) Mr. and Mrs. William M. Adams PATRIDGE, ED Mr. William Burton Moore PEARSON, MRS. LOUISE, Meridian, MS Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. Williamson PEPPER, JR., JUDGE ALLEN, Cleveland, MS Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer Abel Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Stansel, Jr. PERRY, JR., GEORGE C., Jackson, MS Ms. Edith L. Perry PETERMANN, PAULINE, Jackson, MS Ms. Emily Jones Parkway Baptist Church Mrs. Mable L. Odeneal Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Petermann PHILLIPS, MRS. KAY, Pine Bluff, AR Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graeber PICKENS, JIMMY, Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy F. Green POOLE, HAYDEN Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Poole POUND, DORIS, Tupelo, MS Carnathan Law Office RATLIFF, CHARLES M. JACK, Jackson, MS Mrs. Grace Hull Mrs. Beth McCullen RAY, MRS. MO, Elberta, AL Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley ROBIE, E. J., Itta Bena, MS Mrs. J. Delle Scott SCOTT, MRS. CECILLE, Houma, LA Ms. Patricia Hayes SENTER, REESE, Tupelo, MS Carnathan Law Office SINCLAIR, RALPH, Louisville, MS Mr. Oran Frazier Mr. and Mrs. Don McLaughlin Mrs. Sue Richards Mrs. Janie D. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bane

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 7

Sports Joey Storment Wins Gold

Contenders on Track On Friday, May 11, 2012, French Camp Academy competed in the State IA Track Meet in Jackson, MS. The Girls’ Varsity Relay Team received the gold medal for first place in the 4X100 with a time of 52:75, and the bronze medal for third in the 4X200 with a time of 1:52:06. They also placed fourth in the 4X400 relay. The girls making up the relay team were Carlin West, Belinda Windom, Moesha Scott and Elexus Hughes.

On Friday, May 11, 2012, French Camp Academy competed in the State IA Track Meet in Jackson, MS. In the 3200 Meter Race, Joey Storment received the gold medal for first place with a time of 10:33 and Ben Storment placed fourth. They are the sons of David and Sarai Storment of Leakesville, MS. Pictured are FCA Coach Hugh Long and Joey Storment.

Ben Storment, son of David and Sarai Storment of Leakesville, MS, and a student at French Camp Academy has accepted Belhaven University’s offer to run cross country track. Christie Barber, Belhaven’s head men’s and women’s cross country coach issued this personal invitation and scholarship to Ben on Friday, May 18 at FCA. Ben, a student at FCA for 2 years, placed fifth out of 94 runners from thirteen IA schools at the 2011 State Cross Country Championship in Jackson last fall. He won an All State medal for placing in the top 14 runners. French Camp Academy, as a team, coached by Hugh Long, placed first and won the state trophy. Ben’s fastest time of 17:10 occurred in a practice session on the Natchez Trace.

Chelsea McDaniel placed second in the Pole Vault, receiving the silver medal, for a height of eight feet. In the 3200 Meter Race, Joey Storment received the gold medal for first place with a time of 10:33 and Ben Storment placed fourth. The Boys’ Relay Team, consisting of Kazeto Lakok, Lake Koenig, Reginald Jefferson, and Alhaji Sesay placed fifth in the 4X400 relay.


French Camp Academy Track Team members pictured above are Coach Hugh Long, Moesha Scott, Carlin West, Joey Storment, Belinda Windom, and Elexus Hughes. Panther baseball had a winning season for 2012, with a record of 13-6. Making it to the second round of the state finals was definitely a highlight. Playing a best in 3 series, the Panthers played the first game on their home field, losing to Natchez Cathedral. In the second game played in Natchez, the Panthers dominated, but lost the contest in the third game. Next year’s team is looking good with only two starters graduating and most of the team returning. We’re looking forward to their bringing it home in 2013.

8 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012

Hall of Fame

Three more young people have been honored with a place in the FCA Hall of Fame. Recognized for their consistent, godly examples the 2012 honorees are Kat Witt, Ben Storment, and Erica Howard. Some of the comments on Kat are as follows: a meek servant, dependable worker, caring minister to younger girls; she delights in helping others with trustworthy advice, thoughtful actions, and has her head on straight; her Christian walk shows in her decisions and dress. Ben Storment is described as a hard-working young man who excels academically and athletically. He displays humility, integrity, respect for God and others, conscientiousness, honor, and self control in his work and play. His seeking the Lord with his whole heart makes him a worthy role model for his peers. Erica Howard has a persevering spirit that displays itself in her sweet spirit, her quiet dignity, her eagerness to please, her gentle demeanor, and her teachable spirit. She overcomes hardships by consistent effort, diligent work, responsible servanthood, and her quiet reserve belies the strength of her character displayed in choosing right even when it is not popular. Congratulations to our 2012 FCA Hall of Fame Honorees.

2012 Mr. & Miss FCA

The titles, Mr. & Miss FCA, are not based on popularity but on exhibiting Christian conviction and character. Both Ben Storment and Kat Witt are described as humble, diligent servants, who are dedicated, respectful and trustworthy. Congratulations, Ben and Kat. Ben Storment, Mr. FCA, will no doubt make FCA proud as he competes with strength and dignity, works with dedication and commitment, and leads with honor and courage. Kat Witt, Miss FCA, sincere love for the Lord is displayed in her words and actions. We are certain she will take every opportunity to get equipped to effectively serve in Christ’s kingdom, her community, and her family.

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 9

10 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012

Jeff & Sheri Easter in Concert August 25th 2012 at 6 p.m. Neshoba County Coliseum Philadelphia, MS

• Free monthly programs are held every second Friday of the month at 7:00 p.m. Fascinating, informative talks are followed by exciting telescope observing, or viewing the sky with our Spitz star projector in the planetarium. • Schedule a program for your group and also tour French Camp Academy and the Natchez Trace Historic District. • Sign up for our monthly newsletter online or send your email address to

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Edwin Faughn, Managing Director

Residential Summer Camp for Ages 7-17

When you come, plan ahead to stay overnight at the Bed & Breakfast, and eat with us at the Council House Café. Log Cabin Gift Shop 662-547-6657 Bed and Breakfast Inn 662-547-6835 Double Blessings Thrift Shop 662-547-7232 Council House Café (mon. –sat. 10:30 – 7:00)


Visit for details and to register online. SISK, LARRY Mr. and Mrs. Benny Fulghum SKIPPER, MRS. VELMA, Conyers, GA Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Weil, Jr. SLEDGE, HUBERT Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. McCullers SMITH, DALE, Austin, TX Mrs. Betty L. Gielow SMYLIE, KATHERINE, Greenville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dennis Taylor STEVENS, JOANNE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens STEWART, ALLEN W., Meridian, MS Mr. John Whitfield Stewart Family STRAIN, OUIDA Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. SULLIVAN, SELBY, Louisville, MS Mrs. Connie Faye Estes Mr. Paul Stevenson TABB, MRS. ALICE W., Jackson, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer THAGGARD, KATHRYN, Walnut Grove, MS Mrs. Nell McClellan THARPE, J. K. (BUBBA), Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Blanset, Jr. Ms. Mary Preston Hays Dubberly Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Elzen Mr. and Mrs. James Mayfield Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Johnson Mrs. Carolyn Stone Rucker Mr. and Mrs. Frank Biggs Mr. and Mrs. Mike McNames Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Milsted Mr. and Mrs. Paul Powers Ms. Carol Culley Rives Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Foose TOLBERT, BILLY GENE, Philadelphia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Graeber TRAMEL, DR. SAM, Starkville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry Branch VEAZEY, JAMIE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens WALKER, DR. RICHARD Mrs. Virginia S. Fair WALKER, GEORGE RAE, Leland, MS Ms. Julian Watson Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. James C. Walker WALKER, DR. THOMAS, Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Guy B. Young WALLACE, CHARLENE, Brandon, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wallace WARREN, MARY CHRISTINE Mrs. Eddie M. Bailey WATSON, SHELBY THOMPSON, Madison, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Ben S. Yandell Dr. and Mrs. Howard H. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Peaster WEBB, HARRY Mrs. Donald E. Sullivan WEEMS, MIRIAM, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Furlow WEST, CHAPMAN ANDERSON Mr. and Mrs. Jack Liddell Mrs. Elinor A. Naron Mr. George L. Reid Ms. Judy West Mrs. Edith West WETHINGTON, PATRICK, St. Louis, MO Mr. Thomas Scott Carson WHITE, JAMES THOMAS (TOM) Conam Construction Co. Gregory & Cook, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Blair Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Duke Austin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sumner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Norris, Jr. Mr. David Wilson Mr. Jose J. Garcia Pons Mr. Loys A. Gray Ms. Jane Petty Ms. Marie McDougall Ms. Maxine A. Sieben Price Gregory International Inc. Sunbelt Equipment Marketing, Inc. TransCanada WIGLEY, MATTIE LEE Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Johnson WILLIAMS, RUTH, Grenada, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Lyons WILSON, DR. PAUL AND RUTH, Tupelo, MS Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dean Pannell WINEMAN, NANCY, Greenville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Gary Dennis Taylor WORTHEY, MRS. PEARL Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ferriss Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yeager, Jr. WORTHY, PAUL DAVIS, Cleveland, MS

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 11 Mr. and Mrs. John Hobbs WRIGHT, JOHN Mrs. Esther Gober YEOMEN, SCOTTY Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Nutt


ALDY, JO BILLY Mrs. Barbara T. Bell ALEXANDER, ANNE, Kosciusko, MS Kosciusko High School, Class of 1947 APPLEWHITE, DR. C. W. Morris Family Dental Care ARMSTRONG, MRS. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil F. Heidelberg, III BAGBY, MRS. KATHERINE, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Smith, Jr. BAILEY, CHARLES BRUCE, Eupora, MS Mrs. Myra Naef BAKKER, A. C. (HARRY) Mr. and Mrs. Oliver M. Anderson, III Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP BALLARD, MARGARET Mr. and Mrs. George L. Hand BOND, DR. EDWARD (BUTCH) Mr. and Mrs. William M. Link, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Hobgood BONNER, HARRY, Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Laster BOYD, THE MOTHER OF MRS. MARION John-Richard BRANCH, SIDNEY Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Baskin BRASWELL, MARY ALICE, Hattiesburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Sumrall BREWER, MELVIN ATKINS Mr. Virgil Dean, Jr. BRISCOE, MISS JENNIFER SUSAN, Battle Creek, MI Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray Fulton BURTON, SHELTON Mr. and Mrs. William M. Link, Jr. CARR, DR. WILLIAM, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley CARSON, BROWNIE ADAMS, Kosciusko, MS Mr. Thomas Scott Carson CHAMBERS, VIVIAN Mr. and Mrs. John W. Staats CHAMBLIN, DR. J. KNOX Rev. and Mrs. Richard Swayze Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Tickner CHARBONNET, III, SID, Long Beach, MS Mrs. Brenda G. Robertson CRENSHAW, AGNES, Eupora, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donny Mitchell CLAY, STUART SANDERSON Mr. and Mrs. Julian McPhillips, Jr. COGGINS, SADIE AND HUBERT Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record COLEMAN, ELINOR SUE Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp COLLIER, MRS. ENPREE LORENE, Chester, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stewart COOK, MRS. NINA, Carthage, MS Mrs. Myra Naef COTTEN, DR. MILAM, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Frank Biggs Mr. and Mrs. T. Roscoe Hearon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Smith, Jr. COX, CALVIN, Houston, TX Mrs. Nell McClellan CROSBY, MR. RAY Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garrison, III CROWLEY, CAROLA, New York, NY Miss Elizabeth Ann Clark CUTTS, WILLIAM HENRY Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Purvis DORR, MARY Brock Accounting, Financial & Tax Services DRANE, SR., FRANK C. Mrs. Frank C. Drane, Sr. DRISCOLL, SR., JOHN Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Davis Ball EDWARDS, MS. JUDY, Gulfport, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley ELLIOTT, MRS. MARY GEORGE Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Edgar, Jr. ELLIS, LIBBY, Louisville, MS Dan’s Discount Drugs EVANS, DAVID Mr. and Mrs. H. Al Evans FAIR, JR., D. L. Mr. and Mrs. James O. Cotton FIET, DON Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti FINLEY, MARTHA RAE, Starkville, MS Mrs. Patricia H. Greer FINNELL, MIKE, Memphis, TN Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Flynt FLANARY, LUCY

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Garrard Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Oerting FLOOD, DR. JACK Mrs. Dorothy Hubbard Dr. and Mrs. William A. Long, Jr. FORESTER, MR. MARCIAL, Jackson, MS Mrs. Barksdale J. Crosland Mrs. Dorothy Hubbard GAINES, CAROL ANN Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp GILBERT, JOAN Forest Grove PCA GITELMAN, MR. SHELLY, Chester, IL Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stitt, II GRAHAM, MRS. JOANNE ROGERS Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III GRANTHAM, MYRNITA B. Mr. and Mrs. William Mims Graeber GRIFFITH, MILDRED Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Purvis HEAD, DR. ROBERT B., Starkville, MS Mrs. Marilyn Head HELMS, ARONEL Ms. Cathryn Donald HENDRICK, BOBBY JOE, Shiloh Community, MS Carnathan Law Office HENDRICK, HARRY JULIAN Mr. and Mrs. Cecil F. Heidelberg, III Mr. and Mrs. Larry Smith-Vaniz HERRING, MRS. DAWN, Hattiesburg, MS Dr. John R. Jackson, Jr. HERRING, PERCY AND MAURINE Dr. John H. Herring HODGES, JUDY, Tupelo, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Weil, Jr. HORNE, GRACE, Louisville, MS Mr. Doug Horne HOUSE, MARTHA Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Davis Ball HOWORTH, SUSAN, Oxford, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer HUNT, TERRY, Rock Hill, SC Mrs. Athena Davies JASPER, DR. MARTIN T., Mathiston, MS Mrs. Mary A. Jasper JENKINS, SWEP, Indianola, MS Mrs. Kristine E. Owen JOFFEE, MRS. SIDELLE, Bronx, NY Mrs. Pat Gully JOHNSON, JANIE, Louisville, MS Miss Bobbye C. Curtis JOHNSON, III, PAUL H., Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Leo E. Tickner JONES, AL Dr. and Mrs. Tom H. Mitchell JONES, JESSIE DEEN, Tchula, MS Mrs. Nora Deen Link Maloy JONES, MARION, Vaiden, MS Blackmonton Presbyterian Church Mr. and Mrs. Joe Don Jones JONES, OMAR BEN, Baldwyn, MS Dr. Jeff Johnson and Staff JONES, WILLIAM EVERARDE, Milestone, MS Mrs. Nora Deen Link Maloy KAHLSTORF, MARY ELLEN, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti KING, JR., MARTIN T., Cleveland, MS Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Wynne KINGSLEY, MRS. KATE, Saltillo, MS Carnathan Law Office KOLB, RUTH, Vicksburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Hull LEWIS, MRS. MARIBETH WALL Mrs. Betty Majure LINDEKENS, JOSEPH Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Burghard LOZES, JOHN Mrs. Margaret H. Smith MALIK, MR. FRED, Vicksburg, MS Dr. and Mrs. Tom H. Mitchell MANGUM, BOB Mr. and Mrs. D. Gregg Jones MANLEY, KATHLEEN, Booneville, MS Dr. Jeff Johnson MANNING, MRS. PATSY, High Point, NC Mrs. Estelle Bowden MARION, SHERRY, Allen, TX Mr. Carl Marion MARSHALL, MRS. LITTIE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens Mr. James F. Stevens MATULICH, MRS. FLO Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ball, Jr. MAXWELL, MRS. (PINKIE) ROBERT Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Garrison, III MCCAY, MRS., Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. James A. Turner MCCORKLE, JOE PAUL, Eupora, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donny Mitchell MCCULLEN, DAN, Jackson, MS

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Caldwell MCIVER, MRS. DOROTHY, Sierra Vista, AZ Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray Fulton MCLUAN, JR., WILLIAM, Dayton, OH Mr. and Mrs. Joe O. Tubb MCNEIL, JR., MR. GEORGE B., Mobile, AL Mr. and Mrs. John W. Stitt, II MCPHILLIPS, ELEANOR DIXON Mr. and Mrs. Julian McPhillips, Jr. MIDDLETON, ROBERT Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp MILLER, MRS. MARY KATHERINE, Petal, MS Mrs. Rachel E. Shank MOORE, GLADYS, Booneville, MS Dr. Jeff Johnson MORGAN, JANE SAVAGE Mrs. Betty Savage Mr. and Mrs. John W. Savage, III Mr. and Mrs. Tabor A. McDowell, III MORGAN, MYRA S. Mrs. Evelyn P. Weems MURPHY, THOMAS VICTOR Mr. and Mrs. Nolan D. Palmer MYNARD, MRS. MATTIE Jefferson Community Club NEELY, MARY L., Montgomery, AL Rev. and Mrs. Edward Johnson NICHOLS, MRS. MARGARET, Jackson, MS Max L. Waldrop NORMAN, MR. HAROLD, SR. Mr. Harold Norman NOURSE, MR. RICHARD C., Greenville, MS Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III Mrs. Louise Oakes O’BRIEN, III, DR. WILLIAM T., Natchez, MS Dr. and Mrs. Dan Hank Singley, Jr. OSBORN, MRS. OTIS (IRENE) Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III PARRISH, WALTER, Centerville, GA Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Parrish PASCHAL, EDITH Mr. and Mrs. Eli Pal Shapley Mr. David Stewart Mrs. Vivian Turner Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Otho E. Turner PASLEY, RICHARD L., Olive Branch, MS Dr. R. L. Pasley PATTERSON, ROBERT L. (PAT), Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Norwood PEEPLES, MAURINE, Louise, MS Mr. and Mrs. Keith McIntyre PEETS, JEAN, Vicksburg, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Branning, Sr. PEPPER, JUDGE WILLIAM ALLEN, Cleveland, MS Mrs. Alice Wood Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III PETERMANN, PAULINE, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Branch PIETRUSZKIEWICZ, LUDIE, Booneville, MS Dr. Jeff Johnson PILLOW, JOHN SHARP Mr. Harold Ray Bowen POLK, JANICE Mrs. Petersen PORTER, MR. JAMES Mr. and Mrs. W. Talmadge McNair PUMPHREY, STAN Sammy J. Davis RATLIFF, CHARLES M. (JACK) Mrs. Dorothy Hubbard RECORD, EDNA AND BILL Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record ROBERTS, BILL, Sturgis, MS Mrs. Irene Morgan ROBERTS, H. DAVID Mr. and Mrs. Marshall C. Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. T. Roscoe Hearon, Jr. ROBINSON, SHIRLEY, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti ROUNSIFILLE, DAVID, Big Creek, MS Mrs. Polly B. Allen RUTLEDGE, ERNEST, Hazlehurst, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti SANDERSON, ELLEN BOCOCK Mr. and Mrs. Julian McPhillips, Jr. SCHUMPERT, DORSEY LEE, Verona, MS Carnathan Law Office SHADID, ANTHONY Johnny’s Plumbing Co. SINCLAIR, RALPH, Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Don McLaughlin SMITH, KEITH, Columbia, SC Mrs. Jean T. Brewer SMYLIE, JR., MRS. J. WAT (KATHERINE) Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III SNEED, DWIGHT, Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Norwood SPENCER, RON, Rock Hill, SC Mrs. Athena Davies STEVENS, JOANNE, Forest, MS

Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens STOTTS, GOLDIE Mr. David Stotts STRINGER, ARTHUR, Jackson, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer STRINGER, TED, Jackson, MS Coach Harper Davis SULLIVAN, MARJORIE, Madison, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Dieckman Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Gatlin Deerfield Bridge Club Mr. and Mrs. Leo Merchant H. O. Martin Partnership Williams, Weiss, Hester & Company TABB, GRANVILLE, Jackson, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer TARTT, CHARLOTTE, Meridian, MS Ms. Margie Vaughan THARPE, J. K. (BUBBA) Bessemer Trust Company UNDERWOOD, MARTHA, Jackson, MS Mrs. Jean T. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. Mrs. Elaine Clodfelter VALIS, ANGELOS, Potomac, MD Mrs. Athena Davies WALKER, JR., GEORGE REA Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III WALLER, FORMER GOVERNOR WILLIAM L. Fox Law Firm WATKINS, COY Mr. and Mrs. Harold Whittington WATROUS, MR. BEN, Collins, MS Mr. and Mrs. Donnie D. Riley WATSON, MRS. SHELBY, Madison, MS Mr. Borden White Mrs. Beth McCullen Mr. Robert T. Smallwood WETHINGTON, PATRICK, St. Louis, MO Mr. Thomas Scott Carson WHITE, JAMES THOMAS (TOM), Dallas, TX C.H.A.S.E., LLC Dun Transportation & Stringing, Inc. InfraSource Pipeline Faclities Midwesco Industries, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Ridings, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Westphal Mr. and Mrs. Jerome James Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sumner Mr. and Mrs. John P. Tielborg Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Rickard Mr. and Mrs. Randy Greene Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Riess Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell Mr. Robert D. Sheehan, Jr. Ms. Vicki Hessemer R. L. Coolsaet Construction Company Segall Bryant & Hamill Snelson Companies, Inc. WHITTINGTON, MRS. MADGE, Carthage, MS Mr. and Mrs. David Herrington WILHITE, DEBBIE, Punta Gorda, FL Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graeber WILLEY, MR. DOUG, Birmingham, AL Max L. Waldrop WINEMAN, SR, MRS. WADE (NANCY) Mr. and Mrs. John L. Turner, III WOFFORD, DR. BUD, Jackson, MS Mrs. Catherine N. Hester Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Hobgood WOODARD, MRS. ROBBIE GENE, Greenwood, MS Saunders Farm II Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fulgham WOODFIELD, MRS. STEPHANIE, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti WORSHAM, BOBBY Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp YANDELL, BETTY SUE, Memphis, TN Mr. and Mrs. Henry Graeber The Graeber Family YOUNG, JEAN, Pearl, MS Mr. and Mrs. Larry B. Russell


ACKLE, MAVIS LORRAINE, Jackson, MS VA Pharmacy Ms. Ellen Hopkins MESC Retirees Luncheon Club Mississippi Epsilon Master Chapter AMEDEE, CHRISTOPHER Mrs. Lillian Reppel ANDERSON, MRS. MARGARET THOMAS Mr. and Mrs. William Rex Patterson APPLEWHITE, LAVERNE, Clinton, MS Morris Family Dental Care BELL, BRENDA, Columbus, MS Mr. and Mrs. John Lampton Touchstone BLOSSMAN, JOHN

12 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012

Ewing Carruthers Jr. Former Board Member Graduates to Heaven Ewing Carruthers, Jr. died on May 8, 2012 at age 95. A lifelong Memphian, he served on the boards of French Camp Academy and Chamberlain-Hunt Academy from 1988-2006.

Laura Collier Chesser was selected as the Parent of the Year by French Camp Elementary where her three children are students. Laura (FCA ’97) and her husband, Todd, were House Parents at FCA from 2005-2011. Mr. and Mrs. William Lupe BLOUNT, LILA OVERSTREET, Ripley, MS Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey E. Hartley BOND, DR. EDWARD B. (BUTCH), Yazoo City, MS Mrs. Penelope S. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Ferriss BOVAIRD, MILDRED, Atlanta, GA Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Weil, Jr. BRANCH, MR. SIDNEY, Winona, MS Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hayward, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus K. Gardner BRAUD, MRS. ROSINA, Long Beach, MS Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Holland BRIDGES, ARLICE, Pearl, MS Ms. Irmadine S. Moore BROWN, HUBERT REID Mrs. Sue Rogers BURTON, SHELTON Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Shelton CADE, BETH, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Freedman CARROLL, M. LYLE, Jackson, MS Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti Independent Insurance Agents of MS, INC. CHAMBLIN, DR. KNOX, Jackson, MS Mrs. Mary Ida Downing Harper Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Marchetti CHRISTIAN, JOHN Mrs. Judith McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Hilton Whitmire CLARK, FREDERICK (COOKIE), Yazoo City, MS Miss Elizabeth Ann Clark CLARK, RUDY DEFORE Mr. and Mrs. William Mims Graeber COGGINS, SADIE AND HUBERT, Aberdeen, MS Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record COLEMAN, JIM, Pensacola, FL Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Benson, Sr. COOK, MIRIAM, Starkville, MS Mrs. Ophelia Reed COOK, MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM, Jackson, MS Miss Helen Elizabeth Cook CORPUZ, FLORENTINA, Moreno Valley, CA Miss Lindsey C. Varner COTTON, DR. MILAM Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mangum, Jr. Mrs. Mary Margaret Tatum COX, CHARLES, Lexington, MS Mrs. Elaine B. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brock CURTIS, MELBA Mr. and Mrs. Alan Moore D’ANTONI, FRANK, Metairie, LA Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Johnson, Jr. DACUS, MARTHA Mr. William W. Dacus, Jr. DALY, JIMMIE PLUMMER, Louisville, MS Mrs. Connie Faye Estes DAVIS, MARSILIET HARRIS Rev. and Mrs. Kevin Franklin DEWEY, PAUL Mrs. Christine W. Garrett DUNLAP, DON Mrs. Goree’ Robins DYE, LYNN MARIE, Amory, MS Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bobbitt 

He was a leader in local, state and national organizations including the National Estate Planning Council, the National Association of Advanced Life Underwriters and the American Society of CLUs. He was a speaker at many national and international conferences. His book, A Way of Life, first printed in 1969, was revised and reprinted in 1986. Ewing and his wife, Jane, are long time members of Calvary Episcopal Church, where Ewing served three terms

EIFLING, MARY VIRGINIA C., Hollandale, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joe Buchanan FAIR, HENRY JAMISON Mr. and Mrs. Max A. Ray FARR, MRS. LOUISE B., Jackson, MS Max L. Waldrop FARR, ROBERT E., Jackson, MS Mrs. Martha Farr Haynes FIELD, LOUIS Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Shelton FONTENOT, MR. ROBERT Mrs. Betty Jean Slade FOWLER, FRANCES, Jackson, MS Mrs. Beth McCullen Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. FRENCH, MALLARD, Water Valley, MS Mrs. Betty S. Allen GAROFALO, MARTHA JANIS Mr. and Mrs. T. Cobb Gibbs GIBSON, JOHN T., Greenville, MS Mr. and Mrs. James A. Elliott GILMER, BOB  Mr. and Mrs. Bobby L. Withers GOLDING, POWELL H., Grenada, MS Mrs. Joy Grice Little GRIFFIN, JR., EDDIE, Woodland, MS Mrs. Becky Harrison GULLEDGE, MARTHA Mrs. Beth McCullen GUZMAN, ROY Mr. W. D. Courts HALL, JOE Mrs. Christine W. Garrett HALL, MRS. LANELLE LINDSAY, Kosciusko, MS Mr. Rex H. Brunt HATCHETT, ELOIS Mrs. Kay Shaw McPherson HAYS, PRESTON MYERS, Jackson, MS Dr. and Mrs. William F. Lynch, Jr. HEAD, DR. ROBERT B., Starkville, MS Mrs. Marilyn Head HEAVENER, EARL Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp HERRING, ROBBIE JUNE, Kilmichael, MS Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen Neal HOBBY, CHARLES Bates Insurance Company HOWORTH, SUSAN BARKSDALE, Oxford, MS Mr. and Mrs. Howard Dyer, III Mr. Richard D. McRae, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Smith HUNT, DUAIN AND PHAYREE Mrs. Dianne H. Howell IRBY, MR. BOBBY, Durant, MS First Presbyterian Church Choir Mr. and Mrs. Owen Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Thornton JACKSON, BILL Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Laster JACKSON, QUILLA, Sturgis, MS Mrs. Irene Morgan JASPER, DR. MARTIN T., Mathiston, MS Mrs. Mary A. Jasper JENKINS, SWEP, Indianola, MS Mrs. Kristine E. Owen JOHNSON, GAIL WALSH Mrs. T. L. Wright

JOHNSON, JAYNE, Indianola, MS Mr. and Mrs. Joe Buchanan Mrs. Georgia Ann McPherson Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Aultman Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Burchfield JOHNSON, LOUISE Ms. Susannah Moore Moss Point Presbyterian Church JOHNSON, MARY ANN, Corona, CA Mrs. Betty J. Tuttle JONES, DORRIS, Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Hunter JUE, SAM Y., Rolling Fork, MS Ms. Linda S. Jue KOONCE, ELLIS Independent Insurance Agents of MS, INC. LANDRUM, JOSH, Ellisville, MS Mrs. Cleo Byrd LANEY, MRS. MARY HELEN FAULKNER, Kosciusko, MS Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Bishop LEE, HOLLEY Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp LEWIS, MRS. MARIBETH, Amory, MS Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Wall LISENBEE, RAYFORD, Grenada, MS Mrs. Joy Grice Little LOVETT, JR., LEON D. Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Oaks LUNDIN, PAUL, Medina, MN Mrs. Genevieve Allen MAURER, BETTY, Dallas, TX Mr. and Mrs. David Ben Carson METTS, JOHN P., Yazoo City, MS Rev. and Mrs. Billy W. Stanford Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Cartwright MIDDLETON, ROBERT, Winona, MS Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hayward, Jr. MONTGOMERY, EDWARD Mr. and Mrs. D. Gregg Jones MONTGOMERY, MARGUERITE, Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hoover MOORE, MR. BURTON, Indianola, MS Ms. Betty A. Moak MORGAN, MARTHA, Sturgis, MS Mrs. Irene Morgan MOSES, BRENDA K. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp MURCHISON, TOM, Natchitoches, LA Mr. and Mrs. David Ben Carson NAPIER, JOYCE Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Kemp NOEL, DAN, Memphis, TN Mrs. Eleanor Forsythe OAKS, FRANK Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Oaks PARK, SR., MR. BOBBY GEORGE Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Ritter, Jr. PARKER, MR. WAYNE Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Wilkins, III PASCHAL, EDITH, Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Donald PAYNE, WILLIAM Mr. and Mrs. Larry T. Mote PERRY, JULIA G., Jackson, MS Ms. Edith L. Perry PERRY, SR., GEORGE C., Jackson, MS Ms. Edith L. Perry

on the vestry. He was also a past junior and senior warden of the Episcopal Churchman of Tennessee. He was a longtime member of the Memphis Rotary Club and the Memphis Country Club. His hobbies included tennis, traveling, duck hunting, snow skiing, and flying a series of twin Bonanza airplanes. In 2005, he was awarded the Wright Brothers’ Master Pilot Award by the FAA. He and Jane Ogden were married in April of 1952 at Calvary Episcopal Church and recently celebrated their 60th anniversary. Ewing was used by God to build the French Camp Academy endowment with aim of perpetuating its unique mission in Mississippi and throughout the Southeast. u

PERSONS, MARTHA SEALE Gillespie Smith Law Firm PETERSON, MRS. RUBY Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Roberts, Jr. PILLOW, JOHN SHARP Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Shelton PIPPIN, MR. LEON, Toomsuba, MS Mr. James M. Smiley, III PLUMMER, ANITA Mr. James C. Boyles POCHE, JOHN TIMOTHY Mrs. Eileen Poche PODSEDNIK, DAN, Houston, TX Mrs. Nell McClellan RANDAL, MR. CHARLES Greenwood Clinic for Women RANDLE, KENNETH DALE Mrs. Evelyn Randle RECORD, EDNA AND BILL, Aberdeen, MS Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Record RENFROE, JODYE Mr. and Mrs. Charles King, Jr. RENFROE, WALTER L., Batesville, AR Mrs. Flo Russell RICKS, VERNON, Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Pat Lewis ROUSE, MRS. VELMA Mrs. Estelle Bowden RUSCOE, BEN Coach Harper Davis Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Burchfield RUSSELL, JR., WILLIAM KNOWLTON, Jacksonville, FL Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ray Fulton SALIBA, MRS. IRENE MYERS Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Dees SAVAGE, JR., JOHN, Fairhope, AL Max L. Waldrop SHARP, BRYAN, Tchula, MS Ms. Doris T. Ellison Mrs. Nell Parker Lyon Mrs. Chloe F. Ganier Jamie T. Moore Mrs. Kenneth D. Parrish Mrs. Erma Louise Cunningham Mr. Abe M. Tahir, Jr. SMITH, MRS. BARBARA Mrs. Carolyn Clarke Stewart SPROLES, HENRY LEE, Leland, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie D. Edwards STEVENS, JOANNE, Forest, MS Mr. W. Hamilton Stevens STEWART, ALLEN Mr. and Mrs. Authur Ables, Jr. Kosciusko High School Class of 1964 STRINGER, ARTHUR C. (TED) Mr. and Mrs. Doug McCullough SWARTZBERG, MELVIN, Starkville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Willie T. Holmes Mrs. Ophelia Reed Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wallace SWEENEY, NORMA Mr. and Mrs. John Lampton Touchstone TATUM, W. A., Delhi, LA Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Allen Neal TAYLOR, HANK Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bennett 

TAYLOR, SR., W. A., Louisville, MS Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Donald TEMPLE, WILLIAM, Meridian, MS Dr. and Mrs. William F. Lynch, Jr. THARPE, J. K. (BUBBA) Ms. Mary Ellen Hugus THIGPEN, JR., LOUIS Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Davis Ball THOMAS, MRS. LENA, Madden, MS Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Thornton THOMSEN, ROBERT Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr. THRAIKILL, DAVID, Hernando, MS Mr. and Mrs. Pat Lewis THREADGILL, JAMES Mr. and Mrs. George L. Hand TUCKER, MARY LUCILLE (LUCY) GRICE, Destin, FL Mr. and Mrs. Harris Powers, Jr. TURNER, MR. WALTER, Philadelphia, MS Mr. and Mrs. Hal Russell Mr. and Mrs. William F. Turner TURNER, MRS. ALICE MCINTOSH Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mangum, Jr. VANTREASE, JR., DAVID Mrs. Irene M. Vantrease WALDROP, MAX, Jackson, MS Mrs. Martha Farr Haynes WALLACE, RALPH, Pascagoula, MS First Pres. WIC Circle II WARD, HELEN RUTH (PACE), French Camp, MS Mr. W. F. Hawkins Mrs. Helen Ruth Bright South Winona Water Association WARREN, MRS. CLAUDE, Mobile, AL Rev. and Mrs. Timothy R. Smith WATKINS, COY H., Carthage, MS Mrs. Mildred D. Grissom WATROUS, III, BENJAMIN A. (BENJY) Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Dees WATROUS, JR., BENJAMIN ARTHUR (BEN) Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur G. Dees WEINAND, RUSSELL, Mesa, AZ Mrs. Genevieve Allen WELCH, STEWART Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Burghard Petrol Club WEST, CHAPMAN, San Antonio, TX Dr. Joe Ivy Gillespie WETHINGTON, PATRICK, St. Louis, MO Mr. Thomas Scott Carson WHITE, J. T. Ms. Barbara Taylor Bank of Texas Ms. Margaret B. Davison Mrs. Eleanor Forsythe Mr. and Mrs. M. Keith Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Stevenson The Segal Company (Eastern States), Inc WHITFIELD, W. C., Greenwood, MS Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Parrish WRIGHT, TREY Mrs. T. L. Wright YATES, REV. JAMES F., Yazoo City, MS Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Cartwright

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 13

The Martin’s—Dorm Sweet Home By Sylvia Dickson

Randy and Joy Martin met at Columbia International University. She was working on her Bachelor’s degree in Bible/Bible Education. Randy was working on his Master’s in Pastoral Counseling. Both had applied to be RA’s (Residence Assistants) and were thrown together in preparation for that job.

Moving from married student housing to the Taylor home apartment was like moving into a mansion. We actually had a separate kitchen from the living & dining area! Randy exclaimed. They have been at FCA for four years. They arrived as two, and now are expecting their third child. Their two boys are part of the bigger dorm family, with all the boys learning to love and serve one another. The next expected child is a girl, and a whole new dynamic will develop.

I loved being an RA, said Randy. It was Life on Life Discipleship with the students. Joy added, We wanted to continue that kind of ministry after graduation, but didn’t know how or where. Randy and Joy were married in 2007 and moved into married student housing at CIU. Upon graduation they began looking at ministry opportunities, Joy recalled that her cousins had been house parents at French Camp Academy. She and Randy proceeded with the application, interview, and trial dorm sitting.

Randy and Joy both believe that their home—and each home—should be a safe place for all who live there. With that in mind, following God’s plan for loving discipline, building relationships, and constantly walking with God has made Taylor Home more than a dorm—it is a refuge from hurt and a place for healing and growth. All who live there are a family.

During that time, they were confronted with the deep needs of the students and the uplifting support of staff. Realizing that the vision and mission of FCA were being lived out by the staff, they joined the team. Randy and Joy French Camp Academy’s mission is for serving young people and their families. have another Life on Life Discipleship in Taylor Home. Randy and Joy Martin are one example of living out that mission. We don’t work at French Camp, we live at French Camp, Randy emphasized.

Certainly each staff member has a job to do, but the main reason for being at FCA is to share Jesus, God’s plan for redemption, and to have a continuing Life on Life Discipleship.

If you or someone you know is searching to fulfill a desire to serve, French Camp Academy offers unique opportunities in house parenting, teaching, and many other areas. Please check our website: u

Board Member Donnie Brock Since December 1994, Donnie Brock has served faithfully on He and Patty have been married since August 1966 and have the French Camp Board of Trustees and is currently on the four children: Ashley Farmer, Don Brock, Jr., Jennifer KenPlant and Property Committee. non, and Lamar Brock. They are members of First Presbyterian Church in Greenwood where Donnie serves as a deacon and Donnie attended Millsaps College and graduated from Ole session member. Miss in 1965, and UM Law School in 1968. He is an attorney with Whittington Law Firm in Greenwood, member of the The Board of Trustees is extremely important to the daily minKiwanis Club, past chairman of the Greenwood-Leflore In- istry of FCA. A huge thanks goes out to each member for their dustrial Board, and Chairman of the Greenwood Arts Festival. prayers, guidance, and support. u

14 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012

Ruby Henderson Stevens When Ruby Henderson Stevens (’45) became widowed in 1959, she moved her family back to French Camp. In 1965 she was hired as dietician for FCA by Sam Patterson. In addition to providing 3 meals a day for students and staff, she and her crew shelled and froze vegetables from the farm, prepared food for banquets, and served 6 meals a day when summer camp was in session. In 1993, she was selected as Alumnus of the Year. She retired in 1999 after 35 years of service, just short of her 71st birthday. Miss Ruby often had former students thank her for teaching them how to work. On November 22, 2011, after baking two pecan pies for Thanksgiving, Mrs. Stevens went to bed and was peacefully called home to the Lord. In the words of a former student, Rest in peace, Mrs. Stevens. Heaven’s just a little sweet tonight because now they have your red velvet cake. u

WORDS OF WISDOM From our Staff to the Seniors and Students Remember the Golden Rule: Keep Your Side of the Dorm Room as You Would Have Others Keep THEIRS! In doing this you will have a peace among roommates and fewer cockroaches! Do not find your daily strength in yourself… find it in God. He is the never ending source of strength.   It is OK to call your mom and tell her how much you miss her…and when you have to start waking yourself up, washing your own clothes, and finding your own food…YOU WILL MISS HER! -Jennifer Pendleton

Failure is only failure if you learn nothing, give up, or blame someone else. -Tekoa Miller There is always hope. Even when the times were darkest, God demonstrated His love toward us (while we were still sinners), Christ died for us…(Romans 5:8). No matter what your circumstance, God sees it and is using it to draw you to Him in some way. Don’t push Him away. -S. Dickson

There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Experience is the most EXPENSIVE teacher, so learn from others. A reputation is made by MANY actions and destroyed by just ONE. That which you fail to control will conHere’s a tad bit of wisdom: “Don’t allow your- trol you without fail. -Kevin Sorensen self to indulge in anything in your youth that will discredit you when you become mature in Watch what you post on the internet—pictures, age.” Author unknown -Don Morgan words, music—all of it. -Hannah O’Brien Be careful about the people with which you sur- Live life with an eye on eternity. -Tom Dickson round yourself. They will have the most influ- u ence on you. -Carrie Browning, Camp Director

NEEDS LIST GROWS • We need a one-ton dual wheeled chassis cab truck to replace 18 year old horse program truck and a half ton pickup to replace 18 year old truck on its last leg • Our Driver’s Education car has seen better days. Could you help us out by donating a reliable automobile so our students can learn how to be excellent drivers? Contact Lance Ragsdale at 662-547-6482 to make your gift to French Camp Academy. • And maybe you can help us out with: mini excavator for digging • For our Student Union: bar stools, new tables and chairs • benches • Wii game system • bumper pool table • board games • Commercial Expresso Machine

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Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________ City _________________________________________ E-Mail ______________________________________ Please complete and attach a current mailing label if possible. Mail to French Camp Academy, 1 Fine Place, French Camp, MS 39745. You may email information to: Thank you for helping eliminate duplicate mailings.


Many FCA alumni are serving our country full-time in the military, as well as staff and family members in the National Guard. Please pray for them as they defend us at home and abroad. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, “My refuge and my fortress, My God, in whom I trust!” Psalm 91:1-2 NON-DISCRIMINATORY POLICY French Camp Academy admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.

French Camp TODAY • summer 2012 • 15

FRENCH C AMP A CADEMY A LUMNI NEWS Alumni Day 2012 By Lisa Henning

The Night Before… Fun into the wee hours—that’s how the 1960-65 alumni spent Friday night at Larry & Linda McDaniel’s home. Some may have stayed later than their young bodies could handle.

The Day Of… Alumni activities started Saturday morning in the King Ed Auditorium with group singing, a short business meeting and awards. The Alumnus of the Year award went to Richard Lynn Downing, class of 1960. The Young Alumnus of the Year Award selectee was Samantha Paige Rabun, class of 2005. Kyle Henderson, class of 1998, received the Church Service Award.

Game On… The day progressed with tall tales, stories of pranks, and memories of special people and events. A hamburger lunch was served at Lake Ann, as well as a delightful dinner later in the evening. The annual FCA Softball Reunion Game with Alumni vs. Lady Panthers was a mighty match. There are many stories going around about who won and who had to have oxygen.

The Next Time… Your next planned opportunity to visit will be Harvest Festival. This is another big week end for the Alumni, the second Saturday in October. The class of 1987 will celebrate their 25th Reunion on that weekend. Anyone in the classes of 1980 to 1990 are invited to enjoy the fun. It is easy to plan your class reunion. Contact Lisa for a list of classmates and you can start calling them and planning your reunion. Easy and fun, too! Alumni, you are always welcome at FCA. Come back for visits, remember when, and make new memories. Bring a group from your church or work for a tour of French Camp Academy, aka, Home. Contact Information: 662-547-6482 • Tours--Lance Ragsdale • Reunions--Lisa Henning u

Check the French Camp Website For updated information on Alumni Events, Employment Opportunities and Needs.

16 • French Camp TODAY • summer 2012


by Sylvia Dickson

Come rain or shine, people love a good show. Pioneer Day 2012 was proof of that. Tents dotted the grounds and music sprinkled the air at the Natchez Trace Historic District on Saturday, May 12. Vendors featured arts and crafts, antiques and replicas, and concessions.


Mid-south Star Gaze Amateur and professional astronomers from nearly a dozen states set up their telescopes and joined in the banter at The 2012 MidSouth Star Gaze hosted by Rainwater Observatory. A few of our attendees captured some spectacular photographs of celestial objects which can be viewed on our website at www.rainwaterobservatory. org.

Artisans representing a wide variety of crafts demonstrated their trade. Spinning wheels whirled wool into yarn which was then warped and woofed into fabric on a loom. Quilts took on design and dimension as needles pricked the cotton fabrics pieced together into patterns named Flying Geese, Wedding Ring, and Log Cabin. Water color painting, fishing fly tying, wood carving, lace tatting, paper silhouettes snipped while you wait were some of the other activities that drew people in to learn, and oooh and awe. Front porch musicians fiddled, strummed and plucked throughout the day. Cloggers danced along with the tunes. Children were delighted with a petting zoo of irresistible lambs, calves, and baby goats. A stroll down the boardwalk with lemonade in hand just seemed the right thing to do.

Our guest speakers, Dr. Donna Pierce and Jarrod Marsh from Mississippi State University, David Teske from Starkville, Dr. Chris Sirola from University of Southern Mississippi and Dr. William Keel from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa presented the latest in high quality astronomy related programming. Special thanks to all who provided valuable assistance with registration, design work, publicity, food preparation, grounds work, lodging and many other details that helped make this a successful event! We’re already fine tuning and making plans for the next Mid-South Star Gaze in April 2013. Make your plans now to join us then. u

Around 11:30, the rains came, but so did the people. As the skies poured, people poured onto the grounds for Council House Café boxed lunches and a barbeque buffet. But the main reason was the bluegrass music concert scheduled for 1:30, and they weren’t disappointed. A large tent sheltered the musicians and fans as the rain began to let up. It was strictly a pioneer music event—no electricity was allowed—with acoustical instruments, singing and even some impromptu dancing. …and chairs had to be added as more people came. Next year, we hope it doesn’t rain, but even so we will continue on in true Pioneer Day fashion. u Mark your calendar now for Saturday, May 11, 2013. Check our website for more pictures and information. Stay connected on the web: or check out all of our support ministries at w w w. f r e n c h c a m p . o r g / h i s t o r i c w w w. c a m p o f t h e r i s i n g s o n . c o m w w w. r a i n w a t e r o b s e r v a t o r y. o r g w w w. w f c a f m 1 0 8 . c o m w w w. f r e n c h c a m p . o r g / r e t r e a t c e n t e r

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FCA Today Summer 2012  

FCA Today reports on French Camp Academy, a safe, stable, healing place dedicated to providing a Christian boarding school and home experien...

FCA Today Summer 2012  

FCA Today reports on French Camp Academy, a safe, stable, healing place dedicated to providing a Christian boarding school and home experien...