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French-American Piano Society is a non-profit organization designed to promote cultural exchange, education, and networking between France and the United States through French pianists and music. Over the past 3 years, our Scholarship grants were awarded to twelve talented young French Pianists, two of them first prizes of the McKenzie competition at the International Keyboard Institute of Festival in New York. Our partnerships with the best music schools in France are a guarantee that our scholarships will benefit the most talented young French Pianists. Award-winning French pianists continue to give their time and talent to support our program and help us develop a vivid audience of French and American piano lovers. In 2016 we piloted our Master Class Program and the five-day French-American Piano Week festival, which are poised to become landmarks of our Society. Our fundraising to acquire a $100k Steinway Grand Piano has yielded 50% of its goal, and our efforts will continue in 2017. Our executive Team grew and welcomed Hanyi Meng as Outreach Director (for our fundraising program) and Matthieu Cognet as our Artistic Director (driving our Master Class and Piano Week festival). We are grateful to the many corporate and individual patrons who have offered their invaluable support which make our programs possible.

Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D. Founder and President 3

Photo by Mark Morris

“Pascal Rogé illuminated and extended each wave of bright sonorities with a sense of poignancy, reflection, and depth, filling the room and enveloping the audience in a warm stylistic world of beauty, darkness, and light.” 2016 Top 10 NY Theater Guide, Dianne Gebauer.

Photo by Mark Morris

Presented to the New York City scene by Credit Agricole CIB in partnership with French-American Piano Society and the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France, Yves Henri delivers a mesmerizing performance and showcases masterpieces from Chopin, Liszt and his own arrangements. 4

2016 HIGHLIGHTS Since our creation in 2014, we have made our goal to develop a community that would be as passionate as we are in supporting young pianists. Here are a few highlights and achievements in 2016: February: Marilyn Nonken presents "Spectral Salon". The recital features works by major French composers Tristan Murail and Hugues Dufourt, as well as young Americans influenced by their work and musique spectrale: Richard Carrick, Christopher Trapani, and Mikel Kuehn. April: Irina Kataeva-Aimart presents “Avant Garde Russian composers” at NYU Steinhardt. Hélène Tysman teams up Steinway and Sons for a solo recital at Roche Bobois’s flagship store in New York. May: Marie-Ange Nguci (‘15) New York City premiere recital at the Consulate of France. June: Hotel Sofitel hosts the first French-American Piano Week and showcases French and American pianists, Matthieu Cognet, Sandrine Erdely-Sayo, Audrey Abela, Inga Kashakashvili, Anna Keiserman, Marilyn Nonken on a Spirio piano from Steinway and Sons. July: 2016 Scholarship Recipients (Julie Alcaraz, Victoire-Théodora Pruvost, Timotée Urbain, Josquin Otal) participate to IKIF 2016 where two of them reach finals at the McKensie competition. All deliver a memorable recital on July 22nd at the Consulate of France. August: Matthieu Cognet joins our executive team as Artistic Director and launches our Master Class Program. October: Internationally renowned Pascal Rogé presents “Satie and Friends” at our Fall Benefit Recital to mark the 150th anniversary of Satie’s birth. December: Yves Henri presents “Du piano de salon au piano orchestral”, a concert lecture organized in partnership with Credit Agricole CIB. Our audience reaches record 1250 count and the 2016 Master Class program delivers to its first six American young pianists. 5

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SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS French pianists are under-represented in US-based piano festivals competitions due to lack of funding, not lack of talent. Our goal is to reverse this trend, offering new professional opportunities to French artists and an enhanced experience to American audiences.

The scholarship covers round-trip transportation from Paris, tuition fees for the International Keyboard Institute and Festival, and housing during the two-week festival. The program also includes a public recital at the France’s New York Consulate. Candidates are selected by the Conservatoires National Supérieurs of Paris and Lyon.

PAST SCHOLARSHIP RECIPENTS Matthieu Acar (‘14), Finalist IKIF 2014 Julie Alcaraz (‘16), Finalist IKIF 2016 Maroussia Gentet (‘14) Nathanael Gouin (‘14) Olof Hansen (‘15) Audrey Lonca-Alberto (‘15) Marie-Ange Ngucy (‘15), First Prize IKIF 2015 Josquin Otal (‘16) Victoire-Théodora Pruvost (‘16), Finalist IKIF 2016 Timotée Urbain (‘16) Hélène Tysman (‘13), First Prize IKIF 2012 Tanguy de Williencourt (‘15), Finalist IKIF 2015 7

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2017 RECITALS Jean-Efflam Bavouzet

2017 New Year’s Recital Tuesday, January 24 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York Hélène Tysman

Intégrale for Piano, Ravel Part I, Tuesday, April 18 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York Part II, Wednesday, April 19 at 6:30pm Steinway Hall, New York 2017 French-American Piano Week 5 emerging French pianists will be announced June 19-23 at 6:30pm Several prestigious location in New York 2017 Awards Ceremony Scholarship Recipients Recital Thursday July 20 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York Yves Henry And presenting a young French Pianist Credit Agricole CIB’s Recital Tuesday October 24 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York 9


MASTER CLASSES Recognized as one of the leading educational programs for French piano repertoire in the United States, our Master Class Program attracts the highest caliber of young performing artists. Students benefit from a unique learning experience, receiving guidance and inspiration from some of the most renowned French pianists of our time. The program is open to pianists enrolled in academic music programs in the United States. Classes are free and open to the public. 2016 CLASSES

Pascal Rogé, October 26th Students: Audrey Abela, Sarah Dutcher, Mariel Mayz, Marie-Ange Nguci Yves Henri, December 7th Students: Małgorzata Goroszewska, Miles Massicotte, Ivan Gusev (picture on the left), Xi Chen 2017 CLASSES

Jean Efflam Bavouzet, January 25th Hélène Tysman, April 21st Yves Henri, October 25th Master Classes are free and opened to the public. Candidates are welcome to apply (audition) and contact our Artistic Director Matthieu Cognet. We are actively looking for sponsors and grants to expand the program in 2017 and beyond. 11

Photo Photo by by Mark Mark Morris Morris


2017 STEINWAY PIANO FUNDRAISING In 2017, we continue to raise funds to acquire a $100,000 Steinway & Sons Model B piano.

We are thankful to our 2016 donors who have allowed us to reach 50% of our goal !

Once installed in the Salon Rose music room at the Consulate of France on Fifth Avenue in New York, our Society will have a home and be enabled to expand our recital and educational program. We plan to showcase and enhance the international careers of 40 French pianists over a ten-year period. We are actively seeking partners and patrons that would like to support this acquisition. Contribution levels and benefits are summarized below

SOCIETY LEADER ($50,000) Lifetime recognition on a plaque installed on the piano, 20 invitations to our upcoming five seasons (25 recitals). RECITAL SERIES SPONSOR ($25,000) Our Recital Sponsor will have a recital series named in their honor (five seasons, five recitals per season), including 10 invitations for each recital (250 invitations) PATRONS ($2,500) Our Patrons will be the catalyst of an emerging community. Their leadership will be regularly recognized and they will receive six invitations to our upcoming five seasons (25 recitals).

French-American Piano Society is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Your contributions are tax deductible


Photo Photo by by Mark Mark Morris Morris


HONORARY BOARD S.E. Bertrand Lortholary Ambassadeur de France au Vietnam

Françoise Noël-Marquis Directeur, Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

Bruno Mantovani Directeur, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

Géry Moutier Directeur, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Lyon

Jerome Rose Founder and Director, International Keyboard Institute and Festival

Susan Wadsworth Director and Founder, Young Concert Artists, Inc

Hélène Tysman First Prize IKIF 2012 MacKenzie Award

EXECUTIVE TEAM Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D. Founder and Director

Elizabeth Olson Executive Director

Hanyi Meng Outreach and Development Director

Matthieu Cognet Artistic and Master Classes Program Director

Mark Morris Photographer “in Residence”

Gretchen Amussen Director of External Affairs and International Relations, CNSMDP 15

Photo by Mark Morris


2016 FRIENDS AND DONORS Friends and Donors of the French-American Piano Society are vital to the success of our mission. Your support to our organization provides encouragement and incentive to these young artists at the start of their careers, while also strengthening ties between France and the United States.

Keyboard Members ($8,800 and above) Christophe Attar, Air France Karen Beluso, Steinway & Sons Marc-André Poirier, Crédit Agricole CIB

Full Arpeggio Members ($2,500 and above) The Alice Rosner Foundation Serge et Veronique Banzet, Veronic Travel Jean-Luc Begasse de Dhaem, Colas, Inc Lena Chang, Ph.D., Cure Insurance Yoni Elmalem, Inbox Group Marie-Paule Nowlis, Sofitel New York Bernard Parisot, JCDecaux

Chromatic Scale Members ($1,200and above) Hélène Buchen Catherine Chardon, RATP DEV Americans Yann Coatanlem Pierre Cournot Michel Langlais de Langlade Martha Olson Hélène Petitjean, MD Gilles Rousseau

Scale Members ($600 and above)

Emmanuel Cargill Philippe Erard Catherine and Etienne Lamairesse

Key Members ($100 to $500 and above) John and Janet Haag Dean Peter H. Baker Thierry Chaunu Gérard Munéra 17

2016 Incom e Event Proceeds




Scholarship Grant Donation


Steinw ay Piano Fund Donation


Total 2016 Incom e



2016 Expenses Bank Charges


Grants / Scholarship Expenses Aw ards Ceremony Recital


Festival and Competition Fees


Scholarship - Lodging


Scholarship - Travel Total Grants / Scholarship Expenses

818.99 $


IT Expense


Legal & Professional Fees


Master Class Program Advertising/Promotional


Artists Teaching stipend


Artists Travels and Expenses


Total Master Class Program


Mem bership Benefits

2,404.58 900.00

Recitals and Prom otion Artists Travel Expenses for Recital


Event & Recital Promotional Content


Insurance & Legal


Promotion for the Association & Fundraising


Recital Rentals (Hall or Instruments)


Total Recitals and Prom otion



Steinw ay Fundraising Digital Promotional


Print Promotional Total Steinw ay Fundraising Total 2016 Expenses 2016 Net Incom Photo by Mark Morris e

2,577.63 $







2015-2016 FINANCIAL DISCUSSION The overall 2016 operating budget should be viewed as a combination of cash donations and in-kind donations including:  Donation and proceeds of $37,890, a 50% increase from prior year.  In-kind donations for a total estimated amount of $50,000:  Six round-trip tickets donated by Air France (~ $7,800)  12 hotel nights donated by Sofitel New York (~$4,800)  3 Recital venue donated by Consulate of France (~$20,000)  Pro-bono work from the Directors and Executive Team to support the management of our operations, for an estimate of 450 hours or approximately $15,000.  Grand Pianos for our three recitals are a gift (rental and crating) by Steinway and Sons ( ~$7,500)

Our combined budget (~$90,000) is ~30% larger than in 2015: it reflects the growing level of support our program. About 25% our cash donations have been allocated to our four Scholarships for Young Pianists. 25% of our cash donations continue (vs 35% in 2015) to be applied to the promotion and fundraising through the four recitals organized (vs three in 2015). We continue to generate professional pictures to create high quality promotional content. New in 2016, our Fundraising for a grand piano has generated $10,500 in cash, a five years, $25k partnership with Credit Agricole and a two years $15k partnership with JCDecaux, or 50% of our $100k goal! New in 2016, our Master Class program used 6% of our donations, and will double in 2017. Less than 5% of donations is used for Administrative purposes. We closed with ~ $11,700 in “savings” for the future acquisition of our Grand Piano. 19

Photo by Mark Morris




FRENCH-AMERICAN PIANO SOCIETY Operates in partnership with

Contact us: c/o Hodgson Russ, LLP, 1540 Broadway, 24th Fl, New York, NY 10036 Email: 22

French-American Piano Society 2016 Annual Report  

The 2016 Annual Report presents the 2016 achievements and financials of the French-American Piano Society, a non-for-profit association to p...

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