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French-American Piano Society

2015 Spring Benefit Recital April 28, 2015 Consulate General of France New York, USA

“Le Piano dans la Musique Créole”

Thierry Vaton, Piano George Granville, Keyboard



Welcome to our Spring Benefit Recital! French-American Piano Society is a non-profit organization designed to promote cultural exchange, education, and networking between France and the United States, with a special focus on French pianists and music. Last summer, our “Piano Competition Scholarship” grants were awarded to three talented young French pianists: Matthieu Acar, Maroussia Gentet, and Nathanael Gouin. We are exceedingly grateful to the many corporate and individual patrons who are joining us this year to offer four Scholarship Grants to young pianists from the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris and from l’Ecole normale supérieure de musique - Alfred Cortot in Paris to participate to the 17th International Keyboard Institute and Festival in New York. We are pleased to announce our four grant recipients’ names tonight and we will welcome them on July 17th for their Inaugural Recital in the U.S. This evening, we are honored to welcome pianists Thierry Vaton and Georges Granville. The program highlights content from their recent book, "Le Piano dans la Musique Créole", exploring the percussive role of the piano through the evolution of rhythmic styles. Enjoy your evening! Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D. Founder and Director



French-American Piano Society Presents

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 at 6:30pm Consulate General of France in New York

Le Piano dans la Musique CrĂŠole

Thierry Vaton, Piano Georges Granville, Keyboard Pianists Thierry Vaton and Georges Granville will demonstrate content from their recent book, "Le Piano dans la Musique CrĂŠole", exploring the percussive role of the piano through the evolution of rhythmic styles which have close ties to classical, jazz, and contemporary music. In partnership with the Region Martinique



Thierry Vaton With a powerful style and impeccable technique, Thierry Vaton discovered his passion for music in Martinique in 1972. Born into a family of musicians, at 16 years old, he decided to devote himself fully to this instrument, which he began studying with the intention of becoming a professional pianist. He joined the Conservatoire de musique du 8e arrondissement in Paris and completed his training at the American School of Modern Music in Paris from 1984 to 1987. He began playing on stage with Elik Tara and Gazoline in the late 1980s. Shortly after, he was invited for the first time by Dédé Saint-Prix to manage the musical arrangements on the album Lerdou (1987), and Joël Filin offered him the opportunity to showcase his compositions on the album Just Liquid (1988). This turned him into one of the most popular musicians of the day, regularly invited to accompany different groups and musicians, such as Kaoma, Kassav’, Angélique Kidjo, La Compagnie Créole, Dédé Saint-Prix, etc., in concerts given throughout the world. From the late 1990s until today, he has regularly collaborated with many artists like Philippe Lavil, Dany Brillant, Patrick Saint-Éloi, Mory Kante, Myriam Makeba, Ralph Thamar, Jean-Philippe Marthely and Mizikopéyi, the first Caribbean big band, a concept that he created and implemented with Tony Chasseur. Inspired by Quincy Jones, Thierry decided to use his talent as an arranger, composer and director to promote a broad range of musical styles and cultures. His musical language combines rhythms from his Caribbean heritage and the musical influences he has culled through his many exchanges and trips worldwide. As a band leader, he brilliantly oversees and directs a significant number of concerts and studio recordings. 7


Georges Granville In 1999, Georges Granville first encountered a piano during a trip at the age of 15. Upon his return to Martinique, he studied classical music for 2 years. In the early 1990s, he again returned to Martinique after completing his studies and military service. His meeting with Olivier Jean-Alphonse was pivotal: from 1994 to 1997, he played regularly on stage with the band Théorème, whose other band members included Éric Virgal, Pier Rosier and Dédé Saint-Prix. Influenced by many great pianists such as Alain Jean Marie, Marius Cultier and Keith Jarrett, in 1997 Georges joined the Bill Evans Academy in Paris where he studied for 3 years. This school focuses on improvisation and perpetuates the jazz culture. Since then, Georges has been playing on stage in France and worldwide with Dédé Saint-Prix, Beethova Obas, Bélo, John Ellison, Tony Allen, Gérard Mendès, Zouk Machine, Tony Chasseur, Kali, Denise Reis, and has recorded a few albums with some of these artists. He has taught piano at the Institut de culture musicale since 2002. Georges is a discreetly confirmed pianist whose playing is melodically generous and harmonically fine and whose technique combines firmness, gentleness, energy and variation, which is why he is such a recognized and sought-after instrumentalist.


Honorary Board S.E. Bertrand Lortholary Consul General of France in New York

Françoise Noël-Marquis Directeur Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris

Bruno Mantovani French composer, Paris Directeur, Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

Jerome Rose American pianist, New York Founder and Director, International Keyboard Institute and Festival

Susan Wadsworth Director and Founder, Young Concert Artists, Inc, New York

Hélène Tysman French pianist, Paris First Prize IKIF 2012 MacKenzie Award

Executive Team Mathieu Petitjean, Ph.D. Founder and Director, New York

Michele Amar Director, New York Office, French Music Export Office, New York

Gretchen Amussen Director of External Affairs and International Relations Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris

Elizabeth Olson Marketing and Artist Relations, New York 10

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The Scholarships Grants Why? French pianists are under-represented in US-based piano competitions due to lack of funding, not lack of talent. Our goal is to reverse this trend, offering new professional opportunities to French artists and an enhanced experience to American audiences. Objective Starting in July 2014 and for a period of three years, we will sponsor ten young French pianists through our Scholarship Grant Program, thus allowing them to participate in New York’s International Keyboard Institute and Festival and its related MacKenzie Piano Competition. Grant The grant covers round-trip transportation from Paris, tuition fees for the International Keyboard Institute and Festival (July 17– August 2 2015) and housing during the two-week festival. The program also includes a public recital at the France’s New York Consulate on July 17, 2015 as well as audition fees to the Young Concert Artists’ Paris auditions in September 2015.

Congratulations to our 2015 Scholarship Winners:

Olof Hansen Audrey Lonca-Alberto Marie-Ange Nguci Tanguy de Williencourt 15

Olof Hansen Born on 10 December 1990, Olof Hansen first studied piano and violin at the Perpignan Conservatory. At the age of nine, he won the local Ventsislav Yankoff competition, and two years later he performed Mozart's Piano Concerto in G major, K453 under the baton of Daniel Tosi. He studied with Georges Pludermacher and Michel Dalberto at the Paris Conservatory. He is currently preparing his concert diploma with Henri Barda at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, whilst also attending the National School of Economics and Statistics (ENSAE). He has given recitals and performed with orchestras across France, including in the Nancyphonies and Boulou festivals.


Audrey Lonca-Alberto Born in a family of musicians, Audrey Lonca-Alberto was surrounded at her youngest age by an artistic crowd and began playing the piano at the age of five. After starting her musical studies in Dordogne than in Limoges where she received at the age of 13 her Diploma of Musical Studies (DEM) with highest honors, she obtained two years later her Diploma in Performance at the "Perfectionnement" level. At the age of 15, she received a 3rd Prize at the Donostia San Sebastian International Piano Competition in Spain. Laureate from many national and international competitions, she also received a scholarship from the Musical Academy of Val d'Isère in 2012. Since 2008, she pursues her education at the Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris in Erik Berchot's class from which she recently received her "Diplôme Supérieur d'Exécution" with highest honors, and in 2014, her "Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste" with M. Aldo Ciccolini as member of the Jury. She had the chance during her studies to benefit from the teachings of such great pianists as Jacques Rouvier, Bruno Rigutto, Pascal Devoyon, Mikhail Rudy, François-René Duchâble and chamber music coachings from violinist Devy Erlih. Audrey has done recordings for Mezzo and France Bleu. She has been playing as a soloist, in chamber music and with orchestra since the age of 13. She most recently performed the Ravel concerto in G with the Ensemble Instrumental of Dordogne with the conductor Bruno Rossignol. 17

Marie-Ange Nguci At the age of 16, the FrancoAlbanian child prodigy MarieAnge Nguci had already completed her Bachelor’s degree in Musicology at the Paris-Sorbonne University and her Master’s degree in Piano performance with highest honors at the Paris Conservatoire. Eclectic and endlessly curious, Marie-Ange is currently enrolled in the Conservatoire’s prestigious Artist Diploma course in piano whilst studying Ondes Martenot and completing additional Master’s degrees in musical analysis and music pedagogy. An exchange period in Vienna allowed her to initiate herself to the art of conducting, which she hopes to study further later on. Marie-Ange’s talents were recognized early on when she was awarded First Prize at the Lagny-sur Marne International Piano Competition in 2011 ; at the Paris Conservatoire she has been recipient of major grants from the Meyer and L’Or du Rhin Foundations. The remarkable breadth and quality of Marie-Ange’s musical talents have allowed her to develop a unique musical personality, one that is equally at home as a soloist, chamber musician or working with orchestra. She has been particularly attentive to the music of our time, working directly with composers Thierry Escaich, Graziane Finzi, Alain Abbott and Fabien Touchard to prepare performances of their works. Currently, she is preparing a recording of works by French composerorganists César Franck, Camille Saint-Saëns, Gabriel Fauré, Olivier Messaien and Thierry Escaich, confronting thus different historical periods and aesthetics. . 18

Tanguy de Williencourt A true Renaissance musician, pianist Tanguy de Williencourt is an accomplished soloist, chamber musician, and accompanist who is also pursuing studies as a vocal coach and conductor. After having completed his Master’s degrees in piano, accompaniment and vocal coaching with highest honors at the Paris Conservatoire, he recently entered the prestigious Artist Diploma Programme there. The pianists who have particularly influenced him include Roger Muraro, Jean-Frédéric Neuburger, Anne le Bozec, and Claire Désert. A recipient of the Blüthner Foundation award given annually to one outstanding pianist at the Paris Conservatoire, Tanguy has also been a prize winner at the Yamaha and Fauré competitions. Tanguy’s solo and chamber music performances have taken him to French National Radio, the Berlin Philharmonic’s Chamber Music Hall, Kyoto’s Alti Hall, and leading French venues, including La Roque d’Anthéron, the Folle Journée de Nantes and the Cité de la Musique. Tanguy and cellist Bruno Philippe perform regularly as a duo : their recording of Brahms and Schumann will be published next fall. Solo performances have included Beethoven’s Triple Concerto with the Matheus Ensemble, Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestra, and Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue with the Moroccan Philharmonic. Upcoming projects include a recording dedicated to piano transcriptions of Wagner/Liszt, a passion which brings together Tanguy’s experience as a pianist, vocal coach, and conductor. 19


French-American Piano Society 2015 Program Spring Benefit Recital Tuesday, April 28th at 6:30pm, Consulate of France in New York “Le Piano Dans La Musique Créole ” Thierry Vaton, Pianist and George Granville, Keyboard

Award Ceremony and Recital Friday, July 17th at 6:30pm, Consulate of France in New York “2015 Young Pianists Scholarship Recital” Olof Hansen, Pianist, Audrey Lonca-Alberto, Pianist Marie-Ange Nguci, Pianist, Tanguy de Williencourt, Pianist In partnership with the

International Keyboard Institute and Festival’s Master Series Recitals Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College Jerome Rose, Pianist Saturday July 18th at 8:00pm Marc-André Hamelin, Pianist, Sunday, July 19th at 8:00pm Jean-Efflam Bavouzet, Pianist, Saturday, August 1st at 8:00pm

Fall Benefit Recital Thursday, October 15h at 6:30pm, Consulate of France in New York Lise de La Salle, Pianist 21

Friends and Donors Donors, friends, and fans of the French-American Piano Society are vital to the success of our mission. Your support to our organization provides encouragement and incentive to these young artists at the start of their careers, whilst also strengthening ties between France and the United States.

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Pianist Hélène Tysman, at the French-American Piano Society Inauguration Recital of May 6th 2014 at the Consulate of France in New York.

2014 Piano Competition Scholarship Recipients after their first public recital in the U.S., at the Consulate of France in New York. From left to right: Nathanaël Gouin, Maroussia Gentet and Matthieu Accar


2014 Highlights January to March 2014:  French-American Piano Inc. is formed as a non-profit.  Digital and Social Media presence are launched.  The 2014 Honorary Board is formed, and readies to be the catalyst

of the 2014 program.  S.E. Bertrand Lortholary, Consul General of France in New York,

chairs our Honorary Board and opens the Music Room at the Consulate of France for the 2014 recitals.  Pianist Hélène Tysman pledges her time and talent to support our cause at our first Benefit and Inauguration Recital.  Initial funding (30% of target) is gathered.

April to June 2014  Benefit and Inauguration Recitals are organized.  An ecosystem of promotional partners decide to support our cause      

and promote our first recitals . Air France become our exclusive Airline Partner. Young Pianists compete for the Grant program and three are selected by The Conservatoire de Musique de Paris. Pianist Hélène Tysman gives two Benefit Recitals in Philadelphia and Princeton , and our Inauguration Recital in New York. Promotional Partners organize several public interviews of Pianist Hélène Tysman, who launches her new CD in the U.S. 100% of the Grant Funding is gathered. Ambassador of France to the U.S., S.E. Francois Delattre, praises our program and actively supports it.

July to December 2014  Scholarship Winners travel to the U.S. for IKIF 2014 and give their

first recital in the U.S. on July 11th 2014.  Françoise Noël-Marquis, Director of the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, joins our Honorary Board  Honorary Board and Executive Team prepare for 2015. 25

Frequently Asked Questions What is the mission of the French-American Piano Society? French-American Piano Society’s mission is to promote cultural exchange, education and networking between France and the United States, around pianists and their music*. Are my donations tax Deductible? Yes. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization since April 2015. 2014 and Q1-2015 donations are tax exempt and receipts will be sent soon. Are there other initiatives? At present we are focused on the 2014-2016 Competition Scholarship Grant Program, and seek contributions for the 2016 edition. Additional programs will be announced on October 15th at our Benefit Recital. Can I volunteer at French-American Piano Society? We welcome all volunteers—amateur pianists especially! High school and college students are invited to perform their community service hours with us during the months of May, June and July. There are many ways to help...  By supporting our $30,000 fund raising goal for 2015  By giving of your time as a volunteer  By acting as our in-house photographer  By offering recital opportunities to grant winners  By spreading the word (Facebook, Twitter…) Contact: *French-American Piano Society does not offer artistic management, though artists and pianists support us by participating in events and recitals and we hope that in so doing enhance their own careers.



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Vaton & Granville - 2015 Spring Benefit Recital  

"Le Piano dans la musique creole" Thierry Vaton Georges Granville Presented by French American Piano Society

Vaton & Granville - 2015 Spring Benefit Recital  

"Le Piano dans la musique creole" Thierry Vaton Georges Granville Presented by French American Piano Society