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The Paw Print Rachael has been experimenting with thick paint and Cover Art: Rachael Davies: texture and loves using bright vivid colors in her work.

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Kristen Morey

HOROSCOPES *Newest Members

By: Ronni Baird & Chloe Villanueva

Gemini Aries (March 21-April 20)

You are on the go, Aries! You are constantly doing something and you are wondering why you are so exhausted all the time. Take a break, spend the night in. Just relax, you need it.

(May 21-June 20)

You are starting to relax, Gemini. It’s about time! You are typically extremely analytical and skeptic. And you are not thinking too hard about things that don’t matter that much. Good job! Keep up the good work Gemini.



(July 24-August 23)

You are holding a lot in lately, Leo. You have emotions bottled up, and if you don’t express it, and keep it all in, you’ll soon become a pressure cooker. You might think others won’t care, Leo, but they do, and it will help to let go of some thoughts.

Libra (September 24-October 23)

You are shining bright, Libra. Keep this up. Someone in your life needs your optimism and bright smile, so keep on going for yourself, and your friends and family.

(November 23-December 21)

You are a party animal Sagittarius! You love spending time with friends and being out of the house. Maybe spend a day with your close family and just catch up on a personal level, this will help you in the long run.

Aquarius (January 21-February 18)

You are finally happy Aquarius! Your positive attitude, and optimistic outlook on your future is what you needed to inherit a long time ago. So keep up the good work!







(April 21-May 21)

(June 21-July 23)

(August 24-September 23)

(October 24-November 22)

(December 22-January 20)

(February 19-March 20)

You have lots of opinions in your ear, Taurus. You have some decisions to make, and when others tell you what your best route would be, you get frustrated. This is normal. Think of your happiness first, and things will fall into place.

You feel a bit lonely, Cancer. Lately you have been a bit out of the loop with friends and family. Connect yourself again. Invite family over for dinner, or go see a movie with a few friends. it’s never bad let loose and have fun, Cancer, especially when you haven’t in a long while.

Don’t let insecurities hold you back, Virgo. Some decisions are coming up that you don’t necessarily feel comfortable with making. In the long run, you will build confidence that you never knew you had.

You are between a rock and a hard place, Scorpio. You want to have fun and let your hair down, but you have been relaxing for quite sometime now. You need to buckle down and get things done. Work hard, play later.

You need to be a bit more sensitive, Capricorn. You are extremely optimistic, but others around you aren’t so much. Instead of putting them down, maybe sit down, and try to figure out what’s going on. You are the best at this, Capricorn.

You are neglecting advice that others are trying to give you, Pisces. Don’t do that, Pisces. Listen and soak in what they have to say. Their advice to you isn’t to help themselves, and you need to keep this in mind, Pisces.


The Paw Print

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Disappointment closes doors

Photo: Nagual Tomruen / Public Domain

An artist’s rendition of the Ninth Planet.

Pluto Replaced: Bigger planet has been discovered

Illustration by: Alicia Anderson

The Department of Education cut funding to the Marinello School of Beauty.

Marinello School of Beauty shuts down due to federal funding cut By: Alicia Anderson Editor The Marinello School of Beauty closed 56 campuses across the country February 4 and 5, affecting 800 employees and 4300 students , according to

Los Angeles Daily News. Students from California, Connecticut, Kansas, Nevada and Utah received letters stating that the entire operation was being shut down because of a lack of federal funding. “The [Department of Education] alleges Marinello was knowingly requesting federal aid for students based on invalid high school diplomas, under-awarding federal Title IV aid to students, charging students for excessive overtime and engaging in other acts of misrepresentation,” Los Angeles Daily News

reported. According to KUTV, the same letter that was sent to students was posted on Marinello’s website and the company is taking no blame for the shutdown. Los Angeles Daily News said that Joe Hixon, spokesman of Marinello, invalidated some of the accusations by explaining that the school works “with students through an accredited school to

get their high school equivalency completed.” Students are disappointed because of the shutdown.

“I suppose [if my school closed] I would just go find another cosmetology school,” said Senior Morgan Chase, beauty school student at the OWATC. Her concerns of switching schools would be the cost of transferring and maintaining her hours. Marinello School of Beauty is helping their former students with the transitory period.

Analysts believe they found a new planet in our Solar System By: Cooper Wilson Journalist Researchers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown from the California Institute of Technology found evidence of a ninth planet that is 10 times bigger than the Earth. “There have been only two true planets discovered since ancient times, and this would be

a third.” Researcher Mike Brown told a Caltech journalist. “It’s a pretty substantial chunk of our solar system that’s still out there to be found, which is pretty exciting.” Brown said. Researchers have not actually seen the supposed planet. “The discovery is cool,” said Mrs. VanArk, astronomy teacher. “It is too soon to say it is a planet.” Though it is too early to confirm that it is a planet, the researchers are fairly certain it is there because of mathematical calculations, which is how Neptune was originally discovered.


The Paw Print

Bogus hoverboards: Too hot to handle



BIL SU you L 3 E 3 r ord 85 85- ers -62 33 ! 6-8 3-8 08 774 0




Page 4

Photo: US Consumer Product Safety Comission

Overcharged hoverboards with bad parts are likely to catch fire and burn like the one shown above.

43,000 counterfeit hoverboards caught by U.S. customs By: Kenzie Larreau Editor On January 27, U.S. customs seized 43,000 counterfeit hoverboards being shipped over from China. These “hoverboards”, when taken apart, had bogus parts mixed in with parts labeled Samsung. Samsung had

a spokeswoman who did confirm that they had direct business with the manufacturing companies in question. One of the biggest concerns with these fake boards is the chargers. There have been multiple reports of hoverboards with counterfeit parts overcharging, overheating and catching fire. William Ferrara, director of Chicago Customs and Border Protection office, said, “They try to take advantage of the desire that U.S. consumers have to purchase these hoverboards so corners were cut, safety was sacrificed.”

Just right around the corner by America First & the old Plain City Elementary.

2414 North 4350 West

Photo: Chicago Tribune / Getty Images

The Paw Print

Apple’s shocking news


Page 5

2017 Presidential Inauguration Mr. Arnold to take students to witness Presidential Inauguration

They are also visiting the Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR memorials, along with The Vietnam & World War II Memorials, and the Arlington cemetery.

“I am really looking forward to visiting the smithsonian, and thechanging of the guard at Arlington Cemetery,” said Titensor. Along with the

Presidential Inauguration, the students will also get to be present during the Oath of Office, and the Inaugural Parade.

By: Jerra Fowers Editor On Friday January 20th, politicians, national figures, and government leaders will unite for the presidential inauguration. As for some Fremont students, they won’t be Photo: Apple in front of a television A more detailed look at the adaptors being recalled by Apple. watching this event, but in Washington DC flaw, if the charger gets viewing it live. broken it begins to shock “I’ve always loved anyone who touches it history, and it’s on my while plugged in. When traveling list to go to the adapter is charging, it DC,” said Junior Jordan has been shocking people Titensor. “When I found out we had the who try to pull it out of opportunity to go the the wall. The chargers inauguration, I was really in question are batches created in 2003 to excited, especially ‘cause I 2015 for use in Europe, get to vote this year.” Mr. Arnold is taking a Australia, New Zealand, group of students to DC Korea, Argentina and not only to see our 45th Brazil. president be inaugurated, “Customer safety but to also visit many By: Kenzie Larreau is always Apple’s top historical sites, including Editor priority, and we have the U.S. capitol, voluntarily decided to In this day and age, exchange affected wall Washington Monument, one of the worst things plug adapters with a new, and Ford’s Theatre. that can happen is redesigned adapter, free of charge,” said Apple, electronics dying. Apple users, however, are facing the producers of the adapters. an even larger problem, Customers can bring electric shocks. Apple in their bad adaptors to recently sent out a recall any store and they will be on AC wall charging given a new one. adapters after reports of electric shocks. The shock happens due to a design

Years of Apple charging adapters being called back for shocking customers

Photo: Jerra Fowers

View of the Washington Monument from downtown DC.

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Cord Cutters “Cord Cutters” cancel their cable subscription to use streaming services

By: Cooper Wilson Journalist With the rising popularity of streaming services such as Netflix,

many people are cancelling their cable subscriptions, and with good reason. The ability to choose what to watch and when it’s watched are benefits of streaming, along with no commercials. Netflix even has over 30 original shows and movies. With all of the options of streaming to choose from, cable is becoming obsolete. “Netflix is better than Cable TV,” said Sophomore Mary Freston, avid Netflix user. “With Netflix, you can watch all of your favorite

news shows even after it’s ended.” Cable companies are trying to combat this growing trend with streaming services of their own. Additionally, companies like Comcast are offering internet-only plans. With more and more people cancelling their cable subscriptions, cable companies are facing losses. A huge danger for these companies are Cord Nevers, someone that will never buy a TV subscription.

The Paw Print

Photo: Cooper Wilson

Literally cutting the cords to Netflix.

According to the International Business Times, Netflix gained 2.62 million subscribers in a three month period

last year. “Netflix is great for watching popular, interesting shows,” Sophomore London

Cummings said. “[It’s also good for] getting early or VIP access to your favorites.”

Minecraft takes on a whole new level Microsoft built an educational version of Minecraft By: Shaunee Branz Journalist

Screenshots from Minecraft

Imagine learning how to build complex structures, explore ancient temples, view inside eyeballs, and fight monsters all in one day. The Microsoft company brought gaming to students by creating an educational version of the popular game: Minecraft. MinecraftEdu allows teachers to create their

own lesson plans inside the game. It can have up to 40 players, allowing the teacher and all the students to be involved in one game. “Before Minecraft, I tried to use video games in class, but I always had to change my lesson to fit the game,” Joel Levin, co-founder of TeacherGaming and

elementary teacher, told the Washington Post. “Minecraft was the first game that came along where I could change the game to fit my lesson.” According to the Washington Post, MinecraftEdu is already being used in elementary schools, junior high and high schools, colleges and universities. It will also

be available in libraries, museums, and charitable non-profit organizations. MinecraftEdu follows the same gameplay as the original Minecraft, but the educational version is designed to be built around any subject. “I think it’s kind of weird to use a video game as a teaching tool,” said Senior William Andrus,

who likes Minecraft. “It would be way more entertaining than powerpoint, but I think people would be way too distracted to focus on school work. It would be way more fun to go to school, [though].”

Photos: Cooper Wilson

The Paw Print

Trump Nobel Prize nominee


Page 7

Illustration: Alicia Anderson

Researchers used an computer that would have otherwise been sitting around unused to find the world’s largest prime number on record.

Photo: Gage Skidmore at Flickr, CC-BY-SA

Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

By: Ariana Wray Journalist Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. The identity of the person who submitted the nomination was unclear, but they praised Trump for “his vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China.” There are students that don’t believe this is enough to qualify Trump to be the recipient of this

prestigious award. “I feel like it diminishes the reputation of the Nobel Peace Prize,” said Junior Chasten Weems, Trump anti-fan. “He hasn’t done anything to better the world.” Trump’s political platform includes immigration restrictions, limits on gun control, and tax reform. Other possible nominees for the 2016 prize include Edward Snowden and Pope Francis, who brokered a deal for the normalization of relations between the United States and Cuba.

A prime discovery Dr. Curtis Cooper and GIMPS found the world’s largest prime number By: Alicia Anderson Editor A number over 22 million digits long would take at least three months to write out by hand. This is why researchers used a computer to find the world’s largest prime number on record. The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, GIMPS, is a team of

researchers that have “always been interested in prime numbers,” George Woltman, founder of GIMPS told the New York Times. “I had a lot of time on my hands.” Because of the nature of prime number research, it is not for everyone. “I think it’s a pretty odd job,” said Senior Isaac Miller, AP Calculus student. “I suppose our society has always benefited from learning and growing educationally, but I don’t know exactly what benefits [come from] finding a new prime number that’s over 20 million digits long.”

However, for Dr. Curtis Cooper, who was in charge of the latest project, found it beneficial. Using a computer at the University of Central Missouri, the team waited as numbers were crunched. According to the New York Times, the largest prime number was found 31 days after the project began, but a glitch in the system prevented a notification from being sent. It wasn’t until later that Aaron Blosser found the discovery January 7 during routine maintenance. He alerted Dr. Cooper and it was announced

that 2^74207281-1 was the largest prime number, which is five million more digits than the previous discovery. Even though the computer used for the discovery would be idle if not for GIMPS, Dr. Cooper told the New York Times “that the computer would be set aside for posterity, like the ones that had made the three earlier discoveries… It’s kind of a dumb computer. It doesn’t know it’s so popular.”

news Women come in all shapes and sizes, even plastic Page 8

Mattel releases four new body types for Barbie By: Ronni Baird Editor

Starting March 1, Barbie won’t only be tall and skinny, she’ll be available in four different body types. Barbie will actually start looking like us. Wider thighs, curly hair, and even shorter in height. For the past two years, Mattel has been recreating Barbie’s look. They proudly announced

The Paw Print

Barbie’s new body types; tall, petite, and curvy. Mattel also introduced seven different skin tones, 22 unique eye colors, and 24 new hairstyles. The change is so precise, even Barbie’s feet are becoming flat-footed. The average girl doesn’t wear heels everywhere they go, and Mattel noticed this. Florence Williams, a scholar at George Washington University’s public health school, wanted a better role model for girls playing with the dolls. “Barbie is praised, and if there’s only one body type, then girls may want to be that [body type],” said Senior Tafa

Fonotisatele. “It could cause different eating disorders, depression, and other things like that. Personally, I think it’s a good thing to do, and will overall benefit every girl.” Two years ago, artist and researcher, Nickolay Lamm, raised $95,000 to produce a Barbie doll based on a real life 19 year old girl. The doll had acne, freckles, stretch marks, and even cellulite. The research was done through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The doll was named “Normal Barbie” or the “Lammily Doll”. “I would rather have my kids play with the Lammily Doll,” said

Photo: Mattel

Imagination comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why the world of Barbie is evolving.

Senior Summer Diego. “I think that it would show young boys and girls that it is okay to be bigger and have acne, it would

boost self confidence in many girls. I believe the Lammily Doll would help influence the lives of young woman and

Twitter goes down, panic goes up By: Haylee Bills Journalist When the major social networking service has outage people retaliate with hashtags and t shirts If you’re reading this that must mean you survived the Twitter Outage of 2016. Twitter recently had an outage on Tuesday, January 19. According to New York Times, Twitter experienced technical difficulties due to a recent code change. The outage occurred at 3 am eastern standard time but was resolved within a few hours. Shortly after Twitter’s

millions of users realized they could not access their accounts, the hashtag #TwitterDown began trending on other social networking services, such as Facebook. T Shirts were also created with quotes reading, “I survived Twitter Outage 2016.” “That seems pretty stupid seeing it’s just a social media site,” said Junior Caylee Creel. The outage was a glimpse into a life

Panic strikes as Twitter flies at three o’clock in the morning. without one of people’s favorite social media sites and people didn’t seem to

approve. Or maybe it was a realization of people’s lives now, when social

help boost their selfconfidence.”

a few hours, yet the outage still had people distraught over the idea that they could not tweet their feelings about the outage. “I probably spend too much time on Twitter,” said Creel, who reports spending almost 3-4 hours on Twitter daily, “I could live without Twitter, but Illustration: Alicia Anderson it would be pretty hard.”

media consumes “too much” of people’s lives. The site was only out for

The Paw Print

Photo:Anna Wilson

Help with the touch of a button Recently a new app has been developed based on the hotline. The app is called ‘SafeUT’ and is available through Apple and Android app stores. The app works alongside the hotline and is designed A screenshot of what the app looks like and the different options within it. to help those teens struggling with suicidal thoughts. “I think it’ll be helpful because sometimes all you need is and ear to listen to you.” one student said, “Someone who won’t make snap judgements and will give you unbiased advice.” Teens can use the app to call the crisis hotline, chat with a professional, or send in advice to help By: Anna Wilson other teens. Editor “No kid is going to Google ‘suicide hotline Everyday number’ when they’re approximately 105 in the darkest moments Americans commit of their lives,” said suicide. Every 12.3 Senator Daniel Thatcher, minutes someone R-West Valley City, in completes suicide. Over an interview with KSL, 800,000 people die from “But if the app is already suicide every single year. on their phone, and all These facts from they have to do is take show that the problem out their phone and push needs to be adressed. one button, I think we’ll In 2014, a crisis reach these kids.” hotline was put into Utah crisis line: place for teens to call in 801-226-4433 a time of need and talk National crisis line: to a licensed professional 1-800-272-TALK(8255) about their suicidal thoughts and get help.

A new app is developed to help struggling teens and prevent suicide


Page 9

“We’re all in this together” … 10 years later

Illustration: Hailey Roybal

A selfie Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Hudgens, Lucas Gabreel, Ashley Tisdale and suprise visit from Zac Efron at High School Musical at the 10 year reunion.

The high school musical cast comes together for a reunion By: Ashlyn Arrington Journalist High school musical. A story that brought the brainiacs, the jocks, the skater dudes, and the adoring fans together. Now, ten years later,

after the first high school musical aired, the cast has come back together for a special reunion. These films eventually lead to barbie dolls of the characters, backpacks, school supplies and stores even sold the cast members clothes so their fans could dress like them. “I had every shirt from high school musical,” said Senior Jessica Ursem, huge fan of the movie “I had the karaoke cd, a freaking Sharpay wig which made me feel like Sharpay.” This success ended

after filming the third and final movie in October of 2008. Many fans were upset that they were not scheduled to make another one. “I thought it was really cool because we got to see them watching the movie,” said Junior Baylee Seamons about watching the reunion, “It’s also sad to think that it’s already been ten years since it came out.” Many excited tweets came from fans only after both Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel took to Twitter to share their excitement about

the reunion. In this reunion they talked about memories they had, looked back on old pictures when they were filming and even watched the videos of their first audition. Old memories were shared, and new memories were made at this reunion. Students will have their own reunions, and take something from them as “fabulous” as High School Musical.


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The Paw Print

Mosquitos are giving more than just an itch The Zika virus is running through Brazil

By: Abbey Groncki Journalist The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway, and athletes all over the world are training hard to face each other in Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil starting in August. Although, the colorful and beautiful city comes with a price, put on by the insects we hate. Those pests? Mosquitos. But in specific, mosquitos carrying the Zika virus. Zika is a viral infection that is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito, but it can also be spread by humans. The symptoms are not

Silver Wolf sick room.

Photo: Brazil Photo Press/CON / Getty Images

Effects Of Zika Virus, called microcephaly, due to an infected mother during pregnancy.

unbearable, and people rarely die of the disease. Although, if a pregnant woman is infected, severe birth defects can occur. The most common among these birth

defects is microcephaly, in which a baby is born with an abnormally small head, which also causes learning defects. At the moment, the Zika virus is being

carried primarily through South America, where the 2016 Olympics are being held. Not only will 10,500 athletes from 206 countries be competing, but

millions of people will be watching the games in Rio. This amounts for rapid spread of Zika, and the possibility of it being carried to other places around the world.

Considering price of tickets and travel, we can all hope the virus, as well as the mosquitos, die down by August.

Sharing is not caring Photo: Haylee Bills

Over 100 calls on flu 4 confirmed cases of mono concerning students of Fremont

By: Haylee Bills Journalist Illness spread among students at the perfect time, the peak of exams and essays. In early January, over 100 calls were made to the school, in just one day, excusing students’ absences due

to the flu. Among those were four cases of mono. “My first thought was to inform my students,” said Mr. Hancock after hearing these substantial numbers. “My second thought was to get out the germ-x, because when I’m sick that means I don’t get to be here at Fremont.”

It’s to be expected, sharing desks, computers, pencils everyday. So to those who are caught with a case, rest up, prepare for loads of makeup homework, and watch way too many movies on Netflix.

The Paw Print

Page 11

it’s a @johnwatsonchev




Page 12

The Paw Print

Sharing hope from different eyes Artist and aspiring author, Holly Morphet explains her story through her artwork By: Shaunee Branz Journalist To most people the definition of limitless is having no boundaries and no ends. To artist Holly Morphet, the definition is art. She believes that art has no boundaries and no “one way” meanings. “[Art] has given me tons of way to express myself [and] it’s created connection with the community,” Morphet said. “It’s able to speak about the struggles I’ve been through in a way that opens people up and inspires people. I can do it in limitless ways.” In her life, Morphet has dealt with selfharm and many other challenges. She explained that she felt alone in her trial but relied on art to make it through, and now believes she can connect with people on a deeper level. Morphet enjoys doing stamp portrait projects, because every portrait is a real person with a real story.

“My stamp portraits speak about recovery,” Morphet said. “Every portrait represents someone who is healed from self-harm and every part of the portrait is created from a rubber stamp that represents how that person healed.” Morphet has learned that the people she did portraits of were

given hope through her artwork. She explained that healing comes first from hope. “People have gone through things and they feel like they’re the only one,” she said. “When they find out that they’re not alone, [it] gives them a tremendous sense of hope that life is going to get better.”

Morphet continues to create stamp portraits and is looking for people who have a story to share. She is also writing a book called Cutting Free, a memoir about recovering from self-harm through new experiences. Art is limitless and has provided a way to recover and give hope to Morphet and many

others. She stuck to art, and speaks to schools to encourage students to stick to something and continue. “[You] are capable of great things and the most important part of [your] success will come from finding something and sticking with it even when times are tough,” Morphet said.

If you would like to share your story through your own portrait: Website Phone 801-391-4800 Email

Also visit her Cutting Free Facebook page.

Photo: Holly Morphet

When it comes to art, Holly Morphet uses her specialty stamps to make beautiful works of art.


The Paw Print

The eighth story, nineteen years later a two part book on Harry Harry Potter and the Cursed Child comes out as a play By: Hannah Philpot & Ashlyn Arrington Journalists Nineteen years after the seventh ‘Harry Potter’ book takes place, Harry’s son, Albus Severus takes the stage for the eighth ‘Harry Potter’ Story. The story will be about Albus’ struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted.

Potter’s Birthday, July 31, 2016. “I don’t think the play will be a good sequel, for me, someone who has loved ‘Harry Potter’ for almost their whole life,” said Junior Bailey Bradford, fan of the series. “It seems like just another way for someone else to make money, not for the love of the story,” Fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ books are worried that “it will be hard to make the magic seem real on stage.” The script for the play was written by Jack Thorne and John Tiffany and approved by J.K.

Page 13

Selena slays with new album Disney star matures into powerful singer By: Acee Hepner Journalist Selena Gomez has come along way from her days on Barney and Wizards of Waverly Place. Since her Disney show ended after four seasons, she’s released four albums and had a whirlwind romance with pop-star Justin Bieber. While she’s had some hit songs on the radio, they always seem to come

Photo: Moxie

Selena Gomez promotes her music with new photos.

and go, never making a lasting impression. Gomez’s new album, Revival, could be another story though. With two singles, “Good for You” and “Same Old Love,”

playing on radio stations everywhere Gomez is finally making an impact on music. No longer does her music sound young and Disney-esq. No longer do her songs come and go quickly. Gomez has revived into a more mature, sultry sound with her music - might be why her album is called Revival. Revival features 11 songs or 14 for the deluxe version available at Target. Both versions are available on iTunes. All the songs go well together - most sounding like “Good for You” and “Same Old Love” but all still unique from one another. This album is great for breakups. Many

songs feature upbeat vibes with strong vocals and lyrics that lift you up and make you want to go kick butt. Others are softer and down-to-earth - good for a cry session after a bad breakup. I would recommend Gomez’s new album for anyone, especially those that like pop stars. While pop often sounds the same and is overrated at times, sometimes the best thing is a upbeat song about getting over a guy/ girl. Another likeable thing about Gomez is she’s trying to find her place in music and the world - something many high school students can relate to.

Howl Chronicles 2016

For sale: March 28th $7.00 See the Bookkeeper

Photo Credit: Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

A ‘Harry Potter’ fan attends the 3rd Annual Celebration Of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando on January 29, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

“I’m excited for the sequel and continuing the story,” said Junior Courtney Slater, ‘Harry Potter’ fan. “I want to continue the story and with the new book I can.” The story is set to debut not as a book, but as a play, at the Palace Theatre in London on July 30, 2016. The script is going to be released as

Rowling, the author of the original ‘Harry Potter’ books. “‘Harry Potter’ has clearly been a very large part of my life and I think that all age groups should read the stories and not just watch the movies,” Bradford said. “The magic of words in itself is amazingly written and brings the whole thing to life.”

This year Howl Chronicles has art, photography, jewelry, ceramics, poetry, and short stories. It will be available at the Bookkeeper’s starting March 28th and the price will be $7.00. Illustration: Chelsea Swenson

How Chronicles cover art for 2016.


Page 14

The Paw Print

Ruth B hits all the right keys Canadian singer/ songwriter explodes from Vine

By: Acee Hepner Journalist It takes a unique musician to capture a listener’s attention within the first few notes. Ruth B, a 20 year old rising singer, happens to be one of those musicians catching my attention immediately. Her whispery vocals accompanied by her piano playing, plus her own powerful lyrics,

Photo: Moxie

Ruth B: New hit artsit.

makes for an amazing artist that I can’t stop listening to. Ruth B released her first EP back in November and continues to gain fans ever since.

She first became popular through the social media app Vine. By posting six second video snippets of her song “Lost Boy,” she created anticipation among people that

couldn’t stop watching. Within six months, she had two and a half million YouTube followers, blazed a sales trail on iTunes, and was signed to a major record

label. “The Intro,” Ruth B’s EP contains four songs. “Two Poor Kids” is the first song and is all about love. Ruth B sings about how she doesn’t need anything fancy, “just us, just love.” The next song is the one that made Ruth B famous. “Lost Boy” is a melody about Peter Pan. All the lyrics match perfectly with the storyline and the piano accompaniment is stunning. My personal favorite song “Golden” is a soft song that packs a selfempowering punch. The lyrics are stunning and sing of being yourself, despite others criticism.

“Tonight I’m no bronze I’m no silver / You’ll be thinking damn I knew her / But you didn’t.” The last song on “The Intro” is “Superficial Love.” This love song is about Ruth B wanting more than just PDA and is fitting for many high school relationships. For anyone looking for new music and who likes softer voices, I’d definitely recommend giving Ruth B a shot. She’s perfect for those rainy days or times when background music is needed. While these four songs are great for now, I hope to see a Ruth B album soon.

Grease Live wasn’t as tight as Sandy’s pants Grease Live wasn’t as good as everyone hoped it would be

By: Hannah Oliver Journalist There was one thing that made watching Grease Live worth it, hot guys in leather. The main thing missing from this classical remake was that it wasn’t anything special.

There were no standout vocal performances, or jaw dropping dance sequences. I could sum the whole thing up with one word, meh. The cast of Grease Live was talented, but they can’t compare to the original. It’s like having off-brand Dr.Pepper when you’ve been graced with the real thing. You can’t possibly expect the off brand to live up to your expectations. Grease Live did the best it could, but it couldn’t live up to the hype. People have been watching the real deal since 1978. So,

Photo: Fox/Getty Images

Danny and Sandy dance at the school dance in Grease Live

when Grease Live came along, it seemed like a cruddy off-brand. Grease Live added songs from the Broadway production such as, “Freddie my love” and “those magic changes”. Many of us have not had the opportunity to experience Grease on a Broadway stage, so when they started singing songs that weren’t in the

original movie, it was an unwelcomed surprise in my eyes. I wanted the same Grease that I had been watching for years. However, the songs that were from the original were performed pretty well. But like I said, it just didn’t compare to the original cast. I came in with pretty high expectations and they weren’t met. I wanted this to be phenomenal. I wanted it to be everything the original Grease was, and even more, and it wasn’t.


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Photo: Jaquell Taylor

Utah’s All-State Orchestra played at Abravanel Hall on January 16, 2016.

Jaquell Taylor, Nevele Varble join All-State Orchestra Advanced high school orchestra brings together musicians from all over Utah in an annual concert By: Hannah Philpot Journalist

Junior cellist Jaquell Taylor, and Junior violinist Nevele Varble are both members of Fremont’s Orchestra, but earlier this year they joined All-State Orchestra. “All-State Orchestra is an orchestra of all of the best kids in the state put together,” Taylor said. “It’s a lot different

from playing in a regular orchestra because the kids know what they’re doing and they’re very advanced so it’s fun to play with them. It was always a goal of mine to join.” Playing in the All-State Orchestra is different from other professional groups because it’s made up of high schoolers.

“You can play things professional musicians play, but you’re in high school playing with kids your age,” Varble said. Auditions for the orchestra happened earlier in the school year. “They send out sheet music on their website,” Varble said. “You make a video of yourself and send it in and then

they go through all the submissions.” Taylor said the group has “two area rehearsals for each area in the state, a couple day practices right before, and one concert a year. This year it was on the 16th of January at Abravanel Hall.” Playing in the Orchestra is a great

experience that students look forward to each year. “I think that the performance went well,” Taylor said. “It was amazing that we could have students from all over Utah come together and make such beautiful music. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

Big Fish returns for final performance Cast performs twice, attends workshops, at Olympus High during UTA weekend

By: Hannah Philpot Journalist Every year since 1977, the Utah Theatre Association (UTA) holds a conference. This year, Fremont’s Big Fish attended. “UTA is a bunch of high schools coming together. Some of us perform our shows and others watch,” said Senior Alli Clark, who played

Photo: Natalie Slater

McKenna Newman (Sandra Bloom) meets Kate Baldwin who originally played Sandra Bloom on broadway.

Scan the QR code for the rest of the article.


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Courageous feminist, Afghan rapper inspired by Eminem, now inspires others

Photo: Sonita Alizadeh

Brides for sale By: Ronni Baird Editor Young, Naive, and referred to as ‘property’. Sonita Alizadeh was as little as 10 years old when her parents first discussed selling her into marriage. At such a young age, a gorgeous, new, white dress feels like dress up, but Sonita quickly

Sonita Alizadeh in a recording studio.

learned the difference. Sonita grew up in Afghanistan. After

(almost) selling Sonita to a man for marriage, her family fled to Iran to

escape the tight control of the Taliban. Here, she cleaned bathrooms, secretly learned to read and write, and discovered something that would soon give her freedom. Sonita discovered US rapper, Eminem. After listening to the Marshal Mathers LP, Sonita was inspired to write her own songs. When Sonita was 16, her mother called for her to come back home (Afghanistan) to be sold

The Paw Print for $9,000 to a man she had never met before. The money would then be used to buy Sonita’s younger brother a wife. Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami, the director of the SONITA documentary, paid her mother $2,000 to keep her in Tehran (where Sonita was living) for six more months in Tehran. In this time, Sonita wrote and produced a music video called “Brides for sale”. The video shortly got attention from not only woman in Afghanistan, but internationally. A US non-profit organization called Strongheart group, contacted Sonita to bring her to America. The organization helps young people escape challenging

backgrounds, to “rise above circumstance and excel.” And in this case, they helped Sonita rise substantially. Sonita now lives in Utah, and with a full ride scholarship, attends Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, which is about two hours from Plain City. She’s takes English, Math, and Science classes, and still continues to rap and inspire women across the nation.

Scan to watch Sonita’s “Brides For Sale” music video.

Singing loud for all to hear Legacy choir and individuals compete in small groups, or solos, for Solo and Ensemble By: Sabrina Wheeler Journalist Solo and Ensemble is an event where choir students get together and sing songs that they have learned on their own and receive a rating. “It’s an opportunity to present your talents in a solo performance or ensemble performance

and be given a score and ways that you can improve.” said Acapella Vice President, Cassie Schull, “In the past it has really helped me with my skills as a performer and as a musician.” There are different levels of Solo and Ensemble starting with each school. It is a requirement for all of the audition choirs to participate in the school competition. If the performance is good, it will continue to the region festival. Also, the festival is Legacy Chamber Choir’s competition. “It helps me grow closer to the people in my group and lets me learn a new piece

without a teacher, it helps me learn on my own,” said senior, Kaitlynn Maisey. “You want to do well and you want to succeed and place high and you’re not just doing it for the group you’re doing it for yourself.” The performances are ranked by 1 -4 scale with 1 being the highest. “I’m really excited. We have so much potential and we are a really amazing group of kids and it’s just really great to go out and lets others see that and again find ways that we can improve and become better performers, musicians, and people,” said Schull.

Photo: Sabrina Wheeler

Nathan Saunders, Cort Dixon, Bailee Gibson, Kaitlynn Maisey, Cameron Swaner, and Cayden Rawson, signing a banner.


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Marvel vs. DC The ongoing popularity battle By: Ariana Wray Journalist Comics have been widely popular for decades, and they have been made even more so when movie versions of the original comic books were released. There are two major comic publishers: DC Comics and Marvel. There are often sides taken with these two, and arguments about which is the better. “I like that the Marvel characters don’t really care about their identities,” said Junior

Kabrie Maples, Marvel enthusiast. “They’re just like, ‘I’m so-and-so.’” Junior Taylor Bennit, DC Comics fan, thinks DC is higher quality. “They don’t recycle the same idea; their heroes are original. Marvel has kind of the same heroes,” Bennit said. However, some think Marvel is more entertaining, particularly the movies. “I like that there’s a lot of action and comedy mixed together, and how the superheroes don’t always get along with each other,” Maples said. There’s excitement on both sides, with the upcoming release of the Marvel movie Captain America: Winter Soldier

An optical summary of the ongoing battle between Marvel and DC Comics.

and the DC Comics movie Batman vs. Superman. “Heck yeah, I’m gonna go see it opening night,” Bennit said of

Batman vs. Superman. Marvel fans are less than enthusiastic. “I don’t think I’ll enjoy it as much as the Civil War movie. It’s kind

Movie Releases for 2016-17 Summer is coming so here are the some of the movies coming out this year

By: Sabrina Wheeler Journalist Deadpool comes out on Feb.12. The main character is played by Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool is an antihero who was created by Marvel. He searches

Page 17

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/ Getty Images

Jonathan Nowinski, dressed as the character Deadpool at the Las Vegas Comic Con at South Point Hotel & Casino

for the man who nearly destroyed his life by transforming him into Deadpool. This movie has been rated R. Allegiant is the third book and movie in the Divergent series. Summit Entertainment is splitting Alligent into two movies with the first scheduled to come out March 18. The superstar cast will be returning for the third movie. Junior and Superfan, Baylee Seamons said, “I’m excited to see where they take it. I think it will change movie history.” Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice puts two

Photo: Tyrone Magnus / YouTube

of dark,” Maples said. “I’m not going to watch it. It looks like a waste of money, and it doesn’t have Christian Bale in it,” Junior

Morgan Jones said. In a recent Twitter pole, 86% of those who responded preferred Marvel, while 14% preferred DC.

of the DC comic heroes in a battle. Coming out on March 25, it stars Ben Affleck, as Batman with Henry Cavill as Superman. “I’m looking forward to seeing Batman [beat] Superman,” said Zack Hall, super hero fan. Captain America: Civil War comes to theatres on May 6, featuring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson. It will be a battle between the First Avenger and the playboy physiotherapist. This movie will bring Spider Man and Black Panther into the Marvel Universe. “I hope Captain

America doesn’t die,” said Jade Knight, Avengers fanatic. Rouge 1 is the next Star Wars Movie coming out on Dec. 16. This movie will be set before Star Wars: A New Hope. With other Star Wars movies scheduled to come out for the next four years. “I know that Darth Vader is coming back and that the plans for the Death Star get stolen,” Senior, Mason Chapple said, “It will be interesting to see how they bridge the gap between episode three and four.”

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Star Wars Land Disney is bringing a galaxy far away, closer than ever By: Sabrina Wheeler Journalist In August, Disney CEO Bob Iger, announced that a new Star Wars themed land would be opening at Disneyland is scheduled to start this year. The California park will be saying goodbye to some of their backstage area, the Big Thunder Barbecue, Big Thunder Jamboree and the

Petting Zoo to make room for the new land. Also, until construction is finished, the attractions on the Rivers of America and the train that goes around the park are closed. “I think a new Star Tours would be cool or a themed Roller Coaster,” said Cody McBride, Star Wars enthusiast. While Disney hasn’t said anything about what rides will be in the new land, Star Wars fans are making guesses and have high hopes. Taz Love, who has been to almost all the Disney parks, said, “I hope they have Esport, or


a pod racing ride.” However, others are not as excited for this new land. “It’s a little overdramatic to have a whole land for Star Wars,” said McKenna Newman, Disney fan. “I get that it’ll be cool but those [rides] are classics. I wish they would stop trying to modernize things.” In preparation for this new land, Tomorrowland is having the Season of the Force. In this season, the parks have changed the Star Tours ride to include characters and scenes from the newest Star Wars movie

The Paw Print

Photo: Handout/Getty Images

Season of the force at Disneyland kicks off the hype behind the upcoming attraction.

and the lower half of Innoventions has been turned into a Star Wars launch bay, where there are props from the movies and there is also a spot to meet Chewbacca

and Darth Vader. Space Mountain has been modified into Hyperspace Mountain where the riders get to see projections of a battle in the Star Wars universe.

Also new to Tomorrowland, is the Star Wars soundtrack playing throughout the park, Star Wars themed food and a Jedi Training for younger kids.

A new hope for Han Solo? Star Wars Spin-Off searches for new space smuggler in hit Franchise By: KayDee Nelson Editor-In-Chief

Illustration: KayDee Nelson

Ansel Elgort is one of the many actors considered for the iconic part of Han Solo.

Since the release of the Star Wars film franchise there is no doubt that Han Solo is a definite fan favorite with his sass, loyalty, and obvious good looks. But can any actor play the scoundrel quite like Harrison Ford? It has been rumored and recently confirmed that Disney and Lucasfilm studios plan on releasing a spin-off film set

between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. The film’s purpose is to tell the origin story of the space smuggler, which means filmmakers face the challenge of finding a young, charismatic actor play a younger version of film veteran Harrison Ford, but is it possible? Some actors who have made the cut to fill the young characters shoes include Miles Teller, Logan Lerman, Dave Franco, Scott Eastwood, Jack Reynor and Ansel Elgort. Casting directors were aiming to cast an actor between the ages of 20 to 25 years old. Even though the spin-off isn’t set to start filming until January of 2017, filmmakers need an actor chosen as soon as

possible, since the next Star Wars film in the franchise “Rogue one” is going to finish filming in March. A rumored young Solo is said to be making a cameo, in the film and therefore a decision needs to be made quickly in order to be in the film. New directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are also signed on to create the spin-off and have high expectations set by fans of the franchise. Could the young Solo become America’s next teen heartthrob?

a&e And the award goes to... The Paw Print

Ellen DeGeneres continues her successful career by receiving People’s Choice Humanitarian Award

By: Ashlyn Arrington Journalist Ellen DeGeneres has been a successful motivator, mentor and role model to many of her fans, her show viewers and her family. She is a well-known comedian in America and has had her own talk show “Ellen” since 2003.

She has most recently won the People’s’ Choice Humanitarian Award. In her acceptance speech DeGeneres said, “I don’t think you have to have a talk show to be nice to people, kindness is something that we should all have”. DeGeneres brings awareness to different issues like racism, world hunger, global warming, children’s health issues, and breast cancer research. Along with her giving back and kind nature, DeGeneres makes people all over the world happy and never fails to make those same people laugh. During her acceptance speech, Ellen made sure to throw in many humorous jokes and she ended her speech

Page 19

with a shirtless picture of Chris Hemsworth, in hopes to continue her practice of keeping people happy! “It’s a little strange to actually get an award for being nice and generous and kind, which is what we’re all supposed to do with one another,” DeGeneres said in her acceptance speech.

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Comedian Ellen Degeneres poses with awards during the People's Choice Awards 2016.

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We ain’t got

no FIRE here!

Brittany Nabor

Lochlyn Nielson

Elizabeth G.

Taz Love

Haley Greenfield

Sophia Sheets

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A different approach towards the truth about teens and e-Cigarette use By: Editorial Staff We’ve seen the videos that student government has made about e-Cigarettes on Pack TV, telling the student body that these devices are harmful and that we shouldn’t use them. Why shouldn’t we vape? It’s like when your

mother tells you NOT to do something… you’re most likely not going to listen. However, when your “cool aunt” sits you down for a talk, you tend to consider her opinion. We are your “cool aunt”, so hear us out. The invention of e-Cigs had good intentions; the purpose being to help those addicted to cigarettes to quit smoking. But, like many things, the e-Cig fad has gotten out of hand, and we will soon be in a world of unpleasant consequence if we don’t get a handle on it. It’s true, e-Cigs are not for teens. Here’s why. Contrary to popular

Photo Illistration: Alicia Anderson

Seeing through the vapor

Not only do e-Cigs hurt your health, but they break the bank as well.

belief, there hasn’t been a decline in overall tobacco use among middle and high school students. This eliminates the argument that e-Cigs are a “better alternative” to cigarettes. According to the Center of Disease Control, e-Cig use tripled among middle and high school students between 2013 and 2014 and continues to increase, with a total of $2,875,000,000 in e-Cig sales in 2015. The phrase “I don’t have any money” is a common one among high school students.The amount of money spent on e-Cigs will make you stop and think about how much better off students would be if they put their money into

other things, like food. We get it, e-Cigs are “cool”. Vape tricks are fun, and fitting in, no matter the person, always feels good. But is fitting in worth risking your health or the possibility of addiction? Many e-Cig companies market their product as a tool to help smokers quit. We understand that many adults have used them in such a way. However, the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research has not approved any e-Cigarette as a safe or effective method to help smokers quit. The topic boils down to this: the hype of e-Cigs will fade, and so will your future if you choose to illegally, immaturely, and improperly use them.

Late Start or Early Out? Administrative response

Dear Editor, Ever noticed the difference between late start and early out? Most of the time late start can seem to just drag on, seeming more exhausting than a regular day. The school started late start to have teacher meetings, in which the teachers have to be there at 7:25 earlier than normal schedule, and for the students to

get a few extra minutes of sleep that will help improve brain function. That is not always the case it is also proven that getting extra minutes of sleep does not help with being tired, and “waking up”. The body has a sleeping cycle once it is woken from that cycle it is erased, when the body then falls back asleep that cycle restarts leaving you more tired than before, and twenty more minutes of sleep does not effect it. There are those of us that do not have a way to school on Tuesdays. With early out every one will be able to leave early the way it is intended to

be. What is the point of having an extra hour if you are not able to use it? School starts at 8:30, an hour later than normal time, on Tuesdays. School releases at 12:15 on early out days. That’s an hour difference between the two and the district argues that that is too much time to lose and is unable to do that every Tuesday. Teenagers have busy lives with work, school, homework, ACT prep etc. That extra hour would give us time to do the things we need to do, and time to do the things we love. -Lexie Kay

Dear Lexie, It is true that Fremont’s Late Starts allow teachers to participate in professional development. This time on Tuesday mornings provides teachers the opportunity to collaborate on ways to improve their instruction, and to

learn new strategies that will improve student learning. The work teachers accomplish during this time is extremely worthwhile for both teachers and students. While an Early Out may seem more beneficial to some, the school must consider the financial burden in making a change. The primary concern is the cost of transportation. Bus routes are scheduled according to the needs of not only Fremont, but also the schools that feed into Fremont. The cost for extra bus routes on Early Out days would be somewhere in the

ballpark of $20,000.00, no small amount to consider. With that being said, the decision to change Late Starts to possible Early Outs continues to be a point of discussion, and students can be sure that they will be notified if there is any change. -Administration


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Have mercy: The Tanners are back Five things to love about Fuller House By: Marissa Barnes Editor

Netflix members went crazy for the release of Fuller House. I participated in a binge-

watching marathon of the return of Full House. (Yes Netflix, I am still watching.) 1. Cut-it-out! How Rude would it have been if they didn’t bring these back? Have Mercy we’ve missed them. 2. Some ice for that burn would be nice, Michelle The empty presence of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was very evident from the very first episode when the family is all together again. Stabs were thrown at the twins when the cast pauses to give the guilt glare at the screen for a few

moments. A few times throughout the season, the twins are mentioned about their absence and the expense of their fashion industry. 3. Mama Bear DJ In the sixth episode of the season, DJ’s son, Jackson sneaks out to go to a Mexican wrestling league. Through a turn of events Jackson gets in the ring during a match, and Mama Bear DJ jumps in to save her son. Cameron Candace Bure, did her own stunts for the scene. 4. Remember that shot? Just like in the original Full House when baby Michelle was crying and

Photo: JB Lacroix/Getty Images

Fuller House has been a huge hit on Netflix and will be returning for a second season.

the family gathers around her, in the opening episode of the season, the family gathers around baby Tommy, DJ’s son to sing the Flintstones

Puppy-monkey-baby The good, the bad, and my next nightmare By: Ariana Wray Journalist

The Super Bowl commercial slots are the most fought after by companies; millions of Americans watch the

Credit: Kevin Mazur

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, Nick Lachey and Puppy Monkey Baby.

game, many of them just for the commercials, myself included. Sure, sometimes the game is interesting, but

not nearly as fun as watching the company’s’ advertisements, each competing to be the craziest or most

memorable. Yeah, commercials are a pretty huge reason for watching the biggest football game of the year.

theme song to him to settle him down. 5. Season 2 On March 2, social media went crazy as the cast of Fuller House

announced the return for a second season. The house is going to be Fuller again.

Really, though, some of those ads were seriously disturbing. “I thought it was stupid,” Junior McKayla Blume said of the Puppymonkeybaby commercial. “It didn’t make any sense.” This commercial seemed to be generally disliked. “I didn’t like the pug monkey thing,” said Junior Mallory Mann. “I thought it was dumb. The monkey’s a baby! The fact that they kissed it… ew!” “I thought it was the dumbest commercial on the face of the planet,” said Junior Morgan Jones. The Doritos commercial was another that stood out. It was, of course, completely appropriate. Not.

“That one was freaky. Like, it made me not want to eat Doritos,” Kabrie said. Well, that backfired. There were other (less terrifying) commercials. The Prius commercial, for example, which I thought was enjoyable; sort of like watching a movie. That one was Kabrie’s favorite. There were none that were Star Wars-themed, which was surprising, given the relatively recent release of the seventh movie. All in all, this year’s Super Bowl advertisements didn’t disappoint. Marilyn Monroe, Kevin Hart, snobby British ladies, car chases, talking Skittles, Ryan Reynolds. What more could you ask for?

TGI 2016 Why 2015 was the literal worst

By: Abbey Groncki Journalist

Maybe I’m being a pessimist. Maybe everyone disagrees completely. Maybe this is one hundred percent wrong, but just bear with me when I say… The year 2015 sucked. It started out in January with the crazy realization that 2030 was as close as 2000. Then, all the wrong people won Oscars, and we realized that T-Swift wouldn’t be on Spotify. Letterman retired. ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION. All within three months.


Photo: Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

2016 is off to a good first couple months… ‘Cause guess who won an Oscar.

Skip to my personal summer experience on Accutane (a semidangerous acne medication) where I

got even more sunburnt than imaginable. Think of the color of a second place ribbon. Then erase that image because I was

a girl buff and attractive at the same time. All in all, though, it was pretty entertaining. Then the novelty wore off, and the romance started. It’s still as cheesy, unrealistic, and sickeningly sappy as the original. Beau’s mind

is more bearable than Bella’s, but only slightly. He’s still overly obsessed and lacks self-confidence. He can’t believe how incredibly lucky he is to have Edythe, and he can’t figure out how on earth she ever fell in love with him, an insignificant mortal.

A Twilight gender swap By: Ariana Wray Journalist

Beaufort Swan moves to Forks, meets Edythe Cullen. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the same story as a certain popular book about sparkly vampires (except for the twisty ending). So, if you love Twilight, this book is great, absolutely fantastic. If

you don’t love it… well, maybe leave this one on the shelf. Don’t get me wrong; it was mildly interesting for the first hundred and fifty pages or so. Everyone is the opposite gender, so Jessica is Jeremy, Mike is McKayla, Jacob is Julie, so on and so forth. It was fun to see the personalities of the original characters transferred to their new characters. The transition was a little rough at times; trying to make Rosalie into a guy didn’t work out all that well. Royal (male Rosalie) has this weird man-bun thing going on that made it really hard to picture him as good-looking. Same with Emmett/Eleanor; I suppose it’s hard to make

closer to 73rd place, in life. Of course, in August, school started. Hello 2 a.m. studying and failing AP Biology. Also, what happened to the holiday season?! One minute I’m at a crappy Halloween party and the next, I’m trying to complete all the homework I decided not to do over winter break. I’m not the only one, right? Even Sophomore Kinley Arnell said, “Christmas this year was lame… I slept through the whole night. It sucks because you don’t wake up at our age and get Barbies and things to play with.”

I pointed it out that Christmas makes up November through December. That is already one sixth of the year that was bad. Sophomore Bracken Taylor disagreed, “2015 wasn’t totally bad, look at it positively.” I mean, Adele did release a new album. We actually got some snow. There were still fireworks on the fourth of July. February was filled with disgustingly cute couples. The world went round. Let’s just really hope 2016 goes better. (After One Direction breaks up, of course).

And her dimples are brought up way too often. It’s disgusting, but a little less disgusting than the original, if that makes it better. As I said, if you liked the original, you’ll probably like this. If you didn’t, you’ll probably vomit in your mouth

throughout. As I said before, the ending is different, which may be either good or bad. I’m not going to give it away now, though, just in case you decide to read it for yourself.

Copies of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight and Life and Death books at Barnes & Noble in LA, California.

Life and Death

The Paw Print

Photos: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

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editorial Throwing off the chains, by shackling ourselves The Paw Print

Theatre students often complain about being held down artistically, but are we really speaking up for ourselves or are we staying down and only ranting amongst each other?

By: Destinie Comeau Guest Journalist

Theater departments and students associated with them have long cried silent mutiny against “The Man” limiting the arts, but what is the purpose? Are we restricted? Of course we are, it's high school. But should we fight it at this level? Perhaps some things could change, especially in the censorship department. “Yeah, we’re restricted,” said Senior McKenna Newman, Theatre Council Activities Representative. “But it’s needed. It stinks that we have to cut [lines from a play] but we have to because of the community which is a big part of our program.” Many of the students, however, take a different tone when talking about the restriction of content. “Being at a high

The cast of Big Fish during the parade.

that, you might as well advertise ‘hey, this show is no better than a junior high play,’” she said. “It’s school, we have upsetting that we have to teachers, the principal, edit some plays so much administrators, and the that we are doing an superintendent who can injustice to the piece. I’d all require we cut a line personally love to fight out of a play or even for less restrictions but in say we can’t perform a the community I live in, certain play at all,” said I don’t see this happening Senior Kelci Maples, very quickly or easily.” Theatre Council Vice It really is heartPresident. “We are very wrenching that we have limited on what material to do an injustice to the we can and can’t do. The piece sometimes. It is like community expects high a punch in the gut to the school performances respect we hold for the to always be family art. friendly and G rated “Also, as a performer, where, in reality, almost I understand you have any award-winning play to yield to the people will have some type of because, without an questionable content,” audience, what good is a she explained. show?” And it is so true! And it is very true, Without our audience, just look at the awardwe wouldn’t have a winners over the last program, yet it is because couple decades. of our audience that we “You can get the can’t give the art it’s true edited version with the justice! word ‘junior’ slapped in It’s aggravating when front of it but if you do we students look at a line, love it, and then hear that we can’t say it in front of an audience and even more so when we realize we’ll never be able to put on certain plays. Yet, we sit by and rant about our feelings without actually telling Photo: McKenna Newman anyone.

Page 25

Photo: Hailey Roybal

The hallway leading to the wolves is a popular hang out spot.

Bottleneck Bother A deeper look into the B-pod bottleneck problem By: Kenzie Larreau Editor

Imagine, you’re standing near your locker and the bell rings. It’s time for 1st period. You fight through the human traffic and then it comes into view: the dreaded bottleneck. Sheer panic feels your body as you get smashed against strangers. Everyone's WAY too close for comfort. Its loud, condensed and never ending! Will you make it out alive?! Yes, you will. Look, I get that we have

too many kids in this school. Im looking at you Sophomores. I mean really, how are there 750 of you? Some students, like Junior Nevele Varble, don’t see it as an issue with the building but more of a struggle with people being inconsiderate. Fixing the problem is as simple as “not being stupid and standing around,” said Varble. We can’t just bust down the stairs to open up that tiny walkway, at least not yet. “Opening it up and changing the entrance wouldn’t help the problem, it's the people that need to change,” said Junior Mallory Weed. “If students just know that they can't stop right there and talk with their friends and have it be a move-through area, it would be better.” “It’s kids being dumb and standing there,” Nevele added. “It would be a waste of time, money and effort if it [the bottleneck] can be fixed by people knowing how to act.”


Page 26

The Paw Print

Hallway ettiquette: it's a thing Students learn everything but how to walk

By: KayDee Nelson Editor-In-Chief

Hallways. The unavoidable highway-like traffic of high school, except with motivational posters. Hallways are a getaway for some students, and a hangout spot for others. It’s true, a lot of things occur in the hallways and poor manners is one of the 99 problems we see in the glossy runways leading to our own personal hell. Whether it's kissing,walking the wrong direction, or blocking the hall with groups of friends, these are the daily struggles. There's nothing worse than when you're trying to safely and efficiently make your way to class before the bell rings

and you are unable to complete the task due to “herds” of students standing right in the middle of the already narrow hallways. Instead of being able to walk straight to class, we find ourselves having to swerve, awkwardly squeeze through, or even fight past groups of people who cannot simply take the time to congregate on the sidelines, rather than in the middle of our paths. We get it. You don't get to see all of your friends at once very often, but just don't block the middle of the hallway doing so. Another thing students fail to

understand is that navigating our halls is just like driving, you always stay to your right. There is an “up” and “down” lane on each side of the hall. The blank lane in the middle of the two directions? That, my friends, is the “turning lane”. This lane is to be used when you are walking on the right side of the hall but your classroom is located on the left. Similar to when a car is turning at an intersection, the driver has to wait for a break in the cars to turn. Bet you didn't know that you would learn hallway etiquette in drivers ed too.

Illustration: Alicia Anderson

Due today, done last minute

Why procrastination can actually help By: Abbey Groncki Journalist

I have two, ten minute speeches that need to be written and memorized by tomorrow. I have a

quiz next period in AP World History that I haven’t done my reading for, and this article that you’re reading, needs to be finished within the next hour. But for the past 45 minutes, I’ve been drinking my Starbucks, while scrolling through tumblr with no care in the world. Procrastination gets to the best of us. And by the best of us, I mean the ones with so, so much to do, but with so, so little motivation. However, I believe procrastination helps me, oddly enough. I wait until the last minute to do everything. The thing is, I do well under pressure. Only

Illustration: Alicia Anderson

Time is my worst enemy.

having five minutes to complete 25 math problems, gives me the ability to ignore my ADHD and get crap done.

And oh man, do I get stressed; so panicked that I yell at someone if they try to talk to me as I pace around my house going over biology flashcards at

the speed of light. I get that if I have an assignment due in two weeks that I already know of, I could work on it slowly day by day. I choose not to do so, while others take advantage of the time given. Acee Hepner is one of those students who do not procrastinate. Hepner is a Fremont Senior with a 3.98 cumulative GPA, and is involved in many extracurricular activities, such as Spanish Club, National Honor Society Presidency, and many more. She tells me, “Normally I don’t wait [to do assignments]. I get started on it that night.” Acee is an absolute rockstar, but that’s just

not my style. I’m more the type to get half an hour of sleep and then inhale caffeine once I wake up. Some people do the same, like Senior Christian Phomosouvanh. “I’ll finish [eating dinner] around 7:30 or eight o’clock,” Phomsouvanh said. “And then I usually [do homework] until midnight, one o’clock in the morning because I need a little bit of sleep.” He and I are one in the same. I procrastinate everything, and I’m not (that) ashamed to admit it. Like I said, it helps me. So I’m going to go wait to do all of my assignments. You should, too.

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Spring Trends: April showers bring May flowers By: Haylee Bills Journalist

Utah’s not necessarily known for a substantial number of rainy days. But spring is the rainy season. You never know when the rain will come down in showers hoping for flowers. So take advantage of a spring staple and style it to your taste.

Here’s an effortless and casual outfit. A baseball cap paired with shorts and rain boots, an oversized sweater, and of course a rockin’ yellow rain jacket.

A clear, polka dotted rain jacket. Because the rain doesn’t mean having to hide that awesome sequin skirt and vibrant colored shirt.

All outfits designed by Haylee Bills

Make rainy days fun with an exciting patterned rain jacket. Take the jacket to the edgier side with graphic tees and boots.

Brighten up a rainy day with a classic rain jacket and rainboot combo. A cute outfit and protection from raindrops, have the best of both worlds.

For a sporty look, opt for a lightweight rain jacket like this one from Adidas then pair with leggings and tennis shoes.

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Movies in the library By: Ariana Wray Journalist

Photo: Kaley Pollard

Jaycee Paulson and Kaley Pollard kissing the Spirit head.

Fremont head is a no show at the Weber game Weber responds to why they requested to keep the spirit head at home By: Ashlyn Arrington


Before the last Weber vs Fremont boys basketball game Weber made the request that we do not bring the Spirit Head to the game. Both administrations warned our students that if they did attempt to bring the head that they would not only take the head away but those students would not be allowed into the game. Velden Wardle,

Weber’s principal said in a recent email that “the reason for the request is simply that we encourage our students to be good guests when visiting other schools and let them know that certain things that are fine to do as the home school should not be done as visitors to another school.” Wardle then continued and said that

“we ask that our student, who dresses as Moses, only do that at home games and not at away games where we are guests.” Even though there was rumor that our student body was going to bring the Spirit Head despite warnings from administration they decided against it and left the head home.

The library isn’t exactly the center of social life at Fremont. For many students, it’s more like a place they go when they can’t use the Internet for their assignments. “I stole [my friend’s] phone once and hid in the library because I knew they wouldn’t find me there. That’s about how often I go to the library,” Junior Kabrie Maples said regarding how little the library is used by students. This comment represents the situation of many students in regards to the school library; that is, it’s not a place they frequently visit. It was somewhat inevitable that physical books would become less popular. When many students have instant access to electronic games, movies, and websites, reading as a means of entertainment seems unnecessary. However, many students are unaware that, according to Mr. Jones, the school’s librarian, the media center currently has over twenty-five hundred movies available for checkout. Not only is the library a convenient place to get movies (you’re here for

school five days a week), but they don’t cost a penny. “I feel like I would go if they had a good selection,” Junior Morgan Jones said. As well as the expected educational films, movies like Titanic are also available, and they buy movies upon request.

Photo: Hailey Roybal

A small selection of the movies the media center has to offer.

“I would feel weird checking out a romance movie at the library, ‘cause then my teachers would be like, ‘Whoa,’” Junior Sam Tilley said. There are movies like The Count of Monte Cristo and The Devil’s Arithmetic as well as the sappy chick flicks. The check-out policies of these films is the same as the books, the three week, “you break it, you buy it” policy, though you do need a teacher’s permission.

student life The reign of terror Bryan Gittins amazes the crowd is over with his pants and his talent The Paw Print

School lunch is undergoing long anticipated changes By: Hannah Oliver Journalist

lunch. “It’s not fair to the students,” said Julie Fox, head lunch lady at Fremont. “None of the kids are eating lunch because they don’t like all of the whole wheat.” Now school lunch is getting a makeover “They are dropping down the whole wheat dramatically,” said Fox. “This will hopefully result in more kids eating school lunch.” But how do the

Photo: Hannah Oliver

Our grab and go meals that include a whole wheat tortilla.

School lunch has always gotten the butt end of the stick, especially in the last few years, due to the transition to whole wheat. But the light at the end of the tunnel has shown itself, because school lunch is getting a makeover starting in the 2016-2017 school year. Since they changed the lunch to healthier whole wheat options, they have seen a big drop in the number of students eating school

students at Fremont feel about the new lunch menu? “I will be much more likely to eat school lunch if the changes happen,” said sophomore Adriel Jessop “And I’ll enjoy it more.” “That’s awesome!” said sophomore Madi Gabel, “Now maybe school lunch will be worth eating.” So let’s wait and see what the new school year brings.

By: Anna Wilson Editor

Crazy colorful pants, playing four instruments at once, and coming out ‘bear’ naked on stage. That’s Bryan Gittins, 2016 Mr. Fremont. The pants. They’re colorful, bright, patterned, and straight up awesome. But where did Gittins get them? The question has been answered. From his brother, who is a news broadcaster. One day his brother decided to wear bright green pants on the broadcast, and it became a huge hit. They’re called “Loudmouth Golf Pants,” and anyone can

Photo: Hailey Roybal

Harry Schoonmaker pulls the chair away from Gittins as he continues to play.

buy themselves a pair on their website. Gittins decided to

carry on his brothers tradition and wear the awesome pants on stage

Page 29

for the Mr. Fremont assembly. Gittins got his talent idea from a European Brass Group. “I watched the video [of the talent] three years ago,” Gittins said, “when I saw it, I thought, ‘I could do that.’” When Gittins was told he would be a part of the Mr. Fremont competition, he knew he wanted to do that for his talent. The unique talent awed the crowd. “I realized that whether I won or I lost, I would have felt the same because it was just so stinkin fun,” Gittins said, “it was such a fun week.”

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Sterling Scholars: Class of 2016

Different likes and dislikes, personalities and goals, but they all strive for success as our 2016 Sterling Scholars By: Marissa Barnes & Alicia Anderson Editors

Seattle Shakur: Visual Arts Art comes naturally to Seattle Shakur, and for her it’s more than simply a pretty picture. “I really love doing art and I love expressing myself in that way,” she said. “[I also love] telling stories.” Despite her excellent performance in the Sterling Scholar competition, Shakur isn’t planning on using art as a career. Instead, she is using her creative mind to pursue neurosurgery. If Shakur had the world’s attention for ten seconds her statement would be simple yet profound. “I just want everybody to be mindful of each other and more accepting.” Fun fact: “I’m obsessed with cats.”

Photo: Mary Kay Hall

Top row: Braxton Greenwell, Hannah Koford, Bryan Gittins, Josh Williams, Calder Lake Middle row: Jake Elliott, Taylor Mobley, Journey Vause, Christian Phomsouvahn Bottom row: Jessie Wilson, Destinie Comeau, Kelci Maples, Seattle Shakur

Destinie Comeau: English She interviewed for English and Theater, and is honored with the result. “I’m really passionate about English and I wanted to do something to prove and help further myself in it,” she said. She hopes to be an author and teacher and “is the kind of person that wants to be remembered for something.” “My name is Destinie Comeau and I’ve accomplished something,” she said. Fun fact: People say that her sneezes are cute.

Calder Lake: Foreign Language Lake enjoys planning ahead, loves his family, and is a fan of Germany, especially after winning a trip to visit the country. “I want to be a doctor and actually a lot of medical research is done in Germany,” he said. “I would consider moving to Germany but none of my family is there. If they were there I probably would.” Lake believes that everyone should be “be culturally aware and sensitive to other people.” Fun fact: He likes camping and fishing.

Christian Phomsouvanh: Instrumental Music/ Music Music is Christian Phomsouvanh’s passion. “Instrumental performance allows me to express my emotions through a different medium. I’m not one with words so playing an instrument allows me to [express how I feel],” he said. “Music is definitely a big part of my life.” He plans to keep music in his life through teaching or performing. Fun fact: “I take pictures as much as I play the violin.”

Josh Williams: Math He thought he might have a chance at receiving the Sterling Scholar and decided he’d try. “I definitely am thinking about using this as a career,” Williams said. “I’m going into engineering and math will be a big part of it.” He doesn’t let things get him down and stands by the advice of an elder. “My old man always says this too will pass.” Fun fact: “I’m a personal assistant to a disabled kid. I hang out with him and help him with whatever he needs.”

Braxton Greenwell: History He thinks “history and how it affects people’s lives across the timeline and everyday” is vitally important and very interesting. “I think I’m going to stick to engineering,” he said concerning a career. “But if I’m going to innovate something, you have to use history to do research on what other people have done.” Greenwell is a firm believer of hard work. “You’re not entitled to anything in this life,” he said. “You are what you make of it, and if you think that getting a college degree is going to buy you a job then you’re sadly mistaken. You have to work hard everyday.” Fun fact: “I have a shoe obsession. I loves shoes.”

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Sterling Scholars: Class of 2016

Bryan Gittins: Vocal Gittins has been in choir and band since seventh grade. He’s taken private piano lessons for 10 years to help further his vocal and instrumental talent, and grabbed the student body’s attention when he played four brass instruments at once during the Mr. Fremont assembly. Gittins can often be found singing, reading, playing the trumpet, playing tennis, and trying new delicious food. If Gittins had the world’s attention for 10 seconds he would, “refrain from writing exactly what I would say. I would make it spontaneous. I would go out there and say what my heart told me to say.” Fun Fact: “I am nine of twelve kids in my family.”

Kelci Maples: Drama Maples takes acting and theater to a new level as she competes in state for acting performances and one act competitions. She has also dressed up as a princess to visit children in the hospital or at children’s birthday parties. Maples has taken classes in theater tech, theater three, play productions, and concurrent theater. Maples is also the theater department’s vice president. When Maples isn’t performing on stage or helping build it,

Photo: Mary Kay Hall

Top row: Braxton Greenwell, Bryan Gittins, Josh Williams, Calder Lake. Middle row: Jake Elliott, Taylor Mobley, Journey Vause, Christian Phomsouvahn. Bottom row: Jessie Wilson, Destinie Comeau, Kelci Maples, Seattle Shakur, Hannah Koford

she enjoys playing the saxophone, tennis, lacrosse, and being a producer of Pack TV. Fun Fact: “I once doorbell ditched a snowman head on my best friends porch.” Jake Elliott: Science Elliott has taken AP Physics and AP Chemistry, participated in the Academic Olympiad, and read books on theoretical physics and criminal psychology. He enjoys playing football, lacrosse, and any other sport he can get his hands on. “What got me really involved [with science]

is the fact that the most advancement is being made through science and I think it is the best way for me to make a difference in people’s lives.” Fun Fact: “I was born with six fingers on my left hand.” Hannah Koford: Business and Marketing Koford is in DECA, and multiple business and marketing classes. When she isn’t busy with Student Government or DECA, she enjoys making business plans for fun, being a yearbook staff member, and watching Parks and Rec.

She believes that “You should never hope for something more than you work for it.You can achieve anything you set your mind to, and I honestly believe that.” Fun Fact: “Once Fall Out Boy retweeted me, and I [bark] exactly like my dog.” Taylor Mobley: CTE Mobley followed the footsteps of her sister in trying for the Sterling Scholar and “thought it’d be a good opportunity to get a scholarship and compete.” Even though she wants to go into nursing, raising livestock,

specifically pigs and steers, is a large part of her life. “I love raising livestock,” she said. “I’m very passionate about it.” She loves the quote, “If you do what you can with what you have, you’ll always be successful.” Fun fact: She got her first pig at five years old and started showing at eight.

Journey Vause: Dance Dancing has been part of Vause’s life since she was three years old. She dances competitively at the Dance Establishment and student teaches younger classes. Vause also occasionally attends an international dance convention in Los Angeles. She loves photography, listening to music, and is “continuing [her] quest of finding the greatest Subzero ice cream combination possible.” “Dance might not be categorized as a ‘sport’ but it is one of the most challenging things ever (it drives me nuts when people say it’s easy),” Vause said. “It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer.” Fun Fact: “Yes, I am named after the rock band. It started out as a joke but it ended up sticking!” Jessie Wilson: Family and Consumer Science Wilson has participated in the culinary team at Fremont, and is a Prostart member. She does a lot of cooking, reading ,and plays a lot of softball. Wilson is an advocate of all things sparkles and simply states, “Sparkles are always necessary.” Fun Fact: “I love cheese.”

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Just Serving: Stephanie Simpson Stephanie Simpson encourages service around the community By: Marissa Barnes Editor Sophomore Stephanie Simpson learned to combine two of her favorite things, acting and making others smile, to help others in need and to spread the word of service. “I love to put a

smile on people’s faces,” Simpson said “I love to make people feel like not everything is so horrible.” Simpson worked with a casting agency, and was cast in the role of a JustServe video. Her service and involvement didn’t stop there. She encourages students to join Just Serve and serve around the community. “Feeling like you have done something good in the world is worth more than a million dollars,” Simpson said. “The whole goal is to build a strong community around the world.” JustServe is an easy site to use, just type in

your city, state, or zip code and options around your community will pop up with the information needed to go serve the business or person. “We may not solve world hunger here at JustServe, but we’re convinced that by serving with each other in our local communities, we’re paving the way for much broader changes.” states on their website. “Our individual efforts don’t need to be huge – a little bit of change here, a few hours there – but even small efforts quickly add up to make a real difference.”

Call us for an appointment! 5523 S 1900 W Roy, UT 84067 (801) 825 3127

Are you wondering if you should file a tax return this year? Even if your parents clain you as a dependent, you should file if:

You had a job in 2015 & Your employer withheld income tax from your wages.

Photo: Stephanie Simpson

Stephanie Simpson (left) promotes JustServe, an organization to promote service around the community.

Talking about taxes By: Anna Wilson Editor In a poll of 162 students at Fremont, 85% said that they did not know how to pay taxes. Filing taxes is just one step to becoming an adult, which is where all students are unavoidably headed after graduation. Knowing how to file taxes is vital, especially to those students that have jobs. “I asked my parents how to get started,” said Junior Tate Wilson, who files his own taxes. “They told me the form I needed to get from my employer, the W-2 [form], then I logged onto TurboTax and it

guides you through step by step. It’s really easy.” If a student’s annual income is less than the standard deduction or they are claimed as a dependent, then they don’t need to file taxes, but it’s a good idea to file anyway because students can get tax return money. Financial literacy classes will teach students about tax forms and applications, but not everything is taught. It’s not as hard as most students think though. Tax day is quickly approaching, April 15, so here are a few tips to get you started: 1. Stay organized. Students should keep any important forms

from work and a W-2. Keep all tax information in it’s own folder so it doesn’t get lost. Make sure students have all the information that is required. 2. Don’t wait until April 14 to start filing. The filing process may seem intimidating, but if students start earlier they can get help if they run across problems. So don’t procrastinate. 3. There are many online websites students can use to file taxes:, TurboTax. com, and to name a few. They can take you through the process step-by-step and make sure everything is done properly.

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Photo: Kenzie Larreau

FCCLA members enjoying leadership classes offered at the competition at Weber State.

Photo: Dale Pollard

DECA posing together at the state competition.

DECA conquers the competitions DECA members compete in Region and State competitions By: Shaunee Branz Journalist DECA members competed with other schools in businessrelated techniques, sales marketing, entrepreneurship and role plays. After the Region competition on February 4, members headed to the State competition on February 25-26. “[In DECA] there's two major elements,”

said Junior Tanner Sase, DECA member. “The technical element which is [wanting] to do the best in marketing your idea. Then there’s the emotional element. It’s actually caring about what you're pushing out. How are you supposed to sell something to someone if you don’t believe in it?” The students in DECA were able to practice both of these elements in the competitions. “Region is when you get a handle on things and you figure out what really is your strong point and what you would be best to compete in at state,” said Senior Hannah Koford, DECA member. “[State is] the really big competition

where we figure out if we’re good enough to go compete in nationals.” In Region, several DECA members placed first overall and many others medaled. For the State competition, Mr. Pollard summarized, “We were in the finals (top 20) for 62% of the events [and] were top 10 in 66% of the finalists.” Junior Jaxon Driever, DECA member, explained that his goal was to make Nationals by placing in State. Driever accomplished his goal and qualified for Nationals along with Bailey Gard, Hannah Koford, Tanner Sase, Rory Pollard, Kennedy Parker and Sydney Pfeaster, Austin Towns, Colemann Calder and

Kinsley Napoli, Emma Poulson, Nicole Bowden, Bracken Fisher, and Si Holmes. There is also a possibility of other members going as well. At Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee, DECA members will use their business and marketing skills to compete with other qualified schools and get practice in something that they could turn into a career one day. “[It teaches] real life skills that you’re going to be able to apply somewhere beyond the halls of Fremont High School,” Koford said. “[It will] help you have confidence going into a career.”

FCCLA shines at STAR competition FCCLA club takes every member to state for STAR event competition By: Kenzie Larreau Editor FCCLA had a competition up at Weber State University this last month, and every competing member made it to state. The different categories that are available at these STAR competitions span from things like clothing design to advocacy. All FCCLA

competitors have been selected to move on to the state level, receiving bronze, silver, or gold medals. The group is thrilled to have so many people moving on, a total of 8 in all. One of the biggest reasons the FCCLA is so proud is last year only 1 person was able to compete. “I placed third in my event [advocacy],” said Ashlyn Peterson, FCCLA officer and competitor. “That was super exciting because I qualified for state. All of us placed, and I’m thrilled that we all get to go together.” The next competition will span over two days for state titles later in March, and nationals will be held in L.A.


Page 34

Photo: Gage Hanson

Deputy Babinsky

By: Gage Hanson Guest Journalist Can I get your name? Yes, it’s Deputy Babinsky So, when did you become a police officer? September of 2001. When did you decide to join the resource officer program? May of 2013. Did you have any specific reason for

joining the program? It was just something different. You know, when you start out in law enforcement you usually work in the street. Then after so many years, you want to be able to branch off and do other things. Schools have just always intrigued me. I like to work with youth if that makes sense. So that’s kinda why I wanted to work in schools. How would you compare the safety of our school to schools such as ogden or bonneville are we more safe here? That’s a good question. Well, each school,

Ms. Hatch

I never wanted to be a teacher ever. It was the last thing I ever wanted to do. My mom was a teacher, my great grandparents Photo: Samantha Wood were teachers and I thought that’s what the By: Hannah Oliver stupid people do. I was in... college and I looked Journalist around and all the girls who are trying to get Ms. Hatch is the new married are education Biology teacher at majors. Because they Fremont High. She has don’t have very much lived a crazy life that no homework and their one would expect of a classes aren’t very hard teacher. From her days so they have lots of time of cancer research to her obsession with shoes, Ms. Hatch has done a bit of it all. How long have you been teaching? This is my fifteenth year What made you want to be a teacher?

The Paw Print

Mark Minnoch By: Ariana Wray Journalist My Long, Sporadic Interview With Mark the Janitor in which Porkchops are Briefly Mentioned Mark Minnoch: janitor, prankster, and parttime comedian. He sits in his office with a can of cherry Pepsi during this interview, laughing much more than is actually written down in the following text. He occasionally responds to comments made by his minion janitors who are also in the office. These comments are not included. Obviously.

Photo: Samantha Wood

2003. Was it 2002? 2002. And was that here? Yes What jobs did you have before you were a janitor? I worked at a dairy, over the fluid milk department. And I painted houses. What is the fluid milk department? Uh, grade A bottled milk. So what did you do

When did you start working as a janitor?

Tennelle’s Hair Studio

Need your hair done? Go to

Tennelle Montag.

She’ll get you done just the way you want it.

1922 S. 2650 W. West Haven, UT 84401 (801) 774-0278


The Paw Print

Page 35

Out with a splash Jacob Jahn diving into the pool during state championships.

Swimmers end the season by breaking records at State

By: Alicia Anderson Editor The swim team competed in the 5A State

Championship February 11 and 12 at Brigham Young University. Weeks before the competition, the swimmers practiced two hours everyday after school, working to perfect their skills and shave their time. Junior Lizzy Drake, member of the swim team, was excited for the big meet. “I love BYU’s pool and I like the hype of [the competition],”

Drake said. “It’s a whole new level of added stress but excitement when you do well. Everyone cries and everyone screams when they get a good time. It’s high emotion and I think it’s fun.” Many of the swimmers hoped to break records. Junior Josh Provost, member of the swim team, set a goal to make it into the top 6 and medal. “I think as a team

we’re going to do great,” Provost said. They certainly did. Many swimmers broke personal records, and Provost accomplished his goal by placing 5th in the 100 yard butterfly. Jahn cut over a second from his time, completing the 100 yard freestyle in 52.70 seconds and smashing his personal record. In the men’s 200 yard medley relay, swimmers

Colton Rainford, Jaden Clarke, Josh Provost and Jacob Jahn broke the school record. Overall, the team did well in their last meet as a swim family and can now dive into other things, like the annual end of year swim banquet. “[The banquet is] just a formal get together with everybody and their families,” Jahn said. “It’s kind of like the last pasta party but more fancy.”

Photo: Jacob Jahn

The night before each meet, the team gathers for a “pasta party” to have some fun and get their fill of carbohydrates. “We hand out awards and say our goodbyes. It’s sad for the seniors,”Jahn said. “We’re a family, a very big family.” For specific times and swimmers, scan the QR code to be linked to the results.


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An athlete’s jersey number is a part of who they are when they play By: Anna Wilson Editor It’s the final moments of the game, the team is down by one, the crowd is on their feet, and the energy that fills the room is almost tangible. #75 has been passed the ball,

looks at the clock with five seconds remaining and shoots. The crowd holds their breath as the ball soars through the air. “swish” The crowd screams. “#75 scores a three pointer, Fremont wins!” shouts the announcer. On a sports team, a players number represents who they are. When they step into the game they become their number. “I don’t like switching off numbers, I like people to know me by my number,” said Senior Nicole Allen, #13 on the soccer field, “so when they think of that

number they think of me.” Members of the crowd often write numbers on their face to support certain players and the announcers identify each player by their number. During games it’s hard to identify specific players from far away, that’s why a player’s number is so important. “It was [my dad’s] favorite number, it was my brothers favorite number and it’s stuck with me ever since,” said Junior Saxton Morby, #2 on the basketball court. Athlete’s choose their number for various reasons. It has meaning

in their family, it’s the same as another athlete they admire, or simply because it’s easy to remember. “It’s been my number since I started playing, it’s important to me because it’s quick and easy to remember,” said Junior Kaden Argyle, #5 on the basketball court, “It’s just a great number.” Not every player’s number has as much meaning to them as it does to others, but for every player it’s a part of who they become when they step onto the field or court.

Saxton Morby, #2, during a game against Northridge.

Pinning the stars Sophomore Kegan Leatherow wrestles his way to the top

By: Shaunee Branz Journalist Wrestling is more than the moves seen on the mat. Wrestlers also put in hard work, and Sophomore Kegan Leatherow has proved that. “I was ranked number one in 5A [in the] 113

Photo: Kegan Leatherow

Leatherow wrestles, hoping to pin his opponent and win the match.

pound weight class. I was predicted to take first [in All-Stars],” Leatherow said. The prediction rang

true. In the All-Stars competition, Leatherow wrestled the ‘wild card’ from Mountain View High School and

Photo: Anna Wilson

The number on the jersey

Leatherow won the match. “It was a little overwhelming, [but] it was just another match,”

he shrugged. Leatherow has participated in many other wrestling duals and tournaments, including the recent divisionals and state tournaments where he placed second in both. And he then went on to place first in super state. “I practice everyday with the team and then over the summer I wrestle twice a week with other kids that are top in the state,” Leatherow said. “I [also] travel around the country and go to different tournaments.” Leatherow has wrestled since the age of four, and has used those years to work on technique and become a better wrestler everyday.

“My [strengths are] technique, drive to win, and [I’m] very competitive,” Leatherow said. “Sometimes I can definitely get lazy with it, but it’s fun to go out there and work and get stressed out in wrestling.” Leatherow explains that going out on the mat and wrestling his best in every match is how he motivates himself to do better. He believes that having more school support will help him and the wrestling team as well. “Just knowing that you have your school behind you to support you helps and makes you want to be better,” Leatherow said.

sports Football, family, food Super Bowl 50 holds something for everyone By: Hannah Philpot Journalist The Super Bowl is not only exciting because it is the last game of the season, it is also a great day for hanging out with family and friends. “My favorite part of the Super Bowl is the party,” said Junior Lizzie

Drake, whose family hosts a Super Bowl Party every year. “I like just having everyone over and how they scream and get all excited about it.” Another popular Super Bowl Sunday favorite is the food. “My family hosts a party at my house every year, and we have a tradition of always having finger food,” Drake said. “My favorites usually include 7 layer dip or crescent rolls with little smokies inside.” The Super Bowl is more than just football.

From the Food to the commercials, it has something for everyone. “For me, it’s not really about which team wins,” Drake said. “I just like to watch and enjoy the game with family.” Super Bowl 50 was a fun time for family and friends, but it was also the last chance to watch football until next season. “It is the last game for the next 7 months so you have to soak up every minute you get.” said Senior Derek Gallegos, football player and fan.

Page 37

Photo: Monica / Ambitios Kitchen

The Paw Print

The Denver Broncos ready to take the field against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA on February 7, 2016.

A legacy on repeat Fans await potential retirement announcement from the champion player, Peyton Manning By Haylee Bills Journalist Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Denver Broncos, has surely made his mark on the NFL. Whereas the average retirement of an NFL football player is 30 years old, he has diminished limits and suited up for more of the action year after year, injury after injury, win after win. Following the Broncos’ Super Bowl

win, Manning fans thought he would deliver a retirement announcement. Instead, fans remain in waiting. Manning chose to take his coach’s advice which included not making any major decisions while being “overly emotional.” Peyton said he needs some time to reflect… and hug his wife and kids. “I’m gonna take care of those things first and say a little prayer, thank the man upstairs for this great opportunity. I’m just very grateful,” said Manning. He currently remains noncommittal and the fans will wait to hear if the 39 year old quarterback will suit up for another season. “It’s about him taking

his time, to work through some things, think through some things. There’s no hurry here. We want him to enjoy what just took place and

we’ll go from there,” said Manning’s coach, Gary Kubiak on NFL’s website. The announcement may come sooner than expected. The Broncos

will need to decide what their plans are for free agents and Manning’s salary of $19M being guaranteed on March 9. So awaiting fans

A fan holds a Peyton Manning jersey as fans gather in Civic Center Park in front of the Colorado State Capitol to celebrate the Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos.

may expect a possible announcement concerning the Super Bowl Champions’ plans within about 2 weeks.

Photo: Getty Images/ Doug Pensinger

sports Bonding leads to success Page 38

Fremont’s own cheer squad traveled to SLCC to take second in state competition By: Jerra Fowers Editor

Partner stunts, pyramids,tumbling, jumps, cheer, dance, showmanship, choreography, and overall impression are

all elements that lead to a perfect cheer performance. The cheerleaders traveled down to Salt Lake Community College for their state competition, where their routine took second place in the region. “We work well together, and once we realize we need to get something done, then we start working to get it done.” said Sophomore cheerleader Eden Epperson. After much hard dedication and teamwork, the squad walked on the mat ready to go. Along with this,

they carry many ways of keeping one another inspired and closer as a team. “On a slip of paper we write down who we are performing for whether it’s our team or family, and we put it in our shoe and that seems to help a lot,” said Epperson. “I think we did well because we went out with a purpose,” said Junior cheerleader, Blythe Evans. “I chose to write Weber on my slip of paper, because we wanted to beat them, and we did.” From “awkward dance parties,” “riff offs,” and “pinky prayers,” the

Photo: Matt Deyo

The squad conquering a complex stunt.

squad has many ways of bonding with each other, which helps lead them to success. “On our cheer team, every single girl has a

Silverline’s secret weapon at Region Silverline’s region competition had the student body just as excited as they were By: Haylee Bills Journalist On January 27, the day of the competition, Silverline hosted face painting in the commons to get students decked out in school spirit. After getting their faces painted, they could head to the competition ready to represent Fremont. “I was so pumped to watch Silverline at

Photo: Hailey Roybal

Blue hands, blue beards, ninja headbands, spirit sleeves, and smiles are spotted among the Fremont crowd.

region. I had never gone before until last year and it was so sick I couldn’t wait to watch them dance again this year,” said

Senior Shelby Taylor, fan of Silverline. This competition was very important for the drill team. They headed

The Paw Print

into the competition at Roy High School defending their region title as champions. The competition also

special bond between each other,” Davis said. “We are a team of sisters, we understand the value of each one of the girls on our team.

Without just one of them we could not have accomplished what we have accomplished. We support each other and love each other.”

determines which teams will compete at state, as three schools are cut from the running. “Our region competition is really intense and exciting,” said Junior Chloe Egbert, Silverline officer. “Some people started lining up to get into the competition at 2 a.m. and the line got crazy long. Every school wants the best section to watch their drill team.” When every school in the region has talent and a fight to be #1 it makes for a tough competition. But Fremont was planning to bring their own secret weapon, The Wolf Pack. “The bleachers were a sea of blue and their energy helped us so much

dancing out on the floor,” said Egbert. The team worked all year to prepare for this competition and loved seeing their student body there supporting them. They left their hearts on the floor for the Silver Wolves in the crowd who made the foreign and competitive dance floor feel more like home. At the end of the competition they found their secret weapon helped. Silverline placed 3rd overall at region, and on February 4 attended state but were eliminated in the first round. They head to California the end of March to compete at Nationals.


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Page 39

Practiced, positive point guard Senior Bryant Beus shows dedication at practice and during games By: Alicia Anderson Editor In his fourth year on the boy’s basketball team, point guard Bryant Beus continues to impress. “He works hard every single day: he doesn’t take a day off, doesn’t take a drill off, doesn’t take a play off,” said Athletic Director Melaney, who has “had the great

pleasure of coaching Bryant” all four years. Beus has played basketball since the first grade and his family has been a continual motivation. “My whole family has played and I want to prove to them that I’m better than all of them,” he said. His family also helps him excel in basketball by practicing with him and giving him advice. “I like to practice on my own and my dad usually comes and rebounds for me and gives me tips and what not,” Beus said. “But I play with my brothers quite a bit as well.”

Photo: Marissa Barnes

Point gaurd Bryant during Fremont vs Weber game.

His dedication in practice at home and at school shows in his game performance. Before each game,

Beus likes to “dribble on my own and say a personal prayer.” This focus remains throughout the game as he thinks

about how he can help his team and how he can best guard his opponent. “[I think about] how to keep everyone doing

their best and how to keep their spirits good,” he said. As for his opponent, Beus tries to distract the other player and “get into his head a little bit.” He also maintains a level of focus while playing and doesn’t “get too nervous,” especially during free throws. “I just stay confident in myself that [the ball] is going to go in,” he said. Beus hopes to continue playing basketball in college if he receive opportunities, but if not, he plans to attend Weber State University to complete his Associate’s. “[Beus] is always positive and he’s reliable,” Melaney continued. “He’s small but he’s tough.”

Girls’ basketball takes the win Girls’ basketball team has learned to work as a team which results in winning week after week By: Ashlyn Arrington Journalist

Fremont’s girls’ basketball team has been smashing the scoreboards all season. After beating Roy 48-32 they came out with another win against Northridge with a final score of 71-42. This team has become more unified as the season goes on, not only as a team of high school girls but the coaches as well. The coaches we have are good at what they do and know how to make their team successful. “They are successful because of the coaching,” said Senior Jacob Baird, team supporter, “Yes they are all really talented girls but from practicing with

them it’s apparent that Dalebout and her staff are very thorough with scouting reports and they push the girls because they know how good they can be.” They practice together and play games together but they also go to dances as a group. After their warmups they come together with a pinky prayer before they start the game. This unification helps them get the W. “Something that definitely helps us succeed is playing together, talking on defense and playing for each other and not trying to take it one on one.” said Junior Karstyn Peterson,

Photo: Hailey Roybal

Three teammates sitting together before the game. team guard. The girls on the team show dedication, encouragement and motivation every game

because they work as a team. They have learned patience and how to work hard by doing whatever it takes to be the best team they can be.

“The biggest difference about this year is we are more capable of being intense,” Peterson said.

Page 40


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First Fremont Hall of Fame When asked about how it feels to be a possible future hall of fame member, Freeman said that he feels good about it and the opportunity would be really cool. This year three people entered into the Hall of Fame. “[For the first year the committee Photo: Hailey Roybal decided to induct] The first Hall of Fame members stand together at the Hall of Fame banquet. one boy one girl and one coach,” Melaney an application on the pretty good. We want the said. “That won’t always Fremont athletics page, be the case, maybe two elite, the best of the best, at, girls, maybe two boys, it the cream of the crop explaining why they just depends on what the and there is a lot of good should be in the Hall of committee decides.” people to choose from,” Fame. “Tenille Howe ran Melaney said. “For the first year we did not do an application [for Hall of Fame nominations],” Melaney said. “Here on out we will do applications. This first year, seeing how it was hard to get word out to everybody, the By: Chloe Villanueva committee kind of dug Journalist and did some their own homework.” This year the athletics Austin Freeman, department decided future varsity football to do something to captain, joked about applying this year and recognize past athletes plans on applying in the for their achievements. future. Athletic director Corey The process for Melaney and a small picking the nominees was group of community meticulous, as there were members decided on so many eligible athletes. the three Hall of Fame nominees that will be the “One of the requirements first athletes entered into is you have to have been the Hall of Fame. graduated for at least ten To be a candidate years. If time passes and for Hall of Fame former you still remember them, students need to fill out then they’re probably

A long awaited hall of fame has officially been started for the athletics department

track, played volleyball, played basketball, and she played golf. She went on to play golf at Weber State and did some phenomenal things there,” Melaney said. Neil is currently in the Weber State hall of fame. Olin Hannum was a four sport, he did basketball, football, baseball, and he rodeod. Now he’s on the on the professional circuit for rodeo. He qualified for the NFR one year. Art Hansen won four state titles and a number of region titles as a coach. He was a phenomenal leader, a great guy and a great coach,” Melaney said. “I like [the

candidates],” Freeman said. “There is a football player [Olin Hannum] and my mom went to school here, and went to school with him,” he said. Last year the idea of a Hall of Fame was talked about and this year it will be finalized. “We just decided to do it. Being a new school, 20 years, you needed some time to pass before you can actually create a hall of fame. Melaney explained about the timing for the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame inductees were honored with a dinner and a halftime acknowledgement.

Paw Print Vol. 22 Issue 3  

March 2016 Fremont High School's student newspaper.

Paw Print Vol. 22 Issue 3  

March 2016 Fremont High School's student newspaper.