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Animal Transportation Tips When you are traveling with your pets, you want to ensure that they are safe and well taken care of. To do this you need to follow some basic tips to keep your pet happy and healthy. When you depart if you are flying, you want to be sure that you follow all policies given by the airline and follow all their instructions. Before you go on the trip, you need to take your animal to the vet. While you are at the vet, make sure the vet knows you are about to go on a trip with your pet. They will also provide you with animal transportation tips, especially if your animal has health issues. During this visit you need to ask the vet to give you a health certificate and you need this to be dated at least 10 days of you leaving your trip. When you are leaving for the trip, you need to be calm so that your pet doesn’t sense your stress levels and start to react wildly. Select only pet approved airlines. Have a comfortable carrier for your dog to travel in. book your flight at non-peak times, so you won’t come in contact with a lot of passengers. Take flights that are non-stop. Make sure you are traveling on the same plane as your pet. If you have an animal with a pug nose, you can’t hold your dog in the cargo area. Your pet may not be able to receive proper oxygen and this can cause heat stroke in these animals. Do not fly with your pet during the holiday seasons because of the stress in the airport. This will cause your animal to stress and to start acting out of the normal. You want to make sure that you don’t have a collar on your animal that can easily get caught in doors. Make sure you have an id tag on the collar also. Carry an updated photo of your animal in case you lose your animal. You want to carry a leash with you so you can walk your pet in between check in and arrival. When you finally get to your destination you should examine your animal and if something seems out of the ordinary you need to take your animal to the veterinarian right away. Make sure whatever the vet tells you is wrong with your pet you have written down and dated. This is your proof. You should have your vet information from when you had your pet examined before you left, to compare with after. This is also great to keep track of when you plan on going on other trips. You will then be able to accommodate your pet based off your own previous travel experiences. It is important that when you are traveling with your special companion that you take good care of them. You want them to be well prepared and comfortable just like you. You also want to insure that you and your pet both make it your destination safe and in good health.

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Animal Transportation Tips