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How the industry is working together in reaction to this crisis

SAME-DAY DELIVERY IS GROWING but consumers are price sensitive

FLEET-TRACKING SOFTWARE and how it helps drivers




The ultimate in blue-sky thinking We’ve been developing our air freight experience for decades and we’re now proud to announce the launch of Allair - our dedicated air freight services division. We’ve built great relationships with international air carriers around the world offering a full, market-leading logistics package. All delivered by industry experts and supported by transparent, leading-edge information management. We make logistics simple, no matter what the challenges.

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ell, what a strange month this has been so far.


The team is currently working remotely, doing our


bit to help mitigate the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the


new enemy. If nothing else, these global, non-denominational crises

dom@freightsolutions.com +44 (0)1454 628 794

at least give us a sense of universal community, with no talk of race, creed or colour. We're all in this together.

RICHARD ADVERTISING richard@freightsolutions.com +44 (0)1454 275 952

On that note, let's keep calm, carry on and keep the wheels turning. The movement of goods is obviously a prime concern with regards


to the current issues, relying as it does on the contact with and

nick@freightsolutions.com +44 (0)1454 275 931

gathering of objects from various places and by various people.


But at the same time it is all the more vital, with supply lines and


infrastructures sorely tested by the run on shops and the isolation


of the staff that supply them. Keep up the good work!

tim@forwardermagazine.com Tim Headford, Graphic Designer, FORWARDER


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Hopefully the most short-lived section of FORWARDER, we'll bring you word on how the industry is reacting to this crisis and how we're all working together to get through it. Related topics SARS-CoV-19 coronavirus Government measures Industry reactions


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orldwide Flight Services’ (WFS) team at Milan’s

Cargo handling specialists at airports around the world are playing

Malpensa Airport are supporting the urgent medical

a vital role in helping governments and the healthcare sector deal

effort to saves the lives of coronavirus victims in Italy

with the urgent medical response to the outbreak of Covid-19. In

by expediting the handling of time-sensitive materials destined for

Milan, we were able to ensure that by 20.00hrs on the day medical

hospitals and medical centres.

supplies had arrives, they were delivered to Protezione Civile, Italy’s emergency agency, to be distributed to various hospitals.

In recent days, this included handling cargo onboard special China

We are ready to support more such flights to ensure life-saving

Eastern Airways charter flights from Shanghai to Milan carrying

equipment reaches patients as quickly as possible. This is one of

20 tonnes of medical equipment and supplies as well as a team of

the ultimate examples of the important role the airline and cargo

doctors to help deal with the crisis, which has already claimed the

handling industries play at times of national and international crisis.

lives of over 3,400 people in Italy.

We must ensure these vital supply lines remain open. I also want to knowledge the commitment of our team for ensuring this particular

The WFS team ensured the medical cargo was immediately processed

project was completed so efficiently and for all their hard work and

and cleared so it could be despatched to hospitals in Milan, Venice,

support during such a difficult time for the Italian population. The

Padoa and Siena. WFS expects to handle more charters into Italy in

health and wellbeing of our staff, alongside the safety and security

the coming days and weeks as it continues to give its full support to

of our operations, remains our highest priority and we will continue

the relief effort taking place across the country.

to take the necessary measures to protect all the people involved in this essential work.

Organised by the Chinese Government, the flights also repatriated 187 Chinese citizens from Italy to Wenzhu in southern Zhejiang Province.


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Massimiliano Introini, Managing Director of WFS in Italy

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at wfs.aero

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Further information can be found at iata.org/iosa




he International Air Transport Association (IATA) welcomed

• The United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority

decisions taken by aviation regulators to provide flexibility to

(GCAA) has published a Decision allowing for flexibility to the

airlines and flight crew during the COVID-19 crisis.

validity periods for licenses, ratings, certificates applicable to Flight Crew and Cabin Crew.

Safety is the industry’s top priority. Countries have a well-established

licensing system to ensure this. Airlines and their employees are

• Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has recognized

facing an unprecedented challenge in coping with the business and

the need for flexibility in the delivery of classroom training and

operational impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. In this extraordinarily

for the completion of recurrent training requirements. They

difficult environment, we are grateful for actions to ease regulatory

have also granted the ability to extend the validity periods to

requirements that do not impact the safety of flights.

some elements of training applicable to pilots, engineers, cabin

Gilberto Lopez Meyer,

crew and dispatchers.

Senior Vice President, Safety & Flight Operations, IATA • The UK Civil Aviation Authority has put a process in place to allow Examples of actions being taken by regulators:

an extension to the validity of pilot and cabin crew requirements.

• The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published templates which may be used by state regulators to notify EASA

• In Mexico, the Agencia Federal de Aviación Civil, (AFAC) is

of the use of flexibility provisions. This allows for the extension

extending the validity of permits, licenses and/or certificates for

to the validity periods for licences, ratings, endorsements,

technical personnel for three months.

certificates and attestations of aircrew, instructors, examiners, aircraft maintenance licence holders and air traffic controllers as well as extension of Airworthiness Review Certificates.

Aviation is built on partnership and working together. The actions taken by these regulators will provide airlines and licensed crew with the necessary flexibility for licence extensions without compromising safety. We urge others to quickly follow suit and grant similar short-term relief,


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said Lopez Meyer.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at poferries.com


ur trucks, trains and ships are a vital part of Europe’s transport infrastructure, supporting the economies of


the countries in which we operate and businesses across

Here at P&O Ferries we put you, our customers, at the heart

the world. We sail 27,000 times a year between Britain, Ireland

of everything we do. We pride ourselves on understanding

and Europe, carrying 2.3m pieces of freight. That’s 44,230 pieces of

your supply chain and the importance of being a reliable ferry

freight a week. Or to put it another way an awful lot of fresh water,

partner, as we know our service is only a part of a long journey.

fruit and vegetables, medicines and other vital supplies. We're focused on being punctual, minimising dwell times and Notwithstanding the current uncertainty, we are confident that

ensuring the fastest possible transit times from motorway

our services will keep running. We’re doing everything we can to

to motorway. We take time to understand your needs and

minimise the risks by intensifying the cleaning protocols on board

do our best to provide you with an excellent service at a

our ships, switching from air conditioning to 100 per cent fresh

competitive price.

air and working closely with Public Health England and maritime experts at the World Health Organisation (WHO) to follow best

We are a leading freight ferry operator, sailing on nine major

practice on COVID-19.

routes between Britain, France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. We offer

The support teams in our offices are working from home where

20 vessels that carry over 2.2 million freight units every year.

possible and organising themselves into shift patterns so that no more than a third of employees are at their desks at any one time.

Together with our logistics division, P&O Ferrymasters, we also operate integrated road and rail links to countries across

Moreover, ships are divided into teams, consisting of separate watches

the continent, including Italy, Poland and Romania – ensuring

each with a day shift and a night shift, and any crew member who is

we deliver the service you need.

symptomatic can be isolated. For more than 180 years, P&O’s ships have been designed to keep going in the face of sickness and adversity. Working hand in glove with national governments, our services will continue to play their part in supporting the societies in which we live. Janette Bell, Chief Executive, P&O Ferries










he Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)

We are asking you to contact us and let us know if...

is calling for cross sector collaboration to ensure that as a profession we are equipped to respond to the

coronavirus crisis.

• You are a logistics or supply chain organisation and have operational shortages including drivers, warehouse operators and vehicles

We have seen a rapid pivot in operational needs, with demands on the logistics sector soaring as home delivery and pharmaceutical supply chains are put under pressure. Conversely, as home working grows, so demand for public transport

• You are a passenger transport operator with resource availability including, drivers and vehicles • You are a vehicle rental company with available vehicles

has fallen. We believe as a profession we can work together to meet this challenge.

• You are a retired member of CILT – who is not classified as 'high risk' – and able to offer your services and expertise to

For example, the NHS Supply Chain has made an urgent request for

logistics operations at this time

VNA drivers and forklift truck drivers to assist warehouse operations. As the pharmaceutical, medical and grocery supply chains begin to CILT is providing a service to match organisations together so that

witness a rise in demand, CILT will be putting together a database

those who have capacity can help those in need, by making available

of available resources for cross-sector collaboration to ensure the

staff, vehicles and expertise to support the supply chain.

UK is able to respond to this crisis.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at dometic.com


ometic Marine, formerly known as SeaStar Solutions,

At this time, all of our other Dometic Marine manufacturing

announced today that it will abide by Pennsylvania Governor

facilities and offices remain open and in full operation,” Fetchko

Tom Wolf’s order that all 'non-life-sustaining' businesses in

emphasized. “We are fully committed and prepared to exhaust all

the state close down for an undetermined period of time to help stem

available options to meet the needs of the marine industry during

the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

this unparalleled and ever-changing situation.

Dometic Marine’s Limerick, Pennsylvania facility is closed as of today,

To learn more about Dometic Marine and its full line of the products

and will remain closed as long as the order is in effect.

for the boating industry, visit www.dometic.com.

We recognize the impact this closure will have on our employees, their families, customers and community at large. As painful and


disruptive as this is, it is something that must be done to slow the

Dometic is a global market leader in branded solutions for

spread of Coronavirus and protect our families, our state, our nation

mobile living in the areas of Food & Beverage, Climate, Power

and the world. If we all do our part, follow the directives of our

& Control and Other Applications. Dometic operates in the

local government and the CDC, and help one another whenever we

Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, providing products for use

can, we’ll come out of this crisis sooner rather than later.

in recreational vehicles, pleasure and workboats, trucks and

Eric Fetchko, Marine President, Dometic

premium cars and for a variety of other uses. Our motivation is to create smart and reliable products with outstanding design.

Dometic Marine’s Limerick manufacturing facility is the leading source

We sell our products in approximately 100 countries and

of mechanical steering, controls and cables for the marine and boat

we have a global distribution and dealer network in place to

building industry. Key personnel from the facility will be working

serve the aftermarket. Dometic employs approximately 7,200

remotely to provide a level of service and ensure that the industry’s

people worldwide, had net sales of approximately SEK 18.5

needs continue to be met. There is inventory currently 'in the pipeline'

billion in 2019 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

and we are taking actions to minimize disruptions to our customers. 20 MARCH 2020







5 MARCH 2020


LANDS IN THE WINDY CITY T he International Air Transport Association (IATA) updated

its analysis of the financial impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency on the global air

Scenario 1


transport industry. IATA now sees 2020 global revenue losses for

This scenario includes markets with more than 100 confirmed

the passenger business of between $63 billion (in a scenario where

COVID-19 cases (as of 2 March) experiencing a sharp downturn

COVID-19 is contained in current markets with over 100 cases as

followed by a V-shaped recovery profile. It also estimates falls in

of 2 March) and $113 billion (in a scenario with a broader spreading

consumer confidence in other markets (North America, Asia Pacific

of COVID-19). No estimates are yet available for the impact on

and Europe).

cargo operations. The markets accounted for in this scenario and their anticipated fall IATA’s previous analysis (issued on 20 February 2020) put lost revenues

in passenger numbers, due to COVID-19, as are as follows: China

at $29.3 billion based on a scenario that would see the impact of

(-23%), Japan (-12%), Singapore (-10%), South Korea (-14%), Italy

COVID-19 largely confined to markets associated with China. Since

(-24%), France (-10%), Germany (-10%), and Iran (-16%). Additionally,

that time, the virus has spread to over 80 countries and forward

Asia (excluding China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea) would

bookings have been severely impacted on routes beyond China.

be expected to see an 11% fall in demand. Europe (excluding Italy, France and Germany) would see a 7% fall in demand and Middle East

Financial markets have reacted strongly. Airline share prices have

(excluding Iran) would see a 7% fall in demand.

fallen nearly 25% since the outbreak began, some 21 percentage points greater than the decline that occurred at a similar point during

Globally, this fall in demand translates to an 11% worldwide passenger

the SARS crisis of 2003. To a large extent, this fall already prices in a

revenue loss equal to $63 billion. China would account for some $22

shock to industry revenues much greater than our previous analysis.

billion of this total. Markets associated with Asia (including China) would account for $47 billion of this total.

To take into account the evolving situation with COVID-19, IATA estimated the potential impact on passenger revenues based on two possible scenarios:


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at iata.org

Scenario 2



Oil prices have fallen significantly (-$13/barrel Brent) since the beginning of the year. This could cut costs up to $28

This scenario applies a similar methodology but to all markets that

billion on the 2020 fuel bill (on top of those savings which

currently have 10 or more confirmed COVID-19 cases (as of 2 March).

would be achieved as a result of reduced operations) which

The outcome is a 19% loss in worldwide passenger revenues, which

would provide some relief but would not significantly cushion

equates to $113 billion. Financially, that would be on a scale equivalent

the devastating impact that COVID-19 is having on demand.

to what the industry experienced in the Global Financial Crisis.

And it should be noted that hedging practices will postpone this impact for many airlines.


Impact on passenger numbers

Impact on passenger revenues

Impact The turn of events as a result of COVID-19 is almost

Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam


Rest of Asia Pacific


-$49.7 billion

without precedent. In little over two months, the industry’s prospects in much of the world have taken a dramatic turn

-$7.6 billion

for the worse. It is unclear how the virus will develop, but whether we see the impact contained to a few markets and a

Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom


-$37.3 billion

Rest of Europe


-$6.6 billion

Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates


-$4.9 billion

Rest of Middle East


-$2.3 billion

Canada and US


-$21.1 billion

$63 billion revenue loss, or a broader impact leading to a $113 billion loss of revenue, this is a crisis. Many airlines are cutting capacity and taking emergency measures to reduce costs. Governments must take note. Airlines are doing their best to stay afloat as they perform the vital task of linking the world’s economies. As governments look to stimulus measures, the airline industry will need consideration for relief on taxes, charges and slot allocation. These are extraordinary times. Alexandre de Juniac, Director General & CEO, IATA

Note: Revenue loss figures are not additive due to overlaps of some markets, e.g., revenues for China and Germany both contain the revenues for the China-Germany market. Revenues are base fare revenues for all airlines flying to, from and within the country.

Africa and Latin America/Caribbean regions are not explicitly included in this market-based analysis, because there are currently no countries in either region with at least 10 COVID-19 cases.

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s manufacturers and retailers run down their ‘pre-Brexit’

Other sectors feeling an early impact include pharmaceuticals, where

stockpiles, pressure on warehouse space in the UK may

China supplies many drug precursors, fashion, where production for

appear to be tempered for the moment – although there

the Autumn season should be ramping up right now, and almost any

can be little doubt that there will be another ‘cliff-edge’ event at the

industry dependent upon electronic components. There are already

end of the year as the EU-UK trade talks approach Boris’ deadline.

concerns over goods for the Christmas 2020 market. While some firms had coincidentally built up stocks against the usual Chinese

Meanwhile, however, there is a new and very real risk to supply

New Year shut-down, this can only be a short-term relief.

chains from the growing threat of the Coronavirus. Production isn’t the only issue – shipping will also be affected. There With the virus having become an epidemic during, and perhaps partly

are reports of backlogs building on the Yangtze River, airfreight out of

because of, the Chinese New Year break, it is too early to quantify

China is well down, and ship operators may be unwilling to visit Chinese

likely impacts on production, but ‘not good’ seems a reasonable

ports – the prospect of a viral outbreak on a large but minimally manned

assessment. The automotive industry, with its tight Just-In-Time

container vessel on the high seas is not a happy one. If vessels are avoiding

operations, is naturally the bell-weather: Hyundai temporarily closed

China that also reduces service to intermediate ports such as Singapore.

South Korean plants because of a shortage of wiring harnesses,

Meanwhile empty containers are stranded in the wrong locations.

Fiat Chrysler reported that ‘one European plant is two weeks from closure’ because of shutdowns at one critical supplier (and potentially

Industry will be doing what it can to mitigate the risks of disruption.

three others), while Ford was airlifting parts out of China while it still

Obviously it is too late to start stockpiling Chinese goods but businesses

can. Regarding UK manufacturers, there are similar reports related

will be loading orders on to alternative suppliers – particularly where

to Jaguar Land Rover (parts couriered out in suitcases!) and JCB too.

these suppliers are in other Far Eastern countries that could be at risk from the virus, although with the disease now established in Northern Italy, even sources closer to home cannot be considered secure. Companies may also be bringing forward orders, even from suppliers in currently unaffected areas, before global prices rise. Conversely, buyers of goods whose price is largely determined by metal and other markets may see opportunities to exploit depressed commodity prices.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at bis-hendersonspace.com

This will undoubtedly lead to stockpiling but there are other effects that

Both these retailers have their own networks and, in the second

will increase demand for warehouse space in the UK. A manufacturer

case, 3PL support, but have previous experience of Bis Henderson

whose production is slowed or halted by the absence of perhaps just a

Space’s capabilities in securing additional and seasonal capacity

single component still has all the other parts coming in – indeed, many

and have turned to us for planning assistance and support. We

of these may already be on the high seas. The supply tap can’t be turned

have extensive experience, and unrivalled network of UK wide

off instantly and these materials will have to be stored, either as they

suppliers, partners and providers to source the best possible space

are or as semi-finished goods for completion when normal service is

solution for your individual requirements. We can offer short

resumed. Component and finished goods suppliers in this country also

term temporary space solutions as well as supporting you with

will prefer to maintain some level of production rather than shut down,

your over-arching long term supply chain strategy. For guidance

even if their customers here or abroad can’t or won’t take delivery.

on finding flexible warehousing arrangements that are available at

These goods too will need to be stored and, for parts in shortage or

competitive rates, contact us today.

for high-end finished goods, security of storage will also be an issue. Steve Purvis, Operations Director, Bis Henderson Space The course of these events is impossible to predict. But for many businesses there is a real likelihood that stocks will build up at some point in their supply chains, and it is only sensible to start scoping out contingency arrangements. At Bis Henderson Space, we are already helping clients with their strategies to meet different challenges. One retailer, besides actively looking to domestic manufacturers for alternative sources of supply, is also reviewing its sales promotion cycle. It is likely that this will mean fewer and smaller-scale promotions to protect revenue. This in turn means that requirement stock peaks will be higher, and last longer, than in previous years, with implications for stockholding space requirements. Another of our retail clients reports that only 5% of their Chinese production capacity is operative, and even stock that exists at production sites cannot be transported due to movement restrictions. They too are looking for additional domestic supply and expecting slower unit sales, which they believe will require an increased forecasted stock holding of 35,000 pallets. An end to the epidemic would not be the end of the problem: a return to ‘normality’ later in the year would see a surge of container movements creating a requirement for additional de-stuffing capacity. FORWARDER magazine








tech company which provides business management

Commenting on the package, managing director David Hallam said:

software for more than 1,500 companies across the UK is offering additional user licenses for free to customers.

There has never been a time when it has been more critical to ensure not only our own continuity of business, but that of our

Lincolnshire-based OrderWise is giving customers ÂŁ1.8 million in

clients too. With this offer we want to reassure all of our customers

free software licences to support them as their teams move to

that we are here to do what we can to guide them through this

work remotely.

unprecedented situation. By offering further licenses to our customers free of charge, we hope it goes some way to simplifying

The aim is to help businesses across logistics, ecommerce and

the process of maintaining the health and safety of their teams while

wholesale - many of which are fundamentally important to keeping

minimising impact on day-to-day operations.

the supply chain moving with essential items. The additional software licences, which will be free for the next The support package has also been developed to help facilitate safer

three months, will enable the swift re-structuring of operations and

working practices for their teams as social distancing protocols are

enable continuity as businesses rush to get ahead of the ongoing

brought into place.

Coronavirus crisis.

The extra licences will not only enable their customers across the

For more information on OrderWise and its clients, visit:

UK the flexibility to work from home, but also keep these businesses


up and running throughout the COVID-19 crisis.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at ???

Are you a hiring manager working from

The Headford Group is offering the option

home trying to fill a vacancy or wary of

of pre-screening and live-video interviews

inviting people to your office in the midst

to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

of this new virus outbreak?

We all need to take this threat seriously and at Headford we want to do our bit to help.

To find out more, please contact (preferably not physically) one of our recruitment consultants for a free demonstration.

+44 (0)1454 275 957

info@headfordgroup.com FORWARDER magazine






Further information can be found at easyfairs.com

18 MARCH 2020


ANTWERP XL, 15-17 SEPTEMBER 2020 F ollowing the news on 10 March that the World Health

We thank you for your patience and understanding during

Organisation revised its classification of COVID-19 to global

this time and look forward to seeing you at Antwerp XL

pandemic status and that the Belgian Government consequently

in September.

recommended all indoor events (over 1,000 people) should be

prohibited, we have been forced to cancel the April 2020 edition of

The Antwerp XL team

Antwerp XL. We are however pleased to announce that a new edition of Antwerp XL will run on 15-17 September at Antwerp Expo.


While the virus was in containment phase in Belgium and most other

Easyfairs organises and hosts live events, bringing communities

European countries and government authorities continued to tell

together to visit the future. The company currently organises

venues and organisers to run events, we remained vigilant whilst open

220 events in 17 countries (Algeria, Belgium, China, Denmark,

for business. Given the unforeseeable, unavoidable, unprecedented and

the Emirates, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands,

global scope of the current situation, it now makes it impossible to

Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the

organise this edition of Antwerp XL as planned. We apologise to all

United Kingdom and the United States) and manages 10 event

visitors and exhibitors alike; we know how much everyone was looking

venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden (Antwerp,

forward to the April edition, but the situation is outside of our control.

Ghent, Mechelen-Brussels North, Namur, Gorinchem, Hardenberg, Venray, Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm).

The well being, health and safety of our visitors, exhibitors and employees,

Easyfairs strives to be the most adaptable, agile and effective

as well as all parties concerned by our events, is always our utmost

player in the events industry by employing committed

concern. Rest assured, we will continue to monitor the situation and

individuals, deploying the best marketing and technology tools

follow all the latest information and advice from the Belgian authorities,

and developing strong brands. In 2018 Easyfairs was named

as well as the World Health Organisation and the European CDC, and

Belgium’s 'Entrepreneur of the Year ®' and in 2019 it was named

in the meantime we pledge to participate in the collective effort and to

a 'Best Managed Company' by Deloitte. The company is ranked

take the necessary measures to enable the best possible fight against the

18th in the list of the world’s leading exhibition companies.

spread of the virus and the overloading of health services.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk


TA has announced that its Future Logistics Conference,

The decision to postpone the first edition of ITT Hub is one that

due to take place at ITT Hub, has now been rescheduled

has been made with great reluctance and a heavy heart. However, we

for the 12 and 13 May 2021. This comes following the

are operating in exceptional and fast-moving circumstances and I have

announcement that Binswood Media, the organiser of ITT Hub, has

been in active dialogue with many of our key stakeholders in recent

taken the difficult decision to postpone its event as a result of the

days. They firmly share my belief that it is in the best interests of all

latest government advice in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

concerned to take decisive action now, so that everyone can plan accordingly, as well as focus on immediate priorities. In considering

These are truly exceptional circumstances and while we are

the options regarding the rescheduling of the event, we have looked

disappointed to postpone the FTA Future Logistics Conference,

at a number of factors such as likely length of coronavirus-related

the well being of visitors, exhibitors and staff must take precedent.

impact, venue availability, the industry calendar and the seasonal

FTA would like to reassure delegates with existing bookings that

dimension with it being both an outdoor and indoor event. We have

these will be valid for next year’s event. FTA remains committed

concluded that putting ITT Hub back a full year to the dates already

to delivering a unique and insightful programme and is pleased to

announced for the 2021 event is the best solution.

confirm that British astronaut Tim Peake will remain as key-note

Mark Griffin, CEO, Binswood Media

speaker for the conference next year. Elizabeth de Jong, Policy Director, FTA

For more information please visit fta.co.uk/events/itt-hub


The ITT hub was originally due to take place at Farnborough

20 MARCH 2020

International Conference & Exhibition Centre on the 13 and 14 May 2020.






23 MARCH 2020


SAFEGUARD FUTURE AGAINST COVID-19 L ast week saw a rapid acceleration of the impact of Covid-19 on

From Tuesday 17 March 2020:

global aviation and tourism. The World Health Organisation

declared the outbreak a global pandemic on Wednesday 11

• Virgin Atlantic will reduce its schedule, prioritising core

March, as cases continue to rise. An increasing number of countries

routes based on customer demand. This change amounts

are now closing their borders – most significantly, the US, where a

approximately 80% reduction in flights per day by 26 March. As

travel embargo from the UK comes into force on Tuesday 17 March.

a direct consequence we will be parking approximately 75% of our fleet by 26 March and at points in April will go up to 85%.

Though this was expected, it has accelerated the sharp and continual drop in demand for flights across Virgin Atlantic’s network, meaning

• Owing to restrictions to international travel, the airline is

immediate and decisive action is needed. The safety and wellbeing

reducing services to focus on core routes, depending on

of our people and our customers is always our number one priority.

customer demand. This will be subject to constant review as the

Today, Virgin Atlantic will put drastic measures in place to ensure

situation evolves. Our London Heathrow – Newark route will

cash is preserved, costs are controlled, and the future of the airline

be permanently terminated with immediate effect.

is safeguarded. • As a direct result of this action the airline will need to further The situation is deteriorating at pace and the airline has seen several

reduce its cost base. Staff will be asked to take eight weeks

days of negative bookings, driven by a huge volume of cancellations

unpaid leave over the next three months, with the cost spread

as customers choose to stay at home. Significantly, the European

over six months' salary, to drastically reduce costs without job

Commission has announced a suspension of the ‘use it or lose it’ slot


rules until 30 June 2020, enabling the airline to consolidate schedules and ground aircraft immediately.

• The airline is grateful to have the support of BALPA and UNITE and the workforces they represent in agreeing to support

Given the unprecedented circumstances and the severity of the outlook, the following immediate action will be taken:


FORWARDER magazine


unpaid leave, alongside other extensive measures.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at virginatlantic.com

The following steps to further reduce costs include:

Furthermore, Virgin Atlantic has appealed to the government for clear, decisive and unwavering

• Offering a one-time voluntary severance package to all

support for the UK aviation sector, comprising:

employees • Emergency credit facilities to a value of £5-7.5bn, to bolster • Offering a sabbatical of 6-12 months

confidence in the industry, and to prevent credit card processors from withholding customer payments.

• Deferring annual pay increases until review in January 2021 • Slot alleviation for the full summer 2020 season, enabling airlines • Reducing employer pension contribution for a period of one year

to match supply to demand – reducing costs and preventing unnecessary flying and corresponding CO2 emissions.

• Continuing to offer an enhanced company sick pay policy, however, with terms reduced to 12 weeks full pay

The aviation industry is facing unprecedented pressure. We are appealing to the Government for clear, decisive and unwavering

• CEO Shai Weiss has extended his 20% pay cut to the end of

support. Our industry needs emergency credit facilities to a value of

2020, with the Executive Leadership Team agreeing a decrease

£5-7.5bn, to bolster confidence and to prevent credit card processors

of 15% for the same period.

from withholding customer payments. We also need slot alleviation for the full summer 2020 season, so we can match supply to demand

Today’s measures go above and beyond

– reducing costs and preventing unviable flying and corresponding

those already announced on 4 March 2020:

CO2 emissions. With this support, airlines including Virgin Atlantic, can weather this storm and emerge in a position to assist the nation’s

• A company-wide recruitment freeze.

economic recovery and provide the passenger and cargo connectivity that business and people across the country rely on.

• A restriction on all non-essential staff travel and training (*all

A Virgin Atlantic spokesperson

safety and compliance training remains in place). The Covid-19 situation is dynamic and fast-moving, and Virgin • A proposed deferral of annual pay increases from March until

Atlantic continues to monitor it very closely, with the health and

August 2020, when affordability will be reassessed, based on the

safety of customers and people remaining the absolute priority. All

impact of Covid-19 at that point.

actions taken are guided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health England and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and by the latest advice provided by these experts.

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ollowing calls between RHA chief executive Richard Burnett

the current excess demand for goods caused by panic buying. This

and Secretary of State for Transport, Grant Shapps, the

just creates bottlenecks that undermine efficient delivery schedules.

Department for Transport has announced that the current

The relaxation in hours will not reduce the levels of enforcement of

limited Drivers’ Hours relaxation will apply to all road haulage

the drivers hours. It is vital that companies only use these relaxed

operations from 00.01hrs on Monday 23 March until 23.59hrs on

rules when needed and companies must monitor drivers to ensure

Tuesday 21 April 2020.

they do not drive tired or in any way unfit. The need compliance with the rules is absolute. This relaxation must be used wisely, not

This is a further recognition of the importance of road freight in

abused recklessly. This is another great example of the close working

providing all that is needed to keep our shops, hospitals, manufacturers

relationship that we have established with Grant Shapps and his

and the rest of economy moving during the coronavirus pandemic by

team. When it comes to providing them with ‘grass roots’ industry

relaxing the Drivers’ Hours regulations.

knowledge, I am pleased that they are sufficiently confident in our understanding of the industry that we are its first port of call.

This is a blanket relaxation covering all sectors and recognises how integrated and inter-dependent supply chains are across the whole economy. The sector is working as efficiently and as quickly possible. This relaxation improves resilience in a way that ensure all goods can reach the area where they are needed. Shortages are not the problem at the moment – the problem lies with supplying


FORWARDER magazine


Richard Burnett, Chief Executive, RHA

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at rha.uk.net


hat was the reaction from the RHA to the news from

or break. It is also encouraging to hear the Chancellor say that he

Chancellor Rishi Sunack that government is to provide a

will be talking to business groups to arrange new support. I will

£330bn package of financial measures to help the economy,

personally try to ensure that that haulage operators, responsible for

suffering as a result of coronavirus.

moving the entire economy, are top of the list. The RHA has been pushing tirelessly for the past four days, including throughout the

These include aid for companies to access loans, a business rates

weekend, to get financial support for the haulage industry during

holiday, and help for small firms without insurance.

these difficult times. Richard Burnett, Chief Executive, RHA

This is good news for the thousands of businesses that are suffering as a result of the impact of the current pandemic. For UK

The RHA is currently disseminating at all the details surrounding

hauliers in particular it’s good news. Their profit margins stand at

these ‘rescue’ measures and will be passing on the information

between 1% and 2% and many are already operating on a knife-edge.

to members.

For them, these measures represent the difference between make










aking care of our customers is at the center of everything

From packages to pallets, Delta Cargo presents worldwide charter

we do and remains our priority as we navigate times

solutions that are available to companies with urgent shipping needs.

of change. The following 13 U.S. airports are participating in this program, as

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we recognize that

well as over 70 available international destination airports:

our global supply chains need support for shipping essential goods to businesses and communities. Responding to Delta corporate

John F. Kennedy International Airport – JFK

customers who have told us they need help transporting cargo during

Chicago O’Hare International Airport – ORD

these times of uncertainty and change, Delta Cargo is launching

San Francisco International Airport – SFO

charter operations to provide the safe and reliable transportation

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport – SEA

of customers’ goods around the globe.

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport – HNL Los Angeles International Airport – LAX

Serving our customers and communities where we live, work and

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – ATL

serve, is part of Delta's DNA. Offering new supply chain solutions

Washington-Dulles International Airport – IAD

through Delta Cargo to our customers is one opportunity for us

Newark Liberty International Airport – EWR

to provide the support our customers tell us they need during this

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – DFW

unprecedented business environment.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport – DTW

Shawn Cole, Vice President, Delta Cargo

Boston Logan International Airport – BOS Miami International Airport – MIA For more information, please contact DLcargo@delta.com or call 1-800-352-2746.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at scalagroup.co.uk


eading supply chain and logistics consultancy SCALA has

Consumer stockpiling due to the COVID-19 pandemic has both led

today announced the start of a COVID-19 supply chain

to product shortages in major supermarkets across the country, and

emergency working group, bringing together companies

significantly increased volume of home deliveries. This has in turn

supplying the grocery retail sector to ensure that the industry can

caused major disruption throughout the supply chain as businesses

'Feed the Nation.'

struggle to ensure that shelves are restocked quickly and efficiently, while dealing with staff shortages that cut available manpower by

The working group, known as the COVID-19 Supply Chain

as much as 25%.

Collaboration Group, has already had commitments from over 20 of the UK’s leading grocery manufacturers. The group will initially bring

In these uncertain times, it has never been more important for us

together many of the UK’s foremost manufacturers and suppliers of

to all join forces, share our expertise and work together to combat

food, drink and other consumer essentials, and intends to expand

the volatility of COVID-19 and keep the nation fed. The UK is relying

rapidly and link with retailers, food service and logistics companies.

on the supply chain industry arguably more than ever before, and no-one should underestimate the efforts that will be required from

The first online working group is on Wednesday 25 March, and

drivers, key warehouse staff, planners and management teams over

the group will work together to co-ordinate ongoing industry

the coming weeks. As an industry renowned for its resilience in

initiatives, share ideas and collaborate with one another and the

the face of adversity – the last few years of political turmoil being

wider industry, all with the goal of supplying the UK and ensuring

a prime example of this – we’ll get through this, but collaboration

businesses and consumers alike have the essentials they need to

will be key. We are proud to be assisting in the initiatives in bringing

survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

the industry together, and would urge any business that is looking to offer their support, or is unsure of what the coming weeks may

Group discussions will take the format of both a private discussion

bring, to come and speak with us.

forum where members can share ideas, as well as weekly virtual

John Perry, Managing Director, SCALA

conferences each Wednesday with all members invited to collaborate, with membership completely free to all organisations 23 MARCH 2020

that wish to join. As well as bringing the group together, SCALA will


act as a trusted neutral advisor, ensuring confidentiality and bestpractice is followed at all times.






16 MARCH 2020


SEEK EXPERT ADVICE WHEN MOVING GOODS I nternational freight forwarder, Chadd Blunt has called on

Having recently witnessed air freight costs in particular rise as high

businesses to seek advice when looking to move their goods

as 200 percent in the space of a week, Chadd has warned businesses

during the current Coronavirus pandemic.

that shipping their goods will not be cheap but seeking the advice

of an independent freight forwarder gives them the best possible

Having been directly involved in freight forwarding for 30 years,

chance to get them moving.

Chadd and his team at Millennium Cargo are well-equipped to provide honest advice on how to tackle the current backlog caused by the Coronavirus outbreak across the world that has resulted in

In my 30 years of experience in the industry I have never known freight capacity to be in such high demand.

importers struggling to source space. Now Trump has enforced a travel ban for domestic flights between As global supply chains remain severely disrupted as a result of

the US and Europe including the UK – global supply chains have been

Covid-19’s world tour, worldwide shipping has drastically veered

dealt yet another blow as 60 percent of airfreight that currently

off course with businesses potentially facing a capacity crunch that

moves between the two continents travels on passenger flights.

could stretch to the end of April. The other stumbling block that businesses will have to bear in mind is Disruptions such as employee self-isolation, quarantine of ships, port

cost. Only last week a quote for one shipment came in that was 200

closures and strict travel restrictions have resulted in a knock-on

percent higher than what the going rate usually is – and my concern

effect, causing serious shortages in freight capacity across the globe.

is that rates will only continue to rise over the next coming weeks.

The backlog from China has also has given rise to severely hiked

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding freight at the minute

freight costs in line with the growing demand for space.

but If companies are in limbo and still looking to move goods it is crucial that they seek the advice of an expert who has extensive


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at millenniumcargo.com

knowledge and experience in the sector as everyone is currently

We at Millennium Cargo have a passion for our industry we

fighting for space. In order to navigate past the severe backlog,

want to help businesses get through this tough period, so we

myself and the team at Millennium Cargo can help to provide an

urge importers and exporters to seek our advice in order

efficient and cost effective way of keeping goods moving by utilising a

to get their goods moving in the best way possible – quickly

mix of options drawing on our diverse expertise in road, sea and air.

and cost-effectively.

As an independent freight forwarder we can utilise a mix of options

Chadd Blunt, Managing Director, Millennium Cargo

whilst also being able to exploit our extensive networking of contacts within the industry. Our flexible offering also allows us to think outside the box which in such circumstances is crucial to keeping the supply chain moving.


peaking about today’s announcement on the

Today’s announcement of the suspension of HGV testing in Northern

suspension of HGV testing in Northern Ireland,

Ireland as a result of the coronavirus is a pragmatic one, which gives

FTA’s NI Policy Manager, Seamus Leheny said...

logistics operators some certainty about their ability to operate in the coming months. FTA is delighted that the Department for Infrastructure has listened to the concerns of our sector. We understand that testing will continue for LGVs until further notice, which will further help the logistics sector to support NI business at such a difficult time.

23 MARCH 2020







16 MARCH 2020


INVENTORY RELIEF PROGRAMME T oday Ligentia launched an inventory relief programme to help its general merchandise customers tackle the

slowdown in demand by supporting storage solutions at

source to alleviate time and stock pressures in the supply chain.

Knowing that organisations are currently facing on-going disruption to their global supply chains, Ligentia are offering new and existing

businesses free storage, whilst space is available, in all their China warehouses for up-to four weeks. Our global team are working tirelessly to support our customers to keep their goods moving. However, we know that as factories in China have hit near normal production levels in the past few weeks, organisations are facing the difficult decision to cancel or still ship goods as consumer demand falls due to Covid-19. That’s why from today, for 4 weeks, we are offering free storage across our warehouse network in China. By taking advantage of our programme organisations will be able to gain greater control of their inventory whilst easing the pain of unplanned costs. Daniel Gill, Group CCO, Ligentia For more information on how to take advantage of the free storage available in China, please email your enquiry to hello@ligentia.com


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk


n 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO)

• Call on the Member States to enable smooth border crossings for

declared the COVID-19 a pandemic and governments

freight transport, both intra-EU and with third countries, in this

worldwide have taken wide-ranging measures to contain

respect fully support the establishment of green freight lanes in

the spread of the virus.

coordination with the concerned transport stakeholders

The transport sector has a crucial role to play in the supply of goods,

• Support the measures and actions taken on EU-level and by

in particular medicines, medical devices, food and other essential

national governments to contain the spread of COVID-19 and

commodities needed to overcome this crisis. The transport sector also

call on the Members States to coordinate their response to the

proves to be a vital instrument in these times where many European

COVID-19 and to follow the European Commission’s guidelines

citizens are restricted in their mobility. The undersigned European

on border management

associations representing transport, infrastructure managers, operators, workers in all transport modes and logistics, contractors, local and

• Reiterate the importance of protecting the health and safety

regional authorities, logistics service providers, shippers, users and

of transport workers, notably through personal protective

equipment suppliers in the maritime, port, inland waterways, railways,

equipment, as well as access to clean and disinfected sanitary

road, cycling, aviation and intermodal sectors, as well as supporting

facilities, food and drinks

industries and companies, jointly endorse the following statement: • Highlight that the transport and logistics sectors are based on • Highlight the key role transport and logistics are playing for

a physical work force and call on the European Commission

the supply of essential goods in this critical period: stress that

and the Member States to facilitate its mobility, including

transport infrastructure is in this respect critical infrastructure

repatriation of the transport work force

• Show their respect and support to all workers in the supply

• Urge the policy makers to assist the heavily affected transport

chain enabling the continuity of transport services, the

sector in its recovery, to ensure future connectivity for both

movement of goods and essential commodities, as well as the

passengers and freight, and to revitalise the arteries of the

repatriation of stranded citizens, and thus playing a major role in

internal market as soon as the crisis is over

helping the European citizens to overcome this crisis 24 MARCH 2020







24 MARCH 2020





uffnells Has pledged to guarantee anyone out of work

Micheal Holt, CEO of Tuffnells, says the whole supply chain is facing

because of Covid19 an interview, as it looks to hire more

an unprecedented challenge and businesses like Tuffnells needs to

than 100 new warehouse workers and lorry drivers.

hire more staff to cope with demand:

The announcement comes after Saturday’s government press

It’s been an extremely difficult period for us all no matter where

conference where the CEO of the British Retail Consortium, Helen

you are or what you do for work. The sheer rise in demand for

Dickinson, said that the UK does not have short supplies but the

goods in the recent weeks means we are working extremely hard

challenge is ‘people’ and lorries’.

to deliver the supplies businesses and customers need to operate as best they can considering the circumstances. Unfortunately, due to

Tuffnells has roles available at depots across its whole network

Covid19’s impact on the economy, many hard working and extremely

including Birmingham, Aberdeen, Leicester, Leeds , Bristol and

skilled individuals have found themselves without work, through no

Sheffield. This is because of the extra demand on its delivery service

fault of their own. That’s why we have made this pledge so it gives

and a need to cover those absent due to sickness, self-isolation and

people with the relevant skills in the locations where we have roles

dependent leave, as it looks to support businesses and customers

the opportunity to bounce back quickly.

adapting to the Coronavirus pandemic. Tuffnells has also made it clear that it is taking every precaution It’s looking to hire more than 100 warehouse and lorry drivers with

necessary to keep its staff and interviewees safe and to follow

the relevant qualifications and experience. Details regarding the

the government's advice to help halt the spread of the virus. The

positions can be found here.

interviews will be held online as to meet the strict guidelines set out by leading health officials.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at tuffnells.co.uk

As the situation continues, Michael expects further roles to become

similar challenges and they will all agree with me when I say that we


Like Helen (Dickinson) said on Saturday, the kind of

are so proud of the long hours and dedication the workforce has put

spike in demand we are seeing is similar to that around the festive

in, I know that the team at Tuffnells is going above and beyond. It’s

period. Meaning if this continues to be the case for a number of

a case of us all sticking together and helping the nation get through

weeks and months we could in fact have to make further roles

this extremely challenging period.

available. I’m sure all business leaders in the supply chain are facing

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nternational freight forwarder, W.E. Deane has freed up 5000

The severity of the current situation has been highlighted by the

pallet spaces at its head office - Barking depot in the UK in order

United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) who have

to further accommodate the incoming surplus that is expected

suggested that over the coming weeks the increased demand

to arrive as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

for additional warehousing services will be vital to migrating the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak on supply chains and to keep

With the UK currently in the midst of a nationwide capacity crunch,

goods moving.

W.E. Deane has taken the view to free up space in order to help businesses meet with the spike in demand due to stockpiling as a

As labour shortages plight the nation due to workers becoming ill,

result of quarantines and social distancing.

are self-isolating or have to care for children at home, the UKWA predicts that warehousing and distribution services could cripple

As demand continues to overtake supply at an unprecedented rate,

under the pressure without a viable solution moving forward.

a recurring trend of businesses struggling to source warehouse capacity is beginning to have a serious effect on industries up and

To assist companies struggling to fulfil orders at the challenging

down the country.

time, W.E. Deane is able to offering full warehousing, pick and pack, distribution and fulfilment services and therefore, is wellplaced to meet the ever-increasing demand that faces business throughout the UK.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at deanefreight.com

In light of recent events, we have taken the decision to release

With sites across the UK, Europe and South Africa,

5000 pallet spaces at our Essex/ London-based site to relieve the

W.E. Deane has a leading name in the freight

pressure on businesses struggling to source warehouse capacity and

forwarding sector having been established for over

store their stock. The Coronavirus outbreak has had an adverse

50 years since 1963, where they have since provided

impact on every single stage of the supply chain so far, with warehouse

a one stop shop bespoke logistics solution to clients

capacity becoming yet another casualty of the pandemic – during a

across the world.

time where warehouse space was already in short supply, largely due to Brexit. The situation has however become increasingly more problematic in recent months as the fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic continues to bring businesses to a grinding halt, especially those that have fallen foul of the current capacity crunch. We are seeing a sharp increase in businesses finding difficulty in maintaining a consistent stream of supplies to their customers and predict that this will become a mainstay for the next few months as the squeeze of capacity shortages becomes tighter. Robert Falconer, Managing Director, W.E. Deane FORWARDER magazine








TA, RHA and Unite, the three business groups representing

Government advice during this crisis is to wash hands thoroughly and

transport sector workers, are calling on those using the

often. Since 2017 delivery drivers have had the legal right to use toilets and

services of these workers to ensure that adequate hygiene

washrooms in commercial premises yet we are still receiving reports that

facilities, including hot and cold running water, are available to all

access to these facilities is denied. Logistics is delivering vital supplies across

drivers and warehouse operatives delivering to, or collecting from

the economy, but drivers are being denied the ability to comply with the

business premises.

government’s primary advice to avoid the spread of COVID-19. On behalf of such a key industry, we demand that those relying on logistics to keep

In a joint statement, David Wells (FTA), Richard Burnett (RHA),

their businesses operating comply with the legal requirements laid down by

and Adrian Jones (UNITE) have reinforced the legal obligations

public health authorities. Drivers are the backbone of the UK’s supply chain

of businesses to employees and visitors, urging them to ensure

and must be protected at all costs. It is vital that all sectors of the economy

that the facilities on offer to visiting workers comply with the

recognise this and ensure hygiene facilities are available where and whenever

legal requirements.

they are needed. The health and wellbeing of the nation depends on it. In 2017, the Health and Safety Executive re-examined the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, in particular Regulations 20 and 21 which state that suitable and sufficient sanitary conveniences and washing facilities shall be provided at readily accessible places and that hot and cold water must be available to use. HSE’s guidance clearly states that drivers must have access to welfare facilities in the premises they visit as part of their work. When deliveries and collections are made, HSE mandates that loading and unloading areas should have easy and safe access to toilet, washing and refreshment facilities.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at itf-oecd.org

ABOUT THE ITF Who we are The International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental organisation with 60 member countries. It acts as a think tank for transport policy and organises the Annual Summit


aris, 26 March 2020 - A new webpage presenting an overview of Covid-19-related measures for passenger and road transport in Europe has been launched by the

International Transport Forum. The page can be found at itf-oecd. org/covid-19-road-group

of transport ministers. ITF is the only global body that covers

The webpage lists the restrictions imposed on road freight and

all transport modes. The ITF is administratively integrated

passenger transport in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic as

with the OECD, yet politically autonomous.

well as temporary exceptions and derogations to existing rules.

What we do

The aim is to provide member country authorities and transport

ITF works for transport policies that improve peoples’ lives.

companies with up-to-date information to facilitate essential

Our mission is to foster a deeper understanding of the role of

transport services during this period.

transport in economic growth, environmental sustainability and social inclusion and to raise the public profile of transport policy.

The information is provided and updated by the national authorities

How we do it

of the 43 European member countries of the ITF’s Road Transport

ITF organises global dialogue for better transport. We act

Group. In addition, the page includes links to related information on

as a platform for discussion and pre-negotiation of policy

the webpages of the European Commission and the International

issues across all transport modes. We analyse trends, share

Road Transport Union (IRU), two of the observer organisations of

knowledge and promote exchange among transport decision-

the Road Transport Group.

makers and civil society. ITF’s Annual Summit is the world’s largest gathering of transport ministers and the leading global platform for dialogue on transport policy.

24 MARCH 2020








WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at container-xchange.com

ost of our Chinese customers are back at work,

The opposite situation in Los Angeles: a location that is famous for

according to emails we received last week. Right when

its surplus of equipment now has difficulties. Instead of having a

the new coronavirus has hit Europe, China finally seems

bigger surplus (last year's values for 40DCs range from 0.52 to 0.99

to gain more control of the situation. What happened? For the first

for 40DCs) the port is at an all-time low with a CAx value of 0.08

time, there is almost no container equipment in Europe and North

for 40DCs in March 2020.

America due to the carriers' blank sailings. They want to be ready in China, waiting for the economy to recover. Alphaliner estimates

In response to the carriers' blank sailings we can see some companies

that about 60% of Asia-Europe sailings have been withdrawn. Now,

switch to rail freight, but the equipment situation is not yet getting

as the virus gets worse in Europe and the US, equipment turnaround

better for most shipping companies.

speed puts even more stress on shipping lines. As most countries in

to our business in 2020 to help us to overcome the difficulties,

Europe have shut down operations, container inspections, handling

says an email we received from one of our Chinese customers.

or loading – every part of the transport chain that requires human

Although it seems like China is successfully combatting the new

interaction – are heavily delayed.

coronavirus, with more people being infected in Europe we estimate

We need your special help

that the situation will not get better in the coming weeks. Even if the Looking at Shanghai (CNSHA) we can see direct impact of the novel

Chinese economy were to be back to normal productivity, we’re a

virus as the delta between the curves for container availability 2019

few weeks behind regarding the pandemic development.

and 2020 grows over the week, starting from the beginning of the year. Last year at the same time, the CAx value for 40DCs was 0.29, indicating a deficit of containers; now a value of 0.88 in 2020 is indicating a huge surplus. The Container Availability Index covers millions of containers being moved and tracked through Container xChange, an online platform that helps freight forwarders find empty containers for one-way use.


FORWARDER magazine


Florian Frese, Container xChange


Los Angeles






A system of transporting goods by aircraft. Related topics AOG (aircraft on ground) OBC (on-board couriers) Air charter


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6 MARCH 2020


LANDS IN THE WINDY CITY L eading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has

invested further in its US operations, by opening a new office in Chicago, its tenth in the Americas.

Speaking on the announcement, Richard Thompson, ACS Americas’ President, said:

Chicago has been on our radar as a natural

location for another US ACS office for a number of years. The city is the third largest in population in the US and has one of the highest GDPs in the world – generating $689 billion last year. O’Hare Airport is the sixth busiest in the world and the city is home to many Fortune 500 companies, some of whom are household names. We believe that there is a large market for both our passenger and cargo aircraft charter services here. We have been conducting business with clients from Chicago and the rest of Illinois for many years and are looking forward to building closer relationships with them, as well as welcoming new customers on board.

ABOUT AIR CHARTER SERVICE Air Charter Service is a global aircraft charter broker with

The highly-experienced Caitlin Uhlmann will be heading up the

27 worldwide offices, spanning all six major continents and

operation, having worked for ACS for nine years in the company’s

we offer private jet, commercial airliner and cargo aircraft

Los Angeles, London and Manhattan offices. Thompson concluded:

charters, as well as onboard courier solutions. We arrange

Caitlin has been instrumental in setting up our last few US offices

more than 23,000 charter flights annually with revenue

and I am extremely confident that she is the right person for the job

of close to 700 million dollars. We were formed in 1990

and I’m looking forward to the progression of the new office under

by Chairman Chris Leach and CEO Justin Bowman in the

her leadership.

basement of a house, and we now employ more than 500 staff worldwide.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at cargolux.com


uxembourg, 04 March 2020 – Today marks a remarkable

It is a remarkable achievement for an all-cargo operator to

milestone for Cargolux as the all-cargo carrier celebrates its

celebrate 50 years in existence and I think I speak on behalf of the

50th anniversary. Exactly half a century ago, Luxembourg’s

whole company when I say we are proud of how far our airline

national carrier Luxair, Iceland's national carrier Loftleiðir, the

has come. We have weathered many storms over the years and

Swedish shipping company Salén and some private investors, founded

this celebration shows the world how committed and dedicated

Cargolux. With a single aircraft and a handful of employees, these

our employees are. In addition, I would also like to thank all of our

ambitious investors created what was to become one of the world’s

customers and business partners in helping us get to commemorating

leading all-cargo carriers. Since its inception, Cargolux has lived up

this memorable occasion.

to its now famous slogan ‘You name it, we fly it’ – the embodiment

Richard Forson, Cargolux’s President and CEO

of the Cargolux spirit. A month ahead of its official anniversary date, Cargolux welcomed a Throughout its history, the company has been a pioneer in the air

specially branded aircraft to mark the occasion. LX-VCC, one of the

freight industry. The first airline to fly the 747-400F, Cargolux was

company’s iconic 747-8 freighters, sporting a new livery emblazoned

also the launch customer for the 747-8F and the first to operate

with a jubilee design and a new name 'Spirit of Cargolux.' It now

both aircraft-type simulators. Even 50 years after its foundation,

proudly tours the world conveying the message of our success. The

Cargolux remains frontrunner in its field, continuously looking for

rest of the fleet also dons a commemorative emblem to mark the

innovative and effective ways to carry out its mission. In addition to

occasion and celebrate the milestone.

setting high standards in the industry, the airline has also contributed to the diversification of Luxembourg’s economy.

A retrospective website (anniversary.cargolux.com) has been launched to commemorate the airline’s journey and evolution. The

This year marks a remarkable achievement for Cargolux, a success

narrative which takes readers through the years is complemented

that will be celebrated all year long with special events for our

by pictures of our core business and our fleet over half a century.

customers and staff worldwide. Throughout the years, the expansion of the company worldwide and the evolution of the fleet reflect its unwavering ambition. Cargolux is the number one freight-only operator in Europe and is 7th on IATA’s international ranking based on international scheduled FTKs. The airline is one of only a handful of all-cargo operators to have such a rich and long-standing history. 6 MARCH 2020







26 MARCH 2020


REMAINS KEY PARTNER FOR GLOBAL TRADE A merican Airlines is continuing to operate international

The air cargo industry plays a vital role in supporting the world’s

widebody service to key locations around the globe,

economy and it’s more important than ever before that we continue

serving as a vital partner for freight forwarders and

to find solutions to serve our customers.

supporting global trade in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Roger Samways, Vice President Cargo Sales, American Airlines

The world’s largest airline will fly long-haul widebody passenger

On March 20, 2020 American deployed its first cargo-only flights

flights carrying cargo this week to locations including Auckland

since 1984 between DFW and FRA. Two Boeing 777-300 aircraft

Airport (AKL), São Paulo International Airport (GRU) and Honolulu

flew two round trips between DFW and FRA over the course of

International Airport (HNL).

four days, transporting critical goods including medical supplies, mail for active U.S. military, telecommunications equipment and

These flights are in addition to existing passenger flights which

electronics that will support people working from home, and

continue to operate daily between Dallas-Fort Worth International

e-commerce packages.

Airport (DFW) and London Heathrow (LHR), Miami International Airport (MIA) and LHR, and three times weekly between DFW and Narita International Airport (NRT).

ABOUT AMERICAN AIRLINES CARGO American Airlines Cargo provides one of the largest cargo

American is also expanding its cargo capacity with more roundtrip

networks in the world with cargo terminals and interline

flights between DFW and Frankfurt Airport (FRA) beginning March

connections across the globe. Every day, American transports

26 – bringing a total of more than 40 widebody flights operating this

cargo between major cities in the United States, Europe,

week across the globe.

Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia.

American’s network is augmented by its global trucking routes, offering additional opportunities for cargo capacity around the world.


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irgin Atlantic has operated its first ever cargo only charter

carrier. With further cargo only operated services scheduled in for

amidst the operational challenges brought by the Covid-19

this week, Virgin Atlantic is expected to continue its cargo offering

upon the aviation industry.

to destinations from the US to the far east.

The VS698 from London Heathrow for New York JFK on 22nd

Every year, Virgin Atlantic transports over 200,000 tonnes of cargo

March created history for the airline as it departed with two pilots,

on its global network. From salmon sourced from lochs in Scotland,

one cabin crew member and a hold filled with 12490 kilograms of

and pharmaceutical supplies, to supercars travelling to the US,

pharmaceutical and medical supplies.

customers who have flown with the airline before will no doubt have been sitting above all sorts of goods and products being shipped

Although the emergence of Covid-19 has led to a decrease in

around the world.

passengers travelling, demand to transport cargo remains strong. Special exemptions from the imposed travel restrictions for pilots

Watching Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural cargo-only charter take off

and cabin crew – whose health and wellbeing remains top priority

yesterday at London Heathrow added to a feeling of immense pride

– mean that cargo operations can continue, ensuring the airline can

towards the herculean effort of our Cargo team. Making the flight

continue to support vital supply chains across the globe.

happen, in such short notice and in such challenging times, reaffirms the fact that we have one of the best teams in the sky supporting

With many airlines cancelling flights, there has been a dramatic

supply chains across the globe.

decrease in cargo space available but global trade continues, and the

Dominic Kennedy, Managing Director, Virgin Atlantic Cargo

Virgin Atlantic cargo team continues to operate helping both regular and new customers keep their freight moving around the world. A flight with no passengers is technically not an unusual sight, with training, positioning and maintenance sectors happening regularly amongst Virgin Atlantic’s fleet. However, a pure cargo charter flight like VS698 had never been operated before by the British network 26 MARCH 2020







12 MARCH 2020


PREMIUM CHARTER FLIGHT ROTATION TO & FROM CHINA D ACHSER Air & Sea Logistics is starting the next wave of

its charter flight rotation service to China and back. The charter route has initially been scheduled to operate from

mid-March to the end of the month.

The new coronavirus is still having a serious impact on capacity in

the air freight market. Because the situation is so volatile, capacity planning is becoming a real challenge. Now DACHSER Air & Sea and China: starting March 16, the company will offer an air bridge


between the US, Latin America, and the air freight gateway in

Founded in 1974, Dachser USA Air & Sea Logistics Inc. is the

Frankfurt for deliveries to Shanghai, China. DACHSER will charter

U.S. subsidiary of German-headquartered Dachser SE. The

747s and integrate them into the rotation of flights from Frankfurt to

company is a leading global logistics provider employing 30,600

Shanghai and vice versa. In this way, DACHSER offers its customers

professionals in 399 locations and handling 83.7 million shipments

an intelligent solution for transport needs in transpacific trade and

annually. Dachser USA Air & Sea Logistics is headquartered in

is responding to the current market situation with flexible solutions.

Atlanta with locations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte,

Logistics is adding to its existing charter service between Frankfurt

Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Premium air service for customers

Miami, Minneapolis, New York and Phoenix. Dachser USA Air &

This programme puts us in a position to offer a robust and reliable

Sea Logistics offers optimal access to international markets and

premium air service to Asia for our customers in the Americas as

ensures seamless integration of all import and export activities

well. We are ready for whatever happens on the air freight market in

via air or ocean to and from Europe, Asia and South America.

the coming weeks, and fully appreciate being in a position to tackle

For more information, visit www.dachser.us or email

the challenges of the future today.


Timo Stroh, Head of Global Air Freight, Dachser


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ondon Heathrow: B&H Worldwide, the award-winning

We are proud of our reputation for providing excellent service

aerospace logistics provider, has won new business managing

and a rapid response 24 hours a day. We decided to partner with

the logistics of aircraft spare parts and engine materials for

B&H in order to expand our markets and host our inventories in

AOG Technics in Germany. AOG Technics is one of the world's

other locations worldwide.

leading independent specialists in the aviation industry.

Spokesperson for AOG Technics

The two companies have previously worked together for exports to Europe and the USA from the UK, but this is the first time they


have partnered in mainland Europe. Effective immediately, B&H

Established in 1988 in the UK, B&H Worldwide is a market

Worldwide's Frankfurt facility will become responsible for storing

leader in the highly specialist aerospace logistics industry.

parts, despatching parts and repacking parts before despatch. Most

Over the last 30 years it has expanded globally and today

notable among the items which will be handled are aero engine blades.

operates from ten strategically located aerospace hubs around the world and has a customer base which includes

Items held in Frankfurt may be destined for multiple global destinations

airlines, spare part stockists, MROs and repair vendors. Its

including the USA, Europe and Asia. Frankfurt's location as a gateway to

innovative, in-house designed IT solutions are highly tailored

Europe and the frequency of international flights to other global hubs was

to suit customer operating models and its FirstTrac software

key to AOG Technics decision to locate with B&H in the German city.

sets the benchmark for the aerospace logistics industry. Information on B&H Worldwide's leading logistics solutions

The location of our Frankfurt office at Cargo City has shown our

can be found at www.bhworldwide.com

customers we can provide them with a Forward Stocking Location where they can strategically position inventory in the heart of Europe and we are delighted to welcome AOG Technics to the facility. Seth Profit, Group Sales Director, B&H Worldwide






A system of transporting goods by ship. Related topics Shipping lines Biofuels Ships' parts


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3 MARCH 2020


LATEST MACHINERY SHIPMENT I ndian member, Green Channel Forwarders are pleased to report their latest shipment of a machine (falcon mobile metal recovery plant), a conveyor and spare parts. The machine weighed 48mtn

and measured 12.5 x 2.9 x 3.9m.

We are proud to announce that we got the opportunity to handle

yet another shipment for our customer, Harsco India Pvt Ltd. This was a very complex machine and needed high levels of expertise to handle. As it was a self-propelled and remote-operated machine, it required a mobile generator to give electric support to start and roll out the machine from the RORO vessel which we arranged while discharging the cargo from the vessel. The machine didn't have the supports to lift by crane and therefore, we had to fabricate a steel ramp weighing 3.5mtn for loading the machine with the remote control and DG support which you can see in the photographs. There were also number of permissions and formalities involved and we successfully completed the task. Tushar Murlidharan, Green Channel

ABOUT UNIVERSAL FREIGHT ORGANISATION Rachel Humphrey established the Universal Freight Organisation

safely. We are proud to have maintained our ‘One Member per

(UFO) in January 2000 to provide independent freight forwarders

Country’ policy (with the exception of USA, UAE and China),

access to a trusted, worldwide network of agents who could

making us one of the only remaining exclusive freight forwarder

handle their shipments, whilst working professionally and

networks in the world.


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10 MARCH 2020


ADOPTING SEA/CONTRACTS FROM MARITECH • Sea/contracts delivers time efficiencies and improved governance for NORDEN

Sea/contracts, an agile document management tool for the production and management of recaps, charter parties and other

• NORDEN embeds Sea/contracts across Panamax,

shipping documents, is used by over 1,000 users across charterers,

Supramax and Handy size dry cargo operations

owners, and brokers. As well as meeting NORDEN’s specific


requirements, the module provides a full audit trail of changes, ORDEN, one of the world’s leading operators of dry cargo

stronger collaboration across key stakeholders and streamlined

vessels, has implemented Sea/contracts the cloud based

workflow with the use of electronic signatures.

document creation and management module designed for

the shipping industry. It has embedded the document management

With the volume of documentation that we produce, it was

module across its Panamax, Supramax and Handysize dry cargo

necessary to rethink our operations to ensure the systems and tools

operations, covering ten offices and a fleet of 275 vessels.

we have will support our overall Digital Strategy. We needed to ensure recaps and charter parties would be produced in a standardised and

As one of the world’s largest operators globally of dry cargo

efficient way, with stronger controls around terms. With Sea/contracts

vessels, NORDEN requires a significant number of charter parties

in place, our business is heading towards improved efficiency, and the

– contracts between a charterer and a vessel owner – produced

business has increased confidence around its governance of terms

against its fixtures.

and minimisation of human error. Sea/contracts provides us with lots of data around our charter parties which we otherwise wouldn’t have had. As we own the data, it can also be applied to our in-house advanced analytics helping us to achieve our business goals. Christian Vinther Christiansen, Head of Dry Cargo Operator, NORDEN


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We are delighted that a company of NORDEN’s scale, has signed

There are currently eight modules of Sea/ which

up to Sea/contracts. Not only does it demonstrate the industry’s

can be bought separately or used together to deliver

demand for smarter charter party management, but it also highlights

an end-to-end service:

the increasing need for better compliance to mitigate risk. Jeff Woyda, Chairman, Maritech

Build intelligence: With Sea/net users can gather information and market insight, track vessel positions, manage notifications and

Sea/contracts is currently one of eight interoperable modules on the

detect weather patterns to help inform their decisions.

Sea/ platform that can be used either together or separately. The

Understand cost and distances: Sea/calc allows users to

full Sea/ platform is designed to improve the day-to-day working of

calculate voyage costs and compare distances to understand the

shipping professionals, by enabling better informed trading strategies,

most efficient route for their fixture.

ensuring stronger collaboration between market participants and

React to emergencies offshore: Sea/response is used to

providing operational tools for success from within a single platform.

coordinate offshore emergency response with extensive commercial,

Sea/ is designed for shipping professionals by shipping professionals

operational, environmental and financial benefits to users. Communicate securely: Sea/chat is a purpose-built compliant instant

For more information on the full range of modules visit

messaging system for desktop and mobile – allowing all communications

www.sea.live/ or follow the LinkedIn page.

associated with a deal to be collated together in a single platform. View futures pricing: Sea/futures captures pricing provided by


futures brokers allowing users to share vital live market prices across

Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S is an independent

Streamline operations: Sea/contracts is an agile documentation

shipping company incorporated in Denmark and listed on

management tool used to make day-to-day efficiencies, reduce legal

Nasdaq Copenhagen as a part of the OMX Nordic Mid

risk and organise essential contract documentation.

Cap index. NORDEN was founded in 1871, making it one

Centralised documentation: Sea/share provides a single,

of Denmark’s oldest internationally operating shipping

secure, online repository for any file types related to a fixture, for

companies. NORDEN operates in dry cargo and product

all parties to share and access.

tankers worldwide with one of the most modern and

Analyse performance: Sea/gateway provides real-time updates,

competitive fleets in the industry. NORDEN operates in

combining vessel position data with commercial and operational

total 275 dry cargo- (including single trip-chartered vessels

data informing on vital arrival times at load and discharge ports. It

and INC vessels) and 57 tanker vessels.

compiles in-depth, visually-rich reports in seconds and tracks KPIs

their entire organisation.

to understand performance and inform future decisions.

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5 MARCH 2020


THREE-MONTH BIOFUEL TRIAL L eading short sea ro-ro operator UECC and sustainable

At UECC, we pride ourselves on supporting sustainable solutions

marine biofuel pioneer GoodFuels have launched a joint trial

to the issues that our planet faces. We are excited to play a leading

of GoodFuels Bio-Fuel Oil (MR1-100 or BFO) on UECC’s

role in accelerating sustainable biofuel uptake for the ro-ro segment.

ro-ro vessel M/V Autosky, the companies have announced today.

This agreement demonstrates our commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of our existing tonnage and further complements

The three month trial will test 3,000 metric tonnes of sustainable

the emissions reductions on our existing LNG fleet, as well as our

biofuel on the 140m, 2080 vehicle carrier – a significant step in

LNG battery hybrid newbuilds.

advancing marine biofuel for the ro-ro segment. The biobunkering,

Daniel Gent, Energy & Sustainability Manager, UECC

which will take place in the Port of Rotterdam, will be the first in a series of bunkering operations between March and May 2020. M/V

We are proud to be bunkering sustainable marine Bio-Fuel Oil

Autosky will test BFO on its normal route between Zeebrugge,

on M/V Autosky, kicking off the first use of low-carbon fuels with

Belgium and Santander, Spain and will result in a reduction of more

our friends and partners at UECC. This trial will help UECC to

than 6,500 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions on a well-to-wake basis.

further prove the applicability and technical suitability of biofuels for the ro-ro segment. Importantly, we also want to prove to leading

The announcement comes at a time when the industry is under

car manufacturers that biofuels are a great way to immediately

increasing scrutiny to improve its sustainability and move towards

decarbonise their cargo and help change the sector for the better.

decarbonisation. With scalability, sustainable marine biofuel

Isabel Welten, CCO, GoodFuels

effectively allows shipowners and operators to comply with both the 2020 0.50% sulphur cap, as well as future regulations on carbon

Following the trial period UECC and GoodFuels will explore further

reduction by 2030 and 2050.

options for continuing marine biofuel uptake within the ro-ro segment.

GoodFuels’ BFO is the first ever residual fuel-equivalent biofuel,

UECC was founded in 1990 and is jointly owned by Nippon Yusen

requiring no changes to marine engines. The biofuel ‘drops in’

Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK) and Wallenius Lines.

to normal fuel tanks, virtually eliminating CO2 and substantially reducing SOX. Due to the absence of sulphur, the Bio-Fuel Oil can also be used to replace distillate fuels.


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GoodFuels Marine is a Netherlands based global pioneer

UECC (United European Car Carriers) is a leading short-sea

in sustainable marine fuels. The company has created a

operator and logistics provider for the transportation of cars,

one-stop shop for marine industry customers integrating

vans and high & heavy cargo in Europe. The company was

the entire supply chain for sustainable marine biofuels.

established in 1990 and holds contracts with all the major

From feedstock to tank, GoodFuels Marine’s proposition

vehicle manufacturers. With a fleet of about 20 purpose-built

covers elements of sourcing feedstock and ensuring its

vessels, UECC transports around 1.5 million car units, 30

100% sustainability, the production and refining, the global

000 high & heavy units and 300 000 tonnes breakbulk cargo

distribution, quality assurance and marketing programs with

annually. UECC also operates several vehicle terminals and

ports, governments and end clients. GoodFuels Marine has

break-bulk terminals in major European ports. UECC is owned

its operations RSB certified.

in equal shares by Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), one of the world’s largest shipping companies, and by Wallenius

GoodFuels Marine is part of the GoodNRG Group, which

Lines of Stockholm, Sweden’s foremost shipping enterprise.

is active under various labels and companies in sales, marketing, trading, R&D and production of truly sustainable fuels for the transport segments for which biofuels is one of the best or only viable long-term alternative. GoodFuels has a partnership with Varo Energy on the distribution and development of speciality blending solutions for Low Carbon Marine fuels for the ARA region. Learn more about GoodFuels at goodfuels.com

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23 MARCH 2020


LCL EXPRESS SERVICE ‘XLERATE’ X LERATE will operate exclusively on the Shanghai to Los

XLERATE reiterates our commitment to provide an expedited

Angeles Lane and provide freight delivery services to 8

LCL product to our freight forwarding clients from Shanghai to the

inland CFS locations in the US

final CFS locations in the US. It combines the benefits of an express service with a day definite arrival and an all-inclusive simplified

ECU Worldwide, the global leader in LCL consolidation, has

fee structure which includes price per kilo on FOB Shanghai

launched LCL Express Service 'XLERATE'. It will be a CFS to CFS

basis through to the final CFS and the final CFS destination fees.

express service which leverages the industry leading ocean services

Our customer is assured of speedy final mile deliveries and cost

of MATSON Navigation from Shanghai in China to Los Angeles in

optimisation benefits.

the US. It offers the fastest port to port transit time of 10 days

Tim Tudor, Chief Executive Officer, ECU Worldwide

from Shanghai to Los Angeles. The container vessel is offloaded at the bonded CFS of ECU Worldwide in Los Angeles 24 hours after

The new service has been designed as ECU Worldwide’s response

its scheduled arrival on a Sunday.

to Covid-19. The combination of increased demand for Airfreight services and reduction in air cargo capacity has caused an upsurge

ECU Worldwide further combines the market-leading ocean port to

in airfreight prices to 400% to 500% above pre CNY levels. This

port service with its Bonded IPI/ Express Team Driver Truck service

has created major backlogs of airfreight shipments at Shanghai

that departs from its Los Angeles Import Ocean CFS every Monday

airport. XLERATE is also meant to address the impact of a surge

night and provides freight delivery services to 8 Inland CFS locations

in airfreight rates owing to a massive reduction in international

across the eastern half of the US. Customers can get their goods

passenger flight cargo space.

cleared with the US Customs and then manage the final delivery with their regular local delivery provider. The service has been designed to provide the maximum benefits to the freight forwarding and NVOCC customers of ECU Worldwide.


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ACHSER, a premier global logistics solutions provider,

An effective LCL service comes down to timing—from the co-

announced that shippers looking for direct access from Europe

ordination of the grouping of goods and to the fixed container

to Chile can now take advantage of its new fixed weekly

trips between ports. Our management of this timing allows our

schedule of LCL services departing from Hamburg to San Antonio.

customers the benefit of improved planning and transit times as well as transparency of their shipments.

Referring to ‘less than container load,’ our new LCL service is

designed to meet the specific needs of our customers with smaller

Further, DACHSER offers interlocked logistics solutions through

merchandise quantities. The service not only optimizes efficiencies

its DACHSER Road Logistics and DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics

and reduces costs, but the fixed weekly schedule improves the

business fields, with services including transportation, warehousing

planning process.

and complementing value-added services. DACHSER also handles

Guido Gries, Managing Director, DACHSER Americas

pre-carriage through its comprehensive European overland transportation network. This integrated service offers considerable

With this consolidated maritime freight service, DACHSER

benefits to DACHSER customers. These shipments can be tracked

collects container shipments from several European countries and

transparently from the supplier in Europe to a recipient in Chile or

consolidates the freight at its warehouse in Hamburg. From there,

anywhere in the world.

the shipment departs out of Hamburg to its final destination of San Antonio. Through DACHSER’s robust network, this service

The service offers customers streamlined container coordination

connects Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark,

and management of all sea freight imports deployed on first class

Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to the Chilean

carriers to Chile. Thanks to our extensive European logistics


network we can offer seamless visibility from the door of the supplier in Europe to the final destination.

With its constantly growing network across the globe, DACHSER is creating ideal conditions for keeping goods moving along the

The new LCL services add to DACHSER’s already existing LCL

supply chain with its proven logistics capabilities. Businesses benefit

service offerings and wide range of rapidly growing destinations.

from seamless connection of customer markets in Chile, including

DACHSER allows customers a greater flexibility and choice by

collection and delivery of their valuable goods, from door-to-door.

continuing to increase the number of destinations served.

25 MARCH 2020








eta-description: As the coronavirus sweeps around the

Unfortunately, the addition of blank or cancelled sailings, a sailing

globe, ocean freight rolled cargo rates will rise, despite

that has been cancelled by the container carrier means global

spot rates approaching an economic bottom. Learn how

shippers will face additional uncertainty with cargo arrival dates,

advanced notifications and other data can improve collaboration and

inventory management, and much more. One thing is clear in this

prevent catastrophic disruption.

major disruption; rolled cargo advance notifications and other data


& OTHER DATA IN THE EVENT OF SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTION While the global supply chain anticipates the potential disruption

affecting ocean freight shipping will improve collaboration between

of coronavirus, COVD-19, the illness is already contributing to a

BCOs and steamship lines and help circumvent the challenges

dramatic effect on ocean freight. According to Bill Mongelluzzo via the

caused by not only the coronavirus, but as well as the day to day

Journal of Commerce, US imports from Asia remained weaker than

delays that might occur.

usual for a post-Lunar New Year recovery period, and disruptions associated with the coronavirus have led to the cancelling of more than 80 sailings in February and March. Now, the coronavirus in this disruption is pushing carriers to forgo implementation of general rate increases, and relief does not yet appear on the horizon.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at ocean-insights.com

What was the pre-coronavirus status of rolled cargo? A study of more than two million data points was done using the Ocean Insights platform. In the study, only container lines that moved more than 10,000 containers were included. The result of this study was clear: container rollover is a serious issue affecting on average between 5 and 17% of all containers shipped. Consider the below two charts derived from these data points: Ocean shippers have already faced great problems in Here you can see the cargo rollover ratio among steamship lines is

holding steam ship lines accountable and ensuring on-time

almost a whopping 18%.

performance even before the Coronavirus crisis. Only shippers that had managed to deploy a successful ocean freight tracking system were able to discern immeasurable gains in supply chain efficiency by understanding how their shipping network performed and how container lines compared to one another. A retailer with manufacturing and e-commerce operations globally that implemented the Ocean Insights’ Ocean Freight Tracking System was able to realise that

If we isolate containers that undergo transshipment at various hubs

it's biggest problems revolved around the established

(transshipment ports), you can see that the ratio goes up quite

carriers’ consistent pattern of delays.

drastically and carrier 2 that had only 16% of rollovers in total has almost 32% rollovers when transhipment cargo is considered.

Isolating the biggest carrier’s performance data, the retailer realised that one-half of all shipments arrived between three and 27 days late which is already a significant disadvantage.

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Disruption to the supply chain makes forecasting demand more difficult but not impossible The Ocean Insights' Ocean Freight Tracking System enables rolled

The correlation of total shipping volume and delayed volume,

cargo notifications through automated work flows. The platform by

exhibited in the figure 1 below, where the X-axis is the number of

providing advanced notifications of rolled cargo provides users with

volumes loaded and the Y-Axis is the number of volumes delayed,

the ability to recognize container carriers’ performance outside of

reveals that total shipping volumes that were delayed at least seven

potential disruption areas or times.

days (all Carriers shown on this graph are delayed 7 days or more) are significant. As the incidence of delays occurred, the number of

Users of the platform will have insights provided to understand

additional delays grew exponentially. The insights provide the user

the average delays across all steamship lines and how such delays

with how many shipping volumes have the worst performance. The

contribute to potential delays for today.

blue line shows the correlation between the x-axis and the y-axis. The shadow is the 95% confidence level interval for predictions from

Both graphs (figure 1 and figure 2) are the correlation of total shipping volumes and total delayed volumes (figure 1 is based on carrier perspective and figure 2 is based on the port-pairs perspective).


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the linear model.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at ocean-insights.com

Ports also experienced similar trends, shown below.

Volume delays might not be a big problem for shippers though. Delays will happen, but recognising when they happen, when they

(Figure 2): Correlation between total shipping volumes and at least

are likely to happen based on real data, and which carrier lines to

7-day delayed volumes by shipping ports in a regression model (R-2

work with at the height of a global supply chain crisis – like the


coronavirus – can help keep delays in check.

The high R-squared means there is a small difference between the

What will happen now?

observed data and the fitted values. A positive correlation coefficient

The coronavirus is going to keep spreading. Countries around the

means that as the value of one variable increases, the value of the

globe now have confirmed cases, and the chances of the virus’s

other variable increases; as one decreases the other decreases.

sudden disappearance are slim to none. The global economy is in

For instance, the regression model is good in this situation and it

the unrest before the storm, and when the virus does take root,

captures the properties of the data. Higher loaded volumes will get

those with an eye on data and automated processes that streamline

higher delayed volumes. But if higher loaded volumes get just a small

ocean freight management will have the greatest advantage. There

amount of delayed volumes, this indicates good performance.

is still the possibility of containment, but even if that does happen,

If lower loaded volumes get a higher amount of delayed volumes,

the next economic disaster could be around the corner. By taking

this indicates bad performance.

the steps to prepare for the future with more data and automation to manage rolled cargo, carrier selection, contract negotiation, and everything in between, shippers and container carriers can guarantee the continuance of their successes. Josha Brazil, Chief Operations Officer, Ocean Insights

Josha Brazil works as the Chief Operations Officer of Ocean Insights. Ocean Insights has a best-in-class ocean visibility software and a team of experts to make supply chain data visible and actionable. They bring down your demurrage and detention fees, support day-to-day operations and strategic decisions within the freight industry. FORWARDER magazine






ost temperature loggers can only be downloaded once

The Smashtag temperature logger is started with a simple button

they have been retrieved at the final shipping destination.

push but if this is not done for any reason, the logger does have a

The more recent options are expensive RF devices which

default logging mode that will capture the data at a lower logging

require either a custom receiver or a cellular connection, which usually

rate than normal to ensure that every journey is captured.

limits the points where data can be gathered and shared. Customers range from those involved in long distance shipping

Smashtag is a wireless temperature logger which can be downloaded

of frozen products to same day shipments of pharmaceuticals or

by anyone in the chain who has a phone or tablet with the Smashtag

fresh produce. For short duration deliveries, Smashtags can be used

app installed within 20 metres. Although the data can be downloaded

multiple times with the new ‘Journey’ feature reducing the cost per

by any phone or tablet, only authorised parties can access the data

journey to only pence in some applications.

via the Cloud web console. For example, a driver can download the data when the shipment is collected, in transit or upon delivery and

Bluetooth was our wireless technology of choice for cost and

have confirmation it has been uploaded to the Cloud but will not

useability. It is a global technology with the same frequency and

be able to view the data if this is deemed private information. The

approvals worldwide meaning that there are no restrictions on

temperature data can be captured as many times as is needed, but

which countries Smashtag can be used in. RF loggers in comparison

the Cloud software simply sorts it into the correct sequence for

have different products depending on where the logger is being used

viewing by those authorised to do so. Alternatively, emails can be

in the world, Europe, US and Japan all have different radio laws.

sent to notify people of an upload and the data can be viewed in files such as a spreadsheet.

With Bluetooth being so popular in phones and tablets, the cost of the electronics is so low, you can be sure someone nearby has a phone

Testing has shown the signal can be detected from outside a shipping

with Bluetooth meaning Smashtag is competitive with USB loggers

container and we are developing a low-cost receiver that can be

despite offering most of the advantages of expensive RF systems.

placed in permanent positions in warehouses to reduce the need to actually find and collect the loggers.

Smashtag is 100% made in Britain, contact us for a free sample on +44 (0)1223 881 881 or visit smashtag.global


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For exceptional multi-model logistics:

Call: 0161 272 8989 www.allseasglobal.com 60

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Thanks to a wealth of in-house expertise we’re trusted worldwide to move your cargo wherever it needs to go, on time and on budget. > Award winning expertise

Specialist in handling LCL / FCL and Project Cargo.

> Global offices Based in the UK with offices in Europe, Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent.

> In-house specialist equipment Flat racks, platforms, open tops and mafis, plus lifting and loading equipment for rapid deployment.

> Worldwide network

Partners operating within our established S.O.P & KPI systems.

> Proven track record Within the plant & machinery, manufacturing, retail and energy & power generations and recyclables sectors.




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A system of transporting goods by road. Related topics Groupage Couriers Last mile


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Further information can be found at ital-logistics.com


In the last five years we have invested heavily in bespoke freight software, to the tune of some £¾ million. And we have always invested in our people, without whom we would not be where we are today. In our time we have entered the BIFA awards on just four occasions, between 2002 and 2015. Finalists on each occasion, we picked up the winner’s trophy on two occasions for Best European Service Provider. The most memorable testimonial we have had was in the early days, but


is still relevant today. It read,

e’ve been moving freight for almost twenty years

Your reputation as a doer’ is refreshing by

contrast to the plethora of suppliers I am burdened with who can't do.

now. Groupage, part-load and full-load. It started with Italy, then came Spain, closely followed by

Portugal and Greece. And we don’t just mean the main cities, but the whole of each country, their islands and dependencies included. From day one we decided to specialise in just a few markets but to also have a niche focus on the carriage of dangerous goods. We now

The aim of Ital Logistics is to provide a quality, reliable and

have four DGSAs and are the forwarder of choice for many of our

personalised service, with openness, honesty and integrity, and to

same sector companies. That’s not all though. Glance right about

always perform to the very best of our abilities.

8–10” and you can see everything we do. In all honesty I don’t think we can do any more than that. We operate from our bespoke 16,000ft² facility in Heywood, Lancashire, just to the North side of the M60 which encircles

Glance right again and you can see how to contact us.

Manchester. With 24/7 gated security, more cameras than the BBC (well...29) and 24/7 monitored intruder alarm systems, it provides a safe

We look forward to hearing from you.

environment to work from and offers peace of mind for our clientele.

Phil Denton, Managing Director, Ital Logistics


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European Road Freight Specialists Dangerous goods experts Daily groupage services Freight forwarding worldwide Deep sea & air freight Express freight & Cross trades

For rates and bookings call 01706 248 001 email sales@ital-logistics.com visit www.ital-logistics.com

Ital Logistics Limited Unit 1, Birch Business Park, Whittle Lane FORWARDER magazine ISSUE51 Heywood, Lancashire, OL1065 2SX



2 MARCH 2020


UK’S BEST VAN DRIVERS T he search has begun for the UK’s best van drivers with the

A presentation will be made at the end of the day to celebrate all

launch of FTA’s 2020 Driver of the Year competition. Now

individual task winners, the Van Excellence Driver of the Year as well

in its seventh year, the popular event will take place on

as FTA’s overall Van Driver of the Year. Winners will be presented

Saturday 13 June 2020 at the Bott Ltd facilities in Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

with a trophy on the day and prizes include a £1000 holiday voucher as well as Amazon vouchers.

Successful entrants will complete a variety of tasks on the day of

the competition and will be judged on driving style, risk perception,

Van Excellence accredited operators can benefit from priority access

manoeuvring, fuel economy, legislative knowledge and vehicle

to the competition, which is now open, while general entry will

defect checking. The competition – sponsored by The AA, Bott

open on 16 March 2020. Entries are initially limited to one driver

Ltd, Brigade Electronics, Hertz UK Ltd, Lex Autolease, Quartix and

per company and will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis

TVL – is aimed at recognising and celebrating the very best drivers

with all entries closing on Friday 24 April 2020.

from the very best van operators. Further information on the event and how to enter your outstanding Van drivers are required to be safe, efficient and compliant, and

drivers can be found at fta.co.uk/vdoy20

the tasks we have chosen for the entrants to complete in this year’s competition will test their skills across these three areas. The growth

Efficient logistics is vital to keep the UK trading, directly having an

of vans for varied trade use such as plumbing or floristry, together

impact on more than seven million people employed in the making,

with the rise of internet shopping, has resulted in van drivers playing an

selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology and other

increasing role in the UK economy. FTA looks forward to recognising

disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across borders

and rewarding these outstanding individuals who can demonstrate

and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more important

excellent manoeuvring, observation and concentration skills, as well as

to UK plc. FTA is one of the biggest business groups in the UK,

their ability to work safely and efficiently in line with best practice.

supporting, shaping and standing up for safe and efficient logistics. We

Kevin Green, Director, FTA

are the only business group in the UK that represents all of logistics, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers whose businesses depend on the efficient movement of goods.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk


n response to news that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, will commit billions in spending to improve infrastructure across the UK, Christopher Snelling, Head of

UK Policy, comments... FTA has been urging government to commit to a programme of

infrastructure improvement for several years; we are thrilled to see the Chancellor has pledged to spend billions of pounds on upgrades across the UK. Businesses within the logistics sector rely on safe, effective and well-maintained road networks to keep goods moving across the UK, but the poor state of roads across the nation has compromised their ability to do so; the economic performance of the country has suffered as a result. Now, we are calling on government to press ahead urgently with its plans; the UK’s road and rail network has been subject to chronic underinvestment for many years and this programme is long overdue.

BUDGET 2020 11 MARCH 2020


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9 MARCH 2020


ALARMING JUMP IN DRIVER SHORTAGE IN EUROPE G eneva, 9th March 2020: According to research from

To encourage more women and young people into the profession,

IRU, the European road transport sector is facing a 13%

it is essential that improvements are made to guarantee better

increase in its commercial driver shortage in 2020.

working conditions. There also needs to be greater state involvement in facilitating young people to become qualified drivers and help them

IRU carried out research amongst small and medium transport and

overcome the high costs required for training and qualifications.

logistics companies in a number of European countries, calculating

It is also necessary to change transport regulations. To use the

the commercial freight driver shortage on the continent to rise from

acquired qualifications, students must be able to work. However,

23% in 2019 to 36% in 2020.

the regulations only allow them to do so after they become 21 years old. There is a risk that before they reach this age, they will start

According to IRU’s report, Poland and Romania are two of the most

working elsewhere and will not return to this profession.

heavily impacted European countries. In Poland, driver shortage

Jan Buczek, President, ZMPD (Association of International Road

stands at 22% and is expected to jump by 15 points this year. In

Hauliers in Poland)

Romania, the situation is even more critical as the 50% driver shortage recorded in 2019 is foreseen to reach 62% this year.

When it comes to young drivers, 11% of the workforce in Poland are younger than 25 years old, while in Romania, the average age of

Lack of women exacerbates driver shortage

drivers sits at 41 years old. Although these figures are better than

Poland and Romania see the lowest rates of female drivers in Europe

the European averages – 7% of European drivers are below 25 years

- 2% of the commercial driver workforce. Reasons deterring women

old and the average age of commercial drivers is 45 in Europe, much

from entering the profession include difficult working conditions, a

remains to be done when it comes to bringing the profession closer

lack of safe and secure parking areas, and long periods spent away

to the youth.

from home.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at iru.org

Some of IRU’s concrete actions and proposed solutions include... • Lowering and harmonising minimum age to become a professional driver • Development of a joint Charter together with the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) to improve treatment of drivers at delivery sites • Creation and funding of more and better safe and secure truck parking areas IRU is already making significant progress in tackling the European driver shortage, securing €60 million worth of EU funding for the development of Safe & Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) and High emigration rate worsening

setting up the Women in Transport Talks initiative to encourage

driver shortage in Romania

more women into the profession. In addition, IRU has formed a

In Romania, a key cause of the driver shortage is down to high

number of partnerships, including with ILO (International Labour

numbers of the population emigrating. Official figures show that

Authority) and ETF (European Transport Workers Federation).

in the last 10 years 3.4 million Romanians have left the country.[1] While we have secured successes and set important groundwork, There are a number of things that can be done in order to alleviate

more actions, including public-private cooperation, are needed

the worrying, and aggravating, driver shortage in Romania - including

urgently, to ensure our industry continues to strive and to deliver,

carrying out training for professional reconversion of other sectors’

as the lifeblood of the global economy.

unemployed personnel; decreasing the minimum age for drivers in the

Umberto de Pretto, Secretary General, IRU

country from 21 to 18; and importing a non-EU qualified labour force. Constantin Isac, President, UNTRR (the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania)

ABOUT IRU IRU is the world road transport organisation, promoting

Concrete solutions

economic growth, prosperity and safety through the sustainable

The driver shortage remains a universal problem – across Europe

mobility of people and goods. Founded in 1948, IRU has

and beyond – and one that IRU is committed to work with its

members and activities in more than 100 countries. IRU has

members and policy makers to help solve.

been managing the only global customs transit system for moving goods across international borders (TIR) since 1949.

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2 MARCH 2020


A GOLDEN AGE OF BUSINESSIN EUROPE A local family-run transport company has marked its fiftieth

To have been in business in this sector for fifty years is a fantastic

anniversary by investing in eleven new vehicles as it

achievement and is testament to the hard work of the Miller family

continues to expand its operation.

and its entire team. The company is an important part of the Palletways network and a regular Palletways Platinum club member

Shackleford-based Frederick R Miller Ltd has purchased six new

in recognition of its first-class customer service.

tractor units and five 18 tonne lorries to grow the fleet. The firm

Rob Gittins, Managing Director, Palletways UK

is a member of Palletways, Europe’s largest and fastest growing palletised freight network and operates across Guildford, Kingston

Frederick R Miller has a strong reputation for delivering a quality

upon Thames and Reading.

service and cost-effective solutions. With experience in palletised freight distribution as a member of Palletways, it offers services for

We’re celebrating a momentous half a century in business. The

urgent/overnight freight and next day or same-day deliveries. These

company was started by my father with just two trucks which were

are all tracked and visible via Palletways’ systems. With extensive

used to transport logs to the paper mills in Kent. We now employ 50

storage facilities, and the capacity to move full and part loads, the

staff, own and operate 25 vehicles and have more than 40,000 sq.ft

company offers a complete end to end service for its customers.

of warehousing and storage space. Our continued association with Palletways has enabled us to progress over the years as technology has

The company is one of over 115 independent transport providers

become more advanced. The unique selling points of Palletways, like

that are part of the Palletways UK network. They benefit from

its state-of-the-art IT and tracking systems, estimated time of arrivals

shared expertise and resources from within the group to deliver

technology and additional pallet sizes, have helped us enormously to

consignments of palletised freight to market faster and more cost

increase our postcode areas and delivery quantities. It’s also great to

effectively than ever before. The Palletways Group, famed for

get support and advice from Palletways and fellow members to benefit

its industry-leading IT developments and operational systems,

our business and customer base. The business will stay in the family

comprises 4500+ depots and 23 hub operations, through which it

for the future which is looking positive and bright.

provides collection and distribution services across 24 European

Ian Miller, Managing Director, Frederick R Miller

countries, including the UK.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at frederickmiller.co.uk

ABOUT IMPERIAL LOGISTICS LIMITED Imperial Logistics is mainly an African and Eurozone logistics


provider of outsourced, integrated freight management, Ocean Road contract logistics and distributorship - customised to ensure

Where time is of the

Where cost, not time, is of

Where the focus

essence, we certainly

the essence, we again

is Europe, we still

speak your language.

speak your language. speak your language. The group is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange

the relevance and competitiveness of our clients.

in South Africa and employs approximately 30 000 people in 38 countries. Each country and every market brings its own demands but our expansive experience and in-country partnerships see us well placed to navigate the intricacies


of infrastructure, policy, governance, language and culture.

Our people

Palletways is a subsidiary of Imperial Logistics International –

Ranked among the top 25 global logistics providers, Imperial

Logistics has trucks... established capabilities in transportation, ...not ‘planes, ships or

the international division of Imperial Logistics Limited.


warehousing, distribution and synchronisation management

Founded in the UK in 1994, Palletways provides express

and expanding capabilities in international freight management.

delivery of palletised freight, and is Europe’s leading pallet

The group operates in specific industry verticals - automotive,

network with more depots and greater volumes than any

chemicals, consumer, healthcare and industrial.

other operator. Palletways handles over 45,000 pallets daily: the equivalent of one pallet every two seconds.

In South Africa we are proudly considered as a leading logistics provider across the entire supply chain - renown for

Since its launch, Palletways has developed a strategic

driving innovation and continuous improvement. Our work

network of more than 400 depots and 23 hubs, covering

in the demanding African continent has likewise earned us

24 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech

the reputation as a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals

Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,

and consumer goods in Southern, East and West Africa.

Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands,

Internationally, years of hard earned experience now see

Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania,

us occupying leading positions in exacting industries such as

Spain, Slovakia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.+44 www.palletways.com

chemical and automotive. (0)20 3918 0500 commercial@aspenfreight.com www.imperiallogistics.com aspenfreight.com

magazine 1 Meadlake Place • Thorpe Lea Road • Egham • SurreyFORWARDER • TW20 8BF






ecently the importance of last-mile services has increased, and is expected to increase more in the coming years. In a recent study by McKinsey and Company, it was found

that the global parcel delivery (only drop-off delivery) was worth $70 billion, with the big countries of the US, China, and Germany making up 40% of that number. Furthermore, the last-mile market increased in 2015 by 7-10% in the developed countries and by 100% in developing countries. With that amount of money at stake, becoming a leader in that market can give you access to continuously growing revenue. One of the leading companies with regard to speed and pricing of

Source: Parcel delivery – The future of last mile, McKinsey&Company

same-day deliveries has become Amazon. They have been on the forefront and have received tons of media attention for their plans

The brunt of expedited service falls on the shoulders of businesses in

to integrate near instantaneous delivery with the use of drones. On

the industry to make certain they can lower their costs to handle the

Dec 7. 2016, Amazon was able to complete an order, from purchase

growing market. Younger consumers especially are becoming more

to delivery, in 13 minutes, as shown on robotictrends. Not only that,

demanding and pushing for faster and faster delivery times. When

but they have applied to patent a floating warehouse where drones

you consider that movies/TV shows and music are all experienced

can load and deliver packages across a city in record time.

instantaneously, it isn’t unreasonable that people will expect similar expediency when purchasing products from home.

The demand for quick delivery is guaranteed to grow, though cost is still the largest deciding factor when consumers are choosing their

Two areas that can see a lot of growth, and are currently most

delivery preference. In its current state, 70% of consumers were

affected by perceived slow delivery times are Groceries and

happy with choosing the cheapest option for delivery. However,

Medications. Both of these markets have their own reason for

approximately 30% were willing to pay extra for timely service,

second-thought in regards to door to door delivery. Groceries are

though no more than 3 USD.

expected to be fresh, and medication is often time sensitive, so anything other than same day delivery just won’t do. Startups have slowly been forming in the past years trying to take advantage of the openings created by the demand for delivered goods, meaning even more competition being created.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at optimoroute.com

Becoming a capable and reliable delivery provider may not only increase business, but it improves customer relations and improves brand reputation. Modern IT systems, such as route optimization systems, are becoming a must for logistic companies in order to remain competitive by increasing the level of service while also keeping costs under control. This article originally appeared on optimoroute.com

Source: Parcel delivery – The future of last mile, McKinsey&Company

The growth of Last-mile, or final-mile services could soon be the differentiating factor in purchasing. Consumers have long grown weary of unattended deliveries (unattended in this sense means having to pick up a parcel from a brick and mortar shop ie. UPS store). If you had to leave your house to pick up an order, what is the point of ordering remotely and choosing delivery?


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ncreased awareness and changing consumer habits have made

In other cases, packaging companies are instead focusing on smarter

waste a bigger problem than ever for packaging and logistics

manufacturing approaches that create more recyclable packaging out

companies. Sustainability is a hot-button topic for consumers,

of existing material. For example, we've seen an increased focus on

who are more likely to support brands that demonstrate a

mono-material packaging, which is easier for recycling companies to

commitment to sustainability.

handle. Recyclable materials don't need to be separated out from each piece of packaging.

The shift in public attitude is encouraging the industry to pivot to more sustainable practices and investigate new options for eco-

The industry is also increasingly taking advantage of recycled material

friendly and low-waste packaging. Here are the packaging trends

– like recycled cardboard, plastic and paper – in new packaging design.

that are making logistics more sustainable right now. Sustainable cargo and freight Designing for reuse and recycling

Businesses in the supply chain are also finding new ways to make

Recycling is a large and growing industry, and more consumers than ever

transportation of packaged goods more sustainable. It's responsible

are willing to take the extra steps needed to recycle used packaging.

for a significant portion of the overall emissions created by the supply chain. As a result, even small improvements to efficiency can

However, there are still significant obstacles to recycling that can

improve its carbon footprint.

discourage consumers. In order to be recycled, packaging needs to meet a long list of criteria — including cleanliness, separability and

Major vehicle manufacturers are beginning to develop new electric

a material mix that isn't too varied.

18-wheelers, which consume no diesel fuel at all. Some of these trucks are expected to hit the road later this year. Manufacturers are also creating

Significant amounts of packaging don't meet these criteria. For

more fuel-efficient vehicles designed with improved aerodynamics,

example, the traditional manufacturing method for a bag of chips

reduced weight and lowered rolling resistance on their tires.

produces a bag created out of several layers of difficult-to-separate foil or plastic. The interior layer is typically a metalized film that

At the same time, companies are also looking for ways to make

keeps the chips fresh, but it can't be recycled. These traditionally-

existing trucks more eco-friendly. Right now, some businesses

manufactured bags, if placed in a recycling bin, won't be recycled.

are experimenting with alternatives to diesel to reduce emissions

Instead, they will need to be sorted out and sent to landfill.

without upgrading to new vehicles.

As a result, packaging companies are looking to other materials

Businesses in the supply chain are also experimenting with new

and manufacturing approaches that could create packaging that's

ways to optimize fuel use. For example, some companies are using

easier to recycle.

shipping tactics like platooning, where trucks group together into a convoy, reducing air resistance and increasing fuel efficiency. Others

In some cases, this means investigating entirely new materials. One

are experimenting with advanced systems to minimize idle time. Sea-

example includes synthetic clay-based coatings for chip bags, which are

based shippers have started using PortCDM, an industrywide data-

much less permeable and could result in packaging that is more recyclable.

sharing initiative, to reduce the time ships spend waiting to berth.


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Biodegradable materials

The pivot to biodegradable materials is also leading packaging

One major challenge that packaging companies currently face is the

companies to swap out traditional adhesives. Alternatives like

enduring popularity of non-biodegradable materials like plastic.

hot-melt adhesives, which can be biodegradable, are being used as sustainable replacements for shipping tape and other less-than-eco-

Plastic, while highly flexible, has one significant drawback. Once it's

friendly shipping adhesives.

thrown out by consumers, it sticks around in one form or another. Out in the world, plastic waste then has serious environmental impacts.

At the same time, the industry is also starting to avoid non-

It breaks down into barely-visible pieces that are swallowed by wildlife,

biodegradable packing material, like styrofoam peanuts, in favor

leaching chemicals into waterways and accumulating over time.

of more sustainable options. These earth-friendly choices include biodegradable packing peanuts and airbags made from bioplastics

Because consumer demand for new goods continues to grow, the

or other easily recyclable materials.

use of plastics and the problem of plastic waste is expected to only worsen in the future. As a result, the packaging industry is looking at

How the packaging industry

alternatives to conventional plastics and non-biodegradable materials.

is becoming more sustainable Growing consumer awareness of the relationship between consumption

Packaging companies are switching to existing alternatives, like

and waste has made sustainability more important for every industry.

paper, that will break down over time, as well as adopting new

This is especially true of the packaging industry, which produces

options, like bioplastics, which biodegrade easily under the right

significant amounts of non-degradable and non-recyclable material.

conditions. Unlike conventional plastics, these bioplastics, which are made out of biological materials like corn, beans and plant husks,

As a result, the packaging industry is beginning to seriously

are often biodegradable. This means they won't hang around in the

investigate new materials and methods that can make packaging more

environment long after they were used.

sustainable. Major trends include a pivot towards biodegradable and recycled materials, as well as a push for easier-to-recycle packaging.

Because bioplastics are manufactured from biological materials, they can also be a way for packaging companies to cut down on their use

Megan Nichols, contributing writer

of petroleum-based products.





GLOBAL LOGISTICS SERVICES Integrated logistics services that provide value to your supply chain.

Air freight forwarding

Ocean freight forwarding

Customs brokerage


Warehousing & storage

Transport & distribution


• No request too small or shipment too big for us to help you with.

• IT solutions and EDI booking interface.

• Professional advice from start to finish.

• Experienced project cargo handlers for demand and OOG consignments.

• Current market updates and trends to help support your logistics planning.

• MEC portal tracking...on-the-go live time update!

• 24/7 coverage and support care...logistics never sleeps.

• Dedicated account manager on hand for any quotes or questions.

• Dedicated team offering first-class customer service experience.

• Accurate quotation to billing with PO referencing.

• Global network of Morrison Express Corp offices.

• Competitive rates with professional service. • HMRC Customs & HS code advice.


‘The UK’s Morrison Express are doing an excellent job for Garmin Europe Limited based out of Southampton. The Morrison team is flexible and will quickly resolve issues that occur. Even though the UK Morrison Express team is small in numbers they always make sure Garmin are kept informed at all times.’ FORWARDER magazine


Garmin Europe

The power to move. The passion to deliver.

SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS Streamlined solutions that deliver competitive advantage wherever you operate around the world.

Supply chain visibility

Order management

Vendor-managed inventory

Regional hub network

Value-added services

morrisonexpress.com Global Headquarters

European Headquarters

US Headquarters

7f, 360 Rueiguang Road Taipei 114, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886 (2) 8752-6688

T435-439 Cargo Center Luxair L-1360 Luxembourg Tel: +352 (346) 43 9350

2000 South Hughes Way El Segundo, CA 90245 Tel: +1 (310) 322-8999

‘As you are aware, apart from the import services that you commendably provide MSI Worldwide, it’s our valuable and sensitive cargo to which our appreciation is directed. Morrison’s speed of information and updates reassures us that our clients here in the UK and those worldwide are in safe hands. In this day and age this is PRICELESS!’ MSI Worldwide

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The transportation of large, heavy, high-value or critical (to the project they are intended for) pieces of equipment. Related topics Heavy lift Abnormal load OOG (out of gauge)


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24 MARCH 2020


SMOOTHLY TRANSFER A TRANSFORMER T he project logistics team at C.H. Robinson was recently

No damage was incurred during the operation and a safe pad-to-pad

involved in relocating an electrical transformer from

transfer was completed. C.H. Robinson's experts on the ground were

a decommissioned turbine farm to serve as backup to

able to keep the job moving and assist with any issues that arose, big

existing transformers on a newer turbine farm.

or small, including a flat tire on the main truck, inadequate rigging for lifting the transformer, cattle grill hang-ups and railway line crossings

The scope was to supply the crane and riggers plus the inland

etc. Regular safety meetings were held as each leg was handled,

trucking from one mesa hilltop to another in Texas. The transformer

especially during transportation and unloading. Working face-to-face

measured 5.08 x 3.35 x 4.30m and weighed 59mtn. The project also

with the customer's site manager, crew and truckers, as well as the

involved two loads of parts and accessories, weighing 30mtn.

crane operator and riggers, helped keep everyone safe and on task.

One of the main challenges was accessing the roads leading in and out of the two sites. The origin site had a railway line running parallel with the county road and the shipper had to build up fill dirt on both sides of the track to level the ground (as photographed in the gallery below) so the trucks could cross safely as without this, the main transformer load would not have cleared the tracks. There were also cattle grills along the access roads so metal sheets were laid out to help prevent damage. An all-terrain forklift that was transported to both origin and destination sites was used to load and unload the loose equipment. The transformer loading took place at the origin on a Friday and was transferred to the county road by the end of the day. Then, the transformer was transported 30 miles to the destination site on Saturday morning and unloaded on Saturday afternoon.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at bsmgroup.net


ast week, BSMG (members in Mauritania) completed the loading and delivery of two units of breakbulk equipment weighing 100tns along with 20 containers for a Somelec

power line project. The operations ran quickly and smoothly with all the customs clearance procedures and delivery done in the same day as the berthing of the vessel, Grand Francisco. BSMG was congratulated by their client for the great service, quick operations and good communications. BSMG is considered a great logistics provider for projects in Mauritania due to our good equipment and experienced team.










e are pleased to introduce Satcon Logistics as our

Satcon Logistics is a single-window solution for any freight

new member in Saudi Arabia. Their head office is in

forwarding, transportation, warehousing, packaging, customs

Riyadh with branch offices in Dammam and Jeddah.

clearance and relocation requirements. Based in Riyadh, we provide

Offering a full range of services, they say they are looking forward

national and international transportation and logistics services among

to the international support offered by UFO members.

the GCC countries. We ensure top of the line operational quality goes hand in hand with our customer-specific solutions which is fuelled by

Mathew Rekhesh at Satcon has confirmed his attendance at the next

our expert knowledge about every necessary detail of the industry.

UFO Network Meeting and introduces the company:

Offering convenient, secure, cost-effective and reliable movements over land, air and sea, our dedicated team and our array of trailers, trucks, cranes and small vehicles are at your service 24/7.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at cdragonexpress.com


e are pleased to introduce representation in Taiwan with Circle Dragon Express Ltd. Located in Taipei and offering a full range of freight forwarding,

logistics and related services, the company come recommended by current members. Circle Dragon Express is an rapidly growing international freight forwarder, logistics and transport management enterprise in Taiwan, providing air, sea and road services and founded in 2007. We have gained a great reputation in the cargo market both in Taiwan and worldwide. Our services are safe, rapid, efficient, reliable, innovative and effective and we maintain good relationships with the main airlines and carriers. With competitive pricing and a solutionoriented approach, we offer global logistics and forwarding which can be tailored to meet specific requirements using our sophisticated systems and with prompt and constant communication. We also undertake regular professional training to improve and update all aspect of our transport services and culture and maintain professionalism and courtesy. Carlos Chen, Circle Dragon Express Heavy cargo by air freighter from TPE to FRA, then transit to Moscow. Cargo consisting of a tube bending machine weighing 18,860kg and measuring 7.90 x 2.40 x 2.35m






Any place where persons and merchandise are allowed to pass, by water or land, into and out of a country and where customs officers are stationed to inspect or appraise imported goods. Related topics Cargo handling Container terminals Drayage


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ssociated British Ports (ABP) has celebrated a new haulage

Speaking on behalf of one of ABP’s customers at the port,

services contract with skilled labour and port services

who will benefit from the new contract, Andrew Merton,

provider Felixstowe Agencies Ltd (FAL) at the Port of

COFCO International UK Fertiliser Trading Director, said:

Ipswich to enhance its customer offer at the port.

COFCO International UK imports a significant quantity of bulk fertiliser products to the Port of Ipswich. Therefore it is key to

In addition, FAL has purchased 14 new vehicles to enhance their

our business that we receive the highest possible discharge rates.

services, investing £300,000 and reaffirming its commitment to

Cargo handling and transport are a key component to this, and the

the project.

effective movement of product from vessel to store is vital. We have witnessed a significant improvement in the servicing of our business

We are delighted that ABP has appointed Felixstowe Agencies

through the Port of Ipswich.

Ltd to carry out haulage services at the Port of Ipswich, providing a seamless and efficient service to its customers. We look forward

Across its network of 21 ports, ABP has many years of unparalleled

to a mutually beneficial partnership.

expertise in safely handling a wide range of sensitive agricultural

Tim Meyer, Managing Director, FAL

materials, including high value combinable crops, fertiliser, feed and supplements.

The Port of Ipswich has also recently invested more than £ 4 million in two new bulk storage terminals, the Orwell Bulk and Cliff Bulk

We are proud to have been working closely with Felixstowe

Terminals, adding more than 7,000sqm of storage space, and also

Agencies Ltd. since 2013 to service customers at the Port of Ipswich

unveiled a new fertiliser bagging and blending facility at the port.

and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in future. Our extensive portfolio of facilities, backed by well-equipped operations help ensure safe and time-efficient handling for our customers, providing the flexible solutions they need to keep Britain trading. Andy Constable, Head of Operations – Port of Ipswich, ABP


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o d ay,


British Ports (ABP)




ABP is the UK’s leading ports operator with 21 ports and

announce the appointment of

other transport related businesses creating a unique national

Lee Armstrong as ABP’s new

network capable of handling a vast array of cargo.


Group Head of Commercial (Rail). This is a new role created

The company contributes £7.5 billion to the UK economy

to develop and drive the new

every year and supports 119,000 jobs. Our current investment

company strategy around rail

programme promises to further increase our contribution to

and support our customers’

regional economies around the UK.

broader logistics requirements. ABP... Lee is currently the Commercial Director of GB Railfreight and has over

• Handles over 1.5 million vehicles every year

30 years’ experience in the rail sector. Lee has worked across a range

• Generates around one quarter of the UK’s rail freight

of different roles across; operations, general management, programme

• Has 1.4 million square metres of covered storage

management, strategy, business development and commercial functions.

• Has 1,000 hectares of open storage • Handles around 90 million tonnes of cargo each year

Lee will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skill to drive

• Owns 5,000 hectares of port estate

our new strategy around the development of our rail services.

• Has 87km of quay

Rail is a key part of our new strategy – we already have a rail freight

Our five-year investment programme across the group is

terminal at Hams Hall and 16 of our ports are rail connected. We

worth £1 billion. Our investment is designed to respond to the

are looking for more innovative logistics and supply chain solutions

needs of our customers whose business relies on our ports for

for our customers and we are delighted that Lee has agreed to join

access to international and, in some cases, domestic markets.

us to the lead delivery of our rail strategy. Julian Walker, Chief Commercial Officer, ABP 3 MARCH 2020










ocal people in North Tyneside are set to benefit from improved

Activities will include healthy walk and run sessions, confidence and

health and wellbeing, thanks to a new partnership between the

self-esteem building, coping techniques for anxiety and depression,

Port of Tyne and Tyneside and Northumberland Mind.

and Wellness Recovery Action Plans.

Through its sponsorship of Tyneside and Northumberland Mind’s

We are delighted to enable Tyneside and Northumberland Mind

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Community Sessions, the Port will

to deliver their Healthy Body, Healthy Mind sessions within North

support those experiencing mental health problems to access

Tyneside. The Port of Tyne is committed to supporting its local

wellbeing and resilience sessions, workshops and activities within

community, and we hope that the sessions will help vulnerable or

their local community.

socially-isolated people within the community to thrive. Louise Tinkler,

The support from the Port of Tyne will enable our activities to

Director of Human Resources & Communications, Port of Tyne

reach people that we would otherwise be unable to. Many people within our local community face barriers to attending our services

The funding from the Port of Tyne will enable Tyneside and

– due to finances, stigma or disabilities – and the Port’s support will

Northumberland Mind to deliver sessions through to October 2021.

enable us to deliver engaging, interactive sessions in a community venue that they already access and feel comfortable attending.

Since 2007, the Port has supported over 680 organisations, engaging

Lisa Taylor, Wellbeing & Resilience Projects Co-ordinator,

with more than 680,000 people.

Tyneside & Northumberland Mind The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind sessions will offer practical tools and techniques to help build resilience, with the aim of giving people the confidence to effectively self-manage their mental health.


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ABOUT PORT OF TYNE Port of Tyne is one of the UK's major deep-sea ports operating in bulk and conventional cargo, car terminals, cruise & ferry, port centric logistics, offshore and estates Overall the Port of Tyne adds some ÂŁ690 million gross value added to the economy of North East England supporting over 14,000 jobs directly and indirectly For more information about Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, please visit: tynesidemind.org.uk

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28 FEBRUARY 2020


EXTENSION TO SUCCESSFUL UNIFEEDER SERVICE P D Ports welcomes the announcement of an additional UK

Short-sea services are the lifeblood of our ports and our valued

hub port added to the successful Unifeeder Teesport –

partnership with Unifeeder offers more routes for customers in and

Europe service launched in 2018.

out of Europe and into the UK. Adding additional UK port calls to the existing weekly rotation further supports the flexibility offered to

The service, introduced in August 2018, connecting Teesport with

customers shipping goods between the UK and Europe and reduces

Dunkerque and Antwerp will now call at London Gateway as part

the need for land transport for cargo. We have invested heavily here

of the existing weekly rotation.

in the North East and our customers are increasingly searching for routes that offer direct access to their markets. Using Teesport with its excellent road and rail connections, and in particular its well established twice-daily Scottish rail service, opens up the north of England and Scotland; providing cross-channel services linking the Netherlands, Belgium, France and into Germany using road transport. We understand that customers want direct access and guaranteed schedules. There has been an increasing demand to move away from the congestion at some of the major European and UK ports and using Teesport, along with our other locations means we can partner with companies offering solutions that work for both the UK and mainland European customers. Kim Catterick, General Manager – Key Accounts, PD Ports


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he Port of Tyne has announced it will be the first UK port

We are excited to join this innovative, world-leading and

to join the Connected Ports Partnership. The global data

collaborative initiative. We look forward to learning from each

and resource sharing initiative was welcomed by the new

other and being the first in the UK to work towards co-creating

Maritime Minister, Kelly Tolhurst MP, as she congratulated the Port

a global hub of connected ports by extending important maritime

of Tyne on being at the forefront of driving innovation across the

developments such as data standardisation.

North East’s international logistics cluster.

Matt Beeton, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Tyne

The development of our world-leading maritime ports is

Since launching the UK’s first Maritime 2050 Innovation Hub,

fundamental to our success as a global trading nation and I’m delighted

the Port of Tyne has been collaborating to develop solutions to

to see the Port of Tyne become the first in the UK to join this exciting

technological challenges facing the maritime sector and the wider

partnership. This announcement underlines our commitment to a

logistics industry.

smarter, cleaner and more efficient maritime industry that supports 181,000 jobs and generates billions of pounds for the economy.

The Connected Ports Partnership is about co-creating new models of data exchange, and collaboration is vital for sustainable

Connected Ports is a collaboration between a network of global

development across international gateways. Ports have a major role

operators, which include the ports of Rotterdam, Gdansk, Helsinki,

to play in using smart technology that can improve global logistics.

Hamburg and Los Angeles.

Joyce Bliek, Director Digital Business Solution, Port of Rotterdam

In order to take major steps forward in the efficiency and cost reduction

The first step in joining the Connected Ports Partnership will see the

of world trade lanes and reduce carbon emissions, it is necessary to

Port of Tyne advance the seamless trade in sharing data by adopting

have a shared logistics system. Through pooling data and resources, the

shared technology to co-develop a mutual platform for monitoring

Connected Ports Partners aim to transform the way ports operate.

shipping and environmental data.


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25 MARCH 2020


LEASE AND FEES DEFERRAL FOR THE PORT SECTOR A ll tenants of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) in the port

In order to relieve the burden on passenger shipping, including

of Hamburg can apply for the interest-free moratorium

barges, which was particularly hit hard by the Corona crisis, the

of the building- and land lease for the months April, May

HPA will waive all port dues – the so-called combi-dues – for the

and June. Payments can be deferred until December 31, 2020. The

entire second quarter of 2020.

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg furthermore supports the port

industry in the current difficult situation by deferring charges. Ocean

Senator for Economics Michael Westhagemann: “The Port of

carriers, inland shipping companies and port skippers for example

Hamburg must continue to operate without restrictions, even in

are able to request a moratorium for port dues payments for the

the most difficult times. That is why we help the port companies – in

months of April, May and June. This deferral can also be granted

addition to the rescue package put in place by the Free and Hanseatic

until December 31, 2020.

City of Hamburg for all companies affected by the Corona crisis throughout Hamburg – inter alia through the deferral of leases and

In the case of berth occupancy charges, particularly environmentally

fees. Quick action is necessary now. That is why I have asked the

friendly vessels are to be relieved to a considerable extent. The

HPA for immediate implementation of these measures.“

decisive factor here, is the so-called tier-level of the ship, an international emission classification. From March 17 to June 30, 2020

The rescue package and protective umbrella also includes the Port

the following extended rebates are applicable to all ocean-going

of Hamburg. The coordinated aid package will also help this part of the

vessels for their laytime:

maritime industry to stem the economic impacts of the Coronavirus. Especially in the current situation, the Port of Hamburg can rely on the

• 100% rebate for vessels that have continuously obtained shore power from renewable energy in the port • 90% rebate for tier-3 vessels and/or vessels that have obtained shore power,

support of the Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. Our assertion still applies. We make what is necessary possible. Arrangements for the implementation of the other components of the rescue package are currently in full swing. Yesterday’s decisions of the Federal Government

• 50% rebate for tier-2 vessels

are currently being incorporated into our relief efforts.

• 20% rebate for tier-1 vessels.

Andreas Dressel, Senator for Finance


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n the last few days media have reported about bottlenecks in

With the recovery of the Chinese economy, which is already making

the supply of empty containers. Generally, these referred to the

itself noticeable, shipping, cargo handling, and seaport-hinterland

Container Availability Index (CAx) published by the firm xChange.

transport in China will be heading back toward normal operations. In

Since the supply of empty containers is crucial for port customers

view of a slowing economy in Europe, we do not expect to see shortages

in trade, industry, and transportation, Port of Hamburg Marketing

in the supply of empty containers in Hamburg or the hinterland.

(HHM) conducted a flash poll this week asking shipping lines about

Axel Mattern, CEO, Port of Hamburg Marketing (HHM)

the current situation. The results will be of interest to consigners, since the poll showed that shipping lines see no appreciable scarcity

HHM’s director pointed out that individual shipping lines might run into

of equipment in the Port of Hamburg or the German seaports.

temporary bottlenecks in supply if short-term imbalances between

Furthermore, they are not expecting any shortages to arise.

the flows of import and export container shipping occur. Scarcity can thus occasionally result from fluctuating supply and demand in inland

The shipping lines mentioned several factors that provide for a stable

areas. The depots in the hinterland play an important role in supplying

supply of empty equipment. Most shipping companies plan their

the market with empty equipment for shippers in the various regions.

disposition of empty boxes about 3 – 4 weeks in advance. Generally, they take advantage of markets with an oversupply, such as the

According to Mattern, seaborne foreign trade on the whole can

USA, Great Britain, and Israel, as the source for empty containers

count on the situation easing as soon as shipping between Asia and

in Hamburg or other Northern European ports. Direct shipping of

Europe returns to normal and the demand for export containers

empties from China is rare and has not been necessary recently.

declines in connection with the changing economic conditions.



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rom the commencement of the shipping era, ships were

Emission Control Areas (ECA’s)

initially able to travel great distances by using sails and

Under MARPOL Annex VI, the International Maritime

oars. With the advent of the first Industrial Revolution,

Organization (IMO) can establish ECAs, where vessels have to

steam engines were the new cutting-edge technology. As

comply with the organisation's nitrogen and sulfur emissions.

the years went by, the internal-combustion engine was also

There are currently four ECAs, two of them in Northern

introduced, being part of the new introduced technology that

Europe. These are located in the Baltic Sea area; the North Sea

came along with the second Industrial Revolution.

area; the North American area (including coastal areas off the United States and Canada); and the United States Caribbean Sea

The internal combustion engine remains the main drive used

area (around Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands).

not only by the shipping industry for the movement of large and smaller vessels throughout the globe, but also on a vast scale in

From 1 January 2015, it has been imposed that vessels consume

many segments of our modern economy (transport, industry,

fuel with less than 0.1% sulphur content while operating in these

manufacture, etc.). In general it is fed with fossil fuels like natural

ECAs (unless vessels have the necessary equipment – such as

gas or petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel fuel or fuel oil.

scrubbers – to reduce sulphur emissions, or if they consume fuel such as LNG, or have a dispensation conferred by Reg. 14.4.4).

Pollution prevention Because of the adverse impacts that many vessels had to the

The European Union and China

environment due to operational or accidental causes, in 1973

The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) is also highly

the International Maritime Organization (IMO), introduced the

aware of the adverse impact of the shipping industry’s fuel

International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from

emissions to the environment.

Ships (MARPOL), aiming to prevent the pollution of the marine

States have a strong preference for a global approach led by the

environment by ships. One of the most recent developments

International Maritime Organization (IMO) as this will be most

was the introduction of IMO’s MARPOL Annex VI – Prevention


of Air Pollution from Ships – which was introduced and entered

from 2018, all large ships (above 5000GT) using EU ports, to be

into force on 19 May 2005.

obliged to report their verified annual emissions.

According to the above mentioned annex, initially the sulfur

In August 2015, China also commenced several procedures

content of marine fuels has to be limited to 4.5% on a global basis,

in order to control more effectively maritime pollution. The

being further reduced to 3.5% from January 2012. Furthermore

National People’s Congress issued a number of amendments

the requirement by IMO to reduce sulfur content, will be further

concerning 'China’s 15-year old Air Pollution Prevention and

limited to 0.5% by 2020, unless IMO decides there is insufficient

control law.' According to the new regulations, vessels berthing

low sulfur fuel available, which will prolong the imposition of the

to Chinese ports must comply with government’s fuel emission

0.5% limit to 2025.

standards; otherwise strict fines will be imposed. In particular


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The EU and its Member

But further to this opinion, EMSA has also decided

vessels must be certified for meeting the Chinese government’s

economically viable. The reason is that many shipping lines

emissions standards. Finally the Chinese ministry of transport

already operate with small profitability margins, thus such

also designated its own ECA’s.

investments cannot guarantee them a safe return in investment especially in the volatile shipping market. On the other hand the

Impact for Ship-owners

use of the more expensive low sulphur fuel oil in the long run

As ship owners see the forthcoming changes on reduced fuel

can also reflect a high cost operation of their fleet.

emissions, they have to react by either changing the fuel quality by using more expensive low sulphur fuel oil (LSFO) (such as marine

According to Wang and Notteboom (2014), the use of LNG in

gasoil 'MGO' instead of heavy fuel oil 'HFO') or by reducing

the nearby future is expected to gain first momentum in niche

the emission level by using an exhaust gas cleaning or scrubbing

markets such as small ferry routes and regular liner traffic. In the

system (EGCS), or finally by investing in LNG technology.

longer run (perhaps from 2020) the adoption of LNG as a ship fuel on a global scale will rest on three main factors:

(1) the

It is true that the option of installing scrubbers can be viable only

price difference between LNG and low sulphur fuel oil; (2) the

for the existing fleet, as it is not feasible to convert a vessel’s

global emission regulations (e.g. the global SOx limits enforced

Diesel machinery to LNG, due to fundamental technical and

in 2020 or 2025); (3) the availability of LNG bunkering facilities

expensive changes that must take place in the ship’s design

in a global context.

(greater space needed for LNG tanks and their installation). However even this solution cannot be guaranteed as 100%

Mr. Aris Kourkoubetis Bsc (Hons), Msc, contributing writer




TECH & DIGITALISATION Digitalisation: leveraging digitisation to improve business processes.

(Digitisation: converting information from a physical into a digital format. Digital Transformation: the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems.)

Related topics Robotics Drone technology Cloud data


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3 MARCH 2020




lemica, the leading cloud-based Digital Supply Network

• ePOD (Proof of Delivery) – Shorten delivery cycles to customers

for global manufacturing industries announces the addition

by automating the assignment of shipments to drivers. Control

of extensive features to the Digital Supply Network and

which shipments are active for GPS tracking for enhanced

Supply Chain Solution suites which enhance product safety and

customer service. Optimize customer delivery requests in

customer experiences. Significant improvements for visibility of

multiple languages and special delivery instructions to drivers.

product shipments, track & trace, electronic proof of delivery, visual

• Transport & QuickLink Email Move – Improve product safety with

route progress, and self-service data enrichments were delivered

Hazmat data and simplify shipment booking requests with carriers

across the Elemica Buy, Sell, Move, and See solutions.

globally in multi-languages in a cost-effective consistent manner. • Pulse – Delight your customers’ experiences by collaborating on

Having optimal visibility into the supply chain creates safer

realistic promise-based on-time, in-full measures regardless of

products and services and builds on customer loyalty and ultimate

the method the orders are received. Reduce customer service

satisfaction. These enhancements improve the use of inventory,

costs for addressing order and shipment status inquiries by

streamline onboarding for inter-business connectivity, improve

using end-to-end supply chain visibility and monitoring that

search including hazardous material (Hazmat) criteria, and allow

incorporates the complete order-to-cash and procure-to-pay

for more in-depth visualization for track and trace of product safety

workflows of order and shipments.

and knowing where orders and shipments are at all times. Arun Samuga, Chief Technology Officer, Elemica

• Trace – Give customers the ultimate visibility into carrier shipment route progress including vessel tracking for ocean shipments.

Other improvements include updates to:

Elemica continually updates the Digital Supply Network software

• ENRICH – Elemica’s data management solution reduces costs

with multiple revisions per year, fulfilling client requests for additional

associated with connecting supply chain partners by offering

benefits, along with adding improvements to reduce supply chain

easy to use mass update capabilities of product, location, unit of

costs while making the software more robust, yet easier to use.

measure, and conversion mapping of data in a self-service mode.


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IACA, The International Air Cargo Association, will deliver

provide more market-based data and analysis. Under the terms of the

the very latest market and route analyses to its members

agreement, CLIVE will provide market data for TIACA’s Cargo Pulse

after signing an intelligence sharing agreement with CLIVE

newsletter as well as regular market trends content for social media and

Data Services, creators of the new ‘dynamic load factor’ analyses.

speakers at the Association’s conferences on market and route trends.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed by TIACA and CLIVE

CLIVE’s first-to-market analysis consolidates data shared by a

supports the common interests of both partners to deliver timely

representative group of international airlines operating to all corners

and accurate market data and aims to show the air cargo industry

of the globe. Based on both the volume and weight perspectives of

in the best possible light to all industry stakeholders, regulators and

the cargo flown and capacity available, it gives the air cargo industry

relevant government ministries.

the earliest possible barometer of market.

As part of the transformation of TIACA, we are promising to deliver

Working with TIACA enables us to put our market intelligence in

more content to our growing membership - but only content of value

front of a large group of respected decision-makers, who we hope will

to their businesses and which accurately represents and promotes the

embrace our new load factor methodology. This represents another

global air cargo industry. CLIVE’s dynamic load factor is registering a lot of

important step forward in getting the industry to accept there is

interest because it breaks with tradition and is changing the way air cargo

a new and more accurate way to measure how full flights are,

usage is measured based on the realities of today’s market. It is also the

commented Niall van de Wouw.

fastest source of data, which is also very appealing for our members. Steven Polmans, Chairman, TIACA

CLIVE Data Services, which has also joined TIACA to enhance this collaboration, will deliver its first market analyses to the Association’s

A recent TIACA survey showed that its members are looking to

members this month.

the Association to educate the industry on air cargo economics and





9 MARCH 2020





making information flow…


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10 MARCH 2020




erizon Connect continues to provide innovative fleet

Delivering our commitment to customers means creating

management solutions for businesses of all sizes with

innovative solutions, powered by the latest technology that helps

the introduction of Verizon Connect Integrated Video, a

our customers move their business forward. We’re delivering next-

powerful smart video solution with features that can help customers

level solutions, powered by advanced AI and machine learning to help

improve safety and mitigate risk.

our customers be safe, productive and efficient all over the world. Derek Bryan, Vice President EMEA, Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect Integrated Video uses artificial intelligence (AI) to intelligently capture and automatically classify video according to

Additional features include...

how severe an event is, showing only what is relevant and important

• Speed Overlay, which enables operations managers to easily

to business owners and operations managers, as well as machine

view the speed of the vehicle directly within the video clip

learning to help businesses improve driver behaviour and protect

to determine if speed is the factor that caused the event

the bottom line. Verizon Connect Integrated Video also provides

• Video on Demand, which allows operations managers

real data insights to help commercial drivers stay safe on the road

to request 40-second increments of available footage

and protect them against false claims. For more information on how Verizon Connect Integrated Video can help businesses improve safety and mitigate risk, visit verizonconnect.com/uk/solutions/fleet-dash-cam


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ABOUT VERIZON CONNECT Verizon Connect is guiding a connected world on the go by automating, improving and revolutionizing the way people, vehicles and things move through the world. Our full suite of industry-defining solutions and services puts innovation, automation and connected data to work for customers and helps them be safer, more efficient and more productive. With more than 3,000 dedicated employees in 15 countries, we deliver leading mobile technology platforms and solutions. For more on Verizon Connect, visit www.verizonconnect.com/uk

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comprehensive software platform that provides critical

Further improvements to the software range from animated alarm

safeguards against compromised environmental conditions

display for quick identification of type of alarm per sensor to a RH/T

to avoid spoilage for sectors such as food, heritage,

band frequency analysis chart with user set band sizes, a Conset

pharmaceuticals and healthcare has been upgraded by Hanwell

sensor control state column for live viewing, an Analyse Dew Point

Solutions Ltd to further improve performance for customers.

and Absolute Humidity on RH/T graphs, plus an EMS Mobile APP installer as well as support for RL4000 Thermocouple sensors.

Hanwell, trailblazers in the manufacture of wireless environmental monitoring equipment, has launched version 1.0.10 of its pioneering

Letchworth-based Hanwell is renowned in particular for its

EMS software, which now includes auto-scaled overlay of all sensors

leadership in monitoring systems, designing and manufacturing

in zone on charts. EMS is a cutting-edge system, developed by the

British-engineered solutions vital to helping organisations meet

British manufacturer’s specialist software engineers to interface

strict regulations across the globe.

seamlessly with Hanwell Pro and Hanwell IceSpy environmental monitoring solutions, in an industry-leading hardware/software

We have been listening to our customers so that we not only

combination that frees up staff time and eliminates errors by

keep pace with the times but stay at the forefront of environmental

minimising or even removing manual checking processes.

monitoring technology which is crucial to many of our core customer markets. We strive to make our products future proof and upgrading

Designed to give maximum flexibility, the EMS platform provides

EMS so comprehensively is yet another example of how we are

even more peace of mind for companies seeking environmental

meeting demand for instantaneous and far-reaching data access and

monitoring solutions by improving speed of preventative action with

control across multiple market sectors.

immediate email and SMS alarms if pre-set parameters are breached.

Ian Robinson, Managing Director, Hanwell

It offers enhanced control of data and events from anywhere in the world via cloud- or server-based configuration. Interactive graphs,

Multi-award-winning Hanwell is the UK’s leading manufacturer of

tables and plan views enable multiple users to easily analyse data in

wireless environmental monitoring equipment, suitable for tracking

multiple ways from multiple sites.

conditions in the heritage, food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries and related sectors.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at hanwell.com

ABOUT HANWELL SOLUTIONS Hanwell Solutions Ltd encompasses more than 100 years

Hanwell’s Mission Statement defines the organisation and

of accumulated experience in designing, engineering and

its primary objective:

manufacturing first-class British electronic instrumentation. The

consistent and accurate environmental monitoring solutions

company’s industry specific environmental monitoring and control

that protect and preserve what matters most to our clients.

To offer the world’s most reliable,

systems lead the way in accuracy, radio telemetry and software, and the firm operates in the heritage, pharmaceutical, industrial,

Hanwell is part of Ellab, a global leader in thermal validation

food and healthcare sectors under a Quality Management System

solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and food processing

which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001.

industries. Visit hanwell.com for further information.

A vision for safer practices in dangerous goods shipping...

Over 30 years later and still providing global IT solutions that make a difference Compliance – our IT systems and e-learning courses help companies in the transport chain ship in compliance with the IMDG Code and other regulations Efficiency – our solutions help customers to deliver a faster, more accurate service to their customers Safety – the ultimate goal is safety in the supply chain – our solutions can really help to stop incidents at sea Our solutions include: Hazcheck Systems – IT systems for the supply chain based on the IMDG Code and other transport regulations. Used by 9 of the top 10 container lines. Includes Hazcheck Detect, a new cargo screening solution to identify misdeclared and undeclared dangerous goods in the supply chain. www.hazcheck.com IMDG Code e-learning – web-based Amdt 39-18 IMDG Code training for shore side staff involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods by sea. www.imdge-learning.com CTUpack e-learning – web-based training for those loading/unloading containers. www.ctupack.com Tank Container e-learning – web-based tank container course developed by the International Tank Container Organisation (ITCO) to further enhance the safe, competent and efficient use of tank containers. www.tankcontainer-elearning.com

We celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2017. Visit our website to see ‘Our anniversary story – Exis Technologies since 1987’ www.existec.com/about-us.aspx Over 30 years of compliance, efficiency and safety in dangerous goods transport.

Social icon

Circle Only use blue and/or white. For more details check out our Brand Guidelines.

T: +44 (0)1325 466672 E: sales@existec.com W: www.existec.com @hazcheck Exis Technologies Ltd - Hazcheck

Exis is the software division of the National Cargo Bureau www.natcargo.org Together our not for profit mission is the Safety of Life and Cargo at Sea

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s HGV fleet managers seek to cut operating costs, an

Almost three quarters of respondents had purchased vehicle

industry survey has found that some are questioning the

camera and/or vehicle CCTV systems in recent years. Respondents

affordability of safety upgrades to vehicles. But does cost-

recognised that technology could play an important role in improving

cutting in the short term risk losing out on future savings? Emily

road safety and reducing accidents by eliminating blind spots and

Hardy of Brigade Electronics examines the case for technology-

other common hazards.

based safety systems. But what of the remaining 27% who had not purchased camera In the face of ongoing commercial pressures in the UK and global

technology upgrades for their fleets? Of this group, 25% said they

economy, fleet managers undoubtedly have their fair share of

had not bought such technology because they considered it to be

challenges to overcome. The high cost of fuel, rising insurance

‘too expensive’.

premiums and increased environmental responsibilities are just some of the factors affecting profit margins for managers running HGV

Clearly every fleet manager must make tough decisions as they seek to

and heavy plant fleets.

justify spending and balance the books. However, further results from the Brigade survey do suggest that the short-term outlay for camera

With so many elements to consider, it can be hard for fleet managers

systems can reap worthwhile financial benefits in the long term.

to know which area to prioritise: fuel economy, safety features, driver training...the list goes on. In reality, however, these elements intertwine:

Of the respondents who did buy safety technology, 47% said the

for example, good driving practice promotes better fuel economy, while

objective was to reduce insurance costs. Once installed a third (33%)

technological upgrades such as vehicle camera safety systems can slash

had seen a cut in insurance premiums as a result of installing a vehicle

accident rates and, by implication, lead to lower insurance premiums.

camera system and/or vehicle CCTV. With premiums in general on the rise due to the long-term impact of the Ogden discount rate, this

Technology upgrades – are they worth it?

represents a considerable benefit that pushes against the prevailing

A recent survey by Brigade Electronics delved deeper into the

tide of spiraling insurance costs.

motivations of fleet managers when considering whether or not to invest in technological safety upgrades, specifically camera systems. 245 fleet experts were interviewed on a wide range of topics, and the results make fascinating reading.


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How can camera systems help to reduce insurance premiums? In short, vehicle camera systems help prevent accidents by giving the

leaner fleets on our public roads and on work sites.

driver a clear view around the vehicle. Fewer accidents lead to fewer

Technology should be embraced as an opportunity

claims and, in turn, reduced insurance premiums. Fraudulent claims

for risk reduction, lower costs and, ultimately,

can also be prevented with the help of mobile digital recorders.

enhanced safety for drivers and the road users

These systems capture footage from vehicle-mounted CCTV to

around their vehicles.

provide irrefutable evidence in cases of conflicting reports, crash for cash claims and vandalism. Camera monitor systems enable HGV drivers and plant operators to


manoeuvre and drive safely. In the Brigade survey, 41% of respondents

Brigade Electronics is a worldwide market-leading provider

said they have noticed a reduction in incident reporting following

of safety devices and solutions for commercial vehicles

installation of camera systems, and 27% reported a reduction in

and machinery.

personal injury claims. Brigade’s products work to reduce the risk of collisions and Companies that do invest in such technology are quick to appreciate

protect vulnerable road users by minimising vehicle blind

the benefits: in the survey, 49% of respondents said they buy regular

spots and assisting drivers to manoeuvre safely.

additional upgrades, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety for their fleet.

Founded in 1976 by Chris Hanson-Abbott OBE, Brigade Electronics introduced the very first reversing alarm to

But it’s not just insurance premiums that are positively affected when

Europe and has been at the forefront of championing vehicle

HGV safety and security systems are installed. 80% of respondents

and plant safety ever since, pioneering new products, and

also reported an improvement in driver behaviour, and 23% reported

developing and patenting new technology.

increased fuel economy, thanks to improved driver awareness and ability to manoeuvre safely in even the most challenging conditions.

Brigade’s product portfolio includes 360-degree camera systems, camera monitor systems, White Sound® reversing

One company which has experienced significant benefits is Wren

alarms, obstacle detection sensors, obstacle detection radar

Kitchens. Its Transport Manager, Lee Halls, said:

and digital recorders.

We estimate

the return on fitting cameras to be five times the investment over a five-year life cycle. While a survey can only provide a snapshot of industry views at any one time, it’s clear from these figures that vehicle camera systems should always be considered in the drive towards safer, FORWARDER magazine






lectric driving is sustainable. But generating your own green

Mobile, fast and not fossil fuelled

electricity on location is even more sustainable. That is the

Mobile, fast and not fossil fuelled. Jeroen Ritzer-van Dinther

idea behind the new EV charging unit from Power Sonic.

consulted various market parties with these important conditions.

The first version of this green mini-power plant was commissioned

He was often told 'yes but' or 'we can't.' With the exception of

in November 2019 for Mobilis in The Netherlands.

the energy storage specialists from Power Sonic, who took up the challenge enthusiastically.

Solar panels, wind turbines and biofuel installation The EV charging unit is a mobile unit where drivers can charge

As a supplier of battery solutions, we think a lot about smart

their electric cars at almost any location. The required electricity is

applications and customized solutions. We have a lot of experience

generated with solar panels and wind turbines which are placed on

with storage applications, for example, the telecom sector and data

top of the unit and a generator within the unit that runs exclusively

centres. The Mobilis initiative appealed to us. Together we have

on biofuel. An entirely off-grid solution.

further developed the idea. RenĂŠ Assies, Managing Director of Power Sonic

The EV charging unit was designed for TBI company Mobilis to help them reach their CO2 reduction targets.

Power Sonic is an American company that also has offices in the UK, Mexico, France, Israel and the Netherlands. The first EV charging

Significantly reduces our CO2 footprint

unit has been built in the UK. The unit was delivered in mid-October

Jeroen Ritzer-van Dinther, sustainability coordinator at Mobilis:

on the site of Voorbij Funderingstechniek in the Port of Amsterdam,

To significantly reduce our CO2 footprint, we want Mobilis to have

which, just like Mobilis, is also part of TBI.

an almost entirely electric vehicle fleet by 2025 at the latest. That transition started in 2018. My management asked me to investigate

Six electric cars at the same time

how we can also involve our project locations. A suitable grid

You can charge six cars can charge at the same with the mobile

connection is not arranged there from day 1, sometimes this is not

charging unit. The EV charging unit stores the self-generated power

even possible at all. Or it is far too expensive to install a fixed loading

in redundant batteries; If one battery has to be charged, the other

facility for a limited period.

battery will take over power delivery. RenĂŠ Assies commented: We have engineered the unit for the future. Lead acid batteries were the chosen battery for Mobilis due to their recyclability. However the solution is also available utilising lithium technology. The generator within the unit is also ready for hydrogen.


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Additional power on-site

A smaller version of the EV charging unit is also available. These can then

The now-developed EV charging unit is a 1.0 version, emphasises

be placed modularly and in series, depending on the customer's demand.

Jeroen Ritzer-van Dinther.

We now focus primarily on charging

electric cars. But the principle is so simple that the containerized

The potential of this concept is enormous

solution can also be connected to a building site to supply electricity

The current 40ft containerized solution can be transported to any

there. There are already 32 Amp. 3 phase connections on the e-CO2

location at any time. No special exemptions are required for their

container. A mains connection of 3x125 amp. may then be lowered

transportation. Mobilis and Power Sonic expect a lot from the

to 3x80 amp. or even 3x60 amp. This immediately results in a cost

innovative EV charging unit and plan a commercial rollout of the

reduction. An on-grid solution as well as an off-grid one.

product. Not only for the construction and transportation world, but also for hotels and in other places where it should be possible

As mentioned, a connection to the electricity grid is also possible. Power

to charge electric cars. Think of new residential areas where a semi-

can then be supplied to the grid if there is peak demand and power can

temporary solution can be offered. René Assies:

be supplied to the unit if the demand on the grid is low. The EV charging

is very suitable for temporary and green power supply in remote

unit can for example, serve as a permanent unit and generate income

places. The potential to further roll out this concept is enormous.

from demand side response schemes such as DFFR and FFR.

With the introduction of our first EV charging unit, we want to

The solution

create support in the market. We want to be able to help enable Only organic residual products

businesses within areas of restricted capacity such as sea ports

from the immediate vicinity

and air ports to transition to electric vehicles without the worry

The solar panels and wind turbines are the primary energy sources.

of excessive costs or lack of power. The EV charging unit can be

The biofuel generator acts as a backup in the event of insufficient

customized for larger fleet vehicles such as HEV’s as well.

capacity. Jeroen:

Matthew Spendiff-Smith, Head of Marketing &

We only use organic residual products, preferably

products from the immediate vicinity of our project locations.

Communications, Power Sonic







hile you may think that your standard fleet management procedures are enough, a fleet management software can offer many advantages.

One of the most significant benefits that many business owners never expect is how the fleet tracking software can help their drivers.




Improved Cargo Management It can be challenging to make the most out of the cargo space you have available. An inventory and cargo system

offered by a fleet management platform can make all the difference. You can try to make the most of your cargo. You can also allocate the best vehicles for specific shipments for improved fuel efficiency.

Drivers Can Get to Destinations More Efficiently There are so many unexpected obstacles that can delay

Best of all, the costs you save in operations can be spent on rewarding

drivers, including weather conditions, traffic jams, accidents,

drivers. You can payout bonuses for successful jobs. This will make

and road closings. A good fleet management software will consider

drivers want to stay with your business, which is very important

all obstacles and offer suggestions in real-time.

for long-haul deliveries. As you know, the industry suffers from a shortage of drivers.

Increased Delivery Efficiency


Drivers want to be more productive and take on more routes.

suggestions on what can be improved.

If there is a giant traffic jam 10 miles away, it should offer an alternative route to prevent drivers from getting stuck in traffic. Drivers should be alerted of upcoming weather conditions as they travel so that they can be better prepared. A lot of the advanced information isn't available in many GPS systems.


Better Driving Performance Even the best of drivers can make mistakes, especially if they're driving long distances. What may surprise business

owners is that a good fleet management platform can help optimize driving performance. It can warn drivers if they're going either too slow or too fast. It can also track overall performance and make

But schedules, dispatch, and client transparency can lead to

delays and unnecessary downtime. By using fleet tracking software,

This is a win for drivers as it lets them drive efficiently and stay safe

business owners can help optimize their operations and reduce delays.

on the road. It's also a win for the business owner as well as helps prevent costly accidents. Business owners can reduce the risk of

This is a win for the business owners as it helps them be more

having to spend money on repairs and insurance rate hikes resulting

cost-efficient with the way their fleets are being managed. It's also

from accidents.

a win for drivers as they can take on more routes. They also do not have to waste time waiting for clients to get ready after getting to the destination.


It Prevents Drivers From Dealing with Downtime It's easy to overlook maintenance and repairs for vehicles.

As a result, drivers may have to deal with being stranded on the road if there's a problem with the vehicle. This hurts both the drivers and you as the business owner. Fleet management software can help decrease the likelihood of this scenario happening.


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Software can help run diagnostics and keep track of the maintenance and/or repair work the vehicle has been through. It can recommend maintenance work or repairs when needed. This information can be used to schedule the necessary work when there are no deliveries needed. As a result, there will be less unexpected surprised on the road. Drivers also do not have to deal with delays if the maintenance work is vital such as work on brakes that need to be replaced for a long trip. These are some of the different ways that fleet tracking software can help drivers. It's a minimal investment for business owners compared to the returns they can expect to see from improved fleet operation efficiency. Brian MacIntosh, President, FleetBridge








usinesses that are looking to cut routing distances and costs

Routing software makes it simple

will inevitably consider this question. Companies want to

Route optimisation software is designed to quickly geocode

find ways to scale while saving time and fuel, but might not

anywhere from 1 to over 1,000 orders or tasks, route them, and

know how to do this. That’s where route optimisation comes in.

then assign them to drivers.

Route optimisation is a process used to plan service and delivery

The software’s built-in algorithm helps users save time, money and

routes. This is performed in a way that ensures efficiency, consistency,

fuel by planning the most efficient routes. The software does this

and cost-effectiveness.

each time, no matter how much information it’s given.

In layman’s terms, the system is meant to complete deliveries and

A more sophisticated programme will enable users to track the

services in a way that’s quick and inexpensive, all while factoring

movements of drivers in real time, as well as to follow the completion

existing constraints.

of tasks or deliveries.

Businesses that want to resolve their routing issue might refer to it

Ultimately, businesses seek routing solutions when their logistics

as a pain (or something more colorful). Salespeople have spent over

issues become too difficult to manage manually, or when overseeing

a century looking for ways to resolve this issue, which led to the

a mobile workforce gets too overwhelming.

coined term Travelling Salesman Problem. With the help of a route optimisation programme, users not only The problem with working alone

can plan the quickest and most direct routes with the push of a

Most people who seek route optimisation as a solution will attempt

button, but also can have any number of parameters factored into

manual route planning. The ones who try to solve routing problems

the routing, including:

on their own soon find the process to be time-consuming and mentally draining.

• Time windows • Date restrictions

When more variables are added to the orders, the complexity of the

• Vehicle capacities (size, attributes, layout, etc.)

process increases exponentially. This makes manual planning nearly

• Drivers’ hours & constraints

impossible to perform and leaves more room for error.

• Number of stops and distances between them • Duration of stops

For these reasons, planning routes on one’s own can be like solving a math problem: the more complicated it gets, the more one needs

These are critical logistics issues that businesses with a mobile

a calculator – or some other technology – to help them out.

workforce must confront. The system simplifies route planning so that companies can streamline their work and delivery schedules.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at optimoroute.com

With the right routing software system, users immediately notice

When the benefits of these features are realized, companies discover

a dramatic improvement in their scheduling. The programme

that they’re able to focus more time and resources on scaling their

accommodates thousands of tasks and orders, regardless of the

business, rather than on planning routes and on driving.

constraints that exist around either the schedule or the drivers’ abilities. Users can balance workloads, if necessary, and they can

What’s more, the software increases the chances of drivers getting

make plans for both pickup and delivery.

to each of their destinations on time, all while decreasing the number of people required for the workload.

OptimoRoute goes a step further In addition to the capabilities listed above, OptimoRoute can simplify

The result of this is happier customers and therefore better businesses.

its users’ schedules with other advanced features. This software

The software is able to make numerous configurations based on the

supports long-term weekly itineraries, multi-day routes, and allows

data users give it, and then quickly calculate shorter, cheaper routes.

customers to track a worker’s whereabouts. Users are able to see a return on investment shortly after adopting This is done with the help of advanced tools, such as Live Tracking

suitable route optimization software, which explains why such

ETA and Realtime Order Tracking . To top it all off, communication

programmes are rapidly growing in popularity.

is carried out more clearly with the help of a mobile app to relay information to all parties and keep everyone informed.

This article originally appeared on optimoroute.com






A new service for the freight industry, bringing the power and convenience of mobile apps to transport and logistics companies

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freightapp.design ...by freight professionals...for freight professionals


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EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS Opportunities to network and promote your services. Related topics Conferences Expositions Networking


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Sponsored by

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he team at StocExpo want to thank the bulk liquid storage

We’re now working to connect all registered attendees further with

industry after the show went ahead on 10-12 March. Read

our long list of leading exhibitors either through online platforms

the full statement here:

or other media. We will be announcing a supplementary event to connect the industry later in the year. Over the next few months, we

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the industry for

will continue to work to support the industry however we can and

supporting StocExpo 2020 in very difficult circumstances.

help ensure we all weather the storm. And of course, we look forward to working with all stakeholders to deliver a successful StocExpo 2021!

In the immediate run up to the show, the coronavirus was still in the containment phase in the Netherlands and most other European

The StocExpo team

countries, and during this time, the government authorities continued to tell venues and organisers to run events.


We anticipated that the situation would likely disrupt the show

Easyfairs organises and hosts live events, bringing communities

but since many exhibitors had freight in transit, flights and hotels

together to visit the future. The company currently organises

booked, we had to go with government advice at that time. Also, we

220 events in 17 countries (Algeria, Belgium, China, Denmark,

were still receiving live registrations from terminals and oil majors,

the Emirates, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands,

despite various travel bans being in place, so we remained vigilant

Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the

whilst open for business.

United Kingdom and the United States) and manages 10 event venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden (Antwerp,

It’s times like these that we are reminded what a resilient industry

Ghent, Mechelen-Brussels North, Namur, Gorinchem,

the bulk liquid storage sector is. We are extremely grateful to all

Hardenberg, Venray, Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm).

our exhibiting companies, visitors and conference delegates who

Easyfairs strives to be the most adaptable, agile and effective

attended despite the situation, and we are pleased to hear that many

player in the events industry by employing committed

good conversations took place.

individuals, deploying the best marketing and technology tools and developing strong brands. For more information, visit easyfairs.com


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ELA, the International Exhibition Logistics Association, launched

IELA believes that the exhibition and event industry is a truly

the campaign TOGETHER STRONG last March 5th, both to

global industry made of resilient, creative and strong people:

support and honour every single individual in the exhibition and

Passionate minds that find new ways to support the industry,

event industry in this time of uncertainty, and to foster business in

supportive institutions in close contact with governments since

thousands of vertical industries all over the world.

day 0, problem solvers who are already offering their alternatives and solutions, associations from all over the world joining forces

In these challenging times where confinement measures are changing

with one common goal.

everyone’s life, the power of human beings to be able to adapt to any situation is a strong pillar on which the industry can count and rely.

Together with associations, organisers, venues and service providers etc, we are building the contingency network to cater to the

This is our industry, our passion, our world.

industry’s needs. For this reason, and due to the nature of home office participation which offers unrelenting flexibility to combat the loss of cancelled activities, IELA invites all event professionals to join the initiative TOGETHER STRONG and support Global Exhibitions Days, TOGETHER and STRONG! #GED2020 #togetherstrong

23 MARCH 2020






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Documented permission to pass that a national customs authority grants to imported/exported goods so that they can enter/leave the country. Related topics Bonded warehousing Customs brokerage Duties & taxes


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30 MARCH 2020


INCLUDE IMPORT TAXES IN PAYMENTS TO BE DEFERRED T he Institute of Export & International Trade is calling on

Support for importers

the government to include import taxes in its COVID-19

The IOE&IT is calling on the government to consider the following

measure of deferring the VAT, duty and excise payments

measures to support the import of much-needed products to the

that businesses are required to make.

UK during the COVID-19 outbreak:

• Earlier introduction of postponed import VAT accounting,

In his package of help for business, unveiled this month, Chancellor Rushi Sunak said the government would defer the next quarter of VAT payments to help companies stay afloat.

announced in the 11 March budget, and scheduled to start from 1 January 2021 after transition from the EU ends.

• For ‘deferment account' holders, payments are collected by 15th of the following month. The IOE&IT is asking for an extension

Import VAT excluded

for these payments, starting from 15th April.

However, this measure excluded the payment of import VAT, duty and excise, which are currently due at the time of import.

• For importers and agents who do not hold deferment accounts, temporary deferment accounts were to be made available under hard-Brexit planning, without an initial requirement for a bank

When goods are imported into the European Union (including the

guarantee. The IOE&IT asks for this to be re-introduced as a

UK), import VAT is charged as a percentage of the value of the

temporary easement.

imported goods. At this time businesses importing goods need all the help available to Even though VAT can be claimed back by businesses, there can be

keep operating. These firms are essential in keeping the UK economy

a delay from the time of import until the date of refund - this can

functioning. Deferring VAT payments will help with cash-flow and ensure

place a cash flow strain on the importer.

that businesses, many of which are small-to-medium sized, will be able to continue operating. Such firms are already having to cope with declining demand, problems sourcing products and significant increases in transport costs. Deferment of import VAT will be an essential lifeline. Marco Forgione, Director General, IOE&IT


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk


TA, the business group representing the UK’s logistics industry,

As Ms Bastidon continues, there is also no need to quarantine drivers

has today (26 March 2020) urged all EU member states to act

and other workers who are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19:

upon the EU guidelines on green lanes for goods at borders,

Quarantining workers at borders without reason is simply placing

in order to ensure the continuous flow of trade and support essential

the whole supply chain under even greater threat. European logistics

services, keep shops full and protect the economy. The call comes

as a whole is facing a significant shortage of workers, particularly among

after many logistics operators have encountered significant delays at

drivers, and the industry which keeps the economy working efficiently

the EU’s internal borders, which is disrupting the delivery of goods,

simply cannot afford to sustain the gaps in the workforce which these

and the integrated supply chains, that are urgently needed as the

unnecessary delays are causing. At present, society is relying on logistics

European continent fights the current Coronavirus outbreak.

to deliver – more now than at any other time – but our operators are being hampered by unnecessary checks and red tape.

Green lanes at borders are intended to ensure freight flows freely to and from different countries, but many operators have faced, and

Ms Bastidon is also urging EU member states to temporarily suspend

are still facing delays of up to 14 hours at the EU’s internal borders.

all road access restrictions currently in place in their territories:

Currently, crossing the border should take no more than 15 minutes, as specified in the EU’s guidelines, and on behalf of our members and

COVID-19 has created an exceptional set of circumstances

their partners across Europe, we are urging member states to facilitate

which logistics operators are negotiating their way through to keep

the movement of vehicles to protect supply chains and the delivery of

businesses, schools, hospitals and homes supplied all over Europe

essential goods. While we are all facing such an extraordinary trading

with the goods and services they need. The industry now needs

environment, procedures at green lane border crossings should be

the support of all European governments to support their efforts,

minimised and streamlined to what is strictly necessary. We are urging

by suspending restrictions such as weekend, night and sectoral bans,

EU member states to ensure checks and screening can be carried out

and to provide stimulus to facilitate the operation of such a vital

without the need for drivers to leave their vehicles, and they should not

sector of the economy. Logistics is committed to delivering for

be asked to produce any documentation except ID, driver’s licence and,

society but needs governments to provide support to ensure the

if necessary, a letter from the employer, as specified in the EU guidelines.

continued movement of goods without obstruction. This will ensure

Electronic submission and display of documents should be accepted.

the safety and resilience of the continent’s interconnected supply

Pauline Bastidon, Head of European and Global Policy, FTA

chains at such an extraordinary time.


26 MARCH 2020







s a result of Brexit, increasing scrutiny will be placed

some of the nation’s most deprived communities to level up the UK

on import and export regulations. And, as part of

economy. It is the government’s ambition that this will, in turn, create

government’s ambition to become an outward-looking

hotbeds for innovation that will encourage dynamic environments,

country that champions global free trade, it is intending to introduce

capitalising on new ideas and fostering the conditions that will attract

up to ten new freeports across the country. In this article, FTA’s

new businesses and investors.

Head of Multimodal Policy, Alex Veitch, explores the purpose of freeports and the steps government is taking towards their

Throughout the consultation, government is seeking feedback on

reintroduction in the UK.

a variety of issues and possible benefits of freeports. These could include what beneficial customs and tax arrangements might be

Freeports are designated zones established by government that,

granted for businesses using, or located in, a freeport, as well as how

while located geographically within a country, are legally considered

planning rules might be amended to incentivise growth of maritime

to exist outside its borders for customs purposes. As a result,

ports and how regeneration and innovation could be encouraged.

companies inside these areas can defer the payment of taxes until products are moved outside of these zones to be sold, or,

During this process, government is also consulting on how the application

by importing goods to store or manufacture on site before re-

process should work, for example, how to encourage combined bids

exporting, they could pay very little to no tax.

from ports, local authorities and other stakeholders. Furthermore, due to the limited number of freeports due to be established, a transparent

Freeports are not a new concept; there are currently more than

selection criterion will need to be established and throughout the

80 of them across the EU, the majority of which existed before

consultation, government is seeking public opinion on this.

their host state even became an EU member. From 1984 to 2012, seven freeports were established across the UK but these were

As the only business group that represents all of logistics, FTA is

withdrawn under David Cameron’s leadership. And despite being

working with its members in order to ensure their views are correctly

permitted under EU rules, previous UK governments have been

represented in our response to government. To date, many have

hesitant to support the concept. However, the current government

indicated support for the proposals on permitted development,

has a more positive view and has launched a consultation – due to

which would bring maritime ports into line with airports and railways.

close on 20 April 2020 – to set out its vision for freeports, with the

However, those businesses involved in international trade have stressed

aim of announcing the new locations towards the end of the year.

the need for any new customs and tax arrangements to add value and benefits beyond those available in existing customs regulations.

A key part of the government’s vision is to establish freeports as national hubs for global trade and investment across the UK.

Overall, FTA is taking a positive initial approach to the concept, in

These locations aim to intensify the economic impact of our ports

line with views expressed by its members. With the UK’s departure

– across all transport modes – by enhancing trade and investment

from the EU now a driving force behind many policy changes, FTA

and generating increased economic activity across the UK. It is

is eager to see what value these changes might add for UK PLC.

hoped that this will subsequently promote regeneration and create high-skilled jobs in ports and the areas around them, prioritising


FORWARDER magazine


Alex Veitch, Head of Multimodal Policy, FTA

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk








fter years of confusion, Brexit is now a reality. Retailers

versus just a UK VAT number. And this will need to be checked and

can no longer bury their heads in the sand and pretend it’s

enforced to prevent failed deliveries. An 8 or 10-digit HS code will

not happening. Brexit will have a tangible impact on the

also have to be supplied to support efficient customs clearance and

day-to-day operations of UK businesses. Recent reports of border

enable accurate duty and tax calculations are added for all products.

delays causing concern for fresh food delivery is just one example of many that are already possible. A strong Brexit strategy for retailers

Supply chain delays

all boils down to preparation. However, many businesses are still

When trading with EU nations, British retailers will notice additional

unsure how Brexit will impact them and the changes they’ll have to

border checks, and major delays to their supply chain. This is

make as a result. But, how can companies plan for what they don’t

something that needs to be built into every delivery company’s


forecasting going forward.

Documentation and procedures

Above all, communication is key. Operating transparently will ensure

I have no doubt Brexit will surely see the end of free trade movement

consumers receive order notifications, keeping them fully informed

in the EU for the UK, and when that significant change occurs,

throughout the process. Retailers will need their delivery providers

alterations to paperwork and procedures will follow. Reforms to

to keep them abreast of how long a delivery’s going to take in real-

trading will be a cause for concern for unprepared retailers and

time, so they can set expectations with shoppers accordingly and

their delivery companies, both practically and within documentation.

ensure customer satisfaction doesn’t suffer. Further to that point,

Post-Brexit legislation will mean they need to update their processes

ecommerce businesses will need to adapt their delivery promises on

in order to be compliant depending on the EU country they’re

their websites, as opposed to simply updating customers via SMS.

delivering to. With that in mind, retailers need to ensure the delivery

This needs to be calculated accurately so retailers aren’t made to

companies they work with go paperless with their admin to prevent

seem dishonest or ill-informed.

costly clerical errors. What’s more, delays in the supply chain, caused by custom checks, Following the introduction of laws and regulations, there will be

will lead to retailers being forced to hold more stock in their supply

plenty of red tape, and storing this information on paper will create

chain than they’re used to. This will have a direct financial impact on

a logistical nightmare for organisation and compliance. By adopting a

those businesses, who’ll either need to expand storage capabilities

paperless clearance system, expensive delays caused by misreading

or hire more staff to cope with the increased volume of stock.

handwritten customs documentation are avoided. Submitting documents electronically to customs also eliminates the need to print

Totally transparent duties and taxes

and manually attach them to shipments, saving paper, time and hassle.

The most obvious obstacle that Brexit poses on delivery companies and retailers, is the duties and taxes added to product prices

It’s also important for retailers to take note of some of the extra

depending on the shipping destination. With extra costs now

information they’ll now need to provide at customs, post-Brexit.

attached to trade goods between EU countries, the overall cost of

For example, customers will need to present a European Union

delivery will go up, and it’s on retailers and their delivery provider

Registration and Identification Number in order to ship to the EU

of choice to consider who’ll pay that extra fee.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at gfsdeliver.com

With the cost of delivery in the EU rising, delivery companies will

Scaremongering in the media would lead some retailers to believe

likely need to reflect that in their price, so the added cost doesn’t

they can’t prepare for Brexit due to a lack of clarity on its impact, but

fall to them. That means that duties and taxes will likely be passed

that’s not true. In fact, the route to success in a post-Brexit world,

onto retailers, and retailers will inevitably be forced to pass that fee

is for those retailers to prepare ahead of time. What should be

to customers, rather than absorbing it themselves.

abundantly clear is that the choice of delivery provider for retailers, will impact their strategy, and ultimately their success.

Ecommerce retailers will need to communicate these new duties and taxes to consumers at the point of checkout so they’re aware

Brands need to find a partner that gives them access to the

of the charge prior to, and at purchase. Unexpected fees will simply

breadth of carrier services available but through one multi-carrier

lead to cart abandonment worsening or goods being refused at the

delivery partner with multi-carrier services and technology that

border. In the grand scheme of things, duties and taxes will make

can be accessed through a single relationship and single, one-off IT

UK retailers less competitive versus those based in the EU, and that

integration. This will be key to navigating the early changes Brexit

will directly impact on export revenues.

will enforce. Daniel Ennor, Chief Commercial Officer, Global Freight Solutions








here once there was Brexit, now there is

One of the main risks is that companies, or third parties acting

COVID-19. In these troubled times it is difficult

on their behalf, seek to ease the anticipated border friction by

to look beyond the next day, but from 1 January

making a ‘grease’ or facilitation payment, typically being a small

2021, when the post-Brexit transition period ends and the United

payment made to a government official to facilitate or expedite

Kingdom leaves the European Union customs union and single

the performance of a routine action. Whether made to leapfrog

market, the UK Government has confirmed that it will introduce

lengthy port queues or secure faster export clearance, regardless

import controls and customs declarations requirements on EU

of their size or frequency, facilitation payments are illegal in

goods, making the UK border a more burdensome and riskier

the UK. This contrasts with the position under US law where

place for businesses who rely on or orchestrate the movement

such payments are lawful in tightly prescribed circumstances.

of goods across it. Affected companies should be taking steps

Notwithstanding the US legal framework governing the making

now to strengthen their internal controls and policies designed

of such payments, logistics companies and those providing freight

to guard against the risk, however remote it may seem, of

forwarding and customs clearance services, have historically been

improper payments being made at the border.

the subject of significant criminal enforcement actions on both sides of the Atlantic, by the UK Serious Fraud Office, and US

From 1 January next year, customs officials on both sides of the

Department of Justice and Securities and Exchange Commission,

UK/EU border will be obliged to collect VAT and excise duties,

including high-profile cases against Panalpina and F.H. Bertling.

customs duties, and conduct other regulatory checks on goods flowing in both directions. Not only is this likely to cause delay

All this is not to say that starting 1 January 2021 we will see

and frustration to businesses but the combination of the key

a flurry of criminal enforcement activity against companies

roles played by specialist third parties (such as freight forwarders

involved in the movement of goods across the UK/EU border,

and customs clearance agents) and government officials (customs

but rather that the world and with it the risk matrix governing

agents) and inherently complex customs laws and import/export

their European businesses will have shifted and they would be

regulations which govern the successful cross-border transit of

well-advised to review and update their policies and controls

goods, results in an increased corruption risk compared to what

around facilitation payments accordingly.

was formerly a largely frictionless border. Lloyd Firth, Counsel, UK White Collar Defence & Investigations practice, WilmerHale


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at wilmerhale.com




We take care of your Customs business! Gerlach is the leading neutral provider of Customs services in Europe.

Customs Services We take care of all your Customs clearance matters to ensure smooth border crossing, so that you can focus on your core business. Our Services • Import • Export • Transit • Fiscal Representation

Customs Consultancy We will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have regarding the complex subject of Customs compliance and to support your logistics processes in order to optimise your Customs activities. Our Services • AEO Application • Customs Trainings • General Customs Consultancy • Compliance Audits

Customs Specialties We will support you with our industry leading experts, who have an extensive understanding of UK and international Customs law. Our Services • Control Tower • Intrastat • VAT Services • Excise Duty Handling

FORWARDER magazine ISSUE51 132gerlach-customs.com

Gerlach has the right solution for your Customs clearance The global business environment is ever changing and the risks for companies with international transactions is ever increasing. Our experts are always on hand to support you and your business with any challenges that you face in your day to day business.

Your advantages with the Customs services from Gerlach: • • • • • • • •

We develop tailor-made concepts and solutions for your industry specific requirements. You can concentrate on your core business and we can reduce your administrative expenses. You can make use of our geographic coverage and global network. Our employees have excellent specialist knowledge and work 100% legally compliant. We ensure fast processing without delays and daily operational support from a single source. You can rely on us as a professional, service oriented partner with strong relationships to all Customs authorities. You do not have to make any investments for your own guarantees and secure liquidity. We offer the advantage of advance payment of import taxes by Gerlach. Permanent improvement of your processes and Customs structures as well as cost savings through the realisation of optimisation potential.

Contact our Sales Team! We are looking forward to hearing from you! E-mail: sales.uk@gerlach-customs.com Contact: +44 844 248 0892 Website: www.gerlach-customs.com

27 countries

170 offices

750 customs experts133

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Organisations and bodies that provide essential support to the freight and logistics industries. Related topics Warehousing Insurance & legal Vehicles & equipment


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Sponsored by

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BUDGET 2020 3 MARCH 2020



iscal incentives to support transport and logistics businesses

The administrative burden on transport operators involved in cross-

and promote investment are vital as the UK navigates

border activities is mounting as the industry prepares for the realities

the uncertain Brexit transition period, according to tax

of Brexit. To alleviate this pressure, the Government should reset the

specialists at accountancy firm, Menzies LLP.

timetable for the introduction of the new Customs Declaration Service, which according to the most recent round of IT tests, is not yet ready to

Despite the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) announcing

go live. The latest information suggests that the current CHIEF system

a “welcome lift in business confidence” at the start of 2020, the

could be phased out as early as September 2020 and operators are

Government can’t afford to neglect the needs of SME businesses,

concerned that they won’t have access to right software to process

the backbone of the UK economy. 

declarations. There is growing consensus that the current CHIEF to CDS migration schedule set by HMRC is unachievable.

The industry is expecting the Chancellor to continue the freeze on

Sean Turner, indirect tax senior manager and transport &

fuel duty in the forthcoming Budget Statement on 11 March 2020.

logistics sector specialist, Menzies LLP

However, this is unlikely to placate the industry at a time when administrative pressures are mounting.

The Chancellor should also consider introducing new fiscal incentives to help the freight and logistics industry to get through Brexit. Businesses in the sector are concerned that they lack access


to skilled people capable of providing customs declaration

MENZIES is a top 20 firm of accountants, finance and

services. After Brexit, this skills shortage could severely impact

business, and private client advisors that operate out of a

the industry, as the volume of customs declarations (c. 55 million

network of offices across Surrey, Hampshire, London and

per year) could increase five-fold. The Government has already

Cardiff, providing our clients with easy access and local

introduced grants to subsidise the training of customs declaration

knowledge. Described as the ‘best performing firm outside

specialists by businesses or industry intermediaries. However,

of the top 10’ by Accountancy Magazine, MENZIES has over

more could be done in this area – for example, a targeted fiscal

400 employees and an annual turnover of more than £40m.      

incentive could be introduced, making any capital investment by operators in training initiatives tax deductible.


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International UK Ltd

Your supply chain...financed

Secure the short, medium and long-term, stable funding your supply chain requires

 Support business growth  Improve liquidity  Increase production Please visit

FinLoginternational.com for more info and a quote

+4 4 (0)20 3918 0500 enquiries@finloginternational.com 62 Wilson Street · London · EC2A 2BU

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9 MARCH 2020


BOOSTING ALLPACK PERFORMANCE A llpack Packaging Ltd, a leading UK distributor of transit

strategy. SmartFreight is making a significant contribution because

packaging solutions, has credited international shipping

of the advantages the cloud-based system provides, says Claudio

software specialist SmartFreight for improved efficiencies in

Calabresi, Allpack’s SAP consultant.

its logistics operation, through an integrated freight management system designed for businesses using multiple carriers for their shipping needs.

He explained:

The financial reconciliation is one of the great

reasons why we use SmartFreight – thanks to them we know the

SmartFreight offers automatic Carrier Management Solutions (CMS)

cost of each delivery. We store the information in our system so at

to manage high volume deliveries through one channel, with all

the end of the month we can reconcile the carrier invoices. This is

the UK’s top carriers and the choice of the quickest, cheapest or

a great cost and time-saving result for our financial department as

greenest route.

it cuts out manual errors like duplicate invoices.

Allpack uses a mix of its own fleet and external carriers for

Speedy delivery is of the essence for most of Allpack’s customers,

nationwide next-day or same-day delivery of innovative and cost-

but having a green option from SmartFreight is also important for

effective packaging from its distribution centre in the West Midlands,

the company’s vision of reducing its impact on the environment.

with SmartFreight playing a key role in providing the optimal delivery

Claudio also flagged up the benefits of access to a single carrier

option for the firm.

system instead of many carrier portals.

As well as sourcing the best transport solution, SmartFreight’s

More than 300 organisations across the UK and Ireland are already

technology provides financial reconciliation, eliminates dupliction

using the SmartFreight platform, particularly suited to e-commerce,

of freight details and invoices, consolidates consignments and gross

distribution and manufacturing businesses for optimising their

profit calculations as well as enabling client and customer tracking

deliveries of goods, whether they require the greenest, cheapest

– a synchronisation of data which is helping Allpack to significantly

or fastest option.

reduce costs and increase productivity. Award-winning SmartFreight is part of the WiseTech Global group, a The family-run packaging business, which offers a consignment stock

leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics

solution whereby customers only pay for what they have used, is

industry globally with customers including more than 8,000 of the

moving to new premises in late 2020 as part of an ongoing growth

world’s logistics companies across 130 countries.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at imperiallogistics.com


mperial has opened its latest multi-user warehouse, located

Quality, safety, and precision are paramount to today’s industrial

in Werne, Germany. The new facility provides an under-cover

client, and we are committed to continuously enhancing our

storage area of 22,000 sq.m., with racking for over 21000 pallets

logistics offering to enable our clients to strengthen their own

and 11,000 parts bins already installed, and over 8,500 sqm of floor

customer service.

storage space. In addition, the facility features 24 truck doors, a

Christian Lohmann, Vice President Commercial Industrial,

yard and parking area of 7000 sq.m., container loading and unloading

Imperial Logistics International

facilities and a paperless order picking system. The Industrial sector has been identified as a key target market for The location of the facility provides easy access to Germany’s A1 and

Imperial, whose integrated service portfolio is designed to cater for

A2 autobahns, and is well-served by courier and express companies.

a wide diversity of product types and dimensions.

Adjacent land is available for potential future expansion.

too large for our systems and facilities,

One major client has already transferred its logistics operations

He continues:

to the new Imperial facility, from nearby manufacturing sites. The

proven multi-user warehousing concept, which is now attracting

Imperial team is now responsible for receiving, warehousing and

major blue-chip clients. The increased scale of operations we achieve

processing of hundreds of inbound lines, combining components

through such a shared facility justifies top-quality resources including

from external suppliers with finished goods from the customer’s

the latest technological solutions. Sharing facilities and resources

own production facilities. Imperial is also handling inventory control

across multiple users also balances out individual clients’ seasonal

for outbound lines, as well as providing frequent trailer shuttles to

fluctuations, maintaining optimal utilisation year-round. That enables

and from manufacturing sites.

us to operate a pay-as-you-use billing model, reducing user costs and

No product is

adds Lohmann.

This new facility is a further expansion of our

assisting budgeting and cash flow. In addition, we are able to pass on Imperial is employing Lean management methodology to drive

savings through consolidated purchasing of packaging materials.

efficiencies, and all processes undergo regular analysis to facilitate cost reduction and cycle time improvements for clients.

9 MARCH 2020











pediator (AIM: XPD), a leading provider of freight

Import Services’ new distribution centre will be just 100 metres

management services across the UK and Central and

away from where the deep sea container ships dock and with this

Eastern Europe is pleased to announce that its subsidiary,

new facility, our teams will be able to discharge containers efficiently,

Import Services Limited, the Southampton based port centric

process orders and deliver straight to the point of demand.

logistics company, has signed a 20 year lease with Associated British

Historically, Import Services has not always had the capacity to meet

Ports for a new 200,000 sq ft distribution centre at Southampton’s

demand, this new facility will not only enable us to meet demand but

Container Port. The opening of this new facility will take our UK

also capture additional market share by being able to offer superior

warehousing capability to approximately 700,000 sq ft.

services. The timing of this expansion could also work favourably with the UK’s move outside of the European Union.

Associated British Ports has begun development of the new

Stephen Blyth, CEO, Xpediator

distribution centre and it is expected to complete in Q1 2021. We were pleased to work with Import Services on this The new warehouse site is designed to connect with Import Services’

investment to expand their operations on the port. Following

existing quayside distribution centre, doubling Import Services’

the previous expansion in 2015, we are delighted to continue to

operational capacity. Together, the enlarged facilities will enable

our long-standing relationship of investing to support a key port

Import Services to hold stock under bond for order processing and

customer and to ensure that port-centric operations continues to

distribution across the UK, continental Europe and global markets.

deliver the most environmentally conscious, effective and efficient part of a logistics supply chain.

With 24 new access doors, VNA pallet storage configuration plus state of the art equipment and systems, the new warehouse is designed to boost throughput for containers and road vehicles, providing swift passage to market and alleviating the need to transport containers inland to distributions centres which will reduce time, cost and carbon from supply chains.


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Clive Thomas, Head of Commercial & Property, ABP

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at balticexchange.com


he Baltic Exchange’s subsidiary, Baltic Exchange Information

to maintain adequate records. BEISL engages an accounting firm

Services Ltd (BEISL), has been authorised by the UK’s

to conduct an annual review of its compliance while panellists are

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a benchmark

subject to regular audits. To achieve its authorisation as a benchmark

administrator under EU Benchmark Regulation. This means that the

administrator with the FCA, BEISL has strengthened its governance

Baltic Exchange’s daily dry bulk, tanker and gas freight indices are

arrangements, adding an independent BEISL Oversight Function.

regulated by an EU National Competent Authority. There are now three bodies responsible for the oversight of the We are very pleased to have received authorisation from the

Baltic’s benchmarks: BEISL Board of Directors which has overall

FCA. This status ensures that financial institutions, including freight

responsibility for the administration of the benchmarks; Baltic Index

derivative traders using European clearing houses, will be able

Council which brings together market expertise to ensure that the

to continue using Baltic Exchange data for settlement purposes.

BEISL benchmarks reflect the economic reality of the shipping markets

Users of our index administration services can be assured of

measured; and BEISL Oversight Function whose main role is to ensure

our strong governance, robust benchmark design, transparent

regulatory adherence in all areas of benchmark related activities.

methodologies and clear accountability. Our high standards of design and governance uphold confidence in the global shipping freight benchmarks that we produce.


Mark Jackson, Chief Executive, Baltic Exchange

The Baltic Exchange is the world's only independent source of maritime market information for the trading and settlement

Having come into effect on 1 January 2020 for EU administrators,

of physical and derivative contracts. Its international

EU Benchmarks Regulation requires administrators of a range of

community of over 640 members encompasses the majority

benchmarks to put in place appropriate governance arrangements,

of world shipping interests and commits to a code of business

to have effective controls to ensure the integrity of input data and

conduct overseen by the Baltic.

16 MARCH 2020










argo thefts from supply chains in Europe, the Middle East and

The Association also recorded thefts from supply chains in more

Africa (EMEA) more than doubled to 8,548 incidents in 2019

countries in the EMEA region than ever before – 48 in total

and involved losses of product worth well over €137 million,

compared to 35 in the previous year.

according to the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). Of this total, 10 countries accounted

The incident rate is the highest recorded in TAPA’s 23-year history

for 94.6% of the cargo crimes reported in 2019:

as the leading Security Expert Network for everyone in the supply chain and reflects criminal attacks on all modes of transport; air

• Germany – 2,905, up 1,945% year-on-year

cargo, ocean freight, road freight and rail freight.

• France – 1,542 – up 817.8% • United Kingdom – 1,199, down 53.6%

In its Incident Information Service (IIS) Annual Report 2019, the

• Netherlands – 680, up 55.6%

Association also reveals average losses for major cargo crimes of

• Sweden – 607, up 1,114%

€536,889 and an average daily loss in the EMEA region last year

• Spain – 388, up 53.9%

of €378,058.

• Russia – 371, up 290.5% • Italy – 159, up 174.1%

The intelligence data is based on cargo losses reported to TAPA’s IIS

• Belgium – 120, up 118.1%

by international law enforcement agencies, insurers, manufacturers

• South Africa – 118, up 195%

and logistics service providers. Despite the high numbers, however, the Association continues to emphasise that it is still not receiving

While the UK was the only country to report fewer incidents to

reports on the large majority of cargo crimes it believes are taking

TAPA’s incident database in 2019, the Association is aware that UK

place across the region.

police have information on more than 4,000 cargo crimes across the country over the course of the year.

In 2019, the number of incidents rose 114.7% to 8,548 versus 3,981 in 2018. Of these, only 39.1% of reports provided any financial value

Higher incident rates were also recorded in many other

for the goods stolen, which accounted for a combined €137,991,499.

countries in the region, including:


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at tapa-global.org

Losses were recorded in 16 separate TAPA IIS product categories, • Czech Republic – 73, up 421%

with 12 suffering combined losses of €1 million or far higher; phones,

• Romania – 68, up 165.3%

clothing and footwear, cosmetics and hygiene products, car parts,

• Denmark – 50, up 1,150%

computers/laptops, cash, jewellery/precious metals, furniture/

• Hungary – 44, up 450%

household appliances, food and drink, metal, tobacco, sports

• Poland – 40, up 344.4%

equipment, and no load (theft of truck and/or trailer).

In terms of major losses, the top five countries – based

During 2019, only 220 Theft from Facility crimes were recorded,

on crimes reporting a value - were heavily influenced by a

reflecting the growing reluctance of cargo thieves to take the risk of

small number of very high value thefts, notably in Albania

targeting warehouses and distribution centres where security systems

and South Africa:

and on-site personnel increase their chances of getting caught.

• South Africa - €19,334,171

Commenting on the 2019 data, TAPA EMEA’s President & CEO,

• Netherlands – €15,875,292

Thorsten Neumann, said:

• United Kingdom – €13,377,226

record rate in the EMEA region since 2014 and previous analysis by

• Germany - €10,918,393

the European Parliament and industry associations put the total cost

• Albania – €10,000,000

at more than €8 billion a year in Europe alone. Our statistics only

Cargo crime has been growing at a

show the incidents reported directly to our IIS database but they In the second tier of losses for crimes with a value of

are the best possible indicator of the growing risks companies are

between €50,000 and €100,000, three of the 21 countries

facing and, naturally, a significant cause of concern for supply chain

with incidents in this category accounted for the majority

security, loss prevention and risk management professionals. There

of the total £15.9m loss:

is no doubt that the supply chains of TAPA members globally are among the most resilient in the industry because of the steps they

• Russia – €5,166,599

are taking to protect goods in transit or being stored in facilities.

• Germany - €3,748, 444

This includes adopting our industry standards for facilities and

• United Kingdom – €3,250,207

trucking operations. However, for the industry-at-large, the risks are now greater than at any time this century.

The biggest single loss reported to TAPA’s IIS in 2019 was the theft of €17,440,800 of jewellery/precious metals stolen from an Origin

TAPA’s full 56-page Incident Information Service (IIS) Annual

Facility in Gauteng province in South Africa. This was one of 19

Report 2019 was produced exclusively for global members of

crimes with 7- and 8-figure loss values. Overall, the 179 major cargo

the Association.

thefts last year – classified as incidents with a loss of €100,000 or more – represented a total loss of €96,103,152.

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nvaluable experience and an extensive network make all

Options include shared user warehousing, dedicated solutions, pay-

the difference to businesses facing the challenge of resolving

as-you-go or fixed-term contracts and we can also provide flexible

warehousing and logistics issues. Les Flanagan set up Warehouse

warehouse space. We have racked, bulk and open storage and can

Space after seeing a gap in the market for a business which has proven

provide ambient, frozen, chilled, wet & dry bond, BRC, MHRA and

to be so much more than just another warehouse space broker.

Haz-Chem accredited warehousing.

Warehouse operators, 3PLs and landlords with available space can discreetly and confidentially advertise on the Warehouse Space website and through an extensive network can be matched up with clients.

Currently in the UK there is a shortage of new sites either built to specification or built speculatively. However, there is no shortage of shared user warehousing in many parts of the UK and through

Les, who has more than 40 years' experience of implementing,

our extensive network we can confidentially source this on a flexible

managing and utilising warehouses throughout the UK and Ireland, said:

and extremely competitive basis.

Our extensive network of warehouse space to rent helps companies to source the specific space they require. Our experience

Leasing is another option where clients can get any support about

in the supply chain industry allows us to provide the right solution

what to consider, including duration, restrictions, rental access

in the right place for our customers.

and maintenance.

This detailed warehousing knowledge has been gathered through

We can source available space and, at the same time, advise tenants

delivering highly successful operational solutions with many of

how to sell themselves as a good risk to landlords when they may be

the UK’s leading blue-chip retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, freight

in competition for property. We offer a full warehouse acquisition

forwarders, wholesalers and general traders.

service, advising on availability, price, terms and obligations to allow businesses to make the best choice for their business.

Each client will have different needs and we can offer cost efficient storage solutions and warehouse space in their preferred location,

A warehouse lease can vary greatly from other commercial

said Les, who runs Warehouse Space alongside his other supply chain

agreements so clients can consult the company’s specialist and very

and logistics business.

experienced chartered commercial property surveyor.


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PROFESSIONAL UK WAREHOUSING SOLUTIONS n Advertise space n Find space n Extensive UK

coverage n All types of warehousing n Handling & order management n Flexible terms n Pay as you go n Leasing advice and support

NETWORK - FLEXIBILITY - SERVICE CALL TODAY 01604 842244 info@warehouse-space.co.uk www.warehouse-space.co.uk

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Your leading provider of premium UK & European logistics

Are you planning to buy or sell a freight forwarding company? +44 (0)1454 628771 • enquiries@freightmergers.com

To find out more or to arrange a free quote visit www.fraserfreight.co.uk or call 02392 675050 To find out more or to arrange a free quote visit www.fraserfreight.co.uk or call 02392 675050

5569_FF_CALENDAR_ADVERT_v2.indd 1

03/01/2018 09:05

UK | 03/01/2018 USA | Middle East |

5569_FF_CALENDAR_ADVERT_v2.indd 1

Strategic recruitment for the freight industry 03/01/2018 09:05


+44 (0)1454 275 932 headfordgroup.com

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Your leading provider of premium UK & European logistics

To find out more or to arrange a free quote visit www.fraserfreight.co.uk or call 02392 675050

Your leading provider of premium UK & European logistics

To find out more or to arrange a free quote visit www.fraserfreight.co.uk or call 02392 675050

5569_FF_CALENDAR_ADVERT_v2.indd 1

Your leading provider of premium UK & European logistics


Design and installation of... Racking | Shelving | Partitioning | Mezzanine floors Racking inspections | H&S reports

sales@spartandirect.co.uk 0121 706 3591

the effective use of space















go Services

GREECE (EU HQ) Cargo Services INDIA 2a HONG KONG info@marinair.gr www.marinair.gr

The only organisation in the UK that represents all of logistics, with more than 16,000 members from the road, rail, sea and air industries Join us at fta.co.uk


go Services

Cargo Services 2b


Cargo Services

Greece 6945 123456 mail.com - www.marinair.gr

LONDON FREIGHT CLUB www.londonfreightclub.com londonfreightclub@hotmail.com • 02392 554 200

Specialists in FREDDs cargo screening +44 (0)7967 204840 info@k9acs.co.uk www.k9acs.co.uk


Join the RHA The Voice of Road Haulage

Call us on 01733 261131 Email us at headoffice@rha.uk.net

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RECRUITMENT & TRAINING Organisations and bodies that provide and train staff for the freight and logistics industries. Related topics Certification Organic growth Safety awareness


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Sponsored by

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2 MARCH 2020


RAISE ASPIRATIONS OF LOCAL SCHOOL PUPILS Y outh charity The Prince’s Trust and Liverpool-based

Denholm Logistics Group is a proud supporter of The Prince’s

business Denholm Logistics Group last week organised a

Trust. Being headquartered in Liverpool and with facilities across

‘World of Work’ day for pupils of Calderstones School in

Merseyside and throughout the UK, we are keen to encourage

the Allerton area of Liverpool.

and inspire young people in our local communities. Young people have the opportunity to develop an exciting career in logistics and

Hosted by a patron of The Prince’s Trust, ‘World of Work’ days are

maritime services and our ‘World of Work’ tour has been a great

designed to give students an insight into a business, its sector and

way of introducing pupils of Calderstones School to the various

career pathways, to raise the aspirations of young people, including

options open to them within our industries.

those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Niall Denholm, Managing Director, Denholm Logistics Group

Employees at Liverpool-based Denholm Logistics Group designed

We are delighted to have partnered with Denholm Logistics

and hosted an interactive workshop for twelve 12 and 13-year-

Group for this ‘World of Work’ day. The workshop allowed pupils

old students of Calderstones School. The students were able to

to learn about local industries first-hand and encouraged them to

track a simulated shipping container from the Far East into a UK

think about what careers could suit them in the future.

port and onward to a Denholm warehouse via inland haulage. The

Jo McKnight, Head of Operations, The Prince’s Trust, Merseyside

workshop also gave the pupils the opportunity to learn about freight forwarding, port agency, transportation and warehousing activities,

Denholm Logistics Group is a division of diversified family-owned

using the latest technology deployed by Denholm.

business The Denholm Group, which announced a new partnership with The Prince’s Trust in 2019 that is designed to create lasting change for young people.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at fta.co.uk/training


TA, the only business group representing all of the logistics

overview for management; Operator licence compliance; Shipping

sector, has today (30 March 2020) launched an online version

dangerous goods by sea; and Transport Manager CPC options.

of the Operator Licence Awareness Training Course (OLAT)

to ensure operators can continue to receive vital compliance training

As of 23 March 2020, FTA has followed government guidance and

under the government’s ‘social distancing’ rules. The e-OLAT will

suspended temporarily all its face-to-face training events. However,

form one of six training courses now available to access online; FTA

our online training modules – delivered through interactive

has suspended temporarily all face-to-face training events under

webinars, quizzes and e-learning resources – are guaranteed to

COVID-19 government guidance.

keep delegates engaged. Training remains of critical importance to personal development and organisational resilience; we are pleased

Keith Gray, General Manager of Training, Audits and Standards at FTA comments:

to be able to support businesses during this challenging time.

While the government has now restricted use

of classroom based, face-to-face training under its ‘social distancing’

Efficient logistics is vital to keep the UK trading, directly having

rules, the need for transport operators to run their fleets safely,

an impact on more than seven million people employed in the

efficiently, and in line with government regulation remains the

making, selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology

same. To help logistics businesses keep their operations running

and other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move

as smoothly as possible during this difficult time, we are pleased

across borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never

to launch e-OLAT, an online version of the Operator Licence

been more important to UK plc. FTA is one of the biggest business

Awareness Training Course, delivered through a Virtual Learning

groups in the UK, supporting, shaping and standing up for safe and

Environment (VLE).

efficient logistics. We are the only business group in the UK that represents all of logistics, with members from the road, rail, sea

In addition to e-OLAT, FTA has five training courses available

and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such

to access online, including General Security Awareness Training

as retailers and manufacturers whose businesses depend on the

(GSAT); Introduction to dangerous goods by air, road and sea –

efficient movement of goods. 26 MARCH 2020








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• Ensure customer communication is precise and received


• Maximise profitability on all shipment files, keeping

info@forwardingjobs.com | +44 (0)1454 275 937

Job Overview Are you looking for a career in a freight forwarding and want to work for the world’s number 1 sea freight forwarder then we have an excellent opportunity at our Birmingham Branch to join our International Supply Chain team.

Your role We are currently recruiting for a Seafreight Customer Care Specialist on an initial 6 month contract to join our International Supply chain management department who will be responsible for providing best in class customer service to our customers managed by the supply chain team every day. As part of your role as a Customer Care Specialist you will be liaise daily with internal and external customer ensuring this is carried out in a timely and professional fashion.

Your responsibilities • Provide excellent customer service all day, every day to our

customer base. • Seeking ways to add value to their business and communicate these effectively to the relevant parties to change processes for the better • Build a close and robust relationship with our customers to guarantee that they will turn to us when they require help and will trust us with potential other business opportunities • To ensure that all shipments are undertaken to meet, as a minimum, or exceed the customer’s expectations in terms of the standard of service provided, cost agreed and specified time frames • Communicate effectively with all overseas offices to arrange importation of freight based on customer-specific requirements. This includes but is not limited to Customs clearance, deliveries and import documentation control. • Utilise our customer solutions teams to put relevant and informative reporting in place to show important value added areas for improvement • Monitor and report on shipments and communicate any updates /or non-conformances to the affected parties, i.e. customer, customs team or Intermodal team


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in a timely manner. Damage/claim reporting, TIP reporting.

operational errors to a minimum and alerting management to potential problems. • Be responsible for accurate accounting across your customer base and conforming to the current • To attend customer/supplier visits where required and ensure that all reporting must be accurate and delivered according to agreed deadlines

Your skills and experiences • Previous experience in customer facing/service role ideally

in a logistics/supply chain environment would be advantageous • Excellent written and oral skills and confident liaising with customers and colleagues • Previous Seafreight experience is advantageous • Ability to work to deadlines, and under pressure in some situations. • Good organisation skills and able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. • Proficient use of Microsoft Office – specifically Word, Excel and Outlook.

Good reasons to join If you would like to become a valued member of our team then we will also make sure that you’re rewarded for your commitment and expertise. We are offering a competitive salary and 23 days holiday plus bank holidays and life assurance. You will also have the opportunity to join the contributory Kuehne+Nagel pension plan and benefit from our Route 2 Rewards scheme which offers discounts and savings on a wide range of high street or internet goods and services.

About Kuehne+Nagel With over 82,000 employees at some 1,300 locations in over 100 countries, the Kuehne + Nagel Group is one of the world’s leading logistics companies. As an employer, Kuehne + Nagel stands for equal opportunity and we are committed to diversity in our teams with regard to people with disabilities. We believe that you can make a valuable contribution to Kuehne + Nagel and look forward to receiving your application.





MANCHESTER, UK UP TO £65K BASIC, PLUS BONUS, PLUS CAR matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

info@forwardingjobs.com | +44 (0)1454 275 937

Your role This role will be accountable for all departmental activity including Health & Safety, achievement of business KPIs, labour, training, team development and engagement, quality, environment and security.

Your responsibilities • Responsible for managing cost performance in line with

forecast / budget ensuring appropriate measures are in place to manage variation • Devise and implement operational and financial KPI targets to ensure business and customer requirements are achieved • Develop strong relationships with internal and external customers to better understand key business drivers and devise tactical improvement plans to support continued growth / success • Promote a culture of Continuous Improvement by capturing and leading CI initiatives / projects and developing support structures through CI training workshops • Identify resource requirements for each department based on forecast activity and devise tactical plans to manage shortages / surplus • Interrogation and approval of departmental spreadsheets / reports as required to ensure the integrity of KPI data • Operate and interrogate Warehouse Management Systems (WMS, GRIP) to identify potential improvements • Conduct regular customer and supplier reviews

Your skills and experiences • Strong PC skills including Microsoft Office applications • Good knowledge of creating and interrogating spreadsheets

• Ability of interpreting data • Experience of managing large teams • Managing costs against a budget • Development and understanding of KPIs • Health & Safety legislation • Appraisals and disciplinary

• Global freight forwarder • Outside sales / BDM role, working in and around Manchester and the North West • MUST have experience in freight forwarding, with provable GP of at least £100k p.a. • Car, bonus / commission, pension, life assurance, health insurance

INSIDE SALES ANTWERP, BELGIUM TO £50K, PLUS BONUS & AMAZING BENEFITS PACKAGE matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

• Freight forwarding inside sales • Warm desk worth €300.000 per annum • Financially secure global freight forwarder, 900+ staff • Smart offices, great team atmosphere, healthy business


Working in a team of 3, the successful applicant will be responsible for day-to-day operations of export airfreight department based in Colnbrook, working within the AOG department. Must have minimum 5 years' operational experience working within airfreight exports. Experience with aerospace and ships' spares would be an advantage but not essential.




We are working on behalf of a freight forwarder who requires an export manager in a full-time role based in Colnbrook/Slough.

Job Description The focus of the job entails that objectives are established for the storage and/or distribution of products to maintain product safety, quality and legality in accordance with the quality policies of the BRC Standard.

• To manage the export department and staff • To arrange the export of cargo by air, and ocean • Liaise with airlines • Liaise with HMRC, Port & Plant Health and other

government bodies • Organise export clearances, and correct documentation relating to the movement of cargo • Create export documentation required for the shipping of cargo • Provide a high level of customer service • Liaise with overseas offices, partners and agents • Strong Administration skills • To sort, filter and distribute documentation, and create and maintain job files in an accurate and timely manner. • Arrange the X-ray screening of cargo in line with CAA/DFT regulations • Arrange bookings with airlines, shipping lines and transporters

Compliance duties • Control and maintenance of quality management system and procedures • Management of internal audit program • Undertake warehouse hygiene inspections


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OCEAN IMPORT OPERATOR LEEDS, UK £COMPETITIVE matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

I am recruiting for a well known, local and independent freight forwarder looking to add to their expanding team in Leeds. This has client has been operating for over 30 years assisting their clients with their logistics requirements from a wide range of industries including aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, events and exhibitions, chemicals and oil and gas. The position is for an experienced Air and Sea Operator with customs experience.

Responsibilities • Liaising with clients / overseas partners / agents. • Speaking with customers and clients on a regular basis, negotiating rates and providing quotations.

• Contacting clients, making sure all information

and paperwork has been received for the shipment. • Working on key accounts and general imports (LCL/FCL) from global destinations. • Dealing with import documentation from start to finish including customs entries. • Making sure all documentation is processed and input into the system.

Export duties • Management of export operations • Administration of warehouse systems (WIRES) • Management of internal controls • Forward planning of resources to ensure effective delivery of products and services

• Assisting with BRC documentation • Ensuring compliance with relevant EU legislation • Member of Food Safety / HACCP team




We have an opportunity for a Network Control Group Supervisor with one of the biggest freight forwarders in the world. This is a Management role, based at the Southern Distribution Centre in Colnbrook. Managing 6 direct reports of varying experience levels, we are seeking a proven manager with experience in transport management and analysis of technical data. The NCG team are responsible for monitoring all fleet vehicles to ensure timely delivery of shipments and customs clearance of shipments in the air to ensure our time definite delivery services can be achieved. We are seeking a candidate who has experience working with Customs systems, transport or warehouse management systems, technical ability is key for this role and proven experience working with and training staff on complex IT systems is a necessity.


• Air, road and Warehousing specialist • You should have provable billings above £500k pa • Your role will be national – bring the business and get 5% bonus on everything


• To implement and support departmental strategies. To assist in managing the day to day operation and staff within the NCG, in order to effectively monitor all elements required for successful network operations. Reporting any detriments to service, highlighting root cause and analysis with short/long term solutions. To monitor and communicate all departure and arrival times within the SDC/ Customer Collections/Deliveries. • The Network Control Supervisor is responsible for the performance of his shift or function within the network group. He/she must ensure that all operational problems are resolved/ or escalated to direct report, so that customer expectations are achieved and resources optimised, within operational cost performance, agreed budgets. • Must be able to lead, manage, motivate and communicate effectively to all areas and levels of operations staff within the team. • Key focus on achieving service excellence within agreed cost parameters while maintaining a strong customer facing position and driving improvement in customer satisfaction. • • Must be organised and facilitate staff Rosta coverage as well as holiday/Overtime approvals. • Successful candidate will be required to work flexible hours around the operation to ensure departmental needs are satisfied. • Successful candidate must be committed to travel away on management training courses and events. • Skill/Experience required • Minimum 3 to 5 years of man-management experience within or a similar industry. • Higher level of education with additional qualifications specific to this role. • High level of Microsoft office knowledge/experience. • Dangerous Goods by road and by air • Health and safety • Man management • Knowledge of the UK Road Maps would be an advantage



FTL PRODUCT MANAGER HAMBURG, GERMANY info@forwardingjobs.com | +44 (0)1454 275 937

Job Overview No matter your dreams and ambitions, Maersk offers exciting career opportunities in a truly international working environment. When you join Maersk, the world becomes your workplace. You will feel the diversity and dynamics of our international business from day one. We commit to providing possible best development and career growth to all our employees through digitalized learning ways in order to keep them up with development of technological changing. Are you a seasoned FTL expert searching for an opportunity to negotiate and manage large supply chain contracts and be responsible for coordinating the logistics and procurement of all transportation services for multiple facili-ties for Maersk? As FTL Product Manager you will be responsible for pricing new businesses and developing relations with vendors as well as maintaining high quality of service and internal operations.

We offer • International experience working for the world´s leader, in a dynamic, global industry.

• Work with colleagues and clients across the world. • Excellent training development opportunities and global

career prospects. • Enhance your communication, problem solving and relation building skills. • Competitive salary and excellent bonus package.

Key responsibilities Product development responsibilities – developing, maintaining and communicating an attractive FTL service value proposition to new and existing customers.

• Accountable for developing an FTL product strategy that

provides a platform for future Maersk product development and enhancement • Accountable for increasing awareness in the commercial organisation of the opportunities in FTL through development and communication of new service solutions, campaigns and promotions


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• Accountable for ensuring the compatibility between FTL

product offering and the supply chain solution products offered by Maersk • Accountable for capturing and escalating ‘success stories’ from significant customer wins and supporting knowledge transfer to team members for ongoing competency improvement • Facilitates the acquisition of new business and supports the Sales organization • Promotes customer relations and grows customer base • Prepares offers in response to clients’ quote requests • Visits a predefined number of potential customers • Supports business development processes: tender, analysis, solution design, cost & pricing and service offering • Monitors market trends and competitor activity in order to identify new business opportunities • Ensures efficient operations and continuously optimizes the operations by implementing standard pro-cesses in line with corporate guidelines and targets • Co-operates in the development and implementation of business operations and reporting systems

We are looking for • 8-10 years of logistics background, preferably responsible

for FTL • Knowledge of Freight Forwarding is required • Solid knowledge in all aspects of road freight services delivery: processes & documentation, regulations, local and international market specifics • Proven track record of targeting, pursuing and winning a sizeable portfolio of new customers, through combined personal and collaborative selling efforts • Proven track record in a matrix, multi-cultural organisation, building strong relationships and networks both locally and internationally • Numerate, financially astute and analytical • Fluency in German and English is ideal







HAMBURG €70.000


matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

Key info • Ambitious candidates required to help build small team

Seeking an ambitious station manager to join an international logistics organisation in Le Havre, France.

to Country Manager role

• 80% Sea, 20% Air • Should be 'hands-on' operations with commercial mindset • Support from global organisation to grow the territory

The company A well-established, international logistics organisation with expertise in specific fields. They pride themselves on providing a high-quality service. Customer service and satisfaction are at the core of all they do. Originating in Germany, the company has grown quickly, having a presence in France since 2015.

OCEAN EXPORT SPECIALIST ATLANTA, GA charlie@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 558 2953

Key info • $40k-$50k • Minimum of 2 years in ocean export role • Full documentation A-Z

AIR EXPORT MANAGER CHICAGO, IL charlie@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 558 2953

Key info • Salary based on experience • 5+ years managerial experience • Working for a top 25 global freight forwarder

The role • As Station Manager you will have management

responsibility for two employees, with the possibly of more in the future. We are seeking an experienced individual with proven skills in international sea freight export and import. • You must have experience in a forwarding agency and a solid operational background. • Longevity as a sea freight import/export clerk at a forwarding agency is a must, as well as logistics knowhow. • Sales contacts would be desirable, but plays a subordinate role. • This role does not require a senior manager with longevity in management but an experienced clerk with some leadership skills and ambition to be a future managing director of a small branch. • The main task of the new person would be the operative running of the office and communication with the higher management in head office. • A driving licence and very good English is a must; German is beneficial but not essential.

Benefits and Package • A salary package will depend on the person but is competitive.

• 35 hours per week • 30 days of holiday per year

Fill your vacancies

Back oďŹƒce

Let us assist with your company's growth...


Europe +44 01454 275 932 john@headfordgroup.com


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MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS The consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions. Related topics Contracted partnerships Management buyouts Valuation


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26 FEBRUARY 2020


ACQUISITION OF NAVIGATE W itt O’Brien’s, LLC, a subsidiary of SEACOR Holdings

This acquisition broadens our support for the maritime industry

Inc. (NYSE: CKH) ('SEACOR'), announced today

at a critical time. Ship owners and managers face an evolving range

the acquisition of the maritime crisis and corporate

of disruptions that can put their operations and reputations at risk.

communications agencies Navigate PR Ltd, Navigate Response Ltd,

These include disease pandemics, cyber-attack, hurricanes, and oil

Navigate Response Asia Pte Ltd and Helix Media Pte Ltd. (together

spills. We believe the best approach is to integrate outstanding

known as 'Navigate').

emergency management with effective crisis communications. We’ve partnered with Navigate for two years, so we have a strong working

Witt O’Brien’s specialises in crisis and emergency management

relationship. While our initial focus will remain in the maritime

for both governments and corporations, worldwide. It is a market

sector, we see significant potential to grow our combined offerings

leader in maritime emergency management, supporting more than

in both the private and public sectors. We’re delighted to welcome

11,000 vessels trading in US waters. Navigate is a leader in crisis

the Navigate team to our family of businesses.

and strategic communications for the global maritime sector. Based

Tim Whipple, Chief Executive Officer, Witt O’Brien’s

in London and Singapore, the group supports the owners and managers of more than 4,000 vessels across several asset classes. It

Navigate’s founders Mike Elsom, Bill Lines in London and Ed Ion in

also supports leading maritime organizations with a wide range of

Singapore will continue in leadership roles. They will report to Managing

corporate communications services.

Director Sean Fitzgerald, a communications industry veteran who joined Witt O’Brien’s in 2019, following a career in increasingly senior positions at Ketchum, the global corporate communications agency, as well as Mattel and Levi Strauss. Bill Lines added:

This initiative

represents a shipping industry first: the integration of world-class crisis management with a global crisis communications and reputation management capacity, in one seamless offering. Witt O’Brien’s shares our commitment to innovation and resiliency in the maritime sector. We are hugely excited about the future and look forward to serving our clients as one team.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at delmarcargo.com


elmar International Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Rotra, LLC (and Rotra Brokerage Services,


Inc.). Established in 1984, Rotra is a light asset logistics

Delmar International Inc. is a privately held Canadian based,

company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in the

leading global supply chain solutions provider, with offices

Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, offering international freight

located at major gateways and 1500 employees worldwide.

forwarding, customs brokerage, and warehousing and distribution

Delmar remains strategically asset light while positioned

services. Rotra has enjoyed longstanding success servicing North

and partnered to service its clients around the world.

American and European importers and exporters, with a wide range

Delmar’s core product offerings include: International Freight

of logistics services specializing in the transatlantic trade.

Forwarding (Air, Ocean, and Ground), Customs Services, Warehousing & Distribution, Technology Solutions, Supply

Our acquisition of Rotra is a strategic opportunity for Delmar

Chain Management, and Trade Consulting Services. Serving

to both increase our substance in the ever-important U.S. Midwest

SME to Fortune 500 companies, Delmar offers solutions and

market and to further grow our presence in European markets. For

strategies to optimize any supply chain. From the first to the

over three decades, Rotra has successfully serviced and grown its

last mile, Delmar is Logistics Made Simple.

customer base in this geographical sector. There is a strong cultural fit here with substantive synergy and opportunity for both entities and we couldn’t be more pleased to incorporate their family into ours. Robert Cutler, CEO, Delmar International The transaction significantly raises the capabilities and size of Delmar’s USA footprint and workforce, which now exceeds two hundred employees, and operates from coast to coast with seven


branches throughout the United States.








he leading logistics company in North Wales has continued

We are delighted to have acquired the HF Owen business.

its expansion with the acquisition of a long-established

The company is well respected across North Wales and has a loyal

haulage business.

customer base. The purchase further consolidates Delsol’s position as the leading logistics business in the region.

Delivery Solutions (Delsol) has bought Caernarfon-based haulier HF

Dave Phillips, Managing Director, Delsol

Owen Transport and Storage.

The acquisition follows a successful 2019 for the company which Delsol purchased the company, which has been trading since 1972,

increased revenues by 20%. This included increasing the number of

for an undisclosed amount from the retiring owner Harry Owen.

deliveries from 1500 to 1650 each day, the expansion of its dedicated storage facility to 120,000 sq. ft. and the introduction of a new

The company will continue to trade under the HF Owen name and

warehouse management system.

three members of the founder’s family, including daughter Helen and son Harry junior, will continue with the business along with 10

The company also achieved the prestigious British Retail Consortium

other staff.

(BRC) Certification for Storage and Distribution. It is a member of The Pallet Network, The Alternative Parcel Network (APC

Delsol has also begun an upgrade of HF Owen’s fleet of 10 vehicles.

Overnight) and The Hazchem Network.

It means that Delsol, which has its own depot in Caernarfon as well

Tony Parry, who co-founded Delsol with fellow director Simon

as one in Sandycroft, now employs over 170 staff and has a fleet of

Walker in 1999, said:

more than 120 vehicles.

standing still and continuing to invest in the business, whether this

We recognise the importance of not

is recruiting and training the best people, investing in the quality of The company, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019, offers

our fleet or integrating the latest industry technology. Customer

parcel delivery, haulage, storage, pallet distribution, air and sea

service has been key, providing a flexible and friendly service. Our

freight and transport of hazardous chemicals.

customers are our greatest advocates and our best referrers of new business. Without our dedicated staff and loyal customers, we would not be where we are today.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at descartes.com


trengthens Ecommerce Fulfilment and Warehouse

Successful ecommerce supply chains require flexible fulfilment

Management Capabilities on the Global Logistics Network

systems that can scale up and down during peak periods, while maintaining connections with a complex ecosystem of sales

Descartes Systems Group (TSX:DSG) (Nasdaq:DSGX),

and delivery channels. Our web-based eWMS was built with

the global leader in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in

this ecosystem in mind. It helps customers turn fulfilment into

commerce, announced that it has acquired Peoplevox, a leading

a competitive advantage. By combining with Descartes, we see

provider of cloud-based ecommerce warehouse management

an opportunity to extend our market reach and integrate with

solutions ('eWMS').

complementary technologies to manage the full lifecycle of domestic and cross-border ecommerce shipments.

Headquartered in the UK, Peoplevox serves direct-to-consumer

Jonathan Bellwood,

ecommerce customers around the world. Peoplevox’s web-based

founder, Peoplevox; VP Industry Solutions, Descartes

eWMS and ecommerce fulfilment solutions help customers seamlessly connect to webshop front ends, translate order information into a

Like our investments in Oz, pixi and ShipRush, Peoplevox adds

mobile-driven pick and pack process within the warehouse and then

density and domain expertise to what is an increasingly important

feed parcel delivery systems for shipment execution. The company’s

area of our business – ecommerce. We’re thrilled that Peoplevox

customers include direct-to-consumer brands, ecommerce retailers and

is joining Descartes to help us better serve businesses looking to

traditional retailers with physical stores looking to enhance their online

enhance their direct-to-consumer fulfilment performance. We

presence to meet the need for omni-channel deliveries to consumers.

welcome Peoplevox employees, customers and partners to the Descartes community. Edward Ryan, CEO, Descartes Peoplevox is headquartered in London, England. Descartes acquired Peoplevox for GBP 19.4 million (approximately US $25.2 million), net of working capital, satisfied from cash on hand and Descartes’ existing line of credit.


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Buyer seeking an acquisition

A leading global supply chain business looking to acquire an established customs broker / clearance company in Benelux.


The ideal company will have a warehousing / cross dock

Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands


facility and be experienced in Fiscal procedures and

It would also be a distinct advantage if the directors


were either looking to remain or have a clear succession plan for exit.

Customs clearance Warehousing



• Customs clearance • Brokerage Fiscal documentation warehousing facility • Established & profitable • Directors looking to remain or for clear succession plan

For further information, please get in touch...


FORWARDER magazine

craig@freightmergers.com • 01454 628 771


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M&A for the global freight & logistics industry enquiries@freightmergers.com +44 (0)1454 628 771 Freight Mergers are specialists in selling owner-managed freight forwarding, transportation and logistics businesses. For most company owners, selling their business is the most important financial transaction of their life. Therefore, we tailor our services to each individual client’s needs, utilising our mastered, proactive approach to selling businesses that connects strategic buyers with sellers who are aiming to realise the value of their business. We have over ten years of experience in the sector and, due to our specialist approach and unparalleled network, we can put you in touch with international and domestic trade buyers.

www.freightmergers.com 170

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Are you planning to buy or sell a freight forwarding company? FORWARDER magazine




The promotion and dissemination of knowledge and information about products and organisations both externally and internally. Related topics Website design Social media Promotional techniques


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unning your own website isn’t a walk in the park. It needs to look sharp, run smoothly and regularly requires your



One of the best ways to drive traffic and website interaction is by

undivided attention. If your website is a successful one, it

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web users within their industry. For example, you might want to


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You wouldn’t run a race with a sprained ankle. Chances are, you’d

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trending buzzwords. It’s ideal to switch up your posts and maybe

about this principle, but with your website. Why post content and

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expect results when it’s not running (excuse the pun) properly in

If you’re struggling for inspiration, just ask yourself what sort of

the first place? Is your website’s performance up to scratch? Is it

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designed with both aesthetics and usability in mind? Does it have enough high-quality content to drive your site to Google’s top results? These are all questions you should be asking to make sure your website is at its optimum running pace.


It will provide you with traffic (the website kind, not the transport kind), but you will have to be prepared to dig into your pocket. Although there is a fee, your website will reach the top tier on Google’s search results with keyword searches. Once you start receiving more traffic, you will notice a spike in sales leads and customer interaction. While this can become expensive, it might be a good idea to dip your toes in the water of Google Ads to get some traffic to your site and to hit the ground running. Something to consider before you splash your cash on advertising is to plan your budget, your goals and how long you intend to advertise for.


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'Once I crack Google’s code, life will be a breeze,' I hear you say. I’ll stop you right there. Google is much more than a bunch of

rules that web users have to abide by to in order to achieve decent results. In fact, Google constantly changes its algorithms to prevent

manipulation of the system. Did you also know that Google analyses every page and the links to and from your website? This is called

‘crawling’ – essentially, search engines trawl throughout your website and rank you according to what they find. Don’t get comfortable, SEO-related rules are designed to keep you on your toes!

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release or a bulky technical reference, it is essential to credit the

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intend to repeat, for example a summary of a service on the home page and the more elaborated version on the services page.



Further information can be found at freight-media.com

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to enhance your SEO. Firstly, keep your post’s URL (www.etc...)

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Social media is easily one of the most successful and quickest

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sit here on a sunny Heathrow morning, A380s flying overhead, baggage dollies rattling by and the PA system bellowing (on the edge of being obscene) and I wonder: why is there the same

20 people making themselves heard in aviation? All of these people have one thing in common: they've been in the industry since 'the good old days.' The 1970s and 1980s allowed the aviation industry to be a sexy, attractive industry to work in; commercial flight was finally affordable to the masses and cargo had just started to rise. The afternoon lunches, the limitless expense cards, the wining-and-dining of customers and suppliers alike – all in the name of airport relationships. The airport, by the sounds of it, had a charm that couldn't be described, a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. I've asked many people what made these times so good and I'm still yet to receive a full explanation, it's almost always ...thanks for clearing that up!

well, it was just the good ol' days

Morgans Airport Services

Fast forward to the present and we're seeing the airports boom in

Budget, low-cost and lower-cost airlines have spearheaded the

all sectors. Whilst there are airlines shutting down like computers at

industry into cutbacks, the once blooming hedge that is the aviation

5pm, the business is still ever-growing, so I wonder: why isn't there

industry now pruned slightly too much to be deemed attractive.

such excitement from the next generation to work at the airport

The cost cutting implemented industry wide is making for a hard

...and I think I've sussed it.

time within all sectors of aviation but the public want cheap cheap cheap. That’s great for consumers, but what about staffing?

The airline industry grew so fast that they had to offer attractive

There has to be a point where enough discounts are enough discounts.

packages to the masses to bring them over form other industries. Many 50+s have completely different backgrounds in their early 20s,

All in all, the aviation industry hasn’t lost a single per cent of its

from catering to car sales, but the pizazz and pay packets offered

character, from the people behind the scenes to the pollution that

made them all migrate – and stay.

hovers over Heathrow at night, it feels homely and welcoming. It can’t be explained to people out of the industry, but it’s just a

The next generation hasn't seen the same boom and money-

wonderful place to be. The money certainly hasn’t left the airport

throwing of the past; instead the boom has been in technology.

now, it's just that other industries have got larger coffers to head

The once air-obsessed generation is now heired by the tech

hunt potential aviation lifers. Aviation is a life sentence, but it’s the

generation and no one knows what will happen when the airport

best we’ll ever know.

boom generation retires.

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o, stay safe and we wish you the best of luck during this difficult time, both for your health and your business. Please keep the great content coming and we'll continue

to present it to the freight world. Tim Headford, Graphic Designer, FORWARDER


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FORWARDER magazine issue 51  

Issue 51 of FORWARDER magazine NEW SECTION: COVID-19 watch. How the industry is working together in reaction to the crisis. Same-day deliver...

FORWARDER magazine issue 51  

Issue 51 of FORWARDER magazine NEW SECTION: COVID-19 watch. How the industry is working together in reaction to the crisis. Same-day deliver...