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However large or complex your cargo, we’re experts in solving the big shipping problems, worldwide. We’ve built a wealth of unrivalled expertise in out of gauge cargo – and a reputation for making light work of the most challenging, time-critical deliveries. With a logistics network that spans the globe, we’re the team you can turn to for big picture thinking, by land, sea or air.

See how we can make your complex cargo or project seem surprisingly simple. Call: +44

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Cara Bilner, Logistics Consultant





t’s the one you’ve all been waiting for...our quarterly printed


edition. This issue is all about warehousing and storage, so we


take a look at how warehouses can do their bit towards reducing


the industry's carbon footprint and be more sustainable. We also

rachel@forwardermagazine.com +44 (0)1454 628 771

have an interesting report regarding warehousing and we take a look at how technology is being used to enhance safety, particularly for


road users.

richard@freight-media.com +44 (0)1454 275 952

We also have a focus on Heathrow Airport...its history and its plans


for the future.

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ber has announced that it will be

It is now common knowledge that British global travel group

building new trucking services in its

Thomas Cook has gone bust, leaving thousands of former employees

Chicago headquarters in an attempt

jobless, as well as hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers stranded.

to increase its freight transportation

According to Brian Strutton, general secretary of the British Airline

business. Expanding its services so

Pilots Association, lessons had not been learned from the collapse

that truckers can pick up pre-loaded

of Monarch Airlines in 2017. Thomas Cook AG was founded in

trailers, Uber hopes that this will

2002, which was then merged with MyTravel Group in 2007 to

generate an increase in its import

form Thomas Cook Group PLC. The group operated in two

and export business. Uber Freight will also allow mobile app users

separate formats: one as a tour operator and the other as an airline

to book multiple loads at one time, providing truckers with an

– both commercial and charter, named the Thomas Cook Group

improved platform to plan journeys and reduce the amount of time

Airlines (TCGA). The liquidation of Thomas Cook Group PLC was

and mileage spent travelling empty. According to the WSJ, Uber’s

announced on 23 September 2019.

total revenue in its second quarter reached $3.17 billion, but the company still expects to lose $3 billion to $3.2 billion this year. Armstrong & Associates' president Evan Armstrong states that 'the next target for them is to get to $1 billion.'


FORWARDER magazine


Taking a CO2-free step for the logistics industry, Amazon will be

planning results in an unconfirmed supply flow for pharmaceutical

electrifying its ever-growing transport network, implementing a

goods. A report from the BBC has suggested that ministers have

fleet of 100,000 electric delivery trucks for its delivery services.

a long-term plan in place, ensuring that the UK is ready for Brexit.

The e-commerce giant states that it plans to make the company

Yet the case of a no-deal Brexit is expected to result in immense

carbon neutral by 2040. Amazon has ordered these all-electric

congestion and disruption at the ports of Dover and Calais.

vehicles from Detroit-based Rivian Automotive. This positive step

This could be a significant problem for the transport of pharmaceutical

towards a greener delivery system follows the recent criticism

goods, as routes via Dover and Calais cover 90% of imported drugs

Amazon has recently faced regarding environmental impact,

and medicines that are imported from the EU to the UK. Keep a

especially relating to the recent Amazonian rainforest fires.

close eye on reports over the coming weeks regarding the plans for

Other haulage and delivery companies have shown their support for

the supply of pharmaceuticals.

taking action on climate change, such as FedEx and UPS, who have been introducing more electric vehicles into their fleet. Apparently,

After a turbulent two months for the British pound, it doesn’t look like

Amazon plans to go a leap further, putting 10,000 of the new vehicles

the UK’s currency rates will be getting much stronger in the foreseeable

on the road as early as 2022 and all 100,000 by 2030.

future. The value of sterling currency has seen multiple drops, significantly following events such as PM Theresa May’s announcement

In the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit, plans set in place for the

of resignation, the announcement of new prime minister Boris Johnson,

importation and supply of medicinal drugs are still unclear. Medical

the uncertainty of leaving the EU on October 31st, and now the uproar

and pharmaceutical professionals have warned that the contingency

of Boris’ parliamentary suspension (which has now been confirmed as

planning for a no-deal Brexit is not as clear or as confident as it was

an unlawful act). If you are considering whether to exchange any travel

earlier this year. The plan for the government to secure ferry capacity

money, it is advised to either wait as long as possible until the pound

in order to bring medicines into the UK has not been finalised, which

begins to level out again, or to exchange half now, and the other half

brings uncertainty and worry to medical professionals and the public

right before travelling to avoid putting your entire expenses at risk.

alike. There is now little time left before Britain is scheduled to leave the EU on 31 October 2019, meaning that the lack of possible

Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

FORWARDER magazine







ssociated British Ports (ABP), the UK's largest port

Emphasising ABP's commitment to diversity, ABP's Chief HR

operator, teamed up with the Women in International

Officer, Alison Rumsey, said:

Shipping and Trade Association (WISTA UK) to organise

with WISTA UK to promote diversity and inclusion in the maritime

a reception to promote the ongoing effort to drive gender diversity

industry. Diversity is of paramount importance to ABP. We

across the maritime industry. The event celebrated the progress

fundamentally believe that organisations are much stronger when

made to date and discussed ways to accelerate this momentum.

different voices are heard and points of view are listened to. As

We are delighted to be partnering

part of our commitment, we worked with Maritime UK to launch Set in London's iconic City Hall building during the first day of

the Women in Maritime Taskforce Charter in September 2018, to

London International Shipping Week (LISW), London's premier

which more than 110 companies are currently signed up, pledging

shipping industry conference, the event attracted many leaders from

their commitment to achieving greater gender diversity.

the fields of business, journalism and politics. Guests were also able to see a stand exhibiting the new range of Highlights of the event included keynote speeches by the Deputy

exclusive women's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which

Director for Maritime Strategy and Programme, Petra Wilkinson

ABP became the first operator to launch in July 2019. In addition,

CBE, ABP's Chief HR Officer, Alison Rumsey and WISTA UK

Anchor Safety, the company which worked with ABP to design and

President, Sue Terpilowski.

produce the new range, were available to answer any questions and share advice and best practice with other companies interested in following ABP's positive example. During the previous session of LISW in 2017, ABP and WISTA UK collaborated to run a similar event which many leaders in industry attended, which helped lay the foundations for current initiatives.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at abports.co.uk

ABOUT ABP ABP is the UK’s leading ports operator with 21 ports and other transport related businesses creating a unique national network capable of handling a vast array of cargo. The company contributes £7.5 billion to the UK economy every year and supports 119,000 jobs. Our current investment programme promises to further increase our contribution to regional economies around the UK. ABP... •• Handles over 1.5 million vehicles every year •• Generates around one quarter of the UK’s rail freight Speaking about the significance of the event, Sue Terpilowski, said: We were excited to team up with ABP for a second time during LISW to promote the importance of better career opportunities for women in our industry. While a lot has been achieved since

•• Has 1.4 million square metres of covered storage •• Has 1,000 hectares of open storage •• Handles around 90 million tonnes of cargo each year

the last time we stood at the top of City Hall in 2017, including the

•• Owns 5,000 hectares of port estate

establishment of the Women in Maritime Taskforce and an online

•• Has 87km of quay

speaker bank made up of women who are experts in their fields, we have more work to do. That is why we look forward to working

Our five-year investment programme across the group is

with organisations in the sector to push for even greater strides in

worth £1 billion. Our investment is designed to respond to the

the right direction.

needs of our customers whose business relies on our ports for access to international and, in some cases, domestic markets.

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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at warehouse-space.co.uk



nvaluable experience and an extensive network make all

Options include shared user warehousing, dedicated solutions, pay-

the difference to businesses facing the challenge of resolving

as-you-go or fixed-term contracts and we can also provide flexible

warehousing and logistics issues. Les Flanagan set up Warehouse

warehouse space. We have racked, bulk and open storage and can

Space after seeing a gap in the market for a business which has proven

provide ambient, frozen, chilled, wet & dry bond, BRC, MHRA and

to be so much more than just another warehouse space broker.

Haz-Chem accredited warehousing.

Warehouse operators, 3PLs and landlords with available space can discreetly and confidentially advertise on the Warehouse Space website and through an extensive network can be matched up with clients.

Currently in the UK there is a shortage of new sites either built to specification or built speculatively. However, there is no shortage of shared user warehousing in many parts of the UK and through

Les, who has more than 40 years' experience of implementing,

our extensive network we can confidentially source this on a flexible

managing and utilising warehouses throughout the UK and Ireland, said:

and extremely competitive basis.

Our extensive network of warehouse space to rent helps companies to source the specific space they require. Our experience

Leasing is another option where clients can get any support about

in the supply chain industry allows us to provide the right solution

what to consider, including duration, restrictions, rental access

in the right place for our customers.

and maintenance.

This detailed warehousing knowledge has been gathered through

We can source available space and, at the same time, advise tenants

delivering highly successful operational solutions with many of

how to sell themselves as a good risk to landlords when they may be

the UK’s leading blue-chip retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, freight

in competition for property. We offer a full warehouse acquisition

forwarders, wholesalers and general traders.

service, advising on availability, price, terms and obligations to allow businesses to make the best choice for their business.

Each client will have different needs and we can offer cost efficient storage solutions and warehouse space in their preferred location,

A warehouse lease can vary greatly from other commercial

said Les, who runs Warehouse Space alongside his other supply chain

agreements so clients can consult the company’s specialist and very

and logistics business.

experienced chartered commercial property surveyor.


FORWARDER magazine


PROFESSIONAL UK WAREHOUSING SOLUTIONS n Advertise space n Find space n Extensive UK

coverage n All types of warehousing n Handling & order management n Flexible terms n Pay as you go n Leasing advice and support

NETWORK - FLEXIBILITY - SERVICE CALL TODAY 01604 842244 info@warehouse-space.co.uk www.warehouse-space.co.uk

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egular maintenance of your warehouse should be a central

part of the company’s safety practices. Keeping your warehouse environment spick and span will help to foster

a healthy workplace atmosphere, increased efficiency, and fewer accidents. It will also impress any clients or suppliers that come through the door and help build your reputation as a conscientious company that pays attention to detail. As the famed entrepreneur J.R.D. Tata once said,

Cleanliness is the hallmark of perfect

standards and the best quality inspector is the conscience. This infographic from The Cleaning Services Group offers a helpful guide and checklist to help make warehouse cleaning a breeze.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT MORE? Further information can be found at cleaningservices group.co.uk

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OCEAN FREIGHT SERVICE PROVIDER OF THE YEAR A s we approach the deadline for entries in this year’s BIFA Freight Service Awards, we caught up with NNR Global

What do you feel is the crucial factor in providing a quality service for customers?

Logistics, the current ‘Ocean Freight service provider of

You have to perform! In a service segment where carrier

the Year.’ We asked UK Managing Director Lee Griffiths to reflect

performance percentages are often down in 60’s and 70’s you have

on why he felt they were recognised with such a prestigious accolade...

to be really sure of the options. Always be really transparent and absolutely honest with your solutions. Don’t jump to the cheapest

What does winning the Ocean Services Award mean to NNR Global Logistics UK?

because you feel forced to. On the rare occasions we get it wrong, it’s because either we didn’t question well enough or we allowed

Oh, winning the award means everything! The award was

the customer to guide us down a path that wasn’t suitable for them

collected by our EU Ocean Procurement Manager, Janette Page.

or us. Though ocean freight is often seen as the ‘cheap’ element

So many people remarked how wonderful it was to see someone

in overall supply chain, we have a huge responsibility. If we cannot

so truly elated at winning the award. It proves again how passionate

offer a solution that we are entirely confident of, we walk away.

NNR people are about the business and that our spirit is strong. If you don’t get a thrill from winning, stay at home.

What do you feel made the difference for NNR to be recognised as the best provider? I think that’s clear; our unequivocal pursuit of excellence means the customer experience is always positive. We focus sharply on the customers impression of our service, especially for new business with new customers where you only get one chance at a first impression. Our research tells us that the majority of companies buying ocean freight services do not really feel they get what they deserve. We also know certain carriers are notoriously unreliable and their approach is not as consistent as our own, therefore we avoid solutions based on those carriers. We refuse to peddle misery; we deliver consistency and stability.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at nnrglobal.com

OK understood. In what ways do you create a stable environment for customers moving goods by ocean freight?

partners - and book their delivery at destination before we even pick the cargo up. We offer that now but with some manual intervention but we want total automation. No matter what you read, full-

Our focus is on exceeding expectation and refraining from basing

on blockchain in supply chain doesn’t exist yet. The supply chain

solutions on cheap services that are unreliable. Every solution we

partners are not as joined up as one might think. Our quest is to...

make is entirely customised and each customer is assigned specific people to support them in their experience with NNR. We have a stable company, a stable staff base and a focus on identifying and selecting similar styled, stable companies as our customers. We are


very consistent in everything we do.

What now needs to be done to further expand on the success of this award?

What is the future for NNR in ocean freight? We have stretching growth targets and a group procurement

Well, I think winning it in consecutive years is almost impossible,

strategy to ensure we compete at the highest level. At the turn of

although our progress continues to be strong. We have retained

the millennium our ocean freight volume and revenues represented

business during recent times of extreme competition. Some of our

a small fraction of our business. Less than 20 years later, we have

competitors are desperate and that reflects in their behaviour. We

become one of the fastest growing ocean freight service providers

cannot accept losing vast quantities of money to gain volume, that’s a

and reckoned to be in the World Top30. That said, we possibly

cheap, unsustainable old-fashioned trick. We remain responsible – and

undervalue the phrase ‘less than 20 years’ as being a short elapse

rigid in our approach to customer service; fully focused on providing

of time, when actually many competitors have come and gone in

the absolute best value for money. The market will most certainly

that time!

change substantially with the digitisation of services. Currently there is much smoke and mirrors regarding who is digitising what. NNR’s primary focus will remain on providing excellent personal service, complemented by technology. We currently have some pretty sophisticated tools that allow our customers access to...

What’s in your immediate sights for NNR Global Logistics? Right now, we are investing heavily in various projects including a new office in Dubai and a new purpose-built contract logistics fulfilment centre. The latter will create an additional


22,000 pallet positions in the Midlands. From a commercial


several contracts with new customers that are well-known and

We have a solid development plan within our strategy to enable

again this time but we’re confident we remain the best Ocean

full digital integration within our customers supply chains. Our

Freight service provider!


perspective, it’s exciting too as we have recently been awarded have considerable volume. We may not win the BIFA award

customers should be able to access their pricing according to a menu of service options, book and synchronise that with the aligned FORWARDER magazine



Introducing... F R O M F O R W A R D E R M A G A Z I N E • P O W E R E D B Y F R E I G H TA B A S E

The global freight directory


is the fastest way to find NVOCCs, airlines, shipping lines, couriers, freight forwarders, pallet networks, etc.


FORWARDER magazine


Upgrade your listing to a featured company

See companies in your area

Search by country shipped to Search results by various criteria and ďŹ lters

Search by service, company or keyword Responsive and mobile friendly

Please visit...


...it's now live!

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NEW TRAINING GRANT FUNDING AVAILABLE... T he government has this week announced new grant

The Institute offers a range of one-day training courses for businesses,

funding to help businesses train staff in making customs

which this grant funding will be applicable against, including the following:

declarations and to help businesses that support others to

trade goods to invest in IT.

•• Step-by-step guidance on completing customs declarations •• Customs procedures and documentation

To apply for the grants, your business must either complete customs

•• Customs classification and tariff codes

declarations for yourself or someone else (or intend to in the future)

•• Understanding rules of origin, free-trade agreement

and you must import from or export to the EU.

and export preference •• Introduction to exporting

To be eligible for the funding the training must give you or your

•• Introduction to importing

employees the skills to...

•• Advanced exporting •• Advanced importing

•• Complete customs declarations

•• Post-Brexit planning workshop

•• Carry out customs processes – this can include relevant training

•• Post-Brexit documentation and compliance

in safety and security •• Help other businesses with import and export processes

The grant funding can also be used against any of the new online learning courses offered by the UK Customs Academy. With a range of customs-

The grant will give you up to 100% of the cost of training for your

specific qualifications ranging from an entry-level Certificate in Customs

employees, up to a limit of £2,250 for each course.

Practice and Procedure through to a Diploma in Advanced Customs Compliance, you can systematically build your customs knowledge and

If you would prefer in-house training, the grant funding will cover the

skills from novice to Accredited Customs Professional.

cost up to a limit of £250 for each employee on the course. Make use of the grant funding for any of the courses, Level 2–5.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at verizonconnect.com


erizon Connect introduces Immobilisation for Verizon

Notable features include the ability to...

Connect Reveal, a powerful tool developed specifically for

•• Remotely disable a vehicle’s ignition directly from the Reveal

customers who want to help prevent unauthorised use

of vehicles and aid in the recovery of stolen vehicles. Immobilisation for Verizon Connect Reveal works with the Verizon Connect Reveal platform and enables fleet managers to remotely disable a vehicle’s

web portal or mobile app •• Check when the request to immobilise a vehicle has been sent, if it’s pending and when it’s complete •• View history of when and where a vehicle was im/mobilised

ignition once the vehicle’s engine has been shut off, effectively stopping vehicle misuse in near real time.


With Immobilisation for Verizon Connect Reveal we are helping

Verizon Connect is guiding a connected world on the go by

give customers a level of safety and security they’ve never had

automating, optimising and revolutionising the way people,

before. They have peace of mind knowing they have the power to

vehicles and things move through the world. We ensure that the

take action quickly and safely, with the push of a button.

things our customers care about most – from people and vehicles

Derek Bryan, EMEA vice president, Verizon Connect

to equipment and data – run smoothly and flow seamlessly. Our full suite of industry-defining solutions and services put innovation,

Immobilisation for Verizon Connect Reveal can be viewed from the

automation and connected data to work for customers and help

Reveal Vehicle page where users can locate and choose which vehicles

them be safer, smarter, more efficient and more compliant. With

to immobilise, and is compatible with most CalAmp hardware.

more than 3,500 dedicated employees in 15 countries, we deliver the world’s leading mobile technology platform. 10 SEPTEMBER 2019







GOVERNMENT BREXIT FUNDING T he ports of Liverpool, Heysham and Sheerness (London

Our world-leading maritime ports are fundamental not only to

Medway) have received funding to enhance measures they

our success as a global trading nation but also to people’s everyday

have already taken to improve resilience ahead of the UK’s

lives, bringing vital goods into the country. This timely investment will

expected departure from the EU on 31 October.

support ports across the country in their work to boost capacity and efficiency, ensuring they’re ready for Brexit and a successful future.

The funding was announced yesterday (26 September) by Transport

Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary

Secretary Grant Shapps. The funds will go towards creating more space for HGV parking and


container storage to support smooth trade operations by RORO

Peel Ports Group is the UK’s second largest port group,

(roll-on, roll-off) ferries, especially across the Irish Sea.

owning and operating six of the UK’s most important ports (Liverpool, Heysham, Manchester Ship Canal, Medway

The fund comes as part of a £30m government scheme, announced

(Sheerness / Chatham), Clydeport and Great Yarmouth). It

last month, to bolster ports across England and ensure they continue

also operates a container terminal in Dublin and owns BG

to operate efficiently post-Brexit.

Freight Line, which provides short sea container services between the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe and feeder

We are doing everything we can to help our customers continue

services between the UK and Ireland. Peel Ports Group

delivering import and export trade throughout our port network.

has recently acquired Quality Freight (UK), which provides

This government funding helps us to put in place additional

chartering and port services from a 40 acre multi modal

measures to achieve that. Whatever happens after 31 October

facility at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. Peel Ports handles 60

we are as ready as we can be to facilitate global commerce that

million tonnes of cargo every year. 13% of the total UK major

will benefit the UK economy.

ports traffic flows through ports operated by the Group.

Mark Whitworth, Chief Executive Officer, Peel Ports

Headquartered in Liverpool, it employs around 1,600 staff, and had revenue of £760m and EBITDA of £266m for the year ended 31 March 2019.


FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine







ith Brexit – deal or no deal – just around the corner,

HMRC has also recently confirmed that companies who are not

a host of operational and compliance benefits give

currently eligible for AEO recognition, because their intra EU work

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification

is not regarded as ‘international trade’, can submit applications which

even greater resonance.

will be considered the day we leave the EU.

Miles Vartan,

Founder & director of compliance specialists, VARTAN Consultancy

We are working with many warehouse operators including Peter Green Chilled, Mersey Docks & Harbour Company and Bretts

Miles explains:

AEOC (Customs Simplifications) is regarded by

Transport to make sure that all necessary procedures and processes

HMRC as a legitimate method of claiming a 100% waiver against

are in place, along with evidence of instructions being followed prior

financial guarantees needed for applying for Customs Warehouse

to companies submitting an AEO application. It’s also important

or External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) status. This is just

to remember AEO certification is open to companies of all sizes.

one benefit AEO offers customers as they work hard to defray the

The benefits it brings are not just for the ‘big boys’, but any sized

costs of building up Brexit safety stocks.

organisation smart enough to embrace the process.

VARTAN Consultancy has continued to consolidate its position as

AEO status brings a raft of benefits to the applicant, depending on

one of the UK’s leading risk management consultancies, working

the nature of their international trade operations and the type of

with clients across the supply chain to ensure that they are not only

AEO grade they apply for. These include up to a 100% reduction on

customs compliant, but also in a position to take advantage of the

guarantees as explained above, a reduced risk score with HMRC,

uncertain and looming ‘Brexit’ landscape.

fewer physical and document-based controls, prior notification in case of selection for customs control, and access to mutual recognition agreements.


FORWARDER magazine


Further information can be found at vartanconsultancy.com

Neil Bird, manager at VARTAN Consultancy, continues...

Miles adds:

While AEO recognition has been widely recognised

HMRC is doing everything it can to assist companies looking to

throughout the EU 27 for over nine years, the number of UK

push through accreditation and has reduced the number of days

accredited companies trails behind the EU. In our opinion, AEO

within which they will process AEO applications from 120 to 90.

certification will become even more desirable as an internationally

While submission may seem daunting, using our bespoke application

recognised tool to keep cargo moving, with the UK & EU

formula we support clients through every stage, including the HMRC

expected to mutually recognise each other’s schemes in a post-

assessment days. From experience, we know what an HMRC Officer

Brexit environment. Here at Vartan, we encourage companies to

expects to see and to mitigate the risk of issues or the project

acknowledge this and view certification as a strategic advantage in

potentially stalling, we only ever recommend applying when we’re

these uncertain times.

confident a client is ready for an AEO related HMRC visit. FORWARDER magazine







eaches Logistics Group, which operates a network of

Gillian said:

haulage and warehousing businesses throughout the UK,

and distribution industries, I’m thrilled to have established myself

has announced the appointment of Gillian Cattan as

at Beaches. My previous roles have ranged from garage and service

customer service manager.

With over twenty years of experience in the transport

bookings at a dealership to ordering and maintenance for warehouses and distribution centres, but this is my most exciting yet. I’m determined

Gillian joins the team at the Carlisle depot and will be responsible

to spot opportunities with new and existing customers, and establish

for identifying new customers while further building relationships

strong relationships based on consistently high service and loyalty. As

with existing ones and tracking and reporting on freight movements

a result, we’ve already added twenty new customer accounts to our

across the network to ensure a first-class service.

books. In the near future, there’ll be lots of developments coming out of the Carlisle depot. One of which includes our own general delivery

The Beaches Logistics Group, which is a member of Palletways,

service, with daily runs to the South of Scotland and North England. It’s

Europe’s largest and fastest growing express palletised freight

an exciting time for everyone at Beaches!

network, has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2017. Since then, it has established numerous depots across the UK and

Beaches Logistics Group provides an extensive range of services,

now has sites in Carlisle, Newcastle, Milton Keynes and Oxford.

including express UK and European palletised distribution services. It’s one of over 115 independent transport providers that are part of the Palletways UK network. They benefit from shared expertise and resources from within the group to deliver consignments of palletised freight to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before. The Palletways Group, famed for its industry-leading IT developments and operational systems, comprises 450+ depots and 20 hub operations, through which it provides collection and distribution services across 24 European countries, including the UK.


FORWARDER magazine


AT Transport Solutions Ltd specialises in storage & distribution. Based in Corby, centrally located within Willowbrook Industrial Estate, we can provide our customers with a quick and simple warehousing and transportation solution. We have a 176,000ft2 warehouse with the facility to divide into eight individual 22,000ft2 cells, eliminating cross-contamination and enabling us to cater to your specific requirements.



Fully barcoded, BRC-accredited A grade warehouse management system

Fleet of 44-tonne vehicles

Bulk storage • Racking storage

Various sizes of trailer from 13’ to 15’6”

Container destuffing

Nationwide distribution service

For further enquiries... Please contact Alan Marshall on 0844 247 2476 or transport@attransportsolutions.com

Culver Way, Willowbrook Industrial Estate, Corby, Northants NN17 5XN


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YELLOWHAMMER DOCUMENT RELEASE F TA, the voice of the logistics sector, has worked closely with

Efficient logistics is vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an

government over the past three years to develop new trading

impact on more than seven million people employed in the making,

processes for the UK's businesses to use after Brexit, but the

selling and moving of goods.  With Brexit, new technology and

Yellowhammer document shows that there is still much that could

other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across

go wrong and still has to be done to keep Britain trading effectively.

borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more

Many of the details may seem trivial but are actually crucial to the

important to UK plc. A champion and challenger, FTA speaks to

successful protection and continuation of the UK's supply chain, and

Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with

industry needs key decisions to be made urgently to keep imports

members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the

and exports moving efficiently. Businesses can only prepare for and

buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers.

implement new processes once and still need confirmation of what they are to adopt in the way of new practices, while still maintaining existing trading relationships and keeping costs down. We are still very concerned by the risk that fuel supplies could be impacted, considering this would affect the movement of goods both domestically and internationally - at no point in the past three years of negotiations has any indication of this nature been made to us or our 18,000 members by government. The logistics industry is at the heart of the UK's economy, impacting every individual and business. The report shows that there is still significant detail to be clarified if Britain is to keep trading efficiently after Brexit. Leaving the logistics industry still waiting for detail on trading arrangements after Brexit is to hinder the very businesses that will be relied upon to keep Britain trading through a costly and difficult No Deal Brexit.


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he first of FTA’s Transport Manager conferences takes place

This year’s Transport Manager seems set to be even bigger and

in just two weeks’ time, and bookings look set to break

better than ever – bookings have never been so high at this stage,

previous records once again with over 1,200 delegates

with two weeks to go before the conferences start. The events

already booked to attend. The first in the eleven-venue series,

provide the ideal opportunity for delegates to gather the very latest

taking place in Yeovil on Thursday 26 September, is already fully

compliance information, straight from policy makers and experts,

booked, and with others filling up fast anyone interested in attending

and we’re delighted that so many transport managers are keen to

is encouraged to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

come along and make sure they are in possession of the most up-todate information available. Although the first conference in Yeovil is

The eleven conferences, sponsored by Bridgestone Tyres, highlight

now full to capacity, there are still plenty of places available at our

key issues for anyone operating commercial vehicles and include an

other venues around the country, so anyone who hasn’t already

address by the local Traffic Commissioner, an update on enforcement

booked their place still has the opportunity to come along and learn

by the DVSA, with other sessions covering tyres, technology and

what’s going to be important to the sector in the coming year.

how to significantly reduce your fuel budget; brake testing; urban

Carlie Nowell, Head of Events, FTA

restrictions; trailer developments; drivers’ employment status; and an update on the use of vehicles as a weapon by the National Vehicle

Transport Manager will be touring the UK from September to

Threat Mitigation Unit.

November 2019 and places are still available at Peterborough, Newcastle, Manchester, London, Southampton, Belfast, Scotland,

The conferences, which are also sponsored by Schmitz Cargobull

Doncaster, Coventry and Wales. For further information or to book

and Brigade Electronics, include an essential legislative round-up and

a place go to fta.co.uk/tm2019 or call FTA Customer Services on

technical update highlighting the main topics on the horizon that

03717 11 22 22.

vehicle operators need to be aware of in order to ensure the safety, compliance and efficiency of their organisation, and there will also be the return of the highly popular interactive quiz.








ost case studies are out-and-out success stories. This Shapiro story is different. Three weeks into a 60-day trial Shapiro mailed Ocean Insights describing its product as 'completely ineffective.' Yet just over two months later, the container tracking and tracing contract was signed and Ocean Insights went live. So what happened to convince Shapiro that Ocean Insights’

automated solution was right?


What Shapiro wanted

Supply chain services provider chooses

Shapiro was keen to automate its container tracking and tracing

automated container and tracking/tracing

process, which was slow, inconsistent and manpower intensive.

solution from Ocean Insights

They were looking for an automated solution providing accurate and timely updates on the location of containers they were transporting,

Shapiro is a third-generation family owned business founded in

and was capable of pushing the transaction details to the solution

1915 and now employing over 100 people. Although the main office

provider via API. Bob Kimmel, Shapiro’s IT Director, asked for a

is in Baltimore, Maryland, the company has offices throughout

demonstration of the Ocean Insights solution, liked what he saw,

the U.S. Shapiro provides a wide range of supply chain services,

and agreed to a 60 day trial based on Shapiro’s Charleston office.

including transportation, logistics, distribution, customs clearance,

The trial started on 9 August 2017 and initially went ok. But on

documentation, consulting, freight forwarding, and entry services

28 August Ocean Insights received a damning email from Shapiro:

for import and export shipments. Although Shapiro had automated

At this point we have found your product to be completely

solutions for various aspects of its portfolio, it was still using phone

ineffective. The only shipments where we have seen data are after

calls and carrier website searches to track containers. The data

the shipments have already arrived.

provider Shapiro was working with in this field relied on EDI updates to track and report container arrivals. But Shapiro was far from satisfied with the service because the EDI updates were neither timely nor consistent. For example, Shapiro staff discovered that a carrier website had been updated before they received the EDI transmission from this provider. For urgent cargoes Shapiro was having to assign staff to track containers via carrier websites – a far from satisfactory situation.


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...what had gone wrong?


...A SUCCESS STORY FOR OCEAN INSIGHTS Challenging misunderstandings

Added value

Ocean Insights’ Customer Success team immediately got to

Besides benefiting from the accuracy, consistency and timeliness of

work to find the root cause of the problem. It turned out to be

the Ocean Insights solution, Shapiro is now profiting from manpower

a misunderstanding. Shapiro had been selecting the reference

and time saving automation in its container tracking and tracing

container number for tracking purposes when it should have been

process. Moreover, Bob Kimmel knows he can rely on an outstanding

the booking number or bill of lading number. The trial restarted

level of support from Ocean Insights’ Customer Success team in the

with fresh data. The next challenge cropped up on 22 September

event of problems cropping up in the future.

when Shapiro questioned the variances in dates between the carrier website and Ocean Insights data. Again, the Customer Success team jumped in and discovered where the problem lay. Bob Kimmel was impressed by the Customer Success team’s response time and ability to pinpoint the exact issues, which enabled him to sort out some internal issues between Shapiro’s Operations group and the IT interface. Overcoming these challenges were the key factors in Shapiro’s decision to move forward with Ocean Insights. The rest of the 60-day trial went smoothly, Bob Kimmel gave notice to the previous tracking solution provider and signed a contract with Ocean Insights. Their automated container tracking and tracing solution went live on 1 November 2017. FORWARDER magazine



Sound data for smart decisions

How you benefit from supply chain visibility Do you realize what strategic and financial benefits you can gain from improved supply chain visibility? Our container visibility solutions – Container Track & Trace and Container Sailing Schedules – connect carrier information with actual vessel positions so you enjoy real-time information on the status of your container cargo. That way, you can take action before things go wrong in your logistics supply chain, as well as enjoying benefits such as: Greater customer satisfaction

Enhanced operational efficiency

Inventory optimization

Lower detention & demurrage charges

Timely crisis intervention

Profitable carrier contract negotiations



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Contact us for a free trial and see how you can save time, money and resources! getintouch@ocean-insights.com

Container Track & Trace Full overview of all your containers with quick access to all details Automatic event notifications and alerts so you can take action Immediate response to predicted delays to adjust supply-chain logistics and reduce D&D charges

Container Sailing Schedules Transparency in the sailing schedules of all major shipping lines and alliances World’s most accurate and comprehensive data to enable informed decisions, e.g. most suitable service from A to B or performance comparisons

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DEVELOPMENT OF NEW UK CUSTOMS SYSTEM T he British International Freight Association (BIFA) has

Keen states:

expressed numerous concerns over the progress of the

development process does not involve representatives of the end-

development of a new computer system that will replace

user. This is a dangerous oversight because it is the end-user who

an existing system used for processing Customs declarations.

Our single greatest concern is that currently the

will determine what will actually work in practice, particularly as IT developers have been flagging up a lack of clarity regarding data

BIFA Director General, Robert Keen says that with the freight and

elements. To give a simple example, LIC 99, which indicates a licence

logistics sector facing numerous challenges including the increasing

waiver for all types of goods, is to be replaced. The new requirement

likelihood of a no-deal Brexit, and the demands that it will put on

will be for a licence waiver for individual types of licences, which

the companies that are responsible for moving the UK’s visible trade,

potentially adds complexity and makes entry completion more

BIFA is concerned that progress with the development of the new

difficult in practice. Furthermore, despite initial assurances from

system has been inconsistent, with periods of activity and progress,

HMRC to the contrary, it is clear that the new system will require

and then little concrete news.

more significant changes to commercial software systems than previously envisaged. To give a simple example, a declaration on the current system - Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) - requires the completion of 59 data fields, whilst a declaration on the replacement system - Customs Declaration System (CDS) - will consist of 78 data fields for import and 65 for export declarations. The development of the new system includes many stakeholders – HMRC, IBM, community systems providers (CSPs), numerous software providers and representatives.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at bifa.org

Keen notes that some of the CSPs and software providers have

Everyone concerned needs to remember that developing the

already highlighted the difficulties faced in developing the new

new core system is only one part of a much bigger jigsaw. Customs

system, the distinct lack of clarity regarding some of the data

agents will have to collect significantly greater amounts of data from

elements and the incomplete nature of some of the development

their customers. Also, within individual data fields we see an increase

work. For BIFA, there is a clear indication that the IT sector has

in options. For instance, as previously indicated, LIC99 is a single

concerns regarding the programme and the suggested timeframes.

licence waiver covering all goods. It is thought that this code will be replaced by multiple options dependent on the type of licence

HMRC has recently announced its proposed plan for completing

waiver being claimed. We are encouraging our members to consider

delivery of the new Customs Declaration System and migrating

how they will collect and store this additional information from

traders to the new platform, which requires all traders to migrate

clients, who often are not fully aware of the new requirements. On

from CHIEF to CDS by September 2020 in order for HMRC to meet

top of all these issues, we have to factor in the increasing likelihood

its requirement to turn off CHIEF in March 2021 when the current

of a no-deal Brexit, and the demands that it will put on our sector.

contract ends. We have heard from CSPs and other software

In this scenario it has to be accepted by all that the implementation

developers, and HMRC itself, that this timeline is challenging and

of CDS will have to be delayed, whilst we are using existing systems

understand that HMRC has requested software developers and

to facilitate cargo movements and communicating with the various

CSPs to expedite their plans to deliver and assure the necessary

government agencies to allow them to perform their role to collect

changes to IT systems and business processes without compromising

revenues without compromising the integrity of the border, the flow

the integrity of the border, or the flow of international trade.

of international trade, or frontier security.

Based on currently available information, BIFA is challenging HMRC, formulate a plan to resolve them, whilst agreeing a realistic timeframe


to deliver the new system, fully developed, stable and tested.

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) represents

in conjunction with the IT sector, to identify all the problem areas and

UK companies engaged in the international movement of It also wants urgent consideration to be given to involve end-users

freight by all modes of transport. A not-for-profit organisation,

to ensure that the outcomes actually work in practice.

BIFA is funded by subscription and run by its members for members. It operates with a full-time Secretariat, which administers and manages the Association’s affairs. BIFA provides an effective and proactive organisation dedicated to improving standards of professionalism within the logistics and supply chain industry.

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A new service for the freight industry, bringing the power and convenience of mobile apps to transport and logistics companies

Company profiles

Track & trace link

Employee profiles

Corporate media

Quote request General contacts Company news

Job section Booking form Push notifications

globalfreightapp.com ...by freight professionals...for freight professionals


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FORWSee the A sectio RD TEC n for H info mo re ab t h e fr o u t a p p s f o eight indus r tr y

...watch this space FORWARDER magazine





Cory Logistics dedicated air freight team handle all import and export cargo worldwide.


Providing service excellence and a three tier options: Economy, Standard & Premium. Dealing with various commodities and offering vast experience and expertise our team are on call seven days a week and around the clock.

What are you responsible for now? What actual working roles do you fulfil? My primary responsibility is the general day-to-day operational handling for all freight moves worldwide. Liaising with my customer, our supplier partners and all associated agents. Essentially, I have to ensure the supply chain needs are fulfilled and that my customer is happy. Sometimes I even manage to make tea and coffee for my colleagues.

Tell us about your new Ipswich office? What is it like being in the centre of Ipswich? Our Ipswich office is open plan and refreshing; in that we have a 360-degree view of the town. Having access to all the brilliant amenities does mean I have started to learn how to budget! Also, on a Friday evening it’s great to step out of the office and into one of the nearby bars to socialise with teammates and friends.

What do you most enjoy about your day-to-day role? How long have you been with Cory? I first started at Cory Logistics Felixstowe Office on a rainy

My customers have high expectations and time critical cargo. However, I know my job well, and enjoy a sense achievement and

Monday in November 2013.

pride in making the job work.

What is your position now and what were your previous positions within the business?

The daily cut and thrust of air freight can be very demanding. How do you spend your down time?

I was promoted 6 years ago to airfreight account manager (dealing

My role is demanding, but when away from the hot seat I like to

solely for a large UK Telecommunications company). Before then

unwind in lots of different ways; socializing with friends, hitting the

I started out as receptionist and had a few other roles within the

gym and travelling. I really enjoy cricket, nice restaurants and for

business in various departments.

now being young, free and adventurous.


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Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? I’m naturally keen to progress, carry on learning and to take more responsibility. Ideally, I’d also like to incorporate overseas travel within my role. Other than that, I’d like a selfie with David Beckham.


Tell us about your new Ipswich office. What is it like being in the centre of Ipswich? After spending 12 years working in Felixstowe with Cory, the move to the new Ipswich office was met with a mix of nervousness as well as excitement for this new chapter in Cory’s history. The office is located ideally to public transport services which makes the daily commute that much easier. We’re also surrounded by amazing shops, cafes, bars and restaurants so lunch options have really changed up.

How has the air freight market changed in the last five years and what makes Cory AIR service stand out? The airfreight market has evolved hugely over the last 5 years, as the global demand for goods being delivered sooner becomes more commonplace, this has made airfreight an alternative solution to the longer lead times of ocean freight. As this market has evolved so has Cory, and we now offer a range of air services, from priority to economy. Cory offer a high level of customer service, with our

How long have you been with Cory? I joined Cory Logistics in April 2007, and recently completed my

team always on hand to answer any questions, deal with issues and ensure the customer gets the level of care and attention they expect

12th year of employment.

no matter how big or small the shipment is.

What is your position now and what were your previous positions within the business?

What do you most enjoy about your day-to-day role?

Airfreight Manager, after previously working as Department Supervisor and Airfreight Account Manager.

I enjoy working within a team of similar hard-working individuals, it makes the day to day tasks that much easier if we are all pulling in the same direction and working towards the same goals. We are a

What are you responsible for now? What actual working roles do you fulfil?

small team so it is important we all get on and I am very fortunate to work with wonderful colleagues.

I am responsible for the day to day running of the airfreight department. This includes managing the team and ensuring the high levels of customer service we pride ourselves on are maintained. I also work closely with the sales manager and commercial teams to help further build the airfreight side of the business. Also, I make time to see how and where we can improve as a department, service and team. FORWARDER magazine



INDUSTRY NEWS The daily cut and thrust of air freight can be very demanding. How do you spend your down time?

How long have you been with Cory? I have been with Cory Logistics for nearly four months although

As the airfreight business can be very time sensitive this creates

it already feels like a lot longer. My position is Key Account Manager

a certain level of stress & intensity, so it is important to find ways

(for a very large UK telecommunications company). This is my first

to disconnect when away from the office. This is a mantra I try to

and only role within Cory Logistics although I’ve also helped within

pass on to my colleagues. In my time outside of the business I enjoy

other departments for holiday cover.

spending as much time as possible with my wife and 3 children. This can be days out, or even as simple as all curling up on the sofa watching a film. I also help run a local youth football team, Trimley

What are you responsible for now? What actual working roles do you fulfil?

Red Devils (which the company has been very generous to sponsor

Within the team, I have shared responsibility for the general

and we’re proud to wear the Cory Logo on our shirts). Coaching

day-to-day air freight operations for one primary account (the

these young juniors is very rewarding and brings great satisfaction

telecommunications company): dealing with various offices

to see them develop both on and off the field; essentially, it also

worldwide, forward planning the freight moves, attending to all the

helps keep me fit.

paperwork and process and within strict time confines as required. Sometimes, I also make the tea!

What have you learned in your career that you pass on as key advice to a younger you? Stay as organised as possible, a messy desk is a sign of a messy mind. Also don’t try to take on too much work and never be afraid to ask for help.

Tell us about your new Ipswich office. What is it like being in the centre of Ipswich? Our new office is really very good, we have lots of light and a fantastic view of Ipswich Town Centre (from our 8th floor office). After a little hesitancy, I have found working in Ipswich mostly enjoyable, although


the extra expenditure with all the new shops is a little frustrating!

What do you most enjoy about your day-to-day role? Whilst my role is relatively new to me (and I really enjoy it), my general experience provides the team with a different perspective. Having worked in freight forwarding, warehousing, general imports and ocean freight this helps with any overlaps.

The daily cut and thrust of air freight can be very demanding. How do you spend your down time? The team has great balance and is brilliant to be a part of, we’re very adaptable, multi skilled and motivated. We all work hard and get on very well. It’s also fun but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say that!


FORWARDER magazine


What have you learned in your career that you pass on as key advice to a younger you?

Tell us about your new Ipswich office. What is it like being in the centre of Ipswich?

A good mantra for me is to ensure a good 'work/life balance.'

I love the new office. It's really nice for all the staff to be together

As a busy mum, to a home of young boys it’s essential to me that I

on one floor. The views are amazing. We overlook most of Ipswich

get this right. I have learned to work hard, be polite and always smile

town centre: we can see down onto Portman Road and the Willis

(smiling is usually happily contagious). These are not only decent

Towers rooftop garden.

work ethics but good life lessons to carry with you.


How has the air freight market changed in the last five years and what makes Cory AIR service stand out? I feel like Airfreight is changing all the time, depending which time of year it is makes a huge difference in the day to day running. We handle so many seasonal cargo types; it provides great variety throughout the year. Whilst change is constant, I'd like to think we are always professional, hard working and happy to help.

What do you most enjoy about your day-to-day role? I like that every job is different, we could have five jobs at once all different cargo, all different destinations. I also have a great team

How long have you been with Cory? I started at Cory in April 2008. So whilst I’m almost a veteran, we

I work with! We all get on, understand our roles and know that the customer comes first.

have lots of good people who have been here for many years (which is very reassuring for me as well as others who join the team).

What is your position now and what were your previous positions within the business? I now work in the airfreight department as an account manager and

Air freight can be very intense and demanding. How do you spend your down time? I am a mum of two boys (aged three and six) so spend my down time with my family. I like to see my friends, socialise and enjoy reading. Has anyone mentioned the occasional glass of wine?

have done for seven years. When I started I joined the liner division so have gained extra experience within two of the Cory divisions.

What are you responsible for now? General day-to-day operations on the Airfreight department;

What have you learned in your career that you pass on as key advice to a younger you? Always try your best, work hard, but most of all appreciate your work family!

speaking with suppliers and customers, arranging for quotes, problem solving and making sure all goes to plan. FORWARDER magazine



A N ER T W P 36

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3 - 2 IL 21 PR 0 A 2 20


Host sponsor



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ith only a short time left until the government’s

To make sense of Government plans, FTA’s expert Brexit

intended EU withdrawal deadline, political confusion

team will be presenting at the event, including Pauline

and talk of a general election, a 'No Deal Brexit' is still

Bastidon, FTA’s Head of Global and European Policy, and

a possibility for business to contend with. With the logistics industry

Seamus Leheny, FTA’s Policy Manager for Northern Ireland.

set to be hit hardest, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding working practices which will require clarification in

Chairing the event will be FTA’s Deputy Chief Executive and

order to ensure the seamless movement of goods and series both

Brexit lead, James Hookham who will be joined by other FTA

domestically and internationally.

representatives to ensure comprehensive coverage across a multitude of topics. This will include Dover-Calais, Irish

FTA’s Brexit Readiness Conference will be held at the Amba Hotel,

and North Sea borders and ports, as well as customs and

London Charing Cross on Friday 4 October, sponsored by Port of Dover,

taxation queries, staffing issues and other key elements of

to provide help and guidance for logistics businesses preparing for the

the logistics mix. Other sessions will cover off phytosanitary

UK’s departure from the EU. With the Conservative Party Conference

check requirements and other standards required of those

taking place in the same week, attendees will be able to react to the

trading with the EU and beyond.

most up to date policy announcements from government and gain advice on how to maintain business with the country’s biggest trading partner.

Whether a shipper, haulier or forwarder operating outside the UK or involved in EU trade, this exclusive one-day

The FTA’s Brexit Readiness Conference presents a timely

conference will cater for all areas of the logistics industry

opportunity for key players in the logistics industry to come together

and the processes and procedures in the supply chain affected

and ensure that collectively, we are prepared for 31st October by

by the UK’s departure from the EU.

having the very latest information on what we all need to do to keep trade flowing. Handling more lorries than all other UK ports

For further information or to book a place go to

combined, and as the closest link to Europe, the Port of Dover is


critical to ‘business as usual’ for the UK. The Port is prepared, but

or call FTA Customer Services on 03717 11 22 22

it’s vital that we work collaboratively with our logistics partners to keep factories busy, shops full and prices low for British consumers. Doug Bannister, Chief Executive, Port of Dover


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+44 (0)800 0460 280 info@ecomglobalsystems.com

Global logistics management Global support from the e-commerce experts. Door-to-door logistics via our global network. Join our franchise affiliate network today

Global logistics

Franchises (affiliates)

eq8tor market platform


Returns management


www.ecomglobalsystems.com FORWARDER magazine




WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at mismuscat.com



TRANSPORT & SHIPPING OF LARGE TANKS M uscat International Shipping & Logistics (MIS) have

successfully transported and shipped 8 x GRP 6m DIA tanks from Oman to Qatar.

The 8 tanks were transported by road from Rusayl to Sohar Port in Oman and then loaded to the vessel sailing to Hamad Port, Qatar.

The project was handled at MIS by Mr. Joju and Mr. Ramseen under the supervision of their Managing Director, Mr. Noushad Rahuman. The scope of work handled by MIS included: •• Loading the tanks to multi-axle trailers & loading of accessories on 40'FRs •• Transport of all cargo by road from Rusayl to Sohar Port with police escorts at a distance of around 250km

Each of the 8 tanks weighed 10,000kgs with dimensions as follows: 10.50 x 5.50 x 5.10m

•• Due to the over-dimensional width & height, Sohar Port

10.50 x 6.00 x 4.54m

authorities had to give approval to open their main gate for this

12.20 x 4.00 x 4.00m

operation only

12.20 x 4.00 x 4.00m 11.90 x 5.05 x 4.40m

•• Also due to the dimensions, arrangements had to be made to

11.90 x 4.90 x 4.60m

reroute the vessel to call at the breakbulk terminal in Hamad

12.20 x 3.90 x 4.00m

Port for the special discharging of the cargo

12.20 x 3.90 x 4.00m


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NR is a member of the Nishitetsu Group, which boasts a

many stages of growth and development. The economies in the

rich history and has been widely acclaimed as a provider of

Middle East have gone through decades of continual growth, from

high-quality products since its foundation at the beginning

times when oil prices were at their peak, to hitting recession with

of the previous century in 1908, in Fukuoka, Japan.

their collapse in 2009. While the boom and bust has seen many


companies come and go, NNR’s strategy has always been to grow steadily and invest in long-term sustainability in a region; the UAE

NNR Global Logistics’ long-term global strategy has always been

being no exception.

to grow and develop its current market presence whilst expanding into new emerging markets. Although perhaps not an ‘emerging

The UAE and Saudi Arabian government’s strategy to make

market’, the Middle East has become easier to trade with in recent

themselves open to international investment, as well as diversifying

times, resulting in tremendous growth over the last 15-20 years.

their economies away from oil and gas towards renewable green

The Middle East has a very definite style of business – as does

energy, has paid dividends and driven more growth. Their closer

Japan – and both are modernising at a rapid pace. Both regions are

alignment to global trade regulations and human rights has resulted in

challenged by a huge generational shift in expectation, driven by

additional benefits, driving more external investment in many industry

access to a wider world attributed in no small way to social media.

sectors such as aerospace, automotive, technology, renewable energy and construction. These industry sectors are at the heart of NNR’s

There are many synergies between the Japanese and Middle East

growth strategy globally, underpinned by decades of expertise in

cultures: both have a very strong heritage and respect for tradition.

delivering bespoke innovative supply chain solutions.

This has resulted in very close relationships that have strengthened significantly over the last 10 years. The Japanese ethos has always

Dubai has been awarded with hosting the 2020 World Exhibition,

been to be pragmatic, meaning careful study is carried out before

opening in October 2020, which emphasises its success on the world

making long-term decisions or investment. The practice of Kaizen is

stage and will bring significant opportunities and long-term investment

often deployed to ensure that change is comfortable and consistent.

beyond the UAE. It reinforces Dubai’s importance as the gateway

These characteristics are available in abundance at NNR, especially

to the Middle East as well as the region’s significance to the global

when extending its global footprint. Aversion to risk is embedded

economy. As a direct result, the region has become very important

throughout the NNR culture, (particularly in the Middle East), which

to the global supply chain of many Fortunes 500 companies with many

has seen significant change and conflict, since travelling through its

relocating their regional headquarters to Dubai.


FORWARDER magazine


NNR as a whole have grown more organically rather than through large acquisitions which has, by contrast, been the preferred route for many of our competitors in order to gain market share. We have traditionally opted to work very closely with strategic long-term partners for many years, however the natural progression was to open our own NNR office in Dubai. In February 2019, NNR Middle East opened to service our global customer requirements locally as well as increase our market share globally. Dubai is a key strategic location with all the international connections by air, ocean and road to the GGC and internationally. The major carriers are utilizing Dubai as a logistical hub for both cargo and passengers. The growth in size and profile of airlines Emirates and Etihad are testament to that. This latest investment by NNR will ensure we build a long-term platform to work more closely with our partners in the region and also develop a much stronger relationship with our customers. Having a presence in Dubai will ensure we are able to deliver global solutions with local knowledge and expertise; this is key in order to continue to add value to their supply chains as they continue to expand and grow. It is also the key to unlocking further potential throughout the Middle East and Africa. Simon Harris, Global Sales Manager, NNR

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DAILY GROUPAGE SERVICES D GS is a UK based freight forwarder specialising in road freight between the UK and Turkey. As well as providing

this niche service, DGS provide a UK-wide haulage using

DGS-owned Action Roadways Ltd, warehousing and general freight forwarding.

We operate our own national haulage service by utilising vehicles which vary from a small van up to artic lorries. Our international service is based on using our owners IKRA Logistics in the Istanbul region and partners DKS in Izmir. We are especially experienced in oil & gas related project movements. Neutral UK Agency Services To complement our Turkish logistics offering, Daily Groupage Services provide Customs Clearance services via our in-house team located at Dover. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week we provide a neutral service to both direct customers and freight forwarders alike. Our experienced customs team is able to provide coverage at all major UK ports, which includes Dover, Felixstowe, Southampton, Immingham, Tilbury and London Gateway. As a neutral operator we can also provide a partnership for

For further details please contact the team via

assistance with any UK collection, delivery or storage requirements

sales@dailygroupage.com or dover@dailygroupage.com

you may have.

or call us on +44 (0) 845 539 9999


FORWARDER magazine



Daily Groupage Services provide fast,

We specialise in order checking, quality

With offices and a network of agents in

reliable, efficient and cost-effective freight

control and stock control systems.

Dover, Thamesport, Tilbury, Felixstowe,

transport services. Whether you require

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sales@dailygroupage.com +44 (0)845 53 99 999 Daily Groupage Services • Ikra Park • Mulberry Way • Belvedere • Kent • DA17 6AN FORWARDER magazine





AFRICA LOGISTICS NETWORK The truth is, most forwarders are afraid to do business

ALN was the brainchild of Mr. Alessandro Saponaro.

in Africa as they always been afraid about the security of the

Transfreight is honoured to be part of the ALN family

goods, transparency in the rates and complicated customs

that connects Africa, an emerging market, to the rest of

procedures. Africa Logistics network is the link between

the World. His hard work and dedication to ALN saw the

reliable African forwarders and the rest of the world who has

network growing tremendously, yet keeping the members

an interest into one of the most growing market. ALN allow

like a close knit family. Mr. Alessandro Saponaro announced

members to interact between themselves, offer security and

his retirement to be succeded by Mr. Marcello Saponaro.

transparency which is extremely important in a network.

While we will miss Mr. Alessandro Saponaro, I am sure Mr.

Jean-Loup De Reymaeker, Group Commercial Manager,

Marcello will carry on the good work and the ALN family will

AMI Worldwide Ltd (East & Southern Africa Countries)

cherish even more. Alessandro, we will miss you. Marcello, wish you all the best. You have our total support. Yawar Badat, President, Transfreight Corporation Pvt Ltd (Pakistan)

It is a great pleasure to be part of ALN family for over 3 years. ALN’s management team and members are actively working together to support each others businesses in this very diverse network of family and friends. ALN has offered us reliable resources to expand our business to niche markets. Jyana Tata, General Manager Compass Ocean Logistics (Taiwan) th

5 Annual General Meeting 13 Th - 16 Th October


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It seems like yesterday that we debuted as a new entry last year in Dakar! It has been an intense and satisfying year for our company ,that is just entering into the world and found in ALN the right key to open this door. The associates are professional friends not only partners overseas, the atmosphere and professionalism in relationships between associates is a constant that binds us more and more to each others. Roberta Cippà, CEO, Cippà Trasporti (Switzerland) & Roberto Speroni. Buyer, Cippà Trasporti (Switzerland)

ALN is a great network that has strong partners around the world. For us Africans and in particular Afrilog, it is an immense opportunity that gives us an opening on the whole World. Currently we manage large contracts through this platform and we also have good prospects for 2020. This is the result of a long partnership with ALN since 2016 with a flawless loyalty. Sidi Aghou. Managing Director Afrilog (Benin and Niger)

Frankly speaking, it has not been a difficult decision to be a member of Africa Logistics Network for two main reasons: 1) The founder Messrs/Logimar is our long-term friend and our agent since many years and we never hesitated to step forward for any constitution with their leading. 2) The great continent Africa has always been our favourite region, but, we were always tentative to co-operate with Spirit and single ALN members commitment drive high

agents without any reliable reference. ALN has provided this

added value inside the network as well as pragmatic solution

opportunity: The trust among agencies.

anytime. Our projects are particularly complex due to

With membership of ALN, we have managed to have

safety risk and isolated delivery location, where inadequate

trustworthy agencies and very close friends from all over the

infrastructure over the required distance from the coast

world under the safety on this valuable network. The numbers

seaport. ALN give to LOGIMAR a real chance to grow the

of memberships are limited in each country depending on the

Africa market, linked with the medium sized trusted freight

populations. We believe this is the most effective advantage of

forwarder and logistics provider in all Africa countries.

ALN. Even it has not been a decade since first establishment,

Thanks to all ALN professional Management Team that every

our agents in ALN have become one of our main resources

day offer their professional support simplifying our complex

for sustainability of our improvements. We would like thank

job and thanks to all our African Partner, very skilled and

ALN management for this precious opportunity and wish

very experienced companies.

good fortune for our members in the network.

Alessandro Zanin. Sales Director Logimar (Italy)

Hüseyin Altun & Hüseyin Gökten. Altun Lojistik (Turkey)

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e are pleased to confirm full details of the 5th ALN Annual Meeting in ISTANBUL, Turkey, from 13th to 16th October 2019 + 1 leisure day on 17th October

(optional) at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel.


We have negotiated a special rate for our group at Hilton Bomonti. The hotel must be booked through us, as based on this, we negotiated the entire meeting package, we already engaged by signing a contract.


FORWARDER magazine


DAY 1: SUNDAY 13 OCT 15h00

Check-in at 'Hilton Istanbul Bomonti Hotel & Conference Center' A 5-star hotel, set in the Sisli district, awarded in 2017 with the World Luxury Spa, adjacent to the famous Bomontida (recognised by Time Out magazine as a place to find the “Best Things to Do in the World”), being also one of the largest convention hotels in the city of Istanbul, is definitely the best location for hosting our 5th AGM! Full day Registration opened – lobby area. 19h00 Welcoming Cocktail and Dinner – Stand up Cocktail including live cooking show and open bar with alcoholic drinks. Theme: Traditional Turkish style. Dress Code: your country's traditional apparel. Official opening of the meeting – Awards 2019. FORWARDER magazine




Breakfast – hotel restaurant. 09h30–12h15 Speeches of hosting members, sponsors, media partners, members + coffee break. 12h15 Group photo – business dress code required. 12h45–13h45 Lunch – hotel restaurant – buffet menu plus drinks. 14h00–16h30 One-to-one meetings + coffee break. 19h30 Assembly at venue reception for departure to outside dinner. 20h00 Dinner at 'FRANKIE RESTAURANT' At Frankie Restaurant, seasonal menu includes dishes prepared first and foremost with agricultural products with geographical indications. Its main objective is to successfully reinterpret traditional culinary delights with innovative cooking techniques and touches to present to its guests for an extraordinary fine dining experience with excellent service. Moreover, Frankie Restaurant offers nightly unrivaled live musical performances from different music genres and stellar wine cellar.


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5 Annual General Meeting 13 Th - 16 Th October



Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant.


10h00 – 12h30

One-to-one meetings + coffee break.

One-to-one meetings + coffee break.


12h30 – 13h45

Lunch at the Hotel restaurant – buffet menu plus drinks.

Lunch at the hotel’s restaurant – buffet menu plus drinks.


14h00 – 16h30

One-to-one meetings + coffee break.

One-to-one meetings + coffee break.



Assembly at Venue Reception for departure to Outside Dinner.



Official closure of the Conference – FAREWELL DINNER.


7h00 – 09h30

Bus departure. This restaurant is situated between the green heights of Istanbul 20h00

behind and the deep-blue Bosporus to the front.

Gala dinner cruise on 'INCISU' boat – Folklore Entertainment – DJ set. We will be waiting for all you to spend some memorable moments The boat was built in 2010 and since then it sweeps like a swan

together, say goodbye and have some fun after all meetings days.

along the Bosphorus, attracts attention with its width and comfort.

We will have an international menu accompanied by a DJ set.

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AIR CARGO CLAIMS PROCESS S ince the early days of air cargo transportation, damage and

manage the claims process.

Whereas claims decision making

loss have played a part in the financial viability and safety

process currently can take 90 to 120 days, and some times even

of airfreight. Whether it be physical damage, deterioration

longer, in many cases the platform helps to reduce this process to

of perishable products, poor handling, delays by Customs, theft or

a maximum of 30 days. Obviously, this is dependent upon all the

terrorism, the losses are incorporated into the bottom man-hours

required documentation being made available by the claimant.

line. Accepting that there will always be claims, it is the amount of time and effort taken in dealing with and settling the claims, whilst

Centralised platform for Airlines,

maintaining good customer relations, that is the challenge.

forwarders and shippers The cargo claims platform enables both airlines, forwarders and

One IATA awarded winning solution which significantly improves

shippers to manage their claims within a centralised platform with local,

the claims process, is Netherlands-based Cargo Claims Platform,

regional or worldwide visibility and control within their organizations.

developed by CargoHub BV. Managing director Raoul Paul, explains

The platform provides an extensive range of integrated tools to manage

this system in simple terms.

the claims process and to communicate with all stakeholders involved. Notifying insurers when applicable or granting access to insurers to the

We have developed a platform which is easy to use and reduces the amount of time and effort involved in dealing with claims resulting

claim records within the platform simplifies the process and increases the speed of the claim recovery cycle for all parties involved.

in an improved customer experience between airlines and their shipper clients. The cargo claims platform provides uniformity and

Loss prevention and cost savings

transparency in the claims handling process for shippers, forwarders

Raoul explains that the platform is not just to improve the claims

and airlines in an efficient and cost-effective way.

handling process but aims to improve the quality of the air cargo product by identifying damages and risks in an early stage.

Reducing the claim recovery cycle Claims entered by shippers, forwarders, insurance companies or

Our cargo claims loss prevention program (CCLP) offers a range of

other parties via the platform, are directly accessible in respective

web based and mobile apps for ground handling companies, airlines

individual airline accounts to which the claim is directed. The airline

and forwarders to manage the internal and external communication

has access within this account to extensive tools to efficiently

and reporting flows for identified damages.


FORWARDER magazine






Support from forwarder networks

Full services platform for quality and compliance

Raoul continues,

Raoul concludes,

We experience a growing number of forwarders

using our platform and we are very happy to announce partnership

Improving the air cargo product and our CCLP

platform is just a part of the business improvement solutions offered

within our platform.platform The execution of a logistic process is subjected • Worldwide multi stakeholder

with Neutral Air Partner as per 18 September 2019.

to quality and compliance area’s which need to be controlled and

• ofStandarized process within an industry Christos Spyrou, CEO NAP: This type of technology fits monitored. Consulting our platform customers in the area of CCLP, ISO, exactly with the Neutral Air Partners strategy of harnessing new

AEO, ISAGO, CEIV and other quality and compliance certifications

members and we therefore are delighted to welcome cargo claims

our services is all about.

• Claims management for Airlines, Forwarders and Shippers systems and technical methods to improve the efficiency of its with customised solutions to support business excellence is what into the network. Cargo Claims is another addition to our portfolio of services and our efforts to deliver ready- for the- future digital

For more information and to use the service, please visit the website

solutions to our airfreight partners. NAP will continue to select

at www.cargoclaims.aero

the right vendors with the aim of building competitive advantages support@cargohub.nl 4321 6457 tools and bysetting  +31air(0)6 through tailor-made cargo community new

 www.cargohub.nl

standards of excellence for the air cargo business.

Beechavenue 54 – 80 • 1119 PW Schiphol-Rijk • The Netherlands FORWARDER magazine



Shipping to Europe or Worldwide? You can now ship to over 167 countries with Tuffnells

0330 838 0448


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As the UK’s number 1 unrivalled expert in collecting and delivering parcels and freight that others simply can’t handle, we wanted to provide our customers with more delivery options to get their consignments where they need to go. We talked customers, simplified our IT-enabled international tarrif and expanded our door to door international service to allow shipping throughout Europe and worldwide… We are now proudly serving over 167 countries around the world on behalf of our 4,000 customers. As a customer who ships UK wide or across the oceans, we will offer a truly local service. This means no call centres, no mass sorting hubs and no strangers. Speak to a real person in your local area who can handle all of your Tuffnells needs. Our International service is simply and easy to use. Our fleet of 900 drivers and our UK network of 37 depots will collect international shipments from your location, alongside your regular UK consignments before being shipped overseas. There is no new account set-up or agreement required for those using our UK service. Shipping overseas has never been easier! Updates to the Tuffnells website (Tuffnells.co.uk) also allows you to check quotes for shipments to a range of countries including, Gambia, Finland, Greece, France and 163 more - quickly and easily. You can also use our new and improved MyTuffnells portal to track deliveries in real time and manage their Tuffnells account.

Peter Birks, Tuffnells Chief Executive officer- “At Tuffnells we’re constantly listening to our customers thoughts on how we can improve the service we provide them, and the introduction of this new international service comes as a result of feedback asking us to handle their deliveries to even more countries. “The great thing about our new service is that it means all our customers parcels, both UK and international, can be picked up by our drivers at the same time, making it even easier for our customers. We are a one-stop shop for all our customers’ delivery needs, taking their deliveries from door-to-door quickly and easily virtually anywhere in the world.” Through the new service, Tuffnells will be able to deliver items up to a maximum length of 2.7m, maximum girth of 3.3m and maximum weight of 68 kg per item or total of 299kg per consignment. All shipments travelling to some locations outside of the EU, including Norway, Switzerland, Gibraltar and the Spanish Islands, will also require a commercial invoice for customs clearance”. To see how we can help your business and find out more about Tuffnells new international tarrif visit www.tuffnells.co.uk/services/eu/worldwide-delivery or email worldwide.requests@tuffnells.co.uk

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GROWING CARGO NETWORK V irgin Atlantic’s first flight to Tel Aviv touched down at Ben

Virgin Atlantic’s cargo capacity ex Israel is being marketed by its

Gurion International Airport yesterday with a full cargo

GSSA partner, WTA Aviation, while Swissport is providing cargo

payload as the airline continues to extend its international

handling services in Tel Aviv.

route network.

Next month will see further expansion of Virgin Atlantic’s long-haul

The new daily Airbus A330-300 flights offer 20 tonnes of cargo

cargo network when it recommences daily London-Mumbai services

capacity to and from London Heathrow as well as fast connections

and, in early 2020, the airline will begin its first operation in South

with Virgin Atlantic’s network serving major gateways in the United

America with a new daily London-Sao Paulo route.

States, Israel’s biggest trading partner. With strong support expected from freight forwarders, Virgin


Atlantic Cargo is confident of gaining a healthy share of the market,

Cargo has been an important part of Virgin Atlantic’s business

which produces high volumes of pharmaceutical, ecommerce,

ever since the airline was founded by entrepreneur Sir Richard

express and valuable shipments as well as high-tech products, fresh

Branson 34 years ago. Today, the airline carries over 240

produce and other general cargo.

million kilos of cargo annually and, with a strong commitment to innovation and customer service at its core, Virgin Atlantic

We are delighted to welcome Tel Aviv to our network. It is an

Cargo is recognised as one of the world’s most customer-

important cargo route and we have been extremely encouraged

focused and service-oriented airlines, earning 14 international

by the level of interest and bookings for both our direct services

Cargo Airline of the Year awards. Headquartered in London,

between London and Tel Aviv and the U.S. connections we now offer

Virgin Atlantic Cargo trades in 37 countries and sells services

over our London hub.

to destinations in over 60 countries worldwide. Alongside

Dominic Kennedy, Managing Director, Virgin Atlantic Cargo

joint venture partner Delta Cargo, they operate a leading transatlantic network, offering a choice of 38 flights a day between the UK and US which, in 2018, carried over a quarter of total trans-Atlantic air cargo volumes.


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We’re one of the UK’s leading independent shipping and logistics providers.

Trusted since 1833 by some of the world’s leading companies, we provide liner and port agency services, freight forwarding by sea, air and road, warehousing & distribution services and end to end supply chain management.






T: +44 (0) 161 834 6444 E: sales@johngood.co.uk www.johngood.co.uk FORWARDER magazine



Hull | Immingham | Manchester | London | Felixstowe | Liverpool | Plymouth | Bradford

FTA Events

Our industry-leading Transport Manager conferences are back for 2019, providing you with the latest information and guidance on industry legislation to help you manage the safety and compliance of your operation.



Tuesday 8 October


Thursday 10 October


Thursday 17 October


Thursday 31 October


Tuesday 5 November


Thursday 7 November


Tuesday 12 November


Tuesday 19 November


Tuesday 26 November


Thursday 28 November


www.fta.co.uk/fmtm19 Simply put, the logistics industry needs more drivers, more women and more diversity. With the skills shortage showing no signs of going away it is essential that you have the tools to tackle it head on. Attend FTA’s Labour Shortages Conference to get right up-to-date with the latest skills reports, to learn what young people think about logistics and to re-think your recruitment strategy to successfully target the right people.


29 October 2019

Venue: Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

www.fta.co.uk/fmlsc19 58

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Following the success of our event in June, FTA’s informative Fleet Engineer conference is coming to London and Scotland! Join us for this practical event which will offer help and advice to enable engineers to better manage their fleet for the next year and beyond. Date:

22 November 2019

Venue: London Heathrow Marriott, London Date:

4 December 2019

Venue: MacDonald Inchyra Hotel, Falkirk

www.fta.co.uk/fmfe19 Join your peers at the leading awards event for the industry, by the industry. The date is fast approaching for FTA’s 3rd annual glittering awards reception and celebratory dinner – it really is set to be the event of the year!



Thursday 24 October 2019

Venue: Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London

www.fta.co.uk/fmla19 FORWARDER magazine









he CEO of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association

UKWA is the leading trade body dedicated to serving the needs of the

(UKWA) has warned companies that are planning to

UK’s logistics industry and has over 700 members who, between them,

stockpile goods in UK warehouses in an attempt to

control nearly 100 million square feet of warehousing space from nearly

mitigate the impact of a no deal Brexit on their supply chain, that

1300 locations across the UK.

UK warehouses are approaching capacity. Companies looking for additional storage space should visit www.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight on July 2 , Peter Ward said:


UKWAMarketSpace.com - a web-based portal that brings companies

before the potential no-deal Brexit on October 31st may be near

with warehouse space available together with those seeking storage

impossible. There is little available space. The market, as represented

and logistics services.


by our members, is virtually at full volume. The biggest concern at the moment is that the October deadline comes right bang in the middle of peak season. From a timing point of view it couldn’t be worse. You can’t just turn on supply; and the vacancy rates talked about by the industrial agents are largely de-coupled from the Brexit related surge in demand. For the most part the demand is for the kind of fully serviced logistics solutions that UKWA members provide – in other words warehousing with racking, materials handling equipment, labour and connectable warehouse management systems with ‘pay as you play’ transactional pricing. This is very different from empty buildings with landlords seeking long-term lease commitments. In any event, adding new real estate to the system can take a number of years, and I can’t see any increase in capacity by October.


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ematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated

Dematic iQ InSights is a flagship platform within the Dematic

technology, software and services to optimise the supply

iQ software ecosystem, which is unmatched in its ability to bring

chain introduces Dematic iQ InSights, a cloud-based Asset

together warehouse fulfillment, operations, maintenance, and

Performance Management (APM) system that unites order fulfillment

analytics within and across facilities.

and facility lifecycle management data for actionable intelligence that

Scott Wahl, Vice President, Dematic Software Center of Excellence

empowers users to make informed decisions that maximise overall warehouse logistics effectiveness.

The holistic, warehouse-wide approach enables true visibility across equipment, labour, and facility to help customers measure, evaluate

Dematic iQ InSights holistically integrates facility-wide intelligence

and optimise operations.

across warehouse and distribution systems, processes, and equipment so managers can make smart, data-driven decisions to fully utilise assets, increase operational performance, and add to the


bottom line. The software allows users to:

Dematic is a leading supplier of integrated automated

•• Maximise uptime

technology, software and services to optimise the supply

•• Accelerate incident/resolution cycle time

chain. Dematic employs over 6,000 skilled logistics

•• Enhance cross-function intelligence

professionals to serve its customers globally, with engineering

•• Reduce total cost of ownership

centres and manufacturing facilities located around the world. Dematic is one brand under the KION Group of companies

It combines sophisticated enterprise asset management (EAM)

and has implemented more than 6,000 integrated systems

software with real-time operational data and the power of

for a customer base that includes small, medium and large

cross-functional analysis and advanced analytics. Using IIoT

companies doing business in a variety of market sectors.

active intelligence, Dematic iQ InSights enables peak warehouse performance while reducing total cost of operations.








MARCH 2019


SOUTHAMPTON WAREHOUSE X pediator (AIM: XPD), a leading provider of e-commerce

The warehouse contains an office and private yard within the self-

and freight management services across the UK and

contained 1.15 acre site and also offers:

Europe, is pleased to announce that Regional Express

has signed a 10 year lease on attractive commercial terms for a new

•• Racking for pallet storage;

19,289 sq. ft warehouse facility in Southampton, close to the port.

•• A mezzanine floor for fulfilment storage; and •• A fully-implemented Access Delta warehouse systems, resulting

Acquired by Xpediator in November 2017, Regional Express, is

in an automated and integrated storage and fulfilment service.

an international B2B freight forwarding and international courier company and an Amazon Global Selling Solution Provider. Since being

Regional Express operates across Europe, North America, South

acquired by the Xpediator Group, Regional Express has expanded

America, Africa, Asia and Australia and specialises in road, sea and

significantly using the enhanced buying power and wider services of

air freight management and e-commerce fulfilment services for

the Group to grow revenues.

Amazon sellers and other e-tailers.

In particular, Regional Express is developing its specialist e-commerce

We’re very pleased to see Regional Express build on their strong

fulfilment services and the rationale for adding a further 19,289 sq.

performance and look forward to offering all our clients more

ft. of warehouse is to accommodate the evolving requirements of

efficient freight forwarding solutions. Since integration within the

its current clients, whilst providing a facility to support the growth

Xpediator Group in November 2017, Regional Express has enhanced

and acquisition of new e-commerce related business.

our ability to offer customers sea and air freight capabilities, and this new warehouse will be a further asset within the Group, one which

The new warehouse is in an excellent location for air, sea and road

may also prove additionally valuable should there be a hard Brexit.

freight, as it is positioned less than 3 miles from the container port of

Stephen Blyth, CEO, Xpediator

Southampton, with quick links to both the M3 and M27 motorways.


FORWARDER magazine



avies Turner, the UK’s leading freight forwarder and

He says,

We suspect that the ongoing uncertainty over Brexit will

logistics service provider, is seeing a definite upsurge in

only lead to more demand for short term storage in in the event of

enquiries about the availability of warehousing space,

no deal or an unsatisfactory outcome with no mutual recognition

driven by customer concerns about the outcome of the Brexit

or trading agreements in place. Depending on the final details of

negotiations and the future of UK trade with the EU after March

Britain’s trade deal with the rest of Europe, this may turn into a

next year.

longer term requirement. Adding to these pressures will be more predictable factors like the Chinese New Year, which starts at the

Previously, the company has seen demand for more warehousing

end of January next year and may also strengthen demand for UK

capacity often reduce in the early months of the new year as many

warehousing in March.

retailers require less stock following the festive season. 2018 has already been a busy year so that spare capacity is very limited and

In Britain and Ireland, Davies Turner has seven strategically

this is likely to continue into 2019.

located regional hubs and national logistics centres in Birmingham, Bristol, Dartford, Heathrow, Manchester, and Scotland, as well

Davies Turner chairman, Philip Stephenson says that the increase in

as Dublin, with another 15 branches supporting its nationwide

enquiries, many of which are originating from the company's partners

distribution network.

in Europe, seems to be the result of companies deciding to stockpile more goods than usual in preparation for any supply chain disruption that may occur around the still to be negotiated transition period following the UK’s departure from the EU next year.








stablished in 2015,

So, what does the future hold for Certa Logistics?

Certa Logistics was

Following the success of the last 4 years, now comes the time to

born out of organic

push on with regards to further growth and expansion with an aim

growth within FPD Ltd, a

to dramatically increase the size of the business over the course of

bespoke courier service owned

the next 5 years.

by Managing Director, Paul Carter (pictured). Utilising almost 25 years’ industry experience gained with several global logistics and freight forwarding businesses, Paul took the decision to go it alone in 2014, quickly building a sizeable customer portfolio as a result of a reliable and bespoke customer service provision. From these relatively humble beginnings, the Buckinghamshire based business have quickly and quietly continued to grow their impressive portfolio of customers and have firmly established themselves as a trusted freight forwarding and bespoke logistics solutions partner for a number of well-known high street retailers and 3PLs, including several globally renowned retail coffee and snacks businesses for whom they have achieved 'preferred supplier' status. Certa are also currently supporting a UK based chocolatier with the logistics behind their global business expansion plans. The success of the rapid growth of Certa’s customer base since their conception in 2015, has been their ability to accommodate the varying demands of their customers’ bespoke logistics solutions, whilst maintaining an outstanding level of customer service. This is underpinned through the use of trusted, UK based, freight forwarding and logistics partners who put the needs of the customer first and commit to the elevated customer service standards that Certa’s customers have come to expect from them. Membership of the Palletways network, the Road Haulage Association, and the Freight Transport Association add further assurance to existing and new customers alike that Certa are a thoroughly professional organisation, capable of filling your missing piece within your logistics solution.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at certagroupltd.com

The expansion plan begins with the

Along with Jayson’s directional leadership and knowledge, will come

addition of Jayson Flegg (pictured) as a

opportunity to exploit differing distribution channels in partnership

Director. Jayson brings with him over 30

with Flegg Projects in order to expand the logistics solutions offering

years of experience within the industry

to new and existing customers across a more global platform. This

as Managing Director of Flegg Projects

global offering will subsequently consist of, but not be limited to:

and will be pivotal in supporting with the future direction of the business.

•• Imports into the UK •• Global shipping •• Pharmaceutical transportation •• Multimodal freight forwarding •• 'White glove' logistics solutions •• Multi-temperature storage That, coupled with potential growth opportunities afforded through the support of current customer expansion plans, will form the foundation of Certa’s growth plans across the course of the next five years. With regards to multi-temperature storage, Certa have recently acquired a 9k square foot, fully secured ambient warehouse, with the capacity to store up to 300 pallets, together with an 18 pallet capacity frozen container which is currently being utilised to store Brexit contingency stock for a well-known fast food retailer. In all, Certa Logistics have established a well-founded platform within the freight forwarding and specialist logistics solutions channels and look well set to achieve their future growth plans. To discuss your logistics and freight forwarding needs with the Certa Logistics team, please contact them at any of the below: info@certagroupltd.com 01296 250075 www.linkedin.com/in/certa-logistics-ltd

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reightabase is an online digital platform for sourcing specialist

At Freightabase we understand that consumers’ needs are changing,

carriers to or from any part of the globe. You can source

and with constant time constraints freight buyers need to make

all carrier types, ranging from airlines, shipping lines, freight

educated decisions quickly. The idea of a shipping manager being able

forwarders and parcel carriers.


FORWARDER magazine

to source information to make a well-informed decision is exciting. ISSUE45


The ‘Quick Quote’ is designed to assist busy cargo owners who may not have the time to do an advanced search. Simply complete a very simple form and our customer services team will do the rest for you. The service is available on desktop and mobile and the app is being released soon.


The ‘Directory’ is recommended if you are looking for a carrier by name or in a specific location. You can also select carriers by key words, e.g. ‘perishables’ or ‘project cargo’. The Directory also lists service suppliers to the industry, e.g. marine insurance or mergers & aquisitions.


The ‘Loading List’ is a more advanced search where users can find carriers that specialise in a specific trade lane or shipping route. You can select mode of transport, collection and delivery point. This will then produce a list of specialist carriers to consider for your shipment.

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s the deadline for Brexit is looming closer and there is still

paperwork and that companies are prepared for the high volume

no clear-cut resolution to exiting the EU with an agreed

of compulsory admin. Furthermore, companies should prepare for

deal, the UK fears that it could leave under 'no deal',

labelling and update of technical files (which may change, post-Brexit).

meaning that there could be no agreed trade deals. This has brought further uncertainty in terms of impact on the supply chain, and with

Christmas demand

no true plan in place for the foreseeable future, warehousing and

Whilst Brexit could bring business to warehouses, you also must

storage services could be one of the industries affected the most.

remember the busy months ahead (how could you forget?) –

How can you prepare for such an event? FORWARDER takes a

Christmas! Christmas season is the most demanding time of the

look at what you should consider…

year for the entire supply chain. It also includes retail’s biggest event: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year’s statistics revealed that


e-commerce giant Amazon hit the highest number of recorded sales

Since the results of the referendum, retailers have revealed that

on Black Friday 2018 than ever in history. Millions of Amazon Echo-

they have been stockpiling in preparation of trade barriers and high

Dots were purchased during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday

importation fees. Over 40% of Britain’s food is sourced abroad, meaning

sales. Although plans for Brexit have never been easy to predict,

that reserving and storing goods is an attractive option for retailers.

and it can become even more difficult when trying to ascertain how

Wholesalers and grocers will not only be able to continue to sell a

it will react with the demand of Christmas stock.

(somewhat) steady flow of goods, but will also help prevent any stock shortages should ports become congested or relationships between

Preparing for Brexit

traders within the EU become difficult to manage post-Brexit. Fast

Any warehousing and storage companies (or any services linked to

food pizza restaurant Dominos, for example, has revealed that they

warehousing and storage, such as network pallets, for that matter)

have stockpiled ingredients in preparation for Brexit.

should do the best they can to prepare for the upcoming weeks of Brexit, as well as after October 31st. Despite the uncertainty of

With this in mind, it can create a much higher demand for warehousing

whether Brexit will truly occur at the end of October, companies

space to store goods. Not only will there be a requirement for

should still plan the next few months as though the UK will leave the

physical warehouse space, but also connecting networks. Pallet

EU for sure, whether it be with or without a deal. Preparation may

networks connecting to major retail stores across the nation for

mean freeing up warehouse space or even implementing additional

major retailers is something that could be highly requested, as

refrigeration. Due to stockpiling, temperature-controlled goods,

storing goods in a warehouse close to major retail hubs will ensure

such as dairy and meats, require perfect conditions to preserve its

that stock can be transported as and when required.

quality and saleability as long as possible. Make sure your warehouses are equipped with the latest technology to accommodate for goods

Paperwork and files

of all kinds if this is something you wish to offer. It is also worth

Brexit has the 'butterfly effect' when it comes to warehousing and

considering hiring additional staff to keep up with the workflow.

storage. The higher the demand for storage, the more paperwork

Lastly, make sure you’re up to speed with the latest news and trade

will need to be completed. Government websites advise that all

regulations over the next few months.

warehousing and storage services have the right supplementary


FORWARDER magazine


Whilst Brexit will affect all stages of the supply chain, warehousing and pallet networks may feel some pressure over the next few months. If you’ve any news or advice on how to prepare for the upcoming Brexit plans, get in touch with us! Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine









hilst it may seem too early to be talking about

which face significant challenges, given that they would need huge

Christmas for the average consumer, for certain

volumes of spaces in order to stockpile. In a bid to minimise potential

businesses in the logistics sector, planning for

disruption from a no-deal Brexit, companies such as BMW and PSA

Christmas 2019 began around three years ago when they booked

brought forward their annual summer factory shutdowns to April

their much-needed warehouse space.

2019. While employees were still working, no new cars were being made, reducing the impact of a potential shortage of imported parts.

With the UK and EU yet to reach an agreement on their future

Despite the March 2019 Brexit deadline date being moved, shutdowns

trading relationship post-Brexit, the possibility of leaving without

are planned months ahead and are difficult to reschedule; therefore,

a deal in place is very real. And in the event of a No Deal Brexit,

they had no option but to go ahead. Having already closed down

we expect to see significant delays at the border due to increased

production once, manufacturers will struggle to justify another costly

checks. As such, supermarkets, manufacturers and pharmaceutical

shut down to accommodate the new October deadline, as it could

companies are all being pressured to stockpile goods in order to

lead to shortages of vehicles and delays to production.

limit potential shortages. But with Black Friday and Christmas just around the corner from 31 October 2019 – the date when the UK is

For businesses that have already stockpiled materials, economic

due to leave the EU – warehouses do not have the level of availability

implications are beginning to come to the fore. Not only are

required. Put simply by Pauline Bastidon, Head of Global & European

additional warehouse space costs already mounting up, reducing

Policy at FTA, 'there is no more room.'

operating profits, but there is a financial risk to making future sales forecasts further ahead than usual. Having already made preparations

In the build up to the first deadline for the UK to leave the EU

themselves and taken the financial risks once already, businesses are

– 29 March 2019 – a report from January 2019 noted that three-

now having to repeat the process, as well as being faced with the

quarters of UK warehouse owners said their spaces were already full

additional challenge of the lack of warehouse space.

to capacity. However, with the space they were using then now prebooked for Christmas, companies that previously stockpiled goods

Warehousing has been facing a multitude of challenges in recent

such as car parts, toilet rolls and dried food may now be unable to

years. With the government prioritising housebuilding, new available

do so. And if companies are unable to stockpile, congestion at the

land has been used for residential development, leaving warehousing

borders will increase even further, as businesses will need to continue

construction lagging behind. Combined with the accelerated rise

importing and exporting as usual. This will directly affect more time-

of e-commerce, the increased demand for warehousing space has

sensitive goods which cannot be stockpiled and pre-prepared, such as

dramatically reduced available warehousing capacity. With the ‘inner

fresh food or medication, thus impacting overall shortages.

M25’ area vacancy rate now at just 2.2%, logistics companies are looking for alternative solutions. However, it takes five to seven

Certain industries, such as refrigerated food storage, are also facing

years for new facilities to enter the system and there is simply not

additional complications as they require specialist warehouses, for

enough time. Other options companies are looking into include

which space is very limited. Car manufacturers are also among those

chartering their own planes and ferries to mitigate delays.


FORWARDER magazine



WAREHOUSE SHORTAGES The logistics industry is willing to adopt and adapt to new practices, however, it would help if the sector knew what it is preparing for in advance. With such a shortage of warehouse space at a critical time for the UK economy, it is crucial that companies can prepare as much as possible, with the correct formalities and paperwork in place to keep fluid movement at the border to minimise delays, and therefore shortages of goods. Efficient logistics is vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an impact on more than seven million people employed in the making, selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology and other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more important to UK plc. A champion and challenger, FTA speaks to Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers. Pauline Bastidon, Head of Global & European Policy, FTA

FORWARDER magazine






ith the Brexit date looming again, how will the

Fundamentally, Brexit could mean that warehouse keepers will

UK leaving the EU impact the warehouse and

need to re-assess their infrastructure. Some may be geared towards

storage sector and what potential impact could

operating across the EU where they are able to accommodate

this have on your insurance?

multiple member states through warehouses located abroad. With the implementation of Brexit, will such arrangements need

These questions are ones that insurers, freight forwarders and

to change? If so, and you move towards a more UK-focused

the logistics industry as a whole have been considering since

warehouse infrastructure, then make sure that you have

the UK voted to leave the EU on 23 June 2016. Here we hope

informed your insurers of any changes you intend to make, such

to provide some illumination, as far as possible, of what may

as arranging for cargo to be stored in your own warehouse; or

occur once Brexit happens and what you may need to advise

if you decide to sub-contract to third-party warehouses, that

your insurers about.

such storage facilities have appropriate security measures




FORWARDER magazine


in place (such as CCTV, remote-monitored alarms and sprinkler

the possible solutions? Potentially, lower levels of staff will lead

systems). Obtaining confirmation of these measures will no

to more automation in the industry, with processes delegated

doubt help to protect your own and/or your customers’ goods

to machines or more sophisticated software, leading to cost

being stored in the long term. In addition, should you aim to

savings in the workplace. If such things were to occur, make sure

conglomerate multiple warehouses from abroad to the UK, you

to inform your insurers of the decrease in staff wages as this

may need to revisit the limits and terms of your insurance.

may be a consideration under your employer's liability insurance. In addition, should such mechanical systems be in operation,

Should more warehouse space be created within the UK due

insurers should be informed of the processes in place to be able

to Brexit, it is likely to lead to more products entering the UK.

to better understand the risks that are present in your warehouse.

Currently goods can arrive tariff free, with some instances allowing the customs fees to be deferred (for goods such as alcohol).

Whilst automated processes may speed up productivity in your

Once Brexit occurs, the processes surrounding importing and

warehouse, the prospect of delay in the storage industry looms

exporting goods may complicate further, for goods held in bonded

ever closer. Once Brexit occurs, it is reasonable to assume that

warehouses subject to tighter restriction. Should such things

delays will occur across the UK’s border with the EU. Such delays

occur, make sure you have sufficient guarantees in place with your

may lead to problems with receiving or moving onwards yours

bank or provider if arranged via an insurance company.

and/or your customers' stock to other locations. It should be highlighted at this stage that a claim for delay is something for

If additional warehousing is required, finding the staff to operate

which marine insurance policies will categorically not provide

warehouses in the UK is not considered a problematic issue, with

cover, as dictated under the instituted cargo clauses. These cargo

the UK currently enjoying a period of low unemployment. With

clauses are internationally recognised and adopted throughout

just 3.8% (as of May 2019) of the population unemployed, this

the world and form the basis of cargo insurance.

contrasts starkly with other EU member states such as France (9.8%) and Spain (14.3%). With Brexit on the horizon, will the loss

Rosemarie O’Connell, Company Secretary,

of migrant workers performing warehouse keeper roles have an

The Insurance Broker Limited

effect on staffing for the industry? If this does occur, what are

FORWARDER magazine






arehouses across the UK have been facing unprecedented

With storage space at such a premium, it’s no wonder that rental

levels of enquiries and are fast approaching capacity,

costs are also set to soar. In fact, Savills suggests that warehouse

as retailers race to stockpile goods in the hope of

space in the capital is currently at such a premium that it could see

mitigating the impact of a possible no-deal Brexit on their supply chains.

rent increases of 1.1% in 2020 if a no-deal Brexit occurs.

But with warehouses bursting at the seams, it is unclear how much longer companies will be able to pursue this strategy.

Against this backdrop of uncertainty, freight forwarders and logistics providers could find themselves at an advantage. With most forwarders

Indeed, the CEO of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association

possessing their own warehousing space, and customs relations with the

(UKWA), Peter Ward, recently warned that stockpiling prior to

EU set to change dramatically post-Brexit, there could be opportunities

the 31 October Brexit deadline 'may be near impossible' due to

for the industry. Some forwarding companies are already advertising

the market being 'virtually at full volume.' Meanwhile, August data

how they can help to navigate the murky waters of post-Brexit trade.

from property agent Savills showed that the warehouse vacancy rate

For example, International Forwarding Limited has set up a special page

stood at just 6.8% (under 10% usually being considered as a catalyst

on its website to inform customers about the range of assistive services

for rising rental costs).

it has to offer, such as applying for an EORI number, facilitating customs clearance and providing warehousing facilities, among others. Moreover,

To make things worse, the Brexit deadline coincides with peak

the situation may offer logistics providers and forwarders the chance to

season for the warehousing sector. Not only is October the end of

explore and profit from international routes and trade.

the growing season, but companies also tend to begin stockpiling goods for the commercially important Black Friday and Christmas

From a legal and Customs perspective, companies will certainly

periods. This means that the Brexit stockpiling panic is occurring

have more hoops to jump through when trading with Europe and

at a time when space is traditionally already very tight. This could

this is where forwarders can step in. The government’s guidance to

mean stock needs to be diverted to alternative premises; it will add

businesses looking to export to the EU after Brexit includes advice

pressure on stock management systems and may potentially result

on how to hire a freight forwarder or customs broker to help deal

in breaches of contract if providers fail to meet agreed SLAs.

with customers. This may include...


FORWARDER magazine




•• Advising on applying for an Export Operator Registration

Further uncertainty surrounding new documentation and processes

Identification (EORI) number, which will be needed to move

that could be required for cross-border trade, such as ECMT permits,

goods in or out of the EU after Brexit

is also proving a matter for concern. Ultimately, the situation is difficult

•• Dealing with customs declarations

for all players across the industry because nobody knows what the

•• Meeting any non-tariff requirements such as the provision

Brexit deal will be, or if there will even be one at all. For now, the

of Phytosanitary or Animal Health certificates •• Payment of extra fees such as import duties, taxes

British International Freight Association (BIFA) and other trade associations are continuing to advise members to make preparations.

and guarantees •• Generally ensuring that all paperwork and essential administrative steps have been taken to minimise shipping delays

If you are concerned about the impact a no-deal Brexit may have on your business, Woodfines’ expert Road Transport & Logistics and Commercial Property teams are well placed to help. We have

However, with a deal still yet to materialise, nobody can be sure

wide experience in all matters relating to these complex sectors,

what shape post-Brexit customs will take, and many forwarders

and are able to advise you on what steps you can take to prepare

are concerned that a no-deal Brexit could have serious financial

your business for a no-deal Brexit. For further information or advice,

repercussions. A recent report from the Freight Transport

please get in touch at transport@woodfines.co.uk

Association (FTA) suggested that freight and logistics businesses have been finding it extremely difficult to fund Brexit preparations

Mike Hayward,

due to tightening profit margins, not to mention the additional

Partner – Road Transport & Logistics, Woodfines Solicitors

difficulty of not knowing what shape these preparations should take due to the continuing uncertainty of what the customs landscape

Suzanna Stephenson,

will look like once the UK has left the EU.

Partner – Commercial Property, Woodfines Solicitors FORWARDER magazine






ew research has forecast double-digit growth in the

Service and maintenance contracts are paid on a predictable and

warehouse automation market over the next five years.

recurring basis which means that as the installed base increases,

The report, by market research firm Interact Analysis,

the revenues generated from service and maintenance contracts

reveals how the rise of e-commerce and omni-channel retail has

also increase over time. This alleviates some of the pressures from

been a catalyst for automation applications in warehouses globally.

weaker order intake in the short-term. Furthermore, while the

Growing consumer demand for faster and cheaper online delivery

typical margins for equipment sales tends to be between 3% to 5%,

options has seen many retailers investing in warehouse automation

margins for service and maintenance can be as high as 15% which

to reduce order processing times and to cope with the increasingly

has a positive impact on profitability.

complex network of distribution channels. While most system integrators will encourage their customers to The news is tempered by the forecast of a temporary dip in year-

take out service and maintenance contracts, the contract length and

on-year growth in the short term. Among the reasons attributed

the level of service provided can vary significantly. The propensity for

to this slowdown, predicted between 2020 and 2021, are growing

customers to take out service and maintenance contracts is typically

tensions between the US and China, along with slowing demand in

linked to a number of key factors.

Europe, leading to uncertainty within the global economy. This has resulted in many firms delaying capital expenditure projects until

Geographically, German and US-based companies are more likely to

business conditions are more settled.

service equipment themselves, and not look for external support, while in the UK there is a preference for the instant convenience of

The longer-term growth outlook, however, gives reason to be positive.

taking out full service contracts. The type of company will also have

In addition to the logistical complexities of online order fulfilment, labour

an effect on its likelihood to utilise service contracts. Manufacturing

availability has also been a significant driver for automating warehouses.

industries, and particularly larger organisations within those

With the US unemployment rate currently at 3.8%, recruiting and

industries, tend to have dedicated on-site technicians. Retailers, on

retaining qualified staff is plaguing retailers and manufacturers alike. This

the other hand, would require more service from the integrator.

especially affects those exposed to e-commerce, where demand is more difficult to forecast and the seasonal spikes in demand can be several

Also of note is the business model employed by the end-user. The

times higher than the rest of the year. In light of these circumstances,

growing demand for e-commerce has resulted in the proliferation of

many retailers and manufacturers have implemented automation to

online retailers. The competitive and dynamic nature of the online

alleviate some of these pressures.

marketplace means retailers are frequently adapting and adjusting their business models. As a result, service contract lengths for

Elsewhere, the report provides insight into emerging areas of

e-commerce warehouses have decreased from 10-20 years to

opportunity within warehouse automation. With forecasts

three years. Furthermore, online retailers tend to have higher order

demonstrating the potential to slow in 2020 and in particular

throughputs and invest more in servicing and maintenance to limit

2021, service, maintenance and aftermarket sales will become an

system downtime.

increasingly important part of system integrators' business models.


FORWARDER magazine


Looking at the wider picture, there is reason to be optimistic. While order intake for large warehouse automation projects may be slowing in the short-term because of political and economic uncertainty, we forecast the market will return to double-digit growth rates by 2022 following the dip in revenue growth between 2020 and 2021. In the mid-to-long term, the logistical pressures which e-commerce puts on distribution networks and the growing consumer demand for faster and cheaper online delivery options will drive long-term and sustained growth in the warehouse automation market. Rueben Scriven, Research Analyst, Interact Analysis


Further information can be found at interactanalysis.com



FORWARDER magazine






eathrow is a major international airport, based in the


London, United Kingdom, and is the world’s second

In 1930, Richard Fairey, a British aero engineer and aircraft

busiest airport for international passenger traffic.

builder bought the 150-acre plot for £15,000 to build a private

FORWARDER have put together a brief history and fact file

airport and to assemble aircrafts. After minor airfield in 1929,

about Heathrow, including some of its biggest achievements.

which at the time, was accompanied by farms, market gardens and orchards. It wasn’t until 1944 that Heathrow was developed


into a much larger airport. It was intended for the airport to

Heathrow Airport is located fourteen miles west of Central

be a long-distance military aircraft for the Far East, however by

London, and its runways run east-west. Its site covers 12.27

the time it was actually completed, World War II was over. The

square kilometres and is owned by Heathrow Airport Holdings.

government continued with the expansion and became a civil

While Heathrow is London’s most popular airport, there are six

airport, officially opening on March 25 1946 as London Airport.

other airports located in the London area, including Gatwick,

It was later renamed to Heathrow Airport in 1966.

Stanstead, Luton, Southend and London City. According to Heathrow Airport, over 67 million passengers travel through the airport annually on services offered by 90 airlines travelling to over 180 destinations in over 90 countries. By the time Heathrow celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006 it had handled around 1.4 billion passengers on over 14 million flights. Freight services Heathrow Airport supports flights for passengers as well as cargo, providing a constant flow of takeoffs and landings every single day. Air cargo is one of the most popular forms of goods transportation, making Heathrow an essential port for regular imports and exports to England’s capital city. Heathrow’s airlines for freight include AirBridgeCargo Airlines, Cathay Pacific Cargo, DHL Aviation, Emirates SkyCargo, Korean Air Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo and Singapore Airlines Cargo. The freight services cover locations including Delhi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm and more.


FORWARDER magazine


TIMELINE 1944: Construction of London Airport's runways begins. 1946: London Airport officially opens. 1955: Her Majesty the Queen opens the Central Terminal Area and Control Tower. 1957: The first non-stop flight to California sets a new record for distance and time. 1964: The Beatles are mobbed at London Airport. 1966: The British Airports Authority is created. London Airport is renamed 'Heathrow'. 1969: Terminal 1 is opened. 1976: Concorde makes its first passenger flight. 1977: The London Underground link is opened. 1986: His Royal Highness Prince Charles and Princess Diana inaugurate Terminal 4. 1987: The British Airports Authority is privatised as BAA plc. 1996: Heathrow celebrates its 50th anniversary. 1997: The Terminal 5 public planning inquiry ends – the longest in UK history. 1998: The Heathrow Express rail service is launched. 2003: Three Concordes make their final touchdown at Heathrow. 2006: The Airbus A380 makes its first UK landing into a newly built Pier 6 at Terminal 3. 2007: A new air traffic control tower is operational – the tallest in the UK. 2008: Terminal 5 is officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen in March; The first commercial A380 flight arrives at Heathrow. 2009: Terminal 4 underwent a major refurbishment to improve facilities. 2010: Demolition work started on Terminal 2 to make way for its £1 billion replacement which opens on 4 June 2014. 2014: The brand new Terminal 2: The Queen's Terminal opened for business on 4 June. The first airline to move in was United Airlines. 2015: Terminal 1 closed. 2016: Heathrow celebrates its 70th anniversary. Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine








s the UK seeks to expand its global trading relationships post-

Within the consultation is a proposal to introduce a Heathrow

Brexit, ever more efficient air cargo links will be essential.

Ultra-Low Emission Zone (HULEZ) by 2022. Under this plan, any

Heathrow Airport, as the UK’s only international cargo hub,

passenger or private hire vehicle entering the airport which does

must be capable of handling this increased capacity. That is why it is so

not meet prescribed emission standards will be fined; the goal of

important, in the view of FTA – the voice of the logistics industry –

this scheme is to encourage passengers to use public transport or

that the Department for Transport (DfT) supports Heathrow Limited’s

invest in less polluting vehicles.  

ambition to construct a third runway. While we support  the urgent need to improve air quality, In June 2019, Heathrow Limited launched a three-month consultation

Heathrow Airport  is right to exclude freight vehicles from the

into its plans; FTA has submitted its response and fully supports the

scheme: environmentally friendly HGVs and vans are already flooding

vision of the proposal. In the view of FTA, the Airport Expansion

the market and HGVs will be subject to a tightening of the London-

Consultation lays out a comprehensive airport growth strategy which

wide Low Emission Zone from next year. As such, including freight

reinforces and expands the nation’s trading opportunities. Feedback

vehicles within the HULEZ would present no long-term benefit to

from the consultation will help Heathrow Limited refine its plans

air quality.

before it applies for a Development Consent Order (DCO) in 2020. Heathrow’s proposals for the night-time operation of the third Firstly, we agree with Heathrow Limited’s proposals for managing the

runway reflect the legal requirement for reduced services at this

construction of the third runway and associated infrastructure. This

time. FTA will work with the government and industry to make sure

includes delaying the demolition of the stretch of the A4 affected by the

the proposed operations are viable; whatever the solution reached,

third runway until the proposed new A4 diversion is in place and fully

the plans must strike a fair compromise between the needs of UK

operational. According to the project outline, the realignment of the M25

businesses, consumers and local residents. 

will be constructed off-line, with minimal construction or roadworks taking place on live roads, to avoid disruption to existing motorway traffic.

In addition to a third runway at Heathrow Airport, FTA wants to see air cargo capacity increase at other airports to unlock growth across

We are also pleased to see rail freight is poised to play a significant

the country. As with ports, adequate road and rail connectivity to

part in the construction phase, which will provide a notable boost

airports is vital; this must also be improved if the UK is to maximise

to the sector at national level and will improve the environmental

the air cargo opportunities available.

and social footprint of the project.


FORWARDER magazine


Efficient logistics is vital to keep Britain trading, directly having an impact on more than seven million people employed in the making, selling and moving of goods. With Brexit, new technology and other disruptive forces driving change in the way goods move across borders and through the supply chain, logistics has never been more important to UK PLC. A champion and challenger, FTA speaks to Government with one voice on behalf of the whole sector, with members from the road, rail, sea and air industries, as well as the buyers of freight services such as retailers and manufacturers. Alex Veitch, Head of Multimodal Policy, FTA



FORWARDER magazine






oland is the largest of the newer European Union (EU) member states. It has been one of the fastest developing countries in the EU in recent years. In 2014 its Gross Domestic Product

(GDP) increased by 3.3%, well above the EU average. Poland is located at the crossroads of European trade and transport routes. It can be an entry point to other Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries as well as emerging markets further east. Benefits for UK businesses exporting to Poland: •• Huge domestic market with over 38 million consumers •• English increasingly spoken, particularly by the younger generation •• Strong, dynamic economy •• Gateway to emerging markets of eastern Europe •• Over 300 flights a week between UK and Poland Strengths of the Polish market:

Challenges to doing business in Poland Doing business in Poland is very similar to doing business in the UK. If your product or service is successful in the UK, there is a good chance you will be successful in Poland.

•• Strategic location •• 105.8bn Euro of EU funds will be allocated to Poland 2014–2020

However, there are challenges. These include...

•• Young, well-educated workforce

•• Bureaucracy

•• Vast experience in trade with eastern Europe

•• Competitive market

•• Investment incentives in Special Economic Zones (SEZ), business and technology parks

•• Lack of clarity and transparency in tax administration

•• Availability of foreign lawyers, accountants and consultants in Poland to help foreign investors

•• Corruption

•• Tax burden


•• Slow judicial system •• Poor infrastructure, though improved after EURO 2012 projects


FORWARDER magazine




Poland is the 19th largest export market for the UK with

Polish legislation, though harmonised with EU requirements,

exports worth £3.83 billion.

is complex. Contact the Department for International Trade (DIT) team in Poland to help find tax and legal advisers

Main UK exports to Poland include:

before entering into agreements.

•• Electromechanical Products •• Chemicals •• Mechanical Devices


The UK was the largest investor in Poland in 2013. UK

Poland has a double taxation agreement with the UK. Poland

investment in Poland was worth more than more than

also has an investment promotion and protection (IPPA)

EUR3.3 billion.

treaty with the UK. VAT


The basic VAT rate is 23%, which is applied to the majority

•• Distributor

VAT at 8% is applied to certain goods and services such as fire

•• Importer

protection, specific groceries, hotel services, social housing

•• Direct Sales

programme modernisation. 5% VAT applies to supply certain

•• Partnership

(basic) food products.

of goods and services.

The main routes to market include:

•• Joint Venture •• Agent Or Commission Agent Direct sales into the Polish market can be difficult. It is

Corporate tax Corporate income tax is 19%. Find more information about corporate taxation on the Invest in Poland website.

often more effective to approach the market through local business partners with the ability to distribute and provide


technical support.

The internal market of the European Union is a single market which allows the free movement of goods and services.

Licensing and franchising are increasingly popular.

Therefore, no import duties apply.

Invest in Poland provides information on setting up a company or a branch office in Poland.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS You do not require a visa to travel or work in Poland, but passports must have 6 months remaining.

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/exporting-to-poland/ doing-business-in-poland-poland-trade-and-export-guide Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0. FORWARDER magazine






If you think about how long you spend on your mobile phone, then think about your customers – how long are they spending

on theirs and what are they doing on those devices? Statistics show that a huge amount of time is spent on mobiles and its growing. Your business should be available to these potential customers 24/7.





A mobile app for your business can massively contribute to

your brand awareness. Here are the two clear ways this can work. Brand. The strength of your brand may need some work, however if it is strong you are able to do a lot more of what you want with it; (Have Fun with it) But what you really want to do is create an app that has the features your customers will love, while at the

Apps serve many functions: They provide general

same time being well branded and beautiful in its design.. Always be

information, maps, prices, integrated booking forms,

thinking what your customers want. Recognition. The more often

individual user accounts, messengers, news feeds, testimonial pages

you can get customers involved with your app, (reasons to revisit)

(Digital word of mouth) and much more.

the sooner they will be inclined to buy your products and/or services and recommend to others – Digital word of mouth reselling for you.

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the information you want to provide to your customers including special sales and promotions is available right at their fingertips. With push notifications you can get even closer to your customers engaging directly about your products, services and unique selling points.





From selling products or tattoo services, your customers

need a way to reach you. Having a messaging (or help desk) feature within your app can really make a difference in the way you communicate with your customers. Are you like us? Do you

Push notifications are one of the most beneficial ways of

prefer to call and wait to book a restaurant table? With your App

communicating directly to your customers. We can’t avoid

customers can check availability, book the table, order the food if

that red message that needs action, that deal, that offer or update

they wish, with less than five clicks on their platform. Now think

you must press to find out more.

about it: How many customers would prefer to communicate with



Customers love being loyal and for you to reward them

keeps them with you and ensures they stay with you. We have always been frustrated getting that small printed loyalty card that fits in your wallet or purse only to find you had two more visits to claim your reward and you’ve lost it!!! The App can digitalise this loyalty

you in this way?



Most small businesses think that Apps are not for them and

they will wait at their own peril. But think about this “Soon people will be booking most things through their TV or home devices, using their voice, Booking what they want using a voice recognition

program you have in place, The result? More downloads, more traffic

addition to the company app. The younger generation will know

to your business that in turn will mean growth to your business that

no different and they will choose the companies that have this App

other media outlets won’t be able to achieve.

facility over yours.


FORWARDER magazine




The Features and benefits of an app to the client

Last, but not least, the most important reason why you

•• Increase Visibility to Clients at All Times. ...

should consider building your own mobile app is customer

•• Market More Directly – saving money on marketing spend

loyalty. With all the noise out there, roadside banners, billboards,

•• Provide Your Customers with Value

flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, website

•• Build Brand Recognition

banners, Facebook ads, and email marketing. We slowly lose our

•• Increase Customer Engagement

impact on customers because of the immense amount of advertising

•• Stand Out From the Crowd

surrounding us all. It’s time to go back to making a true and sincere

•• Increase Customer Loyalty

connection with your customers, and making them a loyal lover of

•• Turn Your App Into a Social Platform.

your product and/or service. I am not saying a mobile app is going

•• Booking or ordering directly to you

to save your business, but it can be a way of staying closer to your

•• Complement your website and social platforms

customers, and being just a “fingertip” away at all times.

•• Most people use mobile devices every day

Having a functional website is the place to start. After attracting new customers, urge them to download your app on their mobile devices. After that, use the app to generate profitable opportunities. Create engagement by encouraging user reviews and interactions. As you build brand loyalty, expand your reach to social circles and deliver personalised shopping experience.







ithium Batteries are continuing to be a huge topic of

Here’s a quick insight into lithium batteries

conversation across multiple industries. The UK government

What does a battery do? The electrolyte is a chemical medium

especially, are investing millions of pounds to research

that allows the flow of electrical charge between the cathode and

innovation projects with the aim to improve and meet environmental

anode. When a device is connected to a battery — a light bulb or an

targets that have been set for 2020.

electric circuit — chemical reactions occur on the electrodes that create a flow of electrical energy to the device.

What’s the 2020 goal? The UK is aiming to reduce absolute carbon Lithium ion batteries

Lithium metal batteries



With the aim to reuse and recycle, as well as using fossil fuel

Generally found in consumer

Contain lithium metal

alternatives, such as battery operated systems, the end goal is to

products such as mobile

or lithium compounds.

develop an electrified economy. Car manufacturers are working

phones, laptop computers,

Generally used in appliances

on electric and hybrid vehicles more vigorously than ever, working

tablets, power tools etc.

such as watches, calculators,

emissions by 34%.

towards the proposed plan to ban the sale of all diesel and petrol

temperature data loggers, etc.

cars by 2040. Lithium batteries in general are very safe but, because of their It’s not just the UK tightening up its eco-belt. On the other side

high energy capacity, if they are not treated with care or if they

of the globe, Australia’s federal government is aiming to be the

are abused or have a manufacturing fault then they can catch fire.

world’s leading country in the rapidly developing lithium-ion battery

Defective batteries have been the cause of a number of fires on

manufacturing sector. Western Australia is currently the world’s

board aircraft and during ground handling processes.

largest producer of lithium, a resource that is much sought after due its very high electrode potential. These batteries are used in

It is important to raise awareness of the hazards from lithium

batteries for smartphones and other portable electronic devices.

batteries and the importance of ensuring they are transported in

Furthermore, the electric car industry is expected to become

accordance with the Carriage of Dangerous Good Regulations, both

its biggest driver, and as of 2019 the Tesla GigaFactory has been

as cargo and by passengers. Shipping Lithium Batteries safely by

announced the largest producer of Lithium-ion batteries for electric

following the regulations ensures that we continue to mitigate the

mobility, at 23GW.

risks to people, property and environment during transportation.

The use of lithium batteries has grown at an exponential rate over the

Lithium batteries currently must be tested in accordance with

last few years as regulations have become stricter. These regulations

sub-section 38.3 of Manual of Test and Criteria. In January 2020 it

are now somewhat more complicated, particularly concerning the

will become a requirement for shippers and distributors of lithium

transportation of lithium batteries.

batteries to have a copy of the test summary from the manufacturer on hand. You may be required to produce this document to your freight forwarder prior to shipping. This is to ensure the safety requirements are being met by manufacturers.


FORWARDER magazine


What should I do? Don’t wait for the deadline, start reaching out to your manufacturers

If you are required to ship dangerous goods articles including lithium

now to get a copy of the test summary report.

batteries overseas by any mode of transport and need assistance on how to correctly prepare the package, marking, labelling and

If you would like a sample of the format of the Test summary report,

documentation, Logicom Hub Ltd can help.

don’t hesitate to ask Logicom Hub Ltd. Logicom Hub Ltd is a certified Civil Aviation Authority training One of the major risks associated with transportation of batteries

provider, working in the logistics industry to help shippers and freight

and battery operated equipment is the short-circuit of the battery.

forwarders navigate through the dangerous goods regulations. We

A battery short-circuit is the result of terminals coming into contact

train every mode of transport in an interactive, relaxed and shared

with each other or other conductive surfaces. All packed batteries

learning environment. Watch out for our online dangerous goods

must be separated to prevent short circuiting and damage to the

training courses. Giving our customers access to the right training

terminals and placed in strong, rigid packaging. Make sure your

at the right time.

packaging meets the required standards.


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irtual reality has undergone a huge breakthrough over

The police force has been educating drivers, cyclists and

the last few years, particularly in gaming. Putting this

pedestrians to look out for hazards such as blind spots,

360-degree tech revolution to an educational use, police

left-turning vehicles and opening doors. The content

officers have been educating cyclists and drivers about road safety.

is available to all, and the message is uniform. Steven

Road-related accidents are one of the most common causes of injury

explained a little more about the videos that are shown

(and even fatality). During 2017, around 171,000 casualties and 1,793

through VR technology...

fatalities occurred*. The number of deaths caused by road-related accidents in 2017 represented 0% change from 2016's statistics,


so the police force recognised that educating road users could

This video educates drivers on awareness and safety of

positively impact the number of road collisions (no pun intended).

cyclists on the road. According to the Met, on average,

FORWARDER magazine spoke to the Metropolitan Police, who

there are two fatalities and over 700 are injured through

gave us an insight into how exactly these VR clips are making our

dooring-related incidents each year. In Holland the

roads a safer place...

number of injured is much lower, at 250**. So, how is this number so low when Amsterdam is packed with cyclists?

360-degree virtual reality (VR) gives users a different type of

New drivers are taught to use their adjacent hand to open

experience in watching a video. In one form of VR kit, the user places

the car door from the inside, meaning that they have to turn

a blacked-out headset on (similar to a ski mask), and a mobile device

their body (and will therefore either be encouraged to look

is placed in the 'window' of the headset, meaning that the device's

behind them to check for cyclists, or will look into their wing

screen fills the user’s vision. With artificial intelligence technology,

mirror) to open their car door. Encouraging safety checks

the user can physically twist and turn themselves a whole three-

before opening a vehicle door could save a cyclist from injury

hundred-and-sixty degrees, and the video will reflect the user’s

or even fatality, as that is one of the reasons cyclists are at

physical movements. Giving a 3D effect, this VR experience is like

great risk when cycling past parked cars.

no other and the user is captivated in an alternate reality. Quite understandably, this can achieve powerful and eye-opening effects

We also have a video that is currently being edited,

on the user. Met Police recognised this and now uses this method of

which uses the same technology to highlight the benefits

education to put a user in engineered, reality-like situations. Police

of the Dutch-reach method of door opening. The driver or

officers can now set road users in dangerous circumstances such as

pedestrian uses the “off hand” to open a car door, which

a bike incident or a car crash, all without facing the physical or long-

causes the body to turn, giving an improved position to view

term emotional consequences.

outside the vehicle. HGVs turning left and doors being opened into the path of cyclists are the most dangerous and most

We are the team that is responsible for delivering Exchanging Places, an educational tool that has been running since 2010 in excess of 45,000 people. Steven Wilson, Cycle Safety Team

numerous, respectively, incidents involving cyclist injuries.



FORWARD TECH Exchanging Places

Simulated car crash

Another form of education for cyclists and their safety when

Designed to shock, the VR simulated car crash places the user as

travelling via roads, which focuses on HGVs. Prior to the 360o VR

the passenger in a car crash. This video was created by the fire

clips, police forces offered cyclists a chance to sit in an HGV with a

service and is also used by the police. It represents how distracted

police officer, whilst a second officer would cycle around the vehicle

driving, such as mobile phone use, not paying attention, distracting

to highlight areas of danger such as left turning and key blind spots.

passengers and speeding can all lead to dangerous driving, resulting

To carry out one safety demonstration, it could take up to four

in a severe crash.

officers to be present during the ‘lesson.’ This was time consuming

everyone but highlights the dangers of driving whilst distracted,

and would mean four police officers need to be off duty.

explains Steven. The VR experience enacts the scene of a car crash,

We have a simulated car crash that is not for

placing the participant as the front-seat passenger, witnessing the Since the VR 360 videos have been introduced, the Met Police are

dangers, the crash, and the distressing scenes after the crash. Whilst

able to provide quick and safe educational visits that require less

the Met Police recognise that this video may not be for everyone and

time and staff.

can leave viewers shocked, it uses a more impactful method in order


for the message to hit home. Whether you’re a driver or passenger, Moving forward we have noticed that not every location or user

it’s important to recognise dangers before they get out of control.

has the ability to climb into a truck, so we took the decision to move to virtual reality. This has been far more efficient to run the project,

Not only do these videos provide an educational message, they also

as two policing staff can now deliver to up to 16 people at one time.

provide warnings for the consequences that follow. Drivers may

We are also less vulnerable to the weather [affecting the experience],

speed or allow distractions due to smaller consequences such as

as the equipment is portable and can be delivered indoors.

being late to work, or acting cool in front of friends. However, the consequences of danger could be much worse, such as putting yours and other lives at risk, or facing jail time should the danger cost a life. With the use of these VR experiences, road users can be taught to be aware and vigilant of the dangers around them. Another major advantage is that the video itself doesn’t require any expensive equipment to present to its audience. Although we use the Oculus VR system, the video has been uploaded to YouTube and works with any smart phone device. Simply hold the device out in front of you whilst the video is running and it will be usable to you. Part of the reason for this is these dangers aren’t London-only problems, and whilst many cities and forces may not experience the same numbers of incidents, there is no reason why they cannot benefit from our resources. Any Local authority or police force can contact us for a copy of the video for their own use.


FORWARDER magazine


The Metropolitan Police force has been showcasing these educational videos for over ten years, tackling the factors that contribute to accidents that occur daily. Our roads can be made safer with a little more thought and care, which is exactly the message these videos aim to achieve. Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine * 2017, Gov.UK road casualty annual statistics for Britain ** Statistics from DfT Note from the Editor: this is an article modified from issue 43 ...we just wanted to see it in print.

Note from the Editor: this is an article modified from issue 43 ...we just wanted to see it in print. FORWARDER magazine





arlier this year, it was predicted that global IoT spending

Sensors are the second piece to the puzzle. Smart cities are powered

would grow to $1.2 trillion by 2022, with the suggestion

by an intelligent network of sensors that collect and transmit data

that IoT market is at a turning point, as projects move from

that is used to gather insights and information. Today, sensors are

proof of concept into commercial deployment.

around the size of a hockey puck (or smaller), and tomorrow, they could be the size of a speck of dust, invisible to the human eye.

Behind the rapid growth of IoT spending is the intersection of

The sensors can be placed all along our roads and can interact with

different industries that reap the benefits of shared IoT domains.

people’s connected devices such as mobile phones or fitness trackers,

One of the fastest-growing intersections identified by IDC is vehicle-

to transmit information on our road networks and infrastructure.

to-infrastructure (V2I) solutions, fuelled by both fleet managers or field service managers and local authorities looking to optimise the

The benefits for fleets

supply chain through IoT. When it comes to shared domains, the

For commercial fleets, an intelligent network of sensors and live data

possibilities for what IoT can achieve are endless, and the smart city

can be used in a variety of ways to help increase driver safety and

is one exciting area where this is really starting to take shape.

productivity. While technology already exists to monitor acceleration, braking and other driver behaviours, imagine how safety could be

How do smart cities work?

advanced when combined with additional data points from IoT

Smart cities use Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to

devices. For example, sensors can be used to monitor weather and

gather and analyse information across infrastructure. This helps city

road conditions to provide updates on potential danger points, in

authorities to intelligently manage their assets, increase efficiencies,

near-real time. This could be used to help drivers avoid stretches of

revolutionise transport, reduce costs and, in theory, enhance overall

road with black ice or other hazards. It could also help managers with

quality of life for residents. For fleets, there is a huge potential

compliance processes and risk mitigation. In addition, local authorities

upside: with connected infrastructure, drivers will be able to receive

could use the data to assess the condition of the roads to help

and send an unprecedented amount of data to make their job easier

prioritise maintenance activities and keep roads in good condition.

and be more efficient. Sensors can also notify drivers of increased traffic on the roads There are two key technologies that are powering smarter cities.

and help with smarter routing, helping to cut journey times. Data

First is the next generation of data transfer speeds. 5G offers

from sensors and user data could also be integrated with machine

continued technological advancements for IoT solutions, such as

learning processes to help transit authorities better calibrate traffic

extraordinarily high speeds, lower latency and massive scalability.

light schedules, lane allocations and variable speed limits – all based

This can deliver dramatically quicker data movement from one

on traffic demand, weather conditions and other key factors. Finding

point to another, which means data can be collected, processed

parking spaces will also be a thing of the past as sensors can alert

and analysed faster than ever before.

drivers when spaces are free. Less time finding a space can reduce idling, cut down pollution and fuel consumption.


FORWARDER magazine


Improving city planning Cities the world over are starting to adopt a ‘smart city

These are just early examples of a how smart city approach will help

approach.' The town of Alba Iulia in Romania has recently

governments and city planners understand how transport infrastructure

been used as a test-bed for a large number of smart city pilot

is used and make better infrastructure decisions for the future. Better

projects, many of which aimed at testing how smart cities

infrastructure combined with smarter route planning powered by smart

can help manage vehicle traffic. Image sensors around the city

cities will make cities more accessible for vehicle fleets – meaning more

are used to monitor traffic flow, volume and density to help

time on the open road and less time stuck in traffic.

city planners understand particular pain points for drivers and inform future infrastructure development projects.

Supercharging fleets with IoT and MRM

Moreover, a number of air quality monitoring stations are

Businesses need a software platform that will allow them to tap into

being used to detect levels of pollution and identify particular

all the new information provided by smart cities. That’s where Mobile

contaminants in the air, providing an overview of the city’s

Resource Management (MRM) comes in. MRM is the technology that

carbon footprint and helping to promote public health. In

helps fleet managers and operations directors connect all the dots,

Barcelona, it is being used to make decisions for the city’s

allowing all constituents of a fleet to communicate and interact with

buses, allowing authorities to optimise routes and schedules

data sources to gain near real-time insights. MRM uses mobile and

based on accurate, live data. In Singapore, the concept is being

the cloud to connect an organisation from the front line to the back

embraced even further, with many municipal institutions

end - and all the individuals involved between – to enable businesses

using IoT sensors to improve public transport performance,

to optimise their operations. By navigating the new smart cities with

publicise vacant car parks to citizens and provide up-to-

MRM, fleets can become safer and more efficient, delivering greater

date levels information on flood levels, amongst many other

results for customers and the enterprise.

things. Singapore also has Robocars, one of the first public trials of self-driving cars for consumers.

Sergio Barata, General Manager EMEA, Verizon Connect





ECO 2020


ue to rising costs on nearly every front, supply chain,

solutions that use a bevy of sensors and intelligent technologies

distribution and warehouse players are all experimenting

to automate the entire system. When sensors detect an empty

with ways to boost efficiency and reduce those same

room, for example, the lights will automatically turn off.

costs. Converting to an eco-friendly and minimal footprint facility, for example, contributes to a lowered dependency on

While there is an upfront installation and replacement cost for

conventional resources and help boost productivity.

using such technologies, warehouse operations could realise a savings of up to 80% when compared to conventional solutions.

Labour costs are yet another concern. Worker wages and salaries are rising, alongside a growing need for longer workdays

2. Upgrade or downgrade the equipment

to keep up with production and consumer demand — which also

It’s a well-known fact that older, less efficient hardware and

introduces overtime.

machines tend to consume a lot more energy. There are several reasons for this. First, they lose efficiency over time as

Failure to optimise operations can lead to much higher costs or

a natural result of wear and tear. Second, today’s equipment is

even outright failure, culminating in the business going belly-up.

designed from the ground up to be more efficient. Moreover,

It stands to reason, then, that modern warehouse operations

many newer technologies employ a low-power or hibernation

must strive to enhance their overall efficiency lest they suffer

function that minimises energy consumption while they’re

the consequences.

powered on and not in use.

The question is, how can they do this? What steps can you take

Your warehouse can exponentially boost cost savings by

to improve warehouse efficiency and convert your operation

switching from fuel-operated to electric machinery. Doing

into a more eco-friendly one?

so cuts down on the cost of fuel consumption and lowers contaminants dispersed in the air through emissions.

1. Install smart lighting In 2018, the U.S. residential and commercial sectors collectively

Alternatively, consider downgrading some equipment to reduce

used about 232 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity for lighting.

dependency on common fuels and resources. Using a mix of

That equates to 8% of the total power consumed by both

manual labour and hydraulic jacks can offset a high demand

sectors, and 6% of the total U.S. consumption.

for forklifts and heavy machinery. In some cases, the analogue option tends to be safer for workers too. For instance, pallet

That’s a lot of electricity consumed by lighting alone. But by

jacks employ a hydraulic system to help individual workers lift

swapping to smarter, more efficient solutions — even LED bulbs

heavy loads without injuring themselves or incurring added

— it's possible to save massive amounts of money. Managers of

stress on their bodies.

warehouses and supply chain facilities should take note. More importantly, they should be experimenting with smart lighting


FORWARDER magazine


3. Reuse and recycle

Going green will pay off

Waste is another significant concern for eco-friendly and green

The initial investment or buy-in for creating a greener, more

initiatives. It’s not only about how much waste the operation is

eco-friendly facility can seem high, maybe even daunting. But it’s

producing, but also where it’s going and how it’s getting disposed of.

essential to understand a green initiative is well worth it because of the cost savings, if nothing else.

Consider reusing certain items to cut down on the total waste produced within the warehouse. For example, can you repurpose

The tips discussed here can cut down on energy and water

storage containers?

consumption fees, for a start. They can also create a healthy environment inside warehouses. Reducing fuel and gas usage,

Alternatively, warehouse operations can lower their use of

for instance, helps eliminate emissions and potentially hazardous

packaging and raw materials. Be sure to appropriately recycle

contaminants that get introduced to the air.

any waste you cannot reuse or repurpose. Before diving in, it’s always a good idea to conduct an audit to 4. Smart sensors for saving water

see just how inefficient your operation truly is. From there, it’s

Water-conservation initiatives are another concern in green

a matter of optimising and upgrading age-old practices, mainly

facilities. Low-flow toilets and taps are necessary to cut down

through new technologies and smarter, more efficient operations.

on water waste. Install auto-feed and auto-flush sensors to cut down on water usage in bathrooms. Additional smart sensors,

Megan Ray Nichols, contributor

such as leak sensors, can make a difference throughout a facility.





M&A for the global freight & logistics industry

+44 (0)20 3872 6906 • enquiries@freightmergers.com 25 Wilton Road, Victoria. London

Freight Mergers are specialists in selling owner-managed freight forwarding, transportation and logistics businesses. For most company owners, selling their business is the most important financial transaction of their life. Therefore, we tailor our services to each individual client’s needs, utilising our mastered, proactive approach to selling businesses that connects strategic buyers with sellers who are aiming to realise the value of their business. We have over ten years of experience in the sector and, due to our specialist approach and unparalleled network, we can put you in touch with international and domestic trade buyers.

www.freightmergers.com 96

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Ref. 898FM | France

Ref. 763FM | Germany

Key business features

Key business features

•• Established in 2004

•• International air & ocean freight forwarder

•• Privately owned

•• Privately owned – one shareholder

•• International air & ocean: 70%

•• 3 offices across Germany

•• Logistics & road freight: 30%

•• 19 staff

•• 46 staff (2 locations)

•• 50% air freight, 50% sea freight | 70% export, 30% import

•• Clearly defined 2nd-tier management structure

•• Sectors: events logistics and general cargo

•• Export: 66% (China, India, S.E Asia) | Import: 33%

•• Export to China, South America, North America

•• Sectors: aerospace, events, AOG, general cargo

•• Import from China

•• Turnover €16m

•• Turnover €7.0m

•• EBITDA €1.0m

•• PBT €1.0m




+44 (0)20 3872 6906




Ref. 290FM | Germany

Ref. 448FM | South East USA & South America

Key business features

Key business features

•• Established in 1980

A licensed, national customs broker, freight forwarder and NVOCC

•• Privately owned

•• Established 20 years ago

•• 2 offices across Europe, 44 staff combined

•• Privately owned – looking to continue under new ownership

•• 90% sea freight – Asia, EU, Far East | 10% air freight

•• 20 staff across 3 locations

•• Imports: FAK Cargo, consumer, textiles, industrial

•• Sector: focus on moving large mining, construction and oil/gas machinery, also moving general freight

•• Exports: Automotive, chemicals, industrials

•• 60% ocean | 30% road | 8% air | 2% rail

•• Owner would look at retaining a minority stake in the business

•• Turnover $10m

•• Turnover €20m | PBT €200k •• No debt


david@freightmergers.com +44 (0)20 3872 6906 FORWARDER magazine ISSUE45







Ref. 2232FM | London Heathrow (LHR) Key business features


Import 17% Export 48% OCEAN

•• Company trading 10+ years •• Six full-time members of staff including two Directors •• IATA and BIFA accredited •• Diverse spread of clients, top 15 represent 78% of T/O •• Global network of partners offering multimodal solutions •• Moved 683,218 kg of air freight in 2017 ••157 LCL and 175 FCL shipments in 2017


Import 18% Export 8% ROAD

Import 3% Export 1% UK DOMESTIC



T/O: £1.3m Adj. PBT: £200k

2018 ••Turnover: £1.30m


+44 (0)20 3872 6906

•• Gross profit: £410k •• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £200k 2017 ••Turnover: £1.43m •• Gross profit: £454k

SELLER OF THE MONTH •• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £220k


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Ref. 4356FM | UK, US & Germany Overview •• My client offers global freight forwarding, customs brokerage and supply chain management providing air, ocean & road services alongside value-added services •• Having grown organically over a period of 45 years, they are now generating annual consolidated revenue of €300+ million •• Originally established in Europe, they now have a worldwide presence with 20 offices and 1,000+ employees whilst still remaining privately owned ••The primary markets for my client are China, U.K, Australia, South Africa, the Middle East and the U.S. •• With consistent profits and a capital fund, my client is in a strong position with the ability and capacity to acquire privately owned companies

Investment remit •• Focus on international freight (air and ocean), with limited trucking or domestic operations •• Companies located in UK, U.S and Germany ••Turnover of the business to be a minimum of €5.0m, preferably €10m - €50m •• Privately owned companies •• 5+ staff •• Gross operating margin: Expected to be in region of 15 to 30% •• Company must control business rather than large amounts of agent-routed cargo






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The leading job board for the global freight industry

Reimagined. Redesigned. Relaunched.

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DELIVERS SOMETHING SPECIAL A GLOBAL freight forwarding company based in Aberdeen

Sarah Palmer, General Manager at Pentagon, is behind the new

is delivering something truly special – an apprenticeship

initiative, having started her own career straight from school.

scheme aimed at redressing the industry’s skills shortages.

She said:

Since the downturn of the oil and gas industry a few

Pentagon Freight Services is already renowned for safely shipping

years ago it became evident to us there was a distinct lack of fresh

complex oil and gas equipment around the world. But now the

talent coming through recruitment channels. Because there isn’t a

company is taking three young recruits on a very different kind of

natural apprenticeship for freight forwarders in Scotland we decided

journey, one that will set them on a career path.

to take the matter into our own hands by creating an in-house training programme. It’s wonderful to be offering school leavers

Pentagon Freight Services has been established for over 45 years and our people are our most important asset. It is important

from the local community this kind of opportunity and for Pentagon to be nurturing homegrown talent.

that our business continues to attract and retain talent and this new initiative delivers our ongoing commitment to encourage and

The new recruits – Cerys Farmer, 18, Jay Morrison, 18, and Liam

develop prospective talent for the future. We are excited to launch

Ritchie, 19 – will each undergo 15 weeks of training within the

our new Apprenticeship Programme, as we continue to follow our

operations team.

Mission to be recognised as the Best-In-Class Freight Forwarding & Logistics Service Provider to the Energy & Resource industries. The

Based in the Dyce office, they will deal with everything from

start of my career in the logistics industry, is very similar to that of

providing job quotations to meeting clients, as well as arranging

the new apprentices in our Apprenticeship Programme. During my

shipments and custom clearance.

early years in the industry, I was encouraged to complete industry specific education and training, gaining business qualifications in the

Cerys and Jay’s mums both work in freight and encouraged their

logistics arena over several years of study. Combined with all-round

children to pursue careers in the field.

experience obtained whilst working, this has provided me with the skills for a long and successful career in the logistics industry. Ashley Taylor, Chief executive, Pentagon Freight Services


FORWARDER magazine


Cerys, who attended Oldmachar Academy, said:

I’m enjoying

Finally, a word from the chief executive...

learning new things, which is hands-on rather than just theory.

Ashley said:

No two days are the same.

is to embrace all opportunities offered, with a positive and can-do

My advice to young aspiring logistics professionals

attitude. Passion and persistence, together with a desire to attain Liam, 19, a former Inverurie Academy pupil, said:

I was looking

the necessary skills, will ensure a successful and long-term career

for a career and it sounded interesting, so I decided to just go for

in the logistics industry. It is important that we challenge ourselves

it. I’ve come in with an open mind and I look forward to learning as

every day and have the drive to succeed, while adding value to the

much as I can.

business and our customers. The journey throughout my career has been extremely satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable. Passion to

The Aberdeen office is the first to start up the scheme, and Pentagon

succeed and provide strategic leadership, growth and vision to the

are looking to roll it out to the other five UK offices over the next

Group remains my key priority.

few years. Jackie Webster, Commercial Manager at Pentagon, said the scheme


reflected the firm’s 'can do' attitude.

Pentagon Freight is an international freight forwarding company established in 1974. With 136 staff spread across it’s

She said:

We are now in contact with the schools around the city

five UK bases as well as in a variety of international locations,

and Aberdeenshire. It’s new to us all and we are learning together.

Pentagon is able to offer first class service to the Oilfield,

We decided to develop school leavers because in-house we have the

Energy and Marine sectors. For more information visit their

very best people to train them. We are very much looking long term

website: www.pentagonfreight.com Or contact Sarah Palmer

and quite honestly the future has never looked brighter.

at 01224 405600

ABOUT AZZURRO-BLU Azzurro-Blu is an independent marketing agency based in Aberdeen that covers PR activities for Pentagon Freight. For further information please visit azzurro-blu.com or contact Lewis Robinson at 01224 600005.

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ryang@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)161 696 1738

Bolloré Logistics is a company like no other. Our experience, as part of a family group, goes all the way back to 1822. Today, as a global leader in international transport and logistics, we draw on our heritage to keep going forward - always looking beyond the horizon and striving to achieve more for our clients.

I am currently recruiting for an Ocean Import Operator based in Manchester

Join our Aircraft on Ground shift team at Heathrow and you will have the opportunity to let your AOG expertise and customer service skills shine brightly. Working 4 days on/4 days off shift pattern, key responsibilities include:

•• Arranging collections on all dedicated movements •• Booking all shipments with airlines •• Updating customers with flight details within 45 minutes •• Completing MAWB and Customs entries •• Pre-alerting customer and network •• Complete invoicing and filing •• Arranging EC import movements from start to finish •• Assisting on arranging Hand Carries •• Handling AOG dedicated road movement •• Ensuring excellent data quality by paying strict attention to data accuracy. You’ll be educated TO GCSE level and possess excellent ITC skills, including a thorough knowledge of MS packages. We’re seeking candidates with three years’ industry related experience, excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, and strong attention to detail, as well as the ability to adapt and work effectively as part of a team. To apply send your CV to kerry.cairns@bollore.com or for more information visit our website.


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This is a truly global name in the freight forwarding market with a presence in over 100 countries worldwide. This role is ideal for an operator with experience in the job and is who aiming to join a larger company with fantastic career opportunities.

Responsibilities •• Liaising with clients / overseas partners / agents. •• Speaking with customers and clients on a regular basis,

negotiating rates and providing quotations. •• Contacting clients, making sure all information and paperwork has been received for the shipment. •• Working on key accounts and general imports (LCL/FCL) from global destinations. •• Dealing with import documentation from start to finish including customs entries. •• Making sure all documentation is processed and input into the system.



London & South East, Manchester, Liverpool Highly competitive package and benefits

It’s a state of mind. As markets evolve and global networks grow increasingly complex, transport and logistics solutions need to be more agile, integrated and innovative than ever before. At Bolloré Logistics, we pride ourselves on the ‘can-do’ attitude of every one of our 20,600 employees, across 107 countries. So if you can combine that entrepreneurial spirit with good experience selling services across all modes of international logistics, we’ll give you the opportunities, the support – and the sheer global scale and scope – to get you wherever you want to be. We’re seeking a number of Strategic Sales people with experience within Logistics and Freight Forwarding. If this sounds like you, here’s an opportunity to use all your experience and initiative to sell new solutions and services to a variety of industries spanning all modes of international logistics. To apply send your CV to kerry.cairns@bollore.com or for more information visit our website.




We are working on behalf of a freight forwarder who requires an export manager in a full-time role based in Colnbrook/Slough.

Job Description The focus of the job entails that objectives are established for the storage and/or distribution of products to maintain product safety, quality and legality in accordance with the quality policies of the BRC Standard.

•• To manage the export department and staff •• To arrange the export of cargo by air, and ocean •• Liaise with airlines •• Liaise with HMRC, Port & Plant Health and other

government bodies •• Organise export clearances, and correct documentation relating to the movement of cargo •• Create export documentation required for the shipping of cargo •• Provide a high level of customer service •• Liaise with overseas offices, partners and agents •• Strong Administration skills •• To sort, filter and distribute documentation, and create and maintain job files in an accurate and timely manner. •• Arrange the X-ray screening of cargo in line with CAA/DFT regulations •• Arrange bookings with airlines, shipping lines and transporters

Compliance duties •• Control and maintenance of quality management system and procedures •• Management of internal audit program •• Undertake warehouse hygiene inspections


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OCEAN IMPORT OPERATOR LEEDS, UK £COMPETITIVE ryang@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)161 696 1738

I am recruiting for a well known, local and independent freight forwarder looking to add to their expanding team in Leeds. This has client has been operating for over 30 years assisting their clients with their logistics requirements from a wide range of industries including aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, events and exhibitions, chemicals and oil and gas. The position is for an experienced Air and Sea Operator with customs experience.

Responsibilities •• Liaising with clients / overseas partners / agents. •• Speaking with customers and clients on a regular basis, negotiating rates and providing quotations.

•• Contacting clients, making sure all information

and paperwork has been received for the shipment. •• Working on key accounts and general imports (LCL/FCL) from global destinations. •• Dealing with import documentation from start to finish including customs entries. •• Making sure all documentation is processed and input into the system.

Export duties •• Management of export operations •• Administration of warehouse systems (WIRES) •• Management of internal controls •• Forward planning of resources to ensure effective delivery of products and services

•• Assisting with BRC documentation •• Ensuring compliance with relevant EU legislation •• Member of Food Safety / HACCP team




We have an opportunity for a Network Control Group Supervisor with one of the biggest freight forwarders in the world. This is a Management role, based at the Southern Distribution Centre in Colnbrook. Managing 6 direct reports of varying experience levels, we are seeking a proven manager with experience in transport management and analysis of technical data. The NCG team are responsible for monitoring all fleet vehicles to ensure timely delivery of shipments and customs clearance of shipments in the air to ensure our time definite delivery services can be achieved. We are seeking a candidate who has experience working with Customs systems, transport or warehouse management systems, technical ability is key for this role and proven experience working with and training staff on complex IT systems is a necessity.

CUSTOMS CLEARANCE CLERK HEATHROW, UK – £22,000–£30,000 tom@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 934

•• Completing a high standard of air/sea import entries •• Working accurately in fast-paced environment •• 3 or more years’ experience with customs entries


•• To implement and support departmental strategies. To assist in managing the day to day operation and staff within the NCG, in order to effectively monitor all elements required for successful network operations. Reporting any detriments to service, highlighting root cause and analysis with short/long term solutions. To monitor and communicate all departure and arrival times within the SDC/ Customer Collections/Deliveries. •• The Network Control Supervisor is responsible for the performance of his shift or function within the network group. He/she must ensure that all operational problems are resolved/ or escalated to direct report, so that customer expectations are achieved and resources optimised, within operational cost performance, agreed budgets. •• Must be able to lead, manage, motivate and communicate effectively to all areas and levels of operations staff within the team. •• Key focus on achieving service excellence within agreed cost parameters while maintaining a strong customer facing position and driving improvement in customer satisfaction. •• •• Must be organised and facilitate staff Rosta coverage as well as holiday/Overtime approvals. •• Successful candidate will be required to work flexible hours around the operation to ensure departmental needs are satisfied. •• Successful candidate must be committed to travel away on management training courses and events. •• Skill/Experience required •• Minimum 3 to 5 years of man-management experience within or a similar industry. •• Higher level of education with additional qualifications specific to this role. •• High level of Microsoft office knowledge/experience. •• Dangerous Goods by road and by air •• Health and safety •• Man management •• Knowledge of the UK Road Maps would be an advantage







LONG BEACH, LOS ANGELES, CA $65k TO $125k D.O.E. PLUS BENEFITS jason@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 481 5364

tom@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 558 2953

Key info •• $40k-$50k •• Minimum of 2 years in ocean export role •• Full documentation A-Z

AIR EXPORT MANAGER CHICAGO, IL tom@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 558 2953

Key info •• Salary based on experience •• 5+ years managerial experience •• Working for a top 25 global freight forwarder

GATEWAY SUPERVISOR CHICAGO, IL tom@headfordgroup.com | +1 (470) 558 2953

Key info •• $60k-$70k •• 2+ years freight forwarding industry experience •• Supervisory experience in a freight forwarding environment


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The Sales Representative responsibility is to source new sales opportunities and maintain existing clients. This position also supports the Director of Business Development.

The day to day... •• Ability to represent our company with pride and

distinction in comparison to our competitors. •• Manage customer interactions including fostering relationships, making customer calls and closing deals. •• Participate in face-to-face client meetings independently as well as partnering with other sales personnel may occur at times. Manage accounts and act as a liaison between the customer and our company. •• Perform all aspects of the sales process and input/update all relevant activities utilising CRM daily (required). •• New business and maintain an existing account base. •• Maintain a strong working relationship with Operations. •• Obsession with delivering happiness to customers.

The job •• Having strong industry business contacts is a plus. •• Excellent communication, interpersonal, and

organizational skills. You should be a great writer, speaker, and listener. •• Fearlessness – willing to hop on the phone with new people every day and explain value proposition as it relates to everyone you speak with. •• Results-oriented achiever and a team player willing to work in a demanding and dynamic environment. •• Ability to work with a diverse and inclusive group. •• A mastery of email communication. You keep the inbox at zero. •• Bachelor’s degree desired. •• Experience with logistics processes, system and solutions. CargoWise experience a plus. •• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite. •• Requires a minimum of 3-5 years field sales in freight forwarding or 2 years of operational experience.






matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0) 1454 62 8787

becky@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)7843 906 423

Key info •• Hunter sales across Europe •• Build relationships and increase revenue •• Add verticals outside of reefer

Seeking an ambitious station manager to join an international logistics organisation in Le Havre, France.

INSIDE SALES MUNICH; SALZBURG; VIENNA €COMPETITIVE matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0) 1454 62 8787

Key info •• Top 5 Freight Forwarder •• Work with customers and operators •• Amazing opportunities to progress and excellent bonus

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE FRANKFURT; MUNICH; STUTTGART €COMPETITIVE matt@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0) 1454 62 8787

Key info •• Top 5 Freight Forwarder •• Uncapped bonus with excellent benefits •• Need German and English language skills, local knowledge and a book of contacts

The company A well-established, international logistics organisation with expertise in specific fields. They pride themselves on providing a high-quality service. Customer service and satisfaction are at the core of all they do. Originating in Germany, the company has grown quickly, having a presence in France since 2015.

The role •• As Station Manager you will have management

responsibility for two employees, with the possibly of more in the future. We are seeking an experienced individual with proven skills in international sea freight export and import. •• You must have experience in a forwarding agency and a solid operational background. •• Longevity as a sea freight import/export clerk at a forwarding agency is a must, as well as logistics knowhow. •• Sales contacts would be desirable, but plays a subordinate role. •• This role does not require a senior manager with longevity in management but an experienced clerk with some leadership skills and ambition to be a future managing director of a small branch. •• The main task of the new person would be the operative running of the office and communication with the higher management in head office. •• A driving licence and very good English is a must; German is beneficial but not essential.

Benefits and Package •• A salary package will depend on the person but is competitive.

•• 35 hours per week •• 30 days of holiday per year

Fill your vacancies

Back oďŹƒce

Let us assist with your company's growth...


Europe +44 01454 275957 ryan@headfordgroup.com


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Operations Sales Management

USA Sourcing market-leading talent.


Your strategic growth partner. Executive Search • Branch Startups • Senior Appointments • Mergers & Acquisitions • Media

Considering a change? More responsibility? Fairer pay? Better commission? Send us your CV today...

Asia +1 404 592 6315 lewis@headfordgroup.com

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ocial media is becoming more than just a status or a photo

you are more likely to gain views from audiences throughout the

update. As we scroll through the black hole of social media,

entire day. Furthermore, if you are targeting B2B, consider posting

it’s easy to get caught in a thread of videos. However, using

your video between the standard working hours of 9am and 5pm,

this form of interaction as a marketing tool could gain your business

which will gain you the most exposure.

exposure to a wider audience. Keep your video concise

Here at FORWARDER we offer a video marketing service.

There’s nothing worse than a rambling video with no true purpose.

An example of our previous client work is our interview-based

Make sure your video is quick and concise and communicates

‘Move it Like…’ videos, which are then shared on our company

exactly what you want it to. Whether it’s advertising your services,

website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. Videos are

discussing your business or you’re making a call to action (CTA),

a great way to incorporate multimedia forms of advertising, and are

always involve the viewer by making the video as relatable as

proving to be increasingly popular. Thinking of testing the waters?

possible. Any additional information can be added into the caption

FORWARDER has put together some tips on how a promo video

of the video.

could benefit your marketing strategy.

Brand your video LinkedIn

Add your logo, insert your website details and maintain your brand

LinkedIn is a great platform that merges both social media and

theme throughout the video. It’s important to create a solid identity

professional networking in one place. LinkedIn users tend to be

for your brand, especially when marketing your business (you can read

interested in business, whether it’s news, information and companies

all about how to create a brand identity on our website under our

in the same work sector, peers’ updates...and recruiters also use

Marketing Focus section). Creating a brand for yourself is setting your

the platform to head hunt candidates. Posting a video to LinkedIn

business up for recognition. Like any of your marketing products, your

for all of your connections and followers is a great place to start, as

brand should always be accurately and consistently placed.

those in the business who are connected to you or your business’ profile page will be able to like, comment on and share your video.

Create as high quality content as possible

Should this happen, there is a good chance it will appear on their

Video editing can be a tricky skill to master. Hollywood film and

connections’ feed, meaning that your business could immediately

sound editors don’t get paid the big bucks for nothing! Following

gain a wider network base.

on from maintaining your professional branding, your video content should be as smooth and professional as possible. Record the video

Be aware of your audience

on a high-quality camera and edit the video with an aim to being

When creating your video it’s important to consider your audience.

smooth and simple.

For example, if you are promoting your company on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, or you have a wide audience who could

Interested in what a marketing video looks like? Take a look on our

be watching the video sat in a working office, perhaps it’s best to

YouTube channel: search for 'FORWARDER magazine.'

add elements that would make the video easier to watch, such as subtitles. Videos with subtitles do not necessarily require sound, so


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Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine





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he London Freight Club has become an institution for members of the shipping and freight industry to meet and mingle, and talk logistics with like- minded individuals in a social setting. The London Freight Club elects to focus on the good of the industry and its members, and offers a space for these individuals to meet and converse sharing a vast wealth of experience, tips and knowledge within the industry. Situated in the splendour of the Connaught Rooms there are seven meetings this year, it is an event not to be missed with fine food and guest speakers. In July we took some of our subscribers with us to

the event, one of whom was Suzie Randall, UK and European Business Development Manager for Mixed Freight Services based in Heathrow. We had a fantastic time during the afternoon, and it was a pleasure to have Suzie join us. She has a fascinating story, and given her ambition for MFS and herself, I wanted to share some of her insights…

What are your key areas of focus and how have you progressed within these? During my time in the industry I have been fortunate to learn many aspects from Desk level to Management. There’s a wide variety of systems in use and it is always moving forward. It is important to keep ahead of new developments. To date I’ve focussed on airfreight sales and route development, specialising in routes to and from the US. More recently, I have been working on offering a wider range of services, including freight screening, airline deliveries and national trunking.

So Suzie, why the logistics industry ...what started it all?

What sets Mixed Freight Services apart from your competitors?

I joined the freight and logistics industry over 15 years ago. I

We are the leading specialist company at Heathrow in providing aviation

was fascinated by the import and export trade, and since then have

security within the secure supply chain. We have been established for over

moved my way up by sheer commitment and determination, learning

35 years which has given us a wealth of knowledge, enabling us to provide a

my trade in a predominantly male environment. My first position

number of high-quality specialist services in supporting the aviation logistics

was as an import clerk, doing each consignment from start to finish,

industry. Ranging from the transportation and security screening of goods

entries, customer liaison, deliveries and filing. I then moved into

to cargo-handling and vehicle rental, we offer a variety of services. We

exports, followed by the commercial team and from there I went

have even participated in conservation projects, transporting endangered

into sales. I believe I found my strength in sales, which with the

animals which has drawn upon our channels of communication with the

background knowledge I have gained over the years has established

Civil Aviation Authority in producing off-site specific protocols. With our

me as a valuable business partner in this industry these days. My dad

unique understanding of the needs of companies operating in and around

always told me, knowledge is power, which is true: customers need

Heathrow, between Mixed Freight Services and our sister company

confidence that you will deliver and have the knowledge to do so.

Heathrow Rent A Truck, we are in an enviable position to support the wide majority of companies’ requirements.


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suzier@mixedfreight.com suzier@heathrowrentatruck.com

TALKING WITH SUZIE RANDALL, What do you find to be your biggest challenges? Our industry is highly competitive so to remain successful, we need

What’s the most important thing you're working on right now and how are you making it happen?

to be able to meet the ever-changing requirements of compliance, meet

Continuously raising our profile and making Mixed Freight Services

the demands of customers expectations and be at the forefront of the

a first-choice provider at Heathrow. This involves revisiting our

industry providing a reliable service at enticing rates. In this way, we have

existing customer database, visiting new customers and delivering a

to be adaptable, tailoring our services to suit our customers needs. We

great service at competitive rates. As Sales Development Manager, it

are also in a society which values the ability to have a fast-paced service

is imperative to retain an honest rapport with all customers, ensuring

which is why we are fully operational 24/7.

both current and future prospects are aware of our services, solid track record and tempting rates!

What has been your biggest achievement? I think working in an international global market and being able to reach out to all corners of the world within the aviation

What are your expansion plans over the next 12–24 months...and how?

logistics industry has been an eye-opening experience. Not only

We are currently implementing new technological developments

have I had to be flexible in my approach to understanding different

within our warehouse and transport management systems. These will

customer needs, I have also developed my personal skills and ability

support our operational capacity to handle growth within our specific

to communicate effectively with other international and industry

work streams. We plan to expand our facility to handle greater

cultures. Being a female only makes this achievement more rewarding

volumes of goods, incorporating ETSF, development of a training

as I would like to think I have helped open doors for more women

centre which also supports JAUPT approval for driver CPC, manual

to enter a male-dominated industry.

handling and national X-ray competency testing. We'll do it through consistently improving our standards, taking responsibility of projects, being innovative in our thinking...and through a lot of hard work. FORWARDER magazine








n average, one person dies or is injured each month

Despite this threat to life, ENA found that over 50% of lorry drivers

from contact with an overhead power line. Research

do not understand the proper safety requirements for working near

reveals road haulage workers (particularly those making

overhead power lines.

deliveries with tippers, lorry mounted cranes or grab arms) are some of the most at risk of fatal electric shocks from overhead

Only 5% know to call 105 to contact the network operators for

power lines. Over half of lorry drivers do not know all the proper

incidents involving overhead power lines. In fact, more people (7.6%)

safety requirements for working near overhead power lines. Lorry

think you should call 911 – the American emergency services – if

drivers make up over a quarter (26%) of fatalities from overhead

you’ve been involved in a collision.

power lines. In addition, a third of lorry drivers (36%) did not know electricity New research from Energy Networks Association (ENA) reveals

can jump small gaps which can cause a potentially fatal electric shock.

lorry drivers do not know how to avoid fatal injuries when working near overhead power lines. The research is released alongside a

Overhead power lines have the capacity to carry voltages anywhere

newly launched film highlighting the dangers of overhead power lines

between 230 volts (domestic voltage) up to 400,000 volts. Even

and a call for workers to familiarise themselves with safety advice

domestic voltage can be fatal and high voltage electricity can jump

and call 105 if an incident occurs.

gaps meaning you don’t have to be in direct physical contact with a conductor to experience a fatal electric shock.

On average, one person dies or is injured each month as a result of contact with overhead power lines. Data from the Health & Safety

Furthermore, almost a third of lorry drivers (35%) believe the best

Executive shows that one in four of these cases (26%) will involve

thing to do when involved in a collision with an overhead power line

a lorry driver, making road haulage workers at extreme risk of fatal

is to exit the vehicle and call for help, when exiting the vehicle can

injury in the workplace.

actually put you at immediate risk of fatal injury.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at energynetworks.org

When a vehicle or piece of machinery touches an overhead power

Gavin said:

We’d known each other for almost 10 years. Working

line, it acts as a conductor passing the high voltage electricity through

in the same industry we had a lot in common. When I found out

it. If you were to then exit your vehicle, keeping contact with it while

what happened, I was really shook up. Overhead power lines

your feet also touch the ground this voltage would pass through you,

are an everyday encounter for lorry drivers, yet so many of us

certainly causing serious injury and, in most cases, death.

fail to understand the life-threatening risks at stake. It’s hard to comprehend going to work and not coming home at the end of the

To help prevent the number of fatalities amongst lorry drivers, the

day, but one small lapse in concentration can cost you your life.

ENA has launched a new Look Out Look Up! film targeting those working within the industry. The thought-provoking film explores

How to stay safe working near overhead power lines

the journey of two road haulage workers carrying out a job near

The ENA has released a new set of life-saving safety guidelines targeted

overhead power lines that results in a fatal accident. As well as

towards lorry whose work may take place near overhead power lines:

showcasing the dangers of working near overhead power lines, the

1. Risk assess – know where overhead power lines are and mark

film also reveals the devastating affects these accidents can have on

them on a map. Find out the height and reach of your equipment

friends and family.

and how this compares to the maximum working height under overhead power lines. Share this information with workers and

David Smith, chief executive of Energy Networks Association, said: “It’s extremely concerning to hear that even though lorry drivers

contractors. 2. Control measures – don’t work near an overhead power line if

are some of the most-at-risk of fatal injury involving an overhead

you don’t have to. Speak to your electricity network operator for

power line, over half do not properly understand when they could

advice. Select suitable machinery and equipment and use it safely.

be at risk. It is vital that they are supported to know how they can stay safe and call 105 immediately if there is an incident.

3. Know what’s safe, and what isn’t – certain work should be avoided within 10 metres of overhead power lines, such as for example operating Lorry mounted cranes (such as Hiabs or

That’s why we’ve launched Look Out Look Up! to highlight the campaign and created a new information film specifically for those whose work involves larger vehicles like lorries or tipper trucks.

Palingers), Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWP’s), tipper vehicles and cranes. 4. Keep your distance – when overhead power lines are damaged or fall to the ground, individuals should stay well away and

One person that understands the life-threatening risks facing lorry

contact their local network operator by telephoning 105.

drivers working near overhead power lines is Gavin White, director

5. Know what to do if you make contact – if your vehicle has

of crane lorry company, GW Grab Services.

come into contact with an overhead power line, stay in the cab and try to drive clear. If that is not possible, jump clear of the

In 2018, Gavin lost a good friend, who died while performing a

machine, move away and don’t touch it once on the ground.

routine job when the vehicle he was operating collided with an overhead power receiving a fatal electric shock and leaving behind a

Call 105 – if an incident occurs, contact your network operator by

wife and two young children.

calling the national 24-hour emergency number 105.

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Your leading provider of premium UK & European logistics

To find out more or to arrange a free quote visit www.fraserfreight.co.uk or call 02392 675050

Your leading provider of premium UK & European logistics

To find out more or to arrange a free quote visit www.fraserfreight.co.uk or call 02392 675050

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e hope, as always, you’ve enjoyed this issue of FORWARDER. Next issue, we will be focusing

on UK and international couriers. Their systems,

their challenges and the undoubtedly essential role they play. Our regional foci will be the Midlands and the the Mediterranean region, so we will be taking a look at the freight market and providing you with our yearly update of these locations. If you have some news to contribute, pop us an email! Rachel Jefferies, Editor, FORWARDER magazine


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Our team has best-in-class expertise across a full range of products and value-added services, from our core competency LCL into our proprietary CFS network, warehousing capabilities, and hazardous cargo leadership. We don’t see information technology as a bolt-on, but as a central component of our services, offering our customers access to our highly effective logistics software. Ì Global Integration - Owned Network Ì Compliance and Performance Ì IT Driven Ì Specific Product Experts Ì Transparent Management Structure

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A new service for the freight industry, bringing the power and convenience of mobile apps to transport and logistics companies

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globalfreightapp.com ...by freight professionals...for freight professionals


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FORWARDER magazine issue 45, 'Warehousing & storage'  

The 'Warehousing & storage' issue. Regional Focus: Heathrow, London. Cover feature: Introducing...FreightApp.

FORWARDER magazine issue 45, 'Warehousing & storage'  

The 'Warehousing & storage' issue. Regional Focus: Heathrow, London. Cover feature: Introducing...FreightApp.