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COMPLIANCE, EFFICIENCY & SAFETY in dangerous goods transport

AVOIDING THE DANGER ZONE A few pointers for the uninitiated


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EDDI r feature: E & PE TER BUIST M Actio n Inte URPH Y rnatio n al

Move it Like... Eddie Buist & Peter Murphy, Action International

FORWARDER FOCUS | Avoiding the danger zone


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The digitalisation of dangerous


Compliance, efficiency and safety in dangerous goods transport

REGIONAL FOCUS Navigate Response welcomes Nigerian and Italian partners | Brexit and the border FORWARD TECH

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Keeping up with the competition: the digital platform explosion



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Leveraging the levy to embrace broader skills requirements



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une hails the official start of the Summer months and there is no let up for the freight forwarding community. FORWARDER looks at issues facing hazardous and

dangerous goods for many companies throughout the industry. This niche vertical can offer some challenging tasks for freight forwarders. Understanding the basics, e.g. a carrier must not take possession of a shipment of dangerous goods unless they have a shipping document for them (and if the carrier accepts an electronic copy of a shipping document then they must produce a paper copy to carry with the shipment), is vital for any freight forwarder who wants to operate in this field. Whilst we will be concentrating on dangerous goods transportation, we will also have focus on Northern Ireland and Africa. Being raised in Northern Ireland, the place holds special significance for me, and I continue to keep an eye on the progress of freight forwarding in the country. Once the ship-building capital of the UK, NI has only recently started to see the great wave of regeneration in freight forwarding land upon its shores and with steady investment into the


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country for exporting and importing, interesting – and potentially profitable – times lie ahead for the nation. Read the magazine online: got to www.ISSUU.com Farther afield, an abundance of natural resources has made Africa a region ripe for activity in freight forwarding. African regional forwarders conferences have made clear in the past the vast array of positives in exporting and importing to, from and within the continent.

and search for FORWARDER


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Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

Freight Media Ltd Unit 8 Apex Court, Almondsbury Business Park, Bristol BS32 4JT FORWARDER magazine





une has come around surprisingly quickly,

The relevance to freight forwarders with Brexit looming over us

bringing with it the official Summer months

is quite an obvious one and attaining something with this power

for us in the UK, and the rest of the Northern

could prove to be invaluable in the future. Numerous companies

Hemisphere. However, the optimistic hope

more than likely already embody the qualities and criteria that

for sunshine and Pimm’s doesn’t result in a

is looked for when attaining an AEO; however, making sure that

lull for the industry's hard workers. After

customs compliance, safety and security are at the forefront of your

the success of Multimodal (UK) recently,

values when looking into this is essential. This is a positive piece of

there is a multitude of issues to go over that

discussion to come out of the recent freight forwarding Brexit talk,

are currently dogging the industry. Some of these have innovative

but as I have said in the past, it is still no more than speculation.

solutions, which positively impact the way in which we currently

Our future partnership with the EU is still to be decided and

work within the trade.

companies need to pay attention to any negotiations regarding the industry, or anything that could subsequently affect it.

Nevertheless, the negative impact of major issues could have a more detrimental effect on the industry. Attracting young talent to

Attracting a new generation of individuals to work in freight

freight forwarding, Brexit, technology in logistics, connectivity for

forwarding has proved challenging at the best of times. One of the

ports, the Irish border debate and that lingering word ‘disruption’,

most uttered phrases amongst directors, clerks and everyone in

which is appearing more often throughout different sectors of

between is that ‘they fell into freight forwarding.’ This attitude

freight forwarding. These are just some of the core issues facing the

towards the industry has meant that many companies haven’t been

community right now and each point needs a thorough investigation

actively seeking to attract young, energetic and ambitious people

to understand its entire impact.

who could reinvent the way in which we work. BIFA has recently launched helpful guides on how to attract young people to your

Brexit was a heavily contested topic throughout the three days of

business and the best ways to approach career days. This is a topic

Multimodal and, unsurprisingly, some familiar rhetoric appeared

that has no quick fix, and by trying to be ‘down with the kids’ many

through conversations and literature. Steering away from the

industries have ended up becoming more unrelatable. The approach

negative impacts that this could potentially have on the industry,

numerous freight forwarders are taking is to showcase the industry

the ideals behind seizing opportunities is a breath of fresh air in

as progressive, competitive, creative and dynamic. However, only

an often negatively viewed matter. Authorised Economic Operator

time will tell whether these techniques will succeed in enticing

(AEO) has been discussed recently regarding its relevance and

generations into the industry.

impact on international freight forwarding and has proven itself to be compliant and trustworthy from a trading point of view. 'AEO' is

A topic that I always enjoy keeping an eye on in this industry is the

an internationally recognised quality mark, which effectively signals

innovation of technology, hence the addition of the FORWARD

to trading partners, customers and potential customers that such a company is safe to trade with.

Tech section. Perhaps, in more recent times the technological

boom throughout the trade has meant that the world of freight has become more commercially viable than ever. This innovation can be seen to come from the competitive culture within freight and is by


FORWARDER magazine


no means a bad thing. Innovative technology that can track and aid

effect it will have on both economies), a potential solution could

logistics is bringing benefits and allowing companies to work closely

come in the form of direct shipping. Direct ferries which run

together to try to achieve the goal of reinventing an industry.

between southern Ireland and France could mean that a direct and hassle-free route to mainland Europe is easily accessible.

This renaissance is a positive focus for the industry, with companies like Nexiot excited about the developments that have been made

Whilst I am aware that the transit on German and Benelux deliveries

over the past decade and how these can help positively reshape

would be affected – with a higher cost, resulting in less profit in an

the field. Trying to implement new technologies may have teething

already tight margin, and a potential knock-on effect to customers

problems, resulting in some major issues in terms of trade in the

– this is still a pretty good deal for the RoI. NI doesn’t have an easy

future. The amalgamation of technology with globalisation and

solution like this on their doorstep if the hard border is implemented.

connectivity, in my opinion, is something that is inevitable for the

It is still to be decided what would happen to NI’s trade and logistics

future of commerce. However, if we are not completely prepared

community, but it is safe to say the experts' opinion so far is that it

for this then business may not match the utopian ideals of people

would be a negative result.

throughout the industry. This year's Multimodal saw the term disruption mentioned frequently. Speaking of connectivity, the recent developments for ports and

Some saw this as a negative, others as a positive. So, is disruption a

logistics is a topic that appears to capture the attention of most

shake-up forcing the industry to adapt to changes, or is it a negative

audiences. Port-rail integration is something that could continue to

disruption of a steady flow of trade and distribution? It’s a bit of both,

help developing countries across the globe. However, the logistics

I’m afraid. Disruption to the industry could showcase the broad

sector could be in danger due to various issues that have arisen.

scope of freight forwarding and logistics to a new generation of

Effective multimodal, global logistics is reliant on the vast amounts

talented individuals. However, industries can try to over-adapt and

of data gathered through IoT sensor technology (see the work

try to fix things that aren’t broken. It is trying to find that perfect

by Nexiot for an in-depth understanding of this), to analyse the

balance of supply and demand for innovation whilst staying true to

movement of freight vehicles and cargo. If this technology isn’t all-

the values that freight forwarders across the globe embody. If we

encompassing through ports or any other distribution method, this

can meet somewhere in the middle for this, then disruption is going

could mean that global connectivity simply cannot work. Therefore,

to see the industry progress even through more turbulent times.

if we can’t implement this technology throughout all ports across the globe, connectivity issues will continue for years to come.

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

Being a Belfast boy, I always listen to chatter about the Irish border debate with great interest. In much the same way that most talks about issues facing Brexit are speculation and hypothesis, the same must be said about the impact of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. If a hard border were to come into effect (which many believe it cannot, due to the detrimental FORWARDER magazine







elsby and Longden, one of Cheshire’s leading transport,

Flexibility is key to providing an efficient transport service. That’s

distribution and warehousing companies has invested in 6

why we specified these Coli Liners: Not only can we increase our

Krone Coil Liners in a bid to extend its services further

presence in key steel areas such as Deeside, Liverpool and Elsmere

into the steel transport sector.

groupage and low-hazard goods.

Formed in 1926, Helsby and Longden base their business model on providing flexibility, safe and secure handling and ‘hands on’ customer care.


FORWARDER magazine

Port, but also, we can use the same trailers to carry mixed loads,


Simon Keane, General Manager, Helsby & Longden


PL Logistics is very pleased to announce that the VASCOR

Ms. Daugherty’s experience, deep understanding of the

Board has appointed Ms. Jinny Daugherty as President

Company’s capabilities and proven leadership are a trifecta to

and CEO of VASCOR, effective from June 1 2018.

deliver integrated and value-driven solutions to some of the most demanding clients in the automotive industry.

Ms. Daugherty joined VASCOR in 2000 during which time she has held a series of senior key financial roles, with the most

William Villalon, President, APL Logistics

immediate as Chief Financial Officer since 2014.

(and a member of the VASCOR board)

In her new role, Ms. Daugherty will be responsible for the

VASCOR is a joint venture of Singapore-based supply chain

strategic direction, growth and operating performance of

management leader APL Logistics and FUJITRANS Corporation

VASCOR from Georgetown, KY.

of Japan. Formed in 1987, VASCOR offers third-party logistics services to key automotive companies in the U.S. and Mexico. Based in Georgetown, KY, it serves major automotive manufacturers or

20 JUNE 2018

sales entities as well as all Class One Railroads.


PRESIDENT & CEO OF VASCOR The Coil Liners come with Krone’s Multi Lock load securing system

Helsby and Longden operate a fleet of heavy goods vehicles,

which features up to 130 strapping points along each side rave and

supported by warehousing, maintenance, admin and logistics

enables mixed loads to be safely secured at any point along the

services. The company also provides freight-forwarding, pallet

trailer. Furthermore, the straps can be accessed from inside as well

distribution and self-storage.

as outside the curtain - a plus point for driver safety and comfort during loading and unloading. Versatility is what it’s all about and with the loading capability of these trailers we can diversify into a wide range of industry sectors. Coil Carriers one minute and general haulage the next – which adds up to maximum utilisation and a fast ROI. Basically, they tick all the boxes. Excellent for our customers and a sound investment for our business. FORWARDER magazine







vyan Transport, the Chelmsford-based general haulier

Built in accordance with European Code EN 12642 XL the Profi

has taken delivery of a Krone Profi Liner which, says the

Liner comes with a 30mm-thick phenolic-coated plywood floor

company, will cope with a greater variety of loads and trim

rated at 7,000kg forklift axle loading, a bolted steel front bulkhead

fuel costs compared to heavier trailers on the fleet.

and Krone’s steel, container-type barn doors with integrated locks for added security.

With sliding roof, Krone’s Multi Lock loading system, Krone axles and Krone ‘EasyRider’ tyres, all assembled at the company’s Werlte

Put it all together and we have a versatile trailer which combines

manufacturing facility in NW Germany, the trailer is a fine example

quality with economic performance. The ideal asset for a competitive

of Krone’s integrated trailer design and production capability.

transport world. We are really pleased with the product and in the next 6-12 months we will replace all our trailers with Krone.

This is always a competitive business. So, it makes sense to operate trailers which are economic to run and easily adapted to

Evyan Transport operates a mixed fleet including temperature

suit a wide variety of cargo.

controlled, agricultural, fruit and produce, containers and ADR services

Andrei Brasoveanu, Operation Director, Evyan

on regular routes from all the major seaports throughout Europe.

In this respect, the Profi Liner is equipped as standard with Multi Lock strapping points every 100 mm along each side rave, which enables Evyan to securely strap virtually any type of load along the trailer length. Each point has a loading tolerance of two tonnes and can be accessed from inside and outside the curtain - good for speed and driver safety. The weight makes a difference too. We carry mixed loads of scaffold bundles, palletised food, boxes of clothes - whatever - and having around 900kg less tare weight means fuel and wear costs are reduced over the long term.


FORWARDER magazine



Please call us for immediate quotation +44 (0)1656 656535 enq@ eurgent.co.uk www.eurgent.co.uk FORWARDER magazine





NEW SYDNEY–HONG KONG SERVICES W ith expectations of booming e-commerce volumes

Each A330 flight from Australia is expected to offer 15-20 tonnes

from China coupled with strong demand for

of cargo capacity, although Virgin Atlantic achieved a new record of

northbound cargo capacity, Virgin Atlantic Cargo

25,431 kilograms on a single flight from Melbourne earlier this year.

anticipates the new Virgin Australia daily Sydney-Hong Kong services to get off to a flying start when they commence on 2 July.

E-commerce shipments from China to Australia have boosted load factors from Hong Kong to Melbourne to close to 90 per cent and

Virgin Atlantic Cargo will be marketing the cargo space on Virgin

Virgin Atlantic expects to see similar volumes into Sydney. From

Australia’s new Airbus A330 flights under the international long-haul

Australia, regular cargo will include courier traffic, perishables, milk

sales and management agreement between the two airlines.

powder and vitamins.

Following a positive start to 2018 for cargo volumes on Virgin Australia’s existing services from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Los Angeles and its Melbourne-Hong Kong route, Virgin Atlantic Cargo says customers will welcome the prospect of additional capacity on such a prime route to and from Greater China. Sydney-Hong Kong is a route we know very well having operated it ourselves until mid-2014 so we are delighted to be back in this market and able to offer customers more choice on a route that generates high volumes in both directions. The big shift in the market since 2014 is the significant rise of e-commerce volumes driven by the growth of online shopping in Australia and China. The launch of this important new route is coming at a prime time for air cargo capacity demand to and from Australia. Dominic Kennedy, Managing Director, Virgin Atlantic Cargo


FORWARDER magazine



hen vessel delays and a Customs hold on arrival

Mr. William Kessler, Business Development Manager of Dimerco

at Savannah Port in U.S.A. threatened to prevent

Express (U.S.A.) Corp. Atlanta Branch, explains:

Chinese customer Tech-Long Inc., a Leading

cargo was delayed at sea because of the oversize height and width

Packaging Machinery Supplier of the Bottling Industry, from

of the cargo, it could only be legally driven by day, Dimerco was

exhibiting at a major trade show in Florida, Taiwanese transportation

able to organise and reschedule the transportation with our long-

and logistics provider Dimerco’s responsive solution saved the

term trucking partner. By operating as a ‘control tower’, employing

situation, ensuring that the 9 massive blow moulding, filling and

effective communication and working with our trusted strategic

capping machines, totalling 26.9 metric tons in weight, were in place

partners, quick thinking on the part of Dimerco saved the day.

Although the

on time for day one of the event. Dimerco also project managed the subsequent return of the cargo The out of gauge cargo had travelled from Tech-Long’s factory in

from the convention centre in Orlando to Tech-Long U.S.A. in

Guangzhou, China and was destined for the National Plastics Exhibition

Duluth, GA.

at the Orange County Convention Centre (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida. Dimerco was responsible for managing the entire process for Tech-

Project Cargo and Event Logistics are an important part of the

Long, from planning the most efficient route, arranging sea freight and

award-winning logistics specialists’ portfolio of services. The

inland transportation, to US Customs brokerage and coordinating with

company’s global network of offices with local teams at origin and

the OCCC’s nominated logistics provider. However, once Dimerco

destination, together with world leading technology, a wide service

received notification that the cargo had been unavoidably delayed, this

offering and key strategic partners worldwide, enables Dimerco to

is where experience and an agile network enabled the company to

deliver customised services to meet highly specific transportation

develop an effective recovery plan and provide an alternative option to

requirements with flexible, cost-effective solutions.

the planned trans loading of the containers at the Port. Instead of trans

DIMERCO OVERCOMES DELAYS loading the containers in Savannah to 53’ dry vans, Dimerco suggested

15 JUNE 2018

delivery of the machines by truck directly to the exhibition centre in Orlando, saving a vital 2 days.







This was a very successful course and we thank all of the partners



involved for their support and contributions. The IMRF's Mass Rescue Operations (MRO) Project shares valuable lessons learnt from the most challenging of SAR events. It really helps those responsible to plan their response to complex incidents, particularly

he IMRF (International Maritime Rescue Federation) has

at senior command, control and coordination levels.

held the very first Mass Rescue Operations workshop in

Theresa Crossley, CEO, IMRF

Uruguay, South America. The workshop was welcomed by the attendees, as it offered an

The two-day event took place earlier in June, in partnership with

opportunity to focus on this specialist aspect of maritime search and

the National Navy of Uruguay at the Uruguayan Naval Academy

rescue, bringing all the relevant stakeholders together and promoting

in Montevideo.

positive collaboration. It offered an interactive opportunity to study maritime MRO issues, guided by expert in the field.

Tourism is a valuable par t of the Uruguayan economy. Approximately 200 passenger cruise ships call at Uruguayan ports over the summer period, and more than 8,000 people use regular passenger ferries from Buenos Aires every weekend. The Uruguayan authorities supported the workshop, as it was an important contribution to the country's search and rescue (SAR) planning and operational preparedness. The specialist SAR training was delivered by representatives from the IMRF, the United States Coastguard, the Uruguayan Navy and the National Emergency System (SINAE) in Uruguay.


FORWARDER magazine


Initially planned for 30-40 participants, the workshop was significantly over-subscribed. To enable more people to take part, the workshop


structure was adjusted and the capacity of the event was increased,

The International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF)

enabling more than 200 participants to attend on the day.

brings the world's maritime search and rescue organisations together in one global and growing family.

Eduardo Tucci, a Board Member from the Association of Maritime and River Rescue of Uruguay attended the event and said

IMRF's member organisations share their lifesaving ideas,


The IMRF Mass Rescue workshop highlighted the

technologies and experiences and freely cooperate with

need for coordination, not only between the institutions involved in

one another to achieve their common humanitarian aim:

the search and rescue operation, but also between the many other

'Preventing loss of life in the world's waters'.

parties assisting. Furthermore, the efforts of the IMRF to secure the attendance of such valuable speakers, and their assistance in

The International Maritime Rescue Federation was founded

establishing links between the participating institutions resulted

(as the International Lifeboat Federation) in 1924.

in a first-class event all round. The specialist speakers shared a range of important lessons learned, while encouraging the

In 1985 it was granted non-governmental consultative

official representatives and many SAR volunteers to share their

status with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

experiences too.

in recognition of the good work being undertaken and the growing need for an organisation to act as a global focal point

At the workshop, participants were given guidance on preparing

for maritime search and rescue.

for, and handling, a mass rescue operation, enabling them to further develop their own local response plans.

In 2003 it was registered as an independent charity and in 2007 the organisation was renamed the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), reflecting the broader scope of modern maritime search and rescue activity. www.international-maritime-rescue.org

FORWARDER magazine




ISSUES FACING FREIGHT FORWARDERS R obert Keen, BIFA Director General, says that the impact

providing accurate and reliable quotes to customers. The seemingly

that Brexit will or won’t have on international trade

random nature of GRI’s and surcharges only adds to the problem.

and supply chains is inevitably dominating many of the

There have been recent calls to simplify the complexity of all these

conversations he has with his members.

things but there won’t be relief for forwarders any time soon. BIFA recently repeated the call it has made previously for an end to

The huge uncertainty on how trade arrangements and supply

surcharges imposed by shipping lines.

chains will change post-Brexit is making many freight forwarders nervous about the future, as are many of the macro-trends happening

In the ocean freight arena, BIFA wants to see greater consideration

in the world right now. It really is time for the UK Government to

from carriers for the customers. It also hopes to see a more

give a clearer explanation to businesses and the wider country as

balanced approach to discussions on a variety of contractual and

to what kind of long-term trading relationship it is looking for.

operational arrangements within ocean freight transport, as there is less and less competition inside the maritime market with bigger

Keen says that other challenges that face the freight and logistics

and bigger alliances. Additionally, there is no competition outside the

industry include everything from the impact of technology and the

market with no real alternative that can cover the needs of shippers

state of the global economy, to how President Trump is trying to shake

(in terms of volume available).

up global trade and the impact that will have on international supply chains. Macro-economic reasons aside, there is also plenty going on

A big part of most forwarder’s business comes from responding

within the industry that freight forwarders should be watching.

to tenders. Because the volume of these bids is so high, and each is usually so complex, they are a big drain on resources. Smart

Ocean shipping is a big part of what forwarders do. It’s also a very

forwarders are focused on improving their tender management

unstable business, based on complicated rates and contracts that take

process to make sure they are bidding accurately and fast, but also

an expert to understand. This can present challenges to forwarders

on the best types of business for them.

that are trying to understand and manage their cost structure, whilst


FORWARDER magazine


LCL SERVICE CAPABILITIES Complement and extend your network with the largest global reach of any NVOCC. There are constantly new market challenges for forwarders that need to be accounted for. A recent example is the trend for ocean carriers to form alliances. With almost no notice, these can affect the rates and contracts forwarders have with the carriers, as well as service. The effect of technology is changing how forwarders (and their competitors) can manage their business – as well as service their customers. Lastly, market expectations continue to focus on ever faster and cheaper deliveries. Closer to home the future of cargo operations at Heathrow airport is a significant challenge to our members

, says Keen.

With more direct routes to more destinations at greater frequency than any other NVOCC, Vanguard Logistics Services has been demonstrating for nearly 40 years what sets us at the forefront of the less than container load landscape. • Weekly services to 50+ direct ports • 9 export receiving depots

BIFA has consistently identified the need for infrastructure investments to be made at Heathrow, and recently joined the chorus of groups urging parliament to hold an early vote on the recommendations of the Transport Select Committee’s report on the Airports

LONDON 0 1621 879 200 BIRMINGHAM 0 121 779 8189 MANCHESTER 0 1942 685 150

• Imports into Southampton, Felixstowe, Manchester and Glasgow • 88,000+ sq. ft. customs-approved cross-docking facilities in Manchester and Essex • 24,000+ cross trade capabilities across 120+ offices in 100+ countries worldwide Contact us today and put the Vanguard network to work for your business.


National Policy Statement. One certain challenge forwarders is the impending launch of the Customs Declaration System (CDS), the system that is set to completely replace the existing system for

For all these reasons, freight forwarders need to work harder than

Customs declarations in the UK.

ever to differentiate themselves in their business – while continuing to focus on service. What the best forwarders know is that just as

There are some concerns about the readiness of the new system, and BIFA is working hard to provide companies with greater

important as competitive rates are giving customers better service options and technology to support decision making.

understanding of what CDS is, why it is being introduced, how it will impact their businesses, and when the system will be fully launched.

Keen concluded:

The move over to CDS marks the biggest change to impact the

with significant momentum, a membership of around 1,500 companies,

processes by which Customs declarations are managed since the

and a clear strategy that leaves it well-positioned to continue to provide

introduction of CHIEF, which it replaces, and which is needed to

effective representation and support for the UK and international

enable importers or exporters to comply with the EU's recently

freight services industry. Against an ever-evolving backdrop, BIFA

introduced Union Customs Code (UCC),

– through its secretariat, policy groups, regional consultants, and

Keen added.

BIFA is in good shape operationally and financially,

committees, as well as its board and council – continues to serve its There are significant differences between CHIEF and CDS, and

membership and delivers on their behalf.

still a lot of unanswered questions about what will be required from our industry and the issues faced by companies that make Customs declarations, which will need time to adjust their internal computer systems to accommodate CDS. FORWARDER magazine





X2 CARGO PROTECT X 2 Group is proud to officially nominate Nacora International Insurance Brokers as global strategic partner


for its Cargo Insurance Services

X2 Group offers the X2 Logistics Networks platform, a Global Freight Network for Independent Freight Forwarders, Logistic

This is to expand and strengthen the value added services

Companies and Service Providers in the Transportation

offerings within X2 Group with the clear objective to elevating

Industry. X2 Group’s logistics networks offers you instant

the customer experience. X2 Group and Nacora International

access to over 500 trusted Network members representing

Insurance Brokers have as of 1st July 2018 entered a strategic

almost 400 Cities, in 150 Countries around the world.

partnership to provide a comprehensive cargo insurance concept named X2 Cargo Protect.

uniformed approach, easy to use digitized cargo insurance solutions


to enable X2 Group logistics network members to expand the

Nacora is an independent commercial insurance broker specializing

service offerings connected to logistics services in an efficient way.

in the provision of risk consulting and commercial (marine and non-

The concept with X2 Cargo Protect is to provide a globally

marine) insurance solutions, products and services. X2 will maintain the ethos of the group's focus on delivering added value services to its global clients. This partnership between

Owing to its heritage in the transportation industry, Nacora

X2 Group and Nacora will create a great value for our logistics

was established in 1972 and has unique specialist capabilities

networks members and their customers.

and resources in the design and management of insurance

X2 Group CEO, Richard Overton

programs for the transportation and logistics industry.

We are enthusiastic to expand our services together with a

Its own network of offices spans thirty countries across 5

professional and high profile logistics network such as X2 Group.

continents, from where Nacora deploys insurance, claims and

With their passionate team and engaged network members, we are

risk management specialists serving customers in all industry

convinced our end customers will experience a clear benefit with this

sectors throughout all the major economies. Nacora’s corporate

strategic partnership of creating a competitive value added proposition

head office is situated in Schindellegi, near Zurich, Switzerland.

for SME forwarding companies as part of X2's network. Jens Weir, Global Manager – Marine Cargo, Nacora International Insurance Brokers


FORWARDER magazine


A vision for safer practices in dangerous goods shipping... 30 years later and still providing global solutions that make a difference Compliance – our IT systems and e-learning courses help companies in the transport chain ship in compliance with the IMDG Code and other regulations Efficiency – our solutions help customers to deliver a faster, more accurate service to their customers Safety – the ultimate goal is safety in the supply chain – our solutions can really help to stop incidents at sea Our solutions include: Hazcheck Systems – IT systems for the supply chain based on the IMDG Code and other transport regulations. Used by 9 of the top 10 container lines. www.hazcheck.com IMDG Code e-learning – web-based Amdt 38-16 IMDG Code training for shore side staff involved in the handling and transport of dangerous goods by sea. www.imdge-learning.com CTUpack e-learning – web-based training for those loading/unloading containers. www.ctupack.com Visit our website to see ‘Our anniversary story - Exis Technologies since 1987’ - www.existec.com/about-us.aspx IMDG Code e-learning and CTUpack e-learning are sponsored by:

T: +44 (0)1325 466672 E: sales@existec.com W: www.existec.com 19 JUNE 2018


184 x 132 EXIS ADVERT FINAL.indd 1

27/04/2017 14:27

EVENT LOGISTICS SUPPORT SERVICE B erkshire-based logistics services company, Walker Logistics,

they need for a temporary sales outlet, but also by providing, for

is supporting its clients that take part in trade shows and

example, assistance with building the stand, general set-up and on-

other temporary promotional events with a new bespoke

demand replenishment if they want us to. Of course, at the end of

point-of-sale fulfilment service.

an event we’ll take any unsold goods back in to stock, break down the stand and dispose of any rubbish in any environmentally-friendly

William Walker, Walker’s sales director, explains:


way. There are many ways in which logistics service providers can

the year a number of our clients take stands at events such as the

create extra value for a client and we see this as one of them. There

Hampton Court Flower show and other high profile sports and

is no such thing as a ‘normal contract’ any more. You simply have to

music festivals and sell their products directly to the public. We can

offer more than simple warehousing and distribution if you want to

help them by not only picking, packing and delivering the stock that

have an edge in this business. FORWARDER magazine




WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.wfs.aero




ingapore Airlines has renewed its cargo handling contracts

Singapore Airlines is highly respected for the quality of its cargo

with Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) in Paris and London.

services and WFS is delighted to be supporting this reputation through the expertise of our handling teams in France, the UK

In France, WFS provides handling services for the airline’s

and at other stations in Europe and Scandinavia. In Paris, we have

daily Airbus A380 flights from Paris Charles de Gaulle as well as

worked together for over 30 years, so we clearly understand

offline cargo reception points, handling and domestic trucking at all

Singapore Airlines’ service requirements. This is enabling us to

WFS stations across the country. The two companies began working

continue to grow our relationship with the airline at other points in

together in France in 1986.

its international network. Stéphane Scholving, Director of Cargo Sales Europe, WFS

At London Heathrow, WFS handles cargo carried onboard Singapore Airlines’ double daily A380-800 services and its twice-daily 777300 operations to Singapore. This cargo capacity is in addition to


the airline’s twice-weekly Boeing 747-400 freighter services, which

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Paris, WFS is the

depart Heathrow every Thursday and Saturday.

world’s largest air cargo handler and one of the leading providers of ground handling and technical services

In addition to these latest contract extensions, WFS already provides

with annual revenues of over EUR 1.2 billion. Its 22,800

cargo handling for Singapore Airlines in Copenhagen, Frankfurt and

employees serve over 300 airlines at 198 major airports in


23 countries on five continents.


FORWARDER magazine



erberus Capital Management, L.P. ('Cerberus') has

Craig Smyth, CEO of WFS, said, “WFS has transformed into a

announced that one of its affiliates has entered into an

leading global aviation handling player in recent years through growth

agreement to acquire Worldwide Flight Services ('WFS')

and operational initiatives. We believe that Cerberus is the ideal

from Platinum Equity.

partner to support our continued transformation.”

Headquartered in Paris, WFS is the world’s largest air cargo handler

We plan to partner with Craig Smyth, and WFS’s management

and a leading provider of ground handling services with over €1.2

team, and its 22,800 dedicated and hardworking employees, to

billion of total revenues. WFS has a presence in 198 airport locations

enhance its growth and services. Cerberus has a longstanding

in 22 countries and serves over 300 customers.

presence in Europe and WFS will be a fantastic addition to our growing portfolio.

WFS is a market leader in aviation services and is positioned

Craig Brooks, Managing Director of European Private Equity, Cerberus

to benefit from attractive long-term industry growth. Cerberus has extensive operational experience and a successful track

Citigroup Global Markets Limited served as financial advisor

record in aviation and we are excited to support WFS’s next

to Cerberus and Linklaters LLP was Cerberus’s legal advisor.

stage of growth. Brett Ingersoll, Head of Global Private Equity and Senior Managing Director, Cerberus


FORWARDER magazine







peaking after yesterday’s parliamentary vote in favour of

the National Policy Statement for Heathrow expansion,

and the chance of another political volte-face is ever present.

Each new hurdle that appears will only increase delays further

Robert Keen, Director General of the British International

Freight Association (BIFA) said:

On behalf of BIFA member companies, which are desperate for

the greater number of flights and accompanying airfreight capacity

Whilst BIFA welcomes the positive news from Parliament

that would result from the new runway, I can only hope that

yesterday, today’s media coverage of the obstacles that the project

yesterday’s vote does not just open another protracted chapter in

still faces leave me with a certain sense of foreboding whether the

the 30-year story of procrastination over Heathrow in particular

spades will ever hit the ground.

and UK aviation capacity in general.

Detailed plans will still need to be drawn up, and will again

Yesterday’s decision has been years in the making and needs to be

have to go out for public consultation. There is talk of several local

accompanied by the expedited planning procedure, which has been

authorities around Heathrow mounting a legal challenge, as well as

mentioned previously, with no reopening of high level arguments,

a judicial review. Separate reviews of flight paths and airspace are

and robust handling of any legal challenges.

also required.

I hope all concerned move quickly to maintain the momentum

now that this crucial hurdle has been cleared.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.abports.co.uk


BP South Wales has completed a relocation deal with

– ranging from 40/60 grade to 250/330, as well as low odour, low

Puma Energy (UK) Ltd, to move the base of its Puma

temperature and Wetfix solutions, as required. The location at

Bitumen business from the port of Cardiff to Newport,

Newport enables competitive supply of our product range to a wide

in order to support its growth in the UK. Puma has successfully grown its market share in the liquid bulk

range of customers. We are delighted to be working with ABP to further develop business from the Port. Roy Brooke, General Manager, Puma Energy (UK)

sector during recent years. As part of the plan to further develop Puma’s business in South Wales, it decided to explore expansion options in the region with the support of ABP South Wales.

It has been a pleasure to work closely with the commercial and logistics team at Puma Energy. This development shows that ABP can cater for our port customers at all stages of their development

After a series of consultations, ABP identified Newport’s Middle

and can offer expanded services within our network to match their

Quay, South Dock as an ideal location for Puma Energy’s two floating

growth. Puma Energy is a global energy company operating across

bitumen barges.

48 countries and has been a valued customer of ABP in South Wales since 2015. We look forward to continuing this close relationship

The port of Newport was chosen as the new base for the operation

with one of the largest suppliers of bitumen products to the asphalt

as it provides additional flexibility and can accommodate larger

and road surfacing industries across the UK.

vessels, thus providing Puma with a wider range of options to import

Richard Butler, Commercial Manager, ABP South Wales

various bitumen grades. Newport also has sufficient facilities to support Puma’s continued growth for the foreseeable future.

ABP is commited to continually investing in services and infrastructure that help port customers grow and contribute to

The facilities at Newport South Dock perfectly match the

their local economies.

business needs of Puma Energy, enabling us to keep growing our bitumen business within the UK market. By using the barges, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of bitumen products

28 JUNE 2018






WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at react-transport.co.uk




eact Transport are experts in fragile freight distribution and

After a thorough examination of available systems, the React

has operational bases in Livingston, Manchester and Reading.

Transport management team opted for the PODStar system from Manchester-based TouchStar Technologies.

The organisation has gained a reputation for adapting its

resources and methodologies to suit a diverse range of industry

The Cloud-based PODStar system offers a 'Planning and

sectors. That flexibility and 'can do' approach that has paid dividends

Optimisation' tool that automates existing manual processes. Using

in terms of client retention and has enabled rapid expansion.

real time job information, clients are able to drag and drop jobs onto the relevant vehicles. Once a manifest has been created it

The React Transport customer base reads like an A–Z of national

is then automatically sent out to the drivers remotely in the field.

and international commerce with Blue Chip companies, high street

To further enhance the efficiency, via a click of a button, jobs are

retailers, printing companies, specialist computer component

automatically allocated vehicles in the most efficient order and

manufacturers and bathroom product manufacturers, amongst

display the route on a map saving React fuel and time on the road.

others. These clients are served by an extensive fleet of more than

Once downloaded the driver can receive their jobs and complete in

sixty modern vehicles ranging from car derived vans to artics.

real time. React Transport delivery drivers are equipped with smart phones with the handheld device used for both proof of delivery /

It is our focus on customer service and our attention to detail that

signature capture and tracking of the driver and vehicle location.

sets us head and shoulders above the competition. We believe there

Back at the React headquarters, management can view a real-time

is always room for improvement and welcome all feedback from our

update on a map showing the fleet position as well as additional

clients, giving us the opportunity to put in place any measures that

data and the job status and driver performance. React Transport

will give added value to the REACT 'package'. It was this dialogue

customers can login to the cloud-based system and enter jobs, view

that assisted our senior management team in determining that

jobs and even track their deliveries, all of which as Simon Platts

technologies such as vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery


systems could help optimise our delivery services.

provide to our valued clients.

Simon Platts, Director, React Transport


FORWARDER magazine


offers a significant advancement in the service that we

3 JULY 2018




espite two years having passed since the EU

Five months ago, Christopher Grayling is on record as saying:

referendum, the UK road haulage industry is still no

This will not happen. We will maintain a free-flowing border

closer to establishing what we need at the borders.

at Dover. We will not impose checks in the port. We don’t check lorries now; we’re not going to be checking lorries in Dover in

The momentous decision to leave the EU will have an impact

the future. The only reason for queues at the border is if we

on the entire UK economy; and for the transport operators

put in place restrictions that created those queues. We are not

that make millions of journeys across the Channel each year, it’s

going to do that.

crucial that we get a satisfactory outcome. Richard Burnett, Chief Executive, RHA

Richard Burnett continued:

Mr Grayling’s comments fly in the

face of those made by EU Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier who However, there have been warnings that if additional customs

has been quoted as saying “frictionless trade will not be possible

checks are imposed after the UK leaves on 29 March 2019, every

after Brexit.” This is a worrying time. We need a definitive

additional minute's worth of checks at peak times will add about

decision right now. Of the 194 working days left until the UK

10 miles to the queues.

formally leaves the EU, 70 days will see Westminster empty as MPs enjoy their recess. For the thousands of UK hauliers facing

We have had several meetings with the Transport

a nail-biting time, indecision and placatory words are not good

Secretary and each time he has assured us that there is

enough – we need formal confirmation of the future customs

nothing to worry about.

processes that will be in place and we need them right now.

With regard to their vehicle fleet, React take their responsibilities

Simon Platts concludes:

The thoroughness of our initial search for

in the area of employee and public safety very seriously. In this

a competent supplier has paid dividends. In TouchStar we found an

respect, the PODStar system also offers multiple facilities to enhance

organisation whose professionalism extended beyond the excellence

safety. PODStar lets the organisation store key reminders, like tax,

of the PODStar product itself, right through to the installation and

MOT, and service dates against their vehicles and to be notified in

support aspects of the project. Our delivery drivers appreciate the

advance of renewal dates whenever management log into the system,

simplicity and user-friendliness of the system and it's helped ensure

thus ensuring full legal compliance. Furthermore, drivers are using

that we're legally compliant. Our customers have expressed their

their smartphones to carry out their daily vehicle checks. In the event

appreciation of the client portal facility. Overall we're delighted with

of a discrepancy being recorded the driver is forced by PODstar to

the system and, as we continue to expand, we and look forward to

take a photo of the defect and record notes. All defected items

a long-term relationship with TouchStar.

are immediately emailed to the depot transport manager and fleet engineer ensuring that remedial work is scheduled without delay FORWARDER magazine






ost of us who are involved in the transport of dangerous goods (DG) are well aware that the regulations are updated every two years. Every second autumn, DG

professionals await the arrival of their new 'regs'.


In 2016 Labeline hosted the first 'Biennial' with the aim to provide a high quality, informative and hard hitting series of one-day events to coincide with the release of the new regulations. It proved to be just what the customers wanted – a great success as an important

Why every two years?

international multi-mode DG experience offering an insight into how

The UN issues the Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous

the changes will affect their businesses. It was also a valuable training

Goods (the “Orange Book”) every other year. It contains the

and networking forum for all involved with dangerous goods.

recommendations that regulators for each transport mode are expected to adopt in their next round of amendments. These, in

What the delegates said:

turn, form the basis for national and international regulations. Very well run. Across the modes there are different timelines during a biennial

Well organised!

year when the legislation becomes obligatory. For the forthcoming

Fantastic, brilliant-value day.

editions these are: The event is designed to appeal to all involved in the movement •• Air, IATA DGR 60th edition / ICAO TI 2019/20 edition,

of dangerous goods: DGSA’s, trainers, shippers, warehousing

effective 1/1/19 (advised availability from Labeline 10/18)

and distribution operatives, freight forwarders, administrators,

•• Road ADR 2019-20 edition. 6 months transition, effective 1/7/19 (advised availability 11/18)

procurement teams, manufacturers, fleet operators, airline service personnel and shipping lines etc.

•• Sea IMDG 39-18, 1 year transition, effective 1/1/20 (advised availability 11/18)

Labeline, who celebrates over 25 years in the DG business and are on track to be the world’s leading independent supplier for

The USA (49CFR), Canada (TDG) and Australia (ADG) have their

Dangerous Goods Regulations for the 10th consecutive year, will be

own in-country multi-modal variations based on the Orange Book.

organising two seminars each with the same content.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.labeline.com

Choose your convenient venue:

Other Speakers include:

•• November 13th Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Heathrow

•• PC Stuart Appleton (Chair CDG Practitioners) – Enforcement

•• November 15th at Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport

•• Ali Karim BSc FRSC CChem CSci FIE FCILT. MD Hazchem Network – Response to an incident

The venues have been selected for their location, accessibility,

•• Herman Teering (MD, DGOffice) – Specialist Web based

excellent facilities and quality of catering. On the evening before each

software for transport of Dangerous Goods

event, there will be a free icebreaker reception, (7pm). The MC will be

•• Morgan Hyson (IHMM) - CDGP Qualification

the Editor-in-Chief of Hazardous Cargo Bulletin, Peter Mackay, who

•• Michael Bowen (President, Bureau of Dangerous Goods, USA)

will also chair the Multimodal Regulatory Update Panel discussions.

– Limited Quantity exemptions


The exhibition will feature key suppliers to this specialised industry

Jeff Hart OBE - Sea

who will be displaying their products and be on hand to provide

Jeff is a former Chairman of the UN Sub-Committee of Experts on

proactive advice.

Transport of Dangerous Goods. Geoff Leach - Air and Lithium Batteries

About the Organisers

Geoff is the former Head of the CAA’s Dangerous Goods Office and a

Labeline is the world’s leading supplier of DG compliance materials,

past Chairman of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel, on which he still sits.

including publications, hazard and handling labels, placards, software,

Ross McLachlan - Air and Lithium Batteries

forms, training and packaging.

Having joined CAA in 1993, Ross succeeded Geoff as the ICAO DGP member nominated by the UK. He was responsible, amongst

The Biennial Dangerous Goods Roadshow is a non-profit event,

many other things, for overseeing the CAA Approved Dangerous

priced at just £135 per person!

Goods Training Scheme. Richard Masters - Road

To book your place at this important seminar please contact Labeline

Richard was the on the team at Felixstowe that created the port’s

on 0870 850 5051 / +44 (0)1271 817677 or sales@labeline.com

dangerous goods control system and has continued to work with the UK P&I Club on DG matters. Gene Sanders - USA and GHS Gene has been consulting and training in the field of Dangerous Goods for most of his 20 years in this industry. FORWARDER magazine







irBridgeCargo Airlines, one of the world’s leading

in Europe makes Budapest Airport a perfect location for carriers

international cargo carriers, offers a new cargo destination

operating between Asia and Europe. On top of this, we foresee an

for its European customers with the launch of bi-weekly

upsurge of e-commerce traffic with swelling demand for internet

frequencies to Budapest in the pursuit to accommodate growing

purchases among European consumers.

volumes between Europe and Asia. The new service, deploying

Sergey Lazarev, General Director, AirBridgeCargo Airlines

Boeing 747 freighters, adds to the emerging network of destinations AirBridgeCargo currently offers, totalling them to 11.

On behalf of Budapest Airport we are proud and happy to welcome the new cargo flights of AirBridgeCargo Airlines, one of

Both Tuesday and Saturday flights will guarantee up to 139 tons

the fastest developing cargo operators in the top league of freighter

of available capacity, covering the entire cargo catchment area of

airlines in the world. Through ABC’s network of more than 30

Budapest, as well as Central and Eastern Europe, and guaranteeing

destinations Hungarian companies producing electronic, automotive,

expertise in transportation of all types of cargo.

pharmaceutical and other high quality products could reach out to their customers around the world through Moscow. From next year

Launching of scheduled operations in Budapest is another example

on our cargo partners in Budapest can operate from our brand new

of our commitment to customers with the intention to realign our

Cargo City which will provide 20,000 square meters of warehouse

network in line with market expectations, reviewing existing service

and office space, including for AirBridgeCargo staff.

portfolios. Budapest has been expanding at a fast clip, upgrading

Jost Lammers, CEO, Budapest Airport

its facilities, infrastructure, and solutions for freighter carriers and following a cargo-friendly strategy. Its advantageous central location


FORWARDER magazine


Budapest Airport and AirBridgeCargo Airlines have held a launch

AirBridgeCargo has been expanding its international route network,

event to make the Boeing 747 freighter touchdown memorable for

leveraging customers’ expectations and providing value-added

all the guests, with representatives from the Hungarian government,

services, powered by the latest IT technologies for all types of cargo,

the local freight forwarding community, and media specialists.

including pharmaceuticals, oversize and heavy goods, perishables, live

Guests watched offloading procedures live and enjoyed the gala-

animals, and others. At the moment it operates more than 60 weekly

dinner afterwards as an excellent opportunity for networking.

flights from Europe, thus boosting outbound traffic and connecting customers to the rest of the world in the most effective manner.

At the flight launch ceremony Levente Magyar, deputy foreign minister of Hungary has emphasized the role Budapest Airport plays in further developing the aviation connectivity of the country, and praised the fact that AirBridgeCargo has chosen Budapest as its new Central and Eastern European hub for widening its international network. He also pointed out that logistics and transport are traditionally successful areas of the Hungarian economy also due the country’s ideal geographical location.

FORWARDER magazine





LOBBIES SHADOW SEC. OF STATE FOR TRANSPORT T he Road Haulage Association is delighted that Shadow

45,000 more needs to be done to focus on the future and safeguard

Secretary of State for Transport, Andy McDonald MP

the UK’s ability to remain competitive in this vital industry.

visited PD Ports’ Portcentric Logistics Director and former

RHA National Chairman, Jim French MBE.

Road haulage accounts for 98% of UK freight distribution and the

industry as a whole contributes around £121BN to the economy and

Commenting, Jim French said:

This was a great opportunity to

provides 2.5 million jobs. Despite this, there is still a distinct lack of

raise serious concerns about the future of the logistics industry; in

visibility both within government and the public as to the vital role

particular the chronic shortage of HGV drivers.

we play in moving UK trade.

Mr McDonald’s visit resulted from a meeting with RHA chief

In conclusion, Andy McDonald MP said:

executive Richard Burnett.

initiatives including the logistics academy and it’s abundantly clear

I’ve been hearing about

that the industry and PD Ports, in particular, are really focused on Commenting he said:

This is a perfect example of one of our

members actively lobbying their MP. It’s the best way of making our collective voice louder and our lobbying even stronger. Only by seeing and understanding what the industry is up against can they get a real grasp of the challenges that affect us and help address them. This visit is the perfect example of the Association working together with its members to bring about change. Mr French, who recently received at MBE for his services to young people in the transport industry, stressed that with an average driver age of 53 years old and an existing driver shortage that stands at


FORWARDER magazine


the deficits in bringing people into the industry and making careers in logistics a realistic offer for people.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.pdports.co.uk


D Ports has signed a pledge to support ex-members of the

The Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge from businesses, local

armed forces find local jobs and enhance their employability

authorities and the third sector that those who serve or have served

skills once they leave military life.

in the Armed Forces and their families are treated fairly. PD Ports is proud to join a growing number that have already signed their

As one of the UK’s major port operators and logistics specialists,

pledges to recognise the value of our Armed Forces community.

PD Ports has been a strong advocate of the value employing former military workers brings to the business, with around 8% of its 1,200 workforce being service veterans and reservists. The wealth of transferable skills and attitude ex-service men and women bring to our business is exceptional. They are disciplined, decisive and determined individuals with a true team spirit, which adds real value to our business and the wider supply chain. I would encourage any business operating in the logistics sector to consider the potential of employing former military personnel. With Europe’s largest Garrison at Catterick, only 30 miles away from our main operations at Teesport, we aim to help provide stable employment opportunities for veterans as they start to build a new life. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce is a key part of our corporate social responsibility framework and signing the Armed Forces Covenant further strengthens our commitment to providing the richly deserved support to former military workers. Russ McCallion, HR Director, PD Ports 27 JUNE 2018









reight forwarders that suffered operational damage and incurred significant additional costs as a result of the

disruption to operations at the UK port of Felixstowe

following the introduction of a new operating system in June have been warned that they are unlikely to receive any compensation from the port’s owners. Having had a meeting with the port’s senior management, it is clear that the only companies that might receive any compensation are shipping lines. The port authority has made it clear to us that it does not consider BIFA members to be direct customers of the port, and would not be willing to have a discussion about possible compensation for the damage caused and the increased costs that have been incurred by those members. It is astonishing that a port authority, which owns the UK’s busiest container port and has been happy to market it as the ‘Port of Britain’, implemented a new and vitally important system with apparently no fall-back position if it went wrong. And it is very disappointing that it is not even prepared to discuss any kind of compensation for such a failure in customer service. Robert Keen, Director General, BIFA


FORWARDER magazine



erlte/Nürburg, June 2018. Once again this year,

KRONE Commercial Vehicle Group

Krone is an official sponsor of the FIA European

The Krone Group is among the market leaders in commercial

Truck Racing Championship (FIA ETRC) and is

transport manufacturing with its Commercial Vehicles division

participating as an exhibitor at the Truck Grand Prix, which is taking

producing flatbed and semi-trailers, container chassis, swap systems,

place at the Nürburgring in the Eifel for the 33rd time.

trailers and motor vehicle superstructures as well as CEP vehicles for parcel services.

With 115,000 visitors, the Truck Grand Prix is a major event of the ADAC Mittelrhein e.V. From June 29 to July 1, 2018, it unites

Customer requirements go far beyond the vehicle. Krone offers a

motorists, long-distance drivers, truck fans and country fans

comprehensive service that includes telematics, spare parts, maintenance

from the logistics sector. As a semitrailer manufacturer, Krone is

contracts, pan-European service partners and financing solutions.

exhibiting its Profi Liner Ultra and also offers fan merchandise for

Furthermore, trailers and general transport equipment can be rented

drivers and motor sport fans in a swap body converted into a shop

through Krone Fleet and used vehicles are available via Krone Used.

box. The practical travel trolley by Krone is particularly popular with long-distance drivers.

In-house components such as the Krone Trailer Axle and the ‘All-InKrone Trailer’ ensure that customers can rely on just one contact

The expert audience takes advantage of the co-operation between

person to handle all enquiries.

Krone and the Czech game producer SCS Software to simulate a drive with the Euro Truck Simulator on various tractor units and

The annual turnover of the Krone Commercial Vehicle Group

semitrailers from Krone. Commenting on the event today, Ingo

(Fahrzeugwerk Krone and subsidiaries) is 1.3 billion euros. While

Lübs, Krone Commercial Vehicle Group’s Head of Marketing, said:

Krone manufactured around 52,000 vehicle units (around 41,000

We are delighted to be back

semi-trailers plus almost 11,000 interchangeable systems) in the past

partnering the FIA European Truck

fiscal year.

Racing Championship once again in 2018. Truck Racing is more than

With 27.2 per cent, Germany was the strongest sales market by

just driving around in circles. It

country while the Western European countries are 43.8 percent and

takes determination to be on top.

the Eastern European countries 21.6 percent respectively.

It is about speed and mastering techniques and tactics. At Krone

The Krone Commercial Vehicle Group employs approx. 2,500

we never slow down when it

personnel in the design and production of commercial vehicles

comes to best performance in

and related trailer services in Werlte, Herzlake (both in Emsland/

transport logistics.

Lower Saxony), Dinklage (in Osnabruck), Lübtheen (MecklenburgVorpommern), and Tire in Turkey. 26 JUNE 2018

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The globe’s leading strategic growth consultancy for the freight forwarding sector, providing a global service to a global industry.

Looking for help with that next step?

UK | USA | Middle East

Your Strategic Growth Partner 34

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LIFETIME CONTRIBUTION AWARD A ndy Kaye, CEO of Bis Henderson Group and Chairman of

But I believe it’s also important that people across all levels of an

The Novus Trust, received one of the logistics industry’s

organisation feel engaged and truly motivated by the opportunities

top accolades at this year’s Talent in Logistics Awards by

that exist in our sector for career development and that’s why, more

being presented with the Lifetime Contribution Award, sponsored

recently, I have founded Bis Henderson Academy, which is focused

by Doosan. The annual Awards and conference event, dedicated to

on developing talent through apprenticeship level training. I would

the training, development and recognition of the 2.2 million people

like to share this moment of recognition with all those individuals

working in transport, warehousing and logistics, was held in Telford

who have been involved in both of these initiatives. Thank you.

on 21 June and was attended by over 260 logistics professionals. Stepping up to receive his trophy from host for the evening, Jeff Stelling, presenter of Gillette Soccer Saturday, the commendation from the judges read:

Andy has been instrumental in shaping

the face of the industry through an unwavering commitment to mentoring other professionals. He has worked tirelessly to promote the industry, volunteered his free time to bring new talent into the sector and is passionate about everything he does. On winning the Award, Andy Kaye said:

I’m surprised, and of

course absolutely delighted, to be honoured in this way. I’ve been working with an inspired team over the last few years to develop The Novus Trust and its specialist degree courses for young, budding logisticians. So this is a proud moment for me, that our efforts have been recognised.


FORWARDER magazine


Left to right: Jeff Stelling, host, Andy Kaye, CEO of Bis Henderson Group, Louise Boston of Doosan


F R O M F O R W A R D E R M A G A Z I N E • P O W E R E D B Y F R E I G H TA B A S E


ABOUT BIS HENDERSON GROUP Bis Henderson Group has an extensive client portfolio across multiple business sectors, with a strong and growing

APR-JUN ���8

presence in retail and omni-channel markets. It offers business


flexibility through its four operating divisions: Bis Henderson

Bis Henderson Academy delivers training and up-skilling

Recruitment has been meeting clients’ permanent and interim

programmes to develop the supply chain and logistics

recruitment needs in supply chain, logistics and procurement

professionals of the future – helping to bridge the growing

for more than 30 years. Bis Henderson Consulting leverages

industry skills gap. The Academy works with businesses to

its expert practical knowledge to optimise supply chain and

maximise the value they can gain from their Apprenticeship

logistics operations - from performance enhancement to

Levy contributions – advising them on up-skilling their

network design. Bis Henderson Academy is developing the

managers, first line team leaders, as well as warehouse

logistics professionals of the future – helping businesses build

operatives, supply chain professionals and customer service

the capabilities of their teams. Bis Henderson Space resolves

teams. Bis Henderson Academy is one of the first companies

logistics capacity problems for businesses, from warehousing

to be accredited to RoATP – the Register of Apprenticeship

to associated services, including handling, fulfilment and

Training Providers. www.bis-hendersonacademy.com

transport. www.bis-henderson.com


ABOUT NOVUS TRUST The Novus Trust is a not-for-profit initiative, designed to

Andy Kaye is Chairman of the Novus Trust, providing a

offer degree courses specialising in supply chain and logistics

number of degree programmes at three UK Universities,

management. These unique courses provide students with

and CEO of Bis Henderson Academy, which focuses on staff

valuable insights into the industry, both in terms of logistics

development and up-skilling through apprenticeship level

theory and practical experience through placements and

training funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. He is also an

workshops. The third year of each four-year course is spent

active board member of the Think Logistics initiative, a body

in industry with one of the sponsor companies. Each student

that works to attract, retain and develop talent through UK

is guaranteed a job upon completing their degree, provided

wide workshops and events.

they receive a 2:1 qualification or above.

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ritain’s leading rail freight operator, DB Cargo UK is delighted to announce it’s of Head of Service Design has won a prestigious national award.

Kate Turner, 23, beat off stiff competition to be crowned winner

Kate Turner said:

I am completely overwhelmed with my

of the ‘Above and Beyond’ category at the FTA Everywoman In

nomination but also with the amount of support and congratulations

Transport and Logistics Awards. The award is presented annually to

I have had from colleagues and other companies within logistics.

a woman in the freight industry that has truly gone above and beyond

This is a huge achievement and being recognised for all my efforts

her role to help drive an organisations success.

I am massively grateful. The support and guidance DB Cargo UK has provided so far in my career is fantastic. This award will help

Kate was nominated for the award by her team for all the support

me in the future as it has spurred me on to continue spreading the

she offered them during large organisational changes made at DB

word that Rail Freight is a fantastic Industry to be in for all genders,

Cargo UK in 2017.

hard work is recognised and rewarded. I am presenting in schools and colleges to market Rail Freight and this award will be definitely

Kate is an extremely deserving winner of this award. DB Cargo

something I will take with me to show what can be achieved.

UK has an aspiration to lead the next generation of rail freight here in the UK and Kate’s award is a great step towards us achieving this.

Kate joined DB Cargo UK in 2012 as a Planning and Resource

Hans-Georg Werner, CEO, DB Cargo UK

Apprentice before working her way through the management ranks in Production to the Head of Service Design role in January 2017.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.rha.uk.net


he Road Haulage Association has produced figures which

switch to more polluting vans to make urban deliveries instead.

challenge some of the myths that support the drive to tax

It’s essential that the Government reviews its guidance to local

lorries out of towns and cities.

authorities to either delay zone charges until vehicles are 12 years old, or at the very least cap charges for Euro V lorries at £10 per

Based on government statistics, the RHA NOx Emission

day until 2024.

Assessment says that lorries and buses accounted for only 7.6

Richard Burnett, Chief Executive, RHA

percent of NOx emissions in 2015. HGV emissions have reduced by nearly 43 percent since 2013 and are expected to have fallen 70 percent by the end of 2021. Our industry has made huge progress adopting cleaner air technologies to help reduce emissions, yet the Government and local authorities still attack haulage through punitive policies. The road user levy, and the premature adoption of clean air zones – some as soon as next year – will punish hauliers who deliver goods to towns and cities, keeping supermarket shelves stocked. And with no retrofit option available, low residuals for Euro V and high prices for second-hand Euro VI, we have to ask how government expects every haulier to have adopted the cleanest trucks so quickly? It is impossible. Our assessment of the Government’s fleet numbers show that by as early as 2021 the haulage sector will have reduced its NOx emissions by 70 percent in less than a decade even without the introduction of clean air zones. So targeting hauliers and crippling them with huge fines won’t deliver the emissions reductions they claim – it will only increase congestion and emissions when more operators


SINCE 2013

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he time- and cost-saving vehicle delivery app, vinDELIVER,

CDN site, where all the delivery information is accessible and live,

from cloud-based automotive software specialist Car

with up to the minute updates. The CDN Pay as you go aspect

Delivery Network (CDN), is being adopted increasingly

works well for us too.

by smaller, flexible companies for whom customer service is king, says CDN founder and director, Wayne Pollock.

Driven – For You provides chauffeur-driven vehicle movements for customers ranging from one-man bands to major dealerships.

While vinDELIVER is widely used and accounts for millions of car

Established in February this year, the company clocked up its

deliveries for large businesses in the US as well as in the UK, young

1,000th job within three months of its launch and is continuing to

and growing companies in the UK are also recognising the huge

expand rapidly. According to John Steel, their success is based on an

benefits of real time reporting and end-to-end visibility in attracting

unwavering focus on people and quality of service.

and retaining customers. Our customers include major dealerships and networks, vehicle John Steel, director of West Yorkshire based Driven-For You Ltd,

body builders, vehicle inspection companies – our uniformed drivers

confirms that for him customer service is paramount and from the

collect and delivering to their customers. Our drivers are well-

outset, he was determined to invest in the best possible system to

trained, courteous, professional and efficient, they handle all the

keep his customers – and their customers – well informed as part

paperwork and make sure that the person receiving the vehicle is

of his company’s customer-centric ethos.

well looked after. We are building a reputation for excellence in this area and the CDN system is key to the service we provide.

We reviewed several systems in the market, but CDN’s vinDELIVER came out on top. The app is simple to use, interaction

Using the vinDELIVER app, drivers can upload photos of the vehicle

with the end user is easy, and you can upload fuel receipts, POC

on collection, gain immediate authorisation to proceed from the

(proof of collection), multiple photos of the vehicle and POD

customer and load more photos and fuel receipts on delivery. This

(proof of delivery), so for us it ticked all the boxes. There is a

process ensures all aspects of the delivery are transparent, damage

customer page too, so customers can login and go straight to the

can be noted and recorded, and invoices triggered on POD.


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ollowing more reports of gangs in northern France trying

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “We are very

to get on board UK-bound lorries, the Road Haulage

concerned about the problem, which is especially severe at this

Association urges members to report migrant trouble

time of year. This is a situation that is both out of control and

to a dedicated helpline.

totally unacceptable for those who are quite simply doing their job.

The RHA Calais Incident Reporting Line – open 24 hours a day,

The reporting line helps provide evidence and the

seven days a week – has been set up to make it easy for haulage

understanding needed to ensure we are getting the protection

companies to report incidents.

that the haulage industry is entitled to expect.

The RHA has always argued that the authorities on both sides

The number to ring if you or any of your drivers have experienced any

of the Channel must do more to protect drivers but they’re

sort of migrant activity in France or elsewhere is (+44) 1274-863111.

still running a terrifying gauntlet of migrants desperate to get to the UK. Only recently a haulier reported that 16 migrants were

Callers will be asked for their name, what happened, the exact

found in the back of a trailer – as far away as Brussels – and in

location of the incident and what damage was caused. The RHA

another incident near Dunkirk a driver was slashed when he

will then pass the information to the Home Office and Border

confronted two migrants he caught breaking into his trailer.

Force teams.


We are very open – what you see is what you get. By using

companies). Using vinDELIVER, transport companies can provide real-

vinDELIVER, we can see what’s happening at every point of the

time visibility of vehicle delivery status and condition, including delivery

journey and report to our customers. In fact, when we demonstrate

ETAs, photos of fuel receipts, lease and shipping paperwork, electronic

the app to potential customers, it often seals the deal!

vehicle condition, signatures and much more. The application can be plugged into to an existing Transport Management System (TMS) and

Another aspect that appeals to companies like Driven - For You

is downloadable from Google or Apple stores.

is the collaborative approach taken by Car Delivery Network in developing the software to meet specific requirements, he says. We will be work together with CDN to do more to satisfy the needs of some of our larger customers; CDN like us, are very responsive and with their support we can offer our customers an ever-improving service. We deliver on our promises – and so do CDN. vinDELIVER is the award-winning vehicle delivery app using cloud-based vehicle delivery logistics software to facilitate real-time communication between delivery agents, transport companies and their customers. (Dealers, OEM’s, Rental, Remarketing, Auction, Fleet and Leasing

Lee Barker, uniformed driver for Driven - For You Ltd.

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&O FERRIES today announces that it plans to lift capacity

PD Ports is at the centre of an increasingly important logistics

on its Zeebrugge-Teesport route by almost 25 per cent

hub based at Teesport. We have a strong and historic partnership

within the next month in order to create a gateway to

with P&O Ferries and we are supporting this expansion by providing

Scotland via the north-eastern port.

additional capacity for their upsized Zeebrugge-Teesport route through even more investment in our rail services to Scotland. PD

The integrated ferry and logistics company currently carries more

Ports has extensive rail capacity with direct intermodal links across

than 100,000 freight units a year to Teesport from its continental

the UK and with a new, second planned daily service to Scotland

hub at Zeebrugge. The 12 sailings a week service is provided by the

imminent, we will shortly see further opportunities for cargo

25,000 ton Bore Song and the 10,000 ton Mistral.

movements to and from Scotland. Frans Calje, Chief Executive, PD Ports

Customers will benefit from P&O Ferries' plans to increase the capacity of its ships combined with the introduction by PD Ports

P&O Ferries is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics company,

of a new rail service to Mossend in Scotland. The timetable of both

sailing 27,000 times a year on eight major routes between Britain,

services will be fully integrated so that freight can be moved from

France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and

one to the other with minimal delay.

Belgium. It operates more than 20 vessels which carry 8.4 million passengers and 2.3 million freight units annually.

The most reliable way for exporters to or from Scotland to transport their goods is via Teesport. The 15 hour sailing is more cost efficient

Together with its logistics division, P&O Ferrymasters, the company

than more northerly routes and by integrating our timetable with PD

also operates integrated road and rail links to countries across the

Ports' new rail service to Scotland we can guarantee customers an

continent including Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and Romania.

unrivalled service to and from northern Britain.

P&O Ferrymasters also owns a rail terminal in the Romanian city of

Janette Bell, Chief Executive, P&O Ferries

Oradea, which facilitates the onward movement of goods to Britain from Asian countries via the Silk Road.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.hactl.com


ong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services Limited (Hacis) -

The western PRD is home to many electronics manufacturers and

the value-added logistics arm of Hactl – and Chu Kong

technology companies. Currently, many of these are heavy users of

Shipping Enterprises (Group) Company Limited (CKS)

ocean freight. Hacis and CKS have identified the potential to convert

have entered into a strategic partnership covering the development

much of this traffic to airfreight, once the opening of the HZMB

of joint logistics activity throughout the western part of the Pearl

provides a faster and more cost-effective connection to HKIA.

River Delta (PRD). Hacis has a long-term plan to expand its SLCD services to the The first project will be the opening of a new inland cargo depot in

western PRD, further enhancing HKIA as a regional air cargo hub

Zhuhai Free Trade Zone, in collaboration with CKS subsidiary Civet

and transshipment centre. This new depot will enable us to fully

(Zhu Hai) Logistics Co., Ltd., which operates its own port facility in

support airlines wishing to extend their networks to the cities in the

Zhuhai Free Trade Zone. This brings the number of Hacis depots in

western PRD. Civet’s advantageous location next to the HZMB, and

southern mainland China to nine.

its considerable experience in running port facilities in Zhuhai, makes it an ideal partner to maximise SLCD’s opportunities in the area,

Hacis’ latest depot will enable it to realise its long-stated ambition

Vivien Lau, Managing Director, Hacis

to further develop its SuperLink China Direct (SLCD) road feeder service network, and establish a strong local presence in the Zhuhai

The partnership with Hacis will further promote multi-modal

area, to take full advantage of the imminent opening of the Hong

logistics in the western PRD, and assist in the development of the

Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB). The depot will cover the

Greater Bay Area, in line with Central Government Policy. We are

Macao and Zhuhai conurbations.

also exploring mutual cooperation in other ports such as Doumen. Roger Cheng, Director & Vice General Manager, Chu Kong Shipping

All Hacis depots are linked with Hong Kong International Airport

Enterprises (Group) Company Limited

(HKIA) via scheduled express road feeders. The opening of the new bridge will slash trucking times between the western PRD and HKIA by around two thirds.

14 MAY 2018









€100 million investment by Seatruck Ferries, the Irish Sea freight specialist, will increase capacity on Warrenpoint to Heysham route by 30%.

Seatruck will deploy two larger freight ferries on the route later this summer, in direct response to growing demand for unaccompanied trailer space and enabling the firm to carry 30,000 additional trailers annually on the key crossing. The move will see the four-deck Seatruck Precision and Seatruck Performance replace the current three-deck vessels and operate a twice daily service between the ports. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit land border negotiations, Warrenpoint Port will continue to be a cornerstone of the Seatruck operation. I clearly remember watching the very first Seatruck sailing from Warrenpoint in 1996. Even back then we had a very strong belief in our business model, our service and our future strategy. Adding larger ships to the Warrenpoint route is the next logical step for Seatruck and I have no doubt that it will be very popular providing more unaccompanied trailer space to our growing customer base, as the industry seeks solutions


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at seatruckferries.com

to the ongoing driver shortage. The larger vessels underline the

trade. We have a strong relationship with Seatruck and the Port is

need for the Southern Relief Road which will connect Warrenpoint

supporting the company with the provision of additional terminal

Port directly to the main Belfast–Dublin motorway. Seatruck fully

areas. Our recently launched Masterplan outlined our vision for the

support this key piece of infrastructure.

development of the Port for the benefit of the wider economy and

Alistair Eagles, Chief Executive, Seatruck Ferries

community. Part of that strategy is to grow freight ferry volumes and this welcome announcement will assist the Port in realising that

In welcoming the announcement, Clare Guinness, Chief Executive

vision. It also makes all the more pressing, the need for increased

of Warrenpoint Port said...

space at the Port which must also be supported by key infrastructure projects such as the South Relief Road.

This is a significant investment by Seatruck Ferries and is a clear commitment to Warrenpoint Port and the wider Newry, Mourne

The vessel switch follows exponential growth for Seatruck in

and Down district, which will directly benefit from the increase in

recent years with unaccompanied trailer volumes rising by more than 250% since 2007. Seatruck now operates 76 departures per week across three Irish Sea routes, moving around 20% of the total Irish Sea Roll on Roll off freight volumes. In Heysham, Peel Ports has recently invested £10m in a new loading ramp to accommodate and improve the Seatruck Ferries operation. The deployment of the two larger Flensburger-Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) series vessels which were built in Germany in 2012, will free up the current two ‘P’ series vessel built in 2008.

Photo caption: Seatruck Ferries CEO Alistair Eagles joins Clare Guinness, CEO, Warrenpoint Port to announce a €100 million investment to increase capacity on Warrenpoint to Heysham route by 30%. Seatruck will deploy two larger freight ferries on the route later this summer, in direct response to growing demand for unaccompanied trailer space and enabling the firm to carry 30,000 additional trailers annually on the key crossing. The move will see the four-deck Seatruck Precision and Seatruck Performance replace the current three-deck vessels and operate an 11-time weekly service between the ports.

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With organically grown data built up over the last 10 years and over 25 consultants updating records of freight forwarders, shippers, supply chain and logistics departments worldwide, our data is unrivalled. We can run campaigns by geographical region or by vertical market.


Internal and external communications. Newsletter production as well as content writing as required. Newsletters are an excellent way to increase client awareness of new services and keep employees fully engaged.


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19 APRIL 2018


HAZARDOUS MATERIALS DRIVERS A t both its Lillebonne and Villers-Saint-Paul sites in France,

As the transport sector in France faces serious challenges in

which are dedicated to the chemical sector, GEODIS is

recruitment and driver retention, employee skills and the stability

offering integrated training to 22 job seekers. The training

of our teams are more than ever the key elements of our quality of

is offered in partnership with Pôle Emploi [the French national

service. This is especially true in the areas of chemical and gas, which

employment agency], the training organisation AFTRAL, and the

demand a high level of technical sophistication and unfailing safety.

French Driving School (ECF). As part of the bargain, trainees will

Olivier Royer, Executive Vice President Road Transport, GEODIS

receive 'hazardous materials' driver positions on permanent contract. A similar project is underway at the Villers-Saint-Paul site, which also Since last February, GEODIS’ Lillebonne site has been supporting

specialises in the transport of chemical and gas products. It involves

ten job seekers through a customised career development course,

twelve job seekers, holding only a C license at the start, who will

in preparation for their recruitment in May as “chemical-gas” drivers

undergo 280 hours of training (FIMO, ADR, CE license) conducted

on permanent work contracts.

by AFTRAL, in order to be hired on permanent contract.

Meanwhile, each will have benefited from an integrated training

With these measures, GEODIS, as a leading employer in France,

given by the ECF, which will include: the heavy vehicle license CE

reinforces its commitment to training and development. Following

(authorising, in France, the driving of vehicles whose materials

Lillebonne and Villers-Saint-Paul, similar train-to-hire campaigns are

or merchandise exceed 7.5 tonnes); FIMO (Obligatory minimum

already being planned for other GEODIS chemical sites.

basic training) skills training; and ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by

This project is co-financed by GEODIS and OPCA Transports,

Road) authorisation. The skill development of future drivers will be

an agency that finances professional training in the transport

provided by GEODIS, which will get its new hires the 'super heavy'

sector. It benefited from the support of Pôle Emploi in the

CE license and train them for several weeks, in teams of two, on the

preselection of candidates and the payment of compensation

specific processes of its clients.

during their training.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.geodis.com


GEODIS is a top-rated, global supply chain operator recognised

Currently GEODIS has over 40,500 employees, a direct presence

for its passion and commitment to helping clients overcome their

in 67 countries, and a global network spanning 120 countries.

logistical constraints. GEODIS’ growth-focused offerings (Supply

GEODIS’ parent company, SNCF Logistics, is a division of the

Chain Optimisation, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics,

SNCF group (the French National Railway Corporation). In

Distribution & Express, and Road Transport) coupled with the

2017, GEODIS reached €8.1 billion in sales and continues to

company’s historical success has led to wide-spread recognition

position itself for global growth.

including being ranked #7 worldwide and #4 in Europe.

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19 APRIL 2018





editerranean Shipping Company (MSC), a world leader

almost anywhere in the world. Among its many cargo specialisms,

in global container shipping has implemented IMDG

MSC is a highly experienced expert in chemical transportation.

Code e-learning, developed in collaboration with the

International Maritime Organization by Exis Technologies for its

Staff based in agency offices around the globe, have first-hand

global IMDG Code training program.

experience of local requirements and regulations regarding chemicals/ dangerous goods in ports worldwide. Their focus is ensuring that

MSC, a privately owned, global organisation operating a network

the highest level of safety and environmental standards are met.

of over 480 offices in 150 countries, employs a team of more than

MSC also has a specialist chemical support department based at

60,000 people. Its fleet of 460 container vessels has an intake

its Antwerp home port, in Belgium. It is this department which

capacity of circa 2.75 million TEU and the company’s extensive

ensures shipments meet the stringent compliance requirements of

network of sailing schedules spans 200 routes, calling at 315 ports,

the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and it provides

and enabling them to deliver all types of cargo, safely and swiftly,

any necessary contingency plans en route.


xis Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of

partners and third parties to help influence policy with respect to shipment of

Hazcheck Inspections, a web-based database and access

dangerous goods by sea. Operators have the option to send cargo details to

portal for inspection companies to plan and enter details

the inspection company so they can plan containers to select for inspection.

of cargo inspections completed on behalf of container or vessel

Pre-entered planned data can be re-used when the inspections details are

operators. Two container inspection companies, National Cargo

recorded. The system is supported by the roll out of a common inspection

Bureau and Port Supervisor Rotterdam, have been instrumental in

protocol to new users of the system to ensure common reporting.

helping Exis to develop the system in line with customer requirements. National Cargo Bureau (NCB) is a non-profit organisation The solution allows the container or vessel operator to login with secure

headquartered in New York and operates nationally across the

access and view or download inspection results and/or analytics. Consistent

United States with the sole mission of Safety of Life and Cargo at

data is recorded and reported regardless of where and who records the

Sea. NCB has been an Exis customer since 2006, purchasing IMDG

inspection result. Non confidential analytics data can be shared with

Code compliance systems for use in its compliance operations across


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.msc.com

Specialist chemists ensure the chemical cargo (and the box it sits

To date, the company has successfully trained 21,000 people working

next to) is stowed and shipped in-keeping with the necessary legal

as part of the worldwide MSC network. This includes agents, fleet

and safety requirements.

operators and terminals.

MSC was looking for an IMDG Code training solution which could

For several years, MSC has also been using Exis Technologies

be rolled out globally across its network of offices. The company

Hazcheck compliance system to check shipments against the

purchased the SCORM version of IMDG Code e-learning to allow

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

students to train using the company’s learning management system. The project team implemented the Amendment 37-14 last year and

Dirk Vande Velde, Corporate Senior Director, MSC Chemical

will be implementing the Amendment 38-16 training programme

Transports, has been working closely with Exis Technologies to

over the next few months. This programme utilises a wide range of

implement IMDG Code compliance solutions for many years. Dirk

the IMDG Code e-learning courses available, to ensure that staff are


receiving the most appropriate training for their job role.

closely with Exis to replace our existing training with the Exis

For some time now, we have been working very

Dangerous Cargo training across our global network. We have MSC is also incorporating the 49 CFR training module into the

been really pleased with how the relationship has developed, how

programme, which looks at the additional requirements in 49 CFR

well they have understood the complex needs of our business, and

when shipping into/from the USA under the IMDG Code provisions.

how their specific training tools have performed in terms of our requirements. We look forward to continuing the implementation of the current training programme.

the United States. NCB has been working closely with Exis Technologies to develop the Hazcheck Inspections specification including the user interface and the type of data that container inspection operations need to collect. We are happy to be working alongside Exis Technologies on this exciting project. This is a ground breaking system which we are confident will improve the accuracy and timeliness of information that container inspection companies like NCB and shipping lines will be able to use to improve safety at sea. Bob Ahlborn, Vice President Liner Activities, Exis

19 FEBRUARY 2018






The FORWARDER Directory is a catalogue of freight forwarding companies, shipping lines, airlines, etc. that specialise in shipping to or from major countries throughout the world. You can place any size advert from a free single-line entry to a double-page spread to promote your strongest services. Our team can advise you on how best to use the space. If you wish to advertise, please contact Dom...

dom@freight-media.com or +44 (0)1454 628 794


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COMING SOON... UK specialisms, divided into the 12 UK regions we judge to be most familiar to the freight industry professional at work. From 'abnormal loads' to 'warehousing & storage', if you need it done, it's in here.

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25% over five years SPECIALISMS

Multimodal, cross-trade NO OF EMPLOYEES





Totally multimodal with a reliable agent in each country MODES

Sea, air, trailer, cross-trade, project MILESTONES

25th Anniversary (28th this July), acquisition of key accounts, worldwide network – without the use of agency networks


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EDDIE SAYS... Action International separates itself from the competition in various ways


ction International is a company founded upon

They have worked tirelessly to build a reputation for

strong ethics and a desire to deliver a quality

reliability and professionalism, and this is your assurance

service to every client. At the heart of their

that they will always deliver on their promises. To delve

service is a determination and ability to tailor a solution

into this further we were lucky enough to speak to Eddie

which is bespoke to your precise requirements. Whether

Buist, Director at Action International, to speak about

road, air-sea, projects, cross-trade or refrigerated

the latest conundrums facing the industry, how Action

shipment, import or export, Action has been keeping

separate themselves from the competition and Eddie's

clients happy for nearly 30 years!

views on the future of freight.

FORWARDER magazine




How does Action International separate itself from other freight forwarders in a tirelessly competitive market? Action International separates itself from the competition in various ways: we have strong connections with most of the major shipping lines, built over the last 28 years, and indeed



EDDIE SAYS... We have tried wherever possible to cater to every customer's needs individually


How have you advanced your services across the company over the last ďŹ ve years? We have, as a company, tried wherever possible to cater to every customer's needs individually. We no longer believe that going to a customer with a procedure set in stone works. There are customers who want certain things

have strong connections with our customers at directorial

and customers who do not want certain things. A prime

or senior level. All clientele has the comfort of knowing

instance would be that we offer tracking to all our mid-

that both Peter Murphy and I are available virtually 24/7 for

range and large customers. Some want it, some do not, some

them. Larger companies may find it difficult to boast that

want certain fields, some do not. We cater to customers'

their directors would be available for a one on one with

EXACT needs. We pride ourselves on our customers being

a customer during national and personal holidays. We at

so happy that they even recommend us to other new clients.

Action International are always there for our customers in

Client recommendation cannot be beaten as it comes with

an emergency. Whether the customer is a 1-shipment-a-year

an assurance that we are tried and tested, and our customers

or a 1-shipment-a-day client, a customer is a customer and

would never recommend us to friends or colleagues in

treated as equally important.

business if they were not happy with how we perform.

How have you dealt with the recent GDPR impact? At Action International we believe in keeping up with legislation and the in response to the recent change of data protection in line with the new GDPR regulations, both Neil


How has technology impacted your business? Technology has impacted our business quite a lot over the years with more advanced logistics software packages and EDI links and uploads. We do, however, also try to keep

Scraggs and I underwent a full-day course with UK Training

our current service providers up to speed with our own

to ensure we were prepared as a company and understood

new ideas, trying to enhance their systems to give more

exactly what we needed to do to fully comply. We can assure

precise information and reporting systems customised

any existing or future customer that their data is managed

to our or our clients' needs. We are fully connected to

properly and securely within our company. We have also had

customs systems at all the main ports and can, therefore,

all our service providers provide a letter to our company

update a customer at the push of a button on the customs

assuring us that they are fully compliant as well.

computers throughout the UK.

FORWARDER magazine



With our departure from the EU imminent, how do you see this affecting your business and relationships? We here at Action don’t just have agents throughout the world, we like to call our agents partners – and indeed, in most cases, friends! Relationships take a long time to build

To be honest, they must be – at least for us. I cannot comment on behalf of anyone else. We are members of IATA and therefore two of our employees are dangerous-goods certified; however,

friends are currently employed by Action to carry out non-

we fully educate ourselves if we are instructed to

inhibitive movements from within the EU to and from the UK

perform a shipment containing dangerous goods

as presently no customs restrictions apply, so it is like moving

to ensure that all procedures and relevant transit

a shipment from city to city in the UK. With our departure

documents are provided before we take the

from the EU there are many different opinions flying around.

shipments on. So, total clarity from the start.

barriers where customs clearance and accounting for relative duty and VAT takes place at the time of import? Rumour has it that Ireland has already stated that it will redeploy customs clearances from the UK. It remains to be seen, but greater numbers of customs staff will be required should that be the



Do you feel that regulations regarding transporting dangerous goods are currently clear to freight forwarders?

and are quite often irreplaceable. Our European agents/

Do we keep free trade or do we re-introduce customs



case both in Ireland and the UK.


How important is having a vast, varying array of networks? From my perspective, having tried-and-trusted agents throughout the world is vital; it is key to success! We can perform part one of the shipment here and all can go well, and then disaster can strike

How has reporting and tracking increased productivity for Action International?

on the other side, or indeed vice versa The problem can materialise overseas and no one knows how to solve it – that’s why reliable agents are required.

Our present service provider, as I've already mentioned,

Are we members of WCA, ALGN or any similar

gives Action a full tracking and reporting facility from their

organisations? In short, no. Why is this the case?

system, which over the years has been modified – with

Over the years we decided to try out two networks

our input – to make it better and better as time goes on.

– no names mentioned – and no reference to either

Automated shipment and tracking reports are always helpful

WCA or ALGN. We found that most agents which

to a customer who wants to look online, day or night, for

were members of such networks wanted all our

an update. Our system is, however, fully secured and only

shipments but gave very little, if anything, in return

information relevant to the customer can be accessed.

– and such networks required the full support of

A relevant security code and password is issued to the

all their members. Would anyone in the industry

customer and fully protected. In turn this saves us time and

consider changing an agent they have dealt with for

effort, enabling us to handle more and more shipments.

20+ years? I don’t think so, unless they were to make a major mistake. Trust and confidence in your partners and friends is imperative. We do have trustworthy existing partners throughout the world. We would never recommend anyone unless we completely trust them. After all, we are only as good as them!

FORWARDER magazine




approach to business

provide solutions not only in the UK but other countries as well. We have customers supplying e-commerce companies in the U.S. directly from the Far East and we manage that. We

There are indeed pressing issues in the freight forwarding

stock codes and SKU numbers, re-label, etc. and we offer

industry which I think most forwarders will not deny if they

that service via our associated company Action International

are totally honest. The recent acquisitions and mergers of

Ipswich. So from our perspective it is not rocket science

shipping lines cause me great concern. The playing field and

if you have been doing it from the advent of e-commerce.

options for companies such as ours are becoming lesser

I suppose my only worry is when the e-commerce companies

and fewer and all, I believe, down to the demise of Hanjin

try to negotiate with shipping lines directly and instruct all

a few years ago. Shipping lines now have merged or been

their suppliers to use only their designated shipping lines

acquired by larger lines in order to survive. The choice is

...it may well happen.

is around (which to be honest if you consider that a freight rate from Taiwan in 1979 was around $1,100 for a 20ft, if I remember correctly, may not be a bad thing if rates do not rise through the roof). Should rates go through the roof then perhaps an idea may be to re-introduce a body such as the


Where do you see Action International in 5-10 years’ time? Action continues to grow year on year due to previously stated factors. I would like to think that we could retain our own brand and identity in the industry and continue to grow

FEFC, which was the policing body of shipping lines during

at a steady rate. After all, with 73 years in freight forwarding

the 80s – maybe that’s the solution, an even playing field for

between me and Peter we must be doing something right!

all and then it's all down to service.

Steady growth is the best kind of growth, as it is manageable. Rapid growth can sometimes be inhibitive, as it means one

The explosion of e-commerce has created a demand for a variety of products and services. How have you dealt with this?

of two things: you either succeed at a rapid rate or fall at a rapid rate. I would sooner hedge our bets and continue steady growth, acquiring strong, experienced staff with the Action mentality as we go along.

e-Commerce has indeed seen an explosion in shipping, it is something that has its good sides and bad sides. People these days often prefer to shop online, and it would seem certain high street retailers have suffered because of this. e-Commerce is indeed there and growing and good luck to it. We are involved with quite a few e-commerce companies and



have companies importing into the UK where we must split

Rates potentially rising higher and higher as less opposition


...we have a strong

Are there any really pressing issues in the freight forwarding industry that you are concerned about?

becoming an ever-decreasing circle. Where will it all end?



FORWARDER magazine



What makes you unique within freight forwarding? We are unique in freight forwarding because we have a strong chalk-and-cheese approach to business, which Peter will confirm. We are very different but in the long



How do you prevent things from going wrong at Action? I am not saying we have a crystal ball at Action, because no one, no matter how good, can say that. No one can see what is around the corner, but we

run we are on the same page. We are both approachable by

try to look at each new customer as they commence

customers, we both take pride in what we do, our staff are

business with Action and anticipate problems before

knowledgeable and professional in what they do and in the

they happen. Is the customer, whether import or

main are left to their own devices to do their day-to-day

export, familiar with being VAT or EORI Registered?

jobs. However, they all know we are here in an hour of need,

Some don’t even know they should be. Is the

Peter Neil and I, so people who want to leave the company

customer aware of UK weight restrictions if shipping

are normally few and far between, as we like to look after

FCL? However, we can’t give away all trade secrets or

and take care of our staff. In turn, they take care of Action

our competition will be following our lead! We keep a

and their designated customers. A happy team (including the

low profile in the industry, and that is how we prefer

directors) is normally a successful team and that is what I

it to be. We get on successfully with what we are

firmly believe we are. There are probably other companies

doing and leave our competition to do the same.

like ours, but we like to believe we offer something more and



will continue to do so…God willing.

How many start-up companies has Action dealt with? How many stay? That’s a great question! In fairness, we deal with lots


Do you have a mission statement? In answer to that question, we believe success breeds success and actions speak louder than words – pardon the pun! We make our customers successful by giving them the best service and pricing we can

and lots of new start ups, either recommended by existing

offer. In the face of adversity, we meet the problem

clients or someone who finds us courtesy of our website

head on and solve it.

and alphabetically high listing. In the last six months I would estimate that we have had five new start ups and over the last five years probably about 20 which we have nurtured from their very beginning, advising on methods of transport and duty and tax implications, VAT and EORI registration. Quite often start-up companies...fail...with their first shipment, and decide never to do it again. We have been lucky enough to bring each new importer/exporter to a position of greater success and profitability. In answer to the second part of your question...all. One customer that was a new starter three years ago sold out to an American company that now wants us to handle their shipping and the customer that sold out is starting a new business as we speak – and again wants to continue with Action.

FORWARDER magazine




I was delighted to appear in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ showcase earlier this

year. The opportunity to speak candidly about the success of our company, my influence on that, and the ingredients that contribute to our continued success was appreciated. NNR is a global ‘premium brand’ that, although established for over a 100 years in Asia, is not particularly well known in the UK. The feature in Forwarder Magazine offered the stage for us to future promote our business. The moniker ‘secret assassin’ and ‘largest company you’ve never heard of’ no longer suits the brand and size of our global group, therefore features like ‘Move it Like’ in a classy glossy such as FORWARDER are the perfect vehicle to help change that perception. Now I’ve recovered from the

marginal discomfort of a little more attention than normal (!), I can reflect that it provided a strong and personal message that many of our key partners and customers read and responded favourably too. Lee Griffiths, NNR

It was fantastic to feature in the FORWARDER magazine

‘Move it Like’ recently. The quality of the article and insightfulness of the questions gave T15 a great opportunity to be seen in the best light possible. We are a young, growing business and this forum has enabled us to promote our value to a wider network, within a sector that is going through significant change. I would summarise FORWARDER magazine as a quality publication that brings networks and partnerships together for the greater good. Matt Perry, Transition15


FIELD. CALL US ON +44(0)1454 628 775

DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... In 2017 I was proud to be included in the popular FORWARDER feature 'Move It Like'. As a leading publication within the

logistics industry, FORWARDER's unique feature presented an ideal opportunity to discuss my journey as a global air freight

expert and highlight how Ligentia continues to meet our customers' requirements through customised solutions. I found the process rewarding and my relationship with FORWARDER has continued to develop as my career has progressed to a global role. I would highly recommend being part of a future 'Move it Like' feature to anyone seeking successful exposure within the logistics industry.

Lee Alderman-Davis, Ligentia





he transportation of dangerous goods comes with a multitude of regulations and legislation that, if you are new to the sector, may confuse and frustrate you. However, knowing exactly how to distribute hazardous or dangerous goods is not only cost efficient for your customers, it also saves your company valuable time. Here are a few pointers...



When transporting dangerous or hazardous goods we

Knowing exactly what restrictions may apply to your

cannot stress enough the importance of understanding

chosen method of distribution could help towards the

the regulations involved. Stringent regulations ensure the

efficiency of your shipment, both in terms of cost and

safety of everybody involved in the behaviour of dangerous

time. For example, shipping goods by air could mean that

goods, which can sometimes be a matter of life or death

you run into embargos or restrictions that you may not

for individuals who work within the sector.

have to deal with by road. Checking with bodies such as International Air Transport Association (IATA), Freight Transport Association (FTA), British International Freight


Association (BIFA) or any other governing body throughout

Businesses that handle dangerous goods on a regular basis

safe and cost-efficient way.

the industry to ensure that your product arrives in a timely,

must appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA) to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. If this is not done, you could come up against some hardships further down the line with delivery. Duties would include


monitoring compliance with rules governing transport of

Just as important as making sure you understand the

dangerous goods, advising their business on the transport

regulations governing what you are transporting, making

of dangerous goods, preparing an annual report to

sure there is no supply chain disruption through correct

management on the business’ activities in the transport

labelling and packaging will continuously save you time and

of dangerous goods amongst other responsibilities. Having

money when it comes to shipping. Shipment can require

this qualification would mean that you can get through

several markings including UN numbers (four-digit codes

much of the red tape attached to safety regulations within

which indicate the type of dangerous goods being shipped),

the transportation of dangerous goods.

proper shipping name and the names and addresses of both shippers and consignees. Ensure that you not only include all relevant markings but also check that they do not contain any factual or typographical errors.


FORWARDER magazine


AVOIDING THE DANGER ZONE Freight forwarding is a competitive game and being one step ahead of any competition is vital to continued success for many companies. Evolving into different sectors across the industry is a way to make sure you continue to grow and rival some of the biggest freight forwarders, and if you decide to venture into the world of dangerous goods transportation then read through this guide and hopefully, you start from the bottom. Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

FORWARDER magazine






he digital era is enveloping the way in which every industry is operating, and this extends to the way in which we innovate in the dangerous goods sector of freight and logistics. The dangerous goods supply chain

is a heavily regulated sector so the vast amount of paperwork and red tape that numerous companies must deal with has slowly started to dwindle due to the rise of digital management systems. The rise of digital content online has meant that improved information is available on transport services. The impact this has on the dangerous goods sector – along with the rest of the trade – has positive connotations, as it does with so many others. Accidents happen, but when we are talking about transporting dangerous goods on a global scale, being able to give both authorities and end users a clear, definitive answer (on the extent of what happened, how it is being handled and expected time for delivery) is key. This allows for better visibility and out of a negative experience can perhaps even create positivity through repeat business and limit the damage for you and the customer. Optimising transport operations in real time and reacting to unexpected events creates a cohesive industry and allows for a quality service without sacrificing anything that hazardous goods specialists are used to. Optimisation of supply chain stems from effective use and exchange of data, whilst bringing all dangerous goods distribution paperwork into the cloud could mean that we reduce the time scale of shipments and help curb the environmental impact of the industry. Not only does this digitalisation positively portray freight forwarding and the transportation of dangerous goods, it can be seen to open business opportunities with already digitally minded companies that no longer wish to deal with the hassle of paperwork in their dangerous goods consignments. Digitalisation of freight forwarding has been seen to continually innovate developments in the industry, making packaging, driver safety and distribution methods more efficient than ever before. However, some electronic systems for producing transport documentation (and in some cases where the information is carried on a device) do not have the capacity to reproduce all the information required. Whilst we have mentioned some of the positives for the industry that


FORWARDER magazine


digitalisation can bring, we need to ensure that we keep on top of the changes and that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. New systems only work if everyone is using them, so the transition period can be tricky. One concern that seems prevalent these days is this: will automation kill off the individual? Is this the era of the rise of the machines? The same concern bleeds into the world of freight and logistics – if all the systems are automated and all the forwarders digital, will it decimate the headcount of one of the most populous industries in the world? Only time, modernisation and technology's rate of growth measured against freight forwarding will tell. However, sometimes even the best technology won’t replace that human touch and great customer service. We can see there is an equivalent number of positives and negatives with digitalisation in the dangerous goods sector, but one thing is guaranteed: technology is steadily encroaching on the dangerous goods business. You cannot ignore it and you need to set out exactly how you and your business intend to deal with the oncoming digital uprising. Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine







xis Technologies, leaders in IT compliance systems for

Overcoming complexity

the management of dangerous goods in sea transport,

In a further initiative, again supported by TT Club, and its related

have been working on several new initiatives to help

insurance mutual, UK P&I Club, Exis has launched the latest

improve safety in the supply chain. Here we look at some of

addition to this portfolio of risk mitigation tools in relation to DG,

the challenges associated with the shipment of dangerous goods.

the Hazcheck Restrictions Portal. This initiative has the potential to reduce incidents further, primarily by ironing out confusion and

Combatting crime

error in the necessarily complex operational processes involved

In relation to the carriage of packaged dangerous goods by

in navigating today’s supply chains with such goods.

sea, Amendment 38-16 of the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) Code came into force on 1 January 2017 on a

There has been a growing awareness that each carrier has been

voluntary basis and became mandatory from 1 January 2018 for a

collating its own record of restrictions in relation to house

period of two years until 31 December 2019. Most significant ship

policies, ship owner policies, ship constraints (eg. number of

fires are attributable to mis-declared dangerous goods cargoes,

available reefer points), and restrictions applied at the applicable

often exacerbated by criminal non declaration or fraud. Shipping

ports/terminals of loading, transit, transhipment and discharge.

lines have, inevitably been in the vanguard of those seeking

This listing of checks itself demonstrates the complexity,

to ensure that dangerous goods are appropriately classified,

possibility for error or failure to update, and pure inefficiency.

packaged, packed and declared through the supply chain. This campaign has been further championed by the specialist container

The business case to engage with a different process is clear: while

freight insurer TT Club, a long term proponent of safety in cargo

container carriers clearly can benefit from improving clarity on the ship-

integrity and partner of Exis.

board side, the most urgent need is for the port/terminal community to upload and maintain the relevant data. We are encouraging ports and

Exis has been selling Hazcheck Systems for over thirty years

terminals to upload their data free of charge over the next two years

as a portfolio of solutions in relation to the source material

so it can be accessed by all parties including shippers and forwarders.

(the IMDG Code itself), cost-effective e-learning and practical support applications to assist practitioners with every aspect of

Competence and assurance

achieving compliance with the regulations, through the booking,

Approaching a decade ago it became mandatory for all shore-side

packing, marking, documentation and ship stowage processes.

staff involved in dangerous goods transport by sea to have training.

9 of the top 10 global container lines use our systems and around 90% of the UK ferry lines as well as shippers, freight

The IMDG Code clarifies the population of ‘shore-based

forwarders, logistics companies and ports.

personnel’ as all who are involved in the shipment of dangerous goods and mandates that they receive training ‘commensurate with their responsibilities’ (before they undertake them). The dangerous goods transport activities for which training is therefore required are listed: Those who…


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.existec.com


IN DANGEROUS GOODS TRANSPORT BY SEA •• Classify, pack, mark, label or placard, dangerous goods

1 Ensure that your own relevant employees are competent

•• [Pack/unpack] Cargo Transport Units

2 Inform all your customers, contractors and suppliers of their

•• Prepare transport documents •• Offer for transport

obligations to train to an appropriate level of competence 3 Obtain documentary evidence that all relevant employees of

•• Accept for transport

your customers, contractors and suppliers are trained to an

•• Handle in transport

appropriate level of competence

•• Prepare loading/stowage plans •• Load/unload into/from ships

Evidence of competence

•• Carry in transport

While training to achieve ‘competence’ – or the ability to do

•• Enforce, survey or inspect for compliance with applicable regs

a job properly – is critical and required by law, it needs to be

•• Are otherwise involved in the transport of as determined

followed through. This means that the training records not only

by the competent authority.

should be maintained but also available.

The Code proceeds to describe three levels of training (General

The importance of carrying out due diligence was set out in

awareness/familiarisation training; Function-specific training;

relation to the CTU Code in the IMO Circular MSC.1/Circ.1531.

Safety training).

Interestingly, that document envisages the checks being addressed to those who seek to select a ‘provider of CTU-related services’. In

Due to the complexity of the international supply chain, the entity

an age where looking counter-parties in the eye is rare, this provides

identified as the ‘consignor’ on the dangerous goods document may

a good model in both directions; it is as important for the ‘provider’

not have direct or physical control over key elements of the end-

(forwarder, logistics operator or carrier) to ‘know your customer’

to-end process, but needs to be aware that legal liability rests with

as for the customer to seek assurance in relation to the contractor.

the ‘consignor’ and ensure that arrangements are in place to be in compliance with these international and national regulations. Not

James Douglas, Commercial Director, Exis Technologies

all ‘consignors’ will be conversant with such responsibilities, with the result that counterparties should take additional actions. Thus, echoing TT Club’s consistent advice, there are three steps inherent in achieving compliance and assurance throughout the supply chain:

FORWARDER magazine





avigate Response welcomes two new partners to its

In Italy, recent media interest in the maritime industry has

global crisis communications network to strengthen

been largely driven by the ongoing Mediterranean refugee crisis

coverage in the key maritime hotspots of West Africa

and the bankruptcies of established maritime brands. Italy's

and the Mediterranean.

complex media and political landscape, which is often driven by close personal relationships, presents significant difficulties for

Continuing pirate activity in West Africa has repeatedly drawn

outsiders. Navigate Response is delighted to be working with

international media attention and presented signification local

Riccardo Masnata, who brings more than 20 years' experience

changes for shipping companies. To further strengthen the support

as a public relations advisor and journalist in the maritime sector.

available to our clients, Navigate Response is proud to have partnered with Caritas Communications led by Adedayo Ojo.

Riccardo Masnata and his team have worked for leading Italian and international brands including MSC Cruises, APM Terminals,

With offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Accra, Ghana, Caritas

Blu Navy, Genoa Oil Terminal, USCLAC (Italian shipmasters'

is a leading Africa-focused reputation management and

association), British Gas, CRN (Ferretti Group) and Archimede

communications agency. Caritas specialises in crisis management,

Maritime Training Network.

having developed emergency response procedures for leading brands including the Nigerian affiliates of Total and ExxonMobil,

Joining the network, Riccardo said...

and leading indigenous players such as MainOne and Honeywell

I am delighted to be part of Navigate's global network.

Group. Their cross-sector experience includes maritime, oil &

I believe partnership is paramount in any crisis, when maritime

gas and aviation.

stakeholders and media relations need to be managed. The initial response is critical and both the cultural and communications

Joining the network, Adedayo Ojo said...

terrain requires careful regional navigation.

This is a great opportunity for us, and for Navigate Response. West Africa – and especially the Gulf of Guinea – has seen more

Welcoming Adedayo Ojo and Riccardo Masnata,

than its fair share of maritime incidents in recent years, not least

COO at Navigate Response, Dustin Eno said...

with the rise in offshore piracy. Caritas can assist Navigate's

We are delighted to bring two more communications

clients who may be dealing with West Africa's fragmented and

specialists into our global response network. Their teams

often government influenced media to help ensure accuracy and

add both crisis management expertise and vital knowledge

to protect the client's licence to operate within the region.

of regional media landscapes. Our network of 42 offices in 28 countries provides our clients with unrivalled access to local experts backed up by the global experience necessary to respond effectively to any maritime incident.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at navigateresponse.com







he outcome of the UK referendum on Brexit will have

There are three types of Operators Licence:

far-reaching implications for the movement of freight

•• Restricted: Carry own goods only in UK & EU

throughout Europe, and especially here on the island of

•• Standard National: Hire & Reward in UK only

Ireland where the UK will share its only land border with the EU post-Brexit. In the event of a bad or no deal for the UK, Northern

•• Standard International: Hire & Reward work in UK, EU & beyond

Ireland stands to be disproportionately affected compared to Great Britain, due to the nature of all-island supply chains.

As the above figures illustrate, 27% of Operator Licences in Northern Ireland are for ‘International’ work compared with only

Businesses in Northern Ireland are more reliant on the ability to

around 10% of Licences in Great Britain. Indeed, Northern Ireland

transport their goods into the EU than similar businesses in Great

operators hold more International Licences than Scotland and Wales

Britain, which is illustrated by the types of Operator Licences utilised

combined, as well as more than other larger UK regions.

in both regions. To operate a Goods Vehicle, the operator must have a valid Operator’s Licence that is issued by the relevant Government

Commercial goods vehicle traffic across the Irish border was

departments to ensure operators are compliant and viable.

estimated at 4,677,772 vehicle movements for the year 2016 (Source: Irish Revenue & Customs analysis of TII Data). This works out at a staggering 12,788 commercial vehicle movements daily across


the border. It’s also worth highlighting that compared to 2014, commercial vehicle traffic across the Irish border has increased

10,000 Restricted National International




3,164 3,157




1,540 2,745 374










0 Northern Ireland


London & S. East

West Midlands

Source: 2017 figures obtained from Traffic Commissioners Office for Great Britain and the Transport Regulation Unit for NI FORWARDER magazine


BREXIT &THE BORDER by 21.4%. This is a clear demonstration that both economies, North

Council Directive 97/78/EC of 18 December 1997 states that food products

and South, are becoming increasingly reliant on one another as our

of animal origin, including meat, entering the EU shall be subjected to

supply chains become more entwined.

veterinary checks. There are three elements to these checks:

If customs checks were to be imposed on cross border traffic, even

1 Documentary Checks: Verifying the veterinary certificates

at a minimal 1% of transactions, then we would see around 128 physical inspections of goods vehicles daily. The impact of such

and documents accompanying the consignment. 2 Identity Checks: Checks to ensure products in vehicle match

checks would be additional costs for transport operators, as well as

those described in documents. This will mean physical

significant delays to transit times and the resultant missed schedules

inspection of the vehicle to check seal numbers.

for businesses on both sides of the border.

3 Physical Check: Here the consignment is physically inspected, which can include examining the packaging, checking

Customs checks on items such as manufactured goods are only

temperatures, sending samples for analysis to a laboratory

the tip of the iceberg in terms of the types of controls required,

and vets may smell or taste a product.

and there is potentially an even bigger problem facing supply chain logistics on the island of Ireland.

Product Non-EU import checks

Beef, lamb, pork Poultry

The EU stipulates the frequency of checks as follows: Official who undertakes inspection Official veterinarian

Frequency of checks Document checks

ID checks

Physical checks







Veterinary checks must take place at the physical point where goods

The Government often states it does not want to see a return to the

enter the EU, so without some special agreement being reached,

border of the past: instead, it is the border of the future that they

veterinary checks and the associated infrastructure would have to

are concerned about. To ensure that freight can continue to flow

be put into place at the Irish border in order to protect the integrity

smoothly, FTA’s members are keen to ensure that the final Brexit

of the European food supply chain. This would result in every such

agreement makes Northern Ireland a bridge between the UK and

load having to stop to lodge documents, ID checks and potentially

the EU rather than a hard border.

a physical inspection. Seamus Leheny, Policy Manager Northern Ireland, FTA The UK may also have to reciprocate such checks for goods entering Northern Ireland and Great Britain as potential future trade partners will want to limit the UK market from the supply of similar EU products that they wish to sell us instead. FORWARDER magazine





gypt is a lower-middle-income country with a population of almost 90 million. In 2013 it had an annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of USD 3,314. Since 2014, the

economy has been on a path to recovery. It was the largest destination for all foreign direct investment into Africa. Its stock market (EGX) was the best performing in the world in terms of returns. Egypt is highly import dependant and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Significant investments in ports, airports, highways and railways are planned which will lead to more efficient movement of goods. Many UK companies are already doing business in Egypt, including

Challenges of doing business in Egypt

BP, Shell, BG Group, Vodafone, Barclays, HSBC, GSK, AstraZeneca

Egypt has some unique challenges, including...

and Unilever amongst many others.

•• A crippling fiscal deficit

Strengths of the Egyptian market •• A young workforce •• Newly-extended Suez Canal is a hub for world maritime traffic •• Strategic geographical location, with proximity to Asian, African and European markets •• Third-largest economy in Africa •• A number of free trade-agreements and arrangements

•• Political and social instability •• Poverty has increased to 26.4% •• Rising unemployment •• Investment and tourism both falling •• Excessive bureaucracy that makes it difficult to do business (ranks low on World Bank ease-of-doing-business index) •• High-levels of corruption (ranks fairly low on the transparency index)

EXPORT TO EGYPT •• 18% of the 90-million population are under 25

•• A shortfall of foreign exchange •• Restrictions on foreign property ownership •• Lack of legal and contractual certainty •• Slow and cumbersome customs procedures


FORWARDER magazine


UK & EGYPT TRADE Egypt was the UK’s 42nd largest export market for goods and 55th largest export market for services in 2013. Between 2001


The VAT rate is currently

and 2014, UK exports of goods to Egypt fell by around 9%. They were worth £1 billion in 2014.

Corporate tax The corporate tax rate in Egypt is currently 22.5%. Oil and

Top UK exports of goods to Egypt include:

exploration activities are taxed at a higher rate of 40.55%.

•• Metalliferous ores and metal scrap •• Fruit and vegetables

Individual tax

•• General industrial machinery and equipment

The maximum individual tax rate is 25%.

•• Medicinal and pharmaceutical products •• Power generating machinery and equipment There are several ways you can do business in Egypt.

Indirect tax The tax rate for goods ranges from 10% to 50% for goods. For services, the tax ranges from 5% to 10%.

The most common are: •• Appoint a local partner, distributor or agent


•• Set up own branch office in Egypt

The Egyptian Customs Authority as a part of the Ministry of

•• Form a joint-stock or Limited Liability Company

Finance implements laws and regulates customs. The Ministry of Finance issues decrees dealing with custom tariffs for each imported product.


For goods sourced from the UK or the European Union (EU),

There are a number of laws in Egypt that regulate business,

of origin form and applies preferential import duties.

the Egyptian Customs Authority accepts the EUR1 certificate

the 2 main ones are: •• The companies law (No 159 of 1981), which regulates the common business in Egypt


•• The investment guarantee and incentive law (No.8 of 1997)

accepted through customs in Egypt:

•• Capital Market Law No. 95 for 1992 (Capital Market Law)

•• Commercial invoice

Standards and technical regulations

•• Certificate of origin (should be authenticated by the Egyptian Consulate in the country of origin)

The following documents are required for any shipment to be

•• Packing list The Ministry of Industry and Trade is the primary agency responsible for issuing decrees making standards mandatory.

•• Bill of lading •• Pro-forma invoice and letter of credit

The Egyptian Organisation for Standardisation and Quality

Egypt no longer requires import licenses for most products,

(EOS) is the official body responsible for standardisation

although licenses are still required for animal products.

activities, quality and industrial metrology. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/exporting-to-egypt/ doing-business-in-egypt-egypt-trade-and-export-guide Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0.

FORWARDER magazine





n incredibly significant and prevalent trend revolutionising the forwarding business is the digital platform. Now, there does seem to be a certain reluctance amongst some companies in implementing new technologies and platforms. Some say that they can disrupt the supply chain, but necessity is the mother of invention and digital platforms and technology have

been developed to enhance our industry. Hesitancy in amalgamating them with the physical way in which we operate is only going to hinder the evolution which could sky rocket some of the independent freight forwarders. However, this recalcitrance probably stems from a lack of understanding what these technologies can offer the industry. So, here are some of our top reasons why digital platforms are perfect for the freight industry and why you shouldn't disregard them.



Possibly the best reason for using some of the more advanced

I can already hear it...'You need that human touch in this

online platforms is the overall cost it could save your company.

industry.' And I agree. Digital platforms aren’t here to take

The ability to relay to a customer exactly why there is a

people’s jobs, just make them easier. The human connection

delay with a shipment and explain its exact whereabouts and

can be enhanced by incorporating A.I. in order to inform

expected time of arrival is a boon hitherto only dreamed of in

your customers about delays and issues that may be faced

the industry. It has the potential to prevent mass complaints

before they even happen. A.I. can also be used to design

coming through to your company and potentially losing you

programmes that only ever give your online customers what

business. These platforms, if used correctly, are already in

they need, so they see you as a reliable source for products

place for you to make use of and save money.

or services, rather than a constant spammer. Digital tech can enhance the way we work face to face, ensuring that when we speak to our customers we have correct and up-to-date information, allowing for a pleasant customer experience.

EASE OF USE When bought my parents their first iPhone it seemed like a pointless endeavour, as they were so reluctant to fully use it. Fast forward a few years and my dad can’t be wrestled off


WhatsApp and Candy Crush. The point here is that whilst

The rise of the digital platform has led to many freight forwarders

technologies and digital platforms seem like they won’t play

seeing the advantage of working together. Digital platforms

a pivotal role in your life, you never know until you use

throughout the industry allow for greater visibility (thus, trust)

them for a period of time. The fairly recent digitalisation of

between companies – and even countries. This industry will

everything seems hard to understand, but a of perseverance

always be a competitive one, that’s for sure, but by working

will reveal it to be easy.

together and using these platforms to communicate between companies we can become more efficient and increase growth.


FORWARDER magazine



Constantly pointing out that there was 'nothing wrong with a

Efficiency has consistently dogged various forms of

be enhanced to make your life (and that of your customer)

distribution throughout the industry. Software and digital

easier. There is never a single right or wrong solution with

platforms attempt to give forwarders the quickest trade

the digital market so, as with the iPhone, you should take

routes with the fewest problems. Whilst this technology

time to explore it. Try out new systems to track your

will not completely eradicate all errors, it can make the

products, use new tender management comparison sites,

industry more reliable for the end user. Amalgamating

implement technology to make communication easier. This

trackers and analytical systems can enable ships to

is an exciting time for the freight world and by making these

communicate, allowing for a more streamlined service. This

changes you will almost certainly notice a difference.

distribution method to begin with' doesn’t mean that it can’t

is an incredibly powerful tool to separate you from the old school of the industry, and one you really should consider incorporating into your work flow.

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine










Ref. 55146FM | South West, UK

Ref. 10492FM | South West, UK

Key business features

Key business features

•• Regional leader in UK distribution, European freight forwarding and member of an established pallet network

•• Holds AEO Status, is a BIFA member and is ISO certified

•• A well-established business for over 25 years is available for acquisition due to the planned retirement of its owner

•• There are on average over 100 trading clients annually

•• A number of blue-chip clients trade with the company •• Secure warehouse storage and custom export packing solution •• 15 vehicles •• 10 operational/management staff, 18 drivers

•• Average client credit terms are 30 days with only one client on 60 •• Main commodities shipped are construction and drilling equipment for large projects overseas •• The majority of shipments managed by the company would be deemed project forwarding or heavy lift •• The owners want to step away from the business in a timely manner and an accelerated but comprehensive handover will be prepared •• The company has 2 FTE. However, the owners are open to scenarios where the business would be relocated from the S.W.




+44 (0)1454 275 950




Ref. 07633FM | East Midlands, UK

Ref. 1502FM | South East, UK

Key business features

Key business features

•• Air and ocean forwarder with value-added logistics and

•• Company trading 14+ years

fulfilment services provided to key clients, trading for 20 years

•• Temperature-controlled handling and customs clearances

•• Largest key client accounting for 22.5% of revenue

•• Handle in excess of 50 million kg of air freight per annum

•• Domestic distribution

•• 48,000 ft2 temperature-controlled facility that has been approved as a Bonded Warehouse by HMCE

•• Exceptional and knowledgeable team, highly competent in all aspects of logistics and transportation, with manager and succession plan in situ •• Quality client relationships with in-depth understanding of continuous requirements

•• Can provide customer visibility throughout the entire supply chain via implemented IT system •• UK & EU transportation and value-added services •• Portfolio of large blue-chip clients •• Accredited by the British retail consortium, BIFA and IATA


david@freightmergers.com +44 (0)1454 275 941 FORWARDER magazine ISSUE30








+44 (0)1454 275 933




Ref. 68321FM | North West, UK

Ref. 1512FM | Home Counties – N. London, UK

Key business features

Key business features

•• Well established after trading for over 20 years

•• Long-standing business with over three decades of experience

•• LCL and FCL to all parts of the Mediterranean, Middle East & Indian sub-continent, both import & export

•• Specialists in providing forwarding and storage services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector

•• Experienced, loyal, very capable senior management team •• Warehouse facility of 20,000ft2 owned by the company

•• Office and warehouse facility (15,000ft2) providing flexible, temperature-monitored storage, in-transit storage and short term

•• 70% of their work is with other freight forwarders

•• Supported by the membership of a UK distribution network

•• Sizable customer base, circa 200 trading clients

•• Fantastic customer spread with largest accounting for 21.5% of revenue, the remaining top 5 each between 5 and 7%

•• 16 members of staff who will continue under new management •• Owners willing to undertake a handover period

•• Owners willing to undertake a hand-over period •• 24/7 365-day high-dependency drug distribution service to all UK hospitals



david@freightmergers.com +44 (0)1454 275 941



Ref. 2232FM | London Heathrow (LHR) Key business features •• Company trading 10+ years •• 6 full-time members of staff including 2 directors •• IATA and BIFA accredited •• Diverse spread of clients, top 15 represent 78% of T/O •• Global network of partners offering multimodal solutions •• Moved 683,218 kg of air freight in 2017 ••157 LCL and 175 FCL shipments in 2017


Import 17% Export 48% OCEAN

Import 18% Export 8% ROAD


Import 3% Export 1%

2017 ••Turnover: £1.43m


•• Gross profit: £454k


•• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £264k 2016 ••Turnover: £1.40m •• Gross profit: £428k


T/O: £1.43m PBT: £264k


+44 (0)1454 275 941

•• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £236k






ave Cormack, strategic partnerships director at

It’s quite possible that more needs to be done by the larger levy

national transport and logistics training provider

payers in investing in planning and operational capacity, but this

System Group, says the opportunity is there for the

can only open up more opportunity to invest in HR to get even

Apprenticeship Levy to embrace broader skills requirements, as

more value out of training and development budgets. Action is the

well as apprenticeships.

watchword, and the call-to-arms for more organisations. It’s great to see employers being fortified and steered towards thinking more

There really shouldn’t be any need for uncertainty over the levy’s

carefully about how they can channel operational L&D efforts to

prospects, despite concerns around the level of apprenticeship

support apprenticeships, rather than on other, less fruitful activities.

take up and current levels of engagement. It’s critical to retain confidence in a scheme that supports one of the most relevant

As someone at the centre of the skills agenda, I’m truly heartened

and plausible paths to career success in the transport and

by the sheer breadth and vociferous conversations that colleagues

logistics – apprenticeship training.

in the industry are having about apprenticeships - unquestionably, they offer people a beneficial, enriching route into the transport

While there are concerns (and it would be right to question the

and haulage sector. Reforms have created exciting possibilities

validity of a such an important scheme), the levy’s here, and likely

for individuals to access opportunities in vibrant new sectors, at

to be so for some time. So, the opportunity is there for those

new skill levels and in some professions, which are typically the

employers to seize the moment, engaging training partners, who

preserve of a traditional cohort of graduate learners.

operate with integrity and transparency, and take a step forward into a bright and rewarding training and learning skills landscape.

UK transport and logistic companies have to be competitive. That almost goes without saying. So, by extension it helps to

The Government’s commitment to dealing with the national

develop and retain the high levels of skills these companies

skills shortage by opening up millions more apprenticeships has

need to drive their operations forward and keep the wheels of

to be seen as a welcome move. But clearly it has to be paid for

their vehicle turning. This is something we must encourage and

too. The Levy’s ambition is to drive an increase in both the scope

support. If it helps businesses of all sizes to up-skill their existing

and quality of the training undertaken by employers.

workforce, while allowing time for study towards higher-level qualifications, surely it has to be encouraged and supported.

By turns, this boosts volume, creating opportunity for training providers, who combine integrity and experience to deliver

Personnel and development bodies such as the CIPD advocate an

the requisite support. This helps employers navigate issues of

expanded levy, one that can cover training beyond apprenticeships

cost, while simultaneously expanding their horizons so they

that deliver myriad high quality, relevant and cost affective skills to

can see the benefits of training and how a well-equipped,

create a next generation workforce. Personally, I don’t see anything

highly skilled and motivated workforce delivers a competitive,

wrong with this – it’s a standpoint that can be supported by

cutting edge for UK PLC.

training providers such as System Group, who are on the frontline of designing flexible and measurable training programmes.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at system-group.com

With the digital era upon us, System Group will be working

And what of universities offering degree apprenticeships that

with private and public-sector organisations who are making the

blend the best of technical and academic learning?

necessary investments to improve the management of quality assurance around their training programmes, in developing

Despite early teething problems and scepticism, the fact that

existing skills to get current and future employers and apprentices

universities are seriously invested in apprenticeships for the first

ready for a change in their current skillset.

time should be welcomed. This includes the new degree-level apprenticeship standard coming to the supply chain sector later

Training providers such as System Group can ensure they

in 2018. It’s a good positive move, contributing to bringing fresh

provide this support through specified training - employee

talent into the sector and improving skills.

knowledge will cease to change but skills needed will differ. From production all the way through to customer service, the

David Cormack, Strategic Partnerships Director, System Group

next generation workforce will require a new skillset. It’s about being ready to embrace this new way of thinking and ensuring that the necessary changes are put in place to arm apprentices and support employers with the skills necessary to retain the highest level of knowledge.






MANAGING DIRECTOR (WILL RELOCATE UK-WIDE) jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951 UK Multimodal Managing Director available for relocation UK wide. Ideally looking for another senior executive level role within an international forwarder of any size. Previous experience primarily with large multinationals.

•• Air, Ocean, Road, Rail, 3PL experience •• Managed over 450 employees across multiple UK offices •• Led and overseen merges between companies •• Experienced in aerospace, oil & gas, healthcare and chemical •• Over 30 years of international experience

USA START UP HOUSTON, TEXAS lewis@headfordgroup.com | +1 470 481 5364 / +44 (0) 1454 628770 Headford USA is currently representing an air & ocean sales and operations team in Houston who are looking to take on a startup opportunity either for a freight forwarder already in the US but with no Houston branch, or for a forwarder not yet present in the US who want a strong way to enter. Team is made of:

•• Branch Manager – ops & sales background •• Business Development Manager – 20 years' international sales experience

•• Import Co-ordinators •• Export Co-ordinators Additional details:

•• Team covers both air & ocean freight across import & export •• Not O&G specific, though lots of experience in this vertical due to location

•• Lots of general freight & automotive logistics experience Neither the Branch Manager nor Business Development have non-competes and are confident that there will be numerous accounts aiming to service and excellent customer relationships. This is a great way to enter the Houston or the US market without having to worry about how you will support the business operationally.


FORWARDER magazine





jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• 15+ years’ experience within the industry

•• 10+ years stable at current employer •• Air & ocean •• Experience across operations, account management,

(14 years at one company) •• Air & ocean freight experience •• Hands on KAM with full process start to finish on all shipments •• Available ASAP •• Salary expectation: £34,000

commercial and sales

•• Hazardous and general cargo experience •• Salary: £40,000



jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

jamiew@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Over 10 years within logistics field sales •• Air, ocean & road sales experience •• Won major accounts for a global forwarder •• Specialist in RORO, machinery & automotive sectors •• Based in the South East •• Salary expectation: £50,000

•• 10+ years' industry experience •• Air, ocean & warehousing expertise •• £70K GP new business over last six months •• NVQ Level 2 qualification in management •• NVQ Level 2 qualification in business administration •• Salary: £45,000 + car car allowance

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•• Identification and development of new verticals and services •• Growth of revenue and margins of existing activities on an

In line with the company’s business plan, they are seeking to appoint a company Operations Director. Eventual progression to Managing Director. A key focus of their development plan will be the delivery of improved technology solutions to provide best in industry supply chain visibility products to current and potential clients.

Overall Purpose •• To deliver on agreed targets (financial, sales and operational) •• To ensure the appropriate structure and staffing to support the performance delivery •• To carry out such ad hoc projects and other tasks as requested by the Board of Directors •• To act with integrity at all times in the best interests of the Board of Directors

Key Objectives Operations:

•• With a change mind-set, drive continuous improvements to

day-to-day operations, and identify opportunities to provide best in class supply chain management solutions to clients •• Ensure that regular communication with staff includes the objectives of the business; performance required and achieved and includes monthly intranet updates and preparation of the quarterly team meeting briefs •• Enforcing the corporate culture of a balance of entrepreneurial skills and corporate governance with core values throughout the business whilst maintaining enthusiasm and strong work ethic •• Delivering the financial budget and operational strategy as set by the Board of Directors


FORWARDER magazine


annual basis

•• Develop new revenue streams from existing customer base by improved focus on key account management

•• Development and strengthening of existing Agency Network •• Identification and implementation of new activities/business sectors/routings/trading partnerships to support the growth in profitable operations

Key Attributes: •• Demonstrable experience of delivering growth and

performance in general management of a freight forwarding and/or supply chain business with freight activities operating in a multi-national environment with a number of product sectors, route partnerships and key customers •• Experience in business development, business reorganisation and resource management & development •• Demonstrable team management and team leadership •• Liaison with key customers/suppliers on a regular basis to ensure service levels

Human Resources: •• Be a great people leader: build strong relationships and team,

hire great people, commit to the growth of individuals on team and lead by example. •• Provide effective and inspiring leadership •• Empowerment and development of competent staff and management personnel including mentoring of direct line manager reports •• Regular appraisal meetings setting objectives in line with the company’s goals and to provide succession management


OCEAN FREIGHT B.D.M. / M.D. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC lewis@headfordgroup.com +1 470 481 5364 | +44 (0)1454 628 770 A small, growing forwarder is looking to hire an experienced logistics sales executive with a background in mainly ocean freight. This candidate will be set up to take over from the local Managing Director by 2021, so experience of and confidence in managing a small team would be a major plus. The role will be an outside sales role covering mainly the Czech Republic, but there would be no objection to also seek business in other neighbouring Eastern European countries.

•• Company established in 1992 in Germany •• Industry verticals covered include household consumer goods

and decoration items, chemical products (incl. hazardous goods), project transportation, industrial equipment and components •• Main focus on international overseas transport between the Czech Republic and Asia •• 60,000-80,000 CZK + company car, commission & benefits



lewis@headfordgroup.com +1 470 481 5364 | +44 (0)1454 628 770

danny@headfordgroup.com +1 646 915 1495 | +44 (0) 1454 275 935

One of the globe's leading air & ocean forwarders is adding a corporate account salesperson to the team to cover EMEA. You will be joining a small local team of highly experienced freight professionals where you will be well positioned to learn a lot and progress quickly.

•• $110,000-$140,000 + commission •• Identify and approach the top pharmaceutical opportunities

•• Selling air & ocean services to corporate/key accounts •• EMEA territory •• Top-15 global forwarder, 20,000+ employees globally •• 2-5 years’ experience ideal •• €4,000-€6,500 per month + company car and benefits

within a defined territory

•• Understand the customers’ business, buying process and needs

•• Maintain accounts post-sale, whilst further developing new opportunities

•• Work closely with the operations team, ensuring maximum efficiency for accounts

•• Minimum of five years’ experience selling to Fortune 1,000 healthcare customers

FORWARDER magazine



Fill your vacancies

Back oďŹƒce

Let us assist with your company's growth...


Europe +44 01454 275957 ryan@headfordgroup.com


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Operations Sales Management

USA Sourcing market-leading talent.


Your strategic growth partner. Executive Search • Branch Startups • Senior Appointments • Mergers & Acquisitions • Media

Considering a change? More responsibility? Fairer pay? Better commission? Send us your CV today...

Asia +1 404 592 6315 lewis@headfordgroup.com

Middle East +971 (0) 45 015 675 simon@headford.ae

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n oft-overlooked form of online marketing for companies in the freight forwarding community is one the power Google


Whilst AdWords is a paid method of climbing Google's ladder,

holds. Google, which currently has the power to acquire

posting organically will help improve your SEO (Search-Engine

a company every day, is seen as more of search engine than a way to

Optimisation), and it is vital to understand how this works. There

successfully market your services. However, bigger brand awareness,

is currently an incredible amount of importance being placed on

Adwords, SEO, compatibility with Gmail, their own social media

the shoulders of SEO due to it affecting the visibility of a website or

platform and the ability to measure your performance reliably means

specific web page in a search engine's organic (non-paid-for) results.

that the numerous offerings from Google make it an all-encompassing

Whilst AdWords is a way to improve your position on Google, it

marketing tool that you really need to understand.

does cost in order to be successful. Instead, by understanding the criteria Google sets for SEO you will be able to organically increase

Here are our top tips and advice to help you to understand the

recognition for your service, product or page online. It may be a big

benefits of using Google efficiently and effectively and to reap the

ask for you to understand the complexities that come with SEO

financial rewards for your company.

criteria, but a basic understanding of how to organically grow your brand online is both cost and time effective.


Google's pay-per-click (PPC) campaign platform is a way for companies to drive traffic to their own website and thus create


Email influencing is a way for numerous companies in the industry

brand awareness along with potential revenue for your company.

to advertise their message and values in a quick, cost-effective way

Before running an AdWords campaign and ascending the Google

and being able to amalgamate Gmail into this means you will see

ranks, you must first think about how the platform works, what you

immediate results. Using Gmail as your preferred email platform

wish to achieve from your campaign, which audiences you wish to

you can take advantage of the huge amount of storage, easy

target, understanding your budget and how all this will correlate to

synchronisation with Outlook, incredible portability and possibly

future business. By implementing a successful AdWords campaign

the cheapest email platform for business use.

you can climb the Google ladder and not spend so much time adhering to the strict guidelines. A quick and effective way to pay for positive content, AdWords is a platform that most businesses


The Google equivalent to Facebook. If you haven’t been using this

need to consider if they want influential individuals to view their

channel, you really aught to be. Google+ hasn’t been hailed as an

content more often.

incredible success thus far, but it plays a vital role in Google’s view of your company’s SEO. I can understand why many would think that this is a relatively unimportant channel, but Google holds massive sway over the way people view content online, and to not buy into their social media channel could prove to be a company’s undoing. Making sure you post organically and consistently with engaging content means you will see the benefits of the channel.


FORWARDER magazine


Using these different services will result in your company’s profile overtaking others trying to compete in the world of online marketing. Ignoring free marketing tools that are going to help increase your brand awareness online would be a huge mistake with regards to your company’s online persona. By implementing these tools and platforms, you will see traffic grow through your different platforms and create tangible change. If Google is something that you struggle with, don’t hesitate to give anyone at Freight Media a call for some


advice on how to conquer the world of digital marketing.


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year today, our cyclists will be close to completing

our 20th anniversary challenge! Don't miss out on being one of them!

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, next June will see Transaid's biggest cycling challenge to date take place: Lands End to John


Whether you cycle the whole way or complete it as part of a team, this is a real once in a lifetime challenge! 4. HELP TRANSAID TRANSFORM EVEN MORE LIVES!

Help us raise over ÂŁ200,000 to celebrate Transaid's Anniversary

O'Groats. With just under a year to go, now is the time to sign up!

in style, and help us transform even more lives.

Reasons you should join us for this bucket-list



As our participants will all be from the transport and logistics sector, join a group of like-minded people, all coming together


for the same cause.

there will be lots of opportunities to celebrate along the way,

What some of our past challengers have said:

as well as raising money to continue to fund our vital work, kindly supported by a number of Transaid corporate members and supporters.

What. An. Experience! The Transaid London to Paris Cycle Challenge 2017 was a thoroughly enjoyable event with a


great team of people. Every aspect of the event was expertly

as well as the option of taking on the whole 972 miles, there are

organized, so it was left up to each person taking part to take on

plenty of other options. With the route broken down into four

the challenge, which it was! Not only was the challenge great fun,

three-day legs, why not take on a couple of stages, or submit a

but it raised essential funds for a great cause. I would thoroughly

relay team to complete the journey end to end?

recommend a Transaid challenge to anyone, cyclist or not. You won’t regret it! Dean Kahl, SEC Storage


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at transaid.org

DON'T MISS OUT! SIGN UP NOW! Go to www.classicchallenge.co.uk/challenge-finder and select 'bikes', then find the event in the list. Have a question? Get in touch with Harry Wells: harry@transaid.org or 020 7387 8136

Participating in a Transaid Challenge is incredibly rewarding

I thought the whole event was fantastic and probably one

both as a personal challenge with some wonderful likeminded

of the most enjoyable physical activities I’ve ever done, the

people but also from the point of view that every penny of the

company was great the tour was extremely well organised and

funds raised will be gratefully received and faithfully applied.

with such great weather, I couldn’t have asked for much more.

Chris Owens, Alpine Travel

Gary Kirk, SEC Storage

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lease stay tuned to FORWARDER, as next month we are

Next month holds significance for FORWARDER magazine

forwarding industry currently stands on something of a

(specifically Bristol) we pride ourselves on our unrivalled

covering UK distribution and networks. The UK's freight

precipice. Brexit, customs clearance, trade agreements, air freight,

due to both our regional foci. Being based in the South West knowledge of our immediate industry.

the Irish border and numerous other issues that could see the landscape of the industry irreversibly changed. Whether this has negative or positive implications for the UK is yet to be seen.

Our other area of interest is the Middle East. Again, FORWARDER works closely with companies in UAE and other destinations

throughout the Middle East. This relationship allows us to understand Being a UK-based publication, the vast amount of insight

that with certain Gulf countries' GDP growing at 4.4% in recent

FORWARDER gathers on the current climate of distribution

years, and expected to grow further, freight forwarders should be

and networks makes us the perfect place for you to gather your

paying close attention to an emerging economy that will continue to

next bit of crucial information and we cannot wait to see what

have close ties with the freight forwarding industry.

the next month has in store for us, and for the rest of the freight Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

forwarding community.


FORWARDER magazine





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FORWARDER magazine issue 30, 'Dangerous Goods'  

The 'Dangerous Goods' issue. Regional Focus: Northern Ireland & Africa. Move it Like... Eddie Buist & Peter Murphy, Action International.

FORWARDER magazine issue 30, 'Dangerous Goods'  

The 'Dangerous Goods' issue. Regional Focus: Northern Ireland & Africa. Move it Like... Eddie Buist & Peter Murphy, Action International.