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pring is here, and with it a plethora of different freight forwarding activities around the globe for many in the industry, it’s a season we look forward to. We will be

concentrating primarily on the supply chain and retail sectors, with a regional interest in Scotland and the Far East. Supply chain, especially in the world of retail, is incredibly important, with visibility at all stages something that continues to involve amazing innovations to make the world of retail more efficient. The supply chain visibility and collaboration markets are the fastestgrowing areas, and with growth not expected to halt anytime soon, it is a market of great interest to any freight forwarder. Consumer expectations of convenience are only increasing, and this can only mean that in the coming years we are going to see steady growth. However, how can we continue to keep up with this fast-


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paced industry, and how will the innovations keep on rolling?


We will be paying special attention to both Scotland and the Far East


in this issue, and for good reason. Some 80 per cent of Scotland’s



land mass is under agricultural production, which is why they rely heavily on efficient supply chain techniques, and the reason it is highly influential in the food and drink industry. So much is shipped between the UK and the Far East that supply chain issues must be high on the agenda for many freight forwarders.

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With shipping prices between Europe and the Far East steadily on


the rise since 2016, efficient supply chain techniques will have a major


impact on companies. EOQ (Efficient Order Quantity), warehousing, lead time and key decisions play a role in how successful your next

Freight Media Ltd

venture into the supply chain in the Far East will be.

Unit 8 Apex Court, Almondsbury Business Park,

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

Bristol BS32 4JT FORWARDER magazine





ever mind the inevitable ‘May the 4th

its environmental record by a considerable margin and push others

be with you’ jokes that this month

throughout Europe to follow our lead. EU initiatives such as the

brings; a plethora of conferences,

Marco Polo Programme have meant the UK has received funding

events and dealings means that there

to trial the use of freight trains on the railway. Using the rail line

is no let up for the hard-working

to transport freight through Europe would significantly reduce the

freight forwarding practitioners out

amount of freight being transported by road, which would help cap

there. This busy period means that

CO2 emissions. There are flaws in this rail freight plan, but the

various aspects of the industry need

HS2 high-speed rail link should be a massive consideration for many

to be examined in May, such as our good old friend Brexit, the

influencers in the industry if we wish to make forwarding a more

environmental impact the industry is having and what we are doing

sustainable industry.

about it, the current economic projections now we have entered the second quarter of 2018, along with other goings on that everyone

Fuel accounts for at least 30% of operating costs of most road freight

should be aware of throughout the industry.

transport operations, so by looking at new and innovative ways of distribution we are not only creating a friendly environment for

When looking at the industry, I usually take a gander at the

future generations, we are also looking at creating a more efficient

happenings of Brexit and exactly how this is going to affect your

industry. Many freight forwarders are generating a more eco-

business. This month I’m going to push myself away from this worn-

friendly approach to business. Many have approached this by making

out rhetoric and delve into the environmental side of the industry.

and receiving deliveries to and from a central distribution centre.

Earth Day is a celebration of the world coming together to become

This has been seen to be cost-effective and has a lesser environmental

more environmentally aware of our impact on the planet and, with

impact than a dispersed distribution system.

this ethos in mind, perhaps the freight forwarding community should take a closer look at exactly how we are involved in this.

With many new apps and online developments pushing the industry into uncharted territory we can see exactly why making forwarding a

Whilst over the past decade or so, many in the freight forwarding

more environmentally friendly industry is crucial to its survival. This

industry have looked at their carbon footprint and attempted to

has meant that many freight forwarders can now review startling

innovate in the way they ship products around the world. However,

information that may change their distribution habits. There are

as the economy picks up, the demand for freight is growing once

now sites which can show the difference in efficiency for many

again. This has many environmentalists worried that not enough

different aspects of the industry. You can now, at the press of

steps are being taken to reduce the overall effect freight forwarding

a button, understand that one tonne of cargo per gallon of fuel

is having around the world.

will travel approximately 500 miles by sea as opposed to 60 miles by road. This knowledge is set to help the industry continue to

Some forms of distribution will always be greener than others.

innovate and lead in environmentalism.

High-speed rail is something that has divided many throughout the UK, but its overall green effect on the rail freight industry cannot be

In practical terms, Yusen Logistics has developed innovative,

dismissed. The rail link could help the freight industry to improve

environment-oriented policies using technological solutions to


FORWARDER magazine


greenhouse gas emissions. Policies were designed to create

in the direct mainline container services calling at UK ports.

efficiencies for the company and benefits for the customer.

This would mean having to use feeder services, adding a further

A vigorous continuation of their improvement process was

layer of complexity to the shipping process. This is something that

introduced with environmental progress at its core, providing a clear

no freight forwarder would want to happen and is something to rally

focus and incentive for efficiency and best practice. The main target

the UK government into paying close attention to.

was to reduce their CO emissions by at least 10% by 2013, and in 2

that they indeed succeeded, cutting down on cost-efficiency in the

With Brexit looming and bringing with it a certain vagueness for the

process. A win for the environment, and a win for the freight business.

industry. We do have many things to look forward to. Multimodal was the perfect place to network and gain industry knowledge and

Speaking of business, we have fallen into quarter two of 2018.

expertise across the board. It was certainly a great success for us

In what seems like a surprisingly quick delve into the months of

and was our third year there at our stand, of which we're very proud.

the year we have seen a similar progression from the first quarter.

Events like that give the whole industry a boost and we look forward

Growth in key markets has steadily lifted the industry in an all-

to seeing the increased buzz.

round capacity. With companies seeing the net turnover growth of as much as 11.5%, and earnings for the period increased as much as 3.8%. This is a positive step for the industry overall, but nobody

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

can remain complacent in a volatile market. Brexit still casts a shadow of doubt over the industry in the UK, which in just under 12 months could lead to this growth slowing down – or worse plummeting. Whilst not all the results are yet in for Q2 we can see – for the majority – it has been a profitable start to the year. Though I am aware of the recent decline in some businesses, causing many to question many European freight forwarders having a ‘mixed year’, these small lapses are simply that: small lapses. The forecast for the next quarter is one of steady growth, with the likes Lufthansa Cargo continuing its great year as it saw air cargo demand increase by 9.3%. Brexit is the topic still very much on the lips of everyone in the industry, and I’m afraid the uncertainty that comes with it means that neither I nor anyone else has a firm grasp of exactly how it is going to affect freight forwarding. Whilst slower short-term growth for container freight and a reduction in trade is likely, we also need to concentrate on importers and exporters facing a reduction FORWARDER magazine




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verything you wanted to find out about your supply

with valuable information on things like temperature, acceleration

chain… but were unable to ask. Toby Mills, CEO of Entopy,

and speed. In fact, everything you wanted to know about your supply

says granularity and frequency of insight will change our

chain… now you can ask.

perception of what supply chain visibility really means. For example, in the grocery or pharma sectors, particularly in a

Supply chain management, the backbone supporting today’s businesses,

cold chain, goods often need to be maintained within a certain

involves herculean effort and multiple stakeholders to move product

temperature range, if not the customer will reject them. If you can

from point of origin to the end customer. Wanting to control as much

see and understand when a product exceeded this range then it is

of that process as possible is an entirely logical ambition.

easier to determine responsibility for the rejection, particularly when a third party between the supplier and the customer is involved.

But if you can’t see what’s happening in a supply chain then what can possibly be done to control it? Little surprise then that ‘visibility’ has

With this kind of technology, it is now possible to identify more

become a buzzword.

precisely issues such as where bottlenecks occur, how long product gets held at each store or DC and what the cycle times are. By knowing

Visibility built around most current technology generally offers

cycle times from hub to spoke, one can start to understand at a glance

little more than point-to-point asset tracking. Using cellular

the links of a supply chain that are operating more optimally than others.

communications to communicate with sensors placed securely on

Armed with this data, managers can speak to those responsible for

assets, however, overcomes the limitations imposed by infrastructure,

the underperforming links and demonstrate performance comparisons.

which is a feature of most current supply chain management technologies such as RFID, barcode readers and beacons.

This hands managers greater control over that process, allowing them to drive change. Take the example of one national retailer that

It can provide ‘real time, all the time’ information, no matter where

risked having to repay significant promotional sums back to one of

the asset is – and this will redefine supply chain visibility. It is only

its suppliers. The supplier made extra payments to the retailer, in

through this kind of technology, provided by a systems like Entopy’s

return for promotional material being displayed correctly in all of

Tracca, that managers can witness how product really moves through

its stores. But when the supplier audited stores, it found that the

their supply chains, between the points, in a way never seen before,

materials were not on display.


FORWARDER magazine


The distribution company responsible for delivering the

This particular supply chain is now working as it should, saving the

materials to stores was sure that it had delivered everything

retailer substantial repayments to its supplier.

correctly. The stores claimed they were putting on display everything they received. The retailer couldn’t reconcile

This places a very different spin on supply chain visibility, moving

these views, and if the problem persisted, the repayment

away from simply tracking assets to ensuring that a product has

of marketing contributions would be substantial.

arrived, that it is where it should be and is in the correct condition. It goes beyond asset tracking and into a real time, all the time audit

The retailer tried out Entopy’s Tracca solution. Tracca

of your supply chain.

sensors were attached to sample deliveries, allowing a grocery retailer to track exactly what was happening in its

A supply chain auditor may be able to manually monitor such things

supply chain. This revealed that deliveries often arrived late

as cycle times and dwell times but this only captures information at

and in some cases, were delivered to the wrong location.

one place and one point in time. It’s not real time, all the time visibility.

The key contributor to these delays and mistakes was actually in the retailer’s own network of DCs and was not

With the extended visibility offered by a system such as Entopy’s

a result of the distribution company. They also saw that

cellular communications-based Tracca system, the data is often more

some deliveries were not processed correctly and were left

valuable than the asset being tracked, resulting in a financial benefit

in a back-of-store area. The trial manager was able to use

being delivered straight to the bottom line. All you need to do is ask.

Tracca’s dashboard to communicate to the store exactly where to find the materials, pinpointing the location within

For further information, visit www.entopy.com, where you can

metres. The trial highlighted certain DCs that contributed

also download a white paper titled: ‘A visibly better way to manage

to late deliveries more than others through a higher dwell

supply chains’.

time and also highlighted that the processing of deliveries at store was a key process that required attention.

FORWARDER magazine







ldi’s Chelmsford Distribution Centre has received a

FTA's Roadworthiness Awards highlight its members' efforts in

2018 Roadworthiness Award from the Freight Transport

maintaining their fleets to the highest standards. They also recognise

Association (FTA) at the CV Show in Birmingham today

excellent levels of vehicle safety, condition and maintenance and are

(24 April). The award recognises the organisation’s high standards

designed to encourage and reward best practice in compliance with

when maintaining its fleet of vehicles and trailers and controlling

vehicle condition legislation.

safety related defects. Aldi Stores Ltd is delighted to receive the prestigious FTA FTA is the only organisation in the UK that represents all of logistics,

Roadworthiness Award. We are incredibly proud of the high

with more than 16,000 members. It provides vehicle inspection

standards that we maintain throughout our fleet. Health and Safety

services to organisations keen to achieve the very highest levels of

is a key priority throughout our work, and this award can be attributed

safety and compliance.

to everyone in our transport department, as it recognises their exceptional contribution to maintaining our excellent safety record.

Presenting the award, FTA’s Chief Executive David Wells said:

Spencer Cull, Chelmsford Transport Manager, Aldi Stores Ltd

I’m delighted to present the prestigious Roadworthiness Award to Aldi Chelmsford in recognition of the excellence it has achieved in

Established in 1889, FTA’s members operate more than half of the

vehicle safety and its commitment to maintaining the best standards

UK’s HGV fleet, are responsible for more than 90% of freight moved

of compliance and vehicle condition. This award reflects the very

by rail, and 70% of the UK’s sea and air freight. The UK logistics

high benchmark set by Aldi and I would like to congratulate everyone

sector employs more than 2.5M people (almost 10% of the UK

involved in the efforts that are obviously being made to ensure the

workforce), and by Keeping Britain Trading directly has an impact

fleet is safe, legal and efficient at all times.

on every aspect of daily life. For more information about FTA’s Vehicle Inspection Service visit: www.fta.co.uk/services/vehicle_inspection_service


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The globe’s leading strategic growth consultancy for the freight forwarding sector, providing a global service to a global industry.

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aiwanese logistics and transportation specialist Dimerco

A key feature in the latest Dimerco Value Plus System® is a

Express Group has rolled out the latest version of its

Collaboration Service Platform (CSP), which provides an easily

global supply chain management platform, using new Web

customisable dashboard for customers to track individual

3.0 infrastructure to make all data exchanges seamless and instantly

milestones, set up alerts and measure KPIs across the supply chain;

accessible via mobile networking and applications.

this also includes an easy-to-use and highly efficient Purchase Order Management System (POMS) that allows, for example, multiple

According to Mr. Paul Chien, founder and chairman of Dimerco

purchase orders across multiple countries to be synchronized, and

Express Group, the move away from Window based PC networking

enables information to be shared with different departments, from

to embrace the latest technology and the IoT (Internet of Things),

sales, shipping, procurement and warehouse, supporting improved

which was announced at the company’s annual management meeting

performance and productivity.

in February 2018, will equip Dimerco to meet new challenges ahead and better serve its customers worldwide.

Mr. Chien highlighted the commitment of Dimerco to invest in technology to deliver visibility, collaboration and optimisation:

The new system means that Dimerco can now offer a ‘virtual office’ for customers, integrating sales, operation, accounting, and financial

By keeping pace with the latest trends in the digital age and

management activity, and providing real-time visibility across the

introducing Web 3.0, Dimerco has transformed itself into a mobile-

supply chain, anywhere, anytime, using smart devices. Moreover,

enabled smart logistics provider and integrator, staying ahead of the

as the system is hosted in the cloud, high performance and service

curve and continuing to provide the excellent service our customers

reliability is assured.

have come to expect of us. Paul Chien, founder and chairman, Dimerco Express Group

The system’s data control mechanism improves data quality, which enables customers to interrogate, analyze and generate customised reports, while automation of work flow and processes reduces paperwork and carbon emissions.


FORWARDER magazine


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ntermarine, LLC, a global leader in the transport of project,

We have worked with Intermarine for the last three years and

breakbulk and heavylift cargo, has just appointed VSH-United

look forward to this close partnership with Intermarine in the

(Guyana) Inc., a Guyanese registered company, as Intermarine’s

growing Guyanese market.

Commercial Representative in Guyana. Guyana National Industrial

Dwayne Scott, Manager, VSH-United (Guyana)

Corporation (GNIC) will remain as Port Agent. Intermarine has worked with the VSH Group for more than 10 years on Intermarine’s regular liner service to Guyana and Suriname – and with VSH-United (Guyana) since their inception in 2015. The partnership with VSH Guyana strengthens Intermarine’s ability to


address local customer service and commercial needs with face-to-

Intermarine is a global leader in the transport of project,

face support and same time zone efficiency.

breakbulk and heavylift cargo. Founded in 1990, the company, through its subsidiaries and worldwide network of 20 offices,

Intermarine has been a strong supporter of the mining, oil and gas,

operates a flexible international fleet with lifting capacities

and power sectors in Guyana for more than 20 years. We have close

up to 1,400 metric tons. Intermarine provides ocean

connections in the area and are well aware that the market in Guyana

transportation and marine logistics services with regular

is rapidly changing. As we look back on our strong past performance

sailings in the Americas, West Africa, Europe, Asia, and the

in Guyana, we also look forward to positioning ourselves to service

Middle East, plus inducement voyages to Australia and other

the Guyana of today – and prepare for the Guyana of the future.

international ports.

Richard Seeg, Vice President - South America, Intermarine








n addition to its comprehensive network of sailings between the

This development increases the range of sailings on offer from

UK, France and Spain, Brittany Ferries now operates a twice

Brittany Ferries who already provide up to 8 daily return sailings

weekly return sailing between Cork and Santander.

from the UK (Plymouth, Poole and Portsmouth) to France (Caen, Le Havre, Cherbourg, St Malo and Roscoff), complemented further

This is the first direct service between Ireland and Spain, with

by 9 return sailings between the same UK ports and northern Spain

crossing times ideally suited to meet drivers’ hours regulations

(Bilbao and Santander).

enabling them to take reduced weekly rest periods on board whilst their vehicle is still on the move. The route also offers an option to

A guarantee of year-round freight capacity ensures that there is no

bypass the UK land bridge and French driving restrictions , as well

better way to route your traffic to and from continental Europe.

as providing increased security for your vehicle, goods and driver, all making a big difference to your transport costs.

For further information on our services and to view or download our sailing schedules, please visit our website www.brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk

Drivers’ needs are taken care of on board, with excellent catering facilities and en-suite cabins

Alternatively, you can speak to our UK Freight Sales department based in Poole, by calling +44 (0)330 159 5001.

The ship, MV Connemara, is capable of carrying driver-accompanied vehicles, unaccompanied trailers, wheeled freight, abnormal loads (subject to clearance) and hazardous cargo (subject to compatibility). Refrigerated units can also be carried with 80 on board ‘plug-in’ points available. Furthermore, an additional weekly return sailing between Cork and Roscoff increases options for vehicle routing between Ireland and France.


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The best choice for freight

Contact our freight team on +44 (0)330 159 5001 or visit brittanyferriesfreight.co.uk

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here was great excitement at DSV’s new distribution

the sustainability initiative provided by Prologis UK and build on

centre on Prologis Park Sideway recently when company

the strong environmental foundations it provides. This will include

representatives were presented with The Planet Mark™

ongoing employee engagement to reduce carbon, energy, water and

certificate for their building.

waste and continuing support for those schools that benefited from community engagement through The Planet Mark™.

The distribution centre, a major hub for the global transport and logistics company, had its whole-life carbon impact officially certified

DSV is the first logistics company to achieve The Planet Mark™ for

by The Planet Mark™, a sustainability certification recognising new

one of its buildings. Their ongoing commitment to the certification

developments that go beyond compliance, as part of a long-standing

and sustainability at their new distribution centre at Sideway DC3

commitment to sustainable development by Prologis UK. Working with

continues the great work of Prologis UK in designing and delivering

the environmental charity Cool Earth, Prologis also mitigated 110% of

an outstanding, energy efficient, low carbon building.

the carbon involved in the construction of the buildings on Prologis

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO, The Planet Mark™

Park Sideway by protecting 169 acres of rainforest in Ashaninka, Peru. Paul Norton, General Manager at DSV is delighted to be heading-up the Sustainable development is something we gift to every owner

company’s sustainability programme at Prologis Park Sideway:


or occupier of a Prologis building in the UK, allowing them to start

is committed to be continuing the sustainability journey at its Stoke on

their own sustainability journey.

Trent facility in accordance to The Planet Mark™ conditions. As a global

Simon Cox, Head of Sustainability, Prologis UK

logistics provider, we felt it was important to keep the initiative running at the facility and deliver a positive impact for both the environment and

It’s a journey that DSV has chosen to continue by signing-up its

the local community. As an environmentally conscientious company we

distribution centre on Prologis Park Sideway to The Planet Mark™

look forward to working closely with The Planet Mark™ team to ensure

certification programme for the next 3 years. The goal is to continue

the site complies and improves year upon year.


FORWARDER magazine



A PREMIER EUROPEAN Hub for Ecommerce Logistics

What can your business do for eCommerce? What can eCommerce do for you? As a freight forwarder, don’t allow eCommerce Logistics to be an afterthought – meet with those that can provide the answers



ew proposals put forward by Transport for London are stipulating that as of April 8, 2019 heavy vehicles such as buses or trucks

would have to meet Euro VI standard in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), or incur a charge of £100 (currently they only have to meet Euro IV standard or pay £10). Operations Director at Europa Worldwide Group Dan Cook gives his reaction to the potential changes, a decision on which will be announced soon. As part of the bigger picture in the UK’s bid to curb carbon emissions and tackle pollution in our capital, this

2 ND


Where: London, UK When: 4-6 June, 2018 www.conferences.wcaworld.com/wcaecommerce2018

proposal is obviously a positive step in the right direction and will act to protect our environment for generations to come. As a business, Europa is committed to doing all it can to reduce its imprint on the environment. However, the new rules will immediately reduce the value of all

I’m interested to see some planning around how the new rules would

vehicles which are less than Euro VI standard, which could be very

be implemented and monitored. So long as there is a level playing

detrimental to smaller operators and potentially to larger operators

field for the whole market and the fines are collected in a fair fashion,

too. The increased charge of £100 would have to be absorbed

I think this targeted push to clean up emissions from the traffic flow

somewhere and unfortunately I think the reality will be that the

in and around London is a positive thing and we support it.

customer will end up having to pay that additional difference. No haulage business wants to pass an additional cost on to its customers,

We will think creatively about how to minimise the impact of these

so this will present a challenge to those who have a number of Euro

changes to our customers while also constantly working to upgrade

IV vehicles in their fleets.

our fleet to the highest standard in terms of low emissions.








ognet Global, a boutique, semi-exclusive networking

After a record breaking annual meeting in Miami last year – due

organization for independent freight forwarders, plans to

in part to the fact that the conference ran side-by-side to WCA’s

gather in Bangkok, Thailand this year for its 8th Annual

America’s conference – the network has decided to again plan

Conference. Attending the annual conference is one of the most

its annual meeting to coincide with WCA’s. Meeting in Bangkok,

important benefits that members participate in, knowing full-well

just days after the conclusion of WCA’s India Regional, will enable

that meetings like this one are an opportunity to connect and

members to participate in both conferences if they so choose.

grow. The network considers the annual conference essential for companies looking to fortify existing partnerships and establish new

This year’s meeting will focus on one-on-one sessions designed to enhance

relationships despite competition that may exist within their region.

member meetings and productivity. Registered members are able to book face to face meetings with their peer’s weeks before the conference begins,

Lognet Global members form a truly unique, dynamic group of

giving them enough time to properly prepare before they sit down at the

professionals who share one unified vision; to provide comprehensive

table. Most members will participate in over twenty, pre-scheduled, official

and competitive logistics solutions in all major markets around the world

meetings with potential partners over the course of the 3-day conference.

– but with the local expertise and a personal approach that can only be provided by independently owned small and medium sized freight

Members form connections away from their One-on-One meetings

forwarders. This vision enables Lognet to be semi-exclusive, making it

too. After One-on-One’s close, delegates enjoy cocktail receptions,

one of the most productive and successful groups in the industry.

city tours, and a gala dinner where an immeasurable amount of networking takes place. It’s during these informal evening activities

The key to setting the independent freight forwarder apart from

that members make their most meaningful business relationships.

the multi-nationals is establishing partnerships where all parties involved are professional, proficient and capable of fulfilling client

Lognet Global is very excited to host its 8th Annual Conference in

needs. Lognet Global’s annual conference is a forum where members

Bangkok this year and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback

can create these connections and form partnerships that, together,

from its members. The event is predicted to be a sold-out affair meaning

enable them to compete on a global scale.

that late registrants will have to join a growing waiting list to attend.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.lognetglobal.com


In style

Lognet Global is not just another network. It is a semiexclusive group of independent freight forwarders where every single member is determined to contribute to the goal of increasing business and promoting group services. For more information about the group and how to join, visit www.Lognetglobal.com. We look forward to seeing our members in Bangkok!


WHAT: 8th Annual Logistics conference WHEN: June 24 - 27 WHERE: Bangkok CONFERENCE: lognetglobal.com/lognet2018

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eadquartered in Istanbul, Ulukom offers a range of logistics,

We have a shared vision with WiseTech to build out logistics and

customs, freight forwarding and warehouse solutions included

customs solutions that will enhance the supply chain and improve

in its Logistics Information Management System, which

trade. As part of the WiseTech Global group we will be able to

is designed to carry out financial and operational transactions on an

increase our development and deliver even higher productivity,

integrated platform. Ulukom’s customers include MSC, Maersk, CMA-

integrated and automated solutions to our customers, which will

CGM, APL, Çelebi Ground Handling, Arkas Line, ONE, Panalpina and

benefit the broader Turkish market.

CEVA Logistics, and many other logistics providers and organisations.

Erkin Findik, Managing Director, Ulukom

As the bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and

Ulukom has over three decades of logistics and customs

one of the EU’s largest trading partners, Turkey has long been

management experience which combined with the WiseTech Global

a key market in the region and globally. Ulukom brings valuable

group will create benefits for logistics service customers of all sizes

experience, management and industry knowledge to the WiseTech

in Turkey and the surrounding markets in this region.

Global group, which will deepen our reach in this important Eurasian

İlker Pakten, R&D Director, Ulukom

market. Combining Ulukom’s Turkish logistics and customs expertise with our wider global innovation capabilities will help deliver better

Remaining under the leadership of İlker Pakten and Erkin Findik,

solutions to more logistics service providers.

Ulukom’s operations will be integrated within the WiseTech Global

Richard White, Founder and CEO, WiseTech Global

group and Ulukom will continue to deliver its software solutions directly to its own customers, along with WiseTech’s integrated

Since 1987, Ulukom has delivered industry breakthroughs to the Turkish market including the first e-signature and mobile-based cargo manifest and detailed customs declaration, Turkey’s first ERP for port and ship transit agencies and Turkey’s first ERP with vehicle load and route optimisation.


FORWARDER magazine


global logistics platform, CargoWise One.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at wisetechglobal.com

CargoWise One enables logistics service providers to execute highly complex transactions in areas such as freight forwarding, customs


clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land

WiseTech Global is a leading developer and provider of software solutions to the logistics execution industry

transport, ecommerce, and cross-border compliance and to manage

globally. Our customers include over 7,000 of the world’s

their operations on one database across multiple users, functions,

logistics companies across 130 countries, including 33 of

countries, languages and currencies.

the top 50 global third party logistics providers and 24 of the 25 largest global freight forwarders worldwide[1]. Our

This transaction follows WiseTech’s other recent customs and

flagship product, CargoWise One, forms an integral link in

logistics solutions acquisitions in France, Belgium, Ireland, North

the global supply chain and executes over 44 billion data

America, Australasia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina,

transactions annually. At WiseTech, we are relentless about

Brazil, Uruguay and Taiwan, and is in line with WiseTech Global’s

innovation, adding more than 3,000 product enhancements

clearly stated strategy of accelerating long-term organic growth

to our global platform in the past five years while bringing

through targeted,

meaningful continual improvement to the world’s supply chains. Our breakthrough software solutions are renowned for their powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration, deep compliance capabilities, and truly global reach.

ABOUT ULUKOM For over 30 years, Ulukom has been a leading provider of logistics, warehouse and customs management solutions in Turkey. Ulukom’s software automates critical business processes, increases staff productivity and operates according to international industry and regulatory requirements. With a team of 35 experienced logistics and technical professionals, Ulukom provides advanced software solutions for customers ranging from carriers, logistics providers and agents to multinational 3PL companies including MSC, Maersk, CMACGM, APL, Çelebi Ground Handling, Arkas Line, ONE, Panalpina and CEVA Logistics and many other organisations.

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usiness is booming for the Newcastle Road branch of leading

The branch, which last year celebrated its most profitable year in its

logistics provider, Europa Worldwide Group, which has

23-year history, has welcomed two new Account Managers in the

celebrated significant growth in the first quarter of the year.

past six months and is looking to hire an additional Account Manager and Sales Operator.

The team of nine, based in Monkton Business Park in South Tyneside, has achieved a 30% increase in turnover compared with the same time last

These figures clearly show that the Newcastle team has made

year, while shipments have increased by 54%. This success is down to a

some brilliant achievements so far this year, which sets us in great

combination of new business and organic growth from their customer base.

stead for the rest of the year. It’s fantastic to see the business going from strength to strength and we’re looking forward to building

As well as these figures, the branch is continuing to experience

on this success by expanding our team in the North East in the

success in the automotive sector thanks to many customers

coming months. We welcome any enquiries about applications from

embracing Europa’s MBX (Money Back Express) service.

people passionate about customer service and delivering products to a diverse marketplace.

Europa launched the pioneering new service in August 2017, offering

Dionne Redpath, Sales Director, Europa

new and existing customers the opportunity to benefit from a full refund of freight charges if Europa fails to deliver to the customer’s

The success of the Newcastle branch coincides with the publication

defined and agreed transit time.

of the North East England Chamber of Commerce’s Quarterly Economic Survey, which showed North East businesses have grown

We couldn’t be happier with these figures, which are the result of a

their export sales at the fastest rate in more than 11 years.

lot of hard work by the team. They reflect both the growing reputation of Europa as one of leading logistics providers in the country and the

Europa Worldwide Group employs 650 people across 12 sites in the

industrial confidence of the region we serve. The MBX Service has been

UK plus Hong Kong and is represented in 100 countries. Europa also

a big hit with new and existing customers because it provides guaranteed

provides specialist air & sea, warehouse and showfreight services

efficiency, which gives Europa a great advantage. The automotive sector is

alongside its road operations.

hugely important to our business and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to expand our customer-base whilst providing the best possible service. Mat Jobson, Branch Manager, Europa Newcastle


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Thursday 21st June 2018 | Telford International Centre

ds: ird en Early B h

arc 2nd M


The only event

dedicated to skills and training in logistics

CONFERENCE SESSIONS NOT TO BE MISSED: Brexit Panel: What will Brexit mean for the future of training and recruitment in logistics? Live Debate: Why aren’t young people attracted to working in logistics? DVSA Seminar: What does the future of vocational training look like?


01952 520216


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he AX4 logistics platform will now offer even greater

The demand for visibility of logistics data increases every year as the

precision in estimating the arrival times of commercial and

supply chain moves relentlessly into the always-connected era. We are

industrial shipments. That’s thanks to a new technology

very pleased with this partnership with AXIT, as it extends the outreach

partnership between AX4 provider AXIT and Danish company

of our ghTrack solution and will support its industry-wide adoption.

GateHouse Logistics, which runs the telematics data platform

Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics


AXIT views the new technology partnership as an unqualified The move allows AXIT, a Siemens company, to provide digital


Our portfolios complement each other perfectly,

supply chain management on an even more comprehensive scale.

says Schumacher.

The telematics data supplied by GateHouse Logistics will make it

table will help us expand our services in the areas of supply chain

possible to track and visualize the exact position of a shipment in

execution and supply chain visibility.

real time on the AX4 platform.

also benefits customers from the commercial and industrial sectors:

The expertise that GateHouse brings to the This, says the AXIT VP,

More precise ETA data lets them plan production processes better The integration of telematics data lets our users know exactly

and manage their resources more efficiently.

where the truck carrying the shipment is located at any given moment,

explains Uwe Schumacher, Vice President of Business

Development at AXIT. Equipped with this knowledge, logistics


providers can give their customers an even more precise ETA and

Intermarine is a global leader in the transport of project,

augment their services to include such additional data as temperature.

breakbulk and heavylift cargo. Founded in 1990, the company, through its subsidiaries and worldwide network of 20 offices,

This enhanced precision and transparency in supply chain management

operates a flexible international fleet with lifting capacities up to

comes about by integrating the cloud-based DaaS platform ghTrack

1,400 metric tons. Intermarine provides ocean transportation

from the new technology partner GateHouse Logistics into the AX4

and marine logistics services with regular sailings in the Americas,

platform. ghTrack consolidates data from more than 400 telematics

West Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, plus inducement

systems and makes this data available across all systems.

voyages to Australia and other international ports.


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ultimodal 2018 has closed its doors and it has been hailed as another successful year for numerous industry experts and emerging talents. The show based in the NEC, Birmingham, was an incredible networking event over 3 days that players throughout the freight forwarding community flocked to, making the most of the industries vast connections and

opportunities. We managed to grab some comments from attendees giving their thoughts on the occasion....

Now in their fourteenth year, the Logistics and Supply

The show certainly came up to our expectations enabling

Chain specialists at Gideon Hillman Consulting once again

us to extensively network with a wide variety of stakeholders.

attended the UK and Ireland’s biggest Logistics and Freight

A great success.

Expo – Multimodal 2018. Taking away some promising leads,

Alan Thornton, Commercial Director, Malcom Logistics

the GH team found the 2018 show - now in its eleventh year to be a very successful and worthwhile event to attend. True to form of all preceding Multimodal Expos; 2018 proved to be a great environment for networking within the logistics industry and keeping up with trending industry topics. Gideon Hillman, MD, Gideon Hillman Consulting

The Port of Tyne continued their relationship with Multimodal by exhibiting for the 11th year. The Multimodal exhibition continues to support the sector by bringing together logistics decision makers to help grow their network, develop new business opportunities, discuss industry topics and celebrate our success collectively as a logistics industry. The highlight this year was the Port of Tyne has been voted Port Operator of the Year as this was voted for by our customers and stakeholders who I would like to thank for their continued support. Nolan Gray, Business Development Director, Port of Tyne


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Multimodal 2018, once again, provided excellent opportunities to not only network and make new business connections but to listen and learn from the best-in-class industry leaders. Having debates on the same issues yet from different perspective gave the audience a real insight into

Multimodal showed us that the logistics industry is fast

what issues the supply chain is facing.

realizing the opportunities that come with digitisation on a

Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, ASM

global scale. Increased visibility and granular levels of detail are driving a transformation in the services available to customers. To deliver this, supply chains must embrace emerging cloud and automation technologies that will allow them to be responsive and dynamic in a fast-paced global marketplace. Chris Winstanley, Dir. - Solutions Consulting, BluJay Solutions

Building on its established legacy, this year’s Multimodal was the perfect opportunity to bring together the brightest and best in the logistics industry, providing the chance

Exhibiting at Multimodal this year was a new experience

to discuss the quiet revolution of our technology-driven

for Twente Express and we will certainly be back in 2019.

sector. It was the ideal setting to explore our industry’s

Apart from meeting up with some old friends from the

position at the forefront of a new retail environment,

industry and many current customers we were able to

dictating patterns of global trade against a background of

promote our daily freight services to/from the Benelux to

evolving consumer demand.

an audience that we would not normally encounter. Senior

Chris Mills, Director of Transportation (UK), C.H. Robinson

buyers of logistics solutions from global organisations from the retail and consumer sector showed interest in our time critical services for urgent single pallet deliveries as a back up to their standard full trailer load movements. However, an enquiry to move live lobsters from Fishguard to Rotterdam on our overnight groupage service was one that we sadly had to turn down. Exhibiting at these shows can be exhausting but the pay back overall makes it worthwhile. Trevor Paul, Managing Director, Twente Express

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With organically grown data built up over the last 10 years and over 25 consultants updating records of freight forwarders, shippers, supply chain and logistics departments worldwide, our data is unrivalled. We can run campaigns by geographical region or by vertical market.


Internal and external communications. Newsletter production as well as content writing as required. Newsletters are an excellent way to increase client awareness of new services and keep employees fully engaged.


Our Postal Mailshot data is the cleanest in the industry. We can produce postal mailshots in exactly the same format as our eShot campaigns. As with our digital marketing we are able to target geographical regions or verticals according to your requirements.


PAF Finder is a new section being added to FORWARDER magazine where you can talk about your Partners, Agents and Franchise (PAF) agreements. It will include promotional editorial and a section where you can advertise for a new partner, agent or franchise.


The FORWARDER Directory is a listing of freight forwarding companies, shipping lines, airlines, etc. The Directory has recently been redesigned to include all of the countries in each issue and to be a persistent, ever-evolving resource.


FORWARDERmagazine.com is the magazine, advertising space and Directory online. We offer a daily posting service straight to the site that gets shared across the whole of the Freight Media social platform including Freightabase, LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter.




Significant front-cover exposure and 6-page Q&A in FORWARDER magazine about you and your company. Designed for the forwarder that wants to stand out from the competition and for use when presenting your services to clients. Includes a separate PDF booklet.


A two- or four-page spread in FORWARDER magazine ideal for anyone aiming to promote a new facility. As with ‘Move it Like…’ we can produce a handout that your sales team can use for client meetings and marketing campaigns.


An excellent way of promoting new services, new recruits or any exciting projects that you may have coming up. Over the next 12 months we will be covering various topics around UK regions, international trade lanes and vertical markets.


Our team of social media experts will post regular articles to increase brand awareness and exposure. Most of our clients are too busy moving freight to get caught up in perfecting their social media presence. We will take it off your hands.


Your website is your shop front and you only get one chance to make a first impression. We are here to ensure it’s an excellent one. Our digital marketing and design team will work with start-ups, SMEs or top-25 forwarders to forge their online presence.


Forwardingjobs.com is the leading job board for the Freight Forwarding Industry. If you are recruiting on a regular basis we can offer a range of services depending on your requirements and vacancies are included in the recruitment section of FORWARDER.





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SUPPLY CHAIN OPEN ACCESS INTEGRATION PLATFORM C hain.io, a groundbreaking innovator of cloud-based supply

Connectivity began with a bi-directional, costly, EDI integration

chain integration, today announces the exclusive beta release

between only two trading partners. Each new partner came with

of their open access Chain.io Platform. The technology is a

the same costly, bi-directional connectivity. Today, we reduce the

cloud-native supply chain integration and intelligence service that helps

development time and expense by allowing a company to create a

shippers, logistics service providers and logistics software providers share

single connection to Chain.io. From here, any other company can

data more efficiently and dramatically reduce the cost of connectivity.

do the same, allowing for a nexus of interconnected parties as the platform continues to grow and add users.

We're really excited to bring the supply chain community a platform that will be able to make so many people's jobs easier and more

While Chain.io was officially launched earlier this year by a group of

effective. This platform is the culmination of decades of combined

industry experts, its technology has been in the works for some time

work across the team. Leveraging open APIs, a collaborative data

already. The company leverages modern, cloud-based technologies

model, a pay-for-what-you-use pricing structure, Chain.io will

like Functions as a Service, NoSQL, and Data Streams which allows

transform the way that the logistics industry collaborates.

the platform to deliver lightning fast performance while maintaining

Brian Glick, CEO, Chain.io

the highest levels of scalability, reliability and security.

Chain.io fills the gap in the industry where one-on-one software integration has become too complex and costly. Via the company's technology, clients will be able to develop a one-time connection to the platform and instantly be connected to other partners in the supply chain. Unlike legacy VANs, the cloud native platform allows for self-service and a significantly lower total cost of ownership.


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WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.elemica.com


lemica, the leading Business Network for the process

Most significantly, Elemica Pulse features the Elemica Reality Check™.

industries, introduces unprecedented new levels of

As the Elemica Business Network captures event and transaction data

extended end-to-end supply chain visibility with Elemica

across the entire network, it creates a critical mass of historical business

Pulse, a new solution that provides real-time predictive visibility

information that is used to generate strategic and actionable insights. For

from customer order to supplier delivery and the complete order-

example, if a carrier promises next-day delivery, Elemica Reality Check

to-cash and procure-to-pay process.

analyzes network data using proprietary algorithms to make an accurate prediction of delivery, alerting users on a high probability of late delivery.

Elemica Pulse enables companies to have greater ability to satisfy customer service levels, mitigate supply chain risk, and streamline

Today’s businesses expect the same customer experience that

cash collection and payments. Leveraging predictive intelligence,

consumers get from their online vendors with full visibility in real

Elemica Pulse uses innovations in machine learning to help predict

time, regardless of mode. Therefore, the need to convert data

outcomes and correlate the dynamic influencers on their supply

into actionable insights is more important than ever, and industry

chain anomalies. By measuring the contributing impact, companies

business networks, which enable trading partners to connect,

then achieve competitive advantage by adding value-added solutions

communicate, and collaborate in more scalable and efficient ways,

that improve the customer experience while reducing cost to serve.

are responding by innovating their platforms with machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities.

While supply chain visibility is not new, the ability to gain deep

Adrian Gonzalez, President, Adelante SCM

visibility with embedded predictive analytics is. Gleaning historical data from disparate enterprise systems including the customer, supplier,

Elemica Pulse

and logistics providers is what businesses have been needing for a long

•• Visibility from end to end

time. Elemica Pulse is the next generation of visibility, utilizing machine

•• Utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence

learning to deliver unprecedented end-to-end supply chain visibility.

•• Gives a comprehensive picture of business performance

Rich Katz, Chief Technology Officer, Elemica

•• Leverages an easy-to-use, exception-based dashboard









he cool chain community must work closely with regulators

A wave of new regulations has spurred the launch of initiatives such

to ensure the global pharma market, estimated to be worth

as the International Air Transport Association's (IATA)’s Centre of

USD1.1 trillion a year globally, benefits from harmonised

Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics

regulations, delegates at the Cool Chain Association (CCA)’s Pharma

(CEIV Pharma) accreditation scheme, and focused the attention of

and Biosciences Conference 2016 heard in Dubai this week.

airports on building specialised pharma zones.

A more unified approach is needed by pharma supply chain providers

Therese Puetz, Chief Executive Officer, Karavan Management

to address the evolving needs of the cool chain shipper and help to

Consulting, told the conference the cool chain ‘toolbox’ had also seen

combat annual losses of up to USD35 billion resulting from wasted

great advancements, such as unit load devices (ULD)s with rechargeable

pharmaceutical product temperature excursions.

batteries, improved covers for protecting temperature-sensitive cargo, and real-time global tracking, as well as the use of nearfield communications

Temperature controlled logistics is expected to grow by nine percent every year, leading to a global cool chain industry worth

(NFC) to better monitor and protect pharmaceutical products. She also pointed to halal pharma as a growing and important market.

around USD16.7 billion by 2020, ‘However, the patchwork of regulations around the world, as well as the huge amount of data

The smart cool chain is the next innovation and this is where the

being collected as we process pharma goods, means we have to

tailoring will happen, she said.

navigate a highly complex system. Open dialogue between industry

enriched toolbox, which has really grown over the years, driven by

and regulators is vital to ensure every voice in the cool chain is heard

regulations and competition.

It is about making use of this

to help us achieve a slicker, more transparent supply chain that meets the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical marketplace.

But better communication is needed with the shipper, including

Sebastiaan Scholte, Chairman, CCA

ensuring a clearer understanding of the implication of initiatives such as the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines and IATA’s CEIV

Delegates at the two-day CCA event, which brought together over

programme, which are a ‘step in the right direction’ towards global

140 experts from all sectors of the global pharma supply chain, heard

harmony, Bert Allard Jorritsma, Manager Special Cargo & Services

that the industry had seen significant changes over the last decade.

Delivery, Emirates SkyCargo, told delegates.


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EVA Logistics, one of the world’s largest supply chain

coming years. This 7,000 sq m facility, close to the southern

management companies, has won a major delivery

city of Reims will initially employ 80 staff which will be further

contract with leading French-headquartered, multi-

expanded as the new parapharmacy business stream goes live

national retailer Carrefour. Centered initially on the Paris region,

within the Carrefour network.

CEVA is responsible for deliveries of soft drinks and dried products to almost 60 stores on a daily basis.

Key to the success is to understand the way Carrefour and the stores operate. We permanently adapt our processes in order to

Operating from its 36,000 sq metre facility close to Charles de

deliver the best value to the stores. They like the entrepreneurial

Gaulle airport, CEVA is also handling reverse logistics for Carrefour

spirit and a swift decision-making process and this means we can

including removing packaging and cartons post-delivery.

design solutions for them which can be effective immediately. This includes challenging each other with concepts and ideas which will

In addition, CEVA has recently opened a specialist warehouse

improve their business for the long-term. It also opens the potential

for healthcare and beauty products to support Carrefour’s

to introduce other value-added services in the future.


new parapharmacy concept which will be developed over the

Robert Plent, Managing Director France, CEVA







SUPPLY CHAIN SANITY E very haulier, dispatcher and transport manager in industry

The special feature of the solution is not just that the GateHouse

and trade knows the problem: if an unforeseen disruption

software is able to capture data from around 400 systems and to

occurs along the supply chain, this information does not

display them consistently on one screen, but that the portal is

necessarily reach everyone involved in the transport process.

strictly neutral in dealing with the information. Jesper Bennike, CEO, GateHouse Logistics.

The reasons are many but most likely because of incompatibilities

of different telematics systems and information tools. Quite simply,

This means that the GateHouse Logistics platform determines

they don't speak the same language.

who is to be given what data, but has no influence on the content. However, whether data is made available to a partner is determined

For some time, this problem has been partially dealt with by so-

– and this is the key difference – solely by the transport company

called transaction platforms which consolidate data streams from

as a data supplier itself, although the transport company is not paid

proprietary systems so that data from partners in the transport

for this service.

process can be processed immediately. But that doesn't work in today's supply chain as many data integrators often do not act

Aside this, GateHouse Logistics does not record any data concerning

independently, but pursue different goals.

transported goods. So how is data management organised?

GateHouse Logistics pursues a different approach for data

To start data forwarding, tour information (vehicle ID, time

transparency in the transport sector. It sells its ghTrack gateway

and locations) must be supplied to the tour engine in ghTrack.

to so-called data subscribers…transport companies and shippers…

This ensures that the right vehicle is at the right place at the right

who want data processes to be transparent and accessible. With

time – only then the monitoring window is opened and data released

data transparency, they can track all shipments via a single portal at

towards the right customer.

any time. The data subscriber can either purchase this service on a per-use basis or as required for the entire fleet. The model does

First and foremost, transport data is generated per tour and is only

not include a basic fee and for those who only provide their data,

available until the completion of this tour. The recording of tour data

no costs are incurred.

only starts when a vehicle has been assigned an order. This can be up to 24 hours before the actual pickup.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.gatehouse.dk

At this point, no transport information is passed to the customer.

Data rights along the supply chain

Data transmission is not opened until the vehicle reaches the 50km

The legal situation in transferring and distributing telematics data is

radius around the pickup point. The customer will then be informed

still unresolved today so many forwarders and transport companies

by the system before the vehicle reaches the target point. The

are therefore hesitant to transmit digital information. Gatehouse

collection ramp can be organised just before the vehicle reaches

Logistics is convinced about the advantages of the use of telematics

the pick-up location.

data by all market participants, and the company now promotes a Bill of Rights to prevent the misuse of data.

From then onwards, the system works like a normal shipment tracking system: the position of the vehicle is monitored and relevant changes are displayed. As soon as the vehicle approaches the delivery location, a separate alarm is triggered.

ABOUT GATEHOUSE LOGISTICS A/S GateHouse Logistics A/S is leading the way that data is

As soon as the goods are delivered, data acquisition for the tour is

securely shared across the entire supply chain, bringing with

terminated until the truck is assigned a new tour.

it much-needed transparency of inbound and outbound logistics. GateHouse champions data sovereignty at the

The platform has already been adopted by several large logistics

global level and users of our unique data aggregation services

service providers in Germany. Four years ago, one decided to display

are the world's leading transport companies, automotive and

its own fleet on the GateHouse Logistics system as well as the vehicles

retail/wholesale companies and manufacturers. Our smart

of tour subcontractors. More than 11,000 vehicles from 300 service

groundbreaking ghTrack platform is truly hardware agnostic

providers employing some 250 telematics solutions were integrated.

and compatible with all telematics systems. Singularly, our Industry 4.0 compatible platform transforms data from all

So, what concrete benefits does the GateHouse Logistics platform

diverse telematics systems into one logical datastream.

provide shippers and transport companies?

ghTrack can be easily integrated into any business system. Visit www.gatehouse.dk.

In addition to knowing specific information about any transport order, the shipper is primarily interested in organising and optimising transport fleets‌avoiding empty journeys, smoothly providing the supply of his own plants with raw materials, and improving time window management at ramps to supervise delivery of goods. For transport companies, it is important to minimize the number of empty miles that fleets run. Since it has exactly the same data as its client, a transport company can balance the billing of its service‌ a win/win situation for all concerned where none of the parties involved have to accept the disadvantages of empty mileage billing. FORWARDER magazine






APPRENTICESHIP PATHWAY A national provider of transport and logistics apprenticeship

Companies like System Group are delighted to be working in

training is calling for the supply chain sector to map out a

partnerships with employers and other sector organisations, driving

dedicated career path for young people coming into the industry.

apprenticeship programmes to realise this ambition.

David Cormack, strategic partnerships director at System Group,

The first draft of a sector map is being produced by the supply

was speaking ahead of National Apprenticeship Week (5 – 9 March)

chain advisory group, and according to David Cormack, sustaining

after the recent supply chain advisory group meeting at the Institute

momentum will be critical to securing its success. He points to

for Apprenticeships (IfA).

Express Delivery Trailblazer apprenticeships, which training providers such as System Group are looking at delivering, as a

He wants to showcase the best pathways for those coming into the

good blueprint.

sector and how the supply chain sector can fit into the career map for apprentices.

These apprenticeships will support the needs of industry and commerce, equipping a new generation of people with the skills,

Echoing views that the industry struggles to ‘articulate’ the

professionalism and confidence to meet the needs of employers.

complexity of working in the logistics sector, David Cormack is calling

They will provide the skills and behaviour that will guide future

for more identifiable career paths to recruit and secure future talent.

generations into the industry and support them through the

He says that National Apprenticeship Week is a timely opportunity

challenges and adventures that a career in logistics offers.

to showcase the success of apprenticeships in the logistics sector and how they can culminate in a ‘fantastic’ career.

David Cormack also welcomes the new degree-level apprenticeship standard coming to the supply chain sector from mid-2018.

Employers are calling for milestones to identify career paths, and the logistics sector needs to respond with clarity, positivity and ambition.

This follows approval of Uniserve Group’s supply chain leadership framework by the Institute for Apprenticeships.

A career map for the supply chain sector would be welcome, laying out the opportunities on offer and securing future industry skills.

Anything that contributes to bringing fresh talent into the sector and improving skills has to be seen as a good move, so the world's

The move would be an exciting first step in shaping the path for future

first apprenticeship route to supply chain leadership roles, has to

generations coming into the logistics sector looking for rewarding careers.

be welcomed.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at ichca.com


resented at ICHCA’s 65th anniversary conference last

The digest published today provides in-depth details of each safety

year, the 2nd TT Club Innovation in Safety Award aimed

improvement that was submitted for the 2017 Award, of course

to highlight the importance of safety at a time of increased

including the winning entry, Hapag Lloyd’s Cargo Patrol. This is an

operational demands on the cargo handling infrastructure and

industry-leading attempt to reduce fraudulent cargo declarations

operations worldwide. The Award, open to any individual or

that obscure the true identity of dangerous goods transported

organisation involved in cargo logistics around the world, required

around the globe. Also included is an explanation of Safety Ammo,

entrants to show that a product, idea, solution, process, scheme or

awarded the 2017 ‘Highly Commended’ prize. An RFID-based safety

other innovation had resulted in a demonstrable improvement to

solution, developed with DP World Brisbane, this minimises the

safety. The range of entries displayed both a great diversity of safety

dangers faced by workers who physically handle twistlocks on the

issues, as well as tremendous passion, effort and ingenuity.

underside of containers on the waterfront.

Welcoming the digest’s publication, TT Club Risk Management

The full digest, including details of all entries submitted, is available

Director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox said,

to download for free at ichca.com/download/ichca-international-

TT Club has always

emphasised the critical nature of loss prevention in its role as a


primary supplier of liability and property insurance to those in the supply chain industry. As such, we remain dedicated to encouraging safety awareness and applaud ICHCA’s initiative in publishing this wealth of innovative ideas to improve global supply chain safety. TT Club works closely with ICHCA and has done so for a number of years in producing safety advisory documents and urging sound operational practice wherever and whenever possible.




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epresentatives of the British and Hong Kong maritime

By working together, London and Hong Kong can grow together.

business sectors have agreed to forge a closer working

Both cities are key international shipping and trading hubs with

relationship and signed a Memorandum of Understanding

a shared outward looking and entrepreneurial spirit. Both serve

in London during London International Shipping Week.

regions beyond their own borders and both have an exciting future. We are delighted by the prospect of a closer working relationship

Under the terms of the agreement Maritime London and the Hong

than ever before.

Kong Maritime & Port Board (HKMPB) will co-operate in a range

Chan Fan, Frank,

of areas including promotional activity, training and sharing of best

JP, Secretary for Transport & Housing, Hong Kong Government

practice for maritime business services. HKMPB was set up by the Government of Hong Kong Special The agreement was signed by Chan Fan, Frank, JP, Secretary for

Administrative Region in 2016 to foster the development of Hong

Transport & Housing, Hong Kong Government and Maritime London

Kong's maritime and port services. Maritime London is a promotional

Chairman, Lord Mountevans at the Foreign & Commonwealth

body for UK-based companies providing professional services to the

Office. Also present were leading representatives from the Hong

international shipping industry.

Kong shipowning community and the UK Minister of State for Transport Legislation and Maritime, John Hayes, CBE, MP.

Trading and logistics are a major economic pillar for Hong Kong, accounting for 22% of its GDP and 20% of employment. The UK

The Hong Kong and UK maritime business communities have a unique

maritime business services sector which includes shipbroking,

historical relationship and very strong ties. Nearly 10% of the world's ships

financial, legal, education and insurance services contributes ÂŁ3.5bn

are managed or owned in Hong Kong, it is home to one of the world's leading

to the UK economy and supports 48,600 jobs.

hub ports and an important gateway to mainland China. Both the UK and Hong Kong look beyond their borders and provide world-beating maritime expertise to global shipowners, traders and charterers. This agreement is designed to help both London and Hong Kong businesses collaborate and prosper with the support of their respective representative bodies. Lord Mountevans, Maritime London Chairman


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&H Worldwide, the world's best-in-class aerospace logistics

B&H has Customs experts at all its operating centres to provide country

supplier, has signed an AOG and time critical freight services

specific specialist knowledge to meet customer requirements and ensure

contract with Hong Kong Airlines. B&H will provide a range

their supply chains are not compromised by unforeseen issues.

of time critical solutions to the Special Administrative Region's regional carrier which serves more than 35 destinations across Asia and the Pacific.

The new contract is effective immediately.

B&H will control the business from its 24/7 365 Hong Kong facility and in particular manage freight import and Customs clearances engineering parts and supplies. As the carrier continues its


expansion programme through the addition of new routes B&H

Established in 1988 in the UK, B&H Worldwide is a market

will also provide AOG logistics to and from the new destinations.

leader in the highly specialist aerospace logistics industry.

for Hong Kong Airlines to ensure the timely arrival of its critical

In 2017 it was awarded Best—in-Class status by the Global By committing to provide timely services with full transparency though

Institute of Logistics as the world's best aerospace logistics

utilising its in-house designed IT system, OnTrack, to manage the

company. Over the last 30 years B&H has expanded globally

process Hong Kong Airlines will receive a cost-effective freight solution.

and today operates from ten strategically located aerospace hubs around the world and has a customer base which

This further strengthens our relationship with Hong Kong Airlines

includes airlines, spare part stockists, MROs and repair

and we are very excited to be part of their expansion plans. As the

vendors. Its innovative, in-house designed IT solutions are

airline adds new routes to its network, we will ensure its critical

highly tailored to suit customer operating models and its

engineering logistics requirements are fully supported via the B&H

OnTrack software sets the benchmark for the aerospace

global network and our suite of aerospace logistics services.

logistics industry.

Stuart Allen, CEO, B&H Worldwide









argolux, in cooperation with Globaltrans Internationale

To ensure safest transportation, the weight and complex

Logistik GmbH, Germany, has flown two shipments of

dimensions of the buoys, with its very sensible electronic equipment,

outsized and highly sensitive German-made measuring

required the design and manufacture of special transport frames. In

buoys from Luxembourg to Xiamen in China. They are destined for

addition we were challenged by a very time sensitive shipment, not

the planned offshore wind farms Zhangpu and Changle off the coast

allowing us any complications or delays. Therefore, we have decided

of China's Fujian province.

to use Cargolux’s 747 Freighters to Xiamen, offering us shoring expertise, long-standing experience and tailor-made solutions for

The two high-tech buoys with length of 8.10 meters, a diameter of

heavy or outsized shipments. It was a pleasure for us to cooperate

2.55 meters and a weight of around 5.800 kg each, were transported

hand in hand with Cargolux on this special cargo shipment.

by Globaltrans with special trailers from Bremerhaven in Germany

Kay Uwe Gretsch, CEO, Globaltrans Germany

to Luxembourg Airport and flown on board of two Cargolux 747 freighters to Xiamen, China.

It is the first time ever that China is using a so-called 'Floating LiDAR system' for an offshore wind-measuring campaign. The buoys were

The loading at Luxembourg and unloading at Xiamen Airport was

designed by the German Fraunhofer Institut and will measure the

completed by Cargolux on time and according to the detailed

wind speed in the designated locations up to a height of 200 meters

planning of Globaltrans and their local partner in Xiamen. After

from their position on the sea surface to allow precise calculation of

special customs clearance both buoys were on-forwarded by

the wind farms’ electricity yield. The new Chinese wind parks have

specialized trucks to their final destination Fuzhou.

a planned capacity of 2.8 GW.

At Cargolux, we are proud to be involved in the shipment of this highly sensitive cargo and working together with a specialized freight forwarding company as Globaltrans Germany and their important client who appreciate the advantages of our CV Jumbo product and 747 freighters. Chris Nielen, Vice President Sales, Cargolux


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igers has launched a new flagship store for K&N

K&N Engineering in Riverside, California is the world's leading

Engineering on online marketplace Tmall, supporting the

manufacturer of washable performance air filters and air intake

US manufacturer to enter the China e-commerce market.

systems. K&N is a world-class filtration company selling air filters, oil filters, and air intakes in over 30 countries. K&N sells over

The Hong Kong headquartered e-commerce specialist set up

5,000 products designed for cars, trucks, motorcycles, engines, and

the Tmall store, and will manage the service, and build up K&N

industrial applications.

Engineering’s omni-channel sales capabilities. We launched the Tmall project to increase K&N Engineering’s China is the largest e-commerce market in the world, with over

presence in China, and to create a streamlined purchasing experience

380 million online shoppers, and it is predicted that within the next ten

for Chinese customers. Tigers’ e-commerce track record was put

years over 50 per cent of China’s purchases will be conducted online.

to expert use to develop our new Tmall shop, and to develop a

With this e-commerce service, Tigers can help brands, such as K&N

sales strategy and marketing and online customer service solutions.

Engineering, develop channels to explore new markets, optimise input

We are expanding in China thanks to Tigers’ experience in supporting

costs, and improve market share and operation performance, without

brands to enter the regional market.

having to worry about language, personnel setup, or legal representation.

Billy Su, China Sales Manager, K&N Engineering

We handled the setup and design of the K&N Engineering store on Tmall and will develop bespoke marketing strategies to promote the

Tigers handles K&N Engineering’s freight forwarding from the USA

products through campaign management, promotions and special

to China, and e-commerce fulfilment from its Shanghai warehouse.

offers, performance analysis, and customer service. Paul Huang, Managing Director - China, Tigers

Tigers operates 16 offices and facilities in China and supports customers across a wide range of industries including automotive,

Tigers will operate the store on the behalf of K&N Engineering and

fashion, outdoor and active lifestyle, healthcare, technology, and

will provide content creation, product content optimisation, and

wine and perishables.

customer service, and will identify and engage with target audiences, and drive traffic through marketing and promotion.






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COMING SOON... UK specialisms, divided into the 12 UK regions we judge to be most familiar to the freight industry professional at work. From 'abnormal loads' to 'warehousing & storage', if you need it done, it's in here.

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YE 2017: £88m Forecast YE 2018: £90m SPECIALISM

Bespoke 3PL to include dedicated /shared-user warehousing, e-fulfilment/pick-and-pack, valueadded services, dedicated and closed-loop transport network – domestic and international MODES

Road, deep sea, air, rail MAIN TRADE ROUTES





Gold RoSPA Award 2018 Multimodal Exhibitor of the Year '18 2018 short lists include... Livery of the Year & Haulier of the Year – Motor Transport Environment & Young Logistics professional of the year award (Beth O’Neill, Head of Commercial) – UKWA Environmental Initiatives & Rising Star (Matt Davis – General Manager of Network Transport) European Automotive Logistics Awards MILESTONES

KARL HODGKINSON, 1953 – Howard Tenens founded 1983 – Management buy out

1985-2007 – Multiple facilities and contracts

2008 – Tenens Environmental

2016 – £4m into IT development 2017 – Property portfolio 4m ft2 2018 – HT Live app


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KARL SAYS... Our customer base, organic growth and future pipeline is significant.


stablished in 1953, Howard Tenens has been hailed

presence in the industry. Their focus on controlled

as one of the biggest and most successful privately

growth, their people, experience, skills, cultural offerings

managed logistics companies currently operating.

and leading-edge technology truly separates them from

Their strong company values of commitment to excellence

anyone else in their fi eld. FORWARDER was lucky

in customer service, knowledge and expertise have seen

enough to have an extended chat with Karl Hodgkinson,

them lead the market by consistently delivering and evolving

Group Commercial Director, on several key issues

their service principles.

effecting the freight forwarding world. From 3PL markets to trade wars and even some predictions, Howard Tenens

A stalwart – to say the least – of freight forwarding,

gave us some insightful information about the current

Howard Tenens has consistently been a commanding

climate of the industry.

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With your knowledge of the current 3PL climate, how do you see this affecting freight forwarders over the next 12–24 months? I’d say the competition remains as fierce as ever, but it’s those companies who are really willing to invest who will prevail. Our customer base, organic growth and future

KARL SAYS... Our pipeline and customer base is very strong at the moment


Do you still see issues with finding new or young talent in the 3PL market, and will this perhaps lead to a lack of collaboration? Sometimes. I don’t think it’s due to a lack of collaboration but maybe a lack of knowledge of the sector as a whole. I’d suggest rather than looking at the evident entry points

pipeline is significant, however the customer’s needs are

such as colleges and universities we should be looking at

forever changing and growing, therefore I’d suggest all

how we’re advertising our own sectors, our companies

freight forwarders need to remain as flexible as possible.

as potential places to work and what logistics actually

Furthermore, as we all know, Brexit is providing a level

means and the doors it can potentially unlock for a career.

of uncertainty so ensuring you’re informed (as much as

One area Howard Tenens, like the majority of 3PLs, struggles

physically possible at this point!) is important and also that

with is driver recruitment, so we’ve actively started looking

you have a plan and have conducted a number of 'what if'

at our existing workforce for training and development

scenarios to aid your customers' decisions.

opportunities, site swaps, apprentice schemes and refer-afriend schemes to encourage interest – which has had some


traction but this is only the beginning.

What services do Howard Tenens currently offer and how do you separate yourself from anyone else in the market? At Tenens we provide the full end-to-end supply chain solution, all the way from customs clearance at the quay to the end-customer delivery. To date our strengths lie within our property portfolio, our people and more recently our system developments and offering. We started to differentiate ourselves by not only storing and handling our customers' products but recognising other areas which potentially detracted from their core business focus and affected the supply chain. Whether it be value-added services such as re-labelling and kitting or offering to house and run a customer service centre on site on their behalf. We find the more you can understand and help your customers get back to what is important, the more you really start to build a partnership with them.


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Inefficiency and capacity problems have dogged the warehousing and storage sectors for quite some time now. Do you see this changing at any stage? The opportunity to precure/develop commercial properties is shrinking across the UK as there’s only a certain amount of


How do you see technology changing supply chain, warehousing and freight forwarding in general? Technology will determine who will and who won’t be operating in two years’ time, five years’ time and 10 years’ time. Whether it be track and trace, sign on

space available for commercial development. As well as being a

glass, apps, portals, customer notifications, integration,

3PL we are also a property company with over 4,000,000ft


mechanisation, automation – developments in technology

of freehold warehousing space. Since 2016 Tenens has

will drive the supply chain solutions of the future. Traits we

invested over £40m in our properties and new facilities, such

have seen in B2C requirements are now more apparent

as our Manchester and Chepstow sites. Furthermore, when

in B2B markets, including logistics. For example, just as

we’re looking at sites for further development or land to

you expect a text to tell you when your Amazon parcel

build on we then look for maximum efficiency from them,

has arrived at your door, why shouldn’t you get text or

whether that be dock-levellers, 14m eaves or the fit outs

email alerts indicating the various milestones of your

with specialist VNA racking – efficiency is key. I’d suggest this

entire supply chain process to include receipted, picked,

will only become more and prevalent as the property market

re-worked, despatched, en-route, or indeed delivered?

continues to shrink.

As we move toward automation within warehousing, thus removing human error, increasing throughput and in turn site efficiency. Long gone are the days of paperpicks. Furthermore, Tenens have recently launched our App, HT Live, which was developed to create ultimate transparency for our customers – the app is integrated with live information collated from WMS, TMS, In-Cab, En-Route, and POD data meaning you can now track all stages of the supply chain at the click of the button.

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KARL SAYS... ...customer demand is already requiring faster supply-chains...

How do you see visibility changing across the supply chain in the next five years? This links into the stage-two development of HT Live for me. At the moment we can report from the quay to the end delivery. However, we’d like to get to a point of integration with manufacturers and shippers alike to be able to track customer products through any means of multimodal distribution prior to receipt at a Howard Tenens distribution centre. I believe this I’m excited to see what further developments are in store.


Do you think that consumer demand is going to continue to put pressure on the supply chain – and therefore on freight forwarders?


will become reality within the next two years, let alone five, so


With Trump announcing up to 25% tax increases on raw materials and with Brexit around the corner, do you think we are on the cusp of a new, volatile market? With such tax changes and Brexit upon us, any trade deal delay could clearly have consequences for investment in trade itself, future rights of EU citizens and infrastructure, which will impact our workforces and customer’s supply

Yes! As I said, customer demand is already requiring faster

chains alike. Whether it be outstripping labour provisions,

supply-chains – with e-commerce and same-day deliveries

additional unquantifiable customs declarations or legislation

via, for example, Amazon Prime, people are wanting their

battles it is all too easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the

goods sooner and sooner and we’ve all got to keep up or at

potential risks associated with Brexit without considering

least provide viable, cost-effective solutions. I believe drop

the opportunities which lay ahead as a direct result of leaving

points and collections, lockers etc. are models which will

the EU (such as increased freight forwarding opportunities,

continue to grow rapidly in the coming year.

increased UK manufacturing and smaller, more numerous feeder vessels and airfreight). Whilst these points form part of many UK 3PLs' market intelligence and strategy, areas of both risk and opportunity can be nothing more than speculative at this moment in time. A further period of monitoring the situation and continuing to explore and exploit all opportunities is key to ensuring UK logistics companies prosper – prior to, during and post-Brexit.


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How have Howard Tenens consistently dealt with the issues that have faced many freight forwarders over the years? Charles Darwin provided us with one of our favourite concepts: it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to


What does the rest of the year – and farther into the future – hold for Howard Tenens? The past 12 months has proven to be the most successful year in the history of Howard Tenens. A new, commercially ambitious strategy was formed to

change. I think it’s been our flexibility and agility in times

deliver key objectives, the fruition of which is now

of pressure which have seen us through. Whether that be

being realised; significant investment in our IT systems

during the recession, contract wins, and contract losses,

and further property development; continued training

or through the ever-growing environmental pressures this

and development of our teams. 2018 will see a number

sector faces, changing and adapting is key. Furthermore,

of customer implementations, coupled with further

we have been very fortunate to work with a number of

systems development, further growth internationally,

customers who we have now cemented partnerships which

as well as some award wins, hopefully. We’re fortunate

are the backbone of our business model.

enough to have been short listed in the European Automotive Logistics, UKWA and Motor Transport


Awards. Our long-term future being focused on continued growth and investment to support both

Do you think the competitive nature of the industry is a necessarily a good thing?

our existing and future customers.

Competition always has positives and negatives. Personally, I think competition is a good thing as it drives service excellence and collaborative efficiency gains for our customers continuous improvement initiatives. However, like anyone I think competition which is based on price and price alone is negative and ultimately only damages the industry and our customers' businesses when operations fail due to price constraints or unsustainable solutions.

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I was delighted to appear in the FORWARDER magazine ‘Move it Like’ showcase earlier this

year. The opportunity to speak candidly about the success of our company, my influence on that, and the ingredients that contribute to our continued success was appreciated. NNR is a global ‘premium brand’ that, although established for over a 100 years in Asia, is not particularly well known in the UK. The feature in Forwarder Magazine offered the stage for us to future promote our business. The moniker ‘secret assassin’ and ‘largest company you’ve never heard of’ no longer suits the brand and size of our global group, therefore features like ‘Move it Like’ in a classy glossy such as FORWARDER are the perfect vehicle to help change that perception. Now I’ve recovered from the

marginal discomfort of a little more attention than normal (!), I can reflect that it provided a strong and personal message that many of our key partners and customers read and responded favourably too. Lee Griffiths, NNR

It was fantastic to feature in the FORWARDER magazine

‘Move it Like’ recently. The quality of the article and insightfulness of the questions gave T15 a great opportunity to be seen in the best light possible. We are a young, growing business and this forum has enabled us to promote our value to a wider network, within a sector that is going through significant change. I would summarise FORWARDER magazine as a quality publication that brings networks and partnerships together for the greater good. Matt Perry, Transition15


FIELD. CALL US ON +44(0)1454 628 775

DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT... In 2017 I was proud to be included in the popular FORWARDER feature 'Move It Like'. As a leading publication within the

logistics industry, FORWARDER's unique feature presented an ideal opportunity to discuss my journey as a global air freight

expert and highlight how Ligentia continues to meet our customers' requirements through customised solutions. I found the process rewarding and my relationship with FORWARDER has continued to develop as my career has progressed to a global role. I would highly recommend being part of a future 'Move it Like' feature to anyone seeking successful exposure within the logistics industry.

Lee Alderman-Davis, Ligentia





sustainable retail supply chain is something many in the

Although a fix for this is thinking about the retail supply chain in

industry have been chasing for some years. Veterans

terms of legacy, rigid enterprise systems and disparate processes

of supply chain work can testify that the sector has not

can hinder collaboration and communication between key supply

always been plain sailing, with visibility issues and communication

chain functions. Today’s retail supply model is far less linear,

problems leading to backlogs of work and disappointed

requiring more flexibility and responsiveness.

consumers. Sustainability issues are particularly sensitive to the retail supply chain, given current fierce competition, intensive

Retailers and their suppliers who have a networked view of their

resource use and the exposure of penurious labour conditions

supply chain will be able to share information faster and more

in some regions.

effectively and ultimately better serve their customers. Retailers need to say goodbye to their old and inefficient IT systems and

Retailers are making the move from multichannel and segregated

embrace the new digital age of supply chain. Everything consumers

fulfilment to a truly omnichannel model, where fulfilment capacity

want or need can be obtained with just a click of a button or tap

and stock availability can be flexibly deployed into any channel

of a finger. Technology will continue to advance and consumers

as dictated by customer demand. A way of making sure that

will gain more and more power – and with more power comes

customers are never – or seldom – disappointed. Whilst this is

higher expectations of a great customer experience.

a step in the right direction, they find themselves challenged by the complexity these efforts pose for logistics support systems.

Some key technology that retailers should be embracing to drive

One of the issues facing retail supply chain is, and has been

customer experience is being used across a plethora of fields and

for some time, inventory inaccuracy. This negatively affects

industries. The Internet of Things has the power to transform

performance in a retail supply chain and is something that any

how we shop. In today’s world, availability is critical, and we have

practitioner within the industry needs to address.

already discussed the visibility problems for retailers in the supply chain. Enabling more advanced business visibility by allowing retail

A retailer’s ability to survive depends heavily on its ability to fulfil

inventory to be 'seen' and connected by both staff and customer

the consumer’s constantly changing needs in a timely and accurate

alike, is an important way of attempting to address this problem.

manner. Customer purchase decisions are progressively made

Whilst some may argue that visibility for retail supply chain is better

based on the overall shopping experience, which in turn drives

than ever (and with advancements in technology the issue will soon

the whole relationship. Consumers need visibility regarding when

be a thing of the past), on average only 65% of inventory reported

they can expect product and reassurance that if they don’t buy it

through retailers’ inventory management software is correct.

right now, it’ll be there when they want it.

This is a phenomenal figure in relation to the industry and a clear indicator that we need to continue to work on visibility in retail.

As retailers pursue openings through mergers and acquisitions, it’s inevitable that operations won’t be able to keep up, at least

Some of the biggest retailers throughout the world have seen the

temporarily. Managing rapid change and the complexity that

advantages of managing their supply chain efficiently. It seems that

accompanies acquisition is difficult for a retailer to execute.

they have created a system of successful negotiating with their


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SUSTAINABLE RETAIL suppliers. Smaller retailers have often felt that they can’t

compete with the likes of Amazon because they just aren’t equipped to do so. They don’t have the same tools, budget,

and relationships, however, with the right supply chain in

place, perhaps they can. There’s a lot of variability from one

business’s supply chain to another, but you can optimise your current processes through best practice, strategy, and

integration. It takes time and investment, but it’s worth it! Your customers will thank you. Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

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ime waits for no man’ is a saying that could have

Recycling and reducing our impact on the environment has been an

been written about day to day life in Supply Chain

area of concern for the last few decades however it seems over the

Management. New developments and advances in

last couple of years the spot light has been shining brighter on this

technology mean Supply chain managers and their teams need

area with focus on businesses to play their part. Signing the plastic

to stay at the top of their game to keep up and get ahead of the

pact demonstrates a dedication by each pledging organisation to

competition. We are hearing more and more about the skills gaps

secure a better future for the country.

that seem to be effecting every area of the supply chain, although logistics does appear to be the worst affected, on a global scale.

While these changes are certainly good news for consumers we cannot help but wonder at what cost they are being made. 2018

The rise of blockchain and the change in consumer demands mean

has seen the loss of a number of household names both from

businesses are facing increased levels of transparency and have

the high street and cyberspace. While the costs of running a

more accountability than in previous times. Product knowledge

supply chain to match the increase customer expectancy levels

now influences choice as never before enabling the consumer to

are certainly on the up, consumers seem unwilling to pay more

make decisions based on their knowledge and assumptions. The

for their purchases, add to this the need to upskill workforces

integrity of the products and produce we purchase is now seen as

to meet industry standards and employee expectations it’s going

an extension of our personal integrity and values, no longer is this

to be a very challenging time for SCM’s.

about what we are seen to be doing it’s now how our purchasing decisions influence how we feel.

IoSCM is the first international institute to represent the interest of the wider supply chain. Our aim is to improve the industry by

A key factor in our purchasing decisions is consumer confidence

setting standards and promoting best practice through high-quality

and the key to this confidence is a clear view of the product’s origin

training and qualifications.

and journey. Brand giants like Marks & Spencer’s and Lidl have been running TV ad campaigns that further strengthens the consumers

As the Client Relations & Communications Manager for IoSCM I

desire to understand the ‘cradle to grave’ journey of everything

make it a priority to stay up to date with changes and developments

they buy. For British businesses now taking this systematic approach

in the Supply Chain globally, I write numerous articles for IoSCM’s

to demonstrate their products integrity it would seem the UK

magazine Supply Chain Outlook so I was delighted to be able to

Plastic Pact has been hitting the headlines at just the right time.

contribute to this edition of FORWARDER magazine. Kimberley Jayne, Client Relations & Comms Manager, IoSCM


FORWARDER magazine


FORWARDER magazine






he government is being asked to take action to improve

While the associations fully support the environmental aims

the UK’s air quality, following a series of legal cases

behind the introduction of CAZs, they are all encouraging the

brought by action group Client Earth. As part of the

Government to implement a system which works for businesses

move to improving the air we breathe, a number of cities across

as well as having a real impact on pollution. The current approach

the country are being asked to consider the introduction of some

being proposed by many local authorities will create an additional

kind of HGV charging Clean Air Zone (CAZ), in a bid to reduce

tax on thousands of businesses and disrupt supply chains across

illegal levels of roadside NOx emissions. London is further

the country, while failing to deliver the significant air quality

advanced, with its expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone scheduled

improvements that are required.

to begin on 8 April next year. The proposed HGV charge for all trucks, other than the latest While appreciating that there are steps which will need to be taken

Euro VI models, looks set to be £100 per vehicle per day, which

to ensure the logistics industry continues to reduce its impact on the

could equate to an additional 25% on the daily running cost of a

environment, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has joined

non-compliant vehicle. Unfortunately, SMEs and small businesses

with three other trade associations - the British Vehicle Rental and

look set to be the worst affected under this proposed approach,

Leasing Association (BVRLA), the National Franchised Dealers

as these operators are often those that are least equipped to

Association (NFDA) and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) – to

absorb such a significant financial blow, with less flexibility to

raise concerns about the way HGVs are treated in future CAZs.

upgrade vehicles before the end of their lease or business depreciation period.

The associations have written a joint letter to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling, calling for Government support in ensuring that

Even if an overwhelming number of HGV operators opted to

the introduction of CAZs will not unfairly hit businesses who rely

upgrade their fleets to Euro VI over the next couple of years,

upon HGVs.

there is unlikely to be sufficient HGV production capacity to meet demand for the compliant models. Meanwhile, there is currently

We support the need to improve the quality of air in our cities,

no approved Euro VI retrofit option for trucks.

but given CAZs only bring forward the beneficial change that is coming anyway by a couple of years, we don’t want this to be at

FTA has already highlighted that the Clean Air Zone proposed for

the cost of small businesses’ ability to trade. HGVs are an integral

Bath could have a significant impact on the costs of local business

part of the economy at both national, regional and local level.

in the area, following publication of the local council’s consultation

Currently, there are no commercially or operationally viable

document on the scheme. FTA welcomed the fact that Bath is

alternatives to diesel in terms of HGV motive power. Over 90%

proposing a city centre zone, but noted that key local routes –

of everything the public eat, drink, wear and build with travels on

the A4 and A36 – are included in the controlled area, and so the

an HGV at some point in the supply chain.

impact of its introduction will be felt well beyond the city.

Christopher Snelling, Head of UK Policy, FTA


FORWARDER magazine


When the proposed Zone comes into effect in 2020, many logistics operators, especially small and medium sized firms, will still have no option but to use non-compliant vehicles and so will face charges of around £100 per day to get through Bath. These effects will be worse if vans are included, which is one of the options. There will only be four years’ worth of compliant vans in the fleet, so any small business that relies on second-hand vehicles in operate in or through Bath maybe priced out of business. FTA is offering its experience and expertise to work with the local authority, and others considering the introduction of CAZs, to help them develop and introduce their plans in a timely and appropriate manner, so that they can achieve their aims of reducing NO2 whilst supporting businesses and the economy. Christopher Snelling, Head of UK Policy, FTA








ur regional focus on the Far East must resonate with

Whilst industry practitioners have pointed towards sanctions

many of the industry stalwarts, due to volumes of

as a source of reduced growth, not all countries sign up to

cargo currently coming out of major countries in

such sanctions and there will always be methods around these

the area. Continued double-digit growth in China alone, and

restrictions. A level-headed perspective on this will show that

consecutively over the last 10 years, showcases an example

it will be unlikely to see significant drops in volumes from the

of how Far East nations have kept up phenomenal growth

Far East, demonstrating the magnitude of power they host.

throughout periods of turbulence. China alone can now operate

Supply chain management is now appreciated as a vital part in

trade movements from over 130 international ports and will

supporting and sustaining any business’ growth and is a target

continue to grow and develop. These developments, coupled

career for many of the next generation. The likelihood is the

with their smooth communicative efforts with roughly 90 per

space will be dominated by multi-lingual, university qualified

cent of the globe, means that this Far Eastern trading giant is

millennials who, with a thirst for technology, will drive dramatic

only going to continue to grow.

and positive change within Logistics Providers.

Whilst capacity issues, erratic carrier behaviour, port congestion and driver shortages have a major disruptive influence today, in the near future, larger vessels and fuel-efficient aircraft will help ease some of the aforementioned aspects and mitigate the cost. The success of The Silk Road train connection between Europe and the Far East will also be a determining factor. The need for high quality and consistency will be essential as the world procures on an ‘ex-factory’ basis – a considerable change from just 30 years ago. This means that logistics partners must have strong internal partnerships from within a respected and trusted network, ideally supported by a globally renowned brand. The local forwarder may still play a supporting role but the considerable investment required in technology should see the global brands dominate the market. That accepted, from within the global brands, the local knowledge and experience combined with strong relationships with carriers will continue to be vital.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.nnrglobal.com

Digitalisation is here to stay and connectivity will prompt the

The constant Brexit rhetoric has led practitioners to review

success or failure of Logistics Providers soon, as the explosion of

the global connections they have made with the Far East and

e-commerce continues. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, DHGate, Uber,

consider the possible connotations surrounding the UK leaving

even ASOS, Boohoo etc, were unheard of 20 years ago and now

the single market and the comfort of the trade agreements.

they dominate global sales in their respective domains. The boom

In some quarters there is scepticism regarding Britain’s ability

of ‘next day delivery’ has a dramatic effect on capacity from Asia

to quickly renegotiate suitable trade tariffs with every country

as airfreight facilitates swift changes in trend and shortening lead

globally – not just the current EU member states – for both

times. In 2017, ‘Singles Day’ in China saw a record USD $25billion

import and export transactions. Trade agreements with the Far

spent online in just one day. Multiply this out across all Asian

East will remain crucial to the UK economy with the optimists

countries and you can start to visualise how quickly e-commerce

claiming a failing EU business unit offers less opportunities than

has developed and the demand it has created.

historical British relationships present on the world stage.

If blockchain is to find a permanent position in the market, the

The other educated opinion predicts that with population growth

next generation of buyers will have full visibility of the logistics

and an increased appetite for FMCG, 'throwaway societies' will

process and the consumer’s buying decisions may not only be

continue to evolve. In these circumstances, Far East trade will

based upon the best price for the quickest delivery but possibly

surely increase and of course impatience will drive an increased

who has the best online technology with eye-catching and user-

imbalance between ‘supply and demand’ that will perpetuate growth

friendly platforms, etc. Those opting to ignore technology or be

and increase the importance of a solid global logistics partner.

unable to support the investment will probably be reduced to a collaborative role at best.

Lee Griffiths, Executive Director, NNR Global Logistics






n 2014 South Korea was the world’s 13th largest economy by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It has a

GDP per capita (PPP) of USD 35,277 – three times that of China and almost equal to that of Japan. There are over 150 British companies currently doing business in South Korea. Well-known brands such as Standard Chartered, Jaguar Land Rover, BA, Bentley and Burberry currently have an active presence in the South Korean market. Benefits for UK businesses exporting to South Korea •• The European Union (EU)-Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the only EU FTA in east Asia/Pacific, is estimated to be worth over £500 million to UK business each year

Strengths of the Korean market

•• South Korea is a designated high-growth market for UK exports, increasing year on year since 2009

•• 74% of South Koreans undertake postgraduate-level education, with 7% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) spent on education

•• Korean public has a taste for British culture and respect for UK goods

•• Highest level of broadband penetration in the world, with speeds of 100 megabytes

•• President Park’s ‘creative economy’ policy is pushing Korean businesses towards sectors and industries of traditional UK strength

•• Leads the world in 4G mobile usage, with plans to invest USD1.7 billion in 5G by 2020

•• Close proximity to the wider Asia-Pacific region and markets

•• World leader in electronics, shipbuilding, steel and automotive •• Ranked first in Bloomberg’s Global Innovation Index 2015

•• 15 Free Trade Agreements (FTA) currently in place and 11 more under negotiation


Entering the South Korean market is relatively easy since the signing of the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement in July 2011. All exporters and importers (UK and Korean) need approved status before shipments take place.


FORWARDER magazine


UK & SOUTH KOREA TRADE The EU-Korea FTA is estimated to be worth £49 billion to Korea

TAX & CUSTOMS Sales tax

and the EU. This represents a doubling in EU-Korea bilateral

South Korea has a basic Value Added Tax (VAT) rate of 10%.

trade in the next 20 years compared to a scenario without the

The sale of cultural items, eg newspapers, books, magazines may

FTA. UK goods exports to South Korea have risen 47.5% from

be exempt. The following transactions qualify for zero rated

2010, the year preceding the FTA, to 2014. Korea made the

tax status:

single largest contribution to UK goods export growth in 2012

•• The export of goods

and exports reached a new historical peak in 2013.

•• The supply of services outside Korea

South Korea is the third largest market in Asia/Oceania for

•• The supply of international transportation services by vessel or aircraft

UK exports (excluding the transport hub of Hong Kong) and

•• The supply of certain goods/services paid in foreign exchange

the 13th worldwide overall.

Company tax Top 10 UK exports of goods (2014, excluding oil):

Korea’s corporate tax rates as of January 2015 are:

•• Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, parts •• Road vehicles •• Optical, measuring, precision, medical, surgical instruments •• Electrical machinery, sound recorders, television image •• Pharma products •• Pearls, Semi-Precious stones and precious metals

•• 10% on the first KRW 200 million •• 20% for the tax base between KRW 200m and 20bn •• 22% for the excess There are special tax exemptions under the FDI incentives scheme. For more go to InvestKorea.org.

•• Beverages and spirits •• Iron or steel


Over the last 45 years, the UK has been the second largest

There are 2 methods of determining a duty amount: •• Declaration and payment

EU investor in South Korea, in cumulative terms.

•• Notice of assessment

Major UK investors include: Standard Chartered, HSBC,

In declaration and payment, the person wanting to import

Prudential, Barclays, Fidelity Asset Management, Diageo,

goods makes a declaration on the payment of the customs

Burberry, Edwards, AMEC, Rolls-Royce, Shell and BP.

duties direct to the customs house. In notice of assessment, the customs house imposes and


collects customs duties.

Korea has aimed to create a business friendly legal

In most cases, businesses use the declaration and payment

environment over the past decade. However the legislative

method. The notice of assessment system is mainly used

structure means that laws can change frequently and rapidly.

for the imposition of minor customs duties, such as on passengers’ and crews’ goods, unaccompanied baggage and

The three main bodies in charge of legislation implementation

postal matters.

and information are: •• Ministry of Government Legislation •• Regulatory Reform Committee •• FTC Fair Trade Commission

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/ exporting-to-south-korea Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0 FORWARDER magazine





s numerous industry experts will tell you, the competitive nature of freight forwarding means that innovation and amalgamation of technology throughout the commerce is a staple. There is a plethora of current technologies that are changing the way we distribute, package and track shipments. Some have a bigger impact than others, but here are several

technologies and innovations that are changing the industry.

I.O.T. O t h e r w i se

k n ow n



the Internet of Things

Freight Forwarding can, at

this, somewhat , recent

times, become an industry

amalgamation of different

flooded with paperwork.

techniques has led to

However, the use of cloud-

connecting devices over the internet, letting them talk

based storage has meant that

to us, applications, and each other. This isn’t a new

we have been able to stem the flow of complicated, regulatory

concept, with companies such as Uber and Airbnb

paperwork and start to, in a small way, help cut back on the

disrupting their industries to the point of transformation.

industries environmental impact, amongst other factors making

The transformative way this has affected the freight

cloud-based storage a way for freight forwarders to innovative.

forwarding industry is through full supply chain visibility and connectivity between distribution methods, to name but only a few. This amalgamation and connectivity of technology is predicated to continually advance not only the freight forwarding industry, but many others.

SECURITY Not only are we now able to connect freight forwarding, we are now able to track and monitor consignments throughout the globe, allowing for more reliable, trusted conversations with end-users. Real-time tracking and management of shipments has led to a form of trust encompassing the industry and this is down the modernisation of technology.


FORWARDER magazine


A.I. Automation has engulfed freight forwarding for years and with incredibly positive results. The next step for automation is artificial intelligence to merge itself into everyday routines of freight forwarders, making the likes of distribution management, optimising chassis pools and preparing for the future of technology within freight.

Dom Roberts, Freight Media






espite the hype, the self-appointed disruptors are just the same as everyone else. The original digital disruptors, the rate portals and booking platforms, have been increasingly

pushed into the shadows by the overpowering publicity machines of


the digital forwarders like Flexport, Twill and iContainers The new disruptors claimed they were exploiting a technology gap left by the established forwarders’ business models and attracted huge amounts of external investment to a global market worth trillions of dollars. SWG founder Steve Walker, who spoke on ‘The rise of digitisation’ at Multimodal: Forwarders already replicate much of what the digital forwarders are doing with online quoting and booking, track and trace, and supply chain analytics. By leveraging their legacy systems latent capability and upping their marketing effectiveness they can eradicate the perceived early entrant advantage enjoyed by the digital forwarders. Total digital start-up funding reached a staggering $5.3 billion in 2016 and will have smashed that in 2017. And while Flexport are valued at $1bn and able to raise further funding at will, another significant digital disruptor has failed. San Francisco-based Shyp, which boasted a valuation of $250m had offered a simple global shipping solution to small merchants, but closed after just four years. Shyp blamed its failure on competitive pressure and falling margins. An environment familiar to forwarders around the globe. Recent market changes do raise questions about the sustainability of the digital shipping portals, that may offer a channel to attractive rates when supply is high, but are not so effective


when space tightens and deals are required to secure capacity.


FORWARDER magazine


Against this more challenging background ad-hoc markets like

It is a mistake, often repeated, to believe that legacy forwarders are

portals are not so effective, unless they can guarantee capacity.

not innovative. They have been implementing, adapting and evolving technology for decades. And will survive this latest turmoil.

Shippers are likely to be wary of committing to these channels in uncertain times. They may be attracted by the allure of lower rates, but the potential lack of operational capability may leave them in big trouble if something goes wrong with a shipment. And therein lies the biggest issue with the ‘disruptors’ view of digitisation: It’s not really a benefit, it’s not even a USP. It’s simply commoditisation accelerated. And that’s a big danger for everyone. The global logistics market has grown for 40 years and continues to grow, so nothing will stop new entrants joining. Even as news of Shyp's failure emerged, another freight portal,

Forwarders already replicate much of what the digital forwarders

SimpliShip, unveiled its instant freight pricing interface designed to

are doing with online quoting and booking, track and trace, and

enable forwarders and NVOS to offer real-time pricing on their

supply chain analytics.

own websites. They should leverage their legacy systems latent capability and Without a doubt, there is interest in technology that creates pricing

up their marketing effectiveness to eradicate the early entrant

and capacity transparency, but without more sophisticated service

advantage enjoyed by the digital forwarders.

elements, it adds no value and simply increases commoditisation. There is no doubt that global transportation is undergoing By building systems from the ground up, digital forwarders claim

profound change and freight forwarding will look very different in

operational efficiencies - and consequently reduced costs - that

five or ten years.

traditional forwarders cannot emulate. The most exciting technologies will be those that arrest But such ‘innovations’ increasingly look like exploitation of a perceived

commoditisation and add value for carriers, shippers and forwarders.

advantage, rather than real disruption, which means more disruptors

The industry is awash with data and technologies such as blockchain

will follow Shyp’s downward spiral, as these weaknesses are exposed.

which are capable of offering a positive future vision.

The ‘digital’ forwarders are forwarders, just the same as all the rest.

Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine

Which means that they are serving businesses that will judge their service not by its marketing or interface but by its reliability and cost.

FORWARDER magazine









Ref. 55146FM | South-west England

Ref. 10492FM | South West, UK

Key business features

Key business features

•• Regional leader in UK distribution, European freight forwarding and member of an established pallet network

•• Holds AEO Status, is a BIFA member and is ISO certified

•• A well-established business for over 25 years is available for acquisition due to the planned retirement of its owner

•• There are on average over 100 trading clients annually

•• A number of blue-chip clients trade with the company •• Secure warehouse storage and custom export packing solution •• 15 vehicles •• 10 operational/management staff, 18 drivers

Financials •• Turnover: £3.78m; adjusted EBITDA: £699,000 DAVID ROBERTS M&A Consultant

david@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 941


FORWARDER magazine


•• Average client credit terms are 30 days with only one client on 60 •• Main commodities shipped are construction and drilling equipment for large projects overseas •• The majority of shipments managed by the company would be deemed project forwarding or heavy lift •• The owners want to step away from the business in a timely manner and an accelerated but comprehensive handover will be prepared •• The company has 2 FTE. However, the owners are open to scenarios where the business would be relocated from the S.W. JACK LONNEN M&A Consultant

jack@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 931


+44 (0)1454 275 950




Ref. 07633FM | East Midlands, UK

Ref. 1502FM | South East, UK

Key business features

Key business features

•• Air and ocean forwarder with value-added logistics and

•• Company trading 14+ years

fulfilment services provided to key clients, trading for 20 years

•• Temperature-controlled handling and customs clearances

•• Largest key client accounting for 22.5% of revenue

•• Handle in excess of 50 million kg of air freight per annum

•• Domestic distribution

•• 48,000 ft2 temperature-controlled facility that has been approved as a Bonded Warehouse by HMCE

•• Exceptional and knowledgeable team, highly competent in all aspects of logistics and transportation, with manager and succession plan in situ •• Quality client relationships with in-depth understanding of continuous requirements JACK LONNEN M&A Consultant

jack@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 931

•• Can provide customer visibility throughout the entire supply chain via implemented IT system •• UK & EU transportation and value-added services •• Portfolio of large blue-chip clients •• Accredited by the British retail consortium, BIFA and IATA DAVID ROBERTS M&A Consultant

david@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 941 FORWARDER magazine









+44 (0)1454 275 933




Ref. 68321FM | North West, UK

Ref. 1512FM | Home Counties – N. London, UK

Key business features

Key business features

•• Well established after trading for over 20 years

•• Long-standing business with over three decades of experience

•• LCL and FCL to all parts of the Mediterranean, Middle East & Indian sub-continent, both import & export

•• Specialists in providing forwarding and storage services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector

•• Experienced, loyal, very capable senior management team •• Warehouse facility of 20,000ft2 owned by the company

•• Office and warehouse facility (15,000ft2) providing flexible, temperature-monitored storage, in-transit storage and short term

•• 70% of their work is with other freight forwarders

•• Supported by the membership of a UK distribution network

•• Sizable customer base, circa 200 trading clients

•• Fantastic customer spread with largest accounting for 21.5% of revenue, the remaining top 5 each between 5 and 7%

•• 16 members of staff who will continue under new management •• Owners willing to undertake a handover period


david@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 941


FORWARDER magazine


•• Owners willing to undertake a hand-over period •• 24/7 365-day high-dependency drug distribution service to all UK hospitals DAVID ROBERTS M&A Consultant

david@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 941



Ref. 2232FM | London Heathrow (LHR) Key business features •• Company trading 10+ years •• 6 full-time members of staff including 2 directors •• IATA and BIFA accredited •• Diverse spread of clients, top 15 represent 78% of T/O •• Global network of partners offering multimodal solutions •• Moved 683,218 kg of air freight in 2017 ••157 LCL and 175 FCL shipments in 2017


Import 17% Export 48% OCEAN

Import 18% Export 8% ROAD


Import 3% Export 1%

2017 ••Turnover: £1.43m


•• Gross profit: £454k


•• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £264k 2016 ••Turnover: £1.40m •• Gross profit: £428k


T/O: £1.43m PBT: £264k


+44 (0)1454 275 941

•• Adj. Profit Before Tax: £236k DAVID ROBERTS M&A Consultant

david@freightmergers.com • +44 (0)1454 275 941






iring an apprentice within the world of freight forwarding is an area that has seen conversations throughout various sectors. A conclusive guide on how to approach the hiring process is something that has complex components, however, BIFA is now providing advice and guidance on how exactly you can help ensure you are attracting the right individual, helping

your company grow with an inclusive, appropriate community of go-getter staff. With the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) delivering the final approval of the course assessment plan, which means that the International Freight Forwarding Specialist apprenticeship is now available for delivery, following these five tips will get yourself on the right road to hiring an appropriate candidate for the role.



Make sure you pay your apprentices a fair wage and offer

Don’t forget to highlight the many exciting opportunities

incentives, such as bonuses at certain milestones during the

and career pathways – within the logistics sector – for

programme. If you don’t, they may be tempted to leave for

apprentices to explore once they have completed their

somewhere that does.

apprenticeship, including potential international travel.



Hiring apprentices is an ideal way to introduce fresh talent

Make sure you have the time and resources to mentor your

into the industry, creating a dynamic work force. Don’t

apprentices. This is of paramount importance for those

forget to highlight the career opportunities available and

new to the world of work. If you don’t have time to spend

commence recruiting early, using the free resource from

with them, neither of you will reap the full benefits an

the IfA to post vacancies.

apprenticeship can offer.

RELEVANCE Make sure you place your apprentices on the most relevant apprenticeship for the skill set they need to acquire, rather than placing everyone on the same scheme. There are other approved standards within the transport and logistics sector and others in development.


FORWARDER magazine


Not only is this advice inclusive of freight forwarders, and other industry sectors, the ideals of involvement with the local community, schools, colleges, specific or even sports groups mean that this is a process that really gives something back, whilst promoting your business at the same time. These are just several tips that can help point you in the right direction when it comes to hiring an apprentice. BIFA is are working with its their members to increase the levels of the younger generation throughout the industry. Hiring an apprentice could, potentially, help this issue. For any more information and tips please visit bifa.org.







MANAGING DIRECTOR (WILL RELOCATE UK-WIDE) jamie@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951 UK Multimodal Managing Director available for relocation UK wide. Ideally looking for another senior executive level role within an international forwarder of any size. Previous experience primarily with large multinationals.

•• Air, Ocean, Road, Rail, 3PL experience •• Managed over 450 employees across multiple UK offices •• Led and overseen merges between companies •• Experienced in aerospace, oil & gas, healthcare and chemical •• Over 30 years of international experience

USA START UP HOUSTON, TEXAS lewis@headfordgroup.com | +1 470 481 5364 / +44 (0) 1454 628770 Headford USA is currently representing an air & ocean sales and operations team in Houston who are looking to take on a startup opportunity either for a freight forwarder already in the US but with no Houston branch, or for a forwarder not yet present in the US who want a strong way to enter. Team is made of:

•• Branch Manager – ops & sales background •• Business Development Manager – 20 years' international sales experience

•• Import Co-ordinators •• Export Co-ordinators Additional details:

•• Team covers both air & ocean freight across import & export •• Not O&G specific, though lots of experience in this vertical due to location

•• Lots of general freight & automotive logistics experience Neither the Branch Manager nor Business Development have non-competes and are confident that there will be numerous accounts aiming to service and excellent customer relationships. This is a great way to enter the Houston or the US market without having to worry about how you will support the business operationally.


FORWARDER magazine





jamie@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787

•• 15+ years’ experience within the industry

•• 10+ years stable at current employer •• Air & ocean •• Experience across operations, account management,

(14 years at one company) •• Air & ocean freight experience •• Hands on KAM with full process start to finish on all shipments •• Available ASAP •• Salary expectation: £34,000

commercial and sales

•• Hazardous and general cargo experience •• Salary: £40,000



jamie@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

jamie@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• Over 10 years within logistics field sales •• Air, ocean & road sales experience •• Won major accounts for a global forwarder •• Specialist in RORO, machinery & automotive sectors •• Based in the South East •• Salary expectation: £50,000

•• 10+ years' industry experience •• Air, ocean & warehousing expertise •• £70K GP new business over last six months •• NVQ Level 2 qualification in management •• NVQ Level 2 qualification in business administration •• Salary: £45,000 + car car allowance

FORWARDER magazine







jamie@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

•• 3+ years’ experience required •• Predominately air freight focused with some ocean and road •• Must be capable of looking after the full process start

A growing marine & project forwarder with a global presence is aiming to add a nationwide Sales Executive/ BDM to the team following 70% growth over the past four years. This is a genuinely exciting opportunity to join a specialist forwarder that’s continuing to make a name for itself in the industry.

•• Growing Forwarder with multiple offices around the globe •• Marine-focused import/export sales positon •• UK-wide territory •• Must be based in the South to report into office once a week/fortnight

•• Salary: £45,000 + commission

UK-US TRADE LANE SALES HEATHROW ryan@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 628 787 A midsize global forwarder is looking to develop and maintain a regional share of business for International clients within the US trade lane in collaboration with all company sales channels Responsibilities and requirements include...

•• Lead and engage with all sales teams across the organization to

sell trade lane specific and customized solutions for air and ocean freight to small, medium and multi-national companies •• Plan and conduct joint sales calls in collaboration with all company sales channels, including face-to-face meetings with customers and developing a robust pipeline to meet budget and trade lane strategy •• Broad understanding of trade lane specifics in the forwarding industry and deep knowledge of air freight, ocean freight, and logistics business models •• 5+ years' experience in freight forwarding preferred


FORWARDER magazine


jamie@headfordgroup.com | +44 (0)1454 275 951

to finish

•• Salary £25,000-£35,000 DOE


OCEAN FREIGHT B.D.M. / M.D. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC lewis@headfordgroup.com +1 470 481 5364 | +44 (0)1454 628 770 A small, growing forwarder is looking to hire an experienced logistics sales executive with a background in mainly ocean freight. This candidate will be set up to take over from the local Managing Director by 2021, so experience of and confidence in managing a small team would be a major plus. The role will be an outside sales role covering mainly the Czech Republic, but there would be no objection to also seek business in other neighbouring Eastern European countries.

•• Company established in 1992 in Germany •• Industry verticals covered include household consumer goods

and decoration items, chemical products (incl. hazardous goods), project transportation, industrial equipment and components •• Main focus on international overseas transport between the Czech Republic and Asia •• 60,000-80,000 CZK + company car, commission & benefits



lewis@headfordgroup.com +1 470 481 5364 | +44 (0)1454 628 770

danny@headfordgroup.com +1 646 915 1495 | +44 (0) 1454 275 935

One of the globe's leading air & ocean forwarders is adding a corporate account salesperson to the team to cover EMEA. You will be joining a small local team of highly experienced freight professionals where you will be well positioned to learn a lot and progress quickly.

•• $110,000-$140,000 + commission •• Identify and approach the top pharmaceutical

•• Selling air & ocean services to corporate/key accounts •• EMEA territory •• Top-15 global forwarder, 20,000+ employees globally •• 2-5 years’ experience ideal •• €4,000-€6,500 per month + company car and benefits

opportunities within a defined territory

•• Understand the customers’ business, buying process and needs

•• Maintain accounts post-sale, whilst further developing new opportunities

•• Work closely with the operations team, ensuring maximum efficiency for accounts

•• Minimum of five years’ experience selling to Fortune 1,000 healthcare customers

FORWARDER magazine



Fill your vacancies

Back oďŹƒce

Let us assist with your company's growth...


Europe +44 01454 275957 ryan@headfordgroup.com


FORWARDER magazine


Operations Sales Management

USA Sourcing market-leading talent.


Your strategic growth partner. Executive Search • Branch Startups • Senior Appointments • Mergers & Acquisitions • Media

Considering a change? More responsibility? Fairer pay? Better commission? Send us your CV today...

Asia +1 404 592 6315 lewis@headfordgroup.com

Middle East +971 (0) 45 015 675 simon@headford.ae

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here is a plethora of features currently in use on Facebook and even I accept that it all gets a little


You wouldn’t pay for a website that didn’t have pictures or a

perplexing. Companies across the globe want to utilise

way for your potential clients to contact you with immediate

the most popular social media / marketing platform in the world;

results. Why would you do it differently on Facebook? Making

however, with constant updates questions often arise...

sure your response time is validated, i.e. it says ‘very responsive to messages’, can sway a client towards contacting you.

How do you analyse your company's profile in detail? Should you be using video? What is branded content and targeted

A recognisable profile picture, cover photo, about section (littered

advertising? Let us guide you through the turbulent social media

with keywords) and an overall conclusive theme to your content

storm with some of our tips for Facebook users, and get you on

posting makes it seem like you pay attention to all your online

your way to online marketing victory.

channels and don’t just have a business Facebook profile because


A simple but effective tool for many freight forwarders is Facebook’s relatively new, extremely niche, targeted marketing feature. How convenient would it be if you could only advertise

it seems like 'a cool thing to have'. Professionalism and relevance are key indicators to clients that you know what you’re doing.


A feature which is seldom used on Facebook is the ability to

to people on Facebook in a certain age bracket, who live in a

schedule posts. How many times have you said you would use

certain area, with particular interests, in a job role connected to

social media for your company more, but it takes too much time?

your industry? Handy, right? Well, now you can.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Using Facebook's schedule post means that you can put out a standard message that you want

Using Facebook's targeted marketing services you can spend money

everyone to see, perhaps company values or a service you offer,

on making sure only people who will engage with your advertisements

three or four times in a month.

see them. Compared to more traditional forms of marketing this is an incredible service for any business aiming to grow their client base

Not only does this mean that the overall message will reach

and interact with customers on a positive, personal level.

more people, you can also schedule the post to appear at peak times that traffic is coming into the channel and ensure that your

FACEBOOK services are being seen by an engaged audience, constantly.


FORWARDER magazine



Making sure that photos are formatted correctly, videos are professionally formatted and not grainy, compelling content with correct headlines and backlinking content to any other web-based platform is a crucial step in gaining notoriety on Facebook. Automatic posting is a newish fad that many businesses are doing, as is paid-for/branded content, and whilst they do have their benefits, posting your content online organically is always a better way to build your company's Facebook profile. It means that when it comes to paying for Facebook services, or automatic posting, having looked at the insights and understood your audience and landscape for your industry on the channel you will only pay for content that you know will positively affect your business. This is only a small measure of what Facebook has to offer you and your freight business. There are so many different features and with the ever-changing nature of these services, if you ever feel stuck, feel free to contact Freight Media (team@freight-media.com) for friendly advice.


FORWARDER magazine




EMERGENCY TRANSPORT SCHEME T ransaid is on track to achieve outstanding results in our landmark

Since the start of the programme, 741 drivers have been trained on

Emergency Transport Scheme (ETS) in Adamawa State, Nigeria.

how to correctly lift and transport pregnant women to the health

Since the scheme began in July 2013, more than 16,500 pregnant

facilities. The service offered by the drivers is free of charge and

women have been transported to a registered health facility.

our survey showed that 96 per cent of ETS drivers – taxi drivers by trade – did not ask for payment at the end of the journey.

Project data shows that 5,955 trips were recorded last year – the

highest number in a 12-month period since the scheme began.

The ETS is implemented in partnership with local NGO Society

Furthermore, the data shows that over 70% of the trips made

for Family Health (SFH) and the National Union of Road Transport

were for women who had complications during pregnancy. In rural

Workers (NURTW). Transaid also works in collaboration with

Adamawa where many people live far from health facilities these

several stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of

trips will have been potentially life-saving.

Women Affairs and Social Development, and Ministry of Transport. Due to the originality of the ETS intervention, an increasing number

Our comprehensive ETS user survey showed that 93% of women

of NGOs have shown an interest in collaborating to scale up the

reached a Health Facility within one hour. With the World Bank

scheme to include additional Local Government Areas (LGA).

estimating that around 75% of maternal deaths can be avoided through timely access to vital childbirth-related care, this is a crucial

Commenting on the support received in Adamawa, Caroline adds:

benefit of using the ETS. In addition to this, project data also showed

Without the collective commitment and proactive approach from our

that women using the ETS arrived at health facilities in a better health

stakeholders we would not have achieved these astonishing results, which

condition compared to when other modes of transport where used.

have genuinely helped to save lives. This extends directly to the ETS drivers, as without their selfless commitment to the scheme, we would

In 2007, UNICEF reported that the Adamawa Maternal Mortality

not have achieved anywhere near the level of transfers we see today.

Rate (MMR) of 1,549 deaths per 100,000 live births was significantly higher than the national rate. The ETS was set up specifically to

The ETS sets out to provide an affordable, accessible and safe transport

address this, and our chief executive, Caroline Barber, hopes it can

service for women facing a maternal health emergency. Transaid received a

continue to bring this number down:

The number of women using

£1m grant from Comic Relief in 2013 which was used to set up the scheme.

the service is increasing year on year which is an encouraging sign

The grant was announced at our 15th anniversary celebrations and, as we

for the sustainability of the scheme.

approach our 20th year, Transaid will continue to grow the initiative.


FORWARDER magazine


WANT TO KNOW MORE? Further information can be found at www.transaid.org

TRANSAID TRANSFORMS LIVES THROUGH SAFE, AVAILABLE & SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT Founded by Save the Children, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), and its Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, the international development organisation shares 25 years’ worth of expertise in 23 countries with partners and governments – empowering people to build the skills they need to transform their own lives.

MEET MALLAM – A STAR OF THE EMERGENCY TRANSPORT SCHEME... This is where the ETS comes in. Working in partnership with Nigerian organisation Society for Family Health, this scheme encourages local taxi drivers from the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) to transport women to health centres free of charge or at minimal cost when they are faced with complications with their pregnancy. Meet Mallam: Mallam Ardo is a member of the NURTW and is a trained ETS volunteer driver from Demsa in Adamawa State. Inspired by experience sharing from other ETS volunteer drivers during some training, Mallam decided to embark on a mass awareness campaign to promote the ETS and his availability to provide the service 24/7. His determination and dedication has meant Mallam received the award for third best performing driver in 2016 for transporting a total of 174 pregnant women to health facilities and enabling them to access medical services. In just one year 287,000 women die as a result of pregnancy-related

One night in March, Mallam received a distress call at two in the

complications around the world, and shockingly, 14 per cent of these

morning from a pregnant woman, Husaina, who needed immediate

deaths are in Nigeria alone. In 2013 Transaid was awarded a five-year

medical attention. He responded swiftly and with Mallam’s help, Husaina

grant from Comic Relief to set up the Emergency Transport Scheme

reached the health facility and gave birth to healthy triplets just an hour

(ETS) in Adamawa State in the North East of the country, which

later. Mallam is now seen as an ETS champion, with the families he has

has one of the poorest maternal, neonatal and child health records

helped incredibly grateful for his hard work and dedication.

in the country. Many of these deaths could have been avoided if the women had been able to reach a health facility for their delivery. FORWARDER magazine








ext month FORWARDER will be looking at the

When it comes to our regional focus for next month, it has a

transportation of hazardous and dangerous goods all

real resonance with yours truly. Being from N.I., I have seen first

around the world, as well as a regional focus on Northern

hand growth of a country which has been dogged by many issues.

Ireland and Africa.

Belfast’s once-famous shipping yards have seen a resurgence in the past several years with a revival of her economy, and this can only

Hazardous goods are without doubt a specialist area for the

be advantageous for the freight forwarding world.

freight forwarding world, with many different regulations to take into consideration. Explosives, gasses, flammable liquids, etc. are

Africa’s rich resource trade is reason for any forwarder to be

all things that relate to elements of our daily routines and lives,

interested in the current economic, sociological and political

so making sure they arrive at their destination in a safe manner is

standings of the continent. From gold and diamonds to soft-

essential for many different businesses around the country.

drink concentrates, the African continent offers a wide range of exportation opportunities for many around the world, and next

2.6 billion tonnes of hazardous materials were shipped in 2012, and this figure has grown in the last six years, meaning that as well as being an industry that needs to be extremely safe, it is also clearly a profitable one.


FORWARDER magazine


month at FORWARDER we are going to delve into some of these. Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine




Hazardous & dangerous goods


UK: Northern Ireland | Global: Africa


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FORWARDER magazine issue 29, 'Supply Chain & Retail'  

The 'Supply Chain & Retail' issue. Regional Focus: Scotland & Far East. Move it Like... Karl Hodgkinson, Howard Tenens.

FORWARDER magazine issue 29, 'Supply Chain & Retail'  

The 'Supply Chain & Retail' issue. Regional Focus: Scotland & Far East. Move it Like... Karl Hodgkinson, Howard Tenens.