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By Bonaventure - With the lifestyle we have, refrigerators are not only a necessary part of any kitchen, but are style statements with an array of styles and features offered with high end refrigerators. It is the most popular means of cooling or freezing the foods and prevents them from spoiling. The refrigerator has mainly two compartments namely the Freezer compartment and the cooling compartment. Depending upon their positions, the refrigerators are either top-freezer refrigerators or bottom freezer refrigerators. Learn More About Freezer Boxes But then what are the features that make the bottom freezer refrigerators different from the classic top-freezer refrigerators?

The most important difference between the two types of refrigerators is the position of the freezer. In classic model the freezers are at the top and the cooling compartments at the bottom, while in the bottom freezer refrigerator, the freezer compartment is at the bottom and the cooling compartment at the top.

There are many advantages of having bottom freezer refrigerator. The biggest advantage being that one is able to use the cooling compartment very easily without bending much. Many studies that have been conducted regarding the usage pattern of the refrigerators have proved that almost everyone uses the cooling compartment nearly 90% more as compared to the freezer compartment. Hence it makes sense that the compartment one frequently uses is at eye level.

Various needs like the fresh milk, vegetables, fruits or anything else can be seen at the eye level and one need not bend to remove them. Moreover, as these things are at eyelevel, the chances of them getting forgotten and then spoiling reduces drastically. One can see till the end of the refrigerator as to what foods are stored and use them appropriately. Nowadays many different models of the bottom freezer refrigerators are available. Some are pull out drawers while some have swing out door.

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