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Freeze Frame is Manitoba’s Media Arts Centre for Young People that holds the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in March each year since 1996.

We understand that you have a deep interest in

• building a healthy, flourishing economy • supporting your community in a

meaningful and important way

by investing in the arts and cultural sector We aim to exceed expectations, to develop strong relationships, identify and help you achieve the objectives of your company and provide opportunities to engage your employees. We provide tailored and creative approaches

to sponsorship and employee engagement.

Sponsorship Contact:

Anna Hovland

General Manager / Directrice générale




You can be involved as much or as little as you please. We want to customize a package that will best suit your needs. • From product promotions to sales and displays... • to sponsor tie-ins with participating retailers to corporate hospitality opportunities for clients, employees & guests • and employee volunteer opportunities or sponsoring tickets for underprivileged children. We can tailor benefits to your needs at the Freeze Frame International Film Festival for Kids of All Ages

Exposure: As a Freeze Frame sponsor, you will have MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to a targeted audience of roughly 4000 Winnipeg children and youth, an additional 250 people composed of primarily parents and grandparents, and 250 artists and industry professionals for a total festival population of 4500. We are very interactive with our audience through Facebook and Twitter.

What if you could...? ... connect children and youth with the

world outside their own backyard

... advance our kids’ understanding and appreciation of the world in which they live and see the world through different eyes ... encourage youth to enjoy the experience of making a video and developing a deeper understanding and respect for the media ... support Canadian artists and film professionals and connect them with Manitoba youth ... invest in Manitoba youth and foster the potential of our young people ... leave a stimulating, refreshing, entertaining and lasting effect on the minds and imaginations of thousands of children and youth

...well now you can!

Contact the Freeze Frame office for... • additional information our extensive outreach program including the Reel Friends Fund that ensures underprivileged children and families may attend Freeze Frame • a complete list of partner benefits and partnership levels • a full list of the workshops we deliver in both French and English • additional information on Freeze Frame on the Road and the Media Zone • opportunities to develop and promote our activities • details of our promotional documents (including festival program guides, special events, and workshop opportunities) distributed on a regular basis to schools and the general public • to be put on our mailing list • for an invitation to our Festival launch • volunteer opportunities 125 - 340 Provencher Blvd. Winnipeg, MB R2H 0G7 CANADA T: (204) 949-9355 / 1-866-543-3378 F: (204) 957-5437

Freeze Frame Sponsorship 2012-13  

Information on Freeze Frame for Sponsors.