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Mike Lantz: “WSO of the Year?!” “FB Social Deals? Everyone seeks nowadays to be able to setup e-shops for digital products with minimum effort and in no time. Using Facebook as the platform carries some really great advantages since you will never have to get a domain, you will never have to have a hosting plan and you will not need to search for traffic since FB is full of it. And unlike many other products out there that promise no-domain, no-website and no-seo-sem money in a metaphysical way, this is the real thing with a crystal clear strategy. Making it also a deal platform is simply unique. FB Social Deals – Extremely smart software that allows you to run countdown timer deals within your pages.

A visitor arrives at your page. They are presented with an image asking them to click like to get access to a discount on your product. This image is custom upload whatever you want. Once they click like, it goes to a permissions box that asks for their email and the


ability to post to their wall. Once they accept, the email goes to your autoresponder and the app posts a title, image and description right to their wall for their friends to see it this is the viral box being ticket. They get redirected to your page and see your amazing, compelling discount offer complete with live countdown timer. Once the timer hits zero, the deal is locked and buy button with the non deal price appears (this happens even without them reloading if they are there when it hits zero). The customer buys the product through paypal, or a third party purchase link of your choice. On this page they are happy with the new deal they had (especially if this is for a client like a local restaurant) and they want to share it with their friends.

FB Social Deals has maximum flexibility and custom options. Check out these features below:


Host unlimited deals from your FB Social Deals dashboard. Upload your own custom header image, product image, like-gate image and more. Choose from 10 pre-defined styles. Optionally turn on/off the like-gate. If you want maximum people to get straight to the deal, you can turn this off. Optionally turn on/off the Wall posts function. This can help traffic come to yout page but you can turn it off if you dont want to require that people accept the app permissions. Autoresponder support for Aweber, GetResponse and Mailchimp lets you build a list of leads. Once people accept the app permissions their email gets sent to yout autoresponder. Real Time countdown works even if they are directly in your page when it hits zero, no refresh needed. This shows people its the real deal and not stupid fake scarcity. The countdown time works off the clock on your server. If it says the deal ends in 2 hours, it will show 2 hours no matter what time zone a visitor appears from. Add videos, images or whatever you want in the content area at the bottom. Custom message and link to show once the deal has expired And… much more!! [Get] WSO FB Social Deals CHECK IT OUT HERE: fic-sales-warrior-special-offer-year.html

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[WSO] – FB Social Deals  
[WSO] – FB Social Deals