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07 March 2012 07:42

Ab Coaster - Is It Best Ab Machine? The machine is manufactured out of all of quality materials including superior durability steel and over sized padded arm rests and also seat/kneeling pads. The machine recreates the specific abdomen curling movements but without the extreme strain on the spine as well as neck areas.

Ab Coaster

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The seat/kneeling element moves up and down in an arcing range of motion that's generally more natural in comparison to what you will discover on many other machines. The actual frame and rails are especially crafted from high sturdiness rolled and tubular metal. The extra wide supports are designed in a way to make the machine with higher stability.

A number of Models are supplied. Ab Coaster PS500 formally often known as Ab Coaster Pro

The PS500 or Ab Coaster Pro is actually a advanced version of the first Ab Coaster abs machine. This particular capabilities are discovered in regards to the PS500 - All Steel framework including 1.5 inch steel rails - Arm and knee rests are over padded and covered in nylon for long term usage - 300 lb excess weight limitation - Seat rotates to get a variety of motions - Free weights could be connected to the seat for added resistance - Digital computer in order for monitoring how you're progressing Ab Coaster PS750 The actual Ab Coaster PS750 is high end abs fitness machine that includes capabilities found on the professional range of Ab Coaster.

- Uses heavy duty grade scratch resistant stainless-steel (designed for sleek movements) - Polyurethane wheels - Steel Bearings - Casters provided for easy moving - 300lb excess weight limit - Free weights could be attached to the seat for additional resistance - Digital computer for checking how well you're progressing

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Pros: - Superior strength metal framework - Natural Arc Movements targets upper and lower abs muscles - Holds close to 20lb of free weight for added level of resistance

Negatives: - Computer system counter is at an undesirable location - Nylon wheels wear excessively

What other users thinking about it? We have discovered that there had been a dozen or so consumer reviews published on the net for the Ab Coaster Abdominal Machine. The over whelming quantity of those reviewers gave it four to five stars out of a possible 5 stars. There has been a small number of reviewers that awarded it a poor rating. This Abs workout machine is definitely worth the moolah according to several of the reviewers and following a four week period of usage they are really having results they expected. One of reviewers highly recommended that a new user should look at a You tube video to be certain that they are really deploying it effectively. With respect a couple of reviewers it was very simple to assemble and has been very durable once they got it assembled.

In accordance with many other reviewers in their opinion this specific ab machine can do serving to those who utilize it the right way no matter what fitness level you're. A person don’t should be in great shape and only want to firm up your belly quite a bit. The trick is being sure make use of it properly along with work on altering your diet plan. There have been only a small number of reviewers that provided it poor ratings. Two reviewers seemingly gotten faulty products and simply chose to return it for a refund and awarded it a very poor score. Another reviewer appeared to be wrong regarding how it should be employed once they offered a reminder to people with lower back problems must avoid using it. But based on opinions to their post people corrected them and stated it worked great on their behalf regardless of a back problem they had them self. All in all, the actual Ab Coaster and also other versions of this machine provide as announced and reported by a majority of the reviewers would definitely highly recommend it. To read more and see videos about Ab Coaster please click here - Ab Coaster Review.

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Ab Coaster - Does It Best Ab Machine ?