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Get your small business a free 084 number If you run a business it’s essential customers can ring you. But which number do you give them? If you work from home you could use your land-line number. But that means making personal information public. Alternatively you could use a mobile number. But some customers may be put off by the higher cost of ringing a mobile. A cost effective alternative is to get a 084 number. It’s easy to do and there are even companies such as who provide the service for free. How do 084 numbers work? When you sign up for a free 084 number it becomes linked to your land-line. There’s no need to install any new phone lines and there will be no impact on your existing bill. Customers simply ring your 084 number and you answer it with your existing phone. Sounds good? Then here are three more ways your business could benefit from your free 084 number. 1. Customers can call your 084 number for just 4.2p per minute (+VAT) from a residential BT land-line. Of course if they are calling from a mobile phone it will cost more. 2. If you work from home you can avoid advertising your personal number. 3. A 084 number can give your business a more professional image than a mobile number alone. If you’d like a free 084 number for your business check out Switchboard Free. With a host of other switchboard features you’ll quickly get a 084 number working for you.

Get your small business a free 084 number