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By Payton Millet


he year is 1962. Dr. Ralph Pelligra is in residency at a hospital in New York state, when he and the rest of America witnessed something that they’d never seen before. On February 20th, the nation watched as John Glenn became the first American to exit the atmosphere and successfully

return to earth (Garber 11). Pelligra, like many other idealists of the day, was immediately hit with a case of space fever. He packed up his life and put his wife and 1 week old son on a plane to California. When he got to the NASA Ames Research center here in Mountain View, he knocked on the door. In a

stroke of luck, they had a job for him to do. On that day, Ralph Pelligra became one of the first civilian doctors to find a position at Nasa. From that day on, minus a brief return to New York to re-evaluate his choices, Dr. Pelligra became a staple at Ames. He served as he puts it, “to support during long term

Article by payton millet  
Article by payton millet