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Issue Number 18

Naughty November Issue From the independent FreeSpOut team Sending news from the world of Freegle To Group Owners, moderators and friends of Freegle

Every volunteer working for Freegle is entitled to ‘attend’ and vote at the Page 2 AGM, which is being held over the Page 3 week commencing 19th November Page 4 on Freegle Central. Do join us! Page 5

CONTENTS: Working groups Awards and More News from the Groups Freegle Chat

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested. Keep on Freeglin’!

AGM news from the Reps

The second Freegle AGM will be held from Monday 19th to Sunday 25th November 2012 in accordance with our Constitution. AGM papers will start to be available on the Freegle wiki from 21st October , with final papers and information by 9th November 2012. Protocol for the meeting is also explained on the wiki page. If you have an item that you wish to raise at the AGM, please inform Alison Redway ( by 5th November with a paper explaining the issue and with a clear recommendation that can be voted upon. Only business notified on the final Agenda will be discussed as part of the official AGM proceedings. Please consider carefully whether any issue you wish discussed needs to be part of the AGM or would be more appropriate to be raised through the normal channels of discussion and debate on the central groups. We strongly recommend that all Volunteers ensure they are members of FreegleUKCentral ( in plenty of time, in order to participate in the AGM. Any polls or decisions that need to be made will be notified by Special Notice on that group. Regards ~~~ Alison, Cat, Edward, Jacky, Jane, Ollie, Richard, Saira, Sian ~~~ The Freegle Reps

Freegle We are now


groups strong...

September monthly stats: 165,236 visits Total messages 106,515


Weight of items being freegled on Freegle Direct groups 563 tonnes - scaled up realistically to all groups, this is 953 tonnes between us!

Our total membership is 1,414,172

You’re one in nearly one and a half million now! Spread the word all...

Welcome to our new groups and all our new members

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Issue Number 18

From Our Working Groups: Supporters There is a new supporters page on the main Freegle website. Anyone who donates extra time or money to help support Freegle can have their name added to the supporters page. It doesn't matter how large or how small the donation is, every little helps, so the names will be listed in no specific order. Of course donors can remain completely anonymous if they prefer Please try to promote the page to members on your groups and cafes whenever you can. The more donations we receive the more the Freegle organisation can do to get the Freegle name out into the public domain and keep on keeping reusable items out of landfill. Equality and Diversity Policy The membership agreed to adopt this as Freegle policy, following Structure's recommendation.

Inactive Groups There is a slow trickle of reports about inactive or seemingly abandoned groups. The Reps would like to hear about any that you know about so help can be offered. It is a good idea to have a “back-up” group owner in case of problems.

The Member Plug-In will very soon become obsolete. It will be maintained to keep it working for the next 6 months, but there will be no support if things go wrong. The good news is that all groups using Freegle Direct can redirect any members to use that ,as it offers all the member plug-in goodies but with a better interface! If you have it on your group: 1. Take off any link for downloading it off your home page and out of your group files. 2. Look through your automatic files and remove any reference to it. 3. Check back a month or two on your posting stats and see if anyone is actually using it. Very few members do but unfortunately there is no list. 4. If it isn’t used, simply take off the link and code on your home page. It may be <A href="" name="memplugin"></A> or you may have a file for it which is longer and contains a link. 5. You can mail the members and let them know, or wait for them to contact you when it stops working. 6. If you want help removing it, or to get Freegle Direct, don’t hesitate to ask! Just email Best Practice Advice:

Websites continuously try to make it as easy as possible for their customers to use them - we are an impatient lot on the internet nowadays! How many steps do you make a new Freegler take to receive offers and requests from your group? The less time and hoops, the more likely we will be to have freegling happening. Do you approve new members? Do you ask for location before approval? Why not consider: Join Top Tip! Open membership with new members being moderated Freegle Central (that picks up spammers, especially if you use the Plugin). To see what others are Writing to members whose first post is out of area thinking and doing and to have your and giving them the details of their nearest Group. say - Sending only one joining message with the disclaimer, deleting the standard Yahoo message. What have you got to lose? Try the above if you haven't already and see if you get more members and messages, after all, that is why we are all volunteering!

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From our local groups

Issue Number 18

Get the Freegle name known.


We were delighted to hear that the SustainEden partnership were one of 10 winners for Big Lottery money and they will receive £955,000 over 3 years. Penrith Freegle only receives a small amount of this but it is more than welcome! Here is Chris Cant looking suitably delighted (if fuzzy!) The details of what Freegle needs to do now are being discussed by the Reps and on Structure and some legal advice has been obtained. Chris is liaising over Public Liability Insurance and Edward has signed the Contract and Agreement. He has done so in a personal capacity; specifically he has assumed personal liability for this contract. The Reps have decided that the project should be regarded as a national pilot project for Freegle income, and one aspect of this is consideration of whether we need a legal entity to limit personal liability. A Yahoo group has been set up to discuss the details. The members are: Edward (IT development) Chris (Penrith Freegle/IT) Sian (Rep observer) Cat (Media advisor) Jacky Barrett, Jane Loveday (Freegle Treasurer) Peter Clarke (Director of CAFS, Observer for CAFS and PACT and IT)

Yet to come: Brighton Argus Achievement Awards All Sussex Freegle groups were nominated by Cat for an Argus Achievement Award and the Brighton group has been nominated by someone else. Three (of the 5) nominees become finalists. The Awards are at the end of October. argusachievementawards/index/ Nesta Cat has submitted 2 applications for this Nesta prize (England only) challengeprizes/givingchallenges/assets/features/ waste_reduction_challenge_prize The first is for the resource coordinator for Brighton and the second is for the trial mobile phone app for Freegle.

Have you contacted your local press or radio station?


Scottish Green Awards Freegle were finalists in the Best Green Community Initiative category. Edward attended the award ceremony in Glasgow and was just pipped to the post, so we came a very creditable second. Best Waste Reduction Scheme—Birmingham The group got a highly commended award in their local recycling awards in the category. Bexhill Achiever Awards The Environment category was won by Bexhill Freegle group.

Wow! Well done all

Thanks to Helen: Big thanks to Helen of Stirling City Freegle and Tower Hamlets Freegle who ran for Freegle on 21 October…. and she raised £592.50!!! … and more from Cat! Great Recovery Cat went to the launch of the Great Recovery. This is the RSA and technology strategy board initiative to promote circular economy and reuse. See the video at The House that Kevin Built is a very exciting project that Cat is involved with. She started working on the project as Waste Coordinator in August. Local Freegle groups will be used to obtain things like toothbrushes, video tapes, polystyrene, DIY materials, and other unusables for the build. oct/03/brighton-waste-building-project-granddesigns © FreeSpOut October 2012

Issue Number 18

WRAP Reuse Forum Cat went to a WRAP Reuse Forum meeting in Banbury on 5th September, mainly to help develop the governance of a National Reuse Steering Group.

Freegle Chat...

They contributed to recommendations for Defra about reuse, which formed the agenda for a meeting with Defra in London on 8 October. Publicity Thanks -freegle-gold.html have given us some great publicity. We can follow them on Twitter: @streetgrowers story.html mentions Freegle as a source of materials. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IT Reps agreed to the addition of an extra RAM node to our secondary server. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Are you a member of the mods’ Freegle Rock Café Group?

Freegle Cafe

Complaints Complaints have been received about inappropriate/ abusive emails being sent to Freegle members from volunteers. Discussions are taking place on how best to respond in these cases. Russ Bryant Russ, owner of Bracknell Freegle, passed away recently, aged only 50. He was well known locally as a campaigner for his local hospital. We would like to extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends and all those who worked alongside him.

Olympic Waste Cat has also been negotiating to get 2 shipping containers of waste from the Olympics, offering Freegle to help shift stuff once they have exhausted their own channels. Masters Thesis The Reps agreed that we would promote an academic survey for Andrew Norris, Sheffield Hallam University. He was very pleased with the responses he received and will send us the results which hopefully will be of benefit to us as well.

Posters Ollie has produced customised poster designs for each group. Find yours at: Business Cards Free Freegle business cards were offered on Central to all groups. They had been bought with some national funds and the take up was really encouraging! Those 5000 have now been distributed, some groups getting less than the 100 planned due to demand exceeding supply. If you would be interested in having some for your group, please click and fill in the form. The Reps can then see if there should be another batch offered. Notes from a (fairly) new group Within the last month, * I have been invited onto a radio show as a result of my Freegle—twittering. * A new member has taken away all the furniture that

a local charity refused to take when a friend’s father died, making extra journeys as another member didn’t come as arranged. * She has arranged for a friend to bring his unwanted computer from Norfolk when he visits, for her to clean up and deliver to a member in a neighbouring group. * I delivered an old fridge to a disabled ex-serviceman who was delighted to receive it and to have a visitor. * The Council have replied to my letter, offering to help me with publicity. * Oh, and running the group is remarkably easy as I use Freegle Direct. Thanks to all the teams!

FreeSpOut is produced by the independent FreeSpOut team. The team presently consists of: Carole (Hayle & St. Ives) • Jacky (Great Yarmouth) • Liz (Stafford) • Ray (Thanet) GET IN TOUCH! If you have any suggestions, contributions or want to be involved in producing this newsletter, contact us:

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