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HAMBURGER EATING CONTEST A.K.A. THE HAMBURGER WOLF 3:00 pm Bring your appetites! Each contestant will be given one plain hamburger to consume. This is a timed event, and the stopwatch will start after the judge’s 3-2-1 countdown. Time ends when the dog has completely consumed the burger and no pieces of the burger are left behind. Once the whole burger leaves your hand, you may not pick it up to assist your dog in consuming it. A wooden board or blanket will be placed on the ground to ensure no sand gets on this mouthwatering treat should Phideaux not swallow it in one gulp. Each dog will be inside a safety pen to ensure the dog can eat his burger without fear of another pirate stealing the delectable booty!

Let the Games Begin!

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Pirate's Cove Dog Olympics, October 2019