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DOCK DIVING 1:00 pm This event is as close to walking the plank as we allow. The dog is to dive off the dock after a toy provided by his/her owner. Three judges will rate the dive on a scale of 0-10, and the average of all three scores will be the dog’s final score. You may have a second coach in the water to coax the dog to dive when the dock coach throws a ball, stick, float, etc.

SEATTLE FETCH 2:00 pm No, we don’t expect your dog to fetch the Space Needle. This contest is much easier. A 15ft line of white boom is positioned 30 ft from the shore. The dog must retrieve a ball or toy that is thrown over the boom line by the handler. The dog can go over, under, or around the boom line to fetch the object and must return to shore to his coach. This is a timed event. The stopwatch will begin when the ball is thrown over the boom and will end when the dog returns the with object to the coach on shore.

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Pirate's Cove Dog Olympics, October 2019