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12th Annual Pirate’s Cove

Dog Olympics October 5, 2019

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General Information We have an event for every dog and his human. Sign up for one or all five. Each event is $5.00. ALL contestants and their humans must check in and sign up at the information booth for participation in any event. Your dog’s position in each event will be determined on a random basis. Please bring a leash for your dog, regardless of whether or not you plan to enter any event. All events are conducted one dog at a time. Pack mentality will not be tolerated!

Registration starts at 9:30am

WATER SPRINT 11:00 am Each dog neesd two “coaches” in this event - one to hold the dog at the launch point (on the beach) and the second coach at the destination point (in the water). The judge on land will drop a flag, and a stopwatch will be used to time the dog’s swim time from the launch point to the awaiting coach. Time is called when when the dog has been physically touched by the coach at the end point. The distance of this swim is approximately 166 feet from the shore.

PLATO’S BEST TRICK 12:00 pm Each dog will be given three (3) minutes to perform his/her trick(s). All tricks must be performed on the deck in an area approximately 20ft long by 5ft wide. Three judges will rate each trick on a 0-10 scale. The average of the three scores will be the dog’s final score.

DOCK DIVING 1:00 pm This event is as close to walking the plank as we allow. The dog is to dive off the dock after a toy provided by his/her owner. Three judges will rate the dive on a scale of 0-10, and the average of all three scores will be the dog’s final score. You may have a second coach in the water to coax the dog to dive when the dock coach throws a ball, stick, float, etc.

SEATTLE FETCH 2:00 pm No, we don’t expect your dog to fetch the Space Needle. This contest is much easier. A 15ft line of white boom is positioned 30 ft from the shore. The dog must retrieve a ball or toy that is thrown over the boom line by the handler. The dog can go over, under, or around the boom line to fetch the object and must return to shore to his coach. This is a timed event. The stopwatch will begin when the ball is thrown over the boom and will end when the dog returns the with object to the coach on shore.

HAMBURGER EATING CONTEST A.K.A. THE HAMBURGER WOLF 3:00 pm Bring your appetites! Each contestant will be given one plain hamburger to consume. This is a timed event, and the stopwatch will start after the judge’s 3-2-1 countdown. Time ends when the dog has completely consumed the burger and no pieces of the burger are left behind. Once the whole burger leaves your hand, you may not pick it up to assist your dog in consuming it. A wooden board or blanket will be placed on the ground to ensure no sand gets on this mouthwatering treat should Phideaux not swallow it in one gulp. Each dog will be inside a safety pen to ensure the dog can eat his burger without fear of another pirate stealing the delectable booty!

Let the Games Begin!


Ordering tickets and t-shirts is as easy as a click of the mouse (or a tap of your paw.) Visit our online form to order either or both.

TICKETS »» $5.00 per dog, per event. »» Purchase online until midnight October 4, 2019. Tickets will be emailed within 72 of purchase. »» Enter to win a free shirt by purchasing tickets online. »» Tickets will be available for purchase at the registration booth the day of the event.

T-SHIRTS We have a new twist on t-shirts this year: pink, teal, or gold. Select your color! »» $20.00 each »» Pre-order online only. No sales at the event. »» Order deadline is September 7, 2019. »» Shirts may be picked up the day of the event, or you may have them shipped to you for a flat fee of $5.00.

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Set Sail Grab your chart and plot your course to Pirates Cove Yacht Club in Josephine, Alabama. (Google calls it Elberta, but we seasoned pirates know it’s Josephine.) Come by land, come by sea, however you travel, this is the place to be!

By Land Yacht

6664 Co Rd 95 Elberta, AL 36530 By Ship

30°19’18.8”N 87°32’03.1”W



Our photographer will be roving the event capturing photographs of the dogs and their humans. Be forwarned, if you don’t want it captured for enternity, don’t do it! Photos will be uploaded here on Flickr and available for free download. We will post on Facebook when photos are being loaded. If you prefer to be notified outside of Facebook, please send an email to info@

FURREVER HOMES ANIMAL RESCUE Thank you for supporting us

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Pirate's Cove Dog Olympics, October 2019