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Backside 5-0/willy grind Ph. Vittorio Brisigotti

For the past few years you’ve been living in Osten, And then you just moved in… which has become the go-to hang out and party spot for I was living with a couple in a really nice many of the skaters in Oslo. Can you describe what it is? apartment before and didn’t want to deal with the Jan Henrik Kongstein: Basically it’s the small four bedroom apartment I live in with Fartein (Bjørge), P-Jew (Petter Fredriksen) and Vittorio (Brisigotti). We don’t have a living room so everyone just hangs out in the kitchen. We have probably managed to squeeze in like 40–50 people there before, so we make good use of the space in that kitchen, ha ha. It has an anarchy sort of vibe, where everyone does what he or she likes.

How did it end up as the hub for many of the Oslo skaters?

My friends moved into the apartment two years ago, I wasn’t living there at first. They just loved that it was in the middle of downtown Oslo – and most important of all – really close to all the clubs. All our group of friends would just naturally end up there before and after skate sessions, as it’s located in the middle of the city. There would always be someone hanging around, so it just evolved into the go-to place to chill.

hassle of finding a new place when we had to move out. At first I just slept on the couch at my friends’ place, and then gradually I just ended up in Osten staying in Vittorio’s room since he was always at his girlfriend’s place. I got lazy, so I’ve just been staying ever since.

I spoke to Oskar (Galewicz), who you used to live with, about your need to keep the space around you clean at all times. How does that work now, living in a skate house?

I’m actually a huge fan of staying in nicer apartments. So I have this view of how I ultimately want to be living. But right now I’m content with trading that need in so I can keep having all my best friends around the house all the time. I like to think of it as a period where I can let my cleaning obsessions go and just chill with the homies. Plus, my girlfriend Ane just bought a really nice apartment with a friend so I stay there a lot of the time.

Oskar also said you find it uncomfortable not

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Free Skateboard Magazine issue 14, Sept/Oct 2017.

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Free Skateboard Magazine issue 14, Sept/Oct 2017.