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music video the opposite applies, your ideas stem from the sound. I usually need to be really zooted to think of stuff in that way LOL.

A lot of your work involves real people and locations. How difficult is it to rally support and get people on board?

When you approach a subject, or contributor of a film, you’ve got to let them know your intentions are honest and you aren’t trying to hot them up on camera, or make them look stupid or whatever. It’s just about being respectful and reassuring people that you aren’t gonna fuck them over somehow. I like to approach people myself first, on a human level. But

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basically people either are up for it, or they tell you to do one.

How much do you embrace happy accidents and the unexpected into your work? Happy accidents happen all the time! I guess you put yourself into the places where you know/think you will get good results. But sometimes you can’t predict the shit people will say or do.

Are you self-taught? How much has that influenced your practice?

I did a filmmaking degree in Kingston but basically spent about ten hours at uni over three years because I was skating all the time and doing my own shit. Still blagged a 2:1 though! But yeah

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Free Skateboard Magazine issue 14, Sept/Oct 2017.

Free 14  

Free Skateboard Magazine issue 14, Sept/Oct 2017.