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When we got in contact with Hugo and Romain about working on a video part/interview this isn’t exactly what we had in mind. Hugo had been floating under the radar for way too long and all we wanted was for him to produce something that would finally do his skateboarding justice. It was never the plan to print full-page photos of him hippie-jumping his filmer’s leg. So what happened along the way? Has he completely lost it? Have we? I’m not sure the following interview really answers those questions but what it should do is at least give you an idea of what goes through two people’s heads when they come up with a concept as unorthodox as this one. And who knows, there might even be enough reason behind it for you to want to head over to our site and watch the end result…


In Brussels

You two have been filming for ages right? When did you meet?

Romain: Yeah we’ve known each other for years… Hugo: Since 2005/2006 maybe. And you’ve been filming together on and off since then right?

RB: I’d say it started a few years after we met. This is the first project we’ve worked on just the two of us though. Usually I film him when he’s out skating with everyone and he just has a few tricks in my clips. We’ve never done anything one on one like this. It’s usually a lot more spontaneous. How did this skater/filmer interaction idea come about?

RB: It was Hugo’s idea. HM: OK obviously we were both really flattered when you approached us about filming a part/working on

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Free 14  

Free Skateboard Magazine issue 14, Sept/Oct 2017.

Free 14  

Free Skateboard Magazine issue 14, Sept/Oct 2017.