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20 INCH EXCLUSIVE Girl Power | 5 EXCLUSIVE STORY Farm Jam 2014| 15 RIDER PROFILE K Kiran Raju| 25 FRESH JUICE Surly Karampus + More | 29 WHATS UP Firefox Firestorm 2014 | 36 HOT EVENT Nepal XC Championship | 48

COVER | PHOTO: Christoph Laue / Red Bull Content Pool | RIDER: Anton Thelander | LOCATION: Terre Rouge, Southern France

The Team: Editor in Chief: Vineet Sharma Deputy Editor: Vinay Menon BMX Agent: Dipak Panchal Himalayan Trails Minister: Naveen Barongpa

I’m very excited to release our 20th issue on India’s famous festival of colors ‘Holi’! Last 2 months have been very busy with shipping our 2nd collector’s edition worldwide and also handing over the copies personally. The Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine team would like to thank all the feedbacks given to us. This issue contains a lot of 20 inch action. FMX and BMX riders go wild during Farm Jam 2014, while SharpTune gang shows the busy streets of Bomaby to the famous Monika Hinz last month. K Kiran Raju The rising star tells us more about his daily routine and his plan of action for the coming season in Rider Profile section. Also check out the exclusive coverage of Firefox Firestorm MTB race and what all we saw at the recent bike expo in Ludhiana. Hope you enjoy the 20th issue and welcome the summers with a colorful Holi!

Vineet Sharma

Editor-in-Chief Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine

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Contributing Editors and Photographers Christoph Laue, RedBull Media House, HimoPic Karan Bhuta GauravMan Sherchan

Editorial Photo by: Naveen Barongpa


Photography: HimoPic and Dipak Panchal

Hello there, people of the vast MTB and BMX community from India. This month we have an extraordinary rider feature for you guys on the occasion of International Women’s Day. She comes from Germany and likes to travel the world spreading the the good vibes of BMX FLATLAND and capturing the moments and showcase the epic adventures on her blog. She helps and encourages girls from across the globe to ride BMX via her on-line projects and collaborations, and yeah she’s gonna give you a run for your money when she’s in her zone.

Ladies and gentlemen say hello to Monika Hinz.


A few years back (2008 to be exact) me and my buddies were watching videos and stumbled upon this video called “BMX GIRL TOUR” and we were blown away. We were like “man these girls ride so good, they can kick our butts!!” We saw a four girls coming from different countries who team up and film one of the most amazing BMX edits ever. Monika Hinz was one of the four ladies on tour, with very impressive riding skills. We happened to catch her up on social sites and have been friends ever since, she has helped us learn tricks, pre and post session exercises and a lot of small details that makes you a rider of better caliber. We have been in touch with her on a regular ever since and we have also worked on a few art projects and a collaborative BMX edit. Recently she planned on making a trip here to India and gets an up-close and personal feel on the growing Indian flatland scene. She managed to pull out some time for this exclusive interview for FRM. I must say she’s the most humble and down to earth person/ pro athlete we have ever met, you can check out her blog “HimoPic” for more of her photo documenting. We wish here all the best for all her future adventures. Stay gold. - Dipak Panchal.

“India is such a crazy place like a Time Machine where all ages are very much mixed up. (like stone age + futuristic). I was feeling like traveling in the past, when the cites were just developing. India is on that point, where everything is building up very fast. I have seen road constructions with a bulldozer and a lady carrying the ready mixed cement on her head in a bowl to the other side of the street, while her baby was playing on a pile of stones next to the driving cars. “You are free to do anything” like driving without traffic rules and safety protections. Whole Families travel just like that on one motorbike. They manage to do it anyhow as there is not much other option. It is a place for huge possibilities but the people must learn to use it right.” - Monika Hinz.



FR MTB MAG: Hallo Monika Hinz, was geht up? Wie geht es dir? MONIKA: Mir geht es sehr gut, danke! (i am very fine, thank you !!) FR MTB MAG: Tell us a bit about yourself? MONIKA: I am from Hungary, currently living in Germany. I love to ride my bmx which takes me around the world and I frame it into pictures. FR MTB MAG: What gets you to India? MONIKA: I wanted to see the life there in India and try to leave my foot prints there. FR MTB MAG: How do you like it so far? The food, the people, the spots? MONIKA: The food is very spicy, very healthy and delicious, people were very kind to me and welcoming, there are very nice spots but they don’t allow BMXer’s to ride there, but the locals still manage to ride in very bad and wavy surface. FR MTB MAG: Since how long have you been riding flatland, and what keeps you so hooked on to BMX? MONIKA: I am riding since I was 12. I stopped for a while when I was alone, but my friends called me to ride later and I learnt from them how to ride alone. “One time a BMXer forever a BMXer”

FR MTB MAG: woaaaaaahh!! So we’ve bumped into a world champion over here!!! Tell us about the titles you hold? And the experiences traveling around for contests and competing against the boys!! MONIKA: I am 3 times world champion now, I won the BMX masters also few times, and these are the biggest. Long back the BMX worlds were held every year in different countries that’s how my traveling begun. Now I just choose where ever I want go, as I have friends everywhere in the world. And nowadays the worlds are hold only in Germany. Long back we had age groups then I was competing with the boys, since the past 10 years we have the girl’s class. FR MTB MAG: Are there many girl riders back in Germany? MONIKA: There are few girls in other towns, but there are always the new comers. I like to encourage and teach them. FR MTB MAG: You recently posted online about the “MAGNOLIA GIRL PROJECT” what’s that about? Is it open to the girls from India as well? MONIKA: Magnolia BMX supports the girl riders and motivates them to ride BMX and push them to progress. I represent the girl BMXer’s in Europe for Magnolia BMX. And yes it’s open to every girl in the world. FR MTB MAG: Your everyday riding buddies are? MONIKA: Sometimes some pigeons are at the spot but mostly I ride alone. I meet the local riders in the summer time and at the weekends. When im in Hungary I ride with David Nagy and Tibi Grob. FR MTB MAG: Who is/are your favorite rider’s girls and guys that you look up to or you follow their style of riding? MONIKA: I don’t follow anyone but my favorite rider is Phil Dolan because of his skills and smooth riding. I like to watch original and creative riders.


FR MTB MAG: We saw a few pictures of you from some BMX jams and events in Mumbai India, how was riding here v/s riding back at home spots? MONIKA: I was riding at Car Free Day in Bombay with the BMXer’s, it was a good experience. The weather was very perfect to ride, but it was a challenge to ride on the uneven street. The crowd was cheering us and very interested in watching us riding. In Germany we have smooth place to ride but we don’t have big events like this.


FR MTB MAG: Are you a full time sponsored pro? Or do you do something besides BMX to make a living? What? MONIKA: No, I’m not a sponsored rider, but I ride for Magnolia BMX and they have been very supportive. I am a photographer by profession, I teach photography and work for an Organic firm. FR MTB MAG: Sweet!! Are you paid for over time? MONIKA: Yes, Rajas !!


FR MTB MAG: Have your folks always been supportive? do you have sibling who also ride? MONIKA: Yes, my parents always supported me. We were a big BMX family, i started riding because of my bother and my mom organized shows for us and my dad built the ramps. FR MTB MAG: We read your interview on where you mentioned that you would love to travel to India and a few more countries, Kudos to you for accomplishing one of the voyages, now what’s next on the maps? MONIKA: Trinidad we are coming @Kestrel. FR MTB MAG: We clearly see that you want more girls to take up BMX across any discipline, according to you what do you think would interest girls to take up bmx? MONIKA:Flatland is a very sensitive sport. One needs good balance, concentration, endurance. And it gives you the best feeling in the world when one learns the trick. Girls are able to do it very well and get strong from it physically and mentally as they master something very spatial just the way guys can do. FR MTB MAG: Whats your bike setup like? MONIKA:Its a 20 inch Japanese BMX but I loved riding your jungle rider now! FR MTB MAG: While you were in India did you travel within the country? MONIKA:No just around Bombay. The time was not enough to travel.


FR MTB MAG: This is your space you can talk about absolutely anything and everything you would want to from bike incidents to photography stories to shout outs, go for it. MONIKA: Thank you team Sharptune for the Jams, Thank you Dipak for your bike and all the BMXer’s and Skaters and thank you for my bodyguards! I hold all the memories in over 8000 pictures. FR MTB MAG: Any last words on your Indian experience? MONIKA: It’s the craziest country, I would like to come back!


The cold snap that hit Southland this weekend did nothing to deter the 3,000 spectators that descended upon the Frew Farm in Otapiri Gorge, Southland, for the two-wheeled FMX, BMX and mountain bike dirt jumping extravaganza that is Farm Jam


By RedBull Media House



With over ten nationalities represented this year at Farm Jam, the event has gone from strength to strength. More riders are making the pilgrimage south every year to attend what is fast becoming one of the biggest action sports events in New Zealand. From bikes to BBQ’s, the Frew brothers’ 2,600-acre sheep and beef farm has everything you need for a weekend of fun for the whole family.


2012 Red Bull X-Fighters champion and X Games medalist Levi Sherwood made his much anticipated return to the Farm Jam after two years’ absence. Levi spent this week on the Frew Farm helping dig and shape the FMX course, to have it in the best condition the event has ever seen. A late delivery of cement dust helped draw the last moisture out of the jumps from the previous day’s rain.


The FMX competition format was four-man heats, with each competitor taking two runs. This was followed by a single run final. Levi Sherwood (NZ) took to the course with back-flip indian air’s, shaolin flips, rock-solids and huge cliff hangers. Nick Franklin also warmed the crowd up with superman flips, no-hand flips and a mini flip. The competition was rider judged and after the votes were in, it was Levi Sherwood who took out first place, FMX Best Trick and Best Style. Nick Franklin (NZ) placed second, and X Games rider Fred Kyrillos (BRA) rounded off the podium in third place.


“I got here on Monday, I did a lot of course work and riding. Today went well, I wasn’t sure how it would pan out because of the rain yesterday but it was good to get back out on the bike. I kind of surprised myself out there, I did a few tricks I don’t usually do. It was good vibes from all of the guys out there, everyone was stepping up their own game so I felt like I had to do something special myself. I had a really good day, I’m pretty happy with how it went,” says Sherwood.


Next up on the day’s schedule was the mountain bike event on the jump-line lower down the hill. 19-year-old British phenomenon Matt Jones took out first place with a big double back-flip on the left line. Other strong contenders were Conor Macfarlane taking out second place, and Phil McLean in third place. The BMX riders made up the biggest field of the day. The mix of local and international riders from as far as Scotland, UK, Australia and America helped pushed the whole field to new levels of riding. Brandon Loupos (AUS) took centre stage and first place on the podium with corked 720s, triple-whips and huge back-flips.



“I took five flights from Europe to get here. Coming here to ride with my best friends in this jam and to come out on top was the best feeling ever. After all that happened in Europe I just can’t believe the feelings that I’m having right now, I’m just so happy it turned out like this,” says Loupos.


Paul Langlands (NZ) hit home in second place with huge flip-whips on the last jump, and insane combos featuring 360 back-flips, nothing superman’s and front-flip tyre-grabs. Crowd favourite Mike “Hucker” Clarke (USA) placed second with his unmatchable style, 360 one-footed cancan x-up’s and his patented bar-hump 360s. Eric Hennessey walked away with “BMX Best Style.” In addition to his overall win, Loupos took out the “BMX Best Trick” prize with an almost unbelievable 1080. In his last runs, he was also trying out a new trick, much to the delight of the crowd. “I was trying to pull out a tail-whip cash-roll, I made one a year ago but I had never tried it on dirt. I had actually lost cash-rolls for a little bit but my friend told me to do one, so I did it and it felt good. I did two more and then I tried it a whip cash-roll. I tried it three times, I didn’t roll out but I’m pretty stoked that I actually went for it,” says Loupos. The wet weather and freezing cold temperatures did not dampen the spirit of Farm Jam. It is alive and well, and once the results were in and the rewards were given out, there was nothing left to do but BBQ and then attend the infamous Farm Jam after party.



NAME: K Kiran Kumar Raju AGE: 28 HOMETOWN: Bangalore. YEARS RIDING: 3 Years. PRIMARY STEED: Specialized Epic (29er) PREFERRED RIDING STYLE: XC Racing and Freeride

Interview by: Vinay Menon Photography: Vineet Sharma


FR MTB MAG: How did Mountain biking come about for you? KIRAN: It happened by chance, when I borrowed a friend’s bike to compete in my first ever BBCh MTB race in March’11. I ended up finishing 3rd and was hooked. The track-technicalities and bike handling skills involved in XC racing coupled with raw muscle power that the sport demands, caught my fancy. The rest as they say is history! FR MTB MAG: Riders that inspire you? KIRAN: Ajay Pandit Chettri from Nepal, Burry Stander and Jaroslav Kulhavy from Team Specialized FR MTB MAG: How does your productive week look like? KIRAN: I work for a construction firm where my work-week involves rushing between two construction sites in Bangalore, making it an exhaustive 9 hours a day ‘times’ 6 days a week. Sunday, therefore, is the only day when I get to hop on my bike and take it for a spin. This usually involves 4 to 6 hours of intense training. I also play ULTIMATE FRISBEE 3 days a week in the mornings for 1.5 to 2hrs and commute to work on cycle every now and then to keep my cogs going. With competition catching up and time always being a limitation, I have taken to indoor-training with ‘trainers’ to put in quality training schedule.


FR MTB MAG: You’ve been racing the BBCh events for a few years now and have raced the MTB Himalaya as well. Do you wish to race more often? KIRAN: The answer is definitely an unequivocal yes. With MTB cycling gaining popularity all across the country and competitive races being organized more so as calendar events, my motivation to stay focused and compete has never been better. The race which gave me a huge ‘high’ and put me on track to take up cycling more seriously and train harder was the Bangalore-Ooty- Bangalore (BOB) race in Nov 2011 where I had to cover a distance of approx 612kms in 32.5hrs that also covered the famous Kalhatty climb in Ooty. I completed the race in 32hrs 5mins and became the 2nd guy to qualify for RACE ACROSS AMERICA (RAAM) (first being Samim Rizwi another veteran cyclist from Bangalore). My best race result that remains closest to my heart has been the BBCh off road race that was held in March 2013 where I finished first. This came to me despite having a bad crash during my training in Feb the same year where I broke my jaws, got scars all over my body and was on liquid diet for 3 weeks leading up to the race. The only saving grace about this accident was that my limbs were in one piece. The result had a magical effect on my spirit to go on and on..


FR MTB MAG: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now in the sport? KIRAN: I hope to represent India in XC-Asian Championships, the Olympics and the World Championships. I have faith in the sport and a firm belief that with quality training, guidance, exposure and whole lot of support and encouragement from friends, family and potential sponsors, I will be able to walk the talk in style. And while competing at the highest level, I also see myself giving back to the sport and the country by guiding the youth to take up the sport and encouraging them in all ways possible and also spreading the word about mtb cycling in the country. FR MTB MAG: Any shout outs? KIRAN: The results that I saw achieve in 2013 would have been a far-fetched dream had it not been for the unfaltering encouragement that I received from my sponsor SKCT and the person behind it, Mr.Vivek Radhakrishnan, who believed in me and gave me the red-n-white jersey. The special support that I have received from my mates from the “Ultimate” Frisbee team “DISC-O-DEEWANE” who could always be seen cheering me at every one of my races, cannot be highlighted enough . Ultimate (Frisbee) is another sport that I hold very dear to my heart and that I actively participate in at the national level. A huge shout out to Mantri Developers Private Limited, my employers, who have unflinchingly supported my cycling career and facilitated my regular breaks and time off from work, owing to my races. A shout out wouldn’t be complete without crediting the support, adoration and love that has been showered upon me by my Parents and extended family. They’ve stood by my side through thick and thin, helped me recuperate during my crashes and injury, and have inspired me to perform to the best of my ability in all my races.

|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| FR MTB MAG | 28

Words & Riding: Vinay Menon | Photography: Karan Bhuta



Big wheels are storming over the mountain bike world lately. With 650B, 27.5”, 29”, 24” and the trusty old 26” there is a wheel size for all your terrain needs. And the Fat bikes add another dimension all together. Earlier in February we got our hands on the Surly Krampus 29er. The legendary brand has now made its way into the Indian market and is available through leading bike shops across the country. With a cult following, the Surly bikes are known for their simplistic frame designs in CroMoly steel. The Krampus is a good example of Surly’s reputation.

Frame/Fork: Krampus comes stock with a rigid CroMoly fork that is 100mm-120mm suspension corrected. So switching onto a 100mm squishy if needed, wouldn’t change the frame geometry. It’s also compatible with an 8” Rotor setup. The 4130 CroMolyKrampus frame sports simple butterfly gussets near the headtube and runs Horizontal dropouts with a Rear D hanger. Since the frame is made with 3” Tyres in mind it has enough stays clearance for a rainy day.

Bar/Stem: A Salsa ‘Wammy’ 780mm Flatbarclamped on a Kalloy OS Stem steers the Krampus. This wide bar combo gave us a strong hold on the bike while tweaking over jittery trails.


Wheels& Brakes: Surly packed the Krampus with their ultra wide 50mm Rabbit Hole Rims laced onto a Shimano M529 for the rear and an in house hub for the front. The 3” Surly Knard made by Innova Tires is a decent set of rubber for this fun bike. A better tread pattern would definitely boost the performance though. The BB7 Cable actuated brakes from Avid are a simple low maintenance mix in Krampus’s sublime build. The Ride: Slack head angle of the Krampus paired with a wide bar and its 17.6” Chainstay, allowed us to throw the bike around on turns and ruts. Hopping over trail jumps was easier than expected from a 29er. The 3” Knard acted like a good trail tamer giving us a smooth ride over rocks in spite of Krampus’srigid build.The MRP Chainguide lived up to its name keeping the chain in check even on the roughest patches of the trail. The 34T Chainring tied to the 10Spd Cassette gave us trail friendly climbing gears. The low BB height on the Surly Krampus added stability to the ride.


Overall Impression: A “Fun Bike” is what the Krampus came across as. The massive 29” wheels with the 3” rubber, rigid fork, wide flat bars and a single chainring gave us a much needed hassle free trail day! Definitely not a replacement for our main trail rigs, the Surly Krampus is a good add on into the bike stable for a fun laid back ride with buddies. Priced at around INR.1,45,000/- the Surly Krampus is not light on the pockets though. But if you are looking for a simple CroMolyfat bike with the ability to roll over Sand/Snow with ease and are a die-hard Surly fan then go in for the Krampus. Keep an eye out for more trail oriented Surlys coming out soon.

Complete Bike Specs: Frame: 4130 CroMoly steel, custom butted (Medium - Tested) Fork: Surly Krampus, TIG-welded custom tapered butted 4130 CroMoly, 100–120mm suspension corrected BB/Cranks: Shimano ZEE, 175mm Rear Derailleur: Shimano SLX/Shadow+ Chain Guide: MRP 1x guide. BB mount Cassette: SRAM 10spd (11-36T) Handlebar: Salsa Wammy, flat bar w/780mm width, 11° bend Brakes: Avid BB7 w/7” Fr& 6” Rr Shifters: Shimano SLX 10Spd Rims: Surly Rabbit Hole 29+, 700c x 50mm w/holes Hubs: Surly Ultra New Disc, 32h, 6-bolt disc (Front), Shimano FH-M529, 32h, Disc Tyres: Surly Knard 29 x 3˝.


X-Ultra is Salomon’s technical trail shoe with stable chassis and added protection, ideal for fast hiking on mixed terrain. It is designed for grip, protection and stability. Designed with durability in mind, the X Ultra is packed with too many features like quick drying breathable mesh, protective mud guard material all around the base of the shoe, Eva shaped footbed which provides excellent cushioning and anatomically designed support and Salomon’s lightweight advanced chassis which is placed between the outsole and midsole, maximizes motion control, energy management and push through protection for an efficient, stable and responsive ride.

Words & Photography: Vineet Sharma


The overall design and construction of the shoe is pretty solid and the big chunky non-marking Contagrip sole which looks just like a solid mountain bike tire delivers optimal traction on varied surfaces. Inside is an Ortholite foam which creates a cooler, drier, healthier, better cushioned environment under the foot. It will not break down or lose effectiveness over time. Salomon X Ultra is also available in Gore-Tex version and comes in various color options too. Originally built for light hiking, we think this can be a great shoe for mountain bikers who often hike a lot with their bikes as it also comes with shock-absorbing, resilient foam at the heel and a gusseted tongue which keeps debris from getting into your shoe and of-course a rubber toe cap which keeps you from banging up your toes on rocks. What you see here is a non-GoreTex version of X Ultra which is available in India for INR 7000.


Words & Photography: Vineet Sharma

FSA has offered many not too heavy on pockets components including this FSA Comet crankset intended for all mountain/trail use. The older version was designed with 3 chainring bolts, which had limitations in terms of using FSA chain ring only. This revised design is now available with 4 Cr-Mo steel chainring bolts which offer strength, and durability. The forged AL6061 alloy arms are similar and strong too. The FSA comet we have put on test comes with 170mm arms, 36/24 chainrings with a shiny black bash guard. The claimed weight of the package is 760 Grams, but they do feel little heavier. The MegaExo BB is included in the package and installation is pretty easy. FSA Comet crankset is also compatible with a 10 speed setup. Honestly there is nothing too flashy about FSA Comet. They are simple and feel strong while riding. FSA Comet retails for about $175 and not a bad deal for someone looking for a sturdy all mountain crankset which can take some serious abuse.


We witnessed the 3rd successful edition of Firestorm mountain bike race by Firefox bikes. More riders, more enthusiasm and more action this year.

Words & Photography: Vineet Sharma


Firefox Firestorm was organized on a cold February morning in the broken terrain of the Manger forest area near Gurgaon. We were probably the first lot to reach the start point early morning in dense fog which was not forecasted. More number of riders started reporting as soon as day light started. This was the 3rd Firestorm event by Firefox bikes and the riders were mainly from Delhi and Gurgaon. Jeewan and I decided to check the 6.5 Km marked trail which was decent and had elements like baby rock sections, narrow trails through bushes, gravel path andleveled forest path. The Aravalli hill terrain is mostly full of thorns AKA kikkar and that’s what we hate on a cold morning. While we both were having fun riding our bikes in fog we realized that the race had been flagged off when we saw the pack approaching us.




1 The event had two categories: the first one was for the men experts which was 35.5 km loop. Rider Douglas Smith, Kiran Raju and Matt Barrett were the first ones to cross us followed by youngun Devender Thakur. The first three riders maintained their lead during the entire race. Specialized Kynkyny rider Kiran had to struggle a bit as his Shimano shifter gave up in between and he has no option but to keep up with Matt and Doug on the heaviest speed. Devender eventually lost the pace due to unfortunate flat during the race but still completed with impressive timings.


5 1: Members of Pedal Yatris getting ready for the day. 2: Volkwagen polo cup car which got a lot of attention. 3: Winners of the race, Douglas, Kiran and Matt in chase mode. 4: Broken Shimano shifter of Kiran’s bike. 5: The chase continued FR MTB MAG | 38

Tough contender Devender Thakur from Kullu. FR MTB MAG | 39

‌ the girls were competing at the same time too! Monika, Anita Groser and Vamini Sethi had a tough competition being the only 3 female competitors in expert category.


The enthusiast category started later which had similar trail with 29Km for both men and women. The enthusiast men category was won by Jitnder, followed by Yameen Mir and Sushil Hooda, and the women enthusiast category was won by Reena Katyal and Becky Cavaliere.

Jeewan Jeet Singh, also known as the Urban Turban was the next attraction after the race who performed some wicked tricks, and later we could see the local labors getting inspired too and tried to get in the action zone. The prize ceremony was held later in a nearby hotel where the winners were awarded with cash prizes and goodies by sponsors. Managing Director of Firefox Bikes, Shivinder Singh also announced that the Firestorm race will be a strong addition into the mountain bike race calendar and added that more such events will be conducted in Delhi to promote mountain biking in the region. FR MTB MAG | 41

Words & Photography: Vineet Sharma The bicycle industries of Ludhiana feed tomore than 50% of India’s bicycle consumption which is over 10 million, each year.The 2nd India International Cycle Expo 2014 took placefrom 28th February to 2nd of March 2014 in Asia’s largest hub for bicycles, ‘Ludhiana’. We have heard people getting lost in famous bike expos like Interbike. But this was nowhere close to it. Though bicycle & parts fraternity from all over the world were invited, but only local bike and parts manufacturers were present here. The main participants were Hero cycles, Avon Cycles, Hero Eco Tech, SK bikes and Ralson tires. The products displayed were not high end or for serious mountain biking. However Firefox bikes and Suncross bikes were the major attraction of the show who have also displayed Trek, Raleigh, Rock Machine and UpLand bikes. Besides these bikes Firefox also introduced SuperB tools and components by Shimano which will be available in the Indian market.



Suncross did make us happy by declaring that they are now official distributors for Maxxis tires in India and that they would be making all the latest models available for the masses. Suncross also displayed their high end carbon bikes that will be sold in India with great components at a very competitive price. Other brands in India who sell carbon mountain bikes are usually above INR 1.5 Lakhs. Whereas Suncross displayed hardtail carbon mountain bikes by UpLand which starts from INR 78, 675 inclusive of all taxes.

Coming to the other side, we observed many out of the ordinary bikes and displays and had no words to explain. Many “possibly” innovative products were on display like this moulded tubeless tire by Hindustan Tyre Co. According to the company director, this tire can be installed on any existing 26’ mountain bike and gives similar traction like a regular tire. We hope we will get to try this in next couple of months and see if it performs like a regular tire.


Coming back to the expo; we are used to see lot of hot bikes and components in bike shows around the world. But this was completely different. Even after having a badge of Asia’s largest bicycle hub, we saw bikes and components by Indian manufacturers that we have been seeing for past 10-15 years now. No signs of quality bikes that can serve the needs of dedicated riders who were present at the show and had to say the same. Though many manufacturers claim they do produce high quality MTB frames but they still prefer exporting them. Quite surprising! The riding scene has improved a lot in last few years, and we hope the expos in this country will also become better in coming years


Photographer enture Photographer, Official Travel Adv and el Trav a is n rcha She an GauravM al MTB Cross Here is some action of the recent Nep for Yeti Travels and Pentax in Nepal. him from his Pentax K3. Country Championship captured by


Under the blue sunny winter skies of Kathmandu, in the hustle bustle of the supporters, photographers, media and the locals, the pro racers on their turbo trainers set the pace for the day. At the starting line, the riders remain their calm and set focus to the trail ahead, each one hoping to clinch gold, silver or maybe even bronze.


Ajay Pandit, already 3 times national campion and three times Yak Attack champ, is eager to set the pace with Narayan G. Maharjan, another favorite for the race, at his tail


The track has good viewpoints allowing the supports and photographers to keep track of almost all stages of the trail. The battle for gold is close with Narayan managing to temporarily take the lead for a while before Ajay decides to step it up a notch and press hard on the pedals. Ajay goes on to clinch the gold (1.35.28) leaving behind Narayan (1.37.50) by over 2 minutes and Rajkumar Shrestha in third position (1.41.42).


Profile for Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine #20  

Issue # 20 - March 2014

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine #20  

Issue # 20 - March 2014


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