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March, April 2013


Vinay Menon & Gautam Taode go dirt hunting and


EXCLUSIVE: Of Ocean Floor & Landing Zones

PIYUSH CHAVAN Future of Indian Mountain Biking

08__EXCLUSIVE STORY__Of Ocean Floor and Landing Zones 17__EXPOSED AND FRAMED__GauravMan Sherchan 22__HOT EVENT__Extreme Urban Downhill in Valparaíso 28__HOT EVENT__Two Wheel Madness 32__RIDER PROFILE__Piyush Chavan 37__FRESH JUICE__Race Face Atlas Bar 39__WHATS UP__Latest releases

COVER | PHOTO: Gaëtan Rey (shaperideshoot) | RIDER: Vincent Tupin CONTENT| PHOTO: Vineet Sharma | LOCATION: Pune, India EDITORIAL| PHOTO: Vaibhav Nijhowne | RIDER: Vineet Sharma | LOCATION: Sitlakhet, India

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine #410, Sector: 10 Panchkula (Haryana). 134109 - INDIA. ........................................................ This magazine is intended for free distribution and is only available through our web portal. This edition can also be ordered in printed version at INR 150. E-mail us for more details. ........................................................ Feel free to write or contribute. E-mail at: |

What an awesome response we got for our 13th edition! The Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine is so stoked that we decided to make another print and PDF edition which features some epic stories, interviews and reviews. While Vinay is out still shipping the copies of our previous issue, here I am wrapping up the 14th issue and getting ready for another snowboarding session. Hope you guys enjoy this issue and get ready to ride more.

Vineet Sharma

Founder, Editor-in-Chief Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine

The Team: Editor in Chief: Vineet Sharma Deputy Editor: Vinay Menon Contributing Editor: Vaibhav Nijhowne Technical Editor: Nilesh Dhumal BMX Agent: Dipak Panchal Trail Correspondent (U.S.A): Kevin Pabinquit

Contributing Editors and Photographers Gautam Taode, Ajay Bodhoo, RedBull, GauravMan Sherchan, Alfredo Escobar, Fabio Piva, Patricio Crooker, Alfred Westermeyer, Prateek Gophane, Ale Di Lullo, Christophe Margot, Naveen Barongpa. Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |6

r o o l F n a e c O

OfandLanding Zones... t hunting ir d o g e d o a T m ta e non and Gau

Vinay Me

in Goa

autam Taod

enon, G ography: Vinay M ot Ph | on en M y : Vina


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As we all know, 21st Dec did not lead earth towards the white light. Well,what if it has happened! Which means we are now in the new era! And at dawn of the new day, Gautam Taode and I decided to land some mountain bike wheels on Goa shores. With bright nights and mining sites, Goa sure has a few shred zones. To lead us through these fenced areas, we had the ‘’ folks who’d invited us to do a little trail scouting in the area. ‘’ is an adventure sports web portal focusing on the Indian subcontinent action.

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First day of the hunt, we stumbled upon an abandoned dig site on the outskirts of Goa. Red soil, natural trannies, clean run ins; a huckersville was emerging! After a day of prepping up the landing zone for a 30ftr, it was throw down time for me. As kites sailed in clear skies the bright sun and calm winds waved the green for lift off. The result; two fly offs, one clean and one gnarl induced over shooting touch down! After a clean first attempt, I decided to go for some style satisfying second run. The only style that came out of the second huck was a black eye, sore neck and a concussion. I ended up over shooting the landing zone and smacked my head on the flat floor.

I opted to stay low and called on for party time for the rest of my trip,

Goa Style.

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While Gautam played in the coastal dirt airing out and churning descents straight into the ocean waves, I kept myself trigger happy with the cameras. As the planet entered into 2013 intact, we had some sick times and ridiculous tales captured on our memory cards.

It was now time to hop on a 10Hr bus ride back to Pune for some good old home trail dining.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |15

GMAN GauravMan Sherchan aka GMan is an adventure travel photographer from Nepal who has worked for some of the biggest travel companies and advertising agencies in Nepal. His short documentary ‘Himalayan High’ also created a lot of attention worldwide. His mountain bike photography and videos are appreciated in many countries. We got a chance to know more about Gman who has also contributed a lot to this magazine.

FR MTB MAG: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

GauravMan: I was professionally working as a research consultant and only changed my profession only about a year back to become a professional travel and adventure photographer. The outdoors completely took me by surpise and have been in love with my camera and adventure ever since. Landscapes, people and adventure are my special interests.

FR MTB MAG: For how long have you been shooting mountain biking?

GauravMan: I was lucky to be close friends with Mandil Pradhan and we’ve been shooting together for the last one year, photo’s and video’s.

FR MTB MAG: Do you ride besides shooting?

GauravMan: Most of the times, when I head out on mountain biking trips, I have to be walking with my heavy gear or my assistant has to be trailing me. So I don’t really get to ride when I’m out there. But I’m learning as I feel it’s important for me to understand the trails.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |17

FR MTB MAG: Do you shoot anything else besides mountain biking? GauravMan: I shoot landscapes, architecture and people portraits. I am working on other adventure video’s as well.

FR MTB MAG: Your recent documentary ‘Himalayan High’ got famous worldwide. Can you tell us more about it and are you planning similar projects?

GauravMan: The background homework for ‘Himalayan High’ started without us even knowing that we would be doing it. Mandil had been working on finalizing the trail forh is tours and had already done it 3-4 times while I walked it while he was biking for some pictures. One day in Kathmandu, we were like, let’s film it and yes, that was my first video. With regard to mountain biking, there are two major projects in the pipeline and also looking forward to doing some filming in India. I’ll be filming one project towads the end of April and early May. My important motivation to my mountain biking video’s is to showcase that our region has some amazing trails plus a cultural perspective that mountain bikers, locally and internationally need to experience. As I always say - this is where the mountains, the mountain biker and the mountain bike come together as one.

FR MTB MAG: What does your Camera kit consist of on your shooting projects?

GauravMan: A Canon 5dmii, battery grip, 16-35mm Lf2.8 ISII, 50mm f1.4, 24-105mm L f4 IS, 70-200mm L f2.8 IS II, 430EX II, 580 EX ii, Wireless release, Wireless flash triggers, Manfrotto tripd, Gitzo tripod, Manfrotto panner, Canon G1X.

FR MTB MAG: Any locations for shooting on your wish list? GauravMan: Endless

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |18

FR MTB MAG: Any three favourite riders you want to include in your shoots? What location would you prefer? GauravMan: I would ofcourse want to be working with some great int’l riders, but alongside, I hope to be also working with local riders.

Locations, I find new locations almost everyday ‌ almost every location has a story, a trail. Its all about you and your team being there to capture the moments.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |19

FR MTB MAG: Share your most memorable photography FR MTB MAG: Any shoot in the coming season that you moment? are excited about? GauravMan: Is the time when I was gifted the Canon 40D and the 50mm 1.4 by my brother in law. I was hugging it in my sleep.

GauravMan: My April mountain biking project as I have been planning that for over six months now and yes, not to forget, I’m already getting goose bumps over the MTB Spiti 2013.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |20

Photography: Alfredo Escobar, Fabio Piva, Patricio Crooker and Alfred Westermeyer

The Colombian Marcelo GutiĂŠrrez was crowned as the winner of the Red Bull ValparaĂ­so Cerro Abajo, achieving a new record with a timing of 02:30:53. The World Heritage Site hills received 60 international athletes who compete to get to the podim. Filip Polc from Slovakia ended up in second place with 02:31:82, while the local athlete Antonio Leiva, with 02:34:22 finished third. Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |22



DOWNHILL in Valparaíso VALPARAÍSO (Chile) - At 13:00 pm on February 24, the 1,7 km track that started at the highest point of Cerro Cárcel and ended at the city center, was open for practice. Sixty riders from allover the world tested the streets until the beginning of the qualifiers at 16:00 pm. Here, the athletes competed for the 26 spots at the event final, which took place at 17:30 pm. Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |23

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |24

The streets, stairs and monuments where the natural obstacles of the Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2013, 11th version of this extreme event, one of the most important and outstanding international downhills, which has as main character the colorful city of Valparaíso. The Colombian Pan American Champion, Marcelo Gutiérrez, was the overall winner, descending in only 02:30:53 and achieving a new record. “I love this track, is really great to be in this magnificent city and practice my sport”, he said. The second place was for the Slovakian downhill legend Filip Polc with an only 01:29 second difference, while the Chilean rider Antonio Leiva, surprised the crowd obtaining third place with a time of 02:34:22. Results: 1. Marcelo Gutierrez (COL) 2:30:53, 2. Filip Polc (SVK)02:31:82, 3. Antonio Leiva (CHL) 02:34:22, 4. Cedric Gracia (AND) 02:35:06, 5. Mauricio Acuña (CHL) 02:36:19, 6. Enrique Génova(CHL) 02:36:58, 7. Santiago De Santiago(ARG) 02:37:08, 8. Pedro Ferreira (CHL) 02:38:07, 9. Ignacio Rojo (CHL)02:43:64, 10. Neko Mulally(USA)02:46:03.

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Callum Shaw performs at the Farm Jam in Winton.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |28

Over 2,000 eager spectators flocked to Frew Farm to witness an almost unbelievable display of twowheel madness. This year the weather co-operated and the true potential of this unique event was finally brought to life. Held at the bottom of New Zealand’s spectacular South Island, the Farm Jam has continued to flourish as one of the world’s premier multi-discipline events combining natural-terrain freestyle motocross, BMX dirt and mountainbike dirt-jumping.

< Andreu Lacondeguy relaxes at the Farm Jam in Winton. Luke Parslow performs at Farm Jam.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |29

Andreu Lacondeguy in FMX mode.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |30

Andreu Lacondeguy took out the win in the MTB dirt jam, while Nick Franklin won the FMX and Kyle Baldock took took top honours in BMX dirt. The Farm Jam began in 2008 on the Frew brothers’ 2,600-acre sheep farm in Otapiri Gorge, Southland, NZ. From its humble beginnings it has rapidly grown into a bucket-list event for two-wheeled actionsports athletes, attracting some of the world’s biggest names in BMX, FMX and MTB. The “jam” formats see each sport judged solely by the riders, with significant emphasis placed on judging riders from other disciplines. Thousands of spectators flock to the highlyanticipated annual event.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |31

Photography: Ajay Bodhoo


CHAVAN Nickname: PC, P-ush. Age: 16 Hometown: Pune, INDIA Years riding: 6 Years Current DH & DJ rig: Currently rolling a 2012 Specialized Demo 8

n a i d n I f o e r u t u F Bright ! g n i k i B n i a t n u o M

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |32

FR MTB MAG: Your most preferred discipline in mountain biking? PC: I prefer to ride fast and flowy downhill trails if there’s a drop or a jump it gives me more chance to add style to it. FR MTB MAG: Who are your biggest influences in the sport? PC: My biggest influence is almost everybody I’ve ridden with, but apart from that Sam Hill and Cameron Zink they make me feel there’s a lot more to do with a bike than just ride fast.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |33

FR MTB MAG: How does your productive week look like? Is dabbling between school and Riding a smooth affair? PC: In my Productive week I usually get up around 7 am and ride the two local hills near my area, ripping down some known and unknown trails for about 3-4 hours in a day before college. But as soon as the weekend hits Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m off to ride the Dighi Mountain which is the only challenging place I can take myself to in my hometown.

FR MTB MAG: Are your folks supportive of what u do on your bike? PC: My folks are quite supportive as long as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not crashing or breaking bones, they like having me do something different. They are my first and only sponsors Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d say.

FR MTB MAG: Where do u see yourself 10 years from now? PC: 10 years from now I see myself riding on almost every terrain I wished to explore as a kid with a few podium wins and a lots of scars to remind me of my crashes and the places Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been to.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |36

RACE FACE | Atlas bar

By: Naveen Barongpa

Our team rider Naveen decided to improve his riding stance by upgrading his DH bike with the 2013 Race Face Atlas ½ riser bar. These bars have remained unchanged for a while with the same high quality grade stuff. Designed with the extreme gravity set in mind, the Atlas FR riser bar sets the standard. At 785mm, this is the widest bar Race Face has ever produced. Perfect for intense FR or full on DH Race applications, the Atlas FR bar is available in a range of anodized colours. The one on test is raw color finish which looks pretty good with the FBI Kona Stab color theme. These bars are manufactured from cold drawn, seamless Air Alloy material and are not heavy. The ride and bike handling experience was very impressive and comfortable at the same time. The Race Face Atlas bar wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t fail you even after full day of hammering down those gnarly trails.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |37

iXS Sports Division TEST BY: Vinay Menon Photography: Prateek Gophane

BORLOT DH JERSEY The Borlot DH Jersey in full sleeves is a comfortable fit with an efficient breathable weave. With features like the ‘integrated lens wipe’, mesh sides the Borlot comes with a strong build. Something that came as a pleasant surprise on the 2013 Borlot was the neck brace friendly collar design. With no fade or significant rips yet, this jersey seems to keep the trail time a happy one. Basic features of iXS Borlot DH Jersey:

•Neck Brace collar •Mesh inserts •Breathable •Humidity Transporting •Quick Dry •Antibacterial •Integrated Lens Wipe •Multi security stitched seams for strength •96% Polyester, 3% Nylon, 1% Spandex

PALJET DH SHORTS Every mountain biker hates to ride back home with a pair of post-crash ripped shorts. The Paljet DH Shorts with its strong build looks ready to tackle those high speed bails on dirt and rock infested trails. The mesh liner, strong stitches and breathable design of the Paljet DH Shorts kept the saddle time comfortable on baking noon’s. The Velcro waist band came in handy while dialing in a perfect fit over the crash pad shorts. Along with storage space for chocolate bars, cell phone and multi tool, the two pockets on the Paljet DH shorts also help in looking cool while posing. The Paljet DH short features stretch and mesh inserts, mesh lining, waist band fastners, multi secuity stitch seams, 2 open pockets, and are breathable too!

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |38

iXS Rider Announcement

Photography: Ale Di Lullo | Christophe Margot

IXS is happy to finally announce this year rider line up, which is a long list! 1: Darren Berrecloth 2: Hans Rey 3: Geoff Gulevich 4: Szymon Godziek 5: Richie Schley 6: Matt Hunter 7: Logan Binggeli 8: RenĂŠ Wildhaber 10: Ryan Berrecloth 11: Kenny Belaey 12: Evil World Cup Team 13: BMC MTB Racing Team 14: Rose Vaujany Team 15: Trek Gravity Girls 16: Ghost Riders 17: Gates-Nicolai Team

Rocky Mountain 2013 Freeride Team

Rocky Mountain Bicycles is very happy to have re-signed the iconic Freeride Team of Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Geoff Gulevich, & Brett Tippie.

Thomas Vanderham started 2012 with strong showing in Anthill Films’ “Strength in Numbers,” and capped it off by becoming the only rider to place in the top ten of every Red Bull Rampage ever held. 2013 promises to be another jam packed year for Vanderham as he travels the world filming, coaching, and attending events. Wade Simmons, the undisputed Godfather of Freeride and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, has been with Rocky for over 18 years; yet, despite his “elder statesman” status he still pushes his limits on his bike. With plans to attend several Enduro races, as well as select festivals like Riva del Garda and Crankworx Whistler, Wade is also invaluable to Rocky Mountain’s R&D process. “It’s an amazing feeling to work with such a tight knit crew and see our input come to life,” says Geoff Gulevich who, despite struggling with injuries, still placed well at slopestyle and big mountain contests throughout last year. Now that he’s healthy, he’ll be focusing on more select events in 2013. “I love contests and I can’t wait to hit Crankworx, Clawworx, Rampage, etc., but this year my focus will be video parts & just getting back to shredding some raw, aggressive,big mountain stuff.” As one of the original Froriders and Rocky’s resident “Director of Good Times,” Brett Tippie makes sure we don’t forget our roots. One of the hardest working guys in the industry, Brett will be bringing his infectious laugh and burly riding to countless events this year, from announcing at Crankworx, BCBR, Frostbike, et cetera, to coaching for Camp of Champions, to doing tours at Retallack this fall, to riding for the lenses of the industry’s best photo & video guys.

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine |40

freerider mountain bike magazine

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Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine #14  

Issue # 14 - March 2013

Freerider Mountain Bike Magazine #14  

Issue # 14 - March 2013


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