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Credits With thanks to everyone who has contributed to A Backward Glance: A big thank you to the artist Peter Reddick; for his amazing energy and belief in print. The Spike Print Studio staff: Gill Nicol, Studio Director; Ed Talbot, Studio Technician; Irena Czapska, Studio Administrator and curator of A Backward Glance. Spike Print Studio Management Committee and members for their support, generosity and commitment to the Print Studio and to Peter.

Spike Print Studio 133 Cumberland Road Bristol BS1 6UX

With thanks to: Spike Island and Arnolfini for being helpful and supportive at all times, Bristol Musuem and Art Gallery, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Arts Council England, South West, Kings Plastics, Aardmann Animations and UWE.

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Catalogue design and photography: Mark Warman

Graphic design for Spike Print Studio: Paul Matson

ISBN 0 9545498 8 0 ISBN 978 0 9545498 8 0

To Catherine Williams, for her wonderful framing of Peter’s work To Oliver Sutherland and Gus Cummins for helping Peter with his slide show.


The writers Gill Nicol trained as a printmaker in the early 1980’s and was an artist for over 15 years. Since 1998 she has worked for many different art organisations, such as the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, Tate Liverpool, Creative Partnerships, and Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. She is currently Director of Spike Print Studio in Bristol. Simon Brett RE, SWE is a wood engraver and book illustrator. He has worked on many books for the Folio Society and private presses; has been Chairman of the Society of Wood Engravers (1986-92); and has published a number of books and articles about engraving, notably Engravers (1987), An Engraver’s Globe (2002) and Wood Engraving: How To Do It (1994 and 2000). Joe Whitlock Blundell has been Production Director of The Folio Society since 1986, in charge of all aspects of design and commissioning of artwork. Irena Czapska is an artist, specialising in printmaking and is the Studio Administrator of Spike Print Studio.

Peter Reddick Exhibition Brochure  

Peter Reddick retrospective show at Spike Island, Bristol

Peter Reddick Exhibition Brochure  

Peter Reddick retrospective show at Spike Island, Bristol