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19th July 2009 Wollaton Park




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EDITORIAL It’s only our 1st anniversary issue! Seems like just yesterday we ran the A4 Goat Issue with the iconic cover by Small Kid, and partied until the small hours at Junktion 7 with Nottingham’s best beatboxer THePETEBOX headlining our launch night. One year down the line and we’ve featured countless up and coming bands, artists and conscience issues and we’re still the only magazine to do so. We’ve had press access to high profile events such as Glastonbury,The Big Chill, the Cricket World Twenty20, the ice hockey Elite League Playoff Finals and partnered the Nottingham Bar Awards 2009. We’ve worked with Trent FM offering tickets at the Trent FM Arena and the Autumn will feature more exclusive partnerships with Nottingham’s biggest companies. All this has been possible thanks to an excellent team of contributing writers, photographers and designers. $ $ Thank you. $

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So I hope this little bundle of joy keeps you entertained over the summer. Enjoy your festivals, gigs and barbeques and maybe even a sneaky holiday to the seaside. We’ll be sweating over a hot computer to bring you another issue of the very best music and arts magazine in the Midlands.

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THE SWING MOVEMENT Those cheeky Northerners seem to have a knack for creating great music and Yorkshire band The Swing Movement are no exception. With a rapidly increasing fan base, gigs in London and some catchy tunes under their belt, it was high time we caught up with the boys. The Swing Movement was a form of Nazi resistance in 1930s Germany – anything to do with your band name? Pat: Yeah, everything to do with our name. To cut a long story short Joe: The Nazis banned sex and jazz. Pat: The Swing Movement met in underground clubs, had sex and listened to sweet jazz. So some 60 years later, how did you guys get together? Ben: There are six houses in our town and in only four of them could people play musical instruments - that four was us.   What’s kept you together so far? Joe: Complex legal issues. Kieran: We haven’t fallen out and we still enjoy what we’re doing so we don’t see any reason to stop. Pat: It’s great for ladies too. That’s the biggest perk. “I’m unemployed, have no car and I live with my parents, BUT I’m in this killer rock band... we’re good. Honest.” Works every time.

Who is the creative drive in the band (who writes the songs?) Pat: Ben brings the bare bones of the songs, and then we collectively fill them out. Kieran: Quickly… Pat: Yea, if a song takes over an hour to complete, Kieran gets bored and the song gets scrapped. What’s the best gig you’ve played so far? Kieran: Leeds Festival. Joe: We saw Tom DeLonge backstage - on a golf buggy... Kieran: …and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Joe: Playing the Cockpit is always good, never lets us down.   What would you say are the major difficulties or benefits being from outside of London? Ben: There are no difficulties. We love the forest, we love the river, and we love the moors. You don’t get that down there. We were there for three months to do the album and it got a bit claustrophobic. Joe: And due to the wonders of GNER getting down London is no problem. Pat: National Express... Kieran: Gigs are better outside of London. Pat: All London promoters, apart from the lovely Club Fandango, say “You must bring 200 people to the show or we’ll put a hex on your family.”  Joe: Whereas we played a gig last year for Good Form

7 Club in Bradford and the promoter said “I don’t care how many people come, I just put on three bands I like” Pat: It was rammed in the end! What will you all be doing over the summer? Kieran: I’ve a small beach house just off the Scarborough coast, so I’ll be working on the new record out there. Joe: I’ll be playing gigs, rehearsing, recording new material. Pat: I’ll be paying for the stars to align. Ben: I’ll be at Kieran’s beach house.   You list your influences as Nina Simone, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and Nick Cave among others, but how do you describe your sound and in what way do those artists feature in your music? Kieran: They are the only four artists we all like. Pat: Stylistically, those artists don’t literally feature in much of our music. Ben: Of course to some extent, every band is influenced by the behemoths that are Dylan and the Stones. Pat: Yeah, but they’re more goals to aspire towards: to be as prolific as Bob, to be as moving as Nina Simone. Ben: To embody sexual desire in the way only Nick Cave can and to be as mobile in our old age as the Rolling Stones. Also, they all added something valid

to the already crowded art form that is music, and we wholeheartedly believe that if you’re not adding something valid to the hordes of songs that are already out there, then you ought to not do it at all. Kieran: Here’s looking at you Courteeners… Pat: We’re indie without the jangle. Well, that’s how I see it. Where can people see you next? Ben: In Jack Whites garden, getting married. There, or the forest. Pat: We’re playing Leeds Cockpit with The Screaming Lights on July 7th. We’re playing Proud Galleries in London on July 10th. Joe: The Pippettes are DJing afterwards! Pat: Bands trying to DJ is something to fear rather than look forward to. Then we’re playing at The Crescent in good old Ilkley on July 16th. Where can we get hold of your music? Kieran: We have a fair few tracks at www.myspace. com/theswingmove. Including a remix of Disaster by Tom Woodhead from Forward Russia. I adore it! Ben: I update this bloggy thing fairly regularly,  http:// and you can download The Town & The City for free from it.



A MODERN DAY POLITICAL HERO We are in a time of growing civil unrest here in the UK at the state of the current political system and at those members of the political classes who have been defrauding the taxpayer with expense claims ranging from frivolous to unlawful. It is therefore somewhat ironic that we must look to the example set by a man who once sought exile in the UK during his campaign to bring true democracy to a country we once ruled. A massive 85% of the voting public waited for up to six hours on some islands to cast their votes in the country’s first ever democratic elections. Compare that to a measly 40% of our voting public bothering to turn up and it shows how much it meant to the population of these islands. I decided the time was right to get a closer look at what makes the Maldives so special and what challenges the newly elected government may face. First of all, it’s clear that the holiday resorts on the many islands that make up the Maldives are as close to paradise as you’ll experience on Earth. Turquoise seas, white sand, palm trees, and water villas on stilts over the lagoon all lend themselves to the picture postcard image you’ve probably seen in a thousand holiday brochures. Actually being there simply takes your breath away. However, while wealthy Europeans and Japanese are being treated like royalty in the expensive resorts, served by Indians, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis, one fifth of the people of the Maldives are below the poverty line with high levels of unemployment for women and young people. All that seems about to change though now that the Maldives has finally broken free from the oppressive and indulgent rule of ex-president Gayoom, and

Photography: Sam Borrett

appointed a man who was once imprisoned and tortured by Gayoom - simply for standing in political opposition. And if our Government ever needed a lesson in cutting costs of political offices, they should take notes from the new Maldives President, Mohamed Nasheed who has made a mockery of Gayoom’s $150m a year budget, which included a personal yacht, private island and a stretch limo (not very practical on a small island) and installed a budget of just $4m with the savings channelled directly into developing infrastructure in the tiny outlying islands where relative poverty is most apparent. Not only that but the President has vowed to make the Maldives the first carbon-neutral country in the world. Pretty high on the agenda when your country is surrounded by rising sea levels and the highest point stands at just 2.3 metres. What can we learn from this new leader? It certainly seems as if he has the concerns of the people at heart. It appears money is not as important to him as it has been to predecessors. It sounds like he really wants to make a significant difference and was willing to risk his life to do so.




What are you going to do to help make Nottingham a cleaner city?

mimi Thanks for doing our birthday cover, how did you get involved in illustration? No Problem! - From the moment I could make a mess really...I have always loved drawing and arty crafty type things. I suppose being a sickly child had something to do with it too... My mum would never let me scrump round ‘Nevo’ with my class mates so drawing provided me with hours of home entertainment. What’s your favourite form of creative design? Erm! - Well it’s hard to choose...I love illustration...all types, street art, clever gadgets, fashion design, the list goes on but i suppose the most amazing design has got to be life...all the cogs and wheels that fit together for the earth to exist and our bodies to function...Its all pretty darn amazing!

What inspires you in your work? Anything that I spot and like the look of really depends, although I do love anything small. Small furry animals, small people, minature anything...bright colours and japanese illustration. When you’re not designing Freeq covers, what else do you do? The Bigoften Spring Clean Editorial illustrations for Freeq, March and design is forback local from businesses and 20th the council. to I also run community arts April 25th projects. Plus I do like to dedicate a good amount of time to drinking tea! Where can we see more of your work?

To find out more Call 915 2000 Visit Email

WHY IS MCDONALDS SO BAD? ... if we stopped eating burgers, the grain and soya required to feed the cattle would feed the world population for a year.

luxury mootel

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Remember the 1990s? Bad hair, bad clothes and bad music (well, some notable exceptions). It was also the decade that saw a huge global anti-McDonalds movement stemming from a long-running legal battle between McDonalds and two ‘regular Joes’ volunteering for Greenpeace.

Having been under increasing pressure to focus less on advertising to children, McDonalds recently underwent a major facelift in all their outlets. But, don’t be fooled by the new branding and redesigned interiors of your local Maccy Ds – you’re still going in and ordering a Big Mac right?

The fast food giants sued two members of London Greenpeace for distributing a leaflet that described some of the unethical and environmentally damaging practices McDonalds used in the production of their food. After a record two and a half years the judge hearing the case ruled that McDonalds did ‘exploit children’ with advertising, that they produced ‘misleading’ advertising, and were ‘culpably responsible’ for cruelty to animals.

And if all this doesn’t concern you, then let me tell you a little story:

However, due to excessively stringent criteria imposed by the judge, the couple were unable to satisfactorily prove that McDonalds were responsible for the destruction of rainforests for the purpose of grazing cattle. (Despite McDonalds admitting they have used ex-rainforest land for sourcing their beef). Once the cattle have used the land, usually after just two years, it becomes useless and cannot be re-grown into rainforest. During the trial McDonalds’ own expert witnesses admitted the food contained high levels of saturated fat, sugar and salt. Oh and just a word of warning to vegetarians – the Fanta contains fish oil. Yep, it’s a fact. Now, we all know that eating junk food is bad and if we eat too much we get fat and die. We also know that McDonalds has, for years, targeted the little kiddies of the world so they pester their parents with non-stop noise until they get their faces stuffed with fat, salt and nitrites – mmmm, tasty.

I went in to a McDonalds store in Nottingham the other week to fill up two flasks with hot water as the soup run I was volunteering on had run out. (Those homeless guys know how to drink tea when it’s being given away!) I was reliably informed by a seasoned soup run veteran that McDonalds usually helped them out with water. Can you guess what happened? They refused. Even after I asked really nicely and told them it was for homeless people to have a hot drink. The manager was reluctant to come and talk to me and refused to give me his name before he became visibly irritated during our conversation and then ran off to hide in the back office. We tried an alternative branch just up the road and no joy there either. Eventually Subway came to the rescue and the thirsty homeless people of Nottingham were suitably re-hydrated before knocking back the last of their White Lightning and doing one. The moral of this true story is that quite clearly Subway is much more ethical than McDonalds (probably) and if you’re ever in the unfortunate position of being homeless and need somewhere to pee… useful resources:




THIS NOTTINGHAM THREESOME HAVE CREATED QUITE A BUZZ AT FREEQ HEADQUARTERS AND SINCE THE FIRST TIME WE SPOTTED THEM THEY’VE ALREADY BAGGED A DEAL WITH MAJOR RECORDS, LANDED A SLOT AT Y NOT FESTIVAL AND ARE CURRENTLY PUTTING TOGETHER THEIR SECOND ALBUM. AMITA MISTRY FINDS OUT HOW IT ALL HAPPENED Since signing up with Germany’s Major Records, how signed and successful artist/band are less than being has this helped you? an astronaut and going into space... Simon - It’s been a good marketing tool, it’s shown some people that we mean business with the way What advice would you give to bands who are we deal with Luxury Stranger as a music and art looking to get signed? project. Chris - Stick at it and stick to what you believe in. Chris - It’s certainly made the European ‘cold-wave’ Simon - My advice is a) don’t forget your roots and listeners more aware of us. b) don’t forget you’re not the only band in your Owen - Because someone has shown some faith in town - you have to work together... there’s too many what we do, it’s given us the drive bands out there who do not help each other or only to carry on with how we’re making music and how act friendly when it suits them. Think what you can we promote Luxury Stranger. achieve by being supportive of other bands. Did you find it difficult to get signed and how did it happen? Chris - We started gigging in September 2008 and have also been promoting Luxury Stranger in various ways from word go. The buzz spread quite quickly and we were approached by Major in Hamburg.They were very enthusiastic to get us on to their label and we truly feel they saw potential in our wall of sound. Simon - I wouldn’t say getting signed is easy or difficult - it’s a case of the right songs, the right attitude and being in the right pace at the right time. You could be the best band in your town/city and still never get signed. Besides - ‘being signed’ doesn’t really mean the same thing anymore... Last time I checked (and this is official) the chances of being a

What has been your greatest achievement so far? Owen - Finding each other, getting it all moving in the current direction and continuing to do it and enjoy it! Simon - I totally agree with what Owen says...LS would not be here in this situation if not for me finding Chris and Owen. I also think the way our guerrilla marketing has been ‘accepted’ is great - I’m so glad that some people are realising that Luxury Stranger is more than a band, it’s a sonic/visual art installation. You’re playing at the Y Not Festival this summer, apart from performing - what are you looking forward to? Chris - Connecting with the fans and performing on a bigger stage.

13 Simon - For me it’s just being somewhere similar to where I’ve been before in a ‘past life’ but this time knowing that this is another rung on the ladder with the best people for the job and playing to some of the best audiences. Do you perform any weird rituals before you go on stage? Simon - Well, it’s not really weird - I just do my theatre thing and put on my make-up. I also tend to act like a simpleton to give newcomers the impression ‘oh they might not be much cop’, then we rip their faces off with our sound and performance. I could talk for hours about this but I’ll save it for the next interview *winks*. Owen - I start acting like a big kid and then take that energy on stage with me. Chris - I work out the distance between the bar and the nearest exit. What’s the best thing about performing live? Chris - Allowing the audience to see the live side of Luxury Stranger. Simon - You see LS is multi-faceted: we have the raw, energised, theatrical performance of the live show and then in the studio we’re like scientists or something like that, adding all the layers to the sonic painting. I mean that’s our opportunity to use Oblique Strategies to develop the music; where as playing live is off-the-cuff, what you see is what you get with all the theatre and artiness darling!

What can we expect from your second album? Simon - A deeper and darker place. I think my lifestyle has been much more ‘perverse’ and fully understood since I wrote/recorded Desolation and Chris and Owen have also made the development of the LS sound/attitude easier to express both live and on tape (or hard drive, depending on your preference). Owen - I’d like to think we’ll also be bringing Burundi back into western popular music. Chris - As we’re still in the process of recording the second album, it feels to me as though the journey is still unknown - we and our audience only know the new material through live performances. What have you got planned for June/July 2009? Simon - Continuing to write, record, play shows, promote Luxury Stranger and build up our fan base. We’re hard at it all the time really. It’s great when you see the results too, for example when people go “Luxury Stranger? Oh yeah, you’re everywhere”... For more information visit:



ALEX HIGHTON Describing himself as a ‘wannabe Randy Newman’ Alex Highton is hoping to crack the singer/ songwriter market.

Highton comes from the sleepy town of Woodditton in Cambridge and he has already created quite a buzz over his folkish acoustic melodramatic pop. When asked to class his musical style he says: “Adam Leonard said I sound like Gruff Rhys playing the White Album. I’m pretty happy with that”. There are similarities between Highton and the Super Furry Animals front man, but personally I think Highton fails to possess Gruff ’s quirky lyrical charm. A lot of the buzz generated around Highton, escalated after contact with Hollywood film star Ashton Kutcher. Highton feels it has given him far greater publicity than he otherwise would have received. “It was good he’s a nice guy. It’s all been through Twitter. I was away and when I got back I had hundreds of messages, from all over the world, from telling me he was trying to contact me. So I spoke to him through Twitter and that was

it. He said I could collaborate on a project for Katalyst (his production company) which of course would be nice. He also put all my songs on his MySpace and put a message about me on his Facebook. Thing is he didn’t have to do any of this, really nice of him to help spread the word a bit”. Flirting with mainstream popular culture figures will not faze Highton as that is exactly the place he wants his music to be heard. “Just to be able to get the music out to as many people as I possibly can”. When Highton is searching for lyrical inspiration he is a bit vague. “It’s difficult. I don’t know really. All sorts. Whatever is happening around me, things that happened, things that never happened in the past, things that could have happened in the past but didn’t, things that could have happened in the past didn’t happen at the time but then did a bit later… I seem too have a bit of a theme going here”. This lyrical vagueness and ambiguity can be found on his songs like You’ve Got the Trees or We’ll All Have Fun.

Vocally he reminds me of a male Katie Melua if you can imagine such a thing! Not that Highton lists her as an influence. “I like Harry Nilsson, Randy Newman, David Ackles, Davey Graham, The Incredible String Band, etc, etc”. Despite aspirations to hit the big time, Highton is not that in tune with the singer/songwriter market. “I don’t know anything about it. I very rarely play gigs (although I intend to rectify this) and I’m very much in my own bubble in the village. I’ve recorded this album in my own studio, with rubbish equipment, on my own. I don’t get out much. I do like a songwriter called Ian Hutchison, check him out. The track, A Song for Someone shows a darker more atmospheric side to Highton’s writing, which does not always strike you as he has such gentile vocals. There is no questioning that Highton has concocted a powerful formula, which has the potential to infiltrate the mainstream. Jamie Brannon

image: Owen Richards


ONETOWATCH THE X X The XX are being blogged about all over the place, and rightly so - they are one of the best up and coming bands of the moment. Their music is a unique blend of girl/boy vocals layered over simplistic riffs and is easily the most stunning music I’ve heard all year. The XX are a quartet from South West London who are set for musical domination at only 19 years old. Their debut single was released on limited edition 7” vinyl back in March. There are only 500 copies in the world and they’ve sold out directly from their label Young Turks. Their album has been recorded and is waiting to drop, but it’s so fresh it doesn’t have a name or a release date yet. Like Little Boots did a year ago, The XX are gaining popularity on the back of their covers. Their MySpace page boasts a cover of Womack and Womack’s song Teardrops, which is so beautifully done that it sounds like their own creation.The B side on their debut single Crystalised is a cover of Hot Like Fire by Aaliyah.

Whilst Teardrops is recognisable - it had me singing along for a while before I realised it was a cover – Hot Like Fire probably isn’t. as familiar to listeners. The XX have a clear musical style, which is showcased in their ability to take songs from different genres, rework them and make the new versions sound even more natural than the originals. The XX have recently played the Great Escape in Brighton, Dot to Dot festival in both Nottingham and Bristol and are billed to play Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Field Day and Underage Festival this summer. Everyone needs to listen to this band. They’re on MySpace so, if you haven’t already checked them out, make sure you give them a listen. Trust me – they are going to be big. Don’t jump on the bandwagon in six months time like the rest of the world will. You need the stunning sound of The XX in your ears right now. Laura Nineham


EULER Taking their name from an 18 Century Swiss mathematician, Euler are now set to take the music world by storm with intelligently written songs, funky guitar licks and toe-tapping beats. Having just signed to new Nottingham-based label Electric Mayhem, the four-piece band are about to launch their debut album. We met up with the guys and also spoke to label manager Mike Uwins.

label, who to sign first is always going to be a difficult decision and it was one that we didn’t take lightly. I was looking for a band that had a wide appeal. They also had to be able to cut it live, and where more tunes are now downloaded than sold, be prepared to get out there and work bloody hard to promote their stuff. Luckily for me, they we already lurking in the studio.

Vocalist Matt Foulkes met guitarist Chris Baker and Drummer Dan Hodgson while studying music at college and were introduced to Bassist Jamie Gallegos shortly after to complete the current line up. Matt told us what influenced the music:

Matt: One of the great things about recording the album with all the other guys at Confetti, was that everyone put in so much effort, that it really bought out the best in us.


“Most of the songs that I’ve written have been inspired by life in Nottingham and the eternal struggle of trying to make enough money to make ends meet, whilst still trying to put as much time and energy into writing and making music. I know it sounds a bit clichéd, but I think that’s why there’s a real edge to what were doing. I mean, if you’re living in the backstreets of Forest Fields, signing on and living from hand to mouth, all of that stuff is bound to come across in your songs – it wouldn’t be natural otherwise.” The band have a varied CD collection ranging from The Beatles, Stone Roses and Oasis to Smashing Pumpkins, Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac. All of which has an impact on the overall sound of the band. Although Matt does admit they’re all enjoying modern music as well, “after so many years of sterile electronic chart music, it does the soul good to hear so many other original guitar bands back on the scene.” As the very first signing to a brand new record label the boys are obviously looking forward to seeing their music in the shops. We asked how it all happened. Chris: Electric Mayhem is the record label started by Mike and the guys at Confetti Studios and we basically refused to leave the premises unless they signed us up for an album. Matt: It’s true, it was only when we threatened to chain ourselves naked to the mixing desk that he relented. Mike (Electric Mayhem label manager): For any new

Chris: We’ve definitely been able to use that big old studio to recapture some of the vintage sound of those influences we were talking about whilst keeping it up to date. Hopefully! It always gets even busier for bands once putting pen to paper and for Euler, Matt knows there’s no exception; “We’re going to pushing the album like crazy, putting ourselves about and gigging as much as we can. We have some festival dates lined up over the summer and on the back of those, we’ll be taking the album further a-field.” The debut album, Follow Your Instincts is available in all good record shops – or directly from the on-line store Individual tracks from the album will also make their way on to iTunes . The official launch night is Saturday 17th July at the Running Horse up at Canning Circus – you’re all invited – and you can stay in touch with the latest news at So, finally Matt, where do could people find you on a Friday or Saturday night if they wanted to buy you a drink? “Most of the time, you’ll find us in the fair City of Nottingham at a gig, either on stage or next to one. If I’m not playing a gig, I want to be there at the front watching one.”




Studio bookings now being taken, from £25 per hour + VAT (inclusive of experienced in-house engineer)

For further enquiries, call Phill on (0115) 993 2324

Electric Mayhem 6-10 Convent Street Nottingham NG1 3LL Tel: (0115) 993 2313 Fax: (0115) 953 6678 Email:

Mike Uwins formed the Electric Mayhem label in November 2008 with colleagues on the Foundation Degree at Confetti in Nottingham. He has a relaxed approach to the style of music represented on the label, “We are open to music of absolutely any genre – from avant garde electronica to jazz, from grime to thrash.  Genre is not important to us, supporting and nurturing original, local musical talent, is what is all about.”

that we are a few miles North. To be perfectly honest I’d much rather be in Nottingham, because there is so much raw talent across all genres here, that to have the opportunity to find and develop it is a really exciting prospect.

When asking about the connection between the label and Confetti Studios he explained, “Electric Mayhem, both the label and the recording studio itself, is the focal point of our new course at Confetti. The basic idea is that all the students studying on the course will have a real stake in how the label develops. Some will work in the studio, pushing the faders and mixing the tracks, whilst others will be getting out there and helping us discover and develop the bands in the first place.”

Electric Mayhem are already on the lookout for more talented bands and solo artists. If you think you might fit the bill then get in touch with the label by emailing a short biog to

“There are far too many labels that are run by people who are completely out of touch with what is actually happening, but because we’ll have new people coming through every year our finger will be completely on the pulse.” We wanted to know if there were any additional challenges in operating from outside of London. “Not having run a label in London, I can’t really speak from experience – but my gut feeling is that we have such a unique set-up, that I don’t think that it matters

It’s high time that an act from Nottingham made a real mark on the UK music scene and I personally think that it’s just a matter of time.”


FREEQ’D OUT Festival season is upon us again, Ben Start takes a look at some of the hottest electronic names to watch out for this summer. LINDSTROM – LIVE Seminal Norwegian cosmic producer and remixer ready to unload hits like ‘Another Station’ and ‘I Feel Space’ on audiences this summer. Over the last decade, Hans Peter Lindstrom has gained enough of a cult following from beardy Disco heads to receive widespread mainstream recognition. The producer has recently strayed from the disco path but his live sets still lead the way when it comes to floor filling. Author of the tune There’s a Drink in my Room and I Need a Hot Lady, there’ll be plenty of both the tent for Lindstrom’s live laptop set at The Big Chill. Where: The Big Chill, Eastnor Deer Park, Herefordshire. When: August 6 – August 10 Tax: £145 Also: David Byrne, Orbital, Metro Area. MARTYN (3024) New York based Dutchman, has created his own blend of electronic music know to himself as ‘Martyn Music’. His album Great Lengths pools influences from Techno, Deep House, Dubstep and D’n’B, throwing them together into one adventure that represents a mini DJ set. Martyn’s stock as a DJ has rocketed with sets at Fabric and this festival season will be spinning

all over Europe, however head over Hadrian’s Wall to check the The Garden Party at Kelburn Castle, home of the world renowned Graffiti Project. Where: The Garden Party, Kelburn Country Park, nr. Largs, Ayrshire, Scotland When: June19 - June 21 Tax: £69 for the weekend Also: Bonobo, The Bays, Tom Middleton. FAKE BLOOD (CHEAP THRILLS) DJ Touche’s new moniker reinvented for 2009 and set to blow festival stages apart. With tonnes of experience spinning House and Electro, his new persona Fake Blood will be the explosive main room sound for the clued up club kids. Massive productions such as Mars – that harness the energy, sweat and tears of the peak hour – combined with a sixth DJ sense of timing, he is out on his own in terms of party starting. He’ll be omnipresent at most festivals but will be in his element on the main stage of Serbia’s Exit Festival. Where: Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia When: July 9 – July 12 Tax: £72 (4 day pass) Also: Ritchie Hawtin, Dubfire FLYING LOTUS (WARP RECORDS) King of the current crop of J. Dilla influence hip hop and low fi beats, Fly Lo has given the genre a much needed kick in the gold

teeth, seducing listeners with his experimental, jazz tinged take on crafting dope beats. Whether providing cinematic atmospherics or stripped back floor shakers, Flying Lotus is at the top of his game. Those disappointed with his cancelling an Autumn tour due to a family bereavement can make trip to Barcelona to see him play at the Brainfeeder event, held as part of the Off Sonar carnival of events that unfold around Europe’s most forward thinking festival. Where: Brainfeeder, Venue TBA, Barcelona When: June 18 Tax: 8-10 Euro Also: Keep your eyes and ears open for label parties and showcases. SETH TROXLER (CROSSTOWN REBELS) Young Seth is the most vibrant talent to emerge from House and Techno for years. Has attitude in abundance that sends a mischievous swagger through both his DJ sets and stunning productions on labels such as Wagon Repair, Crosstown Rebels and Wolf + Lamb. The elusive artist, who lists his occupation as ‘awesome’ on his Myspace is soon relocating to London to be closer to the capital’s electronic elite. Watch out for residencies, most likely at the brand spanking new T Bar in trendy Shoreditch. Where: T Bar, Shoreditch, London When: Summer 2009 Tax: Usually free Also: Michael Mayer, Matt Tolfrey, Matthew Styles.


REVIEWS STEALTH PRESENTS STEVE LAWLER @ STEALTH FRIDAY APRIL 24 If you’re in the hunt for the culprit for the standard issue dropped V neck T Shirt trend so favoured by House DJs, then look no further than Mr Lawler. Showing more chest than a mankini, and just peeping over the decks, purveyor of the Dark Drums chugged his way through an extended 3-hour set, that paradoxically held me on the floor for it’s entirety, but without any real ‘wow’ moments. The sound was deep and subby, with percussive flourishes including ‘La Mezcla’ on Cadenza records, that raised the ante before the night was topped of with some stomping Tech House. A solid set from Lawler… now where’s my V neck?

FRESH OUT OF DEATH PRESENT JUSTIN MARTIN @ MARKET BAR SATURDAY MAY 2 Fresh Out of Death really pulled out the stops the bring the San Franciscan to Nottingham for a rare UK show. With the strongest tendencies towards House music in any of Claude Von Stroke’s Dirty Bird stable, Martin has a distinct sound that can wander from jazzy chords to fat electro basslines. Unfortunately, with an early set time he was unable to really come into his element. Showing his class with some impressive joints, including his own remix of Pezzner’s Brooklyn New York, he gave us a mouth watering glimpse into what he’d be like in full flow. Here’s hoping he’ll be back soon.

Ben Start

Mike Sturbridge



Eleven have really upped their game in the last 12 months or so, showing a forward thinking music policy that has brought the likes of Alex Smoke and Matthew Dear to the city.The newly refurbished late bar hosted Shrink’s second birthday, with a bill of label cornerstones headed up by Matthew Burton. Expertly twisting his way through a two hour set, the Berlin boy really worked the crowd, keeping it at an inclusive level but keeping the air of uber cool you’d expect from someone who spends a lot of time at his adopted home city’s Panorama Bar. Eleven are looking to continue this forward thinking music policy, with similar label showcases upcoming and talented residents on hand to deliver real house music on a weekly basis.

First time in Dogma for ages to sample some D’n’B, the last time being High Contrast in 2004, that night was so packed in Dogma’s cramped up basement that I was seeing shapes in the lazers, after only a couple of bevs. Tonight didn’t disappoint, with Intalex delivering a tight set of rolling, stripped back Drum and Bass, with plenty of vocals and soul. Great to see a DJ in the genre not obsessed with massive bass lines and huge drops, his style suited Dogma’s stripped back décor interior perfectly – this time minus the hallucinations but enhanced by plenty of Jaegar Bombs.

Ben Start

Tolda Fidan




FEARLESSVAMPIRE KILLERS What or who do you sound like? A mixture of David Bowie, My Chemical Romance, The Kinks and The Clash. What’s the best gig you’ve ever played and why? We once played the Astoria 2 as part of the final of a UK Battle of the Bands. Worst gig ever played? Once back home (in Suffolk) we were playing a house party but we were too loud and we had to stop playing. Which band/artist would you push off stage? Well we’d like to think that we’re nice chaps, but if push came to shove then we’d certainly push Lil’ Chris off stage!

If you were recruiting for ‘Leader of the World’ who would be on the interview panel and why? Well that’s easy, Barack Obama, Ricky Gervais, Bruce Springsteen, Miley Cirus and Goldie Lookin Chain in their entirety. Most ‘rock and roll’ moment? Well we’re particularly good rock stars. I guess asking Tom from McFly to come back to our flat and party was a bit stupid. We got some VIP tickets to a Wembley gig. He just seemed really tired. The famous Jaffa Cake debate – biscuit or cake? We think it’s a cake!! Your Music Directory URL? h t t p : / / w w w. t h e m u s i c d i r e c t o r y. c o . u k / fearlessvampirekillers




WIDOWS MITE What or who do you sound like? A fearfully relieved eulogy.

these guys know how the world rolls. “don’t you think it’s time for a POSITIVE drug story?”

Which venue do you dream of playing in? In a helicopter above the Taj Mahal India

Most ‘rock and roll’ moment? Jonny Jumping off stage at the end of the last song in Leeds, everyone steps back to give him space while he screams like a disrupted banshee. A girl closest to him had a look in her eyes similar to what the end of the world will feel like.

Who is your inspiration? Tom Sharpe, John Saltage, Steevo (the business), Stevie C (the artist), John V (the sport), Mick Bee (the repairer) and finally John D.F. (the initialist) What has been your greatest achievement so far? Turning up to practice on time with all the equipment...It’s a rarity! Which band/artist would you push off stage? Stevie Wonder, then blame it on Hannah Montana. If you were recruiting for ‘Leader of the World’ who would be on the interview panel and why? Bill Hicks, George Carlin and Howard Marks, because

The famous Jaffa Cake debate – is it a biscuit or cake? Either a Bake or a Ciscuit....easy. Your Music Directory URL?



NOTTINGHAM BARAWARDS 09 Saltwater played host to this year’s Bar and Club Awards as Market Bar were crowned ‘Nottingham’s Best Bar 2009’. It was Freeq’s first year as the exclusive media partner for the awards and the event was enjoyed by hundreds of guests, all making the most of the free booze on offer. BBC Radio’s Richard Spurr presented the awards ceremony, organised by Hobo Events, after which

a host of djs kept the party going all night with turntablist/beatboxer Red headlining the show.

The awards are voted for by the public and this year saw record numbers of voters across the 12 categories. Keep a lookout for details of next year’s awards in Freeq magazine – we’ll be the first magazine to let you know all the details.











The Baby Jumping Festival (El Colacho) June 11-15, 2009 Castrillo de Murcia, Spain - Free Why would grown men dress as Devils and leap over prone kiddies in the street? To celebrate Corpus Christi of course. This is one of the most dangerous festivals in the world. Crazy Spaniards. Boryeong Mud Festival July 11-19, 2009 Boryeong, South Korea The Boryeong Mud Festival now attracts more than a million visitors to the South Korean city. It’s rich in minerals making it good for the skin. It’s also good if you want to grope people without being arrested (so I’ve been told). Wife Carrying World Championships July 4, 2009 Sonkajärvi, Finland Participants in the seventeenth world wife carrying championships aim to win a 253-metre race while carrying their wives. The winner receives their wife’s weight in beer! Hmm, trying to weigh up the pros and cons of having a fat wife has just become much more complicated. In case you were interested, last year’s winners were Alar Voogla and Kirsti Viltrop from Estonia. La Tomatina August 26, 2009 Buñol,Valencia The industrial town of Brunol welcomes 20,000 visitors to throw tomatoes at one another in an

oversized food fight. They then collect up all the tomato mush from the streets and sell it to Heinz to make soup. Yum!* Hadaki Matsuri (Naked Festival) July, 2009 Japan Not as exciting as it sounds. It’s exclusively for men and they’re not even naked. Wearing some sort of nappy, they throw mud and water at one another to symbolise purification. Though traditionally a spiritual event, many now join in just for fun. I don’t think I could handle that much fun in one day… Burning Man August 24-30, 2009 Black Rock City, Nevada Ticket prices vary, approx. £200 Each summer 50,000 hedonists gather in the Nevada desert for eight days of mayhem, culminating in the burning of a giant wooden effigy. It’s supposed to be an experiment in community, radical self-expression, and self-reliance. We’re not sure why, or how. The Testicle Festival July 29 – August 2, 2009 Clinton, Montana, USA $15 general, $20 camping, $40 to park your RV Over 21’s only No, it’s not just complete bollocks, more than 6,000 people attend the annual Testicle Festival at Rock Creek Lodge in Montana, USA.

You will need to eat bull’s testicles, or ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’, and expect some oil wrestling, wet t-shirt competitions and lots of public nudity; ‘No Panty Wednesday’ sees punters offered a free drink in exchange for their underwear. The Redneck Games July, 2009 East Dublin, Georgia, USA Born out of anger at media suggestions that the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta would be hosted by a ‘bunch of rednecks’, the Redneck Games features events such as Toilet Seat Throwing, Bobbing For Pig’s Trotters, the Mud Pit Belly Flop a wet t-shirt competition and the mysterious Armpit Serenade. What exactly are they trying to prove? Monkey Buffet Festival November, 2009 Lopburi, Thailand No, you don’t get to eat monkeys. It’s actually the monkeys that get to pig out on over two tonnes of grilled sausage, fresh fruit, ice cream and other treats. The locals see it as a thank you to the monkeys which inhabit the village and bring thousands of tourists their each year. Plans are in place next year for a ‘wet monkey t-shirt’ competition; we’ll keep you posted… *The thing about Heinz soup is quite clearly untrue.


Glastonbury Festival When: 26th- 28th June 2009 Where: Worthy Farm, Somerset, BA4 4BY Ticket Price: £175 (sold out) Website: www. Line-up: Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Script, Kasabian, Crosby Stills and Nash, Blur, Franz Ferdinand, Madness, Lily Allen, Kaiser Chiefs and Rolf Harris. Our favourite because… It’s one of the biggest and best festivals in the UK and the tickets are so god damn hard to get hold of as they were sold out months ago. We were there last year and braved the crowds and mud and rain but we loved it so much that we can’t wait for Glasto 2009!! Splendour When: - 19th July 2009 Where: Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, NG8 2AE Ticket Price: £10 for under-18’s, £15 for city residents, £30 for non-residents Website: www.splendourfestival. com Line-up: Madness, The Pogues, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Imelda May, The Rifles, Kid British and Dog Is Dead. Our favourite because… It celebrates local talent which is what we love here at Freeq! The outdoor music event will also welcome some big acts to Nottingham and the buzz about this local festival is going through the roof so expect a big crowd. V Festival When: - 22nd - 23rd August 2009 Where: Hylands Park, and Weston Park, Staffordshire Ticket Price: £175 (sold out) Website: Line-up:The Killers, Oasis, Lily Allen, Pendulum, Pete Doherty, Snow Patrol, Razorlight, The Streets and Lady Gaga.

Our favourite because… Virgin’s own festival is a major player in the UK calendar and has already sold out this year. The line-up is packed with big names from varying musical styles. Leeds and Reading When: - 28th - 30th August 2009 Where: Richfield Avenue, Reading and Bramham Park, Wetherby, West Yorkshire. Ticket Price: from £70 *SOLD OUT* Website: www.readingfestival. com and Line-up: Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, The Prodigy, Bloc Party, Gossip, Kaiser Chiefs, Ian Brown. Our favourites because… they both attract a good crowd of people and the line-up never fail to seriously entertain everyone. The facilities are some of the best out of the many festivals happening across the UK. The best thing about Reading and Leeds is they don’t have box offices issuing tickets on site, there’s only collection points for overseas and Viagogo festival-goers. So don’t waste your time going there to get tickets, make sure you purchased one in advance. Creamfields When: 29th - 30th August 2009 Where: Daresbury Estate, Cheshire Ticket Price: £100 (weekend) or £57.50 (day) Website: Line -up: Basement Jaxx, Tiesto, Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris, Sahsa, 2manydjs, High Contrast and Laurent Garnier. Our favourites because… Sod Ibiza, Creamfields is the cheaper and more convenient alternative for people who love dancing like no ones watching to a mix of funky house, dance, techno, pop and rave

music until the wee hours of the summer mornings. Bestival When: 11th - 14th September 2009 Location: Robin Hill, Downend, Arreton, Isle of Wight, PO30 2NU Tickets: £140 (adults) and £70 (children) Website: Line-up: Massive Attack, Kraftwerk, Elbow, Klaxons, MGMT and Nottingham’s own Crazy P. Our favourites because… It offers hassel-free camping and is really all about the music and not about which famous celebrities they can get to make an appearance. Another plus for going to Bestival is you can enjoy a ferry ride across to the gorgeous Isle of Wight. It’s one of the last festivals of the summer making it a great cherry on top of the festival cake. Y Not When: 31st July - 2nd August 09 Location:  Mouldridge Lane, Pikehall, Matlock, Derbyshire Tickets:  Weekend ticket £42/£29, under 10s free. Fri £21 Sat £24 Sun £17 Line-up: The King Blues (Friday), Noah and The Whale (Saturday), Young Knives (Sunday), Beardyman, Karima Francis, Sam Beeton, Whisky Cats, Shot Shot Stacy, Dananananaykroyd, Tellison, Kill It Kid and loads more. Our favourite because: It’s not as far to travel from the office. No seriously, this festival is all about the music, real ale and an intimate vibe. With affordable prices and an incentive scheme to encourage greener travel to and from the festival it’s a definite on our calendar.


Sonar When: 19th - 21st June Where: Barcelona, Spain Ticket Price: €140 weekend, €30 day, €40 opening night Website: Line-up: Madness, MIA, Hercules and Love Affair, Goldfrapp, El Guincho, Erol Alkan, Justice, Yellow Swans, Dubfire, First Aid Kit, Basquiat Strings, Rob da Bank (DJ) Our favourite because… Local boy El Guincho, aka Pablo DíazReixa, was a hit at South By South West, so where better to see his amazing mix of traditional Spanish music and broken pop than the centre of Barca? Southside & Hurricane When: 20th - 22nd June Where: Scheeßel, Lower Saxony (Hurricane) and Neuhausen, nr Stuttgart (Southside) Tickets: €110 Websites: and Line-up: Radiohead, Razorlight, Foo Fighters, Beatsteaks, Chemical Brothers, The Kooks, Calexico, Kaiser Chiefs Our favourite because… A sister festival in north and south Germany. There’s no country to equal Germany in terms of welcoming foreigners to share its beer and hospitality. Hove When: 23rd - 27th June Where: Arendal, Norway Tickets: €230 for a five day pass Website: www.hovefestivalen. com Line-up: Jay-Z, Beck, MIA, The Raconteurs, MGMT, Duffy, The Cool Kids, Crystal Castles, Band of Horses

Our favourite because… The sophomore year of Hove, which is held in a holiday camp on a Norwegian island. With beach and forest, it’s a stunning venue for some of the world’s biggest acts. For a mid-sized festival the quality of bands is incredible. Plus, the second stage is a natural amphitheatre in the middle of a wood, where the headliners play a 1am slot an hour after everything else finishes. Rock Werchter When: 3rd - 6th July Where: Leuven, Belgium Tickets: €165 pass, €75 day Website: Line-up: Radiohead, REM, Babyshambles, Grinderman, Hercules, Love Affair, Beck, Neil Young, Hot Chip, Vampire Weekend, Jay-Z, The Verve and Kings of Leon. Our favourite because… Winner of best festival in the world award last year, this Clear Channel-owned event shares some of its bands with Roskilde. If you want to catch Glastonbury’s headliners - but with added Radiohead and REM and less Somerset mud - head to the lowlands. It’ll be sunnier and the beer will be nicer too. Roskilde When: 3rd - 6th July Where: Roskilde, Denmark Tickets: £155 Website: Line-up: Radiohead, Neil Young, The Chemical Brothers, Jay-Z, My Bloody Valentine, Slayer,The Streets, Kings of Leon, MIA, Cat Power, Adele, Duffy, MGMT, Goldfrapp, Kate Nash, Santogold Our favourite because… There’s

110,000 people getting drunk in a Danish field. One of the three biggest festivals in Europe, alongside Glasto and Hungary’s Sziget. Roskilde may lack the picturesque qualities of some of its Scandinavian rivals, but its line-up, as you can see above, is unrivalled even by Glastonbury. Exit When: 10th - 13th July Where: Novi Sad, Serbia Tickets: 4-day pass £72 Website: Line-up: Manu Chao, Laurent Garnier, Soulwax, Gossip, MIA, Paul Weller, Gogol Bordello Our favourite because… Festival founded on the back of a student uprising against Slobodan Milosevic. Hosted within the confines of a city-centre fort. Walk the cobbled floor of the fort with a glass of beer that costs less than a British beer mat. Festival Internacional de Benicassim When: 17th - 20th July Where: Benicassim, Spain Tickets: €155 Website: Line-up: Leonard Cohen, My Bloody Valentine, Gnarls Barkley, Sigur Rós, Justice, Death Cab For Cutie, Richard Hawley, Spiritualized Our favourite because… Billed in some quarters as “Glastonbury in the sun”, Benicassim is many festival connoisseurs’ Euro bash of choice. Great weather, great bands, great atmosphere... get booking those flights! The festival ends with a gigantic blow out party on the beach. Plus, blag a backstage pass and you get to share a swimming pool with the bands, too.

31 Dour Festival When: 17th - 20th July Where: Dour, Belgium Tickets: 4-day pass €85 festival pass, £45 day Website: Line-up: Goldfrapp, Ice Cube, Battles, The Fall, The New Pornographers, Gogol Bordello, Bonde Do Role Our favourite because… Despite the name, Dour is anything but. It combines dance music, a couple of slag heaps and a well-observed meander through alt-indie. The enormous lake in a disused quarry where thousands look on while others risk their lives jumping off a cliff. Sziget When: 12th - 18th August Where: Óbudai Island, Budapest, Hungary Tickets: €150 camping, €120 noncamping and €32 day Website: Line-up: REM, Iron Maiden, Die Arzte, Sex Pistols, Kaiser Chiefs, Roisin Murphy, Serj Tankian, The Wombats, Babyshambles Our favourite because… One of the biggest festivals in Europe sees the likes of REM, Iron Maiden and the Sex Pistols playing on Old Buda Island on the Danube. It has a reputation for being loud and raucous - one mayor even tried suing them for disturbing the locals (they’ve built noise filtering walls this year). Lowlands When: 15th - 17th August Where: Biddinghuizen, Netherlands Tickets: €132.50 Website: Line-up: Black Kids, British Sea Power, Crystal Castles, Diplo, Hadouken!, Simian Mobile Disco, Sven Väth, Tunng Our favourite because… A “progressive outdoor festival”, which basically means alternative music with added art, visuals and comedy. Neat touches such as its own daily paper and currency. Plus, the line-up is a hipster’s dream.


Photograph: Sam Borrett



Images: Andy Espin



KNITWEAR We asked knitwear graduate, Zoe Lewis, one of only a handful of students selected to show her collection at London Fashion Week, about her designs. “It’s a collection which takes inspiration from corals and sea life; scales, scallops, and sponges, based on the notion of garments being like a second skin. I read about how some corals fluoresce in UV lighting, they transform into amazing colourful light shows. I wanted to emulate this through my designs so have used fluorescent yarns and beads which glow in UV light.The garments are made up of a mixture of fine gauge mini-textured fabrics, intricate embellishments and crocheted accessories.”

SHELTER FASHION SHOW HIGHLIGHTS @ BROWNES,NOTTINGHAM Statement t-shirts have been sported by so many famous faces who want to say something through fashion and this trend has been carried on by some of Nottingham’s most famous independent designers who designed a t-shirt to help the homeless charity Shelter. We had front row seats at Brownes where the show was held. The event was organised by Nottingham Trent marketing students Jackie Balchin and Olivia Lawrence. The turn out was good with lots of familiar faces including Bantum pioneer Simeon Hartwig.

DJ Rak-It Kid provided the music which was a mix of funky house and dance that definitely got the crowd buzzing before the show started. The t-shirts are available to buy from Projects in Nottingham at ÂŁ25 each and all the money goes to the charity Shelter to help the homeless, so loosen up your purse strings and help a good cause.







Apparently, this is the soundtrack to Schuh’s first ever TV campaign. Mick Jagger, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley - these boys all knew the vital importance of properly-fitting footwear. I’ve always had a soft spot for scottish indie and Tango deliver the Jangle in spades.  Imagine Vampire Weekend have taken a vacation (as they’d no doubt call it) in Fife, supped some Irn-Bru and  DJ’d down the local community centre with their Postcard record collection, this would be the resulting cardigan clad love-child. Jackanory though? That programme bored me shitless as a kid.

Remixed- Animat Feat Sanchitta Furruque • Big Chill Label


Esser’s debut album ‘Braveface’ has hit the shops and it’s a bit of an interesting one. On the first listen I found myself wanting to skip past ‘Bones’ because it is an intolerably dull track. It’s the embodiment of all that is wrong with Esser; juvenile lyrics to songs that sound like half hearted nursery rhymes because they’re missing a vital musical element. The track is followed by ‘Satisfied’ and from that moment on the album redeems itself. It gets really good. The songs pick up the pace and become fuller, as if Esser suddenly realised that his other tracks are missing some tuneful electronic sounds and decides to get on it for the majority of his tracks. There’s a definite Just Jack feel to this album but comparisons to Jamie T are more likely to be made just because of his accent. Esser sounds like a less forced male version of Lily Allen and it works really well. ‘Work it out’ is my favourite song, second only to ‘Stop Dancing’, which is so good it had my R ‘n’ B loving mother of 50 years bopping her head too. If you can forgive Esser for the pain of listening to ‘Bones’ and ‘Real Life’ then you may find a friend for life in this album. Laura Nineham

Went to the Big Chill a few years back, first time I’d ever seen gazebos at a festival. Rock and Roll, eh? You can’t go wrong with an astronaut sample, just ask Neil Armstrong. Deep Space Lament kicks off smartly with one and the deep bass beats promise plenty, unfortunately it’s more of a small step than a giant leap. Like those mythical long summer days it would hope to soundtrack, it drifts along with not too much intention of getting out of its deckchair. The Foundwaves remix does give it some oomph though.

Aaah, the wifty minimalism of early Labradford. There I was, lying on the settee, drifting along in my post-rock haze as Naisian’s  Mile upon  Mile soothed my troubled soul (I’d run out of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes you see). Then, bugger me, someone must have walked into the studio and shown the lead singer a compromising picture of his mom and the bassist. He’s angry. Really angry. Like Napalme Death with PMT. I think he’s telling me to die. I’m scared enough to do what he says. I like it.

reviews by Jon Stevens


Nottingham based band Swimming have recently released their exciting debut album The Fireflow Trade. This 9-track contribution contains tracks with fast beats and intense sounds such as Tigershark and Mirrormaze. The warm, energetic guitar riffs interlaced with electronic beats and samples are notably melodic. The tracks have plenty of variety too, Swimming experiment with many different layers laid on top of each other to generate a striking sound. They have been described as having “the energy of The Pixies and the soundscape of Boards of Canada”, and it’s really hard to argue against that. Swimming are an indie outfit (labeling them as indie doesn’t really do justice to the band’s sound – they are quite difficult to pigeon-hole) with a bright future, and definitely going in the right direction with this offering. Ross Whitehead


Understanding Electricity is the debut album from Official Secrets Act and, after a few spins in the CD

player, has become my favourite album of the year. The first track on the album is Mainstream which begins with stomping guitar riffs that lead into beautiful vocals, giving you a taste of exactly what the band is all about. So Tomorrow and The Girl from the BBC are my favourite tracks from the album. Both songs are perfect examples of the band’s upbeat, jerky style and, like every other track, are so catchy that they will refuse to leave your head.You’ll be singing along after the third play. Official Secrets Act can do mellow songs too, proving they’re capable of far more than simply being a

soundtrack to an indie disco. Momentary Sanctuary is the most orchestral of Official Secrets Act’s songs and A Head for Herod is the slowest. On the first listen it can seem like these songs interrupt the flow of the album and slow it down, but stick with it. This album is a grower. It isn’t one that you’ll instantly fall in love with because their music is more complex than the majority of cookie cutter indie bands out there. If you have the patience to give Understanding Electricity a chance then I’ll see you at the bottom of the stage, singing along, at their many festival appearances they’re making this summer. Laura Nineham



By the time that you have read this, the band that I am about to tell you about should hopefully be signed because they deserve to be huge. Last night I saw one of the most electrifying and exciting live performances I have ever seen. It involves red wine and strangulation. Sound worrying doesn’t it? Well, at times my friends and I did think the lead singer was about to die on stage, but thankfully he didn’t. The Chapman Family from Stockton-On-Tees are currently unsigned. What is the world coming to! Yes the lead singer, Kingsley does sound a bit like Paul from Maximo Park but they are from the same area, near enough - so that’s slightly expected. They are influenced by bands such as Sonic Youth (hurrah!) and Joy Division. A lot of bands around right now seem to be getting the Joy Division comparison thrown at them. Just because the singer has a deep voice, it doesn’t mean they sound anything like Joy Division. Editors and White Lies have had this comparison, do they sound like Joy Division? No.

Does The Chapman Family sound like Joy Division? Yes. Even if you don’t like Joy Division, which I’ll admit I’m not really a big fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them - you will probably love The Chapman Family. They have a few tracks up on their MySpace page, but to truly appreciate this band, go see them live. They put their all into their live performance. It is worrying when Kingsley wraps the mic chord round his neck, but there’s really nothing to worry about! You need The Chapman Family in your life! Olivia Cellamare



We looked you up after hearing your track Snapshot on the Nivea Happy Time commercial, can you tell us how that happened? First off, Thanks for contacting me ! Well, the whole process was really cool.The marketing company for Nivea was looking for songs for upcoming campaigns and my song was presented to them via a friend , which I wasn’t aware of at the time. So I get a phone call that my song has not only been presented to Nivea but that they loved it and wanted to use it worldwide for their new campaign. You’re currently unsigned, do you think that the advert has helped get your music noticed more? Yes, definitely! There has been such a great response to the commercial and I have received so many supportive mails. It has been a very fortunate situation. How would you describe your style of music? FreshJ It has so many influences I‘ll let the listeners title it. But trying to put it in a nutshell ‘elegantly punky’! I enjoy very many genres of music and it is definitely reflected in my music. How far would you go to get signed? Only far enough not to compromise my joy in being an Artist or my particular idea of morals. Any plans to release an album/single in the near future? Yes, I am currently working on my album and the progress is stunning. I’ll be adding a new song to my Myspace profile this later this month.

For those who haven’t been there yet… http://www.! June/July kickstarts the festival season, will you be performing or attending any festivals this summer? I’m currently focusing on finishing my album, but I have been invited to make some appearances and performances during the summer. What was the last CD you bought? I bought a couple…Run DMC (again, got the double this time…), Feist and David Bowie! What do you think of the UK? Love the UK. The energy is amazing. It has a great mixture of things. Can barely wait to get back! We’ve been celebrating Graduate Fashion Week here in the UK, who is your favourite designer and why? One of my favorite designers is Betsey Johnson ! Love her attitude and creativity. Besides the fact her dresses always fit like they have been tailor made for me! The Graduate Fashion Week is great ! It’s so exciting checking out new , fresh, up and coming designers! I am currently working on costuming with a recent graduate! What have you got planned for summer 2009? Well, I reckon it will be quite busy between working in the studio and rehearsals for the shows and the promo work. It’s an exciting time.


HERE COMESTHE FUZZ ... No it’s not the police, it’s Nottingham’s newest boutique store, selling a wide range of high-end and limited edition guitars and exclusive clothing lines.

Situated on the corner of Broad Street and Carlton Street in Hockley, Fuzz has London’s Denmark Street vibe with dark wood varnished floors, 1950s Trans Am sofas and a juke box fitting room, not to mention a purpose built shop-counter amplifier that you can plug you guitars into to try before you buy. Fuzz are the exclusive UK dealers in Nottingham for Gibson, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Blackstar, Vox and Marshall. They stock exclusive clothing from Joy Rich Los Angeles, and Naked and Famous Japanese raw selvedge denim. They even have a Nottingham exclusive on Wornby T-shirts; a range of replica tops that have been famously worn by iconic musicians.

We popped in shortly after they opened to have a chat with the shop manager Matt Hyland who mentioned the new store was an expansion of Guitar Base in West Bridgford but with a retro twist. Between them, the staff have years of both music and fashion industry experience. The store has an ideal layout for bands to play and there may well be some imprmptu or guerilla gigs in the pipeline - you’ll have to keep your ear to the ground to hear about them though. It certainly is a refreshing addition to the Hockley area and well worth a look, whether you can play the guitar or not! Fuzz is on facebook (fuzz boutique), call them on 01159509892 or visit



Is she politically incorrect or is she just telling it like it is? We love artists who really put themselves on the line for their work and Sarah Maple is one who knows how to do just that. As people stroll past the Salon Gallery in London they are presented with a picture of a girl wearing a t-shirt saying ‘I love Jihad’, is this offensive or just art? Amita Mistry catches five minutes with the contraversial artist... How long have you been doing this sort of art work for? About 3 years. In my third year at university it really took off when I discovered photography.

Every artist has a personal ‘creative process’ can you explain yours? I sit about and think a lot. I usually have the best ideas lying in bed or driving.

Some of your art is quite controversial, what are peoples initial reactions to it? People find it funny or stupid or brave or great or intelligent or insulting. Most people have a reaction which is great either way. Even if people think it sucks it kind of stays with them which is what I love.

Also people say funny/ridiculous things which inspires me. I keep a notebook in which I note down buzz words and phrases that I want to remember and incorporate into my work.

Have you had any complaints and if so what did they complain about? People complain that they find it insulting, in these cases they have misunderstood my intentions for the work. What message are you trying to get across through your work? There are lots of messages. Mainly that art and women can be funny and powerful and tell the truth.

What projects are you working on at the moment? I’m working on some performance films at the moment which I find really exciting and want to make a lot more of. I have a solo show at The Chelsea Museum of Art NY in December so I’m doing a lot of preparation for that. Where can  people find your work? The internet, my gallery in London, Salon Gallery and their website,, my own website:



* Dates and acts were all correct at time of printing, please check with venues for any changes.

Saturday June 20

Sonar Festival Barcelona, Spain Ticket Price: €140 weekend, €30 day, €40 opening night Southside & Hurricane Festival Scheeßel, Lower Saxony (Hurricane) and Neuhausen, nr Stuttgart (Southside) Tickets: €110 SEVEN Evile / Therapy! Clubnight (Metal)

Wednesday June 24 The Hubb Open Mic Night

Deux Open Mic

Trent FM Arena Once In A Lifetime Legends The Commodores, Mary Wilson of The Supremes, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Miracles and JR. Walker’s All Stars 7:30pm Price: £37.50

The Maze Comic American Presents.... Kathy Stewart 7.30pm / £9 adv

Monday June 22

The Maze Funhouse Comedy Presents...An Edinburgh Festival Preview.... 8pm / £7adv The Rescue Rooms Aqualung The Golden Fleece Open Mic Night

Trent FM Arena Britain’s Got Talent The Live Tour 2:30pm / 7:30pm Price: £32.50

Tuesday June 23

The Running Horse Live MusicThe Matt Schofield Band: Doors at 8pm http:// £10.00 entry on the door One of The best Blues artists of our time not to be missed!

The Maze Cosmic American Presents... Bands tbc... 7.30pm / £10adv

Sunday June 21

The Hubb Mas y Mas Latin /samba

The Approach Joe Strange Band

(Nearly Sold Out) Price: £45 - £50

The Running Horse Open Mic Night and guitar hero comp doors 8pm free entry: come along either solo duo or band and play a slot at our open mic, why not enter the weekly guitar hero comp £100 prize see homepage for detail! Hove Festival Arendal, Norway Tickets: €230 for a five day pass Trent FM Arena Neil Young

Rock City Kasabian + The Hours **SOLD OUT** The Running Horse Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8pm. Backline provided. Free entry, all welcome! come down and join the house band, bring your own band or just enjoy the great music!

Thursday June 25 Glastonbury Festival Worthy Farm, Somerset,

The Running Horse Student Band Night Doors 7pm £2 entry Hosted by Jonno Burrows and his band Martinez.: Every week some of Notts finest student bands take to the stage at The Runner,

Deux The Jupiter Monkeys Acoustic Jamboree S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5BB Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight The Golden Fleece Live Thursdays SEVEN These Monsters, The Freezing Fog, Venice Ahoy, Xtag, Maybeshewill (Dj Set)

Friday June 26 Southbank Bar Joe Strange Band

The Hubb Toe Tappers Delight The Approach Roy De Wired The Westgate Suite Soul Night The Running Horse Patriot Rebel and The Incoming doors at 8pm £3.00 entry: Rock / Indie / Grunge Patriot Rebel are a melodic rock band with driving riffs and very catchy songs not to miss,www.myspam

Saturday June 27 The Rescue Rooms Silversun Pickups

SEVEN Syndicate Clubnight / Delta Red / The Arcadian Kicks / The Fakers / Jon Brookes DJ Set (Indie) The Running Horse Green For Go and The Money 8pm till 2 am club night £3 entry: greenforgo Doors at 7 £3 entry ngreat line up of 3 of the finest bands in town, food and drink offers all night.Support by The Money The Hubb Rigbee Deep djs The Maze Rubber Room 9pm / £5 (TBC) Wild Wild Party with Rubber Room DJs and guest band! Rockabilly, Retro Rock n Roll, Sleazy RnB

Tour” **SOLD OUT**

Alley Cafe Rigbee Deep

The Hubb Open Mic Night

Southbank Bar Joe Strange Band

Rock Werchter Leuven, Belgium Tickets: €165 pass, €75 day

Thursday July 9

Saturday July 11

Roskilde Roskilde, Denmark Tickets: £155

The Hubb Natalie Duncan Band (jazz)

The Maze Ghoul Garden 9pm / £3.50/£3 Consessions

Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight

Friday July 3

The Running Horse The Limits & Supports to be announced: Doors at 8pm. £3 entry. The Hubb dj bob: world music

The Golden Fleece Live Thursdays

S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5BB Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight

The Bodega Malcolm Middleton

The Running Horse The Noise Explosion: Progressive / Southern Rock / Hardcore from the Northeast. Check them out www.myspace. com/thenoiseexplosion

N’T «DO S.P.A.M! DJs do Papershaker at The Orange Tree, Shakespeare St, Nottingham NG1 4FQ 60s garage, 60s pop, all vinyl, no playlist 8pm-midnight

Southbank Bar Joe Strange Band

Friday July 10

The Approach Roy De Wired The Westgate Suite 70s To 90s Disco Reunion

Rock City The Birthday Massacre

Sunday June 28

Saturday July 4

The Rescue Rooms M. Ward

Rock City LA Guns 20th anniversary celebratory ‘Cocked and Loaded’ (LA Guns will play the album in its entirety)

The Bodega Wavves

Stealth Ebony Bones

Deux Open Mic

The Approach Joe Strange Band

Monday June 29

S.P.A.M! in the Red Room at Rescue Rooms, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, NG1 5GG Resident DJs spin 60s garage, 60s pop, all vinyl, no playlist £7/£5 adv/NUS

The Approach Joe Strange Band

The Rescue Rooms The Answer ! MISS

The Maze Cosmic American Music Presents....An Evening With Lucy Kaplanski 7.30pm / £15 adv

The Golden Fleece Open Mic Night


The Running Horse Open Mic Night and guitar hero comp doors 8pm free entry: come along either solo duo or band and play a slot at our open mic, why not enter the weekly guitar hero comp £100 prize see homepage for detail!

Wednesday July 1 The Hubb open mic night The Bodega You Animals The Running Horse Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8 back line provided free entry all welcome

Thursday July 2 The Golden Fleece Live Thursdays

The Hubb Ben Martins Band jazz The Running Horse Jono Burrows Student Night S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5BB

The Hubb Fab Two Duo

Sunday July 5

Rock City John Mayall + Andy Sharrocks And The Smokin’ Jackets

Exit Festival Novi Sad, Serbia Tickets: 4-day pass £72

The Approach Roy De Wired The Running Horse Fred Zeppelin The Hubb Dj Fox (rare groove tunes)

email to book your photographer now!

Wednesday July 8

The Running Horse Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8 back line provided Rock City Thunder “20 Years & Out - The Farewell

The Westgate Suite Northern Soul & 60’s

Sunday July 12

The Maze Revolution Sounds Presents ..... Chase Long Beach 8.30pm / £6 The Running Horse The Ann Duggan Band Doors 7 £5.00 entry : the “White Blues Lady”,She has established herself as one of the most distinctive voices on the U.K live circuit http://www.annduggan.

Monday July 13 The Golden Fleece Open Mic Night

Victoria Beer Festival Victoria Hotel, Beeston 13 - 23 July

promo images press shots live gigs


The Running Horse Open Mic Night Band Audition Night: In a band, solo, or duo, come and join us Tuesday is the night to discuss gig dates with us,reserve a slot 07826803941

The Running Horse 25 Past Skank tbc

Monday July 6 The Golden Fleece Open Mic Night

The Golden Fleece Open Mic Night

Music Photography

get your band photographed completely free!

The Running Horse The Becky Syson Band : Doors at 7pm. £3 entry

The Hubb Shades of Blue (blues)

Tuesday July 14 SEVEN The BossHoss (Punk)

The Running Horse Open Mic Night: In a band, solo, or duo, come and discuss gig dates with us,reserve a slot runninghorsemusic@hotmail. 07826803941

Wednesday July 15 The Hubb open mic night

Lee Rosy Tea Shop Cup of Tea The Running Horse Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8 back line provided free entry all welcome

Thursday July 16 The Golden Fleece Live Thursdays The Hubb Deli (jazz) The Running Horse Luxury Stranger S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5BB Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight

Friday July 17

Festival Internacional de Benicassim Benicassim, Spain Tickets: €155 Dour Festival Dour, Belgium Tickets: 4-day pass €85 festival pass, £45 day

The Hubb Hemulen DJ African Beats The Running Horse Euler & Supports to be announced: Doors at 8pm. £3 SEVEN Breakout Festival Day One / Better Left Alone / Make It Through / Almost Home / We Stare At Mirrors / Feral Eve / Nochaa (Metal / Hardcore) Southbank Bar Joe Strange Band The Approach Roy De Wired

Saturday July 18 The Approach Joe Strange Band

The Running Horse The Strategy INDIE KIDS TOUR 7pm £3 entry tbc: The Strategy have played with Blood Red Shoes, The Warlocks, Tonight is Goodbye, You me at six,www.

Monday July 20

SEVEN Breakout Festival Day Two Deviding The Line /Many Things Untold /Deaf Havana /Shadows Chasing Ghosts /Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge /Oribine Proceed /A World Defined /We Were Superstars /Armed For A Crisis / A Silent Epidemic


The Running Horse Redland Festival Promotions: Doors at 7pm

The Levellers at Rock & Bike Fest 2009 22:00pm The Levellers headline the Rock & Bike Fest 2009

Wednesday July 22

The Running Horse Starscreen and supports

The Hubb open mic night

Sunday July 19

The Running Horse Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8 back line provided

The Pogues at Wollaton Park Splendour in Nottingham featuring MISS! Madness «DON’T The Pogues Fun Lovin’ Criminals Imelda May The Rifles Kid British Dog Is Dead The Maze Cosmic American Music Presents.....Eliza Gilkyson 7.30pm / £12 adv

SEVEN The Casino Brawl / Millicent Grove / Skies In Motion / With Silent Eyes (Metal)£5

Thursday July 23 The Golden Fleece Live Thursdays

The Running Horse The Nina Smith Band AND GUESTS The Hubb Brazilica Jazz S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham,

Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight

FRIDAY JULY 24 The Running Horse Pickups and Pitchforks Mayhem! with supports

Saturday July 25 Rock City The New 1920 The Hubb Rigbee Deep eclectic mix djs

The Running Horse Guerilla Radio and supports to be announced: Doors at 8pm. M £3 entry. N’T «DO S.P.A.M! DJs do Papershaker at The Orange Tree, Shakespeare St, Nottingham NG1 4FQ 60s garage, 60s pop, all vinyl, no playlist 8pm-midnight

Sunday July 26

The Running Horse The Nemo Shaw Band & Guests: Doors at 5pm. A jam will be held until 7pm where all are welcome to come along and play, then The Nemo Shaw Band & 2 special guests. £2 entry The Maze Nottingham Folkus Presents... Syzygy Steve Turner Bob Ballard Harris 8pm / £4Al


The Running Horse KENAI UK TOUR £3.00 entry doors 8pm: KENAI- www. THE ELIJAH(UK)- www.myspace.


com/theelijahuk Immercia (

The Running Horse Live MusicThe Limits Promote: A line up of some of the finest indie music Nottingham has to offer brought to you by local legends The Limits. Doors at 8pm/£3 entry


The Running Horse Open Mic Night: In a band, solo, or duo, come and discuss gig dates with us,reserve a slot runninghorsemusic@hotmail. 07826803941

S.P.A.M! in the Red Room at Rescue Rooms, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, NG1 5GG Resident DJs spin 60s garage, 60s pop, all vinyl, no playlist £7/£5 adv/NUS

WEDNESDAY JULY 29 The Hubb open mic night

The Running Horse Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8pm. Backline provided, free entry. All welcome!

! JULY 30 MISS THURSDAY The Hubb Mandy Tatton Band

S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight The Running Horse Sinatra & Guests The Make Out Jake Needs Beer: Rock / Hardcore / Alternative band Sinatra headline with supports

Rescue Rooms Wilko Johnson +Peoples Republic Of Mercia


The Running Horse Live MusicThis Is How We Dance: with support from Chasing Amy, The Make Out, Jake Needs Beer. £3 entry/ Doors at 8pm.

Tuesday August 4

The Running Horse Live Music Open Mic Night

WedNESDAY August 5

The Running Horse Live MusicRock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8pm. Full backline provided. All welcome! Free entry.

Friday July 31

The Westgate Suite Soul Night The Hubb Dj Fox rare groove tunes The Running Horse Shining Examples and supports 8pm £3 entry: rhythm & blues, funk, rock www. doors at 8pm

S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight The hubb open mic night

THURSDAY AUGUST 6 Rock City Annotations of an Autopsy Plus Trigger the Bloodshed, Viatrophy & The Impending Doom The Hubb brazilica jazz

FriDAY August 7

The Running Horse Live MusicTHE ANIMALS Yes REALLY : http://www. page/the_animals_and_friends THIS WILL SELL OUT FAST AND ALL TICKETS MUST BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE The Hubb Wholesome Fish folk

SatURDAY August 8 Stealth Glint

Rock City Young Guns +None the Less +Stars of the Search Party

WedNESDAY August 12 The Running Horse Live MusicRock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8pm. Full backline provided. All welcome!

S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight

FRIDAY AUGUST 14 The Hubb Mr and Mrs Jones duo

The Running Horse Live MusicOpen Mic Night

WedNESDAY August 19 The Running Horse Live Music Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8pm. Full backline provided. All welcome!

S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk, 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight The Hubb open mic night

THURSDAY AUGUST 20 The Hubb Ben Martins Band jazz • • 07958 535878 Quality Design, Affordable prices...Maximum Impact

The Running Horse Live MusicThe Limits and supports: Doors at 8pm. £3

Rock City Damaged Stock - Charity Metal All-Dayer with Evil Scarecrow, Sorcerer’s Spell, A470, Stone Circle, Dirty Beard & More Doors at 14:30

TueSDAY August 25 The Running Horse Live Music Open Mic Night

WedNESDAY August 26

The Hubb open mic night

The Running Horse Live Music Damon Downs and Guests

TueSDAY August 18

Radar understands the Importance of quality design and communication for your business. We also understand that not everyone has a huge budget for design and print. We can work to all kinds of budgets and our low overheads mean that we can offer graphic design, print and creative services at Unbeatable prices - Without ever having to Compromise on quality.

SatURDAY August 22

SunDAY August 9

The Hubb Deli jazz


The Hubb Psypha djs

The Hubb Garrison folk



The Running Horse Live Music Fat Digester TBC

The Running Horse Live Music Rock and Blues Jam night: Doors at 8pm. Full backline provided. All welcome!

The Hubb open mic night


FriDAY August 21

ThuRSDAY August 27

The Running Horse Live Music jezebelrock: Doors at 8pm £3.00 entry S.P.A.M! at The Ropewalk 107 Derby Road, Nottingham, Resident DJS play 60s: Soul, Psyche, Pop, Alternative, Mod & Motown - you chose! 8pm-midnight The Hubb Northgate Slide jazz

FriDAY August 28 The Running Horse Live Music Fat Digester

SatURDAY August 29

The Running Horse Live Music Green For Go: ! Doors at 8pm. £3 entry. ’T MISS DON « S.P.A.M! DJs do Papershaker at The Orange Tree, Shakespeare St, Nottingham NG1 4FQ 60s garage, 60s pop, all vinyl, no playlist 8pm-midnight Free!

SunDAY August 30

The Running Horse Live MusicThe Nina Shaw band Doors at 8pm £3.00 entry: Acoustic singer songwritter from Nottingham with an absolutely amazingly talented band, great nights live music The Hubb party in the car park live bands all day

MonDAY August 31

The Running Horse Live MusicThe Electric Revelators: Doors at 7pm/£5.00 entry. Power Electric Blues: Gordon Wride of Slims Blues leads this amazing Blues Band

ARTS / THEATRE LISTINGS Saturday June 20 Nottingham Playhouse Young Voices

The Royal Concert Hall Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular The Lakeside Arts Centre Exhibition: EARTH - MOON - EARTH Jongleurs One - Nottingham Rich Wilson, Jarred Christmas, Ninia Benjamin and Des Clarke Tickets only: ÂŁ15

Sunday June 21

The Lakeside Arts Centre Aracaladanza (Spain) Presents - Visto Lo Visto /Seen And Unseen

Friday June 26

Jongleurs Mark Walker, Gary Delaney, Jefferson & Whitfield and Phil Walker Tickets only: ÂŁ13

Saturday June 27

Jongleurs Mark Walker, Gary Delaney, Jefferson & Whitfield and Phil Walker Tickets only: ÂŁ15

Monday June 29

The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham Ali Campbell

Tuesday June 30

Theatre Royal Roll Out The Barrell Starts: 2pm Tickets ÂŁ12

Monday July 6


Tuesday July 7

Jongleurs R David, Tom Stade, Paul Chowdhry and Zoe Lyons Tickets only: ÂŁ13

The Royal Concert Hall The Saturdays Theatre Royal 7 -11 July The Big Friendly Giant

Friday July 10

Jongleurs Jonathan Mayer, Steve Gribbin, John Scott and Daliso Chaponda Tickets only: ÂŁ13

Saturday July 11

Jongleurs Jonathan Mayer, Steve Gribbin, John Scott and Daliso Chaponda Tickets only: ÂŁ15

Monday July 13

Saturday July 25

Jongleurs R David, Tom Stade, Paul Chowdhry and Zoe Lyons Tickets only: ÂŁ15

Monday July 27 Theatre Royal 27 July - 1 August Bill Bailey Live


The Royal Concert Hall An Audience With Sally Morgan

The Royal Concert Hall 13 - 18 July Chicago

Monday June 22 nd th

Thursday July 2

Friday July 17

The Lakeside Arts Centre Exhibition: LAURA MCCAFFERTY

Jongleurs Dominic Frisby, Steve Williams, Michael Smiley and Brian Higgins Tickets only: ÂŁ13

Friday July 31

Wednesday June 24

Friday July 3

Saturday July 18

Jongleurs Mickey Hutton, Dave Johns, Tommy Campbell and Rudi Lickwood Tickets only: ÂŁ13

(22 - 27 June) Theatre Royal Nottingham Spiders Web Tickets from ÂŁ9 Nottingham Playhouse 24 June - Saturday 11 July Once on this Island A jubilant Caribbean musical for the whole family! The Royal Concert Hall The Ladyboys of Bangkok The Lakeside Arts Centre Bombers Moon - By William Ivory at 7pm

Thursday June 25

The Royal Concert Hall Dancing Queen Jongleurs Janey Godley, Geoff Norcott, Simon Bligh and Barry Castagnola Tickets only: ÂŁ13

Saturday July 4

Jongleurs Janey Godley, Geoff Norcott, Simon Bligh and Barry Castagnola Tickets only: ÂŁ15

The Royal Concert Hall The Wiggles

The Lakeside Arts Centre Exhibition: SUE DISLEY Jongleurs Dominic Frisby, Steve Williams, Michael Smiley and Brian Higgins Tickets only: ÂŁ15

Thursday July 30 The Royal Concert Hall The Motown Show


August 17th - 29th

Wednesday July 22

The Art Organisation “Images From The Outside� Painting and print exhibition

Friday July 24

To submt listings please visit

The Lakeside Arts Centre SUMMER SCHOOL - LUNAR INVENTIONS The Lakeside Arts Centre Summer School - Lunar


the heavy sounds specialising in heavy rock and metal



new and used cd, vinyl and dvd open mon-sat 10am till 6pm 15-17 west end arcade

nottingham NG1 6JP

ph: 0777 297 0874

WILD ilder




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