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PHP Training

Introduction to PHP and MySQL Who Should Do This Course? Anyone looking to hand code a database-driven website using PHP and MySQL. Participants should have already completed the Dreamweaver CS4: Website Development course or have the equivalent experience and understanding of HTML and CSS.

Why PHP and MySQL? Duration: 4 days Class size: 10 students max Times: 9:00am - 5:00pm Price: $2200 inc GST

After the course?

The combination of PHP and the MySQL database now provides the most widely used solution for creating dynamic websites. Together with the Apache web server, these Free software applications provide the foundation for many standard web hosting plans. During the course you will learn how to hand code a dynamic website, using a development environment on your local computer that matches the server environment where your site will eventually be hosted.

Each student will receive:

• • • •

Certificate of completion Training manual 12 months FREE email support FREE class re-sit (if necessary)

About The Course During the 4-day course, participants will step through how to build an entire dynamic website, ensuring that they have the necessary experience, skills and confidence to build a dynamic website later on. Participants will learn how to:

• install and configure the Apache, PHP, and MySQL software,

• write commands in Structured Query Language (SQL), • • • •

the language used to query and modify the MySQL database, gather and process information from forms, handle file uploads, create an online gallery, and password-protect your pages.

The course puts an emphasis on using secure coding practices.

Content Unit 1: Introducing the Course

Unit 7: Managing Files with PHP

• •

Getting familiar with the course methodology and format Understanding the course objectives and pre-requisites Why PHP and MySQL?

Unit 2: Installing the Software • • • • •

Installing Notepad++ (text editor) and Win Merge (file comparison utility) Installing Apache Installing PHP Configuring Apache to work with PHP and testing PHP Checking your PHP settings

Unit 3: Writing PHP Scripts • • • • • •

Using variables Commenting scripts Using arrays to store multiple values Using quotes correctly Loops and functions Displaying PHP output

• • • • • •

Preventing files from being overwritten

Checking that PHP has the necessary permissions Reading files in a single operation Read/write operations Replacing content in a file Appending content to a file Exploring the file system

Unit 8: Generating Thumbnail Images • • • •

PHP’s image manipulation functions Generating a scaled down version of an image Resizing an image automatically on upload Giving each thumbnail a unique name

Unit 9 : Simple Login and Multipage Forms • • • • •

Session management with PHP Creating and destroying session variables Using sessions to restrict authentication Setting a session time limit Passing information through multipage forms

Unit 4: Using Includes to Streamline your Workload

Unit 10: Setting up MySQL and phpMyAdmin

• • • • • •

• • • •

Including content from other files Identifying the current page with PHP Creating pages with variable content Dealing with missing include files Displaying a random image Using includes securely

Unit 5: Bringing Forms to Life • • • • •

Gathering information from a form with PHP Sending email from a form Validating user input Handling multiple choice form elements Redirecting to another page

Unit 6: Uploading Files • • • • •

Checking that your server supports uploads Creating an upload directory Checking filenames Refusing large files Restricting file types

Installing and configuring MySQL Installing and configuring phpMyAdmin Launching phpMyAdmin Installing the MySQL GUI Tools

Unit 11: Getting Started with the MySQL Database • • • • • •

Introduction to database management Setting up the MySQL database Creating MySQL user accounts Connecting to MySQL with PHP Finding the number of records in a database query Displaying the results of a query

Unit 12: Creating a Dynamic Online Gallery • • •

Planning the image gallery Passing information with a query string Displaying database results in a multicolumn table

• •

Selecting subsets of records Navigating through long record sets

Unit 13: Managing Content • • • • •

Safeguarding your data from SQL injection attacks Writing SQL queries Setting up a content management system Creating the necessary database table Inserting, updating, and deleting records

Unit 14: Solutions to Common PHP/ MySQL Problems • • • • • •

Extracting characters, words, paragraphs, and sentences from text Manipulating dates Working with multiple database tables Finding records with no matching foreign key Using lookup tables to resolve many-to-many relationships Deleting records with dependent foreign keys

Unit 15: Securing your Website from Intruders • • • •

Encrypting methods Using one-way and two-way encryption Registering new users Updating user details

Package Deals Relating To This Course PHP Package Introduction to PHP and MySQL (4 days) Advanced PHP Web Development (3 days) Total investment - $2750.00 (you save $1100)

Web Developer Package Introduction to HTML (1 day) Dreamweaver CS4: Website Development (3 days) Fireworks CS4: Web Graphic Creation (2 days) Fast Track to Flash CS4 (2 days) Advanced Website Design Using CSS (2 days) Web Production Course (3 days) Dreamweaver CS3: Dynamic Application Development (3 days) Introduction to PHP and MySQL (4 days) Total investment - $5995.00 (you save $4125)

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PHP Training  

Training details for php/mysql course

PHP Training  

Training details for php/mysql course