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Traditional Japanese denim jeans. Vataku are jeans for people unconcerned with popular trends and other people’s opinions. They are the best choice for those who prefer tradition rather than rushing for everchanging fashion. Vataku jeans suit those who have no need to impress others by wearing well-known brands. Mass-market production can never be exclusive. Its aim is creating garments of average quality that can be worn for only one season. Our high-quality clothing is manufactured exclusively. It was our aim not to go for mass production with this project. A master cares about every stitch and puts his soul into every pair of jeans. You can not find two identical pairs of jeans even if they are made by one and the same master. They will all have high quality and a certain individuality.

The choice of fabric is the most important thing in the production of real jeans. Our jeans are produced out of the highest quality Japanese raw selvage denim. This material is close to legendary. It is being manufactured according to traditional technology on special vintage machines brought from America during the 1960s. Raw selvage denim is recognized by the colored thread interwoven into the edge of the cloth. With time its surface wears out which results in the jeans changing their color and developing an individual look that reflects the life of their owner. This unique effect shows up during the first five years of wearing the jeans and is called ÂŤalive denimÂť. In order to retain the original strength of the denim fabric, no chemical processing such as washing, is applied during production. Our jeans have five pockets and a straight design - this is exactly how jeans were made in the middle of the 19th Century. In order to make jeans that keep their original shape for years we use special force elements. This is a great step forward in the evolution of jeans. Woven tapes are used to strengthen pockets, zips, belt loops etc. The bottom of the jeans is stitched with a ribbon which prevents fabric from wearing out and the shoes from getting dyed which is quite typical if jeans are made of real raw selvage denim. The quality of the threads is another key element in good clothing. For this project we have chosen super strong threads from German producer Gutermann that are also used to make sails. Zips used in the project are from American brand Talon which is known to be the best choice for vintage clothing. The back belt loop stitched at an angle, manually sewn buttons and pockets with lining make Vataku a real Bentley in the world of jeans!

GUtermann threads. Manually sewn buttons.

Pocket with lining

Talon zips + woven tape

Belt loop stitched at an angle + leather patch

RAW selvage denim

Extra layer of fabric

Red bear conquering the world capital cities

The source of everlasting femininity

Behind the scenes of Russian handicraft

Secret symbols of Russian heraldry

1ÂŤSpamÂť canned meat sent to Russia during World War 2

National treasure put on pockets

The Garage Wine Classic Line Vataku GV Classic Garage wine is a unique product produced by small family-run companies. The quality of the wine depends on the skills and experience of the people making it. However, even these people cannot know for sure the taste of the final product. Making garage wine is similar to creating a piece of art. It requires a special mood which artists call inspiration. The Garage Wine line is a collection with a strong focus on the quality of the fabrics, accessories and design. The main feature is not the jeans but the people wearing the jeans. Garage Wine jeans are for risk-taking, unpredictable people with an individual style free from the influences of massmarket fashion, advertising and the opinions of other people.

The 1st of May line The golden age of the USSR inspired us to create this line, incorporating everything the great country was proud of - the labour deeds of 1930s; the victory of the1940 and the great achievements in science and sports in the 1950s. The Soviet posters of that time accurately reflect the spirit, ideas and energy of a people that believed in wonder - the people creating this wonder with their own hands. Russian national art (Khokhloma painting, Kudrinskaya carving) and Russian heraldry also give us great topics for our contemporary designs. The elements of folk art and Soviet propaganda posters were re-interpreted by contemporary graphic artists to create the new images for our collection. These bold and witty ideas allow everyone who wants to touch the great myth of the USSR express themselves by wearing our jeans!

VATAKU JEANS An exciting mix

of exclusive fabric, avant-garde Japanese design an d Russ i an c h a r a c te r

Vataku Japanese Selvage Denim  

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