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Tips to Select the

Right Coffee Machines for Your Workplace

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world embraced by cultures worldwide for its stimulant effects and health benefits. In a workplace, it can be an integral part of

creating a healthy and productive community.

Don’t have a coffee machine in your office? Thinking of purchasing one? Then follow the below tips to save yourself from getting ripped off.

First, decide what you really want. Make a list; this will help you negotiate what you want and what fits your workplace.

Instant coffee or bean coffee? It’s advised to ask your staff whether they’re instant coffee drinkers or do they prefer filter coffee or espresso based coffee?

Look at volumes. Don’t select a domestic coffee machine to service an office of 30 or more staff , domestic machines were never designed to work in office environments and you’ll end up with a tired machine very quickly.

Finally, find a trusted coffee machine supplier. You can seek help online to find a reputable company and check their reviews online. Once you’re satisfied with their customer reviews, check whether the company meets your needs or not.

If you’re looking for a trusted supplier of commercial automatic coffee machines, contact Free Office Coffee Machine who offer state of the art automatic office coffee machines in Perth for free.

Contact Info: Phone: (08) 92882951 Website:

Tips to Choose the Right Office Coffee Machines in Perth  

Searching for the right office coffee machine in Perth? Here are few major things to consider while looking for a right commercial coffee ma...

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