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a quaker legacy 73 American Quaker manuscript material primarily 18th century Including spiritual testimonials and other religious meterials, misc. extracts and copies of works and letters of prominent Friends, wills and other documents, including material relating to Native Americans, a Christian convert from Judaism, many documents relate to the Moon, Randolph, Taylor and related Quaker families, approximately 40 pieces. $800-1,200 74 Four Quaker imprints british isles, 17th and early 18th centuries Including James Alexander, “An Answer to a Book published by Richard Smith of Westchester. Wherein the People of God called Quakers are cleard from the wrong...charged upon them,” probably London, 1677; the second, Thomas Ellwood, “The Foundat[tion] of Tythes Shaken,” 1678; the third, John Whiting, “Early Piety Exemplified in the Life and Death of Mary Whiting...with Two of her Epistles to Friends,” J. Sowle, London, 1711; and the fourth, John Bancroft, “ A Faithful Warning to the Inhabitants of GreatBritian and Ireland, Samuel Fairbrother, Dublin, 1720, bound with Jane Fearson, “Universal Redemption Offered in Christ, In Opposition to That Pernicious and Destructive doctrine of Election,” 1693. provenance: First volume with ink ownership of James Moon, dated 1753. Second volume with ink ownership of James Moon, dated 1745. Third volume with ink ownership to James Moon, dated 1770 $250-450

75 Group of nine Quaker imprints 18th century Including Alice Hayes, “A Legacy, Or Widow’s Mite; Left ... to Her Children and others. Being a Brief Relation of her Life; with an Account of some of her Dying Sayings,” Andrew Steuart, Philadelphia, 1766; Joseph Gough & Joseph Phipps, “ Reasons why The People called Quakers do not pay Tythes,” Joseph Cruikshank, Philadelphia, 1771; Daniel Stanton, “A Journal of the Life Traveld, and Gospel Labours,” Joseph Cruikshank, Philadelphia, 1772- with errata; Stephen Crisp, “A Short History of a Long Travel from Babylon to Bethel “ Joseph Cruikshank, Philadelphia, 1776; two copies of Elizabeth Webb, “A Letter from... to Anthony William Boehm, with His Answer,” Joseph Cruikshank, Philadelphia, 1781; John William Gerar De Brahm, “Time an Apparition of Eternity,” Zachariah Poulson, Philadelphia, 1791 with partly printed presentation leaf, dated “ 7d VII month 1791 signed in ink by John William Gerar de Brahm, untrimmed; “Prophetic Conjectures on the French Revolution,” William Young, Philadelphia, 1794; “ A Further Salutation of Brotherly Love,”... Jacob Johnson, Philadelphia, 1795. provenance: Ink inscriptions of ownership of James Moon and Moses Moon $500-800


76 Group of early American imprints mainly william and andrew bradford, philadelphia, pa, early 18th century Including Robert Hunter, “Answer to What has been offer’d as argument...”Printed and Sold by William Bradford, Philadelphia: Sold also by Andrew Bradford, 1716; “The Charge to the Grand Jury at Burlington, the First Day of May, 1716;” “A Legacy for Children, being Some of the Last Expressions, and Dying Sayings of Hannah Hill, Junr. Of the City of Philadelphia,” Andrew Bradford, Philadelphia, 1717; “The Charge Delivered from the Bench to The Grand Jury, At the Court of Quarter Sessions held for the County of Philadelphia the second day of September 1723,” Andrew Bradford, Philadelphia, 1723- Bound with Lewis Morris, New Jersey, “Messages and Addresses,” etc. provenance: Ink ownership inscriptions of James Moon $500-800

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