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Asian Arts 03/15/14

Asian Arts 03/15/14

Asian Arts



Sale 1485

Tuesday March 11 through Friday March 14 10am-4:30pm

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Saturday March 15, 2014 at 10am

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Tianhan Gao

$47 international mail


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$42 domestic mail

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Asian Art Saturday March 15, 2014 at 10am lots 1-787


1 131748/6 Three Tibetan gilt bronze figures Consisting of Vajrapani modelled striding in alidhasana on a lotus base, his left hand is in vitarkamudra and his right raised holding a vajra, a lama modelled seated in dhyanasana on a double lotus base, wearing a tall hood and flowing robes decorated with foliate scrolls, hands in dharmacakramudra, the baseplate incised with a visvavajra, and a bodhisattva shown seated in dhyanasana atop a double lotus base, the hands held at the front, the slender figure arrayed in beaded jewellery, with large pendent earrings and a foliate crown in front of the coiled topknot. H: 4 1/2 inches, 4 inches, 4 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

2 132430/2 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Tara 19th century The figure seated on double lotus base with hands in dhyana mudra holding an alms bowl. The deity adorned in ornamental jewelery, and monastic robe, the face with a serene expression and downcast eyes, surmounted by a foliate tiara, the hair pulled into a high chignon, the base sealed. H: 6 inches $1,000-1,500

3 132591/30 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze standing figure of a bodhisattva qing dynasty The crowned figure in long gown with elaborate piping to front holds hands in a benevolent gesture; with single-lotus base. H: 6 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

4 132591/29 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Jambala qing dynasty The portly figure seated on a double lotus throne cast with crown and typical adornments, holding an offering in one hand, a mouse in the other. H: 4 inches $1,500-2,000

5 132591/28 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of a lama qing dynasty The well-cast figure shown seated on a cushion in loose robes and adorned flattened hat displaying vitarka mudra and bearing a pleasant expression. H: 6 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000 5

6 132591/27 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of a lama qing dynasty The seated figure in loose robes and pointed hat holds an offering in his lap; on unusual un-gilded and bulbous lotus platform. H: 6 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000

7 132591/26 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of Tara qing dynasty The finely-cast figure, seated on a double lotus throne and resting one foot on an extended lotus platform bears the crown, flowers and adornments typical to the form. H: 7 3/4 inches $6,000-8,000

8 132591/25 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze figure of a luohan qing dynasty The holy figure with close-cropped hair and bearing a pleasant expression in looselydraped, detailed robes displays the earthwitness mudra; seated on double lotus throne. H: 7 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

9 132591/9 Chinese parcel gilt bronze seated Buddha ming period Seated in vajrasana with his right hand in the earth-touching mudra, his robe adorned at the edges and pulled diagonally across his chest to conceal his left arm and shoulder; raised on double lotus throne. H: 8 1/4 inches $4,000-6,000

10 132553/11 Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze Vaishravana The diety seated on a lion and holding a mongoose dressed in armor, his face with bulging eyes and full moustach, all raised on lotus base. H: 7 inches $500-800


11 141018/14 Sino-tibetan gilt bronze Vaishravana 19th century Seated in lalitasana on the back of his lion mount, carrying a mongoose, traces of polychrome to hair and beast head. H: 8 inches $3,000-5,000

12 141018/13 Sino-tibetan gilt bronze figure of Amitayus qianlong mark and of the period Seated on raised platform wearing crown headdress, traces of polychrome to hair. H: 7 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

13 141000/2 Tibeto-Chinese gilt bronze bodhisattva 18th century Seated in dhyanasana on a doublelotus base flanked by lotus stems, the bodhissattva with benevolent expression. H: 8 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

14 131194/282 Sino -Tibetan polychrome bronze guardian figure 18th century Seated figure over mythical beast, polychromed features, over lotus thrown, sealed. H: 7 inches $2,000-3,000 7

15 141018/32 Large Chinese bronze figure of Guanyin ming dynasty The bodhisattva Avalokitesvara seated with hands in namaskara mudra, broad face eyes downcast, wearing openwork five-point crown; traces of lacquer and gilt paint. H: 21 inches $60,000-80,000


16 131194/315 Impressive pair of Sino-Tibetan gilt metal and mother-of-pearl Buddhist wheels of law 19th century Circular wheel, applied over lotus and scroll cast gilt metal bases. Total H: 10 1/2 inches provenance: Formally of a prominent Mid West Collection $2,000-3,000

17 132605/49 Pair of Chinese gilt bronze ‘elephant’ hat finials Each carved as an elephant supporting a jardinere of treasures on their back. H: 1 1/2 inches $300-500

18 131194/317 Large pair of Sino- Tibetan gilt copper deer 19th century Standing models, robust features and polycromed details, later carved stands. Deer H: 14 L: 12 inches provenance: Formerly of a prominent Mid West Collection $3,000-5,000

19 132430/25 A gilt-lacquer seated Buddha 18th century The figure seated in dhyanasana, dressed in monastic robes and adorned in ornamental jewlery. The detached hand in abhaya mudra. H: 7 1/2 inches $300-500

20 132430/1 Set of three Tibetan bronze buddhas 19th century Each figure with hands in one of three mudras abhaya, bhumisparsa, and varada. All are depicted seated in full lotus on a double lotus base, dressed in a sheer sanghati with well incised floral patterns, the folds elegantly draped over one shoulder and gathered below the ankles. The faces with arching brows, pendulous earlobes, bow-shaped mouth and downcast eyes centered by an urna, the hair in tight curls over the ushnisha, the base sealed. H: 5 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000 9

21 138091/7 Sino-Tibetan bronze Buddha 20th century The figure of Buddha is accented in polychrome and casted sitting in full lotus on lotus base and adorned in ornamental jewlery and monastic garb with well incised hems; his hands are depicted in dhyana mudra and possess an alms bowl or urn, the statue is surmounted with a crown and an unisa emerges from the top of his head. H: 8 inches $1,000-1,500

22 132591/10 Chinese bronze casting of a standing scholar ming dynasty With remaining traces of gilt and red lacqure to chest and near base; the scholarly figure stands with his palms together at chest and eyes downcast, dressed robes with big billowing sleeves. H: 7 inches $2,000-3,000

23 132554/10 Tibetan applied silver cast bronze Buddha qing dynasty Seated in dhyanasana with his hands in bhumisparsa and dhyana mudra, the robes adorned with applied silver and copper tones. H: 4 inches $3,000-5,000

26 132430/42 A gilt bronze figure of Amitayus 19th century The deity is finely cast seated in dhyanasana and the hands held in dhyana mudra on a doublelotus pedestal. The figure is wearing long open robes adorned with elaborate jewellery and headdress, and the face has a serene expression. H: 3 1/2 inches $400-600

24 138192/20 Two Tibetan miniature bronze buddhist figures Including a seated lama, bronze of red hue, and a seated bodhisattva hands crossed at chest holding vajras. H of taller: 3 1/4 inches $300-500

27 132430/43 A Sino-Tibetan gilt bronze Buddha qing dynasty The figure seated in dhayanasana with hands in varada mudra, dressed in a sheer sanghati with the folds elegantly gathered below the ankles, the face with bow-shaped mouth and downcast eyes centered by an urna, the hair in tight curls over the ushnisha, the base sealed. H 4 1/2 inches $400-600

25 132430/41 A Chinese gilt bronze figure of Buddha Together with a small gilt-bronze figure of a bodhisattva. H: 4 1/4, 2 1/4 inches $400-600

28 132430/40 A Tibetan gilt bronze Mahakala 18th/19th century Standing on a lotus base holding a skull cup wearing a tiger skin dhoti and a garland of severed heads, his face with a ferocious expression with wide-open eyes, skull tiara, snake earrings, and flaming hair, base sealed. H: 9 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500


29 141068/4 Chinese bronze figure of Kuixing ming dynasty The god of examinations balancing on one leg on the back of a beast. H: 11 inches $1,000-1,500

30 132430/30 Sino-tibetan bronze figure of Mahakala qing dynasty The ferocious diety clutching a vajra and a ball as attributes, standing atop a cow and a prostrated figure above lotus stand and accompanied by a standing consort on the side. H: 12 1/4 inches $800-1,200

31 132430/29 A bronze figure of Vajrabhairava and Vajra Vetali The pair in embrace striding in alidhasana on prostrate figures over a lotus base, adorned with severed heads, holding a skull cup and chopper in their primary hands, he with additional accoutrements in the other thirty-two hands radiating about him, with a ferocious bull’s face surmounted by additional stacked faces, the hair in flames, the base unsealed. H: 7 3/4 inches $600-800

32 132430/28 Tibetan bronze figure of Samvara and consort 19th / 20th century The multi-armed diety standing in alidhasana on lotus plinth holding his consort Nairatmya, their bodies with traces of red dye. H: 6 1/2 inches $600-800

33 132430/27 Group of six bronze buddist dieties Including Mahakala and consort, Kali, Buddha on elephant and three other standing dieties. H of tallest: 7 inches $500-800

34 131747/6 Chinese gilt bronze elephant and figure grouping 18th century The paperweight cast as a foreign figure astride a reclining elephant. L: 3 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000 11

36 141018/15 Chinese bronze censer xuande mark, 17th century Bombe form raised on high footring with double bird form handles, six character Xuande mark to base. H: 5 1/4 inches $5,000-8,000

35 148001/7 Chinese archaistic bronze ovoid vase ming dynasty Bulbous body incised with taotie, lappet, keyfret bands around shoulder and neck, two character mark to base. H: 6 3/4 inches $400-600

37 141018/19 Impressive sectional bronze covered censer and base yu tang jing wan mark, 18th / 19th century Raised on a lotus petal and ruyi head adorned base, supporting an oblong vessel cast with double lion head handles and ferocious dragons among waves, the cover cast with dragons among ruyi cloud scrolls supporting a matching dragon and cloud finial. H total: 18 inches $10,000-15,000 38 141018/22 Two Chinese bronze censers 18th century Both of bombe shape with twin handles, one with six character Xuande mark, the other with a dragon mark. D of larger: 6 inches $1,500-2,000

39 132542/15 Chinese silver wire inlaid bronze tripod censer shisou mark, qing dynasty Twin upright handles, cylindrical legs, the body decorated in silver wire inlay with taotie masks and geometric designs. H: 5 1/4 inches $800-1,200

40 141068/5 Chinese bronze censer Oblong form with two qiling as handles, raised on four cabriole legs and with pierced wood cover surmounted by ivory dog finial. H of censer: 4 inches L: 12 inches $1,500-2,000


41 132591/23 Chinese bronze narcissus bowl on feet qing dynasty Oblong double dragon censer raised on four feet. L: 11 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

42 131734/30 Chinese tripod bronze censer on cast base stand 17th / 18th century Twin handle and compressed body slightly everting at mouthrim, two character Xuande mark to base and with conforming cast bronze wheel form stand. H of censer: 2 3/4 inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $2,000-4,000

43 132378/3 Chinese tripod bronze censer and cover qing dynasty The censer with double dragon handles and tripod beast head claw feet, incised to top half, the cover pierced and with beast finial, on fitted wood stand. H: 15 inches $800-1,200 44 132567/2 Chinese gilt-splashed rectangular bronze censer Of rectangular cross section with twin handles, bronze of reddish-brown patina with small speckles of gilt throughout. H: 3 3/5 inches; L: 8 1/2 inches $800-1,200

45 141042/2 Pair of Chinese gold and silver wire-inlaid bronze hu vases 18th century The rounded, twin mask-handled vases inlaid with gold and silver to show archaic taotie and lappet patterns throughout. H: 11 inches $5,000-7,000 13

46 132430/45 Sino-tibetan gilt bronze stupa 18th / 19th century The domed stupa raised on waisted square section base, miniature image of the buddha enclosed in the niche framed by flaming scrolls, the stupa finial adorned with free hanging bells. H: 6 inches $400-600

47 132430/32 Three Tibetan bronze vajras 18th / 19th century A visvavajra of cruciform design with a central ball-shaped handle and double-beaded borders topped by lotus petal friezes forming the eight prongs into a bead finial. Accompanied by two bronze vajras with lotus friezes centered by a rounded knob, the flared prongs issuing on both sides terminating in a knop. L: 6 1/2 inches, 4 inches $400-600

48 132430/33 Three Tibetan bronze and alloy ritual articles Comprising two partial gilt bronze karttrkas and a flaming blade with crown-form hilt. L of largest: 12 inches $500-800

49 132430/46 Five Tibetan parcel gilt bronze ritual vajras 19th century Comprising a vajra hammer, two vajra hooks, a vajra chopper and a vajra dorje. H of largest: 10 3/4 inches $800-1,200

50 131663/46 Sino-tibetan bronze vajra qing dynasty Typical form, bulbous central grip each side flanked by lotus form base issuing eight vajra points that emerge from dragon heads. L: 4 3/4 inches $300-500

51 132430/23 Sino-Tibetan belt with bronze ornaments 19th century Bronze ornaments mounted against leather belt; together with leather purses. L of each bronze element: 5 inches $300-500

52 131194/281 Chinese bronze bell ming dynasty or earlier Typical form, double headed dragon bar over shaped base. H: 7 1/2 inches $300-500

53 132605/55 Sino-Tibetan sword late qing dynasty White metal repousse hilt and scabbard with inset coral and malachite hardstones. L: 17 inches $1,000-1,500

54 131004/86 Pair of Chinese archaic bronze chopsticks tang / song dynasty Circular cross section, inscribe signed on one of the chopsticks and with a red deaccession number. L: 10 1/2 inches $400-600

55 138103/14 Chinese bronze seal ming dynasty, zhengtong mark and of the period Flat square seal, with plain rectangular handle slightly rounded on top; the inscription on top of the seal reads “Zhengtong er nian liu yue”, inscription on the right side of the seal reads “zheng fu” H: 1 1/2 inches, W: 2 1/2 inches $400-600


56 132430/44 Chinese gilt bronze joss stick holder and two miniature stupas 18th / 19th century The joss stick holder of tapering cylindrical form with foliate rim; together with a parcel gilt copper stupa missing base and a copper stupa base intact. H of joss stick holder: 3 1/4 inches $500-800

57 131734/33 Three Chinese bronze mirrors han, tang dynasty and later Including crisply cast Tang dynasty silvered bronze “beast and grapes” mirror, a Han dynasty mirror with inscriptions, and a larger mirror cast with stylized dragon and foliate motifs. D: 4 1/4 inches, 4 3/4 inches, and 7 1/4 inches respectively provenance: From a Midwest estate. $500-700

58 131904/9 Chinese bronze ruyi sceptre qing dynasty Ruyi head terminal cast with a qiling, handle inscribed with floral motifs. L: 17 3/4 inches $1,000-2,000 59 141068/7 Three bronze objects Including a qiling, a circular dragon, and a demonic figure. L of qiling: 3 1/2 inches $800-1,200

60 132430/34 Tibetan silver repousse skull cup, cover and stand 19th century Plain skull-form body with repousse domed cover and crown finial, raised on pierced triangular stand. H (with cover and stand): 4 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

62 138192/9 Collection of Chinese and Himalayan silver table items Three silver repousse cup stands, three tiered lids, two cups,one bowl, set of nine stirres, a plated silver filigree box and a ‘fu’ character brooch. H of bowl: 3 1/2 inches $400-600

61 132430/35 Pair of Tibetan silver butter lamps 19th century Repousse silver lamps, its bellshaped bowl displaying raised ogival reserves. H: 4 1/2 inches $400-600

63 148009/7 Thai silver repousse tripod plate Marked sterling silver ‘zu yin’ and from “He Sheng’ workshop. D: 12 1/2 inches $300-500

64 141024/5 Chinese silver-gilt tripod libation cup, jue 19th century Designed with dragon head handle, flaring legs issuing from dragon heads; incised to inside of long spout with birthday dedication. H: 4 1/2 inches provenance: Previously from Lark Mason, New York $1,000-1,200 15

65 132531/1 Silver covered box with hardstone and enamel decoration 20th century Cylindrical form with two jadeite bangles of mottled spinach and white hues above silver repousse bands of enameled flowers and raised hardstones. H: 3 3/4 inches $500-800

68 141024/4 Gilt bronze Indian shrine 12th / 13th century Deity standing on stepped base flanked by two attendant figures and backed by an aureole. H: 6 inches provenance: From the Doris Seiner Collection (New York) $1,500-2,000

66 132430/31 Bronze skull Cast and incised to realistically represent a skull, possibly Cambodian. H: 4 1/2 inches $300-500

69 132430/39 Indian bronze Shiva lingam 18th / 19th century The lingam surrounded by four deities holding various offerings and encircled by a serpent. The tip of the spout flanked by Ganesha and a Brahma bull. H: 9 inches $500-700

67 132430/26 A group of six various bronze Hindu deities Consisting of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Ganesha, Garuda, and one other standing deity. H of tallest: 6 inches $500-800

70 141024/2 Four Indian miniature bronze figures 16th / 17th century Comprising three female goddesses holding vajra and a seated figure group. H of tallest: 3 1/2 inches provenance: Previously Nagatani Inc, Chicago 3/18/1982 $1,500-2,000

71 141024/3 Indian bronze figure of a bodhisattva 17th century Standing with both legs straight, dressed in a diaphanous dhoti secured with a belt; attached to wooden base. H: 8 3/4 inches provenance: Acquired in the 1980s from a private mid west doctor’s collection $3,000-5,000 72 132430/38 Thai bronze stupa grouping Cast in two sections, the lower level with figures around the stupa and a ladder on one side, the finial a four way open domed roof. H: 14 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500 73 132430/36 Thai Bronze section of a mounted torso 18th century or earlier Torso of standing Buddha over wooden base, dressed in a long robe that drapes behind the back and reveals the chest; together with bronze statue of Kali Ma. H of bronze: 7 inches $300-500

74 122479/2 Thai Bronze Seated Buddha early 19th century An adorn Buddha seating in dhyanasana on a stylized stepped lotus seat supported by a low table with his hands in dhyana mudras, wearing a sanghati leaving his right shoulder bare; The face is round with eyebrows in a continuous curve his hair and usnia arranged in rows of small round curls. The figure wears patterned monastic garments executed in low relief. H: 18 inches provenance: Collection of James E. Bogle; Philadelphia, PA Acquired 18 December 1959 Property formerly from the Diabutsu Gallery, San Francisco, California.Ithaca College Museum of Art, Ithaca, New York, Spring 1971 Catalog exhibition entitled ‘Art of Thailand�. Item 49: Loan number 406.70L $1,200-1,500 75 148008/10 Burmese gilt wood seated Buddha Gilt painted, raised on tiered plinth. H: 24 inches $1,000-2,000

76 148008/9 Burmese gilt wood reclining Bodhisattva Mandalay style, borders of the robe inset with glass roundels. H: 15 inches L: 44 inches $2,000-3,000


77 141027/4 Thai bronze figure of Buddha Sukhothai-style walking Buddha with his left hand in abhaya mudra, his hair in tight curls and a flameform siraspata. H: 25 inches $700-900

78 131194/278 Chinese jade and stone mounted white metal censer Semi-precious stone mounted domed cover over confroming stone and jade plaque mounted base. H: 9 1/2 inches $400-600

79 131194/279 Pair of Chinese enameled silver ‘quail’ boxes stamped silver Modeled as quail, enameled ‘feathers’ to cover and base, gilded interior, base stamped silver (2). L: 5 inches $300-500

80 131194/276 Chinese gilt silver and enamel box stamped silver Oval form, worked to show floral panels within Greek-key, based stamped. L: 6 inches $300-500

82 131194/277 Chinese silver tankard 19th century, stamped Cylindrical form, ‘dragon’ handle base stamped. H: 4 3/4 inches $300-500

83 132490/1 Pair of Chinese gilt bronze fu lions modern Buddhist lions sitting upright, one with a ball and one with a cub under front paw. H: 28 1/2 inches $800-1,200

84 132490/2 Pair Chinese painted bronze guardian figures, Weituo modern Standing buddhist guardian figures dressed in full armour with billowing ribbons. H: 46 inches $1,000-1,500

81 148009/5 Three Chinese silver items Including a silver basket marked ‘Jin Xiang’ ‘Shanghai Luen-wo’; a flask marked ‘zeewo’ and a teapot marked ‘zu yin’ sterling. L of basket: 5 1/2 inches $800-1,200 17

85 132523/3A Sino-Tibetan thangka of Shakyamuni The blue skin Shakyamuni Buddha seated at center with his hands in bhumisparsamudra and dressed in a red and gilt painted robe, the face with seren expression, backed by a multi-layered red and green halo and surrounded by 104 miniature buddhas seated in the same pose. H of each: 28 inches; W: 21 inches $1,000-1,500

86 132538/5 Sino-Tibetan thangka 18th / 19th century Bodhisattva flanked by lotus plants and sits surrounded by registers of miniature depictions of himself. H: 26 1/4 inches W: 16 inches $800-1,200

87 132538/4 Sino-Tibetan thangka of Mahakala Black ground thangka depicting Mahakala surrounded by red flames and other wrathful dieties. H: 32 inches W: 19 inches $800-1,200

88 132523/3 Two Himalayan thangkas of Shakyamuni Including a thangkas of Shakyamuni Buddha seated at center with his hands in bhumisparsamudra surrounded by miniature buddhas, and one of the single Buddha seated on double lotus throne. H of each: 28 inches; W: 21 inches $1,500-2,000

89 132430/55 Sino-Tibetan thangka qing dynasty Well painted on silk with arhats surrounding the buddha holding a crown. H: 25 1/2 inches $400-600

90 141018/31 Tibetan thanka depicting Mahakala qing dynasty Depicting the red-faced wrathful protector diety wearing a crown of skulls and dressed in tiger skin, holding a wheel depicting scenes of war, hell and life on earth. H of thanka: 44 inches W: 28 3/4 inches $4,000-6,000


91 148008/3 Tibetan indigo ground thanka of Amitabha Buddha 18th century Color and gilt on cloth mounted on Chinese silk embroidered frame; the Buddha seated on an emerald and maroon-petal lotus throne, body highlighted in gilt paint against Indian lotus adorned midnight blue ground, flanked by disciples Kasyapa and Anada; with a fourpanel gilt-inscribed script above the figures and three red characters verso. H of thanka: 28 inches; W: 18 3/4 inches $10,000-15,000 92 No lot

93 141042/7 Himalayan thangka 19th century The large thangka vividly painted to show a fierce-visaged Mahakala surrounding the bhavacakra; painted to reverse with image of single elephant below script. Sight H: 51 inches $2,000-4,000

94 141042/6 Tibetan thangka 19th century The vividly-painted thangka depicting a mounted central bodhisattva before a celestial landscape and surrounded by five other bodhisattvas on lotus thrones; mounted with Chinese brocade silk. Sight H: 40 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000 19

95 131194/286 SINO-TIBETIAN THANKA late 18th century MAHAKALA Brocade mounted hanging, pigment on canvas Sight H: 33 1/2 L: 24 inches $2,000-3,000

96 138097/1 Chinese ‘thousand Buddha” textile panel qing dynasty Framed, silk embroidered and quilted textile panel depicting the seated buddha in different mudras. W: 56 x H: 44 3/4 inches $5,000-8,000

97 132293/5 Chinese kesi seat cover qing dynasty The textile panel decorated with dragons pursuing pearls against a midnight blue ground of clouds, fu bats, and auspicious motifs between lishui bands. L: 93 inches W: 29 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

98 141010/11 Chinese ‘dragon’ textile 19th century Midnight blue ground, embroidered in colorful thread and gold color threads with dragons pursuing pearls among ruyi clouds. W: 53 inches $800-1,200


99 132293/4 Chinese embroidered throne seat cover qing dynasty Dark blue border framing polychrome embroidered dragons against ruyi cloud ground. H: 49 inches L: 72 inches $300-500

100 132293/3 Two Chinese embroidered coverelet late qing dynasty Including a midnight blue panel with floral and butterfly motifs, and a brown ground quilted textile panel. larger: 44 x 73 inches $300-500 21

101 131936/3 Chinese light green embroidered bed cover Embroidered with birds and flowers, the hem hung with green netting suspending tassels. W: 90 1/2 inches $800-1,200

102 132293/2 Four Chinese apron skirts 19th / 20th century Including a yellow Peking knot skirt, two celadon and white floral embroidered skirt panels, and an aubergine embroidered skirt. W: 44 inches H: 31 inches $500-800


103 131936/2 Chinese blue silk satin long robe Full length robe decorated in damask roundels. H: 50 inches $400-600

104 131936/4 Chinese woman’s informal embroidered long vest 19th / 20th century Finely embroidered front and back with crane and flower roundels against black silk ground, within borders of floral and foliate tendrils, all above rock, wave adn lishui band. H: 52 inches $600-800

105 131936/5 Group of three Chinese silk vests Including a green damask silk child’s vest the collar with golden wrapped thread; a damask silk lime green vest, and a men’s blue ground vest with Buddhist emblems within ‘wan’ borders. H of largerst: 29 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000

106 131936/6 Group of three Chinese vests Including an indigo vest decorated allover with pattern of flowering peony branches in dark purple, a black ground damask silk vest with blue collars, and a damask purple silk vest with gilt gold buttons. L of largest: 26 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000 23

107 132591/24 Chinese blue ground kesi dragon robe qing dynasty Decorated throughout with colorful auspicious emblems, between lishui bands near base and sleeve cuff. L: 56 3/4 inches $20,000-40,000

108 138189/1 Chinese blue gauze ‘dragon’ robe 19th century Golden silk threads depicting dragons surrounded by clouds and other auspicious symbols above rock, waves and lishui border. L: 51 inches $3,000-5,000

109 131194/311 Chinese blue ground robe 19th century Typical form, silver dragon, Buddhist symbols and celestial sea on dark blue ground. H: 57 inches $800-1,200


110 131194/293 Chinese huanghuali seal chest qing dynasty Square plank top, mounted at corners, over twin paneled doors opening to reveal four drawers, over shaped base, mounted with hardware. H: 12 L; 12 1/4 inches $800-1,200

111 141009/42 Two Chinese huanghuali and mixwood boxes late qing dynasty Larger box with huangtong handles and lock panel, with mirror and one drawer to interior, smaller box of corser grain and single compartment. L of larger: 9 inches $400-600

112 141042/9 Chinese inlaid rosewood vanity box qing dynasty The rectangular box with single drawer and fold-up mirror inlaid with agate, mother-of-pearl, soapstone, ivory and other materials to show figures in an idyllic landscape and auspicious symbols and objects to sides. H: 3 3/4. L: 8 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000

113 131194/330 Chinese applied hardwood table chest 19th century Flding top revealing mirror interior over two drawers, applied to show figural landscape and Buddhistic symbols. L: 8 1/2 inches $800-1,200

114 131194/332 Large Chinese carved hongmu display shelf 19th century Shaped apron over alternating shelves, mounted with fret carved edges over two cupboards, raised on carved feet. H: 71 L: 38 D: 14 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000 25

115 131734/34 Chinese abalone applied hongmu seal chest 19th century Decorated throughout in abalone with figures and scholar’s items, the top compartment mounted with a lockplate, the interior of the chest fitted with four drawers of varying sizes. H: 34 inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $1,000-1,500



116 131194/291 Huanghuali brass mounted foldinghorseshoe chair Typical deep U-shape back, carved rail over canned seat raised on straight legs joined by foot rest. H: 45 L: 29 1/2 inches provenance: Purchased in Hong Kong in the late 1980s $2,000-3,000

117 131194/291A Huanghuali brass mounted foldinghorseshoe chair U-shaped back with carve back rail over woven seat, raised on rouned straight legs joined by foot rest. H: 42 L: 29 inches provenance: Purchased in Hong Kong in the late 1980’s $2,000-3,000

118 132250/1 A pair of Chinese hardwood stools Square stool with inset mat top between wide frame, humpback stretchers and legs terminating in spade feet; wood of dark honey hue with whorl pattern. H: 18 inches, W: 16 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000

119 131194/292 Chinese softwood pedestal desk qing dynasty Three parts, comprising a plank top over pedestals. H: 34 L: 48 inches $300-500


120 141009/35 Chinese huanghuali long table, tiaozhuo Waisted table with outward scroll feet, double plank top, openworked apron carved with scrolls. L: 81 1/2 inches H: 34 inches W: 17 3/4 inches $20,000-30,000

121 141009/69 Chinese jichimu long table, tiaozhuo Waisted table beaded with subtle scrolls, hoof feet. L: 87 1/2 inches, H: 34 1/4 inches W: 19 inches $10,000-15,000

122 132375/6 Chinese huanghuali waisted corner-leg side table qing dynasty Single panel top set within wide frame with thumb grooved edge, above plain, narrow waist and aprons, with humpback stretchers and terminating in hoof feet. H: 33 1/2 inches W: 38 inches D: 19 inches $6,000-8,000 27

123 141009/49 Large Chinese dark hardwood ‘dragon’ compound cabinet Double door upper chest and lower cabinet both decorated to door panels with dragons among scrolling clouds, fu bats to base apron. H: 91 1/2 inches W: 47 inches D: 20 1/2 inches $10,000-15,000

124 141011/1 Chinese huanghuali mirror stand qing dynasty A square lattice frame with a crescent support for mirror, the top rail protrudes at ends and carved with dragon heads. L: 12 1/2 inches; H when assembled: 11 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000


125 131194/327 Chinese zitan cabinet on stand 18th century and later elements Two parts, the top with sloped twin door cabinet concealing drawers and shelves, over cupboard stand, fitted with doors, raised on straight legs. H: 60 L: 43 1/2 D: 21 1/2 inches $8,000-10,000

126A 141009/51 Chinese huanghuali and mixwood clothes rack, yijia Top rail terminating in dragon head terminals, pierced dragon spandrels on top and bottom of vertical posts, with a threepaneled horizontal stretcher, a plain lower stretcher and a gridded footrail. H: 67 x W: 74 inches $3,000-5,000

126 132387/1 Chinese hardwood clothes rack, yijia 20th century Rounded posts flanked by scroll form spandrels and joined by a toprail terminating in scroll form ends, with three horizontal openwork inset panels above icecrackle base platform. H: 70 inches W: 80 inches $3,000-5,000 29

127 141011/2 Chinese huanghuali chest and mirror stand, guanpixiang qing dynasty Of square cross section, collapsible mirror stand and fu bat mirror support above two drawers with pewter fittings. H (closed): 7 1/2 inches; W: 13 inches $8,000-12,000

128 141042/10 Chinese six-panel hardstone embellished rosewood floor screen late qing / early republic period The screen carved to frame and lesser two panels with archaic-type scrolls and embellished to large central panels with jade and hardstone to show ritual objects and flowers; painted and gilded verso with mountainous landscape scenes. Panels H: 75 W: 14 1/2 inches $5,000-7,000


129 131194/258 Fine Chinese embroidered and hardwood four panel floor screen 19th century Folding carved hardwood and glazed floor screen, surmounted with dragon and pearl crest over well embroidered panels of midnight blue depicting song-birds, butterfly and large birds amongst foliate ground. Total H: 70 L: 88 inches $15,000-20,000

129A 131194/339 Large Chinese reverse painting on glass 19th century Wood and iron mounted glazed panel, well painted to show figural landscape. Panel (exclude hanging hook) 28 L: 31 in $800-1,200 31

130 141009/28 Chinese rootwood carving of a drinking scholar Carved using the natural shape and texture of the rootwood as a seated and smiling scholar pouring wine from an ewer, with custom made stand. H: 8 inches $600-800

133 141010/6 Chinese boxwood ruyi sceptre qing dynasty The sceptre carved naturalistically to resemble a lingzhi sprig. L: 16 1/4 inches $600-800

131 141009/30 Chinese boxwood carving of two fisherman The boat carving with a standing fisherman and a seated man holding a told on his fan. L: 4 1/4 inches $300-500

134 122317/9 Chinese huangyangmu Guanyin Tall standing diety holding a scroll and raised on scroling clouds, eyes downcast with serene expression. H: 11 3/4 inches $600-800

135 131194/284 Large Chinese carved and polychrome gilt wood Lohan figure 18th / 19th century Standing figure, hands together at the chest, flowing drapery to robe, over fitted heavy wood stand. Total H: 31 inches $800-1,200

136 131734/28 Chinese chengxiangmu ‘hehe erxian’ carving qing dynasty Two standing mythical immortals, one holding a wicker box the other a lotus spray, gazing at each other seemingly in conversation. H: 4 1/2 inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $1,000-1,500

137 141042/11 Chinese carved bamboo brushpot 18th century The brushpot delicately-carved to show an assemblage of scholars in a bamboo grove with freely-carved bamboo stalks in fore- and midground; losses. H: 7 inches $2,000-3,000

132 148008/6 Chinese wood carving of Guanyin Guanyin seated in royal ease raised on rockwork, traces of red lacquer and gilt paint. H: 6 1/2 inches $1,000-2,000






138 141010/1 Chinese huanghuali brushpot qing dynasty Amber hue with wave and ‘dragon’s eye’ patterns. H: 6 inches; D: 6 inches $800-1,200 139 141010/2 Chinese huanghuali brushpot qing dynasty Plain and straight brushpot with plugged base. H: 5 3/4 inches; D: 5 inches $600-800 140 141011/4 Chinese carved zitan brush pot ming dynasty Carved as a budding yulan flower; the exterior carved in openwork relief with more yulan flowers on sprigs; wood of dark hue with occasional subtle intricate wave patterns. H: 5 1/4 inches $5,000-8,000

141 141011/7 Chinese zitan brush pot 17th / 18th century Square shaped cross section, finely carved with beaded and bevelled edges and supported on four slightly raised feet. H: 4 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000 142 122317/10 Chinese huanghuali brushpot Flat base straight sides and heavy. H: 5 1/4 inches $800-1,200 143 132430/52 Chinese bamboo brushpot qing dynasty Carved with seven sages among bamboo and pine groves. H: 6 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500 144 132554/8 Chinese zitan floral form brush pot Hexagonal bracket rim slightly tapering to base. H: 5 1/2 inches $5,000-8,000



145 132554/9 Chinese bamboo brushpot Openwork carved with immortals below pine trees, between hardwood grooved lip and base, signed Wu Wenpan. H: 6 1/2 inches $5,000-8,000 146 131734/27 Chinese carved and dated hardwood brush pot dated renwu cyclical year, qing dynasty Openwork carved with sages playing chess among pine grotto and rockworks. H: 6 inches D: 5 1/2inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $500-700 147 131904/10 Chinese zitan brushpot 20th century Carved naturalistically to resemble a section of a pine tree trunk. H: 6 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500 33

148 141009/39 Chinese zitan scroll pot 19th century Carved as a section of tree trunk, finely striated grain of deep purplish brown hue. H: 8 inches; D: 8 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000

150 141054/1 Chinese boxwood covered box The heart-shaped box carved throughout with pine groves, the base showing tree rings. D: 4 inches $1,000-1,500

149 131194/328 Chinese hongmu jardinere 19th century Tall stand fitted with brass interior and hardwood cover and shelf over drawer. H: 33 W: 15 inches $300-500

151 141005/5 Chinese rosewood and ivory inlay letter box 19th / 20th century The rectangular box inlay decorated with “Liuchen Juzhou’ characters surrounded by grape vines. H: 2 inches; L: 12 1/4 inches; W: 6 1/2 inches $500-800

152 132605/44 Chinese mix wood miniature altar coffer 19th / 20th century Burlwood inset three paneled top, drawer, and cabinet doors; everted scroll ends flanked by archaic style spandrels and apron. H: 4 1/4 inches; L: 9 inches $800-1,200

154 132591/3 Chinese huanghuali and cloisonne compartmented writing tray with oil lamp 19th / 20th century The double-handled serving tray with three compartments, the divides and cover made from huanghuali with a bronze fu lion finial; two open compartments for oil lamp storage with a central mobile lamp. L: 13 inches $800-1,200

153 131734/29 Chinese hongmu covered box qing dynasty The box carved naturalistically to depict a sprouting potato. L: 2 1/2 inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $400-600


155 131663/31 Chinese huanghuali and inlaid mother-of-pearl tray 19th century Rectangular tray decorated with fruiting sprays and other auspicious emblems within archaic scroll borders, together with a smaller rosewood tray. (2). L: 22 1/2 inches; W: 14 inches $600-800

156 132485/1 Pair of Chinese hardwood scroll form stands 19th / 20th century Plain top and side panels with in-curving sides terminating in a scroll form feet. L: 20 1/2 inches H: 4 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000 157 131194/326 Three Chinese hardwood stands Various sizes. Largest L: 9 inches $300-500

158 141011/3 Chinese zitan and Dali marble table screen 17th / 18th century The black and white stone set within a zitan frame, above a panel and spandrels pierced with stylized dragon motifs and a shaped apron with ruyi and archaic scroll motifs, supported on archaic scroll form feet. H: 15 inches $8,000-12,000 35

159 141011/6 Chinese huanghuali screen with marble plaque late ming / early qing dynasty Greyish green stone inset within a four paneled screen pierced with dragon motifs, supported on stand relief carved with more dragons and foliage designs. H: 18 1/2 inches $12,000-15,000

160 132605/11 Chinese dreamstone inset hongmu tablescreen Grey and white stone evoking misty clouds, apron of stand decorated with leafy sprays, flanked by ruyi cloud-form spandrals, supported on beast head feet. H: 22 inches $2,000-4,000

161 132605/12 Chinese dreamstone inset table screen Rectangular screen framed in huanghuali on later softwood stand. H with stand: 10 inches $500-800

163 132430/53 Large Chinese pewter canister and cover 19th / 20th century The quatrefoil canister incised with figures and flowers. H: 12 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500 164 131747/7 Chinese limestone carving of a recumbant beast The lion shown seated scratching its neck with its hind paw; polished stone of mottled grey tone. H: 5 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000 162 141009/1 Large Chinese Lingbi rock Stone of grey to black hues. H: 19 inches $2,000-3,000

165 132430/22 Angkor style stone carving of a female deity Bejewelled at chest and wearing her hair tall, arms missing. H: 20 inches $400-600

166 141009/43 Chinese lacquer and basket-weave four-tiered picnic box 17th / 18th century Four tiers and cover, lacquerd and decorated with shaped basket weave patterns on sides. H: 8 inches $800-1,200 167 141009/45 Chinese lacquered lantern 18th / 19th century Gilt highlighted round lantern decorated with fu bats keyfret lappet and other stylized bands. H: 9 1/4 inches $800-1,200 168 141009/32 Chinese mother-of-pearl inlay lacquer dish 17th / 18th century Hexagonal lobed dish decorated with sages and child in a garden setting. D: 5 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000


169 139732/2 Large Chinese cinnabar lacquer ‘chun’ box and cover qing dynasty Circular cover well carved through multiple layers of cinnabar with a basket containing buddhist emblems below a chun character containing a figure of Shoulao holding, reserved against ruyi clouds and surrounded by landscape cartouches on curving sides. D: 15 inches H: 5 inches $2,000-4,000

170 141010/4 Two Chinese black and red lacquered circular box and cover qing dynasty Red lacquer against black ground, carved with immortals on log and leaf boats crossing turbulent water, the side of the box adorned with stylized ribbon and flower decorations; together with a smaller lacquer paste box. H of larger: 4 1/2 inches D: 7 3/4 inches $1,200-1,500

171 131194/228 Chinese hardwood and laquer table stand 18th / 19th centruy The red lacquered square top with Greek-key to edge, over apron carved to show archic masks and open-work lotus panels, over shaped legs and platform base. H:3 1/2 L: 14 inches $400-600 172 131194/107 Pair of Chinese carved cinnabar lacquer vases 19th century Baluster form, carved to show peony and song birds. H: 10 1/2 inches provenance: Property from a Scottsdale, AZ Estate $400-600

173 148009/15 Chinese mother-of-pearl inlaid lacquer table screen qing dynasty Twelve grided panels with scenes from Chinese classic literature or opera. H: 17 1/2 inches $500-800 174 131194/334 Large chinese eight panel lacquered screen 19th century Comprising of eight hardwood framed tall carved and polychromed panels depicting a court scene. H: 87 inches $2,000-3,000

176 131748/5 Chinese cloisonne covered tripod censer xuande mark Blue ground cloisonne against scrolling Indian lotus motifs, enhanced by pierced archaic chilong band on cover, double elephant head handles and supported on elephant head-form feet. H: 10 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

177 132553/4 Pair of Chinese cloisonne covered jars Light blue ground, compressed globular form decorated throughout with indian lotus scrolls, dragons, phoenix, carp and other auspicious emblems. H: 5 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

178 141011/12 Chinese cloisonne tripod jardinere jingtai mark, 19th century jardinere form censer gitl around rim, elephant head form legs and double handles; decorated to body with stylized flower motifs against blue ground. H: 5 3/4 inches $4,000-8,000

175 132294/3 Chinese cloisonne alms bowl kangxi period White ground coupe form, inset with scrolling clouds and stylized horse motifs between a lingzhi band to rim and wave band near footring, traces of gilding left to rim. D: 6 inches, H:3 inches provenance: Christie’s tag to interior, Jan 11th0 1990 lot 113 $1,500-3,000 37

179 132553/3 Chinese spinach jade and cloisonne ‘da ji’ table screen The rectangular removable table screen depicts a double gourd vase holding peony sprigs, lychee fruits, and surrounded by pomogranate, grapes, books and other auspicious items, all secured within a cloisonne enameled frame and stand. H of screen and stand: 19 1/4 inches $5,000-8,000

180 141042/8 Large Chinese cloisonne enamel circular table plaque 18th / 19th century Vividly enameled to show buddhist dog surrounded by birds, flowers, rocks and patterned panels. D: 29 1/2 inches $5,000-7,000

181 132523/2 Chinese cloisonne enamel gilt bronze stupa qianlong period Four guardian figures supporting the square plinth of a stepped tower stupa, the sides of the stupa cast with beaded garlands and the inside set with a miniature gilt bronze figure of Buddha. H: 17 3/4 inches $10,000-15,000


182 141011/13 Pair of Chinese cloisone recumbant rams qianlong mark but later The body decorated with stylized flowers, foliate scrolls and simulated scales. H: 6 inches L: 9 inches $3,000-5,000

184 132430/49 Chinese cloisonne rouleau vase 18th / 19th century Blue, red and green ground, enameled with flowers against lappet ground. H: 12 inches $500-800

183 132294/2 Chinese cloisonne gu form vase qianlong mark, late qing period Slender gu form vase with wide everted rim and foot, enameled throughout with scrolling lotus and plantain leaves interrupted by four horizontal raised string bands, four character Qianlong mark to mouthrim. H: 17 inches provenance: With Skinner tag “2082 lot 724� $1,000-1,500

185 131194/285 Pair of large Chinese yellow ground cloisonne vases Flared mouth over tapering neck surmounted with dragon, over conforming base. H: 21 inches $400-600

186 141018/16 Chinese champleve enamel and bronze model of a luohan qing dynasty Seated figure wearing robes adorned with grids of colorfu champleve enamel. H: 6 inches $1,500-2,000

187 141018/23 Chinese canton enamel dish qianlong period Decorated to interior with boys and maidens in a garden setting, surrounded by bands of daiper ground, stylized scrolls and fruiting sprays; the back enameled with a central dragon roundel encircled by flowering and fruiting sprays against a lemon yellow ground. D: 10 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

188 132553/7 Chinese cloisonne enamel ring qianlong mark Circular, turquoise ground decorated with green tendrils and budding orange flowers,. D: 4 1/4 inches $500-800 39

189 132148/9 Pair of Chinese canton enameled candlestick holder qing dynasty Enameled with double “xi” marriage symbols, lingzhi bands and foliate blossoms against a winter green ground. H: 3 3/4 inches $800-1,200 190 No lot

191 141079/2 Chinese elephant ivory teapot and pair of covered jars late qing / republic period Comprising a cylindrical teapot with beast head spout and scroll decorated handle, the body carved with two cartouches depicting boys at play; together with two covered jars. H of teapot: 6 1/4 inches $2,000-4,000

192 131194/289 Chinese ivory ‘dragon’ vase late 19th century Baluster form carved to show dragon panel within Greek key. H: 11 1/2 inches $400-600

193 148001/1 Chinese elephant ivory ‘eight immortals’ plaque mounted in tablescreen Relief carved with eight immortals by pine trees and rockwork playing go, drinking wine and tea, playnig the flute or resting; poetic inscription verso; set within haunghuali silver wire inlay stand;. H of ivory 11 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

194 141079/1 Chinese elephant ivory six panel table screen qing dynasty Each rectangular panel carved with scenes from Chinese legends and classical literature, set within silver wire inlaid teak wood screen. H of ivory: 8 inches, H of screen: 14 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000


195 10-1483/7 Chinese elephant ivory and hardwood four panel table screen 19th century Four tall inkwork decorated panels depicting female beauties, within silver inlaid hardwood frame. Total H: 12 inches $1,000-2,000

196 141037/16 Chinese elephant ivory microengraved plaque on stand dated 1963, signed xiao cang, dedicated Depicting scene from Baijuyi’s poem ‘chang hen ge’, signed Xiao Cang, carved in Taipei, with dedication to verso from Y. P. Hwang to Mr. Tobais Taipei 1963. H of ivory: 6 inches $800-1,200

200 131194/306 Large Chinese hard-stone and enameled metal mounted ivory pipe 19th century Typical form, elongated cylindrical form, with bitong mount and malachite ends, ivory carved to show lohan. L: 22 inches $800-1,200

202 141079/3 Large Chinese elephant ivory doctor’s model late qing / republic period Reclining female wearing jewelry, shoes, and holding a rose in one hand. L: 22 inches $1,000-2,000

197 148001/4 Chinese export elephant ivory card case 19th century Large rectangular case fully carved with figures and architectures. H: 4 1/4 inches $300-500

201 148008/1 Large Chinese elephant ivory carving of meiren 19th century Finely carved as a female figure holding a flower basket in one hand, a willow spray in the other, with a phoenix and a boy by her leg. H: 32 inches $8,000-12,000

198 138157/2 Chinese export carved ivory card case and cigarette holder 19th century Rectangular card case fully carved with figures in village scenes; cigarette holder half decorated with a striding dragon. L of card case: 3 3/4 inches $400-600 41

203 132573/2 Chinese ivory meiren Long slender figure holding a flower basket in one hand. H: 25 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

204 141011/5 Chinese ivory carving of a meiren 19th century The standing beauty holds a flower basket and a ruyi sceptre,. H: 8 1/4 inches $500-800

205 148008/7 Chinese elephant ivory carving of Guanyin 18th century The Tang style Guanyin stands in tribhanga pose and raises a seated Buddha shrine to eye level in admiration. H: 9 inches $3,000-5,000

206 132573/3 Pair of Chinese ivory figures Standing empress and emperor figures. H: 16 inches $4,000-6,000

207 131194/257 Chinese ivory and painted fan canton, 19th century Typical form, well painted fan with ivory mounted facaes. (open) 20 1/2 inches $400-600

208 138163/11 Chinese elephant ivory carving republic period Carved in the form of a cabbage, a mantis, a bitter melon, an apple, a chestnut and a peanut lined along a bamboo rest. L: 13 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000

209 138186/1 Chinese elephant ivory carving of Shoulao Carved as Shoulao with staff, lingzhi, and a crane, deer and boy by his leg. H: 10 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

210 132573/1 Chinese elephant ivory horse carving Carved as a striding horse, saddle adorned with tassels. H: 12 1/4 inches, L: 18 inches $5,000-8,000

211 132591/8 Chinese elephant ivory carving of a luohan qing dynasty The standing figure dressed in loose robes open at chest, he holds a staff in his right hand and a bead in his left. H: 8 1/4 inches $500-800


212 131194/262 Group of twelve Chinese ivory immortals 19th century Comprised of twelve carved and ink-colored standing figures, with well worked features and floral sprigs, over wood and bone double lotus thrown. Ivory H: 9 3/4 in Total H: 11 1/4 inches provenance: Previously of a Portland Estate $4,000-6,000

213 131734/11 Chinese set of eighteen carved ivory luohan late qing dynasty Intricately carved with details to face, attire, and identifying attribute highlighted in black pigment, each portrayed standing in diaphanous garments, holding a different musical instrument, ritual implement, or vessel, or mythical creatures, their lively faces each rendered with a unique and arresting expression. H: 8 inches $8,000-12,000 43

214 131194/261 Chinese Rhinoceros horn libation cup 17th century Archaic form, with fine Greek key to edge and climbing qilong dragon to rim and sides over tight Greek key and tao tie mask ground, the reticulated handle carved with lobed cartouches, over conforming foot. H: 3 1/2 L: 6 1/4 inches provenance: Previously of a Delaware Estate $10,000-15,000

215 141011/17 Fine Chinese rhinoceros horn libation cup 17th / 18th century The cup carved in the form of a blooming lily flower, encircled by more budding lilyies and leafy sprigs to the exterior; cup attached to a custom wood stand. H without stand: 5 1/2 inches; with stand 8 1/4 inches provenance: Skinner 2013, Lot 222 Sale 2647B note: Previously from Bluett & Sons, London in the 19th century by the Lauder family, to Mary Lauder Ross and John Alexander Ross, Scotland by 1910, to their daughter, sent to the United States in the 1960s, then by descent. The cup descended in the family of John Alexander Ross, the manager of the Crombie Mill, Aberdeen, Scotland, makers of luxury clothing, long favored by royals and international statesmen. It was once part of the contents of Netherton Lodge, the Ross Arts & Crafts manor house decorated with William Morris furnishings and Asian objects acquired from Bluett & Sons, London. $80,000-120,000



216 132430/6 Tibetan ritual exorcising horn qing dynasty The horn carved with a mythical beast terminal above various animals and emblems. L: 6 1/2 inches $300-500 217 132554/21 Chinese white jade archer’s ring Relief carved and inscribed, slightly concave on top edge, jade with two slight fissure near base. D: 1 1/8 inches $3,000-5,000 218 131004/88 Two Chinese amber rings qing dynasty Including a larger archer’s ring with one flat side and bevelled edges and a narrower ring of clear honey hue. D of larger: 1 1/4 inches $800-1,200




221 219 131004/89 Fine Chinese carved tourmaline archer’s ring qing dynasty Circular cross section retaining its organic form at bevelled edges, carved in low relief with fu bats among clouds. D: 1 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500 220 131004/90 Chinese white jade archer’s ring Plain white jade ring of circular cross section, jade of homogenous opaque white hue. H: 1 inch $800-1,200 221 131004/87 Collection of four jade archer’s rings 19th / 20th century Including a mottled grey jade circular ring, a jadeite ring with bevelled edge, a narrow jadeite ring of pale celadon hue with a speckle of apple green, together with an angular black quartz ring. D of largest: 1 /14 inches $800-1,200

223 222 222 132605/29 Chinese greyish-white jade archer’s ring qing dynasty Ring slightly denting on one side around skin area, stone of translucent pale grey hue with sparse speckles of darker inclusions. D: 1 1/4 inches $800-1,200

223 132605/31 Chinese white jade archer’s ring qing dynasty Relief carved with landscape to exterior and a dancing crane, stone with russet. D: 1 1/4 inches H: 1 1/4 inches $1,600-1,800

224 132605/32 Chinese rock crystal archer’s ring qing dynasty The ring with bevelled edges, exterior carved with a continuous landscape and a fu beast. H: 7/8 inches D: 1 1/4 inches $500-800 224 45

225 132554/28 Chinese celadon jade bead Hexagonal and well hollowed bead faintly incised with poem “Mei Hua Lao�, with agate and malachite beads on each end and later suspension strings. L of jade: 1 3/4 inches $4,000-6,000 226 141048/21 Chinese white jade necklace jades qing dynasty Boy and lotus pendant suspending from a chain of jade bi discs. L closed: 9 inches $2,000-4,000

227 141048/21A Chinese jadeite necklace With a series of small jadeite beads on linked metal chain, rectangular form pendant carved with flowers and rockwork. H of pendant: 1 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000 228 No lot

229 141048/24 Chinese jadeite necklace White jadeite beaded necklace suspending a double carp pendant with 14k mount. H cloese: 15 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500


230 132218/5 Set of Chinese serpentine beaded necklaces, earrings 19th / 20th century Including a twist rope style bangle, three necklaces of 24 beads, 37 beads and 44 beads, with matching double beaded earrings and openworked ring, gold and silver shank and claps. L of longest: 11 inches provenance: From the Estate of Mary N. Spence nĂˆe Newbold Cross, Bernardsville, New Jersey and New York, New York. $1,000-1,500

231 131194/256 Chinese 14k yellow gold mounted carnelian and jadeite bead necklace, pendant and another necklace Approximately 46 beads in total joined by jadite and gold clasp, brown and russet jadeite, togther with another string of beads (3). L: 23 inches (open) $300-500

232 141068/12 Two Chinese jadeite and amethyst neckalces 19th / 20th century Including a lavender jade beaded necklace and pendent, the rectangular pendant carved with a double gourd to front and coins verso, with a chain of 50 round beads; stone of consistent lavender hue; together with a beaded jadeite and amethyst necklace. L closed: 11 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

233 131194/260 Chinese jadeite and silver bracelet early 20th century Three green jadite disks surmount chasted silver links. L (open) 7 1/2 inches $300-500 234 131194/275 Pair of Chinese 14k yellow gold and white jade earrings Double white jade rings suspended by screw back gold mounts. Total H: 1 1/2 inches $200-300

236 131194/304 Chinese 14k yellow gold, jadeite and diamond dress ring Yellow gold set with nineteen diamonds and central green jadeite disk. $800-1,200

235 131194/300 Group of Chinese jewellery Comprising two 18 & 14k gold rings and other jadeite and carnelian items (12). $300-500 47

237 131194/312 Chinese coral bead necklace Comprising thirty-eight beads set with 14k yellow gold clasp. L: (open) 16 inches $800-1,200

238 138192/4 Pair of Chinese jadeite earrings Carved in the shape of pea pods, 18k gold “You Chang” marked mounts. L of peapod: 1 1/2 inches $500-800

239 138192/7 Group of jade jewelry Including a white and emerald highlight jadeite ring, a 18k mounted jadeite ring, a mottled white jade round bangle, a flat and linked celadon jade bangle, pair of jadeite ‘lotus’ cuff links with 18k mounts, and a celadon jade pierce carved brooch (7). D of largest bangle: 3 2/5 inches $500-800

240 141068/9 Three Chinese jade carvings late qing dynasty Including a white jade carving of a buddhist dog, a black and white jade carving of a recumbant cat and a pierced white jade butterfly form plaque. D of plaque: 3 inches $800-1,200

241 138192/7A Group of Chinese jade items Comprising a white jade ‘peaches’ carving, a celadon jade ‘egret’ carving, a pierce carved jade ‘duck and flowers’ pendant; a jade ‘cats and flowers’ carving, a celadon jade melon form snuff bottle (5). L largest: 2 1/2 inches $500-800

241A 141000/6 Chinese emerald jade ring Consistent deep green hue. D: 1 inch; W: 4/5 inches $5,000-8,000

242 141048/28 Two Chinese rings Both with Ming’s 14k gold mounts, one made from the dragon head of belt hook, one with russet color flower decorations. L of dragon jade: 1 inch $1,000-1,500

243 141048/31 Three pairs of jade earrings Including a pair of circular green jadeite earrings, a pair of white jade 14k gold mount earrings, and a pair of white jade butterfly form earring split from a pendant. L of butterfly earring: 1 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000

244 141048/32 Group of Chinese jade jewelry items including a double gourd pendnat, a lock form pendant, a ‘fu lu shou kang ning’ circular pendant, a single earring, a jadeite ring, most with 14k mounts. L of palque: 2 inches $1,000-1,500

245 148005/7 Group of Chinese jade jewelry pieces Earrings, reticulated plaque, pendants, 15 pieces total. D of circular plaque: 2 inches $300-500





246 131194/301 Chinese 14k yellow gold, jadeite and diamond bracelet Comprising six green jadeite disks each mounted with single diamond, set in yellow gold. L (open): 6 3/4 inches $600-800 247 131194/313 Chinese gold and peach nut bracelet late 19th century Comprising six carved cabachons within high karat mount. L: (open) 7 1/2 inches $800-1,200 248 141000/3 Chinese ice jadeite bangle Circular translucent bangle with attractive moss green inclusions. D: 3 inches $2,000-4,000


249 141000/5 Chinese translucent jade dragon bangle qing dynasty Worked as a dragon with double dragon biting a pearl, the stone of translucent pale greyish white hue. D: 3 1/8 inches $1,500-3,000

251 141037/12 Chinese gold and jade hair ornament Gold pin terminating in a gold repousse and jade inset phoenix decoration, with a suspending chain filigree. L of pin: 7 1/4 inches $500-800

250 141048/20 Two Chinese jade and gold bangle bracelets Including a green jade bangle with gold claps and brace, and a mottled white jade bangle with chained gold claps. D of larger: 3 1/4 inches $400-600

252 138192/6 Chinese carnelian earrings and brooch Orange carnelian with 14k gold mounts, earrings pierce carved as flowers and brooch as ‘sanduo’ citron, peach and lychee fruits. L of brooch: 11/2 inches $300-500

253 122317/11 Chinese huanghuali and jadeite beaded necklace String of three jadeite beads and a hundred and eight huanghuali beads. L closed: 16 1/4 inches $400-600 254 131904/11 Chinese amber beaded necklace Matched round beads stringed with brown thread. L (closed): 24 inches $800-1,200 49

255 132430/3 Chinese framed tunic and wood prayer beads qing dynasty A full string of wood, pink tourmaline, rock crystal beaded prayer necklace, chaozhu, with a fu bat pendant; all against a peking embroidered petal-form collar. L of frame: 31 inches $800-1,200


256 138192/5 Group of coral jewelry Comprising a coral necklace with matched earrings, a pair of grape shaped beaded earrings and brooch pin the mount stamped 800, a pair of coral button earrings, two 16K gold corel inset rings, another pair of carved grape shaped earrings with brooch, a coral cow pendant and a coral elephant pendant. L of necklace closed: 7 inches $1,500-2,000

257 141005/3 Chinese coral beaded necklace Forty eight round beads. L (closed): 18 1/4 inches $600-800

258 No lot



259 131194/271 Chinese carved coral grouping late 19th century Detail carving showing female beauty and boy surmounting egret, flanked by peach grove, wood stand. Coral H: 6 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000



260 131194/283 Chinese carved coral figural grouping late 19th century Detailed carving of a seated beauty flanked by boy and framed by peach grove over a sampan, later wood stand. Coral L: 6 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000 261 131194/307 Chinese carved coral grouping 19th century Tall meiren figure over mythical beast, gilt wood stand. Coral H: 7 inches $1,500-2,000



262 131194/308 Chinese carved coral grouping 19th century Tall meiren figure grasping vase, over dragon on gilt wood stand. Coral H: 6 L: 5 inches $1,500-2,000 263 131194/310 Two Chinese carved coral figures 19th century Two tall meiren over wood stands. Coral H: 3 3/4 inches $300-500 264 141003/2 Chinese agate cup 19th / 20th century The cylindrical cup openwork carved with pine sprigs. H: 2 3/4 inches; W: 4 inches $300-500 265 131194/269 Chinese carved agate ‘doctors model’ 19th century Oval clam of near translucent hue, supporting a white tone recumbent lady, over fine stand. L: 2 1/2 inches $300-500

266 132605/47 Five Chinese hardstone openwork carved pendants with stands Comprising a double ‘xi’ circular plaque, a figure on buffalo circular plaque, a butterfly plaque, a bi disc, and a double carp circular plaque. D of largest: 2 3/4 inches $400-800 267 131532/28 Chinese carved agate ‘monkeys’ pendant qing dynasty Rectangular translucent stone, darker areas relief carved on both sides with monkeys among rockwork and pine trees. L: 1 7/8 inches, W: 1 1/2 inches $800-1,200

268 141000/9 Chinese water agate carving of a rabbit and the moon qing dynasty, wheeled yangxindian mark The cameo stone carved as a hare hugging a large moon and surrounded by cloud scrolls and flying bats, with incised mark to base. H: 2 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

263 51

269 132430/37 Tibetan rock crystal vajra and purba The purba hilt carved with three heads in fierce expressions, with an accompanying eight prong vajra. H of purba: 10 1/2 inches $1,000-2,000

270 138190/9 Rock crystal ball and stand Stand indent at center to fit the rock crystal ball with very minor imperfection. D of crystal: 3 1/2 inches $1,500-3,000

271 132605/51 Pair of Chinese rock crystal phoenix carvings Openwork carved as standing phoenix with a flower spray in its beak. H: 9 inches $8,000-12,000

272 132605/52 Chinese rock crystal vase and cover Ovoid vase flanked by attendants and birds, the cover surmounted by a mandarin duck with a floral sprig in its beak. H with cover: 8 inches $1,500-3,000 273 132605/54 Chinese rock crystal and rose quartz carving of Buddha Buddha seated on pink rose quartz lotus stand. H: 7 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

274 131663/43 Three Chinese crystal and glass pendants qing dynasty Including a lavender amethyst peach form pendant, a yellow ‘shuanghuan’ pendant, and a circular rock crystal pendant. L or largest: 2 inches $600-800


275 132390/1 Pair of Chinese rock crystal fu dogs 19th century The seated mirrored pair with bulging eyes and ferocious expressions. H: 4 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000 276 131194/280 Chinese yellow soapstone immortal qing dynasty Seated deity flanked by mythical beast, well carved drapery and face, semi-translucent yellow and red hue stone. H: 2 1/2 L; 3 inches provenance: Previously Property of a Mid-West Collector $300-500 277 132375/5 Two finely carved Chinese carved soapstone seals qing dynasty Including a boulder shaped seal carved with dragons pursuing a flaming pearl, and a rectangular seal sloped at the top carved with a dragon amidst celestial clouds. H of larger: 3 1/2 inches $500-800

278 132591/21 Chinese soapstone carving Scholar seated in ease dressed in loose robes. H: 2 1/4 inches provenance: with E&J Frankel collection sticker, No. 758A $4,000-6,000 279 132591/22 Chinese soapstone carving Seated scholar holding a linghzhi sprig. H: 3 1/2 inches provenance: with E&J Frankel collection sticker, No. 722 $3,000-5,000 280 131875/3 Chinese calcified jade ‘ram’ carving Recumbant ram grasping a lingzhi spray in its mouth; stone of mottled grey and ivory tone. H: 3 inches L: 4 inches provenance: Property of a South Carolina Lady Purchased from Manheims Gallery, New Orleans $1,500-2,500 281 148009/10 Chinese lapis lazuli carving of boys and carps Carved as two boys riding on the back of carps. H: 13 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

282 132430/9 Chinese mottled white jade archaistic covered vase ming dynasty The vase formed with bosses around body flanked by reticulated chilong handles, the neck styled with flanges and a hanging U-shaped handle suppending it from a hardwood and stained ivory stand. H of vase and cover: 4 inches $2,000-4,000

283 132375/3 Two Chinese celadon jade vases late ming dynasty and qing dynasty Including a cylindrical pale celadon jade ‘three friends’ vase naturalistically carved in the form of a hollow pine-tree trunk; together with a smaller slender and compressed pear shaped vase, its thin walls openwork carved with a phoenix and a chilong dragon. H of trunk vase: 6 1/2 inches; H of pear-form vase: 3 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000 53

284 141018/5 Chinese celadon jade vase 18th century Flattened ovoid vase with archaistic scroll form handles and a band of taotie masks to body, raised on circular footring. H: 4 3/8 inches $8,000-12,000

285 141068/14 Chinese archaic style green jade covered vase and cover 19th century Carved with flanges, beast head handles and taotie masks to body, with original cover. H: 9 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000

287 132482/2 Chinese archaistic celadon jade gu vase 19th / 20th century Faceted vase, the body carved in low relief with taotie masks and lappet blades, flanked by classic scrolls to neck and near base. H: 7 3/4 inches $1,500-3,000

290 141037/6 Chinese spinach jade hu form hanging vase Bronze hu form and decorated with archaic designs, with flanges and loop handle. H: 8 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

286 131194/324 Chinese white jade hanging vase Beast surmounted cover over baluster base carved with tao tie panels, with hanging stand. Vase H: 7, with chain 11 inches $800-1,200

289 132605/21 Chinese celadon jade hanging vase and cover The main body of the vase relief carved with chilong among clouds, with double phoenix-head handles and loose rings, hanging from jade link chains. H of vase: 7 3/4 inches $12,000-15,000

291 132520/1 Chinese jadeite baluster vase and cover 19th century The waisted neck adorned with twin scroll handles, the tapering body relief carved a dragon pursuing a flaming pearl above waves and raised on footring. H: 7 inches $1,000-2,000


292 132591/16 Chinese jadeite faceted vase and cover republic period The slender hu-form square vase with splayed feet and plain cover, the body carved in openwork with birds among peony sprigs. H: 9 1/2 inches $6,000-8,000

293 132591/15 Chinese jadeite ovoid vase and cover republic period Vase with double elephant and ring andles to body and cover; the body carved in low relief with dragons among scrolling clouds and the cover surmounted with a fu dog finial; jade of pale lavender to green tones. H with cover: 8 1/4 inches $6,000-8,000

294 141018/2 Chinese mottled lavender jadeite vase and cover Double lion head mask handles supporting loose rings, front and back panels depicting flowers, cover surmounted by a fu lion finial; with silver wire inlay wood stand. H of vase and cover: 8 1/2 inches $8,000-12,000

295 132490/3 Pair small white and spinach jade brush pots 20th century Cylindrical form white jade brush pot or incense holder reticulated to exterior with figures among a natural landscape scene, set on a grooved spinach jade base. H: 3 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

296 132605/18 Chinese jade vase and cover Ovoid vase openwork carved with birds among fruiting peach, citron and flower sprays. H with cover: 12 3/4 inches $14,000-18,000 55

297 132605/17 Chinese jadeite vase and cover The baluster form vase with double dragon handles and loose suspending rings, the body carved in relief with dragon adn phoenix, raised on tall splayed foot attached to wooden base. H (vase and cover): 8 3/4 inches $15,000-20,000

298 141018/1 Chinese mottled jade vase and cover High shouldered vase raised on tall pedestal feet; the sides relief carved with archaic chilong dragons, flanked by double dragon head handles supporting loose rings, the cover surmounted by two buddist lions playing with a ball. H of vase and cover: 15 inches $15,000-20,000


299 141056/1 Fine Chinese white jade vase 18th century The vessel intricately carved as a cylindrical, archaic-style vase supported on one side by a rock from which grow a pine and peach tree with roosting cranes; stone of nearly pure white color with few natural inclusions. H: 5 3/4 inches provenance: Property of a well-curated private New York collection Previously sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong $20,000-30,000 57

300 141056/2 Fine Chinese white jade bowl 18th century The footed bowl with flared rim subtly carved to show the ‘three friends’, pine, bamboo and peony, in a simple natural landscape; stone of translucent white tone with some natural milky inclusions. H: 3 1/4 inches D: 7 inches provenance: Property of a well-curated private New York collection $30,000-50,000


301 141056/3 Fine Chinese white jade covered censer qianlong period The censer and cover deftly carved in the archaic style with taotie masks, raised flanges, dragon head handles with freely-carved rings and openwork knop in the form of a coiled dragon; stone of slightly celadon hue with some brown, pebble-like striations. H with cover: 3 1/2 inches provenance: Property of a well-curated private New York collection Previously offered at Christie’s New York on May 1978 as lot 80 $200,000-300,000 59

302 141009/36 Chinese jadeite covered vase Ovoid vase with dragon finial cover and double dragon head handles supporting loose rings, front panel depicting Guanyin and back panel Xi Wangmu; icy white matrix suffused with pale apple green veins. H with cover: 12 1/4 inches $30,000-50,000

303 131194/288 Two Chinese jadeite vessels Comprising a celadon jadeite covered ‘dragon’ vase together with a archaic beast form vessel. Tallest H: 8 1/2 inches $400-600

304 131194/270 Chinese carved jadeite hanging vase Multi-gourd carving of light celadon hue, with wood stand. Jadeite H: 6 inches $300-500

305 132605/20 Chinese celadon jade censer and cover Upright handles, decorated to body with archaistic dragon designs, raised on circular footring, dome cover surmounted with fu lion. H with cover: 5 1/4 inches $6,000-8,000

306 141009/9 Chinese jadeite covered censer Globular body; animal mask feet and matched loose ring handles; with cover surmounted by a fu-lion finial. H with cover: 4 3/4 inches $4,000-6,000


307 132375/1 Chinese archaic-style mottled celadon jade gui vessel qing dynasty The waisted vessel incised with taotie masks to body seperated by raised flanges around neck, twin handles issuing form tiger heads. H: 2 inches $1,500-2,000

308 141003/1 Chinese celadon jade teapot 19th / 20th century Rectangular cross section adorned with flowers, huiwen, ruyi clouds, lingzhi and other auspicious motifs. H: 4 inches $500-800

309 131904/5 Chinese spinach jade tripod censer 19th / 20th century Beaded archaic scrolls adorn the globular body, supported on hoof feet issuing from fu lion heads. H: 4 1/2 inches D: 6 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

310 141009/37 Chinese white jade wine ewer and cover Adorned with colorful glass beads in Mughal style; with scroll form handle, shou and dragon motifs to body, relief dragon beneath spout and openworked chilong bridge connecting to the body. H with cover: 8 inches $10,000-15,000 61

311 141018/25 Chinese hardstone-inlaid spinach jade box and cover 19th / 20th century Rectangular box with indented corners, the cover adorned with a spray of flowers made from inset malachite and other hardstones; attached to brass stand. L: 5 inches H: 1 1/4 inches $500-800

312 132430/4 A small Chinese white jade box qing dynasty Of rectangular form, the semitranslucent stone with milky inclusions and russet to base. Chinese inscription to cover and seal to base. Supported by a wooden stand. L: 1 3/4, W: 2 3/4, H: 3/4 inches $300-500

313 132328/103 Chinese mottled white jade box Plain rectangular box on wood stand, the jade with speckling white inclusioin. L: 5 inches, H without stand: 1 1/2 inches provenance: Property of Mrs. William R. Wister, removed from Runnymede Farm, Coatesville, PA. $600-900

314 132430/5 Chinese jade lotus form bowl qing dynasty The deep rounded sides, which rise from the spreading foot to the rim are carved in lotus form. The semitranslucent stone of pale green hue with minor inclusions and russests to base. H 2 1/2 inches $500-700 315 141018/27 Pair of large jade bowls Jade of varying green, yellow and brown hues. D: 9 inches H: 3 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000 316 141018/21 Pair of Chinese gilt decorated jadeite cups Conical form with shallow footring, lavendar and green matrix; gilt painted to exterior with trees. H: 2 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000

317 132582/4 Pair of Mughal celadon jade chrysanthemum dishes 18th / 19th century The oblong dishes thinly and delicately carved with four concentric bands of petals radiating from the center, the sides flanked by a pair of floral form handles. L: 7 1/4 inches $10,000-15,000

318 131734/25 Chinese celadon jade twin-handled cup 19th / 20th century Double dragon handles, the body decorated with raised millets. L: 4 1/4 inches; H: 1 1/2 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $1,500-2,000

319 131990/6 Chinese translucent mottled jadeite bowl qing dynasty Rounded sides flaring towards the rim and raised on a circular ring foot, stone of translucent white hue with cloudy white inclusions. D: 6 3/4 inchesH: 2 1/2 inches $10,000-12,000


321 141042/5 Chinese celadon jade alms bowl 18th / 19th century The large rounded bowl with equal mouth and foot rims carved with three reserves showing pomegranate, citron and peaches. H: 3 1/4 D: 7 inches $12,000-15,000

322 132430/8 Chinese celadon jade tray qing dynasty Of rectangular form, incised with symbolical lingzhi, peaches, and wan symbols. The semi-translucent jade of pale green hue with light inclusions. Supported on a well carved boxwood stand with ivory inlay. H of plaque: 7 inches $2,000-4,000

323 132554/11 Chinese pale celadon jade miniature water coupe Carved in the form of a curled lotus leaf encircled by its blooming flowers and stem. L: 3 inches $5,000-8,000

324 131194/259 Chinese brown russet and celadon jadeite water-coupe 19th century Gourd or other vegitable issuing foliate vines and russet leaves. L: 6 1/2 inches $300-500

324A 141048/12 Two Chinese jade water coupes Including a jadeite coupe in the form of a leaf and berries, and celadon jade flat based leaf-form coupe. L respectively: 4 1/2 and 5 inches $800-1,200

325 141009/38 Chinese white jade miniature water coupe 19th / 20th century Carved as a spray of lotus leaf and fruit. L: 2 inches $2,000-3,000

326 132591/20 Chinese celadon jade brush washer 19th century Circular water coupe, interior relief carved with a lingzhi sprig and exterior inscribed with chilong dragons. D: 5 inches $2,000-4,000 63

327 141010/5 Chinese jadeite water coupe 19th / 20th century Leaf form water coup, the russet part of the stone carefully reserved for the leaf edges. L: 4 3/4 inches $800-1,200

328 141048/1 Chinese celadon jade twin-handled shallow dish early 20th century Of quartrefoil form with freely carved ring handles and four curved feet; carved to interior with pair of birds grasping leafy stalks in their beaks and to outside walls with birds and insects among flowers; with ornate openwork wooden stand reflecting bird and branch motif. W of jade: 9 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

329 132579/6 Chinese jade carving of a meiren 19th century The female figure is carved holding blossoming branches of a prunus and a basket, her hair upswept in a high top-knot, the stone with apple green highlights and brown inclusion near base. H: 10 1/4 inches $6,000-8,000 330 141048/14 Chinese jadeite beauty late qing dynasty The standing maiden holds a flower basket, her hair tied in a high chignon and her robes billowing, stone of cloudy white tone with green highlights. H: 9 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

330A 141048/7 Chinese lavender jade carving of a beauty 19th / 20th century The standing beauty holds a fruiting sprig in one hand, jade of slight lavender hue. H: 5 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

331 132591/17 Chinese celadon jade carving of a meiren Standing on swirling waves, one hand holding a whisp and the other hand raised above her head supporting a plate of coral and pearl adornments. H: 7 inches $2,000-4,000

332 141037/15 Chinese celadon jade carving of Guanyin 19th / 20th century Standing Guanyin holding a bottle in one hand and prayer beads in the other. H: 5 1/2 inches $800-1,200


333 141009/2 Chinese white jade carving of Buddha qing dynasty Seated in dyanasana and hands held in bhumisparsamudra and abhayamudra; stone slightly speckled with white and turning yellow at the tip of Buddha’s left knee. H: 4 3/4 inches $15,000-20,000

334 132328/108 Chinese celadon jade model of a recumbent buffalo Seated with legs tucked under the body and head turned to one side, jade with fissure and darker inclusions. L: 9 1/2 inches provenance: Property of Mrs. William R. Wister, removed from Runnymede Farm, Coatesville, PA. $5,000-7,000

335 131904/8 Chinese celadon jade carving of a duck 19th century Duck with a blade of grass in its beak, tone of green tone with darker inclusions at forehead area. L: 11 3/4 inches H: 6 1/2 inches $1,000-2,000

336 132328/105 Chinese jadeite recumbent horse model Carved with its head turned back and tail wrapped around its body. L: 10 1/2 inches H: 6 3/4 inches provenance: purchased from the Ravenscliff sale, 1978 Property of Mrs. William R. Wister, removed from Runnymede Farm, Coatesville, PA. $5,000-7,000

337 132328/104 Pair of large Chinese jadeite carved stork models Carved using the natural color transition of the stone, inset with spinach jade beaks, coral crowns, and supported on wooden legs and rockwork. H of jade: 7 inches provenance: purchased from the Ravenscliff sale, 1978 Property of Mrs. William R. Wister, removed from Runnymede Farm, Coatesville, PA. $6,000-8,000 65

338 141009/13 Chinese grey jade carved boulder qianlong period Carved as a buddhist monk seated before a censer in a mountain cave; inscription on top of stone attributing the figure to the fifth Banruo. H: 4 3/4 inches $5,000-8,000

341 131141/7 Chinese jade ruyi scepter qianlong mark, qing dynasty The scepter carved in typical form with shou symbol to head and adorned with openwork lingzhi branch and qilong; stone of yellow-green hue. L: 12 inches $1,500-2,000

343 132605/23 Chinese white jade scholar’s rock Carved to resemble a slender scholar’s rock, with a few monkeys at play. H: 11 inches $10,000-15,000

339 141037/14 Chinese white jade carving of mountain and sages 18th century Carved with three scholarly man playing go seated before a rocky mountain landscape; with custom made hardwood stand. H: 1 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

342 131004/5 Chinese translucent green hardstone ruyi scepter qing dynasty The stone of green hue carved in organic form to resemble a length of lingzhi. L: 12 inches provenance: From an American estate; acquired in Japan after World War II $1,000-1,500

340 141000/8 Chinese white and russet jade boulder qing dynasty Oblong boulder carved with figures and inscribed with poem verso, the stone with orange russet skin. H: 11 3/4 inches $5,000-8,000

344 132554/14 Chinese white jade carving of a boy rowing Carved to depict a boy seated holding his oar at the head of the boat together with a flower basket behind him. L: 2 2/5 inches $3,000-5,000

345 132605/14 Chinese jadeite carving of carps Boy with a basket rides on the back of a large carp, leaping out of turbulent waters, flanked by more carps, lotus leaves and flowers; stone of varying shades of green. H: 5 3/4 inches $6,000-8,000


348 141027/1 Chinese celadon jade carving of mantis and leaf 19th century Finely carved as a curling plantain leaf with a mantis and a circada; rock of pale celadon hue with small areas of grain inclusions. L: 4 1/2 inches $1,500-3,000

346 132605/15 Chinese jadeite carving of ‘hehe erxian’ The standing immortal holds a box emitting ruyi clouds; the other seated immortal holds a double gourd; both afloat on a large lotus leaf; stone with hints of lavender to green hue with occasional apple green highlights. H: 6 1/4 inches $4,000-6,000

349 141018/7 Chinese celadon jade female immortal and deer qing dynasty Standing figure holding a beach in her left hand and with a deer by her feet. H: 5 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

347 132605/24 Chinese celadon jade carving of an immortal carved as a reclining female immortal above scrolling clouds. L: 3 1/4 inches $1,200-1,500

351 141009/19 Chinese russet jade melon form paper weight 17th century Carved as a pumpkin with scrolling tendrils, stone with russet and grainy inclusions. L: 2 inches $800-1,200

350 141000/7 Chinese white jade fu beast qing dynasty Recumbant beast coiled and biting its tail, stone of even white hue with slight opaque inclusions near base. L: 2 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000

352 131194/266 Chinese white jade ‘bat and peach’ pendant 18th century True white hue, carved to show bat surmounting three peach with foliate sprigs. L: 2 inches $800-1,200

353 131194/267 Chinese white jade ‘dragon and phoenix’ pendant 18th century Circular carving of good white hue. D: 2 1/2 inches $500-800

354 138103/11 Chinese celadon jade monkey carving qing dynasty Carved in round openwork as an older monkey seated with a smaller monkey on its shoulder. L: 2 inches $500-800

355 132513/7 Chinese celadon jade carving of an elephant qing dynasty The animal’s head turned to the right, its wrinkled skin well defined with incised lines; the stone of translucent pale celadon hue with white inclusions. L: 4 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000 67

356 141009/14 Chinese celadon jade buffalo 18th / 19th century Recumbant buffalo with large horns, head turned to one side. L: 2 1/2 inches $300-500

357 141018/8 Chinese yellow jade carving of a ram 18th century Recumbant ram; stone of greenish yellow hue with areas of stone inclusions. L: 2 1/2 inches $5,000-8,000

358 131734/24 Chinese white jade carving of fu lions qing dynasty Carved as two recumbent lions playing with a tassled brocade ball. H: 1 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000

359 141000/10 Chinese celadon jade carving of a duck and child qing dynasty The pendant carved as a duck with its head turned backwards, together with a boy mounted on its back. L: 2 1/8 inches $1,500-2,000

361 138103/12 Celedon white jade carving of a lingzhi sprig Carved as a sprig of lingzhi fungus with two fu bats. L: 2 3/4 inches $400-600

363 132554/12 Chinese white jade beast and bird carving Recumbant beast supporting a bird on its back, stone with slight russet at the head of the bird. L: 1 2/5 inches $3,000-5,000

362 141024/6 Chinese white jade ‘shuanghuan’ carving Carved as two cats fighting for a lingzhi sprig; stone of consistent white hue. L: 1 3/4 inches provenance: Previously from a private New York collection $1,000-2,000

364 132554/27 Chinese archaic-style jade carving of a recumbant animal Carved as a recumbant racoon dog indigenous to East Asia, stone of opaque brown and grain texture. L: 2 2/5 inches $1,500-2,000

366 132554/17 Chinese celadon jade ‘egret and lotus’ finial Pierce carved with three egrets among fruitful lotus sprigs. H: 1 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

367 132605/25 Chinese white jade ‘pomegranate and lingzhi’ carving Open work carved with four fruiting pomogranates on a leafy sprig and lingzhi sprays verso. L: 2 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

360 141003/3 Five Chinese white jade items qing dynasty Including a blade form jade carving, two buddhistic lion heads, one flower basket and one miniature flattened covered box carving. L of longest: 4 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

365 132554/18 Chinese white jade carving of ‘three rams’, san yang kai tai Carved to depict a circle of three recumbant rams feeding on and supporting a cloud of lingzhi sprig above their heads that bears a taiji symbol, stone with slight russet. L: 1 3/5 inches $4,000-6,000


368 132513/8 Chinese white jade carving of a pig 20th century The yellow-tinted top and bottom sections carved as a pig and a ‘nian’ fish, surrounded by lingzhi tendrils and hugging the white and pebble-form mid section of the stone. L: 3 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

369 141011/15 Chinese yellow and brown jade fu dog The dog curled in a ball biting its own tail; stone with brown inclusions along its spine. L: 2 inches $1,500-2,000 370 141018/6 Chinese celadon jade carving of grapes Carved as a string of grapes hanging from a leafy sprig, with custom made stand. L: 6 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

371 141009/6 Chinese white jade ‘boy’ carving late qing dynasty Depicting a crouching boy holding an ingot. L: 2 inches $1,200-1,800 372 148005/6 Chinese celadon jade ‘hehe erxian’ carving 19th / 20th century Openwork carved with two boys holding lotus sprigs, stone of greyish green hue. L: 3 1/4 inches $400-600

373 141068/10 Chinese white jade ‘horse and monkey’ carving 18th century Carved as a plump recumbant horse with its head tucked and a monkey on its back. L: 2 1/4 inches $2,000-3,000

374 141018/4 Chinese celadon jade boy carving 19th century Carved as a boy holding a lotus spray and the reigns to a ram by his feet; attached to base. H: 5 1/2 inches $15,000-20,000 69

375 132375/4 Chinese black and white jade fu lion carving 19th / 20th century Well carved utilizing the brown to black area of the stone as a larger Fu lion and the white area of the stone as two cubs. L: 4 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

376A 141018/3 Chinese white jade horse qing dynasty The recumbant horse with head turned to one side and tail by its body, stone with a streak of grainy inclusions along spine of horse. L: 4 1/2 inches $20,000-40,000

376 132554/22 Chinese white jade carving of a horse Recumbant horse with its head turned to the side and its hind hooves flipped skyward. L: 2 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000


377 132554/20 Chinese white jade figure of a pigeon The recumbent bird is carved with its head turned over its right wing, its feet tucked under its body and in its beak it holds a leafy sprig of fruits. L: 2 1/4 inches $4,000-6,000

378 141009/11 Chinese celadon jade ‘boy’ carving 19th / 20th century Carved as a standing boy holding a lotus spray. H: 2 inches $500-800

381 141009/22 Chinese white jade fu lion 20th century The buddhistic lion carved with a playful expression seated in recumbent position and looking back at its tail. L: 2 1/4 inches $1,200-1,500

379 141009/25 Chinese mottled jade carving of ‘Buddha’s hand citron’ Carved as a large and small citrus fruit surrounded by a few lingzhi sprays. L: 3 1/2 inches $800-1,200

382 141009/57 Chinese white jade carving of a deer Recumbent deer holding a lingzhi spray in its mouth. L: 2 3/4 inches $2,000-3,000

384 141037/11 Two Chinese white jade garment hooks qing dynasty One opaque white dragon hook with plain handle, and one archaic style translucent hook. L of larger: 3 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

380 141011/14 Chinese white jade boy and peach fruit carving Standing figure with a sack on his back and a peach in one hand. H: 3 1/4 inches $2,000-4,000

383 141009/56 Chinese white jade carving of a beast Crouching lion head turned back and tail in the form of a ruyi head. L: 3 inches $2,000-3,000

386 131194/264 Large and fine Chinese white jade garment hook 18th century Typical form, well carved in highrelief, true white hue, later wood stand. Jade L: 5 inches $800-1,200

385 131194/174 Large Chinese jadeite garment hook qing dyansty typical form, of lavender and green hue carved to show qilong dragon. L: 5 inches provenance: Formerly of a California collection $200-300

387 131194/268 Chinese white jade hair-pin late 18th century Typical form, carved to show plum blossoms. L: 4 inches $300-500

388 131194/287 Chinese celadon jade garment hook qing dyansty Typical form, gilt metal mounted as letter opener. Jade L: 3 1/2 inches $300-400

389 148001/3 Two jade items 19th century Including a celadon jade belt buckle and a small celadon jade tray. L of largest: 4 1/2 inches $1,000-2,000

390 148008/5 Chinese white jade belt hook Chilong head belt hook with archaic scroll designs on handle, mounted on later silk iron. L of jade: 4 inches $500-800 71

391 132603/1 Chinese white jade garment hook qing dynasty Typcial form with dragon terminal and a chilong along the handle. L: 4 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

392 132605/27 Chinese white jade garment hook qing dynasty Dragon head form hook and open worked chilong dragon on handle with plain knob verso. L: 4 inches $1,000-1,500 394 132430/7 Chinese celadon jade plaque ming dynasty The pale jade of rectangular form, carved and pierced with a mythical beast admist floral elements, supported on wooden stand. H: 5 1/4 inches $2,000-4,000

393 138122/5 Two Chinese white jade ‘dragon’ plaques yuan / early ming Both rectangular plaques carved to one side with slender three clawed dragons; one inset into hongmu table screen. H of larger jade: 2 1/4 inches; W: 2 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

395 138122/3 Chinese white jade oblong plaque ming dynasty High relief convex plaque openwork carved with a striding dragon among naturalistic foliate, mounted as a table display. H of plaque: 3 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

396 138122/4 Chinese white jade rectangular dragon plaque ming dynasty Openwork carved with a striding dragon amidst flower blossoms, framed within hongmu table screen stand. L of jade: 2 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500


397 131194/265 Chinese celadon jade ‘goose’ plaque ming dyansty, silver mount later Silver mounted edge, well carved plaque centered by ‘goose’ flanked by lotus blossoms. Total L: 3 1/4 inches $800-1,200

398 131532/27 Four Chinese Amitabha sutra jade tablets qianlong period, possibly imperial Four translucent pale celadon jade tablets, incised and gilded on both sides with text from the Amitabha sutra; the first and last tablet serves as a front and back cover, incised respectively with the Buddha on lotus throne and a vajra. H: 2 inches W: 1 3/4 inches provenance: Acquired in Shanghai in the early 1900s. For a comperable please see Christie’s Sale 2165 Lot 988 $8,000-12,000

399 138192/17 Chinese celadon jade rectangular plaque 19th century Carved in low relief with a beauty seated by a window smelling a flower; calligraphic inscription verso, within a rectangular border of archaic scrolls. L: 2 1/8 inches $2,000-3,000 73

400 141011/18 Chinese white jade ‘jixiang ruyi’ plaque The large rectangular plaque carved with a buddhist lion with silk ball to front and the characters ‘ji xiang ru yi’ verso. H: 2 3/4 inches $1,000-2,000

401 132605/16 Chinese jadeite bi carving with stand The circular disc adorned with a single groove on one side, stone of mottled white with apple green areas. D: 3 inches $800-1,200

402 131734/22 Chinese white jade reticulated plaque The translucent circular jade carved with ‘hehe erxian’ among clouds and scrolling tendrils. D: 3 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $1,000-1,500

403 131734/21 Chinese white jade reticulated plaque 19th / 20th century Pierce carved with dragons and a fu bat among naturalistic scrolling foliate; with wood stand. D: 2 7/8 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $1,000-1,500

404 131734/20 Pair of Chinese white jade reticulated plaques 19th / 20th century Pierced roundel depicting buddha’s hand citron, pomogranate, peaches and a fu bat among scrolling vines, with wood stand. D: 3 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $3,000-5,000


405 138122/6 Chinese white jade revolving wheel carving and inlaid mother-of-pearl table screen White jade openworked revolving disc, together with a mother-of-pearl inlay softwood screen depicting a goat under a pine grove and beside rock formations. D of jade disc: 2 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

406 141018/11 Chinese white jade reticulated ‘dragon’ plaque qing dynasty One-sided plaque pierce carved with a coiled dragon among scrolling ruyi clouds pursuing a pearl. L: 3 inches $400-600

407 141018/9 Chinese chicken bone jade bi carving qing dynasty Carved with three entwined chilong dragons on an oval bi disc, stone of mottled grey and white hues. L: 3 3/4 inches $800-1,200

408 132554/13 Chinese mottled jade plaque Circular plaque carved in relief on one side with peony tree and incised to reverse with poetic script, raised on wood stand. D: 3 2/5 inches $6,000-8,000

409 132554/19 Chinese white jade axe-form pendant Archaic style bell-shaped pendant open worked with qilong dragons, keyfret bands and taotie masks, with ‘750’ impressed gold suspension loop. H: 2 3/4 inches $5,000-8,000

410 141037/17 Chinese archaic style jade blade ming dynasty Jade carved as a blade adorned with huiwen, lappet bands and stylized flowers, surmoutned by two archaic dragons and a pearl. L: 3 1/2 inches $500-700

411 138192/16 Chinese mottled jade ‘fu shou’ pendant 19th century Circular pendant carved with coins, shou symbol and a bat, 8k gold mount. D: 2 1/8 inches $1,000-1,500

412 132430/48 Chinese russet jade citron carving qing dynasty Carved in the form of two citron fruits hanging from the vine, jade with russet and slight grain inclusions. L: 2 1/4 inches $400-600

413 132430/47 Chinese white jade ruyi pendant qing dynasty The ruyi head lock-form pendant relif carved to front with a figural scene and to reverse with four Chinese characters “ji xiang ru yi” L: 3 1/4 inches $400-600 75

414 141009/4 Chinese white jade pendant 19th century Pierced with shou symbol among foliate scrolls. L: 2 1/4 inches $800-1,200 415 141009/5 Chinese white jade pendant 19th century Openworked with a flower basket flanked by fish and scrolling waves. L: 2 inches $800-1,200

416 141009/15 Chinese white jade lock-form pendant Rectangular lock form surrounded by archaic chilong decorations and characters ‘fu lu yong chang’. L: 3 inches $300-500 417 141009/7 Chinese white jade citron pendant 19th century Carved as a citron fruit on leafy spray. L: 2 inches $3,000-5,000

418 141009/21 Chinese celadon jade butterfly form pendant Pierce carved as a butterfly and a flower. W: 3 3/4 inches $800-1,200 419 141009/16 Chinese mottled jade rectangular pendant 20th century Keyfret frame, a lotus on front and four Chinese characters verso. L: 2 1/4 inches $300-500

420 141048/22 Chinese celadon jade lock-form pendant The rectangular pendant carved in light relief to show a bird and a fox; inscribed with blessing ‘ruyi jixiang’ verso, with affixed gold mount. W of jade: 3 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $1,000-2,000 421 141011/16 Chinese white jade pendant Shaped ruyi cloud form pendant carved with phoenix to front and chilong verso. L: 2 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

422 132605/26 Chinese white jade pendant on beaded chain qing dynasty Archaic scrolls on top and bottom border surrounding a rectangular front panel depicting a scholar seated at his window, inscription verso and with apocryphal ‘zigang’ mark. L: 2 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500 423 132605/34 Chinese white jade circular pendant Openwork carved with fruits. D: 2 1/4 inches $600-800

424 132554/15 Chinese white jade reticulated pendant Pierce carved with double dragons pursuing a flaming pearl among scrolling clouds. L: 2 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000


425 132554/16 Chinese yellow to celadon jade pendant Carved in the archaic style as a side view of a stylized figure, jade with stone inclusions near one end. L: 3 2/5 inches $2,000-4,000

426 132554/23 Chinese white jade phoenix-form circular pendant Carved on both sides with a coiled phoenix and carp, stone with slight imperfection on carp side. D: 2 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000

427 132554/24 Chinese celadon jade pendant Oval form pendant carved with crane and turtle on each side, between stylized dragons and clouds on top and bottom border, gold suspension ring. L: 2 inches $2,000-4,000

428 132554/25 Chinese celadon jade pendant Carved in round as a lock hanging from a circular bamboo wreath. D: 2 inches $1,500-2,000

429 132554/26 Chinese white jade pendant Circada form pendant, adorned on one side with boys bathing in a wooden tub and on reverse with gourds hanging from leafy vines, the sides with taiji roundals. H: 2 1/4 inches H: 2 3/8 inches $6,000-8,000

430 141018/10 Chinese white jade peacock feather holder Elongated cylindrical tube flat on one side with russet skin, ending in a tip with pierced hole. L: 2 3/4 inches $400-600

431 141027/2 Chinese archaic style pendant qing dynasty A spade shaped jade carved with qiling dragon to the top, relief decorated with symetrical archaistic beasts, taotie mask to front and millet knobs to verso. L: 2 inches $800-1,200 77

432 141037/13 Chinese jade ‘fu lu shou’ pendant qing dynasty Openwork carved with a fu bat, a peach and a double gourd, pronounced as ‘fu lu shou’ as a good wish for happiness, wealth and longevity. L: 2 1/2 inches $800-1,200

434 141018/12 Four Chinese jade items qing dynasty and later Including a calcified jade ‘dragon’ belt hook, a chicken bone mottled jade flower form pendant, a white jade sword fitting, and a white jade ‘zhao cai’ reticulated plaque. L of sword fitting: 3 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

435 132605/19 Chinese apple green and lavender jadeite pendant Carved with carp and fruit; stone of bright emerald, icy white and purple hues. L: 2 1/8 inches $500-800

440 132521/1 Chinese celadon jade plaque inset hongmu box late qing dynasty The oval plaque incised in shallow relief with two fu bats among four peach fruits, the box corners adorned with stylized dragon heads and silver reinforcements; stone of mottled celadon hue. L of jade: 4 1/2 inches $800-1,200

433 141009/3 Chinese white jade circular pendant 19th century Pierce carved with tow boys among lotus tendrils and scrolling clouds, on wood stand. D: 2 3/4 inches $800-1,200

436 132591/18 Chinese jade mounted mirror 19th century The hand mirror with an oval plaque of jade to reverse and a dragon hook as handle. L: 9 inches $1,500-3,000

437 141024/9 Chinese jade mounted hardwood stand qing dynasty Tripod stand with bevelled edges, central medallion mounted with a white jade open worked peony plaque. D of stand: 5 1/2 inches; D of jade: 2 inches provenance: With Christie’s New York sticker SX 743/16 $400-600

438 132427/3 Chinese white-jade inset gilt silver mounted agate bowl jade yuan dynasty The cover embedded with an oblong Yuan dynasty white jade openworked to depict ‘nian’ fish among flowering vines, with later ormulumounted agate tripod bowl and chrysanthemum form base. L of jade: 3 3/4 inches; H of bowl and cover: 3 1/4 inches $2,000-4,000

439 131904/6 Two Chinese Edward Farmer jade pieces edward farmer mark, jade from qing dynasty The Including a celadon jade flower and pendant mounted on a sangde-boeuf water coupe, and a white jade buckle and two oblong beads mounted on a silver adorned spinach jade cup,. L of white jade buckle: 2 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

441 132607/1 Chinese white jade mounted brass box yuan / ming dynasty The concave heart-shaped jade pierce carved with one bird among flowering tendrils. H of jade: 2 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500


442 132605/37 Chinese jade bi mounted faux-tortoise shell hinged box jade qing dynasty The rectangular tortise shell box mounted with a pale celadon oblong jade bi disc relief carved with two chilong dragons biting tails. L of jade: 2 1/2 inches; L of box: 4 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

443 132605/35 Chinese jadeite covered box qing dynasty Compressed circular box, the cover relief carved with two dragons pursuing a flaming pearl; pale greenish white matrix suffused with bright emerald green. D: 2 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000

444 131194/263 Pair of Chinese jade mounted white metal ewers jade qing dynasty or earlier Typical form, ‘goose’ finial to domed cover, body set with two oval celadon jade plaques, body mounted with semi-precious stones. H: 11 1/4 inches $2,000-3,000

446 141009/80 Chinese smoky quartz inside painted snuff bottle signed wo long ju shi, dated 1984 The bulbous snuff bottle with double faux mask and ring handles, inside painted with an eagle in flight on front and a mountain river landscape to verso, signed and dated. H without stopper: 2 1/4 inches $1,200-1,500

447 141018/40 Chinese inside painted snuff bottle Round rectangular form, painted with figural scenes, dated Jiawu year and signed Ye Zhongsan. H without cap: 2 1/2 inches $800-1,200

445 141048/42 Two inside painted snuff bottles signed ye zhongsan, early 20th century Including rock crystal gourd form snuff bottle signed Ye Zhongsan, and an ovoid glass bottle painted with a bear. H of taller: 2 3/4 inches provenance: property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $400-500

448 131663/32 Chinese inside painted rock crystal snuff bottle signed ye zhongsan, dated 1913 Depicting horses in a winter landscape. H: 2 inches $500-800 79

449 141037/7 Chinese inside painted table snuff bottle dated 1934 Signed bottle depicting the famous ‘Qing Ming Shang He Tu’. H: 4 1/2 inches $500-800 450 131663/39 Two Chinese inside painted snuff bottles 20th century Including a larger bottle with shaped cartouches depicting travellers and animals; together with a smaller bottle depicting figures on horseback or buffalo. H of larger: 3 inches $300-500 451 131663/34 Chinese inside painted glass snuff bottle signed tang zichuan Depicting a war scene between two generals in armor. H: 2 1/4 inches $300-500

452 131663/33 Chinese inside painted snuff bottle signed ma shaoxuan, dated 1911 Painted with a camel in the style of Shigu, inscription verso. H: 2 1/4 inches $500-800

453 141018/33 Two overlay decorated glass snuff bottles Including a flattened globular bubble white glass bottle carved through red overlay to depict chilong dragons; the second a slender bottle tapering to indented foot, lavender overlay depicting squirrels and grapes. H of larger without cap: 2 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

454 131194/274 Large Chinese glass overlay snuff bottle 19th century Large ovoid form, showing ‘antiques and scrolls’ on snow-flake glass. Bottle H: 3 inches $300-500

455 131194/273 Chinese glass overlay ‘gourd’ snuff bottle late 18th century Ovoid form, well carved two-tone blue on white overlay showing gourds, over well carved fitted stand. H: 2 1/2 inches $300-500

456 141018/34 Three overlay decorated snuff bottles Including a multicolor overlay snowflake glass pear form bottle, a green and pink double overlay bubble glass snuff bottle, and a later pink and green overlay opaque glass snuff bottle. H of tallest without glass: 2 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

457 141018/38 Two Chinese imitation glass snuff bottles Including a pear form imitation realgar snuff bottle with metal neck and an opaque pink glass round rectangular form snuff bottle. H of realgar without cap: 2 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000

458 141003/9 Three overlay glass snuff bottles qing dynasty and later Including a ‘twelve zodiac’ red overlay snowflake glass snuff bottle, a carp and lotus red overlay bubble glass snuff, and a blue overlay opaque white glass bottle. H of largest: 2 3/4 inches $500-800

459 141003/18 Chinese pink glass snuff bottle Opaque pink circular glass snuff bottle, compressed and turning pale around neck, imitating rose quartz. H without cap: 2 1/4 inches $300-500

460 131194/272 Chinese carved glass ‘coral’ snuff bottle 19th century Ovoid form, carved to show floral blossoms, conforming cover. H: 3 1/2 inches $300-500

461 141048/41 Two Chinese amethyst snuff bottles Both peach form of lavender to icy white hue. H of larger: 2 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $400-600


462 141048/41A Chinese pink tourmaline snuff bottle qing dynasty Flattened ovoid form decorated with quails front and flowers verso. H: 2 1/2 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $400-600 463 141003/13 Chinese green tourmaline snuff bottle Ovoid bottle with high shoudler, carved to both sides with large taotie masks between lappet bands at shoulder and feet. H with cap: 2 1/4 inches $400-600

464 131141/45 Chinese green tourmaline snuff bottle Round rectangular form relief decorated with birds, flowers and pine trees, with pink tourmaline cap and ivory stand. H: 2 1/4 inches $400-600

465 141003/15 Chinese yellow carnelian ‘citron’ snuff bottle qing dynasty Carved as a naturalistic citron fruit ‘fo shou gua’. H: 2 inches $400-800

466 141005/4 Two Chinese agate snuff bottles Large snuff bottles, the darker layer of stone used to depict horses and figures against the translucent white to yellow ground, one with coral stopper. H of larger: 2 1/2 inches $600-800

467 141009/79 Chinese agate snuff bottle 19th century Round bottle carved with birds, flowers and rocks. H without cap: 1 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000

468 141003/12 Chinese shadow agate snuff bottle qing dynasty Carved with a figure on horsback hunting a deer to front and a figure in the same attire with hunting dog verso. H: 3 inches $1,500-3,000

469 132605/38 Chinese shadow agate snuff bottle Carved with a figure in a boat to front and a fishing scholar to verso all within a continuous landscape. H with stopper: 3 inches $1,500-3,000

470 132605/39 Chinese shadow agate snuff bottle Relief carved with rooster and plantain to front and squirrel on tree verso. H: 2 1/2 inches $600-800

471 132605/43 Chinese shadow agate snuff bottle Carved with ‘sanduo’ citron, peach and pomegranate fruits to front and double carp verso. H with cover: 3 inches $1,500-3,000 81

472 131663/45 Six Chinese glass snuff bottles and a shadow agate bottle 19th / 20th century Comprising a red overlay bubble glass double ‘Xi’ bottle, a blue overlay opaque white ‘antiques’ bottle, a white simulating jade bottle, a simulated realgar pear form bottle, a translucent olive pit form bottle, a plain and large celdon glass bottle, and a shadow agate rectangular bottle (7). H of largest: 5 1/4 inches $800-1,200

473 141009/71 Chinese puddingstone meiping form snuff bottle 19th century Flat circular foot rising to high shoulders and waisted mouth. H without cap: 2 1/2 inches $500-800

475 141009/72 Chinse jadeite snuff bottle qing dynasty Well hollowed plain bottle, flat lip and raised on low oval footring. H without stopper: 2 1/4 inches $2,500-3,000

476 141048/6 Chinese white jade snuff bottles qing dynasty Triangular pebble bottle incised to front with peony blossoms among rockwork, with warm brown hue skin near base and verso. H: 2 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $2,000-3,000

479 141009/78 Chinese white jade inscribed snuff bottle 20th century The compressed ovoid bottle inscribed to one side with bird on peony branch, and with a poem on reverse side. H without stopper: 1 3/4 inches $300-500

480 141009/75 Chinese white jade snuff bottle 19th century Spade form bottle with everted lip and slightly indented base. H without stopper: 1 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

474 141009/70 Chinese puddingstone snuff bottle 19th century Of flattened rectangular form raising from an oval concave foot to a sloping shoulder and cylindrical neck, covered in the natural pebble design in shades of brown and grey. H without cap: 2 1/4 inches $500-800

477 141048/47 Chinese white jade snuff bottle qing dynasty Of rounded rectangular form with flat back, carved to show horse in rocky landscape and house among rocks verso beneath dedication to the Shu mountains; stone of good white color with some pebble like inclusions. H without cap: 2 1/4 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $3,000-5,000


478 141009/81 Chinese jadeite snuff bottle The round bottle carved in relief with a chilong pursuing a pearl, stone of green to yellow hue. H: 1 3/4 inches $500-800

481 131194/309 Chinese brown and light celadon jade snuff bottle 19th century Gourd form, well hollowed to show butterfly and vine leaves. H: 2 1/2 inches $400-600


482 141018/35 Chinese white jade, gold filigree and blue enameled snuff bottle The neck and base adorned with blue-enamel flower and leaf spray patterns against gold ground, mounted on a globular white jade of homogenous icy white hue. H with cover: 2 inches $800-1,200

483 141018/37 Chinese striated jade snuff bottle Compressed globular form, flat foot, jade of yellow and grown striates, agate cap and metal spoon. H without cap: 1 1/2 inches $800-1,200

484 141009/76 Chinese jadeite snuff bottle Long slender bottle carved in relief with a dragon to front and pearl with fu bat verso; red glass carved stopper. H: 2 1/4 inches $600-800

485 141037/10 Chinese white jade snuff bottle qing dynasty Plain rounded rectangular form with sloping shoulders, raised on oval footring, well hollowed. H without cap: 2 1/2 inches $800-1,200

486 141003/5 Chinese white jade snuff bottle qing dynasty Carved as a section of bitter melon with leaves, stone of consistent white hue. L: 3 1/4 inches $500-800

487 141003/6 Chinese white jade fruit-form snuff bottle qing dynasty Carved as a section of fruit with bumpy skin hanging from a leafy vine, with pink quartz cover. L: 2 1/2 inches $500-800

488 141003/7 Chinese white jade vase-form snuff bottle 19th / 20th century Carved as a miniature covered baluster form vase with double scroll handles and on one side an openworked chilong dragon. H including cover: 3 inches $500-800

489 141003/11 Chinese mottled green jadeite snuff bottle Of slightly flattened globular form slightly recessed at base, stone of varying vivid emerald green shades. H without stopper: 2 inches $1,000-1,500 83

492 141003/16 Chinese grey jade snuff bottle Large rectangular form with round edges and flat on one side; jadeite stopper. H without cover: 2 3/4 inches $500-800

490 141003/10 Chinese white jade peach form snuff bottle Realistically carved as a peach fruit hanging from a leafy sprig, stone of pale greyish white hue with minor darker speckles to underside, pink tormaline stopper. L: 2 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500 491 141003/14 Chinese jade snuff bottle qing dynasty Flat round rectangular form, The front carved with a dragon, double faux masks on sides, and with four seal script characters verso. H without cap: 2 1/8 inches $400-600

493 141003/17 Chinese jade snuff bottle Rounded triangular form, the matrix of mottled moss and russet inclusions. H without cap: 2 1/2 inches $400-600

495 141009/77 Chinese root amber snuff bottle 19th century Well hollowed, on oval footring, carved on one side with crane and pine decorations, and magpie on peony verso; varigated translucent to opaque golden-brown hues; jadeite and coral stopper. H without stopper: 2 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

496 141009/46 Chinese carved coral snuff bottle 19th century In the form of a cylindrical bottle with cap, openwork adorned with birds among peony trees and elevated on a low section of tree trunk. H with cap: 2 1/2 inches $6,000-8,000

497 132482/1 Chinese amber snuff bottle qing dynasty Plain flattened rectangular bottle sloping at shoulders, the inside well hollowed and the amber misty on one side. H: 2 inches $800-1,200

498 141003/4 Chinese coral snuff bottle and carving qing dynasty Including melon fruit shaped snuff bottle and a carving of a standing maiden. (2). H of meiren: 2 3/4 inches $400-600

494 131141/37 Chinese yellow jade snuff bottle qing dynasty Flattened rectangular bottle rounding gently at shoulder and resting on hollowed oval footring, the cylindrical neck concave slightly around mouthrim; carved to body with peony blossoms on both sides; stone of pale to warm honey yellow hue. H: 2 3/8 inches $800-1,200

499 132605/41 Chinese coral snuff bottle Leafy vine and insects on exterior of miniature bottle. H with cap: 3 inches $1,200-1,500


501 500 132605/42 Chinese coral snuff bottle Ovoid bottle form relief decorated with flowers to exterior. H with cap: 2 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

503 141010/8 Chinese cloisonne snuff bottle qianlong mark Rectangular bottle with rounded corners, enameled to front and back panel with dragon and phoenix; reserved against red ground with lotus scrolls. H: 2 3/4 inches $800-1,200 504 141009/47 Chinese carved cinnabar lacquer ‘dragon’ snuff bottle Flattened circular bottle carved to front and reverse with a ferocious dragon among ruyi clouds. H with stopper: 3 1/8 inches $1,500-2,000



501 141009/82 Chinese moulded gourd snuff bottle Ivory lip and lapis lazuli stopper, the compressed circular form bottle moulded with Daoist emblems fan and flute. H with stopper: 2 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

502 141009/74 Chinese mother-of-pearl inlay black lacquer snuff bottle inlay qianlong mark Front decorated with a riverside architecture, bird and flowers verso, four character mother-of-pearl inlay qianlong mark to base. H with cover: 3 inches $3,000-5,000

505 141009/73 Chinese yixing snuff bottle With circular enamel panel to front and back painted with butterfly and flowers, against a compressed ovoid yixing bottle raised on footring. H without cap: 2 1/4 inches $800-1,200 506 131141/58 Chinese Peking enamel snuff bottle qianlong mark The high shouldered bottle painted in blue with a continuous landscape against white ground between polychrome bands to neck and feet, with gilt stopper and footring. H: 2 1/2 inches $800-1,200

510 131663/40 Chinese porcelain enamel snuff bottle late qing dynasty Rectangular bottle with rounded edges, enameled with mantis and cabbage, conical neck and rectangular footring. H: 2 1/4 inches $300-500

507 132390/2 Chinese Beijing enamel snuff bottle qianlong mark but later Of squat twin-handled vessel form, decorated in vivid enamels to show flowers over a yellow ground, four character mark to underside. H: 2 inches $600-800 508 141010/9 Chinese double gourd wucai porcelain snuff bottle wanli mark but later The snuff bottle decorated in blue, iron red, green and yellow with two dragons pursuing a flaming pearl. H: 2 3/4 inches $800-1,200

509 141018/36 Chinese moulded porcelain snuff bottle Depicting eighteen luohan in relief. H: 2 3/4 inches $500-800

511 131663/41 Chinese porcelain enameled snuff bottle late qing dynasty Flattened ovoid form, enameled with rooster and chicks. H: 2 3/4 inches $300-500 85

512 131663/44 Three Chinese porcelain snuff bottles qing dynasty including a famille rose conjoined bottle, a blue and white cylindrical bottle and a underglaze red painted cylindrical bottle. H of largest: 2 3/4 inches $400-600

513 131663/48 Chinese sang-de-boeuf glazed snuff bottle qing dynasty Flattened ovoid bottle raised on oval footring, the glaze thin at lip revealing the white porcelain body. H: 3 inches $300-500

514 141018/39 Collection of five Chinese snuff bottles Including a round famille rose ‘beauties’ snuff, two enamel over opaque glass snuff bottles, a ‘mandarine duck’ enameled metal snuff, and a cloisonne enamel ‘butterfly and flowers’ snuff. H of tallest: 2 3/4 inches $500-800

516 132591/2 Chinese sancai bowl possibly tang dynasty The small bowl with flat base and rounded sides, moulded to exterior and spash-glazed in the typical green, russet and clear colors. H: 1 1/4 inches; D: 3 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

517 141042/3 Large and rare sancai glazed figure of a court official ming dynasty The standing figure modelled with a long beard, dressed in a court robe with rank badge and cap, holding a fly wisk and castanets in hands; glazed in green, violet, blue and yellow; mounted to an early 20th century bronze floor lamp base. H of figure: 38 1/2 inches $10,000-15,000

515 132542/13 Chinese sancai-glazed stoneware jar qing dynasty Rectangular cross section, each face decorated in green blue and brown glaze against a yellow straw ground to depict flowers and birds. H: 6 inches $300-500


518 132427/2 Chinese blanc-de-Chine ‘dehua’ figure of seated Guanyin 17th century Seated in royal ease, elevated on perforated rockwork, the long flowing robes bejeweled and elaborately incise-decorated with lotus flowers. H: 10 1/2 inches $8,000-12,000

519 132427/1 Chinese blanc-de-Chine ‘dehua’ figure of Guanyin and child 17th century Modeled seated on rockwork, eyes downcast and wearing long robes open at chest to reveal a beaded necklace, supporting an infant boy on her lap who holds a lotus stem as an emblem of peace and harmony. H of figure: 9 inches $8,000-12,000

520 131194/318 Chinese blanc-de-chine setaed Guanyin boji yuren mark Seated with fine drappery, well modeled face, impressed Bo Ji Yu Ren mark verso. H: 9 inches provenance: Formerly of a prominent Mid West Collection $800-1,200

521 131194/319 Chinese blanc-de-chine Guanyin grouping 18th century Tall standing Guanyin, with mythical beast, over rock-work. H: 9 1/2 inches provenance: Formerly of a Prominent Mid West Collection $300-500

522 131194/320 Chinese blanc-de-chine figural grouping he chaochun mark, 18th century Standing model flanked by boy, very fine drapery, double gourd He Chaochun mark. H: 10 inches provenance: Formerly of a prominent Mid West Collection $400-600 87

523 131194/321 Chinese blanc-de-chine grouping Seated female immortal over mythical beast. H: 11 inches provenance: Formerly of a prominent Mid West Collection $300-500

5524 131194/322 Chinese blanc-de-chine figure impressed he chaozong mark verso Tall figure of Quanyin, with lotus throne over scrolling sea, impressed double gourd mark of He Chaozong. H: 11 1/2 inches provenance: Formerly of a prominent Mid West Collection $800-1,200

525 131194/314 Fine Chinese blanc-de-chine grouping xuande mark, 18th century Standing meridian flanked by deer over rock-work, impressed Xuande mark verso. H: 10 1/2 inches provenance: Formally of a prominent Mid West Collection $800-1,200

526 141018/26 Chinese blanc-de-chine Guanyin Seated in royal ease pose, right arm supported on a lion head armrest and holding a scroll, attached to wood base. H: 12 inches $1,000-1,500

527 132430/51 Chinese blanc-de-chine fu dog qing dynasty The seated animal head turned to one side and mouth slightly open, with later attached eyes. H: 9 1/2 inches $500-700

528 132430/50 Chinese blanc-de-chine Guanyin impressed three character mark Seated in royal ease leaning upon an arm-rest and holding a ruyi sceptre in her left hand. H: 13 1/4 inches $2,000-4,000


529 141009/26 Chinese blanc-de-chine censer qing dynasty Bombe form with double beast head issuing scroll form handles. H: 2 1/2 inches $500-800

530 141009/40 Chinese blanc-de-chine porcelain gu vase 18th / 19th century Moulded with shou symbols, eight trigrams and a band of lingzhi heads, above ‘xique dengmei’ decoration and poetic inscription verso; drilled base. H: 10 1/4 inches $200-400

531 132554/5 Chinese ge-type stoneware mortar qing dynasty The thickly potted mortar with shallow spout, covered in a white crackling glaze, the inside and base unglazed and fired to an orange brown. D: 5 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

532 141024/8 Chinese yingqing bowl song dynasty Thinly potted, unglazed at rim and foot, incised to interior with a stylized flower design visible beneath the pale green glaze. H: 2 1/4 inches D: 6 1/2 inches provenance: Christie’s 1985 Dec. Lot 303 and 304 $1,000-1,500

533 132591/7 Chinese Dingyao conical bowl White monochrome bowl with moulded fluted designs to interior and metal-mounted rim, speckled with kiln dust throughout. H: 1 3/4 inches D: 6 inches $1,500-3,000

534 132582/2 Chinese large and finely moulded Dingyao dish song dynasty The dish with shallow rounded sides rising from a circular foot ring, is moulded in the interior with mandarin ducks flying amongst flowers, and its ivory tone glaze tearing on the exterior. D: 11 1/4 inches $10,000-15,000 89

535 132583/1 Chinese Ming incised turquoise-glazed bowl jiajing mark and of the period The large bowl slightly flaring at mouth and mounted with metal rim, both the interior and exterior incised with phoenix among flower and foliate scrolls, with lappet band above exterior footring; six character Jiajing mark within double circles. D: 7 1/2 inches; H: 3 1/4 inches $5,000-7,000

536 141000/13 Chinese longquan jar and cover ming dynasty Celadon jar moulded with foliate scrolls between lappet bands and the cover as a lotus leaf. H with cover: 6 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

537 141042/13 Rare Chinese Longquan celadon tripod censer southern song dynasty Of typical compressed form with vertical ribs running from shoulder to feet; with straight neck and flattened everted rim; glaze of pale celadon hue; with faceted, unglazed feet. H: 3 1/2 inches provenance: For a similar example, see Christie’s London sale 7621, Lot 150; 4 November, 2008 $10,000-15,000


538 141042/12 Rare Chinese Longquan champion vase possibly southern song dynasty The two conjoined cylindrical vases connected at rims with a single oval link and in-between with a molded sinuous dragon and a phoenix with spread wings verso; carved with subtle diamond ground throughout; glaze of grey-celadon hue. H: 7 1/2 inches provenance: Acquired from a California collection assembled in the 1970s note: For a similar example attributed to the Ming Dynasty with apocryphal Northern Song reign marks, see Christie’s Hong Kong Sale 3213, Lot 2244; 29 may, 2013 $30,000-50,000 91

539 141009/29 Chinese Longquan celadon tripod censer ming dynasty The compressed censer raised on three lion-mask and paw support feet; moulded to exterior body with trigrams. D:11 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

540 132554/4 Chinese celadon-glazed Longquan plate Mat glazed dish incised to exterior with petals and interior base raised in underglaze biscuit with double fish motif. D: 10 inches $3,000-5,000

541 141048/46 Chinese celadon glazed ‘lotus’ dish chenghua mark, qing dynasty The large dish of typical form with barbed rim and carved throughout with lotus blossoms, scrolling vines and lingzhi. D: 15 inches provenance: property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $3,000-5,000

542 132582/3 Chinese Longquan celadon vase chenghua mark, qing dynasty The baluster form vase moulded with scrolling lotus motifs beneath green glaze, between lappet, keyfret and petal bands around neck and constricted foot. H: 13 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

543 141037/2 Two Chinese celadon glazed porcelain items qing dynasty and earlier Including a longquan style baluster vase moulded with flowers and lappet bands, glaze of light blue hue with craquelure; together with a waisted tripod censer with double upright handles. H of vase: 10 1/4 inches $500-800


544 132554/2 Chinese underglaze red porcelain cup stand yuan dynasty The floral form stand decorated with stylized flowers and foliate bands to interior and lappet band to exterior. D: 8 1/4 inches $12,000-15,000 545 131664/21 Chinese blue and white wine bowl chenghua mark and of the period The small wine cup decorated with figures engaged in different daily activities. H: 1 1/4 inches provenance: From the collection of Dr. John Calvin Ferguson (1866-1945) and Mary Elizabeth Wilson (1866-1938) acquired in China in 1890’s to the early 1900’s and thence by descent note: John Calvin Ferguson founded Nanjing University and Jiaotong University. He acted as a buyer of Chinese art for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and his personal collection forms the core of several art museums in China, Najing University, Shanhai Jiaotong University and Xian Jiaotong University. $300-400


546 132554/3 Chinese blue and white stem cup Supported on tall and slightly splaying foot decorated with four horizontal grooves, the cup wide and painted to interior with a maiden among flowers and rockwork. H: 3 1/2 inches $5,000-8,000

547 131621/50 Chinese blue and white cup and stand kangxi period Decorated with figural scenes, together with a blue and white cup with high footring and decorated with beast motifs. D of stand: 4 inches $400-600

548 148001/5 Chinese blue and white baluster jar and cover kangxi period Baluster form with domed cover, painted to body with rockwork and flowers, double circle mark to base,. H with cover: 13 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000 549 132388/2 Chinese blue and white baluster vase kangxi Decorated with a line of male figures receiving a female immortal stepped on clouds and holding a peach, with later wood cover and base. H of vase: 11 inches $1,000-1,500 93

550 141018/18 Chinese blue and white ‘sanduo’ meiping qing dynasty Decorated with fruiting lychee, peach and pomogranate sprays, broad base. H: 7 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

552 132554/1 Chinese blue and white covered jar ming dynasty The globular jar freely painted with a dragon pursuing a flaming pearl, the cover in the form of a lotus leaf. H: 4 inches $15,000-20,000

551 141018/17 Chinese blue and white gilt mounted jar and cover kangxi period The jar with straight sides and cover decorated with panels depicting auspicious items. H of jar and cover: 7 inches $1,500-2,000


553 132605/2 Chinese blue and white porcelain baluster jar and cover kangxi period Decorated throughout in a crip blue glaze with stylized lotus scrolls. H with cover: 16 inches $2,000-4,000

554 141009/62 Chinese blue and white ‘horses’ jardinere qing dynasty Painted with eight horses forming ‘bajuntu’; straight sides, everted rim decorated with keyfret band; two small holes at base. H: 7 3/4 inches $800-1,200

555 141005/1 Chinese blue and white charger kangxi period The large dish decorated with a scene from Chinese opera, the rims with scholar’s items within cartouches against diaper ground. D: 13 1/4 inches $800-1,200

556 132146/1 Chinese reconstructed blue and white porcelain gu vase kangxi period Of large and typical form with wide everted rim; decorated to top and bottom sections with deer and cranes among rocks and pine trees and to middle with insects among flowering peony and prunus branches; top section attached to vase with porcelain ring. H: 17 inches $600-800

557 131734/18 Pair of Chinese blue and white bottle vases kangxi period Bulbous body with slightly flaring foot and long neck, decorated with four reversed heart-shaped cartouches depicting scrolling clouds against blue ground, the neck with lappet leaf patterns, lingzhi and keyfret band. H: 9 3/4 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $2,000-4,000

558 141009/41 Chinese blue and white bowl kangxi period Compressed globular form rising to a waisted neck and everted rim, painted in blue with taotie mask and ring handles. D: 7 inches; H: 4 inches $500-800 559 131663/30 Chinese blue and white bowl qing dynasty Quatrefoil bowl decorated with a landscape scene of ‘Teng Wang Ge’; pictorial mark to base. H: 3 inches D: 6 3/4 inches $400-600 95

560 132588/1 Pair of Chinese blue and white porcelain plaques qing dynasty Both plaques of the same size; one depicting a scene of dragons passing knowledge and power from father to son; the other plaque depicts eight playful fu lions among scrolling clouds; one plaque mounted within a later mother-of-pearl inlay table screen. H: 17 1/4 inches, W: 12 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

561 131904/4 Chinese blue and white rouleau vase qing dynasty Decorated with birds among flowers and scrolling Indian lotus motifs on shoulder. H: 17 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

562 132605/1 Chinese blue and white hexagonal vase 18th century Waisted neck tapering to hexagonal foot ring, with moulded recessed panels featuring flowers, butterflies, deer, grapes and caligraphic poetic scripts. H: 16 inches $8,000-12,000

563 132553/5 Chinese iron red and blue enamelled wine cup and stand yuyanshuwu mark Both the cup and the stand decorated with iron red dragons pursuing flaming pearls against blue scrolling clouds. D of plate: 4 3/4 inches $800-1,200


564 131734/17 Chinese blue and white porcelain bowl with iron red ‘dragon’ decoration chenghua mark, qing dynasty Painted in red with four dragons chasing around the exterior of the bowl amongst underglaze blue cloud scrolls, the interior medallion with a solitary dragon. H: 3 1/4 inches D: 7 1/4 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $1,500-2,000

565 132579/5 Chinese blue and white porcelain mallet form vase late qing dynasty White glaze with craquelore, decorated with Indian lotus motifs, lappet and ruyi bands. H: 5 3/4 inches $400-600 566 131194/323 Massive Chinese blue and white porcelain charger qianlong mark, guangxu period Deep circular form, underglazed to show turtle and geometric ground. D: 23 1/2 inches $800-1,200

567 141010/3 Chinese blue and white porcelain bowl guangxu mark and of the period The bowl decorated with trigrams between ruyi clouds and lishui band; the interior with diaper ground and a floral medallion surrounded by wave patterns. D: 5 1/4 inches H: 2 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

568 141027/3 Large Chinese blue and white ‘sanduo’ bottle vase Painted in Ming style with scrolling lotus motifs above flowering and fruiting ‘sanduo’ sprays, with wave band at mouth, ruyi band at shoulder and lappet band near base. H: 20 inches $15,000-25,000 97

569 132553/2 Chinese iron red and blue enameled bottle vase 20th century Decorated throughout in overglaze red with dragons above turbulent waves, between keyfret and stylized band on mouth and foot rings. H: 13 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

570 131734/13 Chinese celadon glazed earthenware melon-form jar possibly song dynasty Fluted jar raised on tripod lingzhi form feet, covered in a celadon to mustard yellow glaze leaving the rim, foot and base unglazed, with associated bronze cover. H: 8 inches provenance: With museum deacession number 24.131 $2,000-4,000

572 131990/8 Chinese iron-rust glazed censer qianlong period The compressed globular form censer with short waisted and lipped rim and a circular footring; the exterior covered with a metallic reddish brown glaze imitating bronze, the glaze continuing over the mouth rim and footring, leaving part interior and base unglazed. H: 3 3/4 inches D: 7 1/4 inches provenance: Previously from the collection of Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge at Madison NJ; sold as Lot 296 Sotheby’s Parke Bernet in October 1975. $20,000-30,000

571 132294/1 Large Chinese powder blue and gilt “phoenix-tail” vase kangxi period Baluster form, elaborately painted in gilt with rectangular, circular and leaf- form cartouches featuring lotus, peony and other seasonal blossoms together with butterflies, birds and insects amonst rock formations; all against a patterned ground of lingzhi, scrolling lotus, huiwen motifs. H: 31 inches $8,000-12,000

573 131990/7 Chinese iron rust glazed ovoid vase 18th century Covered to exterior and interior mouth with a reddish brown glaze, speckled with iridescent mirror black flecks in imitation of bronze, the glaze neatly trimed near base exposing smooth porcelain body. H: 7 1/2 inches provenance: Previously from the collection of Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, sold at Sotheby’s Parke Bernet in October 1975 as lot 294 $2,000-4,000


574 141000/14 Chinese blue glazed porcelain bottle vase qianlong sealmark and of the period Of squat, bulbous form with cylindrical neck, covered in a thick monochrome blue glaze. H: 10 1/2 inches $30,000-50,000 99

575 131194/302 Pair of celadon ground famille rose dishes qianlong mark and period Slightly rounded circular form, over small foot, celadon ground enameled to show ‘antiques’ and poetic script, blue Qianlong mark to white glazed base. D: 8 inches provenance: For a related example see: Christies Sale 1382 Lot 6162 $800-1,200

576 131664/22 Chinese slip decorated white glazed bowl xuande mark, incised zhuquan mark, qing dynasty The exterior of the conical eggshell body slipdecorated with crisply outlined dragon ruyi cloud motifs, raised on short circular footring bearing double circle four character kaishu Xuande mark, incised near footring with ‘zhu quan’. H: 1 1/2 inches; D: 3 3/4 inches provenance: From the collection of Dr. John Calvin Ferguson (1866-1945) and Mary Elizabeth Wilson (18661938) acquired in China in 1890’s to the early 1900’s and thence by descent note: John Calvin Ferguson founded Nanjing University and Jiaotong University. He acted as a buyer of Chinese art for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and his personal collection forms the core of several art museums in China, Najing University, Shanhai Jiaotong University and Xian Jiaotong University. $2,000-3,000

577 131194/325 Large Chinese ‘eel skin’ porcelain five neck vase 18/19th century Central cylindrical vase flanked four smaller conforming necks, over wide bulbous base, raised on circular foot. H: 15 inches $2,000-3,000

100 101

578 141042/1 Rare Chinese teadust-glazed conjoined five-part vase 18th century The larger central section of square baluster form with four smaller vases of similar form isuing from flat sides; teadust glaze of dark and even tone; with accompanying fitted rosewood stand carved with scrolled legs and characters to platform indicating property from the Lanling Bieshu. H of vase: 7 1/2 inches provenance: Lanling Bieshu, “The Lanling Residence�, is a historic home in Hunan Province, long the home of the celebrated Xiao / Jiang family. In the Qing Dynasty, twenty-four members of the Jiang clan were recorded to have attained courtly rank above the seventh order; and over a hundred are known to have worked in the Imperial archive. $10,000-15,000


579 141000/11 Chinese doucai ‘sanduo’ wine cup yongzheng mark and of the period Thinly potted conical form, enamelled on the exterior with the ‘sanduo’ mofit — peach, citrus and lychee on leafy sprigs; the interior with a central medallion depicting a rose. H: 1 1/4 inches; D: 2 3/4 inches $10,000-20,000

580 132591/19 Chinese famille rose enamelled porcelain ‘bajixiang’ plate tongzhi mark and of the period The slightly convex center enameled with formalized foliate medallion scrolls surrounding a flower head within double gilt painted circles, the rounded interior sides adorned with the eight auspicious emblems. D: 9 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

581 132430/24 A Chinese porcelain teapot Of rectangular form with a Cshaped handle and tapering spout; of white craquelure glazed, depicting a sage resting under a tree, a meiren verso, the cover surmounted with a moulded qilong dragon. H: 4 inches $300-500

582 132293/1 Large Chinese wucai barbed rim charger kangxi period Center medallion enameled with rockwork and bonzai plants against a garden setting; surrounded by a border of floral cartouches against barbed rim; raised on inward curving footring with pictorial underglaze blue mark. D: 15 inches $800-1,200 103

583 132582/1 Chinese famille rose porcelain ‘boys’ vase daoguang mark and of the period The oviform body finely enamelled with boys at play; some boys are shown carrying large fruits such as peach, pomegranates and lychee, others with lanterns, lotus flowers, musical instruments, fu character and other auspicious objects; between ruyi borders; the tall waisted neck painted with flower sprays reserved on a ruby ground, the interior of the neck in turquoise enamel. H: 15 1/4 inches $30,000-50,000


584 138134/8 Chinese famille verte hu form vase late qing dynasty Bulbuous body decorated with four circular dragon cartouches against crackle ice and mauve ground seperated by auspicious Daoist emblems, the waisted neck enameled in the same style, between black bat and cloud bands at mouth and base. H: 20 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

585 121721/1 Chinese famille noire garlic-neck vase chenghua mark, qing dynasty The compressed globular body and garlicshaped mouth painted in traditional palette with magpie birds among plum blossom, standing on tall and widely splayed foot. H: 15 inches $5,000-8,000

586 132428/1 Chinese wucai porcelain enamled vase late qing dynasty Sloping shoulder and everted mouthrim, decorated with panels depicting boys playing in a garden landscape. H: 36 inches $4,000-6,000

587 132605/3 Pair of Chinese famille verte meiping vases 19th century Stylized floral and lingzhi band around shoulder and neck, above aubergine, yellow and green dragon roundels seperated by ruyi clouds resreved against iron red decorated diaper ground. H: 11 1/4 inches $4,000-6,000

588 138159/1 Pair of Chinese wucai enameled guform vase 19th century Trumpet neck and spreading foot, decorated to body with the eight immortals, flowering sprigs, and boys at play. H: 18 inches $3,000-5,000

589 131194/299 Chinese famille rose porcelain vase kangxi mark, 19th century Clindrical baluster form, enameled to show figural panels within ironred Indian lotus. H: 17 1/2 inches $300-500

590 131734/32 Chinese Kangxi-style famille jaune covered jar 19th century Baluster form yellow ground jar adorned with green scrolling Indian lotus, diaper and lappet bands to neck and shoulder, and against shaped cartouches depicting garden scenes. H: 16 inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $1,000-1,500 105

591 132553/10 Chinese doucai ‘chicken’ cup qianlong mark Depicting children and chicken in garden setting among rockwork and flowers, inscribed with one poem. H: 2 1/4 inches $800-1,200

592 132553/9 Chinese doucai ‘chicken’ small dish caihuatangzhi mark but later The small dish enamelled with chicken among rockwork, flowers and palm blossom. D: 3 1/8 inches $400-800

593 141000/15 Chinese famille rose porcelain bowl guangxu mark and of the period Depicting three boys at play among chickens, blooming flowers, goldfish in a pond, and multi-colored gourds on vines hanging from bamboo stalks. H: 2 1/4 inches D: 4 1/2 inches $5,000-8,000

594 131194/333 Large pair of Chinese famille noire porcelain vases late 19th century Flared rim over faceted base enabled to show foliage sprigs on black ground, six character marks to base. H: 38 inches $4,000-6,000

596 141011/10 Chinese clair-de-lune vase qing dynasty The ovoid vase covered in an even sky blue glaze; six character Qianlong mark to base. H: 9 inches $1,000-1,500

595 141010/10 Chinese doucai ‘grapes’ bowl shan jie zhu (daoguang) mark, republic period The white bowl decorated throughout with colorful grapes on leafy vines, with iron red ‘shan jie zhu zao’ mark to base. H: 2 1/2 inches; D: 4 1/4 inches $600-800

597 141000/1 Chinese ‘Fo Ri Chang Ming’ famille rose bowl jiaqing mark and of the period The bowl with deep rounded sides flaring slightly at the rim, decorated to exterior with four circular roundels “fo ri chang ming” reserved against a yellow ground embellished with lotush tendrils. H: 2 1/4 inches $8,000-12,000


598 132554/7 Chinese famille rose porcelain miniature water coupe jiaqing mark Dome shape, turquoise ground enamelled with Indian lotus scrolls and a stylized lingzhi band around rim. H: 1 1/2 inches D: 2 3/4 inches $800-1,200

599 131734/26 Chinese petal-lobed famille rose ogee ‘cabbage’ bowl jiaqing mark and of the period The tiered bowl decorated to exterior to resemble a head of cabbage with butterflies and other insects among its leaves, the interior base adorned with ripe fruits on vines, gilt around rim and footring. H: 2 3/4 inches D: 7 inches

600 132603/4 Chinese famille rose ‘lotus’ bowl late qing / republic period The exterior moulded with overlapping lotus petals, the interior covered in turqoise. H: 3 1/4 inches, D: 8 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

provenance: From Collection of the late Ferdinand Howard, Columbus, OH, thence to family and purchased at estate sale in 2009. Ferdinand was a collector of fine art and many of his items were loaned to the Columbus Museum of Art for display. $4,000-6,000

601 132553/1 Chinese famile rose enameled faceted vase daoguang mark The vase of rectangular cross section, decorated with immortals within a mountainous landscape setting. H: 11 3/4 inches $1,000-2,000

602 131847/6 Chinese famille rose porcelain bowl daoguang seal mark Decorated to exterior in colorful enamels to show flowers in bloom; unadorned interior. H: 2 1/2 inches D: 4 inches $500-700

603 141009/48 Chinese porcelain brushpot daoguang mark Diaper ground painted in black and iron red, gilt painted around bevelled mouth rim; celadon glaze to interior and base. H: 5 inches $2,000-3,000

604 141042/4 Matched pair of Chinese iron red decorated porcelain covered jars 19th century The jars of stout baluster form and decorated to bodies and covers to show ritual objects among auspicious fruits and flowers. H: 17 inches $3,000-5,000

605 132554/6 Chinese iron red painted porcelain cup shendetang mark White cup gilt around rim and decorated with children playing. H: 3 1/8 inches $1,000-1,500 107

606 131734/16 Pair of Chinese famille rose vases qianlong mark, republic period or earlier The turqoise ground and Indian-lotus covered body decorated with raised panels of flowers and Imperial inscriptions; encircled by keyfret and stylized bands on stepped neck and applied with twin iron-red and gilt dragon handles. H: 7 3/4 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $6,000-8,000

608 141048/44 Pair of Chinese famille rose hexagonal jardineres and stands hongxian marks, early 20th century The exterior decorated with colorful roundels reserved on yellow ground, blue four-character Hongxian marks; raised on iron-red and gilt decorated stands with ruyiform apron and feet. H with stand: 9 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $10,000-15,000

609 131694/4 Large Chinese enameled mauve dragon vase 19th century Pear form vase with tapering long neck, overglaze-decorated in ruby red with two fierce dragons confronting a flaming pearl, the nails and teeth highlighted in white and the eyes in a faint sky blue; with a band of waves in the famille verte pallet around base. H: 22 inches $2,000-4,000

610 138103/16 Chinese yellow glazed and brown decorated ovoid vase qianlong mark, guangxu period The vase with flaring rim and bulbous body, decorated in a deep chocolate brown with lappet bands, huiwen, and other archaistic designs, six character incised mark to base. H: 10 1/2 inches $500-800

611 131194/336 Large pair of Chinese famille rose porcelain vases signed li jingshan, republic period Cong form vases with molded elephant handle enameled to four sides with figural and floral panels. H: 12 inches provenance: Acquired by Pan Am Executive in China in 1978/79 $800-1,200

607 132390/3 Pair of Chinese famille rose porcelain plates 18th / 19th century Each similarly decorated to show five courtly figures in a palace interior with four cartouches showing birds to rim. D: 8 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000


612 132585/1 Chinese enamelled rice flake porcelain bowl guangxu mark and of the period Rice flake bowl polychrome and gilt painted on the exterior with export stylized floral motifs, between a blue and white band to mouth depicting ‘three friends’ and an iron red and blue double lappet band near base. H: 2 3/4 inches, D: 3 1/4 inches $500-700

613 131194/305 Massive Chinese famille rose and underglazed porcelain vase qianlong mark, 19th century Hu form, rectangular mouth over lug handles sloped neck over tapered body, raised on tall circular foot, well enameled to show ‘dragon and phoenix’ blue underglazed mark to base. H: 22 1/2 inches provenance: Previously of a Atlanta Estate $800-1,200

614 131194/331 Pair of Chinese yellow ground porcelain cups with stands and covers late qing dyansty Domed cover over U-shaped cup on conforming base, enameled to show Indian lotus on yellow ground. Total H: 4 1/4 inches $300-500 615 131692/3 Chinese famille rose ‘hundred bats vase’ guangxu mark Bottle vase with slightly compressed body rising to a cylindrical neck, enameled throughout with iron red bats among polychrome ruyi clouds. H: 12 1/2 inches $800-1,200

616 131892/13 Chinese famille rose yellow ground ‘dragon and phoenix’ vase qing dynasty Cut down gu form vase decorated in raspberry red famille rose enamel with dragons and phoenix among scrolling clouds and flames, between keyfret bands and a wave band near base. H: 11 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500 617 141009/34 Chinese famille rose hu form ‘butterflies” vase jiaqing mark, qing dynasty Hu form vase with double coral red lug handles, peach form relief panels to front and reverse, and decorated throughout with butterflies. H: 5 1/4 inches $600-800

618 131734/19 Chinese famille rose bowl hongxian mark The bowl enamelled on one side with blooming flowers, between lingzhi band at mouth and lappet band near footring. H: 2 3/4 inches D: 6 3/4 inches provenance: St Louis collection, Individual collected items between 1940 and late 1960’s. Upon his passing in early 1970’s collection remained in the family until recently purchased from the grandson. $1,000-1,500 619 141005/2 Chinese porcelain enameled rectangular box and cover 19th / 20th century Decorated in famille rose with figures in an outdoor setting, the sides with flowers and birds; the interior with two sections. H: 2 1/2 inches; L: 7 1/2 inches; W: 3 3/4 inches $600-800 109

620 141048/35 Pair of Chinese triangular enameled porcelain pots republic period Vividly enameled to straight walls showing houses in a lakeside mountain setting with some descriptive labels; affixed to fitted wooden stands. W: 5 1/2 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $1,500-3,000

621 131904/3 Pair of Chinese famille rose double gourd vases 19th century Impress moulded with shaped cartouches to depict ruyi, fu bats, birds and flowers, surrounded by flowers and fruit motifs against a turqoise ground. H: 15 3/4 inches $3,000-5,000

622 141048/40 Two Chinese famille rose porcelain book ends late qing dynasty Scroll form pen holder mounted as metal book end, puce enameled to half and famille rose painted with a scene of a elderly figure with two attendants. H of porcelain: 5 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

624 141011/9 Chinese purple ground famille rose Dayazhai jardinere 19th / 20th century The circular jardinere decorated wth birds in flight amidst peonies and hydrangea flowers; four character ‘Yongqing Changchun’ mark to base, Tiandi Yi Jia Chun and Da Ya Zhai marks to pot. H: 9 inches $2,000-4,000

625 141011/8 Chinese purple ground famille rose dayazhai jardinere 19th / 20th century Rectangular form decorated with a parrot amidst peach blossoms; inscribed with iron red Tian Di Yi Jia Chun sealmark and Dayazhai characters, all reserved on violet ground. H: 9 1/2 inches; L: 11 inches; W: 8 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

623 141024/1 Pair of Chinese dowager cups guangxu mark Lime green ground enameled with birds among peony flowers and fruiting sprays. D: 4 inches H: 2 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000

627 132605/5 Chinese turqoise-glazed water coupe Heart-shaped coupe moulded with a dragon and a bat. L: 7 1/2 inches $800-1,200


626 141048/34 Pair of Chinese dowager-style porcelain jardineres dayazhai marks, republic period Of eight-sided geometric form, the external walls decorated to show cranes among grisaille plants over an orange red ground, the top edge decorated with greek key band and interior glazed light blue, with fitted stand. D: 10 inches provenance: Property of a Texas family collected during the mid 20th century $3,000-5,000 628 131194/290 Two Chinese monochrome porcelain vases 18th and 19th century Comprising a 18th century blue monochrome vase, together with a langyao 19th century vase, with stand. Tallest H: 9 inches $300-500

629 138122/7 Set of five ‘robin’s egg’ glazed scholar’s items late qing dynasty Miniature porcelain forms all relief moulded with chilong dragon, each with fitted wood cover and stand. H of largest: 1 3/4 inches $600-800

630 141009/63 Chinese robin’s egg glaze baluster vase 19th century The vase wider at shoulder tapering to splayed base, covered evenly with in typical robin’s egg glaze. H: 15 1/2 inches $400-600

631 132605/6 Chinese gilt painted black glazed bottle vase qing dynasty Monochrome black glaze decorated on one side with gilt painted scholar’s items. H: 8 inches $1,000-1,500

632 141009/24 Chinese yellow glazed ewer and cover, he late qing dynasty The ewer with globular body supported on columnar legs with plain spout and handle, covered in a lemon yellow glaze. H with cover: 8 1/2 inches $800-1,200 111

633 132553/8 Chinese yellow glazed porcelain ‘dragon’ bowl Monochrome bowl incise decorated with dragons pursuing pearls above lotus petal band near base. D: 7 inches H: 3 1/2 inches $600-800 634 141009/27 Chinese black glazed vase 19th century Slender baluster form with monochrome black glaze. H: 11 1/2 inches $300-500

635 132375/2 Pair of ge-type conical bowls White glaze with craquelure, the glaze trimmed neatly around mouth leaving an ink-painted pottery rim, the base reveals the swirling pattern of the porcelain and is adorned with a splash of glaze. H: 2 1/4 D: 8 1/4 inches $300-500 636 131004/45 Set of two enamel porcelain white dishes Set of two enamel porcelain white dishes with rims, including one depicting dragonflies among lily blossoms. H: 9 1/4 inches $1,000-1,500

637 132388/8 Chinese green-glazed ewer 20th century Monochrome green glaze with minor pitting, the handle in ear form and with later wood cap. H: 11 inches $400-600 638 132388/7 Chinese turquoise crackle glazed vase late qing dynasty Cylindrical vase slightly everted around rim, evenly covered to body and base in a turqoise glaze with fine craquelure. H: 13 1/2 inches $600-800

641 121097/2 Chinese grisaille decorated porcelain plaque jiaqing seal mark The plaque depicts a riverside scene with figures in the foreground temple and mountains in the background, huanghuali frame. H: 11 inches provenance: Gift from Dr. Pettis of the College of Chinese Art in Beijing to the collection of Dr. Reed of the US Navy, 1935 $6,000-8,000

642 141011/11 Chinese porcelain plaque 20th century In the style of Wang Yeting, depicting the mountains after rain; inscribed, signed Wang Yeting with one sealmark. H: 15 inches W: 9 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000

639 131847/2 Chinese flambe glazed bottle vase qianlong mark, 19th century Typical form, the dripped glaze mutating between blue and oxblood red, vase with six character incised mark to base. H: 7 inches $300-500 640 132605/4 Chinese red and crackle-glazed meiping vase 19th century Thin red glaze at neck and shoulder, thickening at base, covered with ice crackle. H: 8 1/2 inches $2,000-4,000


643 141018/20 Pair of famille rose plaques republic period Depicting scholarstic figures in garden settings. H: 7 3/4 inches W: 5 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000

644 132553/6 Chinese famille rose enamelled bowl yongzheng mark, republic period Lavender ground enameled with flowers on scrolling tendrils, turqoise interior and base. H: 3 1/2 inches $400-600

645 132591/6 Pair of Chinese famille rose vase Globular body with moulded dragon coiled around cylindrical neck, decorated with figural scene of an emperor and empress. H: 22 inches $2,000-4,000

646 141000/12 Chinese republic conjoined vase 20th century The faceted double vase decorated with panels depicting figures; against a pink ground with scrolling floral motifs. H: 15 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

647 132567/1 Chinese painted-enamelled porcelain ‘beauties’ vase republic period The baluster form vase decorated with sgraffito to neck and base, and painted to body with a group of nine ladies engaged in ‘qin, qi, shu, hua’ or music, chess, calligraphy and painting, with double fu dog handles and faux rings. H: 15 3/4 inches $2,000-4,000

648 138192/12 Chinese famille rose vase republic period Small ovoid vase with mountain landscape. H:5 2/5 inches $400-600

649 138192/13 Chinese famille rose miniature bottle vase republic period Decorated with grasshopper and flowers beside a fence, poem to reverse. H: 3 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500 113

650 132584/1 Pair of Chinese famille rose enamelled baluster-form vases qianlong mark, republic period Enamelled with portraits of historical figures, various cartouches of calligraphy and biographies of the characters, with apocryphal Qianlong seal mark in iron red to the base. H: 18 1/4 inches $6,000-8,000

652 132591/5 Chinese famille rose reticulated faceted vase 19th / 20th century The vase wider at the shoulder, painted in brown glaze around its edges and its turqoise panels reticulated and moulded with a white central medallion featuring decorative elements. H: 13 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

654 141037/1 Pair of Chinese famille rose ovoid vases republic period Depicting mirror images of a scholar and boy attendant speaking to an old lady with rockwork and flowers in the background; poetic inscription verso and apocryphal shining mark. H: 8 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000

651 132591/4 Chinese famille rose meiping vase Decorated with birds, flowers and landscape scenes within shaped cartouches. H: 17 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

653 132535/1 Large Chinese famille rose porcelain square vase republic period The square vase gilt painted around rim, neck and base with lingzhi, lappet, lotus and keyfret bands against a mauve ground depicting scrolling lotus tendrils and featuring four square cartouches on body, two with inscriptions and two with scenes depicting figures in a garden setting. H: 17 inches $3,000-5,000

655 138192/2 Pair of famille rose faceted vase republic period Diamond shaped cross section decorated with boys and ladies in a garden setting, inscribed with poetic verse, between decorative keyfret bands. H: 5 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000

656 141037/22 Two Chinese famille rose porcelain vases republic period Including a baluster form vase enameled with the eight immortals and with ‘Ju Ren Tang’ mark at base; together with an ovoid vase depicting a war scene. H of taller: 18 1/2 inches $800-1,200

657 131904/7 Chinese porcelain painted cong vase republic period The vase with square cross section, double elephant and faux ring handles, the panels painted freely with birds and liuhai. H: 11 1/2 inches $2,000-3,000


658 131194/294 Two Chinese famille rose porcelain vases late qing / republic period Baluster form, well painted to show boys at play and foliate sprigs. Tallest H: 17 inches $300-500

659 141005/6 Chinese grisaille porcelain meiping vase qianlong mark, modern The vase decorated with figures under a pine grove with mountainous landscape in the background. H: 13 1/2 inches $800-1,200

660 148001/6 Chinese famille rose gu form vase Decorated with insects among blooming flowers. H: 15 1/4 inches $400-600

661 132021/1 Chinese famille rose vase republic period Stout mallet form vase decorated on one side with “Xizhi Ai’E�. H: 6 1/2 inches $3,000-5,000

663 141010/7 Chinese famille rose milifleur porcelain vase early 20th century The vase decorated in a light pallet and iron red with flowers and auspicious emblems, with two circular cartouches depicting chrysanthemum, plum, peony blossoms. H: 13 3/4 inches $1,000-1,200 664 138152/2 Chinese famille rose blue ground sgraffito vase 19th / 20th century The ovoid vase enameled with flowers against a sgraffito blue ground, with six character iron red Qianlong mark to base. H: 7 1/2 inches $500-800

665 138192/15 Pair of Chinese cylindrical porcelain vases yongzheng mark, 20th century The vase with straight sides and slender tall neck covered in a light blue glaze with two white ground panels painted in blue with birds and figures in natural landscapes. H: 9 1/2 inches $400-600 666 131972/4 Chinese polychrome pottery figure Seated cross legged on green base dressed in a long blue robe, holding a book and contemplating. H: 9 1/2 inches $400-600

662 138192/14 Pair of Chinese famille rose paste boxes and covers Circular box enameled with seated female figure and boy in interior setting, within flower boarders to cover and base. D: 3 1/4 inches $300-500

667 131621/33 Chinese porcelain figure of a dog qianlong period The seated hound with bell on collar bears a fierce expression with wide eyes, exposed teeth and an extended red tongue. H: 6 inches $800-1,200 668 141037/18 Chinese satsuma cup Decorated in the typical pallet with birds flying above turbulent waves. H: 3 3/4 inches $500-800

669 132605/8 Pair of Chinese scalloped dishes 18th century Decorated to interior with figures in an interior setting surrounded by auspicious symbols. D: 11 inches $4,000-6,000 670 132591/1 Pair of Chinese rose medallion vases 19th century Each baluster-form vase with twin moulded and gilded dragon handles, the body decorated in the typical pallet with figures, birds and flower scenes. H: 36 inches $8,000-12,000 115

671 132570/3 ANNONYMOUS qing or earlier IMMORTALS Framed, ink and color on paper, signed ‘Shifu’ with seal, H: 49 1/2 inches W: 24 1/4 inches $2,000-4,000

672 131664/24 ATTRIBUTED TO GAI QI (1774-1829) dated 1810 LUOSHEN Hanging scroll behind frame, ink and color on brocade, after Wang Zhen Peng, artist signed Qi Xiang Gai Qi, with Gai Qi seal mark, depicting lady Luoshen provenance: From the collection of Dr. John Calvin Ferguson (18661945) and Mary Elizabeth Wilson (1866-1938) acquired in China in 1890’s to the early 1900’s and thence by descent note: John Calvin Ferguson founded Nanjing University and Jiaotong University. He acted as a buyer of Chinese art for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and his personal collection forms the core of several art museums in China, Najing University, Shanhai Jiaotong University and Xian Jiaotong University. $3,000-4,000

673 132608/1 Peng Yang (qing dynasty, possibly 1860-1937) SIX HERMITS IN THE MOUNTAINS Hanging scroll, ink on silk, H: 40; W: 15 1/2 inches $1,500-3,000


674 132608/3 AFTER LIU SONGNIAN qing dynasty WANG-CHUAN VILLA Handscroll, ink on paper, depicting Wang Chuan Villa scene provenance: Property formerly from the Diabutsu Gallery, San Francisco, California $30,000-50,000

675 131582/1 AFTER QIU YING 18th / 19th century PEACH BLOSSOM SPRINGS Handscroll, ink and color on brocade, Japanese mounting and ivory ends. L: 181 inches, W: 12 1/4 inches provenance: After “Peach Blossom Springs” in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston $10,000-12,000 117

676 141001/9 WU WEIYE (1609 - 1671) LANDSCAPE OF REMOTE VALLEY Hanging scroll, ink on paper; signed and with two artist seals Wu Weiye yin and Mei Cun; with three collector seals “Liu Sheng Fan Ding” Bi wu shu wu zhencang” “Xu shi pingxuan zhengcang shuhua yin”; 51 x 18 1/4 inches $7,000-9,000

677 141001/2 AFTER QIU YING qing dynasty LADIES Ink and color on paper, framed and behind glass; depicting a young girl putting a flower in the taller maiden’s hair; 31 3/4 inches x 16 7/8 inches; signed Qiuying Shifu with one seal $2,500-3,500

678 132439/1 JIANG SHENXU (1826-1889) BEAUTY UNDER PLANTAIN TREE Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper, signed “Xinfu Jiang Shengxu”, sealmark reads “Chen Shengxu Yin” depicts a beauty holding a zither awakening from a nap under the plantain tree. $1,000-1,200


679 141001/6 CHEN ZONGGUANG (1838 - 1896) CAT AND BUTTERFLY Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper; 50 1/4 x 12 1/2 inches; signed Ruomu with one seal, titled “mao die wu you” $800-1,200 680 141001/1 HUANG KE dated 1897 LANDSCAPE Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper, 57 x 30 3/4 inches; signed Shouzhen daoren, with artist one seal $700-900

681 148009/16 MIAO JIAHUI (1842-1918) dated 1891 PAIR OF FLOWER PAINTINGS Ink, color and guache on paper, signed ‘Suyun’ and ‘Miao Jiahui’ with two artist seals; H: 13 1/2inches W: 29 inches $500-800

682 131194/296 MEI JING SAN REN dated 1914, painted in saigon MOUNTAINOUS SNOW SCENE AFTER SONG MASTERS Ink and wash on paper, mat and framed, signed “mei jing san ren” with one artist seal, H: 30 inches W: 10 1/4 inches $300-500

683 131022/18 XIAO JUNXIAN (1865-1949) dated 1923 LANDSCAPE FOR SONG QIN Hanging scroll, ink on paper, H: 35 x W: 18 inches, inscribed and presented to Song Qin in 1926 $1,500-3,000 119

684 141001/4 XU ZONGHAO (1881-1957) CALLIGRAPHY FAN PAINTING Ink on paper; signed Shixue Jushi with two seals; 9 1/4 x 19 3/4 inches $600-800

685 141001/8 WANG SHENSHENG (1896 - 1972) LANDSCAPE Hanging scroll; ink on paper; 27 x 15 inches, signed Shensheng and with two artist seals $800-1,200 686 No lot

687 141001/3 GUAN HELING dated 1939 LANDSCAPE Ink and color on paper; framed Sight H: 25 1/2 x 6 3/8 inches; signed Guan Heling with one artist seal, titled “Visiting a friend in the mountians” $600-800

688 132608/4 YE YUN, SHOU SHIGONG (1901-1983) SCHOLAR AND CHILD ATTENDANT Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper; signed ‘Yangxi Ye Yun’ with two artist seals reading ‘Ye Yun’ and ‘Xi Shi’, inscribed by Shou Shigong signed and with three seals; H: 25 1/2 x W; 13 1/4 inches $3,000-5,000


689 141001/10 ZHU QISHI (1906-1965) dated 1945 FAN PAINTING WITH PERSONAL SEALS Ink and color on paper, 12 x 18.5 inches, signed and with Zhu Qishi’s seals verso $800-1,200

690 132591/12 HUANG DA CONG (1914-2001) dated 1946 CHRYSANTHEMUM, ROCK AND BAMBOO Framed and behind plexiglass, ink and color on paper depicting bamboo and chrysanthemums; sight H: 41 1/2 x W: 12 1/2 inches $1,500-3,000

691 141001/5 QIN ZHONGWEN (1896-1974) dated 1971 PLUM BLOSSOM Hanging scroll; signed Qin Zhongwen and with one artist seal; ink on paper; 30 1/4 x 13 1/4 inches $800-1,000

692 131785/2 AFTER HUANG JUNBI SPRING, SUMMER, FALL AND WINTER FOUR PANEL HANGING SCROLLS Ink and color on paper, each depicting one of the four seasons, signed and sealed; H: 38 inches W: 13 inches $4,000-6,000

693 131785/3 AFTER HUANG JUNBI HILLS BEYOND A MOUNTAIN Handscroll, ink and color on paper, painting 92 3/4 inches, colophon 42 inches, signed and with multiple seals $3,000-5,000 121

694 141009/53 LIANG ZHONGXIAN 20th century, dated 1971 FIVE HANGING SCROLLS AND COUPLETS Including a couplet 48 x 13 inches; an ink on paper mountain landscape hanging scroll 23 x 13 1/2 inches; hanging scroll landscape 23 x14 1/4 inches, and a calligraphy 23 1/2 x 6 3/4 inches, and a horizontal landscape 32 17 1/4 inches $1,500-2,000

695 131734/35 Pair of Buddhist paintings qing dynasty Gouche on paper depicting Buddhistic scenes of punishment. H: 51 inches W: 27 inches provenance: From a Midwest estate. $400-600 697 141001/7 ANONYMOUS GREEN ROCK Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper; titled “yun gen”; 40 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches $600-800

698 132430/56 XIAOSHI undated, 19th / 20th century CIRCADA AND FLOWERS Framed, ink and color on silk; H: 22 1/2; W: 17 1/4 inches $400-600 699 132439/2 SIGNED ZHUTING SAGE UNDER PINE TREE Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, signed zhuting and with seals Sight H: 50 1/2 inches W: 14 inches $400-600

700 132439/5 XI FENG MOUNTAIN AND RIVER LANDSCAPE Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, signed Xifeng Weiren, one artist seal ‘Xi Feng’, depicting a mountain and river landscape with figures in the foreground; sight H: 55 x W: 19 1/2 inches $600-800 701 132439/6 JING SHEN (?) BAMBOO Hanging scroll, ink on silk Sight H: 45 1/2 x W: 14 inches $400-600

702 132605/13 KONG SU YING QING DYNASTY LANDSCAPE AND VILLAGE SCENE Pair, ink on paper, mat and framed, with artist signature and seals ‘Su Ying’ and ‘Yu Tian’ on both paintings Sight H: 10 1/2 inches; W: 13 inches $500-800 703 133000/2 LIU YIPING early 20th century PAIR OF FLORAL PAINTINGS Ink and color on paper, both with inscription and artist sealmarks Sight H: 50 1/2 inches x W: 12 3/4 inches. $500-750

704 131194/297 YI YUN LYCHEE Ink and color on paper, mat and framed; signed Yi Yun and with one artist seal “yi yun xiao xi”; H: 26 inches; W: 13 inches $300-500 705 133000/4 XU WEN WEI 19th / 20th century PRUNUS BLOSSOMS Ink and color on paper, artist signature and seal mark Sight H: 26 3/4 inches, W: 12 1/2 inches $250-400


706 148010/1 Pair of Chinese export watercolors on pith paper 19th century Depicting emperor and empress figures seated before floor screens dressed in magnificent robes. H: 10 1/2 inches W: 6 3/4 inches $300-500 707 141009/66 Three Chinese reference books on Jade by Nott, S. C. NOTT, S. C. Chinese Jade throughout the ages. A review of its characteristics, decoration folklore and symbolism. London: B.T. Batsford, Ltd. 1936. Illustrated with 39 color plates and 109 from photographs NOTT, S. C. An Illustrated Annotation on the working and dating of Chinese Jades, University of Florida 1941. Illustrated with 14 reproductions from original photographs. NOTT, S. C. An Illustrated Record of the Stanley Charles Nott Collection of Chinese Jades. Florida: The Record Company St. Augustine 1942. 12 1/2 inches x 9 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000 708 141009/61 Spink & Son Ltd. Catalogue Spink & Son, Ltd. Old Chinese Cloisonne, London: The press art alliance 1922. With black and white photographic prints. 8 x 6 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500 709 141009/67 REITZ, Bosch S.C. Catalogue of an Exhibition of Early Chinese Pottery and Sculpture New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art 1916. Illustrated with black and white plates. 10 x 7 inches $300-500

710 141009/68 Two Chinese reference books on Chinese porcelain Comprising: HOBSON, R.L. The Wares of the Ming Dynasty. London: Benn Brothers, Limited, 1923. Color, black and white photographic plates. HOBSON, R.L. and HETERINGTON, A. L. The Art of the Chinese Potter from the Han Dynasty to the end of the Ming, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1923. Illustrated with 192 plates. Numerous plates (most in color, frayed edges). Original blue Chinese silk binding (binding frayed on edges). LIMITED EDITION number 425 of 650 copies. Provenance:Dr. William Corbin (sticker). 11 1/4 x 9 inches $500-800 711 132476/1 “CHINESE ART” BY R. L. HOBSON new york, macmillan company, mcmxxvii One hundred plates in colour reproducing pottery, porcelain jades lacquer paintings bronzes, furniture etc. Introduced by R. L. Hobson Keeper of the Department of Ceramics and Ethnography at the British Museum. H: 11 3/4 x W: 9 1/2 inches $500-800 712 132605/56 Two Chinese reference books on bronze vessels umehara and mizuno UMEHARA, S. Ko Doki Keitai no Kokogaku-teki Kenkyu - Memoirs of Toho Bunka Kenkyusho, Vol. 15: On the Shapes of the Bronze Vessels of Ancient China. Kyoto: Institute of Oriental Culture, 1940. Numerous black and white photographic plates. Text in Japanese and English. MIZUNO, Seiichi — Bronzes and Jades of Ancient China, Tokyo: Nihon Keizan, 1959. Numerous color plates. Text in Japanese and English. 12 1/4 x 10 inches $1,000-1,500

713 132605/57 Two Chinese reference books Comprising: ERNST, Henri ed. Tapis Anciens De La Chine, Paris XVIII, collection of color plates of Chinese textile patterns 11 1/2 x 15 1/4 inches; and two volumes of The Han Tomb No. 1 at Ma-Wangtui Changsha by Hunan Provincial Museum and institute of Archeology, Academia Sinica, 14 1/4 x 10 3/4inches UMEHARA, S. Ko Doki Keitai no Kokogaku-teki Kenkyu - Memoirs of Toho Bunka Kenkyusho, Vol. 15:On the Shapes of the Bronze Vessels of Ancient China. Kyoto: Institute of Oriental Culture, 1940. Numerous black and white photographic plates. Text in Japanese and English. $400-600 714 132605/58 Cloth bound set of books on Chinese print patterns Japanese text. H: 14 W: 10 1/4 inches $150-300 715 132183/1 Collection of Arts of Asia periodicals A well organized collection of Arts of Asia magazines from 1968-2006. $300-500 715A 131194/298 Pair of Japanese mixed metal bronze vases signed, late 19th century Baluster from, set with mask handles, inlaid and applied gold, silver and mixed metal to body. H: 13 1/2 inches $300-500

716 131194/316 Large Japanese polychromed ivory elephant grouping late 19th century Tall standing elephant surmounted by boy and female figure. H: 15 L: 10 inches $800-1,200 717 132183/2 Collection of Chinese art magazines Mostly Oriental Art from 1968 2006. $300-500 718 132183/3 Collection of Chinese art magazines Mostly Orientations from 1972 2012. $300-500 719 138186/2 Collection of reference books on Chinese and Japanese Art Including the list below and some reference books on Japanese art Chinese Jade of Five Centuries, Joan M. Hartman, Charles E. Tuttle Company, Tokyo, 1969. The Wares of the Ming Dynasty, R. L. Hobson, Tuttle Company, Tokyo, 1962. Later Chinese Porcelain: the Ch’ing Dynasty by Soame Jenyns, Faber and Faber, London, 1971. John Alexander Pope, Chinese Porcelains from the Ardebil Shrine, Washington, 1956. W.Watson, Ancient Chinese Bronzes, London, 1977. $300-500 720 138192/3 Collection of Chinese stamps Including many republic stamps of featuring paintings from the palace museum collections, 1950s folklore stamps, 1960s Hong Kong stamps and miscellaneous. $1,500-2,000 123

721 132420/2 Japanese Shibayama ivory and hardstone inset screen meiji period Two-panel ivory screen, inset with mother-of-pearl and abalone depicting birds among blossoming flower trees, within pierced silver enamelled boarder and further set within ivory frame; the exterior of the ivory plates incised with egret, carp in water lily ponds. H: 9 1/2 inches $4,000-6,000

722 132420/4 Japanese Shibayama style silver tripod koro and cover 19th century Globular high shoulder form, raised on tripod tiered base, with twin dragon handles and peacock as cover finial, Incised to base with Yoshihide mark. H: 10 1/2 inches $4,000-8,000

723 131663/37 Pair of Japanese cloisonne enamel vases tameshiro style Slender bottle vase canted at shoulder, decorated with a fierce dragon against a blueish green ground, footed. H: 9 1/2 inches $400-600

721A 132513/10 Five Japanese carved ivory netsukes All signed, including a children grouping, an elderly and child with turtle, musicians grouping, figures on a boat, and an eggplant. H of largest: 2 3/4 inches $1,500-1,800


724 131990/1 Fine Japanese cloisonne enamel vase meiji period, sakigake mark indicating studio of namikawa sosuke Slender bottle vase featuring a red and a blue wireless (musen) enamel carnation flower, outlined in gold and silver wire, against a gradual sky blue ground. H: 9 3/4 inches $30,000-50,000 125

725 148009/3 Japanese cloisonne vase Small round vase decorated with a band of chrysanthemum flowers against black ground between zigzag band to shoulder and base. H: 3 1/2 inches $300-500

726 141055/1 Japanese cloisonne case ando company, early 20th century The high-shouldered vase decorated in subtly delineated enamels to show a single bird on a white rose branch over a cafe au lait ground. H: 12 inches $400-600

727 132167/2 Japanese cloisonne enamel bottle vase hayashi kodenji, meiji period The square form vase with rounded corners and a long, narrow neck vividly decorated with bright enamels over a deep indigo ground to show flowering plants and trees in and around a pair of square planters; stamped mark to base. H: 9 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500

728 132603/3 Japanese sterling silver wine and hardstone inset wine warmer meiji period The cylindrical pot is supported on an elevated bamboo-form stand for warming, the handle and spout of the pot cast naturalistically as bamboo sections, the body adorned with amethyst and cloisonne enamel depicting grapes hanging from the vine. H of pot on stand: 8 inches $1,000-1,500

729 132167/1 Two miniature Japanese porcelain and silver vases nishiura enji (1856-1914) Comprising a conical vase decorated to show a perched heron among reeds over a green ground and a beaker vase decorated with flowers over a white to pale golden ground, both with swirling sterling silver overlay. H of tallest: 3 3/4 inches $1,000-1,500 730 No lot

731 141047/1 Exceptional Japanese coromandel carving meiji period, signed kinkotai The delicate and diminuitive openwork plaque carved to show two quail below an overhanging grassy plant with clusters of berries; the wood with dramatic two-tone contrast. H: 5 inches W: 2 1/2 inches $800-1,200

732 131194/195 Large Japanese gilt lacquer tray 19 / 20th century Rectangular form, central mom. L: 23 W: 15 1/2 inches $100-200

732A 131194/338 Large Japanese carved and polychromed chest 19th century Rectangular cover carved to show floral panels over conforming base. H: 23 L: 33 W: 22 inches $300-500


733 132523/1 Japanese bronze Buddha signed harumin, meiji Finely cast in dhyanasana with serene expression, hair tightly curled and pendulous earlobes touching the shoulder, inscribed to base with signature. H: 11 inches $1,500-2,000

734 132385/6 Japanese bronze vase The slender vase flaring near base and rim, with inlay metal decorations near foot. H: 9 1/2 inches $500-800

735 132386/5 Japanese bronze vase with applied dragon late 19th century Flattened body with elongated flaring rim, applied with a writhing dragon, incised signature to underside. H: 12 inches $600-800

736 141031/2 Japanese katana with ornate and impressive elephant ivory mounts The edo period katana set in elaborately carved ivory handle showing buddhist figures among swirling clouds and scrollwork, with partial openwork ivory tsuba; the scabbard similarly carved and with two ring handles. overall length: 46 inches $2,000-3,000

737 132415/23 Japanese Katana koto period or earlier Tang with Ichi character and other illegible characters, possibly filed; with late Meiji period decorative scabbard, handle, and fittings in brass, lacquer, and shagreen. L of blade to tang: 31 inches $2,000-3,000

738 132415/23A Japanese wakizashi edo period, signed fujiwara sata Blade with horimono and banji character; tang is cut, partial signature. L of blade to tang: 16 1/2 inches $1,200-1,500

739 132415/23B Japanese tanto koto period Traces of horimono on blade; tang uncut with three holes, faint traces of signature. L of blade to tang: 11 inches $1,200-1,500 740 132415/23C Japanese tanto late koto to early shinto period Harizakuri shape; signature possibly filed. L of blade to tang: 11 1/4 inches $800-1,200 127

741 128106/6 Two Japanese tsubas inscribed otsuryuken miboku and bushuju shigefusa, edo period Including a Hamano School iron tsuba with mixed metal overlay, depicting two male figures amongst cumulus clouds; and a Bushu School iron tsuba openworked to show a flock of birds, within gilt surround. H: 2 3/4, W: 2 1/2 inches $1,000-1,500

742 141018/24 Bronze casting of Budai Laying against a pillow under his right arm, wearing loose robes revealing his large belly, raised on custom made dragon and clouds stand. L: 13 1/4 inches; H: 7 inches $800-1,200

743 141037/9 Japanese Kakiemon teapot edo period Painted in colored enamels with birds among flowers, pine and rockwork. H: 5 1/2 inches $500-800

744 132430/54 Japanese tea bowl, chawan hagi ware, edo period Decorated in an ivory ash glaze with fine crackle, gold repaired. H: 3 2/5 inches $800-1,200 745 132420/1 Group of three Japanese satsuma porcelain pieces meiji period Including a pair of faceted Kayama marked vases that tapers near base to a circular foot, and a compressed teapot with miniature tripod feet. H of vases: 6 1/2 inches $1,500-2,000 746 131976/1 Fine Japanese Satsuma earthenware square-form bottle yabu meizan, meiji period The slightly tapered and straight walled tokkuri-style vase decorated with colorful enamels and gilding to show scenes of noblemen in a garden and a fantasy of miniature boys at play within rectangular panels and to other sides with cartouches of birds and butterflies among flowers, all over an intricate and irregular geometric ground. H: 4 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000

747 132513/6 Japanese Satsuma vase marked kinkozan, meiji period The globular vase painted with two reserves depicting a racing scene and a busy village scene, signed on the base, surrounded by sakura blossoms against brown ground. H: 4 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000

748 132378/11 Large Japanese Kutani bowl and cover late 19th century Circular bowl painted in enamels with bird and flower cartouches, the cover surmounted by a peach finial. H: 14 inches $1,000-1,500

749 138192/22 Japanese enameled porcelain model of a dragon 19th century The iron-red and gold painted dragon with curled tail stands on scrolling colorful clouds. H: 11 1/2 inches $800-1,200


750 131614/1 Chinese porcelain figure of emaciated luohan and serpent The figure standing scantily clad in finely enameled famile rose garments ontop of a mountain peak, his feet encircled by a strinkingly expressive dragon. H: 10 1/4 inches $500-750

750A 141024/11 Japanese Hirado porcelain teapot and cover meiji period Fashioned with openwork ‘basketweave’ sides, the spout and handle modeled as the head and tail of a dragon, the globular body painted with dragon roundels and the cover with pine sprig. H: 7 inches $800-1,200

751 141037/3 Japanese celadon-glazed porcelain pagoda marked seizan, late 19th / early 20th century Moulded in three sections. H: 22 1/2 inches $500-800

752 132420/6 Japanese ivory teahouse carving meiji period Openwork carved with figures before a tree and hut, signed at base, raised on carved wood base deipcting rockwork and flowers. H of ivory: 5 1/2 inches $800-1,200

753 141024/7 Korean inlaid celadon bowl koryo dynasty Wide bowl decorated to interior with four lychee sprays between stylized bands, the exterior with four floral medallions; shell form spur marks to base. D: 8 inches provenance: Sotheby’s Dec. 7 1983, lot 271 $3,000-5,000

755 132439/10 Korean celadon glazed stoneware melon form ewer koryo dynasty The vessel shaped in the form of a melon, bulging lobes to body free of decoration, petaled flower form cover with its looped stem serving as a knob. H: 7 1/4 inches $1,200-1,500

754 132439/9 Korean inlaid slip-decorated celadon stoneware cup and stand koryo dynasty The cup and stand modelled as a chrysanthemum with eight curved petals on a flared stem foot, each of the petals inlaid in white and iron slip with chrysanthemum sprays. H: 4 inches $1,500-2,000 129

756 132439/11 Korean inlaid celadon glazed ewer koryo dynasty Of double gourd form with a slightly curved spout and loop handle moulded to resemble stalks of bamboo; inlaid on the body with flying cranes. H: 8 inches $2,000-4,000

757 132439/12 Korean inlaid celadon glazed vases koryo dynasty A taller pear form vase decorated with four flowering sprigs around body, together with a shorter garlic head vase. H of taller: 7 inches $1,000-1,500

758 132439/15 Korean blue and white glazed water dropper Set on four short bracket feet and moulded with a cylindrical side spout, painted on the flat top in dark and medium strokes of underglaze blue with mountainous landscapes. H: 1 1/2 inches $300-500

759 132439/16 Five Korean Puncheong inlaid dish and celadon bowls Including two round bowls, an octagonal bowl and two dishes. D of largest: 6 3/4 inches $1,500-2,000

760 131874/3 Korean stoneware vase koryo dynasty Short neck ovoid form covered throughout with a grey tinted white glaze. H: 13 inches $500-800

761 132415/24A Two Korean blue and white porcelain jars joseon dynasty Including a ewer with spout and plate form everted rim and a ovoid jar. H of taller: 9 3/4 inches $400-600

762 132439/13 Korean brown glazed bottle vase together with a stoneware covered jar Including a pear form brown glazed pottery vase and a globular stoneware jar incised to body with basket-weave pattern. H of pear form vase: 6 1/2 inches $800-1,200 763 132439/14 Korean bronze censor and cover Tripod censer with twin lug handles and two raised string bands to body, the cover openworked with flutes with lotus knob. H: 6 1/2 inches $800-1,200


764 132429/1 AFTER KANO TOSEN NAKANOBU THREE HANGING SCROLLS One depicting a seated scholar Sight H: 42 1/2 inches x W: 17 inches two landscape paintings H: 43 inches x W: 17 1/2 inches $300-500 765 132439/3 JAPANESE SCHOOL TIGER Hanging scroll, Signed and artist sealmark W: 19 3/4 x H: 46 inches. $300-500

766 132385/21 SHODA KOHO (1871-1946) early 19th century RISING SUN AND WAVES Japanese print with Koho seal; size: Ko-tanzaku; together with a print of mount fuji $200-400 767 132385/19 SHODA KOHO (1871-1946) 1930s EGRET ON A TREE Japanese print, with Koho seal; size: Ko-tanzaku $200-400

768 132385/18 UTAGAWA HIROSHIGE (ANDO) (1797-1858) 1830s MALLARD DUCK AND SNOWCOVERED REEDS; AND MANDARIN DUCKS IN A STREAM Two Japanese prints, framed, both signed Hiroshige Hitsu and with artist’s seal, Jakurindo (Wakasaya Yoichi) publisher; size: Tanzaku $400-600

769 132385/17 UTAGAWA TOYOKUNI II (17771835) 1790-1845 ACTOR TRIPTYCH Japanese print, Yamamotoya Heikichi, publisher, with kiwame censor seal; size: O-ban triptych $200-400

770 132385/16 KABUKID‘ ENKY‘ (JAPANESE 1749-1803) CIRCA 1800 ACTOR NAKAYAMA TOMISABURÙ Rare Japanese print; Signed EnkyÙ; size Oban $400-600

771 132385/15 UTAGAWA HIROSHIGE (ANDO) (1797-1858) 1840-42 A PICTURE OF ASUKAYAMA IN EDO: FOX WEDDING PROCESSION ON OUJI ROAD Japanese print, signed: Hiroshige gi shitsu, with publisher seal Tsuta-ya Kichizo; size O-ban $300-500 772 132385/14 UTAGAWA HIROSHIGE (ANDO) (1797-1858) dated 1857 FOX FIRES ON NEW YEAR’S EVE AT THE GARMENT NETTLE TREE AT OJI FROM THE SERIES ONE HUNDRED FAMOUS VIEWS OF EDO Japanese print, signed Hiroshige ga with kiwame censor seal and mi-ku (snake nine) date seal; Uoya Eikichi publisher; size: O-ban $300-500

773 132385/13 KITAGAWA UTAMARO (1753-1806) BIJIN Japanese print, signed Utamaro hitsu $200-400 131

774 132385/12 NISHIYAMA HOEN (1804-1867) FOX DRESSED AS A BEGGAR Japanese print $200-400 775 132385/11 KUNICHIKA TOYOHARA (18351900) 1864 BIJIN Japanese print, signed Toyohara ga with ne-sho (rat one) aratame seal; ‘miya Ky˚jirÙ publisher; size O-ban $200-400

776 132385/10 UTAGAWA HIROSHIGE (ANDO) (1797-1858) 1830S FALCON ON PERCH WITH SPARROW AND NARCISSUS Japanese print, signed Hiroshige hitsu with Ichiryusai seal Kawaguchiya ShÙzÙ (ShÙeidÙ, EisendÙ) publisher; Size: Ch˚tanzaku $300-500

777 132385/8 ISHIKAWA TOYONOBU (JAPANESE 1711-1785) 1700s COURTESAN SMOKING A PIPE Japanese print, signed Ishikawa Shuha Toyonobu zu with Ishikawa Uji and Toyonobu benzuri-e seals $300-500

778 132439/7 JANG SEUNG-EOP (1843-1897) STILL LIFE Ink and color on paper, signed and artist sealmark, still life of kettle and fruits Sight H: 32 inches W: 9 3/4 inches $400-600

784 132385/3 JAPANESE SCHOOL DOG, FLOWER AND BUTTERFLIES Hanging scroll, ink, color and gouache on paper, two seals Sight H: 37 1/2 inches x W: 15 inches $300-500

786 132439/8 MURATA MUNEHIRO (1802-1857) DATED 1837 CRANES AND PINE GROVE Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper with three artist seals Sight H: 38 x W: 20 3/4 inches $300-500

785 132385/1 POSSIBLY MARUYAMA OKYO (1733-1795) JAPANESE CITYSCAPE Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper, signed Maruyama Okyo and with sealmark Sight H: 21 inches x W: 38 inches $600-800

787 132439/4 JAPANESE SCHOOL FALCON ON ROCK Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, signed and with artist sealmark Sight H: 44 1/5 inches x 15 1/2 inches $400-600

779 11-1619/3 Approximately 35 Japanese woodblock prints 19th century collector’s assembly of woodblock prints, including many triptychs. Average 13 x 8 inches $1,000-2,000

780 132385/9 JAPANESE SCHOOL 20th century RABBIT Framed and glazed, ink and color on paper, signed and with artist seal, H: 10 3/4 x W: 14 3/4 inches $300-500 781 132385/7 EIJO KANO (1731-1787) (1731-1787) SNOW SCENE WITH INSCRIPTION Hanging scroll, ink on silk; H: 22 1/4 inches W: 33 1/2 inches $500-800

782 132385/5 JAPANESE SCHOOL EGRET Hanging scroll, ink on paper, H: 12 x 18 3/4 inches $100-200 783 132385/4 JAPANESE SCHOOL GRAPE VINES AND THE MOON Hanging scoll, ink on paper Sight H: 43 inches, W; 10 1/2 inches $300-500


Terms & Conditions all property offered and sold (“property”) through samuel t. freeman & co, (“freeman’s”) shall be offered and sold on the terms and conditions set forth below which constitutes the complete statement of the terms and conditions on which all property is offered for sale. by bidding at the auction, whether present in person or by agent, by written bid, telephone, internet or other means, the buyer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. 1 Unless otherwise indicated, all Property will be offered by Freeman’s as agent for the Consignor. 2 Freeman’s reserves the right to vary the terms of sale and any such variance shall become part of these Conditions of Sale. 3 Buyer acknowledges that it had the right to make a full inspection of all Property prior to sale to determine the condition, size, repair or restoration of any Property. Therefore, all property is sold “ASIS”. Freeman’s is acting solely as an auction broker, and unless otherwise stated, does not own the Property offered for sale and has made no independent investigation of the Property. Freeman’s makes no warranty of title, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or any other warranty or representation regarding the description, genuineness, attribution, provenance or condition to the Property of any kind or nature with respect to the Property. 4 Freeman’s in its sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to withdraw any property, at any time, before the fall of the hammer. 5 Unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale, all bids are per lot as numbered in the printed catalogue. Freeman’s reserves the right to determine any and all matters regarding the order, precedence or appropriate increment of bids or the constitution of lots. 6 The highest bidder acknowledged by the auctioneer shall be the buyer. The auctioneer has the right to reject any bid, to advance the bidding at his absolute discretion and in the event of any dispute between bidders, the auctioneer shall have the sole and final discretion either to determine the successful bidder or to re- offer and resell the article in dispute. If any dispute arises after sale, the Freeman’s sale record shall be conclusive in all respects. 7 If the auctioneer determines that any opening or later bid or any advance bid is not commensurate with the value of the Property offered, he may reject the same and withdraw the Property from sale.

8 Upon the fall of the hammer, title to any offered lot or article will immediately pass to the highest bidder as determined in the exclusive discretion of the auctioneer, subject to compliance by the buyer with these Conditions of Sale. Buyer thereupon assumes full risk and responsibility of the property sold, agrees to sign any requested confirmation of purchase, and agrees to pay the full price, plus Buyer’s Premium, therefore or such part, upon such terms as Freeman’s may require. 9 No lot may be removed from Freeman’s premises until the buyer has paid in full the purchase price therefor including Buyer’s Premium or has satisfied such terms that Freeman’s, in its sole discretion, shall require. Subject to the foregoing, all Property shall be paid for and removed by the buyer at his/her expense within ten (10) days of sale and, if not so removed, may be sold by Freeman’s, or sent by Freeman’s to a public warehouse, at the sole risk and charge of the buyer(s), and Freeman’s may prohibit the buyer from participating, directly or indirectly, as a bidder or buyer in any future sale or sales. In addition to other remedies available to Freeman’s by law, Freeman’s reserves the right to impose a late charge of 1.5% per month of the total purchase price on any balance remaining ten (10) days after the day of sale. If Property is not removed by the buyer within ten (10) days, a handling charge of 1% of the total purchase price per month from the tenth day after the sale until removal by the buyer shall be payable to Freeman’s by the buyer; Freeman’s shall charge 1.5% of the total purchase price per month for any property not so removed within 60 days after the sale. Freeman’s will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or otherwise responsible for any goods left in Freeman’s possession after ten (10) days. If the foregoing conditions or any applicable provisions of law are not complied with, in addition to other remedies available to Freeman’s and the Consignor (including without limitation the right to hold the buyer(s) liable for the bid price) Freeman’s, at its option, may either cancel the sale, retaining as liquidated damages all payments made by the buyer(s), or resell the property. In such event, the buyer(s) shall remain liable for any deficiency in the original purchase price and

will also be responsible for all costs, including warehousing, the expense of the ultimate sale, and Freeman’s commission at its regular rates together with all related and incidental charges, including legal fees. Payment is a precondition to removal. Payment shall be by cash, certified check or similar bank draft, or any other method approved by Freeman’s. Checks will not be deemed to constitute payment until cleared. Any exceptions must be made upon Freeman’s written approval of credit prior to sale. In addition, a defaulting buyer will be deemed to have granted and assigned to Freeman’s, a continuing security interest of first priority in any property or money of, or owing to such buyer in Freeman’s possession, and Freeman’s may retain and apply such property or money as collateral security for the obligations due to due to Freeman’s. Freeman’s shall have all of the rights accorded a secured party under the Pennsylvania Uniform Commercial Code.

Premium shall be: 25% on the first $50,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on the portion from $50,001 through $1,000,000, and 12% thereafter.

10 Unless the sale is advertised and announced as “without reserve”, each lot is offered subject to a reserve and Freeman’s may implement such reserves by bidding through its representatives on behalf of the Consignors. In certain instances, the Consignor may pay less than the standard commission rate where Freeman’s or its representative is a successful bidder on behalf of the Consignor. Where the Consignor is indebted to Freeman’s, Freeman’s may have an interest in the offered lots and the proceeds therefrom, other than the broker’s Commissions, and all sales are subject to any such interest.

16 In no event shall any liability of Freeman’s to the buyer exceed the purchase price actually paid.

11 No “buy” bids shall be accepted at any time for any purpose. 12 Any pre-sale bids must be submitted in writing to Freeman’s prior to commencement of the offer of the first lot of any sale. Freeman’s copy of any such bid shall conclusively be deemed to be the sole evidence of same, and while Freeman’s accepts these bids for the convenience of bidders not present at the auction, Freeman’s shall not be responsible for the failure to execute, or, to execute properly, any pre-sale bid. 13 A Buyer’s Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyer’s

14 Unless exempted by law from the payment thereof, the buyer will be required to pay any and all federal excise tax and any state and/or local sales taxes, including where deliveries are to be made outside the state where a sale is conducted, which may be subject to a corresponding or compensating tax in another state. 15 Freeman’s may, as a service to buyer arrange to have purchased property posted and shipped at the buyer’s expense. Freeman’s is not responsible for any acts or omissions in packing or shipping of purchased lots whether or not such carrier recommended by Freeman’s. Packing and handling of purchased lots is at the responsibility of the buyer and is at the entire risk of the buyer.

17 No claimed modification or amendment of this Agreement on the part of any party shall be deemed extant, enforceable or provable unless it is in writing that has been signed by the parties to this Agreement. No course of dealing and no delay or omission on the part of Freeman’s in exercising any right under this Agreement shall operate as a waiver of such right or any other right and waiver on any one or more occasions shall not be construed as a bar to or waiver of any right or remedy of Freeman’s on any future occasion. 18 These Conditions of Sale and the buyer’s, the Consignor’s and Freeman’s rights under these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Consignor and Buyer agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

条款与条件 经由 Samuel T. Freeman & Co., (简称“弗里曼拍卖行”)提供并拍卖的物品(简称“物品”)均应按照以下规定的条款和条件进行拍卖,以下列出了 所有物品必须遵循的完整条款条件声明。拍卖会的竞价过程中,不论是亲自竞价或通过代理人竞价,或是采用书面形式、电话、网络或其他方式进行竞 价,买家均同意遵守下列条款与条件。

1 除非另有说明,所有物品均由弗里曼拍




除弗里曼拍卖行章程中的补救措施以外 ,针对在拍卖结束十(10)天后尚未取

的竞价出现执行竞价失败,或执行过程 出错的情况,拍卖行概不负责。

2 弗里曼拍卖行保留修改拍卖条款的权

货的物品,弗里曼拍卖行保留对总价款 每月加收 1.5% 的滞纳金的权利。若买 家无法在十(10)天内取货,则从拍卖

13 买家佣金联同成功竞价一起做为最 终总价款,由买家支付。买家佣金应为

3 买家知晓在拍卖前,其有权对所有物品 进行全面检查,以确定任何物品的状态、

后第十天开始直至买家最终取货这一期 间,买家应按月向弗里曼拍卖行支付金

:对每件拍卖品的落槌价的首笔 50,000 美元应支付 25% 的买家佣金;


额为总价款 1% 的手续费;针对成交后 60 天内仍未被取走的物品,弗里曼应

从 50,001 美元至 1,000,000 美元的部分


品将以“现状”进行拍卖。除非另行说 明,弗里曼拍卖行仅作为拍卖经纪人,因

按月加收金额为总价款 1.5% 的费用。

,买家佣金比率为 20%; 余下的款项则 支付 12% 的买家佣金。

此其对拍卖中的所供物品不持所有权,且 对该物品并未进行独立检查。弗里曼拍卖

针对任何成交十(10)天后仍遗留在拍 卖行的物品,弗里曼拍卖行对该物品出

14 除法律规定免除的部分以外,买家




物品状态进行担保;也不对任一类型物品 的描述、真实度、归属、来源或状态进行

概不负责。一旦出现上述情况,或尚未 遵循任何法律适用条款,除弗里曼和委

何州和/或当地营业税,包括将拍卖品 送至拍卖举办州以外的地区所需的费


托人规定的其他补救措施以外(包括但 不仅限于要求买家支付出价款项),弗

用,这部分费用包括可能需要支付另一 州政府设下的相应税收或补偿税。

4 根据其独家专属决断权,在落槌之前,


弗里曼拍卖行保留可随时撤销对某一物品 拍卖的权利。

买家已支付款项认定为损失赔偿金,或 决定对该物品进行重新拍卖。在此情况

15 弗里曼拍卖行可在买家提供费用的 情况下,按照买家的要求,提供对成交

下,买家应负责支付再次拍卖价格与原 成交价格的差额,且需要支付所有成本


5 拍卖时,除非拍卖师另行宣布,根据目 录中的拍卖品编号,所有竞价均围绕某一


使用弗里曼拍卖行推荐的运输公司,在 包装或运输成交物品时,若出现任何问

拍卖品进行。弗里曼拍卖行对订单、优先 权或恰当的竞价加码定额、或拍卖品的构

里曼拍卖行的一般费率佣金、所有相关 费用和附带费用,包括法律费用。支付

题或遗漏,弗里曼拍卖行概不负责。买 家应对成交物品的包装和处理负有全部


全款后才可取货。付款方式包括:现金 、保付支票或类似的银行汇票、或其他


6 经由拍卖师认定的竞价最高者即为买


16 任何情况下,弗里曼拍卖行对买家


结清前不得视为付款完成。拍卖前,任 何例外情况必须得到弗里曼拍卖行的书

的负债不得超过已经实际支付的成交价 格。

有采取进阶竞价的绝对权利,一旦竞价人 之间出现争议,拍卖师拥有确定成功竞价 人或决定是否针对争议物品进行重新拍卖 的独家最终决断权。拍卖结束后,如有争 议,弗里曼的拍卖记录则拥有针对各方面 问题的决定权。 7 若拍卖师认为任何开价、此后竞价或任 何进阶竞价与所供物品价值不符,他有权

面信贷审批。另外,针对弗里曼持有的 、所有权属于某一买家的任一物品或款 项,应视为默认买家已经将持续第一优 先权的担保权益授予给或授权给弗里曼 拍卖行,且弗里曼拍卖行可根据拍卖行 到期债务保留该物品或款项,或将该物 品或款项作为抵押担保处理。根据《宾

17 针对协议任一方对本协议所做的修 改或修订必须为书面形式且经由协议各 方签字同意,否则不应视为当前可用、 可执行或可证实。本协议下有关弗里曼 拍卖行执行任何权利时的习惯做法、延


迟或遗漏不应视为对该权利或任何其他 权利的放弃;弗里曼拍卖行的某一次弃




8 在买家遵循拍卖条件的前提下,根据拍

来类似情况也将采取禁止、弃权或补救 措施。

卖师的独家决断权,一旦落槌,所供拍卖 品或物品的所有权应立即转移至最高竞价

10 除公开宣布“无底价”的拍卖品 外,每件物品均设有底价,弗里曼拍卖 行可通过其拍卖代表代为执行委托人提

18 本拍卖条件及其规定的买家、委托


出的底价。在某些情况下,当弗里曼拍 卖行或其代表代替委托人进行成功竞价

任并承担全部风险,并同意签署任何需要 填写的购买确认表、支付全款加上买家佣 金、或弗里曼拍卖行可能要求支付的相关 款项。 9 在买家支付包括买家佣金的购货全款之 前,或满足弗里曼拍卖行根据独家决断权


尼亚州法律进行管理、解释和执行;委 托人和买家同意接受宾夕法尼亚州普通

佣金;当委托人对弗里曼拍卖行有欠债 时,则拍卖行除了经纪人佣金以外,可

诉讼法庭和宾夕法尼亚东区地方法院下 的费城专属管辖权。

能会对委托人提供的拍卖物品及其收入 感兴趣,且该兴趣会影响所有拍卖活 动。

确立的相应条款之前,任何拍卖品不得搬 离弗里曼拍卖行办公场所。根据上述条件 ,所有物品均应在已经支付全款的情况下 ,由买家自行出资在成交十(10)天内将 物品取走;若无法按时取货,该物品可能 由弗里曼拍卖行再次出售,或由其发往公 共仓库,买家对此应承担独家风险和费用 ,且弗里曼拍卖行有权决定是否禁止该买 家通过直接或间接的方式,作为竞价人或


11 任何时候不得出于任何原因接受任 何“购买”竞价。 12 任何拍卖前的竞价必须通过书面形 式在任一批次的物品拍卖正式开始前提 交给弗里曼拍卖行。弗里曼拍卖行持有 的该类竞价副本应视为为原件的唯一证 据,弗里曼拍卖行接受这些竞价,以便

bidding & registration form SALE NO










PHONE (Primary)



PHONE (Secondary)





A Buyer’s Premium will be added to the successful bid price and is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. The Buyer’s Premium shall be: 25% on the first $50,000 of the hammer price of each lot, 20% on the portion from $50,001 through $1,000,000, and 12% on that portion of the hammer price exceeding $1,000,000. All lots must be paid for and removed within 10 days.




please adhere to the bidding increments $10 UNTIL $200 IS REACHED



$100 UNTIL $3,000 IS REACHED

$250 UNTIL $5,000 IS REACHED

$500 UNTIL $10,000 IS REACHED

$1,000 UNTIL $30,000 IS REACHED

$2,000 UNTIL $50,000 IS REACHED

$5,000 UNTIL $100,000 IS REACHED


bank reference





I hereby confirm thet I have read and am bound by the “Terms of Sale” presented by the auction house and which govern all auction purchases made by me. Although every attempt is made to execute your bid(s), the auctioneer is not responsible for errors and omissions.


(signature required to execute your bids)


Freeman’s 1808 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Tel-215.563.9275 Fax-215.599.2240 e-mail:


Purchase removal, shipping and offsite storage information To ensure the safety of your property Freeman’s requests removal within 10 business days of the sale date. Collection hours are Mon - Fri, 9:30 - 4:30pm. For larger items, please email to schedule a loading dock appointment. For purchase release to persons not listed on your contract or invoice, 3rd party authorization is required. Please mail or fax, 215.599.2240, a signed letter stating receipt/item(s) or sale/lot(s) and name of 3rd party collecting property. Freeman’s does not handle packing or shipping. The shippers listed below have worked with Freeman’s clients in the past and will be happy to provide you with quotes for the packing and shipping of your property.

VG Packaging LLC Contact: Gordon G Murray II 12 Salem Road Schwenksville, PA 19473 484.552.8741 Fax: 484.552.8744 UPS Store Contact: John Bohach 51 North 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19106 215.629.4990 Fax: 215.629.4992 Mr. C’s Contact: Charles Cohen 267.977.9567

Cadogan Tate Fine Art Cadogan House, 41-20 39th Street Sunnyside, New York 11104 718.706.7999 Fax: 718.707.2847 A. Mastrocco Jr. Moving & Storage Contact: Roseanne 1060 Louis Drive Warminster, PA 18991 215.491.0346 Fax: 215.444.9327 Aiston Fine Art Service P.O. Box 3434 Grand Central Station New York, NY 10163 212.715.0629 Fax: 718.361.8569

Atelier Art Services 103 East Sharpnack Street Philadelphia, PA 19144 215.842.3500 The Packaging Store Contact: Duane Freed 2333 West Main Street Lansdale, PA 19446 215.361.6940 Fax: 215.361.6941 FURNITURE & LARGER ITEMS: For larger pieces where delivery time is not the primary concern, we suggest getting your items freighted:



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Catalogue for the March 15 auction of Asian Arts at Freeman's in Philadelphia.


Catalogue for the March 15 auction of Asian Arts at Freeman's in Philadelphia.