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“It’s important that you stay in school, fill your head with knowledge and build a relationship with Jesus Christ so that society can appreciate your presence.”




A wise man will hear and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.” Proverbs 1:5


he continued his service as chaplain where he ministered and prayed for the young girls and boys, the teachers, the staff and the parents. In addition to his volunteer work, Scott was also benevolent. He served with the Annual Fund committee, assisting the school by providing financial support so that children would receive a quality education. As an involved parent, Chief Hunter believed that the role of a parent, guardian, or caregiver was the most essential component to a child’s success. Directing the activities of the Parents Ministry in his church, Chief Hunter created awareness for the parents by introducing societal concepts and educating His profession provided an opportunity for him to serve his community at large. Notwithstanding his them on opportunities that are conducive for their notable commitment for the public, Chief Hunter children. never slighted his family or his ministry to assist others. His ability to love, care, and devote quality Scott was an advocate for education. He believed time to his wife, three children, his career and the that learning was pivotal for a child’s success. church was a characteristic that was valued by Called on by many to be a mentor and/or assist with many. Scott had a strong presence at the Upper troubled children, he never refused to assist despite Room Christian Academy. He served as the PTA his schedule, current obligations, or commitments. President where he partnered with administration, teachers, and parents to assure the success of the Please join us in honoring Chief Scott Hunter’s children and institution. After completing his term, legacy. A life worthy to be recognized. tate Capitol Police Chief W. Scott Hunter, a veteran officer in North Carolina, was born and raised in Laurens, South Carolina where he graduated from Laurens High School in 1982. After moving on and attending NC Central University for two years Chief Hunter sought after his passion of helping others and joined the State Highway Patrol in January 1985. A strong visionary and a well-respected officer, Scott Hunter advanced in his career and was appointed as State Capitol police chief in 2003.


THEWESLEYSCOTTHUNTER Scholarship Fund for Education Recipient


The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge. Proverbs 18:15

pper Room Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school serving students from grades Pre-K-5th. URCA has faithfully fulfilled its mission since 1998 when it opened as a preschool.

The strength of our program is validated by our dual accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and NC ECERS rated 5-star preschool program. The Upper Room Christian Academy provides an engaging, challenging, and student-centered Christian education for children in kindergarten through fifth grades. Direct Instruction is our primary instructional methods. Along with core content subjects that are aligned with state and national standards, students are taught that Scripture is the revealed Word of God and that all truth is God’s truth. Instruction is biblically integrated, interactive, and intentional concerning students’ preparation for life. Our focus is for students to take a biblical worldview of God, creation, mankind, moral order, and purpose, and use real-life experiences to make connections to new information. Through our rigorous curriculum, strategies in the classroom provide students opportunities to examine, create, experiment, question, analyze, evaluate, and explore while enabling our students to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

H Join Us In Reaching Our Goal to Rename URCA Media Center to Wesley Scott Hunter Library....

“The more you read, the more you will know. the more you learn, the more places you will go.”

Chief Scott Hunter believed that children have a better chance of reaching their fullest potential if they are taught the importance of reading. Join us in keeping the legacy of Chief Scott Hunter alive by renaming the URCA Media Center to the Wesley Scott Hunter Library. It is our mission to change children’s lives academically and spiritually by providing them with tools and resources needed to keep their minds vibrant.

Therefore, please help Wesley Scott Hunter Scholarship Fund for Education create future leaders by visiting and Making a Donation. Your tax-deductible contribution, whether large or small, will assist us in reaching our goal of $35,000. Your donation will make a difference! For more information, please email




The Scott Hunter scholarship fund is a local, newly established scholarship program, that makes annual awards to school aged children. This scholarship is named after the Raleigh State Capitol Chief of Police Wesley Scott Hunter. This Fund will provide yearly funding towards students’ tuition. Colleagues and his beloved spouse chose to honor Chief Hunter in recognition of his character, integrity, strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. ELIGIBILITY: • Students between the ages of 5-11 • Students seeking quality christian education through URCA RECIPIENT OBLIGATIONS: • Students must exhibit hard work and maintain an A/AB honor roll • Student and parent must donate a combined minimum of 4 hours a month at a Cancer clinic of their choice or with a cancer patient of their choice (Volunteering their services where needed) APPLICATION PROCESS: • Student and parent must complete the application • Students must research 3 characteristics of Chief Scott Hunter that they posses and submit a 1 page essay on how they can use it to affect society • Students must furnish 3 character references by Pastors, Youth Leaders and/or Teachers AWARD DESCRIPTION: The Funds Scholarship is a one time grant to be awarded annually to the outstanding students at the Upper Room Christian Academy who best meets the above eligibility. The $10,000 scholarship will be awarded through funds raised by donations and fundraisers on a yearly basis. CONTACT INFORMATION: For more information contact Tirrell Listenbee @ (919) 696-9355 or or Latonya Listenbee @ (919) 615-2820 or


Vickie Hunter | President | Wife & Chairman/CEO of Scott Hunter Scholarship Fund/Board Tirrell Listenbee | Vice President | Pilot for United Airlines Van Williams | Secretary | Human Resources Administrator of Capitol Broadcasting Company Latonya Listenbee | Treasure | Owner/CEO of Shear Glory Hair Salon & Fantasy Affair Event & Wedding Planning Maria Waddell | Assistant Director of Upper Room Christian Academy Preschool Corey McNeil | Information Technology Professional


The Scott Hunter Scholarship Fund was born out of a wife’s love after her husband’s death. Wesley Scott Hunter was stricken with an extremely rare disease called PMP. Lifetime odds of being diagnosed with PMP are about 1 in a million worldwide. It was difficult to comprehend how such a vibrant, well-loved, and dedicated leader to his career, ministry, family and community could be afflicted with a debilitating orphan disease as acknowledged by The National Association of Rare Disorders. Based upon this recognition, Scott’s family and friends understood that he was called through the gospel so that he may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ as referenced in 2 Thessalonians 2:14. Scott was a beacon of light for all those who knew him. He exemplified a level of strength during the most critical points of his life that many who shared his final days had firsthand experience of his level of faith. Those who knew him would often hear him proclaim 2 Corinthians 12:9....”My grace is sufficient; my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me”. SO WHAT IS PMP? PMP is an abbreviation for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. (Pronounced as SOO-doh-mix-OH-muh PAYR-ihTOH-nee-I) Pseudomyxoma Peritonei is a rare condition characterized by mucous produced by tumor cells in

implants in the abdominal cavity. Sometimes patients present themselves with symptoms arising from the primary tumor mimicking appendicitis. As PMP progresses, the excessive mucous accumulation causes compression of the intestines as the gastrointestinal function is compromised and eventually obstruction is imminent. Consequently, PMP always result in the death of the patient unless radically treated. Although, our beloved Scott didn’t survive this disease, his memory lives on.


CONTINUING THE LEGACY Chief Scott Hunter was a fighter indeed. He withstood 2 major surgical procedures and continued working, serving, and living life to his full potential. As a result, his family and friends have established the Scott Hunter Scholarship Fund to continue his example of commitment, endurance, and staying power. The scholarships are designed to provide an opportunity for young minds to receive a quality education who would not otherwise be able to without your support. Scott was a big dreamer. Your contributions will aid children in fulfilling their dreams and inspiring them to never give up. And finally, it is our goal to create an awareness and desire amongst children and their families to join us in finding a cure for this life threatening disease. Therefore, we ask that you partner with Scott’s family and friends as we endeavor to keep Scott’s fight and will to live alive.






Name: _________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________



City: __________________ State:____________ Zipcode: ______________ Phone #: (

) ______-_________________


Email: ______________________________________________________ LEVELS OF DONATIONS:

Give Donate The Chief Scholar - $5,000.00

Gold - $750.00

The Sergeant - $1,500.00

Bronze - $250.00

The Lieutenant - $2,500.00

Silver - $500.00

Other: $_______________

Platinum - $1,000.00

MY LEDGE PLEDGEMY MY PLEDGE PLEDGE MY MY MY -All contributions are tax deductible 501(C)-3




Name: _____________________________________________________________ My personal contribution goal:

I personally pledge my annual gift of $______________ to the, Scott Hunter Scholarship Fund for Education, to support quality education and prepare youth to be a positive influence in society. I would prefer to make: Yearly payment $______________ Payment Month & Date ______________

Quarterly payment $___________ Payment Month & Date _______________


Monthly payment $____________ Payment Date: _____________________



CONTACT INFORMATION: For more information contact Tirrell Listenbee @ (919) 696-9355 or or Latonya Listenbee @ (919) 615-2820 or


URCA W. Scott Hunter Foundation Borchure  
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