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2013 y r a u Febr

E M M A PROGR DAY ONE FRIDAY 8TH FEBRUARY 2013 Registration/Accommodation Lunch (participating schools to bring their packed lunch) Pre-tournament meeting with Athletics Directors & Officials Opening parade by all participating schools and declaration of the events open Commencement of Track and Field events Review of the day's events with Athletics Directors & Officials Dinner at the Royal Park Hotel

12.00 noon 1.00 pm 2.00 pm 3.00 pm 3.20 pm 6.30 pm 7.00 pm

DAY TWO SATURDAY 9TH FEBRUARY 2013 Breakfast at the Royal Park Hotel Track and Field events Lunch at the Royal Park Hotel Track and Field events Post-event meeting with the Athletics Directors in the Board room Dinner at the Royal Park Hotel Award Night

7.00 am 8.30 am 1.00 pm 2.30 pm 6.30 pm 7.00 pm 8.00 pm

DAY THREE SUNDAY 10TH FEBRUARY 2013 Breakfast at the Royal Park Hotel Collect packed lunch at the Royal Park Hotel Departure

7.30 am 10.30 am 12.00 noon

S F T O N G E N V E TIMI D EL I F & TRACK All events will take place at Chief (Dr.) David Burgess Stadium (Participants should be at the Start location 10 minutes before an event is scheduled to commence) FRIDAY 8TH FEBRUARY 2013 Events hold from 3.20 pm-6.30pm 13 & under, 400m Girls 13 & under, 400m Boys

15 & under, 400m Girls 15 & under, 400m Boys

18 & under, 400m Girls 18 & under, 400m Boys

3.20 pm

13 & under, Long Jump Girls 13 & under, Long Jump Boys

15 & under, Long Jump Girls 15 & under, Long Jump Boys

18 & under, Long Jump Girls 18 & under, Long Jump Boys


13 & under, Shot Put Girls 13 & under, Shot Put Boys

15 & under, Shot Put Girls 15 & under, Shot Put Boys

18 & under, Shot Put Girls 18 & under, Shot Put Boys


13 & under, Discus Girls 13 & under, Discus Boys

15 & under, Discus Girls 15 & under, Discus Boys

18 & under, Discus Girls 18 & under, Discus Boys


13 & under, 200m Girls 13 & under, 200m Boys

15 & under, 200m Girls 15 & under, 200m Boys

18 & under, 200m Girls 18 & under, 200m Boys

3.55 pm

13 & under, 4 x 100m Girls

15 & under, 4 x 100m Girls

18 & under, 4 x 100m Girls


13 & under, 800m Girls

15 & under, 800m Girls

18 & under, 800m Girls


13 & under, 800m Boys

15 & under, 800m Boys

18 & under, 800m Boys


SATURDAY 9th FEBRUARY 2013 Morning events hold from 8.30 am-12.30 pm 13 & under, Javelin Girls 13 & under, Javelin Boys

15 & under, Javelin Girls 15 & under, Javelin Boys

18 & under, Javelin Girls 18 & under, Javelin Boys

8.30 am

13 & under, 1500m Girls 13 & under, 1500m Boys

15 & under, 1500m Girls 15 & under, 1500m Boys

18 & under, 1500m Girls 18 & under, 1500m Boys

8.30 am

13 & under, High Jump Girls 13 & under, High Jump Boys

15 & under, High Jump Girls 15 & under, High Jump Boys

18 & under, High Jump Girls 18 & under, High Jump Boys

8.30 am

13&under, Triple Jump Girls 13&under, Triple Jump Boys

15 & under, Triple Jump Girls 15 & under, Triple Jump Boys

18 & under, Triple Jump Girls 18 & under, Triple Jump Boys

8.30 am

13&under, 100m Girls 13& under, 100m Boys

15 & under, 100m Girls 15 & under, 100m Boys

18 & under, 100m Girls 18 & under, 100m Boys

10.00 am

Afternoon events hold from 2.30 pm-6.00 pm 13 & under, 4 x 400m Girls

15 & under, 4 x 400m Girls

18 & under, 4 x 400m Girls

2.30 pm

13 & under, 4 x 400m Boys

15 & under, 4 x 400m Boys

18 & under, 4 x 400m Boys

3.30 pm

13 & under, 4 x 100m Boys

15 & under, 4 x 100m Boys

18 & under, 4 x 100m Boys

4.30 pm


2. 3.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Any school, including the host school, which fails to produce evidence of proof of age for any athlete or group of athletes, will be disqualified. Proof of age can either be a copy of Birth certificate, International passport or School Admission form. No telephone call will be made to any parent to confirm age. All participating schools' Athletics Directors must attend the pre-event meeting. A school team must present at least two athletes (a boy and a girl) for every event in 13 years & under, 15 years & under and 18 years & under categories with their proof of age duly signed by the school Principal or Vice Principal. An athlete will be allowed to compete in a maximum of three (3) events, either one (1) field event and two (2) track events or two (2) field events and one (1) track event. All relay races are free events for anyone to compete in. In the relay race, batons are to be handed over and not thrown to the next runner at the exchange zone. Athletes must run in their lane and not cross over or change to other lanes as this will lead to disqualification. The decision of the Venue Referee is final in all track and field events matters. Members of the participating schools, including coaches, are not allowed on the track or field unless they are involved in the event. There should be no interference from the members of the participating and non-participating schools, including coaches while the events are taking place. All protests should be forwarded in written form to the LOC Secretariat at the Stadium within 30 minutes on completion of such an event by the aggrieved school through their Athletics Director. Medals to be awarded: (A) Individual races to attract: (B) Relay races to attract st st 1 Gold 1 Gold nd nd 2 Silver 2 Silver rd rd 3 Bronze 3 Bronze

PARADE OPENING PARADE RULES 1. All participating schools are to attend the Opening parade. 2. The number of Marchers from each participating school should not be less than 10 and not more than 30. 3. Marchers must be in their school's sports kit.



he Association of International School Educators of Nigeria, AISEN, is an association of international schools' principals and proprietors in Nigeria. It is a forum through which members access training, advice, and practical assistance where required. The networking opportunities enable professional educators to share, help and support on both professional and personal matters. As part of their activities, AISEN organises academic and non academic, sporting and cultural events for pupils of member schools to participate in each term. These events follow clear guidelines and rules. This initiative has proved to be an astonishing landmark in the history of international schools in Nigeria. VISION To foster cooperation between international schools leading the way together MISSION To foster understanding, cooperation and mutual support between international schools within Nigeria, through * Teacher training programmes. * Cultural, sporting and intellectual programmes, festivals and competitions, pursuing the highest possible standards. * Creating a network of school leaders. * Annual/bi-annual conferences. * Liaison with British Council and other examination bodies. * Community development. MOTTO Leading the way together AIMS AND OBJECTIVES (AISEN) * To foster and increase understanding of and commitment to international and intercultural education. * To promote unity and cooperation amongst member schools. * To support and improve the quality of teaching and learning in all international schools. * To broaden the dimension of education of AISEN member schools in the interest of a total programme of education. * To cooperate with other organisations and individuals pursuing the same or similar objectives as AISEN. * To engage in activities appropriate to the achievement of its educational and charitable objectives. * To offer a clear commitment and record towards best practice in examinations. * To liaise with the Ministry of Education at federal and state levels, and examination bodies at federal, state and international levels and to set baseline standards for international schools in Nigeria.

...Give them the right edge to excel.

Enrol now for 2013/2014 Admission!

Admissio Download your in Progre n forms from ss or call Oyinlola on 08037162471 to obtain your forms at the school, OIS Lagos Liaison Office

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OIS Lagos Liaison Office: Plot 281, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos Tel: 08037162471 OIS School Contact: 08034466779, 08136097630, 08034099923 Email:,

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