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FREELAND is dedicated to making the world free of human slavery and wildlife trafficking by increasing law enforcement capacity, supporting vulnerable communities and raising awareness. The multi-billion dollar illegal trade in protected species is one of the most lucrative illicit markets in the world today. Combined with habitat loss, it is driving many species towards extinction. Unchecked nature crime not only ravages biodiversity, but the knock-on effects can unravel entire ecosystems. The loss of important watersheds and carbon sinks, for example, accelerates global warming, endangers human health and food security In addition, human trafficking targets vulnerable people for labor and sexual exploitation, destroying lives and tearing families apart. FREELAND believes a compassionate world is a world free of slavery.



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“This is basically a big coffin” Steve Galster, Freeland.


Inside Illegal Ivory Infiltrating the Multi million dollar ivory trade from Africa to Asia to America.

“We had a sense of the target and she looked pretty tough. For all we knew , she could have had a .45 revolver hidden in the drawer of her desk or security thugs stan ding by.�

Mark Laban, Director of Photography


Tiger Trackdown The team goes undercover on the trail of a tiger trafficking kingpin. From Bangkok to the Mekong. From Private ‘zoos’ to royal residences.

Lt. Col. Adtapon Sudsai arrests a traffic ker in possesion of a young tiger cub while the camera rolls.

“Every bit of the tiger’s body has a value on the of black market. A trafficker will buy a tiger out the on ); (USD s dollar and thous $20 for t the fores street it’s worth four to five times that amount.”

Steve Galster, Freeland.

Steve and the team use a minature spy plane to find out where the crooks might be hidin g their haul.


Undercover in Thailand An ex-dealer turned undercover agent, an American ex-cop and a minature spy plane go up against the crime syndicates that trade in Pangolins, snakes and lizards in the Wild West border towns between Thailand and Cambodia.


Undercover Trade From the bright lights of Pattaya to the Markets of Bangkok. We go undercover to expose dealers in Exotic Animals.

“During an operation, everything that there is no time to ‘feel’, you

Onkuri Majumdar, Freelan

happens so fast u just ‘react’.”


Preparing for undercover operations

at the hotel.

? V T Y T I L REA Every day at Freeland we deal with the harsh reality of Animal Trafficking and Human Slavery. We don’t ignore anything we see and hear and neither should you. Every story you see here is just one example of thousands of crimes that could go un-punished every year.

What can you do? Report anything you see that looks suspicious to us at Or call +662 204 2719. We will investigate it. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Tell your friends, spread the word, make a donation.

It’s a big problem, but together we can be a bigger solution.


FREELANDER- Crimes Against Nature Special Edition  

A behind the scenes look at National Geographic's 'Crimes Against Nature' TV series, featuring the staff of FREELAND foundation.

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