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Let's try to be loving, cheerful and polite. Sweet and thoughtful boys and girls are everyone's delight! try - 尝试 loving - 仁慈 cheerful - 快乐

polite - 有礼貌 sweet - 和蔼 thoughtful - 周到

boys and girls – 男孩和女孩

are everyone's delight - 是大家的喜悦

Let's try to remember how we're supposed to be, Good manners are a way of showing love and courtesy! remember - 记得 good manners - 良好的礼仪

love - 爱 courtesy - 礼貌

When I'm introduced to someone, I know what to do: I look into their eyes and smile and say, "How do you do?” introduced - 介绍 I know - 我知道

smile - 微笑 how do you do? - 你好吗?

Sitting at the table, I must be clean and neat, I say my please and thank you's and am quiet when I eat!

sitting - 坐 clean - 清洁 neat - 整齐

please - 请 thank you - 谢谢

quiet - 安静 eat - 吃饭

"Good morning" is the way to start out a brand new day, good morning - 早安

start - 开始

brand new day - 新的一天

And I will say, "I'm sorry“ if I make a mistake. I'm sorry - 对不起

mistake - 错误

I'll say, "I beg your pardon“ If I don't hear things quite right, I beg your pardon- 对不起

don't hear - 听不到

And when the evening comes I know it's time to say, "Good night!“

evening - 晚上 good night - 晚安

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Let's Try to be Loving - 中文和英文  
Let's Try to be Loving - 中文和英文  

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